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Archives: March 29, 2006

GM Lays Off Several Hundred Employees

Fed nears rate peak

JOSHUA FRANK: A War in Search of a Justification

Conservative Billings Gazette says Bush land sale a bad idea

"Clean coal technology"?

Chemistry Nobel Laureate writes a monograph on the methanol economy.

Voters in Israel Support Parties Vowing Pullout, NYTimes 3/29/2006

Olmert: Israeli election marks new chapter

9/11 scholar for truth shot dead!

(9/11 OR 911) ("cover up" OR coverup)

Complicitous to mass murder CNN "kills" Ed Asner/9/11 story tonight

Question for New Yorkers--Has their been much local coverage of WTC#7?

Chicken Shit 911 Commissioner bails out of CNN appearance


Maryland paper ballot law thwarted by 1 Democratic Senator

The election was Stolen.


Senate committee approves medical marijuana bill

Two words of advice when setting up a wireless network:

Disappearing hard drive space???

Favorite Costco food?

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan: report

Harper defends right to secret cabinet meetings as 'a constitutional thing

LAT: FBI Agent Says Moussaoui Sought Last-Minute Deal

9/11 scholar for truth shot dead!

ACLU: Pentagon concedes Abu Ghraib photo, video case

Senate Nixes New Ethics Violations Office

Facing Charges, Ex-Liberian Leader Flees

New Orleans Health Care Still in Shambles

Halliburton overcharged for Iraq oil work-report

British government workers strike

Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments

(AP) Democrats in Vermont to Weigh Impeachment

US Funded Grant Aims to Support Arab TV Journalism

Judges back bill examining domestic spying

Leading Democrats in Vermont to consider impeachment resolution

Amnesty International Reports 88 Palestinian Refugees, Including 42 Childr

Military won’t charge US contractors detained after alleged shootings in I

Soldier Pleads Not Guilty in Detainee Harm

Bush extends olive branch to Canada in runup to meeting with Harper

CNN: FEMA to get tough with next hurricane

WP: London Mayor Lashes U.S. Ambassador as a 'Crook'

US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for major training exercise

Taiwan told U.S. may not defend the island

Son's Death in Iraq Prompts Bid for Congress

Democratic Senators Vow FDA Nominee Block

US senators seek to win full Turkish support against Iran

Hundreds of thousands in mass protests across France

McCain to speak at spring graduation at Falwell's college

New Orleans to be emptied for next storm: officials

Olmert, declaring victory, appeals to Abbas for peace talks (Haaretz)

Muhammad 'Psychotic,' Medical Assessment Says (Maryland sniper)

NYT: Judges on Secretive (FISA) Panel Speak Out on Spy Program

College Student in Wal-Mart for 41 Hours

Dems: GOP lawmaker who sent e-mails doesn't understand problem

Bush says 'name-calling' just politics

Uruguay & Argentina Cease Training at U.S. Army’s School of the Americas

Rice: Iran a Menace Beyond Nuclear Issue

International Paper selling thousands of acres to environmentalists

Democrats Pledge to 'Eliminate' Osama

S.C. Approves Seeking Death for Pedophiles

This is the *real* goodnight thread!

tell them about the discount harry!

ZombieNixon is a herk.

Can you help me think of a movie?

Apparently Katie Holmes needs L. Ron Hubbard-approved cue cards...

GD didn't want me!

Mecano, thine kingdom is no more...

People didn't want me!

Well, the question of Arrested Development's fate has been answered.

I was just picking my nose and look what I found.

Does this seem pointless to you?

Does anyone think this is worth anything?

Comedians who were funny for about 5 minutes in 1986?

Sobe Sugar Free Energy drink tastes like penicillin.

My cat just barfed, and lookit what came up

I went into the backyard to pick up toys and found this...

I just went to a memorial service for a 16 year-old

Does's listings grid work horribly for everybody else?

ESPN ranked the top 100 World are the top 10...

I'm watching the newest version of King Kong, and as much as

Is this how you feel at the end of the day ? Or the beginning?

Just bought a car at police auction.

My boyfriend ruined my 1000th post with a stupid star trek reference joke

I was just helping Crazy clean out his closet, and look what I found!!!


I had to crawl under the house to get a dead raccoon. I found this.......

Look at this guitar I just found in a dumpster

I bought this at a garage sale for 100 dollars...did I get a good deal?

So, this college kid read "Places of the Heart" and decided to spend a

Greatest Baseball Game ever....

Boston Legal is on

Who's next?

My new "band" website, Dumbosaurus.

Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch is on What a trip!

'Shania Twain' defence works in drunk driver's favour

I am fucking pissed

The 23rd Qualm....*ush is my shepherd...I dare not relax...

Should I change my signature to

Trans. Europe. Express.

According to human for

I was just cleaning out my closet and look what I found!!!

Can somebody help me with some old song lyrics?

Floogeldy's guitar find just made me code brown

Whoa... Interesting video...

My imaginary friend has WMD and poses a major threat to our nation.

NEED HELP! Computer question!

Hey! I just went to a fucking estate sale too!! I bought this rock that

So I'm a week out of date

At what point do you leave your job?

This law and order SVU is interesting

Culture war news:"Brokeback" DVD to be sold at WalMart

Look what I found in the closet.

My grandpa is passing over...

I'm perusing the "Power Ballads" compliation on iTunes....

Has anyone else ever lived in a place with bad vibes? I mean the whole


southlandshari and Misunderestimator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL guitar related post.

Oh, HERK!!

Question for guitarists . . . .

Tinfoil Hatters check in - I want to hear your theories!

Hey! I need some kitty pics, now!

Do you still have a VCR? Do you use it?

What's worse than BlueIris' roommates?

Does anybody else have PVC (premature ventricular contractrion)?

I just made up with a friend of mine I was not talking to, and it feels

Art Buchwald is the coolest son-of-a-bitch on the planet.


How evil are you?

Who remembers the show "Make Me Laugh"?

"Man accidentally divorces wife in sleep"

Can I get some new neighbors? I'm so bad with conflict.

I have a jacuzzi in my bedroom.

Your favorite Peter Sellers performance

Should Boojatta create two threads in the lounge about Boojatta?

Does anyone think I am worth anything?

Hey, rightwing racist fake Christians, answer a question re: immigiration

Favorite "Character actors/actresses"

Help! My dog just found some teeny baby rabbits and got one from the

Whatcha doing? Just hanging out?

How close are you to quitting your job outright?

A request for good vibes for my mother, please

Free association titles.

Anyone else taking the Jeopardy test tonight?

your driver's license online for all to see!

Help jus_the_facts with New Job Vibes!

How often do you feel empty?

Can we have a nice, happy, thread here in GD? With some pics?

Objectivity, Discontinuity, and the Concept of Money

Books- "The Jesus Mysteries" and "Jesus Puzzle" - highly recommended

The Cognitive Psychology of Belief in the Supernatural

Anyone know anything about Kelvin Sampson

Could y'all do me a small favor?

Sending light and love to our adversaries

to those who notice changes in the sun

Congressman says Bush twins should enlist

Does anyone know if these numbers are true?

Delete dupe

From TV Squad-Things I Hate About TV: When Keith Olbermann is on vacation

KOEB 3/28/06: Keithus Interruptus Edition

You have GOT to be kidding me!

We are a nation of LAWS! Except for the President, apparently

(VIDEO) crooksandliars wayback machine: Three Mile Island

Some knothead Bush lover/author was interveiwed on NPR today.

NO actually, the UN did NOT approve, did NOT impose the no-fly zones.

Immigration enforcement: Clinton vs Bush

Oppose Bad Higher Education Bill

Why didn't Lou Dobbs talk about "French Merger of Alcatel & Lucent?"

Are ye IRISH???

How can Americans possibly expect illegal immigrants

U.S. troop presence is helping in Iraq today.

How close are you to quitting your job outright?

Some days do you ever just feel like doing this?

