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Archives: March 19, 2006

The Stuff That Happened

Censure of Bush appropriate (by Russ Feingold)

Where Did All the Children Go? ( Costs Drive Out Middle-Class Families)

UK Observer: This ID project is even more sinister than we first thought

George Will: Bleakness in Baghdad

How many MPG does your car get?

Israel's colonisation of Palestine blocking peace, says Jimmy Carter

Harvard study: AIPAC makes US act against own interests

Would you like "Conspiracy Theorists" to just go away?

Attended the vigil in Davenport today.

Question about cell phone/internet

Printer port trouble

WestHoustonDem made the news today! Channel 2 had a great

Dallas Peace Center anti-war rally and march on Sunday, March 19

Sinn Fein’s Adams delayed in U.S. air screening (name of terror list)

NYT/Reuters: Armitage May Come Under Scrutiny in CIA Leak Trial

NYT/AP: Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

200K Said Killed in Algeria Insurgency

2318 have now died

More Corporations Stiffing Govt on Fines

Bush: 'Fighting and Sacrifice' Needed (WashPost 3/18/06)

IL-Gov: Oberweis proposed game of chance to challenge Topinka

USN & W Report: The Letter of the Law (warrantless physical searches?)

Tearful Martin Sabo (D) announces retirement from Congress

NYT: Milosevic Rites Draw a Throng in Serb Capital

NYT: Major Changes Raise Concerns on Pension Bill (would WEAKEN system)

Thousands in Europe protest Iraq war, but few in US (AFP)

Retired Autoworkers Face Off in Health Benefits Dispute

Costly New Problems for Bush's Medicare Drug Program

US News: The Letter of the Law (physical searches)

'NYT' Sunday Bombshell: Secret U.S. Torture Site in Iraq

NYT/Reuters: Cuban Women March for Release of Dissidents

Anyone else notice that the DU rules are constantly ignored here?

I want sushi

free form madness

Stories From the Road- Adolph

Damnit. The truck battery is dead, the car is leaking something, and the

I make a point to shake out my keyboard every now and then...

V for Vendetta - A goddamn good film

Congratulations havocmom!! 15,000 posts

Today I participated in the Fish Cheer. Ask me anything.

Congratulations DoYouEverWonder!! 25,000 posts

Congratulations salin!! 35,000 posts

Anybody else have to get B12 shots?

wisdom teeth?

billyskank? Tombstone? What?

What is the best place to book a flight: WI to Phoenix

So, have you customized your DU Journal yet?

I just made Ersatz Hot and Sour Soup, and it turned out pretty

My father was the spitting image of his father....

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I'm Irish! Really! (Large pic)

Anyone know how to get my ipod to show up in My Computer?

I got an iPod shuffle for my birthday and

You want some FREE bumper stickers and plate frames???

Fuckin' SWEET

Wonderful, dark rainy day here in north Texas

What song did you lose your ...

Brokeback Mountain spoof

Are these still available?

Anybody else do their fake Irish/St Paddy's day dinner today?

suppose the Romans had used, say Guillotines instead of

Movie suggestion please

So did anybody like the new Dr who last night?

I'm thinking of hiring this new cleaning service. This is for the ladies.

It's pho tonite!

Free stuff from ronnykmarshall

"Go Gonzaga! Beat St. John's!" This graffiti adorned a bridge in D.C.,

Post your NCAA bracket progress so far.

Pick a word from another language that sounds like a word in English,

My local paper is being freeper. DU votes needed. (cross post)

Is SNL a re-run tonight???

Follow this advice

Judge Halts Notorious B.I.G. Album Sales

So WE don't forget

My head is sore from beating it against the wall in frustration

How come some stores don't carry all the peep colors?

Richard Belzer just devoured that FLA rep's lunch

Anyone know where I can find the very best interest rate?

Need phone/wireless help

Go to user profiles and type "right" in the search box.

I have free HBO for a week!!!!!!!!!!111

Imagine you're at a friend's house, at a party...

shit. I got a little buzzed and sent a link of my journal to my parents...

DUers not going out tonight - check in!!

Skies clear where you are? Auroral actvity sorta high right now

Why is Crazy Guggenheim so crazy?

My wife is laughing at me. Make her stop.

Milestone! 4,000 posts soon.

Need help identifying a drug.

Help settle a bet for me

Watching Legends of the Fall...

Oh Fuck, Karl Rove is Norwegian-American

Digitized phonograph recordings from the early 1900's. *awesome!* site

Creative Challenge Mission Statements

DUers at work tonight — check in!

University of Washington Huskies -- SPOILER!

Here's what I did today:

Here is the BIGGEST HUG I can muster up for DUer posting twin..

Dedicate a song to a DUer!

Whew!!! billyskank is back.

This is pitiful...

Happy belated birthday/anniversary wishes to.....


Loneliness is

All you Lizards know I'm miserable at work-do you mind if I rant? (Long)

What would you advice please.

Wow, I hardly recognize anyone. Is BlondieK143 still on the lam?

Best Celebrity Deathmatch Ever! Beavis vs. Butthead!

Can you tickle yourself?


Why I hate The Gap (or, Fun with Spontaneously Assless Jeans at the Mall)

I"m proud of this one - what do you think?

Any ideas on how to

Today I went to a book signing.....with my old friend John Morgan Wilson..

Dinner is served!

Just spend five hours on the phone with an Irish guy...Does it

Stupidest conversational sayings

HELP! Printer port trouble...

Your preference -- Milk or Dark Chocolate?

Kid pulled a knife on me today. He now wishes he hadn't.

Does it freak you out when people "cellphone talk" with bluetooth headsets

I know that we're a half hour from tip, but- "LET'S GO Lady Tar Heels!!!"

OMG! Can it be?? A Brazillian Joke competition!!! This is HUGH!

State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It


What song would you want to be played at your funeral?

Money Pit

Links to my video taken during & after Hurricane Katrina:

Whatcha wearin, DU?

