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Archives: November 18, 2006

Inner Light in a Time of Darkness: A Conversation with Author and Poet Alice Walker

Foxconn To Manufacture Apple's iPhone

Recent Journal Article Reviews Greenhouse Gas Impact of Switchgrass Ethanol.

Inhofe's Environmental Role Challenged

Senate backs India nuclear deal (BBC)

UN decided to probe Beit Hanoun shelling

The Twilight Zone / After the rain of death (Gideon Levy)

A new 9/11 mystery: the monitored Yemen hub

Ploy by Cobb and Buchanan aims to lock Jennings' experts out of Sarasota audit

THE TRUTHISALL MATH: The Democratic Tsunami and GOP House Election Fraud

Israeli Muslim to take on Holocaust denial at Iran conference

Judge won't halt AT&T wiretapping lawsuit

WaPo: Rhythm-and-Blues Singer Ruth Brown Dies

Imprisoned Vid-Blogger Josh Wolf Denied Request For Hearing, Bail

Uruguayan Ex-President Arrested (For "Dirty War" Killings)

UN chief: Nato cannot defeat Taliban by force

$82K Fine for Hanford Safety Violations

Cheney: Bush Backs Conservative Judges

WP: FDA Ends Ban on Silicone Implants

Kidnapping of Americans Linked to al-Sadr

Nevada lawmaker says Legislature should adopt English-only law

Audit: Virtual Fence Cost Could Far Exceed Estimates

Huckabee says campaign laws aid McCain

Ga.-based Army unit to serve third tour

Tapes Reveal LBJ's Vietnam Conversations

Chertoff says U.S. threatened by international law

Condi's Iraq surprise (Iraq study group)

Democrats reject changes to Medicaid

Ex-Aide Sentenced in Online Sex Case

Iraq is a 'disaster' admits Blair

New Congress Likely To Support Net Neutrality

Top US commander: "It's too soon to say we have failed" in Iraq

Democrats Warned Not to Block Judges (GOP Minority leader making demands)

Chavez warns Venezuelan TV not to support coup

My Dad didn't live long enough to see this electon win but this is

what to do before battlestar tonight?

Lara Croft is doing Deep Fried Playstation 3's

Milwaukee DU Meetup Anyone?

Place yer bets; DU has

Any songwriters out there?

Salon's "Sexiest Man Alive" is...

Fill in the blanks: It's not a __________, unless it has ___________ .

Congratulations iverglas!! 15,000 posts

deleting dope

Olive Garden! Olive Garden! Olive Garden! Olive Garden!


PIMPZILLA BAAAAAAABAY! Coolest...browser...ever!

Just Got Off The Phone With Bobo

The Zombie survival guide

Why wasn't Jesus born in Michigan?

Defined---Yankees,Damn Yankees and Damn good Yankees

Talk like Yoda, I do.

Compact Disk Images. Anyone know where I can find them?

Shameless attention thread

HEY MATCOM!!!! Just got off the phone with Bobo.

What is the population of the city that you live in? Proper not Metro.

Alton Brown is doing deep fried turkey.

WaPo: Rhythm-and-Blues Singer Ruth Brown Dies

OMG, they are going to breed again.

So! How's your Doo?

PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE VIPERS!!! Mrs Matcom In The 700 Club!!!


BEAKED is the new haunted on Ebay! Check my meme!

Hot Tuna: Keep Your Lamplights Trimmed and Burning....

I have a question regarding "management"...

Where's the outrage over Robert Blake killing his wife

What do you think of abc's 7 new wonders of the world?

Where's the outrage over Robert Blake killing his wife

Enjoying a martini and a cigar. Anyone want to join me?

Wild Bill Davison

Meet my new MINI!!!

Bo's doctor says he may have died because of the excitement of the game

I need to know how to repair

Most annoying songs?

I just want to thank you guys....

S and M

Sweet Georgia Brown

Gene Krupa

Dead - Truckin' - 72

Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread!!

I'm a real troublemaker. What should I do?

I know one thing the four-year-old is NOT getting for Christmas, as much as she loves Dora.

What should I do tomorrow night?

Frat Racks Up $10K in Damages at Ozarks Hotel

Kirstie Alley is the worst vulcan ever

Why are we at Level 1?

Some assjack bid $7100 on the PS3 I stole this morning.

Changing phone company. Did Sprint sell info to * ?

China Boy

Let's say there is going to be a right vs. left MMA event.

Kitty Giggle thread!

Leonid Meteor Shower

Daniel Craig!! Best. Bond.Ever OMG those EYES!!

I don't hate freedom enough for the Freepers to mention me on their site

Jack Teagarden

I just sold my cat

calling girls online - has anyone bought into Skype and such?

One of my very favorite YouTube vids: "Something," The Beatles.

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad - 93

UFC Poll!!! Matt Hughes vs. George St. Pierre

I've been convinced to say . . .

I want to run away.

I am trying to make my own avatar and I suck at it

Richard Dreyfuss just nailed reality like nobody I have ever heard.

Star Trek

Should I ask Skinner if I can change my name to Flirtatious_Acts?

Battlestar Galactica Nite

Was R2D2 a deodorant in disguise?

Today RULES!!!111!

Okay, heterosexual couples can fondle each other in public...

Public Service Announcement: If you don't like another DUer, the red X makes them go away.

Where's the outrage over two Robert Blake killing his wife threads?

Ok: I'm going out on a limb. Why would anybody even want a Play Station?

It's the Official Friday Night Why I Hate People Thread, feel free to join in!

Saturday is Mickey Mouse's 78 birthday...

Whoever gave me the star,


Was C3P0 gay?

Ok how about a friday night picture thread (no borat i promise) :o)

OK, fess up: who thinks Patrick Fitzgerald's kinda hot?