You just never know where you are going to meet a DUer.

Saddam does his first interview with Arab TV from jail

Ummm...HOLY SHIT!??

Can we please talk about something other than illegal immigration?

VIDEO- Bush's Prescription Drug Tax on Seniors (Pallone)

Immigration, immigration, immigration! I have the solution!

will Josh Bolton get the short straw when it come time to break bad news?

VIDEO- Rumsfeld from today- "Lying Joe" March 28 06

Identity Politics!

If you are not listening to this, you should be

Is there a country in this world that'll take a decent, hard working Yank?

US debt clock running out of time, space

Does anyone else feel like things are a bit tense right now?

What Loophole Allows U.S. Chamber Of Commerce To Promote Schwarzenegger ?

VIDEO- Rumsfeld on Operation Swarmer/Embedded Reporters

Democrats Pledge to 'Eliminate' Osama

Ted Turner on *:"has his finger on the nuclear trigger..reformed alcoholic

"All wisdom doesn't reside in ... people in black robes," - Tom DeLay

ALERT: Jason Leopold on KRXA NOW (Talking Plamegate)

Beijing Protests Berlusconi Baby Comments

Puke alert - Schmoe Scarborough has Terri Schiavo's family up soon

Over 200 people have written the judge requesting leniency for Abramoff

Sen. Reid on NPR: "For a while I said this is the worst president since.."

Woo Hoo Boston Legal (March 28)

Ed Asner cancelled at CNN....we need Oprah!

Bird Flu, Breaking News

Would Someone Tell That Asswipe You Don't "Enforce" A Border

VIDEO- Rumsfeld-Joint Forces Command Report-Russian Spies-Iraq

White House press briefing decoded.

Is there ANYONE who believes gwb didn't want to go to war in Iraq? (F word

FBI: Moussaoui tried to cut a deal, saying he's worth more alive than dead

Is it still worthy of a tin foil hat when they're discussing it on NPR?

"If you walked into a cabinet meeting and started hurling your feces

The Daily Show tonight:

Would this be a legitimate exception to SD's abortion law?

As featured on Mike Malloy: Nancy Skinner for Michigan 09!

Which issue will be more important to voters come November immigration/war

Who gives a @#$% about profanity?

House member asks why Bush twins haven't enlisted

"What we are seeing are the last throes of the insurgency"

Tom Cruise in birth control - reminds wife of vow of silence during birth

Man sought for raping, impregnating daughter

Jon Stewart on Andrew Card resigning

Andy Card Says It's A New Season. Could It Be Fall?

Senate committee approves medical marijuana bill (Minnesota)

Joshua Brewster Bolten: preppy, rocker, deficit king

bush to be interviewed on Canadian TV tonight.

I am glad the Terri S. was on the tube today-as horrible as it was-cause

Argentina, Uruguay Say No To School of the Americas

Bush may have started WW III per retired Delta force member...

(TOON) Steve Bell on Britain's Pension Strike

Anyone else?

Nofziger's legacy

Fla. Officer Left Gun In Bathroom Before Cheney Event

Heckuva Job Brownie to be on Colbert Report tonight

Pierce Bush on the "Today" show

Did you catch the Karl Rove bit on Boston Legal tonight

What happened to the "D'RATS" post?

Moussaoui Wanted to Testify Against Himself

Repub with WH ties admits BushCo needs another September 11....

When are the Democrats in Congress going to get smart about immigration???

Who is Howard Kaloogian (and how did he get so insane?)

Let's Talk About YOUR Lies, Rummy!

Tales of Lunacy and Hope from New Orleans By Bill Quigley.

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Abramoff's lawyers say he's broke

"An ambassador telling a sovereign country what to do is unacceptable."

A Government Gone Mad?

The California 11th C.D. Primary thread at DemocraticWarrior.

Most Despicable protest at soldier's funerals

I think of the approval polls as a moron/asshole census.

" North of the Border" Paul Krugman on Immigration Debate

"people who work hard will succeed".

Right Winger "The Great Debate" says that Arnold will win re-election.

Re: Immigration - Inside The 'Mind' Of A Freeper !!!

When you do your taxes this year ...

WP op-ed: Jimmy Carter sounds alarm on Bush nuclear weapons policy

Sean Penn has a Mann Coulter Voo-Doo doll

Anyone here with access to NYT Select Features? (Looking for Article)

Anchor-Advocate on Immigration Wins Viewers: CNN's Lou Dobbs

Baby born with two fetuses inside her:

Immigration and wage slavery

Max Sawicky, EPI economist, says immigration is good for the economy

What is your bottled vs. tap water consumption?

Was it easier for "legal" immigration circa 1840-1930 than it is now?

RNC warns in memo, congressional Republicans better not criticize Bush

Flashback 2000/2001: CBS declares Florida for Gore

Why bloggers should apply to be a DU mod.

Didn't know where to post this. Activists As Terrorists in VA?

Heads Up: Willie Nelson Coming Up On Letterman

Conyers Endorses John Bonifaz for MA SecState

Spreading Democracy Over There, So We Don't Have To Spread It Here!

Student Accused Of E-Mailing Threats Against President

i wonder how many of us who feel powerless in the face ofthe bushit family

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 23)

Spent the day painting homemade freeway blogging signs (you should too)

"No President wants War."

A THANK YOU thread devoted to all of you who helped with the Roses

The cure for soulsickness is activism

National Forest (Bush) Sell-off March 30 is deadline for public input

Gays Adopt Children to Molest Them .... Rep. Debra Maggart, R-TN

Why do so many "whites" have some Cherokee ancestry?

I’m Proud to Be a Liberal

Rep. Clay to Bush: "...why haven't your girls enlisted?"

Just finished watching The Constant Gardner

Dan Savage launches "Impeach The Mother Fucker"

Remember the 1984 Apple Commercial at the Super Bowl?

To be stunned or not to be stunned:Moussaoui in court

Hillary Clinton has a challenger in the primary for her Senate seat.

would you buy a used car from these people?or how to pull a scam on scotus

CNN Poll: 92% say Bush's ratings won't improve with C.O.S. replacement

Senator Byrd's wife of 69 years has died.

Judges Back Bill Examining Domestic Spying

Iraq Prison Photos To Be Released - ACLU

Is there any doubt that Moussaoui is lot more crazy then terrorist

In honor of Art Buchwald

Seventh inning stretch is over. Time to play ball.

Thousands of Iraqis Flee to Avoid Spread Of Violence

For as much as I want dems to take both house and senate, I really

Any news regarding Scalia recusing himself from the tribunal case?

Democrats to Unveil Comprehensive Real Security Program

Is there freakin money anywhere to buy each republican lawmaker

Daou Report: "Scandal-fatigued nation" gives Bush-Blair memo "a big yawn"

New Liberal Talk Show

Authorities tightening control of student immigration protests

RNC Memo Warns GOPers Not To Distance Themselves From Bush

OK, I thought I had seen it all, but than I got to the end of the post....

Why don't you get it? 2006 is NOW. 2008 is LATER

"and China is standing by to take over ..."

AP: Democrats in Vermont to weigh impeachment

Who gives a hoot about Andy Card?

New Topic up at FR: The "Homosexual Agenda". What bigots.

Have any of the SCOTUS justices made remarks regarding the

Iraq,pull out now?What will happen?The concession is growing...

Rumsfeld: "there's no penalty for having lied" (he should know)

Interetsing analysis on state poltical trends

Hillary Clinton NARAL rating...

Congressman asks why Bush twins haven't enlisted

Democracy? Bush informs Iraqi prime minister to step aside

Well its campaign 2006. Are you ready to fight? But maybe we need

CNN founder Ted Turner blasts media, Bush

Which Governor would make the best President?

Let's help Wal-Mart provide employee health insurance...