The Steep Price of Grace

Here is a thread on Churches assisting Katrina survivors in The Gulf Coast

Crazy idea: Let's invade a State

DUer Plaid Adder's series on Katrina continues:MCC

Solar Eclipse New Moon (in Aries) on Wed. March 28 at 5:15am.

2012 - A Question for the Astrologers

I'm watching the Senate debate the line item veto

Check out this pic.

My protest photos are posted here

OK, I got a weird phone call tonight.

Not much media coverage on the War Protests

MSM - NBC actually covered the Anti-War Protests across the

who was been boycotting Florida since the 2000 selection?

Iron Mountain extends Symphony Services software outsourcing contract

CIA Witness List: Potential witnesses( Libby)

The White House is "tired"....they do need some new blood.

Visa warns software may store customer data (Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax)

Amount of Unpaid Federal Fines Up Sharply

VIDEO- PM Ahern (Ireland) on Rendition/Gitmo After meeting with Bush

Free stuff from ronnykmarshall

The Dems platform and talking points should include:

USNWR: The Letter of the Law (physical searches)

One of the "insurgent" groups in Iraq publishes a monthly magazine. WTF?

Interesting article in US NEWS: American companies less American

Mike WALLACE sez he was the house wingnut at CBS (on w/G.E.RUSSERT)

Fox News hack...... interpreted: "You are making a good point that

How were the protests in London, Madrid and Paris?

Libby Trial May Be Embarrassment for Bush

So was this "Air Assault" photo op strictly to generate "white propaganda"

JSwift offers A Modest Proposal so bushco won't need to pay for

What is the personal background of Michael Bates, Chicago

Bush and port/homeland/border security

Freepers: "'s time for ALL conservatives, Christian or not, to say.."

42% approve of censure?

Another great quote (source not confirmed)

CNN's "We Were Warned" coming up on CNN, FYI.

So-I guess the housing boom is over in Texas

I'm having a little too much fun here.

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

France's global warning

Why are we fighting so hard to prevent others from having nukes?

Remember, the Illinois primaries are on Tuesday! (listings inside)

Brokeback Mountain spoof

Texas radio ad: "Mr. Cheney, you car is SHOT!"

Be afraid. Be very afraid....

Does anyone else feel like we're still in the minority?

Connecticut apology........

Rice sees no reason for 'excluding' Russia from G8 - More Putin ass kissing

"God sent an angel to speak to the mother of his only son...

'Choose Life' Plates Allowed in Tenn.

Arab countries “have seen nothing from America except its soldiers.”

"Do you agree with_insert random name_?": Progressives need

Is it POSSIBLE that the anti-war movement won?

The Great White Hype

Muslims removed from plane because flight attendant was uncomfortable

My Ltte was published in ft Worth star-Telegram today

Terrorism: Can't it be effectively fought within constitutional limits ?

Sunday Talk Shows

This guy should be hidden away like Boo Radley, the Man in the Iron Mask,

shit. I got a little buzzed and sent a link of my journal to my parents...

I have 1000 posts and I owe everyone at DU a HUGE thank you for...........

!?!?! MO bans contraceptive funding for low-income women !?!?!?!?

Post from GD:P-re:war in Iraq-your input needed


Bizarre WalMart factoid...

FAQ's about FISA here, may be of value to some here

Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

#1 way to drive traffic to your DU Journal or blog: New content.

Maybe somebody can tell me how many Iraqis died in our Civil War.

I think I have a sure fire elephant killer.

A Cat Named Elvis

Iraq occupation: Three years on and still they're lying to us

Question for DUers who follow Hollywood celebrity stuff:

What do you all think of this?

Is anyone else pissed off with NPR' daily "Pro-War MInute?"

2318 have now died

Do you personally know anyone who is wrong as often as Bush?

Call me naive, or whatever, but I was totally shocked today...

In Honor of Eliza on AAR

Have you seen the smog in Beijing, China?

You don't french kiss when you have a freedom tongue

France changes labor laws and folks riot big time. Bush turns the US...

WP column, by Donald Rumsfeld: "What We've Gained In 3 Years in Iraq"

Back to the Boston Legal Board

The Bush Family Arrest and Detention Survival Guide I've got a "BLOG" but how do I get folks to come to it?

How mindful are you of your consumption/disposal habits?

Let's hear it for all those who took to the streets today to protest!

‘Impeach Bush’ chorus grows - Times Online - UK

Nader's Essay on Dean and the DNC

Nader, you need to look in the mirror. Pure is as pure accepts funding.

Watergate quote: "he would be there and we could have him assassinated.'

My local paper has a poll being freeped. We've come a long way.. help!

How do we get the democrats to start making some noise?

V for Vendetta Report: Dallas, Tx

Looking forward - how do we fix ourselves?

The Whole World Hates George Bush --->>>

Du Military folks-why would a unit suddenly deploy to Egypt?

Walking to New Orleans, Day 6

Social Security approved my sister for help with her Part D prescriptions!

NanceRants - Late Night Edition (March 18, '06)

Despite icy cold and bitter winds, Alaska peace patriots

For the prayerful and not so prayerful.

Has "Salon" gotten ANY coverage for the : Abu Ghraib Photo's.... ???

CT Republican Shays and John McCain Rally behind Joementum???

Why are Democrats afraid to vote against funding of this illegal war ?

Newsweek: Poppy, Carter & Nixon "plunged" lower than Junior in the polls

Advance Workers for Bush Impersonated Reporters

Iraq-Three Years Later.

Portfolio for War

Iyad Allawi; Iraq is in the grip of a civil war.

Sometimes you wonder if Bush is the Woodshed and his base

Democrats have lost? (Not really a stolen election thread)

taking city council to task for repuke arrogance

How Do We Counter Conservative Bashing of Liberal Talk Radio?

The GUILLOTINE for adult bookstore owners or...

Meme Chat: Are Bush's Remaining Supporters "Dead-Enders?"

