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Archives: March 21, 2006

Rewriting the Science

Understatment of the day:

In Iraq, US influence wanes as full-scale civil war looms

Welcome to Liberated Iraq

Closure of Charity strains Jeff hospitals

Huh? Feingold's the careless, reckless one?

(ABCNews) Staying Strong: The Insurgency in Iraq

"The Secret Way to War" (Frank Rich letter to NYRB on DSM, Mark Danner)

Operation Swarm of Lies

Beck to 7-year-old: "You want to go to Africa? I will personally purchase

Old Forecasts Come Back to Haunt Bush

photo essay from PDX Invasion anniversary march

The New New Gore

Life's diversity 'being depleted'

Chikungunya Death Toll In Reunion Hits 148 - Over 200,000 Infected

Scientists Discovers Movement Surge In Little-Known Alaska Range Glacier

Radar Altimetry Study Confirms 20 Billion Ton Net Annual Ice Cap Loss

Polar Bears Of Churchill Will Be First Population Destroyed By Climate

CDC - H5N1 Has Now Split Into Two Distinct Strains - AFP

The great tsunami, the giant wave that will change our lifestyles forever

Spy for Israel Loses Supreme Court Appeal

Iranian President Wants West to Apologize

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story

New York Magazine Covers 9/11 Truth Movement

Jake is now walking on the leash


Reporting on today’s CA SOS McPherson appearance gaggle.

NC Activists Manage to get Mark Crispin Miller to talk on Election Fraud

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/21/06 -- CA Stunner Law Suit

A Repeat of Election Fraud 04 Must Be Prevented in 06 & 08 - Cross-post

Iowa City march - picture

Put Kinky on ballot signature gatherer...

Boyd Richie's answers to South Texas Chisme questionnaire

White Lie Cake (with apologies to Alabamans and Baptists) baking joke

NDP's petition: "David Emerson should face a by-election"

Netcare database would lure hackers: privacy expert

Protesters 'have no clue': Afghan envoy

Court weighs speech rights of public workers (CNN)

US News&World Report: The Letter of the Law

Emirates Aided Kin of Palestinian Militants - NYT

Congress eyes own window on Iraq war

Labour reveals secret loans list

LAT FBI Witness in Moussaoui case faults superiors

NYT: New Business Blooms in Iraq: Terror Insurance

Iraq bleeding, says US envoy (Khalilzad)

NYT: Fed Chief Sees Need to Include Global Factors in Setting Rates

Mississippi: Peace rally in Tupelo protests war (Parent of 2 in Iraq, Vet)

NYT: Pastors' Get-Out-the-Vote Training Could Test Tax (exempt) Rules

Carlos Santana Speaks out against Bush

Condi not interested in being NFL commish

Gore Not Planning to Run for President

Report: Northeast due for a major hurricane

Paramedic who worked at WTC morgue dies of respiratory illness (20+ now)

Riddle me this with the best response:

White Lie Cake (with apologies to Alabamans and Baptists) :evilgrin:

Over 1,500 Venezuelans pose nude in public for US artist

What are your favorite Hockey teams?

OK, One thing I don't like about the NHL on OLN

Looking for a liberal husband/SO

Netflix is becoming crap with service. Is there a better service,

When somebody tells you "You're a trip!", what do they mean?

ebay users's....

going down to Southpark gonna get myself sued... going down to etc...

Anyone have a "Missed Connections" success story?

New word of the day: blogroll

Post a pic from a random journal. Clink the random journal

netflix users - has the "nearest" branch changed on the envelope?

Why do they say a person has a "crush" on somebody else?

My journal is NOT a reflection of me!

Virtual Street Reality

An unbearable headache (pic)

rivertext is a brilliant guy who has most recently posted some great shots

internet phones - I'm thinking, but I trust DU folks most. Which way 2 go?

Manohla Dargis - candidate for Anthony Lane Acid Tongue of the Month Prize

SInce when do motorcycles come with GPS navigation systems?

Where can I get the best deal on an iMac G5?

Forget "Git right w/ Gawd." Y'all best get right w/ da Time Cube !

Bedtime snack: Shredded wheat, chocolate mousse cake, or

Something I posted over in GDP about the start of the Iraqi War...

OK - I have looked for a thread on 'V for Vendetta' - the

I just ate a box of stuffing mix - right out of the bag. Ask me anything!

Tan lines:

My Night:

My dogs are better behaved than your kids.

The Lounge Lizard- our new mascot (pic)

Robb is an ANNOYING dingbat

White Punks on Dope is some crazy shit !

WARNING: this post contains a depiction of animal torture

So, I went out to eat tonight -- FRIGGING NOISY KIDS!

American Idol is the greatest show EVER!

I just watched "Last of the Mohicans," so now I have to read Twain

It's sad, and slightly frustrating when find out that old posters are

Where the Hell is ptah???

Campus Ladies on Oxygen is some crazy shit

Who else loves GRIT

Who else loves Tories?

Has anyone seen Thank You For Smoking?

How much sleep do you get each 24-hr period? And is it enough?

Yikes! Why is there blood on my shirt??

Those hilarious colonoscopies!

Something else to check out in GD. This one is too damned funny!

I saw that "milkshake" song in ye olde english on a random DU

'Fess up: who here is living in a pre-9/11 world?

Mmmmmm... Pizza Fries...

5 more posts to 2000 -- ask me anything!

Don't think of the word "Hippopotamus" for the next 10 minutes

I rate hairy weather!

Somebody's deodorant stinks.

A delicious Good Evening

Do you watch daytime TV?


Will somebody tell Floogeldy it's him that stinks.

Japan v. Cuba

So, is there some sort of "Concerned Carnivore" movement around?

So, I went out to eat tonight -- FRIGGING NOISY ADULTS!

Katherine Harris goes into a bar.

Gripes from working at a theater.

After storm and rainbow PIX **HUGH!!1! ** Am Series!!

Would you trade everything you owned...

Cat owners--microchips

What is the best decision you ever made?

My journal is better* than your journal.

Voice Chat.. exist anywhere on the web? I mean, three plus at once

Can I share a pic?

Who else loves GRITS?

Wanted: html info on changing journal skin

I still like "The Thompson Twins"

you guys ever feel like maybe sometimes, you know, leaping into action...

Have there been any moves filmed in your city?

What is your biggest fear?

Existential question about, and REALLY stupid suggestion for the Journals.

Three years later - What happened to the "Get a Brain Morans!" Guy?

Heh. Heh heh. Hee hee hee...hee ha HA HA HA HAAAAAHHH!!!

Loungers, go here NOW:

Excellent Ginger Soy Vinaigrette

AM I AN IDIOT? Inquiring minds want to know.

Question about buying and selling music..

I think that Caveman in the Gieco commercial needs to lighten up.

What's one (1) thing that really irritates you?

What is the WORST decision you've ever made?

PERMALINK.. button do anything at all?

Donald Trump named his son BARON WILLIAM TRUMP

To live abroad...

Best Ab Workout?

user delete

Do you feel like having a laugh?


Christian convert faces execution in Afghanistan

A group for those of us who are too special for this one?

A DU Group for the discussion of Religion/Theology?

Date set for 'Brokeback Mountain' DVD release

VHS Diversity Day cancelled again

Get ready for the right wing fundies to start attacking Walmart!!!!!!

Local pastor takes stand in support of gay marriage

Please shut up, hatemongers

"Don't ask" targets women at higher rate

'Twin Bills of Destruction' Threaten Family Values in California Schools

"Psychic At Large" is a new program airing

Who is your choice for President in 2008?

WYFP? Iraq War Anniversary Edition (Rated R for Language)

Kos is a schmuck

Carville calls KO "MSNBC's brilliant and darkly hilarious anchor

KOEB for 3/20/06 3rd Anniversary Iraq War and "The Onion Man"

Where will I be able to see the Illinois primary results tomorrow?


Do you think if we all took anti-psychotics...

YAY! Michigan Offers Free Ultrasounds for Uninsured Pregnant Women!

Bush's "Enemy" in Iraq are Iraqis. No One Ever Says that.

"Bush says stay the course,the captain of the Titanic said the same thing.

help me out

self delete

Independent: Congress To Probe"IED's from Iran" Claim

Are you better off today than you were eight years ago?

self delete-dupe

You have to listen to KO NOW!

Get ready for the right wing fundies to start attacking Walmart!!!!!!

Condi's Close Adviser Is 26-year-old 'Kid'

Harry Shearer on Majority Report!

