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Archives: January 10, 2006

The NSA Spy Engine: Echelon

Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail: Bush no anonymous internet

Come on Guys Give Bush Another Chance

Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove

Enough of his excuses: Blair must be impeached over Iraq

Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly (W Pitt)

It it just me, or is Economics a scam?

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, anyone?

Maine Home Efficiency Plan Funded by PUC: how about other states?

New Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Take Effect

CHP is by far largest currently cost effective source of renewable energy

A friendly "Good and Welfare" Hint and cross post

Found some interesting pics from 9-11

Chemtrails Fact or Fiction? Media is starting to report:

What's wrong with this picture?

Election Integrity News - January 9, 2006

Good Enough for a Campaign Slogan?

Corporations Now Trying to Take Over Polling Places?!

Du Page County pays consultant for WHAT?

Bad faith, media silence, and the assault on Democracy - Bob Koehler

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUES 01/10 /2006--Fraud=Race Crime

Paper Ballots = Buchanan Wins, Computer States meant Dole "Landslides"

Abramoff's money & stolen elections: This needs to be Greatest!!

Miller's blog details NPR's censorship of voting machine issues.

Delete (I duped LiviaOlivia's post)

Free ticket 8PM TONIGHT Mon 1/9 John Edwards

Does anyone remember "what if they gave a war and nobody came"?

If I signed up for a year with Go Daddy to host my website

RDRAMM Problem

Trickle down bribery

HB 3 is back

Derail these fundraisers [WaPo article on Joe Barton]

What chance does Patrick Byrne have in tomorrows election

Another "I love Costco" thread ........

Final debates have new dynamics

NTSB: Chalk's seaplane had cracks in both wings

Pilot in NY ferry disaster sentenced to 18 months

Japanese Stocks Rise; Kyocera, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pace Gains

Report: Canadian Meat Not Well-Screened (Guardian)

Report: TSA Screener Spending Uncontrolled

Leaked fax shows Romania helped CIA interrogators

Army is discharging reservists who refused to mobilize

WP/Milbank: Bipartisan Agreement: Roberts Was Just Terrific

WP: Despite Advocacy, Nominee Not on Public's Radar Screen

U.S. (Bolton) Tries to Mark Disputed African Border

Most consider lobbying scandal a big deal, poll shows (USAT)

High School Opens Vegetarian Lunch Line

U.S. Senate sets date for mine accident hearing

Cost Of Iraq War Could Top $2 Trillion: Study

Calif. Rep. Rohrabacher Defends Abramoff


Rosukrenergo Emerges as Winner in Gas War

Finkbeiner (R-Wash.) will change vote, support gay civil rights bill

Alito Pledges to Do What the Law Requires

Judge Blocks Timber Sales in Three States

Powell admits errors in war: He says lack of troops impeded U.S. success

Congressmen endured mortar attack during visit to air base in Iraq

Army Begins Action to Discharge Reservists

Girls, 13, given contraceptive implants

Bomb diffused at a San Francisco Starbucks (O'Reilly inspired?)

Brokeback Mountain Selling In The Heartland...

Tories surge nine points ahead of the Liberals (Canada)

Based on a previous thread, here's mine: Anyone have/had a uncle/aunt...

Fuck it, I'm done with this kite

Fuck it. I am done with this site too.

I want a manual Olivetti Typewriter

MSSU Starts classes on Jan.16th. and already it looks like a back breaker!

Cyclops Kitty

OK, who has hooked up with whom lately?

Fuck it. I'm done with this sight.

Because people have enough trouble remembering their own zipcodes.

I have no freepers in my family, at work, or friends

Cy, the one eyed cat...

Follow up on my breathing problem of the other night

My letter to the editor of a right wing leaning paper netted 3 responses!

TECH HELP!! There's a giant bug on my monitor!

These people have to stop doing this to me.

I need some discipline and teaching!

About that mouse burning the house down


What's all this, then?

The interview follow-up



CAPTION The Gropenator!

Who love's apostrophe's?

What would dust bunnies covered in bacon grease & hair under your fridge..

I walked up 20 flights of stairs today, ask me anything!

I have good news...

Help me create an acronym...

My Husband saw the Mouse tonight

Davis CA TONIGHT 8 PM John Edwards Ticket Available

I'm too sexy for my _______

Favorite "Not the Nine O'Clock News" trouper

Since when don't grandparents discipline their grandchildren?

Stereotype me - I dare you!

"Your wife... does she... 'go'?"

When puppies attack

When pandas attack

Smiley for all the new admins!

Cyclopean Kitty (true!)

I just made tapioca! Ask me anything!

Damn. I want breakfast.

Why is there a Wichita, NE and a Constantinople, Istanbul?

Trombone players - have you seen this?

Who has seen Rollergirls?

Women, what is the sexiest quality a man can have?

Hot chocolate with chile

Ahhhh whatever......

Has any one had lasik eye surgery?

Who fros me?

Big fonts.

OMG it is RAINING! First time since Oct. 2 last year!

Who does me?

Hey, I got my new front tooth today.


I have Jury Duty tomorrow! Yay Me!

Who knows me?

Why is there a John Doe, Ny,NY and a John Doe, Denver,CO?

What would,store-brand apple-cinn. poptart crumbs be called(besides gross)

Do you know the muffin man?

Guitar players - Have you seen this?

I have never been a DU mod, and I wear Rabrrrrrr's panties

I wish taking amoxicillin was as fun as taking Vicodin

I think I might have a small obsession with candles.

I have been a DU mod, and BigMcLargehuge

Zomby Loves You

Woman Who Died In '03 Left In Front Of TV

More from Deviant Art

I have never been a DU mod, and I am a freeper troll

I am going to Culvers, anyone want anything?

I missed Letterman v. O'Reilly

A or a?

That's IT! I'VE HAD IT!!!!!!!!! (Rant)

You guys ever feel so lonely you could cry?

Let The Eagle Soar...

Should I get a Devo tattoo?

When you told me you were leaving

Newsflash from GD: Viagra has caused women to be feminists!

Night, Day, Dusk, or Dawn?

Since historically we only have cat threads, here's a dog thread.

You can't take it with you when you go, but if you could take one thing...

Here's Your Chance! NAME MY NEW HAND!!!

Alito TOON!

2 men enter, 1 man Leaves


5000 Posts!

9000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the most heartbreaking thing you've ever said to someone?

I have never been a DU mod, and I wear slippers.

Why I'm not going to see Brokeback Mountain

I have been a DU mod, and I've done all of those things

My computer totally died this weekend: Suck it up, princess.

Please help. Income tax question.

What is the healthiest food/dish/fruit/vegetable on earth?

Blue Contact Lenses And All,

Post your fast-food favorite.

Have you ever taken viagra?

Men, what is the sexiest quality a woman can have?

A story of a random act of kindness you might enjoy

In light of all these city-name threads

How afraid are you of death?

After some serious thought, I've decided to get back on the meds

Girlfriend requests baptizim(poster= aitheist)

Someone Very Close to Me Tested HIV+ today

Mom Sues After 5-Year-Old Allegedly Served Long Island Iced Tea

Chuck Norris Responds

Who is the legal father in this case?


Study casts doubt on value of prostate tests

No evidence cough syrups work: panel

New Era of Commercial Human Space Flight

Swing vote now says he'll vote yes on gay civil rights bill

Being gay in the movies

Police, veterans prepare for protests at soldier’s funeral

Survey: Housing, education, jobs, drugs challenge poor gay youths

Sexuality at Hand

Someone Very Close to Me Tested HIV+ today

Coming Soon: 'Polyamorist Rights'?

Peter Shalit writes to GLAAD about his dad

How to discourage egg laying....

Cat-lovers will like this:

I'm afraid I have a neurotic cat

I can't even find the thread on the 'Power of 8'...but please do

They're trying to scare Wisconsin using Ted Kennedy!

John Kerry leaves for 12-day trip to Mideast, Asia and Europe

Feel Good News from Uncle Teddy

Alert! We've been freeped on our Kerry Frapper site!

Fabu ties here but in the extra longs.........erm, not so much.

