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Archives: November 22, 2006

An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance

The US Embassy in Bagdad - a monument to Bush's insanity

Perfect Killing Method, but Clear Targets Are Few (Insurgents outwit snipers)

An Interview with Michael Isikoff (KEVIN ZEESE)

Oz could have 25 nuclear power plants by 2050

Zoo kills rare Abyssinian Lions and sells the bodies to be stuffed.

UN official: Israel should review its 'entire' military policy in Gaza

UN Commissioner rejects meeting families of abducted soldiers

WTC 1993 Bombing - There were warnings

Wow! VoteTrustUSA Election Integrity News Now Available Online!

M. Collins: Paper for President - The Time is NOW

Cancer-like disease killing off citrus, hurting industry

WP: Treasury Secretary Paulson Says Business Is Over-Regulated: Still Backs Sarbanes-Oxley

Key Lebanese politician assassinated

Bush to Propose New Ties for NATO

O.J. Simpson Project Could Turn on Web

Ex-Jabil exec won't go to prison

An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance

India perched atop fake drugs list

New Survey: Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit -- and Back Attacks on Our Forces

Dell profit rises 12%; sales up 3.5% to $14.4 billion

8 Dead, 15 Missing in Poland Mine Blast

AP: Bush, Iraqi Prime Minister to Meet (in Jordan next week)

Church Fears It Was Scammed in Home Sale (Katrina victims)

Puzzle Leads to Teacher's Resignation

'King of Hobos' Dies at Age 89

Marine arrested in baby son's death

NYT: Giuliani Goes Exploring: Files papers with FEC to "test waters" for Presidental bid

Nursing Moms Rally at Airports

Tapes Provide First Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Panels

U.S. to require passports for nearly all

Woman, 92, Dies in Shootout With Police (Drug Bust Wrong House?)

Bush's Travel Director Mugged in Waikiki

AP: Global Warming killing some species

'Supernannies' to tackle antisocial children (UK-Blair)

TOON: The Evacuation of the Capitol Building

Hey good news!

If You Could Force Yourself To Be Happy

Sorry to sound like Captain Kirk, but...

Does Wonder Woman sit on men?

KO cracks me up!

Did you know Wonder Woman and Superman had a daughter?

Ween - "Quebec" - is this album bloody brilliant or what?

Attention advertisers: "Wherefore" does not mean "where."

Ritalin. i need advice.

I cant..................


"Oh Puglsey, don't have more than 5 pieces of cake now!"

AMA comments


What is the prime rate right now? For a house mortgage, etc......

Mom's Health Takes A Turn For The Worse

Interesting journal entry on

Our Planet Is Really Named Earph

What have you done to cast asparagus on our nation and president?

Dixie Chicks about to perform on the AMA on ABC

What's worse than a sinus headache?

The lust thread!

Word from the wise: Do not rub your junk after you chop a jalapeno.

Word from the wise: Do not stuff your 'trunk' with chopped jalapenos.

I just got my twine redefined.

OK - so when the heck will Boston Legal be back on??

You'd think the world was coming to an end in our house.

A very un-PC funny

I just got my spine re-aligned

And now, I cast Asparagus on you all! Bwahahaha!

$12 for a can of Campbell's Soup?

Isn't Kelly Ripa that annoying broad in that Tide......

College scholarship for WHITES ONLY

"And I Hope That You Die.... And Your Death Will Come Soon...."

What does one do for (to) a cat who insists on teaching himself things?

oh, wow, man: world record jay

I just made my pumpkin pie filling

Asparagus is *always* better than Aspergillus!!!

The love thread!

Finally! A "Thread" thread!

oh, wow, man: world record jay

This is beautiful....

What would you do if you found out your company was

Lovely...Just sneezed on my Wiener...

How much ruby-red grapefruit flavored vodka can a kitten drink

Sacha Baron Cohen to marry

bought myself the coolest birthday present

I'm digging the juxtaposition of my new avatar and sig....

Tommorrow and, gonna be busy....

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, how many people will you be hosting? 36 for us this year,

Craigslist spelling lesson O' the Day!

When making Spiced Cranberry Sauce with Zinfandel...

GD is chock-full of fuckwits......

I made it through my minor surgical procedure today!

Lettuce not cast asparagus upon onion other

What do y'all know about Mazda pickup trucks?

Letterman just said: "Watching Britney and Kevin try to outsmart each other. . .

Posted a short story if anyone is interested


Persimmons: Great fruit, or the Greatest fruit

OMG . . . Jessica Simpson said we should all pray for peace in the Midwest

What do you do if you have no job, no future, and no hope...

Word from the wise: Do not rub your eyes after you chop a jalapeno.

What's the one thing you wish you could do like the opposite sex does?

Lookie what I got today!

I'm having a raging adult tantrum.

Vintage amp pr0n

So tell me, what's your position on DU?

eggbeater has passed away.

Santa's Pole....

heard a nasty rumor re "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:" cancelled?

Any point watching American Music Awards tonight?

It's time to cast asparagus on another DUer!

Just new tonight...a few select sunset pics...

words have failed me - Venetian-Princess ~

Just in case you were wondering ..

24 Season 6 Preview Trailer!

A question for DU guys

Muslim scholar calls for a boycott of US Airways

Westminster: Bishops call for total nuclear disarmament (UK)

Priest Running For Canadian Parliament To Abstain On Gay Marriage Vote

F.C. Episcopal Church Faces Fight to Keep Property After Voting to Exit Denomination

Vatican Concludes Study on Condoms

Earth still trying to contact the Mars Surveyor

oy gevalt

Go watch this over in the Political Videos forum.

Twins' Morneau Edges Jeter for A.L. M.V.P.

OT: Webb article from 1980 -- for draft, thinks volunteer army is "unmitigated disaster"

This is sad and cruel!

Hillary's money

I thought this was funny.

Anyone know much about an Ed Perlmutter?

OT: Interesting info on Iraq

Please, Photo Group, go to this thread, K & R & add your message

looking for your opinion - an idea for some challenges

Photo on the front of Komo News - of Seattle today

My attempt at silhouettes

Is Gaydar real?

What was the final donation count? I missed it.

But do they do windows?

Freepmobile Bumper Stickers Spotted: Tancredo '08, Giuliani '08 LOL.

Poppy has no sense of humor, but this guy does--

Avian Influenza & "Sheltering in Place" - Consular Affairs Bulletins

O.J. Simpson project could turn on Web

Independent frontpage: Robert Fisk in Beirut - Civil War

WHY are we responsible for training the Iraqi police and military?

Trump for President?

