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Mind Fuck

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Bush administration & the global decline of American capitalism-Part 2

"Mr. Bush's Asian Road Trip" (NYT Editorial, 03-07-2006)

Tracing the Trail of Torture ...Embedding Torture as Policy from Guantanam

Amid AIPAC's Big Show, Straight Talk With a Noticeable Silence

this is what our troops are up against in iraq---

"The Big Buy: How Tom DeLay Stole Congress." debuts tomorrow in Houston!

Why the heck is Larry King talking about MJ tonight

Why is this woman getting in the PA. senate race?

Kate Michelman for Senate? (May Run as Independent in PA)

Impeaching George W. Bush

People Getting Wise to Bush Lies on Katrina, Iraq, and Other Disasters

Dubai port deal is nothing compared to Ptech by Devlin Buckley

Bush tax cut anecdote- help me refute the spin here!

NASA satellites feel budget crunch (CNN/AP) {environment}

World’s first commercial scale production of cellulose-based ethanol

Over 200 Palestinian children arrested in two months.

Excellent new article from Morgan Reynolds

A Question About the South Tower Hit

Dr Steven E. Jones "Christ visited ancient America"

Mocking Ken Blackwell on Cinti Enquirer politics blog...

This forum has been neutered

Elections & Voting Machines talk-Paul Lehto Tues in Seattle 3/7/06 7pm

What's the point

Is there a Patriot Act vote in the House Friday?

Heard Latham has an opponent?

One more question - Now that the repressive's have no primary

Rest in Peace Kirby.

Electronic voting resolution for those going to their precinct conventions

Great New Uresti Ads

What's your favorite fowl? For me, it's very clearly duck.

Attempt #2: Weird recipes

I have a few questions

Kinky Friedman seeks to unseat Texas Governor-Yahoo

UK troops plan Iraqi pullout by mid-2008 - general

White House Steps Up Effort to Halt Flow of Secrets

Nuclear Industry Overhaul Planned (Russia)

Prosecutors Target White Supremacist Gang

Rap song wins Oscar after historic performance

NYT: U.S. Is Seeking Better Balance in Iraqi Police

NYT: House Conservatives Prepare Austere Alternative Budget

LAT: U.S. Envoy Offers Bleak View of Situation in Iraq(Khalilizad)

Iraqi Tribes Strike Back at Insurgents

GOP lawmakers work to limit probe of domestic spying program

Kirby Puckett, 45, Dead....

Gonzales May Be Recalled on Eavesdropping

Some Gitmo Prisoners Don't Want to Go Home

Mideast Investment Up in U.S.

US truck deaths could hit six-year high

Poll: Cheney Less Popular Than OJ

Morales Accuses U.S. of Intimidation

Gas prices continue to surge upward

Foes of Food Labeling Bill Criticize Law

Check in if you love Irish Rover heads!

I hear this year's Girl Scout cookies were made from Brownie Scouts

The benefits of winning an Olympic Gold Medal...

Check in if you love Irish soda bread!

Elizabeth Hurley should be given the part of Bond next time

I'm sorry, but I truly believe that Madonna has a friggin' screw loose...

Zombienixon is a ratfuck bastard liar!

The internet is for porn (music video, no actual porn) - LMAO

Would you categorize Brokeback Mountain

I am so sore and can barely move boxing.

Chuck Norris vs. William Shatner: A cage match.

Got my "Peoples' Choice Award" trophy today.

I was thinking of starting a hip hop thread

FYI: Two hour "24" tonight, starts at 7pmCT. nt

I didn't see last night's Osacrs, was it any good? I don't trust to paper

Okay, so when you're going commando, how do you feel when

I was thinking of someone hopping on my hip...

Laura Branigan's fetus never got an Oscar, DAMMIT

Oh man. Do I even bother to respond to this at all?

I need help finding a Male singer (trust me ..It's easy)...

Here's a corny one-liner...

Attention: "Survivorman" is a huge wuss.

Uncle Zomby's Oscar-free thread

This new Vault beverage commercial glorifies, among other things,

I predict that Crash will pull a mojor upset and win the BEst Pic

I just watched the Kirby montage on our local CBS affiliate

Moose boogers.

About that Oscar...

I love snowboarding!!!

Help! Please!

Seems to me that we could all do with something yummy to eat......

I will give you ANYTHING if you make my eyes stop itching

My child is looney.

So, you want to start your own business? Think it'll be fun?

Is your neck of the woods innundated with fish comercials?

The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn ?

An odd, but good, happening at work.

Where in the world is VelmaD?

Winter Fatigue?

The ~Definitive~ Oscar Thread

Headed to St. Louis tomorrow - what restaurants should I not miss?

I need lots of hugs tonight!

It's my turn to ask for your positive thoughts and prayers

Rap song wins Oscar after historic performance

Oh, Shit! The President just really fucked up with the Russians!


Sleeping with your socks on?

Do you like Blues Music?

Remember I posted about how strange my sister's dog is?

*** BREAKING *** Kirby Puckett has died

Sex and Conservative Theology

Great Songs From the Far Right Wing!

I have given up bathing....

The Lutheran Women sure know how to put on a luncheon

Screw Strauss, Bach and all them - it's all about Boccherini

Tonight's episode of "24" ************* SPOILER *************

Dedicated to Kirby Puckett!

Guilty pleasures.

Blatant flamebait and sweeping generalization here

Enough discrimination, Men should have the right get pregnant too!

What animal are you irrationally afraid of?

The Lutherans apparently hate altos

I have finished moving to my new apartment

KITTEN PICS! (cute warning)

Is the moon American?

My 5 year old and his substitute teacher- Am I right to be upset?

Did David Irving make two speeches in Austria in 1989?

Delaware DUers! Come see me play in Dover this Saturday night! (March 11)

Indian cult kills children for goddess

Glucosamine sulfate use&delay of progression of knee osteoarthritis

Aviation Week describes Blackstar - a secret 2 stage to orbit spaceplane

Idahoans fight against discrimination of GLBT rights

Check out Dodge City, Kansas!!!

Just wanted to post about my gratitude

Zooey, my love. 5-?-1997 to 3-6-2006. Flights of catnip duckies sing thee

Anyone know about raising parakeets?

I hate to flood this place w/ Zooey threads, but the verdict is: FIP.

New email: Thank you to the community


The "Your Mass in 20 Minutes or Less Edition" - 3/06/05

Dupe - deleted

Anyone else see this weirdness?

Molly Ivin's Sunday Column - Another Gem

BOXER:Secretary Rumsfeld, where's the plan? SIGN her Petition

Apparently, Gitmo is not the end of the road for Detainees....

House Repugs are offering AWOL/moron a deal on ports sell out....

Wolfie Sez: Dubai's Port Security is the "cat's meow!"


Now it makes sense. Dyslexic Dubya

A historical musing on Islamic extremism.

Did Blitzer really just show a child camel jockey? 7:51 p.m.

If there comes a time when the women of the world come together

For those wondering about the Case 4 Impeachment forum...

Secretary Rumsfeld, where's the plan? by Barbara Boxer

Of all the countries that the U.S. has dropped tonnage upon.... only

To hell with the old, the sick, the poor, and our young soldiers.

Disgraced Executive Got Local Tax Deals

'Iraqi President Loses Call for Parliament' Ah yes....