Soldiers in Alaska are no longer allowed to carry concealed weapons

Cheney to host fundraiser for Thomas Kean Jr. (9/11 Chair's son)

President Bush talks 'kerfuffle'

The US News & World Report story on illegal wiretaps and physical searches

BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keith just played snippet of *'s SOTU

Everyone know a couple murdered in Cancun sent ripples through N.America?

OReallys war against Ohio Judge ends with a whimper

Barbara Boxer will be on Larry King tonight!

Bird Flu Press Conference Today---NPR's Jeff Young Kicks Ass!

"Who does he think he's effing kidding?"

Freeper invited by hardball to represent families who support troops

Jpost >> Stuck in Iraq, can the US now take Iran?

word is out on "V" in my Republican town

internet phones - I'm thinking, but I trust DU folks most. Which way 2 go?

Have there been any moves filmed in your city?

US Massacre / A Different take (graphic)

"Then, we had one Saddam Hussein...Today, we have many Saddam Husseins"

Honest Abe Meets Lyin' George

HHS Secy Basically Says Don't Count on Federal Government, re: bird flu

Sen. Boxer on Larry King Live tonight 3/20/06

Shocker! CIA told by Iraqi no WMDs existed BEFORE the invasion!

26 Die As Iraq Enters Fourth Year Of War - Daily Times Pakistan

QUERY for DU'ers: What Happens to Kids today who don't like the Internet?

GW, Phone Home (photo)

"Bush Admin Muzzles The Government’s Top Global Warming Scientist"

I'm convinced; to win in Iraq, make it the 51st state and send in FEMA

Some politically minded songs I have made

I am a Selfish Liberal with Demands!

Become Republican

Biota Spring Water


Hatemonger Alan Simpson is complaining about HATE LOL

"Judgement at Nuremberg"

Leadership polls at Kos

WP Congressional Reporter Remarks on Censure and Impeachment

To all DUers who've seen V for Vendetta, a little present.

Century of the Common Man

Iraq -- U.S. News Media's Waterloo - Consortium News - (WE Look Good Here)

Heads Up... Some good people on Charlie Rose tonight....

So who's winning American Idol?

PROOF Straight From Gov-Use Of "Electric Shock" Part Of Interrogation Tech

HEADLINE: Bush Asks U.S. to Look PAST Iraq Bloodshed

Dodgeball - South Park style

I F'n Love Keith Olbermann!

Are you fucking kidding me?

PHOTO: Postcard from Hawaii

Meanwhile, Poppy lobbying CHINA on behalf of Carlyle Group

Dell to double workforce in India

"My country is in ruins" - Iraqi doctor at "Bring 'Em Home" concert

What's with these facial expressions ??

The best thing about the Democratic Party is that we don't have to hate.

Oh, this is great! Top news topics on yahoo

Correction: 0. 2% of of Iraqis believe that Ahmed Chalabi to be honest.

(TOON) Steve Bell on the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq war

Anybody else see Kristinn from FreeRepublic on Hardball?

Just Curious - When Will Companies Start Thinking That Hiring.....

Harvard "working paper": The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Has anyone seen THANK YOU FOR SMOKING?

The images that come into view looking past the Iraq bloodshed

Did anyone see the piece on the new book that AC360 did?

SP Scientology Episode: I figured out the real reason...

Who here can't stand Sensenbrenner?

Freedom on the march in Afghanistan?

Michelle Malkin is VERY THREATENED by the 7 y/o girl who wrote this poem:

c-span2 - if you can stand it

Keith Olbermann "Countdown" Re-Run Coming On Now (12m EST)

Did friends of Iraqi insurgents kidnap US soldiers and bring them to Iraq?

Leaving tomorrow for St. Petersburg Russia and Baltics.

Freepers certain Bush will invade Iran

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Bush and Cheney not the only problem!

New Daily Show On Now: 3rd Anniversary of War

Steven Cobert just came out against SPRING! He said it... (spoiler)

Request for Freeper photo.

Should this stuff be free online?

What Is Wrong With These Headlines?? This Really Sucks

The Party of Thomas Jefferson

Bankruptcy as anti-labor tool: DELTA seeks to void employee stock options

Lou Dobbs kicks John Fund's ass.

Sex Fundraising Sex

Help with Herding Cats - Tips on Managing Volunteers

How to add a blogroll to your DU Journal.

Back in the campaign trenches

Attack on Liberties for the digital age

Hugh Hewitt: The Great Bush Come Back

Hey Freeptards!


The WBC highlights how stupid the Cuba boycott is...

One Word to Describe Bush

Lou Dobbs pimpin Nader on Real Time rerun on now on HBO!

51 Arrested During Protest At Pentagon

3 Crazy Things Democratic Politicians Believe

Al Gore has the winning message!!!!!!!!!!

A Safe Haven for Terrorists

*** Monday TOONs: Where Have All the Red States Gone? ***

Ex-UN chief: America has 'lost its moral compass'

Liberalist cities in America:

CARLOS SANTANA:"My Concept is the OPPOSITE of George W. Bush"

John Gibson wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out

Avian flu: Compare today's reporting from the U.S. vs. from Canada

Why do leading Democrats lie about the Iraq invasion?

Did you know: Saddam offered to surrender before the war?

3 years ago today I crossed into Iraq for the first time.

Serious question: When will the issue of Bush's mental health be explored?

Breaking:Legal Action By Calif to Halt Use Of Diebold (Bradblog)

Need advice: Is Skype the best cheap way to phone these days?

What was your reaction in the days and weeks following 9/11?

Keith Olbermann: "Who does the president think he's f'n kidding?"

A New DU American! Official Congrats to lionesspriyanka Thread.

"It's woman time now" in Jamaica (first female prime minister)

KC AntiWar Rally - Pictures


attempt to repeal the 19th amendment (women's suffrage)

A Repeat of Election Fraud 2004 Must Be Prevented in 2006 and 2008

STICK IT TO BUSH ======= >

Fundraising Fundraising Fundraising

Anyone have posts and links to how Dem Establishment Energizes Base?

Bush administration throws out numbers (lies) about Iraqi troop levels

Just curious but how badly has the Abramoff expose hurt Ralph Reed's

Did Campbell Brown just say 'hasteful' war?

This says it all..from, Huffington Post for the thugs....

Avowed Racist Will Seek GOP Nod Against Party's Wish

Iowa House Speaker on sponsored golf and gambing trip.

Congress eyes own window on Iraq war

"Who does the president think he's F'in kidding"

McCain on winning the war in Iraq (Nov. 2005)

TOON: correct order of Bush troops and support

What happened to the woman hostage?

Here we go again--only this time it's Tony's crowd.

Did Smirky jump the shark today?

What does this mean?

Who will be head of the judiciary committee if Reps stay the majority?

'US could wipe out Iran nuke program in two days'

Any constitutional scholars in the house?

Gallup: "29% of Americans satisfied with the way things are going"

Justice Dept. claims legal authority to conduct physical searches

When Are we, the Political Truth seeking left, going to quit feeling sorry

Are they really as stupid as they appear to be?

WP: Vets Running for Congress Fight 'One-Issue' Label

Toronto Star: "By WWII standards, Al Qaeda is a criminal nuisance"

I haven't seen any posts on our hometown Protest marches....

DNC says 90,000 sent messages to Allard about attacking Feingold.

GOP '06 Campaign Themes -- suggestions wanted

Please DU this poll on Iraq

Clinton Admin. Argued Inherent Authority on Domestic Spying and

Anyone see or hear Bush say the following:

15 min on democrats and why become one

Bush appealed to Americans to look beyond the bloodshed

Presidential preference poll

Who does the President think he's F'n kidding? (video is up on C&L

Screw pandering to the center!!!!! When did that last work?

Dailykos has posted his March/April presidential online poll.Link to vote.

Presidential choices for 2008?

How to get out of Iraq in 1 year

What happens if we **really** need our once great military?

the"straw man"device;Bush's attempt to make himself appear reasonable

"No one believes anything the president says anymore"

1801-1805: US invasion of Tripoli and 2003: US invasion of Iraq

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

A Win For Clean Air And A Blow to Bush and Industry

Brann vs the Baptists - Violence in Southern Religion

U.S. bases in Iraq built with an air of permanence

Fame and fortune: They're in the blog

Molly Ivins: Sign Me Up for the Pentagon Democracy Plan

'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'

Iraq War Lost? : Donald Rumsfeld Demands Resignation


The GOP's Shrinking Middle--E. J. Dionne Jr.

