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Archives: March 14, 2006

It's Spring and Talk of Impeachment is in the Air

Gandhi in California

Hard Times for Soft Drinks..(carcinogen benzene found in some soft drinks)

Carbon monoxide: One man's meat wrapping is another man's poison

Moscow invades Mexico, citing Yucatan’s terrorism threat

Who Are Your Favorite Real Life Superheros?

NYT Editorial: Drop Out of the College

How coal is cleaning up its act (BBC)

Anti-nuclear industry to refurbish outdated poorly functioning units.

Israel's Peres holds secret meeting with Abbas in Jordan: report

Some 2,000 Palestinians banned from entering Jordan Valley

Jewish Settlers Despair Before Election

Koehler: What price will we extract from hero of democracy? (Heller)

Paper ballots were found in studies to be the most reliable voting system

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News March 14, 2006--TIA Post!!!

Thread 2- Looking for volunteers to help post news articles

Post info on peace rallies this weekend (3rd anniversary of shame)

David Loebsack said he supported Feingold’s resolution.

If CR people don't have a peace march on the 20th

they want to take Lake of the Woods water for Fargo (in a drought)

Yahoo Instant Messenger question

Skype VOIP experiences anyone?

So - I am moving to Austin - practical advice welcome.

Think we can trust those eSlate machines? Think again:

Look out Austin!

Last dinner on the Titanic.

Care to weigh in on my local paper's poll?

Protests threatens de Villepin's hopes

Milosevic took 'unprescribed drugs'

Alabama Cow Tests Positive for Disease - Mad Cow in Alabama

Engineers: 1985 Test Predicted Levee Break

AP files lawsuit seeking documents of all Guantanamo detainees

Pa. Seizes Paper's Computer Hard Disks

Dispute hits UN rights watchdog

China, Russia reject U.S. proposal on Iran

US postwar Iraq strategy a mess, Blair was told (More Downing St. Memos)

Administration to release prewar Iraq documents

Robertson finds radical Muslims "Satanic."

Gas leak sickens people at Palmer House

Winter warmest on record (Canada)

Port deal reaction is threat to economy, warns Chertoff

Peru's Humala Closes Gap With Flores in Apoyo Presidential Poll

Cheney speaks at Gard fundraiser (mostly dissed Feingold)

NYT: Colleges Open Minority Aid to All Comers(Bush Justice Dept. pressure)

Judge tosses DeLay case subpoenas

U.S. Terror Hunt Targets Animal Activists

WP: Admission Attributed To Bush's Ex-Aide

Feingold Draws Little Support for Censure

US postwar Iraq strategy a mess, Blair was told

WP: Magazine: Bradlee Knows Woodward's Source on Plame

President Michelle Bachelet orders free hospital care for Chileans over 60

Leftist candidate gets boost in hopes to win Mexican presidency (Mexico)

Witness says Al Qaeda deputy once lived in Calif. (Zawahri)

Now look at them yo-yo's

Costco wine heads up! Twisted Zin

"...people in the porn industry think an Iraqi pullout is a form of safe

Damn, I hate it when I see tornado warnings for ME on CNN...

Sex in movies

Doomed! I'm doomed!

high winds here

'Creative plumbing' delivers beer (BBC)

Anyone ever been on a helicopter tour?

Newspaper Apologizes For Cartoon Showing Jesus Performing Sex Act

I'm in the market for a new baseball game for PS2


When you're drunk...

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas read inside a CounterStrike game

"Press Your Luck" host Peter Tomarken has died

Peter Tomarken, host of "Press Your Luck," dies in plane crash

A/C in KY and heat in IN

Isacc Hayes (Chef) quits 'South Park'

People who talk about sex...?

What is it with Public Displays of Affection, anyway?

Hey fantasy baseball fans, how's this?

All-Star Tribute To Johnny Cash On My Local PBS Station

Michael Reagan in a Brad Paisley video? Say it ain't so!

Anyone know how to get a death certificate in Nebraska?

I admit: I'm in Alabama, I'm mad, but godammit, don't call me a cow!

Anyone filled out their NCAA brackets?

I am an idiot!

ARGH! They moved up the release date 6 weeks! After waiting 3 months too!

WTF!?! 80 degrees today...snow by Friday...

I can't touch type, so I'm going to type a sentence w/o looking

Google Earth is creepy, in a stalkerish, "Enemy of the State" kind of way.

Don't those people know where babies come from?

So the box of Benadryl I bought today says it contains

There's a mayor of a city on "deal or no deal" right now.

Resolved: Christopher Cross's debut album is a classic.

I hate pants! People over 35 should be allowed to wear cassocks

Yahoo Messenger question

Need Desperate Housewives spoiler for last night.

Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet

i hate myspace!

AP Stylebook update: 'gay'

For my 6000 post I will give you a political punch!

Andy Kaufman?

I can eat fifty eggs.

I made a whole bunch of potato soup......

Well I wish we could have snow and/or storms. We need the rain (Photos)

Have you ever told a cabbie "follow that cab!"?

I want to hurt someone

How to deal with profanity/name-calling in discussions

Did anyone here go to school in a one-room schoolhouse?

Why, oh why does this Yahoo popular news photo have such staying power?

My baby just started her first period! She's only 11 months old!

What do your pets feet smell like?

I just lost my faith in humanity.

And the bad news continues...

Netflix - "very long wait?"

I am the kitty's god!

Do You Own A Shredder?

Fla. Bill Would Give Dogs a Place at Table

The new 'journals' icon is not properly spaced

OT: HELP! Anybody on the WEST COAST! HELP!

oh yeah!!! its time for 24!!! this show rocks!!

You folks have to check out this GD:P post. Hysterical!

I am getting ready to watch the Battlestar Galactica replay on sci fi.

I got my 10 inches and it lasted more than 90 seconds!


you gotta sing it with that kind of enthusiasm

I feel horrible.

Mad Cow in Alabama.

So why does PETA pronounce its name "PEETA?" Is it because they're

Are you gonna watch chefography tonight? It's about Emeril.

That Burger King chicken commercial is freaking me out.

Okay, seriously — kudos to Skinner and the gang

When you write the number 8 do you start out going to the right or left?

Tornadoes Blow

Can we talk about big, and I mean BIG, families?

Who would be afraid of a big bucking chicken...


OMG! There's a "journals" icon!! OMG! OMFG!! OMFFG!!! OMFFFG!!!!


Anyone seen "Heart of Gold" yet?

Ya find the work interesting, do ya?

For HypnoToad...

It's time to destroy Verizon Wireless

Kiddo and Pet Pictures - Post Your Favorite

New Dr Who starts on Sci Fi this FRIDAY!

I See a Gray Journal Button! I See a Gray Journal Button!

Intimate Makeover - Genital Plastic Surgery - LAT

"Christian Lenders" with "Christian Principles" This is too effing much.

Returning To The Moon (Time)

New Planet Found: Icy Super-Earth Dominates Distant Solar System

Tornado mega disaster simulation to be aired

Did Brokeback Mountain follow the book ?

D.C., Md. Face Cut In AIDS Funding

Dems treat gays to 'Throwback Mountain'

Gay Teens Are Using the System

National LGBT Health Awareness Week set for March 12-18

Right about mid-day yesterday, I started weeping for my uncle, father,

Uh oh.... I'm in trouble now

Mt. Bloggermann erupted late this afternoon...

KOEB - 3/13 - Let's hear it for Feingold edition


What happen to my post earlier.

VIDEO- Durbin and Specter Debate after Feingold's Censure speech

Does Money Talk here

Here's a crazy theory about Claude Allen

Move to censure Bush will have Polical Fallout

Murtha with Wolf. How many times

Can you legally post entire Congressional Floor Statement texts?

Anybody know about CA election processes? March 10 filing deadline?

The only good news: Bush knows it's bad

describe how we win on the censure issue

...And Hardly a PEEP From the MSM Regarding Feingold's Bush Censure!

