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Archives: March 10, 2006

( Greenfield: With Port Deal Dead, Do You Feel Safer?

Dubai Moves (PBS)

The next War, Iran.

The Economist cover story: "George W. Bush in Dr. Strangedeal"

WP: In an Election Year, GOP Wary of Following Bush

DP World and U.S. Trade: A Zero-Sum Game

US on human rights: Laugh yourself to death

"The Conservative Epiphany" (Krugman, NYT sub req)

Conason: Broken Hammer

Massive solar project targets 88 villages (Botswana)

Nuclear Technology: The Inappropriate Exercise of Human Intelligence

UK cited for 'obsessive' anti-Semitism, J Post 3/9/2006

Isn't "computer glitch" just the most outrageous euphemism for "rigged?"

Can an SoS legally disseminate information known to be false?

Elections Forum Friends of TruthIsAll, Please Go Here

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!! or Revolution NOW!!

Need for 'Untouchable Exit Polls' for future elections

Progressive radio again - please sign our petition if you have not

Could Becky Lourey challenge Norm Coleman in '08?

Texas DU caucus plans for State Convention

Semi-regular Sunday DU brunch gathering in Austin 3/12

Filibuster photo and VIDEO gallery is up...

I'm changing my name to Fred Astaire.

Contact info for Gene Kelly?

Stay tuned:

olive oil??? new, unopened bottle and it looks separated...

Why Canada should not be in Afghanistan

Thoughts on Canada's 'divided' left

Rumsfeld: Iraqis Would Deal With Civil War

Court urged to end Bush spy program

Blast shakes Thai political nerves

Thousands Protest Georgian Government (anti-Saakashvili)

Where's Bartcop?

Spain to pull out of Haiti

Hawaii Prison Begins to Clean Up Its Act

U.S. will let Iraqi forces deal with any civil war, Rumsfeld says

Republican Consultant admits he lied about Charlotte Pritt in testimony.

Faith-based programs flourishing, Bush says

Demonstrators Greet Bush During Georgia Visit

Bush sends India nuclear request to Congress: sources

Consultant on GOP ads agrees 'condom' not in Pritt bill

Khalilizad wants Iraqis to meet away from Baghdad

U.S. image may take a hit from failed ports deal, economists say

Jury Says Contractor Defrauded Government

FEC: Reid, Herrera donors broke campaign finance laws (Repubs)

Liberian president to address US Congress (AFP)

UN staff votes no confidence in Annan management (Reuters)

NYT: $25,000 to Lobby Group Is Tied to Access to Bush

Scientists aim to regenerate soldiers' lost limbs

Argentine soldiers die in plane crash (AP)

Kansas Senator floats flat-tax plan for Washington

Report: Matthews accepted hefty speaking fees from conservative groups

Abizaid Criticizes Port Deal Opponents ("Arab and Muslim bashing.")

Feds Order U.S. Banks to Sever Syria Ties

Official: Iraq may still seek WMDs (Paul Pillar)


You know what really pisses me right the hell off?

"I'm proud to be a 'Publican, because I know I'm Free"

America in the olden days:

God bless..whoever you're God is.

George W. Bush is so smart that he...

Stupid funny email

What are you swearing?

When a chiropractor tells a joke, NEVER respond with this:

How many posts do you have?

Colloidal silver... do any of you use it as a nose spray

There for the grace of God...a Katrina story

Survivor Spoiler

The new Staples "copycat" commercial.

Top ten reasons plot against Hitler failed...

Well, looks like that's another cold, hard winter put to bed.

What is Bush drinking right now?

Lick the Queens boots.

God help me with this iPod!

I wish I had a really good pizza right now.

Love and laugh. It is a short pony ride. Live accordingly.

Can we all please focus for a minute on Shrek the Sheep?

Do you ever feel really old? My rhyming quatrains on my failing memory


Tomorrow is pay day! So, what should I get?

I hurt myself today...

To Rev. Cheesehead, KW and merh

the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve - four of my photos

An eight Ball and a Fancy Hooker......

Whoa! I just passed 6000 posts.

Laetitia Sadier. My goodness.

Your favorite Minor League Baseball Team Name (from this list)

Adam Levine breaks up with Jessica Simpson via a text message

I just woke up - I thought it was MORNING

What is the maximum acceptable rate of Girl Scout Cookie consumption?

Ok, this is like that site with the screaming ghoul that pops up

There's a hooker been walking the street in my hood

Need webmaster question answered regarding accessing a...

Chet Atkins playing Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"

Why does pizza and beer go so good together?

Life is eleven small self-deluding lies.

Lost, Found & Lost Again

I can now do 3 reps of 20 circular row motions of 25 POUND weights!

Nintendo the 21st Best Toy of All Time--WTF?

Puppy love (pic)

Has anyone here ever tried on a burqa?

Tonight's Show... Is ready to go 11PMET - 8PMPT

Favorite kind of nut?

getting my first car loan-any advice/

The most unexpected thing happened to me today!

All that I have is not for much.......Sweet dreams..

I got called a 'fag' today with its girlfriend laughing, ask me anything.

Any gamers have the "24" game yet

I'm feeling kinda...


American or no..

Cigar afficianados! Ever hear of this?

Life is one large, self-enlightening wonder!

V for Vendetta...

I'm watching the movie "Saved!"

Friend in Hospital, please suggest some books for me to bring him.

Let's have a séance right here in the Lounge


ronnykmarshall SANGS !!!!

Okay I say we get rid of the month of March

To my friends that are a little sad.(dial-up warning)Here comes the sun

Help, I need a new favorite game to play.

I can't take any more of this


Do any other DUers play Pogo games online?

MMMM Warm Blackberry cobbler.

mods just make it official and sticky the kudzu thread

For our foreign friends or anyone trying to figure out English:

Family Walks on All Fours, May Offer Evolution Insight

Electrons flying 'backwards' in Saturn's sky

Red rain could prove that aliens have landed

Why we can't tickle ourselves

Build Your Own PVR - personal video recorder - out of an old PC

Am I the only one who started to sweat when he heard the church

Anyone else having a very bad Mercury retrograde?

Article on Nantucket wind farm mentions Kerry & Kennedy

The cute, it burns.

KOEB 3/9/06 "The Name That's Too Hot For TV" Edition

A little taste of KO's CSPAN appearance

The tree frogs are singing,

Psst: There Is No Functioning Government in Iraq

FReepers site is down, at 7 p.m. EST. Has O'Reilly's head exploded?

The thunder's rolling by and the storms are passin' through North Alabama

Did I just hear Tweety praise Michael Savage for the port deal being killed

Yay..Yippee..there are 102 more billionaires in the world this year

Olbermann: "I Can't Hate" O'Reilly

Byrd not giving up on investigating spying on Americans:

We're closing Abu Ghraib! (read the small print) Hollow Victories.

Question regarding donations to people seeking offices.

The slide into irrelevance - action requested

Has Bush Fu$ked His Reputation and The USA Reputation

Since the RW's getting back to slamming Labor... A sweet salute to those

Mike from Florida, who O'Reilly threathened, on Keith O. tonight

Republicans are a day late and a dollar short ....

Half of calls to Iraq anti-rebel hotline are insults

So I did some math with the debt.

Dead Dubai Deal Dumps US in Doody..

Peter King said on Dobbs that Bush and the Wh have a sense of relief on Tweety Matthews.....

Inexperienced 28-Year-Old Bush Staffer Appointed to Critical Homeland Secu

If you could make ONE thing off limits to the RW'ers, what would it be?

Conyers:Justice Department Admits More Than 100 FBI Violations

Chertoff's secret Bird Flu contingency plan...

U.S. urged to abandon force-feeding at Guantanamo

Ambien causing people to DRIVE in their sleep.

Torture as National Policy.....Dahr Jamail

Tweety, the Peace Corps, the CIA and draft dodging.

