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Archives: March 12, 2006

In Mississippi, Katrina Wreaks Bitter Harvest

Vietnam and Iraq: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

NYT Magazine: Party Like It's 1994

Saw Kerry on CSPAN he's DEFINITELY! running in 08

War: Will Bush Deflect Impeachment Talk By Starting A War In Iran?

The New Biofuel Republics

The Last Days of the Ocean

Hurricanes to Get Full Names

Death of the world's rivers

Ex-State Department Security Officer Charges Pre-9/11 Cover-Up

Elliot Spitzer investigation?

Yet Another Theft Of Voter Data From A Local Democratic Party HQ

Did anyone see this...

County conventions - part 2

Photos from Deval Patrick rally today in Faneuil Hall

who sets the date of the presidential primary?

I was just given a few lbs of fresh Halibut fillets

Blood Orange (all purpose) sauce

Cancer rate in Fort Chipewyan cause for alarm: medical examiner

Boom Boom Geffrion has died.

Jordan Executes 2 Militants for Slaying (of U.S. official)

Pollution soaring to crisis levels in Arctic

Britain and US in talks over closing Guantanamo Bay

Even as U.S. Invaded, Hussein Saw Iraqi Unrest as Top Threat

Charest meets with interim Haitian leader amid vocal protests (Quebec)

Japanese city votes on US base

China's boom is killing life-giving sea

American apparently tortured before death

Federal lawsuit alleges mob infiltration at ports

GM Canada workers vote to accept job cuts: union

Haig: Vietnam Mistakes Repeated in Iraq

Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug

Reid 'Ashamed' Over Katrina Mobile Homes

Frist Leads Informal GOP Poll for '08

`Out of Canada, you have no help'

WP, pg1: Army Guard Refilling Its Ranks

Vietnam War deserter arrested at border

SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq

Ever Frist a keeper?

Okay okay okay!

So a Duck Wacks Into a Bar

Questions about Buddy List

DSL is down withdrawal....

Don't you love it?

It's way way past my bed-time.

I'm taking my food stamps to the store...Can I buy you anything?

Ever kissed a Frist?

I can bearly believe what I am seeing here.....

Tomorrow's "Sopranos" features a "season-ending cliffhanger"-worthy twist

Sopranos fans: predictions!

JFK on history channel

I'm making my first cassoulet tonight - started it Thursday

Scooby Dooby I Do

Post a pic of your favorite Foreign "Muscle Car".

The Buffalo Wings Are In The Fryer


Happy 35th Birthday, Johnny Knoxville!!

Hail, snow, rainbows and street flooding. In SAN DIEGO!

It's Raining It's Pouring but I am not snoring!

My cheer kids did great!! :^D

HD Net and HD Net movies

In the spirit of vigilant patriotism, I propose colorcoded alert buttons.

There's nothing like 101 proof Peppermint Schnapps to take the chill away.

Is there ANY subject that hasn't been debated in GD

I am handicapped.

We just saw "The Hills Have Eyes"...

Why is there a Paris, Tennessee?

Name a film that starts with the last word of the previous film's title

Anyone watching TLC?


Remember the sun glasses from "They Live"?

The Libertine is not the Pirates of the Caribbean 2......

Who does yoga? Advice needed

Does AVG conflict with Outlook Express?

I saw a vanity plate today that said: HE SAVE US.

Bjork has two new cds out?

Need a good TV/DVD remote

Just bought the "Homeland Security Suspect" tee for my 2 yr old!!!

cowardly republican morons grow more desperate...

Watching Oliver Stone's JFK again, and...

Study Results: What Women Find Attractive

Here's A Picture Of My House...

anyone gonna watch that new mafia show on HBO tomorrow? nt.

Ever fly a helicopter? Here's your chance!

Anthrax patient's condition remains serious

I just had my first alcoholic beverage since Katrina.

Frozen store bought pizza can be pretty darn good.

Lol, my friend just punched me in the ear

Rackets, Fascists, and 14 Brazilions

Eye of the Bee buzzed right now!

A new concept in zebra crossings (pic)

Would you buy a $50 pressure cooker at the store for $35?

who here knows a lot about solar cells?

I suppose it's pathetic when all I did tonight was buy underwear...

Finally got some money in my life and donated to DU.

Probably just a rumor

You do wanna go back to GD! Look!

"He was a cruel man, but fair"

I'm sick, so I can't go out

which movie tonight?

M'ssippi's state legislature....tried to ban public erections in 2000.

Just watched "crash," wow, what an intense movie!

Ok, I think this is a pretty funny opening skit on SNL

Julianne Moore is one of the most beautiful actresses in movies today

The laughter on SNL is canned laughter.

Favorite TV Animal Star?

Tell me why I shouldn't mine my bathroom

Is 103 degrees too high a temperature to have? I'm thinking that it's

I don' wanna go back into GD...

Speaking of funny topics, can anyone explain this one?

So we finally saw 'Syriana'

Here's a completely PSYCHOTIC kid...

Flame my ass .... but I loved ...... Titantic !!!!

At what point should a DUer use alert?

Anyone else all alone tonight?

Finally saw Walk The Line

Ten peeves dogs have about humans

Youngest & Oldest DU member



Holy crap! I'm 25 posts away from 10,000!!!!

Any Josh Ritter fans out there?

I don't want to start any cat trouble, but

Emasculating catfish....

10,000 does one say "thanks" in one post?

Did anyone in the DC area see me on TV tonight?

Tell me what you think you see in this photo

y'all can take these 'brazilian' jokes and jam them up yer butts!

I'm watching 'Silence of the Lambs' for the first time

Tell me why I shouldn't move to Lubec Maine

Acupuncture Testimonials here >

The Science Of Sexual Orientation

Hundreds gather in downtown rally


Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion died today.