Fla. County Plans Court For Mentally Ill Defendants

In case of Bird Flu....Lock doors and make a tuna sandwich....

do not delete this - it is from ABC NEWS !

Did You Know That Arrogance Can Make You Tone Death?

Do we need a GD-Bird Flu forum?

is this fishy??? Serbian suicide 3-7 + now Milosovich dies 3-11

Dems Still Cowards - Afraid To Give Feingold Support

Undocumented Immigration will be the 2006 wedge issue.

Want To See A Bunch Of Country Music Dems - NOW?

First Murtha, now Feingold...

OMG CHeck out this assinine comment someone emailed to Lou Dobbs

ok,people-start writing LTTE tonight to support feingold.

I Get It! It Is Too EARLY in The Political Season For Dems To Back Russ F!

Tom's last journey

ABC news announces bird flu is coming -WTF ?

CONSTITUTION or CAREER-time for Dems to take a stand....nt

FEATURE-When Iraq death squads come calling: a family story

Rectenwald/Bernstein on 'Scarborough Country' tonight

A cat question: Not sure if this is OK in GD, but here goes

HELP! Need information in case Feingold Censure bill don't pass.......


Does knowing more about IEDs killing people make you feel more

Why is the my Journals link blank?

I love Keith Olbermann.

Terry MacAuliff/Al Sharpton on Hardball now

Woman found not guilty after shooting her X husband

Will anything ever be done about Sudan?

Prepared Text of Ned Lamont's Announcement Speech (video soon)

Without murders..... Ms. Cosby would be hard pressed for

Judge tosses DeLay case subpoenas

Are you getting a load of Cheney's horseshit regarding censure?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 13 06

British firms make billions from Iraq war

west wing replay on bravo now (8pm est)

American Diabetes Assn-I just got a call requesting that

What Russ Feingold Has Done:

Mr Pitt -

Jeremy Saat

Al Franken on Letterman Tuesday and Colbert Wednesday

From the White House To Jail In Record Time

Caption "Rock Star" Rumsfeld

One of our local soldiers is home on leave

Wes Clark is on Jim Lehrer's Newshour talking about Milosevic

Atrios gives us a little background on Free Republic (McCain)

I figured out why I'm so pissed off and frustrated tonight

no more BIG BUCKS NO show host and wife

What is Harry saying to Russ?

Robertson Finds Radical Muslims 'Satanic'

Who's gonna call Arlen Specter on his 'magic constitution' theory?

DeLay Gets Court to Halt, Void Subpoenas

From... The Days Of Shock And Roses...

Associated Press Sues Dept of Defense For Gitmo Papers

Really good thing on PBS about John Denver

I'm sorry folks, but a true opposition Dem Party is DEAD.

why am I getting this logo here? -->

I'll bet shrub wishes the American public had the "soft bigotry of low

Resolved: "Bush administration" to be called only "the mis-, mal- & non-"

Graduation Madness = Great Idea

Why is discussing the lack of Senatoral support for Feingold verboten?

So my 6 yo says "I hate Bush. He does bad things" and my husband says

"Christian Lenders" with "Christian Principles" This is too effing much.

Colorado: Teacher stays, student goes

Parents file suit challenging schools' moment of silence

Anyone watching the New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS

Mark Crispin Miller On AAR Tonight! Coming up at 10:30 EST

The implication is that Feingold Draws Little Support for Censure

Moussaoui Trial - Angry Judge May Deny Death Penalty

New, Confidential Blair Iraq Memo: 'An unbelievable mess'

3 years ago today: Feingold proposes reserve fund for Iraq war

Who cares why he did it

* in town tommorrow...time for some FREEWAY BLOGGING!!!

Any Democratic Senator who criticizes the Bush Adm. but doesn't sign

Because I'm from PA, I had to send my support Feingold email to the DSCC..

Dear MSM-addled brother-in-law:

Now Tony Perkins (R-asshat) accuses Feingold of treason

CNN; "Allen. A devout church and family man."

Yet another instance of domestic spying on peace activists

Why aren't we attacking every individual PUKE, every single day?

"Bush...has prostituted words such as democracy & freedom"

Air America / Mark Crispin Miller on Mike Malloy NOW

OT: HELP! Anybody on the WEST COAST! HELP!

Intimate Makeover - Genital Plastic Surgery - LAT

Pentagon examining chances of Israeli strike against Iran

Sign-up at Feingold's Progressive Patriot PAC site:

Does Scott McClellan's high forehead always sweat so profusely?

In this post-9/11 world, is it really appropriate...

Sharon Stone: "I came in my Faith." Jon Stewart:

Does anybody besides me wonder if someone is advertising for the

Letter to Sen. Kennedy

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shin Dig

OMG! Colbert is KILLING tonight on The Cobert Report! Tape, Tevo...

What we need is a Congress that will do its damn job!

Some people need a refresher course in Civil Rights on this board...

Support Feingold....... or else

Designated driver killed in DWI accident

Pat Roberts wrote an OP Ed today--No investigation needed (spying)

In light of "Bird Flu," Do you remember this?

Retaliation: UAE & Other Arab Nations Consider Switching Reserves to Euros

I see a journals icon...

VIDEO- Levin (yesterday) on Feingold's resolution

Down and Dirty; Plain and Simple - Jobs Numbers since Jan. 2001 >>>>

Carcinogen Benzene Found In Children's Drinks. FDA is Silent!

Bush BROKE THE LAW. Feingold wants to hold him accountable.

Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'

I weep for the United States

VIDEO- Letterman -George Bush What?


Conyers is WAY ahead of Feingold when it comes to the censure of Bush

CA Certification with conditions of Diebold vote-casting machines

McAfee Update Breaks Hundreds Of Apps

If I found out that my son of 4 was not mine but a product of incest...

Dubai Owned Co. Has NO IMMEDIATE PLANS To Sell Miami Ops

rebirth of learning in 1200s in Europe is result of Islamic scholarship of

TOON -- Bush & His Crooked Administration In ...


US Plans Massive Data Sweep (ADVISE system)


Families devastated by Katrina need our help NOW! Tuesday's demonstration

"Ex gay" teacher arrested for sex with minors.

Think FR is bad? Click "Discuss" at the bottom of any Yahoo News article.

If you can't even beat chimpy in a national race can you beat ANYONE else?

DU this c-span poll on Feingold's censure resolution

TIA vigil thread #4

Want to see a picture of trillions of dollars?

Bush could have, would have and did go to war on his own.

Colbert Report is becoming predictable and grates on me at times...

"Would you be in favor of warrantless wiretaps..."

I think it's about time for a new edition of the Hate Mailbag.

LOL look at the propaganda

NAACP says Block the's rock' n in NOLA

Survey asks leaders "have you accepted Jesus?" - D in KY does not like it

R U into Election Reform? We need 2+ people @ the Election Reform forum

My New Bumper Sticker (I think one of my best)

Pretty strong evidence the GOP is nervous about '06, + a note about voting

Mixed feelings 38 hours from closing. My neighbor's fire was arson.

Bush Dining With Porn Star Mary Carey

Ted Rall cartoon in my paper tonight!

Rep Conyers: 55,000 Have Signed as Citizen Cosponsors for Impeachment

Why didn't Feingold attempt to enlist other Senators with this?

Former 1199P president, John Black, dead at 85

Bush delegates most issues, focuses only on Iraq, '06 campaign

Senator Barbara Boxer interview on KQED show City Arts & Lectures!


The Presidential LIMBO - How Low Can He Go?!?

08 Slogan: Republicans are the GITMO Party

Democrats may be a populist party, but they don't talk like one.

(Ralph) Reed Fulfilling the Prophecy?

Click a link to make a FOIA request.

Cartoon "Pee-Yew Nuts!" Why Would Senate GOPers Piss Off Own Base?

DP World: No Plan to Sell Miami Port Ops

Al Gore: "Country Straying From Principles"

Who Turned Scanlon in? Remember Emily, Scanlon's exwife and more

Tweety on Bush: "When you're with him, he's a charming guy"

What I wouldn't have given to be a fly on the wall.....