From Fundamentalist Christian to Islamic Terrorist

The new South Dakota State Coin. From Bartcop.

When will we learn the details? Will there be a devil in it? Who is

Man who said KO name on O'Liely On Next

Media calling it a "Republican Mutiny"...

Does It Get Any Sadder Than This???

Where's Bartcop?

Taser International Bleeding Money

One nation under God

is this happening anywhere else? Tulsa just had a primary for mayor

Still half an hour left of Jesse's Radio show....

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World Mar 9 06

Iraq hangs 13 insurgents

Instructor Warned of Moussaoui: Warnings were Ignored

"How come you just don't make it available in iTunes?"

"Better to be a fascist than a faggot,"


Let's Put this UAE Port Deal in the Proper Perspective

Why don't they just split up Iraq into three countries?

What is George Bush thinking right now ?

wallet stolen

I'm listening to the BBC talking to a Fred Phelps member...

Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters

The Day After - Now playing on Sci Fi

Rush for intelligence 'catastrophe' in the making

China Issues Human Rights Record of US

So, I was talking to my son's teacher the other day.....

Monopolies: The other law BushCo is breaking

The 23rd Qualm

Kansas Senator floats flat-tax plan for Washington

In Gulf, Rich Get Richer while Poor Get Poorer (life in Dubai)

George Bush's day...

fund free mammograms!

* regarding Gov. Sonny Perdue: "done a heckuva good job as governor"

Semantics in Iraq: War v. Occupation

Bob Kincade just said...if Reagan was teflon, Shrub is T-fal.

Ken Schram Commentary: I Wish I Were Joking...(Male Roe v Wade lawsuit : )

Y'all are FAMOUS!


Scariest political commercial yet...


Apple plans 3,000-worker support center in India

Not to worry....

ABU GHRAIB Officer Says Higher-Ups To Blame For Prison Abuse

"They cannot imprison my mind"

Has the mighty RW Wurlitzer had any CONSISTENT spin of the Ports deal?

What I heard about Dubai

Our President's an idiot.

Anti-Gay site defends Chris Matthews....hmmmm

i'm a man,and i'm pro abortion.

Current TV's "Supernews" -- "Brokeback White House"

Jon Stewart announced that the Dubai deal is off, but actually

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Rip the Chimp

"what are you benching buff boy"?

WA State - red/hick state with one huge exception, or no?

Fascinating site about the Iraq dinar, investments, US company

Guantanamo Bay will bring down Bush?!?

Wolffe of Newsweek says a Dubai co. wants to buy piece of Defense Dept.!!!

The merits of the current tax system versus a "flat-tax" (simply curious)

My 7-year old god-daughter made me SO proud tonight....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

Oh My! RW bro said 2 yrs ago 'Halliburton is the only co BIG

Dog cavador teams getting kicked out of hotels 360 Cooper now

Damn it! it's 21 ports, not 6. and What every one is forgetting is that

Great cover on The Economist this week

"they don't live like a bunch of dogs which the Negroes do live like"

Sam Brownback Wants To Flaten D.C. With a Flat Tax

Scarborough: I must be dreaming. Lawrence O'Donnell and Katrina

American Civil Service - time for the comeback

"Could This Unleash an Unintended Nuclear War?"

Lou Dobbs proved that good journalism can save this country

I want male birth control.

Repub Pollster re: * >> "He has no political capital"

Liz Cheney Leading the March Towards Iran

Scientists aim to regenerate soldiers' lost limbs

People Looking for a Way To Express Themselves

VIDEO-Olbermann on Faux Security/Guy Who Got Called

Number of Billionaires Up to Record 793

George Washington's family motto is "The ends justify the means"

Character assassination is one of the oldest weapons

Black Like GOP

Nearly $2 billion in Katrina aid unclaimed

Ahhhh, memories!

Support Our Troops....Send them to Congress!

ALA's list of most challenged books in 2005

The Honest Media Joins the Massive Call for Bush Impeachment

Girl In Golf-Club Attack Over Boy To Go Free

Iraq Through the Prism of Vietnam

A day in the life of a C-SPAN watcher

"No Bravery" video #1 on google - wow!


Rita And The Murdered NYC Woman.....

BRAD BLOG: E-Voting Disasters All Around the Country...

VIDEO- Protester at the Rice/Rumsfeld Supplemental Hearing today

Tweety burned bad by Lou Dobbs.

The Bush legacy will be....

I Was Shovelin' Shit and Sam Stopped By

The bungling Bush presidency is falling apart (Newsday)


BRAD BLOG: FL Candidate Votes for Self, Vote Flips to Opponent!

Rethug family values: Church-burner's dad an elected Republican

My Own Thoughts and Questions on the Child Support/Abortion Debate

18 earthquakes over 4.4 in the last 24 hours

who is this Mike Smerconish goof that Matthews keeps fawning over...


Pray for Bush

Former Reagan admin Member: Americans Dumber Than Bush

Pants on Fire: CA's POS SoS McPherson Responds to Diebold Petition

Norm Ornstein: Dubai Ports Considering Selling Operations To Halliburton

The new "E=MC^2" discovered!

My personal report on the "Standing up for SD Women" Rapid City rally

Abraham Lincoln was walking in the woods one day and a stranger...

DU this poll - Marijuana possession - should it be a criminal offense?

TruthIsAll very ill, in the Hospital—Asks Online Friends for Our Prayers

SEIU UHW Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike

Sikorsky to Move Operations During Strike (CT)

Hospital, Strikers Reach Deal To End Lockout (CA)

Union delays expanding UM strike to Miami International Airport

UAW says not close to deal with Delphi, GM

Pilots from eight other airlines sign support agreement for Delta pilots

Don't think Senator Leahy (VT) is going to CAVE on Ports Deal, LTTE!

Looks like P.I.H.D. Frist ("President In His DREAMS") failed again

Dubai is like the Cam Ranh Bay of the Vietnam War....

The Republican Party

Went to a union meeting tonight with locked out workers and

Cox Enterprises (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) is owned by Democrats.

The Arabs will really be mad at us now...

Dubya’s New Initiative - Legalize Terrorism….......

General Abizaid criticizes port deal opponents

Apparently lobby reform will require lobbyists to cross "With the light"

Dot Connection - catapulting the propaganda

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Blast 'Humiliating' Katrina Cleanup

Do the pundits really think the way they speak or is it just simply

Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters

U.S. Sets Plans to Aid Iraq in Civil War

So many "computer glitches" in FL and TX - nice euphemism for "rigged"

Who thinks Bush and Rove planned this whole fiasco ?

How much stronger are Repubs than Democrats on "national security"?

Hey! Help DU this poll: Should Repubs retain control-House/Senate?

If The Draft Is Coming............

Who is he???

In a stunning moment, Dubai delivers a telegram; saves Bush's ***

For 2008, Hillary Clinton leads google "voting", followed by Russ Feingold

Video: Gonzo, AG of the US and a confessed pie lover!

Name someone famous you dislike...then find out they are a Democrat...

Xenophobia reigns over Dubai port fiasco

PR: Western Shoshone Victorious at United Nations: U.S. Found in Violation

Journalism Needs a New Spine (Dan Rather)

Mark Morford: Let's All Get ADD!

Afghanistan: The Other War

Bridging The Abortion Divide

Happy Now?

Israel's Tragedy [of settlements] Foretold

The Origins of the Overclass

Party waits on Reid: Democrats look to leader for their message

Osama bin Laden's Niece to Star in Reality TV Show

Greenspan: Third-party candidate coming

Inexperienced 28 yr old Bush Staffer appointed to HSec Post

(Pilger) The Secret War Against the Defenseless People of West Papua

Externalizing the Cost of War

Port deal dies in a storm

the homeless in Paris have tents

Bush visit to India

Sick Days, By Chris Floyd

Evil of war brings unending pain, by Andrew Greely

Nir Rosen on Iraq and Iran

Faith Hill: 'I Fear for Our Country'

Now they're coming home from war.