Here's a letter we can all relate to.

Anyone else familiar with mammary cancer in cats?


John Kerry in NH Points Out What Kerry Got Right (AUDIO)

Kerry NH event

The Democratic program in 7 points by Kerry

HAHAH Video of Kerry meeting a girl's Soccer Team

Hi Guys! Did you see the speech in NH?

Wouldn't you know that the only camera handy

Annthrax Coulter in Popular Photography (my LTTE)

Sheesh, it's awful early for all these tornado warnings!

When we fight together, we win :Harold Ford, Jr.

Why is there a Paris, Tennessee?

Three years on from Shock and Awe

Koufax Awards: Voting broken?

In Bush's head, guvment's workin' hard on it

When will we learn of a terrorist threat

Russert's CNBC show has Gary Bernsten ("Jawbreaker') --7 & 11pm ET

James Dobson is little more than a figurehead in Focus on the Family

Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m on bird flu drug

Audio: Democratic Radio Address

Interesting site - scans RSS feeds for top stories & images (10X10)

Documents That Prove Bush Prevented Investigations Into Bin Ladens?

Iran builds a secret underground complex as nuclear tensions rise

Remember when there was some dispute about whether Iraq was a quagmire?

Absolute Power - Corrupts Absolutely - Starring:Bush, Cheney & Blair

For sheer hilarity, check the freepers out on Claude Allen quitting

Resident Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief

ARGH! F911 is on cable - the Truth is So PAINFUL!!!

The Cowardly Lyin' *,the Tinfoilman with no heart,and the Strawman excuse.

Condi said something about supporting Chilean democracy for

Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug

I Actually Like the Bumper Music on AAR

It's not opportunistic...Dean was saying "secure our ports" back in 2003.

Cheney will bust a cap in your ass!

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm

The Dubai Deal You Don't Know About

Gary Hart on CSPAN2 7pm east. He's wearing his historian hat...

ASTOUNDING! video indictment of war-time profiteering and fraud

Report: Web Searches Can ID CIA Employees

Where is DU's mediablaster?

Hypothetical question...

Set the Wayback machine for Feb. 10, 2003

Sandra Day O'Connor installed Idiot Son who campaigned on trashing judges

Leftist fiesta in Chile for Bachelet inauguration

People still care, the streets are alive

C-Span - free for all Carville/Dionne vs Noonan/Gillespie

The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran

No one could have ever forseen........

A tale of two realities.

Huh? Earthquakes beneath Lake Erie?

Unbelievable! This cat didn't support a MLK Holiday!


A Warning From South Dakota

Send Pierce Bush to Iraq. Prez's nephew, 19, loves Uncle W, is vocal.

Because it's just that important...

Who Will * Send to His Brother Slobodan Milosevic Funeral

What is the best message for the oblivious 40 %

Catastrophic tornado damage in southern Missouri...

The Last Days of the Ocean

I can't write a great editorial but I can ....

Can anybody guess who this young couple is ?

Get Ready for the Re-Writing of History again RE: Valerie Plame

The United States government is evil to it's core.

It's 2006 already,what will the catchy name for this decade be?

Can anyone guess who this young lad is?

Fla. Woman Fined for "Support the Troops" Yard-sign -- POLL

Thai Prime Minister accuses critics of resorting to black magic

God Told Pope Bush and Cardinal Blair to Bomb Iraq (PICS)

In the first week of April, I will be taking a trip to Washington D.C.

Totally free mp3 downloads from very talented artists at

Amazing LTTE in rural East Texas

The hell of loving Hitler (Eva Braun's biography)

Roy Blunt Files with Missouri SOS Illegally!

Why does Zogby keep asking me if I'm liberal and armed?

Here are the 30% who still support Bush (FLASH VIDEO)


God Bless Tom Fox. He gave his life for Peace and Justice.

We got hit by a tornado and freak hailstorm

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"

Why Many Americans Cannot See the Truth

Bush Report Card On His "Best" Issue: Homeland Security

Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker CSPAN2 11PM

Stephen Heller Defense Fund letter (Diebold whistleblower)

What's up with Dennis Miller?

Why Nation's Largest Community Garden Must Become a Wal-Mart Warehouse

* birthday card I saw today.

2006 Formula 1 -----------> Bahrain GP

The Democratic program in 7 points

I'm Opposed To Impeaching Bush, Here's Why:

Why The Hell Hasn't Recent Science Stopped Juveniles From Being Charged As

liveoaktx! Are you getting Kerry's speech? "Brownie is to Katrina"

The real threats to the world.... some are more than (GRAPHIC)

The Democratic Party is not a party of Liberals.

Why is Bush so concerned about the Ports Deal? We never saw him this upset

Sum up why Santorum should be defeated in one quote from him.

Oliver Stone's "JFK" on the History Channel right now

Went to the Vietnam & the Presidency Conference

How many times?

Milosevic: You can only die once, and he did. Let's get back to work.

This is rich: "Republicans Meet Amid Bush's Rough Straits"


I think it's past time to have a "corruption" forum on DU!

don wright editorial toon 3/9/06

Trent Lott says GOP straw poll in Memphis is rigged

FYI: Kerry on CSPAN now live, 6:10pm CT. nt

Republican Straw Poll Blows Up In Tweety's Face

My LTTE to a local paper

WP,pg1: McCain Tests New Road to Nomination (from rebel to Bush supporter)

GOP launches website to attack Harold Ford

When I click on certain topics...I can't view them as the page it white.

Sunday Talk Shows

Help me identify this protest group

Rasmussen Poll: Missouri Senate: McCaskill 43% Talent 40%

My Republican neighbor surprised the hell out of me today.