Down and Dirty; Plain and Simple - Jobs Numbers since Jan. 2001 >>>>

Email to my Senator re: censure

Another good Craig's List post!

Koehler: "What price will we exact from a hero of democracy?"

Rove tells Ohio: "You all had something to do with keeping me employed"

White House to McClellan: Get Out There and LIE!

DeLay Gets Court to Halt, Void Subpoenas

It's Not Norman Rockwell, but the spirit of America is captured

Who HAS and HASN'T supported censure, and provide sources!

Fox's John Gibson: "Not all of Iraq's problems are Bush's fault"

I hate the Dems right now. They can't even support a censure

Why didn't Feingold try to line up support first...?

Mr. President, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt

Max Cleland: "I wasn't really wounded in Viet Nam...

SPREAD THE WORD! UNITE 2 FIGHT Injustice and Corruption!

So What Does Censure Actually Accomplish?

(Nichols) Feingold says Bush should be held accountable for wiretaps

Tornado mega disaster simulation to be aired

Larry Johnson: Smells Like Civil War?

Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans

Molly Ivins: Internationist or Isolationist?

The Right to Vote...

A Tale of Two Felonies

Impeachment Talk Reaches the Mainstream

Why Courts Are Adopting Gay Parenting

ACLU Condemns Secret White House Deal on Warrantless NSA Spying Program,

Counterpunch: How the US Occupation Led to Civil War

Investors Flee Iceland Banks

As poverty level increases, more people quality for social programs.

Lessons of Iraq War Start With US History

Lies, Damn Lies And Bush’s Medicare Statistics »

US Monitoring Israel's Iran Options

Deja Vu All Over Iran

Check out this leftie rant

National Disservice (Bush's Hypocricy)

Bradlee Knows Woodward's Source on Plame

Trey Ellis: Russ Feingold Is Right and He's Wrong

The Right and the Left, in a Nutshell

Conflict will define Bush's role in history

For Bush's Ex-Aide, Quick Fall After Long Climb (NYT)

Ayoon Wa Azan (Disgust with Dick Cheney)

Note to Moronic Democratic Senators: Americans Can't Stand George Bush

U.S. Said To Misread Hussein On Arms

Turning tables on 'traitor' talk

Arab Central banks move Assets out of Dollar

GOP's Culture of Corruption Vs. Democrat's Culture of Weakness

Bernanke: Budget Deficits Endanger Economy

Econ geeks: Can someone help me respond to this?

Canada to break the wind "exponential" barrier.

Super Sunday

Winter Warmest Ever on Record in Canada

A Hail Mary against global warming peril.. (new solar tech)

Military Researches Fuel Cell Vehicles to cut petroleum use by 75%

extreme value statistics

Organic Consumers Association-big issues in this weeks newsletter

Norton leaves public lands in a mess

Ethanol Reformation for Military Applications

Air Force committed to renewable energy - 25% of vehicles are FFV(ethanol)

USA Today article on building boom in ethanol plants.

Anyone else watching the events unfold in Jericho?

Leftists: Jericho raid - Kadima campaign ad

Israeli prison raid sparks violence in Gaza, West Bank

Sisterhood of Hamas

Israel Raids West Bank Prison to Take Inmates Held in Killing

British Council in Gaza torched in protest at Jericho operation

Roger Waters in Middle East controversy

Scholars Question Cheney's Role In 9/11

"new pearl harbor"

Have there been TWO Al-Shehhis?

crispin miller on malloy last night.

"It's far easier to manipulate paper ballots than encrypted memory cards"

This is still just an experiment.

UnReliability of ES&S Tabulator Leads to ReCount and BoE Babbling

FL Sec of State Cobb bars reporters from her meeting w/ Ion Sancho

US COMMISSION OF CIVIL RIGHTS "OH Preparedness for '06 Elections"

Specter-Harkin Amendment info

New Hampshire isn't happy with the DNC's latest meeting

State mandated Health Insurance? How about that $10,000

Just got my star so I can visit the Minn forum now and I'm.........

Stand Up for Minnesota Voting Rights Wed March 15!

internet marketing... how Ollie? How?

How or where can I get Power Point..

Going nuts here. Is there a reason why I can see pics

Firefox question: opening links in new tab instead of new window

David Van Os Whistlestop in Houston 3/25

Breaking: SOECHTING Steps Down

Judges halt subpoenas in DeLay case (DeLay wins one - Damn)

Dallas Peace March

Looking for eggplant recipes

Using our Journals to attract more Cooks and Bakers?

Permanent coffee filters - is Swissgold worth the money?

Globe & Mail op-ed: Mr. Harper does Kandahar

Does this sound like the Toronto Star?

totally NOT political. Anyone here going to

I'm worried Harper is succeeding in re-inventing himself as a patriot.

Is Harper in power for the long term?

Harper Winning Support on Afghan Deployment

"Don't Shoot, I'm Human" Minor league team hands out Dick Cheney Vests

JPost: Pentagon examining chances of Israeli strike against Iran

Arab central banks move assets out of dollar

Delaware Wins Top Rating for Workers as MBNA Prepares Layoffs

Conflict will define Bush's role in history

Iraq police find 15 strangled men in W. Baghdad

DOWNLOADING GOD: Churches use podcasts to spread the gospel; faithful turn

S Korea PM quits after golf gaffe

Autopsy Results Revealed (FL bootcamp beating death)

Reuters: U.S Contractor Busted With Arms In Iraq

Milosevic was murdered, says his son

Appeals court grants DeLay subpoena win

Scientists Commend NASA's Progress on (political interference w/ science)

WP Feingold Pushes to Censure President (Democrats Wary of Resolution )

NY Post: Pataki's Judge Pick May Be "Chucked" Out

Breaking: Israelis Storm Palestinian Jail

Arizona State Senator to Vie for Seat (vs. J.D. Hayworth)

Current Account Gap Widens to Record

Senate Panel Probes Contractors Over Taxes

Israeli prison raid sparks violence in Gaza, West Bank

McClatchy to Resell 12 Papers It's Buying (incl. Philadelphia Inquirer)

The liberal baby bust

NYT: 2 Asian Automakers Plan Ventures in 2 States Left by U.S. Carmakers

NATO peacekeepers find huge Afghan weapons cache

W.House, senators spar over move to censure Bush

Computers stolen at candidate's office

Romney shifts tone on gay adoption (Flip-Flop)

New panel to investigate Iraq war policy

E&P: Ridder Surprised, Unhappy Over McClatchy Flipping 12 Papers

Gov't Lawyer Excused From Mossaoui Hearing

U.S. judge in Google case sides with gov't in part

March to New Orleans to Protest Iraq War

N.H. Town Votes on Justice Souter's House

NYT: Study Links Ambien Use to Unconscious Food Forays

Prosecutor Details Start of Aryan Gang War

Big Oil faces Congress on profits, mergers

Crude Oil up over a buck, the July contract is up $1.63

Senators Criticize Oil Industry Mergers

Bush faces more trouble over immigration bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 14 March

Judge: Mousaui Death Penalty Trial Still On -Yahoo

Judge allows U.S. to continue death penalty case against Moussaoui

CBS: Mike Wallace is retiring as a regular on "60 Minutes" at age 87

Washington State Considering 'Pharmacist Refusal' Proposal

Saddam had no WMDs, lived in dream: Report

200,000 people are listed in terror suspect database

New Panel to Investigate Iraq War Policy

Judge to Order Google to Turn Over Records

Iraqis Find 85 Bodies in 24-Hour Period

Dam in Hawaii Bursts; Seven People Missing

Wildfire Death Toll Rises

For Bush's Ex-Aide, Quick Fall After Long Climb (NYT)

LAT: Bush Says LA Times Article Revealed Data on Combating Bombs

Gang members charged in rape allegedly watched by mother of one

NYT: Wallace Retiring From '60 Minutes'

US 'misread Saddam's order'

Snow warns of isolationist policies RFK's killer eligible for parole

Russian Army Beating Hurts Ivanov in Contest to Succeed Putin

Sweden more anti-Semitic than thought

Sharp rise in CO2 levels recorded

Airport cop opens fire on cab driver

U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq

Middle finger salute leads to federal lawsuit

GOP Not Meeting Promises in Budget Week

Senate Eyes Insurance Options for Cos.

