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Archives: November 25, 2006

What DID Happen to our Country's Morals: Religious Arrogance

Juan Cole's blog: Green Zone to be attacked en masse.

Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm

Our Moral Superiority About Sex Is Proving Deadly

We Are Revolutionaries by Charley Reese

Argentina: Wave of threats follow disappearance of human rights witness


Brazil announces its intention to complete the Angra-3 nuclear power plant and add 4 reactors more.

How can Jennings get a fair audit in D13 race, from highly partisan state officials?

1,000 Iraqis a Day Flee Violence, U.N. Group Finds

Burlingame attorney prepares for Plame case

U.N. panel cites torture, secret detentions in Chechnya

US interference 'allowed terror gang to escape'

Reuters: Bayer's GMO rice safe without oversight, USDA says

Brzezinski Calls Idea to Boost U.S. Forces in Iraq a `Gimmick'

S.Africa should try apartheid era torturers-UN body

Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11

Gates Advocated Air Strikes on Nicaragua

Northrop Grumman Engineer Could Get Death Penalty For Selling Classified Info

Bigots suck I am rather bigoted towards them!!

so we had ourselves a bigot in for thanksgiving this time

too lazy to look up cooking instructions - can anybody tell me

*Upbeat music begins*

I bid you Goodnight and Good morrow.......

The Only Place In Town to Order Pizza is closed

Hubby went shopping with a kid and I went on a 30 mile bike ride today.

Woohoo, I survived hosting my first Thanksgiving

To whomever donated to DU for me, thank you!

I've been abandoned in favor of the Xbox 360

If you find Ebert and Roeper's reviews worthy,

Does your brothel charge like a hotel or by the day?

That... thing is hawking DirecTV HD. Complete with phony southern accent.

How many people on your Christmas gift list? And your total budget?

Heebus! My grand-nephew looks like Bill Maher!

Have you ever heard of the Plastics?

When did Marky Mark start doing Antiques Roadshow?

If anybody wants to visit me in January, I'll pay for the plane ticket!

Scuse me for barging in... I'm whoring for my BookTV thread...

Yo! tinfoil tiaras! You in this joint, my cat?

Getting drunk and making Turkey Stock...Good things.

Ok I'm bored...

Sappy Movie Meter

I have just got off the phone with a friend who works at Target.

May I please say this on behalf of customer service agents everywhere?

Why do people make fun of Kenny G?

Am I the only one who put up the tree today?

Okay, I admit it. I'm a pansy

The Lounge has seemed like Springtime lately

37 days without rain

It's finally happened. I have heard Elton's "Step Into Christmas."

The "moran" guy is famous!!!

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Yecchhh....I'm in the 700 club

Bob Dylan in concert (pic heavy)...

Oh my god....that vaporizer is pure bliss.

I'm leaving everyone...

X-Box 360 woes

WTF is it with the new CitiCard ads and the German ? guy and his personal Boy Scout?

Adam Sandler and product placement

What the hell was I thinking

Philippe Noiret has died.

I am actually afraid to ask this question, but what the hell is a chubby chaser?


Must. Buy. STUFF!

Evening everyone.: who else avoided Black Friday?

Fall colors

Can Someone Catch Me Up On The New Season Of Battlestar Galactica

As promised, the Keith Olbermann intro, with the "morans" guy!

I don't care what you Easterners say

Does your kennel charge like a hotel or by the day?

We should hold a College-Off with Free Republic

My dearest California...

alright y'all, you can say it's a little early...but it's time for: Jingle Cats...

Do you ever type so fast

My dogs are better than ALL of yours!!

Jac k Black is a comedic genius - they told me so on tv

NAKED FIREMAN ... women only

Ordering pizza in 2010... a visual treat and something to think about. (LINK HERE...)

Notre Dame versus USC - Who ya got?

Does any other restaurant ignite the DU Lounge like the Olive Garden?

Update: still waiting.

So Is Anyone Else Out There Going To Cheer For Oklahoma State

What's the yummiest, smelliest cat food ever?

I just bought my first guitar ever

Home field rules again in Beavs v. Ducks! 30-28

Pomeroy: Renew your self-esteem and rekindle your purpose

Bye All...