Q: How many bushies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Democrats Must Decide Whether They'd Rather Play Principals Or Win

Francine Busby In Congressional Election: Three Weeks From Tuesday

CBS NEWS POLL: "Iraq, three years later; Was it worth it?" (DU it)

A Russ poll to DU - a really weird one

Pictures from Iraq go to the Rally and march ... on a cross

Quick question censure, impeachment.

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out what's going on??

Protest Photos, Covington, LA 3/18/6

Please DU this poll about Iraq.

Seattle protest pictures (Dialup warning!)

Good Lord! Check out these photos of the Pittsburgh Peace Parade

"Americans are... overt, tub-thumping, FDR progressives..."

The lying, rat bastard made a promise and he broke it.

My Guess is 2008 Will Come Down to Hillary, Warner, or Edwards

What if you were Imette St. Guillen?

come back, clinton sex nation

Administration Blocks Ex-Hostages' Bid for Damages From Iran

US uses Saddam's 'Black Room'

The rules may change, but lobbying won't

How Do You Say CLUELESS?

If Bush ruled the world

NY Daily News: Can Bush stop his long slide?

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): 'Flake factor' plagues Harris Senate campaign

War's major goals remain unachieved

War PR: Las Vegas soldier recalls the night the war began

Weekly Standard: Saddam's Philippines Terror Connection

Democrats Dilemma

Torture is a privilege of the elite

Matt Drudge playing down the war protest

Rumsfeld's opinion piece, and my LTTE...

Doonesbury, Non sequitur, Opus all firing on Smirk today

Question Authority

Campaign donors little-noted in Nevada: a shield of anonymity

U.S. Ports Debate Spurs Ownership Talks

Americans are gambling more than ever, poll says

NWK:Is Anyone Listening? (GOP looking like disorganized Dems?)

London Times: Condi goes on magical Beatles mystery tour

The Senate:Digging for Dirt in Dixie (GOP goes whack over black candidate)

The farcical end of the American dream

Three Crazy Things Democratic Politicians Believe

(Marines kill 15 Iraqi civilians in their homes) One Morning in Haditha

Change of heartland (Boston Globe):Indiana waking up to GWB incompetency

Who's Screwing America's Female Democrats?

Moroccan chemists discuss recovering uranium in Morroccan phosphates.

European Scientists focus on maintaining the nuclear knowledge base.

Anyone here see the New Yorker editorial this week?

Pipeline Protests at Baikal's Shore

Saudi nuclear engineers on siting of Saudi nuclear desalination plants.

Increased CO2 levels = Good bye equatorial rain forests?

Nuke firms seek support (taxpayer bailout) for Utah site

One Of UK's Largest Wind Farm Developers Threatens To Leave Country

Super cyclone hits Australia

Ignorance, Hubris And Denial Only Responses To Rapid Climate Breakdown

G8 Seeks to Promote "Trillions" in Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy

U.K. condemns Israel for killing of 10-year-old Palestinian girl

Images from a floating world

U.S. Calls Israel, Palestinians to Meeting

Too Hot for New York

Must-see 9/11 film

Must-see 9/11 film

9/11 changed everything- the conflicts with the record demand answers

Pentagon vs. Towers & Building 7

Diebold machines nation-wide evidence tampering, poor quality control.

After votinig up the Daily thread, can we help Anita Garcia

03-18-06: BBV EXCLUSIVE - Diebold TSx touch-screen study (Part I)

Utah Election Auditor discovers Diebold real and potential problems

TGDC Plenary Meeting 3/29/06 (Technical Guidelines Development Committee)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, March 19

Lawsuit pondered on TouchPlay ban

PHOTOS: Boston rally yesterday (cross post from GD)

Why John Bonifaz Needs to be Secretary of State for Massachusetts

Boston meetup pic

PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s Day breakfast & Patriots who waited outside (xpost)

Becky Lourey is the only true patriot in the MN Legislature

CSS, using bulleted text - Mozilla adds line feed, IE does not.

Winfixer spyware ........... does anyone know how to remove it?

Good Democrats Endorse Their Primary Opponents! (Nueces County Edition)

March on Baton Rouge State Capitol and New Orleans

Is Gammage going to endorse Grandma?

Chris Bell is getting out there

Election uproar-Webb County Commissioners let ES&S have it

Performance of "What I Heard About Iraq" March 20

OP-ED on Perry and the special session. Please distribute if you would

yoo hoo -- any Italians out there?

I got my deer meat back from the butcher last week.

I recently joined an organic produce co-op.

Sunday dinner?

Leftover corned beef ?

Okay I know I am late to this party, but I just discovered Costco!!

So Which Is Chicken and Which Is Egg...

White House: Bogus reporters to be disciplined

Yahoo/AP: More Corporations Stiffing Government on Fines.

30,000 birds die of flu in Russia in day

Critics say bill weakens pensions

The rules may change, but lobbying won't

Ballot, tally errors reveal better vote system still has some kinks -WPB

Attack on Baghdad Shiite Slum Kills 44

IRAQ: Hundreds of families displaced by offensive(Samarra refugees)

(Howard) PM backs (US) military Hicks' trial

Illinois Democrats Scramble, Seeing Opportunity in a House Republican's Re

Military sweep in Sunni area causes concern

(Indiana) Change of heartland

Iraq in deep crisis and in civil war: Allawi

Allawi sees Iraq mired in “unfortunate civil war”

Iraqi president backs US-Iran talks on Iraq

London Times: Condi goes on magical Beatles mystery tour

(Marines kill 15 Iraqi civilians in their homes) One Morning in Haditha

Voting Could Move Ukraine Closer to Moscow

WP: As Iraq War Heads Into 4th Year, Bush Pledges 'Complete Victory'

U.S. Ports Debate Spurs Ownership Talks

As Iraq War Heads Into 4th Year, Bush Pledges 'Complete Victory'

US NEWS: Bush allowed warrantless searches of homes & businesses too.

