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Archives: November 20, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 269

Milton Lost: Can We Regain Paradise? (Jason Miller)

Saddam trial 'flawed and unsound'

WP op-ed, "The Minimum Necessary": Senator Joe Biden, Plan for Iraq

The pressure mounts on Bush as Asia frets over a nuclear future

Saudi arms deal inquiry closes in on secret papers

Wow, a Republican who ran and won on a Bring the Troops Home ticket!!

Semiconductor solar cell material with three energy bands traps low-energy photons others miss.

My forsythias are blooming.

Air Pollution Impels Businesses To Leave Hong Kong, Transfer Staff With Children - AFP

November 2006 Already Seattle's Rainiest November Ever, On Track For Rainiest Month

Climate Outlook Grim For New Zealand's Southern Alps -

Got email from Common Cause that Jeb plans to Swear in Buchanan in D13 tomorrow morning

Stopping H.R. 550 Because We Can't Compromise on Democracy (X)

3,000,000 MISSING VOTES – WTF!!! Election Reform News Nov.20, 2006

Election Forum

Profile: Alexander Litvinenko

Israeli: No Order Given for Cluster Bomb

WP: China Reins In Rural Protests, but Not Resentment: Surveillance, Restraint, Arrests

Apec vows to liberalise commerce

Organized Labor Comes To India's Tech Industry

Dead soldier's parting gift: $100,000 party

Republicans plot to bring down Pelosi ... and Clinton with her

Drug puts U.S. troops at risk for blood clots

Iraq Getting a WiMAX Network

Iraqi Forces Arrest 200 Insurgents

Asian leaders fail to back Bush's strategy to curb North Korea's nuclear ambitions

McCain: More troops needed in Iraq

NYT: Schools Slow in Closing Gaps Between Races

Mechanical Problem Grounds Air Force One

AFP: Dutch bask in warmest autumn in three centuries

Ayatollah who backs Suicide Bombings posed to be Supreme Leader of Iran

R.I. utility shutoffs at all-time high

CNN/AP: Hoyer asks Pelosi to let bygones be bygones

Pentagon Review Sees Three Options in Iraq

BREAKING: Unafreeper Chad Costanaga caught mailing Borat in envelopes!!

Wow, Hypnotoad once again you are back.

Robinhood: Men in Tights, stupid or funny as hell?

Just watched Stephen Colbert on an old Law & Order episode...

Say what you like about me, anybody who has a gripe.

How do I look with a hat on backwards?

Wow...that was Gore Vidal who guest voiced on "The Simpsons"

To Lorena Bobbit fans....

Would you buy a PS-3 on eBay....

Race Among The Ruins

Ok, my band needs friends on our MySpace

Help! I need a Thanksgiving song for my grandson to share in school

That Fizbin is a tough game

Anything worth seeing on 60 Minutes Tonight>?

Latest ad on AAR I hate: "what is it about music & Hair?"...

DUers, I need your Christmas shopping help!

I have learned well the simple lesson of the Salton Sea:

So, how much milk should I add to my instant mashed potatoes?

"The Lives of Gore" (Larry McMurtry reviews "Point to Point Navigation" by Gore Vidal)

The original computer mouse

To Lorana Bobbit fans...

So, here's bin Laden

On the BBC's Radio Wales, they are streaming a Doctor Who concert.

It's time for some.....Unfinished Furniture Porn!!!!

Help! Electric, self-cleaning oven

Goth Terrarium

To all Vancouver DUers, congrats on your stirring Grey Cup victory

Is Svullo the new Swedish Chef?!

Say what you like about me, anybody who has a grape.

When Squirrels Attack!

"Family Guy" Thread

Foodies!!! Harold McGee has a Blog!!!

The Beatles "LOVE" Out Tuesday; Anybody Else Psyched?

Wow, here's a Dubya graphic that slipped under my radar

So Nesmith has this virtual reality site. Just saw a concert there

John Waters - "Tennessee Williams saved my life" (NYT Book Review)

The best Start Trek episode EVER just started on TV Land.

Should I just put GoPsUx out of his misery?

WHO wants to come do my dishes?

OH, REV ! PSSSSSSST...Over here!!!

Post Whore Here

I had a nice long walk today with my dog, the weather was great.

TVLand is messing me up. Can't stop watching Star Trek

Now, say what you like about MEEEE, dammit!!!!

You know what's the best way to cut someone off in GD? Not with snark or sarcasm.

Note to GOPisEvil

International Protocal - Help!

*snicker* Skinner!

Does anyone watch DEXTER ??

The Chargers are the scariest fucking team in football.

New "most romantic song ever" claimed by me.

the decemberists.....

How To Cook A Turkey!

Will you marry me?

How much weight do you normally gain over the holiday season?

Our cat died tonight.

It's time for some.....Food Porn!!!!


My last poll of the night: SUSHI

"24" fans: mark your calenders, the new season starts on 1/14/07!!

Say what you like about me, anybody who has a grope.

"Jean Louise. Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing."

say what you like about me....

Post here and I'll give you a compliment.

Anyone here tonight want to help with a Microsoft Word document problem?

Could someone please end my fruitless, obsessive search for a particular print

Fashion advice (new place of employment/holiday party/question about "cocktail attire")

Prime Suspect VII

It makes me really really mad that...

By special request from someone I could never say no to:

Rob Bell... opinons? thoughts?

"Our Mother Who Art in Heaven" (re: Harris Poll)

Anyone know the genesis of this derived painting ?

"Strike zone" in Football? I was watching the Browns- Steelers today and

I'm thinking about attending a deeksha

TRICARE announces increased cost shares for 2007

"Winter Soldier" on Sundance Channel 11/20

Lets help Senator Kerry make the interview rounds.


My flights to and from Boston have been changed

self delete

would ya mind helping me out and picking one..thanks...

A couple taken today


What Republican can go on a PEACE SUMMIT?

Iraq in ONE DAY!

DOUBLE JEOPARDY: OJ vs. Jeffrey McDonald

Will George Bush be intimidated by the Democratic Congress ?