Some really good stuff for DUers at this site:

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh gets HAMMERED by pro-choice crowd!

Blair claims Iraq invasion was the will of God

Looks good to me...

Must see doc on tomorrow- "With God on Our Side"

Girls stolen legs returned

Bolton Says Iran Faces "tangible and painful consequences" if...

Lt. Col. Kevin Massengill on Ports Deal on Situation Room on CNN

Aaron Russo's film/America: From Freedom to Fascism/LINK

Now do you suppose that Wolf is making the UAE deal more acceptable

This week's New Rules (Some good jabs at Shrub and Cheney)

VIDEO- C'Mon Stupid, Uneducated Americans -if you're just EDUCATED you'll

Repubs must be scared silly.....

I Cannot Believe What - - - - - - - - - - - - - Said Today!

What does the government know about you? (PFAW)

Doug Thompson publishes a follow-up

Veep Doo-Doo....the New Yorker takes on Cheney

Whats going on at Soda Butte?

Gladstone writes Dems platform for 2006, 2008

SD Governor uses Dem talking point to promote abortion ban

Countdown w/Olbermann: Craig Crawford is AWESOME

Nooooooo!!! Keith is ragging on Jon Stewart

Kinky Friedman seeks to unseat Texas Governor-Yahoo

Why are we not seeing "Do you support impeachment?" polls?

Our vote. A proposal - questionairre.

I am the Antichrist...

Have you talked about the S.D. abortion law with any Repubs?

Am I the only one that thought Jon did exactly what was needed last night

"Executive tyranny" Repeat after me. "Executive tyranny"

It's Hard Out Here For A Chimp!!!

It's baseball season and if Derek Jeter found out he was pregnant

Corporatism, cronyism, and corruption.

Mods, please delete this thread. I posted in wrong thread....

I really enjoy reading Cenk...

Still don't think we're moving towards a theocracy?

Venezuela probes group pushing secession

Houston MLS team changes name

Sex and Conservative Theology

VIDEO- Craig Crawford on KO- Democracy and Freedom of the Press

Brown pushes bill to cut antibiotics from animal feed

South Dakota Abortion Law and the Coming Showdown:

Dem Candidate Trupiano if elected- "First Act... Articles of Impeachment"

So, is Bush going to provide funds for the Hemp Car?

Need: mainstream poll on Iraqi people's opinion

If We Are Successful In 2006\2008, How Many Pounds Of Republican Flesh...

Gaaaack... President's Intern blog.

More students opting for 2 year degrees vs 4 year

“Is Hillary Clinton a socialist?”

Burlington to elect mayor tomorrow by Instant Runoff Voting.

Ladies of DU: If you were raped, would you want to keep it?

Program Note: Case for Impeachment will be on the SPAN at 9:30 PM EST

We live in a country where actors, wrestlers and body builders get elected

Did Hollywood Cave On The Oscars?

Something I'm wondering with Cheney campaigning for Harris

My encounter with a violent-looking RWer today

Sectarian Divisions In Iraq--Real or Neocon Wet Dream?

Must see: Leno's "Crazy George Sellout America Blowout Sale" What a hoot!

So, how long will Nancy Grace be on vacation?

AP: Patriot Act includes crackdown on meth use

benburch and White Rose get a shout out from Malloy sub

Anyone remember that fundie masturbation "support " website?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers with Peter Werbe

An idiot freeper announced tonight that the American people have spoken

Would you save a toddler or 5 blastula - funny RW freakout!

Kirby Puckett, Mn Twins Series hero, dead at 44....of a stroke..

South Dakota abortion ban: "A Sign of Hope for Women Across America"

Indisputable proof that the media is conservative?

TN Democrat has a bill to outlaw products of hmmm, shall I say..

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., would have signed the South Dakota legislation

Negroponte: The hardest working person in US intelligence?

I want to thank whoever writes the Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Soldiers can read G Gordon, Rush and O'Reilly, but not lib sites

Oh good heavens now Michael Brown is saying he made mistakes

My fundie former friend who had abortion and today is anti-choice.

Could the state abortion bans prompt another Terri Schiavo reaction?

Maybe South Dakota Did Us A Favor >>>

Energy dependence: what we can do TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

Another Open Letter to Hannity re: Hitler Youth tactics

Only 20% of Americans support invading Iran

Horowitz admonished by MSNBC host for "call[ing] guests names on the air"

Harpers Bush Impeachment Forum is starting on cspan2 now.

WTF???? North Carolina holds "Confederate Flag Day".

Student Loan -- details abuses going on at Sallie Mae

Video: Rush gets his ass handed to him re: Abortion! A must see!

Fisk Paints a Middle East in crisis(audio)

Posted Sunday but too important to miss.."THE MEATRIX"

Abortion could be banned in Missouri too

I hope someone starts shit with me...I teach Government

You stupid, unGodly republicans that voted for this crap. You are fools.

Wesley Clark: "Port security actually starts abroad."

Invade Iran? Compromise With Iran? How Will It End?

C&L: Dock Workers Unions Bigger Threat Than Dubai? (Faux News)

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 6)

SD abortion law question.

Just a thought for the men in South Dakota

Bush Adviser Pipes: "Civil War in Iraq would not be that bad

Mac OS X security as good as XP?

Dubai, Diebold and Dan Rather...all part of the plan.

Shot down a freeper type today

WTF is Wrong with the People who Attend Town Hall Meetings?

About 1,400,000 abortions in the US every year. Cost to raise a child

The only moral abortion is my abortion!

Just finished watching the forum on IMPEACHMENT of Bush on C-Span2 - if

V fo Vendetta - First Review is in - Thumbs UP!

Bush Impeachment Forum

They even rape little 10 year olds...The pain lives on...

How long until we hear from the courts on the Dakota abortion ban?

Here is a list of states with pending legislation to outlaw abortion.

Feingold is having a national listening session on Friday!

I hate when people say the two parties are the same

Conn. Dem counts on Iraq to unseat Shays

Fighting Dem Vets: Spotlight on the Texas Primary

List of 22 ports affected by sale to Dubai

Is the Dem Party Divided? I'm Wondering

CNN Poll: College Federal funding = Campus Military Recruiters? (65% YES)

That disgusting P.O.S. Fred Phelps is on CNN right now..

Our LEFTWING Brothers & Sisters in Pakistan...

'executive tyranny' is what we have here folks

Gonzales May Be Recalled on Eavesdropping

Dodge City Showdown At Funeral (More Phelps/CNN)

What is the best timing to campaign AGAINST someone?

Another month, another surface analysis from Adam Nagourney

C-SPAN2 NOW...BUSH Impeachment Forum (9:935pm EST)

Poll: Spitzer over Suozzi even in his home county

NYT: Mr. Bush's Asian Road Trip (he should have stayed home)

CNN Headline: 9/11 case prosecutor: 'He lied and 3,000 people died'

The politics of the Patriot Act, once again the Dems blew it

Bush V Clinton in India - photo essay

Katherine Harris featured speaker at "Reclaiming America for Christ" Conf.

Rove plan for 06 .... Abortion will replace terror & gays as the issue ...

Transcript of Tweety interviewing Barbara Boxer. Tweety, Tweety, TWEETY.

Democrats Struggle To Seize Opportunity

Bi-partisan support for Bush's line item veto

A Place Where Crime Does Pay

Report Questions Homeland Security Plans

Wolf Blitzer on location in Dubia...