US general says no proof Iran behind Iraq arms

Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President

Key Bush admin. response official resigns

Hiring prospects up around the world

Schools ban hiring bias against gays


WP: U.S. Push for Democracy Could Backfire Inside Iran

2 US troops killed ( 2,310) Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare

Riot police use teargas on protesters at Paris college (AFP)

Iraqi official: Large-scale plot thwarted

Icy "super-Earth" found around faraway star (Reuters)

Rumsfeld Hints Iraq Troop Levels May Rise

Iraq Body Count: Iraq death toll in 3rd year of occupation is highest yet

Snow: Congress must raise debt limit this week

Bush makes stop in northern New York to pay tribute to autistic basketball

Norquist group faces challenge for Abramoff ties

Doctor: Teen didn't die because of sickle cell (FL Youth Boot Camp)

Vocal teacher back in class; student critic mum (and meets w/idiot gov)

Pacifists say documents prove FBI spied on them(Thomas Merton Ctr)

Electricity Hits Three-Year Low in Iraq


Brazilian Army Withdraws From Rio Slums

BMW to start serial output of hydrogen-powered car

U.S. comptroller general warns of fiscal crisis

Bush Defends Troubled Medicare Benefit

Climate change 'irreversible' as Arctic sea ice fails to re-form

Northwest bets you'll pay for legroom

Pentagon eyeing weapons in space

American arrested with weapons in Iraq-official

The DU Journals are Finally Here!

Dog Handler at Abu Ghraib on Trial

Storm-Wracked Parish Considers Hired Guns

Funny Bush Joke

Funny Bush Joke

Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Thug beat bandmate to death for poor playing

Do you think you know what Twelve Inches really are?

Does anybody like Trish Stratus?

Handwriting analysis: Science or Shit? "1st Amendment"

So I DID pay my hydro (electric) bill

WHat do people think of James Blunt?

A most remarkable discovery I made (pic)

Korea 7 - USA 3

Have you ever left a one-cent tip?

Miss Deaf Texas Struck by Train, Killed

Retail stories

This sort of thing must be stopped

Guys, I have a question

I'm going to bed. Because I'm tired.

What's your favorite video game?

Any laptop pc experts around tonight?

"Don't Shoot, I'm Human" Minor league team hands out Dick Cheney Vests

I just posted the most brilliant blog post ever! Ask me anything!

Is it just me...........


It's raining cats and dogs outside!

"Every sperm is sacred..." The Duggar Family is on TLC again.

Check out this website. It's a trip.

Since I am now drooling on my keyboard, I'm going to bed!

"Russian Brides"

Google to face off with feds in court over your search data


A visual demonstration of Brush Cutter's intellectual prowess...

Dog help us!

BBC "man on the street" interviews.

yvr girl, I have an answer...

In praise of...the drain

Coming Sunday, March 19th

Awwww Christmas Trees in March today's AWwwwwww

Reminder: Vote for my blog on MKE Online!

Oh, we sooo need someone to do a "vespa rider clocked at 6 mph" photoshop


3 Year Old Shoots His Mother In The Knee

Motorcyclist Clocked At 155 mph - Jailed

one more saturday night

MO residents-sirens at 1:30 are not real!

Tuesday Morning Lyrics

'American Idol' Gets Own Live Pre-Show

Tuesday earworm.

New Living Will Form

14 Children and Pregnant Again

Deleted double post

Ex's Tip Leads Police To Find Three Dead Babies

Rude anagrams of American Idol conestants' names

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Congratulations DanCa!! 10,000 posts

Poor Badz - is this wrong?

I need your opinions on the P2P program Morpheus.

3/14/06 Rummy is briefing Bush

my dog amused me tonight

NCAA Tourney fans - Join up KitchenWitch's Yahoo Tournament

Somebody stop me....

Damn, my wife is cranky in the mornings

As much as I ove Guinness, I hate those stupid commercials.

Underpants, please tell me you didn't let this chance slip by!!!

'The Brazillion Joke': still always funny, or getting old fast?

Online Daily Show Clips

Can anyone suggest a good wine that comes in a box?

Post your favorite MATRIX spoof here!


More from my grandma (pic heavy)

Carolina Panther cheeleader steers clear of jail.

Naaaaaa naaaa na naaaaaa naaaa na...

great review for my latest song

New game: Whack an annoying "American Idol" contestant

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/14/06)

Monty Python song lyrics!

Has anybody else noticed that polling has changed?

Church Bulletins

Need to buy used/old socks --- where?

Any Mass DUers know how far Beverly Mass is from Boston?

The best yogurt EVER: Stonyfield Farm's Chocolate Underground

Whatever happened to the Mt. Dew Under The Cap games??

FINALLY! Some good news

Museum of Bad Album covers

something funky's going on I can't get to my Roadrunner homepage

Should I start singing my posts?

Hockey Team To Have 'Cheney Hunting Vest Night', Give Orange Vests To Fans

OK, what are some CDs on your wish list?

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers!

Our Prophet: Homer J. Simpson

Yikes.. "Now THERE'S a couple that knows how to fight!"

What do you think these are?

Rupert Murdoch Predicts His Own Corporate Death

Kid. Rock.

Paging Redstone: You need to lay down the law.

Never underestimate THE COLON!!!!

Don Cheadle could play Miles Davis in biopic

When using TurboTax or other online tax preparers don't be fooled!

Is China assimilating us, or vice versa?

Well spank my butt and call me Sally!

A thread is GD says Will Farrell is dead

Help! NCAA Men's Basketball Gurus Please give me your picks!

Carlos Mencia is a fucking asshole

Can we talk about big, and I mean BIG, balls?

northern germany in mid-march

In this thread, only 19th Century slang is permissible...

Will Ferrell dead???

For Rabrrrrrr ...

We're Airstreamers!

NCAA pool for DU on Yahoo details - last call

OK, I am now going to see if I can put this post in my journal.

billyskank! Wherever you are...HI!

Important Marriage / Parenting Poll

I feel so stoooopid. Can anyone tell me how to post on my journal?

Now that Kleeb is back

Britney Spears changes her baby's diaper on a RESTAURANT TABLE in L.A....

Will Ferrell is NOT dead; however Paul McCartney is...

Celebrity Scientology

I am a fraud.

So what should I put in my blog?

I just noticed! We have cooties!

So, Liberace was gay, and I'm apparently the last to know...

I didn't want to do this but your journal PALES compared to my post count

so is the lounge all journaled out yet?

People don't even read my damn posts

Kevin Federline has a backup plan if his upcoming CD fails

Will Ferrell is NOT dead. Check out this link. It was a hoax, and a bad

Uh-Oh this could very well be the END OF THE FOOD NETWORK!

question about collection/telemarketer calls

Funniest "Photoshop" I've seen in weeks


Hashing: A drinking club with a running problem...

A farewell toast to Foggy Bottom!

Jim Morrison was incredibly sexy

I hear they're remaking "Triumph of the Will" with Steve Gutenberg!

Man Flips Off Construction Workers - Gets Ticket From Cop - Is Suing

I just noticed! We have journals!

Anyone want to buy my "Corn" tickets?

I stood outside today and listened to a bird singing.

There is no such thing as Gravity. The world just sucks.


Anyone want to buy my "Porn" tickets?

Anybody got Mormom crickets?

Your favorite "Six Feet Under" character?

Anyone want to buy my "Korn" tickets?

35 pound cat scares off burglars

Someone needs to collect all these terrific photoshops

St Patrick's Day...

never mind

I just updated my Journal!