From whom do I collect my prizes in support of converting folks to the "gay agenda"?

What is the greatest aphrodisiac?

Huggy Bear Lumlums Appreciation Thread!

Today's my birthday and I got an iPod Nano -- what should I put on it?

Hey, everybody..........Are you ready?

Have you ever seen an actor in a role and it is hard to see them the same again?

In anticipation of the holiday, what are you thankful for?

Apparently, I have a nemesis on FR, and didn't even know it

Loungers!! Let's hear it for the BRILLIANT LynzM!!

I have a friend who is an abused husband and need suggestions.

UFC Heavyweight Poll: Tim Sylvia vs. Jeff Monson

Who else cried when Spock died in STII Wrath of Khan?

Please DU this absolutely not political poll please!


I've been convinced to stay...

What actor deserves an Oscar, but hasn't received one?

Delayed Reaction Poll - OJ: Guilty or Not?

Keri Lotion commercial evokes 4 masterpieces, but whats the 2nd one?

Those in the UK/Europe - why do you seem to know so much about the US?

Tell me about living in Philadelphia

Du is my SO

Worst Comedian In History?

How to Defeat Fundamentalism Without Losing Your Soul

Just found this great defense of John Kerry against RW smears

Hey, it's Friday! We need a pic thread.

Is my only option for a compact camera with RAW


OK, fess up: who thinks Patrick Fitzgerald's kinda hot?

Hotline Slams James Carville (Dean vindicated for most part)

New blog-column series

Job listing for defeated Republican Congressman and Senators

Pentagon wants $127 bln more for Iraq, Afghanistan: US senator

UCLA student columnist defends tasering, asks for Rodney King jokes

a cartoon from Canada-Not even Barney (the dog) is with Bush

Black lawmakers will have unprecedented clout in new Congress

Concession Email Asks Hindu Democrat To Accept Jesus As Savior

Iraqi police open fire on British soldiers in unmarked car; 1 killed

Do you think it harms the Democrats that Nancy Pelosi backed John Murtha for majority leader?

Rep. Senator (MN) proselytizes Hindu winner in his concession email

Iraqi Residents Welcome Resistance 'With Flowers'

Joe Conason should host a radio show.

A caption unveiled!!!

It's ba-aack!

Chertoff says U.S. threatened by international law

My Fellow DU'ers: Please Stop Watching Fox. It Boosts Their Ratings & Income.

ABC News Republican Bias Reported



What kind of Dirt do we have on John McCain?

National conversation on drug laws occurring under radar

I would pay good money to see Mike Malloy....

Photos of UCLA protest (tasering)

Why am I seeing the same special from Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News on FOX News?

I just e-mailed Larry King with a suggestion (re: OJ Simpson's book)

cover up of Forward Base Falcon:Bagdad Amo Dump... 300+ dead??...>LINKS

Clinton Triumphs, Gingrich Resigns..Let's revisit 1998, shall we?

Caption the happy couple

Who wants to do a new Saturday Night Live (one like the old one)?

Larry Johnson :Someone Tell Bush We Lost Vietnam

He became the first person convicted anywhere on 9/11-related charges,

$1400 for 14 pills changes to $2000+ in just 2 days

Navy barracks leaked 10 million gallons of sewage into San Diego bay

I want to thank all the RW lurkers, paid or unpaid.

U.S. Senate Clears Nuke Deal; Bickering Goes On ...

AC360 on CNN now: Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, and Billy

Nightmare of anti-American multi-culturalism marathon on TV Land tonight

The focus of the media is & will continue to be disrespectful to the

What political saying would you like to see on a bumper sticker, etc?

Now that the Dems have a majority in both houses.......

Who is on the Iraq Study Group?

Latest disastrous plan: More GIs to Iraq

Du C-Span Poll:

Real Time w/ Bill Maher Thread (Season Finale)

Assault weapon ban gets boost from election results


Have you watched WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE? Did you see


"you can spend your money better than the government"

Is using a bio-weapon to completely destroy a race of genocidal robots ALWAYS wrong?

Top of screen: That fist is getting pretty close to Bush's mug

I turn 40 tomorrow, don't fucking touch my social security

Blair admits Iraq is a 'disaster'

Chimp in Hanoi Pics...

saw in the gossip rags that perky katie couric is about to get axed!!!

Which would be the best way for Congress to speed the end of the Iraq War?

Turkey severs military ties with France

A Nuclear Light Goes Out

NYT editorial: Katrina’s Purgatory: More than a year later, housing needs still unmet

Could anybody get elected on a modernized New Deal platform today?

No football, and I hate pro hoops. So I'm watching Bill O'Reilly, for the first time

They need to throw Bush's ass in a swift Bush and push it down the Mekong Delta.

I see four glasses

Do people under how utterly F&%$ing dispicable this is?

Poll: Environment will be key election issue

Did everyone read Abramoff's Going Away Letter?

NYT Op/Ed: "Katrina's Purgatory"

James Inhofe has completely lost his mind

Reuters: Islamic militancy could yield world war-US general (Abizaid)

Blair admits Iraq is a disaster but blames it on the "terrorist" Iraqis for not capitulating to him

Gov DEAN: 'This Is The NEW Dem Party-The OLD Dem Party Is Back In Washington'

Who would you like to drink a beer with?

ATTN: NC-08 STILL IN PLAY: May need volunteers for NC 08 Recount

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!


Scientists say Freeper brains worth 10k per ounce. DUer brains, only 80 per oz.

Did I donate? I dunno?

Time to reverse Bush's Global Gag Order

I need your advice

The GOP thinks PEACE is IMPOSSIBLE...they don't even try much less talk about it

The "lessons" Bush says he learned from the Vietnam war didn't include the lives lost

DUers are the most wonderful, generous people in the world

Wow, somebody really cares about children

Question: Have you or your child ever been DISOBEDIENT?