George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever

LTTE to Arizona Republic: Muslims do live under democracies

The Nation: The Normalcy of Fear

The Day Democracy Died in America's Echo Chamber

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Thunder on the Right (looks like DeWine can't win)

What's behind everything that's wrong w/bushWH: manliness

America's Blinders

Pat R on College Profs: "you know some of them are.../VID

IRS Plans to allow preparers to sell data (PhillyInq)

Brokeback desert

Here Beginneth the Lesson--Charlie Pierce

dispel the empty rhetoric of market fundamentalism/Create a Moral Economy

Signs that your youngster might be a conservative

Re: Anti-Semitism and the "New Jews" (on DU home page)

UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar

China's growing pull puts Brazil in a bind

Who's to Blame for High Oil and Gas Prices?

Help H-1B VISA (labor arbitrage)

Are we in a depression?

BP North Slope Spill Sends Massive Amounts Of Crude Into Arctic Ocean

Utilities Offer Energy Dept. Site for Waste

More Californians Forgo Quake Insurance

Running out of gas and time (New Zealand)

Big Oil divided over (GW) initiative (California)

Scare stories on wind turbines not backed by facts

In a debate about Global Warming with a Freeper

Bu$h and Endangered Species

Icebergs Reaching As Far North As Buenos Aires While Flooding Worsens

Tanzanian President Bans Logging To Protect Kilimanjaro's Snows

Nuclear Plants - decommissioning costs - some specifics

Muslim, Jewish leaders meet in Spain to discuss working toward peace

The Karny conundrum, Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jordan closes Iraq border crossing

Seven hurt in fresh Gaza unrest

Islamic Jihad bomber nabbed on main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Hway

Fatah says no confidence to Hamas-led cabinet in parliament

EU delivers aid check with warning to Hamas

Israeli water grab harms Palestinians

Dan Rather and WTC7 - explained as planned demolition

Huge Reaction To Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story

Recommended Diary on DailyKos!

Since Zacarias Moussaoui is on trial, the FBI should be as well...

8 seconds to bring down a 500 foot tower!

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story

April Street Sheet (small Diebold shot at the end)

DUers HELP Az - vote in poll re: voting machines

Stop Election Fraud: How about a Pro Demmocracy Secretary of State.

Privatized Democracy: Why On Earth Do Private Companies Hold So Much Sway

Getting our Message Out thru Local Paper Political Forums

Some inside info reWaPo story and graphic on slots v voting machines.

Any other DUers at IC march besides MaggieSwanson

Panel discussion on Iraq in Iowa City on Wed.

Nussle: TouchPlay poses threat to Iowa’s reputation

I use firefox..w/cox internet and have cox webmail.....this morning

Why can't I get video?

Consumer Caucus at the State Convention. 9:30 Saturday

Question about SDEC members. Do you guys fund their travel?

Sign the petition to support Sen. Kennedy's living wage bill

SDEC committee person will be polling their SD for TDP chair election

Letter from Boyd Richie and my analysis.

"For whom the BELL tolls..."

Campaign contributions for city council candidates?

Changed lineup on KCCT Corpus Christi?

Afternoon housewarming party -- food per person?

On birthdays, everyone deserves a homemade cake.

John Godfrey enters Liberal race

Harper defends screening ministers' statements

Life's diversity 'being depleted'

Ecuador tightens security as Indians vow more protests

Old Forecasts Come Back to Haunt Bush

NYT: Dubai Will Delay Another Acquisition Involving U.S. Plants

Bush to raise money for Santorum

Swedish Foreign Minister resigns over handling of Muhammad cartoons

Bush Asks U.S. to Look Past Iraq Bloodshed

UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar

Archbishop: "Stop Teaching Creationism"

Janet Reno rallies Democrats, blasts Bush

Fresh Nepal clashes 'kill many' (at least 36)

Cheney at Fund-Raiser, but Not With the Candidate (Tom Kean, Jr)

Employee of Army Engineers Is Accused of Accepting Bribes

U.S. Says More Time Needed on Iran Talks

Iraqi police claim US troops executed family

Algeria earthquake 'kills four'

G.O.P. Makes Its Pitch to a Pivotal Union

FBI, you've got mail -- NOT!

Iraqi insurgents storm police station, kill 18 police officers

Dubai Will Delay Another Acquisition Involving U.S. Plants

Islamic preacher ripped for reform push

Labor will make ISPs filter porn on Net

Archbishop: Stop teaching creationism (Guardian UK 3/21/06)

Iraq War Is Deadliest For Reporters Since WWII

Court denies Puerto Rico US vote

Extended Presence of U.S. in Iraq Looms Large

NYT/AP: Minuteman Project Plans New Border Patrol

Radar Altimetry Confirms Global Warming Is Affecting Polar Glaciers

Russia blocks UN nuclear ban on Iran

LAT: Some U.S. Officials Fear Iran Is Helping Al Qaeda

32 Indicted in Spain for Courthouse Plot

SON OF TERRY NICHOLS: Officers detail incident/Prosecutors going too far

Chavez grants fuel deal to El Salvador

IRAQ: More than 3,000 families fled due to sectarian conflict, government

Pakistan, U.S. Will Boost Anti-Terrorism Partnership (Update1)

Watchdog group sues to reverse U.S spending-cut bill (unconstitutional)

Did A Group Funded By Exxon Prompt IRS to Audit Greenpeace?

Bush raises possibility of years-long Iraq presence

Gay Couples Challenge Conn. Marriage Laws

Bush spending 'political capital' on war

On Fox: Charges against Debra laFave to be dropped

Docs Debate Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Iraq Raid Kills 19 Police

Allawi says strong security forces can save Iraq

US senators talk tough with Iraqi PM over new govt

Bird Flu Virus 'Now In Two Forms'

Death raises concern at police tactics/BBC (Are we a POLICE STATE yet)

Documents Show Saddam's WMD Frustrations

Governor in Fresno to shore up his ("dead and lifeless") base

Blackwell mailing is political front, attorney says

Fit for warfare but not mail duty

Nevada senator holds official's promotion (Coast Guard/katrina)

Candidates Chase Italian Vote Abroad

WP: Big Firms Fail to Police Adware, Report Says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 21 March

Blackwell Got Complaint About SS Numbers Over a Year Ago (Oops!)

Pvt equity is white-hot, Carlyle raises third pile

Peru elite braces for possible Humala victory

Rumsfeld asks general overseeing Iraq war to stay

Khamenei 'approves of Iraqi talks'

Chertoff: Chemical plants cannot freeload on security (no fed standards)

US troops hit by bombs, mortar attacks in Iraq

O'Reilly, editor spar over sex-offender case

Guantanamo film 'gets US release' (BBC News)

Attack on Iraq police 'kills 18'

Avian influenza – situation in Azerbaijan - update 2 (5 dead)

CNN/AP: Study: Treating mom can prevent kids' depression

Cardinal: I should've done more (Abusive Priests)

'Wash Post' Launches Conservative Blog, Provokes a 'Firestorm'

BBC (Tuesday): Bush denies Iraq is in civil war


N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike U.S. First

Feinstein: Get rid of Rumsfeld

Bush says there's no need to shake up his staff

NYT/Reuters: Top FBI Official Unaware of Moussaoui Terror Ties

Anger at Bin Laden niece's reality TV show

Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Found Guilty

Australia's Cyclone Larry Much Stronger Than Katrina (Bloomberg)

Law used to thwart homeless helpers targeted

Documents Show Saddam's WMD Frustrations

Ecuador: rioting against free trade agreement with US escalates

Expanding Bases Put Focus on U.S. in Iraq - I think we'll be here forever

3 more bodies found in block of Lower 9 (NOLA)

Bush: troop pullout from Iraq decided in future (after his presidency)

Cheney Says Iraq Doubters Are Wrong (Situation Is Improving)

Cash-rich China baffled by Russia on oil pipeline

Cold War bunker found in Brooklyn Bridge

French Self-Proclaimed Racism Rising

2 Years After Soldier's Death (Pat Tillman) Family's Battle Is With Army

Colin Powell says he doesn't plan to run for office

IRS Plan Would Allow Sale of Tax Data to Marketers

Neighbor charged with shooting teen (walked on his grass)

Europeans Giving Blood Money to Iraq Insurgents (ABC)

U.S. makes low-key appeal in Afghan case (Christian convert trial)

Anyone watching WBC Final? Cuba was down 6-1.Now 6-5 in 8th.

You have to read my journal--it's Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

Two Lesbian Frogs

I need to vent : I think I am just too nice of a person .

How about some GOOD news?