Q. so why is a review of HAPPY FEET in the GD forum?

Iraq in ONE DAY!

more magical pj's...

what's more terrifying?

Kissinger vs. McCain

At least 112 people killed across Iraq- Syria calls for timetable

Binary Presidential pick

It's time to end the OTHER draft!

Romney To Ask Judge To Force Mass. Lawmakers To Vote On Marriage Amendment

Latest ad on AAR I hate: "what is it about music & Hair?"...

Heart vs head

OMG! Is THIS what the Fristian Right is so pissed off at Wal-Mart about?

Prisons and executions for fun and profit

DU is filled with sheep (and infiltrators, and others)

Generation X: what was your childhood like?

Tylenol PM/heroin mix used by kids as young as eleven

MTP (Meat the Press) is replaying on M$NBC if anybody missed it and wants

another repub bit the dust. bah hahah. hubby friend, owns security

catching up on Hastert's blog

Now I understand McCain's cowardly and new stance on abortion

Top Democrat: Bring back the draft

Wow! Question a primo staus dem and the thread goes bye-bye!

Blow me.

600 new government jobs in DC

You know who you are.

What Neocons find funny.

The Post That Might Get M e BannedFrom DU

Massachusetts governor holds bigoted anti-gay rally outside the State House

Gas Prices In Seattle Near $3.00 Gal

I'm getting sick of all the repuke characters/actors

NO Draft

Obligatory Jon Stewart post of the night: is Jon, or is he not...

Caption this photo of Shrub....

HBO's 'Comic Relief' and the holidays. I'm thinking this is a good

Any one else notice that the fund drive here has been over

Webb's Op-ED (repost for those who missed this great op-ed!)

The New Democratic Populism

Brain Trauma a Silent Epidemic Among Iraq Veterans

"V" Strikes Again

GWB loudly booed at sold-out Dixie Chicks concert...priceless

I have no doubt Seymour Hersch is telling the total story on Iran...

Could the GOP be subject to RICO prosecution?

How much is a human life worth? That senior in your local high school, for example.

Air Force One is "broken" - - Bush shifting to smaller plane

Kissinger's Karma...or just Kissinger revisionist history?

Excuse me...."$119 trillion notional amount of outstanding derivatives"

Something cool that Xerox Is doing for the Holidays!

Would you actually buy an AIRPLANE from Wal-Mart?

SURPRISE! Federal government abandons 9/11 autopsy guidelines

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs

Rube Goldberg Institute of Public Policy

Bush and Blair can be brought to account, after all

Stopping H.R. 550 Because We Can't Compromise on Democracy

AP Interview: Edwards Says Obama Should Run For President

Global Orgasm for peace (hmmm can we draft people for it...heh heh)

If Jim Webb is a "conservative Democrat" we need more of 'em

Tom Tomorrow-Iraq Solution-Go Back To '02 & Pay God-Damned Attention To All Who Opposed Idiotic War

Anybody Else Thinking That Rangel Is Pissed About The Treatment Of...

Iran-Contra, Robert Gates and the Iran hawks' agenda

Thoughts on the terms "pro-life" & "Culture Warrior"

Fox News prepping right-leaning satire

Words are Words are Words. Political Correctness has gone too far.

FRANKEN impressions & more on LETTERMAN...

Ministry of Truth We Report it and You Believe it

Police Violence in Houston (janitors strike)

Right wing humor video blog

Bring 'em home, bring 'em home

Monty Python and Bushworld

I may be way off base, but I don't see a 'conservative drift' in the Democratic Party

When was Hurricane Corrina?

Why I don't feel John McCain is a 2008 threat (any more). And why we must GOTV in 08!

Memo to Dem Senators from states

GOP Facing Extinction?

Petrochem Companies Blame Workers For Cancer

Heads Up On Obama...

Talks between Goodyear and striking workers collapse

Will Saudi Arabia's attempt to silence kickback allegations succeed?

Hagel's war chest holds just $110,000 as '08 looms

At least 700 Iraqis die in 8 days of unrelenting violence

Wal-Mart: Wrong Turn On Ergonomics

We have really cleansed the field for 2008....smeels like 1992.


What Is Our Philosophy As Democrats?

Does Al Gore's PMRC Past Scare Anybody Else?

The newest hatefest I received about illegals and how they're

"Condoleezza Rice & Karen Hughes Talk Diplomacy with Public Diplomacy Envoy Michelle Kwan"...

UCLA Student incident and the Governor.

Rangel is right about the draft.

"The Bush Administration does not represent the Republican Party"

Just an FYI, any Democrat that supports the draft will not get my vote in 2008

O'lielly:"For the record, Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel"

Patriotism, Dissent, and Treason

Draft age kids can forget Canada. Try Latin America or Europe.

Kenneth Adelman, Iraq war promoter, no longer on speaking terms with Cheney

Well, we HAD the youth vote...

Hillary hack (*cough cough*) Susan Estrich says Obama is Hill's only competition

The difference between Obama and all the rest

MSNBC just announced that Bush will not land in Indonesia on Air Force One

Rule of Law! Justice! Democracy! The Constitution! Impeach ALL conspirators then go after the corp m

OMG! V fans, you MUST see this

Rangel's Draft for Peace

How did Mitt Romney get elected Governor of Mass.?

Bill OReilly Slams PS3, Gamers, iPods

Oliver "Buzz" Thomas (Baptist minister): When religion loses its credibility

Let the Pigs Eat: On the coming doom of the Republican Party

US News: Who Lost Iraq?

Even when our foreign policy is benevolent, it appears condescending and exploitative

Anger at £7bn cost of war (Britain)

US Airways, Delta Merger Could Cost IBM Millions In Lost Outsourcing Revenue

Case Against Ashcroft, Mueller Proceeding

Sowing the Seeds of Fascism in America....

Leadership Lessons

Is Newt Going to Run? (Candidacy Floated by Some Conservatives)

Bush: I'd understand if Israel chose to attack Iran

At Stake Is Nothing Less Than The Survival Of Human Civilisation

If Haggard strays, his team will know

Bush left reality behind. Now we are all trapped


War dogs rebranded as `pussycats of peace'(Gold Rush over for Mercs?)