Wednesday List Thread ("If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail!")

I'm going to brew some Green Tea... anyone want some?

Sleeping drug Ambien makes people eat in their sleep

how do I find my posts that have been on greatest ?


Bill Maher fans: His "Murder She Wrote" episode starts at 7 ET on Bio

"You look tired" - the polite way of saying

Eeeww! What the Hell are these things?! Microscopic red bugs in the tub...

Ok, am I just stupid and don't see it?

Favorite photo?

Like Starbucks Coffee? FREE COFFEE TOMORROW 10am - 12 NOON!

What if Freepers had Journals over at FR?

Why do I do the things I should not do??

What type of posts would you like to see more in the DU Lounge?


Dosn't 'Good Night and Good Luck" come out on DVD today?

I got a reply from the guy who draws the "Prickly City" cartoon....

Asking for good wishes and prayers...

Bloody hell Skinner, the Journals are brilliant!

Houston, TX - I Need Help

Agree or disagree? Everything that we do has a biological explanation

Anyone had Lasik surgery?

OMG!!! Attention all Rachael Ray haters!!!

So, can members use the journal to hone their porn writing skills?

So.. you MEANT to alert on a troll, and instead...He's in your journal

**RUMOR BUSTERS** My friends says he heard on the radio Will Farrell died

Confessional is open

Great b*sh imitation:

Should I put all my "dildo" threads from Sunday in my Journal?

Shit. I'm catching a cold. Anyway to head it off at the pass?

For my birthday, I want this...

So, what are you listening to?

Your favorite Dr. Who?

Why are Guys So Hooked on Looks?

anyone looking for a job in social services, development, case work etc

What Linux distro is better for you? Find out here:

Congratulations leftofthedial!! 20,000 posts

Here's another poster I made

Goddamn this blasted anterior epistaxis!

Blessed are the Cheeseheads

How many words a minute do you type?

Check in with mega-concerts/ music festivals you've attended


I'm trying to tell you something 'bout my life

I'm going grocery shopping in one hour. Ya'll make me a list.