Pubs are running from Bush

State druggists want right to say "no" to certain medications (WA State)

Federal Lawsuit Alleges Mob Infiltration At ports

Bush starts public relations onslaught leading up to war's 3rd anniversary

Former Nixon adviser Alexander Haig wants all out war against Iraq

DU This Poll: Do You Believe President Bush's Actions Justify Impeachment?

John Kerry in NH Points Out What Kerry Got Right (AUDIO)

Heckler to Condi: "The blood is on your hands, you cannot wash it away"

Help our distraught GOP win in 2006...

Why Al Gore Couldn't Lose in 2008

Caricom's dance with Condoleezza

McCain's agenda not always in sync with Indian Country

Tobacco in the mail targeted (Schumer)

SF Chron: Iraq - Civil War is a Reality Experts Say

E&P: Good Mourning, Vietnam - Parts I and II (Iraq is Vietnam Redux)

Straw: Why the ballot, not the bullet, will triumph in Iraq

NYT John Burns: U.S. Effort In Iraq Will Likely Fail

Bush upsets delicate system of balance (Coonerty)

Saddam's Delusions: The View from the Inside

Britain's secret nuclear blueprint

Time: The (*) Mission: Find a Way to Stay Relevant

Domestic spying powers: show some spine, Congress

A Review of Rice's "Uncertain Alliances"

Add to Bush's follies the rape of his own country

GOP is in 'deep funk' over Bush spending

Jon Silverman (BBC): Worst outcome for Milosevic tribunal

Ethics scandal didn't prompt resignation, Norton says (yeah, right, Gale)

Lone Wolf McCain Cultivates GOP Pack (he is running that is for sure)

Indian casinos raising concerns

The GOP's Abortion Anxiety (Newsweek)

Whatever happened to “Mission Accomplished”?

W's Mixed messages Dowd

High School Reporter Fights School to Publish Story on Choking Game

But... in the end, it's all just one big joke among buds, right?

Listening In (the numbers behind the the US is fudging numbers)

Will Unconventional Natural Gas Save Us?

Banking on biomass

Sun, wind power vision for state (OR)

The £3,000 mini power station (fuel cell)

Battle over wind power picks up speed (NY)

Pollution soaring to crisis levels in Arctic

The False God of Uranium

Self delete---Duplicate---Sorry about that

Recognising Israel 'is up to the people'

The nerve to Say "NO". Documentary on Israeli refuseniks.

They are starting to ask questions, guys!

More mainstreaming of controlled demolition and MIHIOP

Why does every thread I post in GD that even mentions 9/11

David Shayler, MI5 whistleblower on 9/11 [video]

Could Katrina evacuees be in Detention Camps?

Time for the true story about 9/11

Stealth certification and the Friday "news dump"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, March 12

Radical, New-fangled Voting Machines.

VIDEO - ACLU Premiers 'Voting Rights' Documentary

Call Harkin and ask him to support Feingold's censure

Reilly leads, Patrick gains in new poll

If the offices of Senators Kerry and Kennedy monitor this site,

Entenza pretends he's in a competitive race

Argh... Ok... How Does One Download .rm (RealPlayer) Files From C-Span ???

Kinky violates open container law during parade

OK. Update on DU caucus at the state Convention

VIDEO- Tarrant County primary recount due to voting machine glitch

Substitutions for spices - thyme, cumin, ginger root

Here's a quick and easy dinner idea that we

After the Bush visit

Frist Leads Informal GOP Poll for '08

Eritrea accuses US of hypocrisy on human rights

Audit finds racism, harassment at LAFD

Iran Threatens to Use Oil in Nuke Standoff

Hamas case testimony in U.S. continues out of eye of public, press

Haiti changes date again for runoff election

States steadily restrict public's right to know

Haig says U.S. repeating Vietnam mistake

Iraq PM Jaafari defies critics, talks go on

SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq

The Sunday Times: Iran claims US has offered peace talks

Car Bomb in Sadr City kills 8

US warns of Baghdad airport "security incident"

British soldier quits army, accuses US troops of illegal tactics in Iraq

Afghan Bombing Kills Four U.S. Troops

Indian casinos raising concerns

LAT: Deputies' Questions (for Pomona College prof) Unsettle University

"Looted Afghan art smuggled into UK" --Sunday Times (UK)

AP Review: Gov't Missing Deadlines, Limits (foia)

Human Waste Put in Food, Ex-Inmates Claim

Nevada Democrats rally, call for return of ethics to politics

Internet blows CIA agents' cover (BBC News)

Attacks kill 41 in Baghdad Shiite slum

Poll: Americans Inconsistent on Abortion

(Who should we believe?) Milosevic might have committed suicide:

CNN/AP: Iran rules out Russia nuclear plan

Afghan Bombing Kills Four U.S. Troops

Straw: Why the ballot, not the bullet, will triumph in Iraq

Iraqi Minister criticizes abducted security guards

Milosevic might have committed suicide: Del Ponte

Report: Milosevic's Blood Had Drug Traces

WP/AP: China Risks Environmental Collapse, State Official Warns

U.S. probing possible third mad-cow case

Gay parents' Easter egg roll plans draw criticism

Update 14: Report: Milosevic's Blood Had Drug Traces

Republicans look to a future without Bush

Business visas 'out of control'

New minimum payment requirements seen hurting bank, credit card company pr

Russ Feingold says he will call for CENSURE of President Bush!

Indian Prime Minister Singh lauds nuclear pact with U.S.