KOEB Meeting --1/9/06

My Born-Again Fundie Freak Sister has become........ a Jew!

Questioning of Alito begins tomorrow AM at 9:30AM.

Think of the Possibilities of Someone Like Alito..

Those Who NEVER SERVED are Such COWARDS they've Corrupted

What if republicans were thrilled with the idea of filibuster ?

Zogby poll, anyone?

What are the latest popularity #s for our esteemed leaders?

Abramoff, a Bush Pioneer, raised $100,000- Bush donated $6,000

cheney who received FIVE deferments (was it?) from the Army during the

Judicial up-or-down vote.

Who is the legal father in this case?

Chemtrails Fact or Fiction? Media is starting to report:

Contributing to Republican candidates runs in Jack Abramoff's family

Police: Prominent Islamic scholar killed in US Army action

Feingold says impeachment a possibility >

A New Year’s Resolution for America

PHOTO: I feel your pain, Senator Kennedy

59% disapprove of junior's job handling; 63% against Congress'

It's milk-the-rubes time in Freeperland !!!

How is it that the Republican fundraising con of Pioneers and Rangers

DNC: Mehlman a Day Late and a Dollar Short on Reform

Bad info - please lock

Tom DeLay is like genital herpes to Republicans...the gift that keeps on..

Secret Service trying to clean up Abramoff's fingerprints from White House

Republican Talking Point Clarifications

Political Philosophy

VIDEO- Bush NCLB out to prove he's a moran

draft Pierce Brosnan for the Supreme Court

Just found a great site, tipped to me by my brother.

WTF happened to "sedated"? Barf to another buzz word/phrase

Tom Delay can't even buy a break

Martin just nuked Harper

Despite Advocacy, Nominee Not on Public's Radar Screen

Bird Flu hype - reality perspective

sooo Mad Money Jim Cramer just blamed Bush on the mining disaster

Democrats in Congress don't need to know one more thing

Say Goodbye To Tom DeLay (have you sung this one yet?)

NATO being dumped by Bush? Sirotablog unearths this in FT (no US report)

Is GW Bush the reincarnation of Warring G. Harding?

Gennifer Flowers V. Clinton Case Thrown Out

How Drug Companies Spin Doctors; Americans pay up to 1000% more

Question about border patrol

"Abu Ghraib photo showed abuse wasn't the work of 'recycled hillbillies' "

VIDEO-Alito from Top 3 Sound bites

How about it, is there any KPIG, freedom calif listerners here

on the off chance that a democrat wins in 2008,

By the Numbers: Lobbying in America

Government opening private mail

Reminder about election night last year

Two happy guys in red ties..and assorted

Energy Experts weigh in

Judas Stephenopolus: Framing the Spying Scandal

Downsizing government = privatization= bloodsucking corrupt crony leech

From Big-Time Lobbyist to Object of Derision(diehard defenders have fled)

What's Up with AAR?

MSNBC, --only gave us conservatives to comment on Alito hearings.

Renowned cyclist convicted of molestation wants probation release

Continental Tire in Charlotte cutting over 500 jobs

Pity the Fool

Anybody else having trouble with AirAmerica tonight?

Big hug and kiss to everyone who called their congressperson for Conyers

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

The Abramoff analysis that passed onto page 4. DU nailed it Oct. 04

Second Canadian leadership debate thread!

Video of MA fundies getting false petition signatures

So, uhh, does anyone, uhh, have the Bush, uhh . . . Alito "class" clip?

Who has a more annoying voice? Bush or McClellan?

"Damn straight they think it's a good idea" Candy Crowley

WTF? Jon Stewart attacks Belafonte for remarks on W?

What $485K buys you in Westminster, CA (near LA)

prosecutors are readying a case against DeLay's former staffer Tony Rudy

If I post on freerepublic and they all "annoy" me...

Jon Stewart started calling Cheney "The Penguin!"

Study - Bird Flu may not be as deadly as feared...

Colbert Report is new tonight

YES!!!!! ABC news here in west palm beach just did a editorial

Wasn't there supposed to be a hearing today on the NSA deal?

What the fuck do I care about "spreading democracy?"

Dems: Filibuster the fucker, force the pukes into NookYouLer Option

Colbert: "Swish MF'er now listen to me blow.."

N.Korea's Kim Jong-il may be visiting China - Oh no, the train trick again

Cost Of Iraq War Could Top $2 Trillion: Study


Third Hand Smoke (THS) affects 99 out of 100 people (ROFL satire)

Woman Who Died In '03 Left In Front Of TV

"Who is Jack Abramoff?"

Cindy's Memoirs to be published in Fall, 2006

ROFL! AFA - "Book of Daniel Is Worse Than We Reported!" (funny stuff)

Did Abramoff have picture of him with Bush in his officce?

Which guest reporter(s) do you like best on Keith Olbermann

My dad came back yesterday from his Katrina trip

And once again, Mike Malloy gives DU a plug.

Here's some additional info on the recalled Diamond Dog food.

DU .."Dental Implant Candidates" and I know there are "some of us."

WAR ON TERROR = DEAD FOR OIL admits bush pal Hall (R)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

PHOTO: "We did adequately apply oil to all the seats!"

Is the rightwing backing away from the Alito fight?


VIDEO-Jimmy Kimmel on Bush Math

It's an election year and Repukes are bleeding - Media Whore Mode to HIGH!

Lookee what I found----Do you republicans EVER tell the truth ?

What the Hell is going on with Gas Prices, AGAIN?

Graham’s Behind-the-Scenes Coaching of Alito Could Violate Ethics Rules


Bush terminates tribes is a spoof

Has AAR lost biz?

Abramoff Broke, Lonely Could IMPLICATE 12 IN CONGRESS!

Note: We need to BAN driving in public places in California, ASAP

Proof Alito will make the SCOTUS lean right (photo, comedy break)

I just donated to MoveOn for an ad against Samuel Alito.

A presidency "above the law" is a DICTATORSHIP.

What "Great" or "Near Great" president do you think actually...sucked?

Storm Surge (large photo -- dial up warning)

The growth of secret and compartmented operations in Rummy's Defense Dept.

Will Ronnie Earle Indict John Cornyn?

Freeper Humor on Delay or Swimming in De Nile w/ DeLay

CNN reporting that a Starbucks in CA has been bombed

OMG! Kate O'Beirne on Softball!

Isn't Dick Too Sick To Serve? --->>>

Why not let women decide whether abortion remains legal or not?

Hours Elapsed Before It Was Evident Rosenbaum Had Been Beaten, Robbed

So does helping Baby Noor alleviate the RW conscience?

Howard Stern haters only. Listen to this clip.

vote early, vote often! DU this wretched Alito poll!

Abramoff lobbied Monkey House 200 times in first 10 months.

James K Polk discussion thread

war crimes indictments to be delivered to * tomorrow (tues.)

Does anyone else thinks its more than a little coincidence that Delay

John Ashcroft: The land beneath her sings: 'Only god, no other kings'...

Bush passes Unconstitutional Law

MSNBC - Poll: Democrats favored to control Congress

CT.-Lowell Weicker threatens to run against Joe Lieberman-- V. 2

Was Bush's Id speaking - adding "class" to the Supreme Court

Judge refuses to dismiss Enron charges (Lay and Skilling)

.. Feingold: Statement at the Confirmation Hearing of .. Samuel Alito

DU this poll on Alito filibuster!

Alito's ideology captures everything extremist about Bush administration

Judges belatedly briefed on (illegal) domestic spying

Better minds than mine have already thought of this, but...(DeLay)

WP: Despite Advocacy, Nominee Not on Public's Radar Screen

The Bush Beat always says it best

Floridians, don't forget to contact Bill Nelson about Alito.

So Dean is an "extremist" yet...

Repubs (linked to DeLay, Abramoff) say they didn't block fed probe

DU This Poll!

The Jack and George Show

Editor & Publisher report on kidnapped female reporter

Ted Kennedy to Publish Children’s Book: “My Senator and Me”

WP/Milbank: Bipartisan Agreement: Roberts Was Just Terrific

What does my DNC membership card do for me?