Keith just said Mike Tyson is his cousin

Baron Cohen comes out of character to defend Borat

John McCain will be 72 years old in 2008

When, after January 20, 2001 . . .`

Kondracke Dubs Nancy Pelosi The ‘Wicked Witch Of The West’

Garbage truck drivers watch for signs of criminal activity

Happy Anniversary to Lady Bird Johnson

Is torture ever "right"

How do I uninstall IE 7?

Inhofe: Don’t Worry About Global Warming Because ‘God’s Still Up There’

I need to say this- Hating Bush does NOT make one a democrat.

So I'm reading Al Franken's latest.....

UCLA's official policy on handling passive resistors: PAIN CONTROL

In 2008, who will be the Democratic Populist Candidate to challenge the Corporatists?

All Men Are NOT Created Equal...Another Sicko (Ed Meese) Advising WH

Animal School: A Tale For Our Children's Sake

PELOSI: Bringing This Unnecessary Pre-Emptive War To An End Is My Highest Priority

Okay, I REALLY love firefox 2.0! (Poster's heads up notice)

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

Revisiting Vietnam....1975

Ann Coulter should be held responsible for enticing people to poison the USSC!

ANOTHER IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE Bush and Cheney will commit & was in Nixon's articles of impeachment

UCLA students rally in droves against the Taser incident

About this Wal-Mart $4.00 generic prescription deal.......

Want to save the middle class? Exempt the first $50 k from ANY taxes

Democrats Warned Not To Block Judges (Mitch McConnell) - Seattle PI


PBS's Winter Programming...

Did YOU DONATE yet??

Backstory on Carville v Dean

Do you find it disgusting that people who wait in line...

US Taxpayer Census on Social Security ... from Christian Seniors Association!

Book TV Schedule: November 18th - 20th

Thoughts on Impeachment

It is the season of Suicide - what can we do to help out?

Ministry of Truth Has Found WMD

Ambush In Iraq

Dick Cheney - The Unauthorised Biography Part1...

Senator Clinton Speaks About the Crisis in Darfur...

Dubya Eats Baby And The Press Reacts

Bush Laden Inc., CBC Conspiracy Theory? Part A...

Bush Laden Inc., CBC Conspiracy Theory? Part B...

Ann Coulter Pelted With Pies

13th floor elevators-"your going to miss me"

darfur :: what are we doing?

Antiwar song "The Valley" performed by Konichiwa in South Georgia.

Battle Royal looms for French change (BBC) {next president -- a woman & socialist?}

About this funding for the war .....

$127B more for war-cost likely to top Vietnam War

Leahy asks Justice Department to release CIA detainee documents

Is anyone else getting bombarded by phone calls from Telefund?

So here's my take on the Dean BS with Carville...

Real Time With Bill Maher Season Finale

contrast Vietnam, Clinton greeted like rock star/ Bush greeted by empty streets

Republicans Lost Ground With Latinos In Midterms: After Gains in '04, GOP Stumbled on Immigration

MORE Kudos to HGTV ... a **married** gay couple on "House Hunters"

Gates' hit list:

The Path to Low Food Security

Customer comments on Amazon's page for David Crosby's "If I Could Only Remember My Name" reissue

Morton Kondracke's bias is showing

Dick's hot air!

WP: Republicans Lost Ground With Latinos In Midterms

The depraved Ed Meese speaks

So who is John McCain's running mate going to be?

Horrifying video of police killing a man! Warning very disturbing

In Close Losses, The Netroots And Local Dems Often Stood Alone

Want to End the War? Ask for Investigations!

Hillary would make better President than Rudy - New York Poll

Houston Police on horses ran over Janitors on strike!

It's 2008: Vote For Your Ideal Democratic Ticket.

"Winter Soldier" to premiere on Sundance Channel Monday

What happened to RFK, Jr.'s lawsuit on election fraud

REALITY: Is there stopping Hillary?

Pelosi: Bringing the War to an End is my Highest Priority as Speaker

In Montana, one state legislator changes parties, and power in state legislature shifts

1968 Hypothetical Presidential Nominee Poll

This is warfare my friends, the Aristocracy has attacked us, and we must defend ourselves.

Want to know what Dean is trying to change? The implications?

Video clip from Wyoming local news of Dean's public rally.

"Speaking to Jingo Man": poetry as prophecy, reposted for post-election reflection.

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked By Rob Kall

Marianne Means: Pity -- almost -- the GOP true believers

Has Bush pushed us into the realm of "Meta Politics"?

Managing Iraq's collapse

Iraqi Residents Welcome Resistance 'With Flowers' - Must Read

Vietnam rolls out red carpet for Bush, but....

Iraq war 'pretty much a disaster', Blair concedes

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Will Liberal Bloggers Sabotage Democrats?

Interpreters 'hunted down' by Iraqi death squads

Rep. Putnam (R-FL): Where Were The Rednecks?

No Middle Ground (In Politics) By Bob Burnett

Leahy Seeks Documents on Detention --WaPo


Climate Change: Reduced demand for heating to be offset by air conditioning demand.

Discovery puts lightweight hydrogen fuel cell step closer (Science mag.)

Law Firm Installs One of Phoenix’s Largest Commercial PV Systems

WP - William Gray's Hurricane Predictions Not Off By This Much In Years

Talk of manipulating Earth's climate

Global warming: Tibet's lofty glaciers melt away

Logjam in Congress may push fisheries legislation into 2008

Dems Take Aim at Oil Industry Tax Breaks

A Capitol Idea: How green will the 110th Congress be? (Grist)

Surging demand fuels area biodiesel firms (CA)

Alternative energy plant planned for Tuscaloosa area (AL)

Ancient Crash, Epic Wave (Mega-Tsunami Every 1000 Years?)