An observation from an earlier thread

Estrich's perverse logic:

If you enjoyed your Thanksgiving

Fox News anchor thinks Iraq exit strategy and timetable "a good idea!"

Moqtada al-Sadr threatens to provoke collaps of governent

Bayer blames god and farmers for GE rice contaminating US rice supply

Shiite militiamen burn six Sunnis alive; Iraqi soldiers do nothing.

I think Maliki won't return from the Jordan talks

Does this comment on nationalism inside nations of the USSR apply to Iraq?

UN finds mass graves in DR Congo

Documents Reveal Secret Talks Between U.S. and Armed Iraqi Resistance

Big Pharma Lobby Scrambles To Hire Democratic Operatives...

X-Box 360 woes

Keith is back!!!

UK Investigation - Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Escape Because Of US Interference

This year my Holiday Present to all will be:

A Draft was possible immediately after 9/11

If Al-Maliki takes a lot of luggage and backpacks

DU this poll. Do you expect Bush/Maliki meeting to bring positive results?

Racists popping up everywhere. Michael Irvin: athletic Cowboys quarterback must have Black ancestor.

Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Wiretaps

Gates Advocated Air Strikes on Nicaragua (WaPo)

How many days is it since Dem's took Congress and how many times

“heckler’s veto”

Cities Compete in Hipness to Attract Young - NYT

Screw the draft, here is my crazy (and probably a little dumb) idea:

Expiration Dates On Medicines Questioned

Bush sings Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2

Iraq is such a mess--should we bring back Saddam?

My job is becoming Totalitarian...

Beer Goggles Explained Mathematically - fun revisited

Let's talk about Iran

The Pakistan Observer: Al-Qaeda — a Zionist weapon against Islam

U.S. can't ignore victims of Agent Orange

Does anyone here watch Headline News's Glenn Beck?

Everything that is happening in Iraq is the Bush Administration's fault...

Holiday Weekend ---pix--->>>

Since my timing sucked the first time...

Fox news poll asks Shopping mall parking lots full before dawn: proof America's middle class is stro

Political Trivia!

Give a truly Dem gift with no price-tag this holiday season

Debate - The Google Book Text Search Project

Just Watched An Inconvenient Truth on DVD

If I was a Dem in Congress, I wouldn't be calling for impeachment now either

Isn't threatening people's kids with a draft to 'wake them up' a form of terrorism?

SOTU 2007: Stand in Silence, Together

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday for some science fun

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle: For Some People, Intimacy Is Toxic

WP: Energy Firms Come to Terms With Climate Change

Iraq: Kissinger's 'decent interval', take two...

Will bu$h Finish His Second Term?

Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Paul Wellstone

Pardon the intrusion Mr. Bush, but isn`t this an emergency?

Couple Horrified By Richards' anti-Semitic rant

Leo Strauss's (Neocon Philosopher) Strategy of Deception

Alexander Litvinenko's dying statement, and his father's tribute

Nora just blamed the dems for the current violence in Iraq!

A penny, somewhere, just dropped

"After all, it’s just a word, right?"

If you could ADD a holiday, which one would it be?

I went to see Bobby this afternoon

FINALLY - MSM admitting it is CIVIL WAR in Iraq. Dems need to pound this home

Fourteen Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Bush AND Cheney

Any Mensa DUers? 3 math/physics problems for your consideration:

Phenomenon of 'gaydar' studied

'Why Can't America Have Human Rights?'...

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment - 9/11

Bush bloopers.

Break The Chain

Fascism & Democracy in America

Remember HeyJohn:

I just saw the movie "Bobby" and

Did LBJ order JFK's death?

Why does DU like Gore so much?

What does America need more? A Conservative Dem or Liberal Republican?

Wow! Just Wow! Mrs. Edwards' 'editorial' just now on CBS Evening Newz

Am I right in thinking an Al Franken senate race would help the Democratic Presidential candidate ?

Did Sirhan Sirhan act alone in killing Bobby Kennedy?

ALL of our Democrats should be welcome in EVERY state...even the South.

Experts Concerned as Ballot Problems Defy an Overhaul


USAID: Election Fraud around the world - now Venezuela

Congresswoman's Congressional ID rejected as sufficient to be able to vote- this is major problem!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Nov. 25, 2006

Why is it that ALL occurances on 9/11 is an anomoly?

