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Archives: March 17, 2006

Pew Research: Repubs Happier than Dems (no s***)

Ex-attorney general Ashcroft turns into a lobbyist

Windfalls of War

Chris Floyd-Bone Thugs: Bush Puts America on Death Row

Adjustable rates push mortgage delinquencies up

Japan starts commercial operations at 55th nuclear plant.

Is It Legal to Save Energy? Well, Maybe ...(Austin TX)

Kadima denies split

The third wave of political Islamism

Petition hits 5,000!

Poll shocker: 42% say impeach Bush

I like! Thanks. (nt)

DO not take part in this poll

CA: Debra Bowen's request for contributions. Help her replace McPherson

Please welcome our new Assistant Editors at the Election Reform forum

CA Sen. Debra Bowen Interview on KTMS Radio - Archived for Streaming.

Electionline Assists In Covering Up Election Meltdown In Texas

Sending hope back to Truth is All

Published Legal Authority Concerning a Favorite Vendor as Named Defendant

CA: Bowen Measure to Stop Per-Signature Payments to Petition Sig Gatherers

You got a friend in me.

Sign the GOP's new Hate Amendment petition

Anyone heard about some of the campaigns having problems

Governor to call lawmakers back on April 17

The Hilton is the place to stay at the Convention

"Healthy Cookware"

How do I track an adoption in Canada?

Prepare for long Afghan stay: Powell

Politics and Independence — The Collapse of the Canadian

Inspector General report blasts port security priorities

Measure restricts gun permit data

Poll shocker: 42% say impeach Bush

Former DP World Exec's Nomination Held Up (Bill Nelson-F)

Bush threatens force to end Iran's nuclear threat

Global warming causing stronger hurricanes

Poll: Concern Over Global Warming Increases in U.S.

Bird flu feared in Israel after fowl found dead in south

'Rosa Parks Act' would bring (segregation law) pardons (in Alabama)

Oil Trades Near Two-Week High After US Starts Attack in Iraq

Idaho's governor named to replace Norton as new Interior secretary

Afghan family disputes Canadian Forces' account of shooting death

Envoy Says U.S., Iraq Will Stop Civil War

Bolton: UN Will Send Iran Strong Signal

FBI: No Federal Charges in Till Killing

Pelosi to Call for Special Envoy to Sudan

Bill restricting gay (& sexual) material at Okla. libraries passes house

Blair on Iraq: 'I'd do it all again'

Ginsburg Faults GOP Critics, Cites a Threat From 'Fringe'

Kurds go on rampage in Iraq

Two Journalists Charged in Germany Over Secret Zarqawi Report

Saddam 'suspected Al Qaeda inside Iraq in 2002' (wanted Zarqawi arrested)

US upbeat on Iran talks

Scalia Rails Against the 'Judge-Moralist'

Poll: Seven-in-Ten Americans Say Iraq Not Worth Fighting

Air America To Remain On WLIB

AP Wire: $10 million gamble may not pay off for Harris

Bush Says Republicans Don't Fear Future

AP - Proving How the Universe Was Born - Smoking Gun to Big Bang

Bill Would Allow Warrantless Spying - Email/Call every member of Congress!

WP: GOP Irritation At Bush Was Long Brewing

GM raises 2005 loss by $2 billion (to $10.6 Billion)

NYT: Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water

(Katherine) Harris' chief strategist urged her to abandon Senate race

White House May Lift Some Wolf Protections

"My posts" just morphed into "My DU"

I got my money's worth from the last DU fund drive!

The we aren't anything but meat and bones thread

Popcorn Balls

YEAH!!!!! A hit for the repukes around here in the panhandle of Texas.

LOL, a coworker today said I reminded him of his son...

I don't like seeing my "buddy list" in My DU

Recipes: Cherry Blackberry Scottish ale.

OK, now I'm freakin' out here, re: the new 'My DU' button!

How I wish,

St. Patrick's Day Greetings from Ireland to all at DU

anyone up for a free association thread? "Corrupt"

Baseball. If a fly ball hits the foul/fair pole, is it not a Home Run?

How come the managers/owners of The Bronze never approached Buffy...

Jet engine in a VW Bug?

So did we start a new war in Iraq today?

I just came back from San Antonio, Texas

Spring is here; isn't it glorious?

I ~love~ stupid criminals

cold feet

The most ridiculous thing you've ever heard from a customer.

I'd completely forgotten how good this movie was

!!Kitty Thread!!

Happy Saint Paddy's day. Just in case I'm too drunk tomorrow to remember

How many electricians does it take to

So, how much work is it to set up a JOURNAL

I swear to god, I have never been so close to

Picard really has GREAT legs

Remake of "Dallas," but J. R. being played by...

Woke up this morning with a Sherman in my hand...

"I majored in nursing but I had to drop it..."

I woke up with a prick in my hand..... make that three

I woke up with a cock out of hand, make that 3

Separated at Birth 2006

The Duke Game thread

WTF! Self-flagellation by a character in the soap "Passions"

One thing that'll brighten up your day...

So, is it wrong to root against the US?

Media Hype of NCAA Viewing Cost to Employers is really

I bet getting hit in the breasts doesn't hurt as bad as women say.

Anyone watching the UNC-W/ GWU game?

USA vs Mexico on ESPN now. Roger Clemens pitching.

USA Loses To Mexico 2-1, Knocked Out... I Blame *

The official "Illinois Humiliates AF Academy" thread


The Show is on # 11PM ET - AFTER THE HARDCORE

Ann Calvello -- the flamboyant villainess of roller derby, dead at 76

Love it! has twice moved the bar up...(Sign petition).

Happy St.Paddies day ,

Monkey Gone To Heaven

Is anyone else watching ER right now? Rock on Nila!!!

So are ya going to drink green beer tomorrow?

Is there a Sofa in the Lounge?

any monkey experts around?

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is a better quest fantasy

Some good stories posted on my journal. Check 'em out.

Damn. Now I need a Kosher Mexican Coke. In a glass bottle.

Dang it. I have no Moderator Messages.


Ronnie Van Zant

Why are you all ignoring me?

Anybody watch (watching) American Inventor on ABC?

If somebody called you a "freak", how would you take it?

Computer Nerds Needed, PC to MAC problems...

Is there a loofah in the lounge?

Hot Tub Party!!

Guess I'm just gonna have to kick your ass. (pic)

I'm in a very good mood so...(and) Ask me anything.


I had to give a shout out to the DU community on my b-day!

Any other DU couples have totally batshit relatives on BOTH sides????

What should I get my husband for his birthday?

If you could live your life in a television show which one would it be?

What is wrong with Canadians?

Caption our girl Katherine !


V for __________?

Hello, ello, ello, oo, oo, oo, hello out there ere ere ere.

whelp, guess i'll go eat worms and die...

I never thought I could feel this way about

"You're an Asshole" Bush/Republican slam video

Anybody watching American Inventor?

Update on my missing computer.

Dr. Who starts tomorrow!

Live Streaming Video of the Pursuit Standoff in Los Angeles

I was so exhausted this afternoon, I thought my oven was running XP

What is this MY DU you speak of?

Dancing bunnies

Post here and I'll 'give' you your very own album from my collection

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Wish me luck!!! PLEASE!!!

I'm finally organizing all my records and listening to Buffalo Springfield

Getting ready to watch " The history of violence"

I am in the middle of a serious crisis of Faith

Home, sweet home

Could You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

1942 Superman as saboteur (8 min propagand flic)

Joan_Alpern is a TEASE! and a sexpot!

18-yr-old wants to have sex. My 15-yr-old nephew wants to be the one.

Worst movie EVER

The ALL-PURPOSE Journal Thread

Amazing new physics discovery

What Genesis really says about the creation of the Universe

The Verdict is In and It's Simple - Fewer Calories, Longer Life

Weizmann Institute Professor Wins ACM Award

Astronomers Detect First Split-Second of the Universe

Evolution In Action: Why Some Viruses Jump Species

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain. SPOILERS AHOY!

Well, at least we lost to Mexico.

tied for 3rd in my bracket

Please read this if you feed or recommend dry food for cats.

Asking for light and prayers.

Book of photographs by soldiers in Iraq

E-mail from Teddy

Feingold Called Flip-Flopper on Iraq

Why DU is fighting over censure, the budget just passed 51-49


Hope no one objects to a photo thread. I think we could all use one.

Hehehe. The RNC wants ME???

I'm really getting upset

John Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in Arctic Refuge!!!

Chapel on the Rock, resized

KOEB Meeting -- 3/16/06: Evil Twin Edition

How's come KO has'nt mentioned the "hide the tuna under the bed"

This is hilarious

Kucinich comment on the Iraq war supplemental

MY DU - I like!

Iraqi PM 'prepared to step down'


Does anyone have a link for hardcopy of Feingold's censure petition?

Matthews trying to get his guest to go easy on Bush.....

Anyone know why Harkin is the only cosponsor of Feingold on censure?

Chili's Heat Kills Prostate Cancer Cells - Very interesting!

CNN doesn't know the diff. between 10 square miles & 10 miles square

My DU!