I teach Government...I hope someone starts some crap with me

Here are Dean's reasons for 50 state strategy. Grassroots, Reconnecting

Scott McClellan: "Our economy is the envy of the world"...USA! USA! USA!


Minister admits 'rendition' planes used RAF bases

MA takes a step forward on Health Care

Wolf Blitzer must be getting paid by this administration...

LA Times Critic Nails It: Brokeback Lost Because Of Bigotry

Right wing assholes in cars

The Democrats' Real Problem By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Lobotomizing America

The Case for Impeachment (Harper's Magazine - Lewis Lapham)

Fastow(ENRON) Says He helped Mask Enron Losses

Seattle Times: Be afraid — be very afraid (Eugene Robinson)

Where's the plan, Secretary Rumsfeld?

WP-Democrats Struggle To Seize Opportunity----

When Poor Public Policy hits at home...

Bush 'fixaed' on his oval office rug (WaPo)

Rothschild a four-point indictment.-"Grounds for Impeachment,"

Molly Ivins: The Towering Solons of Abortion (on SD State Sen. Napoli)

Cheney: NO to Iran - or will face "meaningful consequences"

America's Bleak Jobs Future (Paul Craig Roberts)

Not so fast, General--call by senators to halt the retirement--Abu Ghraib

Remember, South Dakota is the usury capital of the western U.S.

Up to our eyeballs …

More evidence of global warming

Both Reds and Blues Go Green on Energy (Pew Poll)

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (good read!)

IPCC Head Pachauri - Evidence Of Anthropogenic Warming Stronger Than Ever

Siberia, Greenland, Carribean - Preparing For The Next Wave Of Extinctions

Too Much Rain In CR Rainforest - Monkeys Dying From Starvation - NYT

North Slope Crude Oil Spill Now Up To 21,000 Gallons, BP Admits

Life in a Grass House

Wind power could top hydro in China, expert says

Peruvian Natural Gas Pipeline Ruptures For Fifth Time Since Mid-2004

Forty Signs of Rain

Invasive Algae Thriving In AR White River System

Two Choices For Australia To Cut GHGs - Coal and Coal

Stanford Study Confirms Eco-Benefits Of Organic Farming - PNAS

Global wind energy capacity seen tripling by 2014

Bush's Lysenkoism

Battery power as good as gas? (ultracapacitor)

Two Endangered American Crocodiles Killed (FL)

Paleoclimate Study Shows We May Be Underestimating Climate Threat

22 Of 25 FL Representatives Oppose Drilling - TOO LATE, SUCKERS!

whistleblowers estimates 800,000 gallons in spill

Just Drove a Hydrogen Car

Olmert: We will freeze spending on West Bank construction

US report: Gaza greenhouses face steep losses due to closures

Israel to U.S.: Cancel crime-related travel warning

Hamas designated PM could be target

Sharansky faults Bush on democracy

Rabin assassin wins right to be a father

John Edwards on C-Span speaking to AIPAC

Bush, the Illuminati, and the Future of the Presidency

Disinformation Agents. Fact or Imagination?

Scholars Call for Release of 9/11 Information (petition)

"new pearl harbor"

Democracy has been neutered

Mark Crispin Miller & Clint Curtis Speaking in FL this week >>>

Electronic voting resolution for those going to their precinct conventions

This is great! Click on this and spread it around!

Alameda County, CA >>>> Back To Paper Ballots!!

Veterans back Voter Confidence Committee on reform (Eureka Reporter)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/07/2006 SolarBus.Org Day

NY: Local commissioner joins voting suit - Supports state against feds

Nice Yepsen Hack-Job on Fallon (read sarcasm here)

This is NOT FUNNY - but it made me snort

Iowa races make the NY Times....

CBS4 Poll between Reiily and Patrick

Bachmann hate rally at the Capitol March 21

City-Wide Anti-War Rally March 18th (3rd Anniversary of Invasion)

Windows Mobile 5.0 phones

Wierd TOC stuff in Master Document - HELP!?!?

Strange laptop power problem

Any Opera users here?

David Van Os

Sign stealing in the Democratic Primary (CD-7) Culberson district

Need some advice - will run my precinct caucus this evening

One last resolution for you to consider

What if I'm the only person at my precinct convention?

first time voter in the Primaries

My weirdest/most annoying experience voting ever...

Anybody in the Arlington area have an old Kerry Edwards 04

Be on the lookout at your precinct convention tonight

Have any of you heard any info on turn out, or what predictions

Sample "Wal-Mart and Fair Employment" Resolution

Why should you care?

Sample "Fair Health Care Access" Resolutions

Just noticed this on Plano's TX website...Katrina evacuees

Sample "Bring the Troops Home" Resolutions

How common is it for a candidate to be outside the polling place on voting

hey guys I bought a rice cooker at a garage sale--HELP

sauteed mushrooms

Don't like the NDP? Blame the NDP for the con win?

PM preparing to dump ethics commissioner: CTV

No debate, says MacKay, generals will decide

Report Questions Homeland Security Plans

AP Sues for Access to Lindh's Petitions

Kate Michelman for Senate? (May Run as Independent in PA)

Senate Democrats oppose ANWR oil drilling in budget

Amnesty Report on 14,000 Finds Prisoner Abuse Continues in Iraq

U.S. Border ID Plan Worries Tourism Industry

U.S. envoy says "We opened Pandora's box" in Iraq

Ministry report blames Zim for last year's Japanese boating accident

DeLay to spend election night with lobbyists

Colombia buys back $600 mln debt, disappoints mkt

Bush Campaigning for U.S.-India Nuke Deal

Abramoff's Florida Sentencing May Force Details of Cooperation

British troops out of Iraq in two years, says general

Bolivia to write new constitution

Ill. legislature passes bill for ID checking of ice cream truck drivers

(Senator) Collins: Screen all cargo

Santorum, McCain are new allies

PM confirms no-debt timeline (Aust to be debt free by July 2006)

Military Plans Cyborg Sharks

Aaron Specter just said/threatened the White House with lose of

U.S. Takes Steps to Reduce Shiite Domination in Iraqi Military

Ex-CFO to Take Stand in Enron Bosses' Trial (Andrew Fastow)

Gonzales defends conditions at Guantanamo ("health care & good food")

Irish Oscar winning film's star tells of airport detention

U.S. to oppose any compromise on Iran

Driver at UNC Cites Vengeance for Muslims

U.S. drawing lots of Mideast oil money

8,000 desert during Iraq war

IRAQ: Women attacked for removing headscarves, NGO says

Bush Campaigning for U.S.-India Nuke Deal

8,000 desert during Iraq war

Dana Reeve has passed away at the age of 44!