24 (Spoilers)

~~~ Eat your heart out, honey -- "I feel pretty, oh so pretty.." ~~~

Ladies: Have you ever dated a drop-dead gorgeous guy?


I may enter a chili contest this weekend.

Prepend "Mal" to any word in a movie title

Issac Hayes is quitting South Park

Attention gay and lesbian DUers: what do you like the about being gay?

Harry Potter! Gimme ideas for the 7th book since I'm bored!

Is vegetarianism the advancement of human evolution?

C Programmers: I just squashed a MUTANT KILLER ZOMBIE BUG FROM HELL

Congratulations underpants!! 60,000 posts

I'm pissed at my landlord

Today is going to be weird - I was in the office for about an hour

famous loungisms

I miss sundog.


Laaaaaaaaadies!! Oh LADIES!!!

Chloe, my sweet 20-year-old cat, has passed away.

My life on DU is fucking wierd these days

Miami Dolphin & VIKING FAAAANS!!!!! Guess whaaaaaaaaaat

Netflix--you will not believe this...

I totally lusted after Jadzia Dax on DS9 -- the Terry Farrell Dax

Its been a while

***Everyone With a Journal....Post Here! NOW, I Say!***

So, Luther Vandross was gay, and I'm apparently the last to know...

Okay, goodnight Lounge, I'm going to bed

I'm bullish on billyskank goodnight threads! They're prolific!

Should I start signing my posts?

Fried chicken for dinner

Completely useless but interesting trivia

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,


Today is my 2 year DU anniversary.

900 ft. Jesus and The Colbert Report: I Called It

Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet

Annie Proulx thrashes Crash

French phrase stuck in my head, thus requiring a lounge post.

The DU Journals are Finally Here!

DOWNLOADING GOD: Churches use podcasts to spread the gospel; faithful turn

These are the problems I have with religion--NOT a rant

Good news: Tot on heart machine did so well, no need for transplant now

Bored with Google Earth ...... try Google Mars :)

Egyptian ‘tomb’ was mummy workroom

Another 6.8 quake hits Indonesia today

Greenhouse theory smashed by biggest stone

Space Shuttle Launch Pushed Back to July

Composition of Comet Samples Surprises NASA Scientists

My smackdown of a quack "gays are biologically defective" geneticist

Outrageous LTTE in today's Cincy Enquirer -- gays are "mutants"

Taiwan travel agency offers Brokeback Mountain tours, discount for gays

An open letter to Gerry Alexander, Chief Justice of the WA Supreme Court

NFL QB moving day- Brees --> Saints Kitna--> Detroit Culpepper--> Miami

Help! NCAA Men's Basketball Gurus Please give me your picks!

Kitna signs with Lions

Tournament seeding question

DU NCAA Pool at Yahoo - last call

Our rescue group update

Still missing little Katherine... and I feel like crap. :-(

people don't pay attention

No SFRC Meeting this morning. Bolton, ah, bolted.

I love both of my senators

stupid leftist site claims John Conyers is a Bush admin plant

breaking news from the ACLU:

Kerry Reference Library--Warning Re Possible Virus

Kerry's rebuttal; Romney's poll effort

Hey guys

Anchorage has architecture besides churches... ;-)


For Fun--AWESOME glass art sculpture Nassau/Bahamas

YIKES! Am being brave and entering March Contest--Your input PLZ

Two questions re: March contest

I got nuttin'... still playing round' with Archie though

A really good meal

Where's the newsletter?

UK to pull 800 troops from Iraq [Tony Blair see's the writing on the wall

It's like a game of chicken...

Email from Barbara Boxer: Help Needed for Afghan Women

Keith Olberman to talk of the censure issue now on msnbc

Proud to Be a Democrat

Isaac Hayes leaving South Park : cites intolerance & bigotry

Price increases are ridiculous

strib: NWA saves you an aisle seat – for $15

Yo AP Go Cheney yourself!!! AP makes people stupid...

Anyone that supports Conyers and not Feingold is a hypocrite eom

Re: The Censure of Bush, Tuesday's code book

What do you think happens when you write to a show like Hardball

Concern over Iraq drives Bush's rating to new low (36%)

What don't people get about Amendment I? The religion part...

Who is Ira Eisenberg:

Well one thing you can say for Bush

Bush Learns English

How to screw the news AP Style divide one story in to many and then

"Don't Shoot, I'm Human." Minor league hockey team gives out Cheney Vests

July 1, 2003: "BRING 'EM ON!!!!!!"

Shadow "Office of Special Plans" Government...

Massachusetts' gay couple adoption controversy

40 Bodies Found in Iraq in Past 24 Hours

"if you don't like tuna or milk they would be really bad things to store!"

The Congress shut down the Dubya Dubai Deal quickly

How Many Women Die From Illegal Abortions Today?

Did Bush really say this?

I Request That People With News Display it Right Now...

Rep. Katherine "Dragon Lady" Harris may withdraw from race

When God is pushed further to the Right

Gov't quietly changes rules on sexual orientation and security clearances

What do famous Republicans think of all this criminal Bushit?

I swear my computer can read my mind

Censure vs. Impeachment

Bush Claim That Times Article Revealed Data On Combating Bombs

My deepest apologies...

Purim 5766 - And Still Going Strong

the insurgents (or terrorists) are using the pictures we see on television

E-Mail Casts Doubt on DP World's Plans

LEAKED: 2003 Memo Indicates Blair Envoy Felt US Postwar Stragegy=DISASTER!

My potential LTTE to the Chicago Tribune. Critiques?

Great imaginary moments in future history. Dems get balls.

Front Page WaPo: "That Stupid George Bush" hurting democracy in Iran

Fishing for a Pretext in Iran---By Juan Cole

David Boaz, Cato Institute, gives * a C- ! C-SPAN

"We have information that the British & Americans left the prison this AM"


My 2008 Prediction: Bayh/Obama and Romney/Rice

US Academic Targeted by FBI Terrorism Task Force over Venezuela

Suspected Terrorist on Saturday Night Live video

Claude Allen & THE EVIL TWIN THEORY?????

AUDIO: Harry Reid, Jim McDermott on Ed Schultz re: Censure

How *co admin can save tax dollars on the current tour.

A Modest Proposal

Do you support the "FAG VETS"? ~*WARNING*

I just received a response from the FBI about my FOIA request.

Sirota: Lieberman's Campaign Manager Admits Boss Is Out Of Touch

Russ Feingold American Patriot -- Cartoon

Fundies Who Deny Global Warming

Another Poll (Harris) Shows Bush Slipping to 36%

WSJ Poll: How do you grade Bush's leadership of the Iraq war so far

ANY Other Senators for Censure?

Have You Noticed - No Color Coded Terrorist Alerts for

Bin Laden's deputy had lived in US

DU This Survey! "Republican March Madness"

Feingold question is there a website with his background on it?

Arianna Huffington-Now the little guy is the true pit bull of journalism

Bush, the Statesman-By Molly Ivins-Maybe He Should Just Stay Home

Media giants want to privatize our Internets!! ??

Eeeww! What the Hell are these things?! Microscopic red bugs in the tub...

N.Korea army threatens pre-emptive attack

A DU hats of to Russ Feingold and John Conyers!

Russ Feingold is on the Senate floor discussing the Budget

DC, MD Face Cut in AIDS Funding

Wouldn't a Muslim

Scholars Question Cheney's Role In 9/11

Isaac Hates leaving South Park... cites "religious intolerance"

Anyone see that lying creep Bill Sammon on Washington Journal?

they can lie, cheat, loot, & waste, break the laws long established and. .

The US is finished

Bloody Baghdad: 86 bodies found in 30 hours...No signs of civil war????

Just made a fun meme - Get your very own right-wing rant!

Will Russ Feingold Stand Alone Again?

"Were you the only black man in Salt Lake City?"

Islam Fatally Flawed, Says Voice From Corona via Al Jazeera

Pat Robertson sees his own Shadow

The cartoon I'd like to see

UN is being invited to another Snark hunt by the Bush regime

PHOTO from this morning: Too eerie!

So, our troops are in Iraq to just 'observe'?

Little King George and Entourage Hit the Road ---pix->>>

Ahhh, the MSM!!!! Calls Clooney's Blog Profanity-Laced???

"contacted the White House to verify Allen's identity"

Streaming Trouble with Springer

Specter on censure: WTF?

C-Span2 Budget Battle

Evil Twins, The VP Shooting Someone In The Face, HOLY CRAP!

Ho-Leee crap. "Bush Sets Timetable for Transition in Iraq"

Mr. Resident,Say..."Mission Accomplished"

Baghdad Street:CIVIL WAR IMMINENT & US Secretly Wants It To Happen...

TruthIsAll: "This is the BEST post I have ever written."

Jean Schmidt, 1984: "I HATE Elizabeth Dole!", compared GOP to Hitler

Anyone else watching the events unfold in Jericho?

DU Archeologist's, need a little help please.

What time is the Senate vote on the Censure Resolution?

ACLU: 'FIRST Concrete Evidence' of Domestic Spying For Anti-War Views

Dear Russ Feingold, attach Censure to Budget. Thanks. -nt

LOL! My 3-year old says "okay, I'll be Cheney..."

Moment of Silence in Texas Challenged

Winning Democratic issues for the next campaign:

U.S. Current Account Deficit Hits Record

LAT op-ed: What will persuade Bush to halt "lunatic meddling" with planet?

Tammy Faye On Larry King - Fear of Death- Religion

"O'Connor Forecasts Dictatorship" -- why no press coverage?

Like I said before, nothing to worry about, they don't vote...

Closet Land- the most prescient movie I've ever watched

Opening statements to begin in Aryan Brotherhood trial

Conservative groups call for boycott of Ford

Carlyle Group explores acquisition of port operations

Just noticed my dog takes human insulin, $55 a bottle

Is Air America's online stream down?

Tom DeLay's ARMPAC received an inquiry from the FEC on March, 8, 2006

Update from the Road by John Edwards

Winter warmest ever on record in Canada

Russert and Allen sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, Huff Post breakdown