Some Destructive Stupid Myths About Liberals, Invented by Conservatives

MOGAMBO GURU: Suddenly, Ammunition Is Very, Very Scarce

Housing Cuts for the Poor, Tax Cuts for the Rich (Gene C. Gerard)

Ex-defence chief Weinberger dies--BBC (hence spelling variation)

Juan Cole on the troubling developments in Kurdish Iraq.

LAT expose: How the Pentagon Kept Its Chemical

(BosHerald) Justice fires back (LTTE by Antonin Scalia) . . .

The President Is Not Smiling

Making a Mockery of 'Diversity' and 'Academic Freedom' (Mel Seesholtz)

Gene Lyons on what went awry

(Supreme Court Justice) Roberts turns his back on roots (AJC)

Shiites Say U.S. is Pressuring Iraqi Leader to Step Aside

How Environmentalists Lost the Battle (to the Pentagon) Over TCE

The big unit with the tiny heart

War in Iraq changing

Humanity Suffers the Savagery of the American Empire's Post-9/11 Worldview

Redemption Among the Faithful by Dana Milbank

World Demonstrations Strengthen Iraqis

Hikes proposed in Tricare costs for retirees

My girlfriend is fixated on politically correct food

Robert Scheer (TruthDig): Legalize the 'Illegals'

Does anyone have any information re: Dana corp bankruptcy?

'Asia must prepare for dollar collapse'

Our energy problems are over!!! Screw you, peak oil!

Blair Calls For "Real Dose Of Realism" In Canberra Climate Talks

Penn. DEP Secretary Hits Emissions, Mercury Contamination As "Life Issues"

Pacific Water Temps May Jump .82 Celsius, Dooming Corals

Prague Bracing For Floods As Sudden Warming Melts Mountain Snow - Reuters

GAO - Customs Fails Dirty Bomb Smuggling Test On N, S Borders

New Fuel Standards Coming For Trucks, But Savings "Difficult" To Project

Childrens' Blood Lead Up To 5 Times Chinese Legal LImits - Qinghai

Seagrass Beds Disappearing Worldwide - ENS

Brilliant Pig Farmers in China

Pacific isles get wildlife drive (BBC) {endangered species/biodiversity}

The winter of Europe’s (energy) discontent

LAT: How Environmentalists Lost the Battle Over TCE

Chernobyl diary (BBC) {20th anniversary of accident}

{Brazil president} Lula attacks rich on environment (BBC)

Blair demands green 'revolution'; UK to miss CO2 emissions target (BBC)

Dumping on ex-Mainer's bottle bill

Teens Arrested in Water Facility Break-In

Belarus cursed by Chernobyl - BBC news report

Archbishop Of Canterbury - Leaders Will Answer To God For Climate Inaction

Blair Demands "Green Revolution" - BBC

On the brink of a wave revolution (BBC) {wave/tidal energy}

Excellent Elizabeth Kolbert Interview In Wired

"State Of The Planet" Conference Forsees Deep, Deep Shit - AFP

All new Spanish buildings must go solar

Crude estimate: How many nuclear plants would it take to fuel 100M cars?

Kadima wins Israel's general election as Likud humiliated - Guardian

Kadima Faces Task of Forming Coalition (Israel Election)

Rachel's Words Live On --- Remi Kanazi

Kadima wins?

So long Andrew '9/11 Co-Conspirator' Card!

Why not Oprah?

I found out where all the 9/11 skeptic-skeptics hang out

MARK MORFORD - Long Live the 9/11 Conspiracy!

Morford -- Long Live The 9/11 Conspiracy!

How does MIHOP or even LIHOP fit if 93 was shot down?

Big update and overhaul to 9/11 Timeline is finally finished!

scholars for 9/11 truth & loose change

757-type debris at Pentagon

Anita's thread re voting in LA could use help in GD.

Anybody on Join the Election Fraud & Reform Group

What has happened in NY?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News March 29, 2006

If we want to keep CA, we need to get Debra Bowen elected.

Great Orange State editorial on voter-verified paper ballots

Choice Point in CA?! THOUSANDS already kicked off of voter rolls.

Final Push for HR550: Need for as many emails as possible.

Anyone familiar with Maynard, MA?

Jackie Reyer 1950-2006 an everyday Democrat

Wendy Wilde running against Ramstad?

Need help with Asus MB BIOS problem..

A small favor and a question?


Delegation chair

anyone heard of the 'forgiveness law' in Texas?

What is with Air America in Austin this morning????

Your Daily DeLay: Former Majority Leader, Current Defender of the Faith

Nutritional balance - Tomato sauce dishes

canned salmon


JOHN CHUCKMAN: Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister, Afghanistan is Not Our War

Canadians turn more sour on U.S.

Well, that was one softball interview with bush last night.

Goodale outlines "bigger tent" strategy for Libs

Battle at Afghan Military Base Kills 14

BBC - UN presses Belgrade over Mladic

Solar Eclipse Happening NOW!!! Watch!!! (Update: It's over now)

Gallup: Democrats Gain Edge In Party Identification During Last Year

Buck Owens has passed

Justices Hint That They'll Rule on Challenge Filed by Detainee--NYT

Gay Father Wins Custody Ruling

(BosHerald) Justice fires back (LTTE by Antonin Scalia) . . .

Flak hits boss of EPA for local do (bushco EPA cozying up with oil/gas)

Kadima Faces Task of Forming Coalition (Israel Election)

Court rebuffs McDermott

WP: States Face Loss of Funds (billions) From Tobacco Settlement

Senate Nears Passage of New Ethics Bill

Israeli media: Kadima wins at polls (

KR: U.S. appeals to Iraq's cleric (Sistani) to help end political impasse

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor Arrested

LAT: Senators Delay Immigration Debate to Work Behind the Scenes

DeLay makes political appeal to religious conservatives

Canadians and U. S troops killed in Afghanistan by Taliban

Former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger dies

AP Afghan Lawmakers Demand Convert Be Held

Blackwell Aide Close to Charter (School corruption scandal)

Bulgaria sends 154 troops to Iraq (armed with non-lethal weapons)

NYT/AP: Iran Hard-Line Regime Cracks Down on Blogs ("Weblogistan")

Breaking: ABRAMOFF sentenced Five years, ten months

Kurdish Protesters, Turkish Police Clash

Gunmen dressed as police kill 9 in Baghdad raid

Reuters: PBS host Charlie Rose to undergo heart surgery in Paris

Iraq detainee beaten to death by fellow inmate (Camp Bucca)

5-year-old kindergartener brings pistol to school, is expelled

U.S. backs down, will Release Abu Ghraib photos

Abramoff Gets Almost 6 Years in Prison (70 months)

WP: Card's Departure Seen as a Sign President Hears Words of Critics

Abramoff Gets Almost 6 Years in Prison


Breaking on CNN - UN Security Council unanimously

Judge tosses Log Cabin Republicans Don't Ask Don't Tell lawsuit

US man in Bush murder plot gets 30 years in jail

BREAKING: Lucia Newman, CNN Havana bureau chief, bolts for Al Jazeera

War in Iraq changing

AP: Bush Joining Spring Breakers in Cancun

NYT: Defense Tries to Undo Damage Moussaoui Did

Syria's Assad Calls for Better U.S. Ties

US 'unaware' of prayer room before assault

Militants attack base in Afghanistan: 2 foreign troops, 12 rebels killed

(Klansman) Edgar Ray Killen Taken From Prison to Jackson Hospital

Congressman denies he got deal on house

Cassini Finds 'Missing Link' Moonlet Evidence in Saturn's Rings

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Bush Wants Schools to Progress in Science

Apple Releases Software to Set iPod Volume

Afghan Arrives in Italy After Fleeing

'Saudi secretly working with Pak (nuke) experts': German magazine

Whistleblowers allege influence peddling by Congressmen, VP in project.

