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Archives: March 16, 2006

Bush is Urged to bulk up inner circle (CNN)

Cunningham Felon Involved In Domestic Spying

This is why the Islamists are winning

Trash Talkers: The Black Mud of Bush/Blair Propaganda- Chris Floyd   

Nazis of the Nineties

Bono: Geldof Almost Spat on Blair

The Economist gives Chicago top rating

Recent press releases via

Brazil to develop comprehensive nuclear plan. May include 7 new reactors.

BP Solar drops thin film solar cells abruptly.

Amira Hess, Playing two different games, Haaretz, March 15, 2006

The Jericho Raid? What does it really accomplish?

So when does the evidence suppressed for Moussaoui trail get released

Has Accupoll gone chapter 11 ?

Can anyone help finding out what e-voting machine is used in Clinton, CT?

TruthIsAll love post! Clean elections needed to heal a sick country!

Note to Maxey: Get your facts straight. A sorta rebuttal

Poll: Who do you support for TDP Chair?

Why the hell not? Because Kinky is irresponsible!

Smoked garlic

Chrétien and Harper a lot alike

What do you think of the roll up the rim thing?

Army's Entire Collection of Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos on Web

Democrats seek to kill oil drilling in budget bill

Bush ratings continue to drop to new lows(NBC/WSJ poll 37%job approval)

Wal-Mart Boosts Central America Presence

Queen threatened with legal action (Melbourne)

10 top officials in Florida Dept of Corrections fired in corruption probe

Raw Story: Bush breaks the law (again)

Democrats Slam Revised Gay-Clearance Rules

Study: Most Get Mediocre Health Care

2 Times Reporters Win Prize for Articles on Spying

Congressional cmte. gets tough on Iran

NBC News with Tim Russert predicts WH shakeup

NYT: Hussein Urges Iraqis to Unify in War on U.S.

Lawyers for Libby Subpoena Reporter and New York Times

Seal hunt quota increased

RawStory: Third Democratic senator backs censure resolution (Boxer)

KR: Iran tells U.S. allies it will escalate crisis if hit with U.N. sanct

Officer Says He Wrongly Approved Use of Dogs

U.S. Senate sets Thursday vote on raising debt limit

First declassified documents from prewar Iraq released

Va. Democrat (Rep. Jim Moran) Wants Al Gore to Run in 2008

Fukuyama Spurns Bush, Says War in Iraq `Didn't Make Much Sense'

WP:Bush to Restate Terror Strategy(Doct. of Preemptive War To Be Reaffirme

Us Isolated in Opposing New Human Rights Body

Harris to Stay in Race for Senate Seat ("I'm staying.")

Jessica Simpson snubs Bush

Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks

Pakistan supplied American missiles to Taliban

U.S. puts machine-guns on Great Lakes coast guard vessels

Outing myself as a mole.....

The Internet failed to impress me long ago... until now.

Should I remove the TV from my bedroom?

I just took off my boots...

I'm going to leave the Party!

Give me one more chance

Breaking: Ziplock now has a DOUBLE ZIPPER BAG!

Little Miss Tavernertot being kissed by Tavernertoddler

I just had my shoulder length hair...

Good dog!

HBO's Big Love: I just decided

By the poswer of grayskull....

I thought about starting a DU journal...

For all you Cat Power fans.

I know how this gerbil, hamster whatever it is feels.

GOPisEvil is my hero!

Anyone else get an error on line 1b(4) when doing their taxes on TurboTax?

FYI Survivor's on tonight at 7pm Special night

OK, My 4 page paper on Reganite Cinema is due tomorrow at 5:15 PM CST.

this is like domestic violence gone wild!

Anyone recall the punch line?

Surviving Camera man said "She always sacrificed for her shots"


My Father smoked pot when I was growing up

Unclear on the concept - the burning of cds (pic)

Say WHAT??? (pic)

Michael Jackson agrees to pay Neverland staffers $306,000 in back wages

12 words or less - What is happiness?

I have heard of trying to make arrival times but this is a little much.

GREATEST Allman Brothers Song from the Duane Allman Years

"Celebrity Titties..."

Any pneumonia going around right now?

**To What Are Y'all Listening? And I Want a STRAIGHT-UP Answer!**

Has anyone heard from Mopaul?

If a thread title starts with "OMG" or "OMFG" etc., I am:

10 easy steps to AWESOME

Any volunteers to give shrubeenie a BJ so impeachment can


Harvey Birdman,attorney at law is awesome!

State Mottos!

I actually have two interviews this week!

Now that's gooood Crazy

How can some people be so gross?

Just trying to lighten the load a bit, thats all

Will Pitt's a jerk ..........

Great quote from a graphic novel

Anybody else wish they could change their username?

Secretary Of State Rice Assesses President Bush's Missile Capacity !!!

Can I get a DU review of "Good Night and Good Luck"?

another little funny and then I'll behave.

A 1907 Merck pharmacy manual lists these uses for Cannabis Indica...

I put a freeper in his place today...

Miss me?


For all you cat fans.

Completely incoherent post.


I'm doped up on Vicodin


The most important poll ever!

So, who got kicked off Idol tonight?

MSNBC Cancels Keith Olberman's Show...

The Magistrate did the dishes tonight.

Northwest to Charge Extra for Onboard Bowel Movements

Interesting coincidences in your life?

What was your first post on DU?

When you hear Mila Kunis' voice at random, do you think:

"I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty."

I'm stopping by to say's been a while

I have a sore throat and feel like crap. Anyone else?

The Llama says:

MrsGrumpy is:

Don't use the lounge bathroom for a while.

I tried to make my journal all pretty like.

Changing your name in marriage

Look at this face and try not to smile! (Post something cute!)

What are your favourite mp3 blogs?

graffiti - art or crime ?

Catsup or Ketchup?

I believe religion is the greatest danger to humanity at this time. ...

Mexico City priest brings dignity to an off-limits flock

Preventing Cervical Cancer in the Developing World (NEJM)

Toxic metals factor in most ADHD, juvenile delinquency, serial killers, v

Lupus: Anyone familiar with it? My 11 year old niece was just diagnosed

Why don't we just become a religion?

What does this sound like to you...?

Tiresome, isn't it?

Well there you have it

I'm seriously ADD status

Who is to be thanked for posting first the list of Democrats who

Welcome to the John Kerry Forum at DU. Come in, wipe your feet.

And the winner is...

I braved the wind and snow for new Archie photos!

OT: Stern on Letterman last night (is there a DU vid-clip?)

KOEB for 3/15/06 Don't Forget Poll Land Show


I just have to bitch about O'Reilly

Is Tweety going to cry? It sounds to me like he is about to cry.

Majority now prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress

Should We Refer To It As The Military Industrial Congressional Complex ???

HAHAHA - "Falafel Fatwa"; Keith showing clips

Emanuel corrected Matthews: People trust Democrats on taxes

25 Questions To Ask Bush

Everything you ever wanted to know about how our government & media work

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Bush's Approval Rating Fall Again


Clown on CNN (Jamie somene) just talking about us ...

The E-Mail I Just Sent To Senator Byrd

Republicans Block New Security Scrutiny

Jack Cafferty (CNN) Question: "Do the Dems 'run and hide' when it

2314 Reasons why the DSM is Important

American "Family" Association RENEWS FORD BOYCOTT over gay ads

Sen Boxer Becomes Third Senator To Sponsor Censure Resolution


CA Housing Finance Agency offers 40-year mortgages to 1st time buyers

Following is part of my letter to Harry Reid w/ copy to Feingold.

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today ...

HAHAH! Hilliary's new opponent in NY is said to be imploding...

Distracting The Eye

"There's a lack of wisdom in the WH!"

Possibly one of the stupidest questions ever

Bush**-Rove & Co. in trouble- my real life experience.

We don't need a new party.

For some reason today was ... meltdown day for me, it was a combination

Daily Kos owner on with Keith

You win...

Has Harry Reid done a better job than Tom Daschle did?

ASIA TIMES : The fragile Euro-US 'alliance' on Iran

Bush signed a bill that didn't pass congress.

OMFG!!! Are you watching Cafferty right now?

VIDEO- Tweets on Bush, Iran, 2006 Election- Selected bits

The Saddam of the Balkans makes his escape into history /by Justin Raimond

$1 billion bill?

Alcohol Makes Mouth Cells Susceptible to HIV Infection

And Where Is Poppy Bush As Young Son Dies On The Vine?

Libby's lawyers subpoena Judith Miller, New York Times

Karl Rove vows a 'permanent' war. WHO ELECTED HIM????

