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Pakistan could become next US nightmare

Relieved Iran lauds hanging of Saddam

The Nation: The Irrelevance of Joe Lieberman


As Of Right Now, Sahara Desert Has Advanced To Within 200 Km Of Algerian Coast - IPS

After Decades Of Decline, 4 British Bat Species May Be Staging Comeback - Independent

Hunt the Rubble -- Ground Zero version of "Hunt the Boeing"

when comparing....

Suspecting a 9/11 Media Hoax

Demolition of the Twin Towers

So, is paper, wood and kerosene the only....

Patriot's Day:The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Electronic voting)

Boxer recalled award she gave to an Islamic activist because of his ties

House Democrats to Object to Florida Election Outcome

NYT: For Guantánamo Review Boards, Limits Abound

Cheney hails Ford's pardon of Nixon

The Hill: Conyers accepts responsibility for possible ethics violations

Bush slept while Saddam hanged

On the Gallows, Curses for U.S. and ‘Traitors’ (Executioners = Mahdi Army)

67-year-old Spaniard gives birth to twins

Science told: Hands off Gay Sheep

How do I ignore somebody?

planet earth

Please settle an argument. Is it hanged or hung?



If they made a bio-pic of Wilt Chamberlain's life,

So, I have a sinus headache, go to Kroger to shop and get some

Should I give an eBay purchaser a break over the holiday?

I'm embarrassed to ask this, but was...

Should I change my sig again?

How many people here are a bit behind?

how many people here have a big , oh never mind?

Who knew cheese fondue was so freaking expensive?

When did disco "jump the shark?"

The guilty get no sleep,in the last slow hours of morning

Minneapolis DUers! Or anyone who has recently visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

So my neighbor, she shows up at my door naked except for a towel.

So, my hubbie's ex from high school has contacted me

Come into this post and rub the upside down seal pup

Help! My tear ducts have stopped ducking. I look like I am crying all

Have you ever gotten a headache from taking Lortab?

that's it, lock and shut down DU: no thread will EVER top this:

234 rushing yards!

Why do we hurt the

easy one continuing LaraMN's picture a DUer thread.

GoddessofGuiness! OMG, GoG! Best Guiness vid yet!

I'm all moved!

Be honest with me, fellow denizens of the Lounge.

"He Pissed it all away..."


Anyone here a hair stylist? Beautician? Cosmetologist? Stylist?

I'm making Jello.

TexanWitch! OMG! You will be so pleased!!

What is your TOP New Year's resolution?

I'm in love with Joni Mitchell.

I really hate that I have to shred shit that is sent unsolicited to

How fast is your internet connection? Take the speed test!

Well today thoroughly sucked

for my 19,000th post, I am inspi(red)

Critique this bumper sticker, please

Southpawkicker appreciation thread...

I would like some opinions on my new car.

I have two ex-lovers in the last fourteen years.

I'm in the process of loading ALL my music CDs onto my music player.


Mirko "CroCop" and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson are now in the UFC

Post from your cache thread!

Jesus Christ these new metals bands are fucking shit. What the fuck?!?!?!

Things that should be illegal

UFC TONIGHT!!! Liddell vs. Ortiz. Who do you predict will end the night as LHW Champion?

Mass. Pro Gay Lawmakers Fight Back

Anti- Gay Amendment Backers Among Those Departing Congress

Any other Hokie fans crying?

Please share your thoughts on this aspect of the Secret.

Does anyone have any beliefs associated with owls?

Institute of Medicine Committee on Treatment of PTSD Meeting

One for 48%er - wish you were here. :-)

Tony Blair and Family Partying it up in Miami... while Saddam hangs and

Cavuto dedicated his 'calling in life' to Ford.

Don't you just love it when Freeper-types make shit up about DU?

"I love medieval history, but not as current events."

The whole ABC crowd can't fill Peter Jennings shoes

George Bush has finally got his plan..

poppy is eeerily silent on the hanging of saddam hussein ...

Palestinians mourn execution of Saddam

I'm not an attorney, but I'd love to represent the Duke Lacrosse Players

Ford funeral: Lord Vader speaks

NYT:Green is now good in advertising

Who fainted??? too much noise in my house and can't hear

Ford and Warren commish

Ford's Pardon Of Tricky Dick Put Us On the Path to bush/Iraq

Leslie (Wolfie) on CNN interviews Mrs. Armstrong...

I would not piss on king george if he was on fire

If Cheney just went to funerals, like vice presidents used to

Texas man races pigs next to mosque

Saddam Died Cursing Americans

Renters Gloat Over the Housing Slump

How many other people around the world died today?