Midwesterners...are you getting snow?

Team Japan wins 10-6

Roast chicken and basmati rice. Really takes the sting out of getting home

who wants to go flame some freepers at yahoo???

I won't be keeping a journal

Don't trust journals

It must be snark night on DU tonight.

To love a broad

Rods mock!

On My DU, the message "entire buddy list shown" is bothering me

I'm totally going to bed. I just launched another website, and

Mods rock!

Oh Christ on a ballfield

Cheney's cock. crazy roomate woke me up with crying and screaming...

All right, who else is in the mood for RIBS?!?!

i am a REPUBLICAN today!


I can hear the wind outside

Whoa - Former Seahawks G Steve Hutchinson signs deal with Vikings

Scientists: masturbation not as good as sex

I feel so special.

Woman Bites Off Police Officer's Finger In Dispute Over Kitten

Finger Bites Police Officers Woman In Dipute Over Off Kitten

Bought any good computer games lately?

Random_Australian's head found mounted to Vespa in Boston

Nighty-Night, dear DU'ers!


Link to the entire Scientology episode of South Park


Union Wins Right To Offer Strippers Vacation Time

I'm looking for a word - akin to "non-sensationalistic"

Before we vote again, we need an "Ethimeter":

Ladies and gentlemen- Extreme IRONING (.com)

Online wiring diagrams?

Our hairless rat died.

Please save my blog from lameness!

Has anybody seen my motivation?

How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?

Dream Job?

Joke I got from my Bush-voting brother (no not the brazillion one)

Giving my nephew guitar lessons

Woman Charged With Biting Off Man's Tongue

Email: Political Correctness For Men & Women

Talk about using the Internet for extortion!

All loungers, check in!

Doctor, I can't feel my face!

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Way too funny

I made the mistake of watching "The Apprentice" last night


I get a vacation: 4 days in hospital

My bird pictures (dialup warning)

Annapolis Welcomes Spring by Burning Socks

David Letterman's Top Ten reasons why Dick Ceney won't resign....

24 - last night's epizode thread (spoilers)

well Im off to vote in the IL Primary

If there were DU witch trials

World-record ass quoted in California

MC Shame: Unwilling Coalition, It's Evident

please help with this poll please...please!

** BREAKING ** Tom Cruise is still nuts!

World-record bass boated in California

For anyone who got a crown on there tooth a ?

Colgate Buying Control of Tom's of Maine

Tree falling in the woods. Tree falling in the woods...just 8 more days

I don't know if it's snowing again,

Woman Burned By Taco Bell Bread-Dipping Sauce - She Is Suing

Man Being Chased By Police Sinks In Mud - Dies

Cat Survives 80 Foot Fall From Tree (VIDEO)

I spent 40 minutes straightening my hair.

Get on the bus, America!

Second interview today - wish me luck!

Gritting my teeth around my teenager

D'oh! More Simpies until 2008! (FOX renewed contract)

LOL--Your brain on drugs:

The Prisoner

All self proclaimed DUDQ check in! ( I think it is safe to do this now,

I am cranking Stereo MCs at work. Ask me anything.

Masked Evangelists, Clad In Tights Wrestle For Jesus

any special ed teacher care to help out a newbie?/?

Have You Ever Tipped (Or Given Money To) a Cow?

Who here loved the World Baseball Classic?

Quick! Name some bands!

This time next month will be prime mushroom picking

Tuesday earworm. Obscure for wildhorses!

South Park backs Chef for series (w/out Hayes)

Tuesday afternoon earworm

Time again for the 15min fire drill: You have 15mins to grab & get out!

Winter is SO overrated!

GreatWest Health Care -- anyone?

AIM users, need some help.

I'm off to see Mark Dayton speak at my kids' school!

Do you know what's aggravating?

Generally speaking, the dream of every tuna is to become a sandwich

Stephen Colbert to Write Book

I just tried to get C-Span on my microwave.

Blonde secretary typing

Who else does NOT have a Landmine?

You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish

An Unforgettable Moment

I'm watching my dvd of "Kelly's Heroes", ask me anything!

So America can not win at America's game?

What was Cheney's mental state during the shooting accident? (humor)

Shit I hate today. Today sucks.

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Possibly The Greatest Personal Ad Ever...

Using up to three words, describe these decades

My Morning:

anyone know how to turn a word doc into a ASCII text files


Well, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a book today

Man kills boy for walking on his lawn

Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah means

You are missing an excellent flamefest.

15-60-75: The Greatest Unknown Band Of All-Time

i keep going to the Salma Hayek thread to see pics of Melissa Theuriau

Question about CSPAN. Fellow smart DU'ers.....HELP!!

I'm the only person with Engelbert Humperdinck on her "My Journal" page

Isaac Hayes Still On "South Park"

If you go down to the woods today

I am pushing a Shaolin monk around this weekend. Ask me anything

I'm gonna tell you a story you won't believe

Have you ever licked (or given honey to) a stripper?

Need Phone Directory Assistance? Dial FREE 411!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/21/06)

Someone ate all the meatballs

Prescient words from H.L. Mencken

This thread is about nothing.

Anyone else just pissed off for no reason today ?

Southlandshari neenerneenerneener!

I'm egocentric! Ask me anything!

This thread is about anything.

a joke

I am driving Thelonius Monk around this weekend. Ask me anything

I am a Swede today!

Okay, goodnight all

DU this poll . . .

The Wonders of Nyquil

Has anybody seen "V for Vendetta" yet?

Colbert: Is it REALLY Col-BEAR or Col-BURT? I need to know!

I am Sooooooooooooo computer challenged

If you get disgusted at a client, would you automatically deny him?

I am driving a two-bit punk around this weekend. Ask me anything

What song is the man in my journal photo singing?

RED peeps - why were they made?

Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9...

If you get to feelin' all alone

Pictures from my team's final cheer comps :^D

Who was the "prick" actor Clive Owen was talking about?

My Son will be 16 in 2 days

Another rant : People who spell " that " like " dat " need to be slapped .

Paris Hitlon has a fucking FRAGRANCE????

Validate me

Most of my 8000+ posts have been unresponded to and

You know what pisses me off ?

I don't have any buddy on my body list.

Do people working around your house weird you out?

What are you listening to today?

Women: How often or do you ever ask men out on dates?

My goodness, but I'm getting snarked at a lot in GD tonight

okay, just felt my second earthquake ever!

What's the combustion point of a cat? (Pic)


I am SO DAMNED PISSED at Winbook!

Thirteen questions about your first time

AirmensMom sick today

Is everything REALLY better in Texas?

This is the moment upon which I shall endeavor to smash everything I see.

I am driving a Tibetan Buddhist Monk around this weekend. Ask me anything

Do people wanking around your house weird you out?

3 word posting

I Am Sick Of This Never Endng Ohio Winter.......

Analyze this dream.

Erectness S. Telethon and Disposables P. Throat

I need to get this off my chest.

I just found out one of my friends died this morning.

First Baby Born Sunday

Post something that happened to you today.

Well crap.. It looks like another show I liked is cancelled (Related)

Is everything REALLY butters in Texas?

Is everything REALLY butter in Texas?


Star Trek medicine is here

To Be A Broad.

Who else does NOT have a Landline?


I am NOT gonna let Dolo Amber freak me out.

Here's a drawing from the book I'm making.

I am too good for this world

Have You Ever Tipped (Or Given Money To) A Stripper...

March Photo Contest: Prelim Thread #1. Theme: ARCHITECTURE

March Photo Contest: Prelim Thread #2. Theme: ARCHITECTURE

March Photo Contest: Prelim Thread #3. Theme: ARCHITECTURE

its been 4 days since I posted it

Say something nice about another DUer!

Mother of the Groom

Morans sharpen spears for lion that got away

I'm eating bacon for breakfast

I don't have anybody on my buddy list

Religion and rationality go together like kittens and pick-axes

Wilson: Theory of evolution and traditional religion are irreconcilable

As an Atheist there is a problem with why is there anything? Why not a

Humanity is mortality

What have you got to lose?

Protesters Lock Themselves in Rectory

Oily fish may reduce prostate cancer spread: study

Thimerosal Alters Immune Function

Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists

Stardust Samples Amaze Researchers, as Mothership is Eyed for Recon

Venus express orbit insertion phase podcast here (online streaming too)

Seabirds mysteriously dying off Oregon

Plant Cells "Black Out" when Eaten By Leafworms

Democrats favor transgender discrimination ban (King Co, WA)

Oh God, please don't look at my naked body in the shower!!!