Does anyone know what they are doing with all the bodies? (Baghdad)

Judge Albie Sachs (S. Africa) on Tavis Smiley Show. Amazing

Mr. Pitt Challenges NY Times' Abu Ghraib "Scoop

For all DUers who think the Dems aren't fighting back:

Baghdad: US Soldiers Busting Down Doors and Kidnapping People

Consolidation of Power is not meant to be transferrable......

"Z Machine" sets unexpected Earth temperature record:

Outrageous LTTE in today's Cincy Enquirer: Dr. says gays are "mutants"

US Wants Full Access to Bulgarian Military Bases

U.S. Military Plans to Make Insect Cyborgs

Is it just me?

Repost for the lunchtime crowd: get your very own right-wing rant!

FOXnews NOW - Iran Nuke Showdown

New Panel to Investigate Iraq War Policy

Comparative Republican Ethics....

I think we should just settle the Lib vs. Con debate with a spelling bee.

CSPAN - Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings

OMG - Bush is using that Autistic Boy -He has no shame

Breaking??? Harris may drop out in FL Senate Race

think up a good TV ad for 06

Any news of Feingold on cable /networks today? Curious I am.

You thought Creationists were a little too rational????

Gore - Feingold 08 - would it unite the left? :D

Anyone recall corporate media report of Kerry/Edwards anti-terror platform

'An unbelievable mess': Memo from John Sawer-Blair's special envoy to Iraq

I need a link from yesterday

The 2008 race NOBODY expected!!!

Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night

New Mexico getting it done because of the DNC support for states.

Bush and Rice dangerous to those already working for democracy in Iran

Rummy and Pace lying their butts off on MSNBC and

Progressive Station, My Ass!

Big bad Rs say "boo", and Dems in Congress start running....

House starting session on CSPAN1

Taliaferro last night .... Woah!!!

How much taxpayers' money is wasted on Bush spying on peace groups etc.

James A. Baker III..'New Panel to Investigate Iraq War Policy' what BULL!!

Google Anti-Bush stuff and post links to cool stuff here & your search

Another Day, Another Ridiculous Backdrop for Mr. Showbiz ---pix->>>

It's been a year since the worst of the Schiavo dust up

The KID who TAPED HIS TEACHER sought to do NO GOOD

60 Minutes ...Nature or Nurture debate

Hey America -what's this look like?

Democratic administration involved in build up to Iraq War...

Boxer Says "Yes" to Censure (according to Kos poster)

FRC's Perkins: Feingold call for censure "borderline treasonous behavior"

Missing White Woman

WBAL Radio cancels Rush Limbaugh (well, it's a start, anyway)

~ We need a candidate people want ~

Katrina trees will get new life on historic ship (CNN)

Feingold's censure: Let's get this straight.

Tough Week for Political Party Mavericks: McCain and Feingold

DAMMIT! WeatherUnderground is supporting 'Sleeza for Prez!

How important to you is a secret ballot?

Does US want civil war in Iraq so it can claim no blame for failure?

Cheney in Wisconsin yesterday, bashed Feingold

MSNBC Question of the day

Comments welcome

Woo! Now I know why they call them "FUN"dies!

You know those stories about the evil twin doing it?

ACLU releases 'first concrete evidence' of domestic spying for anti-war ..

REPORTS FROM: Future of Iraq Project-Over 1,200 Pages Prev Unavail Report

Leno: The Sopranos is like the White House

Gotta love those "Christian rodeos" (Bill Clinton as "bull dummy")

"No pictures of the President, please"

CSPAN: Your tax dollars at work! Democracy in action!

Where is Dick Cheney???

Is PAYGO gonna pass this time!?

Dems have nothing to lose by supporting Censure!

Women in Iraq Increasingly Attacked for Not Wearing Headscarves


'L.A. Times' Responds to Bush's Fascist Attack On Its IED Report

Anyone know anything about


No more Chef on South Park - Isaac Hayes calls it quits

I wonder what the Christian Taliban in the US has to say about TX BURNING

Will Ferrell dead???

Oh BROTHER. Bush Meets w/Autistic Boy Who Shot Winning Basket

Laura Bush: U.S. ready for a woman president - prefers Repug!!

Alexandria's keystone cops screw themselves

Democrats slash Feingold move on censure, as Feingold says party 'cowering

If Dems can't handle *, they can't handle terrorists--a VALID construct!

Pics: Condi Plays The Cocaine Guitar

C-SPAN: Some really nervous oil CEO’s

Help explain about Google

Feingold Taking the Dean Route - Running Against Weak Democrats

Isaac Hayes quits "South Park?" Sheesh, who'll do the voice of Chef?

Journals question: Link to MY posts, not yours

Fiscal responsibility? Foreign debt up to $804bn.


Lies, Damn Lies And Bush's Medicare Statistics

They were once embryos

Dean: Bush's Broken Medicare Plan

We want the keys, please - we're taking over

Which move to censure president Bush do you support?

"series of US failures contained the seeds of the present insurgency "

Chertoff: Emotional responses to security issues could damage our economy

Feingold's Flakiness?

well, Fox is sure having Fun riduculing Feingold.

Drink the Kool Aid much? Warning spew alert. Freeper think.

History Lesson: Lincoln and Kennedy

Feingold blew it yesterday.

Has ANY Liberal radio host/blog/website

"RW talking points"

Plan-B information with link--public service message

WTF ??? US tells moderates to stay out of Hamas cabinet

Re: Feingold - whatever the outcome it's on the record...* and censure

Frank Caliend on Letterman Video - Hilarious

Bernanke Concerned About Bush's Fiscal Recklessness

Iran: 'Everything Is On The Table'

Peace march last Saturday...14 to 15 times as many people as 2005.

Three Years, Thousands of Lives Lost - It's Time for Congress.ACTIONALERTY

Anyone worried about what might happen w/ North Korea if we attack Iran?

I have a question about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Talking to seniors, Bush called Medicare "the new deal"


I find it hard to believe Feingold did this

Holy head on a stick, batman

TAKE A STAND PROGRESSIVES....Sit out 2k6 and don't vote...

Norquist group faces challenge for Abramoff ties

Big Ed is REAMING the Democrats AGAIN today for their silence

Maybe I'm just nuts...but "Hannity and Stern" is pretty good radio.

MSNBC - Bush hits Iraq Bottom LOL

The saddest day in any of our lives?

A somewhat funny legal argument

Allard (R-CO) accuses Feingold of “siding with terrorists.”

Arab central banks move assets out of dollar!!!!!!!

There are so many reasons why *'s photo op today is high irony.

Why is it that...

new email from John Conyers

He broke the law. This isn't political or

Claude Allen's 'evil twin' is the crook? - Talking Points Memo

Discussion from meeting today re: outsourcing to India

Limbaugh suggests Milosevic poisoned because of Bill Clinton

Just how stupid can people be? IRS e-mail promising tax refund?

CNN is using Media Matters as a video-tape source!

Civil War? What Civil War?

Been working all day, how many Dems backed Russ today?

Communist Party USA- Oust the GOP in 2006!

Dobbs on the port 'deal"--maybe not going through?

Audio of War and Impeachment Forum

Lou Dobbs Poll:ownership of US Ports facilities

Liberal Confessions

It's time to start thinking of breaking away from the Democratic Party

Bush: "Were you the only black man in Salt Lake City?"

Commandments legislation is an embarrassment

Man Says Obscene Gesture Is Free Speech

Idea: Feingold for Senate Minority Leader posts Abu Ghriab Photos 2

Dobbs on Feingold now

Montel show hammering Bush

Introducing Brainshub: Best. Journal. Ever!

How do I find a peace march this weekend??

Pretty succinct cartoon (re: DPW Deal)

CBS poll on tweety: Bush's handling of the Iraq war, from May, 03 to now

Now, this is a bad marriage:


Funny coincidence

Germany to deploy 'army of prostitutes' for 2006 World Cup

**** Call Congress March 14 & 15 & send them an email (RE: BUDGET CUTS)

'Judge to Order Google to Turn Over Records'

2311 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Is Rep. Feeney running hard or running scared?

Jayson McElwain = BIG PHOTO OP FOR OUR MORONIC, white house resident.

Pat Robertson steps in it again

CBS: We're increasing troop levels in Iraq.

Conservatives are sleazeballs says NYT's David Brooks

Clinton is to Dubai Ports AS Feingold is to Warantless Spying

Flashback poll 1998: Do you support or oppose the censure of Pres. Clinton

I've been thinking. For a long time I have been saying "too many

Lessons of Iraq War Start With US History by Howard Zinn

Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare

Dana Bash (CNN) says Bush is "Incompetent" and "they've Been there

President Clinton statement: On the Death of Slobodan Milosevic

Senators' positions on the Feingold Censure resolution.

The Potemkin Progressives (short rant)

City or country?

ASCAP Targets Establishments Performing Copyrighted Music without Permissi

Genocide in Darfur: a film to watch and pass along

Cornyn on Feingold: "How many Dems will follow him over the cliff?"

Mr. Pitts

An open letter to the Corporate Press

Is the Russ Feingold move to Censure the Pres. effectively dead?

Volvo commercial on the radio this morning... pinch me, but they said

Rummy: "I don't think it'll look like-ahh- the United States's civil war."

Bush is fugged

Church does not add to tax base, getting eaten up by eminent domain

Libertarian Dobbs ON FIRE! Has (my love) David Sirota on talking about

The Ft Worth Star Telegram is printing my ltte 3/15(re:feingold)

Bush's job approval, month-by-month...

Pentagon wants AMERICAblog's help spreading propaganda about Iraq

It's time to step up or shut up.

NYT: Supporter's Voice Now Turns on Bush (Fukuyama book review)

Bush calls this the "New Deal." pRes. Twit: I think it's a "Raw Deal."

