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Congress trip could thaw Cuban relations

Person of the Year: You. Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Time

Brought home by his best friend, lost medic unites perfect strangers

Bush and Spending – So Now President Bush Wants to Talk Fiscal Responsibility?

Washington pushes ahead with plans for Iraq “regime change”

Ahmadinejad's "Nazis"

E. J. Dionne, Jr.: A War Bush Wouldn't Pay For

US roots in Iraq too deep to pull

McCain starts to feel fallout from Iraq

The Real War

Democracies of the World, Unite by ivo daalder & james lindsay

About Face: Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal (The Nation)

The Economist on ‘Fair Trade’ by Dan Mitchell, New York Times

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Right Wing's Right Hand in D.C.

Ronald Reagan's Bloody 'Apocalypto'

And This Just in on Elections

Iraqi death squad leader evades capture as more US troops die

Avian Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Prosecutor hunts Darfur war criminals by OLIVIA WARD, The Toronto Star

Cash for honours: donors say Blair 'misled' police

Fraud chief: this is Saudi blackmail

Ahmadinejad's Opponents Leading In Iran

Ahmadinejad's "Nazis"

Gunmen raid camp of force loyal to Abbas, kill 1-source (Reuters)

Mottaki: Tehran welcomes Sudan's principled stance on Lebanon, Palestine

Thermate/Thermite CANNOT cut a structural steel I-beam.

TIME Person Of The Year is..."YOU???" -

The Real War

NYT: Legal System in Iraq Staggers Beneath the Weight of War

MNF Iraq: Roadside bomb strikes Baghdad patrol on clearing mission (3 dead)

Russia defies West and goes ahead with nuclear fuel sale

U.S. military taking tougher line with Guantanamo detainees

Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill

US accused of using aid to sway votes in UN security council

{Multi-}Drug resistant TB 'more severe' (BBC)

Iran: Ahmadinejads reformist, moderate opponents with big early lead

Elder Bush: 'Beat the Hell' Out of Hillary

Ahmadinejad stifles pro-Democracy students with 'star system'

Christmas Tequila Cookies

So, you're cooking a pot of your award-winning, blue ribbon chili

I have to write a 6-7 page paper in German tonight.....

So I googled "Maine Cheerleading Forum"and found a DU thread

Kendra from "The Girls Next Door" is so stupid it hurts my feelings

No pain

Solar Storms!

Bob's Office Christmas Party

So, I impulsively bought a can of homely.

when life gives you wine, drink and belch

So, I impulsively bought a can of homily.

So, I impulsively bought a can of hominy.

I really hate it when you blow your nose....

time for more "funny cats" and another margarita.....

Hello everyone

My first loaf!

the old ways, the remembering...

Any family Christmas stories?

Post a "Robot Chicken" clip here.

My first Luffa!

so, when does Festivus start this year?

Can we all agree that Rosie has an asshole?

I'm not religious, and dislike most Christmas music, but I get a frisson whenever I hear

Went to mall today with a few friends, so glad to be back.

So I'm off to Utah for three weeks on Monday

The black helicopters just flew over my house!

And, drumroll please, the TIME Person of the Year is.......

I just figured out who I want to be in life...

So when did copycat meds become all the rage again?

So when did copycat threads become all the rage again?

So when did floppy hat threads become all the rage again?

Stupid ear hair question...

Who's tending bar tonight?

Sweet animated Christmas card..(especially for dog lovers)

Star Trek fans... you may have to buy an Xbox 360

Wanna see a picture of my new workstation?

need a christmas present for the terrorist on your list?

My problem..... I like Rachel Ray but loathe "Triscuits"

"Holiday internet video classic: Pulp Xmas"

new movie: Pan's Labyrinth--anyone seen an advance?

Annoyed people annoy me.

So when did floppy disk threads become all the rage again?

It's A Wonderful LIfe. Donna Reed is the most beautiful woman...


OMG I've caught freeperitis

PSA: Never empty the pot of couscous into a bowl over an open drawer!