Iraq talks falter as gunmen kill eight in Baghdad shop

(NY Gov) Poll: Faso slightly ahead of Weld; Spitzer maintains big leads

Suspect Confesses to Murder He Didn't Commit

Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 29 March

DeLay a star at 'War on Christians' conference

Senate passes legislation to reduce Congressional ties with lobbyists

Brain drain hits Homeland Security: Top posts remain empty for months

Baghdad, Turkey Baghdad photo scandal

RNC Memo Warns GOPers Not To Distance Themselves From Bush

Pres Clinton Emerges in Group Bidding for Philadelphia Inquirer

13-year-old boy charged for threatening Bush

(AP) Justice Scalia Chastises Boston Newspaper

Lobbysist Abramoff sentenced to 5 years, 10 months in SunCruz fraud case

Nations Reach Deal on Confronting Iran

Auto Industry Gets New Fuel Economy Rules (21.6 MPG for light trucks)

WaPo: 'War' on Christians Is Alleged

WashPost: Thousands of Iraqis Flee To Avoid Spread of Violence

U.S. Rep. McKinney Accused of Hitting Officer

UPDATE: (MS Legislators suspend rules) Abortion Debate Lives On

I've been to too many police officers' funerals (Bloomberg anti-gun rant)

Florida Attorney General subpoenas voting machine companies

Aww. Hot dogs!

PalmGeeks, it's been ten years.

Canadians who were funny for about 5 minutes in 1986?

Why would anyone believe such nonsense as voter fraud? It's B.S.

BlackBerry users; I need some feedback

Is it safe to freeze milk beyond it's expiration date?

I have returned!

Idjit Driver - A RANT by KitchenWitch

I have skated on jury duty so far this week..

Herk it, I'm going to sleep.

this got no response yet in GD, perhaps I am too jumpy...

Can you get catnip in liquid form?

"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war..."

What is your favorite brand of breakfast cereal?

And you think YOU had a bad day? How about fifteen years?

The penguin shuffle

Diagnosis of fibromyalgia confirmed. I hurt all over...ugh.

I'm getting down! WOW! OW! Baby yeah! OW! UH! I got my backfield

DU is not alone..


Well, I got home from work tonight and decided

Journalism at its best

Journalism at its less-than-best

Giggle while you jiggle and you wiggle...

Question for collectors...

The TRIAL of Jonah Goldberg (humor)

You've got to see this rap video. Absolutely hilarious!!

you wanna know the worst part about myspace?

Buck Owens has passed

What the HELL is wrong with people?

We haven't had a Rammstein thread in a while.

I'm sorry for posting this here, but I have to get it off my chest

Fine Art

I bought this thing that's better than an iPod.

House siding price question

Anybody familiar with iPodder and able to answer a question?

Anybody Else Here Tried to Get Off of Xanax?

Raccoons Force Garage Band into Attic

Someone in the Lounge moved their desk. So I moved mine!

In The Pokey: Former Village People Cop Busted.

Martha Stewart is making me SUPER hungry this morning.

It's nearly time to go home.

Why is it, when you promise yourself not to do something...

OMG -- Publicist: Jessica Simpson wants to adopt


Glacier Park is Losing It's Glaciers.

Having a crappy week

For my 8,000th post, I wish to spread this intelligent, caring message:

I want to stay here forever....and ever....and ever!

Abe Vigoda is still alive!!!

Contest won: WinXP boots on Intel Mac

The only GOOD Repiglican is a {blank} Repiglican.

new arrival in the family

Anybody else here tried to get off of XNASA?

My roommate claims...

Wednesday earworm.

My 3 year old has little problem with many "childproof" caps

Now Here's something to Think About...

have you ever scarred yourself really bad?

Update on Griffey..Hit by a car last week ..missing a week

I never thought I'd see the day when I had to do this...

That's SIR Tom Jones to you

I just saw a diet commercial with Zora from "Joe Millionaire"...she went

I think its time to listen to some old U2

What if all of the undocumented workers were KITTENS?

Crazy Cat in Conn. Ambushes the Avon Lady

Why do coffee "baristas" feel they need to shout at you

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the heart??

O Fortuna

Wow, it's as much literal as it is figurative.

Three drunks make history repeat itself (all 3 driving the same car)


My paper is DONE!!!!

There once was a fellow named Herkin

Dairy Queen - "Dreams" commercial

Natalee Holloway is still missing!

Good morning, herkers!

Has anyone pointed out yet today...

Just a quick take on this whole irrigation discussion

Just a quick take on this whole imitation discussion

Woo! James Carville coming to my school!

Joke... No Brazillians involved.....

Well a nickel is a nickel, and a dime is a dime

China: TV Contest Shows Too Popular

Awwwwww goats wearing sunglasses

khashka won't sleep with me!

What the heck has happened to the gore '08 site?

Breeding- I am not in favor of it.

"24" question ***SPOILERS***

Has anyone had a problem connection to DU? I've had to refresh

dupe delete

Wildlife returning to Iraq in large numbers! More REPUB pix

Arrrrgh!!! It's "WHOA", *not* "WOAH", people!!!

talk about a wardrobe malfunction!

I hate easy to use gov't Web sites that aren't!

What should I add into this photo?

Stupid things you (or a family member) did..

We babysat my boyfriend's nephews last night

Off to LA/MS for a week, catch ya later

Kindergarten Student Expelled For Bringing Gun To School

Giddyap, DU! Jeezus!

Is herk acceptable outside of DU?

Day after day

My DU connection problem post in GD just went to the Greates Page!!!

A smell is coming from my PC (I think)- should I be worried?

*whistles innocently*

if theres popcorn included, is it a flame??

Bright and bummer notes. Saw 2 "bush made me a Democrat"

Bumper Sticker seen on a Ford Excursion...

Does anyone think Martin Short is funny?

Why do I always feel like I need a nap after lunch?

Gotta love Foster Brooks!

Is The Government Planning a Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil?

who is the most immune person in the du lounge?

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the heart??

Breathing- I am in favor of it.

Who is the most premature person in the du lounge?

who is the most immature person in the du lounge?

is Caspar Weinberger still dead?

The Thomas Kinkade FAITH MOUNTAIN Is On SALE!

This is from a Red State Hero


Sorry Phillip!

Cuteness for a Wednesday Afternoon

Flying Spaghetti Monster game!

Who is the most modest person in the du lounge?

Who is the most macho person in the DU Lounge?

A real honest to Gawd picture of Bagdad(the Horror)

"She's become a half-toothless crack addict who sees demons..."

Your Mother Sews Socks That Smell!

If Only This Would Happen To Bush

who is the most manure person in the du lounge?

Cheer up, sad sacks:

Who is the most herky person in the DU Lounge?

Republican Talking Points (B.S.) Generator

Police Taser Teen Accused Of Pouring Urine On Student

Once again it's time for YOUR FAVORITE JESUS

Any Thomas Kinkade fans here? The Dream US without immigrants!

Post here and be herked.

Tom gives Katie iPod with soothing tunes to keep her silent in childbirth

Webmasters --- Need your help

Son, when I was your age, 'herky' meant...

If a hooker's john is underage, is it child molestation?

Boners at your place of work.

Happy birthday wishes to..............

why do people wear rings like this?

I need to be adored.

I've been away for too long...

For my 300th post, ask me anything!

LOL. The media really says the obvious...

Syracuse, New York folk:

Heard or seen this joke?

Suggestions needed for dealing with extreme depression!!!

What is a Herk?

Hey, DU. How about some good vibes, positive thoughts for

Back, at least part time

Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town - Is Put On "House Arrest"

Screen-capture software: How do I know if I have it / get it if I don't?

Where should I go out for dinner?

Well, art is art, isn't it?

Have you ever intentionally hidden one of your own threads?

Everybody send dolo amber your wishes/prayers/vibes/juju today!

Which "American Idol" contestant is going home tonight?

your strangest brush w/ flame

If LSK and billyskank got in a fight, who would win?

Any CIV IV fans here?

Sundog said hello to me last night!!!!!