Veterans group's attack ads targeted GOP incumbents(VoteVets)

Please do not buy Cypress Mulch

Mobile phones replace SUVs

A Sunnier Forecast for Solar Energy (Washington Post)

New Low-Speed Wind Turbine Blade

Oaks and sycamores take over as Los Angeles declares war on palm trees

U.S. Urges IAEA to Deny Iran Reactor Aid

Coming soon: a green Bill Gates (but not THE Bill Gates)

GVSD (school) buses now burning (B20) biodiesel (PA)

GLOBAL: Mixed opinions on climate conference outcome - IRIN

Groups seek to create Atlantic marine reserves - Boston Globe

Swedish human rights worker, Tove Johansson, viciously attacked by Israeli settler in Hebron

Report: Israel agents in Iran tip US

Palestinians suspend talks on unity government

[Haaretz] Danny Rubinstein: The return of the Zionist entity

6 investigated in Germany over alleged plot to blow up Israeli airliner

Livni: Syria ordered Hamas not to release captured soldier

IDF admits targeting civilian areas with cluster bombs

Islamic Jihad leader - Israel’s security fence is an important obstacle to terrorist organizations

Major Ructions at Scholars over Beam Weapon

Help! Mystery in TX-22 (DeLay's old seat) election results--? Election smarties, check in!

Clinton Curtis on Thom Hartmann today

SO what do you all think about this EDA ?

ACTION ALERT: Voter Action needs help for contested race in Sarasota, FL

Jennings files in FL Court, FL 13 the land of undervotes YEAH YEAH

Sarasota County Precinct 155 results, is seriously effed up people

FL: CD-13 - Jennings challenges 369-vote loss in congressional race


New York: What happens when you try to do e-voting RIGHT?

US and Britain are in denial over failed policy, says former envoy

AP: U.K. Attorney General Contradicts Blair (90-day detentions)

Couple Calls for Global Orgasm for Peace

AP: Blair Meets Troops in South Afghanistan

If Haggard strays, his team will know

Assassins kill 2 in Iraq; 20 die overall

AP: Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Swedish human rights worker, Tove Johansson, viciously attacked by Israeli settler in Hebron

Bush: I'd understand if Israel chose to attack Iran

Iraq's education under siege

Nairobi climate talks end in deal

Iraq war memorial sets tempers ablaze Creators say display is a gesture of respect

Hil's no dump Dean fan

Bush, Rove Face Criticism From Activists Over Martinez (RNC) Choice

APPO supporters endure torture

Former U.S. aides suggest NATO troops in N.Iraq

AP: Reports: Italy Replaces Spy Chief (CIA abduction)

Schools Slow in Closing Gaps Between Races

(Chicago activist) Malachi burns himself alive to protest Iraq war

US Airways, Delta Merger Could Cost IBM Millions In Lost Outsourcing Revenue

112 die in Iraq as bloodbath continues

Noe sentenced to 18 YEARS!

Former U.S. aides suggest NATO troops in N.Iraq

Saddam trial grossly unfair, says rights body (Human Rights Watch)

Pelosi, Hoyer Say House Won't Consider Resuming Military Draft

Pentagon Announces Troop Rotations

Is Newt Going to Run? (Candidacy Floated by Some Conservatives)

News Corp. Cancels O.J. Simpson Book and TV Special. (now with link)

Iran's state radio prepared for Ahmadinejad-Bush live debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 20

LAT: Army gives Rumsfeld doctrine a rewrite

Pay packages rise for college presidents

Homemade submarine seized in Costa Rica

Bush shrugs off massive protests as 'examples of democracy'

(Duncan Hunter) House Panel Chair Pushes for Iraqi Army ("deploy them to the fight")

Germany foils 'air terror plot'

GOP fundraiser convicted in scandal gets 18 years in prison (Tom Noe)

Iran probably has germ weapons, possibly N.Korea-US

Iran calls for summit with Iraq, Syria

Edwards Says Obama Should Run For President

Bush won't commit to Iraq troop changes

Iraq in a 'state of war': Defence Minister

Iraqi TV satirist killed in Baghdad

Reuters: US says 100 fighters a month enter Iraq from Syria

College students oppose military draft, but doubt its passage

NYT/AP: Amish Shooting Donations Top $3 Million: Update on survivors

Two charged with providing Hezbollah TV in New York

Democrat (Obama) urges gradual Iraq withdrawal

EU proposes cat and dog fur ban

NYT/AP: GOP Leaving Half-trillion-dollar Clutter of Unfinished Spending Bills to Democrats

Calif. court says bloggers can't be sued

AP: Pelosi: Relieving Middle Class Tops List (draft not on agenda)

WHNT: (HS) School Bus Flips Off I-565. (Four Dead)

Top House Democrats to bar military draft plan!

Jennings files in FL Cir Court, contesting FL 13 congressional undervote race

Winner declared in Florida House race

NYT: To crack down on DUIs, MADD urges alcohol sensors in cars

War on terror could last 30 years: report

Gasoline prices up, end 3 month slump

Dell to start making PCs, laptops in India

Mexico leftist to swear in as "legitimate president"

Thousands Protest Ga. Military School (of Americas)

AP: U.S. Mint to unveil presidential coins

Air America Gets Another Week for Sale

Anyone was hooked on NBC "Kidnapped?"

Who is still awake?

Well, I reached my goal to have a least 3900 posts by or on my Birthday.

Don't want to but I am going to have to go to bed.

Anyone else watch the Oprah show where the dad killed his girls?

Paging William Bloode....

"Wree wree wree wree wree wree wree!"

You know what I like about the show "Cops"?

Could someone post a poll for me in GD?

Mayor Of Town Hands Out Free Viagra To Residents

This is my 3600 th post

what's the difference between being a dem, and being a terrorist sympathizer?

Boy this day just keeps getting better!!!((MORE SARCASM))

what's the difference between being a dem, and being a terrorist synthesizer?

The sky is falling! The sky is FALLING!!1!11!

