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Archives: January 2, 2006

Great Article

This is old but true - especially the last lines "A nation apart"

Krohn: Paying foreign media makes sense if it helps us win the war

2005: The Collapse of Bush's Authority

What kind of man is Bush?--Hardhitting MUST READ ed. by a vet in VA.

Effort to remove 'Hoover' from FBI headquarters grows

Baltimore Chronicle Book Review of Millers' Fooled Again(on election theft

Dig reveals first sign of Jewish life after Second Temple - Haaretz

Shin Bet: Palestinian truce main cause for reduced terror, Haaretz, 1/02/2

Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran

David MacMichaels - July 22nd, 2005

ACCURATE announced advisory board

Something I am sensing...

Election Fraud and Reform News, Monday 01/02/2006

Where are the Critical Correlations? Help!

Finance springs a leak

Bush On Hot Seat- Indians Petition to get Geronimo's Remains From Yale

New Afghan parliament presses for removal of security barriers

Alleged al-Qaida aide said to fake death

Post Monday: Bush won't seek additional Iraq reconstruction funds

U.S. Research Budget Worries Scientists

Ex-CIA man says U.S. is short on spies (refutes *Co claim on bin Laden)

Towards 'an axis of good' (in Latin America - US not receptive)

Islamic Leaders Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda

Venezuela takes over 32 privately operated oilfields

Middle-Class Job Losses Batter Workforce

Iran vows 'crushing response' to attack by U.S., Israel

Wal-Mart Estimates December Sales Low

Commander: Progress in Iraq in '06

Buh Fucking BYE Cowboy Fans!

Let It Be Known: I SAID It Would Take Gibbs TWO Years

Why is January 1st considered New Years?

Bush Is Heading for Houston


Funny telephone answering machine messages

Of all the races, which one is the filthiest?





Looky what Call Me Wesley made me!

Computer Help Of The Most Basic Kind


Yes & No...

Cin-der-ella, dressed in yell-a

Anyone watching the Monk marathon?

"I Ate Your Horse"

The moon landing was faked!! I have proof!

Another funeral next week. Geez.

I'm roasting a children

day four of self-imposed quarantine and I AM BORED!!!

Is it wrong to look forward to the eventual demise of the movie trailer

Anyone watching 60 minutes- story on aging?

Are you unsalved?

How many times, per day, do you change your spocks?

Pool on how much longer we have to see "Buttplug" on page 1

Randy Moss, or Santana Moss?

Having bummed everyone out with Kate Bush, let me try something else.

Crap, I've been looking forward to Family Guy all damn day, and instead

Super important poll: Was Rev_Acts missed?

brazilian wit hugh series ears

Are you unshaved?

Dan Quayle wishes everyone a HAPPIE NEU YEER!!! (nt)

Yes, No and Maybe

What is the best Newsgroups service?

Hoooo Weeee! I definitely smell those Okla. wildfires burnin'!

How many times, per day, do you change your socks?

We have corrupted Peggy and the Lounge must atone for it's sins

The "W" means "What the hell do I stand for?"

How Old Do You Think I am (be honest!) -- Pic attached

My cat's odometer just rolled over to "00000".

I'm sick...So I haven't smoked for a couple of days.

Anyone into the band "The Clientele?"

I've never been Baptised. Does that scare you?

HEY!!! I'm back! Did you miss me?

You gotta pooty poo-poo

My car's odometer just rolled over to "00000".

Best new band of 2005?

Why not a New Years Revolution instead of a Resolution?

Electability is the key!!

Lyndie England burned in jailhouse kitchen accident.

"Amy's" organic makes the best frozen pizzas.

Resolve this New Year to instantly gratify the wishes of those around you

Does this qualify as 'insight'? - Sunset Blvd AND Gods&Monsters

Are you unsaved?

Who here is into Sudoku?

3 cheers for my son..he started out our New Year right for us

I haven't laughed so hard in MONTHS. You need to hear this.

Are you saving/putting money aside for something?

My dog just picked up the phone and ordered a pizza

I'm in the 900 club, tell me anything.

Favorite James Taylor song??

A Special Offer From the US Department of Faith

40 hours of overtime this week.

Oklahoma fires

Minnesota Vikings fire Mike Tice!!

I'm watching the *original* 'King Kong'

Is is wrong to laugh at a commercial for "Brokeback Mountain"?

Heoolp! WoW withdrawal !!!!! (Burning Gaming Question)

Have you ever vacationed in a colonial Mexican city?

I'm stuck in the 700 club! Ask me almost anything...

Have you seen the trailer for "Over the Hedge?"

How many marriages has Angelina Jolie broken up?

Name a DU'er you'd like to see a picture of!

Delectibility is the key!

Checking in from the Napa Valley

6000 posts

Toot your own horn thread.

The Kybalion

Rev. (Robert) Schuller steps down

Scientists call for end to obsolete/dangerous practice- water fluoridation

What it means to be black and gay

Do you live in I editted an answer

The Upcoming NFL PLayoff Season: The Best Ever?