MatcomNews Late Edition: Pidgeon Shit Crushes House

What Kind Of Animal Is Arthur Supposed To Be?

Are you tired of working for peanuts? (large pic)

The only elegant restaurant in my little city has closed.

The reason flash video was invented according to

Tavernertot goes apeshit - daily! HALP!

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the heart??

Resolved that SIMPLY RED is a gift from Heaven...

Hey, I'm opening my own hair salon. What should I call it?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/29/06)

Can someone instruct me how to train myself to have only "hot" dreams?

Stephen Colbert has given me an exemplary idea...


Once and for all: NASCAR is not a sport

Ummm- what do you when you are down in the dumps?

Hayduke, is that you?

I'm George Bush - ask me anything.

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Help, my husband is stuck in the doctors office with Faux on and he

I'm really bored. Ask me anything.

Workmate's new Starbucks order. I couldn't be more proud of this guy.

Bonuses at your place of work


I'll ask the questions, thank you very much...

Where is Joan_Alpern today?

Just a quick take on this whole immigration discussion

Not ready for LBN: What's our advice for HUSBAND ON STRIKE?

Herk is NOT dead!

Attn: April/May babies!!


I just saw Bob Weir and Ratdog in Poughkeepsie!

What's your PECULIAR talent

Your strangest brush with fame

How do you organize your library?

I was called a "latte drinker" today! A frigging LATTE DRINKER!

Am I the only customer who thinks REBATES s/b illegal?

Tell me about cruises.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is out now!

ZombieNixon and billyskank are both herkalicious.

21 hours without smoking.

My grandfather passed away today

Get your own Tiger

Duke Lacrosse team are a bunch of circle jerks!

Questions...sort of...

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the sundog??

Beefcake Jesus Posters... Is This Right Or Wrong?

Is anyone else having a hard time finding work ?

Gotta love foster kittens!

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the sun??

who is the most mature person in the du lounge?


New war declared: It's the "war on Christians."

"In Cold Blood"

Carnival of the Liberals #9: The Religion & Philosophy Edition

Spinal cord injury eased by stem cells

Says it all, really

Two Wound Studies with Laser and LED

I need some links to stats on healthcare in the US

What country(countries) are at the forefront of stem cell research? nt

2006 mathematics prize announced {Abel prize}

Physics world buzzing over faster-than-ever particles

Happy Eclipse Day! Some quotes from historic eclipse dates >

Why won't space elevators short-circuit the ionosphere?

Greek Gays Battle Military Ban

Scalia: Gays Have No Constitutional Rights

Idol finalist Mandisa is big fan of antigay writer

Senate Immigration Bill Still Imposes Restrictions On Same-Sex Couples

'Gay Governor' Tell-All Out In Fall

Maryland GOP Tries To Revive Anti-Gay Amendment

Washington's King Co. Passes Trans Rights Measure

Emotional Hearing On Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Amendment

Scots Gay Couples Win Adoption Rights

How about the women's NCAA FInal Four

The Vikes got a new look!

Article: Do Petland's sales policies affect the fate of pound puppies?

Kittens in the Lounge!!!

Pics of kitten Fess

New cat/kitten pics!

My sad little foster dog...

"High-level positions available - apply within" (Archangel Michael)

Tomorrow's eclipse in Aries and Pluto goes stationary/retrograde

Rove's chart?

Oh shit. Andy Card for MA governor??


Letter requesting audits on climate reports

Echoing Kerry: Democratic Leaders to Unveil National Security Plan

Dems on security

Kerry voting NO on the lobbying bill

Is this personal between Kerry and Stevens?

A walk on the beach...

Pick the theme for the April contest!

Cenk Uygur: 'Olbermann proves the obvious'

Complicitous to mass murder CNN "kills" Ed Asner/9/11 story tonight

Coast Guard Accused of Discrimination (forbids religious head coverings)

Now they're calling US troops "foreign troops" so we don't notice...

Would this bother you? Touchscreen evoting machines were used in my county

xians and "reality shows"-is there a connection?


A Republic, If We Can Keep It.

This topic by it's very nature is controversial...

Real Liberal Media Bias found!


Vote in's Hero and Icons poll

Hate Jock slams me again on radio for last weeks Sheehan call.... Ouch!!!

Ronald Reagan used the words Amnesty for Aliens in 1987. We should too.

Be a nullifying juror if they outlaw abortion

Bush is in trouble with SCOTUS - Sparks flew as they shredded his case

What's a 6-letter word for 'unnecessary war"?

Culture of Corruption: Record Shows Senators' 'Debate' That Wasn't

Does it seem to you that we were hit with a pantload of news Tuesday?

Is the whole damn country completely braindead.VOTE FRAUD

Need a little help here regarding Gitmo detainees

Got this email fron The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Frivilous Lawsuits.

stand in for a victim in Darfur, with your signature...

Too many illegals+not enough soldiers=......?

Olmert Declares Victory in Israel Election

Heads up if interested...Spy hearing on C-Span now

SHAMELESS: "Ex-gay" is "stunned" and bemoans prospect of an HIV vaccine

Aggressively Establishing a Culture of Peace...

How is it Canadian Television got an interview with Bush?

Dissent Forged Our Country - and the Laws of Our Land...

This Song Is Dedicated To George W. Bush

Frame shop? 3/29 new toon

A buyer's market? More like smoke and mirrors.

Military Tribunals May Ban Torture Evidence (American Forces Press)

Here's an interesting ethical question...

We are officially on the runaway train to crazy town

Why an Iran invasion would be harder to sell than Iraq

Howard Kaloogian & the Minutemen (and our old pal Jerry Corsi)

Heres a little poem that I want to share with my family here

Swimsuit model/ political spokesperson/ columnist/ Kaloogian supporter a timely reminder for those arguments that seem

Tom Delay is giving a sermon on CSPAN now--to some Christian conference.

You really can't get away with much on the internet nowadays....

Who Do You Most Want To See Lose In 2006?

serendipity. n.

Democracies Do Not Make War on One Another Or Do They..?

13-year-old charged with threatening Bush

They said it wouldn't be another Vietnam???

Saudi Arabia secretly getting nuclear weapons from Pakistan

New Urbanism, redevelopment, community design, sustainable development.

It's time for what I call the "Yikes Revolution"

Judges on Secretive Panel Speak Out on Spy Program

U.S. agrees to issue Abu Ghraib images

Buck Owens has passed

Don and Dick Grabass in the Garden

So, why did Andy Card call it quits?

Thousands of Iraqis Flee to Avoid Spread Of Violence

Perfect example of why humans are losing

"Demanding" vs "asking"...overheard at the mall eatery tonight

Bushco testing nukes

A Dangerous Deal With India-By Jimmy Carter (WaPo)

Pat Robertson’s Business Partner to Stand Trial for Atrocities

Good Morning DU!!!

Revolt stirs as Dubai aims high-Unrest Spreads Among Migrant Workers

Bush is Trying to Sell Off Missouri National Park Land

Senate Votes Down Outside Ethics Office

sen salazar talking out of both sides of his mouth on c-span

Could 9/11 have been avoided...

Here's one way to kill a cow: It Isn't Amnesty

Mid-Term Elections Seen As Sign Bush Not a Fascist

Mexican Flag's No Where Near As Offensive As Confederate Flag

Tom Tomorrow: "Red State Spex"

Sensenbrenner's bill is teaching students some important lessons

Tom Delay and "The War on Christians." Conference ......gag!

Print Media, Remembering Card, Forget His Role On Sept. 11

MANY cheap labor pro illegal immigration apologists are racist

Limbaugh goes after another teen-age girl.

Good news from CA-50: Busby could very well get the 50%

The Sicilian Mafia -- sound familiar?

Joshua Bolten's first day on the job

Ich bin ein 9/11er.....

Anyone see/hear DemocracyNow on the immigration issue today?

Hispanic Rule of the U.S. Chapter 2 in ruling of our history?