Voter Lawsuit Filed Today in Florida's 13th Congressional District

Craig Crawford: "What we are seeing is the end of the age of Bush"

Rice says Iraq has potential to be a Vietnam-like success - Not The Onion

Dkos diary: Home with John Edwards

Cancer-like disease killing off citrus, hurting industry

Dupe. Sorry, Please remove.

It must be driving Bush crazy with all the talk about his daddy and his

Hagel: ‘The Time For More Troops Is Past,’ McCain’s Plan Is ‘Not Realistic,’ ‘The Wrong Approach’

I keep tellin' find the best stuff in the Comment sections! (FUNNY!)

It's Easier To Be a Freeper (moran) because

" Very low food security..."

I want to share an email from Sen. Thomas...

US Mint annouces: Presidential $1 Coins (all presidents to be included)

AP: Ohio Brokers Found Not Guilty of Bribery (workers comp scandal)

Flag-embossed containers now being used to transport remains

(TOON) Steve Bell on the crisis in Lebanon

FOX offered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman famalies millions in hush money to shut up about OJ special

I Got A Nice Response From Craig Thomas

First Vietnam.. .then Iraq. Will there be a Third Time?

Poppy and George should go on Jerry Springer

Rasmussen POLL: (D) Edwards leads (R) Romney 51%-34%, leads (R) Huckabee 50%-33%

Worth revisiting - "I Miss You"

6 Muslim clerics removed from Twin Cities flight.

Pelosi Announces Democratic Forum to help chart a 'New Direction' in Iraq

I finally figured out why these small, rectangular glasses frames

Larisa Alexandrovna Has A New Blog & A Great Post - Another Curveball?

It's November 22nd here in Britain

37 percent of U.S. births out of wedlock

What's with the packaging on The Inconvenient Truth DVD?

Looks like Mr. Taser Cop has a nifty little record

remember the pretzel incident?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Oops Wrong Title at first

"We do not respect your son," a woman in the audience told Bush.

Today is my anniversary. Three years being hooked on DU.

Perfect Killing Method, but Clear Targets Are Few (NYT)

Tom Hayden: James Baker Told Hussein’s Lawyers Fmr. Iraqi Deputy PM Would Be Released From Detention

Dan Rather Reports on HD Net, impressive!

What Republican would likely flip to Ind or Dem ?

How screwed up are our priorities if my health insurance

*'s daughter and his travel Director both robbed on same day

How much is sales tax in your state?

Strange AP article on Bush being "reinvigorated" on Asian trip

bull(shit) moose becomes LIEberman communications director

First Daughter Barbara Robbed in Argentina

If Bill Clinton is now a son of Poppy & Ma Bush...

Do you believe a timetable in Iraq should be negotiated or imposed?

Pictures at an exhibition (a photo montage and epiphany)

How big is GD/DU? Is this one of the Net's biggest discussion boards?

How do we balance a limited government with the protection of equal rights?

This does not compute:

Stop crying, Oasis singer tells British troops in Iraq

Who woiuld be the toughest GOP Presidential opponent in '08

What does McCain with his 20,000 more troops needed in Iraq idea say about a draft?

Would you be annoyed by your car forcing you to wear a seatbelt?

If a DUer had said to me one year ago that Santorum and JD Hayworth would lose...

Second Veteran Dies after being denied care at Spokane VA

Air America: how close to the end is it?

Alleged rape victim sentenced to 90 lashes

I honestly do not care who our next Democratic presidential nominee is

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Whistleblower Speaks Out on Diebold, May Have Sentence Reduced!

The irony of gay marriage as a political wedge issue.

Tancredo: Bush is a dangerous internationalist

Chuck Hagel & AIS (American Information Services) ES&S (Election Systems & Software)


For the record, I don't really think that the Greatest Generation are all bigots

I never cared about the politics. I think the whole thing

Tragic soldier's plea from the grave to end Iraq war

Civil liberties group unveils docs on Pentagon surveillance (anti-war groups)

I got a ? Duers was it 140 Saudis flown out or 160

Goff: The Weaponized Phallus

The new freeper term to beat all freeper terms, better even than "Screwn"

Teachers emphasize the Indians' side

92 yr old woman KILLED in gunbattle w/ police who broke in her door.

PELOSI To Get Off To Good Start - Steal Agenda From Bush

A Breathalyzer in every car?

The Mr X scene in JFK (In four parts)

Jack Abramoff - 'G-d made me do it'...

Stephen Williams MP on homophobic bullying

Jackie Cabasso - Eliminating Weapons of Terror from U.S. Foreign Policy...

Tribute to those that helped make 2006 memorable...

I Found the 'Canoodle'!

Benny Hill's Answer to the Rabid Politically Correct...

Iraqi Kids Run For Water

Bush Was Right (...not!)

Frank Zappa testifies before Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee

In a Sept.19 speech at the UN, Bush had a message for the Iraqis; recently the Iraqis responded

GREATEST U.S. President who let his corrupt, aging daddy fight his battles for him

Connecticut State Rep Diana Urban Switches Party to Dem

Please, GDP, read this thread and rate it up:

So our pResident went to Viet Nam on a state visit and told them it'd have been better if

AP: Dems unlikely to block Gates nomination

I watched Faux News at the gym tonight

OSHA Pressures Scientist To Weaken Asbestos Warning

Hotline TV 2008 At-Risk Republican Senators

Craig Crawford on Countdown: "We are seeing the beginning of the end of the Age of Bush..."

Freep-hole Math: "The entire Islamic world has about 30 nukes...The US has about 2000..."

Bush's homeland security? a botched statement or what?

The next President of the United States

Nobody could have imagined that they would fly planes into buildings

It's Over for Bush (Editorial from "The Nation")

in search of a soft landing ...

Barnicle on Hardball said Iraq is IN civil war and horrified most Dems are waiting

You May Think it's Off the Table' Dan DeWalt (encouraging impeachment)

Bad news from New Mexico

George Bush has, indeed and in fact, put our country in grave danger that will last for decades

Let's say thanks in support of our troops send a free card

Libertarians, are they lover's of freedom , or....

Oregon's Secretary of State proposes Oregon's

Should senior citizens be drafted?

Too Bad About The Kid ...

America Has Left the Building: An Open Missive of Anger and Hope

Lennon piano makes appearance at JFK site

What Lies Beneath (re: RIchards racist tirade)

Blacks gain power in new Congress

"Pelosi's 100 Hours" - we should be ready to promote the plan at TDay dinner

Who Lost Iraq? ...... US News and World

Lawrence O' Donnell: Rangel is Right (Pundits are combat cowards)

Lou Dobbs: (CNN) Populist tide has elitists running scared

NY Times Editorial: A Parting Shot From George Allen

Amy Goodman: Rumsfeld and a Mountain of Misery

When It Gets Like This, Bad, Bad Things (BBT) Are Happening (Mogambo)

One Syllable of Civility - Ruth Marcus (nails Bush on "Democrat" Party)


Blair is wildly exaggerating the threat posed by terrorism

Mr Fish - Time Machine

Reno Joins Criticism of Anti-Terror Strategy

Love, hate or confusion?