So, I impulsively bought a can of Whoopass

Song Lyrics as Poetry - MFLMG

Very disturbing. This is NOT what Betty & Veronica are supposed to look like.

I should have stayed home last night.

I'm disowning my sister. This was the last straw.

I just got 3rd in my first rock climbing comp, ask me anything

We saw Happy Feet Today...

Looks like we're finally jumpin' on the Tivo bandwagon afterall.

new SNL on now- Justin Timberlake as host

Just for my own clarification: "Oasis" is a running joke here, right?

What the heck happened to msn? internet explorer? Been

Run, don't walk and see "Dreamgirls" !!!

Funniest little Irish girl if you need a laugh listen to Becky contact a

My problem .... I like "Triscuits" but loath Rachael Ray.

So I Impulsively Bought A Can Of Homey

I Live At An Altitude Of 400 Feet- Right Now I'm At 7500 feet-I'm dizzy, ask me anything

I have no passion for politics anymore. I lost my dad this past May and

Short update on my situation also:

A movie recommendation & review

Will Senator Kerry harden his resolve on Iraq?

OT: Edwards to announce 2008 run before end of December

*** PLEASE READ POSSIBLE Puter Problem****

They don't need any advice.

Rumsfeld: You go to posterity with the reputation you have,

Democtratic Party Legacy - FDR's Second Bill of Rights ....

Has Shrub made good on his campaign promise at the RNC 2004

Flynt Leverett Blasts WhiteHouse National Security Council Censorship of Former WhiteHouse Official

Bill Richardson to Criticize McCain's Iraq Plan

YearlyKos Convention in Chicago

Have you seen the Bush/Pickles People Magazine interview?


Something that even more proves the bigotry against Keith Ellison

Hand-picked UAE voters cast ballots in first polls

the old ways, the remembering...

Parents sue New Jersey school district after students prohibited from wearing Hitler Youth buttons

The saddest thing about times person of the year is...

Just got back from a Move-On house party

There will be a T.V. ad for Obama running in NH next week...have a look.

Go John!

China, at energy summit, urges oil consumers to unite

TIME Magazine's Person of the YEAR is YOU

Wouldn't you like to see this happen to FR?

Congratulations! You've been named Time magazine's person of the year - pics

Northern Hemisphere Warming Twice as Fast as South

Would Jesus Shop At Wal-Mart?

UPDATE from Radio Lady about last week's appeal for guest(s)...

'As of January 1st, 2008, American citizens of all ages will need a passport'

Workers Sue Over Racist 'Noose Joke'

Time magazine couldn't bear to give person of the year to a liberal

You Are Time Magazine's Person of the Year (Mirror on Cover)

If nothing else, Congress can name buildings (1/4 of bills this session)

The History Channel

Army, National Guard becoming more aggressive

11:30 - CSPAN2 - The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina

Scientist Says New Data Backs Sulphur Climate Plan

More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006

R.I.P. Lamar Hunt 1932-2006

Christmas carolers "silenced" for serenading skater Sasha Cohen (???)

Instead of picking a single candidate (for Pres.) how would your list rank - top 5?

DoD Posts Counterinsurgency War-Fighting Manual On Web...

Falwell and Wildmon are going straight to hell, you know that

I've haven't bought and read a magazine like Time or Newsweek in years.

TIME Person Of The Year is..."YOU???" -

I just can't get over how bad this all is

War Is Over.

Another Billion down the crapper, way to go Homeland Security

"Never again". Again.

Put Your Income into Global Perspective--Quick and Interesting

Levin ready to lead Senate Investigation on Iraq War.

Is the whole DoD insane or is there some other reason

US Dollar In Precipitous Decline

What event defines your political outlook?

Shit they are teaching our kids in "Social Studies!!!"

Apocalypse Now - Ride of the Valkyries

American people: you are losing this war! LOL haha

A scene from The Boondocks - intentional metaphor for the Iraq war

Open Letter to Mary Cheney's Unborn Baby

TIME Person Of The Year Will Be Pelosi

No matter who Time picks my personal choice is the Voters of America

Winner of Time Person of the Year is "YOU" that means the DU baby!!