Mike Tice Fired (Vikings)

Houston Texans win the "Bush Bowl"

The Skins are in.

I've wanted to do this for months!

This is just too weird.Is this a ghost thread? It's supposed to be in GD.

Mark Crispin Miller & Dave (GuvWurld) Berman OnLine @ KPFT, now

Very interesting conversation with a dyed in the wool Bush supporter

Not on Ebay/Amazon. On DU. The Plot to Sieze the White House by J. Archer

clicking on the links to "MyPosts" only gets me to a, "this topic is no

The First Leaker in the NSA spy scandal has been identified.

Need Help Finding an NPR Show

Times media reporter to take on blowback from subjects of articles

Here's A Quote From A CEO I Can Respect

Trivia: Atheists and Agnostics cannot hold national office in Iraq.

"Secret Moscow Diaries" from Tom DeLay (A Great Satire/read whole thing)

At the Army hospital, Bush joked about a scratch he got in "combat"

Articles of Impeachment Being Written?

Gasp! No new Orange Level alerts this holiday season!!!

Debunking help on Slashdot ...

The Top Bushisms for 2005

Bill Clinton just said his gut feeling US is ready for a woman president

We're not going to wake up one day and hear that Iraq is

TOONS: Happy New Year 2006 edition

Inspired By Another Thread, Has Anyone Noticed That Since Keith Olbermann

You suck, your values suck, you're evil and bad - vote for me!

Americans in the Bubble

The MSM is pissing me off again...

Why the threats against Iran?

Okay, George, you fuck. You have to "protect Americans" by cutting through

Amendment IV and Presidential Oaths.

Lugar Supports Investigation Of Bush’s Spying Program


Dear Gov. Dean -- “Total Information Awareness” for ALL Americans ...

Would you impeach Bush even if we learned it could cost us the WH in 2008?

You do realize that Bush is never going to be impeached, Right?

Our county still uses paper ballots, however,

Great New Years revelation from wingnut

ABCNews: WSJ reporter turns in pen, takes up sword (joins Marines)

DEPLETED URANIUM is POISON DUST. It is killing our soldiers

Can someone debunk this Newsmax article on Clinton/NSA/Echelon?

Bush most admired male in America - warning: will make you sick

FEATURE-Humans display their stupid side to wildlife

Hmmm...what if Bush didn't get *any* votes in 2004...?

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

Did you like the essay "On Bullshit"?

So let me ask you guys a question about this spying:

Didn't we survive a more perilous time without warrantless wiretaps?

"Trust me" doesn't cut it. At all.

How often do you Monkey up your face?

"New info may take out Diebold touchscreens" (]

Fear, Bill Moyers and chicken snakes. An MSM parable for our times.

Did anyone see Bill Clinton on "60 Minutes" tonight? I was stunned by how

I Have Some Questions I want the Right to Answer about Wiretaps

Venezuela Broadens Trading Into Euros

My son is going to Iraq as a Private Contractor

Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda

"Let's start working for peace in 2006, instead of

Manassas Changes Definition Of Family

Clearing The Ranchette (Digby Blog)

Bush WON'T seek additional funds for Iraq reconstruction (Cut&Run?)

Need some research help, re: Washington Times and Hillary Clinton

PHOTO: "Looky here, I gotta boo-boo too, soldier. Heh heh heh! Heh heh!"

In 2006, we can help create a TV news channel for 2007.

When RW'ers support the Iraq occupation...

NY Times Select - Has Anyone Heard If It's Bombing?

Any DUers Receive Notice Of An IRS Audit In The Last Two Months?

Taking time out to sympathize with the wet west coasters.

-IAO-Total Information Awareness-This is FAR worse and Dangerous than NSA

F'ing Awesome! K.O's Turning "The Worst Person In The World" Into A Book!

Please keep kicked: The Constitution of the United States of America

How Many People Are Off Tomorrow?

Why should I have to listen to a Court - just 10 little judges ?

You haven't lived until

WH clarifies Bush remark about illegal spying

SHOCKING: the Bush family's attitude toward the constitution and democracy

It takes a president to raze a village.

Mark Warner's rising stock

Mark Crispin Miller article in SJ Merc-News! First MSM print coverage?

Tenet and Franks DID NOT WANT bin Laden kill or captured.

Two things in this NYTimes story shout out at me:

WaPo Ombudsperson still doesn't "get it"

My take on this article: "The Other American Exceptionalism"

Warner on Immigration?

Senator Feingold Advancing a Progressive Reform Agenda

Bush's State of the Union?

U.S. General: "The U.S. never intended to completely rebuild Iraq"

Has the White House already talked with Arlen Specter ?

Rove Must Be Laughing His Ass Off!

Famously liberal Justice Black was part of KKK

The Army's new recruiting Technique

Bush senior aides went to Ashcroft in hospital for spy certification

Do we need a "moderate" like Warner or some revolutionary changes?

"Warner Could Well Change The Tempo of American Politics"

"Searching for Bush's Jesus"

Reminder: Clark on FAUX tonight 10pm ET--starting off the new year

Scientist on 60 minutes said humans could live to be 5,000.