What Homeland Security?-Airline Screeners Fail Gov Bomb Tests

With US spending more money than all of the world on the military

Doesn't the name Operation Swarmer sound like "Smarmey" to you?

48% Of Americans Think Bush Is An Idiot, Incompetent, Or A Liar

Saddam and WMDs - hate to say it, but here's the smoking gun

All the US is a stage and the * cabal merely the players.

Incompetent, Idiot, Liar

More American Taliban...

Media Deception Explored and Explained... TVNL Radio...8 pm ET

Operation Swarmer? Who dreams up these names

Former DP World Exec's Nomination Held Up

Winn Act a bill from Satan

What's all this I am reading here about "MY DO"?

Did I just notice or has the my posts been missing all day

News: NCAA tourney costs corp. $4B??!!

Poll shocker: 42% say impeach Bush

Bird flu, bird flu

U.S. puts machine-guns on Great Lakes coast guard vessels

When did the goals change?

Republicans "fix" Bush failure to obey law by creating a new law...

Will we have to suffer yet another moron Bush in the future?

Christian Coalition THRILLED with CBS fine re: "teenage orgy"

Budget voted 51 - 49 - Landrieu voted for it.

CNN - main character in V for Vendetta is a terrorist

so who's on board with the censure thus far???

If I hear another right-wing jerk-off invoke 9/11 my head will explode

Hey, My Posts Just Turned Into My DU. I Love It!!!!!!!!!!

'How William Shatner Changed the World' (CNN)

Another stupid CNN poll: Jessica Simpson & bu$h >>

Really Bush is not lying

American Taliban;"no room for contraception"..annexation of the womb.


What do Republicans REALLY think about war?

"Presidents job to design rugs"...WTF?

Yahoo: Bush Says Republicans Don't Fear Future

Is Lou Dobbs a panel guest on Bill Maher or his Bill just going to talk to

US Spends Its Way to 28 Eiffel Towers --Made of Pure Gold

Bush launched three war s- that is a fact:

Why is DU running so slow tonight? Anyone else having trouble?

* at the 'United to Victory' fund-raising gala. - pics-->>

Ginsburg reveals details of death threat

VIDEO-Olbermann on the Bush Doctrine

The 1st amendment is there...repukes should "get over it"

A Pox On Both Their Houses

Poll needs some DU love

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 16 06

"Random Journals" feature comes to DU - Check it out!

EUROPE 2020 ALARM / Global Systemic Rupture

Happy Saint Paddy's day. Just in case I'm too drunk tomorrow to remember

"Bring 'Em Home" concert, NYC, March 20 - Feat. Cindy Sheehan

Trent Lott, Max Baucus & Olympia Snowe attack Satellite Radio (again)

Hey Skinner & everybody in Admin--Thanks a million.

Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs againt Iran........

The answer to Hannity & Colmes - Colbert & Franken!

Looking at pictures of Bush makes me feel ill.

What's the worst thing you've heard regarding religion & politics?

Bush Still Can't Keep Up With The Kiddies

Documents: Dubai Threatened by Extremists

Light One Candle

The 10 Stages of a Bush Scandal

Quick ! Go vote for Frist in this Straw Poll

Author of "Brokeback Mountain" slams Academy & "Crash"

Planespotting Shannon Ireland military hub issue on CBS.


A little nervous about Katherine Harris' infusion of 10M of her own cash.

Heads Up: Larry King Dead with Feinstein, Weiskopff, Hitchen, The Nation

Investigation to determine if Halliburton gave U.S troops dirty water

Heads up! Cindy Sheehan coming up on Scarborough

DOJ gives the go-ahead for New Orleans Elections

What the hell is happening to this world?!

The government TUNA - Jessica Simpson CONSPIRACY!!!

Cindy Sheehan coming up on Scarborough n/t

Journal question: Can I post directly to my journal?

12 days, 8hours, 10 mins., until.........Canada's

you know i was thinking how easy and foolproof it is to vote on

Massive Air Attack On Iraq? - Or, Phoney Baloney

Why does DU have a problem with links to the iTunes music store?

The Original Shock and Awe (Must See Flash Video)

There are people whose view of the universe is structured by profit

What do you make of the bird flu scare?

(TOON) Steve Bell on the latest Labour scandal

"My DU" friggin rocks!

Nick Hexum from 311. Proud to be a liberal and saying it loudly.

Category 4 & 5 Hurricanes DIRECTLY LINKED To Global Warming

My experience with avian flu (H5NI)

Knight of the Fifth Veil

Slow progress for US inquiry into why Bush took road to Iraq war

Global warming making hurricanes MUCH stronger

GOP NSA Bill Would Allow Up to 45 DAYS of Spying Without A Warrant

Bill Would Allow Warrantless Spying

Brown Ignored Disaster Plan, New Report Says

NYT: Time for Facts, Not Resolutions

Love the blogroll...very nice

VIDEO- White House Press Briefing-Gregory- Did Prez Authorize Air Strikes?

VIDEO- White House Press Briefing-What about OTHER countries-Preemptive

We went to see Helen Thomas Tues night in Kansas

Lobbying Jessica Simpson is a "huge fan" who "loves the heck out of" Bush

BWHAHAHA! Katherine Harris running on two things...her breasts! TDS

Leno: The attack will continue until Bush approval goes to 40%.

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich statement

History Channel has it ass backwards.

Irrefutable and concise

What kind of Anniversary gift should I buy?

VIDEO- Leno Jokes on Bush March 16 06 (Mission Accomplished)

"I get hit on more by drunk Republicans in Washington DC

Daily show: "Do we have any proof Iran is making IED's." "Ah, No"

Bumper Sticker Idea...

Feingold is right, Bush must be censured - can't trust Bush

Analysis: No cause for panic over spread of avian flu

Who gives a shit if the WH staff is tired...WE ARE TIRED OF BUSH

One way to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Computer Problem I am having

I googled my DU name and came up with New Zealand's Independent News Media

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in with Philip Marcowitz

A Presidential Candidate has to speak to the regular guy!

"NeoConMen" animation by Mark Fiore....

Google likely to turn over some records to BushCo

winter storm warning for HAWAII - snow! -->

TWEETY said Bush not as unpopular as last fall

(Jeanine) Pirro Veers Off The Map

Do You Know of Community Health Centers in Your Area??

check out the repuke email my son forwarded to me

Tweety "amazed" that the shrub is unpopular

TSA fails government bomb tests!


The Puritans are coming. The Puritans are coming.

Here's what Blair would do over again

Bush releases documents showing Saddam wasn't working with Al Qaeda

DU is the "user-friendliest" site on the Web!

Name a successful conspiracy that was ever kept secret.

OC Weekly: The Kevlar Anniversary

Kevin Phillips' "Emerging Republican Majority" now "American Theocracy"

What's happened to "DU/My Posts"...when I try to find folks who replied

Let’s do round II: Talon News Remixed and Mixed.... What a mess

Why the internet will die

VIDEO- White House Press Briefing- Helen Thomas on Pre-emptive War

OH my gawd...The daily show is really bagging on Harris

Al Franken with David Letterman: "100% of what O'Reilly says is crap"

Don't Impeach; Impale

See what happens when Dems and media are distracted - ANWR drilling passed

Gas prices this summer?

Profiles in Cowardice .... Or Courage, the Cowardly Donkey

The Dixie Chicks wont back down.

Horsey: "How to get a Conservative to Lie?"

New My DU icon @ top...

Long Live Pat Robertson

James Spader's "Boston Legal" Monologue --- Must see

How do you track down an adoption?

Texas Tuna Burgers! Mmm boy!

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today - response from friend

One More Time... With Feeling !!!


I finally saw Brokeback Mountain. SPOILERS HEREIN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Please welcome our new Assistant Editors at the Election Reform forum

Are You Aware of This Backdoor Measure in the "Patriot Act"

Anybody else catch Limbaugh's reference to DU?

Get this: LIEberman doesn't care for Lamont's "tone"!!!

Sign Petition to Support Feingold - New Goal: 400,000 sigs!

Judy Miller: The "Slanderous" Bloggers Destroyed me

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 11)

More Kids Are Getting Anti-Psychotic Drugs

What should Democrats do with their Senate bomb-thrower?

Anti-Chavez Repuke Chain Letter Sent By My Repuke Dad & My Response

In case y'all forgot -- RW quotes about Iraq from 2003

Is Anyone Going to See "V For Vendetta"?

TUNA. Under the BED.

Sopranos star on Colbert Report identifies Dubya with one word, "Wimp"

BushCo wastes all the Katrina recovery money on cronies while Congress...

John Lennon Declassified

More Americans (42%) want BUSH IMPEACHED than they did Clinton.

A proposal for a corporate death penalty

Wikipedia entry

Can somebody please tell me the Democrats 2006 Platform?

Oh my, I just heard some laugh-to-keep-from-crying irony on NPR

FOX & Friends Trio Sinks to All-Time Low, Makes Fun of Abu Ghraib

Chafee's comment on Censure Vote, plus.. DU the poll !!!

Questions of Decency: From the Rude Punit? Ok. I'll bite.