Katrina (attorney) Group has another whistleblower on [thier] side

NYT: In Secret Unit's 'Black Room,' a Grim Portrait of U.S. Abuse

Peru President Candidate Humala Jumps Into First Place In Poll

Top officials of six major powers to meet on Iran

Powerful Explosion Rocks Holy Shiite City of Kerbala

Strong explosion rocks Iraqi Shiite holy city (Karbala)

Loan scandal hangs over Britain's Blair

Saudi official says al-Qaida not yet defeated ("new leaders might emerge")

Nevada Republicans put president at arm's length

Bush Encouraged by Progress in Iraq

Court Orders Government to Free Sri Lankan

U.S. troops to stay in Iraq for a few more years: commander (Gen. Casey)

(Haight Ashbury) Clinic founder resigns in protest of new CEO's layoffs

Impulsive sex, compulsive gambling linked to Parkinson’s drugs

Fighting erupts in Ramadi (God will damn them)

Man Who Attacked Rosa Parks Offers Apology

Blackwell defends way funds were raised

Congressman Doolittle, wife profited from Cunningham-linked contractor

Goal: 'In God We Trust' in City Hall

US troops kill 9 after attacked - Iraqi police

Rumsfeld warns Iraq pullout equals turning Germany back to Nazis

WP,pg1: Admin. Blocks Ex-Hostages' Bid for Damages From Iran (whattup?)

Exit polls give president 80 percent plus (Belarus)

CNN/AP: Australia faces Katrina-type cyclone

Belarussian leader labels Bush "terrorist no. 1"

As trial begins, Kitty Hawk sailor admits he killed Yokosuka woman

W.House pushes more schools to drug-test students

Texas legislators(Delay & Cornyn) take issue with O'Connor's warnings

Leftist Outsider's Campaign Surges in Mexico

Cheney dismisses suggestions of shake-up

Spending May Prove Costly to Governor

Some troops headed back to Iraq are mentally ill

Cheney: Iraq Not in Midst of Civil War

Durbin: Censuring Bush over spy program premature

Harris says God wants her to run

Chavez blasts Bush as "donkey" and "drunkard"

Yates Remarries Before Ex-Wife's Retrial

WP: Md. Bills Would Put Schools on the Scales: "Fat Grade" Under Review

Where should I post my 4,000th post?

The tallest building ever imploded in Texas went down today

It's the day after St. Patrick's Day

For my 1000th post, I will (with permission ) borrow someone else's post.

National Anthems that Didn't Make It

Collapse able menu trees - cool or not cool?

me and my vicodin are going to bed, g'nite Lounge.

My kingdom for an all-night sushi bar and 25 bucks!

Wow, did you know that Peeps are alcoholics?

Please check this out

My kingdom for 25 bucks and... oh dear, that's TMI!

Ever bought an album strictly based on a printed review?

I am requesting a spoiler for "A History of Violence", please

I have been watching BBC America all day .


Groovy baby. I'm the swingest cool cat on the scene.

I feel like Charlie Brown...

Oh lookie, "Emmanuelle In Space" is on Cinemax tonight...

Post your favorite creepy picture........

Heywassup ...


When Reality TV goes BAD--> 11 dead in Uruguay TV show filming

Aww hell, it's almost 3:30am, I just got off work...

I got my t-shirt today. Thanks DU!

Note to 20-something women...

I am back!!!

thought better of this

Good Sunday Morning, Crew!

The Power of One is on HBO now

Another Sunday at work

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ursula Andress!!!

Please some savvy person tell me how to get podcasts.

The beauty of a perfect fried bologna sandwich....

Fundie Undies - Fun with Underwear!

Breakfast at billyskank's place!

Georgia Aquarium--any thoughts?

Any Douglas Adams fans here?

I'm gonna go take a shower

Got a new cell phone yesterday

This makes me happy...

Japan vs Cuba for the WBC Championship. Who will win it?

Caption This

For anyone who needs a taste of the good old days...

PBA Bowling skills challenge on ESPN... WTF?

Well who wants to know where I've been the past 2 weeks?

The Gawker Stalker Web Site. Scary stuff or good clean fun?

I'm watching "Bye Bye Birdie" and I realized that

Corny Sunday Joke!

Where do threads and socks go?

Funniest rediscovered movie for Big McLargehuge

Fess up. You're in the DU Lounge, what are you avoiding?

Whew.. Apparently Bradley college basketball is the real deal

Okay there is a picture of Randy Yates' new wife on the AOL

Dennis Miller Career Watch: Bonnie Hunt Enlists Dennis Miller & Joe Manteg

This cat is a butthead

The cure for recently removed wisdom teeth

Should I watch the movie "White Noise?"

Can someone help me with the journal???? I want to.......

Cool game! Turn soldiers into hippies!

Does it freak you out when people "cellophane" talk with blue teeth?


Ann Arbor anti-war march was huge today

Journal question

Simple things make me happy, I just added my custom avatar

I wish I had taken the cookie dough out of the freezer

Sharon Stone fights for sex scenes

Sunday earworm, to go with the poll.

Who's the best person ever?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/19/06)

There was this guy on TV . . .

What TV shows have you gradually stopped watching over time?

You know, those NFL songs for the little films they play

I think I'll get off the wagon...

Winfixer spyware.... anyone know how to remove it permanently?

Post your favorite nicknames for Call Me Wesley.

My major CD delete bin scoopage!

I am trying to add stuff to my journal

"Go to hell, Carolina, go to hell!"

Age sorting question:

That's it, I'm gonna kick Skittles' ass.

Why I hate The GOP (or, Fun with Spontaneously Asshat Repubs in Congress)

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Ok- it is a borderline obscenity that my journal is in the "most viewed"

Goodnight you all!

You know what? I love Brainshrub's Blog. I really do.

My corned beef and cabbage is simmering on the stove

Should I do laundry or go buy new clothes?

What software do you use

"Tupac Eternal"...wax rapper begins worldwide Madame Tussauds Tour

my thread in GD is on the Greatest Page!!

The new Prince Album

I need a quick and easy stovetop recipe for chicken and rice

The single greatest movie...EVER...finally comes to DVD on March 28th.