LTTE: Moderates can lead the way (Mark Warner)

NYT's "Muslim Scholars Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda" (Lincoln Group again)

The politics of troop cuts

Great Cartoon

Nearer, My God, to the G.O.P.

Plame Speaking: Another Outed CIA Agent Speaks Out

Fundamentals of Politics Challenge Iranian Leader

Nearer, My God, to the G.O.P., NY Times, 1/02/2006

Lease: A new political scent-sibility

WP: Mining coal country for tech workers (re: Mark Warner)

Another Marie Antoinette Moment - NYTimes

Answering Back to the News Media, Using the Internet

Capitol Hill Blue: Time to impeach a President


Iran??!! Stirling Newberry and Resource Wars

GOP's deficit cutting hits students too hard, SJ Mercury, 1/2/2006

Spygate: What Were Bushbots Looking For? (Blackmailing Democrats?)

Robert Parry - Bush's Long War with the Truth

Editors and Publishers: Political Censors by Stephen Crockett

Bush Impeachment: Go for the Field goal

Thwarted by Congress, states take lead with the minimum wage!

do they think it's worth it?

Chittester: Monica, we need you now

Alcohol ads boost drinking among young: study

Impeachable probabilities

States are failing their commitments to public universities, James Garland

Former presidential contender keeps 2008 options open

TIME: Presidential Snooping Damages the Nation

Roth takes over Stern's mike on Tuesday

JOSHUA FRANK: Entrenched Hypocrisy -- Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and Iran

ing inc - anyone use this?

Lack of "Santa Clause rally" in stock market underscores Bush failures

Ecological jewel on brink of change

Explosion at W.Va. Coal Mine Traps 13

20 years on and whales are under threat again

I want a solar system for my house--any advice?

After `poisoned Iranian rain' - Hazem Saghieh - Haaretz 1/2/2006

Israel death toll lowest in years -- BBC

Polls may be delayed, says Abbas

The Truth You Don't Hear About: Situation on the Ground in Pal (Barghouti)

Entrenched Hypocrisy: Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and Iran

Chief rabbi fears 'tsunami' of hatred

Israel: Anti-aircraft missiles smuggled into Gaza

Arab Muslim wants to join IAF

9/11 video of WTC collapses with sounds of explosions before the fall

Why were Atta and 9/11 muslim hijackers on Abramoff's casino boat?

Happy New Years Election Forum

Interpreted Code, Diebold, and California: a Primer

What is a high-volume, digital-scan counting machine?

Medi-Cal Cut Threatens Poor, Disabled

WashPost blog entry on Francine Busby (Dem for CA-50)

Death Penalty in Iowa

Read about my first day of adventures in Mississippi

Can anyone HELP! with a ntvdm.exe error that's shutting down my program?

DCDP Filing Party TONIGHT!

Carole Four Names to run as an Independent!

Nueces County filings

Prairie Home Companion will open SxSW film fest

Judicial candidates

Last minute candidate filings

Strayhorn to run as independent!

Is it hot enough for ya-in January?

New voter registration system falls flat - Who knew?

Packers fire Sherman after 4-12 finish

Question about clean up

did you guys see this in GD? says the Food Channel is now running

Dangerous U.S. child-sex suspect seen in Ontario

Tory official resigns over website posting

Rev. (Robert) Schuller steps down

Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda

States Take Lead in Push to Raise Minimum Wages

Fundamentals of Politics Challenge Iranian Leader

Alito Once Made Case For Presidential Power (for RayGun)

Turkish envoy to Iraq wounded

Israel death toll lowest in years -- BBC

20 years on and whales are under threat again

Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Kill 12

U.N. seeks interview with Assad

Christianity Condition for Tsunami Aid

Britain's queen honors iPod designer

Iraqi Sunnis Refute Report on US Bribing Scholars

U.S.: Al-Qaida 'neutralized’ in western Iraq

Blast traps 13 miners in West Virginia

Ivory Coast military repel attack on major base

U.S. Commander: Western Iraq plagued by 'local insurgency'

Former city councilman accused of spraypainting anti-war/Bush graffiti

Tornado warning for Arkansas and Georgia and Florida!

Man 'frightened off' paying Hassan ransom (by Blair goons)

German rink collapse kills (at least) three

do they think it's worth it?