Complete the sentance: "I pulled out the jammy, ___________!"

Welcome to Monday

Damien Rice fans check-in here!

QUIET RIOT is coming to the school where I teach!!!

A Poem

How much of the brain do I pour in when deep frying my turkey?

Thanksgiving Poll: What do you call this?

Congratulations H2OMan!! 20,000 posts

1000 Posts

Thats it!!! No more pizza hut crap for me.

Serial Litterer Ordered To Pick Up Trash For 200 Hours - report bad (or good) driving

It's a God-Awful Small Affair

**Update on PoppyG**

It is going cold tonight here, in the 30's .

Mel Gibson Tops Hollywood 'Frigid List'

Katherine Harris-Ann Coulter toe fetish tapes

Wal-Mart Managers Blamed For Play Station 3 Stampede

Ugh. I have to go to a sports banquet tonight and I *SO* don't want to.

To Loreena Bobbitt fans....

here is thanksgiving menu. anyone want to share theirs

Whats your favorite snarky comment you have made on DU?

Peter Jackson has announced he won't be doing "The Bobbitt"

Hey mom and dad! Wondering what to get your daughters for Christmas?


Here's a picture that I found quite amusing...

Trapeze School Hot After Getting "Sex In The City" Plug

Am I the only person who thinks OJ might have been innocent?

Darwin Awards......

Doctor's Say Red Wine Is Good For YOU

Haven't flown in a year...what should I know when I get to the airport today?

Ya know those...ummm...dreams I have occasionally?

What is it about pizza that makes me burn the roof of my mouth every time!

Any graphic artists have cool sites they want to share?

Post here and I'll give you a compliant.

I am taking my NyQuil

Store Owner Draws The Line At Nazi Gingerbread Men

Oh my goodness I'm not alone after all!

Well my house is looking a lot better, I have been up since 8 am cleaning up.

A Loving Note To My Coworkers

Some questions about spamming.

The San Diego Chargers

Fox Stars Revolt Over 'Appalling' O.J. Interview

Post here and I'll give you a complaint.

"Giblet" is a gross word.


How the hell do you pronounce "maque choux?"

News Corp. cancels OJ Simpson book, special

I just had the BEST Sushi Roll EVER for lunch: M&M Roll

Doing your kid's homework?

Recipe of the Week: Homemade Eggnog

I think I'll bake a ham this thursday.

Mmmm, gumbo on the stove

Jackson Out As 'Hobbit' Director - Who else could direct?

Have you ever wondered if your life turned out to be an "alternate universe" version?

What's the difference between being polyamorous and being slutty?

I couldn't take the slowness anymore...I had to defrag my computer

Turkey gets pardoned. "Not so fast, Gobbles", says coyote.

Recreational options while listening to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"

i've got something to say

Did you know that Bill Clinton helped find an airman's body in Vietnam?

Isn't She...

Since I learned that Bush has My Sharona on his iPod, my attitude's been SCREW The Knack.

Check out this excellent informational web site

Richards has angry outburst at club

Follow-up to aforementioned thread on crushes: Hell, why don't we all just get together?

Do you find chapstick sexy? And do you find chapped lips sexy?

Congratulations blondeatlast!! 25,000 posts

I get calluses from lacing up my boots; has anyone solved this problem?

I'm not going to copycat that thread...

"Rocky Balboa"

Pet peeve - credit card "rewards"

Playstation 3 sucks (Warning for those who hate videos: This is a video.)

But... but... I don't NEED to know if anyone crushes on me!

I have a crush on turkies from Olive Garden, the PS3 game.

I feel much better now, thank you.

Going rates for website design and monthly maintenance?

Supper is almost ready, vegetable soup and homemade bread.

What's the longest you've ever spent in the dentist's chair?

i don't wanna do CAD drafting anymore. it bores me

Holy SHIT! They locked my husband's PayPal account!

"I can't imagine anyone who's not to the left of Ted Kennedy liking him."

Lost is the A-Team

There should be a name for the sludge on the bottom of french press coffee

If you saw 'Casino Royale' and did NOT like it, chime in.

I just remembered I can turn off the ads now.

To Loreena Bobbit fans

Which holiday ritual is more perilous?

Latchkey Kids... what age is appropriate?

Former Phila Eagles great Andre Waters commits suicide at 44

This year we're cooking the turkey in the Hummer.

Let's Ride the Tiger Down River Euphrates

Full length (?) Tom Cruise wedding photo

Who else of you will be crushing your enemies this Thanksgiving?

I hate getting sick

Happy birthday graywarrior & nuxvomica!!

"Save the Cheerleader..." Heroes is on tonight!

Favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes?

Favorite Thanksgiving dishes (and how to make them)?

Is it viable to nix meats in favor of whey protein drinks?

Orthodontia. Isn't 4th grade a little early to start?

After you marry GopSux will you Gay Marry Me?

Best Jazz Club on the West Coast

Anybody make cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier?

Michael Richards (Kramer): "Hollywood celebrity"?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/20/06)

Do you find chaps sexy?

The Official Fried Turkey Poll

Monday teh p1XX0r thread

But... but... I NEED to know if anyone crushes on me!

I just noticed that someone must have donated to DU in my name!!

Reason 971 of why I think men are weird

would you invite your ex to thanksgiving?

Well my day started just peachy!!((Sarcasm))

If polyamorous has a meta- category, what is it?

So my cat tried to kill me last night, and I deserved it....


"My Half-Year of Hell With Christian Fundamentalists"

For The Ladies!! Online Jeans Finder--find YOUR fit!

I Now Present: This Week's Olive Garden FEATURED Recipe!!

W.A.T.C.H. - World Against Toys Casuing Harm Top 10 List

Question for lawyers and the like:

List dishes to take to a republican Thanksgiving dinner

ronnykmarshall's Offical Gay Man's Check Off List

Deep Fried Turkey Mishap Destroys Mobile Home

It's really uncool to de-accept a T-day invite 3 days before....

Well, looks like Kramer just ruined his career

Is there anything people won't deep-fry?

What's the most popular sports team in your state (college or pro)??