Election 2006: Nearly $300K still in Burns treasury

Time Magazine's PERSON OF THE YEAR on CNN right now!

TIME Person Of The Year is..."YOU???" -

Judges & Constitution & Foreign Laws (Limbaugh)

Democrats Should Relax about Control of the Senate

Louisiana legislature votes to remove "Road Home" to New Orleans contractor

2008 is a chance for the Demcrats to run their **best** candidate, not the most electable one

Horrific picture that explains it all

"What do we do when we lose this war.."

Meanwhile .... at Sandhurst .......

Go John!

We should start calling him B. Hussein Obama in positive terms.


"Jesus Plus Nothing" how the "Fellowship" has Insinuated Itself into American Politics!

The Disappearance of George P. Bush

Honoring Their Sacrifice: Impeach Those Responsible for the Wars

Leonard Pitts: Coming Out of the Closet to Declare My Humanity

Craig Crawford: Watch Me Listen

And the truthiness shall set you free by Kenneth Kidd, The Toronto Star

Ruling in case of terror suspect may be explosive

A Real Exit Strategy: Talk to the Enemy, by Joe Conason

Frank Rich: Mary Cheney’s Bundle of Joy

Mel Gibson Is Wrong about Who the Violent Americans Are

Families mourn lost soldiers and question war

Jimmy Carter's Mideast book polarizes opinion

On a swift boat to a warmer world

A War Bush Wouldn't Pay For By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Global warming: It's officially spring in Geneva

Off - Roaders Fight Ecos for Calif. Canyon

Energy from the motion of the ocean

Wind-Empowered (small wind turbines, NJ)

Project doubles up on renewables: Wind energy will produce hydrogen fuel

How to recycle electronic devises - TV, Computers, and all that other shit that accumulates and you

Concern over Europe 'snow crisis' (BBC) {lack of snow crisis, really}

"Light Among the Nations" Program - CFL Bulbs

Wind farms moving forward soon (IL)

Germany Sees Big Potential in Green Biomass Fuel

Playing with Fire – The 10 Tcf/year Supply Gap -- Natural gas

Penguin numbers linked to global warming

Conservationists Risk Their Lives for Peru's Highland Headwaters

(CO) Democrats lay out (renewable) energy bills

Carmakers fight global warming lawsuit

'Mr. Smith' (AKA Jerry McNerney) home from Washington

WB forecasts oil prices falling below $ 53 in 2008

Israeli PM brushes off Assad's call for talks (AFP)

Gunmen attack convoy of Hamas minister

A look at possible Palestinian presidential candidates

Threats of the future vision

Hamas, Fatah reach agreement on ceasefire

Gaza weapons smuggling flourishes

Ex-Soldiers Break `Silence' on Israeli Excesses

Questions for OCTers and observations about inductive vs deductive thinking on 9/11

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Sunday, 12/17/06

NY: Voted down - Election machines fail to win state certification

Is the Sarasota ES&S source code audit on the wrong track? Am I confused regarding

Hero Ion Sancho renews push for HR 550 in DC

Sprawling Brawl Mars Ending of Knicks' Loss

Early Results: Iran's Conservatives Lead

BP told to detail pipe replacement plan (Prudhoe Bay)

Reuters: Blair pledges backing for Iraqi PM in Baghdad

Gunmen attack convoy of Hamas minister

Strikers Picket 150 Goodyear Stores

No 10 'blocked move to legalise prostitution' (UK - guardian)

Military wants to secretly test product on civilians

Mosquito seeks cure for malaria ..... in swamp.