Happy birthday wishes to....

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?

"Go to hell, Duke, go to hell!"

Does your cat have a schedule?

Oh Look! a kitty picture!

Next "Rock Star" will look for leadsinger for new supergroup

OK, which DUers are making it to Lebowski Fest Austin '06?

What is it? (no fair peeking)

Conspiracy Theorist Has Elaborate Explanation For Why He's Single

Puppies are 3 and 1/2 weeks old now. Eyes open. They stumble around.

Best place to go to create a personal web site?

Eddie Chochrane doesn't get any respect

German-speakers: what does this kid keep saying before "gangsta"?

New World Record in Speed Skating,,,,Shani Davis

A poem from our President-In-Chief, on the 3rd anniversary of the war:

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"'s Robert Kiyosaki - Impressions? Opinions?

Paging Oeditpus Rex again!

Can I have a hug? I lost my dog today...

What was the first music you bought with your own money?

I'm an LSU alumn and I'm so happy they beat A&M today.


There's nothing better than warm brownies

Poverty-Stricken Africans Receive Desperately Needed Bibles

Would it be weird to alphabetize the DVD collection?

HISTORY In The Making Today At NASCAR!

I just bought the magic bullet system (As seen on TV) Ask me anthing!

I'm usually very shy, but I'm posting a picture of my naked breasts


Obvious, ham-fisted double-entendre

Violent Pornography (in honor of the 3rd anniv. of the war)

Any Midsomer Murders fans?

Another sign of internet addiction:

Please DU the John Lennon Songwriting Contest

I want a dog....

I think I'll paint my wagon...

ronnykmarshall SANGS ------- AGAIN

What's the most you've spent on a single grocery shopping trip?


Time for a WHERE ARE YOU FROM thread...

So, my husband is stuck at Costco with a DECLINED Visa checkcard:

"Food" that should be extinct...

Time to bitch about my history midterm..... Bah!

Explain Your DU User name!

What is is the most useless gadget in your car?

Who of you actually care what your school/alma mater has for a mascot?

Pix from my husband's swearing-in ceremony at last!; dial-up warning.

Happy Birthday RandomKoolZip!

Who else does NOT have a cell phone?

Does your cat do this?

sink the bad dog

Look what I just caught my 6 week old son doing....

Did you vote for Bush??

You really like an album and nobody else has heard of it. Name that album.

Why Doesn't An All-Powerful God Just Go Ahead And Get Rid Of Satan?

Free Will

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon CSPAN2 12:45pm

Smoking and Supplements

132 pounds removed in marathon tummy tuck

Harnessing The Placebo Effect - Deliberate use

Studies, clinical exp. demonstrate dental amalgam major cause of MS

One of Mars Rover's Wheels Stops Working

Can anyone tell me which constellation is the centre of the galaxy in?

Gay campground sues neighbors

11th Circuit's Abuzz With Sex Toy Litigation

Good grief, what happened to the Big East? It's now the Bloated East

Final Four set in WWCC

Parker Records Two Dunks in Game

For those who have rescued or just love dogs...

OMG! You *have* to see this Daily Kitten!! Luigi -

The DLC did it reminds me of the Warriors Did It

" This Week" shows how our party has problem.

No Kerry at St. Pat's Breakfast (alas) but it was still fun

GOP Plan for 2006: Demonize Democrats Like They Demonized Kerry

Compare Kerry's well thought out comments on National Secuity to Bayh's

Kudos to Durbin on his answer on censure . Read if you have not read yet

American Theocracy

Canon Digital Rebel --Will these lenses help...?

Elizabeth Montgomery

Delete Link won't work

"The President and the Straw Man" Great read on CBS

Patriot Act: The Home Game

Would you like "Conspiracy Theorists" to just go away?

Jesus hates torture

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and the movie 'Walk the Line'

I'm afraid for the US if Bush succumbs to his insanity and bombs Iran.

Bugging Out at the White House - - Cabinet Stages Smallpox Drill

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon CSPAN2 12:45pm

Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government (AP)

LIVE streaming LIBERAL radio NOW! -- Nate Clay from Chicago

Republicans Reproducing At Alarming Rate

GOP using guilt to enlist young people - how low will they stoop?

Hey Freepers, imagine this:

Another bush failure to add to the long list of failures

CUBA versus JAPAN is Bush*t going to the game?

Iraq is worse than ever - George Will

Faith-based government funding

Goosebumps... Did you hear the caller from Lithuania on WJ?

Nonprofit Hospitals Face Scrutiny Over Practices

Isn't it ironic - Dontcha think?

3 years later, Iraq war's true cost continues to grow

CSPAN- WJ - Reddhead of FDL on WJ

WJ- What do you think of the US?

(VIDEO) Real Time: Richard Belzer smacks down Repuke congresswoman

Just in case you missed this on the front page. More of Katrina Debacle.

Bush and the republican party... A gold mine for con men.

What Bush Hath Wrought (A Young Marine's Story)

Preventive war grasps at straws - he gets it (and slams Fox as a bonus)

US wants Democrats in power

CSPAN - International callers are getting it right

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi: Iraq Is In A Civil War

WTF? He is a General Timmy! He L I E S!!!!! Get a Clue!

Some troops headed back to Iraq are mentally ill

More Progress! US Troops Arrest Iraqi Interior Ministry Official!

Senator Durbin on Fox - did great!

Happy Operation Iraqi Liberation Day!

MTP - Gen. George Casey is putting a HAPPY FACE on Iraq.

My argument against The Patriot Act and this war:

... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and

Anti-Iraq war demonstrations all over the country and all we get from MSM

Five of family beheaded for “witchcraft” in India

Fundie Undies - Fun with Underwear!

Former Iraq PM: 'We Are In Civil War'

Belarussian leader labels Bush "terrorist no. 1"

Gasoline prices up 20 cents in 7 days and people are still driving like


Is Bush* one of the greatest Con Men of all times.