How much of the brine do I pour in when deep frying my turkey?

Whats the difference between ME and YOU?

Okay, folks. Is there a god or isn't there?

Do you have a virtual crush on another DU'er that you have not met in person?

Vegetarian Dishes For People Allergic To Soy?

It is nice to see religions find common ground

The Closeness of “God” and the Make up of the World

Pope Ratso Says...

Is anyone here of the Druze faith or a researcher of same?

A question for Christian DUers...

What is your view of the Arian controversy?

When religion loses its credibility

The Image of God Poll

As the Earth Shakes, a Machine Below The Bronx Takes Note

Sten Cells Core of More Cancers

Photos and videos from Der Mittenfuhrer's anti-gay Nuremberg Rally yesterday

"Meth" (Babalu Pictures) CNN review/interview w/Mark King. (video)

I didn't know there was a "Bible of the homosexual movement!"

Federal "Discrimination" Marriage Amendment.

Philadelphia Phillie Ryun Howard - NL MVP

Hey Buddy can you spare a Quarterback?

A 'Know Your Own Darkness' spell swiped from

FYI - JE post on dailykos

Andrew Sullivan back on my S*** list


MSNBC covered the Fox interview this morning

Is there a way to post Hillary's TBA speech next to Kerry's TBA speech?

Shaun from upper-left has it exactly right

The only pre-primary poll that SHOULD matter to Democrats

OT: Kooks!

Iran to meet with Iraq and Syria - isn't this what Kerry was urging for over a year?

OT - what an ass

Ok, I'm bringing the UCLA tasering debate in here, because it's making me really upset

Lily and Pixie

Pentagon review sees 3 options in Iraq

After The Kent State debaucle, how much longer did the Nam war last??

At least 700 Iraqis die in 8 days of unrelenting violence

The cycle of violence continues in Iraq


I'm so radical I burned my AdBusters magazine!

Lightweights. Who the fuck is Denny Hoyer and thank god GWB finally went to Viet Nam...


Please do not suggest anything bad upon Washington now that the Dems have won the houses.

Evidence Osama Wanted War In Iraq, And Bush Was Played The Fool By Bin Laden (Chirolas)

You read me.

You asked for it....

Give Peace a Chance

2,866 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Now here's an interpretation of Christ's teachings by a member of the


The LA tapes of the victem getting the shit kicked out of hin... and the police supporters...

HRW slams Saddam Trial

Free hugs (check it out!)

Pelosi has the halo!

Draft: Uppadown?

If Rangel wants this draft the age should be 45-80

Attorney General Gonzales Takes Up Attack on Ruling Against Warrantless Surveillance

Pentagon concludes: 1) add trooops 2) pull out 3) scale back slightly---this on NBC

Bush on now...

Attacking & blaming bush is SO typically republican

Global Hawk to Fly 1st Mission Over U.S -(electric eye in the sky)

More than 700 Iraqis die in last eight days of unrelenting violence

When we talk of investigations;

I will post this once again - because I think it is worth seeing/hearing:

New Department of Health and Human Services appointee does not believe in Contraception

Daily Kos: McCain and the Great Abramoff Cover-Up

Indonesians: Bush a war criminal

"I don't think the American people understand how big Indonesia is."

NO 20,000 additional troops, NO draft, just pull out of the quagmire now.

Kissinger, war policy, draft, quagmire....I'm having deja vu all over again.

For youth who might be drafted -> How to establish Conscientious Objector status

Army Gives RUMSFELD DOCTRINE The Boot - Rewrites Manual

Banking question

Maybe someday someone will be doing similar research on *

FNC's latest act of desperation - or - Can Dennis Miller fail at THIS too?

A terrible legacy of hatred and death - Robert Fisk

I used to go to Free Republic for a good laugh

Rangel: My purpose is to remind we have lost thousands of best, brightest, bravest

Gems from the past : what changed my mind on Gore : MLK day Speech

CNN about to have a segment on Rangel's draft proposal.

All those complaining about the Draft and how it can affect them

What's Free Republic's reaction to Rangel's Draft Proposal?

How can we tell Congressman Charles Rangel to

Bush Pouty Putin Amused

9/11 Prisoner Abuse Suit -Moving Forward In Federal Court -Could Be Landmark

Neocon David Frum: Iran/Syria will help with Iraq exit, in exchange overlooking their activities

Let it not be said that Jr didn't wear the uniform in Vietnam. See?NYT cover

I hope Michael Richards (Kramer) will be held accountable for this. . .

Carlyle Group Opens Office in Dubai UAE

Global Orgasm for Peace (need I say more?)

We need to show the world that we will not support idiot on our own side with this Rangle thing

Republican roots grouse over Bush's choice of a Latino loyalist to lead the party

Frat-Boy gets rebuffed re: sanctions on NK. Cuts trip to Indonesia short

Saddam trial stopped short

Eliot Spitzer and Andrew M. Cuomo

Bye-Bye to Secret Spy Program - (US NEWS)

This morning's WJ loony

Freakers Excited about new Faux Right Wing Satire Show

Bush Responds To Indonesian Protest By Touting His "Hard Decisions" On Iraq

Frank Rich Hits Media's 'Fictional Story Line' Since the Elections

Time To Hold Bush Accountable.....

Al Gore: Don't Despair, Mood Shifting

Noe sentenced to 18 years

"World's Most Incompetent Terrorist" Contest Now Closed

What's the REAL reason the neo cons won't leave Iraq?

They say we have no plan for leaving Iraq, what's yours?

Skinner says "Rangel is no dummy"

Ignoring the Will of the American People, Pentagon Intends To Ramp Up Iraq Occupation

The Heart of the Darkness…

I will only pull out when the camel is fully able to screw itself

PDA Launches "Stop Funding War!" Campaign

Universal instruction on severing renal arteries with bayonets will bring social justice.

Is Rangel's proposal getting the same reaction elsewhere as

Our Military has lost nearly 100,000 soldiers since Iraq (NO DRAFT UNTIL WITHDRAW)

Just think: No I-pods, no e-mail, no sleeping late, no DU...