Dems managed 59-day miracle!!! WA. State.

The Freedom Toast

Medicare Part D, That Is what my Sister is on

For anyone who missed it, like me, Al Franken on the Colbert Repore

Paralysis by overanalysis and pointed-headed calculus

Secret U.S. Plans for Iraq's Oil

FRC to sheeple: Be afraid! Foreign gay athletes want to give you AIDS!

Village Voice: Oh No, Not the L-Word: Reclaiming the Terms of Debate

When we retake the House, do we enter thru the front or sneak in the back?

Send your politicians a message

Awwww...poor Bush "battered by US pessimism"...the BASTARDS!

"US $: Forget Iran, the problem's at home"-- Asia Times

For the 1st time, majority of Americans see Iraq as a failure

Operation SWARM-her - Media Peace March Cover-up

The ONLY "Retread" Candidate I Could Support Is John Edwards

War-Loving Pundits

Damn right Dennis!! Backbone rears its head!!

Censure doesn't mean shit..... Impeachment has to come from

ACLU Releases First Concrete Evidence of FBI Spying Based Solely on Groups

GOP Irritation At Bush Was Long Brewing (sure it was!)

Co-worker has me shaking mad about torture...

Message to DUers (and all Progressives): I don't care about 2008!

Operation Swarmer, why wasn't the press invited??

Military Lawyers Say Tactics Broke Rules

Robert Parry: "Feingold, Kerry and the Strategists"

I need some advice now from those who know...


Did you know that DU has an Election Reform forum?

asked to extend drug plan sign up without a penalty Bush said "No"

Admin. created Iraq quagmire-responsibility of powerless Dems to solve

In revised version, Bush offers no second thoughts about preemption

A Compliment for Hillary

McCain flip flops on ANWR

DU Left Bashers have one good point about us(but it applies to them too)

As birds take flight, so do fears

Enough of the D.C. Dems

Time for Facts, Not Resolutions (NYTimes)

'Sound familiar?' To historians, Iraq unrest does

(Jimmy Carter) Colonization of Palestine precludes peace

Can Democrats Play This Game? By E. J. Dionne Jr.

GOP Irritation At Bush Was Long Brewing

Preemptive Strike Out

ANALYSIS-Three years on, Iraq's future is shrouded in fear

Russia Yields No Ground to G-8

Kevin Phillips' New Book " American Theocracy"

Bush Republicanism: Anti-Conservatism In Action by Stephen Crockett

Caught Up in DNA's Growing Web --to take beyond

Gore Vidal - National amnesia (Q & A)

'Choose Life' Lic Plates OK'd

The Israel Lobby

Mass Media CoverUp/Leading Journo's Expose Major Cvr Ups

Ike's Warning Reverberates Today

New Rule: Court block EPA rules-must upgrade pwr plants/factories

Royals and the Reich

Chris Allbritton: Operation Overblown (Swarmer less than meets the eye)

When should U.S. attack first? Only as last resort.

Aging band dreams of revolt (Cuban exile terrorists)

Why Not Censure George Bush? :Bill Press

Pop Quiz

Chapman: "The self-emasculation of a weak Congress"

Dubai, Superdome: GOP loves money, not americans

3/14 Drought Monitor - Slightly Decreased Drought Intensity, Larger Area

oh those human errors, N/T

13 Sumatran Rhinos Found On Borneo - Gvn. Had Thought 70 Survived

Bush Derides Russia’s Declining Democracy

Scientists Study Feasibility of Switchgrass for Bioenergy

Terror risks of nuclear fuel

CNN Special On Oil Crisis Tomorrow (3/18) - "We Were Warned"

LA Times On Kempthorne Nomination: At Least It's Not Pombo

Cargill strikes deals to sell novel polyols (vegetable oil based products)

How Green is Asheville?

Minnows lead majors to greener future

Protesters Say Water Wars Turning Deadly

Food miles don't go the distance

The Dammed: (Three Gorges Dam - China)

States Win Suit to Stop New EPA Standards

(Huge) Mexican oilfield crucial to U.S. facing decline

Hydrogen Proponents Now See 2020 As "Breakthrough" Year - Reuters

Colonization of Palestine precludes peace

Palestinian economy faces collapse

Canberra site for first votes cast in Israeli poll

Packed Finkelstein talk draws 'real outrage'

Hamas Would Keep Fatah Out of Palestinian Cabinet

Abbas urged to quit, scrap Palestinian Authority

Study: U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby

Bipartisan Group Takes Fresh Look at US Role in Iraq

Attorney for FTA sabotages Moussoui DP Case to preserve AA&UA Defense

Rummy on 911: Censorship on wikipedia?

The Landmark Tower: A Study in Controlled Demolition

How do steel columns just shear off in small sections ?

NJ: Sequoia on Trial for Reliability


Recommend the Daily Thread NOW - PUNK-- its 3pm- only 3 votes

Legal question re: Diebold/ES&S/Sequoia boycott of Leon County, FLA:

Ion Sancho and Brad Pacifica interview now archieved - Ion is heroic.

What was the percentage of people voting on e-vote machines in 2004?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Friday, March 17th, 2006

Opinion polls are the only thing stopping all out Election Fraud?

Paper Ballots NOW!!! Hand Counts NOW!!! In honor of TruthIsAll

Candidate views differ on banning Touchplay

And, a Happy Saint Patty's Day to you too . . . or is it

War is no laughing matter!! Join us! March19th St Pat's Breakfast!

Editorial: Citizenship proof bill would limit many voters

The Iraq War Propaganda Campaign Failed. Way to Go Minnesota!

Annual Progressive Populist Caucus meeting 4/22 - David Sirota guest

Compromise proposal re: interim TDP chair

Texas GOP investigated again (breaking finance laws)

Gen Clark in Houston 3/23 - WesPAC Fundraiser

Hum.... Charles Schoetings response to Maxey

Bennett endorses Miles in HD146 runoff

Anybody have a boombox to lend to tomorrow's Houston Jazz

Newspaper editorial: Wear green, sign petition

The latest from the Dave Harris (CD 6) campaign!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!

Guess what I'm making for St Patty's Day

Do you 'love' your tools ....... ?

Welcome to the quagmire (Globe and Mail)

NDP not only party: Hargrove

Harper restricts ministers' message

NOT political really...any Vancouverites hitting the Irish pubs tonight?

Planespotting Shannon Ireland military hub issue on CBS.

Ex-attorney general Ashcroft turns into a lobbyist

Analysis: No cause for panic over spread of avian flu

"Tension accelerates in Iraq" (Operation Swarmer)

Bipartisan Group Takes Fresh Look at US Role in Iraq

Jessica Simpson, a 'huge' fan of President Bush…

GOP irritation at Bush brewing for long time

Analysts: Harris' campaign in 'complete disarray'

As birds take flight, so do fears

1 Missing After Remote N.Z. Volcano Erupts

Students Flock to Seminaries, but Fewer See Pulpit in Future

(Albany Co. WY) Democrats’ platform calls for impeachment

Prince Charles: Global warming big threat

US accuses Iran of "unhelpful activities" in Iraq

ANALYSIS-Three years on, Iraq's future is shrouded in fear

Israel confirms thousands of dead poultry had bird flu

Rebels Kill 21 in Southeastern Iran

Aging band dreams of revolt (Cuban exile terrorists)

BBC: Labour was secretly loaned £14m (UK honours scandal)

BBC: Menezes claim sparks libel talks (top cop sues, er, cops)

No Poison or Toxic Drugs Found in Milosevic's Body, Tribunal Says

In interview, (Gov) Romney aligns with Christian right (Pres. contender)

WP/AP: 2005 Loss For GM To Jump $2 Billion

BBC breaking: 'No sign' of Milosevic poisoning

Suit aims to keep fish center open

Sign TedKennedy's Senate Resolution 350

Official With No Campaign Is Still Spending Campaign Cash

NYT: Democracy Push by Bush Attracts Doubters in Party

Maryland Senate Ready To Approve Air Pollution Limits

Pakistan says Indian deal will hit arms treaty

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Shines ' Spotlight' on Green's Shady Ethics

Christian activism lags as S. Fla. rally opens

Katrina funds blown on empty rooms & ice

Four People Hospitalized For Possible Avian Flu

WPpg1: No Hope for New Anthrax Vaccine Stockpile by Nov. (another failure)

Tense Debates in Saudi Arabia as Islamists Fear Reforms

(FL) State will audit March 7 elections

Bolivia ex-leaders face charges

(MT GOP Chair) Keenan may oppose Burns

NYT: Sane Chinese Put in Asylum, Doctors Find

Judge orders Gmail disclosure

Military Sexual Assault Reports Up 40 Pct.

Iraq veteran sees nothing positive about U.S. troops fighting there

Steelworkers stand up to Government of Mexico

(White House) Agents posed as (Fox News) journalists before visit

Swiss ski resort tries to cover up climate change

How Alert Are We to Amber Alerts?