Abramoff used [Seatttle] area foundation as conduit for money

The Most Explosive Corruption Investigation In Congressional History....

Newest BS alert from right wing talk - Hannity & Colmes

Lobby Giant Is Scandal Casualty

John Kerry leaves for 12-day trip to Mideast, Asia and Europe

Separated at birth: Black Spy and Abramoff.

... FEMA dumps water

Should we filibuster Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court?

Santorum to participate in event to promote one religion over all others

current health system can't/won't help those fallen through the cracks

Likely U.S. Plans for Regime Change in Venezuela, Pt. II

Will Delay take the GOP Cabal down with him??

Bush recess appointments disgraceful

Washington Post Reporter who broke Wire Tap story on Daily Show Now!

Repub opposing Ford, D-Tenn (seeking Frist seat) got Abramoff cash

Baghdad Restaurants Won't Seat Police -Knight Ridder

Found an old article about Fred Phelps on a spare hard drive

Peace in Sudan Also Brings Uncertainty

The Middle Class on the Precipice

Fines in mining deaths cut back

GI Schmo, How low can Army recruiters go?

How Many Iraqis Have Died Since the US Invasion in 2003?

Boehner in line to be House majority leader

Deceit over spying -- prelude to long-term lame-duck president

Media's War Images Delude Instead of Inform

James Bamford reviews James Risen's 'State of War'

Lobbyist Ashcroft pulls in $269,000 Clients capitalize on policies he prom

Abramoff Net Snares Media, Highlights Op-Ed "Ethical Brothel"

The whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

Satan has been busy

IRS blasted for freezing refunds

Sen. Clinton Says Lack of Body Armor is 'Unforgivable'

RW Shill (Kathleen Parker) turns on GOP (re Abramoff)

Why Critics Have Not Successfully Exposed Mr. Bush's Failures

"Remember the anti-missile missile? Forget it"

The depraved heroes of 24 are the Himmlers of Hollywood

Molly Ivins: Hang in, and raise hell

Us: On Black Gay Men, Masculinity and Our Fathers

IRS Limited Tax Refunds of Poor, Congress it Told

As someone who knows little about economics, if the Fed is

why did the stock market go over 11000??? oil, drug cos, Halliburton??

Whole Foods makes largest US purchase or renewable energy credits.

John Howard's Brother Facing Jail For Chopping Down Endangered Trees

Refining capacity reduction

Solar Power, the Chinese Way (another thing China is way ahead on...)

Record Australian Heat Killing Cattle

Rigs Evacuated As 140 - MPH Cyclone Heads For Western Australia

Researchers Confirm Role Of Massive Flood In Climate Change

Aus. Climate Meet A Closed Shop - No Science, Environmental Participants

France, Spain Deeply Concerned About Continuing Drought, Climate Shift

WTF? Noone is telling us if Sharon moved things on his body?

Will Sharon open his eyes?

Shin Bet: IDF did nothing to stop settlers uprooting olive trees

Norwegian Socialists "work for peace" by singling out Israel for boycott

A Fallen Hero

Need help in responding to Republican e-mail re: 9/11

Holy Shit, May I Have Hit Upon Something Here?

Who said this regarding 9-11 on 9-12 ?

more than ever, i'm convinced the official 9-11 story was a big LIE

Evidence of Election Theft in 1996??! Pre-selected primary winner? DOLE!!

Clean Money Campaign Bill - Being Voted on Today

Brad Blog: Bob Ney of Ohio's Connection To Electoral Fraud

Money doesn't impact elections.

When Ohio's bad elections law goes into force....

Angelides calls governor's idea 'lot of hype'

Loophole in License Law Saves Gov.

Governor proposes $125.6 billion budget

Oakland 1-12 Grand Lake Theater Evening of Conscience

Call to Action Tuesday-AB 583, Clean Money/Fair Elections

Sarah Benzing is coming back to Iowa and working for Bruce Braley!!

DU IOWANS: Be careful, rapist on the loose (1/10/06)

Bill Would Allow Student Fingerprint Scanning

Special Election in Somerville today. Come support Denise Provost!

Springfield YWCA fights Union

What's Alito Hiding? Tell Senator Kennedy: Alito Unfit For Supreme Court

After using win 98 since.....well 98

I'm getting a new laptop

Need some advice on mirrored removable hard drives


OH School Board mtg 01/10/06 : Creationism vs. Evolution!

Check-cashing firm gave generously, gets tax break

My letter from DeWine

DVO in Johnson Co.: "We have to fight back"

Gammage kicks off campaign tour

Dallas: NPR Noon Talk Show...

Forget the professional elite, grassroots Dems are taking over at last

I'm a liberal and I respect the constitution ! contact Cornyn

Look what I found in the Lounge!

need something different to do with hamburger

Can the Liberals rescue their terrible campaign?

"Tories Expected to get a Majority" What's this all about?

Stupid e-mails regarding the election have started!

From an ignorant American...

I've made up my mind

Here are the Liberals response ads to the faux Cons

Indian opposition leader 'bugged'

U.S. Healthcare Tab Grows Faster Than the Economy

Schwarzenegger's Budget Would Trigger Billions in New Spending

Chilean Judge Grants Bail to Pinochet

Bush: Test Scores Up Due to Education Law

Iraq war could cost up to two trillion dollars: study

Kidnap-linked raid on Iraq mosque sparks angry protests

Judge: Fla. senator should pay $8,750 for campaign law violations

New spills hit Chinese rivers

Brokeback Mountain Wins Critics Award

Two Emerge as House Leadership Contenders(Some want other candidates)

Sanders urges Progressive not to run for U.S. House

Reporter abducted in Iraq...Christian Science Monitor Reporter

China oil firm buys into Nigeria

Focus of Hearings Quickly Turns to Limits of Presidential Power

Global oil prices 'to stay high'

Alaska senator plans new push to open ANWR

UN admits civilians may have died in Haiti peacekeeping raid

Activists 'may put lives at risk'

As Medicare tangles, state guarantees prescriptions (MA)

Korean scientist faked human cloning research

WP/ABC Poll: In Abramoff Case, Most See Evidence of Wider Problem

Hatfield, CEO of Sago, was quoted in the Tuesday USA Today

Pope's attacker 'in grave danger'

Attorneys: Randy Cunningham Didn't Wear A Wire

Berkley to return $500 contribution (NV rep)

Swiss claim proof that CIA ran Europe jails

FAA might fine Alaska Airlines

Calif. lawmakers OK petroleum (windfall) profits tax

Indian States Monitoring Cybercafe Users

THE FALL OF ENRON:Former executive alters plea on false comment

US court nominee Alito: 'No one is above the law'

Bush says reforming Iraqi gas subsidies necessary (sticking it to Iraqis)

Ashcroft cashes in on his new lobbying firm to tune of $269,000 (Tribune)

Judges and Justice Dept. Meet Over Eavesdropping Program

Iraq suicide bomb attack: UN ambassador present, 28 Iraqi police dead

Synagogue found behind false wall

National Security Agency mounted massive spy op on Baltimore peace group

Bush to outline expectations for Iraq in 2006 ("more testing & sacrifice")

U.S. peace campaigner Cindy Sheehan writes memoir

Chief of the FDP Party Deutschland is "engaged" ...

US: SEC to Propose Overhaul of Rules On Executive Pay

U.S. voices concern over Dutch reluctance on Afghanistan mission

Study suggests most people with bird flu recover quickly

(MTP Tim) Russert Resisted Testifying on Leak

US says opens some private mail in terrorism fight

NYT: From Big-Time Lobbyist to Object of Derision >>>

NY official seeks corp. (political) contributions disclosure

Clinton Surprises Troops Back From Iraq

Bush says some war critics irresponsible

Health care spending up 7.9 percent in 2004 -Knight Ridder

Mexico upset with new immigration bill

Supreme Court Backs Disabled Ga. Inmate

Where the Hell are the New Postage Stamps????