Pressure To Drop Trans Teacher Continues In New Jersey

Brokeback desert

Rabbi: Gays Responsible For Bird Flu

Gay Marriage Foes Protest In Minnesota

Marriage and the anti-gay crusaders

SF Catholic Church Moves Closer To Gay Adoption Ban

Gay Couples 'Optimistic' As Gay Marriage Suit Begins In Connecticut

UK Gays At Risk Of 'Chronic' Disadvantage

Americans more accepting despite culture wars

Israeli Political Party Endorses Gay Marriage

Galliamova and Xu to compete in WWCC final

Congratulations to Bucknell (Graduation Rate)

Is Reddick vs. Morrison the new Magic and Bird?

Will Pitt's Descent Into Madness Continues...Adam Vinitieri Signs w/ Colts

Cat Belly Buttons

How do you stop a cat from biting?

BOOK READ: 'Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton PhD

someone posted a nice one in GDP

The Shrinking Middle

Just got this Act for Change email re: JK and Teddy

Not Kerry-related but please help w/ Az poll re voting machines


Is this saying what I think it's saying? (not Kerry-related)


WooHoo and Kudos to intheflow!

Happy Day!....New Camera arrived!

Dog Photos (Say hi to my jack russel and mini Daschund!)

Prelims are up in the Lounge!

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/21/06: Bush: "I didn't want war."

Pat Buchanan is blaming the media again for our loss in Vietnam!

hey, Cheese

Guess who?

How to mislead using a poll (kudos to DUer bobbieinok)

PORN star says Republicans hit on her more than her fans -vid clip

WBC over: How many Cuban players won't get back on the

Absolute disgust with the state of political awareness.

A post earlier that got me thinking.......It was about the average family

Bernie Ward: "The President just F'ing lied!" -- gonna be a good show!

And three times, the little boy cried "Wolf !"

Same Genes May Underlie Alcohol and Nicotine Co-Abuse

Bush pissed himself and hid when he faced going to Vietnam

Dean got most applause at Firefighters convention...why are they

passing out 100 tics to Bush town bore'em in Wheeling,W. Va. this morn.

So is it George "W"hiney Bush

Why can't we have bagpipers at our peace marches?

How did we miss this...THEY are so funny

DU this Poll - Condi Rice for NFL Commisioner?!

self delete by request, sorry

Should Rumsfeld step down?

Walkin' to New Orleans: Day 7 (photos)

a Freeper's late-night obsession with Katherine the Great

Dad Accused Of Using Shock Collar On Kids

Bush People “Wonder How I Can Remain So Optimistic About... Iraq."

So much for bringing "freedom" to Afghanistan.....

Foreigners purchase 7 trillion dollars worth of America under Bush?

EXCELLENT new article regarding . . . .you know.

!?!?!? SBC volunteers refuse to hand out H2O in beer cans in Katrina!?!?

Banker Granted Retrial in a Case From 90's Boom

Star Trek medicine is here

Saddam’s foreign minister was CIA source: NBC

Bush; "They Wonder What I See That They Don't”..

Know what our problem is?

NBC's Today Show

Need Help with a question for DU users with lots of links..........

Looking for Bush city Club video...

Tiny 'Cages' Could Trap Carbon Dioxide And Help Stop Climate Change

NYT: "A real deficit-reduction plan would call for a return to the budget

Next time Lou Dobbs whines about the long Plame investigation send him this

Harper's Latham: Why I Wrote My Essay Arguing For Impeachment

Terrorism-Related Proposals Stir Up Strong Criticism

Anybody Know If They've Put The Harper's Impeachment Townhall...

Website wants David Gregory fired. LOL.

Cleveland City Club audience shames the press.

Iraqi Humvees, Are We Paying For Them too?

Cuts to the National Guard and petition

D'oh! More Simpies until 2008! (FOX renewed contract)

Chuck Todd on Cspan - who was he saying spent time in SC

Old Forecasts Come Back to Haunt Bush

Does Bush understand what the word "linked" means.

Iraqis think U.S. in their nation to stay

So how long before Iran?

Saddam's FM gave CIA information on WMD

King of the 'christian' Right in Ohio, Phil Burress

I got a reply from our local meteorologist re: year-long hurricane seasons

Here's why Bush's saying 'I never said 9/11=Saddam' quote is a good thing.

Questions of decency - CBS vs Abu Ghraib

Kevin Phillips on Democracy Now

UAE & SAUDI Banks Seeking to Switch Reserves from Dollars to Euros

Will the press ask any really meaningful tough questions?

Good Morning DU...

A Very Sophisticated Attack by 100 Rebels on Iraq Prison, 33 Freed

IRS plan would allow sale of tax data to marketers

Lazy journalism or something more sinister at play?

Rep. John Conyers: New Iraq Strategy Released: Blame the Media

CNN: A Real bush Press Conference Today at 10:00AM!

Pledge of Allegiance poll

PATRICK COCKBURN"Death Squads on the Prowl; Iraq Convulsed by Fear"

Bird flu virus 'now in two forms'

"The Iraqi leaders must take advantage of this opportunity..."

Christopher Hitchens in the WSJ

He is answering a question that Helen did not ask!! n/t

13,483 votes cast in Kos '08 Poll--Feingold by a landslide

another petition to get a journalist fired

'Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin eyes'

Bush is right, his admin has dealt with a lot. And fucked it all up!! n/

The chimp will "speak" at 10 a.m. EST. nt.

WOW! FAUX News shill saying leaked Dem plan (from Reid) is horrendous


Any TV news coverage of the FBI agent's Moussaoui testimony?

VandeHei at WaPo manages to tell the truth about Liar-in-Chief Bush

I've almost converted a Repub cop to become a Dem. Can you help me finsh?

The jobs available base is lower thanks to outsourcing, so no wonder

UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar

How the fuck can you keep people from having "the knowledge of...


Man shoots and kills 15 year old for walking on his lawn - is THIS

he has met with family's who lost loved ones

Scott Ritter--"Not Simply Result of Bad Governance--IT'S CRIMINAL!"

Does Bush even know that we are killing thousands of innocents in Iraq?

bush has one big disadvantage over all other elected republicans.

Death raises concern at police tactics

Today's Lesson from our Leader - DimSon

NPR this morning -- anyone else hear it?

Damn. This president is a *uckin moron.

Smack on the chimps azz - what does censure do to you?

Is the old saying Pot calling Kettle Black a racist saying?

Someone Please Knock Down "The Enemy in Iraq are Terrorists"

Kick-Ass Democracy Now! interview with Kevin Phillips: American Theocracy

WPpg1: Conservationists try to buy forests Bush, timber firms selling off

58% in national debt in his watch

Does Bush Watch "The West Wing"

the fucker is smirking about the violence on the golden mosque

MAD CHIMP ---pix--->>>

Bush is close to a meltdown. His answers are sad, sad, sad.

AP - Wholesale Inflation Slides in February

Now he just got to the real reason for the press conference:

Dimson just threw down the gauntlet to the Dem party w/o

oh my gawd ...I hate the way he laughs I would love to shove a sock

Raising taxes would be wrong but paying outrageous oil prices is not?

Which reflects *'s demeanor when Helen Thomas zinged him?

Somebody PLEASE Interrupt Him!!

Bush is acting like a 10 year old spoiled brat.

My God! Is that bumbling, incoherent fool REALLY the leader of

FYI - CSPAN has Bush press conference.

OK This fucker just called himself out. On many occasions.

LOL! Imagine an enemy who says we will kill people to make people free!

Did anyone ask about the Ports deal or Katrina yet?

OK This fucker just called himself out. On many occasions.

They Rule With

Bow down in respect to your POTUS, citizens!

My view of Bush's press conference...

"...killing people so they can be free..." OMG He's gone 'round the bend.

"They've told me what to say..." -- Bush (WTF!?!?!)

Opportunity to visit with you all? Who is he, Mr. Rogers?

My job is to explain to the people what is on my mind

TIME: Iraq's Police Are a Deadly Problem: "violent Shi'ite shock troops"

"Democracies Do Not War" according to Bush @ press conference

President Bush Press Conference on NOW -->

North Korea warns it could strike US first

Why does this news conference remind one of the Bush-Gore debates ?

okay I can't take it anymore WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT

OMG! Bob Schieffer is wetting himself over Bush!

Bush: Pretend You Don't See The Blood

O'Reilly Adds Another Newspaper to His Blacklist

Bush: "Islamofascists." WTF?