A Powerful House Republican Plans to Retire

Governor praises student who taped criticism of Bush (Owens blathering)

India Won't Scale Back Nuclear Program

Four killed in serial blasts in Indian holy city

Auschwitz Escapee Herskovic Dies at 91

Prosecution Says Moussaoui Trained to Lie

Extremists threaten peace, Clinton warns

Spain: Over 1,000 gay couples wed

whistleblowers estimates 800,000 gallons in spill

Mid dismissed for sexual misconduct

Gulf Coast Govs. Want More Hurricane Aid

Man fires at car, accidentally shoots self in leg

Court says oral sex law violates rights

CIA Fights Libby's Request for Information

CNN reporting changes to NSA spying law which will make it

Yahoo-House Republican to Move on Port Bill

Suspicious bag prompts evacuation at PDX

U.S. Says Iranian Enrichment Unacceptable

(AP) Vermont Town Backs Bush Impeachment

Rumsfeld says potential exists for Iraq civil war

Bolivia to write new constitution

Congress to probe crime aboard cruise ships

Buenos Aires mayor ousted over deadly club fire

ABC's Bob Woodruff Starting To Walk, Talk

NYT: Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story

Miss. sheriff's FEMA case moved to Baton Rouge federal court (FEMA ice)

Fever for Rudy runs high: poll

Gonzales Defends U.S. Policy on Torture

Wal-Mart doubling organic food offerings (Reuters)

Bush Travels to Vote in Texas Primary

Tillman's father not expecting answers

Rape Victims Denied Abortions in Mexico

Iran Offers to Suspend Uranium Enrichment

Spain to support Pakistan resolution in UN on blasphemous sketches


Republicans propose bill on spy program

NATO commander sounds warning on forces


Medicare Chief Wants Deadline to Be Kept

Underwood (R) testifies for former foe Pritt (D) in lawsuit against RNC

France Says Sikhs Must Remove Turbans

Wal-Mart Enlists (right wing)Bloggers in P.R. Campaign

Huge solar storms could zap Earth, scientists warn...

Ex-Enron CFO Says He Helped Hide Losses

US soldier's rape sentence cut due to Iraq stress

Gingrich tells Rumsfeld to dig in for 70-year war

GM changes salaried retirement benefits

Boys’ MySpace prank results in sex crime arrest

Rumsfeld says Tehran government sending military to destabilize Iraq

House may consider ports deal in war funding bill (blocked in bill?)

Dana Reeve died of lung cancer.

(Florida) DEA Agent Accused of Embezzlement

Michigan: More homes facing foreclosure

Democrats offer small business health bill

Vermont Town Backs Bush Impeachment

Inmate unable to outlive appeal

Gallup: Democrats Stretch Lead In Vote For Congress

Dutch consider burqa ban to Muslim dismay

Patriot Act Includes Crackdown on Meth Use (Cold Meds Limited)

San Bernardino deputy to face charge in airman shooting

Russia-Iran plan 'blocked by U.S.'

Rule will mandate court openness (WA State)


A new twist for Pennsylvania's Senate race?

Retired couple seen with $200,000 health need

Holy Shit! Stephen Colbert predicted the Oscars perfectly

Where's my troll hunting gear?

Which film DESERVED to win Best Picture?

I have given up bathos.

Bush Gets Letter From Osama!

Which film DESERVED to win Best Picture?

I love it when banned trolls go back to their cesspools

Apprentice fans, I have a question:

So I'm sitting here, with my geography book open...

Night, Lounge!

To all the girls I've loved before.....

Verhoog het dak!

Good night, Lounge!

Good night, all!

To all the girls I've loved before.....

What does your last name mean?

Imma a just out of school Imma real, real cool....

If it wasn't for desparate women with low expectations - I'd be a virgin

What happens if an Alabamian moves to Mississippi?

I'm in a crappy mood

George Winston plays Pachabele's cannon too fast

I've never asked for or needed hugs from the Lounge

Check out my new sig

Rank the days of the week from favorite to least favorite

Announcement, my polar bears are back

Who's up? - Check in ya scurvy dogs

Freeper College Courses

For you dog lovers - an Iditarod puppy ...

If ignorance is bless by the bible's term? Are you blessed or blistered?

So, my sister is moving out... thanks everyone---

Well, it's late (Yes not in Yanksville)

British Bars Offering Sex Toy Vending Machines

A wonderful idea for anyone who knows a prisoner!

Why is GD:P discussing the Oscar fallout at length?

People on DU are requesting my mortal termination


I want to play hookey today.

Doc says I have PVC. Anybody have info about it?

Get Your Runaway Bride Bobblehead Dolls HERE!

One Night with Naked Cheneys (May not be safe for work -- or humans)

Tuesday earworm. Tried to think of something approrpiate for the Rev,

Tuesday list thread

Fun with the National Sex Offender database

Has anyone here seen the Russian film "Ballad of a Soldier"? You should.

Yanni arrested in alleged domestic dispute

Send in the cloooowwwwwnnnnss Where are the clooowwwnnnss?

Photos: Catching up with Cletus Federline and Brandine Spears in Hawaii

Minneapolis, and Baseball in general has lost Kirby Puckett

Oh, whoa! It's my birthday!

Dana Reeve has died

My butt hurts. Does anyone want to rub it?

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

So, someone who is not ancient posts something that seems...

Congratulate Me!

I propose we change our country's national anthem....

Hey J.P Gray, I gotta a hot chick for you

Saint Ronnie has healed LostinVA - pray to him and he might heal you too

YAY Redheads! Happy Birthday Laura Prepon!!

Where in the world is XNASA?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/7/06)

The end must be near: Yanni arrested for beating up girlpal

Observation about Phillip S. Hoffman's acceptance speech -- when

Best. Comic. Strip. Ever.

Video Clip: "Scarface: The Short Version" (N.S.F.W.)

Now this is a cool hobby/home project.

Excuse me if this is a dupe, but you GOTTA love it!

My daughter's 19 today

Name your favorite online (non-news/talk) radio stations?

All good things must come to an end

Dallas Peace March

I have offically completed 2 months of expense reports...

Guffman... Hilarious.... On HBO now.....

Seven years ago today, Stanley Kubrick died... (*dial-up*)

Real life Simpsons opening (very good)

AAR in Phoenix still has a chance.

BREAKING: Dana Reeve has died of lung cancer at 44 yrs old!

Study proves universe created by committee

My company is merging and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

AbeVigoda is still alive *to hell with dial up*

Francisco Franco is still dead *to hell with dial up*

S.O.A.P.---- August 18, 2006

Monica Bellucci is still alive *to hell with dial up*

Create your own Horror Action Film: _____________ on a Plane

I think DU should have a "Thread of the Day" award

How Christians change a light bulb!!! ROFL!!!!

Happy Birthday to my littlest goof! (dial-up warning!)

Oscar-Winner George Clooney is still alive *to hell with dial up*

I am officially calling a moratorium on death - too many meaningful

Oprah responds when Meg Ryan asks "Are you bitter about you fame?"

One of the cutest puppies I've seen in a LONG time.

Why is it so hard to contact a shrink?

whats going on in GD???

A dedication for those of us who feel sad today

I have been thinking about Dana Reeves

Freakin' dead.

Post here if you wanna give Heidi a hug

The Oscars could be a 2 hour and entertaining

Barry Bonds is still on steroids WHERE ARE THOSE ASTERISKS!!!!

I'm thinking of going on food stamps so I can afford a Lexus

Got an email from a guy whose last name is "Battmann."

Oh ye of little faith!

I wish the stupid talentless celebrities would start dying

Okay, I am trying to get away from the grief by watching baseball

Obese Aussies Require Sturdier Toilets

Boston Market makes the best mashed potatoes

Doesn't it seem odd that "hear, hear" means the opposite of "here, here"?

Post goofy Photoshop pics here.