Old 'Give 'Em Hell Harry" is getting hell on his blog, RE: Feingold!

BUSH & GOP hide behind the phrase "Time of War"

OMG-Tweety, Milbank, Buchanan discuss Bush hitting Iran in Oct. to win '06

Apparently, The MSM Feels Bad Poll #s Are Enough "Punishment" 4 *

"The Execution of a Peace Activist' (freeper style)

A Continent Splits Apart-birth of an ocean (Africa) Spiegel online

Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks

TO ARMS!! 50% of Americans want Democratic-controlled Congress (NBC/WSJ)

Are These "Ladies" Related ???

Liza on Larry now.....

Too Funny! The Democratic Party Rapid Response Team:

NBC/WSJ poll: Majority now prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress

Harris pressured to drop Senate bid polls 20 pts behind Nelson

One Thousand Days (On Three Years in Iraq Part 3)

This ole man will be standing up for anyone who stands up to the bush*

If nothing else, it's worth a chuckle...

US. vs. Iran US.Dollar vs. Euros.....

which dems senators censured bill clinton & will not censure bush?

Folks, the IMPEACHMENT polls will be coming soon


O'Reilly on Spring Break

Bird Flu memes

The White House refuses to change advisors/calls for a shakeup

Every DUer must see this ..... What we are doing in Iraq.

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 15 06 (Limp)

Countdown getting Smart: Appear on Colbert, Franken, and have Kos on there

The Medicare Drug Program Is Not For Me.

The changing face of terror..... article

Supreme Court Justice Bader Reveals Death Threats

Man, anyone else enjoy....

Dimson at the lowest in middle America, specifically Indiana,

Gitmo Transcripts Paint Shadowy Portraits

If anyone cares Bill Maher is on Scarborough Country

Zogby Question: "The Morning After Abortion Pill"! What The Fuck?!

mini me............this is funny!

Has anyone heard from Mopaul?

The E-Z smackdown when they say Dems have no plan

Why can't we add other people's posts to our journals?

DU This! Go vote for the Chicks!!

Smartest Freeper Ever : Harris : $10,000,000

Economic Suicide - the bastards have doubled the debt exposure

Secretary Of State Rice Assesses President Bush's Missile Capacity !!!

I reject those who "hate" liberals and progressives rather than,...

I taught a neighbor's kid this tune on guitar; "Strange Days" by Doors

Katherine Harris staying the course and in the race in FL.

Lasseter Reveals Iraq War's Dirty Little Secret: U.S. Stepping Up Bombing

Police clash with Rice protesters

IL Duers - IL 6th Dem debate on WTTW Ch 11 right now

I believe religion is the greatest danger to humanity at this time. ...

House floor now! Conaway says no LIHEAP for the poor unless

House RollCall Ports Security

anyone have lobbying experience?

Greek strike shuts down country

Looking for * pic... HELP

Bottom Line: They're Scared


AwwwRIGHT! - K.HARRIS & HANNITY staying in the race!!!!

I am trying to remember right AFTER 911

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has PICTURES of the $1 Billion Dollar bills!

What does an Al Gore, Russ Feingold ticket sound like

What with the "needs a WH Shake-up" bullshit the media is selling?

Hoo-rah for Joisey: * Approve 26% Disapprove 70% Survey USA

VIDEO- FBI Spying on Americans- ACLU's Wizner-International Terrorism

VIDEO- Conrad on the Budget-Standing up for Americans against

VIDEO-Dorgan-in 2011, we will have to borrow half a trillion dollars

VIDEO-Tweety "They Just Don't Like Him" (Bush)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Round Up

How America Won the Vietnam War, By Losing

KO Covering Feingold's Censure

The Daily Show's Nate Cordrey shows us how the "caned Hunt" goes!


Bryan Kennedy questions Sensenbrenner's Stand on Ethics

DHS Gets Another F in Computer Security...


To quote Tom Petty, BUSH IS FREEP FALLING! ... down to 33% ---->

Hey, I'm getting a lot wingnuts tonight

Letterman: Ways for Bush to improve his poll numbers.

So....what's a Freeper?

Tweety gets his oats, or, I wish I was a TV personality too

Bush to Restate Terror Strategy - Doctrine of Preemptive War Reaffirmed

I can't stand these STUPID Pharma advertisements

On Barbara Boxer, And The Unelectability Of Progressives...

McCain Will Not Run - His Health Can't Take It ---pix--->>>

Substitute the word Terrorist for the word Communist...

Clinical drug trial puts 6 in intensive care

Why can't the wingnuts give up their hatred of everything French.

Bush and the Hubble

Gore and Feingold break away from mainstream Dems

FREE Tickets to "Thank You For Smoking" start tomorrow! RSVP...

This is an outrage. CNN: "Does Bush have a Jimmy Carter problem?"

Al Franken on Colbert Report tonite

firedoglake: The Lions and lemmings Hit Parade

FOIA request to the FBI


The 2008 GOP Ticket: John McCain & Jeb Bush

Libby's lawyers subpoena Judith Miller


Does Patrick Fitzgerald ever get any sleep?

The Dirty Truth in One Paragraph

Alan Shores Speech on Boston Legal Last Night.....

DoD bought ICE for Abu-Ghraib from Saudi Arabia...

Please, Please Don't Quit, Katharine H.

Remember The Nixon Poster - Would You Buy A Used Car?

Impeachment: It's not just for sex anymore!

Where is driving while on a cell phone illegal

Okay, who do you gotta piss off...

Freepers are in big trouble!

what the Hell is this? Bush speaking and being coached?

Describe Bush in one Word. From the Pew Poll: Incompetent

Are you a Liberal or a DLCer?

VIDEO- Kos On Countdown (Crashing the Gate)

The Biggest * Lover I Know, My Co-worker, and My E-mail Exchange This AM

The Mythbusters just tried to test cell phone functionality on an airplane

Support Boxer and Harkin

House Bill to condemn 'anti-democratic' Chavez in committee vote Thursday

GRAPHIC IMAGE: There Freakin' Children! Bush Christians. You voted for it!

Time to Thank Tom Harkin For Co-Sponsoring Censure!

Why Virginia's Republican Party is on the verge of a meltdown.

How many think that the DSCC would've forced Wellstone out in 1990...

Thank You NeoConMen! by Mark Fiore

NBC/WSJ poll: Majority now prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress

Famous Basketball Player Meets Mentally Challenged Boy.

The Jericho Raid? What does it really accomplish?

Are we going to allow Republicans to position themselves as the "reform"

Checked the DNC webpage. Not a word about censure.

1049 days since "mission accomplished" YEAH keith

A drip that grows to a torrent or a biblical deluge in the here and now?

Bush hits new low in NBC/Journal poll

Senators Clinton and Murray vow to block FDA Chief Nominee

Photo: Arrogant, smug, Oedipal, AWOL, substance-abusing Frat-Boy-In-Chief

Afterhours Congress

Bloated scum Tony Blankley: Dems "dragging out" domestic surveillance

Newsweek: Mississippi Churning

Whatever Happened to Ann Coulter's Felonious Act? Publishes All 279 Photos And 19 Videos From Abu Ghraib

Here's how we win in 2006 and 2008....

Call for Censure Is Rallying Cry to Bush's Base

The excuse of the "tired" administration

Newsweek: The GOP's Abortion Anxiety

What happens when half a 50/50 split no longer is?

Dems gotta grow some berries if they want to take the house or senate.

Could take the form of a mushroom cloud, but will probably be ring of fire

Thoughts that went through my mind about Claude Allen

Call (202) 224-2742 on Thursday and ask Kerry's stance on censure

Shall Democrats in Congress support filibuster, censure or impeachment?

Hey, I've got a great Idea: Let's just drill up some Arctic oil

My Useless Calls to Chuck and Hillary re Censure!

So I hate America

Bible or Constitution: You make the call!

Anyone really believe Congress is going to give Bush Iran green light?

War with Iran just in time for 2006 elections?

About That Censure - Feingold on Ed Schultz

Democratic Message: "Enough is Enough!"

Wolves, Lambs, Tyranny, Liberty and Elections

An Open Letter to GW Bush! (It's a Civil War, Stupid)

Timothy Garton Ash (The Guardian): Remember The Hague

KR: Quality medical care lacking 45 percent of the time, study finds

RAF doctor refused a third tour of duty in 'illegal' war

"Let's Divide Iraq as We Did in Yugoslavia!"