Presbyterian Publisher Seeks Distance From 9/11 Conspiracy Book

9/11 Truth -TONITE, (C-Span 2), 9:00 Central - don't miss it

C-Span 2, 9:00 Central Tonite

Israel, Palestinians OK Gaza cease-fire

Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm

U.N.: Israelis Set Mines in Lebanon (AP)

We can't be war criminals, we're Palestinian

UN Aid Agency Bills Israeli Government For 28 Million Dollars

Israel ready for ceasefire, Hamas rejects it

Israelis avoiding Cyprus due to Lebanese refugees

Hamas Women Seek Bigger Political Role

Fatah official survives attempted hit

Gunmen shoot at Ramallah mayor's car

The handwriting on the greenhouse wall

Defensive talking points(climate change)

Appalachian Trail an environmental lab

Toyota calls for a carbon tax (in New Zealand)

Wind generation pledge being met in Western states

Analysis: German company eyes wind ship (Magnus Effect turbines)

Rare (Whooping) Crane Chick Starts Journey South

MOnster cane: 3 X the ethanol, better adapted to drought conditions, being deevloped in Japan.

Plastic paper to 'cut' emissions (BBC) {erasable, reprintable 'paper'}

Wood-pellet firm eyed at G-P mill (Maine)

New Britain (CT) schools to install large-scale solar power roof (275 kW)

WP/AP: Legislation May Bring New Attention to Trail of Tears

Lithuanian Holocaust survivor reunites with family who sheltered her

Iraq and Syria begin Mid-East shift

You only THOUGHT you'd heard everything! NY Times names Pelosi's secret master!

The Second American Civil War: By wcproteus


"Iraq a moral blunder, says war hero"

Chuck Hagel: Leaving Iraq, Honorably

U.S. Involved in Iraq Longer Than WW II

Media Attacks the Not Yet Seated Democratic Congress

Funny LTTE about Bush posing in front of Ho Chi Minh statue

Rep. Tancredo: Bush Wants To Merge U.S. With Mexico and Canada

GOP sends message with Lott as whip

Iraq conflict passes WWII (1348 Days)

Rebuttal to Arguments Against Impeachment

The Power and the Glory

"Americans Can't Handle Another Impeachment" Is Republican Propaganda

Phantom military bases in Iraq

I know this isnt the right forum: But GD and GD:Politics are down ?

LAT: Ex-spy's death raises health fear: Radioactive traces found at sites he visited

Lithuanian Holocaust survivor reunites with family who sheltered her

Drug Industry Is on Defensive as Power Shifts

Rep. Tancredo: Bush Wants To Merge U.S. With Mexico and Canada

Iraq conflict passes WWII (1348 Days)

Iraq P.M. warned not to meet Bush

Gunmen massacre Shi'ite family in Iraq village (21 men and boys)

Reuters: Baghdad violence fuels fears of civil war

Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm

US and Iraqi government want civil war, says Sunni leader

Police Shoot 3 Near NYC Club; 1 Dies

Shortage of Accountants in the US Leads to Tax Returns Prepared from India

U.S. Involved in Iraq Longer Than WW II

Hospital Chain Buyers Get $175M in Fees

Clinton Foundation Aid Worker Killed

AWOL soldier says Army ignoring him

Gov't Asks Court Not to Block Records

Iraq-Iran summit delayed again by curfew

Police kill groom on day of wedding, reports say

U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself

NYT/AP: In Radio Address, Bush Renews Vow to Aid Katrina Victims

US sabotaged Australian wheat deal in Iraq

AP: U.S. Marine dies in Iraq (Anbar province)

Tens of Thousands Rally in South Korea (against a free-trade agreement with the United States)

Democrats to Iraq: U.S. support has limits

"Event" affects Venezuela refinery

NYT: Massachusetts Governor Romney Sues to Compel Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

Appalachian Trail could be 'canary in coal mine' for eastern U.S.