CNN: Sgt. Smith found guilty on 6 of 13 charges (US Army dog handler)

I wish some reporter would ask the chimp about his coke-jaw

Can you believe the freeper just now on CSPAN?

Who else here is listening to the C-Span callers?

Did David Gregory Ask A Question?

Brace yourselves. The MSM is about to praise him for the next week.

I love Helen Thomas!

HALLIBURTON hightails annual meeting from Houston to Duncan, Oklahoma

1044 Iraqis DEAD since Mosque bombing: America! Any "vigils" for them???

Even with Earpiece, Bush Can't Defend Himself Against Impeachment

Go Helen GO!

So I got to thinking

Why Does Helen Give Him Any Respect?

Treatment of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay on Cspan 2 right now.

could some one help me?

DU >> MSNBC: Do you agree with * that real progress is being made in Iraq?

Anybody have Chimpy's exact quote on the weapons inspectors?

The Art of Thread Killing. Part I.

Caption * from this morning

Katrina survivors still struggling in Seattle (FEMA unresponsive)

Conservatives and Republicans

Holy Crap. I am embarrased to be American after that debacle...

Afghan Foreign Minister: Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan

It SICKENS me when the press laughs at his feeble, inappropriate jokes

*: "I didn’t want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong"

The Art of Thread Killing. Part II

MSNBC reporting of the atocity of Marines killing a family of women and

Just voted....

Nora Odonnel just called Helen Thomas a gagfly

Tell Hillary, DCCC,"Take a stand on Iraq - or the Bank is Closed"

America was not suppose to be a superpower.

Bush "Uuh uh uuh uhhh" Factor reaches New Heights.. Stuttering

What The Hell Is An Onion Picker.

Just how ignorant the right is on Iraq, An example from fox news.

why am I getting "this stream is not available" when trying to listen to

"Imagine a people who kill a lot of innocent people for Freedom!"

"And history has proven that democracies don't war." omg....

Touch-screens lead to fraud, error, critics say

Just a simple question

What is the most disturbing thing * said today? And why.

Small image makes the Homophobic Movement mad

If you had access to the keyboard display under * what would you

FBI weaving web in Pak to launch attack on Iran

Any WH comment on the Afgani convert to christianity facing death penalty?

Judgment at Nuremberg was on last night - wow

Make Her (Cruella) Spend It All !!!

Did Bush tip Woodward off to NSA spying 4 years ago?

Question about * Cleveland Q&A

What's the disconnect between the W press conf. we saw, and its coverage

CNN reporter "we won't show the gruesome footage of prison attack.

Kate O'Beirne: Fighting wars "a job for men, not women"

Lawmakers at odds on immigration

So, Russia and China blocked the UN statement Bush wanted on Iran

Huge Reaction To Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story

Deranged, Disconnected, and Dangerous

this poll is being out and du'er this poll

anyway to stream AAR from a radio station???

AP Bureau chief of Vermont - Ousted!

WSJ: When Pilots Pass the BRBON, They Must Be in Kentucky

Star Wars Gives Terrorists a Good Name!

No One’s Martyr (Pat Tillman)

Listening to AAR

David Gregory smacks down Laura Ingraham on Today

Supreme court to rule on patent for your thoughts

Does Bush Care?

The CIA thought the Soviets were going to establish manned lunar bases.

Cheneys new image and song

msnbc talking of bush speech today--saying he combative

Hotel Charging Guests By The Pound

WaPo transcript of Chimpy's presser this AM

HAHAHA - Cheney goes to NJ to fundraise for Kean; Kean stands him up

Observation made during asshat's press conference

I'd just like to say "I dont want Victory"

DU this poll.

Christ's words for Mr. B* "You are of your father the Devil. and the

Neo-Manliness: to PISS YOURSELF and HIDE during the Vietnam war

What do you think Bush says when he wakes up in the morning?

Vietnam war deserter regrets flight to Canada in 1968 (arrested at border)

Suicide attack warning in Kabul

Pastors' Get-Out-the-Vote Training Could Test Tax Rules

WP hires RedState blogger to "balance" Milbank?

Americans don't like discussing atrocities done by the USA because...

Bush says SenKerry has come down to work with him on Line Item Veto..

Sherrod Brown Calls Bush Speech Hollow Rhetoric

Raw Story finally took the Michelle Malkin link off of their front page

deadly snow storm happening as we talk

Well Now, We Finally Have a Definition for Victory in Iraq from the chimp


Any video available of today's Bushapalooza?

Cleaner Air Brings Drop in Death Rate

Oil Spill Raises Concerns on Pipeline Maintenance (Alaska)

Now is the time to start stockpiling Birth Control Pills & EC

Another Day for the BUSHCO Media - Lead off stories at 2:00p.m.

Plane that hit WTC was a 737 not a 767?

Bush's Continued Use of Straw Man Arguments

Land plan draws fire

How you could get to the truth regarding chimp's true bedrock support.

Another issue the Democrats need to hammer

Jon Stewart to host Peabody Awards

CNN: Nagin rejects limits on rebuilding in New Orleans

VIDEO- Hutson (Gitmo Bay Panel) on War on Terror is War on Idealism

NY state consideres not sending kids out of state for shock therapy

A quote from 2004

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks Cleveland City Club Onions Edition

Congregationals from Owosso+Muslims from Flint = Peace in our time.

"V: The Second Generation"

"No Democrat stood up against the Terrorist Surveillance Program"

What did Lieboy say about "the Dark Side?"

MEDEA BENJAMIN on Bill O'Reilly last night

Will today's press conference lower Bush's poll ratings or help them?

Did anybody else hear "Bodies are washing up everyday in Iraq" on NPR?

Stump the Chimp! ---pix--->>>

Did anyone see Medea Benjamin take on Bill O'Reilly last night?

Who has that link to the database of campaign donations by person?

my press conference question for shrub: "when did you go off your meds?"

Blast from the past: Bush at his best.

$9 Trillion Debt because of Medicare and Social Security!

Pastors' Get-Out-the-Vote Training Could Test Tax Rules

The international community must act now to save the world from the

Got an editorial cartoon idea? STL paper has a contest.

VIDEO- Mori on David Hicks and the Taliban-pointing out hypocrisy

I went over to the freep side to get their viewpoint. (shudder)

RANDI RHODES ALERT..........Operation Change 4 Change

Feingold Praised in Red America.

Why is peace such a dirty word?

Yearly Driver's License Renewal for Sex Offenders Bill Debated

Randi to be on Lou Dobb's tonight

Dems shift message to target Bush as "Dangerously Incompetent" !

for the people who missed the press conf today-transcript

We are losing our talent

Tillmans: Rummy, bushies give "lie after lie"

"liberals are hoping for the worst in Iraq"

Mugshots: Bush and the gang are in denial, but the spin ain't flying

Are the reporters afraid of bush!


Chimpolini: I was VERY CAREFUL never to say Saddam ordered attacks...

VIDEO- Letterman Bush Inspiring Our Nation's Elderly

Healthcare choice? new toon 3/21


Randi Rhodes will be on Lou Dobbs from 6pm to 7pm eastern time. Then

Bush to Cleveland: "Anybody Work Here In This Town?" WTF?

What questions should have been asked at the press conference? I have one

Any Special Ed Teacher care to help a newbie out???

my, my my, anybody checked Air America Webstite lately?

Randy on Lou Dobbs today

Something the 'liberal' Media didn't report on regarding Jacob Robida

MSNBC Reporting that "Operating Swarm of Lies" in 6th day

President Bush Press Conference Thread #2

Room 101- Welcome to the New America

Helen Thomas on with Wolfie about press conference!

Helen Thomas to be on WOLFIE (cnn)

Helen Thomas to be on Situation Room on CNN

IRS plan would allow sale of tax data to marketers

Helen Thomas coming up Situation Room!

That Bill Thomas (R-CA) sure knows how to travel in style!

VIDEO- Bush insults reporters at his press conf today

Mirapex: Alzheimer's Drug Causes Gambling Addiction

NOW! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

When do they start hailing us as liberators?

Tuesday Guy James Show Thread!!!

" To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong, Helen, in all due respect."

Right-wing Spin on Chimpies Press Conference: The "Liberal"

I'm off to the polling place to VOTE!

70 Million on whitewater how much on 9/11

News story from the New York Times, May 7, 1863

Rice not likely to pursue 'dream job'

Quite a display on national TV, a member of the BFEE losing his mind...

Wolfie just reported that Feingold has already responded to *'s comments

About that jailbreak in Iraq today...