UN-Iran discussion mirrors Iraq debate

Bush's Fantasy of 'Progress' in Iraq ..... Robert Scheer

Cheerleading: a sport in crisis(usa)- the Guardian

CSM: Once-Republican Rockies now a battleground

Bet on a Bet but Not on a Ballot-WP

Sacramento News & Review's WAR ISSUE

US Military Airstrikes Signif Increase/Iraq (KRidder)

US Military Airstrikes Signif Increase/Iraq (KRidder)

Bush administrations "rules of engagement"

Juan Cole: "Saddam Was Trying to Capture Zarqawi" as enemy of his regime!

Molly Ivins: Digging in for the 'Long War'

Stop Bush's War( Bob Herbert)

Memo to (FCC chairman) Kevin Martin: GROW UP.

Bone Thugs

Port Security

NYT: An Irish Face on the Cause of Citizenship

Al-Zarqawi gains ground

More Rallies, No Sale Bush Fails to Resolve Public Doubts About War

Free Speech Denied for Bush Town Hall Mtg Attendee

Halliburton failed to purify GIs’ water:could've caused death

(repost) Dear 33%

World Climate "Past Key Physical Tipping Point" - Breakdown Inevitable

NASA-Funded Expedition Uses New Technology To Measure Arctic Snow Depth

50,000+ Researchers Will Take Part In 2007 International Polar Year - BBC

G-8 Energy Ministers Discuss Supplies: Think Firmly Inside The Box

Gov't Study Backs Calif. Emission Rules

Cross-post: Bush popularity mainly depends on gas prices.

7 In 10 British Butterfly Species Declining Rapidly - Guardian

I finally got my own bi-line in the newspaper locally and I have

2005 - Biggest Payouts Ever For Natural Disasters For Insurance Companies

Sago Mine Owners Say Fire Lightning-Caused, Then Refuse Comment

Welcome To The Anthropocene - Notes From Elizabeth Kolbert's Book

With Oil Fields In Decline, Kuwait Considers Inviting In Foreign Capital

UK Business Leaders Call For Carbon Pricing, Government Action - Reuters

Three Mile Island reactor 1 (not the one that melted) breaks

'Israel prevented initial Saadat trial'

Israeli envoy: Syrian girls bite snakes

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: West opposes our nukes to let Israel live on

Amira Hass, Playing two different games, Haaretz, March 15, 2006

British relations with Palestinians at breaking point

We warned of prison attack, says Israel (Guardian)

9/11 Revisited

Sept.13 2001...20 photo's taken by Ed. rare pictures

Interesting NEW piece of the puzzle.

Koehler on Sancho & outsourcing our elections while they say "trust us"

Franklin Co Dems: Blackwell Blames Dem BOE Chair for long lines

WTF: "Toggle switch glitch likely caused some ballots to be counted twice"

Fitrakis: Blackwell and the '04 Election

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 3/16/06

WP graphic,"How to Steal an Election,"

Does the Election Reform Daily Thread Deserve More Recommendations?

Ion Sancho and Brad Friedman on radio tonight, Thursday

You Can Judge an Elections Official by the Tabs He Keeps (ON HIMSELF)

Honest Legal Advice for Your Local Elections Officials. IT ROCKS!

WaPo: "How to steal an election" (Steve Freeman) Is MSM getting it?

CR Gazette

Who else who subscribes to the DM Register thinks that

Help - I have a friend who would like gubernatorial delegate counts

If Terry Braindead were still governor he could solve this

Harkin supports Feingold's censure amendment

Election Reform

Record Number of Iowans receiving State Aid..

Day #3-Kennedy's office with NO support for Russ Feingold

Take 5 to call Dayton on giving Bush a Free Pass on domestic spying!

Strib's Kersten plays polygamy card

Glen Maxey's "Open Letter to the People of the TDP"

Chris Bell: Join me in supporting Boyd Richie for TDP Chair

Texas Senate District 18--Massive Foul-up

SOS Roger Williams whoring at a republican fundraiser

Charlie Urbina-Jones: The Texas Agenda

Do you have family in the military ?

WP: Brown Ignored Disaster Plan, New Report Says

Bush to reaffirm U.S. anti-terrorism strategy

Cheerleading: a sport in crisis(usa)- the Guardian

Bill honoring Fonda hits snag in GA Senate

WP,pg1: Embattled Lawyer Had Limited Role in (Moussaoui) Trial

Boost for Google in internet privacy case (Guardian)

Krekar can be expelled soon (Norw. - Aftenposten)

DPW (Dubai) to sell off all its US ports (BBC)

BBC: US panel to study policy in Iraq (bipartisan, chaired by James Baker)

Harris pledges to stay in race

Bush restates pre-emptive doctrine

Sanctions threat by EU on US tax breaks

Memo: Halliburton failed to purify GIs’ water

Iraq parliament meets

NYT: Call for Censure Is Rallying Cry to Bush's Base

BBC: First meeting for Iraq parliament (3 months after gen. election)

Bush Sees Iran As Possibly Greatest Threat (dated 3/16/2006)

UK: Met chief faces new Menezes query (BBC)

Rep. Harris Pledges Fortune to Revive Senate Race

AP: Memo: Halliburton failed to purify GIs’ water

Beebe outpaces Hutchinson in governor's race fundraising

FCC wants record fine for CBS group

I knew that she was not that stupid...

U.S. releases first declassified Iraq documents

Iraq secure in couple of years: Rice


Schwarzenegger Bond Issue Not on June Ballot

Daring to criticise Belarus' president (BBC)

(Sen. Mike) Crapo(R) donations questioned (More from VI than Idaho)

Dutch Immigrants Must Watch Racy Film (imagine if we had similar tests)

Senate Approves $871B Debt Limit Increase

Orange County Register: Express checkpoint lane closes

Australian firm proposes LNG terminal in ocean off Malibu coast

initial unemployment claims rise by 5,000 to 309,000 -highest since 12/05

U.S. willing to talk to Iran about Iraq

Gov't Study Backs Calif. Emission Rules

Rice calls for a more open China

Gov't Study Backs Calif. Emission Rules

Al-Zarqawi gains ground

Firm (haliburton) failed to protect U.S. troops' water (sickness & death)

Firm Failed to Protect U.S. Troops' Water (I let you guess which firm :)

Toyota rolls out 1st hybrid sedan under Lexus brand

DeWine joins Dems on health amendments

LAT: Fearing Senior Backlash, Senate Supports Drug Plan Extension

GOP Seeks Curbs On '527' Groups (excited about "crippling" dem orgs)

Medicare May Hurt Access for Seniors

(Newport Beach) Daily Pilot: Protest up the coast

Senate permits national debt to grow to $9 trillion

Sectarian attacks kill 30 a day in Baghdad--U.S (blame al Qaeda)

Computer Researchers Warn of Net Attacks

Senate permits National Debt to grow to $9 trillion

Commander expects Iraq troop reductions to continue

Major Milestone for Bob Woodruff's Recovery

Senator complains of Republican censorship

Stones Kill 4 Indonesian Officials in US Mine Protest

(Repub. Senator Lincoln)Chafee Does Not Rule Out Presidential Censure Vote

MarketWatch: Defense sector reaches new highs

Museum Officials Trying to Save Musical Treasures From Fats Domino's Home

Poll: Most Americans fear vulnerability of oil supply(71% * not solving)

US releases confiscated prewar Iraqi documents

Illinois group opposes waiver for HIV-positive Gay Games athletes

Best if Guantanamo closed: Blair

French Student Uprising at the Sorbonne (A letter from a student)

US urges restraint over Jericho jail raid (Reuters)

Bill Gives Bush $92B for Wars, Hurricanes

Government Recommends Stocking Up on Canned Tuna

(Sen. Mark ) Dayton assails Feingold's call for censuring Bush

Containing China a big mistake: Alexander Downer tells Rice

Lawyer in Moussaoui Case Placed on Leave

Iran says it's ready for talks with US over Iraq

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)Chips Vulnerable to Viruses

State (Kansas) says parents must sign off on sex ed

CNN Breaking: Military launches probe into how 15 Iraqi civilians died

FOX News Poll: President Bush and Congress (39% approval)

Nebraska's deployment set to peak (Iraq)

US FCC nominee McDowell gets nod from Senate panel

Iraq: Al-Sadr Forms Shadow Government in Baghdad Stronghold

Diplomats Will Try to Break Iran Impasse

Senators urge slower pace on immigration bill

U.S. Senate approves bill permitting government to borrow

'Operation Swarmer' Expected to Last Days

Bush battered by US pessimism, leadership doubts

Report: E. J'lem hospital held newborn triplet as 'deposit'

Ala. Segregation Arrests May Be Pardoned

Illinois files suit against Exelon for nuke spills (Reuters)