Fox News knows no shame. They are linking to a video of Hussein's execution........

Fox (har har) "news" really has a woody for showing Saddam...

Do you support the death penalty?

A demented old man and a rope that could hang an elephant

highest death toll this year for american forces? no it`s two years

Where the hell is maggot-boy?

AP: New Videos Show Graphic Saddam Images

Drought-hit Australia puts squeeze on water wasters

"No longer will Iraqis fly airplanes into our buildings."

AlJazeera poll has pro and con Saddam hanging tied at 41.7%

Newsweek (Fineman): Bush sr. remains skeptical about the purported assassination plot

One item I read about the execution said it took place on a US military base

People, I've spoken with at least a half dozen Dems in this area

Just found out that C.S. Lewis believed in Evolution

Family clues to Iraq's missing oil billions

So, Geroge...was one dictator really worth 3,000 dead American soldiers?

so does Betty still get Secret Service protection now that GRF is gone?

"There could be no healing without pardon." (Cheney says Ford knew this)

Troops who died on Xmas Day

Pro-Choice has Nothing to do with Capital Punishment

How many are OVER IT! ?(Saddam posts)

I just remembered. Taxloss should work at Truthout for scooping Ford's death

M Theory

Bush Is Simultaneously Creating Terrorists & A Police State - By Paul Craig Roberts

Amber Alert Issued for 3 Ohio Children

Man Charged With Sex Crime From 70s

Did you prefer the Daily Show or Politically Incorrect w/ Bill Maher back in the day

Has anybody seen Super Size Me?

Trip to Bushland

Doesn't this say it all?

Wolfowitz: "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction"

Not one American soldier died today in

Anything positive to say about 2006?

For those who have watched the online vid of Saddams execution..

Damn swift "justice" in the chimp's kangaroo courts...

Why did the executioners wear hoods??

House Loser at the podium now

Say what you want about Ford...He pardoned Nixon for the Good of the United States

Briny Breezes' mobile home owners could soon be millionaires

Anybody else not looking at the pictures or the videos?

Hussein wasn't worth the lives lost, or the money wasted.

Who are the "accomplices" of George W Bush?

nancy grace spoof on SNL

I think I just had a change of heart on the death penalty

Super Size Me is on MSNBC

Nation plans 5 days of mourning for Ford (for real??)

How does , GORE/CHAFFEE 08 sound?

I just got done watching the Boys of St Vincent

until Ford died, I didn't know Rummy/Cheney

Press coverage of our peace vigil last night!

Poppy was Saddam's footstool. Saddam was Shrub's footstool. Ad infinitum.

Saddam's body turned back over to Americans and taken to Tikrit?

FAT ASS HASTERT and dick cheney are a joke almost knocked over Mrs. Ford

Betty Ford: A First Lady with a legacy wider and more lasting than her husband's

Snuff Photos on the Cover of the Sunday NY Times

Weirdest Science Stories of 2006:

World's Oldest Mom Bears Twins at 67! I still have six months to wait to break this record!

did ya all just see ford's son push cheney out of the way and take hold of Betty's hand

I'm not one for losing it in public, but...

So, who is going to hold the executioners to account?

Richard Clarke-'Bush Admin=Grown-Up 7 Year-Olds Playing Herd Ball With Iraq-As Fires Burn Elsewhere'

Is Ted Stevens drunk?

As a lifelong Democrat, I say RIP Gerald Ford. You were a good and decent man.

Soldier Reacts To Saddam's Execution: "What Will Be Next Story They Tell Us To Keep Us Over Here?"

Remember the Oregon man who spelled out F*** W in holiday lights on his roof last year?

Maybe it's time ...

I WOULD go see the Chimperor's body lying in state

"him who is??!" Did he just say that? "Him who is the ressurection?"

Was it just me or was Cheney talking up The Pardon in his remarks

John Edwards comes home to Chapel Hill and crowd of 5000

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE IV & a half--New Year's Resolutions

Why I Oppose The Death Penalty

I'm not real sure why you want to do this. Care to share?

Tom Schaller, author of "Whistling Past Dixie" on Rocky Mountain west and Southwest.

"Pee Wee" Forum

WARNING!!!! Sadaam hanging this is the real deal

CNN: One of Saddam's executioners yelled "long live Muqtada al-Sadr."

The Nation: The MVPs - Most Valuable Progressives of 2006

George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton Most Admired Again

Julian Bond, Dissent, The Supreme Court , and the 1st. Amendment

WARNING!!! Graphic hanging of Sadaam everything except the snapping of the neck

speaker pelosi

Watch Fox now for replay of Cheney/Steven Ford interception!