U.N. climate pact unlikely until after Bush - experts

Climate At APEC Summit - Technology blahblahblah Clean Coal blahblahblah

IMF Warns Australia On Climate - Change "A Matter Of Fact, Not Faith"

TXU Promises To Cut Emissions 20% While Building 11 New Coal Plants

IHS (CERA's Parent) Suggests Kuwaiti, Global Proven Reserves Far Lower Than Stated

Hundreds Turn Out To Demand Removal Of Klamath River Dams

22 States Ticked At ChimpCo Mercury Standards, Setting Own Policies

Iceberg Visible From Shore In New Zealand - First Time In 75 Years

Guardian - Little Progress At Climate Summit (Not The Last Time You'll See This Headline)

A new spike in the harp sealskin fur trade

Australian Labor Party promises protection of 81,500 acres of old-growth forest if elected next week

UN climate pact unlikely until after Bush--experts (Reuters)

Spanish FM: Peace plan withheld for fear of Israeli rejection

Islamic states see sympathy turning against Israel

Israel scraps plan to slow down immigration of Ethiopian Jews

Israel must declare Abbas irrelevant, wipe out Hamas leadership: deputy prime minister

Hundreds form human shield in Gaza to protect militant's house

A 9/11 mystery? - Atta wrote will in 1996, and some odd things in it

"Casino Royale" - The new James Bond movie works 9/11 "put" options into plot!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Nov. 18, 2006

In NV: Patricia Axelrod vs. Sequoia Voting Systems Inc.


Introducing: The Jennifer Brunner Transition Website--new Ohio SOS

New Power of the Muslim Vote

Inhofe's environmental role challenged (by Warner)

WP: Republicans Lost Ground With Latinos In Midterms

Brown makes first visit to Iraq

UK's Brown Makes Surprise Trip to Iraq

WP: Party Shift May Make Warming a Hill Priority

AP: U.S.-Iraqi forces raid Shiite stronghold

'Sham' Guantánamo hearings detailed

Reuters: Britain's Blair in Pakistan for security talks

Iranian TV: Previously unknown group claims responsibility for abduction of Westerners in Iraq

NYT/Reuters: Bush Works to Reassure Asian Leaders Despite Thumping

No future for Iraq if sectarianism rules, Rice says

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Delivers Democratic Radio Address

Indonesia warns of Bush terror threat (ahead of his visit on Mon.)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have wed, People magazine reports.

Devoted sister loses 2 brothers to war

Reid: Democrats Will Seek GOP Support

CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT: Hispanic students outnumber whites

Boot camp whistle-blower complaint filed (Florida death of 14 year old Martin Anderson)

Iraqi Sunni Sheiks Assail Cleric for Qaeda Ties

Iraq war was a disaster, admits Blair

Reuters: Gunmen kill leading Iraqi Shi'ite politician, wife

Skelton to prioritize Pentagon oversight

Denmark open to moving troops to Baghdad -minister

Indonesia Warns of Bush Terror Threat

China admits to organ market

Rep. Meehan (D-MA) Targeting 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' (seeks to overturn it)

AUTOSHOW - Chrysler to target $1000 per vehicle cost cuts (Outsourcing)


Foley: 'It's just been a real hard time'

Cheney says no troops withdrawal from Iraq

Violent protests at G20 summit

Nicaraguan President Signs Abortion Ban

Power lines sabotaged S. Baghdad

SENATE SUBCOMMITTEE: IRS looks into 'big problem' (secret corps)

Ethiopians protest against U.S. circumcision jailing (2-year-old girl was "circumcised")

India plans social security pact with US (H1B's-No SS)

Suspicious poisoning investigated (Putin critic in Serious condition)

Reid says Democrats will reach out to Bush on Iraq(radio address)

So some dum bass gave her kid hot chocolate in a moving car.

No Grunting, They Told Him, and He Was in John

whoever donated on my behalf . . .

Let's play with the Firefox Confuscator!


No Grunting, They Told Him, and He Was at Gym

Sigh, they moved the release date to Nov 21...

A specialized team of doctors are here to teach you how to have a good night's sleep.

Christian Slater?

Tell me why I shouldn't leave this job

Availability: This item is currently not available.

I love Psyche.

I love you Psyche

It's 53 degrees and clear outside

What is your position on outing gay penguins?

I'm number 1012... I'm number 1012....

Should I drive 4 1/2 hours to chase a Ross' Gull?

In honor of the Playstation 3 release...

If You Were/Was a Critter

Vince Guaraldi

My life is now complete.

My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I am so hungry my socks fell off my feet when I stood up

what color curtains are in your living room and why?


In anticipation of the holiday, what are you spankful for?

I've been condensed to spray...

Ummm.. what's the deal with the carbonated cokes?

I've been condemned to slay...

Ummm.. what's the deal with the constipated jokes?

Ummm.. what's the deal with the copyrighted toast?

Ummm...what's the deal with copycats posting?

Ummm ... what's the deal with the cats posting copy ?

Ummm...what's the deal with Kittycat roasting?

Anybody watching Top Chef? Who do you like?

I like Mikey!

every other person who answers this post gets a smooch

I tasered a breastfed kudzu-smoking baby at Olive Garden's daily briefing...

Oh Mikey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Mikey!

6LBs of low carb whey protein supplment for $25, I am so cool!

Congratulations wyldwolf!! 15,000 posts

Ummm..what's the deal with the "copycat" posts?

Okay, it use to be that when I turned on my computer....

The Jenis could use a little help here

I love Mikey..

I add one wireless mouse and a different monitor, and guess what happens?

I've been convinced to pray...

Ok Ok, I know i have made fun......but these guys are cute

Stand up comedian impersonating Dubya

OMG, The Chris Rock Show is on DVD! And a Q on Netflix...