US envoy says will press anew on UN reforms -paper

Gas Row Sends Shiver Through EU--BBC

Lugar supports hearings on secret domestic spying order

Ahmadinejad says Zionist crimes same as Nazi crimes

Navajo Nation seeks to stop uranium mining rush

FEMA: Evacuees in Hotels Get New Deadline

Ankara denies report US wants Turk base to hit Iran

Chastised Russia all but abandons gas blockade

Howard may drop FTA amendment (Australia)

New Book Reveals Secret War Operations

Va. weighs DNA testing after execution

SC National Guard had to leave $50 million worth of equipment in Iraq

First Ever Domestic Violence Claim Filed (Jessica Gonzeles)

Afghanistan deployment in doubt

In NY, Power of DNA Spurs Call to Abolish Statute of Limitations for Rape

Enron case big test of the `idiot defense'

Challenges ahead for US economy

Update 11: Independence Air to Shut Down on Thursday

Four U.S. civilian contractors killed in accident (Al Asad Air Base, Iraq)

U.S. winding down Iraq reconstruction

Iraqi crude oil exports hit record low since war

U.S. reports sharp drop in IED success

Lincoln names: Words out, letters in

Wiretapping plan bypassed National Security Council: Report

Family's 'year of sadness' (dad a disabled vet, GI son killed, house burns

Official: Assad refuses to meet with UN Hariri commission

Blast traps miners in West Virginia

Faith-based organizations face suits (proselytizing with fed $$$)

Full Speed Ahead: After 9/11 Bush + Cheney pushed (+ Ashcroft said NO!)

Ex-'WSJ' Reporter Joins the Marines

Chinese language catching on in U.S. classrooms

Comptroller in Texas Walks Away From GOP (Scotty's mom)

Pledge to carry gun battle across nation (NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg)

U.S. military 'shuts down' soldiers' blogs

Less than 5 hours until....

Hey Freepers, In here.................

National guardsman changed his name to a toy

Movie question


blancmange wins wimbledon

things you never posted (excerpts)


I am still in love with my Chex.

Help! Help! I'm being squelched

James Blunt rant.

I'm still in love with the saying "what the heck?"


New Year's Day is the Seventh Day of Christmas.

Popozão. Kevin Federline's gift, in song, to civilization?

I'm still in live with my pects.

I am still in love with T-Rex.

IASILWM Tyrannosaurus Rex

I'm still in love with my Timex.

I'm still in love with my BowFlex.

What do you want from life?

The soil of a man's heart, Louis, is stonier.

Blunt rant

I love Clorox

I am still in love with Borax

I am still in love with the Lorax.

I have a lovely Thorax.

Have you just dropped the bomb?

good lord

What is it with this hex?

I'm in love with my rolex.

Meg Ryan is such a BIG Harlot.

I have a lovely Lorax!

America is Obsolete

I am the Magnificent ..........

What's the point of life?

Been off work for a week. Today I go back to the dysfunctional

I am putting Floogeldy on ignore,

Merry Christmas, SUCKERS!

I've resolved this year to see the world through my baby's eyes

please delete

I'm still in love with my ex-lax

So, if ATF searched your home,

Who else is tired of the 16-year old kid who went to Iraq....

I'm still in love with my Lex

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Hey, Agent Mike:

are there any websites that buy term papers?

ATTENTION GopisEvil! I have another injury!!!! However,

I've heard my name a few times in your __________

does it make you uncomfortable when you hear a large amount of...

Watching Ally McBeal on DVD (the first two seasons)

Job opening: Head coach for Packers

Battlestar Galactica - review & preview coming up tonight

TiVo is cool. But it seems rather too intelligent for its own good.

Aaarrrggghhh. I can't sleep.

Famed stripper dies of Pneumonia

The world has become entirely surreal

I found a pic of Heidi's reckless twin sister.

Woo-hoo! Tournament of Roses Parade!

Oh no! I just saw this smilie in a whole new light:

OK. So someone we know is now in BIG Trouble

next week i'll be starting a medical weight loss program ...

I'm only happy when it rains

If you missed the roast chicken yesterday

And you think that I have a sick sense of humor?! Look at these and wince:

Monday earworm. BWA HA HAH HAH HA!

Jalepeno Popper filling - which cheese option

... Am I hallucinating?

-please delete

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Ok, how'd you all like it if this was our mascot here?

Monday afternoon earworm . . . .

Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say

What makes you happy?

Can you believe this? Call me stupid.


Early Childhood Teachers, looking for a song...

So..Did Bush win the coin-toss at the football game?

I found an embarrassing pic of Call Me Wesley

Ebert and Roeper's Top Ten Movies of 2006

If I sent this to dubya, do you think he would listen to it?

Green Day Nominated for Record of the Year

Vince McMahon

Vikings fans...Zyggy did the right thing...

I just watched a kid pass out at the National Spelling Bee.

Britain's queen honors iPod designer

Kitty Dials 911

Dang that felt good (debunking email crap)

Okay, I took posession of my new element yesterday, I LOVE THIS THING

I took posession of my new excrement yesterday, I LOVE THIS THING!

I just had the worst freaking nightmare.

Robb is a dingbat: cast your vote.

Can anyone help me post an image? It just won't work for me.

My Criminal Procedure professor died on New Year's Eve

Packers fire Mike Sherman!

Man, one cup of bottled wine and I'm buzzed.

Saw King Kong yesterday...and WOW...

I'm spending my day off - Snuggling with Dominick Dunne.

Okay, I took posession of my new Elephant yesterday, I LOVE THIS THING

"I think he wants to communicate."

Dunnah. DUNNAH dunnah dunnah. AYE! AYE! AYE!....