Sandra Day O'Connor rips into GOP,warns of "beginnings" of dictatorship

La Nina strengthens (predicted to last thru October)


January 2006 temperature anomalies

UK GHG Emissions Well Above 1990 Levels - Guardian

China's Energy-Efficiency Drive Faces Big Political, Economic Challenges

Carbon burial plan for North Sea

Bering Sea Ecosystems Changing Rapidly In Response To Climate Shift

Cactus Plants Now Beginning To Die In Phoenix Drought - NYT

NASA - Over Last 40 Years, Mid-Latitude Storms Fewer, Stronger

The next wave in wind power (supersized offshore turbines)

Alaska's Proposed New Sport: Snowmachine-Based Wolf Hunts - ADN

Hamas: Olmert's border plan is declaration of war

Herut's freedom of expression

BBC: UK sold plutonium to Israel in 60s

State prosecutor: Palestinian rights groups undermine Israel

Israel sets four year deadline to draw final borders

One Skeptic Can Make a Difference - cashing in on 9/11

The 911 Cell Phone Lie!

A Concrete Core Can Fall At Free Fall, Steel Core Columns Cannot

CA: Bowen has Rival for Dem SoS Nomination

Maryland House votes to oust Diebold machines

Brad: 3rd OH election official indicted on charges of gaming '04 recount

Election Reform & Related News for Friday, 03-10-06

How fascist is HAVA?

Brad:MD House Votes 137 to 0 to Ban Diebold Touch-Screens in 2006!

I have an idea about paper trails

GA: SoS, Cathy (Blackwell) Cox, Violated Voter Rights, Judge Rules

Voters put ballots into UNlocked boxes, not directly into scanners

All the news in the Blog-sphere about Feingold made me wonder

Started a new Iowa blog

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger

Did anyone see Don Shelby's rant about the arsonists

Dan, Gena (etal) its been a looooong 5 years waiting to hear this

Is there any one who can help me set up a health related chat forum?...

why are there dat files and why are they important

Stopping Gene Kelly. Hereis an idea.

Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) in Austin Monday 3/13

Don't you just want to say WAKE UP!

Question re: voting in the runoff?

Harry Reid in da House!

Broken Hammer - Salon article

I need new cookware

Tender Tummy Recipes?

could you guys take a look and give me some honest feedback

How we treat soldiers

Harper's ethics stonewalling breaks law, worthy of censure: opposition MPs

Doc May Have Been Drunk in Operating Room

WP: In an Election Year, GOP Wary of Following Bush

Forbes reports billionaire boom

Landmine kills 26 people in southwest Pakistan, official tells Reuters

Ex-IDF chief: Israel has military option against Iran

Older Americans are not working as late in life as they used to

Security firm found guilty of bilking government in Iraq - Custer Battles

Madrid bombers not tied to al-Qaida:The homegrown radicals acted alone, of

Jackson ordered to close Neverland (Reuters)

Fastow concedes no record of conversations with Skilling on side deals

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

Baghdad: Six men slain execution-style found

Indictment Sought for Italy's Berlusconi

WP: Contractor Bilked U.S. on Iraq Work, Federal Jury Rules

British Parliament Debate Supports Chavez’s Venezuela

US-UAE postpone free trade talks amid ports row

Doctors demand end to Guantánamo force-feeding

Venezuela slams US rights claim

Iraq's New Parliament to Convene March 19

Long Island politician pleads guilty to misusing campaign funds

Academics become casualties of Iraq War

Breaking on CNN: Gale Norton to announce resignation today.

Norton expected to resign as Interior secretary

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

Party waits on Reid: Democrats look to leader for their message

Arson suspects were stars at school .

Denver Post: Gale Norton to resign from Cabinet

Dubai Deal's Collapse Prompts Fears Abroad on Trade With U.S.

Polar ice sheets show net loss

Nonfarm payroll employment grew by 243,000 in February

Britain gave Israel plutonium, files show

Netscape front page: Dems Indicted; Clinton, Kerry Targeted

Greenspan: Third-party candidate coming

Generic Republicans Best President on National Security

Iran: Civil Society Alarmed over UN Referrel

Bush concerned about ports message [pissing off his Dubai friends]

Bush Drums Up Money, Support, for Ga. GOP

Al- Qaeda's Web of Terror (using internet sites Orkut and MySpace)

Regulation Threat Alarms Political Bloggers

House panel approves $91 billion emergency spending bill

(New Orleans Election)Voter rights groups criticize election mailings

Poll: Americans say Iraq civil war likely (Dems & Repubs Agree!)

(AP) Colombian Elections Marked by Threats

Bush expresses concern about UAE port deal

Rice Extends Good Will to Latin Leftists

Exact Death Toll of Iraqis Remains Murky

Bush says diplomacy way to tackle Iran

Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice Awarded

Osama bin Laden's niece to star in reality TV show

Preteen lobbies for gay adoption (Florida

Refusal to Subsidize Scouting Is Upheld (Cal SC)

Luna, the orphaned orca, apparently killed.

President Bush's comments on Jay Bennish

ICRC wants access to inmates after Abu Ghraib closes

Blast Sets U.S. Tank on Fire in Baghdad

Sunni Imam killed in car bomb attack outside mosque in Samarra

Critical Mass rides gearing up

McGraw, Hill Blast Katrina Cleanup Efforts

U.S. Sets Plans to Aid Iraq in Civil War

House to vote on ports despite company promise

Chicago Requires Driver's Ed for the Blind

Judge orders CIA to turn over presidential briefings to Libby

Profumo Dead; Liaison with Prostitute Nearly Brought Down Brit Government

LaGuardia terminal evacuated; departures halted

The Associated Press reports it has learned Interior Secretary Gale Norton

Alaska oil spill was largest ever on North Slope

US found guilty of violating Shoshone human rights

Suicide Car Bomber Kills 7 Near Fallujah

CCSU Students Protest (Student Walkout at CCSU)

FBI Warns of Possible Terror Threat at College Basketball Stadiums

White House Asked Dubai Ports To Pull Out

Berlusconi 'to be charged'

GOP Chairman to Single Out Kerry, Clinton

Clinton Quiet About Wal-Mart Ties

Calif. Gov. to Parole Killer Turned Priest

Surprise! McClatchy Makes Top Bid for Knight Ridder

Sen. Leahy Gets Canadian Border Fence Idea Scrapped

Maryland House votes to oust Diebold machines

Bennish reinstated

Marine killed in Fallujah car bombing ( #2307 )

Bush making new push to bolster support for Iraq

Bush says his beliefs unshaken by poor poll numbers

Better fascist that gay - Mussolini's granddaughter

Gays (from Soulforce Christian group) Arrested At Falwell Run University

Carlyle Forms Infrastructure Investment Team [investment in US ports]


(WA Senate) As an anti-war candidate, Dixon says he's no 'spoiler'

Poll: Bush Approval Rating Hits New Low

Catholic Charities to halt adoptions over issue involving gays

Workers to get 44% bump in pay (Dems threaten Constit Amendment)

Bolivian Ex-President Faces Treason Charges

Student asked to withdrawl from GWU for gettting depression help

Bush worried about Dubai ports defeat

Obesity a global epidemic, says new report

AP: Reporters Exempt From Eavesdropping Bill (but not really)

Anti-Castro sign at ball game causes incident

Protesters interrupt Clinton visit ("When are our troops coming home...")

NASA orbiter set for risky Mars maneuver

Immigrants stage massive protest in Chicago

redaction placeholder

How can one (me) save a real audio file to my computer?

O.K. I'm watching Keith O.

There's still not a GOT-DAMN thing you can do about it.

I'm so pissed right now

My Candidate who I am working for needs your financially support

How many shots should I do this hour?