Iraq: 32 bodies found; car bomb wounds 1

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

TV Newser: Bill O'Reilly Visits Troops In Baghdad

U.S. to triple number of military trainers in Iraq

France to withdraw special forces from Afghanistan

CNN/AP: Senate Democratic leader Reid: Senator Johnson 'going to be just fine'

(Brigadier General Dana Pittard) U.S. to triple number of military trainers in Iraq

China to Buy 4 Westinghouse Nuclear Reactors

Gunmen drive students from newly rebuilt schools

Blair in Baghdad to boost Iraq PM

Dozens kidnapped from Baghdad aid office(Red Crescent)


FBI: Recruiters Caught In Drug Probe

Homeless students challenge schools

Japan rolls back pacifist pillars

Boston Globe: Roadside Bombs Kill Troops At Highest Rate of Iraq War (Dec. On Track To Be Deadliest)

Bitterness in Beijing over North Korea's betrayal may mean war

Multiple Warheads for ICBMs

Australian bushfires leave grisly trail of environmental damage

Powell Says U.S. Army `About Broken' Because of Iraq

South American nationals no longer need visas to travel in the region

TIME's Person of the Year: You

McCain Starts To Feel Fallout From Iraq

Iran reformist regains influence

Ga.-based troops who led Iraq invasion prepare for unprecedented third tour

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Reid says U.S. troop surge OK, but only for a few months

One Mt. Hood climber found dead.

AP/NYT: 2 Parishes in Virginia Break From Episcopal Church

Scientists identify gene mutation in autism

Caldwell: Najaf security will turn over to Iraqis Thursday; all Iraqi security forces will be under

Mugabe's term creates Zimbabwe divisions

Greenpeace to intercept 'nuke' ship

Ruling nears on detainee's abuse charges (Padilla)

I frickin' love CHEATERS!

Nigella Lawson...

Wanted: Snakes on a Plane

I've worked every single day for the past 3 weeks

Saw The Holiday- excellent uplifting film

Someone has a weird sense of humor...

This is about archived threads. Is there a pattern that can be ascertained when a thread will be --

I am not looking forward to the new season of "American Idol"

She’s as sweet as tupelo honey


I just realized that I have a very boring life...

Who else "loses" days?

Convince me that I should put you on ignore...

Erm -- night?

Oh, no! FAUX reports that Miss USA has been impeached!

Sprawling Brawl Mars Ending of Knicks' Loss

Unstable? I have a holiday carol just for you.

I'm depressed...

Stevie Ray Vaughn or

So, I impulsively bought a can of Mushroom soup

YOU are Times Person of the World

I'm disemboweling my sister. This was the last organ.

Who's gonna be up for awhile?

Seperated at birth?

So, I impulsively bought a can of Kissass

Wanna be freaked out?

I hate Finals....

I saw my favorite bumper sticker today! It always warms my heart so...

Dark premonitions.

Gazelles at the watering hole on Africam!

Saturday Evening Earworm

MSNBC showing Miss USA parading in bikini on endless loop

Dumpster dive?

I saw Sad Feet Today...

Note to cleaning fluid companies:

Girls and boys

Mountains of the moon, electra, mountains of the moon...

It's snowing!

A favor... please test this form for me.

Dumb computer question: I'm getting a laptop for xmas...

No One Lives Forever?

Does listening to James Taylor's

A boy likes me! = Eeeeek! =

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/17/06)

My 25 year-old TV is dying...please help me into the 21st Century

Does anyone else end their posts by signing their screen name on the bottom?

I stopped believing in copycats because

Should I spend my day playing SimCity?

That's it, I'm becoming a Broncos fan.

Santa Clara? Who knew Santa's middle name was Clara...

People who eat Hot Pockets, and similar things: crazy masochists?

Modest Brazilian team beats Barcelona's army of overpaid prima donnas and wins Club World Cup

You can pry my DVR (and my guns) from my cold, dead hands!!

Happy 25th Birthday Kristen!

Humbugs check in here.

My doctor was smoking during my circumcision.

Happy birthday teriyaki jones!!

The H.R. Manager at work is back on the crack pipe again-rant

So....Let's say we wanted to name DU'er of the year :) who would it be?

I am having the shittiest weekend ever.

Have you ever brought your pet to the mall to get a picture with Santa?

Anyone else remember this classic 1979 TV special?

And now, a holiday message from Ian Anderson...

Hey, pasty ladies! We've found our match!