No more troops for Iraq: Beazley

Biofuels growth can take place sustainably, report shows

Seapower Pacific moves closer to CETO commercialisation (wave power, OZ)

$200 M Cellulose-to-Ethanol Production Facility Planned in Iowa

Scientists use laser to create black metal

$1.2-2 billion dollar windfarm stirs opposition in New Zealand.

New Zealand's Earthrace Boat and Crew To Visit Inner Harbor (Baltimore)

Johnson Square Builders Developing New England's First All-Solar-Powered Condo Project

EPA Ruling Easing Pesticide Use Near Or In Water "Strengthens And Streamlines" Protection

China's Own Government Admits Pollution Out Of Control - "Health And Social Stability Under Threat"

Canadian Provincial Electric Grid Operators to Spend $1 billion to Accommodate Wind Power.

Send in the Subpoenas (ChimpCo energy policy and more, Wash. Post)

Nuclear option no solution to climate change (response to Ziggy Switkowski, OZ)

(OZ Enivronment Minister) Campbell mulls accepting foreign nuclear waste

EU Split, But Agrees To Some Quota Cuts On Slow-Growing Deep Sea Fish Species

UL Certification in Hand, Southwest Windpower..Ships...Skystream 3.7 to Eager Customers

(Juniper 1) Wind power plant running near Arlington (OR)

AP: Calif. Cities Reject Coal-Fired Power

SunTech Power Supplies Modules to 23.2 Megawatt Solar Project (Spain)

With 9 Days To Go, November Wettest Month Ever Recorded At Sea-Tac

1,600 Of Norway's Glaciers On Track To Disappear By 2100, Leaving 30 - Aftenposten

North Texas Smog Plan To Miss Clean Air Act Deadline - DMN

Pollution Turns China's Yellow River Red For Second Time In 30 Days - BBC

Putin - Russia Arrests 370 In Energy Sector In "Anti-Tax Crime" Drive- Novosti

Gangotri Glacier (Source Of The Ganges) Melting Faster Every Year - Now 3X Rate Measured In 1935

Kunstler on the CERA report

cool "TreeHugger" blog to check out

4 Qassams hit Negev; IDF soldier hurt in Gaza raid

Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war

Israel is in need of mediators

NYTimes Editorial: A Discredit to the United Nations

New in Gaza: Priest, nun human shields

A country with a bad name

C-SPAN 2 - 11/24 & 11/25 - "9/11 & American Empire"

Clint only doing audits in 4 counties; any volunteers 4 Dade, Broward, Lee,Sumter, or Charlotte ?

Herald Tribune: The buck stops with SOE Kathy Dent In Sarasota Debacle

Electronic Vote Counting: Where Did We Go Wrong?

Miami Herald: Losing Sarasota Democrat denied voting machine access

Volusia County, Florida, vote machine woes outpace other counties

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 11/22/06 Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Sarasota Voters File Lawsuit for Re-vote in Congressional Race

OHIO: Ballot boxes surface in Columbus

In FL-13, Analysis Suggests Missing Votes Backed Democrats

Airlines Threaten Price Hike If LAX Raises Their Rent

Preliminary Hearing Starts in Case Against Polygamist

U.S. poised to shift Latin America policies

Hevesi: Pataki rushing funds ($11.4 billion)

Suicide car bomb hits U.S. patrol in western Iraq

Government-backed militias killed (Iraqi) comedian

NYT: Spoils of Prime Office Space Go to Democrats

Editor&Publisher/AP: NY Times Co. Spurns Jack Welch Bid for 'Boston Globe'

Mothers Rally to Back Breast-Feeding Rights

Homeland Security Records?

US attracts India Inc the most, says study

Marine sentenced to 21 months in Iraqi’s killing

WP:Report Finds DHS Lax on Contracting Procedures

BBC: N Korea 'won't stop nuclear plan'

NYT/Reuters: Most Americans Favor Guest-Worker Program: Poll

Baghdad's Green Zone hit by car bomb

Porn Site Operator Jailed in China

Iraq oil profits reportedly used to back militants

Poll: Most Americans Now Say Iraq War Similar to Vietnam Conflict

New clause in N-deal worries scientists (India-US)

Network calls FCC indecency rules ‘radical’ (how rich, one network is Fox)

Freeps find WMD's...111111

European Union Panel Says Banks Broke Law by Giving Data to U.S.

Accident on 405 adds to travel woes

Housing starts plunge to six-year low

Violence in Iraq increasingly targeting women

Iraqis dying in record numbers, fleeing: U.N.

AP: Gunmen Kidnap Scores From Italian Vessel (Nigeria)

Financial aid falls short for minority, low-income college students

Fla. Agency Head (DCF) Threatened With Jail

World is Becoming Ahmadinejadised, Says Iran President

BBC: UK may hand over Basra in spring

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldier killed, three others wounded

US-Colombia trade pact faces tough test

Taser Use Limited at Most UC campuses (except at UCLA)

Chemical plant explodes near Boston (AP)

Indonesia willing to send peacekeepers to Iraq

Democrats criticize Bush's Hawaii visit

Top Colombian paramilitary warlord linked to Italian drug bust (right-wing)

Marine with deployment orders slashes arms

Candidate can't check voting machines yet (Sarasota, FL)

Venezuela takes US oil-for-poor drive to Washington

ABC: Thin Gyrene Line - Marine Commandant Concerned

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 22

U.N.: Iraqi civilian deaths at new high (3,709 dead in Oct.)

Ed. Secretary Places 2nd on 'Jeopardy'

CBS News: A Fond Farewell To Ed Bradley

State asks lobbying firms to prove they can work with Democrat-controlled Congress

U.S. capital flows fall to $65.1 billion

US proposes doubling Afghanistan troops

O.J. did book solely for ‘blood money’

Flugge knew invasion plans (in feb 2002)

Dems want to see citizen-monitoring database

Cheney to meet with Saudi King Abdullah

Dear Christ, can anything get rid of those "registryfix" popups?

You Can't Believe Everything You Read On the Internets. Or, by another name:

getting hernia surgery-anyone lived through it before?

GD is fuck-full of chockwits......

My BIL wants to stay home and have a grocery-store-prepared TG meal. Know why?