We Want Your Soul

Any suggestions to keep critters out of my container garden?

What song are you listening to right now?

Need Advice... MICE problem

what should i get sundog for his birthday?

After lots of expirementation with different mandates, it is my opinion

fucking slayer dude!

**Update** on my dad

I cried a tear

Beautiful Sky Picture I took yesterday (Dial Up Warning)

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

prayer thread for matcom

My 'Talking Phone Book' has never said a word.

So the teenagers decide to pay someone $20 each for a bottle of

Have I created a poll that will get NO votes?


Scandal in Austria: Art or Porn?


DU Graphic Designers, question...

Anonymous Good Samaritan stopped by today (CA Storm & Pix)

A guy from HR just e-mailed.

why does sundog HATE DS1??

BLIZZARD Tomorrow For MA DUers!

Tell me a good joke.

Who else is having a jammie day?

How hard is it to install wifi,

What one word best describes DS1?

Any Soulseek users here? Help a newbie?

the food channel has gone religious

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/2/06)

Was anyone else trying to watch 24 on A&E this weekend, but

Savage vegetarians with blood dripping through their beards

Who has a s.o. who does not post on DU?

YEAAAAAA Tech got BEAT by Alabama.

If we are playing dueling lyrics......

So what kind of business have you been doing with al Qaeda?

is dieting, one of your new years resolutions?

What's the best website for rental cars?

Dear religionphobes...

Ok, now my feelings are hurt! Sundog says I'm not virginal enough for him!

Brothers, ain't it the truth. (Opus cartoonie)

i'm thinking about quitting eating

WTF - Wisconsin is beating Auburn! southlandshari what is going on?

margaret cho fans:

With all the firings going on today...

Fellow Californians: Are you ready for the sun???? Jeez.....

iPod nano users - I need help

Where should I visit in Ireland?

Christians have the stupidest signs

That fucking Jesus hating prick, Clark Gable

my dsktop after the HD replacment...

Saw Aeon Flux today...

I have reason to believe that khasha and Call Me Wesley

Just updated to an Optical Mouse - where have I been all these

Talk me through high blood glucose.

What's worse than an Ignorant American Racist Redneck Asshole?

Anyone here have to bomb for cockroaches before?

Computer info. help needed

Fiesta Bowl.... Ohio State vs. Notre Dame...

After lots of expirementation with different marinades, it is my opinion

They took the job I applied for off the website.

Okay, I took posession of my new Element yesterday, I LOVE THIS THING

OMG - Moose just brought us a present!

How many of you exist without a cell phone?

I am still in love with my sex.

Is the Lounge the Elbe of DU?

Pittsburgh/seattle Superbowl

Another Gratuitous Cat Thread.

Nighthawks 55 (dial-up warning)

ginbarn is down in the dumps

10 questions!

Just curious,... anyone planning on seeing Hostel?

Hello from the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Why do believers choose one belief system over another?

A.U. Interviews Esther Kaplan, talking about what we can do ..

Christianity Condition for Tsunami Aid

Bishop who converted to Rome is tipped for top honour

Stem cell breakthrough raises hope of new treatments

Physicists keep faith in constants

Stonehenge on shortlist of new world wonders

DC Council To Vote On Civil Unions

Mitt Romney Seen As 'Too Gay Tolerant' For GOP Right

Passion of the Christ was a pro S&M propaganda film - promoting

Homosexual Propaganda Film

In 'Brokeback,' men might not be only gay characters

Gay Leader Preparing For New Quebec Independence Fight

Here's one homo who doesn't give a poo about Brokeback Mountain

Drew Brees has a torn labrum.

Outback bowl disappointment

Tice, Martz, Sherman official who's next?


My son just left for the Rose Bowl!

Great 4th Quarter, Hokies

Can't Hear The Annnouncers On ABC Capital One Bowl, WTF?

WARNING: MAJOR NEW Windows VIRUS - NOT a hoax - Hotfix for some OSes

Awesome finish to the Cotton Bowl.

midnight serenades

Strange happenings with things breaking/then repairing them-

Delete duplicate

dupe deleted. n/t

Probe clears church, its lawyer says

John Kerry:3 Purple Hearts, George bush*: One Purple Nose

This Modern World - JK appearance

Question for anyone up on their Democratic Party history.

Article: Kerry keeps 2008 options open

Need some input *Bandwidth warning*

PaintShop Pro X is really cool.

Christmas Cactus

Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran

Syriana, anyone?

Last Chance to Spare Iran: You Can Do It

I feel nothing but sympathy for our troops...

January 8th is National (Guerrilla Action) Impeachment Day

The Traitor Campaign

Time to write, this time for Iran

MSNBC Question of the Day: Are you optimistic about 2006? (50% yes)

Poll Shows Drop in Military Support for Bush

An interesting thought...

Criminal charges for a thought crime

coming up on Faux: will NSA wiretap hearings help the terrorists?

CBS completes spinoff from Viacom

60 Minutes tonight...Would you want to live to 500?

Dobson strikes again

American badasses

What would Iran do?