I hate those fucking jetta CAR CRASH COMMERCIALS

I have Monster Balls

Impala close-ups on Africam!

Congratulations bigtree!! 15,000 posts

What kind of holiday traditions do you have?

The dilemma of my Person of the year Award

Who else is feelin' good this morning?

Tragedy strikes close to home.

I've had a Borat Moment!!!

The Bump - the disco dance - remember it?

Would you leave your spouse/significant other if they got a cat?

Cute Holiday Game

Who's listening to Radio Hanukkah on XM?

Is this pathetic enough that it's funny yet?

I am not looking forward to my holiday trip "home"

How prepared are you for disaster?

Does anybody else watch old Hanna-Barbera cartoons on Boomerang?

So let's say 5 people in your house are sick. Two of them are children.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor with SoftFlex Comfort Technology

Hey Detroit fans!

The dilemma of my Person of the Year Award

Anybody get replacement windows recently? Tell me your story!

Strunk & White are very bossy.

**Mini-DU Meetup** Puerco-bellies and CaliforniaPeggy!

Is there anyone who was raised without believing in Santa?

The best satarical music video from last night's SNL "D*ck in the Box"

I think AfriCam is a joke.

The Shadow family just gained a new member

Is it too late to put up a Christmas tree?

I stopped believing in Satan because

Baking and Presents!

Hey LynneSin, the GIANTS are going to KICK EAGLE ASS TODAY!!!

I saw the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players last night.

Picture thread--Photoshops, etc

I stopped believing in Santa because

Am I missing something here? (two bitchy sisters)

Sigh. Here's the newest addition to our family. We didn't even invite this one. (photo)

Hey, Ptah, Wetzelbill, and other present and former Hi-Liners

Today's Dedicate-a-song thread!

Where do you work?

My husband's family says the weirdest stuff.

Going to TV rehab

Your age

Radio Lady Discusses: Are you dreaming of a "Black Christmas"? Film opens 12/25/06 Christmas Day!

Help! How do I wrap this?!?? It's HUGH!!!1!

Let's play "Fact or Crap"

A question to the Ladies: Did you have Heather-like- tendencies in Junior High school?

Are you ready for Festivus?

We decorated the Pagan Tree tonight - ask me anything.

Sympathy for Scrooge...

A story about being gay and Christian

Universal Worship-an introduction

Choose - between "Reason/Society" or "Life/Nature"

Right now I hate God, because I hate myself.

A cosmic hall of mirrors

Crowd cheers private spaceport's first launch (AP/CNN)

Scientists find first known human ritual.

Tricks and Treats in Massachusetts

My 8th grade son and his friends use this term "that's so gay." At first I was a little shocked at

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for December 17

anyone see the HBO card tonight?

NBA fans on ESPN don't mess around.

Terrell Owens spits in player's face.

Ten players ejected following Knicks-Nuggets brawl

Baseball fans: The best and worst trades your team had ever made.

7 legged deer

The Stars This Week: "Start Something New" - Dec. 18 - Dec. 24, 2006

Does anybody know if Kerry had a reaction to Reid agreeing to a "surge"?

Boston Herald Columnist Perpetuates Lies About John Kerry in Column and Blogosphere

Small business contracting

Iraq and the 2008 election - how close are they linked?

OT: Bush screwing us on Iraq, trying to outflank Dems in Congress

JK to TIME: My Person of the Year

Graduation day -- Sarah gets her Masters!

When my wide angle lens is just not wide enough

Santa's gotten himself very excited...

My other "tis the season" possibilities

Reid joins Hastert in last minute giveaway for insurance co's

Stalingrad on the Tigris? Read this and weep...

Japanese Manga writer takes (un)intentional swipe at * and Cheney?

Ok I posted in the lounge but you need to hear this it is so funny it will make you lol

So....Let's say we wanted to name DU'er of the year :) who would it be?

Just saw "Good night and Good luck".