Elections officials to query GOP pundit Ann Coulter

An open question to rightwing racist fake Christians about immigiration

paying illegal immigrants and outsourcing

Whatever happened to Republicans being for small govt?

Charlie Rose stricken in Syria, will have heart surgery in Paris

Top Ten Mistakes the Bush Administration Is Repeating from Vietnam

1 pm news conferance ET Dems (on security issues)

I just heard that the Pentagon has dropped its appeal, clearing the way

Solve the "illegal immigration" problem

Want to know how nuts Tom Tancredo is?

Iraq Memo Revealed: Colin Powell Opposed War W/out 2nd U.N. Resolution

Morford -- Long Live The 9/11 Conspiracy!

Want to stop illegal immigration?

Getting off the Petroleum tit

Bravo, Finally the Democrats did something positive, and it got reported

Dollars, Debt Ceilings, and Deficits for the Mathematically Challenged

How Alcohol Works....

Another long time Katherine Harris staffer bails out.

Guardian article: indiscriminate killing of Iraqi innocents

War on Christians

An ALABAMA Daily! Rages On & On About Bush's Cosmetic Shakeup

Democrats Offer (Real) National Security Platform - WaPo

Quote by T. Roosevelt in 1907 on Immigration:

Blood was shed saving Kurds from Saddam & THIS is not right-Juan Cole

Three Decades of Mass Immigration

More Kaloogian "Bahgdad" photos released:

Enid Goldstein in Sacramento? She'll be on Frankin's show today.

I don't know when the left has ever been on the right side of history

VIDEO - Jon Stewart Reports on White House Shuffle

Senators Delay Immigration Debate to Work Behind the Scenes

Franken talking about Kooligan

Interesting Ethical Question, Part II

TWN: Philippe Sands Who Unearthed Bush-Blair War Memo Speaking Tomorrow

Bushit Headline at WaPo: Card's Departure Signals Bush Is Heeding Critics

Think Progress Gives You Facts to Mull Over

Interview with Daniel Hopsicker - Catching up with the Boys in Florida. |

Best. Ad. Yet. "Caught Red-Handed."

AFL-CIO chief: Guest worker programs "are a bad idea and harm all workers"

Orwell Again --- By David Corn

Something just occured to me over this "fake Baghdad" picture.

Here's a thought: An International Minimum Wage.

Post YOUR photos of Iraqi marketplaces

Gap CEO Received No Bonus in 2005

Democrats + Republicans switched party titles? Did I see that here once?

Why is Boehner crying?

Chitlin' Jobs - Black Folks Get Diminishing Scraps

Franken (AAR) reading the "Fake" Baghdad photo article!

Re: Schumer...(cue Roseanne Rosanna-Dana voice) Never Mind

Some opinions on DU really bug me. So much so that I've realized...

Smart Kids' Brains May Mature Later - AP

TWO Liars(Pic: Kaloogian & Bush) & BONUS screenshot! (WARNING: large file)

Good God, folks. Is it possible to have a non hysterical thread on

States Have More Schools Falling Behind


I guess the jury's out on whether Scalia is obscene or not....

People want everything to change until it's just how they like it....

(Israel) Palestinians, U.S. citizen complain of settler violence

chimp speech transcript

RW radio hack tells reporter in Iraq that he's on the front line too

5 years 10 months heh heh heh not long enough!

Should we now form an underground railroad to help soldiers desert?

Breaking News Re: Jack

Mexican flags are so scary!

Help - weren't Dems supposed to be announcing their plan at 1 et?

Fox News: "Could 9/11 Have Been Avoided If Moussaoui Was Tortured?"...

Same ole same ole...

Which of the following is the most important issue?

Slave Labor: Alive and Well in the United States of America -->

Republicans are going forward with killing net neutrality

In defense of bullshit --- by Howard Stern

Roses For Helen? How about Trip To Baghdad for Kaloogian?

Ok Abramoff... now let us see the pictures you've stored away

VIDEO- Letterman Joke-Message from Condi Rice


Beautiful Downtown Baghdad — Kaloogian Campaign Poster!

You guys are simply AMAZING

Saudi NUKE Program Underway with help from Pakistan

It is done.

Paul Harveys words on giving smallpox infected blankets to Indians

Immigration debate - just a diversion to mask economic woes....

Hey *.. Wake Up! Someone is talking to you. pic -->>

Let's give a BIG SHOUT OUT to jem6x at Daily Kos! (found Turkey photo

Congratulations to Olbermann and Congratulations to the News (Huff Post)

Please DU this ignorant poll. It's being freeped.

Woah! This song kicks ass


VIDEO- DEMS Speaking out- McDermott on Repub Rubber Stamp Congress

Cnn Bush speech ==now. another one.

VIDEO- DEMS Speaking out- Udall on Global Warming today

VIDEO- DEMS Speaking up- Blumenau on the Iraq War today

But what will they win?

Can we pass a law that Boosh is not allowed to speak in public - EVER?

VIDEO- Letterman Bush Jokes March 28 06

Speak Out on NFS Land Sales

Daily Kos under DOS attack

VIDEO- Dems Speaking OUT- Christensen on Repub Rubber Stamp Congress

What a concept...George says "people want to be free!"

Did CNN, MSNBC carry Dem press conf -- or just Bush spiel?

Wes Clark supposed to be on FAUX at :10 if Bush EVER shuts up....

Rumor Mill: Scotty, Sec'y Snow, Dan Bartlett to Resign !

Republicans are going forward with killing net neutrality

Sioux Indians to massacre their own children?

Photographs of Wildlife returning to Iraq

"Winning Wars via Speech Strategy" - Good For the Left

Hey, FAUX covered the Democratic plan and Clark is on NOW

Kaloogian's photo of Iraqi Prime Minister Sheik Yerbouti.

You love hate him. He's......

My #1 reason why the republicans dislike of illegal immigration = bunk

Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein

Check out Tom Tomorrow - from 3 years ago..This is great!

It's okay if Kaloogian does it, but Rather takes someone else's letter...

Saudia Arabia working on secret nuclear program with Pakistan help

Afghan Christian Given Asylum in Italy

No war on Christians. It's a war on CORRUPTIANS!

Ann Coulter criminal investigation initiated by P.B. elections supervisor

Humor (?): Museum bars man who damaged vases

Attention Math and Poli Sci majors...Why 435?

Immigration Toon

I know it was calulated!--I was watching cnn-bush speech went on and

Stars & Stripes letter: “KBR = Keeping Bush Rich”

If Only This Would Happen!!!!

Bush is all up in arms last 15 minutes on CNN

Why can't the DEMS just hold another Press Conference to show

My Mom screamed during my birth and that's why I Loved Sam Kinison and

CNN: "Laura should take lessons from the Master ~ Barb"

Gallup: In Shift, More Americans Now Call Themselves Democrats

VIDEO- DEMS Speaking OUT- Butterfield on Repub Rubber Stamp Congress


I'm sorry, I like the fact that the Dems actually did something, but...

VIDEO- Classless Bush Brings up SPEEDOS- NOOOOOOOOO

Abdul Rahman's Family Values

VIDEO- Bill Pascrell on Anny of Triangle Factory Fire, NY

It looks like Lou Dobbs will have another interesting show tonight.

HISTORIC SHIFT: More Americans NOW Call Themselves Dems NOT Repubs

VIDEO- DEMS SPEAKING- Slaughter on Republican Rubber Stamp Congress

VIDEO- DEMS Speaking Out-Emanuel- Give Americans a REFUND

BHT[butylated hydroxytoluene]is effective for Hep-C,AIDS,Herpes...

Jack Abramoff should be executed, not be in prision

Believing what Bush believes about Iraq (CSM)

Cecilia Fire Thunder given Wings of Justice Award

The War on's the Organizing Thread!

Kaloogian clams up. More questions about his truthfulness emerge

Interview of the Vice President by Tony Snow (dissing Dems new plan)

Overheard Conversation

Which is a more ideal, happy society to strive towards?