Microsoft experts. HELP ME!

So...if a fetus is supposed to be a seperate, living thing...

post random lyrics

Does anybody remember when Green Day was on Letterman 2004?

Current Lounge Mood?

Cry love

Do NOT underestimate the power of the mighty mango!

British Bars Selling Sex Toys in Machines

ever have a word that you really need to use

I want to thank you Lounge Lizards for your support today

Worst remake, not counting failed Bush administrations

A band that has never made a bad recording

We need more guns and fewer gun laws.

Kinkade...say it isn't so!

I'm hungry. What's for lunch?

If I look at *, smile, point my wand at him and shout...

Czech Police Spokeswoman is still alive *to hell with dial up*

Lyrics for a Tuesday

So Jesus comes running into the room...

Happy birthday/anniversary to............

Dick Cheney's secret location

Was "Happy Trails" the first LSD inspired song?

If you were a twee

Everyone Tell ZombieNixon HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Why can't the folks that sell computers explain them in English?

Almost got scammed - or still will? help!

One for the Ladies ....

An important post in GD : the new Victory Gardens

Highly important Lounge Poll - Mayonnaise or Mustard

Mandatory Tweety Thread

I'm bored again

Take the typing test - how fast can you type?

Now there you go again .... you say you want your freedom ...

Who's the bigger creep...Jessica & Ashlee Simpson's dad or Donald Trump?

I Can't Stand Alanis Morissette--what do you think of that?

The Oscars could be a 5 minute brilliant show...short and relevant

Gilmour's "On An Island"...Very FLOYD-Y. Go to store. Buy. NOW! GO!

I'm not gonna be liberal no more - it's a waste of time.

Self Delete

Dammit people, the guy just died.

Whats with the christion white guy style thingie

I simply have to say it again - Ultraviolet is a TOTAL f'ing piece of shit

Crawfish tails for your dining pleasure

Amazing what can find its way inside a mouse

"Breaking: Body found in Mobile Bay."

It's going to be a boy!

Early evening political Free Association

Madonna's Daughter Asks Her If She Is Gay For Kissing Britney

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry...

Totally useless poll! How do you feel about Miracle Whip?

Are your cats old enough to learn about Jesus?

I ate too much

The Big (OK, Moderate-length and Highly Attention Whoring) Goodbye

We adopted the sweetest cat this weekend.

he he he...

Can anybody explain this picture?

I'm sabotaging my own life here

The BEST Sidewalk Art Ever. (Severe Dialup Warning)

Emoticon (Oh yeah, dial-up waring, fool!)

Seriously, doesn't WillPitt have anything else better to post about in GD!

I just spoke to God

I just cleaned up my bookmarks! Ask me anything

Okay, fess up!! Why are you a liberal?

I don't want my tampon applicators to be "comfy."

My husband is out of control, and I'm going to bed.

I shit you not: I'm staying at a hotel with NO Gideon Bible in the room!

What To See In London

Damnit to hell, mods

(generic controversial comment to start flame war)

My mom just died.

I just spoke to RevCheesehead

What's your favorite local news clip

Waiting for my babysitter then going to 4th interview.

Name SNL alums who you think are WAY overrated and underrated

What color is your dark side?

I just thought I'd let you all know...My STUPID Washing Machine is

Norton Anti-Virus is a POS! I've been with them since my First Computer!

This morning, gravity was NOT my friend

Who are some actors who never won the Oscar?

Alright, here goes: Hillary or Clark in 2008?

The Wikipedia, in Scots

Has Anyone Seen Someone in a Burqa (sp) in this country?

Project Runway fans: Who will win?

Let's play DU matchup!

my coworker died

The early reviews for "V for Vendetta" look promising!

Favorite comic book movie?

Your top five favorite colognes for women are?

Things you did not do until adulthood that most people did before 18

What's the nationality of your surname?

My daughter has broken both of her elbows

CNN BREAKING NEWS: America Attacks Canary Islands

Woman Buys Girl Scout Cookies From 10 Year Old With Fake $100 Bill

Anyone else see Queen & Paul Rodgers!?

Fire Chief Arrested For Having Sex With Lamb

The most bizarre Easter display--ever--and the customer of the year

Your top five favorite colognes for men are?

I guess we're not in America...

Have any of you considered sobering up or switching to decafe?

Would someone please kill HEyHey

Okay, since Xema kicked it...AGAIN...

Emma Thompson is HOT!!

Post brazilian Photoshop pics here.

Snakes on a plane...

what denominations

Whats love got to do with it (a rant, sort of)

"Bob, I'd just like to thank the Good Lord Jesus Christ for His love...

Christ visited ancient America - Dr. Steven E. Jones

Amazing Emu Oil

When people die from cancer...

Grape Seed Extract reduces brain injury - (in rats)

A good site for truth on the amalgam issue.

I'll never trust science again! It's just too controversial (graphics!)

I just stopped by the Hubble image site

Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story

Bumper sunspot crop forecast for next solar cycle

Human quadrupeds discovered in Turkey

Good Lord -- a LTTE about Ohio's proposed anti-gay laws (sigh)

Gay Marriage Opponent Calls For Judge's Removal

Anyone here have experience with gender reassignment?

My friends prejudice is really starting to show in some areas in our

Need a good book about HIV/AIDS

Lesbian Becomes College Homecoming King

Bonds exposed?

Puckett age discrepancy

Photos of my ACDs

well, what a hell week THIS was.

Naked Persian Pics

Study suggests small kids, big dogs don't mix

Well, I still feel like crap, but my Tarot readings are better than ever!

Need some light

activism and sunspots??!!!??

Happy birthday to me!

Something that has been bugging me

The Abramoff Web, an Astrological Article

Intrigue: Ex-Pentagon adviser discusses Niger forgeries, Iran Contra

For Tay & beachmom: a poll about Barfbag for prez

Webb copying Kerry in his campaign announcement

This TomPayne made me wonder about Kerry and how he articulates his vision

Kerry on C-Span 2 talking about Dana Reeve n/t

Very sad news - Dana Reeves died of lung cancer yesterday

Hearings this week:

A few more Iditarod pix...

One for you puppy lovers...

Just because I am not patient enough to wait for spring


Doggie action shots

OT - more sad news...Dana Reeve Dies

Keith's on DP right now (without DP). n/t

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/07/06: Naming Names

KO to be on The Colbert Report next week, 3/14

My mom just died.

Lieberman on CSPAN -- we're in a war we didn't choose but was

"Five Minutes With Helen Thomas"

Scott Ritter is on Tavis Smiley in some areas now.

Mike Webb is back from his vacation

Which film DESERVED to win Best Picture?

VIDEO- Holtzman on Impeachment (Harper's Impeachment Forum)

Yanni Arrested In Florida On Domestic Battery Charge

Emma Thompson is HOT!!

VIDEO- John Dean on Impeachment (Harper's Impeachment Forum)

Bob Schiefer ...Looks Like Mr Magoo

Bernie Ward: Talking about Tweety's show tonight -- streaming

ON PBS NOW! (EST) - (Weapons Insp.) Scott Ritter Trashes War Rationale...

World in peril, Chomsky tells overflow crowd

A poem I found

Gospel Singer: There's Way Out Of Being Gay

Will the fetus be aborted

Sportsmen protest Bush admin roadless policy

Our robust economy??