Not one mention of anti-war march in Detroit media

Randi Rhodes and Habitat for Humanity

RUMMY Compares Iraqis To Nazis

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Anyone ever hear of Bush's affair withTammy Phillips?

A plan to stop the war in Iraq.

* MURTHA on Meet The Press today

Libby Trial May Be Embarrassment For Bush

Assuming we survive Bush & Co, how do prevent it from happening again?

Rumsfeld says the Iraqis are like the Nazis because we invaded them?

Casey on Late Edition: Iraqi insurgents supported internally not external-

"You mean they have a domestic agenda?"

LTcl Bunny Long Died in Iraq last week.

Wash Times: Political offensive targets Bush

Raining in AZ! Proof that God isn't on their side. hehehehe

Finally some news about anti war protest

Don't forget to put an empty chair in

Today is the third anniversary of one of the worst days of my life.

A great column from Jon Carrol (SF Chronicle)

Twice Gen. Casey said traffic police are wearing white shirts & ties.

Is there an OFFICIAL # of missing persons from Katrina?

Little Worries

Cindy Sheehan on the 3rd Anniversary

"We could have won the war...."

War Opponents Protest From Boston to Tokyo

Yikes! There's a big Dick on Face the Nation!!!!

Good Late Morning DU

Punk rock band which is unsigned and liberal?

Cartoon of "Prophet in a Thong" causes Fanatical Mob to Burn Town...

Please DU this UN petition for Darfur ... thanks.

The Constitution and the Bill of Suggestions

Censure resolution should give Democrats pause

Molly Ivins*******The 'Long War'? Oh, Goodie******

Rummy's Black Room in Iraq -- torture central

Please Read: Petition for Redress of Grievances - Would it Work?

Come Hell or High Water: (Katrina) Michael Eric Dyson CSPAN2 11:30am

How Many Iraqis Have To Die

Must-see 9/11 film

Our 21st Century Civil War

So Much for "Sunshine Week"

Intolerable local Democratic Committees

Politics or Truth?

A great documentary on HUAC hearings is showing on the Documentary channel

THE WIZARD OF OZ - Political? This is facinating >>

Bush's Iran plan is in trouble. The Brits want the US to talk it out . . .

The star-spangled fantasyland of the fake and home of the bogus

Sunday afternoon cognitive Dissonance Thread

We Are All Zarqawi Now

Riots in Paris, France

Freepers=Anakin Skywalker

Yay! More non-smoking fascism

Has anybody seen the cowboy riding a chicken rodeo commercial?

Anybody else here read 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'?

We haven't heard from our good buddy Phil Parlock yet

Where do threads and socks go?

Mississippi burning?

Driving Directions

Anyone hearing the bullshit Cheney is spinning on Face the Nation.

What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?

"The Chancellor . . Can't Be W -- He's Hyperarticulate"

In drought-stricken Kenya, young girls traded for cattle, cash

Why is impeachment considered more "radical" than censure?

Sullivan intimates the "they're tired" mime is another leadership failure

Ahmed Chalabi

I got interviewed on local TV at Chicago protest!

theme song for * Administration

VIDEO- The Daily Show on Bush Censure

I am trying to get some scholarships in order for my graduating daughter

Any smokers out there with poor circulation?

Rockin' time at the anti-war march in Chicago last night

In the "History Makes a Circle" classification: Abraham Lincoln

Battle lines drawn over national forest sale (video)

What is is the most useless gadget in your car?

A few photos from fayetteville 2006

Man who shot lawyer sentenced to life in prison

VIDEO- Brzezinski on Rumsfeld's Nazi Statement

Rumsfeld -- Message to the Troops, 3rd Anniversary of War

VIDEO- Republicans are "Rhetorical Conservatives"- This Week

VIDEO- Bush is Good at Slogans -What is Def of Victory? Reed/Hagel

An H2 Rant,

VIDEO- Allawi- Iraq is in Civil War

VIDEO-Casey- on Operation Swarmer- Don't Make Too Much of it

BEWARE major RANT..Before we flame someone for........

Oh Shit! We're in a lot of trouble, fellow Democrats!

The jaw of an ass

VIDEO- Selected bit from the Maher Fight about Iraq March 17 06

Is CNN showing Iraq War Protests? NO, it's a 2003 CNN Presents...


Cliff May sez * didn't lie about WMD--Saddam sent them to Syria

Judge Connor Vindicated, no Impeachment, O'Reilly Wrong

One Way to Be the Media: Rate UP Yahoo Anti-War Protest Pics

Cheney on fund raising trip to Tucson ---- any Tucsonans in on the welcome

Rep. Sherrod Brown speculates WH making secret foreign business deals

Chalabi....'no civil war here' Speaking on CNN Wolfie show.

This morning I saw the Chris Mathews Show

History will scold those who stayed silent

The Perfect Disaster

My God, I've FINALLY figured out Bush and the High Neocons

Parker and Tennessee Slam Army (Candace Parker dunks! Twice!)

If health care were national, most of our salaries would *rise*...

Ring of Fire not listed as being live...but it is and powerful.

Hey Dem Idiots: Censure Makes 2006 a Referendum Election

George Will just raised his arms and said Iraq War "is not working"

The Oreo cookie approach to understanding our budget....good grassroots

Former NSA Lawyer : Bush Committed a Crime

Anti-Iraq war protests roll around the world

VIDEO- Letterman- George Bush Fib- from Sunday Funnies

Why is it so hard to understand that standing for principles means winning

My Dem friends last night asked me "Why don't we have Democratic Leaders?"

This guy obviously got the RNC letter from Mehlman

Query on second hand smoke

Al Gore as President

In Keeping W/Recent Threads: "Christo-fascism"

Remember that old footage of Saddam outside with everyone waving AK-47's?

The Letter Of The Law & Physical Searches (US News & World Report)

The Chimp-In-Charge is about to speak. CNN: coming right up!!!


Cyclone Larry lashes Queensland, Australia

We have individual polls- now how about an official daily one?

PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s Day breakfast & Patriots who waited outside

Proof that Bill CLINTON Helped Setup the Enron Disaster!!!

So who are those thousands of Americans who have been spied on?

Idea for Bush/Repugs: National Loyalty Day Parades

An excellent analysis on why we are conflicted about winning in Iraq

VIDEO- Durbin on Fox about Censure with Asshat Edited Mostly Out

One Week in Baghdad-The Blogger-WP

Doing practical things to house the homeless...

Bush Marks Anniversary, Never Says 'War'

I just came across an LTTE in my local paper that I think...

NYC cops used covert tactics, `proactive arrests' at protests

Bush Will Sell Your Jobs Overseas And Sell Port Security To Terrorists

Wow. Brit Hume convinced me (Impeachment Sunday on FOX!)

Political "message" movies you've seen or haven't seen

Please DU This Interesting Poll On The Iraq War!!!

Great toon... Don't forget to smirk!

PHOTOS: Boston rally yesterday

crooks and liars: George Will-Iraq is not working

The perfect speech and/or commercial for the Dems this fall

Fwee Wepubwik says "Fuck the Minutemen, Fuck the S.O.S. and Fuck the...

America is Increasingly Foreign-Owned

The last living Freeper followed my car today

Here are some reasons for the delay on the impeachment:

VIDEO- Bush on 3rd Anniversary of Iraq War-Compilation

A rapier vs. a nail-studded 2x4

This was sent to me a couple of years ago from a really "connected" person

Peak oil

New Board Game

Oil company executives to Congress: "Kiss our wealthy asses."

Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in bombs since first Gulf War. Outrageous.

Only in America

Military Pilot Returns Wings

Do we still have the Demopedia?

Here's a great column about a recent Bill Moyers speech

Is 2006 Shaping up to be a referendum on Iraq?

Iraq Three years on: Huffington Post.

One thing I wish V for Vendetta had been able to do differently

Huge peace sign (as seen from space) @ US Navel base in Spain

House Candidate Backs Censure Resolution

Scary Assessment of Bush From Kevin Phillips--American Theocracy

Democratic Politician Re-Education Manual: "What Would Howard Do?"

Conyers on fire: Serious Disconnect Here

One morning in Haditha

A chilling analysis of a widespread problem

GRAD-missiles fired at Shiites in Karbala

Just what SHOULD we thank veterans for?

Huh? Feingold's the Careless, Reckless One?

Al-qaeda, insurgents, rebels, militants, foreigners, terrorists?

Heads-up: Gore is on C-span NOW.

Does anyone have a clue what made and continues to make Americans

Falwell's Liberty U. debate team may win all 3 national competitions

I'm a bit torn: How do I feel about

via Boing Boing: Marvel Comics trying to steal our language

Change of heartland

V may have saved US from a disease outbreak (SPOILER)

Casey On MTP - Is It Me, Or Is He Having A Hard Time With Timmy?

Articles of Impeachment - buy it- they ship to your Congresscritter free!

But Feingold's call for censure of president won't fly

Caption this ....

Why do you blog?

Democrats and God: Like Mixing Oil & Water

Take a moment sometime today and reflect on the ramifications of America

Vermont town needs to hear from you. They're getting hate mail from RW

435 Patriots needed to restore the constitution

My New Favorite DU Time-Waster: The "Random Journal" Button

What would be the global economic effects if the US were forced to...

Libby is bringing (failure to find) WMD to the fore again in his defense.

It is Not Time to Investigate or Censure; It is Time for Impeachment!

Front Page Today of the Fayetteville (Ft. Bragg) Observer

AP Slams Bushs Speeches !!

Federal Debt up $26 TRILLION Since Dubya Took Office !!!

San Diego Protest Yesterday

Republicans=NO Choice

One Trillion Dollars....(in my best Dr. Evil voice)

Yet another poll to DU

Here's what Bush said 3 years ago to the day, when he attacked Iraq

ALERT! C-Span: Al Gore's Fla Speech! 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm est /Tonight!

The War is Ended

OMG Some idiot leg in MO has proposed a law banning Brokeback Mountain

Russ Feinbold / An Authentic Hero Of The Republic

Pictures from Chicago

Alabama judge orders Hispanic defendants to leave the state

Environmentally sound 40 sq foot house!

Pre and post Abu Ghraib top secret torture center active in Iraq NYT

Canadian Seal Hunt Quota Set at 335,000 (obscene)

US News & World Report: "The Letter of the Law"

VIDEO- Michael Stipes on the Bush Administration Clip from Maher

30,000 birds die of flu in Russia in day

FR: "The Prez Loves To Tease Guys With Bald Heads"

Anyone out there listen to Prairie Home Companion tonight?

Cancer Drugs can top $100,000 per year

*** Sunday TOONs: Distancing from Bush ***

Hippies and Yippies

This is very Important, please read:

H1-B suspense will end this month

Lowest estimates say 1.5 million Vietnamese killed while liberating them

Aside from1962, has Cuba ever been a threat to the US/democracy?

Milosevic was a nice guy, no really, he was.

Well, here's something I have never seen before: A Conservative Atheist

Is progressivism still relevant?

Rummaging around in the national soul: Bush as logical consequence.

The MagicBullshitRemover™ rides again: Katherine Harris article.

Proposal - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED celebration 4-30-06

Consolidated thread of protest/vigil/rally photos across the country

What's a DNS Blacklist and how do I get off of it?

Republicans are in the process of murdering private pension plans

YOUR NAME HERE re: Darfur Please keep KICKED!

Meet Ann Coulter's Worst Nightmare:

Yglesias says Bush is "somewhat better than Reagan"

Latest Doonesbury--BEST ever!

Suppose George Bush had been a good and courageous leader

Fred Barnes Reveals 2006 Strategy For Republicans

FAA Lawyers Co-ordinate Testimony to Hurt 9-11 Victims' Court Cases

V for Vendetta: WHAT EVERYONE MUST KNOW! (No spoilers)

More investigation instead of Fiengold censure?