Documents show Dubai received threats from extremists when it cooperated

Bomb Parts Pass Checkpoints at 21 U.S. Airports


Judge Accepts Compromise Deal on Moussaoui

NAFTA panel again sides with Canada on softwood

Emotional Toll of Katrina Is Still Rising...Govt begins counseling program

Court rejects power plant pollution rule

Senate panel to OK ANWR drilling bill by mid-May (GOP put in Budget)

Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Faces Prosecutor

'Suffering ... for water':Riots surround a global summit seeking answers t

Bonuses boost compensation of 10 Highmark executvies.

Hoekstra: Bloggers can help digest Iraq documents ("Saddam Papers")

U.S. public support for Iraq war falls

Prince Charles says global warming bigger threat than terrorism

Gallup: 58% Say Iraq War Has Had Overall 'Negative' Impact on Life in US

Lawyers question TSA atty's contacts in 9/11 suit (ties to airlines?)

Emboldened Democrats court party's left wing

(GOP's) Tom Noe: Jury to Start Hearing His Rare Coin Case in August

Study: Jump in anti-psychotics for kids troubling

Democrats leery of call for censure(Rebuke of Bush may backfire, some fear

(Operation) Swarmer finds 'few' rebels

Argentina's President, Supporters Urge Beef Boycott In Ads

Candidate proposes chopping block for 'porn-pimps' (guillotines! )


(Australian) Government orders spoof site shut

Ex-Forest Service Chiefs Criticize Plan

Students Spend Break Rebuilding Gulf Coast

Supreme Court: Ohio Law Trumps Federal Medical Privacy Rules

U.S. to pull military forces from Iceland

NYT/AP: Documents Reveal Iraqis Dodging Inspectors

Iraqi Sunnis do not welcome Iranian help

NYT: Police Files Say Arrest Tactics Calmed Protest

NYT/AP: Remark About Gays Shadows St. Pat's Parade

Roll Call: R-NY Boehlert will announce retirement....

Witness tampering cited in Moussaoui case

Anti-Iraq War Demonstrators Seek Momentum

Now you can set the number of "My Posts" on your My DU page.

AP: Bush Adviser Says Iran Bluffing on Iraq

Two more women die after taking RU-486 ("abortion pill")

Democratic Prospects in Senate Looking Up

Iraqi cleric wants gays killed in "most severe way"

Blogger puts guide to abortion online

Gas prices jump as assault starts; 20-cent-a-gallon increase seen ...

US evangelicals warn Republicans

Father who took up Iraq machine gun to avenge dead son is ready to go home

Health care now free for elderly in Chile

(Democratic) Senators renew call for .xxx domains

Home loan delinquency rate shows increase

Barefoot, "distraught but brave" Britney Spears steps on hypodermic needle


Ever forgotten your own birthday? I just about did.

I'm engaged!

Who wants to see some skin?

Studying the "Rule Against Perpetuities" AMA

Flushable diapers, anyone?

The Smiths turn down $5 million to reunite

DU Journals are like crack.

Web help please... need some suggestions

St. Patrick's day is my birthday

Should I relinquish my US citizenship?

Dish Net adds Documentary Channel to lineup ..(my new favorite channel)

Wow. azmouse just gave me a star so now I can post polls.

Have you ever checked your "Buddy List"? I never did until tonight....

Do you ever feel lonely for no reason?

Ouch. I'm going to have one helluva bruise in the morning.

My 2-yr old as a South Park character, lol.

Have you ever taken the drug Percocet?

I have a new crush - He is so cute LOL .

Fundies Say the Darndest Things

Hello to the there anybody in here?

Most annoying word/phrase of the last few years...

If you could post as another DUer for a day.....who would you be?

What do you think of this song text?

First International DU meet-up

We ought to play a really funky trick on GD just to

The Prank, Stage 2. (lookin good!)

OMG! Just captured a GHOST ORB with camera! Not Kidding!! PIX

Good morning tjwmason! Where ever you are!

Man Tries To Buy Condoms And Cologne With Fake $100 Bill

Please don't kill me now

Is anyone else but me here just not into Bars at all?

Oregon Town To Build Tallest Glockenspiel

Goodnight, dear lounge. Here are some jokes. (not that one)

Gettin Colder and the price of gas is up

Friday list thread

Behold! The cutest picture EVER!

Top of the mornin' to ya!

Top of the morning to ye!

Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Kanye West,'s Lollapalooza 2006

Happy Birthday John Sebastian

Since St. Pats day is my birthday

St.Patty's Day ...

Oops! Dupe!

Kiss me. I have herpes.

Whadja have for breakfast? Leftover steak & scrambled eggs, here.

My Buddy List and a special DU Anniversary :cry:

Is This Joke The New 'Brazillian' ?

Firday earworm! T.G.I. effin' F.!

What time does Auburn play in the NCAA tournament?

Pearls of wisdom on St. Pat's Day:

Oh dear..thread in GD BEGS for a brazilian copycat...

How does your bracket look?

Everyone!! DU Karma Power works: RBNYC GOT THE JOB

Questions about the Beatle's 'White Album'

St. Paddy's Day humor ( an oldie but goodie)

bye everybody....wish i could hang out longer but i am at work

I think West Wing will end with Arnie winning the election

What do you get when you mix poison ivy with a four leaf clover?

I am getting a crown on my tooth-Am I now King of Merica?

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

If Jesus and Mary Magdelene Were Married, That Raises Another Question

Top o' the morning ta ye.

BEST COMMERCIAL EVER - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

The cable guy said "between 9 and 11." When will he really show up?

A St. Patrick's Day challenge: the NON-ALCOHOLIC Irish Joke thread!

What did CNN do to Larry King?

An Irishman walks into a bar and orders a martini...

Geography quiz: Which of the 10 largest US cities is nearest to this spot?

Wikipedia has an entire entry on Penis Removal!

Will Winnie the Pooh Testify Against Thomas Kinkade?

What does it mean when half of your buddy list is ts'ed?

Hollywood and Vine, Saturday, baby! Anybody with me? (Iraq+3)

From the "who gives a fuck?" files...

iTunes knows too much! This is kinda creepy.

HOW did this guy survive this wreck?

Remember to wear red on St. Joseph's Day

Have Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson ever recorded together?

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, let's have a Dave Allen At Large

Duplicate post

The train station sax guy was playing Irish jigs this morning

What is the name of this singer?

A traditional Irish Blessing, in honor of my 5,000th post:

Heino vs. Tino

The recent changes to DU are confusing me.

I'm hungover on St. Patricks day. Oh, and I get to QUIT MY JOB!

Beach Boys perform Charlie Manson song on Mike Douglass Show.

Live Irish reels and such from Dublin

Post your misspelled smileys here. My favorite (and I do this often):

I'm having the best lunch right now...homemade Louisiana gumbo

Go Bucknell!


I quit my job

please join me

Did I do the right thing?

Cool! I watched TRON the other day and wondered about it, now there's

Tom Cruise pressures Viacom, gets South Park Scientology rerun yanked

Go Bushnell!

My trolldar was going off in GD: I need a lounge break

Why did she kill her sister?

Grammar freaks, unite!

Oooh.... yeah.. LSK, how you doin? I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead

"Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra on the rocks"...oh, dear GOD, NO! NO!!!

No. Way.

I am making my once a year trip to McDonalds

ONE WEEK DOWN! And only 19 days until Adam comes home!!!

DU guitarists- I have a question about pickups.

Stupid things about which to feel nostalgic:

This time of night gets pretty slow around here.

Steve Martin's "What I believe"

I just cooked and ate one of the most....

So, who's up for a St. Patrick's Day 'Irish Joke' thread?

DU mentioned on Omaha radio station KFAB, re Top 10 ...

Anyone else cooking corn beef today?

things people sometimes take too seriously:

Peter Pan's Home Page

I hereby nominate liveoaktx as DUer of the week. Can I get a second???


$100 off $200 @ The Sharper Image

Happy St. Patrick's Day you all Randi's on so Bounce those Boobies. Oops

MatcomNews: WARNING ** Cruelty To Animal Story ** WARNING

They just banned popcorn in Colorado

The President's ape-like finger strength!!

Testing for my journal

What would make you have sex with Katherine Harris?

Bode Miller bloodied but upright in painful exit

Tuna and Powdered Milk Poll.

They just banned mountains in Colorado

Jumping off skyscapers wont kill you

I'm going to die at age 77

I'm Irish, and I don't really like St. Patrick's day

What is your favorite Fred MacMurray Disney film?

I'm takin' off to DC..... See ya all on Monday.....

Lotsa dancing bunnies:

The Irish Pig - A poem for St Paddy(whack) Day

Man Cuts Off His Penis, Throws It At Cops

Superstition post.

St Patrick's Day in Galway City (from the Galway Advertiser)

This is just wrong ....

If you disagree with me, you're a fucking freeper!

Man asks bank for change for a $1 million bill and is asked to leave

They just banned Coloradans in Colorado...

so, did they wind up Operation Schwimmer yet?

Uh-oh *NOT WEARING GREEN* Who wants to do the pinching?

I just heard that Luke Duke got arrested for drunk driving

Bill Gates mocks $100 laptop

144 hours tobacco-free!

Actor Ron Palillo reveals the downer origins of "the Horshack laugh"

Duelling severed penis threads in the Lounge. Whouldathunkit?