OfficeMax Closing 110 U.S. Retail Stores

Schwarzenegger says he never thought to get motorcycle license

Democrats to hold own hearings on warrantless wiretaps

New Orleans dreams big in rebuilding plan

Chavez says US blocks Brazilian plane deal

Bush to Democrats: Don't Chide Iraq Policy

U.S. airstrikes in Iraq could intensify

VIDEO: Alito Ducks, Dodges, Dances on Bush v. Gore Question

Justice's Watchdog Resists Eavesdrop Probe (by Dems re: Bush)

New Jersey set to stop executions

Lobby Firm Is Scandal Casualty, Abramoff, DeLay...Blamed For Shutdown

Special prosecutor to probe officials accused of aiding Noe

Sen. Clinton Says Lack of Body Armor is 'Unforgivable'

War crimes tribunals to resume at Guantanamo

Burns (R-Mont.) says Democrats behind Abramoff scandal

Girl Gets Bird Flu After Kissing Chicken (Lounge or LBN grr hard one :)

Attorney: $115,000 paid to DeLay's wife fair

US sees Iraqi oil production choked for years

GM's CFO says company aware of financial crisis

12 Chinese locomotives arrive in Cuba

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 10 January

Few Americans Expect bin Laden’s Capture in 2006

Hearing into bias falls short of billing. The probe of professors

Forbes: Bush Priorities Will Swell Deficit --->>>

Bush Renews Anti-Human Trafficking Law

Kerry leaves for 12-day trip to Mideast, Asia and Europe

Fitzgerald Maintains Focus on Rove

Lawmaker Wants Teachers In Hawaii Weighed For Obesity

Teens sentenced to prison for lynching black teen on country road

Iran set to resume nuclear work (removed seals)

W.House: Iran could face Security Council

DeLay Tried, Failed to Aid Abramoff Client

Report: Bin Laden ordered Israel attack

U.S. has no plan to attack Iran, spokesman says

Report: IRS Freezes Refunds Without Notice

Louisiana resident files recall petition against Gov. Blanco

Blunt, Boehner Share Broad Network of Lobbyist Ties With DeLay

Bush urges critics be responsible on Iraq

Iraq Braces for Civil War

Winter Brings Bleak Options for Poor

Loophole in License Law Saves Gov. (Schwarzenegger)

Bill Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance in Bangor (greets returning troops)

Israelis plan pre-emptive strike on Iran

What is Colbert's "On Notice" list mean, and why are Lutherans on it?

A Burning Mouse Runs Back Into House, House Burns Down

I just lost my toothbrush in Rush's anal crevasse - should I look for it?

Hahahahahahaha - worth a peek!

Have I said today How Much I Love This Man??

Bullwinkle925 and I are SUCH geeks!

I've never seen a DU mod, but I've heard they LOL

Optimus keyboard..out Feb 6

Random Acts of Kindness

Pheasant plucking

Man sets mouse on fire, mouse burns man's house down

Are you a hunting gymnasts?

Did Carlos Mencia actually steal material from George Lopez?

What would happen if I put my vaporizer next to my humidifier?

I have never been a DU mod, and I wonder how to roll a Kaiser

Picture Free Association Thread

So, like WTF do'es I has to due to annoy people? Here's n/t

HO HO!!!!

for KitchenWitch:

For 5 cents from the candy machine

gordontron fibs! That association thread isn't free of pictures!

I have never been a DU mod, and I would like to roll a Kaiser

Are you a cunning linquist?

I have taken over Jason's account

The Kaiser

So why is everyone on a "Kaiser" roll tonight? What did I miss?

Well good night everyone!

The Roll

Women, what's the sexiest quality a Kaiser roll can have?

For the next 10 minutes I will annoy you anonymously in this thread.

I have never been a DU mod, and I am a Kaiser roll


Enough Icons on the desktop?

So much said in such a small space (the latest Opus opus)

My "Freeper" priviledges are now totally revoked.

While there is still time.....Annoy me, anonymously.

Lloyd-Weber's "Phantom"...$3.2 effing BILLION in box office since opening

Wow...Googling my DU user name is neat!

There is nothing more disturbing and twisted

Is this really Arnold on Howard?

Man, Playing Hide-and-Seek With Kids Gets Stuck In Washing Machine

Woman Uses 2x4 To Save Husband From Attacking Bear

yyyYES!!! We are WINNERS!!!

A little thing that made me smile....

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

"I want you and that young man to tie that knot!"

Anybody seen billyskank lately?

Woman Who Died In '03 Left Sitting In Front Of Her TV - Didn't Want Burial

Do I really spell mischief in this picture???

What ever happened to WillBowden?

Happy 61st Birthday to Rod Stewart!

DS1 For MOD!!!!

DS1 wants to see pictures of your puppies, kittens and babies!

Ever put a bunny in a trance?

106 Y.O. Woman & 30 Y.O. Caregiver Die In Suicide Pact

Cook Wins $1 Million On Scratch Ticket Given As Xmas Gift From Boss

Time for a DU Pity Party: Abramoff is broke and lonely!!

I'll never be a DU mod, and I'm okay with that

Paging Aquanet Johnson

Be honest, now -- would YOU convict this woman?

Some help here...

Tuesday earworm.

Slow DU day...are there any flame wars worth jumping into?

any insomniacs in the house?

BREAKING NEWS: Burning mouse story is false


Sacrifical animals now available at ATMs in Indonesia

"Nearly all men can stand adversity...

"Country Boys", documentary on PBS...

Roll double-six ... for nirvana

Those Simply Sleep pills caused some strange dreams

Women, what is the most sexist quality a man can have?

I am feeling a bit down. If anyone has anything

I've gotta get those Glengarry leads! Fun TV find inside:

I have post-nasal drip.

Who would you date?


TiVo insulted me yesterday

what color is your shampoo?

Is our society so awful that we need drugs to survive?

How many times have you served on a jury?

A question for women....bit of a sensitive question....

Drunk Student Fatally Shot After Entering Wrong Apartment

My friend's dog has doggie strep throat. Vet says it's going around.

In the past week, I nearly broke my little toe and sprained my knee.

"Circle Me Bert"...Hall of Fame voting results due today...

Saw "Madagascar" last night....laughed my ass off. That Lemur king,

Have you ever made a dope post?


Have you ever made a dupe post?

DU Group proposal....Medical Advice Solicitation

If I went away how long would it take you to notice?

Eid Mubarak (Watched a goat get slaughtered today)

Mrs. Grumpy, I need a Jessie photo

Mummified body found in front of TV

Man Recites First 4,000 Digits Of Pi But Doesn't Get Record

lunch poll

Another oldie...

Most Italians feel more guilty about over-eating than cheating on lovers

Live updates on Macworld San Francisco 2006 - > LINK

Hey, DS1

Mods o Mods. I need information on L.A.B.I.A.S?

Which VH1 countdown show guest would you like to strangle the most?

Songs that cheer you up when your day really really sucks

Man I used to love these...................

wanna be immortal? Get Plastinated!

How can I miss you if you won't go away?


HAHAHA Ad Placement Is Important - But So Is The BACKGROUND!!

Anyone see "Blind Mississippi White Boy Pigs Feets Dupree"

The most over-analyzed poem in existance.....why?

I am a sour candy JUNKIE - and am extremely dissapointed

Dr. Dean wants cash.


I picked up my new Prions last night. Ask me anything!

I picked up my new Prison last night. Ask me anything!

oh and dude . . .

What a badass baby

Man Beat Up Goose, Destroyed All Of Her Eggs

self delete

One note to y'all regarding torture...

I picked up a bad case of Priapism last night. Ask me anything!

Is The Soprano's coming on this year or what?

DU Etiquette Forum. The topic: When does self-licking become obnoxious?

German Cannibal not happy about movie based on his life

DU amateur record producers- please critique my new song.

I am a heroin JUNKIE - and am extremely dissapointed

montel williams appreciation thread

Airlines change how they herd us aboard

Drunk Woman Sics Pitbulls On Cops - Dogs Shot, Kept Attacking

If you have a problem with me, let's get it out in the open right now.

What's a good Middle Eastern recipe for dinner?