San Diego Protest Pics - checking in

"V for Vendetta" - how long before it gets banned in the US?


Did anyone watch Murtha - this guy is great..................

Super cyclone hits northeastern Australia

If you could downsize your life. Would you?

To accompany "V for Vendetta", rent "Punishment Park"

Crooks and Liars: Durbin Backs up Feingold motives on Censure

BuzzFlash Op/Ed: "Bushevism Now Officially A Cult"

Debating evolution/creation with a preacher.

Sheesh! Look what I found on my local newspaper's message board!

"We the People ... Have No Clothes" -- A pamphlet for every American

Support The Dixie Chicks

Radiation From Iraq Detected In UK Atmosphere

*** Sunday TOONS: Iraq 3 Years Edition ***

A Cherokee Proverb.

The best birthday I can ever remember having..(wonderful dissent)

NAACP President calls on LA Gov to Stop Elections

Creationism... HOW embarrassing!

VR in WaPo: Job Approval Down to 34% -- Time To Start Another War

Should Bush Be Tried For War Crimes ? New Poll - let's DU it!

Anyone watching "in the money" RIFD tags

Never received a reply from the racist emailer, but she's still at it.

It's a small war after all. What if your baby was the one killed?

Space set to Canon in D

Seattle Gas Prices.........$2.61 Gal................

3 Year Anniversary: 1,372,972 American Civilians Killed

Why is it so hard to understand that standing for principles means winning

Poll mistrust clouds Belarus vote (BBC)

The Weekend Review - Neil Lisst cartoons for the week

How Long Is It Going To Be Before A Group of Repugs Walk Into The WH.....

L.A. Times: Bush's Agenda Loses Focus (lack of a "domestic policy czar")

A real Liberal/Leftist

DLC Already Decided:There will be No Intention to Impeach in 06 or 07.

Could Condi get the Republican nomination if she wanted to?

does anyone have the article titled "bring back the clinton sex nation"?

Students Learning To Be Republicans While Taking Assessment Tests

LTTE: What is this need to defend marriage?

* MURTHA on Meet The Press today

Democrats on Offense: March congressional recess plan revealed

How do you explain this?

CBS News front page: "We Are In Civil War," "World's #1 Terrorist"

Tacoma Speaks Out

Feingold's campaign models -- Dean and/or McCain?

Did Cheney just use an ethnic slur on Face The Nation?

SF Bay Area Protests: "Our silence and complacency contribute to Iraq War"

Bill Kristol admits Feingold Censure Action very effective. He said ....

Murtha on MTP: "I changed my mind"

The term "politically correct"

teen suffocated at Jeb's Florida Teen Boot Camp

Dem Radio Address: Bush's “dangerous incompetence” & Redeploy Our Troops

Does Anybody Have Bookmarked the DU Post Of * Voice Caught Being Prompted.


‘Impeach Bush’ chorus grows (UK)

Still not convinced that AP is censored by the Mega-Corps? Check this out!

Seeking feedback: Call to Action


The Prevarications of Gen. Peter Pace (he's a darling)

Leaving now "would be like turning over Germany to the Nazis"last attempt?

What anti-war protest?

Are Democrats slowly coming to support Feingold's censure proposal?

Lydia Cornell (blonde actress from "Too Close For Comfort") loves DU.

Two former Idaho Governors/Interior Secretaries and ANWR:

the bombing of Iran - in the next two weeks?


DKos:Big Dem Donor to Fund Knight-Ridder Buyout

Sen. Durbin (D-IL): "WMDs...Saddam-9/11 connection...none of that existed"

Calls for censure should be framed to focus on the Republican vote

Live blog NOW with Karen Marie Otter and Mishonda Baldwin

The Republican resurgence began with Newt's bare knuckled

Please help a great American

Murtha For President

House candidate backs Feingold on censure

Bush IS a Uniter!

FYI: The 2006 State Primary List, don't forget to vote!!!



Wounded lives

Anyone got a transcript Dobbs on "Real Time" ?

Chaffee is a Republican; he does not support censure.

The new bush spin to sell the war... is absolutely ludicrous

"The American public doesn't have the right. . .

Another conversation overheard...

the Sopranos explains Republican Agenda

New Orleans Protest Photos from this morning

Denver protest checking in.Sorry, no PICS yet

Crooks & Liars vid clip: "Brit Hume's Head Explodes"

Pros and Cons of Senator Feingold's move to censure Bush

Interesting statistics I have found......

For those who believe Bush will be forced to resign: guess a date.

The 2008 Democratic Convention

Ted Kennedy Addresses the Role of Congress to Challenge Executive Power

Bush's base fading?

Jeb Bush was watching"Pillow Talk,"while Harris announced

Rumsfeld:Leaving Iraq like giving Nazis Germany

Protest pics from Minneapolis anti-war march 3.18.06

Whole Lotta Dick: Round-up of Cheney photos from today's Face The Nation

Why is Homeland Security over in Cambodia tracking down Pedophiles.

The Florida race for the Senate has already been God

"Maybe in another town it's a classic"

The Angry Left

The Dem Plan for the election -look for it in August according to Newsweek

Very Basic Question: Are You Optimistic or Pessimistic about all this?

A strategic need to temporarily quiet the "impeachment" chorus...

The 25 Things You Need To Believe To Be A Republican

Politcal promise for Bush in Nuclear Peril?

Digby on Huff Post: "The Dems are Missing the Boat on Feingold"

The pictures of the Iraqi children I took to the rally and march:

I'm not convinced *'s poll numbers mean the fundamentals have changed.

Red state blues and the BlueMeanies

TOP 10 Reasons why the U.S. going to War with Iran is a GOOD idea...

Bush "I'd rather they beat up on him (Brownie) than me or Chertoff."

Speaking Truth To Power is Not Grandstanding! Shame! Shame! Shame!

Ky., Ind. ready to expand right to kill intruders, This is insanity!...

Bull Moose says first Democrats must do no harm. He angers me.

E.N.O.U.G.H. !!!!!