Hoyer gives Democratic response to Bush (radio address)

Football fan shot dead after racist mob attack

Israel, Palestinians Agree to Gaza Cease Fire

CHINA & PAKISTAN sign Free Trade Agreement

Cobra meets over fears about assassination squad

U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself

Outsourcing animal testing (China)

Nuclear Waste Dump Faces New Roadblocks

NYT/Reuters: Wal-Mart's Weak Sales Dampen Holiday Season Hopes

Cheney in Riyadh to discuss 'new initiative' with king

Rumsfeld okayed abuses says former US army general

Nobel winner says spend on women, not bombs

Goodnight Lounge. Another night comes another day...

Congrats to GOPisEvil!


There is nothing better than Gravy Bread

The Jenis made me do it!

I used to own 16 parakeets. Ask me anything...

I found a cheque today

Can I finally post?

Now this Black Friday I like!

Recent Budweiser commercials...anyone remember?

Who broke DU?

Fun with psychedelics

We watched the movie "Little Manhattan" with our grandkids tonight.

'Shrek 2' is on right now

need i being unreasonable?

Today's song of the day

TV at 3~6AM...

God help me, but...

Anyone know where I can find the list of moderators?

So, he is bad, but he is CUTE!!!

OMG! I forgot to have cranberries!

Barbies' Party Bus with Hot Tub

Mrs. Pickles Saves The World ! ....

Anyone have a good copy of Masters In This Hall??

My husband is a NUT, or could write the book on "How to embarrass your kids"

Tune your internet tubes to Jazz

Yoga Booty Ballet

The transcript office at my old school can kiss my ass

Does this count as black friday shopping?

I just found a small lump on my dog's back.

What inanimate object(s) are you crazy about and...

Hi Honey ..I'm Home..:o}

Speaking of pic threads...

Weird political themed dream that I had....

I'm back! How was everyone's holiday?

The Egg Bowl--Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

I just got a great deal on XD cards , SD cards, and and 2 GB flash drives.

Southern dressing beats Northern "stuffing' all day long!!

Best cover medley for charity?

How can we stop the neighbor's kids from running their ATVs down

Guess which milestone I almost missed?

Top 10 reasons Britney Spears is divorcing

Play whif me!

Just saw "For Your Consideration"!!! Verdict: Depends on who you ask.

Everyone say hello to the new guy

I just donated...

I LOVE Sweet Potato Pie

I'm going to make a white trash GINGERBREAD house!

Going to the vet must be terrifying for some animals

K-Fed's SPECIAL Holiday Message: "Fuck the haters, fuck the media, fuck the paparazzi"

Questions you really don't want answered: What's this wet spot behind

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/25/06)

Your age by Chocolate Math....Try it, this is bizarre!!

parents - what's the best self-defense

Alright Southerners - put up or shut up.

If your new furniture is "retro"...

Iran to Iraq,

Personally, I love getting presents for people at this time of year.

Just saw "Stranger than Fiction." Anyone know what it is about?

Lots of things have started going missing around here lately...

The Running Errands Poll

Was this inappropriate? A slightly gay joke.

Danes solve speeding problem! Warning:Not safe for work!

Ever flown JetBlue?


More and More People Are Sticking Out Their Tongue -- For a Piercing

CD burner software suggestions, please.

I think Bill Gates should be our new Secretary of Defense

Some Thanksgiving pics from family!

my son and my folks will be on TV in 15 minutes.

when inLaws attack

Happy birthday Sugar Smack!!

the joys of fall, toddler style

Favorite Rankin Bass Christmas Show

"Happy Feet" is a piece of left wing says Faux

Do your cats bring the stuff they catch indoors and torture them until the die?

We need a grand slam "So long, just in case" thread

Amuze me with your picture!! I'm Bored!!!..:o) pretty please..

TV Jingles: Post the ones you remember

Good thoughts and prayers needed please,

if the manger had to be OSHA prior-approved for habitation...

Saturday, November 25. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Cult Classic: Rip-roaring shroom-fueled Scientology prank

wish me luck!! the gallery opening is TONIGHT!!

Best player on each instrument, rock era?

Milwaukee DU Meetup Pics!!!

when is a girl too old to lounge on her uncle's lap?

Cilantro was NOT part of the Mexican food I ate 40+ years ago

Just got hit with bad news upon coming home from work.

I'm cold.

commercials that make you laugh your ass off?