VIDEO- Dems Speaking Out- Tubbs-Jones on Repub Rubber Stamp Congress

I Love Lara Logan as well ! ! ! !

My Japanese relatives also experiencing "outsourcing"

Marchers say gringos,not illegals, have to go

Josh Marshall has fun with The Kaloogian Deception (mentions DU)

He's OBSESSED with weeping.

VIDEO- DEMS Speaking out- McGovern on the Education Cuts and Bill today

Republicanized "The New Collosus"

You think you got it bad? You could be Laura Bush. Think on it.

Franken is talking about the Kaloogian photo now.

Do Any of You Know Why the Mexican Flag is Being Flown?

Earth/Nature-themed screen savers and wallpaper (BBC)

VIDEO- Dems Speaking OUT- Watson on Rep Rubber Stamp Congress

"For crying out CAPTIONS, Batman, Card's history!" A CAPTIONABLE moment

What's Bush doing with his hands?

Typical difficult question for *: Mr. President, how much is one plus one?

I know the MSM did not cover the Democrats but where is the NEWS?

VIDEO-DEMS Speaking Out-Pallone on Republican Rubber Stamp Congress

A real honest to Gawd picture of Bagdad(the Horror)

Most every original post I make gets squashed here,If you do not...

bush is playing three card monty with No Child Left Behind



Maybe the "Mexicans" are reminding us of Democracy

The "Brand W Republican" Schtick Not Going Over At FR LOL!!!!

Amy Goodman Speech

C&L: "Republican Rubber Stamp" Video

(I'll ask) IS this "nice" "progress" or "attractive"

ENOUGH of Bush's implication that there are SOME Americans that don't want

Kaloogian concerned that Istanbul is on the brink of civil war

Bad Neighbor

immigration smoke screen

Five retired Generals and Admirals want Scalia off Gitmo case.

OK, I want to see the Bush went crackers screaming video, too!

Discontinuance of M3 - From the Federal Reserve.

More White House shake-up on the way? (National Journal Hotline)

Where do DU feature suggestions go? (forum)

Hey Freepers!! Look here!!!

Thom Hartmann just took apart that neocon clown from the Cato

CNN showing "Abramoff a Great Guy" letters.

Baghdad: The Besieged Press, by Orville Schell, NYRB

Kaloogian web site won't go to photo or info pages,

Developing Story: UN demands Iran suspend enrichment

Would you throw up if forced to call Bushit Mr President?

First Major 9/11 Movie Tracks Doomed Jetliner

So how do you feel about Affirmative Action?

The end is beginning

Wikipedia on Kaloogian : Baghdad photo incident (with pics)

The Ethics of a 7 Year old.

Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town - Is Put On "House Arrest"

Bush - "No Speedo Suit here"

Abramoff gets 6 years

awful gaffe in front page story

Bill Clinton bidding on Philly paper

MSNBC: Moussaoui wearing stun belt?

PHOTO: "U.S. President George W. Bush speaks about democracy"

Katherine Harris declared Best Female Parody of 2006 (The Spoof)

What was the difference between the Millennium Plots and 9/11?

BBC Newsnight 30mins on Veterans for Peace March


VIDEO- Bush's Straw Man Du Jour- SOMEBODY says Iraqis can't

U.S. firm offers 'private armies' for low-intensity conflicts

Democrats Finally Get Bold-Pass Censure of Feingold

Faux News Gone Wild (SC newspaper readers complain)

"I'm the first President to have articulated" Palestine and Israel side by

Uncertainty - New post from Riverbend

Cafferty asks: What should George be doing in Mexico?

"Mi casa blanca es su casa blanca"

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

Gender Selective Abortions

Director Rob Reiner resigns from Calif. commission a REAL site , folks.. This could be FUN!

Research: Are birds trying to tell us things?

TPM: Kaloog' was for his bogus photo before he was against it. (DU cite)

Gibson, NY Post, touted new Iraqi documents,

is Randi going to be on TV again? someones subbing for her again

Freedom House-where Bush went today-part of PNAC?

CSPAN3 has the Dem Security Plan event on NOW.....

Dean: "the president gets to say what he wants, and media covers it"

You would think republicans would learn to just not talk: IRAQ CRONYISM

War on Science: enemy takes the Voice of America!

Will Bush go bat crazy insane before he leaves office, and be caught?

house values going up. be prepared

Now that's entertainment (Kaloogian again.. SanDiego paper)

I don't get it. 6 years for Abramoff, 30 for the guy who tried to

BBC VIDEO: Iraq Veterans Against the War

McCain Takes Both Sides of Gay Marriage Amendment Debate

Outsourcing the Search for Links between Saddam and Al Qaeda (Mark Thoma)

MSNBC: Top wealthiest counties in the nation (no surprises)

My letter to Mr. Kaloogian

"The War Tapes" --the First War Film Shot by the Troops

Pro-lifers don't like pro-life Britney statue

how does one start buying gold?

This is post 5,000. I promise more bad jokes, occasionally decent insight

Thoughtful analysis of immigration in hemispheric context

Looking like an IDIOT from EVERY angle (Dimson today) - PHOTOS

"Now what the Dems need to do is hold a National Security Summit, ...

The Patrick J. Fitzgerald Interview - Who should it be?

Desperately seeking video of Bush's meltdown on CNN today

Sensenbrenner on latest illegal immigration moves.

The topsy-turvy world of the illegal immigration debate.

How effective would Bill Clinton have been if Democrats had controlled...

Howard Kaloogian's pic of "Baghdad" changed

Radical idea for Immigration?

Anyone have contact info for Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Air America, KO?

Is anyone else having a hard time finding a job ?

You really want to see a picture of downtown Baghdad?

Catrina,again I cannot respond in my posting.It is very frustrating


Okay folks, where do I find Bushit's exact quote (Bushism) from today's

County Clerk Threatens To Resign Over Diebold Machines

Fox News: Keep Out Freeloading Illegals by Gutting Welfare....really

"Without Prejudice" Legal help please.

Listening to G.W. Bush speak LITERALLY injures my brain

AH, SPRING & Thoughts of Impeachment (From the Weekly Standard-Oh My!)

forum-heavy irrelevant element

Bush: "the globe is warming"

Folks, "Project X" is getting too much attention, so PLEASE ...

The "Good News" from Iraq

It's all about "Message Discipline"

Democrat Henry Waxman to be named to chimp's cabinet? taxes to be raised?

PHOTO: MEXICO prepares to give Bush a festive welcome!

Editor & Publisher has picked up the Kaloogian fake-Baghdad picture story!

Any updated information on TruthIsAll?

Kaloogian Slams Press Coverage of Iraq With Bogus Photo (Its made the MSM)

Please try to spell your HEADLINES correctly?

VIDEO- Bush "Educator in Chief" -Cracks Joke to show he's illiterate

Calif. Condors Spotted Nesting in Big Sur for the 1st time in over 100 yrs

MYSTERY SOLVED-Fake photo of Baghdad used to bolster GOP's claims-THREAD 2

SFGate Series: "War Without End"

Is there a video of Junior's meltdown today? (not just speedo)

Why don't we hear about populism?

Thoughts on the Basques and the current immigration debate

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but...

Is anyone else having problems with DU right now. I'm getting blank

VIDEO- Bush "Globe is Warming"

The Scalia-obscene-gesture thing has legs here in Boston

Re FAKE PHOTO: It's not just Howard Kaloogian, it's BIG right-wing players

Bush: Iraq Violence All Saddam's Fault. (Pics)

DKos: Kaloogian Fake Baghdad Photo ID'ed

Republicans jumping ship!

Let's have some fun: come up with a slogan for Republican Christianity

LOL We are is SUCH big trouble folks

Breaking: LOOK AGAIN is an anagram for KALOOGIAN - (nickname thread)

"need to understand"...