Kurds destroy Halabja memorial in protest

(NYT) (extinct) Ivory-Billed Woodpecker ID is Disputed

U.S. Seeks Reversal of Moussaoui Ruling

Senator's charity "a weak effort" (R, of course, "charity" for military

BBC: Harman gives up Lords reform role (UK honours scandal deepens)

Bush picks Idaho's Kempthorne for Interior

Alabama Mad Cow Case Sparks PETA Protest In Mobile

Poll: 75% of Americans Want More Federal Action on Global Warming

Parental consent requirement rejected for emergency contraception (NH)

Mars Hill student loses computer over Bush criticism

Survey: Republicans Happier than Democrats

San Diego NCAA arena evacuated on bomb scare

strib: (Minnesota) Senate approves restrictions on funeral protests

Audit: Millions Wasted on Katrina Response

LAT: Sea Temperature Boosts Storm Force, Says Study

Russia says bird flu may hit US in autumn, mutate

British Scientist Wins Religion Prize(for progress in spiritual knowledge)

American Research Group Poll On Censure & Impeachment

32 US Reps for Bush Impeachment Inquiry

White House Says "Operation Swarmer" in Iraq "Tactical"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 16 March

Justice Dept. OKs New Orleans Election Plan

Senator (Lieberman) takes issue with challenger's tone

Rent-to-own stores get 'capped'

Franklin Graham Reaffirms Scorn for Islam

House OKs birth control funding ban

Quinter sponsors bill to ban assault weapons (MD)

One-click access to your DU Journal from almost anywhere on DU!

Detainee dies at Abu Ghraib (24 years old, "natural causes")

Largest Iraq Air Assault Since '03 Begins

What was your last post on DU?


Who here depends soley on WiFi for their internet connection?

It's coming....

Nightmare... I wake up on November 5, 2008...

Google Mars

Congratulations To Mr & Mrs Grumpy!! They Are Expecting...

Ok the funniest thing I've ever seen is on HBO Latin

So I'm trying this "signature" thing for the first time. Whaddaya think?

My geckos WERE preggers!

You want funny cats? Get your funny cats here!

Rats! My new DVD (Good Night, and Good Luck) is flawed.

Congrats Radical Activist on 10,000 posts!!!

I have a question

Can we get some love for Joyce?

cool Terry Prachet quote for your evening..

Isn't America great these days

To which do you give more credibility:

Where can I get a PC board made at low cost?

Should I kuss out people who post the Brazillion joke?

If the Democrats want to lose in 08,

Just popping in to say DadBat's pulled through

'Puter help desperately needed!

Nighthawks? I haven't seen

Sweet Dreams, DUers!

Is anyone watching Janet Reno on Kimmel?

It's time to hug my pillow for a few hours. Goodnight everyone.

OK, I just watched the first episode of Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG...


you know what you get when you cross an eleaphant w/a rhino??

"Do I have any openings that this man can fill?"

QVC caller offers surprise endorsement for Dell.

Red Dwarf

Who here would be interested in a DU billyskank group?

This car has a problem with tailgating

self delete

Info on our wedding registry

Any "SHIELD" fans in the lounge today?

Welcome back, Welcome Back Kotter?

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Diet & Exercise - FUNNY!

Well, thats one way to make money:

Does the title "Peeping @ Peeps" sound risque to you?

help please -- Faux news

It's on tv right now...

What a great movie - "In Her Shoes"

I finally passed 5000!

Anyone catch Stephen Colbert in Harvey Birdman?

Dear Dr. Ruth...

It's on teevee again

McDonalds - Food or Crap?

talk about dominoes!!! check this out....

Kitchen Floor Day!! Kitchen Floor Day!! Kitchen Floor Day!!

I should never post anything when I'm fuckin' exhausted

Turkey Smashes Window As It Flies Through Living Room

Jet! Wooo ooo ooo wooo ooo ooo wooo ooo ooo

Is it safe?

somebody posted a funny cat video link last night...

If I See That Brazillion Joke One More Time....

What's your pick for March Madness?

I love my dental hygienist!!!


So, today is the day when somebody chases you...

Jack Thompson: Threatening to sue... Wikipedia editors?

Can we have a few more "V for Vendetta" threads on DU?


What's your favorite mash-up?

Well, that's the last straw

Anyone name their cat Piewacket?

Today's thing that I don't understand

(Minor, but not to me) Good news!

Good morning, Lounge!

Beating NY99 at her own game, I hereby congratulate myself on breaking 10K

WHOLY CRAP! Laugh At My Scooter All You Like - Honda Automatic SPORT BIKE

Due to Misunderestimator's big heart, I am fully admitting to being

Big news for Minnesota Twins fans

Holy Shit- "Debaser" on commercial radio!

Bo Bice

Question about the "Top Ten" list we have here at DU...

I feel better now. I just had the most satisfying bowl of chili

Anyone ever hear of or own an Optigan?

The French-Irish War.

OMG! What a great bumper sticker. You gotta see this one!

Orange shiRt-CHECK Green pants-CHECK

Graffiti: Is it an art?

i think 'Randy' is a good name for a clip cloppy old carriage horse...

Scary Movie 4 Trailer

Man Sues Himself For Vehicle Damage - Case Pending

Take my wife,'s Henny Youngman's birthday

President Chimpy... (one kind of large pic)

somebody cue the banjo music ! ! !

Saddam hates cats, loves dogs!

Anyone heard any great new music lately?

Forget who you THINK will win, what's actually ON your bracket?

"First we bleed the cow then we ask it were the other terrorists are"

Most annoying ringtone you've ever heard

The Bush family just cannot stop breeding pricks

My cat thinks he's a dog.

How Long Can You Do A DUer?

Squirrelly Accident - The quiet, wooded community of Rockyville, Md...

Totally shallow question: best teeth whitening product out there?

Okay, everyone - go to GD, post in a random thread from your cache,

Three breeding pricks walk into a bar...

Post a picture of what YOU think the mod hot tub looks like!

Get your WU TANG ON, tonight on the HOTTEST SOUNDS! 11PMET-8PMPT

Three Brazilians walk into a bar.....

Katie Holmes Contemplating Childbirth in a Scientology Ship?

why do people argue about whose pet conspiracy theory is the "real truth",

A request, everyone

I need a scanner with automatic feed that will PDFize documents

How does one psych oneself up to clean the bathroom?

The Kiss

ok lounge, we need some new material

but it's BIG in France

Holy cow, I watched 5 Busby Berkeley films last night!

this BC student is exhausted-- I LOVE March Madness!

Is there a clothing catalog

Most annoying cultural trends

An old joke (NOT THAT ONE, I don't do THAT one - long)

Sometimes I get weak and let them hurt me

Cats up, or Cats down,

Time for MLB predictions: When will your team be out of playoff contention

Store tuna under the bed? Why stop there?

When did you first feel like an adult?

so hows the Blutowski project coming along?

An Ol' Man...A Boy and A Donkey ~A Moral To Live By~

I rarely post here - but please go watch this video.

This picture made me giggle.

So I bought the bluetooth phone - brilliant! But a complaint...

I am back in town attending my convention with excess to computers.

It's 3 o'clock, i'm snowed in, should I start drinking Martinis now,

Who wins? BLUE magnet team or RED magnet team?

George explains the situation in Iraq (cartoon)

How many entries did you make in your local NCAA pool?

Don't use the Lounge's coin-operated Velociraptor creator for a while

People who make simple things difficult - a short rant

Cred Zeppelin

CNN poll - Is Jessica Simpson right to refuse to meet with Bush?

Chuck say: Bust it!

I'm not Irish. But what the hell.

How ugly are you?


St. Paddy's Day Invitation... My first thread


I'm going to St. Petersburg!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Joke, not the brazilian one.

Dead Man Wins Election By A Landslide

I'm starting up the Irish Rite Masons

Separated at Birth.

I have nothing to say and I want to be alone....

Anyone know if the visine in food trick works?


Jerry Lewis turns 80 and receives French Legion of Honor Medal


video: Nickleback pelted by rocks in Portugal

Goodnight lounge!

First NCAA Tourney Upset of 2006 has arrived!

Woohoo! I gave my fucking notice!

Grovelbot's Love child...exclusive photo

What kind of dumbass would think invading China is a good thing?

I have been banned from working at our upcoming Home Show Expo.

NCAA Tournament

So, Mary Magdelene's Was Jesus's Old Lady?

I just got this post on The Greatest Page. LOL. Thank You!!

Jewels of Detroit - Check 'em out (Warning: Dial up)

invent words here

What would your peeps say is the most ANNOYING thing about you?