They just banned severing your own penis in Colorado...

Mike Tyson pays a $275,000 out-of-court settlement to a man he bit

Politcal Photoshopping....

*WOW* "My DU" Let's hear it for the admins at DU

Winner claims $270 million lottery jackpot in trust

I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer

Name a classic TV show that will never be made into a movie...

post something that yields no results in google

I've been half-Irish (Boston Irish at that) all my life, and I swear I've

Like to see a video of my home town?

Samuel L. Jackson stars in: Tuna Under the Bed!

Man severs his own penis, throws it at police officers....

Well, after work I'm picking up my first pair of 'full time' glasses...

A St. Patrick's Day message: "Get Drunk!"

PC question.How do you clear URL from Navigational bar menu?

Hi, I've been having Internet issues.

"I never called the Indians wogs. I never hate in the plural."

Happy St.Patrick's Day DUuers.....have fun

I'm in Starbucks now, where "Hot Spot" WiFi was free. Now its for $$$$$

Another grammar question

iTunes: "Little Trip to Heaven" followed by "Clang Boom Steam"


Hacking Cough

James Blunt and Nick Drake....

What's with St Patrick's day and those damned homosexuals?

Do you perspire/sweat when laughing at a joke?


Have you guys tried the "My DU" function yet?

Since I lost my 5th place in the Journal race

Neato: WinXP/MacOS dual boot on Intel-powered Macs

Is the Church World Service legit?

I was just looking through My Du and clicked on ignore list

I bought my boy shorts knickers today, just tried a pair on and OMG!

Ruby: "Mom!! Mom!! The plungers are here!!"

My Irish Blessing for the lounge!

Netflix - yeah, they're !*&*#ing EVERYONE over.

Pink- "Stupid Girls"- my current earworm.

Post a vacation pic

Should I start posting like how Andy Rooney posts his articles?

Collards, black-eyed peas, and pork tenderloin.

This is what a severed penis looks like:

Take this eighth grade education test. Let me know how you did!

I think I might just go vegan

I survived the haircut!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! And GUESS WHAT!

I absolutely must know this immediately-------------------

Can we have a big DU WELCOME for a newly sworn US CITIZEN?!

post a pic of your irish family for st pattys day

Breaking news regarding next Medal of Freedom recipient:

Yikes! I knew something like this was just a matter of time...

Name a celebrity who seems to have faded into the mists of time...

How many DU'ers are NOT going to start a journal?

Saddest Animated Feature Ever:

Who else is going to be watching Dr. Who tonight?

*BREAKING* Lorena Bobbitt in a terrible traffic accident!

Best forgotten dance song of the 80s?

Well fuck me I'm not Irish.


MrScorpio Wears The Green!

Free HBO/MAX for Dish users this weekend.


I realized the meaning of "Alphabet Street" recently.

I'm thinking about making my daughter's prom I crazy?

What was - or would you like to be - your WEDDING SONG?

I feel like doing an Irish jig!

Classy decal I saw at a truck at the grocery store

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Are you wearing green today?

Second Hand Smoke Won't Kill You

Anybody seen texpatriot2004?

I'm watching "Jaws"

If I've told you once, I've told you 20,000 times...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/17/06)

DU Airline Pilots?


I'm in the Market for a new Computer. What should I get?

Birthday card for LeftyMom, from DU...please feel free to sign it.

HUG for MrsGrumpy

Kingdom of Heaven: Boring, Decent, Good eye candy?

I have a teen parenting question

What screen names leave you perplexed

I haven't posted much lately.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone's message to Scientologists everywhere

Kiss me. I'm not Irish.

Ladyhawk wins $600 music scholarship. Film at eleven.

They just banned smoking in Colorado

I found this while googling my name. shameful?


I bombed out in the Irish movie rental dept today. Damn.

What is the most important "people skill" you have learned?

Post a famous movie quote

check out this Irish joke!!!

So, I just got back from seeing "V for Vendetta"

Do you feel inspired and/or pressured to be more profound...

St. Pat's Day Irish Earworm...

Irish drinking songs for cat lovers

do you suppose if I just sit there and hit refresh on my journal page,


Now you can set the number of "My Posts" on your My DU page.

Just had a thought on Intelligent Design

What does God do all day?

The war against St. Patrick's Day

Theory : Religion by itself is fairly benign.

Has anyone read 'The Third Secret' by Steve Berry? ( Possible spoilers)

Any Deists in the house?

Angels and Free Choice

Students Flock to Seminaries, but Fewer See Pulpit in Future

So.... What's the difference between religion and superstition?

Study: Jump in anti-psychotics for kids troubling

Debunking Myths About Trauma and Memory

The Health Care Crisis and What to Do About It .... Paul Krugman

Ice layers record comet creation

How many species inhabit the planet?

Gay Equality Riders Targeted In Hate Attack

Do you ever get disgusted?

Gay Irish New Yorkers Denounce KKK Comparison

Bill Would Ban Phelps' Funeral Protests Nationwide

Help give Plaid Adder's Katrina thread a kick & some love!

Russian Orthodox Church: No Gay Pride In Moscow

Anti-Gay Maine Group In Financial Crisis

Yahoo has the Mets going to the WS from the National League

Charles Barkley on Letterman tonight

Holy shit! Oral Roberts up by 3...

I missed Sportscenter-How did RED HOT Syracuse do last night?

Ray Meyer, long time basketball coach of DePaul University

Names for the kittens...

More Kitten Pics

Senior cat off her feed

Any Palm Readers Here? ---pix--->>>

8:30am,CT: JK making the rounds. He'll be coming up on MSNBC

emboldened democrats court partys left_wing

Anyone want to help out on a Kerry - LIV thread at dkos?

I believe

Friday on Imus: John Kerry

A worthy post about AHPs (evil rethug bill that Kerry opposes)

Lies! Damn lies!

Ron Reagan on Hardball lists only Murtha and Feingold

Harvard Gazette article online re the "Hidden Wounds" screening even

Question concerning Democratic strategy and who would fit best the profile

Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone here, Irish or not!

Yeah, this pic about says it all!

PaintShopProX users...

Camera Shy

A Morning Ghost?

COMMENT THREAD for the March photo contest.

SUBMISSION THREAD for the March Photo Contest. Theme: ARCHITECTURE

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Faux News today...

Ok, so about my date....

Do we have any proof that WM only temporarily reduces prices

Does the 2007 budget passed by the Senate cut Social Security?

Tweety - referring to Bush - Drunks become rigid in their thinking...

Happy 80th birthday, Jerr!

Greg Palast on with Mike Webb now (9PM Pacific)

Report: 32 Congressmen call for impeachment committee

"Tension accelerates in Iraq" (Operation Swarmer)


How many military bases do we need? (Is 6000 too many?)

I was reading this DU post about Rush Limbaugh, and I wondered...

Edwin Eisendrath...IL Gov. Candidate...Uses Cheney's Pic In His Ad

VIDEO- Colbert Report-Bush- WIMP

This time of night gets pretty slow around here.

Video of the "Without a Trace" Scene that bought on the 3 Mil FCC fine

We veteran SDS members who have resumed actions

I find it more than distressing that, given that the "Bush Doctrine" . . .

As of this moment I no longer support the troops.

Bush's poll numbers solution

Free universal health care CD

Wow...Dubya drunk at a wedding?

Chris Hitchens seems MENACING and is positively fightening to me.

OK, political credentials check!

Operation Swarmer--PR event.

So the big ticket news item of today is that some skinny blonde

Senate Passes $2.8 Trillion 2007 Budget


Military Sexual Assault Reports Up 40 Pct.

(VIDEO) Bill Maher rips Intelligent Design

Lieberman might get a R opponent in his race... Just heard on CSPAN WJ.

From "pre-emptive war" to "proactive arrests": NYC's thought police

C-SPAN Question: How has the Iraq War Affected You?

Two GREAT stories to start the day! Why we MUST keep fighting!

Good Morming Fellow Democrats

Don't Forget To Wear Your BLACK Shamrock Today!!

Great slip of the tongue on CNN

VA Data Show Significant Increase in Medical Needs of Returning Veterans


CSPAN3 goes into the Senate Wayback Machine: Line-Item Veto

I'm even Cabal News Network waking up?

Does the Ancient Order of Hibernians pay for cop overtime

Tom Tomorrow: "How Far is Too Far?"

Question: Is it intelligent design when flu viruses mutate...

Please DU this Poll!

Possibly the best cartoon ever drawn?

Frist takes issue of immigration into own hands (scary, ain't it?)

I am sick and tired of MY PRESIDENT being called a "LAME DUCK"!

Molly Ivins Says - So far, no good

GOP irritation at Bush brewing for long time

Fukuyama: "Leninist" Bush

Fog of War or War Crimes?

The agency protecting the U.S. against threats gets an "F"

(Katrina) Evacuees Face Confusion In Louisiana Elections

The .xxx for adult sites raises a debate

"Security And Freedom Will Always Be At Odds,

In today's US, security trumps trade and common sense.

Military Sexual Assault Reports Up 40 Pct. !!!!!!!!