Happy "Elect a Democrat" Year, everyone!

Seems the GD weekend change is happening now.

Jerusalem Post:" U.S. planning strike against Iran".

Spot the paragraph of spin and distortion in this O'Reilly column

If organized religion continues to push notions like ID parents should

Please DU this Newsweek poll on warrantless wiretapping:

Chicago turns down discounted oil from Venezuela

Do you know anyone who favors starting a war with Iran?

Brilliant move Mr Putin

Self-help's big lie

Hey, Agent Mike, are you here?

know what's REALLY scary? . . .

bush has 'Jumped the Couch'

Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say

There are too many people here who won't stop saying "IF".

It's January 2, and in the heart of Iowa we just had a thunderstorm.

our economy is booming?

So what if we go into Iran and nukes?

the only outrage about bush spying is the outrage itself,...bullshit

Where's Chimp (again)?

(pabloonpolitics) GOP Congress arrested for child abuse

wiretapping: it's not about security, it's about (abuse of) power

What phrase from 2005 annoyed you the most? Poll

Well, y'all better run right out and invest in the stock market.

it IS an interesting tactic, to boldy admit & defend treason on live t.v.

If that sociopath is not impeached, after these 3 years are over

New Year's Revolutions

Just who exactly is 'The Enemy'?

Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say

our foolish founding fathers left us NO provision for removing tyrants

Happy New Years!

Notice the new efforts to ease the impact of spygate and torturegate

Revealing bush's crimes gives aid & comfort to the enemy...BULLSHIT bush

Al Gore's World Television IWT on the horizon.

all we can do is "grit our teeth and keep chugging away."

Truancy plus crime equals faulty education

I don't wanna hear any BUBBA dissin an Arab for Shooting Guns in the air

President Bush: Please Define "Democracy" (The Washington Note)

What Fate Awaits NSA Spying Whistleblower

so if a guy claiming he's with al qaeda calls me, am i subject to arrest?

MBNA deal clears path for job cuts (aka "exciting new era")

Happy New Years,282nd Quartermaster co.-love,George

Quantum leap in physics?

Codebreakers rack their brains to solve Dan Brown's new poser

Isn't is amazing that major contributers to GOP are companies that either

What the heck??????

Falwell speaks in favor of gay civil rights

Cannot The American People Be As Brave As Their Young Soldiers?

Republican leaders should be outraged.

This fool Rivkin on WJ!!

Whats the deal with Bush -n- Bushes

"Firstfruits" (domestic spying): What do we know about it?

High gas prices in Iraq. Where is the money going?

Did George W. Bush Steal The 2004 Election?

'we're at war' is not an excuse for disobeying our laws

If there are so many suspicious persons in the U.S., and if they

TVNL Radio - 2005 Round-up. Now!!

Agent Mike, are you fucking with this thread???

Maybe we'll get a reprieve from the grass fires today.

Famed stripper dies of Pneumonia

Crowds turfed out of Central Park

Black Santa Claus draws slurs Downstate

Military Times Poll finds high morale, but less support for Bush

WAR WITHOUT END--- By Robert Fisk

UN is probing the death of Hariri but not the 30,000 Iraqis Bush killed?

Citizens Impeachment Commission to make 2006 the "Year of Impeachment."

Is CSPAN really biased, or are we just so jaded...?

41 Beached Whales Shot in New Zealand

Preparing to Cut and Run-no new requests for rebuilding Iraq

Science is a religion

The Catapulting of the Propaganda Continues

Domestic Terrorism, coming to a small town

Anyone know what the AAR schedule for today is?

the food channel has gone religious

Where are the Sex Scandals?

One thing all the Republicans seem to agree upon...

"I'm george w. bush & I do what I please & you can all go suck it"

When Did TIME Magazine's International Coverage Go Down the Tube?

The "Back Door Draft" we all talked about

Americablog: Exactly how has Bush made America any safer

Former Reagan advisor compares Bush to Hitler

Any new PITHY "Wiretapping" bumper stickers out there?

Law on renewable resources greatest 2005 success - activists

more outrage please

Had the NYT exposed the ILLEGAL WIRETAPPING story a year ago,

Firm knew Abramoff was paid by ex-DeLay aide before scandal broke

Bolton Testimony Revealed Domestic Spying

China says GDP grew 9.8 per cent in 2005 (to 1.93 trillion dollars)

Galilee Biblical Park On Tap?

Russian gas monopoly accuses Ukraine of siphoning Europe-bound natural gas

Will Democrats keep Juan Coles' New Orleans prediction from becoming true?

1st Day Of New Year And We Didn't Spend A Dime

A Nation Under...

Congress lies low and goes along

College Students who stop Army Recruiting deemed terrorists by Pentagon

Buzzflash and Bradblog: They're on with Thom Hartmann NOW -- stream

Realistically, how difficult will it be for a "moderate" to win primary?

"Antiwar webmaster asssasinated" hoax follow-up (Michael Crook, 5/17/05)

Rawstory developing a story about Abramoff's firm

Huff Post: What is the Bush Administration Trying to Hide?