Police: 7 Teens Invaded Homes For 'Adrenaline Rush'

VIDEO- Lapham-Reasons Why Bush Should be Impeached (Harper's)

VIDEO- Bush Impeachment-Is Ignorance or Stupidity an Excuse?

VIDEO- Bush Impeachment-Holtzman-We can no longer trust * to do his job

VIDEO- Conyers on Bush Impeachment-HB 635

Bush allows American company to sell nuke reactors to China !

Monkeys are coming out of our ass

Chertoff: More Money, or Somebody'll Get Hurt!!!

I hope to wake up tomorrow and see a Brazilian hits and follow-thru

VIDEO- Bush Signed 35 ExecOrders for Warrantless Wiretapping


This is great! Click on this and spread it around!

South Dakota's population is one quarter of one percent of US population.

Brothel owner in Nevada faces federal corruption charge

Enough talk about McCain... be afraid of...

VIDEO-Does Bush have to be convicted in order to be impeached?

Asshole on Scarborough doesn't think big oil runs the "freakin world" LOL

South Dakota Running Tourism Spots

Good Night All.

was SD's abortion ban out this week to change the headlines?

Pictures of Cindy Sheehan's arrest today

"I'm not doing this to fail," said by John Conyers...

"new pearl harbor"

My challenge to all elected officials proposing outlawing abortion...

It's the New South Dakota travel guide, woohooo

DU CSPAN callers and callers to other shows-the "I" word, use it

washington journal time

Have any of you considered sobering up or switching to decafe?

A President who sighs vs. A Nation who cries. Are you listening Ms. Dowd?

DU is a wonderful place for many reasons, many purposes.

"Everything Changed on Sept. 11..." The Republican Senate race

4 Months Ago Today bush said: “We do not torture” ! Lying War Criminal!

Does anyone have a link to the hilarious cowboy film montage

Lawmakers Seeking to Curtail Food Warnings-Have Ties To Food Industry

So, is there a civil war in Iraq? Let's ask the Generals. -Larry C Johnson

Bolton & Timmerman Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Exposing Iran Nukes

Anyone here make a Google Bomb before?

VEEP DOO-DOO (The New Yorker)

"Need fast cash? If You Crave Professional Challenges-Spend a Yr In Iraq."

Chertoff Says U.S. Ports Takeover Would Tighten Grip on Security

Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been ?

WSJ: Blame It on Voltaire: Muslims Ask French To Cancel 1741 Play

Student won't return to school, cause he's been called "snitch, coward

If you're watching cspan, pay attention right now - Conyers

Conyers and impeachment talk on C-span 2 now!

Louisiana Delegation Studies Dutch Levees

I wish we had more John Conyers, we need them n/t

Bush Impeachment Forum on C-Span 2

What's the difference between Zacarias Moussaoui and Condoleezza Rice?

Republican Congressman Predicts Bush Impeachment

Gonzales May Be Recalled on Eavesdropping

Evangelical Leaders Join Global Warming Initiative

sorry, dupe

Dana Reeve-Leader of Christopher Reeve Foundation-Dies Of Lung Cancer...

"The Confluence Of Two Great Pandemics"

I would donate to the new Phoenix station if...

Presidential Impeachment Proposals (Harper's) now starting on cspan2

Bill Clinton and Dubai

Schoolteacher makes credit card payment; reported to DHS

Now isn't THIS a big surprise?

Ok...Listen Up South Dakota boycotters. . . . .

Rape/incest exceptions in abortion argument...

Aljazeera has more on global warming & extinction info

Watchdog: What Ever Happened to the Civil Liberties Board?

Good Morning DU!

My subconscious is going nuts!

The pleasure of doing big business

What's the deal with the DU journals?

New England: 12% hike in power rates over 4 years

Cindy Sheehan ARRESTED again

How Do Americans Really Feel About Abortion?

Am I the only one who thinks Lieberman acts and sounds like Eeyore?

Example of Big Brother watching you - Pay too much and you raise and alarm

Lesbian beats 3 guys for homecoming king crown

Gingrich tells Rumsfeld to dig in for 70-year war

Haven't our world leaders become more ignorant since Bush arrived?

British Court Says Up Yours To US

news editorial from North Dakota

False Flags over America (major tin foil!)

The Dubya Movie StarrIng the late Don Knotts as you know who.

Moving Into The COVER-UP Phase-Potential Danger for Admin- Glenn Greenwald

Freep Columnist's Fantasy Academy Awards Acceptance Speech lol:

At Least 8,000 Members of All Volunteer Military Deserted During Iraq War!

More Freaker Compassionate Conservatism (I know..I know)

Amid AIPAC's Big Show, Straight Talk With a Noticeable Silence

There is no law against the morning after pill in south dakota

springer made an excellent point today

DeLay to Spend Primary Election Night with Lobbyists --->>>

"Entitlement Orphanages" I can't WAIT to hear the whining about the money

Poll: Will Congress stop the coming war with Iran?

TVNL Radio: Media Blackout on Fallujah Ends Now!

Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent ...

Drug prohibition vs abortion prohibition. A question for DU lawyers.

Do you know what's 'coming out' on 6/6/6???

Rummy--Pentagon Briefing on Cnn at 11:15 ET

Who is running these nutjob candidates as Democrats? WTF!?!

OMG!..Unbelievable!..This cant be happening...WTF!....

Ex-Pentagon adviser discusses Niger forgeries, Iran Contra: Developing...

Has Bush gone beyond Worst President Ever to Worst President Possible?

Sick about fighting family on this years "gay oscars".... it wasn't "gay"

Is Dominionism just a force of the Far Right?

Here is Total Proof O'Reilly Has a Right Wing Bias

Has anyone heard anything about Medea and Cindy

I need an impeach bush gif or image

Will Allegations (false) of Rape Increase in No Choice States?

Rumors rampant: Katherine Harris' failure----> Senate candidate Jeb Bush

South Dakota abortion ban question

Snotty McCluckCluck on C-SPAN 1. Apologizing for * again. n/t

Senator DeWine getting "dinged" by primary opponent in Ohio?

Listen Live State of the Tribes - Wisconsin Public radio

Democrats: No Unified Message? HERE'S HOW TO WIN!! -->

Bush Weaves Rug Story Into Many an Occasion-

NJ legislature wants to abolish your right to post anonymously

Did The Situation w/Tucker Carlson get canned?

Where's Cindy? There seem to be no updates on her or her condition

Tonight a one-word sign is going to be taped to my window....

Minister admits 'rendition' planes used RAF bases

Hon. Ron Paul on the end of the dollar

Little known fact - Contra Supporter/Racist was part of an attempted coup

Hi and Lois takes a political stand on fur today....

VIDEO- >>>>IMPORTANT<<<<<- Bush Patriot Act- FISA Oct 26, 2001

Wingnut petri-dish (Mike Stark at it again : )

Republicans playing politics with "line item veto" ...

my Ltte to the gov of S. Dakota

"Cheney warns Iran."

Have any church groups gone after the Viagra type TV advertisments?

Which is it, Rummy?? Make up your mind!!!

Our problem is not with the Iraqi people... Its with your leaders...

Jermaine Jackson's "Legacy" -- Why isn't this perjury????

Am I the only one to miss this? Marc Maron returns to Air America

RAWSTORY teaser but you all may want to monitor this -NIGER FORGERIES

CNN Breaking News: New Low.