Goodnight, DU!


Nice mullet

I lost my cell last night at a club

Married people:

A troll is saying goodbye.

I ordered this shirt!

I do the strangest things. I am sitting here listening to a friend snore

Should I stay up or go to sleep?

Oh dear the Sandman has paid me a visit .

Winter Wonderland?

Earth is such a beautiful planet

too drunks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edie Brickell !!!!!

I'm outing myself a s a vole on DU

I'm outing myself on DU this morning as a cole

I need some creative ideas please

I'm outing myself on DU as a Dole


German collects dead brother's pension for 26 years

I'm outing myself on DU as a mule

I'm outing myself on DU as a tool

I'm hurt.

The Blackbirds Are Back In Maryland... Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Car Thief Stops To Ask Directions At Victim's Father's House - Arrested

Okay- the winter slack-off ends today.

Should I stay up or go to FReep?

Is there a place to read Sci-Fi online

Our only hope out of global warming is a simple solution -

I really need a vacation - Must vent . Grrrrrrr

A stupid joke that killed me.

Anyone else try 'Tab Energy' yet ?

When I walk out the door today, I will be unemployed....

Live-action "Simpsons" video goes viral online

Happy Birthday Carrie Underwood and Chuck Norris

I am glad to be part of this community

"It's a worldwide suicide"-NEW! Pearl Jam (download for free)

Wine-makers raise a glass to global warming

Firefoxers, is there a one-click way to save a bookmark? As it is,

Okay, the Girl Scout Cookies are here

Brazil prostitute get own radio station

Learn the Secrets of Nuclear Success - And you too can become a superpower

Woo hoo - snowing hard here at 7:47 PST


I had the easiest morning at work

I am back from my sabbatical/martial arts training

Biopro Qlink - Miracle Cure?


Sesame Street: No Russell Crowe Appearance ("not a good role model")

Anyone see "Prince of Pot" on 60 Minutes?

Forgive me

The brazillion joke

OK since everyone is coming out and confessing I must too

DAMN those Lemon Coolers! DAMN those Girl Scout cookies.

Heads up - Kevin Kline as Guy Noir, private detective.

Post Your Oscar School Poll Here.


Things that make strife worth giving. I'll go first.

School Bus Driver Drops Off 6 Year Old Miles From Home - Arrested

Is anyone leaving?

KG's AutoCAD question of the day

Northern California Driving Tour

KG'sother AutoCAD question of the day

Help me stay awake for an hour or so...

Which Photo Enhancing Software Should I Buy?

I'm becoming obsessive compulsive about reading...

ok, i lasted an hour in GD before i couldnt take it anymore

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/10/06)

Funny baby bibs


Interesting quote re:Port Security

For those who just can't get enough of those Bernie Mac library PSAs...

I am running for Mayor of Dayton, Ohio in 2009

It's time for your 20 year HS class reunion!

jpgray's old DU avatar comes up

I lost my last brain cell at a club last night

What should we make for dinner tonight?

Girl of the North Country

Duke down by 6 at halftime (anybody else watching basketball?)


For you guinnes fans....a joke

For the record, I was the FIRST to post about snakes on a plane

Congratulations RebelOne!! 10,000 posts

I'm becoming obsessive compulsive about breeding...

I am shameless. Please vote for my site on MKE Online!

The Pick of Destiny (with links to Satan's e-mail)

Poll: Best fast-food untensil invention

ChavezSpeakstheTruth posts stupid polls!

Favorite Neil Young Lyrics?

I'm leaving DU...

Munsters vs. Addams Family which is your favorite?

Chicago schools require even blind kids to pass driver's ed class

I just received an unsolicited 52-ounce bottle of Downy in the mail.


Check out this survey about Bush..

Back from GD and just got flamed.

Drunk Surgeon Arrested In Operating Room

Corned Beef and Cabbage

PLEASE help a DU'er

Oh, Underpants!!! Lookie here!!!

Its Friday afternoon, and you know what that means!!!

It's warmer outside than it is inside

For RandomKoolzip: has turned so republican

Wanna play a game? lol

Where is all this fear coming from?

I guess God doesn't exist: John Travolta to take Edna Turnblad roll

Scott Stapp dodges intoxication charges from L.A. DA, he is "appreciative"

Request Kitty Help.

No more Star Trek?

Let's try this in the lounge now: Can you name the following

Friday earworm.

A great DUer is not doing well.

A Dictionary for Republicanisms

i had a shitty day yesterday...someone took $900 out of my bank account


"The Aristocrats"

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Official hugs for swimboy thread.

Poor misunderstood Dubai


Wanted: Information about vasectomy from those who have had one

the poll to end all polls

Was I mean to salesman?

I have the worst case of the Church Giggles!

BSG - 90 minute season finale tonight!!!

Somebody PM me and tell me who the Freeper "mole" was!

I got a bite from a publisher

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

/Gimme A Break/ theme song

Are The Right Wing Trolls On The IMDB Boards Paid?

Is Robb still a dingbat?

Cat problem: Coleman hisses at Eleanor since she came back from the vet.

i'm freaking out, a marine died in fallujah today and

I'm getting a new surfboard today and it's RAINING!!!

What's The Motivation Of Being A "Mole/Troll/Infiltrator"??

I outed myself as a mole at DemocraticWarrior.

My wife was in her first union protest today!


Man Accused Of Putting Mouse In Taco Bell Burrito

Why do people spell it "moron" instead of "moran"?

Has anyone here ever sold insurance for commission?

Deliberate inflammatory flamebait wrapped up in drama queening

Is Robb still a squirrelrat?

*DAYUM* This has got to be a new record...

We just saw The Aristocrats!

Ohio State on probation

Rescuers Free Moose Tangled In Swingset

Man Says Stripper & Friend Beat Him (He was on his way to Bible Study)

I'm at work and I just fell asleep at my desk for 30 minutes

I'm at work and I just worked at my desk for 30 minutes

Nightmare-inducing thought for the afternoon...

A real effective DU mole would be posting tons of kitty threads and

Guuhhhh.... it's over. It's finally over.

Flame War!!!

Thinly veiled insincere apology for overtly snarky comment.

Good-Bye DU

I just saw a woman breast feeding while I was taking a walk -- disgusting

God help me, I am going out to clean my car.

I got on the TV!

I love these critters

I just saw a breast leaking--disgusting

I just saw a woman breast feeding while I was taking a leak -- disgusting

I just checked my hidden bathroom cam.. A man walked into the ladies....

What's Your Favorite Compass Direction

I agree with the threads that say there are too many frivolous threads.

Better fascist that gay - Mussolini's granddaughter

I just wanna HIT something! --- I wanna HIT IT HARD!!

I saw a guy peeing while I was breastfeeding - disgusting!

Sincere request to ban this style of posting from the Lounge

It's snowing

I'm on a mission.

windows are open, pleasant breeze blowing as the sun sets....

To everyone who is having a sucky week - keep your head up .

Anyone know a good restaurant where I can go out and eat tonite?

20 Questions: Poll of Firsts edition

Are there any dj's in the lounge? I have a question, ...please

HE'S OKAY!!!!!!!!!!! (re: Fallujah thread a little while ago)

Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo

I love pork.

Self delete...

Should imbecilic trolls be banned in The Lounge?


Houston Traffic Rules - oldie but still funny and TRUE..

Let's use the DU "good wishes" voodoo for something -important-

Rat-Squirrel Discovered.

Rat-bastard discovered!

Enough with the breast-feeding threads. Repetition isn't funny

Things you wished that only Canadians knew about.

Replace one nipple in any movie with "words"

Would anyone like a handful of my nuts?


I love porn.

We moved our computers to the front picture window

After 13,000 posts, 3 years here.. I had all you all fooled.hahahahahahaha

Favorite David E. Kelly Lawyer:

What's your all-time favorite Seinfeld episode?