US denies asking for Iranian help in Iraq

Judge Won't Drop Charges in Mosque Sting

Senate leader says ports deal could still move forward if buyer isn't foun

As 'Da Vinci Code' film looms, Opus Dei tries to explain itself

Britain “developing new nuclear weapon”: report

AP: Minimum Credit Card Payments Scare Banks

Army National Guard recruiting is up

US marines 'die' in Afghan bomb

Many Americans Support "Choice" but Think Abortion is Murder

AP: Two Polls Show Public Worried About Gov't Secrecy

A Cancer Drug's Big Price Rise Is Cause for Concern ($78 to $548 old drug)

Rice Sought for Testimony in Spy Case

NYT: U.S. Rethinks Its Cutoff of Military Aid to Latin American Nations

Chicago Tribune: Plame's identity, if truly a secret, was thinly veiled

Daschle Considering '08 Presidential Bid

Taxpayers footing bill for Congress' (luxury) car leases

NYT: Former Aide's Arrest Surprises Friends and Colleagues

Biden: Troops Should Come Home in Summer

Bush to look West when replacing Interior's Norton (ID guv)

Milosevic's death marks 'total defeat' for UN tribunal, prosecutor says

Berlusconi storms off set after row with TV presenter

(Wm Kristol on Fox "News") Rove Asked DPW To Drop Deal

Rove says troops will remain in Iraq/thanks Ohio GOP for help in '00,'04

Stem Cell Proposal Splits Missouri G.O.P.

Feingold puts forth Censure Resolution

Hecklers harass families of US soldiers killed in Iraq

Milosevic 'died of heart attack' | BBC

NYT: Hospitals Short on Ventilators if Bird Flu Hits

Homophobia seeps across new EU (Guardian)

WTC construction to begin Monday

Death toll in Baghdad blasts rises to 35 - police

(Katherine) Harris To Make Announcement On Senate Campaign

Military Shuns Many of Recruiting Age

U.S. Businesses in U.A.E. to Invite `Oprah' to Dubai

Cheney Roasted at Gridiron Club Dinner

US vows no permanent bases in Iraq

The Naked Airplane!

Lets hear it for the UCLA, PAC10 tourney men and women's bball champs

A scientist successfully clones himself

The original producers... On TCM now.....

I'm not going out for snacks tonight. So go get it yourself!!

People, I can *NOT* make stuff like this up...

I just finished " Walk the line"

If Crazy Guggenheim won't go out for snacks...

Men's pajamas

I'm pigging out on the Guacamole Doritos and cheddar cheese again

I tried an authentic Roman recipe

Aquarium owners, a question:

Quick! How do you post pix!

The next time I post It will be the (at least) 60th time today.

" Drawn Together " is so dysfunctional .

Ok, what popular insult phrase...

I must be a brat and grill in the nice weather

How do you feel when you see this picture ? (inside)

Know what I hate about PBS?

I saw "The Constant Gardener"

Jamba Juice

Kids these days!

I must be a brat and complain about the nice weather .

Toys that are extinct

I am bullish on stopping the Kudzu thread. It's going nowhere!!!

Click here to hide the kudzu thread

Never mind.

One more Post! Just one more!

Go ahead and smile

*Best* flirts in the Lounge

XemaSab digs big wood!

LOL! My printer often scares me because it's in another room.

Semi-serious question about satellite TV.

Vote for the Worst......


OMG, a guy gets killed in a duel!!

Trash Film Orgy...

I did something really stupid last night

Last Night's GALACTICA Season Finale: Genius or Crap?

Ciao, all!

Stay off the California highways!

When looking up movies, what's easier to do?

Kasbah Lounge...

Hi, DU!

Tron is on SciFi right now

Damn sirens are going off here

Spo what are your plans tomorrow?

What are the last few concerts that you have seen?

Hey whappened to fudgestripecookays? ??? ???

Ever neutered another DUer?

Alternative careers for the "American Idol" contestants who don't win...

about 12 weeks to go until swimming weather who's getting in shape?

Biggest flirt in the Lounge?

Foods that are extinct.

Do you want me to breathe?

Going to a christening...Gonna get drunk...

Please join me in wishing my sister a happy birthday!

HELP!! Other than getting loaded what is the best remedy for toothache...

The "last Temptation" or "The Passion" (pix)

My wife says I'm cute-ask me anything

Khash! Turn on your cell phone......I am TRYING to reach you!

Sigh, where do you find old books of "Peanuts" cartoons?

Ron Cobb was the 1st political cartoonist I was ever aware of..... (pic.)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/12/06)

This has to be the best lounge theme in a while!

Birthday today: the hedgehog is 53!



Orange Juice???

The "dripping red sarcasm smilie" sucks needs to go now & here's why....

Life suddenly got better.

ATTN: flvegan; You would love Newfoundland

Dildos in GD.


All your dildos are belong to us!

My Vanity Thread

where do they get this shit - verbatim spam email...

I know parts of me are cute. Ask me anything.

Do you want me to leave?

Can it get any better than this?

What music do you listen to while exercising?

Members of the NBA OR NFL?

Play the Plucking Song!

Seen the 30-second version of your favorite movie? Try BBM!

road trip to South Dakota!

LMAO, best website of the night

I turn 21 in 11 days. How should I prepare my liver for the occasion?

Why is George Bush so awesome

Pho is truly the phood of the gods.

In ... and out ... In ... and out ... the front door ... the back door ...

My Boyfriend Says I am NOT Cute...Ask Me Anything


You can play the game and you can act out the part,

Most enjoyable genre/style of music

Post your Dream "Celebrity Deathmatch", event. Who would win?

I know I'm cute. Ask me anything.

When dildos are outlawed, only outlaws will have

Great Anti-Bush Video

I'm stoned on lesbian kudzu. I'm going places! Ask me anything.

Dayum! That Columbo is one smart fellow.

Tornado season is officially here!

NCAA: Kansas beats Texas!!!

Ever wonder if people are really naked when they say they are?

All your dildos are about me! (or Rabrrrrrr)

Anyone catch the Battlestar Galactica finale? Fill me in!