Post a picture of a movie somebody felt would make a good video game:

Delayed Reaction Poll - OJ: Tasty or Not?

single folks, when you go out to a movie...

Has anyone else had this problem?

Dayum! Swapping RAM in a computer...

any dream experts want to tackle this one?

So I go to bed last night at 8pm

I've been convinced to play...

W's stupid head goes flyin', but it stays intact

Who will join me in my war on Festivus?

Worst Copycat In History?

I've been convinced to stray...

Does DU need a Greatest Aphrodisiacs Forum?

There were five of them, all trying to kiss me at once.

Does anyone else think that Bo timed his death....

Singer Ruth Brown dies at age 78

K-Fed (Fed-ex) "feels he is a great parent and acting solely in the best interest of his children"

Okay, convince me not to use the new Norelco 8140XL razor I bought...

PS3 Walmart line war story

With my credit paid off, what should I do next?

Sexiest Woman; Sexiest Man

To whomever donated for me...

I am getting ready go to the grocery store, getting ready for Thursday.

Passed the CA bar exam! AMA!!!

Are self-proclaimed non-conformists simply conforming ...

I might need to borrow $40,000. Any DUers with deep pockets

Mad or Hell?

Auto insurance scam

Secret Santa - heart warming story

I love you Mikey

Penelope Cruz "refusing to feign sadness that her fake ex-boyfriend is getting hitched in Rome"

Worst Canadian In History?(lame copycat)

Hey, 89.1 Jazz{}, I'd like to hear Gene Krupa

Capitol Record$ $queezes out new Beatle$ compilation CD in time for Chri$tma$ $hopping $eason

How to prank telemarketers

Why did the chicken cross the toad?

Okay....more shameless self promotion....

Walking Eagle

OK, Let's have your Ohio State/Michigan predictions!!!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Okay, now my apartment is clean.


Has anyone else seen "Grey Gardens"?

Yeah, I'm kinda sick of Kierkegaard

Well, I did it.

Gentlemen, does your lady consider you a floppy drive....

*'s fuzzy math - funny - "Now is the time to give corporatons the people's money!"

Mich vs. OSU. Is Brent Mussberger really annoying.

Sad news from the world of music. Ruth Brown passes on.

I need some prodding

The All-TIME 100 Albums - Time Magazine.

Someone should really tell telemarketers

I've been convinced to spay . . .

Hey, Ptah! (Or any gardeners out there) I have a question for you. About sunflowers.

Bombay TV is addicting!

To all the people who donate on behalf of others...

really, really, really, really, really, really drunk last night

if you have ever in your life heard an emergency warning signal

"He had big eyes and long lashes": The customer of the day...

Just a Boring thread

If you agree, say so here.

Saturday, November 18. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I'm such an @$$hole

I just tried the PS3...

Who is the bigger freak


Anorexia claims another model's life

Stop the scrolling!!!

Alabama 15 - Auburn 14

The Royal Family

Just Got Home From Shopping--Here's Our Thanksgiving Menu

I'm very wet.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/18/06)


Oooohh... SCARFACE is just starting on AMC!!

Windows XP Pro: what to do if the administrator forgets the password?

I'm pissed, David Beckham has to train with the team rather than attend the wedding of Tom Cruise

Happy birthday flvegan & patsified!!

When Did Problems Become Issues?

Can I have some advice? My SO is struggling in school

About to be an iPod newbie--and I've got questions for the iPod veterans.

R. Lee Ermey just gave me a good laugh.


Warning, graphic and snakes

Comic Relief 2006 -- Tonight on TBS & HBO

I just took some pseudoephedrine...ask me anything!

Does DU need a Squabbles Forum?

"If a vacuum cleaner could suck itself up...

Make my travel plans: bus or puddlejumper?

Reality TV shows they still haven't trotted out yet

What should I name a character?

Religion II: Do you believe in an afterlife?


Can I just ramble some thoughts for a bit ?

Should Rev post a new leg pic? (I need 50 replies)

KATE Holmes & Tom Cruise Wedding Thread... With pictures

Worst Canadian in History

What's the best show currently on TV?

Maher: Please would someone tell Richard Dreyfuss to SHUT UP!

TomKat's Dr. Seuss Wedding!!!

Rock and Roll All Night...and brush & floss ev-er-y day: It's the KISS toothbrush

You know who you are.

Least intimidating college football mascots

favor please... clothes stores on line. i have already


10 Reasons NOT to dump the South ;)

Are you making a non-traditional entrée for Thanksgiving dinner?

Are you OBLIGATED to exchange gifts with family?

Kevin Federline

Tell me...what are your plans for tonight

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have wed, People magazine reports.

Needed: Ideas, suggestions for MONDO fundraising

Is there life after death, and what happens there?

New Earthquake Model for L.A. Finds Some Faults Moving Faster Than Expected

You Are What Your Grandmother Ate

Alaska Lawmakers Thumb Nose At Court Ordered Gay Benefits

Meehan Targeting 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Day of Remembrance celebrates transgendered (Saturday)

Child Born to (N.J.) Lesbian Couple Will Have 2 Mothers Listed (on birth certificate)

Millions of tax dollars spent on cruel experiments to "cure" gay sheep

Ancient Diva Carol Channing Disses Her Fan Base (Gays)

Kindergarten of Christ

Update on my kitty Benny.

PSA: Beware of a product called Mangoxan.

Here's a particularly nasty editorial

Repairing Kerry's image--travel to Iraq

Jk friends, I need help.

For all my teasing

Get after Google News

Passion flowers change colors in the fall, here's proof!

Another contest and I can't decide...

No Grunting, They Told Him, and He Was at Gym

Four more to go.... Bush is gonna get it soon.