LAT: Single-sex classes on a forward course

WITHDRAW FROM IRAQ NOW! There Is Nothing To Win In Iraq

Couple Calls for Global Orgasm for Peace

Lost in the "draft" cacophony...Iraq to become MORE like Viet Nam, not less.

Montana dealing with new influx of white supremacists

"WE MUST bomb Iran." (This message brought to you by the AEI)

Granny D is live on WPR!

"Possible Terra Warning" --- wtf?

Let's all take a deep breath. Ain't gonna be no draft.

George W takes questions from school kids...

US couple calls for global orgasm for peace

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If you hate the war like I do, let's do something about it

Why shouldn't the guys who raped/murdered Abeer Qassim Hamza ALSO be charged with

Issue: Corruption. Nasa whistleblowers fight back against presidential appointee.

Enough Rangel already!!! Could we please focus on more important things?

When history becomes chopped liver (smirk's statements)

CAPTION time...Photo: Bush "meets with sixth-grader" in Indonesia

And the winner for most misleading headline of the day

Homeland Security Tightens Grip on International Travel

CNN Quick Vote: Rangle and draft

Everyone going beserk over Rangel's draft bill: this is how he wants you to react

Please send e mail when stupidity over Rangel's proposal subsides.

A question for Christian DUers...

Go Big, Go Long, or Go Home?

Happy Penis progam, led Men to stray. Pills now given to wife.

Something that got past me in one of last night's draft threads:

I've Met These Two Presidents....

Ok - time for this poll. What would YOU do if you were UCLA Student/Taser incident?

What if......

My grandson really got a kick out of the DU fund drive graphic!

What date is the new Congress sworn in?

Abortion causes illegal immigration?! LOLOLOL

I'm going to end this Political Correctness fight once and for all

Iran calls for summit with Iraq, Syria

How should Democrats investigate Bush/GOP?

Needed: More like Santorum

A few random pics of * and gang in Indonesia

State of DU

Has anyone here ever served on a Grand Jury?

IBM Worker Says He Was Fired for Chat Room Addiction

Time Machine: Back to 1988, Zero Tolerance...

Bush and Putin's thoroughly 'wizard' outfits

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel and his Wives...

Why Identity Politics Hurts Liberalism

"Ugly" Americans abroad....

One World - The Nations Online Project

Thom Hartman Streaming Help requested

Soldier grins and confesses to rape. (Abeer Qasim al Janabi)

Let me get this straight... Bush pulls a fast one - invades Iran... and there

The only way the Republicans will ever get some of their boys on currency

Dana Priest: Bush Admin has huge effort to intimidate journalists

Nobody could have predicted we wouldn't be greeted as liberators

The West could hold the key to '08 victory

Washington Times Bravely Declares VICTORY in Iraq

"A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women."

Violence against child workers rife round world: ILO

The Daily Show doesn't "tip" left it "tips" to the truth....

New home sales fell in 38 states, average of 12.7 percent


The forum formerly known as the Video Forum is now called the POLITICAL VIDEOS forum

Charlie (more precisely)...

Back to obscurity for Hastert

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel winning hearts and minds...

The Fake Iraq Options Debate

I Liked Charlie Rangel on The West Wing

Let me get this Rangel thing straight.....

Why do Democrats go on Fox news?

Here are the words you won't hear on Tee Vee. My honest assessment of the war on Iraq:

Retired four-star general: "Are we undermanned? Of course we are, for God's sake."

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs (and have fewer accidents)

Believed that they were meant to live after the deluge

Bush's end will come when?.... he resigns, is impeached/removed, his term is up

So Tom Yossarian Joad got his tombstone....

need help from political experts...

Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian Presidents to meet to discuss ending violence in Iraq.

Sen. Dodd's Bill -Takes Away Bush's Ability - To Be "The Decider" - Re: Geneva Conventions

educate me on Halliburton...

First Batch of Halliburton/KBR E-Mails Published

If we currently had a draft, would War protests be a daily event?

Poll these 3 Pentagon choices: "Go Big- Go Long- or Go Home" (?)

Bill O'Rielly has made FOX cancel publication of a book?

We should print our own version of /If I Did It/, but claim we stole the 2006 election.

Fight the Good Fight

Daily Show often makes fun of Democrats

How do you get posts rec'ed @ KOS

"It's a Wonderful Bush" Satire by Frank Cammuso and Hart Seely

Democrats "Thinking Big" on Oversight

My Congressman writes on Gay Marriage.

did that caller just call Randi a war monger?

What is the age bracket for Rangel's slavery, er, draft bill?

upcoming "coup" in Venezuela?

Why doesn't Duncan Hunter advocate a draft for our troops?

Which President would be worse?

I have 18 and 21 year old sons. And I think Rangel is right.

Anti-Defamation League responds to Kramer outburst

A brief message to all DU-ers

Was it SwampRat or MoPaul that did that picture and story

I think that the time is right for a draft

Only on DU could a thread about Orgasm turn into a flame war.

Now if we can just get FOX to cancel their war, it too is in poor taste

TPM ::: FL-13: Jennings Could Still Prevail — If Vote Goes To The House Itself

The power of words...

The UK National Health Service technology disaster

Seymour Hersh coming up on Hardball, 4pmCT. nt

Caption this pic of Putin and Bush


Hoyer says NO to draft

WP: MSNBC General Manager Dan Abrams will continue "branding" network as haven for political junkies

Rangel's Forcing Freepers To Service Too! Will They Still Want To Kill Ragheads

C-Span2.. "The Future of Conservatism" ..Media panel

Fresh Leibowitz: Cartoon Jon Stewart takes on Rangel

January 2009: There will be Dems protecting BushInc or Dems seeking greater scrutiny.

Difference between the Blue Dogs and the DLC?

Republican Follies: Teen's body found next to State Senator's gun

Unofficial "thank you thread" for UCLA students...

Here's a plan. . .for the dems. . .Repeal IWR

Over and over again, the media kept telling us how "disciplined" the GOP was

Bush: I would understand if Israel chose to attack Iran

O.J. special was NOT cancelled because of its horrific nature

Poll: You only have 3 options on Iraq--Go Big, Go Long, or Go Home; what do you choose???