Those Baghdad photos (dial-up warning!)

I suggest a new usage: Hock a Kaloogian

WHISTLEBLOWERS Finger Cheney & 3 Republicans in Mex Influence Peddling

More Walgreens customers sue over insults on their prescription printouts


La Legislature considers bill to allow voting outside of La

VIDEO- Bush "One of the Great Things ... when we see a child blown up by

Spinal cord injury eased by stem cells

False Flag Operation? "The horror. The horror".

The DU Journals: "How-To's," "Tips & Tricks," "Do's & Don'ts"

"If You Start Looking At Them As Humans-How Are You Gonna Kill Them?"

Time for: post YOUR pics of what Baghdad probably looks like now

AFL-CIO Chief Slams Guest Worker Programs

Did Kaloogian really go to Iraq?

Immigration of Israelis to U.S. fuels concern

We've already "annexed" most of Mexico - It was called "Manifest Destiny"

Couple Accused Making 3-Year-Old Fight(Fort Hood soldier and his wife)

CNN reporting Rep. Cynthia McKinney struck a police officer

FICO - your credit score/rating....What is FICO/what does it stand for

Does Bush really "cut brush?" Did Reagan really "cut brush?"

Okay. What is this thing with flags?

the afghan man who converted to christianity moved to italy

Lou's Poll This Evening - Immigration of course

10 Ways Katherine Harris will LOSE and Waste $10Mil

My belief, * lies about everything.

Please answer this question (abortion)...

On Media and the Complaint-The Dems Don't Speak Up


One thing to Hammer about Kaloogian's "Baghdad" Photo-Lies...

Guest worker programs: problems and remedies - People's Weekly World

These are not "aliens". These are human beings.

UK Guardian now linking to DU thread on the Kalgoolian photo

If you haven't seen this yet, you need to....

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 24)

Interactive: 12 Warning signs of Fascism

Can you determine money in circulation without ' M3 ' data..?

Immigrants do jobs Americans won't do.

Paul Krugman: Illegal immigrants hurt our working poor

Bruce Bartlett Promotes Value-Added Taxes

New Electronic Voter Registration Database Rejects 43% in LA County Alone!

What Are The Jobs Most UNAMERICANS Won't Do?

TOONS: Bush & His Corrupt Cronies ... scandals, scandals, and more --->

Oops...Kaloogian Blames Iraq Photo Error on Staffer

"The meaning of a communication is the response you get."

More photos of things going great in Baghdad

Will Work For Food and Worse

VIDEO- Bush Rant about Iraq

W: "A great thing about Americans is that when we see a child blown up...

Bush Says: Saddam is VERY Powerful (Still) -- Boo! Be Afraid! Really!

Rant: Protesters NOT winning me over...

Comments? Michael Schiavo is involved in politics and has a web site.

"The Ministry of Defense requests that you not comply with police orders"

Spanish is NOT an Evil Language

Ann Coulter in deep crap with Palm Beach election officials.

What would happen if all the illegal immigrants were forced to leave the U

Make your own Chevy Tahoe Commercials on their site!

QUICK! Watch this before it gets deleted

Unions Helping Workers Hurt by Katrina (cross-post)

Immigration reform

Who will be the republican leader in the Senate once Frist retires?

Howard Kaloogian - Fake Photo - "Howard is a Liar"

DeWine's Battle - Republicans in Ohio Are An Endangered Species

Italy is thinking of giving the Afghan Christian assylum

Is Andrew Card's cousin Susan a political prisoner?

Desperate politicians do desperate deeds....

Critical races, new faces

Just One Question...

Cap Weinberger dead at 88

"Had enough?"

2 Rep. Sens. concoct "colloquy" that never took place - what nerve!

Values Voters’ Contract with Congress - wingnuttery enshrined

Media Buys White House Spin About Bolten

Interesting conversation with RW co-worker, not totally buying it . . .

lily livered Sen. Salazar went to Iraq and Afghanistan

You know the Bush presidency is a failure when:

Better hope Cruella stays in the race; Jeb! beats Nelson by 15pts

Asia Times' Notes and Quotes :)

China scanning American Ports - Why did story go no where?

Neo-con cabal blocked 2003 nuclear talks (with Iran) snake Cheney

What kind of audience is this a bush's press conference...

Wonderful News!

DU immigration experts, please help! Need good answer to

Is this photo fake?

What is this "Freedom House" backdrop?

My final word on Ben Domenech

Smells like Santorum's desperate

Mexican, Canadian, US leaders meet in Cancun tomorrow

Minimum wage increase signed into law in Michigan

Hackett Supporters Attack Cindy Sheehan

Feingold tried to close gaping loophole in Senators accepting free meals

GOP takes aim at Emanuel in Duckworth-Roskam race

Give everyone $10,000


Democrats Opening Assault on Bush Security Policies

Who would you vote for Goofus or Gallant? (Tom Tomorrow TOON)

Jeb Bush plan shows disdain for education (Madison, WI op-ed)

Attorney says "Mr. Abramoff has no assets beyond his home & its contents"

Don't forget the Crisis Bush has ignored. Darfur events in your area:

American Excess - Don't leave home without it

Bush: Iraq Violence All Saddam's Fault.

Ohio GOP Job Opportunity

I suggest a 2008 GOP pres ticket: Kaloogian/Harris

Tony Perkins is an ass of a christian color

Do you side w/GOPs on censure or Feingold's moving censure into committee

California is disenfranchising thousands of voters.

What did you think of Michael Brown on The Colbert Report?

An obvious question about Iran

Ed Koch, "You bet Iraq is in a civil war". He's a hypocrite!!!

Kerry spokesman: If hotel requests leaked in '04, "we'd have won...

Bush LONG ASS Teevee "press" talk was to circumvent Dem's Security Efforts

smirk threatening journos one on one

Fox News asks "Could 9/11 have been avoided if Moussaoui was tortured?"

General Clark's Faux contract expires in a month.. Will he renew?

Rubber stamp Republican defines GOP

Photo: Bolten shows job qualifications, kneeling at feet of the master.

An early April Fool's from ABC News or what?

Could your teen pass the citizenship exam?

During visit to Salem, Kerry answers question about Iraq

Hillary Clinton or Bill Frist?

Judges on Secretive Panel Speak Out on Spy Program: one resigns in protest

The new Rules for Lobbyists. $50.00 per Meal (Little Rant)

Echoing Kerry: Democratic Leaders to Unveil National Security Plan

Coke jaw! And on top of that he's having a bad hair day.

please take a moment to DU this simple poll

This cannot be said enough. The news makes for viewership.

BBC Newsnight runs special report on IVAW Peace March to NO

Is the DCCC taking sides in Congressional primary races?

We're in a constitutional crisis.By Joyce Appleby and Gary Hart

White supremacist sues to run as Democrat in Missouri primary

We could have had two for one, but for the DCCC

a small rant on a "liberal media" (or: please stop calling republicans...

Abramoff Gets Almost 6 Years in Prison

"If you look at them as humans, then how are you going to kill them?"

The clamor about the illegal alien students that walked out in LA

Kerry email on behalf of Sherrod Brown, Harold Ford Jr and and Klobuchar

Senator Schumer just did an End Run around Feingold's Censure Resolution

Rev Sharpton is Kicking Tony Perkin's slimy ass out of the park!

Why do Democrats say "War on Terror?"

"Clinton blockage" could be only problem for "Party Ready to Pounce"

Bush meltdown, live TV, NOW: "My Dad FOUGHT the Japanese!"

I do solemnly swear to support and defend the party

Webb for (VA) Senate (email sent 3/29/06)

Wes Clark's "ClarkCast" podcast now available

Cowering Dems - Only 3 Senators' names are on Feingold's resolution.

Finally, the death penalty controversy affects me.

April 1st will be a new danger point for many seniors on Medicare D.

Scalia Speaking at My Law School Next Tuesday - Possible Question?