Why do I always scorch the first sheet of cookies?

Please.! someone tell me how to pass the preEmployment personality tests.!

How bad is it that I deleted my daughter's Ipod playlist?


So when fundies say sex should not be enjoyed...

Weiland calls Axl Rose fat, Botox faced, wig wearin' frightened litle man

How Long Have You Been A DUer?

anyone want to buy a candybar? :) daughter's fund raiser WalMart refuses

AWWW St. Patrick's Day, the Holiest of Holy Days.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/16/06)

BEHOLD! It's the UGLY ASS SHOE thread!!!

How Long have you been a Freeper ?

Grassy Knollington, conspiracy theorist

Stuff on My Cat

My people were sent to kill lots of Irish. We did.

Working from home changed my life!!! I went to this website

For my 1000th post I'd like to do a magic trick.

I knew that she was not that stupid...

RL Stevens and assoc.... Anyone ever hear anything about these


I'm not going to the funeral home tonight.

For St. Patrick's Day - green beer or not?

Nighthawks 60 (dial-up warning)

I'm calling out another DUer, and if you don't like it, that's too bad!

I am a bad Granddaughter...and yes, this is a rant. Feel free to hide it.

So it's pitch dark, I'm alone in this house in the middle of nowhere,

Now that we have the mod hotub down, what about their suits?

What kind of seducer are you?

ATTENTION - People doing kewl shit to their journals.

Cool and creepy short film

It's official. He's finished. Simpson deserts *!!!

Question for other women re: underwear

My name is HypnoToad, and I'm a Peepaholic.

What's The OLDEST Thing In Your House?

Post a pic of a place of importance to your family history...

My name is Buffy, and I'm a Bookaholic.

Misheard Lyrics Anyone?

Poll: on my toons

Too bad there will never be much use for this smiley...

Repost here the one particular post that "made your reputation" on D.U.

The Five Stages of Properly Pissed

Kiss me. I'm Irish.

120 hours tobacco-free!

One-click access to your DU Journal from almost anywhere on DU!

I see a lot of threads here blaming religion...

What do we learn from the gospels?

I have a question about Baha'is

Award to cosmologist who says religion best explains laws of universe

Most Get Mediocre Health Care - study

House rejects spending for birth control (Missouri)

Quality medical care lacking 45 percent of the time, study finds

Birdflu, Human 2 Human: time fm Africa to USA?

Kill all birds? To stop birdflu... should we?

Longevity, calorie restriction, and red wine. From Scientific American.

Does your hospital offer Reiki or therapeutic touch?

Now That's A Spicy Medicine

Cosmic 'DNA': Double Helix Spotted in Space

Viruses leap to smart radio tags

New Type of Volcanic Hazard Discovered

Log Cabin Republicans push for repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Kids Books About Gay Families Placed On Restricted List

Comics w/ gay themes attract young females - and bring out the Freepers

MEMORY HOLE: Deleted HHS Webpages on GLBT Health Retrieved

Conservatives Refuse To Accept Judge's Ruling On Gay-Straight Group

Death Threats Against Supreme Court Justice

Anyone else watching March Madness on your computer?

God damn it. Willie McGinest signs with Cleveland

Double overtime!


Does anyone know the expiration date for canned cat food? Can't

Sweet wittle noses and wittle toeses!!! (The kittens have arrived!)

Largest Carpet Bombing Since 2003 in Iraq today

I found out my birthtime! Woo-hoo!

My method for astral projecting

Kerry's statement on the debt limit - from the congressional report

Great 60 second video about paper ballets.

Photos of John Kerry and others at the NH fundraiser last weekend.

Possible upcoming appearances.

Does anybody know if Kerry is making public an official position on

Kerry on - Just for 4 mn.

Did anyone watch Hardball last night?

Through the Republican looking glass

JK just made the amendments list, I *think* - will he appear soon?

I listened

Kerry: Investigation Shows Bureaucratic Bungling Still Hurting Our Ports

Senate Passes Kerry-Snowe Proposal Reversing Some Small Business Cuts

Check this out

Read this and be happy! Bush's polls are way lower than the temp

Dear Kerrycrats,

Cool! PTSD funding announcement

Sen. Kerry at the WH today

My March entry

Recently scaned slide I shot years ago.........

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/16/06: Major Combat Operations, Today

Almost one year later

KO reminded me of how much I love Bob and Ray...

Fear in politics - a problem on the left and the right

At the very least, Bush should be censured....

Is the comparing Bush to Hitler a complete waste of time?

Republicans have taken "Ownership Society" to the extreme...

Watching Silkwood. 25 years later... Kerr McGee still going strong.

If Dems win control of Congress in 2006, what's their immediate agenda?


Our government does not intend to get out of Iraq

I've always thought Gloria Steinem is HOT!!

Even some non-political webcomics I read are starting to speak out...

Despoil ANWAR if you want to save income heating assist

Smirky= 'a little bit heartless' (Medicare Drug Plan)

I am so sick of the BushCo failures that are WASTING taxpayer $$$!!

2,314 American troops now dead from W's Iraqi war

Vidal on Capote ... and Bush

my fantacy is someone going to recieve a medal of freedon and turning

NYT: Censure/impeachment threat allies conservatives and liberal Dems

Cities CAN re-invent themselves.. Paducah is doing it..with ARTISTS

Mother of slain US Marine creates tribute to him on her Hummer

Slipping into, "A Vacuum of Un-applied Democracy"...

today's Doonesbury

"Robin & Co." are a waste of air space....

Bush is running up 1.3 trillion dollars a year in debt

Prattle On, Mr. Bush, But What Comes After That?

CNN: "Republicans want to raise debt limit, as if Democrats wouldn't..

Vets Gulf March (Day 3), Walking to New Orleans

WAPO: The Russ Fuss

US$: Forget Iran, the problem's at home...

Freepers permit for counter demonstration in Fayetteville


UN creates new RIGHTS body , ignoring objections from the United States

Iraq & the Nuremberg Precedent

Joe Scarborough ISN'T retarded.

Dubai firm to sell all its U.S. port operations


Ordinary Iraqi families getting ready to fight

Iraqi Lawyer: "Every day I feel like I am waiting in a queue for death"

Friendly tax cut reminder

Lawyers for Libby Subpoena Reporter and New York Times

Bucks County Pa.. just got the WORST vapor-vote machines..

Voice Prompting Bush Caught on Tape!!!

Burma's forgotten Rohingya

Feingold, A Peculiar Politician - embarrassment to senate, hero to...

Freepers coming out of woodwork over gay themed comics

More fun with math

Immigrants to Netherlands must pass 'liberal tolerance' test first:

Pre-Emptive War, Massing Troops in Iraq, War Games in Korea, Iran=9/11

U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq

Do DUers ever recommend to rate DOWN a story (Yahoo &c)? Do you ever see a

Rice defends Iraq, protesters cry "war criminal"

Human Remnants Of War

Memo: Halliburton failed to purify GIs’ water

Let's Name some possibilities for the WH Shake Up!

Iraq: The big lie---By Sidney Blumenthal

Philadelphia Inquirer: Spector (r) says Santorum should be re-elcted

Iran, the Bomb and the Cowboy

Bush Sees Iran As Possibly Greatest Threat

Chafee won't rule out voting to censure Bush

Feingold: Harry Reid handled it like a pro.

Stupid Poll on CNN

Question on rich Dems using their own money

Bush is guaranteeing MASSIVE tax increases for the wealthy

Wife Says She Shares Blame in Assaults

"If we were to censure or impeach *, we have Cheney and that's like

LATEST: Sen. Russ Feingold To Hold 9:45 a.m. Press Conf. On Censure Today

Rush Limpballs supports Feingold. NYTimes

House panel OKs bill to stop Net gambling..

200,000 People in U.S. Terror Database

here's johnny CON

Jon Stewart did a great Sosobad O'Brien smackdown last night

Justice Scalia: Public Should Decide on Abortion---WHAT?

Connecticut man sues for return of colonial document

Halliburton Failed To Protect U.S. Troops' Water Supply

Let's not forget about ANWAR! Kerry's amendment is to be voted

Want To Know? Too Bad! It's A Secret!

"Worthless piece of paper" - anyone have a soure for this?

Our "AYE" of support to Senator Feingold will go tonight, are you

RFID chips can spread viruses


Senator Collins rejects subpoena against White House

Bush's diving numbers article on MSNBC being rated down....

Immigration bill showdown for GOP in Senate

Feingold out-maneuvered Hillary, Kerry, Bayh, Obama, and other...