With 101 Homicides, Newark Nears a Bleak Milestone

I just want to thank the NRA one more time, from the bottom of my heart;

Found: George Allen's Christmas card

I will never, EVER apologize for defending a rape victim

"Iraq Study Group" is available at

I'm dreaming of a dream. (Shortened)

End the war in Iraq

How do vegetarians deel about "In-vitro" or "laboratory-grown" meat?

100 Years from Now

Flora Bush (the "left-behind twin" ) has a video ..:)

Your Sunday Comics and TOON page!

We voted for Al Gore and got Igor instead.

NSA Wiretapping: One Year Old Today - one year since bush fessed up...

How Bush Economic Apartheid Kills...

Post Traumatic Stress, combat fatigue, shell shock

Will China be the sole superpower as they dump our money?

Surge is the word.

Sympathy for Scrooge...

What's Right (Correct) With Christians

dozens kidnapped at Baghdad Red Crescent office

It's only a matter of time

This is my 3,629th post. What shall I do now?

2,946 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

The "Whatever Happened to"? List

EPA Proposes First Onboard Diagnostic Systems for New Large Trucks and Buses

When Moon dies, what will happen to his cult?

Geez: I think Mark Foley became a Congressman just to be close to the Interns and Pages

Gunmen dressed as Iraqi military kidnapped dozens of employees of the Red Crescent...

94 and still protesting -- a role model for us all

Mike Celizic on MSNBA (sic)

The Talk Shows

Hillary debates...?

Teddy Kennedy talking with Chris Wallace on Fox sunday.

BUSH: "Don't Worry, It's Not As Bad As It Looks"

Powell-on Face the Nation (central time)-----says we have not lost yet---

So: what can Scaife dig up on Edwards?

Soon-to-be Rep. now Vice Admiral Sestak on ABC

Gingrich: "Stubbornness is not a strategy"

Colin Powell: ‘We Are Losing’

Reid: Ailing senator shows some progress (Sen. Tim Johnson)

Military wants to secretly test product on civilians

Steve Bell: Bart Dubya Simpson

Is there an Ego Larger than Newt Goongrich?

France to withdraw 200 special forces from Afghanistan

MSNBC showing Miss USA parading in bikini on endless loop

Obama "untested"? Don't let them get away with that!

Doctors' Medicare pay cuts killed; fund likely to shrink

Mosquito seeks cure for malaria ..... in swamp.

"Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms " Still Kidnapping Iraqis by the Dozens

A Sunday Smack-Down, Deadly Roll Overs, Dire Feats, all for a . . . CAPTION!!!

Pure Magic

gingrich on MTP

Will the Chad Castagana UnaFreeper Case Self-Destruct?

7 Afghans (mostly farmers and simple villagers) released from Gitmo after 5 years

Joseph & Susan TRENTO on Book TV yesterday


Best thing on Sunday TV today!

largest group of US legislators go to Cuba for talks

Reporter: Hillary Is More Afraid Of Edwards Than Obama

Why, security-wise, is it OK for Colin Powell to say "We have no more troops"?

ways i think Iraq is just like Vietnam

So, let's say a Mexican terrorist attacked China.

Edwards/Obama 2008

George S. is just so...'Fetching'!

How Suite It Isn’t: A Dearth of Female Bosses

"A wise gift will keep on giving"

Protests, vandalism greet recruiting center's opening (N.C.)

US Army might break Goodyear strike

Vietnam Someplace

Are you Spartacus?

Boot consistently wrong about Iraq

Some cool historic political items up for sale on Ebay

Plan B for Darfur

"Surge" was an also an extreme soda from the 1990's

We should call him "GrinchGrinch"

Democrats push for Iraq Study Group recommendations

"Role Models" website removed Barbara Bush

LOL...Neocon Danielle Pletka told Wolfie that she couldn't support

Last minute Christmas shopping? Poor George's Almanac...

Excellent comic on religion and peace.

Bush lives Christian faith, but doesn't impose it, says Tony Snow

The economy will it collapse soon?

Oregonian newspaper reports search for Kims was botched by authorities

A question to the Ladies: Did you have Heather-like- tendencies in Junior High school?