Afghan family cries for fallen father

Condi Does Her Best Marilyn Monroe Immitation....

Take long hard look at Iraq, Iran warns US

anyone want to buy a candybar? Since Walmart refuses

Amy Goodman tussles with NYT reporter on Democracy Now! this a.m.

U.S. envoy discusses plans for Iran talks

Idiot Freeper Slams Nelson's Military Record:

U.S. Lawyer in Terrorism Trial Suggests She Didn't Act Alone

Operation Swormer....Training exercise/Propaganda.

Good Morning DU

Bill how about that dinner now??

Some Republican lawmakers have felt ignored or bullied

Red states divided, blue states united?

Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water

Juan Cole-Wonders if Pinochet's Fate Awaits George Bush

New Movie..."OPERATION SWARMER" produced and directed by...

America is never going to say "You were right about Bush!"

Trolls in Disguise.....we know you're out there

Fear of Death.

NPR kissed FR'er Chris Taylor's ASS this morning. much to hire Boston Legal's writers?

Does the word "conservative" leave a bad taste in your mouth these days?

Family's lawsuit claims police terrorized them

A man is playing golf in Ireland

Boot camps? How disgusting!

How does your local paper bury bad news about Bush?

Nancy Pelosi about to give major speech on Darfur, CSPAN1 Now

Daily Middle East News Streams unedited, translated. Look.

County Dems Support Feingold

Republicans to Louisiana: "We Don't Care if You Drown"

Just a note of thanks to the Admin (& esp. Elad) for a great updated sys

TWO CENTS --How has the war changed you?

Can we do it in 2006? Here are the stats:

A strange way that Democrats are analagous to GeeDubya

CNET: Is the end of the Internet upon us?

Why all this talk about trolls?

"Since the war has ended" the anti-war leftist are seeing reality

We have heard nothing but how asymmetric this war is, how shape...

What's The Ziz Code For "Undisclosed Location" USA?

Anyone here have stories about the 1918 Spanish flu from

Censure...What is it good for?

DU is still batting 100%. A little note on imus, so much for watching

'Evil Axis' To Meet 'The Great Satan'

Hospital holds newborn to insure payment of bill ! ! !

Anybody seen texpatriot2004?

E. J. Dionne-"Can Democrats Play This Game?" Keep Screaming Folks!

Skinner, it might be too late for us to give Shamrocks for St. Patty's Day

FL Senate to Jeb: Screw You! The money goes to the Schools!

Congress Thugs Want to End California's Identity Theft Prevention Measures

Joey Cheek Speaking On Darfur: Impressive

Cool site by Neal Adams w/videos of expanding planets and moons

Swifboating of Nelson (FL). Even the Freeps aren't buying it.

Please help our furrbabies

It's a good idea to take a break

Need some responses to these freepers on AZ Republic story

Republicans say Bush's arrogance is his downfall

Worshiping wealth, an idea piece

Israel Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak-1000s of Birds Have Flu Virus

In case you missed it - Cervical Cancer Cure BushCo won't let you have!!!

We NEED Democratic Shift in Tennessee & MO to take Senate!

How will Iraqi children of American fathers be treated when we leave?

Video ----The World Gives Thanks to NeoConMen!!!

Replay of Clay Bennett on C-span NOW!


The Daily Show-Katherine Harris is running on 2 things-Her Breasts

Did George Take a Little Nip of the Irish Whiskey? ---pix--->>>

Bob Edwards back on some NPR affiliates

UK airports used for 'extraordinary rendition' flights 73 times since 2001

Do You Remember?

Revolt against imperialism by George Galloway

The Most Bush Regrettingest States

Town: Pot Paintings On House Not Illegal

Smoking gun - proof that Saddam had WMD, ties to Osama

Legal Gag on Bush-Blair War Row

New Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMD's

Congressmen get in fight, spew racial epithets

St. Patrick's parade organizer compares gay group to Nazis, Klan

US evangelicals warn Republicans

No difference between the parties?

VIDEO- Bush at Medicare Road Show March 15 -Q about Nuclear Power

NSA Sweeping Surveillance- shouldn't we be able to decide IF

Do our brave US soldiers mind being used as PR props?

Religious rwinger on Stephanie Miller says he'll vote Dem!

GOP irritation at Bush brewing for long time

They already got theirs...they don't give a big shit.

Today's column from Jon Carroll.....(San Francisco Chronicle)

Al Qaeda threatens Dubai over cooperation with West

Are we the "Left Wing", the "Base", or are we simply the "American People"

Brzezinski:"American Leadership-In All Of Its Dimensions-Has Been Damaged"

Schiavo RePUKES are all Bush has left

Why the US needs to stay out of Iran

Amy Goodman vs Michael Gordon of the NYT

"The 7 Deadly Virtues, those nasty little traps,"

Anyone been involved on a local level with politicians and want to

NewsHax Says Michael Moore Owns Halliburton Stock -->

"In the Twilight Zone" Baghdad's Green Zone, Almost Hunter Thompson

Statement on on Senate Arctic Budget Vote 3/17 from LCV!

Check Out The Crazy Laws In Your State!!

Secret Service says student’s rant was no threat to Bush

A thought on the Troll issue today...

Study blasts Majority Leader Boehner

Rush Limbaugh spending first hour "swifboating" Russ Feingold...

Join the Navy... end up a grunt!

Poll: (C-Span)

Key water monitors at risk of shutting down

World Wide Peace Rally against Iraq for 3rd anniversary

Freeptards are stoopid

Germany 1945-1946 United States of America 2006-2007

John Conyers on Balanced (??) Reporting:

Just watched Cheney's motorcade go by:


VIDEO - Cindy Sheehan Interviewed by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough -BRADBLOG

This Weekend - International Days of Action Against the War

Freepers lose park to Anti War Protesters HAHA

"Are Democrats Soft on Child Rapists?"

Excuse my momentary pessimism but does anyone else have a sinking feeling?

What could the outcome of global warming be for the US?

Still Looking for that Smoking Gun in Iraq (David Corn)

Torture has a new code word: "tactical questioning"

DUMBYA - The Lying Elephant

AGAINST PA LAW: Lynn Swann cannot be Governor of Pennsylvania

American Research Group Poll, most american support censure.

Anyone else here "Orange" and feeling pissed on?

Democracy= Invasion

Hey, Skinner et al. -- I like the new "My DU" feature!

Uh,oh! Guy James may be back next Monday! DAILY SHOW!

Ohio Senate candidate, advocates Gay = death penalty.

What if Microsoft designed the packaging for the iPod? (Video)

Glenn Greenwald: republicans introduce bill making imperial presidency law

Did I Hear Right? 2/3 of Americans Think Iraqis Are Better Off in Long Run

Katrina waste: $10m on rooms for 6 people; $3m on empty beds

Actor who played Luke Duke charged with drunken driving

Soldiers "wrested town from insurgents vile grip" Denver Post

Murdoch's NY Post makes an "in-kind" contribution to Santorum

"My Fellow Americans: I Am Not An Idiot-I Don't Believe in P-U Polls

Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water

Tenn. wants to put jesus fish on car plates

ISO: Iranian blogs

Cap Times Editorial: Kohl should back Feingold

US evangelicals warn Republicans MUST DO MORE!

you know the pentagon's' nation building'? here's their 'city building'

FEMA works to keep trailer parks temporary - Stops religious activities

Susan Sarandon --- Doesn't Think Hillary Belongs In The WH

Question about port security

Atrios on the necessity of HR 1606 - vs. the shutdown of DU and FR

Cheney/Quayle '08

No imbeds allowed in new "offensive"--Pentagon tapes war now

"Crow" is best served up sauteed.

PC question.How do you clear URL from Navigational bar menu?

Troops Out Now Rally Saturday March 18th --->>>

Wife-beheader wants freedom - Not in Jail anymore, but wants more freedom

The Bushism for the day is:

United States War Department-Secretary of War

MSNBC Changes Their Story -Matthews' Fees Went to Charities

LAT: Marines Discharge Vietnam-Era Deserter

Brzezinski on Iraq: “American Leadership Has Been Damaged”

LOL! Check out Buzzflash.

How Alert Are We to Amber Alerts?

Rummy asked how history would treat him...

Ok! Who was the last person to kiss the Blarney Stone?

Let's look at what Republicans DO Fear!

I Need A Quote Of The Day For My Third Grade Classroom - Suggestions?

NBC: WH contacted Fred Thompson re: a senior adviser position; he declined

(Australia) Government orders spoof site shut

I hereby nominate liveoaktx as DUer of the week. Can I get a second???

I Am A Troll

IRA Question: Back when the IRA set bombs...

Buh- Bye -----pix---->>>

GAG! Georgia bill proposes "Ronald Reagan Day".

VIDEO: TDS: Bush-Iran-IED's - no connection! (Crooks & Liars)

Is this a fair statement?

The war on sex continues (this time it's in Georgia)

From dailykos - 46 Republicans just voted to privatize Social Security

VIDEO- Rumsfeld on Civil War vs Sectarian Violence - War Games

DU Send some love to Rock Hill, SC today....