Anyone find it disappointing Bill Clinton was a no-show at the James Brown Apollo showing

Gerald Fords Funeral

Horrors! A "multi-millionaire" candidate who focuses on poverty.

It's disrespect to President Ford and to his family that * isn't in Washington

Edwards rejects 'surge' of troops in Iraq

"A president who knowingly and deliberately violates U.S. criminal laws..."

Why I support Edwards, IWR vote, apology and all.

Reasons NOT to nominate an IWR signer in 2008.

Does it strike anyone but me as counterproductive that there are 6 threads on the IWR


The Nation: 'Gruesome.' 'Barbaric.' 'Politicized.' 'Farcical.'

Oil find off Cuba stokes fears in U.S.

Healthy? Insurers don't buy it

Robert Fisk: He takes his secrets to the grave. Our complicity dies with him.

U.S. Buries the Truth: Saddam's Execution Eliminates the Main Witness against his Accomplices

The President's praise of fair trials and the rule of law by Glenn Greenwald

In Iraq, 'it's us versus death' (Mosul CASH Medical Unit)

What the Number 3000 Hides - Informed Comment by Juan Cole

AP: Top 10 News Stories of 2006 by BarbinMD

Who cares, says a mom whose son died in war (Saddam's Hanging)

Ex-Giant's death still a mystery to his friends(Halliburton/Sugar Land)

A Hornet's Nest

U.S. engineers battle globalization impact

How Washington and London helped to create the monster they went to war to destroy

Tariq Ali: What's Good for Saddam May Be Good for Mubarak or the Saudi Royals

How Our National Coward Describes War

Philip A. Farruggio: Happy New Year...The Clock is Ticking

A Nation Soaked in Blood Tears Itself Apart

Family clues to Iraq's missing oil billions

"Cotton Industry Concerned Over Weed", herbicide resistant amaranth

Pledge To Be A Climate Messenger

James Hansen - 10 Years To A "Different Planet" In Absence Of Changes In Energy & Economic Policies

Help me out, please: "Recycling one aluminum can...

Climate Change: The Crack of Doom?

Gazprom hopes to sign gas supplies deal with Belarus later Sunday - RIA Novosti

Oz Acting PM "Shares Bush's Passion For Green-Friendly Options"

Russia's Meteorological Agency Records All-Time Record # Of "Dangerous Weather Events" In 2006 - AFP

2006 Eight-Driest Year On Record For Melbourne - Courier-Mail

Last Australian State Ends Large-Scale Land Clearance For Farming - Reuters

2006 China's Hottest Year Since 1951 - AP

David Swanson on Ethics of Palestinian Resistance (Ted Honderich's new book)

Killing of Palestinians Triples

Ted Honderich's "Right and Wrong and Palestine, 9-11, Iraq, 7-7" review by Swanson

Good discussion of the physics...

Has this forum influenced the way you think about 9/11?

Hurry -- Vote NOW on CNN for Ian Inaba -- Video the Vote!

Leter to request Holt Bill be amended to allow paper ballots needs signers

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 12/31/06 - FL 13 Shame on You Judge Gary!

ALERT! GOP Seizes PA House - big move to again stall VVPB Bills likely in PA!

Iran Grants Iraq $1 billion Loan (for reconstruction)

Bombs and a rocket kill 4, wound 13 in Baghdad

Video shows taunts at execution

PM: Embassy bombing suspects in Somalia

No One Can Stop bush...?

US soldier killed in Baghdad is 2,999th death

Editor&Publisher: 'NY Times' Only Major Paper to Show Dead Saddam on Front Page

Torture of Argentine witness resembles `dirty war' tactics

Romania and Bulgaria celebrate joining EU

Russia-Belarus gas deal reached

CNN: Hussein buried in same cemetery as sons

Union (International Association of Machinists) Leaders Embrace New AK Steel Offer (rejected in Oct)

Reuters: Artillery rains down on Somali Islamist bastion

WP,pg1: At the Capitol, VIP Roll Call Has Many No-Shows: Washington could have done better by Ford

(Rep Heather) Wilson(R-NM) Opposes Troop Increase (After Iraq Visit)

Prisoners riot in California, 51 hurt

Cuban President Vowing Recovery

WP: Bush Has Quietly Tripled Aid to Africa

NYT/AP: GOP Senator Lugar: Bush, Congress Should Discuss War: Doubts wisdom of troop increase

BBC: No Arab Euphoria At Saddam Death

Bombs explode in Thai capital; 12 hurt

Democrat gives GOP Pa. House majority

NYT/AP: John Edwards Opposes More U.S. Troops in Iraq: Calls proposal "McCain Doctrine"

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 3,000

Poll: Americans see gloom, doom in 2007

LAT: Down syndrome screening advised for all pregnancies

China chokes on a coal-fired boom

Criminally Bad Elf...tonight's brew

Remakes of classic movies you hope Dakota Fanning never stars in.