"The Dictator" has now become "The Regime"

Why is Congress fighting so hard to save the UAE ports deal?

When Bush Goes, What Then?

VIDEO-Rattner on Why Bush Should be Impeached (Harper's Impeachment Forum)

The 10 Commandments, post-Bush:

Osama better look out! They're on the case!

delay's Pointy Ear Pic On CNN.Con (& How He's Going To Party W/Lobbyists

Would Conyers and Impeachment panel post the "case for impeachment

Rummy on cspan Press conf now

HA! Staff forgot to register Shrub as an absentee voter in Tx, so.....

The 157mpg car is here.

Dear Leader has been nominated for Most Humorous Blog!

Microsoft experts. HELP ME!

Statement by John Kerry on the Passing of Dana Reeve

Fred Phelps

Wider War?

VIDEO- Lapham "We Should Use Impeachment More Often" (Harper's)

VIDEO- Holtzman- How Long Does it Take the Public to Get it? (Impeachment)

VIDEO- John Dean on Impeachment-Where Is the Media?(Harper's)

Discussion with my Pro-Bush, Pro-Choice father.

Please Join Me In Prayer.

Sometimes even on Slashdot you can find great insights

A fundamentalist Christian Texas Republican "just did his duty"

Problem with the photo that goes with the Sinking Ship of Rats Story

whats dick doing on tv today

They are targeting Women's Healthcare in NC--Contact Sen. Burr

Can we hold off Impeaching Bush until 2008?

Displaced Iraqis Have Better Voting Opportunities Than Displaced Katrina V

Negroponte Makes the Most of His Post as Minister Without Portfolio

South Dakotans split on Abortion ban according to new poll

Hope none of you live in New Jersey

Timewarp family walks on all fours

after we nuke irans nuclear plant what city in the us will be the first


Initiate discussion, post on other forums about the abortion legislation.

Bennisch, teacher who compared * to Hitler will be on the Today Show

What issue has the party neglected most in recent years?

'Ex-Enron CFO Says He Helped Hide Losses' Fastow sings!!!

Want fries with that?

Help Phoenix arise from the ashes / Air America Phoenix


George Clooney on fighting the right wing

Link to VIDEO of Bennish interview w/Matt Lauer

Democrats’ Division Is Their Hidden Strength

Delay just does not get it... and this is why he deserves

Once again, shall we call on MSM to...

question re: abortion ban in SD and elsewhere....

Woman Who Treated Cancer With Breast Milk Dies

I thought this was known already re: we knew about alQaeda

Best Bush impersonation ever!

TN Bill to Outlaw Dildos and other sex toys! What is next?

Tom Delay movie

Question on SD Abortion Law and Reservations

Just one of the problems in America

True or False Air America in NYC

CIA says Libby defense could disrupt intelligence (Reuters)

Duck, it's Dick! ---pix--->>>

Anyone hear of this FSU gang that terrorizes the music scene?

Dana Reeve, widow of actor, dies of lung cancer

Today is the 41st anniversary of Bloody Sunday (Selma)

Did you all see the ad on MSNBC..

Limbaugh: 'Hillary sounds like a screeching ex-wife'

how come corporate crime only does time for a couple of years

Iraqi forces probe general's "strange" killing

Roger Ebert weighs in on Brokeback backlash

Boys' Internet prank results in Fontana man's sex crime arrest

*** EXCELLENT*** article/thread in GD: Politics...

Little King George shares his wisdom on Women's History ---pix--->>>

War: Realities and Myths (C Hedges)

Quick - need fast info to refute freep e-mail

ABC News Poll: Hillary stronger with Dem base than McCain with GOP

I just sent this e-mail to Tweety

Check out this e-mail I got with a pic of a soldier with wads

Has Ann Richards said anything about the South Dakota abortion law?

Car title loans?

Obama is giving a fine speech on corruption and Robber Barons.

Leslie Blitzers recent statement on Ports fight.

These men who don't like sex & don't want women to have abortions

Update on the Air America (WLIB) Gossip... Danny Goldberg Memo

ABC Australia Interview-Robert Fisk Paints a Middle East In Crisis

What Banning Abortion Means: An Explosion of Children in Foster Care

"Lawless World" by Philippe Sands, British prof of international law

Why do we eat our children?

75-Year-Old Grandma Busted For Robbing Bank in Pennsylvania

is it political that they are not showing commander in Chief but showing

What is the best & worst bumper sticker you've seen?

What do you think of this quote by Trent Lott?

America, from Freedom to Fascism (Video movie trailer)

Yet another example of the Chimperor's lack of respect for women

Lawmaker tries to block ports deal (Jerry Lewis)

A revolution without reinstatement of the draft?

If a child were successfully shielded from all life's trauma and injustice

National Day of Solidarity with South Dakota

another SD abortion post....religious right radio host: 'pray governor

Crunchy Conservatives

He's Baacckk!! -- DC Ciruit nominee Kavanaugh, election thief, ken starr

U.N. - Afghan Poppy Planting On Rise

"Democrats are against abortion!"

Might want to take a peek at the country YOUR running

* spoke for Women's History Month? Now that's rich.

Clinton takes a lesson from Dubya (pabloonpolitics)

Maybe it's my cynicism toward Fundies clouding my opinion, but read this..

Libby Briefings Request Would Be a Security Risk, CIA Says

Well if they can't have the money no one can...

Impeachment forum just started on c-span2

Barbara Boxer is on Randi Rhodes with Malloy! NOW!

My Reichwing employer has blocked my computer from accessing...

Pro-Choice Puritans

Just got a very sneaky fake PayPal email

One thing about conservative talk radio that fascinates me...

problems at Move On.... WTF!


Just got back from the press conference: Tom DeLay and the Big Buy!

Anyone hear the several Repub callers to C-SPAN this morning?

Had a choice while voting today

South Dakota residents should google images of anencephaly

Vermont Town Backs Bush Impeachment

Who is trying to take over our government and why?

Great LTTE! Wants repeal of 22nd Amendment so * can run again!

James Lee Witt on with tweety....4:54 PM CST

Bu$h is acting very "French" on UAE ports deal.

Vermont Town Backs Bush Impeachment

FreeRepublic irrelevance?

Good night and get lost! Chris Matthews exhumes McCarthy

ABC's "Scoop" That Iran Supplying IEDs To Iraq is OLD NEWS From Last Oct.

Here is a thought - In S. Dakota if a man impregnates a woman

Rock, country for Rock`n The Rally music festival (Sturgis, SD)

Challenging the myths

Need help! Ten Commandments of Vietnam Speech

Horrible Hard Ball tonight

A question to ask RWers who aren't fundies but are OK with abortion ban:

Ladies, a new use for Victory Gardens

Dean: America's Security Should Be America's Business

Gonzales defends conditions at Guantanamo

Time to face facts.

MS-13 started in the US, CA. It became international when the US

Cow Dung Under Pressure Makes Gasoline

Blow a faux Christian mind when they talk about the Iraqis

"Petrodollars and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation:

Will Republicans keep control of House & Senate by rigging 06 elections?

Anyone watching Lou on the port deal

Is Ahmadenijad's half-cocked rhetoric enough to justify killing more?