What do you think is the best early period British pop single?

Mr. Coffee died this morning

Meow! Play with me RIGHT NOW! Meow!

Driving across the country....your thoughts

Things that only Canadians know about.

Prince Rogers Nelson, Major Nelson or Admiral Nelson?

I wonder what work will bring today

Official Lounge GOODBYE GALE NORTON celebratory thread!

Approved art in the Third Reich

I got my first shot of testosterone today...

Is anybody else here addicted to " " ?

Jackson ordered to close Neverland (Reuters)

I have better things to do with my knife

Apparently I am a sheeple!

Should imbecilic pols be banned in The Lounge?

Post your favorite smilie - or animated gif

Ever dissed another DUer?

"Happy Birthday" to me...62 years today who'da thunk it...

If you see me reply to other people in my thread but not to you

The internet is the craziest place there could ever be ->>>

I GOT IT!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Things that make life worth living. I'll go first.

What's your favorite movie musical?

Imbecilic Poll: What's Your Favorite Poll Color?

Ever kissed another DUer?

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW??

A poem for Ancient Aviators

It's quiet in The Lounge today, too quiet...

Are you obsessive/compulsive? I have to know now!

Should imbecilic polls be banned in The Lounge?

Brazilians, Rackets, and 14 Ways to Look at a Fascist

I hereby declare a Philadelphia area DU LOUNGE PARTY on March 17!

Friday gift for Rabrrrrrr

Battlestar Galactica season finale tonight!

In praise of...the train

I have the worst case of the Church Nipples!

I just had post #910: "The One After 909."

Never let it be said that the Lounge cannot accomplish anything

Goodnight everyone!

Replace one word in any movie title with "nipples"

OBIT: Rosemary Kooiman; Championed Witches' Rights

GWU Suit Prompts Questions of Liability [kicks out depressed student]

Thank you, Cecil!

Hormonal Imbalance and hypothyroidism, auto-immune diseases, osteoperosis

Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Mars

Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab

San Francisco Catholic Diocese Reportedly Seeking Way To Ban Gay Adoptions

Bill To Dump Maryland Judge Over Gay Ruling Dies

British Gay Rights Leader Accused Of Orchestrating Zimbabwe Coup Attempt

Florida Gay Adoption Bill Falters

Illinois Governor Moves To Ease Tensions Over Hate Crime Commission

T plus one and counting...

not to get all political on this, but...(sports stars and giving)

Nobody Ever Accused Baseball Players Of Being Smart

Four-way tie for lead at Linares chess tournament with one round to play

Need Advice....I have to take my Maddie to the Vet today

New to the Zoo

My foster babies escaped! ::::cry::::

I'm somewhat obsessed with the T-square of 2010

She visited me....

Queen of Swords

well seems i'm moving this year

Real War Vets vs Wannabes

Allen vs Biden on MTP Sunday - I will not be watching

Allen and Football, we aren't the only ones to notice the connection.

Expect more of this as the election draws closer

The RNC plans to keep grabbing the Catholic vote, as in '04

Tragedy for an Iraqi family: Death and School Bombing

freeper troll reveals itself

VA people: I have a question about Webb

Might as well make it a TGIF picture thread

GOP chairman to single out Kerry, Clinton

An inquiring mind wants to know.....

Meet and Greet w/Harvard Dems: is anyone going?

NYT Mag article about Warner (but lots of insider info about Hillary)

C-SPAN carrying Kerry live Saturday

In honor of *s falling Poll numbers

Tech Heads, I have a lens question.

I performed Open Heart Surgery last week (sensor clean)

Big chunk of KO's CSPAN interview transcript here...

Keith will be a guest on Al Franken's radio show on AAR on Monday.

Snark- I'm watching the Rice/Rumsfeld hearing-Thad Cochran

Now That It's An Election Year, CONS LOOK GOOD BASHING BUSH

does anyone have a link to the clip- rush limbaugh bombing on sajak's show

Olbermann "O'Reilly Secret Police" segment from tonight about to rerun

i saw a clip of senator warner announcing that the dubai port deal was off

We're giving up privacy and getting no security in return!

Why is NOBODY talking about this?

Equality Ride

Don't Fall For The Christians Vs. Gays Frame

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill BLAST Bush, "humiliating" response to Katrina

Good-bye DU.

Krugman: On Bruce Bartlett and all other woken up wingers

We're NOT living "1984" - we're living "Brazil"

Our present democrats need to learn from the past democrats

Update on the Avon/Army Recruiter in my neighborhood

VIDEO- Republican Wussies Were the Ones that Stalled the Dubai

Ugh...I need a good scrubbing...

About all those reacent Earthquakes

Posts by ex-Mole Silverhair for your reading enjoyment.

This is the sound of me shitting in my boxers.

Tweety: Has anyone compared the contributors lists for his brother's

The brutal truth: it's civil war (Times, 10 March 2006)

(M)Ann Coulter: "Note to self: hire two more interns to screen hate mail"

Franken Coulter Debate... where are details?

Dubai and Spine

'Truth For Muslims' to Deliver Texans a Biblical Response to Islam

PNAP - Project for the New American Press...

GOP is running out of the "Yes...but" defense of *

Doctors attack US over Guantanamo

Cobert - "Yes Jon, the carpet matches the drapes".....

"Any country mad at Condi for not visiting them is SMALL MINDED."

In an Election Year, GOP Wary of Following Bush - WaPo

Washington journal time

Jack Nelson, civil rights activist passes

Tennessee Follows South Dakota...Backs Anti-Abortion Step

Panel on Eavesdropping Is Briefed by White House-By Walter Pincus

Bottome line on UAE deal: Bushbots should never have put the US

Thorough Debunking of "Statutory" Argument for NSA Surveillance Program

Bush's Approval Rating Hits New Low

This port deal just shows us that the people COULD move D.C. if the people

God has lost faith in Tony Blair

"Jack Abramoff's Car-How A Big Wheel Oufitted 4 Of Them" (NYT)

Bush's Approval Rating Hits New Low

Holy Crap! Have You Seen Bed Bug Bite Lady's Bites?

Harris may yet get a GOP rival

The "Deal" is dead... long live The Deal!

What happened with Olberman last night?

Your Senator Needs an iPod

Why I think we are headed for a recession later this year

Some Dare Not Call Him Hitler...... I Dare....

At what point should we start boycotting the abortion ban states?

How often do you contact your Rep and Senators?

Second Dubai firm in US port link - Baltimore & Other US Ports (BBC)

A question about liberal radio

TOON: White House Three 6 Mafia

Louisiana refuge wonders why OSU sent chimps to Texas

I love Larry Downing's work

So, ya think a few Pukes are sneaking a peak at FAHRENHEIT 911 about now?

2 Border Agents Tied to Migrant Movers...

The Very Simple Way To Win On Abortion

DU-you have to DU AOL's poll re: *'s performance

IRAQ'S SOVEREIGNTY VACUUM - A government with no military, no territory...

MSNBC screen grab

Be prepared to hear "The Democrats are obstructing ethics reform."

Unfortunately, we have to wait 8 months to vote

CSPAN caller: "surprised by America's prejudices." Where TF

Declassification in Reverse - The Pentagon and the U.S. Intelligence...

Former President George Bush, Barbara and Jeb to promote literacy

INfamous birthdays today

Ahhh... I love the smell of Fascist Friday in the morning!

something to get your Friday off to a good start

Amerika: 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

PLEASE SIGN THIS!!!! Become a Minimum Wage Increase Citizen Co-Sponsor..

91 billion more - emergency spending.

A small Support the Troops story (with comic books)

Peggy Noonan on Clooney's speech

The Only Thing That Frightens Me About Bush

Iraqi Minister criticizes US for self-serving agenda of oil/war on terror

Want decent media? Thank NPR for airing O'Connor's dictatorship comment!