It is NOT all about you, Bill Shatner!

Welcome a new American and new Democrat: Mr. Blondeatlast!

Desert Punk...

what is that site that gives you house values? trillian?? tribbles?

I'm posting fully clothed and NOT doing sex acts! Ask me anything!

I'm posting wearing ONLY chaps and a Stetson. Ask me anything!!!!

I'm posting NAKED. Ask me anything.

Q: How do you make pickle bread?

Do you smoke after sex?

Do you joke after sex?

Do you coke after ?

Pictures From Daytona 200 Yesterday

Does Clintmax start a Sunday good morning thread?

Can you name this tune?

Post a Photoshopped Bush pic. (This is not a sex thread)

Fun, somewhat interesting, Democratic trivia

Dvd burning NTSC vs PAL . Which is better?

Chex Thread!

Star Wars!

Puss or Boots?

You know how cities have a garment district, or a theatre district,

If I were posting naked, whilst using a dildo

I'm posting during sex. Ask me anything.

Did I miss something?


Well, The Cast From "This Old House" Just Left MY House

Done with my midterm!

What store discount cards are on your keychain?

theme songs for the admin...:

Meet my foster puppy...Tyra (pix)

Yet another dead friend

Is it safe to use stainless steel cookware at high heat?

So is posting while naked

Liberace’s Sticky Buns

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

Man, are my cats pissed.

kittens burst full grown from neighbor's cat....

The Mists of Avalon

Just found some plants growing in front of my apartment. Are they...

I am going to cry. Vent.

"DAMMIT, Jim, I'm a doctor not a/an _______________"

I'm home again!

Wow DU!

Are there any actuaries out there in DU?

Oh hell...if everyone else is posting a vanity thread, why not me?

Winter time in Los Angeles!

i have rediscovered bologna

This is my 5110th post! Celebrate a late 5000th post MS with me!

I'm still naked. But we can't talk about it.

Most enjoyable genre/style of music

Emergen-C v. Germ Defense

Replace one word in any movie title with "dildos"

Pick your Poison: Caffeine edition

Add To Bush's Follies The Rape of His Own Country

Need a friend? Eat a sandwich

This is my 5000th post. Axe me anything!

HUGH Milestone! I now have five thousand POSTS! Come and see!!!!!

Forget the flirts, it's all about the DU Curmudgeons!

The new face of Bettie Page

50 Most Loathsome Americans - Political Excerpts


It's snowing in Denver

Most irritating genre/style of music?

Anyone work with Americorp or Vista?

I've been in a lot of pain lately: fibromyalgia, I think.

Post Secret fans check in!!!

Most terrifying?

The NCAA tournament selection show


Time for a I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours Desktop

Goodnight everyone!

Sign up for the unofficial DU March Madness pool

Best smells in the world

Mass DUers: Preferred date for DU meetup

Defenders of the Faith

'Penis - The Antenna of the Heart'

Doctor's Pay Linked to Choice & Cost of Cancer Drugs!

I need some suggestions for fundraising

Cancer Drug's Big Price Rise Disturbs

Scientists Piece Together The Most Distant Cosmic Explosion

Fourth flight for biggest Ariane (BBC)

Married Cherokee lesbian couple fight another lawsuit

DU this poll on

Child sex suspect once was in `ex-gay' ministry

Sign up for the unofficial DU March Madness pool

Congrats to the Big 12 champion Oklahoma Sooners

Is there any doubt left that Billy Packer is an idiot?

So it looks like Bob Kraft, the Pats owner, saved the labor negotiations

Edge to the Cards

Hey BlooinBloo, be happy we didn't bet on last night's game.

I just had an amazing session with a person who is able to channel...

Saturn in opposition to Neptune ( political karma)

Just thought I'd share kinda funny story

I am going to be severly ticked if this is true!

Webb watch: Kos and Mydd too lazy or don't want to do homework


Irony of the day: Saddam feared countrymen more than the U.S.

Kerry Kennedy most favorable in MA according to this poll

Kerry campaigns for Clark, Hassan

3/11/06: Politicking in Mass and NH

The Blogosphere

Does anyone know of a good site for free stock photos

Best book to learn photography?

Is anyone using the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT?

Arizona in Alaska...

What do you think of these pictures?

Oh Lord has anyone else received this email from repuke friends?

Why is Hilary Clinton the only Democrat routinely referred to...

DU this abortion rights poll

Out of the nine, which would you prefer as the First Lady?

AUDIO/PODCAST- Republicans Won't Investigate Bush Because


Bush nephew is ... like ...y'know ... an idiot (VIDEO)

Anyone else troubled that Bush and Blair claim to converse with God?

Today in Iraq - In Pictures

Over The Hedge comment on Faux News

Know what? I'm PROUD that Dems have trouble agreeing!

Bu$h cant back down or pull out of Iraq, gOD sent him there an a mission

SNL is trashing King Chimp...signs of public opinion turning a corner??

MO tornado being called 'deadly tornado'...

More Americans are losing their homes. (Yep the economy chuggin along)

Flash flood warnings...

USMC repeating 6 shooter grenade launcher (bloop gun)

Mount Vernon, IL take cover, Wayne Co. (IL) headed your way...

12 PM CT. Where's the news, unexpurgated?

Randolph Co. (IL) take cover, tornado headed toward Highway 3, Nine Mile..

A bit of humor

Brokeback Country

Teacher faces trial in secret tapings

Part II, Democracy in Action

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

Has anybody noticed gas prices this weekend going Up

Ex-State Department Security Officer Charges Pre-9/11 Cover-Up

Pick Your Poison: UAE, Halliburton, or Both

URGENT: Tell FL Officials to Stand With ION SANCHO!!

The need for a separation between the state and private sector. (a rant)

Could Katrina evacuees be in Detention Camps?