The guy in the apt next to mine has bird flu or

KitchenWitch stole my tub!

LBN thread about dropouts!

I am craving chocolate!

What I'm thankful for .....


Does anyone here know anything about


They are online tonight and posting on Craigslist!


Y'know, through all the c-l-i-q-u-e stuff...

I am so happy that KitchenWitch is back posting again!

Goodnight my friends!

I also made it through my minor surgery on Monday.

New Yorkers now get pot delivered to their door!

Two of my favorite youtube videos...

Rodney Mullen is a God..

What if Stan Lee worked for Jack Chick? (dialup warning)


WOOHOO - Justin Morneau is the AL MVP!

Which DU forum has the snootiest, snobby, hoity-toity, condescending...

I gave a rude gesture to a religious man

Can I get a recommend on a newly released CD on classics, like


Holiday Gifts Web Site - FAIR trade gifts from around the world!

How about hairy crabs?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/22/06)

Two elderly ladies are sitting on the front porch doing nothing...

Isnt' it amazing....

To everyone traveling today: be careful

Man Who Dresses Up As Giant Cigarette Busted For Bigamy

Penile Plot Prompts Prison Punishment

Have You Ever Hung Up on Someone?

First Grader Brings Bag Of Cocaine To School

Your doggy can win a date with Lou

Morning, all.

Isnt' it amazing....

Forget the turkey..I'm making chili. NEED RECIPES.

Drunken School Bus Driver Asks Police To Let Him Finish Route


Son Returns Home To Make Peace With Father - Finds His Bones In Bed

La-Z-Boy Saves Man's Life Who Was Shot In The Head By His Wife

Yes! I've been saving all year...

Favorite alcoholic in a movie?

Cars for Republicans

Those musical geniuses of profound and lasting international importance, the

Best cake?

Are Gators real?

The more generally misogynistic magazine?

The Office Personality I'm Thankful I Won't See for 5 Days:

It's 42 degrees outside and this insane cat *insists* on going outside

Group Scraps Attempt To Smoke World's Biggest Joint

Funeral Directors Want To Burn Corpses To Heat Churches

the worst person in the worLd.....

I'm bullish on Billyskank buying bread. HE's going places!

Who should remember to get bread on the way home?

I urge Billyskank to loaf and invite his soul.

I think Billyskank should breastfeed while BUYING BREAD.

What kind of bread should Billyskank buy?

Teen Tries To Ride Bicycle Off 25-Foot Ledge - Hospitalized (Jackass Stunt)

Post here if you forgot to remind BillySkank to buy bread

If Billyskank buys bread and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a noise?

This is NOT a SEX THREAD about BillSkank buying Bread..

Substitute any word in a movie title with 'BUY BREAD BILLYSKANK"

So the cat is mad...oh and BUY BREAD BILLYSKANK!

If Billyskank doesn't buy this loaf of bread, we'll shoot this dog.

BillySkank needs to buy meatloaf for Nancy Pelosi on his way to Congress.

Why do I have this sudden, irresistible urge to buy bread?


Help! Should I buy a bigger turkey?


Hey Everybody, I'm a Narc

Can someone else go to work for me?

The Billyskank-buy-bread-reminder limerick thread

19 Things You Probably Don't Know About Death (From Life Insurance Website)

Will BillySkank be screwn if he forgets to buy bread?

Great Link! You gotta see this!

This might make some of you angry but..BillySkank should buy bread.

So, I heard that BillySkank doesn't even LIKE bread.

I'm leaving forever!!!

Can we make it to 100,000 members by the end of December 2006?

Cast your bread upon billyskank and

For those who need to know...

I support Rangel...and BillySkank Buying Bread!

So where do I put the Bard I got for Billyskank?

Can someone post a reminder to remind us to remind BillySkank to buy bread?

A night without BareNakedLady is like a night...

Granted, she referees for enemy teams,

I support BillySkank/Bread for 2008!

A thanksgiving post: What are you thankful for this year

Cast your breast upon billyskank and...

Give Us This Day

I heard that Billyskank kneads bread.

Robert Gates is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by

When will the Billyskank Bread Broo-ha ha Break?

I heard that Billyskank kneads breasts..

Should I ask Billyskank to pick up an extra loaf of bread?

The BillySkank Bread Riot will go down in history!

My favorite thing about Olive Garden is the salad and BillySkank Bread.

Remind me to remind youthere to remind Billyskank to buy bread

Robert Lockwood Jr., Cleveland's great bluesman, dies at 91

I leave DU for a few hours...come back and every other thread is about Billyskank, what gives?

Where to buy bread online: They will ship to England

my fLamebait-dar is going off!!!

BillySkank's bread is a freeper troll..

Its time for a "Goodnight Billyskank Bread" Thread!!!

The Great Thanksgiving Turkey Fry Off starts at 9 a.m.

"Paul Mooney discussing Michael Richards on Fox" Anyone else see it?

So, I hear Billyskank needs bread.

Uh Oh - OASIS Speaks!

I hate coming into the lounge and wondering why Billyskank needs bread

Will someone remind me not to buy any bread of any kind, I have enough in my freezer for a month.

News Flash -- Bush strangles turkey after pardoning him.

This song is called Alice's Restaurant, and it's about Alice, and the

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang!

I got paid today!


Brand new elephant, still in the package

Any DUers take the train for long trips?

Denzel Washington Movie out this weekend filmed in New Orleans

Bank of America - Video

1) Why the hell NOT cook everything in advance for Thanksgiving? - 2) wrapping up too soon?

Looking for Vacation Suggestions

oh matcom!! there are children running around the office...

I'm a prognosticating brazillions-genius!

"yeah" or "yea" - whats the difference?

The Bread Is In The Oven...I Repeat, The Bread Is In The Oven

If you could buy Billyskank bread, what bread would you buy him?

Which is the REAL Surf City USA?

I hereby vow NOT to start another BillySkank/bread thread...

BillySkank's Bread and 9/11-is there a link?

*****BREAD FOR BILLYSKANK: Please donate now!*****

Bread bread bo bed banana fanna fo fed me my moh med

BREAKING NEWS: Billyskank Remembered To Buy Bread.

Well then

I just took the GMAT, ask me anything!

Thanks to Billy needing bread I now have 4002 posts.

Buy your auto insurance at Costco!!!

Could we deep fry Billy;s bread if he buys it.

"If a picture paints a thousand words..."


Mothers Protest billyskank With A "bread-in"

Dear Lounge, could you do me a favor?

billyskank has bread now

Omg! omg! I'm REALLY excited!

Do I brine Billyskank BEFORE I bread him or after?

BillySkank's bread did NOT steal the election in 2004!