100 best companies to work for

have you ever had a 'puka dog'?

Helpful Career advise

For all those who miss Shell's hamster, I just want to say

I'm getting out of the house and going to a bar

Scientists Giving Prozac To Hampsters Who Have The Winter Blues

get this straight lady

Deist games is pleased to announce

Check out my latest Bush cartoon

New House tonight!

I just added KFed as one of my friends on MYSPACE!

I had a department-store "support garment" fitting today

Kong Size Your Whopper

Someone explain to me how gambling is bad for baseball but Roids are good?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/10/06)


If my boss doesn't stop eating his soup like a fucking donkey

Despite living in a world with the greatest technology & scientists...

You know what kind of threads get on my nerves...

Where are my cheeseburgers???

Who should go into Baseball's HoF from this group?

***DOLO AMBER'S 10,000 POSTS***

so say you owe this guy 20 large

My return email from Mark Dayton re: wiretaps

DS1 for COD!!!

DS1 for MOM!!!

DS1 for POD!!!

DS1 for POD!!!

damn, my posts have been sinking like rocks.


Microsoft Rumor - Clinton Assimilated?

Here's a cute as hell kitty pic

Little Patrick wanted a bike

Bart Simpson

How do I find a kid appropriate research site on google?

Way cool photos: meteorite interiors.

FYI - That House Fire "caused by a mouse" story is bogus

I slammed my finger in the door last night! Who feels sorry for me?

Spielberg Tries to Force Griffin to Apologize

What's the average turn-around time on an email to Skinner?

ok, this is funny

Holy impulse buying Batman - I just bought a 20" Intel iMac!

Don't get jerked around in Mexico.

Olympics in Turin Italy only means one thing....

Pete's Nose in the Hall of Fame?

whoisalhedges put the Ab Lounge infomercial on...then left the room

DS1 for GOD!!!

Is the Red Eye worth watching?

11 case notes and 2 treatment plans later. I wanna cry.

beer drinkers in maryland and delaware..

For all the Moms out there

I love Tom Tomorrow

Hit the 2-6 today!


Will there ever be a congressional hearing without baseball metaphors?

DS1 for BOD!

When your 'partner' loses his/her job, what do you do?

Actual AP Headline: Girl Gets Bird Flu After Kissing Chicken

I know why the religious right hates gay marriage - cuz they might divorce

Where the hell are my car keys?

"Clubbing" or "Barhopping"

Can somebody please post that hilarious 'hot' Owen Wilson pic?

Resume advice please! Should I use my full name, or nickname

Has anyone done less than I have today?

All right. How do we get a rim-shot smiley around here?

I know it's Red, but it is sooooo good

Does have this problem with writing numbers?

Dammit. I just got sand in my vagina.


Is it true that Nancy Grace is a DEM?????????

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease!

Why is there a city named Eureka

Guess who's playing at the bar around the corner from my house

anybody else just catch the Conan bit with frmr sec. labor Robert Reich?

Which Muppet are you?

CSI last night (1/9), Mystery Science Theater actor?

I want to get this license plate - but sometimes the DMV can be a pain...

I Like Dennis Weaver

So if DS1 is appointed God who will become the Son of God?

Diesel powered home generator?

Porn Stars Strut Their Stuff at Vegas Awards.

Dumbya visited an elementary school in my state today

Damn, I have a credit score of 733!!!!!

For DU Married Folks, If Gay Marriage Is Legalized How Would That Affect..

I picked up my new Prius last night. Ask me anything!

Dammit. The elastic in my bra just went out.

Anyone way too familiar with fonts for their own good?

Anyone vaporize their herbs?

Have you ever made a dupe post?

Damn it! Bert Blyleven got snubbed again


My dad's going to Puerto Rico on vacation. What should he bring me back?

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times..........

Move over, Bela Fleck

The Baseball commisioner is infallible in matters concerning the game

How fucked up is this?

How long do I let the baby cry?

Do you sometimes feel like a big whale??

If you could remake one movie- what would it be?

What does one wear to jury duty?

HELP! I need facts, arguments, rational explanations!

My brother is back from Iraq!

something in the lounge has been bothering me

Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

Baked beans tonight

ice death of oil world, a speculative photojournal

Apple has done it again!!

Invent a Porn Movie Title !!!

The Winter Olympics are a month away

Monogamy Isn't Natural

“The Best of 2005” from the Photography Group (dialup friendly)

what kind of person are you?

What birds are at your feeders right now?

Katrina Survivors et al. PLEASE Check In Here! Need info/link help!

Mrs. Sniffa and I are on the wavelength....freaky!

Is God a Hamster?

Is the intent of worship to request intervention by God for the trials &

Top Vatican official testifies in sex abuse case

Creativity & Consciousness - Research Channel lecture

The lie detector you'll never know is there

Calif. Gay Marriage Suit Gains Widespread Support

Key Vote In Washington State Says He'll Support Gay Civil Rights Bill

Book of Daniel Sponsors

Calif. Supreme Court Takes Up City Ban On Scouts Over Anti-Gay Policy

Death Threats Over TV Show With Gay Character

Death Threats Over TV Show With Gay Character

Atten GLBT Du'ers! Report end of year stats PRONTO!!!

2 Gay Partner Bills Sent To NJ Governor

Liberal professional athletes. Do they exist?

1979-2006 The NFL Misery Index

The Yukon Commercial

Houston's Mayor wants to reduce euthanasia rates at shelters.

Shameless plug for greyhound rescue group

How do I keep my small dog out of the cat food?

Something strange with my room

DNC Press Release: Statement on Body Armor

Will he ever give up? Steven's and ANWAR.

Bush, the elitist, thought Delay was too "blue collar"

More on Kerry's Trip to the Middle East

Kerry and MA healthcare reform - Does anybody know where he stands?

NCLB - Letter from Greg Palast

Commerce committee meeting on 1/19/06 -- will Kerry be there?

Carville pushing Feingold to disqualify him?

I love this pic

Posted a "Best of 2005" in the lounge

Colorado Photographers -- let's go on a photo hike!

Photo Group January contest theme: Macro Photography

Yet another damn with faint praise...

Countdown Newsletter -- 1/10/06: Alito, Dog DNA, and More.

Mom Sues After 5-Year-Old Allegedly Served Long Island Iced Tea

Girlfriend requests baptizim(poster= aitheist)

What's wrong with this picture?

Abramoff, a middle man?

OMG! I am associated with Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff!

Private mail being opened by Agent Mike?

(Fired KIRO Progressive) Mike Webb webcast (9-11Pacific) is on now.

Does anyone know if the "prolife" lobby has been hurt by Delay and Jack?

Please DU this poll;

Jim Cramer (Mad Money) said the Sago mine disaster


We can't annoy on-line but on-hands torture is okay?

Happy Birthday

HEADS UP: MIKE WEBB internet-casting 9-11 PST

Security leak could damage Swiss image - CIA detention centres in Europe

Listening to Malloy for the first time tonight on AAR

O'liely's spin on the Letterman smack down, he enjoyed

Interesting statement by Lindsey Graham.

Oh boy from another board

Alito's favorite transgender entertainment?

and speaking of the "American Way of Life" . . .

Question RE: PBS's "Country Boys".

'Bin Laden ordered [Lebanon to Israel] rocket attacks'

thou shalt deny them thrice... (new toon 1/10/06)

While there is still time.....Annoy me, anonymously.

Wiretapping out the wahzoo

Folks, Our Country Is In Peril

U.N. nuclear seals removed in Iran

Steve Bell bLiar cartoon -

So how come it is news when

Enrolling *'s appointees as "Brownies"

Where is the thread for this story?

Abramoff had close contact with Bush team >

The rush to donate - $414,000 in less than 4 days!!!!

good discussion of Irag going on on Imas, msnbc.

Smiting on a scale not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah

Out of randomness a prediction

Ned Lamont "strongly inclined" to challenge Lieberman: Hartford Courant

the price of whale meat in japan.

more than ever, i'm convinced the official 9-11 story was a big LIE

Letter from a Nonviolent Resister-"Bush committed a felony"

David Gregory on Imus

Bubye Alexander Strategy Group

Neocons Considered Planting WMD Evidence in Iraq?