About That Rebellion Against Bush

The US tells Americans to stop flying Baghdad Airlines

I am writing an open letter, please read what I have so far.

British soldier quits army, accuses US troops of illegal tactics in Iraq

Iran claims US has offered peace talks

Tony the Idiot on CNN Sunday...

Where do these creepy people like LeDeen and Woolsey come from

An Open Letter to the Sheep

616 laws that restricted access - to government records since 9/11

Letter To Bush From Sen. Leahy - Solicits feedback on Bush's crap!

America: From Freedom To Fascism aired today in Ashland, OR

NYT Quote of Day: "You've got such longevity in the WH team that..."

Shill O' Lielly has the solution to illegal more like

Larry Johnson: Strategy for Victory or Recipe for Disaster?

The Talk Shows

Why Progressive Evangelicals don't confront fundies collectively

IRAQ: NGO warns of rise in violence against women

8,000 people have deserted from the Military?

How the Patriot Act Compares to the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act)

In Rocky Mountain West , Bush's rating lower than a rattlesnake's belly

Blair: Scandals show Labor far from working class

Just for the record who is putting Saddam Hussein on trial?

Another case of eminent domain -- coming soon to your neighborhood?


U.S. denies asking for Iranian help in Iraq

Symbol of Abu Ghraib Seeks to Spare Others His Nightmare

"Only half as deadly as they were a year ago"-re:IEDs

Justice O'Connor warns of dictatorship (audio)

Smirky: The 'B' stands for 'Bulls Eye'

Biden on MTP: The incompetence on pursuing war has stunned me.

C-SPAN: Why is a crime syndicate torpedo peering over Rummy's shoulder?

Bush expresses sorrow over ex-aide's charges

"At least it's a SECTARIAN civil war in Iraq."

another child lost to the war of terror in the usa....

British Ahwazi Friendship Society Propaganda vs. War Has Already Begun!

Blog from Tom Fox, CPTer murdered in Iraq- powerful excerpt


Anyone watching Frist on Stphie's Show Right Now?

I bit my tongue last night...(a confession and a question)

Drug war trumps port safety. Great, concise read.

Why so necessary these electronic elections when at the same time

Ass! First says "I wouldn't make too much of that (Republican) poll

FANTASTIC editorial: Sunshine Sunday

American Nazification

Cheney Roasted at Gridiron Club Dinner (read if you have a strong stomach)

Tweety and friends tearing up Hillary

War with Iran - Media-blitz

Ned Lamont: "I don't understand how he can claim to care about security...

Sending a message to Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr......

Good Morning DU

Do we have the video of Russ calling for censure?

Howard Dean coming up on CNN 11:35

Don’t Ignore the Quiet Majority of Muslims

Secret Nuclear Warhead - UK

I can't see any Dems in 2008 calling for withdrawal from Iraq save one

Condoleezza Warns of 'Negative' China!

Rove IS the President!

Hungry Children & The Choice Issue

Never Forget: Katrina Missing still in the thousands and growing

VIDEO- Frist Wins Republican Straw Poll-Tweety Snarks on him

Why don't the Dems & the Left propagate a bunch of clone email propaganda?

*IF* "Iran Nuked a US City, could the US Defeat and Occupy Iran?

US Army In Jeopardy In Iraq - By Gary Hart

When does an embryo/zygote become a human being?

Action Steps for the Feingold "Censure Bush" Proposal storms out of election TV interview

Authenticity of these Dubya video clips.

Fillin the Blank: "Wow, *'s Face Looks Like__________" (photo)

"Bush My Mexican Son Died in Iraq"

My Outrage of the week cartoon--"Put on a Happy Face"

So Rumsfeld is making a killing from the birdflu!?

VIDEO- Frist Waffles and Flip Flops on the Dubai Ports Deal (This Week)

you know they stole my youth, my adolescents my retirement

The GOP's Abortion Anxiety

The GridIron Lovefest needs to cease....

Sunday shows query re: immigration bill march

Aviation consultant: "Chertoff's GOT TO GO!"

Has Claude Allen and his $5,000 Escapade at Target & Hechts been mentioned

LA Times obit: Bill Cardoso, 68; Writer Introduced 'Gonzo'

Are there any actuaries out there in DU?

"Better to have a president who makes love than one who makes war"

Little by little,...

Time for the true story about 9/11

First Abu Ghraib, now Gitmo looks like its closing down

Is someone digging dirt on Dee Dee Myers? Or another Myers?

Are people that like sex between 3 yr olds redeemable?

Someone remind me- what are donna brazille's credits...?

Russ Feingold says he will call for CENSURE of President Bush!

I Can't Forgive Them


Amazing global levee perspective (dial up warning)

I support the death penalty for Claude Allen!

VIDEO- Feingold/Frist on Censure of Bush (This Week)

New Polls-8 in 10 Say OPEN Gov is Necessary for Effective Democracy

Very rarely do I support the death penalty. This is the closest I get

Hey! O'Liely threats to Olbermann fan caller made Wait! Wait! (NPR) today!

Why do we let Bush get away with using Iraq as he stumps for republicans?

Warner argues for states rights?

Must Read: Apr Esquire "Sgt Wells's New Skull".....

They are starting to ask questions, guys!

Question: How will we evacuate 130,000 troops when Iraq spirals into...

OP Removing - Duped Kpete

Try this one on for size

U.S. Found in Violation of Native Americans' Rights,Anti-Racism Treaty

Book, Cal Thomas, John Stossel urge exodus from public schools

My head is exploding from all this propaganda

I just posted a thread--and it disappeared!

VIDEO-Why Republicans Want to change the Spy-On-Americans law


Hey BlooinBloo, be happy we didn't bet on last night's game.