Could someone tell billyskank I made cinnamon bread last night?

Happy Thanksgiving

I just got a note from Hillary Clinton. Thought I'd share.

My top ten reasons for going to Grannies for T-day (not!)

In your opinion, is televised entertainment "low culture."

I do *not* brine or deep-fry ZombyCoffee

Use myspace and store passwords in IE7 or Firefox? Read this.

Billyskank has a yeast infection?

You gotta sing LOUD if you wanna end war and stuff!

No choir, louder guitars, DVD w/ vids for all songs: Neil Young's "Living With War Limited Edition"

billyskank's favourite T-shirt:

William B. Davis or Ann B. Davis?

Read this ONLY if you have a strong stomach...

A new freeperism from GD:

Does billyskank own any of this Bread, though??

Post pics of BillySkank with his bread - round 1

Another hilarious post in GD, "casting asparagus"

So much to do....

Star Trek at dawn.

Are there any pizzerias open tomorrow?

Take the sex quiz

Paging Matcom: "Porn sparks panda baby boom in China"

Chinese porn dealer sent to prison for profiting off of porn in China

well, I pissed everyone off today.

Anybody flying out of LAX today?

Buy Bread BillySkank Haiku

"I smell butt"

Are penguins this year's pandas?

So anyway, now I know how JohnKleeb felt

Finally. A cellphone for us geezers.

I love protein drinks, ask me anything!

There are at least 46 lounge threads about Billyskanks bread

I made pumpkin and apple crumble pies. Do they have to go

does anyone remember...Josta? OK Soda?

Bake me some brownies today, a'right?

Holy shit! I'm a college SENIOR in my SECOND year!!

Bought a new laptop today!

Okay, this is weird

Elton John to receive $1 million for a one-hour Thanksgiving Day performance

I made brownies today, y'all.

Does your gaydar break when you see a Femme Lesbian/Bi Girl?

Whereare my cheer friends at? This is the craziest most illegal stunt

Which do you prefer?

Black Friday 101 - by Prof. HypnoToad

I have the turkey and ham smoking, the smell of pecan wood is so good.

Northwest baggage handlers in Minneapolis had a work stoppage today

I ate brownies today, y'all.

I bet none of you took more than 9 years to get your BACHELORS DEGREE.

So Did Larisa (lala_rawraw) Discover Jack The Ripper's Identity?

FRAUD! "I Wanna Be Your Dog" DOES NOT APPEAR on Barry Manilow's "Greatest Songs of the Sixties" CD!

My favorite commercial right now!

Are you going Christmas shopping this weekend?

Spaniards Vow To Once Again Decimate Population Of New World

got the giant pan of cornbread in the oven

Advice on replacing pull cord on Tecumseh 6HP engine.

Breast side up? Or breast side down?

It was bound to happen... flame war over orgasms for peace in GD

Happy birthday wishes to..........

Favorite type of music?

VERY important poll. Seriously important. The most important poll of all.

Everyone who gives a crap about Michael Richards raise your hand.

If you could go on a holiday as a character in a movie,

Paying it forward -- "Secret Santa" spreads money and hope

Global Community : this is totally cool!

It's all about ME!!

sometimes i am not very bright...once a month i cant fit into my pants

BWAHAHAAHA...Create own church signs:

Stick a fork in me, I'm done

Rosie O'Donnell Blasts Kelly Ripa For 'Homophobic Comment'

Who puts your sex hormones into overdrive?

So, I'm posting nekkid and BUY BREAD, BILLYSKANK!!!!

help me to understand--


I remember when...

You are a child of the '90's if:

Being a lefty in a right handed world

Britney Spears "incredibly upset" and "inconsolable" after Jimmy Kimmel's AMA Awards K-Fed sketch

Okay it’s Wednesday, what final things do you have to do to prepare for Thanksgiving?

Watching "Star Wars" on our new 52-inch HDTV!!!

I'm going to get all philosophical-able on you, a'right? About argumentation.

Me: Circa 1979

Mothers protest Delta with "nurse-in"

Please keep this reminder kicked..BUY BREAD BILLYSKANK!

taking a little break - how 'bout a few questions? (Horror themed)

Beaujolais nouveau...

My kitten died this morning...

What can I do with raw cocunut milk?

Dear lounge, could you do me a favour?

What native outfits can we dress world leaders in the next time


I think it is time to lighten things up a bit on DU Self Pics everyone? (here is me)

Better living through chemistry

What will Dobson think?

Gay Sex Breaks Out on Mythbusters (Not really)

I'm 7 posts away from 10,000 posts.

Call WALMART and protest them folding to the American Family Association

Which Turkey will Bush pardon today?

As much as I hate the Yankees...Jeter is a class act...

Negative energies in places. Read this post from the Articles Forum.

Tay, are you guys ok ?

Kerry chips in $5,000 for VFW post

News must be pretty slow a day before Thanksgiving (sarcasm)

Hey Boston crew -

delete n/t

Nice diary about Kerry/small biz by Kerrycrat (Little Clarkie?).

I posted the Forbes story here

OT: Beachmom & Fedup - You guys okay?

Carville undermined Kerry in '04?

A calf is born (6 pics)

PHOTO: Don't forget to bring "Turkey dinner Bush" doll to your holiday extravaganza!

"PAPER" for President - Dennis Kucinich's H.R. 6200 - autorank/"Scoop"

Hagel: ‘The Time For More Troops Is Past,’ McCain’s Plan Is ‘Not Realistic,’ ‘The Wrong Approach’

November 22, 1963

Question for DU helicopter military aviation experts: Red lights?

Does comprehensive ethics reform threaten the establishment?

Why Does GenXYZ Think Doing Nothing Is Doing Something & Why Did Boomers Stop Doing Anything?

New invention: would you be annoyed...

Fresh Leibowitz up: Jon and Stephen on New York's pot delivery biz

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"

I'm mad as hell

Bush announced a White House conference on malaria next month . . .

If AAR goes under, where do Sam and Randi go?

Time to Re-think "Support Our Troops"?

New technology catches Hitler off guard (Interesting article)

Who the hell hates Freedom? Seriously?

The Viagra solution to Iraq


AFP: US could bomb Iran nuclear sites in 2007: analysts

The Ultimate Chickenhawk Band

I want to see bush suffer, like he's made so many others suffer

== Gratitude Not Dead After All = By Mark Morford

Marine Arrested in Newborn Son's Death

Hit on Lebanese minister?

The Roots of Extremism(David Neiwert)

It's difficult & frightening to imagine a president worse than bush

Time to invade Argentina - Bush's daughter robbed of her purse

What Will Be The Lesson Learned From the Sentence of Marine Convicted in Killing of Unarmed Iraqi?