The Two Americas

Who's going to pay for our gas if we attack Iran?

Watch Bush's poll #s, I have a bet on with my Republican brother.

Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks

Google Judge's questionable past

Who saw the Harris & Hannity pukefest last night?

Bush Tells Seniors He Won't Extend Deadine Because He Won't Extend It >>>

Chris Matthews - in trouble?

Bad Instincts ?

THAT is quail hunting? (The Daily Show last night)

What happened to Feingold's Press Conference?

War Powers Act of 1973 versus Bush's Pre-emptive Strike Policy

Senate debating a bill to increase the national debt to $9T.

Jessica Simpson snubs Bush

a feel-good story about Paul Wolfowitz

Republicans Happier than Democrats

Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush...

"We're living in a dangerous world."

U.S. embassy denies Iraqi couple visas to attend their own son's funeral!

***** 1-800-459-1887 ***** CALL TODAY – Thurs., March 16! *****

Byrd on the Senate Floor now! 11:10 am

In Case You Missed It

Australian protesters call Condi Rice 'war criminal' and 'murderer'

Starbucks Secures the Beans

Question: Is using Air Strikes against Iraq a violation of international

Missouri House Votes to Ban State Funded Birth Control

Harris contributing $10 million to her Senate campaign

Why are GOOpers so obsessed with sex?

Get well, TIA! And to heal our sick country--TRANSPARENT Elections!

Isn't it nice that the Democratic Party supports censure of Bush by Feiny

These Repubs Are Insulting Bastards

Compassion, not Criminalization in Immigration Reform!

The "average" Republican never imagined Bush could run up so much debt..

VIDEO- Hoyer on the Debt Ceiling Vote (one minute speech)

Do you know what time it is ?

He's more popular than the polls show

VIDEO- Doggett-Budget Amendment for Disasters (TX)

Are the Dems using a Rope-a-dope strategy??

VIDEO- Berkely (D-NV) about Medicare & Budget (one minute speech)


State to Offer 40-Year Home Loan for First-time Buyers

Largest Iraq Air Assault Since '03 Begins

Teacher Fired After Allegedly Biting Pupil

VIDEO- Moran on the Budget (March 16 06 One minute speech)

"Bring 'Em Home" concert, NYC, March 20 - Feat. Cindy Sheehan - SIGN IN

So is this prima facia evidence Halliburton never intended to do squat...

VIDEO- Watson on Bush Incompetence (one minute speech)

1500 Iraqi and Coalition forces?

Question - How many times was the debt ceiling raised during Clinton?

Impeachable Strategy ~ David Corn ~ WARNING, well reasoned opinion.

Tuesday's Canandaigua visit

Sectarian or Insurgence - How do we know what type of fighter

LA Code Pink ROCKS!!!

The Surreal Filings Of Team Libby

Man o man this is getting out of hand. Wonder what Russia and China

HuffPo: Bank of Wal Mart????

Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System aka The Pain Ray for Crowd Control

Where are the terrorists? 'Operation Swarm'

Death Threats Against Supreme Court Justice

So, why do Elections matter in Iraq if we go and bomb the Hell out of the

Freepers Orgasmic Over New Bombing Campaign

Censure will bring about impeachment


Rearranging deck chairs on the SS chimpy*

Six fall ill during London drug trial

Will the MSM show the pics of dead Iraqi children tonight?

Lets help the White House : Step 1 : Fire Scott McClellan

war on terror cartoon

My letter to Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Subject: FEMA Trailers

During the Vietnam Conflict people actually set themselves on fire

John Cole on "Keeping the Crazies in Check"

A really private practice

Iraq falls into a living hell ... Death Squads and Civil War.

You're next Iran!!!! -- cartoon

Senate Votes to Raise Debt Limit

1500 Airmen being trained for combat in Germany

Scotty on c-span3 1100 CST

Update: Iran says ready to talk with U.S. on Iraq

Clear Channel lays down their law on Gerlach

Shake-Up at the White House? one can only hope...

Wow - Look at Louisiana on B** Approval - Yikes

Molly Ivins speaks for me!

New immigration reform plans a government money making scheme?

Dean: Big deficit suits Republican's plans to undermine Social Security...

US launches largest air assault since the invasion

Bush battered by US pessimism, leadership doubts

A disturbing thought on "pre-emptive war"

I wonder how many innocent people the chimp will slaughter today

Snotty Scotty on MSNBC now, 11:23CT. nt

I need the link to Democrat and Republican congress people that served

Scotty the liar is distancing the chimp from this air assault...

REPUBLICAN Senator Chafee Does Not Rule Out Presidential Censure Vote

The perfect illustration of why the Dems will keep losing (Video)

Check the screenshot. Story number 2 explains story number 1.

A Modest Proposal for the Military Industrial Complex

An exhibit so big they're building museum around it

Censure Update...ARG Poll 46% -Favor/44% - Oppose (43% Favor Impeachment)

ummm Hello? China? Hi. Junior here. Listen....about that oil deal with

Poll in South Dakota says majority would strike down abortion law

GOP urges Party to write Democrat Leaders about Feingold

Asia Times a must read today - 3 articles - 2 on US money and one

Yahoo...Harris staying in FL Sen Race

Doesn't it make you wonder how much more

The Terrorists Have Won (incompetent lying idiot)

Poetry And Politics: Autum Ashante's School Appearance

Dr. Wafa Sultan on Al Jazeera

Samarra offensive: Trip Down Memory Lane?

Lenovo cuts 5000 jobs

OK! Let's bomb Iraq so them peoples in 'Murika don't notice the $9T Debt

Breaking down the Bush Doctrine point by point-We are at war

Who saw this WAPO headline: "Bush Restates Terror Strategy"

Largest Iraq Air Assault Since '03 Begins

CBS fined big-time by FCC - alleged group teen sex


Your thoughts on the Southern Poverty Law Center

Question? Is this airstrike going on because of *'s poll numbers?

Iraq-War Vets: The Democrats' Newest Weapon

I'm going to repeat these statistics because they hit me in the gut.

Everytime the talking points are bush no's are down but WHAT ARE THE DEMS

My email to Senator Clinton

Impeachment? HELL NO, IMPALEMENT!!!

When someone discusses bush's low poll numbers they say the economy's good

Economic Suicide!!!

Senate OKs hiking debt limit to nearly $9,000,000,000,000

Baptist Church celebrates at deaths of US Soldiers

VIDEO- Hadley on Bush Doctrine-Explains Pre-emptive Force

I haven't seen a discussion on this in the media

Evidence of Innocent People at Guantanomo - Public Radio

An example of why we don't like spying. BBC article.

What I would give today to be griping

Snotty McLipless is so FUCKING funny! He actually said that what we're

N.Korea army threatens pre-emptive attack

VIDEO- Hadley on Iraq and Pre-emptive War (oops)

Menendez onboard for Censure?

After watching this, I am ready to vote for our first Jewish President...

If you believe in the Feingold Censure resolution on the FISA violation

House OKs birth control funding ban

Boycott Wyeth and contact the FDA

What could possibly be achieved by Chimpy revamping his staff?

Saddam Was Trying to Capture Zarqawi (Juan Cole)

Der Fuehrer's Face

Clooney, Huffington Clash Over Blog Posting - blog slapped...

CENSURE POLLS: Americans SUPPORT censure!!!

Get ready for some more "How can Bush bounce back?" stories on the MSM.

FREEPS.....You need a reason to wake the hell up ?

San Diego's muni. workers would be better off finding employment elsewere

What about Feingold's press conference?

did Franken talk about being on the Colbert Report yet?

I just read all 49 pages of "The National Security Strategy."

Bill Thomas (R-CA) Does anyone know what this buffoonish

I thought Tamiflu wasn't supposed to be very effective against Bird Flu.

The current offensive in Iraq and a recent history review

The attack on Samarra - a Fallujah in replay?

I'm getting pretty sick of the Catholic right wing wackos who are intent..

Are the Dems wimpy & the GOP Nazi yes-men?

siddownandshudup! new toon 3/16

2006 winds of change...want proof:

~ Authorization for Use of Military Force Explained ~

Just tuned into Big Ed - Is that Hackett's voice I hear?

FOX News: Abu Ghraib Detainee Is ‘Taking Advantage’ Of Being Tortured

Supporter of Iraq invasion displays unintentionally anti-Bush sign

Correct me if I'm wrong.

If Iraq was "liberated" a couple of years ago

The "War on Terror" vs. "The Cold War"

Randi is pretty good today.

U.S. puts machine-guns on Great Lakes coast guard vessels

Where the hell is the grown ups in this whitehouse. We can't just

Roger Ebert reviews "V for Vendetta"

Anyone else read this month's Harpers? Case for Impeachment?