Caption this pic of *

If impeachment looms, georgie will....

Is it wrong to trick someone into outing him/herself through false scenarios?

Questions about Iraq and Iran

I've noticed a pattern emerging here....

Rangel on Tucker right now nt

The Case for Impeachment by Lindorff and Olshansky

**Another "Caption This"***

Mike Malloy on Bush's Vietnam trip

MORE LIES: Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran!

Olbermann Special Comment on Vietnam coming up tonight

I "get" Rangel's point, but he's an idiot for making this the first issue...

Michael Isikoff - Chinese Water Torture-What Did The President Know & When Did He Know It?

European universities fear "Americanization"

Our president and his wife are just too darned..shiny!

The Uncovered War: Air Power in Iraq (MSM silent)

Poll: MSCorporate Media's Coverage of War and Dem Victory since Election?

Buchanan Says 'Jennings, Special Interests Have Hijacked Election'; Bond Unjumps the Shark...

4 Billion Dollars in Ads for Military Recruitment...Charley Rangel!

Al Franken next on Lou Dobbs.

20 questions on: What does it take to win the war in Iraq?

Enough about Michael Richards

Do DU'ers Approve of Imports?

Judge to FBI: Correct disclosures on post-9/11 Saudi flyout

The Draft

Dreyfus and the meeting On Martha's Vineyard about teaching Civics

Dana Perino (WH Spokesperson) Attacks Sy Hersh

What is Bush hiding in Iraq? What has Bush done with the dead bodies of over 600,000 Iraqis?

Did I hear a teaser on CNN a bit ago that an

Nortel wins US$20-million contract for Iraq fibre optic network - your tax money at work

Bush: I'd understand if Israel decided to attack Iran

RW Secret Society which supported Bush and Martinez at war with New Zealand Labour Party

Christian Newswire: Jesus making a comeback! Christchild CREEPING BACK into Xmas!

Buwahahahaha! Rachel talking about Bush wearing a dress.


Bank of America's New Online Banking.

Hearings in January on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy

O.J. Simpsons book, special called off

Today is RFK's birthday.

VA Watchdog Exclusive!! VA Developing policy Vets can fill prescriptions Walmart!

Soldier grins and confesses to rape

The politics of Rangal's draft idea

the Dems should leverage the impeachment threat

Don't make excuses for Rangel. He really believes what he's saying.

Mindless Escalation In Iraq

What Happened to the Great DECIDER? ---pix--->>>

Radical Fringe toon - Monday 11/20 HAT TIP TO SFEXPAT2000

RedStaters want to send Will Pitt to war

PC-ness is a reflection of where we are in our civilization.

My Daughter is back in the U.S. from Iraq....

Study: Fatty Fish Can Protect Against Some Cancers (Kidney and Prostate)

Jazz musician/activist Malachi burns himself alive to protest Iraq War

Charlie Rangel coming up on MSNBC after the break

Iraq war memorial sets tempers ablaze

Rangle has succeeded

MSNBC: 'Go Duh'

Fresh Leibowitz up: Colbert fans, Stephen's in this one!

I was subject to draft. Some observations:

Could Obama win in a national election?

News Corp. Cancels O.J. Simpson Book and TV Special. (now with link)

The "All Volunteer Military" works because "most" are from middle class families

Helping one another here on DU - Some thoughts on it

Caption this Bush Photo


If you WANTED a draft bill to FAIL you could make draft age up to 42 for women and men

Dying in America...

Nicaragua bans all abortions. . ..

I want to end gun control so that everyone will see how badly we need gun control

"Kramer's" Racist Tirade -- Caught on Tape

Is Bush a Nazi?

Crush, Kill, Destroy: Pro-impeachment screed

SEN DEMS THINK BIG-Plan To Go Well Beyond Intell Gathering & War Investigations

Coincidence? Election over, gas prices up again

Obama calling for phased withdrawal beginning in '07 (CNN)

From O’Reilly: iPods Are Endangering America

Draft to end war? I call bullshit.

Top 5 Myths About The Draft Debunked!

Pelosi... draft will not be on the list.

Has victory eaten our souls? have activists morphed into strategists?

I have never seen such a peeing of pants on DU since...last week.

Are Rangel and the Dems playing 'good cop, bad cop' with this draft thing?

I am heartened by the debate about the "draft"...

UH OH! Carlyle Group IS Buying Our Ports! THIS IS BAD!

Hey Everyone Who Doesn't Want a DRAFT...WE ALREADY HAVE ONE

A report says 75% of those enlisted in 2005 were white and middle class!

cnn poll being freeped

10 Things That Always Happen Whenever A Woman Takes A Leadership Position

Doonesbury takes on the chickenhawks

Wingnut Blogger Equates Rangel's Draft Proposal with "Slavery"

"I'm pro-choice, but abortion should only take place if the mothers life is in danger"

My last post

"Don't ever think of coming back..."

EXCLUSIVE: Screenshots of FL-13 Buchanan/Jennings Touch-Screen Ballot...

"Skin in the game" is bullshit.

"I am victim, hear me whine"

Bill Maher Presents: "A Farewell To Douchebags"

what's the history of Russia using poison?

The paradigm shift gear grind.

Wesley Clark just lost me as a potential supporter

STOPPING MTR: A national priority in the 110th US Congress

We must stop the war by Impeaching Bush- before they attack Iran!

IMPEACHMENT: How do cops & prosecutors treat a crime caught in progress vs. one found after fact?

Jamie McIntyre says Heritage Foundations says 73% of Troops are White &

Those who fail to impeach are as guilty as Bush in his crimes against humanity

Defending KKKramer: Dave McGurgan says impossible to conclude Richards is a racist!

Why the noise and great wailing at Freepville ain't so loud?

A Sit-Down Interview: The Halliburton/KBR Story

Some Basic Facts About the UCLA Case

my co-workers are moms and dads who shop and watch tv

How in the bloody hell can Hastings even be considered for the Intel Committee chairmanship??