The big "O" ......

Gonna buy a HOUSE!

Yet another way that BEST BUY SUCKS!!!

How can you tell whether your friend is a victim of domestic violence?

Please send prayers ,good karma and strength to my mom :) She is in the ICU.

Anyone here read "Kite Runner" ......

Post your off-the-wall torts or contracts questions here!

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship

The WORST song EVER released - - I nominate "Muskrat Love".

I need some advice and I need it quick........

Quick Look: Science and Sexual Orientation.

too funny. . .

Cool lecture + meditation exercise I found..

Wayne Dyer is on PBS right now "Inspiration: Your Ultimate Call"

We don't have to seek after enlightenment, It's right here, now

If you missed Larry King Live 5 part series

Wonder if bush* did what Kerry did?

"Acknowledge" service people??

This may help with current pessimism on Kerry's chances

Father Andrew Greeley in Chicago Sun-Times: "What is the point of Iraq deaths?"

Chuck Hagel "Leaving Iraq, Honorably"

November Roundtable

Antique Photograph Question

So, how long before a Michael Richards-inspired episode of Law & Order?

The WORST song EVER released - - I nominate "Muskrat Love".

Happy Everything

Woman gets jail term for smoking pot with son, 13

Perspective: What did they say when they shipped you away

War and No War

Polling Report shows 58% believe that Iraq and Vietnam are the

Police: Hygiene Dispute Sparks Bar Brawl

Any word on Dem plans to move on Marianas garment workers abuse?

Communications Act and Hi-speed Internet....

First Impressions

Who is the Republican to fear the most in 2008?

Just posted my latest activist role

So should we boil Richards in oil? Cut off a nut? Force him to listen to Manilow?

Just posted my latest activist role

Marijuana-like compounds may aid array of debiliating conditions ranging from Parkinson's to pain

Oh yeah, now I have heard it all: ban morning after pill so rapists can't cover up their crime

2,872 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Another "I Just watched "The Corporation"" thread, and...

OAXACA: The Root Of The Problem

Bush's trip to Jordan?

Jesse Jackson on TODAY show this morning

It's hard for bush to admit defeat, so many thousands more must die.

Caption President Pigeon Toed

The war will end when General Electric has had enough of us

Grizzly soon to be delisted

Maliki's Iraqi govt. is under siege. He can't invite Bush in, and he can barely leave to visit Iran

More U.S. Troops Dying in Anbar Province

More and More People Are Sticking Out Their Tongue -- For a Piercing

Someone Alert Rummy & Cheney: Election over, yet violence continues. Guess it WASN'T the election!

Bible classes being moved from Morgan County schools

Iraq: The Hidden War

Now Where Did They Get That Idea?

9/11 Truth -TONITE, (C-Span 2), 9:00 Central - don't miss it

Exposing the Myth of Smoked Medical Marijuana (So govt admits MJ does help...)

Maureen Dowd Links Bush to O.J.: If a Civil War Fits, You Can't Acquit

Why didn't John Fogerty sing the anti-war part of "Fortunate Son" on national TV?

Insurgents execute 21 men in front of their relatives

NYT: Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Bush Wiretaps

"In Saddam's time I never saw a friend killed in front of my eyes."

Michael Irvin----- Jimmy the Greek Redux?

The mood has changed, I can feel it

Why Does Dick Look So Happy? ---pix--->>>

Fighting with Huff Post GOP trolls...

Sunnis Are Reportedly Burned Alive in Retaliatory Violence

How do I give a gift for tuition in Canada to a person anonymously. n/t

Forming a committee to change someone else's sexuality


Regardless if you agree with gay marriage.

Duh, Pat Tillman couldn't have been a war hero...he was an atheist

Please! Please! Correct me if I am wrong.

watch cspan-2 NOW

This is a photo of Cheney which says it all:

A question for businessmen & Soprano fans..

Comparison: Weve been in Iraq for 1347 days this Sunday. What else have we done in 1347 days?

We're doing everything possible to stop car bombs in Iraq? A curfew? Uh...

Police shoot 3 who had just left a bachelor party,groom dies.