So, tell us again how things are going so well in Iraq, georgie*

Death sentence for witch killer (Welcome to the 21st century?)

Bomb targets parliament chief inside Baghdad's `green zone'

Over 3, 700 Iraq civilians killed in October in new monthly high - UN reports

John Suthers Returns From Saudi Arabia

Marshall Whitman, conservative Heritager now working for Lieberman

KARMA ALERT: Little Barb gets robbed, WH Staffer gets mugged...

Tabloid stories re: Bush/Condi/Laura/Divorce

To be in favor of a "draft" or...

Iran calls "checkmate" on Bush's folly in Iraq...

Remember "The Ugly American?" How about "The Ugly Republican?"

Is Glenn Beck trying to unseat Limbaugh as king of Brownshirt propaganda?

Back one day, pardons a couple of Turkeys, and then...

Ok so how would I go about posting an image that I have on my hard drive?

Do You Realize The State Of The Union Address Will Be Before Our Congress?

Follow up to First Daughter's Purse Swiped

Radical Fringe Toon - Wednesday 11/22 fraying threads

Schaller "Whistling Past Dixie" on Washington Journal

Pelosi advocates pre-emptive war . . . against the agenda of Bush and his republican enablers

The First Thanksgiving - Another American LIE

Election analysis detects database problem

Pentagon Defense Contractors Plead Guilty to Tax Fraud...

If only the Bush dynasty had read some parenting books

"Who Lost Iraq" C-Span WJ Chitra Ragavan

Remember--Friday is Buy Nothing Day (Video)

Congress should investigate then BAN the use of mercenaries (BONUS: more evidence against Bush)

Hey, Younger Generation, you're a bunch of lazy, slacker, weaklings.

Question about Ed Bradley memorial - song

Neil Cavuto decries leftist, tree-hugging penguins...

The Fallacy of Generic ballot discrepancy with global margin of victory

Juan Cole: Bush's Cedar Revolution Collapses in Yet Another Policy Failure

Iraq, War Crimes...MUST READ what the International Community says.

Justice Courts for Small New York Towns to Be Overhauled

U.S. and Iraqi Military Bust Into Shiite Slum, Capture 7, Air Cover Kills 3 Including Boy

WSJ uses assassination to make its case against diplomacy with Syria

Presidential Pardoned Turkeys Don't Escape 'Life' Sentence . . . For Long

'Sexist' Media Focus on Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Wardrobe?

Los Angeles/Studio City - have been hearing groups of helicopters all day

The Freeptard Response to "Pelosi Bucks Tradition"

Police Agree to Protester Reforms (DC)

Georgia trying to banish sex offenders?

Rare zoo lion cubs zoo

My Dad always called him "Cousin Jack".

21 Reasons to Give Thanks

A question after seeing Ed Bradleys memorial service...

Annoying Washington Journal Callers

Hadley: "There are many voices the president will want to listen to."

David Halberstam: "The crueler the war the crueler the attacks on anyone who doesn't play the game."

American Family Association cancels Friday boycott of Wal-Mart

Ass-Faced Weasel connects to get a real sense of warmth from Vietnamese people...

U.S. legislator warns of Bush plot to merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico

Child Poverty in the United States:

Hip Hop, Violence and Misogyny- Message to the Messengers

Uranium mining companies again after Navajo uranium

Bush sounds SOUSED during turkey pardon!

He can pardon a turkey, but he can't decide whether troops

Democrats cannot assume the people know the truth about this Administration

Here's something nice to be thankful for.

Whoever plays "Katherine Harris" on Sam Seder is brilliant

Can we just ask Bush to spend the last two years on the ranch in Crawford?

Uranium mining haunts the Navajo People

Turkey thawing? Keg cold? Stuffing ready? . . . Well, then CAPTION!!!

World is more dangerous since George W. Bush: poll

the prosecutor had God on his side

Best Buy Employees Attend Boot Camp On Frantic Customers

For discussion, two weird ideas.

Food Security in the United States: Hunger and Food Security

Keith Ellison (first Muslim elected to Congress) Says 'No' to Bush

Dems set to claim "Prime Office Space" when they take office in 2007

Caption * and 'Flyer' the turkey - several pics

Pelosi "Measuring the drapes" -- for real

Honolulu thugs beat the shit out of Bush's WH Travel Director during Bush visit

Most popular holiday destinations from DFW

Let's put together a "Freeper Glossary" with which to

On passports, borders and checkpoints.

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel finally coming to a compromise...

New documentary explores Jonestown mass suicide

Why do pundits rarely discuss the Mormon factor when discussing Romney?

Doctors Are Reportedly Fleeing Iraq

China sentences Web porn king to life in prison

Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway

Suggestion : Stealing 2000/2004 wasn't about the GOP, it was about Bush

November 22, anniversary of President Kennedy's murder

Who would be the toughest Democratic nominee for the GOP to beat?

The Obligatory Thanksgiving (political) Thread: (thankful for ---)

Call WALMART and protest them folding to the American Family Association

* pardons White House Turkies (No Pardon for Libby or Rove)

The Peter Brookes Charm Offensive is ON.

'Bobby' the movie, showing NOWHERE in this red area...

Advisers for Chuck Hagel say he is likely to jump into the 2008 presidential race

Gas price LTTE...

George and Laura Return to DC ---pix--->>>

Couple sold Katrina gift

Gates confirmation as secretary of defense--confirm but make him squirm

'Mushroom Cloud' Destined For Nevada - A Prelude To Iran?

All The Way on Lobbying Reform

'Hush money' claim follows Simpson project cancellation

surprised no one talking about chemical explosion by Boston

Talk about a one-trick pony: Paper: Missing Votes in FL-13 Favored Dems

Carnival of the Liberals #26 -- Get your war on

A boy cries... Iraqi deaths hit new high, many emigrate

Finally, Bush victories in 2000, 2004 explained

The Tanned Elephant ..(now no one will solve the litter problem)

Republican Revisionist History...

Circle the baggage carts!

Man Says He Broke Into Home For Food

The official "I'm thankful for....." thread.

Mitt Romney is getting his 9/11/Katrina type moment in Mass right now

NEVER be dependent on a skilled IT staff.

Just how slanted is your local paper?

Info on the Texas 23rd CD runoff and Ciro Rodriguez

"They are going to bomb (Iran) WMD facilities next summer"

Macaca's Parting Shot - Last Piece Of Legislation - Concealed Weapons In National Parks

Nine rapes tied to masked stalker

More Iraqis died in Oct. than in any month since the war started.