Is this a sex thread?

Revision history at its finest...

It's quite possibly the last "Post your desktop thread!" thread of 2006!

Marvel Zombies Vs. the Army of Darkness- The Internets Commence Masturbation

Question for those who took the brain gender quiz...

My avatar is telling me naughty things.

Why the fuck an i stil awak e?

Gerald Ford is dead today and I'm gay.

If you cook turkeys..

Have you ever put whipped cream on grape tomatoes?

Of the latest batch of three, which celebrity's death affected you the most?

Donald Pleasence

Good morning DU! I'm handing out the caffeine right here.

Dick Cheney's Google searches

Chuck Liddell fighting Renato "Babalu" Sobral

The Big Chill people went to Michigan State, right????

It's 40 degrees out and has been raining all night.

This the second time I've been shot at this month.....

These lyric are from where.....

Why is this both hysterical and gratifying?

Strike etiquette

Jeff Gannon (remember him?) website sponsored by hot tubs, saunas and barstools

Just made an awesome nacho topping for the party tonight

What New Year's Eve coverage will you be watching this evening (if any)?

Fore Shame

Cooks: help me make a soup (or something) with these ingredients:

Cabin Fever: Myth or Modern Scourge...

Queen, live at Wembley Stadium, 1986

Anyone else think Saddam shouldn't have been killed?

Elephant at the watering hole.

What's a good RapidShare-esque file storage site?

Grace Jones ..... I love her!

Aaaw.. Tiger Woods is gonna be a daddy.. I bet that's gonna be a cute kid.

Question about those 2mil Hajj pilgrims...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/31/06)

Man, was that a snowfall!!!!

Need opinions on Guilt choices

Anybody try Black and Decker's Scum Buster?

Describe a future human evolutionary development.

I hate incomplete lyrics

4 to go to 5000!

You cannot, however, shame me until your shamers run out.

Congratulations question everything! 10,000 posts

This is the 50 state capitals game.

You can flame me until your flamers run out, but -

You know what someone should invent?

Where's Robb? I'm making maque choux for New Year's Day lunch...

Another year over.. I wish you all peace on this new year ahead.

I just Pumped It Up!

"Wal-Mart: A Wretched Hive of Scum" from Something Awful

You cannot, however, flame me until your flamers run out.

YES!!! America's most hated team loses - Dallas Cowboys lose!!

New York's alright....

Woo hoo

Need opinions on Kilt choices

I adopted a senior dog last week

This video will break your heart.

Who else doesn't have a new years resolution?

You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel

A New Year's Message to the DU Lounge: Thank You.

Attention graywarrior and Rev_Acts: I, of course, did get the memo,

Music question.....

How about a scene from "A Night At The Opera"


Goals, resolutions......

Any California ppl remember Cal Worthington commercials??

Have you seen Rachel Ray's junk?

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!

What should my grand "jester" be to ring in the New Year?

If you have me on ignore, don't post here

Happy New Year MissHoneychurch!

Spandex: is wearing it a Right or a Privilege?

Ms. Ashling is off to London on Wednesday.

We're making Chili for New Years!!!

Query letter: Would this make you want to read my book?

What does it mean if:

Does anybody have a

Anyone enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles, I have one almost finished.

An exercise in hope and the hidden promise of tomorrow.

I needed a new monitor and I bought one. Why do I still feel depressed?

I just took down and packed up all the holiday decorations.

It is 11:55pm in England

2007: The Year Of The......

996 and counting!!

Happy birthday Catshrink & Nikia!!

25% predict second coming of Christ in 2007

Who else will be around here at midnight??

For those who celebrate with alcohol, what will the choice beverage be tonight?

Taverner isn't digging the 80's fashion revival. Is it because:

Congratulations Judi Lynn!! 30,000 posts

Oh oh, my guests just arrived.

what special dinner are you making tonight?

42" -ish flat screen TVs:

Happy New Year To All DUers!

What temperature was it exactly 1 year ago in your area?

Why do people wear black to New Year's Eve parties?

Dog experts- Why does my dominant dog lick his pups?

Take care of the lungs.....

Happy Hogmanay!!

We're having our New Year's food tonight, rather than tomorrow.