What is your position on outing gay penguins?

OK! OK! I'm biting the bullet! I get too much from DU not to (#1000!)

I was 998!

Former Uruguay dictator held in 1976 political killings

Comments on the coming storm

So Let me ask a question if I might....

I will make no claim as to originality though this is not something I have heard anywhere yet

Ga.-Based Army Unit to Serve Third Tour

On the police, some observations

Conyers:When is a lie not a lie?

I'm sick to death of the GOP making fools of us by drumming up artificial issues, putting us on defe

DU gets awfully quiet late Friday night, doesn't it?

Why did Elaine Chao marry Mitch McConnell?

Some people lie

Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams

Are there really good people here at DU?

Action or words?

tmfun post - dishwashers, trucks and boxes

Should Democrats use the nuclear option if Repukes filibuster rejection of Bush's judges?

Just saw my first Gardasil commercial! Yay!

Group says it carried out Iraq abduction

So, Blair now admits the war is a disaster

Bipartisanship - Bush style:

If rumors are true and ROVE is leaving - BIG QUESTION

The last time oil was under $55/barrel, gas was much lower than $2.299/gl

28 years ago today

Hooray for Right-Wing Hollywood

The government response flatly rejects allegations of torture

MidEast descends into CivWar just as the commie Dominos fell across the Pacific..

AFP: Terror list causes US bond trader four-month delay at immigration

A cavernous void separates the civilized from the homicidal

I have a friend who is an abused husband and need suggestions.

If * had been your adult child, would you

May I ask how in the hell Senator Inhofe is supposed to give an honest assessment of GCC...

Tester and Webb on Timmy's Meet the Press tomorrow morning.

Republicans look relieved and comfortable as they vow to earn their way...

Washington Journal: What Does Being an American Mean to You

Helen Thomas: w should "acknowledge a colossal mistake".. ?

Tony Blair, "Iraq is a Disaster."

Media drumming up misinformation on Iraq to keep it going

Millions of lives are now being ruined by San Francisco Values!

Actual date in January 110th Congress convenes needed - thanks!

* tours the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in Hanoi - pics

James Baker now running U.S. foreign policy?

Medicare and free markets conservative style.

Caption this * pic (What is he doing?)

Airline Security a Waste of Cash

Caption the double-headed monster

Caption the Preznit!

I'm thinking of making a Wiki to expose the RW

With DEMS like these

Pollution IS the Solution

HI DU! This is who I am.

Do You Support Feeding Hungry People?

The Gong Show (pics)

Media circus over O.J. has a ringmaster

Pelosi: Bringing the War to an End is my Highest Priority as Speaker

I got your "fair and balanced"...right here!

Cheney the winner of 5 draft deferments to avoid combat says U.S. must not retreat from Iraq

Thoughts on DU Fund drive

Iran's men are afraid of women

2008 Democratic Nomination Poll Results


Should Democrats use Nuclear option on fillibuster?

Indonesia warns of Bush terror threat

Remember that GOP investigated Socks, but says that investigations of Bush will tear country apart

Does this sound real to you, esp. those who have served in military?

We have no need for a military other than the Coast Guard and National Guard

Add fundy "Christianity," jingoism, a sadistic streak, and mindless nationalism...

And, the Winners Are... by Jean Carnahan

Caption this pic of Condi and *

Dems propose ‘Vietnam Study Group’ — to keep Bush in Vietnam

Did anybody watch Condi's speech last night on FOX cable news?

District 13 Cruella's... Editorial From WSJ... My Understanding Is That

Pat Robertson - Other Religions Worship Demonic Powers

Early this afternoon, three people unloaded

Bush viewing the Vietnam MIA exhibit: My GOD....

Shadow's taxicab reports: "Every time I think I'm out"

Ancient Crash, Epic Wave (Mega-Tsunami Every 1000 Years?)

Happy Messiah Day everyone!

We'd better get used to this

Obama's inexperience

Caption time

The choking game---

Madison Magazine's person of the year is

Stem cells from fat used to repair girl's skull

Survey USA has a 2008 state-by-state electoral vote match-up map

Caption this!

Talk is that bush is going to call for 20K more troops to Iraq. Will the Dems do the right thing?

Caption This Photo: You calling me a Ho?

It didn't take Dowd long to start trashing the Dems

The Hollow Men

London Evening Standard: Queen honours the last of the Mohegans

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - 11/18 Saturday...

Baker Meets With Syrians re Iraq: but wait--isn' t that Condi's job?

Israel developing anti-militant "bionic hornet"

I wonder why they would've wanted to beat McCain to death???

Howard Dean Speaks For Me

I want Norman Lear to write a movie or show for Richard Dreyfus

Exactly why is Tom Cruise's marriage "breaking news"?

Which Buzzflash premium should I buy?

Rummy's "Kiss of Death" speech at the American Spectator dinner: "You're going to lose your donkey."

Shocker! Senator Warner battling to replace Inhofe as top Republican on Environment Committee

The FUNNIEST thing I have seen in a long while!

Baker's Iraq Group has been meeting since Apr.? and------?

Sharpton to Bush: get used to losing

Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq

Mixed news out of Montana

Caption this!

There was a time in my life when I agreed with Elton John about religion

Your opinions, please.....

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Waldo the murderer

Oil tumbles to lowest level since June 2005

In defense of television

Question about the UCLA taser incident

California, Florida mull early 2008 primaries - big boon to candidates with MONEY

Freeper Castanza posted bail

AETA: Can we just substitute "Reproductive Health Enterprise" for "Animal Enterprise"?

Will the blue dog democrats vote with the GOP...

AP Gets Shocking New Report on Gitmo

A great, yet tempered joy.

What a touching story

This is not the time for relaxing...