TODAY'S Iraq Civil War Media Diversion, courtesy of Fox News: "Report: John Mark Karr Still Suspect"

X Files live on DoD Quest for the Super Soldier not kidding

If The House Moves Forward With Impeachment

Flavia Colgan on MBC talking about gay marriage

Only 3 shopping minutes til Christmas . . . . . . . . Time to CAPTION!!!!!

Grab your credit card, step on the gas . . . But first, please CAPTION!!!

Despite Election Results, Edsall Still Sees 'Red'

In Video, Hussein Uses Slingshots and Bows to Rally Iraqis for War

Mitt Romney (soon to be Repuke Pres Canidate) Calls Blow Up of a Chemical Plant Thanksgiving Miracle

The Big "What If..." Poll .... Make Your Choice .....

Hoyer: Iraqis must take responsibility

Question: Do the kids who play by the rules have any rights in school?

ABC Reporter Walks Up to Bush Girls Unchallenged by Secret Service

RAD, the new PNAC

Drug Industry Mourns Santorum's Pending Departure

Tom Tomorrow

Before you donate to your local food pantry.....

Impeachment or War Crimes trial?

Why Pastor Ted Wanted That Meth

JFK's legacy...and standing among Presidents...

I Heard You, Malachi! Immolation (self burning) to protest Iraq war

My Iraq Solution: Pull Out Our Troops Now But Keep Sending The $ ($2bn p/w)

"Where Has All The Money Gone?" (In Iraq) ..... LINK

Who the Hell is Advising al-Maliki? (re: Bush Visit)

It is pretty quiet out there

Have you ever gone back and read posts of someone who has been Tombstoned?

Bob Woodward = Stephen King (finally converting my Dad)

How many more were poisoned?

Some RWers Want Maya Angelou Book Banned In Wisconsin School

Big Crime Drop in New York With Fewer Incarcerations

JFK threads...too much about assasination...not enough about the MAN...

Radical Fringe Toon 11/25 - clean your plate

RE: Nora O'Donnell and the repug talking points. Why haven't we solved the war yet?

CNN: "Escalating violence in Iraq raises ***NEW*** questions."

Gov't asks court not to block records (Fitzgerald and The NY Times)

Global warming is 'war on Christmas'!

Police kick in door of 68yo retiree ("wrong house")

A current quote by Bill Clinton that I think hits the nail on the head

Amnesty International -case against Hugo Chavez

What's your opinion on TruthIsAll: Genius or Fool?

What happens to the right to privacy when people talk about the draft?

PHOTO: "Come! Let us plan World War III together!"

When was the last time you said something mean and unfair about Tucker Carlson?

Christianity barred? (WTF? Faith Based PRISONS?)

Democrats promise 'new direction' in Iraq

Enough X-mas presents already!!! Thank God for the $50 Stoli rebate!

Fresh Leibowitz is up: Jon warns us OUR ENTIRE NATION IS IN DANGER! POLONIUM 210 IS A WMD!

2873 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Need help identifying a song.

Blair is all upset, the Scots want to be free

CSPAN2 - 4:30pm - An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers

Future Anti-War Protests

Holidays are bullshit. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, et al.

Mitt Romney's first name is Willard

Caption the mark of the beast

Megaport vs Megadiversity

Crazy Black Professor...

Earmarks - There's a better way to bring home the bacon!!

Holidays are bullshit. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, et al.

War with Iran? Only idiots would consider it.

What's the best solution for Iraq?

This really piss me off!

G.I. Bill targeted as unfair It is

BUSH SIGN! No, you have to be kidding me, did they actually put this out?

Pigboy and folks from "24" are on C-SPAN now

Sunday Talk Shows

See, The Attack Of The Unitary Congress...

US, Iraqi forces kill more than 50 insurgents including a kid and wounded a pregnant woman

Black Friday sales up 6 Percent: Wal-Mart Sales DOWN

I go to Whole Foods today, and what are they playing in their store?

Crossing the Golden Gate

Christmas Tequilla Cake just for fun.

Baker panel deeply divided over several critical issues, notably over calls for a phased withdrawal

Insane photographs from the early 21st century.

Six Boston Catholics burned alive after leaving Church (Fiction)

I am on the fence on affirmative action

A new Liberal was born at almost 1 pm today

What percent of service members see "action"?