WP: Contractor Bilked U.S. on Iraq Work, Federal Jury Rules

"It's hard work!"

How does Iraq pay it's Soldiers and Police

"Have a Beer With the President"-- 12 City Tour

Memory Hole Adds CIA Films Sent to National Archives


U.S. More Intent on Blocking Chavez

Tragedy for an Iraqi family: Death and School Bombing

DAN RATHER: "American journalism is in need of a spine transplant"

Heads up - Kevin Kline as Guy Noir, private detective.

It's coming, friends; Bird Flu the key to November GOP "win"

If Rumsfeld & Bush intend to let the Iraqis handle their own civil war

Bush in a Q&A with Nat'l Newspaper Assn. now on CNN!

Full text of Human Rights Record of the US in 2005!!!

Monkey In the Middle: US in Iraq's Civil War


Cabal News Network is giving away lots of ad space

how many people are pissed. i am. repug "bush is incompetent"

B for Bushdetta

It's Friday people--what will be the newsdump?

Here's An Odd Question:

Turkish Film Breaks Records by Showing U.S. Troops as Criminals

Interview with woman fired for AAR bumpersticker coming up

Russ Feingold online chat - now

House Votes to Dump State Food Safety Laws...

Dem's "gay marriage" of 2006/8, constitutional amend's to up minimum wage?

Could I please get a little DU love on this abortion poll?

Should our ports be "nationalized" if we cannot get a credible buyer?

Step back and take a deep breath...

Now I've Seen Everything: A Hitler Apologist On DU

Medics to U.S.: End force-feedings in Gitmo

advice on tee shirt making

LMAO! Nice pic of Bush on HuffPo...good poll to vote on too!

Here's a Headline We've All Been Waiting For>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Let me see if I get this right: It's OK to murder Iraqi children in their

DN! Interview with Tony Benn - AMAZING

Glenn Greenwald: "Can Good Catholics Vote Republican?"

"Congress is opposed to the deal" say Bush just now on msnbc-tune in

AP: Bush plummeting with GOP voters, white males...everybody

March 9th, 2006 Bush has become a Sit On....

TGIF ... It's "Brunch with Bernie (Sanders)" on Thom Hartmann at noon ET

Dems Welcome GOP to Memphis (heh)


Cheney Quotes Racist Anti-Semite to Demonstrate ‘Progress’ In Middle East

Take a look at this new website. DemocraticWarrior!

Without looking up on the Internet can you name....

Here we go again- 28 yr old Political Hack appointed to Homeland Security

VIDEO- Rumsfeld/Byrd Exchange on Iraq Civil War and whether US Troops

Bev Harris posting on Kos now.

My right-winger co-worker's response to the ports going to Halliburton?

Gail Norton stepping down as interior secretary

(VA) Senate rejects bill on guns in parking lots

A Study in lonely loserdom...

Is George W Bush now irrelevant ?

Remember the OKC bombing? Camp Gruber?

Why Conservatives "oppose abortion"

CSPAN-domestic military operations

The Bushism for today is...

Didn't Gale Norton support amendment 2 here in Denver?

If Iraq were a state, would it be RED or BLUE?

Harold Ford in the crosshairs; Elizabeth Dole leads the charge

CAPTION this non-human life form...

GWU Suit Prompts Questions of Liability

Well, folks, we'll learn who OUR NEXT PRESIDENT will be

My three new bumperstickers...

On ABC this morning, they were debating who will run against Hillary.

Is a war with Iran inevitable?

FLASH: AP Poll, Bush Approval Rating Hits NEW Low, 37% and falling

Bush has opened up the ult. issue

US Nat'l Security Run By Unelected Political Strategist Facing Indictment

Hartmann: Norton resignation possibly related to Abramoff

Gale Norton to announce-she is resigning. cnn just now.

How do we stop Halliburton, or any Bushified Firm from taking over

Ass-kissing with Tweety - (funny stuff)

Wanna play a game? lol

If Caligua could appoint his horse as Senator why hasn't

Gale Norton Resigning--just heard cnn

keep your eyes out for this expression...

When the Wall Street Journal has an article on impeachment

UK bill amounts to abolishing Parliament, warn Cambridge law professors

Ohio Mother Accused Of Dragging Children Back Into Fire

In Scarborough Country, no one can hear you implode.

One more reason to :heart: Russ Feingold.

In a nutshell: Iran, Oil and Euros

cnn headline news - re: helping bush get his mojo back

"At Least they make the trains run on time"

NEW ORLEANS -- The Plaquemines Parish gov suing the U.S. Homeland Sec

So...We're "turning over" Abu Grahib prison to the Iraqis.

Bush on C-span now 1:00 p.m. cst -retun of News Assoc.

How we treat casualties in the media

Which "U.S." company Will Get The Ex-UAE Contracts?

"Iraq's soldiers are all in the US Army"

What scares me most: Explaining to my children why I let Bush happen.

Hey Bushie - quit whining about your little port deal

President Bush, swear off permanent Iraqi bases---by Rep Jane Harman

It's time to start going after the Republicans; Bush is done.

The truly good news about Bush's plummeting polls...

DOD & Flu Oddities: A "Useful" Epidemic?

Sanity check, re: John Kerry.

XM radio listeners........ever listen to "the power" station on 169??

Bill Cosby Sounds Off, Again

Bush now says that we're sending the wrong message to the UAE. Wha...???

Time has obtained GOP's new bill draft to address Bush's wiretapping

How Dare You Peasants Question Me! ---pix--->>>

Poor Chimpy!! No one wuvs him!!! (CNN Front Page Photo)

26 hours of commercials for 26 hours of terror?

ROFL! today's Luckovich...

setting here reading on the internet with the tv on the news in the other

AP: Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low --->>>

Cheney Quotes Racist Anti-Semite to Demonstrate ‘Progress’ In Middle East

We could have had President Kerry.

Ned Lamont's "Big announcement" on Randi Rhodes (Sam Seder)

Do you think Olbermann will report on Tweety getting money from RW?

"Could This Unleash an Unintended Nuclear War?"

Happy Harriet Tubman Day!

Children's Therapist Charged With Molestation And Posting Porn On Web

Al just announced that Keith O will be on his show on Monday

If you're feeling overwhelmed and consumed with hate

Trent Duffy--Deputy Press Secretary--Resigns!

IRC Calls Immigration Bill a Disaster for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers

VIDEO- Rice/Mikulski-about that Iraq Oil that was gonna pay for the war

Anyone here see "The N-Word"?...

Why the US doesn't want Iran to have the 'Bomb'

Please attempt to understand Bush's explanation of the Medicare

Should women be forced to register with Selective Service as men are?

Dear God, did anyone get a screenshot of the original AP article on Dubai?

there is a huge immigration protest in Chicago right now

So many sad faces in the * admin today. pics -->

We've seen the numbers

Hillary is a God and our Saviour

Bin Laden niece to star in reality show

GOP Dissed Dana Reeve

A Promise Kept

GOP announces strategy

Army Intelligence on Arab Culture

Do you think that Norton's resignation had anything to do with...

"Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially indu

Culture of Life...

Check out who ELSE is looking down in the dumps...

Grade Harry Reid

Another big day for Mars Exploration

AmeriKans Blame "Terrists" For The Iraqi Death Toll. Iraqis Blame the USA!



I just got asked to move my candidate signature drive;I was in front of

Schools weigh "community values" in choice of shows

That Was a Real Good Thing You Done, George.

God: "I've lost faith in Blair"

Captions for Neil Bush and 'Mr Dubai?'

Incredible - Rumsfeld: Let the Iraqis handle a civil war

Bush Impeachment Forum now showing on C-SPAN n/t

Wes Clark this afternoon.....

French Quarter Update

Blind Students Forced To Pass Driver's Ed Written Exam (to graduate school

Sitting up and taking nourishment (40 Ways coming back tomorrow)

Bush: cross out Iraq from "Axis of Evil", now Iran & North Korea...