Please put this issue on your list Congress

Okay Iraq may have SPY BLIMPS, but what about cameras?

Poll: Americans support guest worker program by a 69-27 percent margin

Time to lighten the mood here at DU.Time for self pics of everyone

Return Home ... heartbreaking images

Just heard on CNN: "Travelers are thankful for $2.35 gas"

Africa baby deaths 'preventable'

DU Memorial Forum --- It's an idea?

The Decline of Journalism by Thomas D WIlliams

Do you approve of technocorrections?

Suggestions for next year's Thanksgiving flight to grandma's house

Looks like Chimpy won't be able to bring his plastic Turkee..

GOP group at BU offers aid to whites

Can we find the Bush Dynasty's Paraguayan Sanctuary?

Will Pelosi eventually pursue impeachment?

Currently Listening to "Alice's Restaurant"

Al-Maliki headed for coup removal? Intriguing analysis by Tom Hayden.

21 Reasons to Give Thanks (from the Center for American Progress)

Apparently Pelosi is reading The Art Of War, by Sun Tzu

Tom Waits - Road to Peace

Saddest day In NewZealand TV History (Faux News is coming)

Anyone in Holland... how's the election there going?


CNN Poll Needs Help


Fred Phelps to protest at funerals of girls killed in Hunstville School Bus Crash

War on Christmas Ornament

Are you ready to make nice?

Idaho Zamboni joy-riders fired

A contribution to civil discourse: The Shakespeare Insult Kit

C-SPAN Book TV 9/11 and American Empire November 24 &25

Agence France Presse: Bush could bomb Iran nuclear sites in 2007 - analysts say

Chemical plant explosion outside Boston this morning registered on the Richter Scale

Fresh Leibowitz: Pot delivery for NY-ers - Jon and Stephen's response

2869 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

How's this for a bumper sticker: Re-Elect Gore in '08

15% of the votes are in in the Dutch elections

Woohoo! Just hit my 1000th post

What I'm Thankful for

Subject: You had to know you were lying about what Rangel said.

Housing starts plunge to six-year low

Christian Newswire: Wal-Mart is scared, fearing the power of the Church of Christ Jesus!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: City's gun violence goes beyond murder

The secret US retreat from Iraq by Tom Hayden

INCOMING! The return of "Mean Jean" Schmidt (R-OH)

Freeps find WMD's...111111

Ok, dammit!!! what's this "casting asparagus" all about?

In reference to the ongoing discussion about language we find offensive...

Terrorism Takes a Back Seat to Trade On Bush's Duck and Cover Tour Of Asia

Turkeys Refuse Ceremonial White House Pardon

How accurate were the pollsters in the 2006 Senate races? Great graphic.

If Kerry Runs For Pres, He Has To Give Up His Senate Seat

Driftwood in the wake of Katrina

Woman, 92, Slain in Shootout With Police

PROBLEM WITH RANGEL DRAFT: Democracy doesn't function perfectly

2 hours ago on MSNBC I saw a short blurb about how all the problems G.W. is

Is Daily Kos down?

"Will the Democratic takeover of Congress lead to better government"?....go vote

Scalia the Civil Libertarian?

Military Mirrors Working Class America.

Do you and your family discuss politics on Thanksgiving if it comes up?

National Rifle Association has a new poster woman;

United States opposes declaration on Native rights

What does "united we stand" mean?

OJ "knew" the book & TV show would pay "blood money," did both "for my kids to get their legacy"

Wow.....Lawrence O'Donnel Speaks

{WWI German} U-boats' last resting place found (BBC)

Disintegration of Bushco Only 2 Weeks After Election Exposes R Complicity in Disaster

Alaska Airlines Fires Flight Attendants over MySpace Pages

Happy Thanksgiving! Caption:

One HAPPY DU thread worth revisiting on THANKSGIVING!

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel phoning it in...

Patience by the American people will be needed

OMG! Pilot of the 04 crash in Houston (to pick up Bush 41) was a co-pilot

Poppy didn't hear enough.

Men with baby carriages come under scrutiny at South Station

Is the media about to start going easier on Al Gore?

Holy hell.

i received an e-mail from CONGRESS.ORG this morning

Fence of toilets at Soap Lake golf course upsets neighbors

Illegal Immigrants email from my Freeper brother, help me respond!

William S. Burroughs reading "Thanksgiving Prayer"

The thing I'm most thankful for: seeing bush in decline

About suing Michael Richards (Kramer) - do you think he should pay compensation?

Poll: Most Americans Now Say Iraq War Similar to Vietnam Conflict


More body bag fillers (er, Marines) needed in "terror" war.

Breaking CNN: "Kramer" went on anti-Semitic rants at the Improv, but audience thought he was Jewish

Rape victims deserve better!

America's Investigative Reports (AIR) on PBS lat night, RE: FEMA

We are sending 57,000 soldiers to Iraq now.

Unanticipated Consequences of A Failed Reproductive Rights Policy

Late night/early morning epiphany regarding Dems who are irritated with Kerry

Analysis: Ballots favored Dems: Sarasota's 'undervotes' were examined in 5 state races.

My Generation

UCLA Question: why is library closed to public?

Man! Those Republicans are REPRESSED-- too much sex=brain damage


Where were you when President Kennedy was killed?

Is anyone else a little troubled by Randi Rhodes' discussion of Richards' racist rant?

Being drafted will not make people anti-war, it will make them anti-draft

HEHE>>>more RW bloggers getting careless and then a visit from the FEDSSSSSSSSSSS

I was twelve when they murdered the president

Watching some GOP brats right now in Pittsburgh

We are posting self-pics over in the lounge..Y'all are most welcome

EXCLUSIVE! Inside the DRUDGE REPORT: how they write the headlines

Even fruitcake could slow you down at the Airport..BANG

I am sick of hearing about a partitioning plan for Iraq.

Bush's Duck And Cover Tour

Happy Thanksgiving! An old post from nostamj

OT: Greenbrowser. I finally found a browser that does not take up so much memory.

Mexico, Oaxaca - Government Spin on Brad's death

Anyone seen analysis of military vote for 2006 elections.

Gloria Allred challenges Kramer to face-to-face apology

What do you do when something is interesting to you but you don't fully understand it?

In memory of DUer eggbeater . . .

Kerry chips in $5,000 for VFW post

Please, everyone, stop with the "where were you" threads. We all know what today is

Malloy Said 4 Tires Blew Out On Air Force One? Or Something To That Effect

Dear Oprah: Please Help Save Air America Radio

"It Was My Duty To Refuse To Go To Iraq" (Watada)

Down with Tyranny: Analysis of $ spent backs Dean's 50 State over Rahm's Swing State

WE all have a racist prejudiced bent

Just a Crazy Thought: Could DU Buy and Run AAR?