I'm pissed, David Beckham has to train with the team rather than attend the wedding of Tom Cruise

Surprising dependence of high-income retirees on Social Security

New "Minority Speaker" says GOP can work Dems; Brownback disagrees

DU this ArmyTimes Poll!!!

Secret Santa - heart warming story - crosspost from Lounge

Caption this photo

Foley: 'It's Just Been a Real Hard Time'

News of the brigade’s deployment caught public affairs officers with the 173rd off guard

Chanting: "Will be nice. Will be nice. Will be nice."

Volunteer force may be ‘severely degraded’ soon, Gen. McCaffery (ret) says

Outlaws had pool halls, brothels, guns - Soldiers take back prison in Guat.

Jim Leach for UN Ambassador

Afghan Women Commit Suicide by Fire - AP

Conservatives Send Message (re: Pombo Loss) - Stockton Record

1 in every 10 US child has a parent in jail

For your dining and dancing pleasure - seen "Bush Pilot"?

And the rich get richer while the poor get poorer

Want to see some real projection?

Polar bears experiencing *low food security*

2 more Enron execs sent to jail (reduced sentences)

McCain's "more troops needed" comment and 2008


After killer cotton, killer brinjal?


Devoted sister loses 2 brothers to war

Do you think that bush is trying to start another event...

So when is the economy going to tank?

Come Together

AAAAAaaaaahhhhh !!!! - Or Maybe, Bwahahahahahaha !!!


Gore training Aussies to be 'climate messengers'

There Isn't A Home In Iraq NOT Suffering The Loss Or Injury Of A Loved One

David Ignatius (WaPo) on Nancy Pelosi: "SHAME ON HER!"

Comic Relief tonight HBO.. don't forget,., Looks good

GOP mentality in a nutshell -- it's about control

What's funny, what isn't, and why it's really not that important.

I Was A Witness To A War

Al Franken's Leaving Air America Radio...for Iraq

US to unveil new citizenship test

Jello Biafra should replace Franken.

Okay! Tell me how Iraq isn't like Vietnam? Bush Crime Family says it Isn't

Congress want to do something for the "little" people?

Shell Oil Exec admits Warming is real

"I humped your Hummer" video blog site for those who need a way to protest

Anybody here seen "Bobby"

Need statistical help in beating down a GOP sorry-ass lying

Wondering if you'd like to see my first lil video (anti war) on youtube

What if the Kidnapped Mercs are Being Waterboarded?

Any truth to these rumors about Rove, Arnold, and Deadeye?

Has anyone read "The Audacity of Hope"

Michelle Malkin proves that she is yet another MISERABLE FAILURE

Is it hatred or stupidity?

Reid Calls for Bipartisanship, Open Government, and Results in Democratic Radio Address

Can we end the occupation of Iraq by just relying on folks who opposed the IWR?

Stores putting up Christmas decorations way early, Christmas music blaring...

Egyptology buffs - a question - how were the hieroglyphics carved?

Tonight: Comic Relief 2006 - Help New Orleans Laugh!

Concerning "liberal democrats" and why they must be kept in check,

Where are all the victory gardens?

Check out Al Jazeera English on line..(Washington based) n/t

I bet he votes Democratic -- Secret Santa reveals his identity

Am I the only one that's annoyed with Bill Maher...?

Colleges offering majors in homeland security

TX principal set up "all white" classes to stop white flight

John Edwards is on LEtterman NOW

Al Franken would be a great Presidential press secretary.

I love the sound of shotguns in the morning - not. Hunting season.

Supertelevangelistic sexanddrugpsychosis

Global Gag Order Means Removing Universal Birth Control

Philanthropy Expert: Conservatives Are More Generous; Fr. Stanley & Fr. Henriot say...

Something In The Air

Proposal: DU Food, Blanket, Coats, Toys etc drives

The truth about republican"values"

If a Democrat had said this, there'd be hell to pay.

Iraq contractor's (Halliburton) shares surge in NY market debut

Buchanan (R) wins FL-13 recount, Jennings (D) likely to sue Monday in court for a re-vote

Help me compile a list of dick cheney's most admirable qualities.

Question Mom Asked Me: "Why Do Hillary & laura Always Wear Pants?"

***** OMG *****

Haunted: Long, Repeated Tours...Taking Mental Toll On Soldiers

FIRST, I Know This May Be Stupid, BUT I Don't Follow H'Wood

OK Sirius Left...The Bill Press Show Is Fine...But...

Bring it on Media Whores---there's a new Sheriff iN Town.....

Are Borat-related lawsuits getting out of hand?

Poll: How much of a political news junkie are you?

A letter in the New York Times...

Has *'s use of signing statements been illegal? Has it not been

This is one STUPID fucking planet. The most urgent news

Carville Failed.

Worth reading from Editor&Publisher: A rare, frank self-assessment on GOP House coverage on

HELP! I've inherited some land and don't know what to do!

Breast-feeding case leads to punishment


“This is the largest massing of military power in the region, and it is gathering for a reason.”

Mr Bush, bring my nephew home NOW!

Time to help the Homeless

How long do you think a mother should breastfeed?

Stupid neo con phrase #3,398: "Exit Strategy"

US using drug on our troops in Iraq in "completely irresponsible way"


I'm Supporting Barak Obama If He Runs In 2008

Become A Republican

Life for women in Afghanistan--

The New Republic regrets it's early support for the war in Iraq

As some of you DUers know...

This Is Not About Impeachment-This Is About Civic Responsibility

Reminder: Vote for Your Top Human Needs Priorities by Monday, Nov 20

Fear and hatred of women, why so prevalent ?

What are some of the events that will happen...

Non-Americans who live outside the US: What brought you to DU?

Rawstory wants to do its own investigative journalism

Have property taxes gone up dramatically everywhere?