Look For "Testing, Sacrifice and Defeatist" in The Chimp Speech Today...

Brownback just said his main concern is that Alito will be a judicial

Russert Resisted Testifying on Leak (WaPo)

our govt. is making trillions in war profits. why don't WE get any?

More WMF problems for Microsoft

Salman Rushdie:On Extraordinary Rendition"Torture is an unqualified evil"

will bush EVER have another press conference?

Attention, Photoshoppers! Please see this image:

CNN/Gallop Poll Shows Corruption is Big Issue

(TOON) Steve Bell is baaaaack!

China Set To Reduce Exposure To Dollar

Just got my natural gas bill- I'm still in shock

Russert Resisted Testifying on Leak (Testimony helped bust Libby)

Top Lobby Firm Forced to Close Because of Ties to Abramoff/Delay

A little something to go with the coffee this morning

How Reagan and Bush Helped Spread AIDS, a perspective

i didn't watch the hearings yesterday, but today should be interesting

How many ethics investigations have occured by House Ethics Committee

Where will Bushco be speaking for MLK Day?

Medical Condition Suspected at First in Journalist's Fall

Bill Bennett, discussing the Supreme Court, disparages "legal stuff"

Former Diebold Lobbyist Miller (D) Files for Senate Run

Leadership Not Qualified to Confirm Alito

For those watching the Alito hearing... doesn't it look like Mrs. Alito

Philadelphia NPR radio refuses ad for Crispin electoral fraud book!!!

Tom Tomorrow: NYT op-ed page bans political caricatures

All right...WHY is there no official DU Abramoff Indictment Pool?

Tim Russert's resisted Testifying

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 1

EVDebs: Total Information Awareness Outsourced

Mouse Takes Down House: Man Throws Mouse On Burning Leaves,Reaps Karma

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Opposes Alito’s Nomination to the Supr

if you've nothing to hide you shouldn't mind being wiretapped & tortured

awwww, uncle sam is helping little Baby Noor, how sweet.

Bushbot LTTE of the day: Tax Cuts WORK, you stupid Libs!

Is this not allowed?

Didn't take long for Ashcroft to cash in on his AG job. Bloodsucker.

Carville and Begala in Imus right now -msnbc.

WTF??? Bush was supposed to speak this morning and no networks

Is there any proof that Abramoff gave any money to Democrats?

Novak Lies: “The CIA Never Told Me It Would Cause Any Damage” »

A little funny for the morning

FEMA worker charged with looting

Bush criminalizes cyber-''harassment''

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 2

VIDEO-Alito- on FISA and Bush spying- Leahy

I love my German Shepard...

I just heard our big, brave president will be speaking to Vets today.

Book of Daniel - Counter fundie call for boycott

Need access to Abramoff email calling Religious activists "Wackos"

FITZ-Prepping Evidence Against Rove(Who Was Offered Plea Deal in Dec)

House Republicans are falling into the trap of their own arrogance

VIDEO-Alito-Leahy-CAPS question

God, this hearing is so boring

I don't know what we will do when Ed Kennedy is no longer in the Senate.

VIDEO-Alito on Executive Power-Torture-Bush in Twilight Zone

Bush was just $1.8 trillion off when he sold us the Iraq war

WH Releases Photo to Prove Cheney's Still in Charge ---pix->>>

Hatfield, CEO of Sago, was quoted in the Tuesday USA Today

WSJ Erroneously Claims Congress Could Have Blown the Whistle”

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 3

Derail These Fundraisers

Hearings beginning on C-span

NSA and 2004 elections: maybe a crazy thought

'Great Justices Installed by Bush' - the Afghan Chief Justice

Amid the Baby Noor Hoopla Please Remember Baby Ali.....

Will The Democrats Fillibuster scAlito?

ALERT: John Conyers on Hartmann!

Grassley: Senate is obligated to give an up-or-down vote on Alito

Police say phone company refused to help find missing SoCal child

Is retail business taxed differently from manufacturing or other?

Why is everyone dumping dollars?

Judges and Justice Dept. Meet Over Eavesdropping Program (NYT)

VIDEO-Alito-Kennedy-Executive power

Remember. Harriet Meyers was the BEST choice out there.

Alito: Only obligation is 'the rule of law'

OK everybody, help my daughter to respond.

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 4

Airlines change how they herd us aboard

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming (it's now 12:24 edt)

Jill Carroll is a person, not a story.

"Sam's got the intellect necessary to bring a lot of class to that court."

Why isn't Stephanie Miller on AAR: replace Springer with her or

Joke: Weapons of Math Instruction

China to invest less in US dollar

Help with list: What has Bush done that's not conservative or Christian

One cannot be moral without the choice to be immoral

Hey EVERYBODY!!! Ben Burch from White Rose needs our HELP!!!!

On guns....

Three questions for Republicans who claim that NYT is liberal.

About Alito's wife in that goddawful Aqua colored outfit

Katrina Chronicles V

OK for Bush to crush a child's testicles????

I am SO GLAD Jon Kyle has raised the issue of "Under God" in his

IL Governor Donates $1 Million to Rebuild Historic Church

British monitoring ALL vehicle trafic. Smile, your being spied on.

The Abramoff… Bush… Rove… N. Mariana Islands Connection…

Rep. Ney linked to Diebold Electoral Fraud

Do Not Call Reminder for Cell Phones

The Abramoff Scandal,It’s the Republicans, stupid.

Will (E)lito Get Confirmed

Democrats must force the Republican Senate's hand and filibuster Alito

State seeks tougher penalty for German cannibal

Emergency health care in ‘serious condition’

"Okay George now go up and write your CAPTION on the chalkboard"

The Alito hearings have put everything else on the back burner...

Dow hits 11,000 because Bush is doing such a great job! Really!

VIDEO - Olbermann - Faux News - THIS IS GREAT!!!!!

A Footnote On Conservative Tragic Heroes Tony Rudy and Brian Darling

Joschka Goes Yankee? : Former German Foreign Minister might move to US.

So has anybody e-mailed their senators about Alito? (link here to do so)

Photos of Schwarzenegger after the motorcycle mishap

VIDEO-Biden-Sheridan Case-Discrimination

VIDEO-Alito-Kennedy-Strip Search 10 yr old

VIDEO - It shows our troops being picked off by snipers.

Need Abramoff photo (in his gangster outfit) for poster

Repuke quote speaks volumes about King George

Can we Just Get Smart About the NSA Spying?

Napoleon's history of the world

assistant attorney general takes presidence over a sitting senator

Porn Stars Strut Their Stuff at Vegas Awards.

A miner's poem

State Republican Party Chairman Steps Down

VIDEO- Alito-Biden-Casey-Alito comes down on side of state versus individ

Asking for 2nd time - I could have sworn I read somewhere on

Alito sayd people could sue if they had been surveilled. Now how are they

VIDEO-Alito-Biden- Racial Discrimination Case-Bray

Katrina Survivors et al. PLEASE Check In Here! Need info/link help!

what's REALLY scary about BushCo is what we DON'T know . . .

Bremer, in new book, says Rumsfeld set him up to take a fall for Iraq

You didn't vote for Senator and all I got was a Right Wing Supreme Court

bush: "defeat the terrorists in Iraq so we do not have to face them here"

A coworker of mine saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" for the first time last weekend

So gasoline prices are back up an nobody is saying a word about it.

William Pitt will be on the Randi Rhodes Show this afternoon!

Bill Clinton - Some Days You Just Get Lucky

Gallup: Bush approval rating 43% unchanged since December

The contents of our Hurricane Flooded Safe Deposit Box

alright then, fuck the constitution, it's every man for himself

TVNL Radio - 12 noon ET - Bush's Complicity in 9/11!

The press is all glowing over the "strong economy"

Is there a forum in which we can speak....

Has Intelligent Design Lost Its Luster With RW Wackos?

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 5


Just received my tax package in the is like a phone book!