Sigh....I'm going to miss hip hugger bell bottoms

Oh oh, my breasts just arrived.

How are 80s heavy metal bands rememberd today?

Well... it's almost finished...


Best party scene in a movie

What did *you* learn in 2006?

Who will be watching Bears Packers game tonight?

Why are there no AA batteries in my house?

Attention "diet commercial" haters! Here's a whole new one to hate!

Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi.

I hate "one size fits all" manuals! - a rant about bicycle building.

taking this time to write you a little regards...

OK, who doesn't have a date for New Years Eve ...

Have you ever cried until you can't make anymore tears...

i miss scoey1953, she was nice...

I want to wish you a Happy New Year

Dinner for one

Happy New Year from Kiev.

Happy New Year DU! This is my last post of 2006.

Hard core Beatles fans don't get upset ...

Before Matcom gets there, I want to wish you a Happy Nude Year

THIS is my dream concert

Rest In Peace: To those who left us in 2006

Etiquette question about serving champagne

This song is a new permanent earworm of mine. Fucking addictive!

All these myspace threads are great, but let's see some of your other sites.

If you could have anything at this moment, what would it be?

My son adopted some sugar gliders...

what should I do this afternoon?

New Year's Resolutions 2006

What American Accent do you have?

Odd-numbered years


Favorite online personal photo gallery?

and ever since then . . .

So what's with the silence here tonight?

Religious question: Does "original sin" mean that babies are not innocent?

Ode to a flagellum

Massive ice shelf 'may collapse without warning'

Was Malcolm X gay?

No matter what they tell us .....

MMA fans?

wow. is dallas in free fall?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for December 31: Happy New Year

What are you grateful for?

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for January

Happy New Years Brother and Sisters with a Reminder of what we face

10 Resolutions from wljk

New England Dems in Congress discuss cutting 'surge' funding

Dailykos diary to rec and comment ASAP

Edwards watch. ..

January Comment thread

Is anyone planning to go to the DC pro-peace rally in DC next month?

Still here...


Portrait within a portrait - sort of

Hillary is in Trouble in Polls ...

Where is OBL?

Will Americans, now, start whining

Poor Edwards, was aiming at a low news week

Nicholas Kristof, why do you think it's a worthy cause to "rescue the Bush Legacy?"

3000. So Who's Counting? In Search of Peace, with Cindy Sheehan

Just watched on cable "why we fight," again

I know this is a conservative

HEADS UP ::: John and Elizabeth Edwards on ABC with Steph tomorrow

I don't get the Post's reverance for Gerald Ford (may he rest in peace)

A Great Soul and R&B Legend Gets Lost in the Shuffle Again

Howard and Bush - Morons

Plans To Up Retirement Savings May Garner Bipartisan Support

Saddam is dead. He's not around to kick anymore

Some final thoughts to finish out the year

Canadian military yanks embedded journalists -Allies concerned with truth leaking out

Tornado in crawford TX

uncensored video of Saddam's execution here (graphic)


No free rides

Most Americans not looking forward to 07 with optimism, I wonder why?

WHO CARES, says a mom whose son died in the war

Are We Headed for another era of Political Assasination?

Somewhere, Osama is smirking

The chimp's lynch squad looked like some nasty mutherfuckers..

Your top 5 favorite stupid people or events of 06.

What Dante said about Gerry Ford's "embargoed" criticisms

Saddam already a martyr

For those who missed the James Brown send off

Why are we still in Iraq?

I saw a car with a bumper sticker on it that would piss off H1B folks...

Sunday Comics and TOON page

Saddam hanging one more colossal Bush screw up--so what else is new

CHENEY:"Ford was almost alone in understanding that there can be no healing without pardon."

What a touching tribute to Condi..

Help! Pa. Dem State rep to vote for GOP Speaker

Stop yer whinin' ya sissy liberals, 58,000 died in Vietnam.

Where was Jack Ford?

Bush: Execution 'An Important Milestone'

Do You Think Bush Watched It?

"An Inconvenient Truth" being advertised at WHSmith on SkyTV in the UK

"Saddam Hanging Sends Message to Enemies: Don’t Mess With Texans!"

2006's most bizare image; George W "AWOL" bush

Happy New Year. Do you have your Tivo ready for the hearings.

John and Elizabeth Edwards on ABC's "This Week" at 10 a.m.

Fark is not normally a site known for rationality or propriety.

Can we start correctly referring to the neocons and their supporters a s "traitors"?