I just watched a 2 minute commercial on a TV side table on the

Franken coming up on CSPAN2

What is your campaign activity level?

"We can't impeach Bush because Cheney would be worse?" Bullshit.

Bush's Long War with the Truth By Robert Parry

Are you watching CSPAN?-about wounded soldiers...

Interesting fact with the NYTimes I just heard

The more things change...

the Rude Pundit just spent some time in N.O. has fresh pics

SPYGATE is THE turning point....We will never be able to go back

If you live anywhere near KC, or just need to get away, please join us

GOP Scairdy Cats

must watch-"exposed-the Carlyle Group"


One of my all-time favorite New Yorker cartoons (1971) ..

FIRST EVER - ACLU going to int'l court after SCOTUS stonewalling.

Brit soldiers now hawking their Iraq campaign medals on eBay.

U.S. shutting down soldiers' blogs

Abramoff's Firm Fined for Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions

CSPAN Call-In - Jack Abramoff & the Tribal Lobbying Investigation

noticed Ed Schultz is live today

Randi Rhodes is BAAAAAACK!

Cutting working mothers some slack

POLL QUESTION: Should DU send candidates questionaire and post answers?

Bush Administration Ends Magazine Unpopular Among Middle East Arabs

"If somebody from al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why."

Institutes of Biblical Law...

9/11: A Special White House Slide Show

Bush: "We're at War . . ."

John Kerry: 3 Purple Hearts George Bush: 1 Purple Nose

Kristof vs. O'Really : anything come from the challenge?

New Book Reveals Secret War Operations

Strange. FBI's Ten Most Wanted site for Bin Laden. No mention of 9/11.

Strayhorn, A.K.A., Scott's Mommy, To Run As An Eye ("I")

Economy Facts The Media Ignores (The Truth)

It doesn't pay to conserve energy

have you read Suzanne Brockman's dedication to her gay son in book

Tweety's back live talking about wiretapping; MSNBC, 4pmCT. nt

Chalabi likely to succeed in new Iraq government, despite controversy

Right now I am only able to say two things:

I was looking at bush on the news and looks like he's had another...

Faux news just had Wes Clark on to talk about.... Iran


Who do you feel is the worst Democratic US Senator after Sen Ben Nelson

look at the BAE systems no-bid and sole source contracts

New Wolcott Is Up: "It Was A Bad Year For George Bush"

Iraq Looms Close for Private Recruited in Wartime

Great snark at

'there was no room for them at the inn'

Describe the atmosphere in the White House today...

What if your ISP is one of those that made agreeement with White House...?

Why do Democrats continue to ignore Mergermania and its effects?

We Can't Make It Here...

I wondered a couple of weeks ago why there's no footage from Iraq

If a tree falls in the forest...

Would Bush Strike Iran Without Prepping The US?

Damn CNN.. They are showing the PA 2002 mine rescue

what's happening to the schools in NOLA?? I've read/heard that public

'Cuomo' angers Bush

I love the way Charlie Rangel handles those Bushbot talking heads.

2005: The Collapse of Bush's Authority

Thank God for Abrams!! I've been screaming this all along:

"There's a tradeoff between liberty and security." Sigh.

Bolton Testimony Revealed Domestic Spying

Green Day Bash Bush At End of Year Bash

About that FISA-less spying...

From John Conyers' blog today:

Didn't O'Reilly say he would apologize if no WMDs were found?

Chris Matthews asked about Bob Shrum and "Broke Back Mountain."

Bloomberg Calls Guns “A National Threat” And Vows To Launch National Campa

The lump under *'s suits has been positively identified!!

Juan Cole on today's revelation that US reconstruction in Iraq is ending

An observation on the phony "War on Christmas"

In case anyone is interested, final poll results:

Chalabi likely to succeed in new Iraq government, despite controversy

Bush can "prove" he didn't spy on innocent Americans if he wants

"It may not be wise to have an election in a time of national peril."

Just saw "Munich." A study of violence begetting violence

Saddam prior to the war

Desperate for Political Coverage of NSA Spying I turned on Tweety.......

Are Coulter, Hannity, Savage, O'Really, etc guilty of hate crimes

Don't let congress get away with closed hearings

Does anybody know if it is simply coincidence or a mis-perception

When does Stephanie Miller return?

Need help w/ poll! Fight a facist today!

Feingold tests the waters, but will he jump in?

It's 5 minutes til Rose Parade time here in Pasadena, California

NIH funding level cut for the first time in a generation..... Celiac

McDonald's To Open In Baghdad By Summer 2006

great pic of Randi

I'm so looking forward to Socky's next press briefing.

If Spygate reveals 04 Election Invalid then No Need to Impeach?

Next up: The war on Valentine's Day.

Snow, rain bring misery to Pakistan survivors - More F-16's on the way

Did you see C-SPAN this morning about the new "black boxes" in new cars?