Black/White whats your experience...


MoveOn's LLTE Writing Tool - makes it so easy to do

New Iraq strategy

Don't be a human Guinea Pig

Something my son learned today

Tell me again why "censure " is such a bad idea?

Counting the dead with a pool cue

A Must See for Every Woman &

March 14: Special Forces conference

Does anyone know if Kerry was able to remove the drilling

Fats Domino's pianos to be put on Katrina display

PHOTO: Bush has pivotal role in V FOR VENDETTA

Judy To Fight Libby Subpoena

43% of Americans in favor of IMPEACHMENT (ARG Poll)

White House Alters Security Rules for Gays

'Boy Crisis' in Education Is Nothing But Hype

Please Read Progressive on "impeach *

I did it, I actually pinched myself..

Stadium evacuated and being searched

Dubai threatened over cooperation with West (2002)

Republican legacy: Passing our debt to future generations

Faux Poll: 53% now consider * a lame duck president

Photo of war protest in SF 3 years ago (large file) & MP3 of Danny Glover

Resolved: Democrats need to learn to hate Republicans.

Cunningham felon Mitchell Wade did counterintelligence for the Energy Dept

There's one reason that pushing Censure is a bad idea...

New Interior Secretary: Idaho Gov Dirk Kempthorne

Selective Service site up and running... Draft coming for War with Iran?

White House Cuts Backroom Deal on Spying, from ACLU

Debating Freepers is like playing "whack-a-mole"

Um..have any of you seen the MTV V for Vendetta ad?

Gas prices literally jumped 15-20 cents here overnight.

Iran Willing to Talk With U.S. About Iraq...

Why Iran will be bombed

Debating a freeper about Teddy

Poll: 46% Favor Censure ... 42% Favor Impeachment ....

I e-mailed Conrad's office and requested that he quit

Post all the different names people have for * here.

"Now, the only people who are motivated by what America is doing are ...

Bush to start bombing congress NOW!

Inspector Gen'l's Homeland Security report BLASTS port security priorities

Bush popularity mainly a function of gas prices: pollkatz graph.

Who Has Seen The Movie "Small Soldiers"?

Proud of our House Dems trying to Stop Funding/Permanent Bases/Iraq

Take Back the Party: I've Had Enough Of The D.C. Dems (excerpts), Molly Iv

Greenwald: "Americans have deeply instilled within them the value that

Woo-hoo!! Latest Poll - 70% Dems; 42% Indep FAVOR CENSURE

Ed Schultz is smokin' today

You know, there is one thing Bush has done that I'm grateful for.

Karl Rove-Why hasn't anything been done to this bastard?

Tragically, Russ Feingold Will Never, Ever Be President

Disgusting! Bushbots getting off to Operation Swarmer

“We’re all neo-cons now”

Is KKKarl wasting his time thinking up dirty tricks?

Iraqis Are Being Slaughtered For Poll Numbers

Peggy Noonan Has Conned Herself-Would'nt of Voted For Bush If She'd Known


What is next for George to screw up? Here's a start:

OK, let's give "Operation Swarmer" a better name! I vote "Schwinger,"

Just ONE question re: Feingold going to his fellow Senators first

MY spin on the IRANIAN CONFLICT to come:

Banks should prepare for avian flu

52% of Americans Favored Impeachment in January. So What Gives???

Scotty Press Brief says Bush didn't order Strikes in Iraq, Generals Did!

Police: Found Fetuses Were Woman's 'Self-Abortions'

Francis Fukuyama on Dobbs.

Operation Swarmer! (wtf?) Cue: Flight of the Valkyries! Puke.....

What ARE Democratic party values? I need your help on this!!!


Cars swamped by Katrina set for final a used car dealer near you

Video - Olbermann on Colbert

The President spikes free speech (again)

Disgusting "photo-op" pictures of bush "helping out" in New Orleans

All the ex-generals are now talking it up in the msm.

Poll Question needs DU help

God's scientist receives supreme award

Frist To Bring Censure Resolution To Floor-After Recess (Hotline)

Okay.. no more "picking your own vice president"

So basically, what is happening in the Senate today is that

James Webb on Hardball Transcript - 3/14/06

What is cheaper - contraceptives or raising the child?

One reason I believe Impeachment is a good thing to run on as a candidate

Food Safety Bill passed the House...strips states of food labeling rights.

Poll: Majority call Bush "out of touch," "incompetent," "idiot," "liar"

Lead story, NBC Nightly News....devastating report on airport security

Operation Swarmer is a fake

Ken Mehlman's letter to republicans

What I think is wrong with the news media

Corporate cost cutting to enhance profits is going too far!

Alex Kaseberg is an idiot, a coward and a liar. Now Alex, send me to Gitmo

Republicans Block Democratic Bill to Scan 100% of Shipping Containers

Survey: Teens Fear War, Crave Parental Contact

I think if the Democrats want to lose in 2008 they will nominate Hillary.

House approves $91.8 bln for wars, Gulf Coast

God is gonna open his wallet for me!

VIDEO - Senator Feingold's Press Briefing on Bush Censure

Irish Name Generator link

The Disenfranchisement of the New Orleans Voter

When does a country become a theocracy?

Who was the last decent Republican President?

Did you all see "Bankrupt Tweety" SUCKING UP to John Edwards who

Will the latest slaughter of innocents help or hurt Chimp in the polls?

bird flu shmird flu...this is not some new disease

So, how much time has BushCo bought itself?

Factory starts take plunge. WSJ yesterday. Who has this?

Iran/China/Russia/North Korea declare "pre-emptive strike policies"...

I'm really getting tired

I made a tactical retreat today on writing a letter to the editor....

Which Senators have come out for or against censure?

Bush Disapproval Map: What More Do The Democrats Want?

IdiotSon: Incompetent, Idiot, Liar and, yet, somehow, more Christian?

It hurts to be outcast

Saturday Night Live circa March 2000

VIDEO - Senator Feingold's Press Briefing on Bush Censure

Where to find list of Democratic legislation stalled/block by pukes?

Limbaugh said democrats not manly

Who runs the government?

Very Cool Video

Oh Great! Now some tool (fmr. Special Forces officer

This, my friends, is a look of DISDAIN. Tell me I'm wrong.

Best argument ever for a flag-burning ammendment (graphic)

Probably a dumb question about bird flu...

MEMORY HOLE: Deleted Gov't Health Info for Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Retrieved

VIDEO- Kucinich on Bush Preemptive War (one minute speech)

Jessica Simpson snubs bush big time!

ACTION: Pre-emptive war on Iran and Congressional Auth-Video of Rice

Bush's Strategy of Preemption

Talon News Remixed?

Dean petition (Allard): Stop Attacking Patriotism of Feingold

The liberal baby bust

The gop & jr have their underwear wrapped tightly around their ankles

US Senate votes debt limit hike to $8.965 trillion(52-48)repubs

A special thanks to president bush for $2.50 gas

Scalia: "sexual orgies eliminate tension and ought to be encouraged"

The democratic party is confusing the hell out of me.

I do not not believe the repubs could really

Dean: Bush Losing His Security Blanket....The War in Iraq

Katherine Harris: I'm in this race and going to win!

Walkin to New Orleans!

The War on Dissent

What do you think the "thing that is brewing in Washington" will be?

Is it more important to attack *, or Republican leadership in Congress?

Walkin' To New Orleans Protest March UPDATES FROM THE ROAD

Dixie Chicks need your support against right wing nutcases

Open letter to Cindy Sheehan from the Iraqi Freedom Congress


We Won! (H.Con.Res. 197) Amendment-No Permanent Bases in Iraq

Bush popularity mainly depends on gas prices.

Florida's New State Motto Passes Committee

Can we have a Journal Of The Day pinned?

I nominate Stephen King as our Nostradamus.

V for Vendetta...

Democratic Party vs Republican Party Explained

Before believing our so called "News" Articles - let's ask ourselves...

Vote Lou Dobbs Poll: meaningful difference between Repubs&Dems

Lets get down to it: Feingold's Censure

Republicans "FURIOUS" at Jessica Simpson; she snubs Chimpolini

Help: I need the pictures from Iraq of all the civilians

Please make legitimate arguments why we are not going to Iran.

HPV, Cervical Cancer and the Vaccine BushCo. won't let us have

Contraception leads to homosexuality

Ok, Get your Pre-war Position on Record Now !!

TOONS: NEOCONjuring Edition! (dialup warning)

I just Googled "incompetent" : 1st hit was about gwb!!