VIDEOS-Two Leno Jokes on Dubai/Bush and UAE

4 more dead GIs in Afghanistan, 40 more dead Iraqis.

Kos: Dems indicted. By the grand jury of CNN and Ken Mehlman

Closing Abu Graib? Isn't That ENDANGERING THE SOLDIERS?

The many accomplishments of George W. Bush

Now this is just wrong

CIA Contract -To Co That Bribed Jailed Congressman Under Investigation


why does gawdjeezis hate Missouri?

To Hell With You Joe Biden.

This American Life: Habea Shmabeus--anyone listen?

Reminder- Keith Olbermann on Q&A tonight (Sunday)

UK Special Air Service trooper quits-disgusted at American tactics in Iraq

In the Money with Cafferty

Report: Milosevic's Blood Had Drug Traces

When they find out that their Propaganda Blitz doesn't WORK...Will they

Is this what we really want?...

March 18, 19 nationwide protest Iraq War Anniversary - Who's marching?

The good news: Employers added 243,000 jobs in February

100 to 0

WTF is he talkin' about?

Conservatives are wise to McCain's scheme....

How to take a stand for your country (GO FEINGOLD!) By G. Greenwald

Take a peek into the future from a neo-con experiment in progress

Breaking News: Massive Bombings in Baghdad (From Juan Cole)

Never miss "REAL TIME" or "Sopranos" again! OSX Widget for HBO schedule

When is condi/jr gonna say "No one anticipated a civil war in Iraq"

Reuters has a "last throes" summary of incidents just from today in Iraq

US Casualties After a Gun Battle in Baghdad Buried Deep in AP Article.....

Toon from an Alabama newspaper

I'm a victim of fraud!!!! Alert!

Our troops are fighting over there, so we can have dildos over here.

Im working on a Bush Legacy Tour t-shirt

Lamont to make Senate run (against Lieberman) official tomorrow

How should "pro-choicers" counter the South Dakota initiatives?

Baghdad Burning-- sad yet hilarious post about the corrupt Iraqi mess

A history of US relations with Iran - "All The Shahs Men"

By Request... Please distribute....

Dear Republicans --- WE TOLD YOU SO

It's about time Hillary got angry (NY Daily News)

DU this poll

Moonie Times has Article on ex-CIA Ray McGovern for Impeachment

Sadly, those who seek to outlaw dildos need them the most

South Dakota columnist rips into Governor - abortion bill

Biden is telling * off big time on MTP!!

Bruce Bartlett (Former Reagan Admin)"I'd Vote For Clinton Over Bush"

Bush's Fireside Con Exploited IED Casualties

RWinger John Glenn e-mail floating around.

E-Voting Action: PLEASE SUPPORT ION SANCHO NOW! (Keep kicked!)

Privatization at its finest

A Gracious Correction Of The Jerusalem Post - by Jerry Falwell

Bumper sticker ideas: Time for another brainstorming session

Censorship or not?

My predictions for the 2008 Amerikan Dictatorship.

Lieberman is The Black Republican of the Year for 2005

No ports or nukes for Muslims

Thoughts on the "Saddam Trial"....

Why is Al Gore in Palm Beach Florida ?

Freeps: Islam "a grand case of Orwellian double speak from Liberal media"

Russ Feingold for President!

What time is Olbermann on C-Span tonight

Isn't Keith Olberman supposed to be on C-Span this evening?

Should women be offended by the latest Republican labels of Hillary?

Did you to hear the woman on Marc Maron's show? Blaming Hollywood...

George Allen doesn't know what party he's in!

Dream Team Time! I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Do you think that English is the native language of this CNN writer?

Legal question- If I break the law today and am convicted today

I guess there won't be a Reagan $10 bill

something I noticed from todays Sunday shows

Ads in the forests

Althecat Interviews Robert Fisk On Iraq, Iran, DSM, 911 & What's Next

Confession sounds oddly like an episode of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

What's going on with mccain's cheek?

US invasion of Iraq has to rank as one of the biggest F**K UPs in history

Death squads operated from inside Iraqi government, officials say

New Heights for Freeway Blogging

From John Kerry tonight::

Feingold and George Stephanopolous: Censure or Impeachment

Whitehouse Poll: Should Suicide Bombers be given the death penalty?

Bush's atrocious India nuclear deal-- IMPEACH BUSH IMMEDIATELY

Can Dems retake the House in 2006? Allocate the bulk of resources here?

Conyers' blog: he called for censure in December 05:

Biden: Troops Should Come Home in Summer

Why Did Bush Destroy Iraq? By Paul Craig Roberts

VIDEO- Feingold-Democrats Need to Make Bush Breaking the Law An Issue

Frist on Feingold: ‘I Was Hoping Deep Inside That Iran Was Not Listening’

Please explain to me the psychology of Conservatives...

Listening In (the numbers behind the the US is fudging numbers)

this creep needs to be stopped

End the War and Occupation! Troops Home Now! March 18th

Would you watch the same commercial 18 times in 60 minutes?

Bush hit by new blow as aide is charged with shoplifting

Feingold news has hit the AP and Yahoo!

The Fed Officially Kicks Off the Next Recession!!!

Habeas Schmabeas at Gitmo: A camp full of our mistakes. A Must-Hear!

Dear Republicans, Here Is Your Savior ---pix--->>>

Frist: Bush is "out there fighting al Qaeda..."

This picture of * stunned me

Reminder: West Wing is back on NBC tonight (Sunday)

I bit my tongue last night...(a confession and a question)

Time for us to get Russ's back. Call your Senators now.

Valerie's Thinly Veiled Cover? by Larry C Johnson

I survived a week-end visit from my fundie parents.

Democratic rivals trying to avoid a circular firing squad

VIDEO- Biden-Why Don't You Admit you were wrong on Iraq?