Mullah Dadullah- America’s new Frankenstein in Afghanistan

Anybody Notice The "pundits" Repeatedly Saying saddam's Assassination "Won't Have Much Effect" In Ir

Where's the brain

Need help with Rommel/Goebbels quote

Link to James Brown Farewell Video

We need to tax the rich and spend the money properly. .

More Bush - Signing Statement Abuse : Mail Can Now Be Opened Without A Search Warrant

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson

(Make Your...) 2007 Predictions Thread:

Sober up and get ready to get really drunk! . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Mosque plans trigger neighbor's pig races

Republics calling into WJ this a.m. begging Dems not to impeach *

But what are Freepers saying about Saddam's death?

CNN: Lieberman is more hawkish on Iraq than Arlen Spector.

In memory of Ford and Nixon

The death by hanging of arab secular nationalism.

Bush honored with indian name *ROFL*

Your political awakening...

Russert had a pretty interesting show today....

I watched MTP cuz Woodward was on--Not ONE WORD about Iraq!

Bush Doctrine MUST be working - Bombs in Bangkok kill two

CNN: Just Reported 2,999 soldiers killed so far in Iraq.

Damn We Look Bad. Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

Ford didn't heal nation, he paved the way for a Bush*

Will the media ask '08 candidates about blanket pardons of the Bush admin?

It's Deja Vu all Over Again by Cindy Sheehan

Saddam dead, so Blitzer whips up war fever against Al Sadr

Dalai Lama advice - good source for New Year resolutions:

it seems that we pay enough taxes to more than take care of all the Citizens in this country

Time elapsed clock since mishun accomplished

Signing Statement Watch - Bush under attack for signing statement made after nuke deal

Gerald Ford was born before the First World War

"Little Mosque on the Prairie" debuting on CBC next week.

Can any of you successfully discuss politics with someone who doesn't agree with you?

RIP: James Emerick Dean

It's simple---If you're for the Death Penalty, then you're for legalized murder.

The verdict is in: Higher minimum wages DO NOT kill jobs

NPR - Saddam's death quite different than reported.

passport RIFD chips

Denver temperatures in December 1.39ºC higher than average (up to Dec. 26th)

Does anyone know who keeled over at the Rotunda

Another question: Was Saddam hanged at American Army base or..?

Are there any laws against "War Profiteering" and if so why are they not enforced?

Freakishly warm in Central Ohio

Caption this photo.

Joe Lieberman In Bed with one of **Bush's Best Buddies?

so misguided, so locked into sloganeering . . .

Has anyone at all asked the government by what Jack Abramoff meant when he sent an email to a friend

If you were advising the US government..?

Where is a map that shows the area of coastal (global warming) flooding?

Letter from Van Hollen, DCCC, in my email today:

Hurry -- Vote NOW on CNN for Ian Inaba for Video the Vote

If * had been president during WWII

Thousands flock to see Saddam's grave

It's not just the United States that has a problem with Hate Radio

Is the chimp too busy to pay respects to Ford?

I highly recommend reading Chicana/Feminist writer Ana Castillo....

3,000 Lights for 3,000 Killed in Iraq

Ford responsible for East Timor genocide

Happy New Year! Enjoy life before the shit hits the fan!

"no attacks on USA in 2007" says the Amazing Kreskin on CNN.

We are fast reaching the milestone of 3,000 lives lost

Merry Hanging & Happy New Execution!

"Good thing Cheney wasn't in charge of the 21 gun salute!"

Let's add up this year - I get 820

DTime channel has an all day long "Yearbook" fest. Finally, something worth watching

LOL they kicked Art Buchwald out of the hospice after 75 days.


Another 10 most list... this time it is about civil liberty violations during 2006..

3000 deaths as of today

"Researchers: Warming may change Amazon" ! 'Grassy Savanna' Anyone?

Former symbol of poverty could face life in prison

George plays Hangman

3000 US Troops Dead. 0 WMD.

AMY GOODMAN on LIVE with Bob McChesney NOW ... stream

More and more each day, I'm convinced that the next President of the United States will...

Which is the bigger Iraq story?

When did society start falling apart?

In case you missed it the first go around: CSPAN; 3:30 eastern

The real reason Saddam was dispatched

Dan Senor's 527 targeted Ned Lamont while Dan supported Lieberman.

Today: Correspondent's Dinner W/Stephen Colbert

Bush mourns death of 3,000th U.S. soldier in Iraq (while on a weeklong holiday break at his ranch)

Psychiatrist says Bush needs to be impeached for the good of "we the people"

Was America founded on principles of Greek Mythology?

Fernando Marcos and Fidel Castro Workout Video on Fit TV

GOP Sen. Specter: I'm Not Giving Bush A “Blank Check” For Troop Escalation...