What other "surge's" do you predict?

This got sent to me by someone who forwards right wing stuff

Popular blogger with popular video-blogger

Air Force looks to outsource casket duty

Beware all leaders whose first impulse is for war...

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury ("Is There A Draft In Here?" - a major burn on the WH Chickenhawks...)

Powell, Democratic leaders reject boosting Iraq troop levels

Hey Everybody -- I'm Time's Person of the Year!!!!

online link to lengthy Obama article in December Elle Magazine...

State Sen. Verne Smith dead at 81

What "The Surge" means for 2008

Senator Kennedy on troop "surge": ''I respect Harry Reid on it, but that's not where I am.''

The "Surge" Will End McCain's Presidential Bid

'Beat Poet' Discovers How Misinformed U.S. Citizens ARe On Iraq, Saddam

What's in Bush's glass? (pic)


Gingrich sounds like an Obama fan.

"Carmakers Fight Global Warming Lawsuit"


My doctor was smoking during my circumcision.

NPR: Bush Cites Body Counts as Proof of Success in Iraq

Reuters: Bust of Pinochet to go in presidential palace

Is Molly Ivins in poor health?

"Stem Cells Gotten From Unfertilized Eggs"

Obama 'regrets' land deal with crooked fundraiser

Do you think its ready? (Picture)

Have Dem Leaders Pledged to Bring Back PAYGO?

What must be said

One last "surge" for a legacy... in Manhattan

The Uniqueness and challenges of Obama's African-American Identity

Time magazine jumped the shark.

'Vicious killers' from Guantanamo often freed by others

Diebold is in the security business, isn't that iranic?

Passer-By Finds Newborn Boy in Bronx Park (3 in 3 weeks)

A Gag On Free Speech

Bush Knowingly Lied To Troops - June 5, 2003

The Alleged War on Christmas and Other Such Bullshit

Truly Disgusting Wealth

To squander lives in a long [Iraq War] draw down simply puts a fig leaf over defeat is unsustainable

Check out the difference in volume between CNN & FOX on the Mt. rescue

This talk about sending more troops

If the right wingers had won the election ...

Act III in a Tragedy of Many Parts - The US Occupation of Iraq

Civil War buffs...a question...

Barack Obama opposes Iraq "Surge" Strategy -- Surge to last until 2009 now...

Reid wouldn't answer the simplest question

A word from God.

Does sending more troops to Iraq sound like a reasonable plan to get our troops out of Iraq?

America ponders one last chance to "save" Iraq.

new way forward / two ways back

Shouldn't the neo-cons be investigated and sent to jail if possible? Yes or No.

Uncle "Iraq War" won't be leaving us anytime soon...

CNN does feature on "Blood Diamonds" then runs Commercial Saying Good for Environment

Corporations run amok under the Bush Administration

Searchers find ice cave, footprints, gear near peak of Mount Hood

Would you leave your spouse/significant other if they got a cat?

IS our future looking grim, or am I imagining things?

One climber found (not good news)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sunday 12/17... brunch anyone?

What happens when our number is up on the economy?

Rescuers find snow cave, gear, footprints near peak of Mt. Hood.


This will boil your blood. County supervisor with a history of racist comments...

If Obama was pres or VP candidate, would Dems be more or less likely to win?

"Pork's Dirty Secret" . . . Rolling Stone . . . (warning: disturbing photo) . . .

You're a Mean One, Mr. Bush

Cable has covered every possible scenario of the climbers fate except for a Bigfoot attack so far

A Little Trailer House... Very cute!

every year that Clinton was president there was the lighting of the Xmas tree in

Gunmen drive students from newly rebuilt schools

TV Newser: Bill O'Reilly Visits Troops In Baghdad

How the Jews and secularists did not steal Christmas

I need cheering up

Please help me answer this email

CNN: One climber confirmed dead

Military recruitment exceeding goals

Question for hurricane survivors and other interested people

"It's not a political issue, it's a moral issue."

Harry Reid says he will go along with surge in troops IF temporary.