Art Teacher Suspended for Recommending Figure Drawing

When you see the NeoWhigs ranting on immigration

WHAT IF: Chinese banks start issuing consumer credit cards in the US

who is the Dildo here, the GOP is banning Dildos in Tn, $5000 fine ..LINK>

Again, Republican caller after caller to C-Span say

Revealed: UK Develops SECRET Nuclear Warhead


"Were you the only black man in Salt Lake City?" Bush asked.

Calls for Bush's impeachment grow town by town

Never forget that * did not back down.

NSA Bill would make it a crime to report President breaking the law

Who would you vote for? Gore-Kerry-Feingold or Hillary??

Eat Yer Hearts Out, Freepers! My ironic little mini-photo essay.

Abstinence education anyone?

Russ or Wes?

Katherine Harris may be throwing in the towel, dropping out of race.

Did the NSA help Bush hack the vote?

Iran official says U.S. behind al-Qaeda attacks

Secrecy and Democracy Don't Mix "Impeachment - Which Democrats are blocking us?"

"The last thing Yanni would want to do is hurt his hands"

A Theory: Democratic "Leaders" Don't Want Bush Impeached Because....

Russ Feingold is the ONLY Democrat that i can support

Please help me understand the bankrupcy vote.

I am currently reading Trout Fishing in the Reflection Pool or the

A factor in the anti Vietnam war movement turning violent

Our 2008 Presidential candidate must have ...

MSNBC's "Leading Man" headline, with a Sieg Heil salute pic of Catkiller

Add to Bush's follies the rape of his own country

Iraq: The Reckoning-- The Independent/UK

"I never wanted to be famous, especially not in this way."

Abu Bush's Carlyle Group to invest in infrastructure

On visit to Ohio, Rove in denial

WTF... Arabs vs. Mafia on CNN QuickVote

Read this article and then tell me: Who?

Edwards next on CNN -

The vote on use of force in IRAQ

Samii, Wash. Journal's last guest this morning, kissed smirk's behind

My hopeful and perfect Democratic ticket for 2008 would be........

Catkiller/McCain 2008?

The War Room : Sunday, March 12, 2006

Photo: An Iraqi mother consoles her injured 4 year old daughter

Bumiller: Bush Is Business as Usual Despite Party Grumbles

Dad To Son: Join GOP Or Else

Conyers: 30 members: Impeachment: Grassroots-If not now, when?

Israelis were warned on illegality of settlements in 1967 memo

Coming Up: CNN visits Dubai OR CNN markets Dubai to USA

federal agencies fall short of the requirements of the Freedom of Info Act

War Recuiters on Campus and Justice Robert's Opinion

Afghanistan:The Other War...political landscape here not so inspiring

"Were you the only black man in Salt Lake City?" * to Katrina victim

Bush Logic: let's get along with Dubai, then let's hire Mexico to patrol

AFP Photo: "US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice holds a charango"

Photos: Gotta go for a Sunday BIKE ride, gotta make some CRISP decisions

GOPS dangerously unhappy with Bush,,,

What is a censure going to do?

Censure Motion against Bush (Senator's yes/no count?)

The Fallback

Time Photo: He's a HAMMERIN' and NAILIN' kinda guy, Stretch...

"more urgent than ever" to bring other war crimes fugitives to trial...

GOP Leaders want 'Adult Supervision' in White House

Internet Blows CIA Cover

Rummy so far as made 5 mil off Tamiflu

"Bush Visit to NY 29 Will Backfire" says Eric Massa

President targets Cheney for laughs at dinner

Excellent interview, Governor Dean.

What's with Democrats trashing Kos and other blogs?


Bush to America:


Hecklers harass families of US soldiers killed in Iraq --- Wacky USA

How close are we to becoming a mirror of Iraq? Religious violence ....

Scenes from an exemplary Republican's life

Military Shuns Many of Recruiting Age

Need a stop the war in Iran chain Flyer.....

Long term problem: people have shorter attention spans than corporations

Stem Cell Issue Can Damage The Republican Party

lieberman on the ports. video on lamontblog ugh.

Long term Marriages are Complicated/Certainly Bill & Hillary fit into that

so I just walked my precinct and collected signatures and contributions

Bush Establishes Religion at Homeland Security by Exec Order

Chuck Hagel...McCain without the baggage...

Keith Olbermann tonight at 8 PM on C-SPAN

? With K. Harris dropping out of the Florida senate race

Need a list of all the republicans involved in scandals

DU This DC Statehood Video

"When watchdogs,... morph into lap dogs,...the nation is in trouble."

Kerry's 10-point plan

Frist: Ports Deal Could Work Without Buyer

I think the reason many of us are pining for Al Gore is because

Did Washington pay Iraqis (or contractors) to kill Tom Fox?

Feingold will Introduce Censure of Bush!

whoa. take a look at this approval rating graphic

Embattled Bush to offer "candid Iraq views" (but no policy changes)

Is the American Far Right a Threat to the United States?

Anyone else see Barak Obama on Face the Nation?

Bush Administration is building massive network of bases in Iraq

Republican Mea Culpas

Firedoglake:support Feingold's censure resolution tomorrow

Wesley Clark understands something about people that George&Co never will.

Hero Ion Sancho needs your help ASAP before Mon. meeting with FL SOS

I'm thinking Feingold, Clark and Edwards seem like the best three for 08

smirk's buddy rev. Moon's charming of black preachers

Add Tom Daschle to the list of potential '08 candidates

Ridicule - the weapon Republicans cannot defend

Should Dems Avoid FOX?

Democrats ditch pro-choice agenda

"Anti-choice" is more accurate than "pro-life" because....

Of the last 8 Democratic nominees which one comes closest to reflecting