LAT, Chait: Ford's '76 defeat among worst things to happen to American liberalism

The IED Hunter

Universal 401(k) Accounts Would Bring the Poor Into the Ownership Society

Vote-Match Quiz & Maps: Objective Comparison of Candidates

Why not show him hanging, his kids were shown blown to bits?

NBC: Saddam’s Execution Could ‘Fuel The Civil War’

bush sr had a thousand points of light, jr has 3000+ points of suffering and death

"Presidential prayer team": Give thanks that Saddam was executed!

Good news for insomniacs - Art Bell has moved back to Pahrump

Next time some right-wing moran says "Global Warming is a myth..."

Religious question: Does "original sin" mean that babies are not innocent?

Poll: Americans See Doom and Gloom in 2007

its snowing for the first time this winter here in south central Iowa...

3,000 Dead US Soldiers = Merry F***ing New Year

The Good Tyrant: A Timely Look at the Right's Moral Relativism

New Year's Eve, Crawford, Texas (cartoon)

Animal Sacrifices Maim 1,400 in Turkey

We need another supercarrier like we need another hole in our heads!

"No way out: Our men and women in uniform were cannon fodder for Bush"

Kansas City has received ZERO snow in December...

Ken Starr is to dirty Sex as George W. Bush is to Terrorism

This from the Grand Canyon website


Anyone watching Nixon Funeral on C-Span? Clinton Speech.......

Has anyone else noticed this political trend....

Is Nathaniel Given the 3,000 soldier to die in Iraq?

A New Year of Peace, Prosperity, Hope

Two years ago today....And my post for 2007

Killing of Palestinians Triples

In these times; is it proper to live together prior to getting married?

the Future of Joe Lieberman

Non-US DU'ers! I have questions about your healthcare systems.

Total War on Terror

Until lions have historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter

Cops Taser snake to save handler

Do you think they might have hanged one of Saddam's look a likes?

The History Channel has been showing end of the world shows

Will you attend a peace vigil tomorrow?

3,000 deaths ... so what?

In about 5 hours, Y3K begins.

As U.S. drum beat for war grows louder... “Leave Us Alone,” Iranian Reformers Say

So, for my 1000th post....

Half page ad in WashPo today from "Iranians" who want our support to bring "democracy" to Iran

What else can Bush screw up beyond all recognition?

What is biggest difference between voluntary army and draftee army?

MEXICO :: Mazahuas Choose Jail over Going Without Water

Muslims 'refuse anti-MRSA gel

Is Al Sadr on our side or are we on Al Sadr's side?

Saddam's hanging in entirety. NEW VIDEO.

The best video clips of 2006

Last "Mother Jones Radio" show on Air America - is AAR down the tubes?

A Happy New Year ya'all

Over 3,000 young Americans DEAD - and here we are focusing on one dead Iraqi dictator?

Happy Dem-controlled New Year, DU !

Make an end of year contribution to Feingold's Progressive Patriot's Fund!

To all those annoyed with MSNBC for practically shutting down the past two weeks

Nathan Given (for Th1onein)

IWR - who sponsored it? Who co-sponsored it? Should any of these people get our vote for POTUS?

great picture of John & Elizabeth Edwards in law school

Jon Corzine selling New Jersey Highways to the highest bidder

You know why I decided to take a break?

SEN. McCAIN: Mm-hmm.

Hussein the Rabbit

25 percent of Americans anticipate the second coming of Jesus next year

Sorry to Cause Worry

So, did Dan Senor say he worked for Joe Lieberman's campaign?

There have been a lot of threads pushing Edwards, but I see very little substance

Letters To America - Where Do We Go From Here?

Let's just pardon bush for all his crimes so that the nation can 'heal'.


America + Bush = neoFASCISM

Can you support the death penalty even though it's not 100 percent accurate....

Q: Were the black hoods Americans or Iraqis (or both)?

Sen. Leahy considering Amendment to not fund troop 'surge'

Ben Franklin's Year End Thoughts on Bush

No One Can Stop bush...?

Not Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton

please.. please.. PLEASE reframe the healthcare objective

Bush's neice comes out

just received a recorded phone msg from Charlie Rangel (D, NY)

Keep this baby away from me, and CAPTION

Did you ever wonder what an abandoned NSA installation looks like?

John Edwards on ABC This Week - he just became my fav for 08

My son left for his third tour in Iraq today

Iraq war illegal ! So what laws ?

Birth of the first global super-union (Happy New Year workers)

History Does Matter: Demonization Began With Deception.Saddam Meets w/April Glaspie 1990


Democracies created by the US - I need a list.