Could it be Dems are not backing Feingold because....


Tired of spineless dems? Contact Link to the DNC.

PG&E CEO's pay nearly doubled in 2005 to $2.1 million


Anybody else think Torie Clarke is a lying propagandist bitch?

Now, this is bad parenting (GRRR!!!!!)

Rice: US To Seek Ways To Resume Military Aid To Latin America

Reaction to Feingold's censure of Bush?

Diane Feinstien supports censure...

Mike Malloy visits Madison (video)

Asheville unites against hate rally in downtown.

Keith Olbermann tonight on The Colbert Report

*** Rally To Stop Genocide - Washington, DC on April 30th, 2006 ***


HAHA!!! Hannity interviewing Howard Stern right now!! Hilarious!!

Did GOP Lobbyists Spike the 9/11 Commission Report?

O'Rielly calls Al Gore a Liar and says he owes Bush an apology

Dubai Ports world LIES. Intends to KEEP PORTS. Bush deeply involved!

Mixed feelings about the NSA wiretap issue

V For Vendetta - Most Dangerous Film of the Year?

The Vets Gulf March has started (a few photos)

Specter-Harkin Amendment

DU - please wake up RE: Feingold's Censure

Bush blames Iran for Iraq roadside bombs

Chertoff was locked out of the DHS office building for hours today!

3/14 toon

President Bush Is A Sentimental Man Or Why He Scares Me

Other than those live near him, does anyone care if the bouncer person

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 9)

Recreational Drugs.

MoveOn is Onboard with Senator Feingold - Can you help out?

Kill the birds!

I'm a bit freaked out by what I see on my TV screen..

Right-Wing e-mail on Social Security

All Horse Trading Needs To Be Made Available To The Public Record.

Memory Hole: "Reports From the Future of Iraq Project"


ARRESTED American private contractor in Iraq found with explosives

Compare distribution of Iraq war fatalities with map of Democratic states

**** NBC Covers Genocide ****

Time to call every senator and ask them to support of Feingold.

I'm becoming afraid of aging further....

Why Does Bush Co Have Contempt for the Humane Treatment of Prisoners?

bush jokes about cheney shooting-russert does drag

Bush Lover

Bait and switch on Dubai ports


Ambien - More Sleepwalking, Strange & Dangerous Behaviors!

OK - WTF is THIS? "Feingold said that although impeachment might not be

Lou Dobbs bashing Bush on "Montel" today...excellent show!

Where's Dean?

So Dr. Dobbins, are you saying you can't rape the willing?

This may not be what you want to hear.

Bush's own General won't stand behind this lie

Does anyone want to help explain this CNN poll?

Another Idiotic Headline. Don't buy it. Just don't!

U.S. terror hunt targets animal activists

MORE Abu Ghraib Files From Salon

Second CBS poll in a row has Bush at 34% & 25% Say War Was Worth Cost

Salon: The Abu Ghraib Files (279 photos, 19 videos)

"Entitlement Programs".... Did you watch fascist Peter on the SPAN

You're either with Feingold and Conyers OR YOU ARE A TRAITOROUS, ...

The Journals are the Shiznitt!

2006 Prediction - Feingold Leaves Democratic Party

Miss Deaf Texas hit by train--didn't hear whistles

Should I Give Up on my Party?

John Kerry is backing Russ Fiengold!

Crude Oil up over a buck, the July contract is up $1.63

I sent an e-mail to the guy who writes "Prickly City," and got a reply:

Funniest LTTE Ever!

Germany 1933; Columbia Senate Elections 1998; Parallels to U.S. 2004-6

I don't know much about Harry Reid, but he blew it.

The kid who taped his teacher and turned the tape over to Hannity

What's your opinion of the finding child molestation in this case?

Anybody see the A&E documentary on Polygomy?

Road to Impeachment --- Are we there yet?

March 18 & 19 - International Days of Action Against the War

Feingold has forced the Democratic Party's hand, now let's do our part!

The liberal baby bust

The Barbarity of Ottawa, Illinois (On Three Years of War, Part 1)

Alternet: "Impeachment Talk Reaches The Mainstream"

A Different Kind Of Fascism (1967)

Don’t Ignore the Feingold Resolution. Embrace It-By Donna Brazile


Fantastic satire of the South Dakota abortion ban

On Armitage, Woodward, and Leaks.

BREAKING: Feingold Accuses Senate Democrats of “Cowering” To Bush

Dean thinks Democrats will vote no on raising the debt ceiling.

What if Giuliani ran in 08 as an independent

Hitler & Christianity, help needed

Mixed feelings on Feingold's censure resolution

Happy Pi Day!

would it be okay to post a DU journals thread?

An Open Letter to Al Gore about running for President of the United States

All in favor of supporting Senator Feingold say AYE!

The DU Journals are Finally Here!

SDO says that US risks edging near to dictatorship

"This president has got to be censured--at the very least

Sound like some current fascist party?

Imagine a Democratic Party...


Think Frist will be the Next Republican Candidate?

From WestHoustonDem's GD Post: Co-sponsor Feingold's censure resolution

Regarding Censure

CNN has Bush at 36%. I think that is down 2 pts from last week.

Need input on poll 630 WMAL Chris Core Show What to do in Iraq?

The most recent West Wing, wouldn't it be nice to have a POTUS like that

"Stupid People are Conservative

UK 'warned of US mess'

Credit Card Debt: The Common Denominator

We Believe! Ohio launch today

So, how DUers are being paid to keep telling us how we don't have

It truly hurts my brain to dumb down something to the point where

"Incredible wisdom and experience" amongst White House Staffers

republicans objection to censure so telling

WP Feingold Pushes to Censure President (Democrats Wary of Resolution )

Boxer: Last chance: Tell Rumsfeld to produce a plan

War with Iran necessary to secure base??

My current dream ticket for 2008 is Barbara Lee and Cynthia McKinney-

Randi Rhodes had it right when she used the quote

50 State Strategy Becomes Conventional Wisdom

Has anyone seen these comments by Sandra Day O'Conner?

Levin, Discussing Warrantless Surveillance to JABBS: "You're Annoying Me!"

72 Bodies Found in Baghdad in 24 Hours

cheney is having a press conference or something....on MSNBC

RATS = Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia

Cohen: "This country has a bunch of fools for leaders"

repost from thread --- Bush 41 Judge tells Google they have to turn over

Seperated at Birth?

Weldon: "Army of Curt" will defeat Ret Vice Admiral (D)

"negotiate fair prices for Medicare prescription drugs"

Dubai to keep Miami Port holdings

I have the best idea for an ad campaign...ever

Philly Inquirer writer, Polman, on the split in the Democratic Party

Senate voting on "Paygo." Budget busting R's will no doubt vote it down!

Does the Democratic leadership live in a sound-proof bubble?

Pics: Condi Plays The Cocaine Guitar

Brilliant !

Tho Dems leery of Feingold resolution, Kerry interested,thinks * broke law

Good discussion on abortion framing

A post in remembrance of an old, odd friend. Cross post to the DU Lounge

MSNBC Poll: 73% think the country should NOT support Bush on Iraq

Why did tony perkins call Feingold's action borderline treason?

Here's what DC's image makers have given the Democratic Party

Did Bush, even with '00 & '04 still get fewer votes than Dems combined?

All 2006 and 2008 candidates should have to answer...

Gotta love it...

DU this CNBC poll

Comments From Evan Bayh at Last Night's GA JJ Dinner

Retired Gen Tommy Franks gets Medal for what?

Lou Dobbs: What in the world is Russ Feingold thinking??

Donna Brazille:It's time to break with the same-old, same-old

Moussaoui trial lawyer fuck-up is a symptom of a MUCH bigger problem

Please urge the demos to plead their case to the American people and quit

Nothing ever changes with the democrats

4th amendment Yard signs, stickers etc? (NSA wiretaps)

Feingold: I'm amazed at Dems. cowering with this pres's #'s so low!

"And-uhh-I-I'll say I don't think it'll look like-aah-the U.S. civil war"

At what point to you attack you opponent? The Repugs and Bush have the

Legislator apologizes for sharing denigrating e-mail

GOP Wishes Members Were as Committed as Democrats

Kennedy Offers Education Budget Amendment To Assist Millions Of Students

Photo: It's RODEO time in Arcadia, Florida...Cruella DeVille style.

Bush & Order - currency defacement division - inspired by DU

Election Judges--What They're Being Told & Not Told

MoveOn's Petition to Censure Bush - Please SIgn !

Claude Allen: Was his "Evil Twin" the one who ripped off Target?


For my 5,000th post, I'd like to say thanks GD: P...

Feingold says party 'cowering'

"Illegal immigration causing a shortage of cheap American labor"

Gore basher on Franken.

The "Sesame Street Repugs" take over Bush's National Security Council!

O'Reilly: Those who accused Bush of lying about WMDs owe him an apology

Doesn't it make you sad, and/or angry that this question is even valid?

NYT editorial calls for end to Electoral College, direct election of Pres.

the man who stole the 2004 election for smirk has something to hide

Are Senate Dems buried deeper in the Bush crack then we know?

Feingold doesn't owe ANYONE an apology or an explanation


Republicans Splitting at Seams- In the media (kind of), ignored by cable

WP interactive: Key 2006 Senate, House and Governor Races

Why don't Feingold and Conyers team up?

Impeachment! Impeachment? Fogedabowdit. give it up.

Where is Wes Clark on Environmental Issues?

Is it already too late ?

the world has to stop driving cars

Democratic Senators need to close ranks and back Feingold, Doesn't matter

Possible Feingold explanation

"Does the Senator support censure or criminal activity?"

Why won't DC Democrats stand up to a president with just 36% support?

Has Anyone Else Noticed Wesley Clark Lately?


The DU Journals are Finally Here!

Guess what: we are ALL headed for BANKRUPTCY