"The Corporation" now available for free as bitTorrent

Yikes: 10 Year Olds at Republican GOTV Call Centers

Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a handgun - pics

Iraq Civilian Death Toll Hits Record

Local roast becomes political pep rally for Democrats (Kerry in VA + 50 state plan)

From 1960, JFK in Johnstown, PA (Dialup Warning: Photo)

Nuns and brain surgery

Where are your traveling papers, citizen? DHS to implement passport requirements

Words have colors - some are red like a rose and some as green as poison...

Operation CARE InsuranceWhore cop on CNN

New Nigerian Scam Alert

Lebanese Christians call for a crusade. (Chicago Tribune)

WHEN are you Americans going to DO SOMETHING about your insane leaders?

Wow! Ruth Marcus column on Rs using "Democrat Party"...

Woo-Hoo! Looks like that Bush hiding in South America deal might be true

the most appalling thing I have seen in a long time...

TheSmokingGun.Com: Judge rules Man who had sex with dead deer must stand trial

Racist repugs trying to railroad Alcee Hastings

Define "CRACKER"

the danger of casting asparagus

Does CNN still cover the Rapture Index?

TMZ: Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time (alleged anti-Semitic rant @ L.A. Improv on April 22nd)

NYT LTTE: "Unjust wars make drafts immoral."

Bush: "This is a place where Barney likes to hang out. Barney is my dog."


NYT: A Free-for-All on Science and Religion

BBC: At least three CIA operatives were present at the RFK assassination

ACTION ALERT!! Sign the petition to prevent whaling in the Caribbean!

About that so-called "horrible" Kerry campaign

Inconvenient Truth has long waitlists - Please donate a copy to your local library.

Memphis church gave homeless Katrina victim couple $75K house, couple flipped it for $88K

In America, it is known as 'globalization'. In India, 'multilateralism'

43,443 people died in 2005 from auto accidents (more than 15X US Iraq Soldier Death totals)...

UC Student Police Brutality Resolution (UCLA case) and some helpful links

The 2004 Election was *NOT* stolen...

A Thankye & A Thanksgiving Song from Mr. McToots...

Poppy Stunned When Told By Crowd That: "We Do Not Respect Your Son"

Oh look, the media is still playing up Kerry's joke about Bush

making housing poverty history

Poppy Bush warned FBI -- AFTER -- JFK assassinated.

War on the third world (third world war)...

The NSA and Reich Wing Conservatives Plan 4 The Future

Curious George W. Goes To Vietnam

Armando Iannucci vs. Bush & Republicans

Bill Maher - jeff gannon male prostitute...

Abraham,Martin and John

"POODLE SAMIZDAT" (2006) *warning dada/art content*...

The US vs. John Lennon

Scott Ritter: Weapons of Mass Delusion...

Antiterror database also included tips about antiwar planning meetings

self delete

Lame Duck Walking: Rudy, McCain Grappling for Bush Donors ("Pioneers" & "Rangers" picking sides)

NJ Mayor (R-of course) indicted for bribing his opponent to drop out of race

Barbara Bush will speak at Salem event

Do-Nothing Republican Congress leaves Democrats massive unfinished workload....

Lawrence O'Donnell: "All of us men in make-up on political chat shows share a fear of combat."

C&L Vid Clip: “Bush Was Right” Redux (11/15/05)...Wingnut song with video assembled by Olbermann

Faterland Sekurity: We're the government and we're here to help you

Bush's Cedar Revolution Collapses in Yet Another Policy Failure

GOP "dumping a big spring cleaning job on Democrats"

One of the first bills that newly elected Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland should pass...

I am listening to a UK internet radio station and it had a news

Whitewashing Iraq on the Washington Post Op-Ed Page

I can never forgive the Republicans for what they have done to our country...

Hunter opposes more defense oversight..

If Newt runs in 08, will the media treat him as reverently as they did Smirk?

White house acknowledges that their inability to lie will result in an...

Bush "did not come into direct contact with ordinary Vietnamese, but they connected anyway"

Jobs Schwarzenegger once called "a waste of taxpayer money" assigned to dozens of his staff members

"candidates' views on Iraq range from withdrawal to partitioning -- and then there's McCain"

Romney jockeys for position: "I'm a conservative Republican," McCain is "disingenuous"

Lawrence O' Donnell Pissed - Pundits All "Combat Cowards"

TN Senator Alexander adopting Democratic stance (who'da figure)

My response to a winger

The Right-Wing Democratic Partisanship meme

Crunching the numbers on the DCCC allocations, wins, losses..from DWT

This year's "Bush pardons Thanksgiving turkey" photo. Love, cherish, and save it for your grandkids.

Why are we in Iraq?

WHO REALLY "SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS?" anyone? no one? this letter from a soldier proves that war sucks

Photos: Marine One lands on the W.H. South Lawn as Bush returns from his Asian drive-by photo ops

Campaign Management: Book Recommendations

Melanie Morgan: "700 days to start pushing conservative values and slap the crap out of Democrats"

08 Republican Nomination Presidential Poll: Who do you favor?

Your taxes are STILL paying to spread Santorum

What have 08 candidates learned that previous candidates/nominees haven't?

Visit Democratic Flickr to see many party leaders in action.

Candidates Iraq Glance

Pre-Thanksgiving U.S. House Race Roundup, Lawsuits, More...

7,074 killed in September and October, almost 5,000 killed in Baghdad alone

needing a passport to get back in to US

To those who say you won't support Hillary because you don't like dynasties?

Name Rush Holt Chairman Of the House Intelligence Committee.

Milton Friedman: Killing America Softly with His Song

Statement by Howard Dean on National Native American Heritage Month

When you cast asparagus on our leaders is it permissible to

Our Last, Best Hope in Iraq is Slipping Away...

New Senate Small Biz Chair (aka John Kerry) Sets His Agenda

CLARK-Peaceful transition of power is taking place in America and it is worthy of our gratitude!

the Go Big, Go Long business

HAGEL '08 Candicacy! Will Democrats GET SERIOUS about who they want for POTUS.

Turkeys Again Refuse Ceremonial White House Pardon

'Sexist' Media Focus on Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Wardrobe?

Dutch dump DRE voting for paper ballots

Lee Harvey Oswald Killed JFK(True or False)

Bumper Sticker Etiquette: How long to keep them on your car?

Mock Election: Bloomberg Vs. Clinton

Forbes: Kerry may have trouble telling jokes...knows how to get down to serious business

Another Tucker SMACK DOWN when will he learn Al Sharpton..

Liberals want the bible out of our schools because