Falwell: Evangelicals and Global Warming

#1 on Wal-Mart's best-seller list: Audio Bible featuring Samuel L. Jackson as God

You can help ensure a torturer & war criminal (Rummy) is charged

This is at your own discretion

For those who always opposed the war(s)

So I bought a new dishwasher today

'Evil' teen jailed for savage party beating

I AM OUTRAGED! Dr. Bussard has figured out a cheap way to do fusion! US Government killed project!!!

Fox News Anchor Fired for Giggling Every Time She Said "Fair & Balanced."

Folding@Home: help find the cure

Ted Koppel on the Daily Show

Katrina Stories: Johnny, Bay St. Louis

Katrina Stories: Arman and Mary

The Great Dictator(Charlie Chaplin) Resigns

Noam Chomsky

Keith Olbermann interviews Mostafa's Lawyer

Countdown Keith Olbermann - Pelosi, Hoyer and Murtha

The Bush Tribunals

Arrests at Pace University

Night Raid in Baghdad

War (for) oil - Hidden in plain view...

Jon Stewart Daily Show Torture Techniques 11/16

War Sucks - When You Fight For Elitist Oil - Live by the sword, die by the sword...

'Using Depleted Uranium as a Weapon'(2-3)...

Fred Brock on CBS's The Early Show

Robert Redford on the Apollo Energy Project...

'Using Depleted Uranium as a Weapon(3-3)

The Daily Show on 16 Nov 2006

JFK on how to export values

Utah Republican Chris Cannon calls Bush dyslexic

Brian Schweitzer, Jon Tester and Max Baucus rally the student vote

American Idiot President - for a laugh

Head In - Apply Directly To The Ass (Bill Maher)

Hardball 2004 Malkin gets slapped around...

RFK on Confidence

Jesse Ventura's America - The land of Hypocrisy

Noam Chomsky BBC Interview (Part 2 of 2)

Reich Wing Conservative Laura Ingraham Moment of Zen

'Using Depleted Uranium as a Weapon'(1-3)

Noam Chomsky BBC Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Glenn Beck is a Moron and Steny Hoyer is an Ass-Kicker

Keith Olbermann on the UCLA Taser Incident

SF 'values', pft maybe we need some - #2 San Francisco: Still a Shining Example...

"Pirates and Emporers" - a Noam Chomsky

Breaking the Silence Part 1 Essential Viewing *graphic warning*...

ah, the glory days, the salad days - Atom Bomb Testing Newsreel (1955)...

Conrad Burns- My Summer Vacation

Bill Maher New Rules - Season Finale

Black Jesus with Hannity and Colmes

New Power of the Muslim Vote

Where is Barbara Boxer?

An encounter with a member of the Air Force

Acorn Fascism

Conspiracy theories again, but this is good stuff!!

5 Myths About the Midterm Elections

This stuff gets better - New World Order map of 1941

Feminization of Western Politics

Al Gores says Bush bears " a measure of blame for not doing his job ..."

The Pubiclicans are doing all they can to Sow Discord

Trent Lott is now "Whip"

My, My, My - looky what I found here - A 9/11 conspiracy theory

Reid: Dems to seek GOP aid on wage hike

Colbert in Florida: " America's Got Peninsula Envy"

Today's Bush Radio: "Threats, terrorist violence, September the 11th, ideology that hates freedom"

A theory about WPE and SEM for researchers and statisticians

Is Rove taking leave to work on next presidential campaign?

Liberal Media: Mort Kondracke calls Pelosi "Wicked Witch of the West," Deborah Orin prefers "Shrew"

Liberals aim to ram measures past Congress

The Political Week in Cartoons

Georgie's excellent (APEC) adventure. pics

Greg Palast's arrest

PFAW Founder Norman Lear ... who knew? Nom. for his smarts!

"Obama rides personal, national political wave"

Is "Combat Hospital" being run on CNN in the U.S? It is in Italy!

US judge refuses to derail domestic spying case

MSM now covers election fraud possibilities-- but NO MENTION of 2000.

“Tell me what this election means,” she said. “You're the smartest man I know.”

Iraq killing case at a glance (Hamdania)

The Sunday shows lineup. quick version

Presidential Prayer Team encourages kids to "Pray for Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff"

AP: Gonzales Blasts Surveillance Critics

Total & complete bullshit! Carvilles & DLC talking points - See them lie...

I think to save democracy WE NEED LEGS!!!

Media Matters: "media revive their substance-free, sophomoric taunting ... of Democrats"

Do you believe the Democratic Party would have won the Congress in 06 without the internet?

Pew Research: Hillary, Obama, Edwards/Gore...

Hanoi: "Mr. Bush emerged from his hotel for only one 15-minute visit"

Nader defends Dean against Carville and Rahm's charges

More Republican ethics: Giuliani enlists Swift Boat Liars' contributor Boone Pickens

MONTANA state senator switches to Dem, breaks tie to give Dem 26-24 Advantage!

"Foley comes out of seclusion," sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter

Time is right for Dean`s "new" Democratic Party

LMAO! Jeanine Pirro was thrown out of a northern NY diner while campaigning

Alberto "I Buried Bush's DUI" Gonzales: Critics Of Domestic Spying A Grave Threat To Security

Durbin: "Maybe he (Rove) got religion on Nov. 7, but we’ll see"

need help, please. one of my little trolls is insisting that *boy actually

C-SPAN - Stupid Repub callers saying they hope Dems in Congress act like Dems!

Carville wants us all to be mediocre, not be right often, and no kumbayah.

What will be the main swing state in 2008?

Aside from a new strategy, what else is New about our New Democratic Party?

Just back from 2 weeks in Italy. What's been going on?

Broken news

It's been 1888 days since Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden 'Dead or Alive!'

Which Political Ideology Best Describes You?

Glenn Beck: The company you keep