March 2003 Toons...Remembering nostamj

I finally realized why the Dems are so timid. We don't have a Congress --


Its St Patties day you bastards

What if Bush had given this speech three years ago today?

Tell Congress to Allow Deserving Refugees to Resettle in US

ATTN: Soliciting LTTE bashing Lieberman and promoting Lamont

They are coming out of the woodwork and I'm responding too............

Gov Agents Posed As FOX REPORTERS Before Bush Visit

O.K.,looks like the Repukes have found their "Mr Personality" (ROMNEY)

Introducing ClarkCast...

What is your favorite Fred MacMurray Disney film?

"It would be inappropriate during a time of war to censure President Bush

Iran on the Record (Quotes from this administration re: Iran)

Pic: The Whitehouse St. Patricks Party is Underway.

Bush in one word: "Incompetent" (Pew poll)

It's St Paddys Day, ya bastards!

Dems lead Reps by a larger margin than when R captured the House in '94!!

What is meant by this statement...?...

"Rushmore to Judgment"

Have any problems with Acetaminophen?

U.S.-India Nuke Bill Sent to the Hill

Mary Cary on MSNBC last night "I've had more drunk repubs hitting

$1.7billion for star wars, but nothing for port security???

George Bush, You're Fired (A Photo Essay)

Raise a pint and sing quietly with me...Theh Foggy Dew

Boehlert's opponent led the infamous Lancet study into Iraqi casualties

Team bush - spring roster change? new toon 3/17

Operation Swarmer is a complete hoax....

Saddam wanted to arrest Al Zarqawi

Another one bites the dust - Republican Rep. Boehlert of N.Y. to Retire

I received a survey from the Heritage Foundation...what should I do?..

OMG, I Still Have A Massive Crush On David Boies

Want to see what hate looks like?

Operation Overblown: “Operation Swarmer” is really a media show"


Gov. agents pose as Fox News reporters - Does this creep anyone else out?

The Perfect Storm: Why President Bush Is Likely to Be Impeached By Nov '07

"I was walkin' down the the town where I was born..."

Gallup: 39% still believe Saddam was personally involved with 9/11

Are there any Katrina one year anniversary events planned?

Wage peace this weekend... from sea to shining sea!

More Poll Trouble for Bush

Sonoma County Jury Awards $6.5 Million To Agoraphobic Worker

Lawmaker pulls resolution honoring Jane Fonda (Georgia)

WTF is wrong with my state?(Missouri)

HEADS UP: Al Gore on C-Span Sun. 3/19 6:30 & 9:30 pm

St Paddy's day and I'm so confused

Who remembers wearing their "I gave to the IRA" sticker without being

Bill Would Allow Warrantless Spying

Video---Katherine Harris---"I Am In This Race To Win!"

Is Anyone Else Sick of Hearing Dems Talk About "AVERAGE" Americans?

Get Them Green Boobies Bouncing.....RANDI IS ON THE AIR

VIDEO-Operation Swarmer- PR for Bush (compilation)

Call for Paper Ballots (DFA)

I hate to say anything nice about a bushbot but he tried to warn us.

Televised msm brain storming to help the Pres. with his polls.

CNN - Blitzer - Great coverage of Ned Lamont!

I've checked the internets,

VIDEO- Bush Doctrine- Albright vs Hadley on "Intelligence"

Why does have so many teeny bopper columnists?

Ironically, Christian conservatives and the pornography industry agree

Reuters, you and the Associated Press are both guilty as hell of shoddy

Cruella Harris...remember this? we do

Media Matters details false claims by Bush admin on Iraq WMD

Cheers to James Lancaster!

Matthews wonders: "What happened to respect" for the president?

Feingold - Political Play of the Week on Blitzer - anyone watching?

MSNBC>> Operation Swarmer: Turning point in Iraq or politically timed?

Fox: Wall Street "in ebullient mood as Dow hits five-year high," Day 2

David Horsey: How to Get a Conservative to Lie

Third fatal shooting at Denny's in three days

St. Patty's parade chair: Gays like Nazis, KKK, prostitutes

"mister we could use a man like herbert hoover againnnnn!"

What were the best moments for progressives in US and world history?

Shedding light on slavery in the north (CNN/AP)

Wilkerson: Powell and I were not involved in Post-Invasion plans

FAUX shows 9/11 footage during Operation Swarmer coverage

The Repopulation of New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

O' Tweety's playing Hardball today.

Did anyone hear Cafferty ranting about eavesdropping?? He was.......

Employers, "Fully 26% have fired workers for misusing the Internet.

You try to spent 24 hrs a week 7 days a month in Washington!

Cafferty: Should the Govt. be allowed to eavesdrop w/o a warrant??

Whose in favor of high import taxes to bring globalists

All TOO much has happened in the last 5 years........FUN project

CSPAN3 showing Bill Clinton's Address to N.Ireland at 23:00EST

Explain Operation Luke sWarmer: How does it fit into the PNAC plan?

Blair under attack for secret campaign loans

Operation Swarmer is a RUSE! It's a Rovian ploy to "prove" success!

Happy St.Patrick's Day DUuers.....have fun

Test your knowledge of what the Hell's going on!

Gibson, Morris falsely claimed that Americans oppose Feingold's censure re

Sistani: "Gays Should Be Killed in Worst Way Possible"

Kennedy & Leahy Ask Gonzales For Info On Cases Involving Wiretapping

On Scene: How Operation Swarmer Fizzled (TIME)

Ill. Republicans Seem to Be Struggling

Our side HAS to have a sense of humor. it seems, for if

San Diego!!! Franscine Busby is going to win in April, 50th dist seat

Murder kills more reporters than war in Iraq

Deposing Larry King?

Iraq, straight from the horses' mouths (racing weirdness)

With talk about "Trolls" I have a comment and a question for all.......

Father Loses Taste for Revenge in Iraq

Did you hear what Bidden said about Katherine Harris' bust line?

Senator Salazar Gives Me History Lesson - re: Censure

The Feingold Strategy(?):

The President Has Broken the Law by Russ Feingold

Is Dick Durbin as rude as his staff? Is Harry Reid?

House GOP Bans County Health Clinics From Providing Birth Control

A Story About a Typical Republican

Is the USA asking Iran for help a sign that we are winning in Iraq?

Laugh of the Day---Gonorrhea Lectim---Ha, Ha, Ha

Operation Swarmer was a Ruse, but you all knew that

Did Judge Walton come through with rulings for Fibby defense?

The Landmark Tower: A Study in Controlled Demolition

Here is how you can help STOP S.1955

Fruits and vegetables less nutritious than half a century ago

I got a letter today from the DNC

So now everyone wants to be Irish do they?

Lemme just say: Re-elect Dennis Kucinich!

"I just want you to know I think Navy SEALS rock!"

October 4, 2000...Bush TOLD us all he wasn't up to the job

Why Abramoff Didn't Say "Cheese" for Vanity Fair

VIDEO- Cafferty File on Republican Bill to Make Legal Bush's ILLEGAL

"What Barry Says" -EXCELLENT VIDEO

"Lawyers for two airlines being sued by 9/11 victims prompted a federal

Lou Dobbs poll.

PRAISE THE LORD! Evangelical Climate Initiative!!! It Is About Time!

Randi is playing when Rush was before an unscreened audience

What good does it do to call/email Congress? Or sign petitions?

SEE THIS mail from Boxer - IMHO It's time to PUT UP or SHUT UP (love BBJ)

Bush's numbers dropped a lot in the states affected by the UAE ports deal

VIDEO- Katherine Harris Lampooned by The Daily Show

I've got a very serious question for everyone.......

Bush losing his base - from Pew Research

Which Repuke will make the next outrageous statement?

Feingold: impeachment is bad for the country and an alternative to censure

Great Moments In Cable News

Ginsburg tells South African audience about winger threats on her life

Want to keep seeing George W. Nixon after 2008?

DoD did a poor job of convincing me that SWARMER was a "real" operation.

Russ Feingold on with Charlie Rose tonight (for the full hour?)

Katherine Harris is a deranged Republican fem-bot

I met my husband on St. Paddy’s day.

Free HBO/MAX for Dish users this weekend.

OMG-On Fox! Footage of World Trade Ctr Aired During Coverage of OP Swarmer

Matthews is Drunk as a Skunk now on O'Hardball! Slurring speech,

No VP has ever been Impeached.

Isn't Fitzgerald doing something today, St. Patrick's Day? I read

Any Palm Readers in the House? ---pix--->>>

Happy St. Patricks day from a Flanagan

U.S. War Spending to Rise 44% to $9.8 Bln a Month, Report Says

Visualize taxes: a graphic chart of US tax spending (wow!)

Digby and Hamsher == If not now, when?

How to get Joe Lieberman back for being a DINO

Freedom's on the march. In New Orleans. Sort of.

TWO IRISHMEN are digging a ditch across the road from a bordello...

New Interior Nominee Scored 1% On Conservation

Amazing this was on US TV-A Scene From "Boston Legal" You Must See

Vietnam war deserter arrested 38 years on


Farewell To Jim Jeffords: The Last Of A Dead Breed

Attn, Rovebots, Bushbots and Ditto Heads...we told you so...