Does Anyone Else Think The Freepers Are Jealous of our DU Journals?

Day #3-Kennedy's office with NO support for Russ Feingold

Some Bush crowds are screened better than others

How Many Terrorists Does It Take To Paint A Wall?

God help us, they are going to go into Iran!

SUSA (* Approval) Map from March - Made from nov one (blue all over)

Could this be what Bush is up to?

HELP! DU this poll: (from Rhode Island) on CENSURE!

Dayton Blasts Feingold

Want to see a visual that is MIND BLOWING ?

Anyone watching Fukuyama

Republicans are Weak on National Security.

Bet on a Bet but Not on a Ballot - Washington Post

c-span wj - dude where's your common sense

Helen Thomas: "Does the President know that he's in violation of ...

Censure!!! Support is building. It's because of us. Lets get this done

From Feingold 's press conference

New Map of USA, It's Mostly Blue

hey SKINNER! can we have shamrocks for tomorrow like the hearts

Tom Harkin: Why I Fully Support Bush Censure

"We Believe" launch

I JUST CALL THEM AS I SEE THEM (Feingold-Great Interview-Ed Schultz)

What is it with people equating adult porn and child porn?

Spaceplane Shelved? (Aviation Wk)


London Times: Dallas considers tear-down of JFK memorial

Choose Your 2008 White House...Thursday DU Straw Poll

Trash-can transcript: Reid and Feingold Discuss Censure Resolution

Holy Moly: Freepers Talking About Voting Dem

Right-Wing Blocks Funding For Port Security, Disaster Preparedness

"Shortage of cheap labor" due to abortions ... Sen. Nancy Schaefer (R-Turn

Help! Need Catchy Phrases For Anti-War March!!

Does the US Military often do this type of operation in broad daylight?

Congrats John Murtha - Profiles of Courage award for 2006!

Hadley on Bush Doctrine speaking now

IBM: The 'next big thing' no longer exists, no research for the sake of it

Unbelievable. "I don't know what a trillion is"

The ABC's Primer Behind Bush's Sinking Poll Numbers

Letter to A Child I Haven't Met Yet

John Edwards in NOLA with 600 student volunteers; also on hardball

Sanders supports Bush impeachment probe (joins Conyers)

So I just finished watching "Inherit the Wind"

Light a candle tonight

Right wing review of V FOR VENDETTA says why we should ALL see it


FYI: An online anti-war song database (link)

Don't Impeach; Impale

There are plenty of reasons to oppose RUSS. The best reason is

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check out the Bush tax cut video from AFSCME

It's only 6 months till the election...

Feingold's Censure is a test to see if Democrats can pull together.

All Hail the Culture War

House Republicans (and Dems) defying Bush on Iran policy.

Mike Whitney, "On the changing face of terror", sees it so clear!

Need some late-nite DU research help (maybe you have it bookmarked)

Sen. Harkin on co-sponsorig Feingold's censure resolution

FL Senate Race

Nice "Osama Finger" pic of Junior on CNN's front page

Wrote my first angry letter to the DNC today..

It's March 16 and Fearless Leader is still in the White House

It's all about the swing voters why Democrats can't think straight

The Keys To Victory

Matt Stoller: Rick Kaplan and NBC's Ethics Problem (re: Chris Matthews)

Plug for Freeman book " "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" in WP column

Call your Senators NOW!!!!

Vermont Democrats Stirring Things Up Again

MSNBC appears to speak with a forked tongue regarding polls.

My theory re: Rush's dissing DU: worried about loss of pardon

Dammit ! By Any Other Name It's "Apathy!"

House Republicans Criticize Watered-Down Lobbying Overhaul


Bush's Ill-Prepared "Point Man" On Health Emergencies Resigns

Taxes, School Closure and Iraq - Where's the leadership?

Question - How will Katherine Harris make up her $10 mil

called Congress to ask if anyone believes in congressional oversight

The threats against Iran are all about the worsening conditions in Iraq

CENSURE...Get the Hell out of my way!

How to "free Iraqis" who hate us already-Operation Swarmer

A new war in Iraq, (Operation Swarmer).

Proper role for Republicans is as critics, not in leadership

MSNBC just announced "Largest military strike in Iraq since 2003 invasion"

Mississippi Abortion Bill on Life Support

President May Have Known of Constitutional Defect Before Bill Signing

March Madness

Folks in the Northeast - Ned Lamont extended appearance on radio

US Virgin Islands paying big bucks to Sen. Mike Crapo - why, you ask

For everything, there is a season....

Borrow and Spend Repulicans

Cindy Sheehan invites DU to a party!

A 12-Step Program for Destroying a Nation ...

Homeland Sec. Bill protects Eli Lilly from autism suits

smirk's phony austistic moment

oh jeez - U.S. puts machine-guns on Great Lakes coast guard vessels

Koehler: Outsourcing voting to corporations while they say "Trust us!"

Bill O'Reilly attacks ... and attacks ... and attacks (From Media Matters)

From today's press conference, Feingold in his own word:

Profiles in Courage (Feingold's censure resolution)

bush impeachment a republican campaign issue!

WaPo: "How to steal an election"

Scientists say FEMA trailors unsafe if another Hurricane hits Coast

$385 Million Concentration Camp To Be Built By Halliburton

Maybe impeachment is not the way to go.

I've finally figured out GW...

I had to share this with someone who would understand.

Will Bush Clean (The White) House? (from TIME)

Famous war reporter pounds on Rumsfeld!!!

Will the REAL Al Gore Please Stand Up!

OMG! The ACLU wants to turn Alabama into San Francisco!

John Edwards on Hardball tonight from New Orleans

Skip Airport Security Lines? (somehow I missed this Big Bro story)

Is privatization of essential services like water a form of terrorism?

Isn't this great? "Most frequent response was "incompetent"........

Bush Confronted on Nuclear Past (from the LA Times)

Condi calls Moscow to discuss "firm, meaningful action" on Iran nukes

[B]HELP! Need Some Ideas For Anti-War March!

Lt. Col. Ralph the Fool Peters (ret.) opened his mouth on W.J.

Remembering Congressional Democratic Response to McCarthy

And Bombing Iran Will HelpThe Current Administration, HOW?

Operation "SWARMER"???? (today's huge Iraq air assault)

This rant is about ME

Abramoff: Republicans Are Lying About Knowing Him

How Feingold's "Grandstanding" can Energize "Depressed" Democrats...

This Band of Brothers Deserves Our Support.

Democrats should look at the Frist threat to bring censure vote to floor..

Video - Paul Hackett on the Daily Show

Last Call: "AYE" for Feingold. Sending tonight at 8PM EST.

What do these words/phrases have in common?

HuffingtonPost: Trey Ellis: Why Is Hillary in Bed with Blank-Rome?

DU mentioned on Omaha radio program, re Top 10...

Someone please help us for we seem not to be able to do so

bush signs law that wasnt' even passed by house...what a dumbass


Up yours, Iceland. (And you, too, Iran?)

Is bush showing off his dick again today?

Hotline reports Frist to bring censure resolution to floor after break!

If a terrorist attack occurs at a basketball tournament site

AP Poll: One third of white evangelicals prefer Democratic Congress

What about the ANWAR /Aritc drilling amendment? Any News! n/t

Majority Leader Boehner: Feingold more interested in terrorists'

It's beginning to look a lot like 2002 ... cartoon

Doesn't it make you wonder how much more

The Republican excuses for voting to raise debt limit (on NPR's ME):

Al Franken just did TWO segments of The Colbert Report!!!

The truth will triumph...

Crooked Idaho Governor to replace Gale Norton

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1,000 semen-stained dresses hanging in the Oval Office.

HHS announcement on Tuna and Powdered Milk result of Hacking (report)

Obituary for Russ Feingold – a question?

WP graphic,"How to Steal an Election," compares slot, voting machines

"The truth is, there is almost no true poverty in the US."

Things are looking up for November elections

The Republican message machine is out of control

Kerry: Bureaucratic Bungling Still Hurting Our Port Security

March Madness and Blog Barney

Boy, Josh Micah Marshall in dire need of Cranial-Rectoscopy

This is why some best dem Senators were censure-shy:

WTF? Why does Kerry support the Line Item Veto?

"Is the Senator an accessory to a crime?"...

Jessica Simpson, A Texas Girl To Be Proud Of.

John Edwards in NOLA with 600 student volunteer: blog, pics, tweety

I shook John Edwards hand yesterday in Chicago.. Ask me Anything!

Who remembers the sixties?

Propose a proposal to help the poor. Lets see your stuff!!!!