Thank you DU - Alito Hearings- I couldn't survive this w/out you guys

Cheney says Iraq not worth the casualties.......1992

Deadline for US or Israel to attack Iran -- only a "few months" says M&G

BREAKING AP Story directly links Delay-Abramoff & Indian Gaming- TRMPAC

PDA wants to run Jonathan Tasini in New York

Ukraine Parliament dismisses Cabinet

Seems to me Cornyn must be part of the Texas mafia run by Rove/Abramoff

alito & i are the same age, & i met jerkoffs like him in college

Another PR Coup for Christianity: Hunger Striking Navy Chaplain

What Grade Would you give Howard Dean as head of the DNC?

US says opens some private mail in terrorism fight

Is the US on the road to hyperinflation by design?

selfdelete dupe

i got a problem

I love LA and freeway bloggers!

"social risk and privatize profits"--have any Dems spoken on this business

ANIMATION: Bushback Mountain

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 6

Poll: Who is Crazier...

MSNBC daily poll on Alito is here -- please DU this one!

Question about the Commander in Chief title

They can't get over Mary Jo.

Sex offender exclusion zones--a policy we like?

Help me with a Poll

Maybe this is why Dean Appeals to Me?

randi rhodes just said will pitt has been helping her do radio for 9 years

Can we get Jeff Sessions some kneepads?

New Intel laptops introduced by Apple

Redefining National Security (Security Whistleblowers organizing)

The Lady Sang Way Back in 68’

why isn't my signature showing up?

DeSWine, you must go down!

Clinton Surprises Troops Back From Iraq - WaPo

I Like Dennis Weaver

Kudos to Lowry for calling Abramoffgate a GOP scandal. But...

Would you support random polygraphs of Congress for corruption?

Did Scalito just say that GW had to follow the Constitution?

Study suggests most people with bird flu recover quickly

Bush's Backdrops Are Getting More and More Elaborate ---pix->>>

Dems should insist that NSA abuses be resolved before the Alito vote.

DU just mentioned and given credit on Randi Rhodes.

VIDEO-Alito-Feinstein on FISA

Today's global warming spotlight: Alberta town isolated, milk ~$16/gallon

Did you all catch Alito's Stepford Sister at the hearing??

Check this thread out in the LBN - WARNING -if you have high blood

WTG Stephanie!!!!!!!

Gitcher red-hot NRCC planners! Get 'em while they're hot! Only $150!!

Would you live in Georgia?

VIDEO-Ass Graham's idea of an Abramoff Joke with Allito

Iraq war could cost up to two trillion dollars: study

Bush speaks to Americans - Then why won't he speak to a unrehearsed

Ga. to cut sales tax on natural gas in 1/2 during peak months.

I can't believe that Alito is a member of my generation.

What is the definition of a "strip search"?

The GRAHAM line of questioning -CITIZENS versus Enemy Combatants


If Supreme Court judges were elected, what would Alito's chances be?

surprise .. Court TV smashing the "blathering" on hearings

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 7

Did Lindsey Graham DRINK His Lunch Today?

Pelosi on Body Armor

It's 66 here in winter!

Even CHERTOFF looks down on Alito (re: Alito on strip-searching girl)

There you have it: WaPo willing to lie to prop up Bush

Synagogue found behind false wall

VIDEO-Alito-Feinstein on Roe/Casey

" I've no specific recollection of my affiliation with that organization"

General calls for Blair to be impeached over Iraq

If you're talking on the phone and you hear a click...

OMG... Abramoff went to the same high school as Monica Lewinsky???

Why is there NO ethnic/gender diversity in this hearing?

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 8

I don't know much about Canadian politics but

Their Levees & Our Levees

How Many Iraqis Have Died-30,000? No. 100,000? No.

Ted Stevens: No more swimming or playing tennis with "viper" Democrats

US troops build wall of sand around Iraqi town

Hey all you creative DU'ers...Help me respond to this freeper email....

Bush and McClellan say war critics are irresponsible for telling the truth

boooooooooooooooooosh: you are a liar!

Chinese cars made at $3.50 an hour, GM's is $73.73

The Fed Must Keep Raising Interest Rates

BradBlog: Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio's Connection To Electoral Fraud

On Samuel Alito: Don't Confirm Him (Steve Clemons TWN)

Let's Face It: Big Biz, Media & Politicians Don't Trust Real Democracy

I can't believe the whaling-Greenpeace thread was locked.

Why is Sandra Day O'Connor being held up as an "ideal" Justice?

"Rohrabacher And Abramoff: A Beautiful Friendship"

DU Poll: Filibuster Alito?

Another Nail in the Coffin of ID: Scientists Figure Out How Bees Fly

CNN breaks away as Feingold hammers Alito on Vanguard

Sam Seder is on Randi

BREAKING - Mona Charen says GWBush is Clean and Remarkably Uncorrupt

There is only one of three possible conclusions on Alito.

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 9

Alito hates his mother-in-law! n/t

Hilarious video -- Rep. Senator reacts to Alito's "I have no recollection"

I would advise everyone to call their Senators

VIDEO: Alito Ducks, Dodges, Dances on Bush v. Gore Question

Cspan no longer showing Crabby Wife in the background shots

New kind of health plan at a company... feedback wanted

Who do we impeach first in '07? Alito, Roberts, Chimp or Darth? n/m

Who Are These Asshats??

What are they really thinking?

ATTN: Need DU help on NCLB; going to meet big education "guru"

Sad News From Mexico - Zapatistas Morn The Death Of Subcomandante Ramona

VIDEO-Alito-Feingold on SCOTUS role in Bush's FISA Scandal

Not a poll, but a discussion about our future. Where do you stand?

Dems will Fillibuster:

Wink Wink Nod Nod ---pix->>>

Tweety is a blithering idiot

DU this CNN Poll: Is the Gov't Reading Private Letters Mailed to US Okay?

Another day with the morons

Another miner is trapped 900 feet underground. Just on Wolff.

Crushing testicles? Sometimes terrorists do use children unfortunately

Don't let catastrophic visions get you down ... well, not all of them

Rep Conyers -- "(Harvard Law Prof.) Larry Tribe on Spying: A Grave Abuse"

The case for an Audio-Animatronic Bush

I'm going to be on with Randi today at 4:30pm EST

Mark Crispin Miller will be on The Daily Show tonight >>>

Being as Objective as you can; Rate Alito's performance so far.

Suit: bank hired women for "Eye Candy" freeps don't see the problem

In Congress, 'we simply have too much power' (Rep. Flake R-Ariz)

Definition of STARE DECISIS

GOP witness' organization gave Alito "not qualified" rating(Kos)

Who is the Q (questioner) in this Scottie McClellan interview?

The GOP's Gambling Problem

John Cornyn reminds me of a: (use your imagination)!

My informal poll on why people are Republicans.

"Clinton Surprises Troops Back From Iraq" This is a GREAT little story!

In Respect of Original 9/11 Threads This Post From One Sums It Up Nicely

Abortion question (who gets to decide?)

FL paper asks staff to use their own cell phones for business calls

How have these maniacs gotten away with all this?

A true American war hero has died

Congressman: Abramoff a 'good person'

Anti-Alito Blogs

So what's wrong with a Unitarian Executive? JFK was the first

Where the Hell are the New Postage Stamps????

"Unitary Executive" and "Signing Statements" are NOT in the Constitution

Tuesday TOONarama

Our Future...

L. Paul Bremer "Fresh Air" Interview on Radio @3:00pm ET, should be...

BUSH: Alito is "imminently" qualified

Alito dismayed by campus protestors in 60's? Another "hippie basher"?

national catholic reporter editorial, "The latest Bush threat to democracy

Hurricane Redux

CEO of Sago stated that the miners were 2,000 ft. away from

Just curious to see how many DU'ers are at work right now, or visit DU

Official Alito Hearing Thread - Day 1 – Thread 10

If We Filibuster and Come Out Looking Weak and Ineffective

Good or bad idea - please tell me what you think

HEADS UP...Will Pitt coming up on Randi Rhodes!!

Bush warns that criticizing him risks sliding country "back into tyranny."