National Service Poll... for what it is worth

Navajo Nation battles yellow 'monster'

Discrimination is wrong, whether it be overt or reverse

Hubert Horatio... HORNBLOWER?

If You had to Choose One: Constitutional Democracy OR Corporate Fascism?

Need a laugh? A great Bush joke (At least I think so)

Caption Dick ---pix--->>>

If you had to choose only one: Impeachment vs. Dem president in 2008

Police investigate Craigslist posting

How I forsee how the Conservative version of the Daily Show will go...

What Would 'Regional War' Look Like in the Middle East? ...

sibel edmonds: "shoddy reporting" & "shoddy translations"

America's Wage Growth Is Steady And Strong !

Who is keeping track of all the Iraqi oil we are stealing?

Chávez may end Venezuelans right to play baseball in US

Hastert, "Dejected" And "Embarrassed," Says He Will Retain Seat For Now

PETA mistakenly targets church's nativity scene-- Idiots

So you say racism is dead, huh?

We've been living in a fascist (corporatist) nation since...

Religion in America

RW Wiki update

On the road (my first journey alone)

"Bush Is Just Getting Blamed for Everything!" says my Republican

Gee, are these the guys Bush has us all waiting for to stand up so we can stand down?

Anyone else notice - starting to feel a lot like the Cold War with Russia

Who should be fixing Iraq? (the community servants who broke it?)

Help me compile a list of things to read and view about the Kennedy assassinations..

Science Teachers’ Organization Distributes Oil Industry Funded Propaganda


Waxman Has Bush Administration in Sights

Happy (War) Thanksgiving. Merry (War) Christmas.

I know this is really a stupid Idea but...

Attack on McGovern due to his book "Iraq: Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now"

If John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated

Shortage of Accountants in the US Leads to Tax Returns Prepared from India

A Letter to Congress on Iraq worth 20,020 words. Please pass it on...

Laurie David:How Inconvenient Science a la Joe Camel

What the hell is wrong with MSNBC?

Another BS wingnut sound bite that needs to be smacked down

Bush's Radio Address: Every Thanksgiving, we remember the story of the Pilgrims who came to America

Hey kids! Armstrong Williams is baaa-ck.. Now he's targeting scholarships

Bush wants Civil War in Iraq

Cheney Dealing Personally With The Saudis Scares The Shit Out Of Me.

New Producer of Fox News’ Comedy Show Is Limbaugh’s Viagra Party Pal

LBJ Stole JFK's Bible (!) After the Assassination.

Must-Read! Abramoff-Rove-Ralston e-mails in Chronological Order

Does ethnic cleansing or something like sound like it sound

Was Hitler Brilliant ?

All; Hell Breaking Loose in Oaxaca Now!

Student group offers scholarship for whites only

CIA Posts Silly Online Personality Test (Help Wanted)

VIVA PARA ADORAR LA LIBERTAD (live to love LIBERTY) "I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor w/ GRAPHICS

"National service" is about beating up on youth,

Do you believe this crap?!?! Someone told me 'Happy Hanukkah' yesterday

Just watched "An Inconvienent Truth"....

Could George Wallace Have Won the Democratic Nomination in 1972?

Do you remember? Cover of Time magazine, March 3, 2003.

Go visit this picture post at Jesus' General

Holidays are bullshit. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, et al.

Cheney is asking the House of Saud for Bribe Money

National Service Poll

Which is better: XM or SIRIUS radio??

Don't EVER call it a civil war in Iraq O.K?

The Americans are awfully tolerant of the neo con nazis aren't they?

Your 81 year old relative may have talked to a slave.. (It's not hundreds of years in the past)

More on the Atlanta shooting of an elderly woman during a drug raid

OAXACA: 7th MegaMarch Today, violence Likely

I am in favor of a permanent draft

"Anatomy of a Civil War" (Iraq) by Nir Rosen -- this is a MUST READ!

Bushisms: When President Bush Speaks - ?? -

Olivia Chow's Green House Tour - Member of Parliament for Trinity-Spadina...

Bush Speech Genius [G]

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21 Shiites gunned down in front of families...200 people killed in attack, 250 more injured

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Delete -- Double post n/t

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