Today's Must-See TV Video Clip: Conan O'Brien's 2005 In Review

Hey people, the Rule of Law no longer applies! it's a Crime Free For All!

bush's rapidly deteriorating mental state is worsening & it shows

there is no such thing as "conservative talk radio" in this country

Thoughts about Iran

Randi Rhode's Change for Change campaign

WEST COAST FLOOD THREAD--Evacuees & volunteers check in here

Soldiers Are Backing Off Of Support For Bush

War Pigs

The Bush Administration's Wildly Innappropriate "Jokes"

Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes BY:CINDY SHEEHAN

Idiot LTTE

Not happy with new car choices

Idiot article

Hey, George, Here's Something for Your Boo-Boo ---->>>>

See if you can locate Crawford Ranch on this aviation chart:



I was taken in by the Crawford Ranch....

Okay, come on, let's admit it: Bush is on COCAINE.

The 2005 Senate Weasel of The Year Award

The face of poverty

Is A Trip To New Orleans A Good Idea??

Administration Seeks To Raise Debt Limit For Fourth Time In Five Years

I'm Crazy Georgie! My prices are I-N-S-A-N-E!

The Strange HIstory of George Bush's Facial Injuries ---pix->>>

IF one of the 8 was YOUR brother or sister, THEN would you give

Liar, Liar, Economy on Fire

Is there a shortage of adoptable kids?

Connecticut town to vote on censure for Lieberman

Holocaust Survivors Admit Forming Death Squad to Kill Nazis

Powerful message to send to your Christian RW friends


Please help compile list of musicians standing up to *

Here - let me lend you our Head of State for a few moments. You

Labels do not guarantee presidents will govern as portrayed...

So even Ashcroft wouldn't approve the domestic spying

Just finished watching ...

Bush hides in Asia, Cheney practices evil, we cartoon them

Remember when W criticized Clinton for nation building?

Key elections ahead around the world

It is sooooo nice to hear Rachel LIVE on AAR

Year ahead is whiter and smaller for New Orleans

Hillary salivating over Bush's new powers?

Miami Herald: "Katherine Harris can boast successes despite light record"

Russia's legacy of Torture, a harsh lesson for the US

Missouri callers to C-Span...

while re-reading Article II of the Constitution (*'s job description)

Do you ever get these?

NYT's today reports on NSA's large data-mining operations within the U.S.


American Enterprise Think Tanker takes money for Iraq Propaganda...

King Geogre will be in Chicago on Friday

Now, the China "threat"--once Iran is done, get ready for it..heard today

Boy, I wish they would go back to terror alerts

Can someone interpret Bolton's double speak re:this article?

Bush removal ended Guam investigation (of Jack Abramoff)

US cannot fence off the challenge of immigration


Alito Once Made Case For Presidential Power

did anyone see the interview with bill clinton on 60 minutes last

Sam Brownback (R) 2008 is one to watch - very slick

Out of Iraq Events Planned Nationwide on January 7th

Bank of America Closes on Deal for MBNA - 34.2 billion

Air America Phoenix is still on the air, and it is January!!

Does it matter if the 2008 nominee is pro-life?

Bushbots are laughing that W owns DC & he is immune from

Sorry if this is a dupe;

DU a poll;

Need best quote about domestic spying for IMPEACH BUSH flyer

George Sr. and Barb absent for Christmas

Clearchannel owns Air America and Conservative Talk Radio

Aug 14th 2003 Blackout- Bush Conspiracy?

Americans should expect more from their president

biggest right wing in lie 05

CSM: It's going to be a banner year of dramatic hearings in Congress

Texas comptroller Strayhorn leaves GOP to run for gov. as Independent)

TPM Cafe has it right

Another Surprise in the Defense Bill-largest school voucher program

Where are you agent Mike?

"U.S. Planning Strike Against Iran" on

Clark on FAUX NOW....Iraq and IRAN.....1/2/06 VIDEO UP

The Pullout Has Begun

MY SWEET LORD / David Podvin

of 8 published pages NOT ONE deals with a terrorist......

NEW Grand Theft Election OHIO: "Way Out West", California's SOS

86% Think Bush Should Be IMPEACHED.

Pat Buchanan: "The president's WON this argument" (wiretapping)


Point of view about Bush and Iran, credibility and capability. Dean FTN

The Societal Costs of Surveillance

How would you advise the Democrats to handle this spy scandal?

Moderates in Kansas plan forum

SEE if you can guess the "Most Downloaded clip of 2005" on Crooks & Liars

Clark scared the hell out of us tonight..I still have a knot in my stomach

Key Transcripts & Audio Files; Clark/Perle testify to Congress on Mid East

Can Bush bomb Iran w/o approval of Congress

So exactly what law did Shrub break with the wire tapping?

Will College Republicans Sign Up To FIght In Iraq?

Please DU this poll

News breaks Ashcroft refused to authorize wiretaps, Dems Silent.

Can the Democratic party be made more progressive?

2008 Presidential Poll

Kerry Keeps Options Open

Want to know the hardware behind Echelon?

TruthIsAll: Plain English—“The Past is Prologue"- 1st Line Fraud Defense