Stephanie Miller - 9am EST

Who wants to bet that The Carpenters are Alito's favorite band?

Help! DU a poll on Alito at the Houston Chronicle:

Four teens plead guilty to lynching

Opinions on this local police practice, please? (Any legal minds around?)

Attorney on Randi Rhodes says Alito nomination is about shutting down

How many lies has Alito said under oath?

Which is better: XM or Sirius?

The Tragedy of Chicken Hawks Ruling Our Country

DU needs a new forum just for lurking legislators!

How many anti-choicers have medical degrees?

So Mike Malloy came out and said the NY Times reporter was killed by

Wrapping Sam Alito in a Tinfoil CAP

bulletin boards not covered by internet 'annoyance' law ?

Database of closing Plants in US

2 Generals(Wesley CLARK & Claudia KENNEDY) return fire at W

Poll: 82% of Americans OPPOSE Alito. Memo to Senate: FILIBUSTER HIS ASS!

Bush Wore Wire for Alito Remarks

Users of White Rose and Wikipedia, please read.

Howard DEAN:We've got the Republicans on the ropes. LET'S GO FOR IT!

Why RW women REALLY oppose gay marriage....

Angry and Furious at the Collaborationist Democrats

It's gonna cost Phelps and his loonies to protest in Indiana soon.

Is it true that financial concerns play big factors in a divorce?

"Yes, then indeed George Bush is a terrorist."


Should We Create Babies By Design?

A Modern-day Council of Nicea debates Scalito-ism versus Democracy

Ney and staff deep in Ohio election fraud: The Brad Blog reports

National Review editor says Abramoff is a Republican scandal, period

Are Dems Undermining Their Own Position in Fighting For USSC?

Carville gave Feingold his tacit approval on imutt...

Bush-supporting minister warns: "The church has buried a million critics."

Heads up - "The Yes Men" tonight on showtime

Begala : Sits on Porch and Yells "Kill" ..Sons shoot off Groundhogs heads


If Dems don't filibuster, they are sending us a clear signal

Dear Gov. Dean -- Alito is a liar; time to filibuster …

Iraq war may cost US trillions

Amnesty International releases NEW accounts of Gitmo abuse, torture

Alito on the "irresponsible" 1960's-70's era.

Just Desserts? Man Who Tossed Pie at Coulter Has to Pay

Conservatives who hate the ACLU, listen up.

Did anybody else watch Frontline last night?

And Baby Makes Three in One Bed

Intent to overthrow the government is treason isn’t it?

Be honest. Is there room for gun supporters & pro lifers in the Dem party?

Digby: "In other words, Alito is a Freeper. I say filibuster the creep."

DU's LBN thread on 9/11/01 - fascinating read!

New Democratic Tax Platform - Tax the living shit out of the rich.

How to Phone the Senate Against Samuel Alito

(Riverside, CA) County to consider new vote machines

WaPo Contest: Name the Abramoff scandal


I think Delay is Judge-Shopping to Throw Out Case

Brokeback Mountion Image of Bush and Cheney

Could use some help on US political history

Watch MoveOn's new ad, "Samuel Alito, He's No Moderate."

WTF? Noone is telling us if Sharon moved things on his body?

Does Alito lean to the right?

Is today the day a group is going to appear in front of the White

What happened to the "Delay taking money from the Russians" story?

Is there a bigger congressional whore than Richard Pombo of California?

One thing that bothers me about SC nominees.....and Alito...

President to give speech on Iraq before VFW.

Alito: "No person, no matter how high or powerful, is above the law"

04/16/01: CNN's mock-up of Cheney obituary exposed to the public

Kennedy Vs. Alito: Round 2: Get Him Uncle Ted!!!!

Scalito's abortion testimony...what a sneaky, deceptive little fucker.

Really had to laugh . . . on Flickr, someone posted the Phelps

"In 8- to-10-hour stretches since August, Mr. Abramoff, 46, has recounted

Did you hear what Hatch just did?

Swiss knew about secret prisons in Europe

An email from a friend

Your say: Is Bush a terrorist?

Belafonte on Bush: the greatest terrorist in the world

What if the Democrats are being setup?

Authoritarian Ashcroft on an unfettered press

Chimpie says Americans should hold their leaders accountable

"growing debt worm, turning a sick economy into a terminal case".

WTF? Grassley doesn't think promises made to the Senate

Scooter finds a new gig.

CNN-Congressman: Abramoff a 'good person'

Did ya see Ashcroft on MSNBC Monday?

Alito questions here....(for our Senators to ponder)

Help David Van Os win DFA's endorsement for Texas AG!

Fearless Leader has an Epiphany

Bush doesn't care about blue collar people...smoking gun evidence.

Now they say DeLay tried to pressure Bush to aid client

7 House Dems knew of spying 4 yrs. ago (kept info to themselves)

Don Imus blasts Halliburton over their refusal to contribute...

Alito's Twilight Zone

Shouldn't big corporations be asking for gov't healthcare

Stolen elections and tapped phones--Dems keep their cool--Don't want..

The White House Fact Sheet on Progress in Iraq. Not a parody.

Character Training Institute (this is not a science fiction story)

DU MSNBC poll: should US Customs be allowed to open your mail??

Jon Porter Is a Great Example of How The Republicans Are Hypocrites

Up-to-the minute coverage of Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings

(Listening to NPR) I see that Alito made another phony...

Republicans in Ohio are going for a coup ...... HB 3 please help

Alito's wife behind him smiling like a possum eating s---. As if the

More on Kerry's Trip to the Middle East

Feingold questioning Alito. Networks not covering. Only on C-Span.

* wants unity in Iraq? Pfffft...and get this VERY ironic quote of his >>>>

Bob Koehler - Bad Faith: Media Silence and the Assault on Democracy

Senators press Alito on whether President is "above the law"..

C&L: Bush "----intellect---ahh-to bring--a lot-a lot of class" Video Clip

Alito: "First and Foremost"

What the hell is Lindsey (R) trying to do with Alito?

Mark Warner's Triumphant Legacy No Easy Feat

Did anyone comment on yesterday's initial Alito speech?

Democrats cannot meekly accept defeat on Alito

Wouldn't the Santorum set up K Street project prove that Abarmoff is a

Pics: Condi listens to her husband instruct & inform Vets of Foreign Wars

Damn Tim Russert, the treasonous rat bastard!

Students Seek Pardons for WWI Seditionists

Alito and his EXXON-MOBILE stock...

Repealing the 17th?

WTF - "stari decicus"???

2 articles on reporters captured by US & Iraqis in Iraq (tit for tat?)

I feel the pendulum is swinging back in this country...keep pushing!

Help stop the Newt

Dope smoking Clinton hides behind US troops to avoid customs drug bust

"the press never reports the good news from Iraq"

McClellan Says 5 Minute Meeting Is Proof Bush Welcomes “Honest Critics”

My take on Alito:

Can a senator ask Alito: "Would you be upset if a close family member

Could Bill Clinton run as Vice-President? I heard Comedian/Commentator...

DU this CNN poll

Jim Dean, DFA meet with Lieberman, ask him to filibuster Alito if needed.

Another Mother for Peace asks us to send this letter to Laura Bush:

The Cup O' Joe Report: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - Abortion

How can Alito be considered if he can't be TRUSTED to tell the truth?

I just defaced a Diebold truck.


Bill Clinton met returning troops at airport

Photo: One word for Jeb Bush: "Salads."

Need good solid link for "No Abramoff $ to Dems"

Schwarzenegger's Budget Would Trigger Billions in New Spending

John Edwards connects the dots on medicare and "culture of corruption"

Ask the nominee how he would have ruled in the case of Bush v. Gore

why did Jon Stewart make fun of Belafonte last night?

I'm a gun owner who supports the death penalty..... and I'm a liberal

Bushism:" You know, people study for years to speak fluent Texan"

I just got back from the Harry Reid Press Conference in Phoenix.

Hugh Thompson: American Hero: Personal Memory

White House Press Conference and NSA issues - today's cartoon!

If Kennedy murdered Mary Jo Kapechne........