1300 DEAD. Is Katrina the Worst Loss of Life in Modern American History?

VIDEO- Leahy/Rumsfeld on Talon-Pentagon spying on Americans

Why I don't want Hillary to run.

AUDIO- Sen Stevens asking Rumsfeld about the Budget/Fungible Money

VIDEO- Sociopath Bush on the Gulf Coast

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks Mar 10 -because sometimes I just like to make fun

Was that Jomentum's head nodding affirmative


Ohio State on probation

Rummy on cspan (from Thurs) talking of Quaker protests (testimony)

From the Desk of Chris Matthews (and Friends)

Is this Non Sequitur toon about the future for Ken Lay and his gang?

JOklahoma Voter Registration Information Online

How Many of You Think of Abortion as a Strictly Medical Procedure

Final Grades for Pelosi, Reid and Dean

George, The Texican: Sad but true-

CNN Headlines- "Republicans Running in Memphis" and "Democrats

A Party in disarray - with no clear message

*'s finger - pics -->

Poll: Bush at low point, GOP support weakens

How can repukes support war but not abortion?

Clerics have rally calling for discrimination, or execution, of Americans.

Judge Declares Mistrial in Gotti Case

Re The Repub Attack On Ford: A Fancy Man Is A Pimp

Bye bye, Gale. You will not be missed.

Racially charged e-mail stirs outrage (Rep Jim Welker- CO)

Paul Pillar-Iraq may still seek WMDs

Freeper's starting to get it? Hannity really pissed them off...

Breaking! LaGuardia's Delta Terminal evacuated

Poll shows Americans don't know what the hell they are talking about

Bush: Dubai ports storm hurts war on terror

I just saw a car with a "Powered by Christ" sticker on it.

Autorank has coined a new word! NEOCONOCRACY (w/ variant neoconcracy)

DU this poll,..."Was Chapel Hill incident a terrorist attack?"

Bereaved dad speaks out in this right-wing PA area.

Via Kos: Charlie Cook's Cook Report backs Dean and 50 State Strategy.

CNBC..reporting that Bush Postpones Big US Trade Talks...over Ports Deal!

ENOUGH of the D.C. Dems! (Molly Ivins)

Driver's ed for blind kids?

Does anyone listen to the Alan Colmes radio show?

How do you fee about abortion rights as a litmus test?

DU this poll (right now it's 79.4% disapproving of Bush)

* out of touch? Say it ain't so!

Former Bush Aide Charged in Felony Theft

Lou Dobbs Preview of tonight's program

Conservationists rev up roadless rule campaign

By request: The new South Carolina "State Quarter" !

Castro/Cuba Upset Over Baseball Incident

MIAMI: "Comments on gays broadcast at school raise furor"

Kneeing Bush (or the closest facsimile) in the groin

2008 questions...

delete - dupe

Oxfam: Western Shoshone Victorious at UN; US Found in Violation of HRs

Bong hits for Jesus

2008: Hillary, Kerry, Fiengold, Edwards -- Focus on Impact in 2006

Republican Breakdown---By David S. Broder

Here's Jay Bennish, the CO teacher --- >>>

Gale Norton resigned today; Mealyman just told Tweety it was because...

future of abortion debate??? scifi stories offer clues

MFSO (Military Families Speak) out to "greet" Senator Kerry @ Harvard

CNN Live puts "Democrats on the Run" in big caption under a piece by

"Protect America First!" Doesn't that throw it back on Bushbots/Freeps?

PHOTOS: The moving finger writes . . .

Funniest. Thread. Ever.

If you were to come up with a GOP slogan for the '06 elections

ABC-TV Breaking: Evacuation at La Guardia.

I guess the next President is in Memphis



If the Bush Administration was an existing movie, which one would it be?

Grade Howard Dean

William's story

NEWSFLASH TO THE GOP LEADERSHIP: Take your slogans and shove 'em!

Grade Nancy Pelosi

8 yrs of attacks on Sen. Clinton; when are we going to get McCain/Giuliani

Sam Seder arrested on Randi Rhodes Show by a 20th

Brian Williams just said Bushes 37%

Scarborough: I'm embarrassed to be a Republican

Anyone regularly read the Rothenberg Report? (link) What do u think of it?


So I log onto Daily Kos

Senate Spy Deal, New Legal Action, Web Movie

Iraq support low, poll numbers suck but watch out, another PR trip

Dobbs Poll: george W bush a lame duck President?

ABC is turning in to FOX lite

What happened to the "BIG" Matthews story?

Taliban Strengthen Grip on People's Republic of South Dakota

CNN headline: "Dems Indicted; Clinton, Kerry Targeted"

Woman Says She Was Fired Over Her Bumper Sticker

Sweet Story: Boss give secretary of 30 years a new car!

I keep hearing that hundreds of "gang members" have just been arrested.

Live Chat with Russ Feingold in 30 minutes... what should I ask him?

Why does Barry Bonds get skewered and Lance Armstrong walks?

Neo-Alien (a remake of the classic movie "Alien")

Friday funnies--even my dog is wearing a tinfoil hat

I think Dick is OUT and McCain is IN >>>

Forget Fancy Ford - I give you Very Fancy Frist!


I figured out how to solve the Abortion Problem

Country Icons Faith Hill Tim McGraw BLAST Bush--Kick His Ass!!!

Eisenhower was right - our Defense Budget was almost 700 billion this year

What's the worst thing to happen in America this week?

remember??? 'the education of girls/women is the key to a good economic

House to move forward with vote to block Dubai ports deal.

Woman Faces Fine for Supporting Troops (Fla.)

Hey Rita. Lookee here! -- Mom accused of rape of babysitter

Community Bans Woman's 'Support Our Troops' Sign

Ports Issue NOT over - John Warner plans to revive it

Ned Lamont on AAR NOW!!!!

Good news: * poll numbers down. Bad news: We don't vote at the polls

Burning Bush - Shrub Impersonator - VIDEO

Dobbs Poll: Can Bush now accurately be classified as lame duck pres

Augustine Volcano, clear skies and smoke

NEW MEME: Republicans are rooting for another 9/11

Nephew takes stand in support of Bush


Soldiers Back From Iraq, Unable to Get Help They Need

TOONS FRIDAY (and every Friday is GOOD Friday with TOONS!)


Would you pay 33-50% more to shop at a MADE IN THE USA Big-Box Store?

Bald faced Katrina lie

California DUers , Have you seen Arnold's campaign ads ?

Connecting the DP World Port Deal Dots: BUSH IN BED WITH UAE -->

Is Your Mail being opened by U.S. Gestapo?

As if I needed another reason to be disgusted by the Clinton-bashers.

There may be SNOW in SAN FRANCISCO today!

Prayer Powered levee system -- new toon 3/10/06

DNC truck ad in Memphis and suspicions about the so-called turnover.

FIBBY gets CIA Intel Briefings - Judge Walton orders it.

Wow: In Vermont People Camped Out Overnight To See Obama

Record numbers flocking to evangelical Christian colleges

Is Bush's Vocabulary Permanently on "Auto-Shuffle"?

What is happening with Social Security?

Does Bush watch TV?? During the Katrina deal...he claims he never saw the

RNC Releases New Web Ad Attacking Our Democrats

My First Protest!

A progressive argument in favor of the FairTax

Carlyle is the US entity for the Ports Deal why the secret???

Maryland House Unanimously Approves Paper Ballots for Coming Election

Daily Herald (Chicago area) Bush Poll: (61% grade F, 15% grade D)

Bumperstickers I saw at daycare today. (big pic)

Dixie Chicks Write Anti-Shrub Song For New Album

War Pimp O'Reilly:"Blowing Iran Off Face of Earth Would Be the Sane Thing"

The time has come...

msnbc top story: no political capital

A Liberal_Andy Update, one year after

Tweety Viewers: WHY?

anyone watching Frist on Hardball?