Picture this: Pictures for the rallies and marches. Show the suffering:

Tax Payers Pay for 95% of Bush Political Travel! (Waxman uncovers)

VIDEO- Dean Cracks Rove Joke on Tuesday

Line up for Bill Maher

VIDEO- Tweets on Bush- Idiot, Incompetent and Rigid Drunk

Do you like those Red/Blue USA maps? You'll LOVE this one!

Pentagon plans cyber-insect army (AFFIRMS LUNATICS IN CHARGE)

Two More Women Die After Using the RU-486

Describe the bush administration in one word.

Lou Dobbs on Real Time with Bill Maher

Abortion is...

Sen Reid:"I Really Do Believe This Man Is Worst Pres This Country Has Had"

This is CNN? Wow.

We are doomed to being a country bitterly and evenly divided

You DO realize that the upcoming bombing of Iran was decided long ago...

Former State department official Wilkerson indicts Feith and Cheney.

Why I can't be a Republican Anymore (Warning Long)

What We're up against with the "Religious Right" -- LONG!

This one's for EarlG

SUSAN Sarandon doesn't think Sen. Hillary Clinton belongs

Are there really people who vote exclusively on "social issues"

Did the housing bubble pop, and I just missed it?

Anybody here live through the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic?

Howard Dean on cspan2 talking about Dem Agenda! 1:40AM est.

1 year later INCOMPETENT LIAR!

I Just Love the Smell of Propaganda in the Morning (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Do you want to understand why the fundies have so much power?

"Operation Swarmer", 1950. A "simulated attack" field training exercise

Democratic message in November? SIMPLE!

What does bush mean when he says U.S will leave when the job is done...

The U.S. Military Will Not Go to War Against Iran For Bush

So now American soldiers steal bread from poor Iraqi women...

The Torture Judge

Have You Been Accused of Being a Troll on the DU?

Walking to New Orleans: Day 4

Feingold Envy.

Tom Cruise Bullies Paramount about South Park Scientology episode

V for VENDETTA: the movie that will make Bushies piss themselves

CNN - Calf. pot candy company has been busted!

It's November 2006. How are you feeling?

My first George Bush Photoshop effort EVER

Peace Takes Courage

Three Years Ago Today, the Chimp Declared:

Somebody Needs To Smack Obama and Schumer Upside Their Heads!

Logic envy. Why are DUers who are clearly FOR censure being admonished

The Iraq War Reloaded

A St. Patrick's Day Message:

Protect Democratic Underground.

VIDEO- NSA Spying and FISA- Detecting through Telecomm switches

Remembering the sixties

"The Guy James Show" returns on Monday at 3pm Eastern time

I'm changing the name of my show to "The Servative Hour"

Why the UAE will win

Democrats aren't seen as weak because of their positions on defense

Al Franken just said that he will be debating Ann Coulter on 3/27

Is Whole Foods Wholesome?

U.S. to Open Chinese Interment Camps

"Ass" made it into the list for March :)

African-American Poet Prodigy Banned in Peekskill

SPIES LIKE US: Listening To Leakers Could Land You In Jail!

Central Michigan University Republicans in chaos - LOL!

South Park feeling some Celeb Heat

Just saw last Tuesday's Montel show - ACTION ALERT VOTING MACHINES >>>

Now you can set the number of "My Posts" on your My DU page.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance!

How will the DINOS vote when the DEMS are a majority.

Friday on Imus: John Kerry

Not bad enough yet = why Senators not embracing censure

Tweety so full of shit......O'Beirne too....

Bush Outsourced to India - - - - - - too bad this can't be true!!

US evangelicals warn Republicans (spreading lies in UK paper)

Why Congress won't prevent Fearless Leader from going to War

The Nation's William Greider: "Censure Update"

Three Years! A Look Back. 03-05/2003 Who Could Have Thunk?

I don't want Bush impeached

A Veteran sends his Wings to the President

I have heard that 85% of votes...

Here's what some congressional Republicans are saying about *

Latest from the right, fresh WMD proof: ABC

Remember the old statement - "A person rises to his or her own level

Bush - mind control experiment gone bad?

Growing Anxiety About Iraq Threatens Republicans

Madeleine Albright implies 'Wag the Dog' in Thursday bombings --Transcript

New polls -- public prefers Democrats even more

Message from

Poll: GOP Losing Edge on Foreign Policy Issues

Boston Globe article highlights "liberal"blogs,gives huge space

Did you hear that ignorant bigot on the WJ?

Amy Goodman

Falwell: At Last, Some Common Sense

Analysts: Harris' campaign in 'complete disarray'

Just by changing the order of a few words, USA ROCKS AGAIN!

Boehner's staffer just called me retarded! (202) 225-6205

Fully 70% of Democrats want to see Bush censured!

FBI awards contract for technology upgrade - Lockheed/Martin $305/Million

New Zogby poll; moderates may hold the key to 2006, and 2008

The Democratic Party has No Ideas? Or, Do Repugnicans steal them?

Will We Have to Impeach Just to Stop these Guys?

Heres a point to make regarding legality of wiretapping domestically

Republican Senate Committee Fundraising Raises Eyebrows

Another Day, Another Failure For Transportation Security Administration

Defeated Primary Opponents Refuse to Endorse Tom DeLay

DNC: Repubs reject funding programs for American families

House roll-call vote expressed opposition to port deal

1998: Tweety wants Clinton censure. 2006: Is Bush censure "legal or not?"

Nader Factor 2008?

White House photo: "Hey, THANKS! This is GREAT!!! Got any PAPERS?"

Randi: "We'd be in better shape if he were passed out part of the time"

Limbaugh caller said National Sales Tax would "HELP the poor!"

Ion Sancho and Brad Th. Pacifica interview now archieved - Ion is heroic.

Boehlert not seeking re-election, retiring.

Is there a way to research bills introduced but not passed

There goes Tweety again...

Pic: The Whitehouse St. Patricks Party is Underway.

Fax-Blast Time! Pelosi is sellng the Allen bill as "less draconian"...

Just heard Hannity say the Iraq war is "wrapping up"

"Mr. Ashcroft sees himself simply as a man of integrity..."

Democratic Prospects in Senate Looking Up

Effects of Iraq war vary dramatically in USA

Wasn't Fitz Gonna Have An Announcement Or Something Today?

Sen. Enzi needs to hear from us on S1955, diabetes and all others

Sign TedKennedy's Senate Resolution 350

Josh Marshall has some great comments on Feingold Censure & Dems.

Dean on C-Span 1 at 8:00 tonight. AMA conference.

Harry Reid: "I really do believe this man will go down as...

Paul Hackett anounces IAVA endorsed candidates.

Re Feingold resolution from E.J. Dionne: "Can Democrats Play This Game?"

Bill Schneider awarded Russ Feingold CNN's "Political Play of the Week"

Reid says:"Bush worst President EVER!!"

VIDEO: Daily Show transforms Paul Hackett into a Dickless Democrat

(M)Ann Coulter calls Claude Allen's arrest "revenge of the queers"

Media Matters' Paul Waldman on "The Lunatic Fringe"

War Crimes Trial - 2026, a glimpse into one possible future

Another one bites the dust: Boehlert (R-N.Y.) to announce retirement

The NY Times is naive in its criticism of Feingold...

What the pundits said about Iraq back in 2003

List of Cowering Democrats their phone #s and ones who Censured Clinton

Now you can set the number of "My Posts" on your My DU page.

S. Res. 398 Resolution to Censure George W. Bush, Summary, Co-sponsors (2)

Tomorrow in New Orleans: New Black Panther Party Call for Revolution

Bernie Sanders; impeachment of Bush shouldn't be a top priority

Transcript of Scotty saying "Bush Didn't Order Iraq Strikes/Generals Did!

Operation Swarmer: Prime Propaganda


"Best Republican President We Ever Had" Urges World to Aid the Poor

O'Reilly: "If Bush invites you, you go, even if you don't agree with him"

Free HBO/MAX for Dish users this weekend.

How does bush get the name commander and chief when he doesn't know where

"shiny soccer jerseys and machine guns"

The Case For A National Recall Election, Why wait Three Years?

Letter I wrote to the Senate concerning S. 1955 which will hurt diabetics

Wanna know why they don't filibuster, censure, or impeach...Here it is.


Katherine Harris calling a win

EXCLUSIVE! Katherine Harris standing on street corner

Reuters photo: "Yeah, whatever, OK, get the fuck outta my face, mumble..."

“Hidden Wounds” (PTSD) Event with John Kerry & Max Cleland

CNN to report on Chimp plan allowing foreign control of US airlines

The Democrat mission (and message) should be:

Choose a name for this week's aerial attacks in Iraq

WOOT WOOT WOOT for Russ Feingold- Cheering Thread for Russ

King George! Saw this on some redneck's car today!

Feingold: impeachment is bad for the country and an alternative to censure

No Surprise: Polls Show Feingold's Popularity Soaring (Huff Post)

S. 1955 will be devastating for millions of people with diabetes across th