The debate about marriage isn't about a word

Is it Fascism Yet? Army considering forcing striking Goodyear workers back to work.

When the "surge" fails for Bush, what then?

This is SUCH an honor...

Regarding Reid's statement about "the surge."

Divisive flamebait: Has Obama done anything yet as senator other than campaign for President?

Hard Times on the Killing Floor (brace yourselves)

Cindy Sheehan: Walk for Change-In Search of Peace

Funny how a week changes everything

Hezbollah/ Iran Training Sadr's Mahdi Army

Learning to play the Seussaphone...


Can Senators legally visit Syria?

(My last poll of the day!) Are you currently on prescribed medications?

John Edwards supported the Iraq war more than Bush did.

If we left Iraq quickly, would it spark a regional war?

Will You Vote For A Candidate In 08 Who Supported The Iraq War Resolution ?

Lala Publishes Excerpt of What May Be Blocked Leverett Article on Iran!

WoW! I just got a call from Concerned Women of America!

This is how every soldier should be honored.

Is there "redemption" for any candidates that voted for the war?

WTF is wrong with THIS picture?....thx to cal04 for story

Bush appears to be the FIRST SERIAL BULLY President of the USA

America’s mentally ill children

Send a phone card to a vet.. This needs a DU bump to Veterans

...the report reveals the extent of the imperial mindset shared by both Democrats and Republicans...

OPEC Shuts Off the Spigot

I agree with Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"

How Dare He?

Do you drink Alcoholic beverages? (Only One more poll after this....I promise!)

**Canadian scientists CURE diabetes in mice**

Newsweek: Hillary may take speaking lessons, Bill is fighting his 'addiction'

Lewis Lapham-On Impeachment-Constitution Doesn't Serve At The Pleasure Of Pelosi Or The Whim Of Bush

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The Missing Money - Trillions of dollars are missing from the US government...

Down With the Donkey! Bring Back The Democratic Tiger & Civic Engagement

I feel that if you supported the Iraq war, that you should be ridiculed for it the rest of your life

Anti-Gay Marriage Male Attacks Marriage Equality Female

Would you leave your spouse/significant other if they got a gun?

The best investment advice you'll never get

“It’s Always Christmas Time” For Credit Card Companies Take Action

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Border Fence Firm - As Many as 1/3 Workers are Illegal

Gunmen stage mass kidnapping in Baghdad

"we can NOT go on and have our troops dying for the 2nd choice (dem

Couple Questions RE: John Dean & His Recent Impeachment Article

Do we know our exact number of casualties from the Fallujah invasion?

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Obama/Clinton media coverage is way OVERBLOWN!!!!!

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Saniora Returns to Beirut with Moscow's Support for International Tribunal

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Serious question about Edwards

Bush's "Surge" = I'll take the whole GOP down.... or go down swinging

U.S. Senator (Bill Nelson) Exchanged 'Sharp Words' With Assad Over Lebanon

The US is enlightened and intelligent enough to vote for someone named ...?

In total agreement

Brownback offers to lift hold if judge avoids gay marriage cases

Is It Me, Or Is This A Biden-Less Sunday?

You have no choice - you will vote for who we tell you to vote for !

I sure wish I lived in a black and white world .......

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Time mag, Brian Williams, and you

Bush considering surge, could equal more than 30,000 additional troops & last as long as two years.

Lou Dobbs and Bush....they have succeeded in their scapegoating efforts

GOP has gone too far South

Right wingers say we can't leave Iraq because we will have trouble getting out...

"The Repeatedly Re-Elected Venezuelan Autocrat"--Steve Rendall - FAIR

The KEY WORDS of Colin Powell on Face the Nation: Iraq in CIVIL WAR and has been

The Republican Party stands up to provide radioactive pig shit to all Americans

In your opinion, are most candidates running for ego or because...?

John Kerry, you're a great Dem and a hero, but PLEASE don't run again!

Do you want clean elections, publicly financed?

Reflections on the political journey of this independent:

There was no “information at the time” that would justify invading Iraq.

The Kucinich ego