Nev. trooper drove 113 mph to get home for dinner, killed 4

'Northern Iraq Ruled by Force and Fear'

American Theocracy,Clear & Present Dangers (review)

Rice to stay as secretary of state

All DUers need to buy and display "Question Authority"...

VIDEO- Bush on Immigration and Jobs and Cspan commenter

About this guy who shot a kid for walking on his lawn...

Bush: U.S. Troops Will Remain In Iraq Through The End Of My Presidency

Path to War (HBO)

Wash-Post launches Conservative blog to 'balance out' Froomkin

Greatest "Greatest Page" ever today.

Meet Johnny Hap, primary challenger for Rahm Emanuel

Reminder: New DAILY Guy James Show from 2-5pm ET.

Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure??? - (Colbert)

Measure Would Redefine What is "Proficient" Student Achievement

Reflection of the times on "24?" (no spoiler)

McTeigue Says Film Not Anti-Bush/Blair, But 'Cautionary Tale'

How dare anyone question his certitudity?

The "Chickenhawk" Argument

What is a good liberal to do?!

As much as I worship the ground Helen Thomas walks on...

Wolfie vows to ask Helen Thomas "tough questions". I bet she's SCARED!

Drug Ring Sold Pot-Laced Candy, Soda

Cafferty Question: Why do you think the President went to war?

You know the "Saddam Tapes" the Freepers have been drooling over...

DU this poll: Opinion of Bush & economic policies

The front page article by Bernard Weiner "New Jew" is a good read...

FreeperNet: Americans Rally Around Afghan Christian (who faces execution)

There is a Bush joke in here somewhere

Helen Thomas Situation Room 4 CST n/t

Randi is doing a great bit about KO

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

VIDEO- Why Did Bush Go to War? (Cafferty)

Bush called our soldiers "kids" in his press conference

anyone know how to turn a word doc into a ASCII text files

New AOL Poll Questions: Iraq, * , Rummy, etc

Info on New USPS Peace Stamp???

Bummer..."TOMS" natural sells out to Colgate Palmolive.

Randi Rhodes is going to be on Lou Dobbs today!

On Fox: Charges against Debra laFave to be dropped

Saddam DID NOT deny inspectors in Iraq!

Oxy Rush says time to put 3,000 9/11 dead in perspective. "NO BIG DEAL"

What a great job Dubya did before the hostile press !

A disabled person's first experience with a voting machine

John Edwards on Sec. Snow's defense of * economy, and petition

JC Watts? Thats the best they can put out there?

So they let him get away with not knowing the Taliban were in Afghanistan?

Comedy Central's Colbert to Write Book

4 mos. ago: Troops to start withdrawing “fairly soon”...Today: Who knows??

Does Bush know that the US recalled the inspectors in Iraq? Saddam did not

IQ and voting

Here's how we save our democracy:

freeper on NPR this morning re:Cheney's speech - frightening.....

Diane Feinstein just rocked my world on Tweety


How Far Is KO Going To Go Tonight????

Generally the dream of every non-American is to become an American

Haditha alleged massacre video released to Reuters

Washington Asks India To Appoint Military Officers To US Strategic Command

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday: "Hillary 08, Stop the insanity.'" nt

Helen on Situation Room now - 5:12

Text Of Bushit's press conference....He actually SAID IT.........TWICE!!

"[Withdrawal] will be for future presidents, future Iraqi PMs to decide"

2321 Reasons why The DSM is Important

Wrath of God behind Israel bird flu?

FACT - Bush is a Cancer

Dobs is having good segment about insurgent attach on police station

Supreme Court blocks state investor class-action suits

Helen Thomas to be in Situation Room. coming up on Wolf, cnn

Delete Mods

Musharraf first to know about US surveillance plans

Randi Rhodes will be on Lou Dobbs!

why an unskedded press conference?

"Rightwingers want the worst for the United States"

Embattled Katherine Harris plans "Nightline" appearance

Impeachment is a plan for withdrawal

Randi will be on DOBBS!!!! I JUST HEARD IT! YEA!!!

If Bush suddenly "jumps" to 40% approval in a poll...

What will *'s new poll #s be after Cleveland & his press conference?

After todays performance, when will they finally have to hospitalize Bush?

Homeland Security network gets an F for the second consecutive year

listening to W Journal cspan--talking of manilness in the WH.

Deutsche Telekom in TV tie-up with Microsoft

New Patriot Act creates American Gestapo

What does this admin and their supporters mean when they say

New Velvet Revolution AD (WaPo)

Did anybody just see Candy Crowley?

Lou Dobbs on now. Randi Rhodes on soon

Illegal Aliens Captured Working at Naval Undersea Warfare Center!!!!

Senators ask Rumsfeld to smooth military voting process

Wow! Randi Rhodes on Lou Dobbs! n/t

Hell, lets draft Randi Rhodes for prez in 08!

For 4,000th post- 2 dogs, family, and a question

DU this poll

Ex-gun runner a Nicaraguan presidential favorite

Truthout: Scott Ritter Calls For Impeachment ("It's Criminal")

And yet again excellent posts are dropping because people cannot confine

He's got his earpiece in - listen for it.

Bush: "Let's see here. They told me what to say."

Largely forgotten by history: The Freepettes.

Honestly, how long will the Iraq occupation last?

Is it now legal to ask a voter for ID in Illinois?

REMINDER: C-Span to rebroadcast press conf. at 7:00 pm...nt

Helen Thomas smackdown of Wolf-CON coming up in East

May i please remind everyone that when Bush says he didn't want war

I met a man tonight...Info/Help Needed!

Anyone's child

Which anti-choice slogan with the anti-tobacco people begin using?

Another American female soldier dies in Iraq

How dumb are the people from Act for Change to send out pressure a senator

OMG!! I just realized I've suffered under Bush for 13 years!

Is the US more prepared to stand up to a corrupt gov't than the Germans

In 1 word, describe Bush's performance today

Press Conference Transcript and Video online:LIAR LIAR F*ING LIAR!!!!

Tourists come to Florida for the Billboards, NOT the Palm Trees

The Freedom Toast (again)

They are killing the best and brightest....

We Need an Economy that Works for Everyone - Sen. John Edwards

Pentagon Protest Photos! Hundreds Were There! And Cindy Too!

Feingold connects at home - Rural listeners applaud senator's resolution

I finally get it

Hell yes I vote based on moral values issues.

Bush called the Congressional Democrats Cowards today at WH press conf.!

Did you know there is a christian

WOMEN!!!!! smart, wonderful WOMEN!!!!!

Chimp admits to using political capital to kill our troops. Oops!

"The Planet of Unreality"....03-21-2006 Washington Post Op-Ed....

Feinstein says we need "new leaders" in charge of Iraq War

Another poll that could use a DU touch

Yes or no. Do you believe we are in the End Times, Mr. President?

Helen Replay 7:02 p.m. cst C-Span

My student was killed in Iraq last week

Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs (from Govt Publication)

lou dobbs poll-re:*'s frequent speeches-doesn't really need DU


PHOTOS: Temper, temper! People won't "want to have a beer" with you

Boston Legal tonight (March 21)

War Is Personal: Tomas Young/Age 26/Kansas City, Missouri

A Pawn in the Game

Hmmm. Now This Is A Scary Thought: If Hillary Is Elected In 08,

Take a look at this Chicago Tribune Editorial...

"Masters of War" (Bob Dylan)...


Dobbs poll about Bush speeches 89% say will hurt

What did one deer say to the other...

GOP to Air Ads Attacking Feingold

Newsday Poll >> How long should U.S. troops stay in Iraq?

I have something to say to fundie preachers, rabbis, clerics, archbishops

Pat Buchanan is Blowing a Gasket on Hardball!

Randi's on NOW!

Reporters laughing - and saying - What a Disgrace!

Serious Bidness, those heart attacks...

Three Little Piggies ---pix--->>>

Police increasingly resemble military teams

This Is the Definitive Bush Photo ---pix--->>>

CNN Tells Country Noah's Ark Found!

Jason Leopold: Woodward's Plame Leak Deep Throat

Listening to Dan Patrick and KO on ESPN......Conda for NFL

Why do you hate your country so much?

Transcript of Bush news conference: Helen's part . . .

Forget Iraq, forget Dubai, forget censure, forget social security...

I am liking the idea of a single term presidency...6 years

VIDEO- Helen Thomas on Bush and the Iraq War-Selected Bits

A Fair and Open Internet: Stealthy Opponents

"I didn't want war" ... You are a MFing LIAR, bush.