Driving With The Brakes On

GOP Approval Rating Like Chum in the water, but...

'mainstream clergy + people of faith....battle the religious right' in MO

Why is the US so against the UN Human Rights Body ?

For all of you beautiful DU men--------->

DISCUSSION: When freepers spend time infiltrating DU, we win.

Clinton Quiet About Wal-Mart Ties

There Are Criminals, and Then There Are CRIMINALS---By Cindy Sheehan

What should be done about illegal immigration?

Uninsured "twenty-somethings" are creating a new medical crisis

Tweety: Republicans taking the 1st step toward picking the next president.

Poll - Death penalty for repeat child molesters?

AP: Boston Catholic Charities Halts All Adoptions

Attention All Photoshoppers ... Now In Aisle 8, George W. Bush!

Has Matthews apologized for suggesting gays burned down those churches?

LAT: US Contractor Found Liable for Fraud in Iraq (in SPITE of Bush Admin)

Centcom using FAUX Orwellian-speak in its releases now?

John Kerry and Hillary Clinton strike the most fear in the GOP

Veterans ...sign in please.

Kucinich: Port Deal Not Dead; Introduces ResolutionTo Obtain Documents


2000! -Cheney Cited UAE/Saddam Relations As A Reason US Might Invade Iraq

Burning Allies -- and Ourselves (Rove Called Dubai telling them its over)

U.S. More Intent on Blocking Chavez - Venezuela's leader seeks to rally...

"We Democrats Still have a Dream" - A Must Read Flash from the Past

US Army Abrams Tank on Fire in Baghdad. No Comment From the Military.

Become a Minimum Wage Increase Citizen Co-Sponsor (Ted Kennedy)

Bush has no one but himself to blame for the Dubai Ports debacle.

So what is happening with the Ala. "Pranksters?"

My abortion story - no pregnancy, no loss of life. Just understanding.

Alterman: Politicians should be congratulated for uncomfortable truths.

is Halliburton the "United States entity"? Check this out:

Bush Comic: What a Difference a Day Makes

The Arnold Maneuver

American Indian Movement activist on the Abramoff scandal:

Enough of the D.C. Dems

Why didn't you do something...?"

$25,000 to Lobby Group Is Tied to Access to Bush

Democrats, AHEM-ocrats... Progressives do NOT need Democrats...

Is Haliburton Poised to Take Control of the U.S. Ports for Dubai PW?

WA PO: Bush "in a political ditch"..."He has no political capital"...

Can we not Court-Martial the Commander-In-Thief?

In an Election Year, GOP Wary of Following Bush

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

Don't do anything!

DU this poll! Tim McGraw/Faith Hill speak out against Bush!

Thom Hartmann is God

DP World will "work with" (PLUNDER) "the U.S. Treasury Departmnt to . . .

Democrats-Country Duped?

Carlyle Mentioned For Ports And NBC Sex Scandal Questioned....

$25,000 to Lobby Group Is Tied to Access to Bush (through Norquist)

Is anyone else listening to georgie porgie ranting

I think Rove may have finally screwed up

You want the HIGHLIGHTS of the reign of George the Village Idiot?

I forget, which one is Rummy???

tactics, marginalization and idealism ...

Some advice for potential democratic candidates to consider

DU these AP Polls, Dems and Dem-issues are winning, keep it going!

omigawd! Chertoff on CNN "we've connected dots on terrorism and now

There comes a time when we all must face the truth....even Republicans...

Balanced story on IL 6th CD, has Cegelis favored

Take a look at this new website. DemocraticWarrior!

CNN now with Lou Dobbs: only 1% of shipments x-rayed for nukes!

CNN Video Clip of "Worried" Bush on Dubai Deal collapse. He's SEDATED...

McCain speaks on port deal

Bushco - When is the phrase, "You reap what you sow" going to begin?

Anonymous Sources: Interior Secretary to Resign

Michigan Dems force GOP to flip-flop and pass minimum-wage hike

Please DU this poll; " President Bush's performance "

Faith and Tim give it to Bush


Dems and Iraq: here's the guy who makes the most sense

Community members call on CA Senators to oppose immigration control bill

Gale Norton/Federici/Abramoff connection

Credit to Republicans

Today is a very good day -W&Co are "ATE UP"

Rush just told me it is the media's fault that W didn't talk UAE out of it

dirty politics in Lee County, Fl.

Rhode Island General Assembly Won't Act on Impeachment Request

Fox News website has a big Condi 2008 ad!

Please DU this poll; " President Bush's performance "

"I Am A Progressive"

Andrew Sullivan: The Party of Death

Here's a guy named Bush that is OK in my book

Where's the Friday Dump? And How About Some Indictments?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

* hs positioned himself so that every move he makes

Tenn. Senate Backs Anti-Abortion Step

Dems aren't beating Repugs, Repugs are beating Repugs

Reuters photo: DAY-um, that boy's WHIPPED. The No-Smirk Zone!

Russ Feingold Radio Interview

write lou dobbs -- the "entity" must be investigated

Just hate when the * says our friends, and allies.......

ACLU movie: "The Spies Have It" Pls. watch and sign petition!

Air America Radio -- Sam Seder for Randi Rhodes on Lieberman & Lamont

These guys, all of them, Santorum, Frist, Norquist, Abramhoff, Bush,

O'Reilly: Blowing Iran off the face of the earth would be the sane thing

DSCC fundraiser: Can we take 8 Senate seats?

Seems to me that Bush is ruining what could've been a good thing for him.

Bush**-Rove need another bull-horn moment. That scares me. With

Don't Know If Anybody Caught This - Bush To Legalize Terrorism......

Did TX Democrats get DeLay nominated?

What is closest any in Congress has said "oil," "Iraq," and "cause"?

GOP Chairman to Single Out Kerry, Clinton (OMG! GOP plans to destroy Dems

Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy and Power Fund to buy EnCana

I did a search and I looked and I may be hallucinating or it was just a

Molly Irvin's

Lobbyists Running Santorum's Charity - get ready to throw-up.

Gore v. Bush presidential debate (2000) --Cspan 3 tonight

New Breed of Republican: The Crunchy-Con

Bush says his beliefs unshaken by poor poll numbers

Carlyle Group buys modular building company

Kennedy: Become a Minimum Wage Increase Citizen Co-Sponsor

Who is he??? Part II

Hillary urged Wal Mart to practice diversity, environmentalism on BOD...

An Abortion Ban Bill has been introduced in the Louisiana House

3-8-06: Ion Sancho pits his lawyers against Diebold

ABORTION - the Great Divide - hits Neil Lisst cartoon

Chimp is losing it, just saw him trying to explain how Iran is huge threat

Charlie Cook backs 50-state strategy(and Dean)"Howard, stick to your guns"

DU this Lou Dobbs Poll, Is * a lame duck???

Ken Mehlman is bashing Hillary on Hardball.

Falwell: Jews aren't going to heaven

"Mr. President, what are our plans if civil war breaks out in Iraq?"

MSNBC says McCain to show "loyalty" to Bush by pulling out of straw poll

Sandra Day O'Connor Warns Of "Beginnings" Of Dictatorship...

Hillary Doesn't Want to Talk About Walmart --->>>


Poll: Bush at low point, GOP support weakens

It's way past time....but it's all starting to unravel....BIG STUFF

Anyone who doubts Bill Clinton's presidency, please take a look at this

Do you consider yourself smarter than the people who believed

John Edwards Launched a New Blog Today!

Billionaire Party Attacks Harold Ford for Elitist Lifestyle

More numbers from the IL 6th District

Another "Not Hillary" post .......

My answer to the confederate flag

Interior Secretary Gale Norton Resigns

Real Wages Still DECLINING

I am making a stand, here, now, for the 2006 Elections- our last stand?