A Very Hopeful 2007 to all of DU from Mannheim, Germany

How can you be pro choice but have a problem with the death penalty? (Cont'd)

Psychiatrist Carol Wolman compares US public to an abused spouse

"Life under Saddam was much better than it is now"

One more reason to despise Ford

You know what's cool about America?

Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison

The Saturday Night Theft of the PA House (DINO switches vote)...

wouldn't Elizabeth Edwards be a helluva First Lady?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you: Mr. 3000 (idea by SoCalDem)

Three hours of interesting conversation with our Muslim landlord

"in his farewell presidential warn that the war profiteers had an agenda of their own.."

Dear Friend, I was wrong.

Left Behind.

Robert Fisk: He takes his secrets to the grave. Our complicity dies with him

How Washington and London helped to create the monster they went to war to destroy

Theologian in a major lather over "African American Xmas Dinner"

Wasssamatter wid me? How did I miss this till now?

Did anyone bring up Ford giving immunity to the Nam draft evaders ?

2006 Darwin Awards are out...

Poverty and obesity

How many feel positive political change in 2007?

I was very impressed with Edwards on This Week.

U.S. Death toll hits 3000 in Iraq

We Will Remember - The year of Republican corruption and scandals in review

"Whatever you do might seem insignificant.....

A Year End Tribute To George W. Bush- (P)RESIDENT, WAR CRIMINAL, DOOFUS

Attention! Look what's on PBS tonight

The moment Hillary stumbles, Gore comes through the door. Per Tweety.

A friend of mine went back to her maiden name

Woman castrates man with bare hands at Christmas party

3 months after 9/11, Bush said it had been a "FABULOUS YEAR" for Laura and him

Juan Cole: What the Number 3000 Hides.

Three Thousand Wake-Up Calls In Iraq

Bush gets new name from Indian chiefs

Half a million gorcery workers up for contract negotiations

Howard Dean spoke at TiEcon in May 06....several segments.

Living In America

To ring in the New Year: A Farewell To Douchebags

Fischerspooner: We Need a War

We Will Remember

Activist Assaulted by Cop at Lockheed Martin Protest

John Lennon Happy X-mas (Was Is Over) with War Footage

campaign finance reform

Sic semper tyrannis

Fox Asshat Commentator, Mike Gallagher, makes laughable comment about Ford Funeral No-Shows

"Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt."


An Email and Request From Blackbox Voting- Lots of info!

Thousands rally for John Edwards in Chapel Hill

The "Don't Tell Mama" thing

Does Anybody Have A Link To Last Years DU Predictions For 2006? ....

The Passing of a Dictator

Well, as usual, it was fun. But I think my butt has welded itself to the sofa

For those who think this country is ready for a african american to President read this

Do subject lines influence political opinion?

Blue collar workers, professionals, business owners and welfare mothers

Both husband and wife injured in Bush's wars...

Favorite Ford accomplishment

Star Quality. how much does it matter?

A lot of disruption going on on the DU boards in the past couple of days

prediction thread: Who will declare they're in the race next?

If Edwards doesn't get Nomination...would he run better with Hillary or Gore?

Edwards amazed at crowd numbers, "I went outside and stood on a chair to talk to them"

Thr truth about my ONLY Repubican Friend!

Restoring our self-image as can-do Americans, not hangmen...

Why 3K: How many more?

Edwards has a noble platform, but not a winning one

Edwards slams 'McCain doctrine' for Iraq

Full Transcript: John and Elizabeth Edwards on 'This Week'

Dem Response to State of the Union

The evening of the next day after the 3000 death

Help! Pa. Dem. State rep to vote for GOP Speaker

Declare Supreme Court Justices Enemy Combatants

Guess who tops the 20 dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2006!

Bush Iraq Troop Increase is a message to Dems: F---You

Everyone Needs To Lighten Up About the Saddam Hussein Hanging

Joe Lieberman In Bed with one of **Bush's Best Buddies?

Conservative Blogger picks Edwards as Democratic Nominee

Reflecting; milestone marker 3,000 US military deaths in Iraq - Who else has seen Vietnam Wall in DC

Can Bush be tried, convicted and jailed without impeaching him?

Caption this pic.....

08 candidates and Universal Healthcare positions.

Why I don't, PERSONALLY, like John Edwards - it has nothing to do with Clark

Smedley Butler on Interventionism

Okay, Clarkies, what's the story?

Chavez Censors TV Station RCTV & What You Won't Hear From American Media

The reason the IWR is important

Analysis of the actual language of the IWR

why the IWR vote doesn't matter