Dean was out of the country when Carville struck.

Political Correctness and Michael Richards' (Kramer's) Rant

DID CIA KILL RFK? - Screenwriter Finds Evidence Implicating 3 CIA Officers (Guardian)

"Orgasm for Peace?" Guys, you're not helping

I am not a pawn in some game.

(Chicago activist) Malachi burns himself alive to protest Iraq war

Why can't gays unite

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism -- Trailer

Stop the Genocide NOW!

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" Johnny Cash

Solar Airship

Chris Rock - How to not get your ass kicked by the police

Sen. Ted Kennedy supports Net Neutrality...

Pre-War Intelligence: Three Words: The Vice President...

Punk Ass Crusade - Not Your Soldier

The forum formerly known as the Video Forum is now called the POLITICAL VIDEOS forum

The Torture Tour, by Rick Burnley - Poet Laureate of Camp Casey

John F Kennedy's Bodyguards Ordered Off Of His Car

No Blood For Oil - No Draft On U.S. Soil.

You don't always die from tobacco

A loophole free draft can never exist

McCain talked about entitlement programs, belt tightening and nuclear energy.

What do you think was the core issue of the Federal 2006 election?

AP: Bush Arrives to Anger in Indonesia

Bush shrugs off Indonesian protests: "That’s what happens when you make hard decisions"

A message from the AEI: Bomb Iran

Rangel just stole Bushco's Dec surprise, he knows politics and

MP4: Kerry "botched joke" quote and FNS Wallace's desperate attempts

This day in History cries out for quiet "conservative" contemplation

ooops. dupe. please delete.

After Downing Street: Want an End to the War? Ask for Investigations...

Oh, how it galls me

Beautiful display of conservative ignorance last night on 60 Minutes

A clueless commander-in-chief

AP: GOP Fundraiser (Tom Noe) Faces 10 Years in Prison

Make sure the Draft is part of any conversation you have with a conservative

Pentagon's solution for Iraq is a new slogan

I am sick of the misogynistic coverage of Pelosi

Bin Ladens main demand is met by Dem response whatsoever...

Universal Service...not just Rangel's idea.

Republican Congressman Single-Handedly Prevents Anti-Cockfighting Legislation From Becoming Law

Condi: US Concerned With Chinese Military Buildup

2008 Metrics: National Polls and Name ID, courtesy of Chris at

Democrats To Push Legislation To Make Fraudulent Election "Robo-Calls" A Crime

It's all about framing -->>'DEMS WANT DRAFT!' call Lakoff

neo con Duncan liar Hunter is delusional

Rangel doesn't want the draft, he wants the DEBATE

If Bush is not impeached they will do it again, and again, and again...

Hey Rangel

Bush Responds To Indonesian Protest By Touting His "Hard Decisions" On Iraq

Go Big, Long, Home. So the first two options require more troops

Which Elected Dem Politician Will DU Trash Next?

Jennings challenges 369-vote loss in congressional race/Sarasota FL

Sarasota Democrats revived. And they tell us Buchanan got more votes.

I think all people who are not me should have to do 2 years of compulsory service

No elected Democrat should be proposing a draft for this war

State party officials say Dean understands Democrats in the West

Let the Pigs Eat: On the coming doom of the Republican Party

Does anyone else remember when Rangel attacked Chavez for bashing Bush?

Breaking: Fox cancels OJ special, book

The weakest possible candidates for President are those who show their fear

So, Nancy. Impeachment is off the table but the draft is on?

Under what circumstances could you support a "draft"?

Foley at father's grave: 'I disappointed him'

A simple binary poll that will be certain to cause discussion and perhaps controversy

Hillary can't run for office because the Clintons trashed the White House

Other Rangel gems: "who the hell wants to live in MS,"?

Obama urges gradual withdrawal from Iraq

It is time for a Black (D) on the Presidential Ballot

Just out of many "Obama smokes" threads have there been on DU to date?

Should the Democratic Party's Nominee in 2008 Have Opposed the Iraqi War?

GOP Leaving Spending Bills to Democrats

It's 2 weeks later and I still can't believe we knocked off Felix...

Noe gets 18 years (refuses plea)

Bush on protesters:“That’s what happens when you make hard decisions”

Obama not experienced enough...? How about this guy...?

We need a draft--of the greatest minds in our universities.

Al was great!!

Rangel and the draft - a poll.

Will Cheney make a public statement supporting a draft and

Retired Generals on the broken army and illusions of the Iraq war

Mary Matalin solicits funds for "poke aroused bear with a stick" Scooter Libby

Get off Rangel's rear end....we need this discussion...

Do you honestly believe Rangel's stunt will gain us votes in 2008?

Let's help out Fox with their new "non-liberal" version of "The Daily Show"

Rangel needs to be taken out in the 2008 primary

MAPS! get your 2006 election results maps here!

08 Without Clark and Gore Poll

Ariana: Early Advice for '08 Hopefuls: Beware the Consultants! (Carville)

Governor Vilsack makes more sense than any Senator who's think of running..

Fox plans to rip off "The Daily Show" with a "non-liberal" version. Roger Ailes "really likes it."

Santorum Will "ABSOLUTELY NOT" Run For President In 2008

John and Elizabeth Edwards LIVEblogging at Daily Kos

Pelosi said... DRAFT IS OFF THE TABLE!!!

NEWZFLASH: A tidbit for the Rangel Lynch Mob members ........

Raw Story: "Court orders FBI to disclose post-9/11 Bin Laden, Saudi royal flights out of the US"

An Independent perspective: How do Dem's keep the momentum through 08?

Kill Bill - Neutering Bush's Torture Law

Should females be part of the draft?

I think we should all be willing to serve if needed..

My Worst Post Ever.

Katherine Harris, incoming U.S. Senator from Florida???

The Next President of the United States of America

Notice the media has now COMPLETELY rehabilitated GHWBush and his gang

Economy: The Leading Indicators Farce

Obama takes a shot at DailyKos?

"Explore McCain."

Washington Dumb Pundit Alert: Andrew Sullivan says John Kerry worse politician than George Bush