"Katrina Cottage" an attractive alternative to FEMA housing

Proof bush is INSANE;

You know, I've been waiting a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time for this day

Is bashing * becoming a national sport?

When will someone in the media point out Bush's BIGGEST Iraq lie:

My dad insists on talking politics with me...

Why We Are Screwed

San Antonio-area schools consider banning "Handmaid's Tale"

Hillary Clinton calls on Bush to do more to end genocide in Darfur

Most drivers don't signal lane changes ("too lazy," "adds excitement")

An open letter to Pat Tillman: I was wrong. Forgive me.

Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools


How's the economy in your area /job market?

suggestion: new term

A question about asbestos and building demolitions

This One, Single Question by a Reporter can Impeach Bush

Caption this Cheney pic...

Helen Thomas just SERVED Leslie Blitzer on CNN!

Look at this Bush photo, then read this article about "Micro-Expressions"

Check this out: The War on Christians Conference

At the Library today - -Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Time for plain talk about the Bush regime.

The smearing of "V for Vendetta" has begun (CNN) Solidad

BUSH: "Doing the Jobs American's WON'T Do..."

Point about gay marriage

DU Emergency Housing Design Contest

CNN's Gossippy Bill Schneider does Excellent report on Al Gore...running

Pat Tillman's Dad Suspects Killing was Intentional

Location of Voting Assistance Centers NAACP

Democratic Underground and Telephone Companies

What the "Rich" really think of the "Middle Class"

Hospice? good? bad?

A Collapsing Presidency - Will it take the country down with it?

TAP article offers intriguing theory about Gore, Trippi, Clinton and '08

Ready for a shocker? The electronic voting machines in IL are screwing up

***** Raise the Minimum Wage *****

Second Preliminary Poll on 2006 elections.

Are You Paying the Wal-Mart Tax?

Nothing they can say or do can fix the lies...

Daily Show brings in three times as many viewers as

Feingold, Murtha, Kerry, Kennedy....One thing in common

A Way to Keep Bush Out of Iran ...

Feds Pose as Reporters (From Fox news)?

Many Department of Interior Web Sites Shutdown (still.....)

"Anti-war demonstrator stands next to sign calling for Bush impeachment"

First reaction from a stranger to my "Worst. President. Ever." shirt

here's your boy, freepers

30%? I don't think so . . . . . . . . . a personal musing

Gonzales Explains: Warrantless Domestic Spying Made Simple

Miami's Cubans Torn Over Baseball Success (the Crazies...)

DOJ Confirms Voting Rights Violations in Massachusetts

Emily's List is supporting Francine Busby! Let's get this gal elected

Chuck Todd on Cspan - who was he saying spent time in SC?

Tom Kean Jr. arrives too late to be seen with Cheney (duck)

Wrong question, Mr Resident

John Conyers on Radio Today

Heads Up! NC DU'ers: Mark Crispin Miller Tonight/UNC Chapel Hill!

Deficit Demagogues (NY Times)

Were the questions submitted beforehand like usual?

Bush: "Our good economy is a result of the hard work of American people...

Ah, so it's the Press's fault that we are still at war....

In an effort to show a new openness bushie answers questions. Hush Helen!

Should Bush be impeached? DU this and tell Souix City what you think

Duncan Bremer, brother of Paul Bremer, announced for Hefley seat...

Someone is starting a liberal publishing house

"I'll consider the future when I get to the future," he told reporters

"That's a trick question, because you want me to talk about the polls...

limbaugh will soon explain bush's performance so hold your critique

Please Answer This Question for Bush.....

Somebody should listen to chimp's 911 calls and send in

Straw man of the day - Bush is being criticized for taking out the Taliban

ROFLMAO.....In case you missed it...

Bush Comic: Pretend You Don't See The Blood

* Speech to be re-aired on Cspan at 7 pm EST

I want to wash my eyes with bleach, and clean my ears with sewing needles.

Yahweh's terminal illness

Thank you, Mr. Resident! What a lovely gift to Democratic candidates!

Vote now. MSNBC Poll

Did that dumb shit really just say "Islamo-Fascists"?

removed by OP

Troops to Stay in Iraq

* Has A Job After His pResidency - He Can Impersonate Tommy Smothers.....

"I'm just stalling for time here, heh heh."


Froomkin has picked up on the "Straw Man"

to rally the right, propagandists claim the left hates sad little bushie

When are the Dems going to stop letting Bush punk them out...

Little Lord Pissypants hurls the gauntlet at Dems over N.S.A. Surveillance

Bush and the press were doing their job today....

Why do polls have caveats?

Carlos Santana speaks out against Bush

very interested in organizing a student walkout/protest

Something to chew on re: Condi, the NFL, and 08 . . .

signs for 06

there's a graphic of the Democratic Donkey kicking that I see

Go Wisconsin!!

So now White House staff are posing as Fox News and Secret Service?

i can't take it anymore. just put on MSNBC and they announced

I'm So Embarrassed..What an Idiot

We kill innocent people because we're trying to encourage them to be free.

MT Sen poll - Dems beat Burns, but not Rehberg or Racicot

Trivia time - Who said this?

LTTE: Rudyard Kipling quote "...because our fathers lied".

GOP incumbents election strategy for 2006

Pigboy Limbaugh's fuzzy math on significance of U.S. casualties in Iraq

CNN: 5 questions for the VP of the Field Museum of Chicago

News lead from Bush press conference: "US troops in Iraq until 2009"

CNNs Wolf said this of Rice:

Debate on faith and politics in Columbus this Sunday

Hey, Montana... is Sen. Burns going to quit the race?

UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar in wake of Dubai

Send Nick Lampson $$$$

DFA animation about paper ballots

Clinton wiretapping program

GOP to air ad criticizing Feingold for censure proposal

McCain, Senators tell Bush it's OK to ignore Congress (doesn't need LIV?)

"I didn't want war." President * in answer to Helen Thomas

Who will be the first Repug to openly ask *W* not to campaign for him/her?

Photos: "US President George W. Bush listens to a question"

Call WaPo 703.469.2500 Say NO to Red State blog

Four criminals.

We need to start saying

A Honest And Responsible Debate Here At Home (bush)? Hmmmmm

Armitage on 9/11, Saddam, Al Qaida

Another thought experiment: Civics exam for public office candidates

6 years later and * still looks like an asshole...sigh

John Edwards:--Tell Snow_We Need an Economy that Works for Everyone

Participating in a Harris political poll

GOP unleashes outrageous new attack ad re: Feingold/Censure


* doing great job communicating poor policies...

Kerik: Port deal collapse may hurt, not help, security

Anyone know of where Bush Press conferene might be replayed?

Ok, If these headlines don't show that Iraq in engaged in a civil war....

DU this poll!

Helen Thomas' Presidential Shake-up!!

Ed Schultz's Take On Troops In Iraq Till 2008 For The Next President....

Rape victims lose in Connecticut legislature

Author Kevin Phillips is being interviewed on "Fresh Air" now (3:00pm ET)

Lives vs. breasts

GWB "Saddam did not allow weapons inspectors into Iraq." WHOOPSIE!

Helen just said it! Woot! Project for a New American Century...

Bush's worst enemies - TRUTH and IDEAS - Tuesday cartoon

Freepers: "I think Helen Thomas should be banned from these conferences"

Bush is wetting his pants

~ President George W. Bush quotes linking Saddam and Al-Qaeda ~

I'm going to ask an outrageous question . . .


Help with reply to Houston Chronicle LTTE

Famous Lies of Bush War in Iraq - use topic lines

GOP TRAILS Democrats in Senate Fundraising !!

Bush: U.S. Troops Will Remain In Iraq Through The End Of My Presidency

Reid: We See No End to Bush's Dangerous Incompetence

Are "they" planning on closing down DU before the election?

Marked Money - Gotta Love It !

Bigotry and gay adoption

"You've Got Mail" ... But Amazingly, Some In The FBI Don't

Bush Fails To Defend Himself Against Cleveland Questioner

The Bush press conference?

Only 25% of the kids at the average high school could join the Army?

Any idea how much Bush and his family profit from current oil prices?

General Wesley Clark on Ed Schultz Today - Tuesday 3/21

There He Goes Again.. Alan Dershowitz Promulgating Pre-Emptive War

Gore/Feingold 2008 - Prediction

A pressed conference

NY Observer: Gore Is Bigger Than Ever!

I was wrong. I was lazy. I will fight.

"V for Vendetta" and the power of ideas

Outrageous! Sandra Day O'Connor part of new "Iraq Panel Group"!