Bush travels all the way to Texas ON OUR DIME to vote in primaries

Attn: H2O Man Fans --->

Does anyone know the actual number of precincts in the US?

Here is the gang that concerns me. And they are not Latino either

Groups counterattack strict S. Dakota abortion law

'08 Race On Hardball This Friday!

Why are Republicans so obsessed with sex?

Senate Panel Drops Spending Cuts

Lou Dobbs poll tonight

Ladies, men would NEVER let you ban abortion if we had babies

Rumsfeld Just Accused The Press Of Aiding And Abetting

Time to start using the "C" word - Complicit

Confused: they want death for Moussaoui, but * administration has no

So Cheney said the US is leaving all options available regarding Iran

Bikes and Bombs in a Post 9/11 World

Do we have a Traitors List?

Two Blackhawks, an Apache and a Chinook just flew directly over...

Don't you think that anti choice voters assume that they will get around

What Do YOU Know About The Separation of State and Church? (Test)

Harball's Guest List Tomorrow: MTP, Part II (All repukes):

LTTE: RW Talking Points - White Men Not Treated Equally

oh,dear god-can i stomach dick cheney?on cspan

Re-post about how paying down your debt flags Homeland Security

Alternative Spring Break


Where did it go? $200,000 out ot $250,000.

The intent is to NUKE IRAN!!!

Who the f*ck do these persons think they are???

"Millions of abortions cause a shortage of cheap labor"...

ABC's Bob Woodruff: update

can we not make adoption a target in the fight for reproductive freedom?

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but...

6 of 23 Voting For The SD Ban Were Dems. Couldn'tve Passed Without Em.

Oscar Winner Hits Angry Chord

For Bush, why do people push impeachment over a treason trial?

Here is how to flush out your Congresscritters - do it now!

Is it even worth preserving my uterus?

"Dockworkers Union: bigger port threat than Dubai?"

VIDEO- Conyers/Holtzman- I'm not Doing This to Fail (Harper's Impeachment)

U.S. endorsed Iranian plans to build massive nuclear energy industry

Hey focus on family dobson ...want me to stay home? Here's what you do

Why the heck does AIPAC exist at all?

spoke to a friend regarding her Marine nephew in Iraq

Ad from Brokeback Mountain fans

White House Linked to Mitch Wade Iran Group? By Josh Marshall

Talker's Magazine Heavy Hundred - Randi is #10, Schultz is #13

Another example of how media ACTIVELY works to protect Bush.

Dana Reeve has died...

Brave New Films documentary: THE BIG BUY: How Tom DeLay Stole Congress

So, any violations of U.S. law or the constitution by BushCO will NOT be,.

Dear Ms. Geraldine Santoro

Small-town Ohio newspaper poll.

Gov of SD said woman should see child as "gift". What about the MAN????

How Broke Is The US? Can't Even Afford To Move Our Troops

Dana Reeve Lead Story on all three Networks.

Christopher Reeve's Widow Dies at Age 44

lets get this straight. last couple weeks only. no sex toys. no fun

Marketing and Boycotting South Dakota

Military Wives Get Training but NO PAY :

Anyone ever make it through a column written by George Will?

You can't have sex and you can't masturbate. Makes a lot of sense.

Even if you never read the DU front page, READ THIS ARTICLE

Okay, my fellow sisters who also worked for liberation, talk to me about

Should George Clooney run against Ahnold in the 2006 election?

When we will know the results of Delay's battle today??

Bumper sticker I saw today: 'Don't Mess With Jesus'...

Does the kid who taped his teacher have a valid point? Maybe he does

Being George Bush ---pix--->>>

This is absolutely the most terrifying article I have ever read.

New Jersey Republican Introduces Bill To Ban Anonymous Internet Postings

A co-worker prattled on about "tort reform" and why we need it.

A My Space exchange with Colorado student Sean Allen

FR No Longer Has "Abramoff" Or "Delay" As Hot Topics...

Will all the Christians and believers at DU please do me a favor?

The DLC and RW Media approved means of winning in 2008

So * thinks god wants him to spread democracy....

I have a suggestion about the teacher who was ratted by the Hitler Youth.

Should only women vote on the abortion issue? And if so, then

The Towering Solons of Abortion---by Molly Ivins

Military PCs in Iraq forbidden to view liberal blogs/websites

CIA Fights Libby’s Requests For PDBs

Down With Dildos! (best headline of the year!)

Charge it to a "Capital W" card --- 3/7/06 toon

3rd Anniversary of Iraq War --2302 Soldiers Killed - Take Action!


Read and weep * explanation of breaking....

CNN reporting changes to NSA spying law which will make it

DU this poll (And give Jeb Bush an F)

Do we need the EXECUTIVE branch of this government?

Run up to war ?

Looking for Upside Down W --peach sticker

South Dakota Taliban to destroy Mount Rushmore: graven images banned

Listing of South Dakota product manufacturers. . .

MANDATORY MIDDAY MALLOY.....Tuesday Afternoon Roundup

You can track the election results for DeLay here!!!

Dobson & Religious Right Connected To Abramoff-Now's Time To Hammer Them

"Air America Radio:" Help them by joining Premium.

How many of you would be willing to send an e-mail to the House Judiciary

A friend of mine is taking on Wal-Mart - holy crap!!!!

I suggest the following anthem for our March to Impeachment......


Couples Must Negotiate Terms of 'Brokeback' Marriages

Oh, My God! Who Will Come To Tell You The Truth?-Delegation of Iraqi Women

Seriously in need of 3 bush* mp3's, please help! Specifically,

NO! THIS is the MOST terrifying article I have ever read..OIL BOURSE

Who Said This Famous Quote?

This might surprise the hell out of any complacent supporters of choice

24 days since CheneyquidDick gave Whittington his "shotgun facial" and,

Ridiculous new TV series coming: racial stereotypes galore!

Impeachment is REALLY getting serious

All Things Considered interviewed some real koolaid drinkers

Gun Ownership Poll

Disaster in the making (the RawStory Ledeen article got me thinking)

Network World: Macs are cheaper than PCs by half

Iraq/ Civilian Death Tolls?

Air America could be off WLIB in NY after 3/31

I'd like to share an eerie prediction from my favorite Republican.

Dobson makes role of women clear

"Mr. Bush should have just stayed home." (NYT Edit)

Need for 'Untouchable Exit Polls' for future elections

Part II of Larisa's interview with dickhead Michael Ledeen-NIGER FORGERIES

"Why should we trust the results of elections?" David Dill

I had an abortion 20 years ago

Hey men of South Dakota ... I think you overlooked something:

Computer Software Piracy.

Men Working to End Male Dominance

Olberman/"O'Really" conflict. Whatever became of that?

whoa! Malloy is saying theres a mole inside Air America???

The new South Dakota State Quarters are out already!

DU pro-choice men, check in!!

Child Support minimum in SD is $230/month = $49,680/18 years

I had to tombstone someone on a forum I run. It's the Brokeback/Crash

Excuse me-SEIU Andrew Stern to back Republican over democrat?

"Liberal" Media (AP) Fails to Mention Corrupt Ex-Gov is GOP

"Dems fail to grasp opportunity" "Dems have no plan" "Dems fail ..... "

Dubai? Abortion? Dubai? Abortion? Dubai? Abortion?

Some DUers wants Democrats to QUIT "PROMOTING" HOMOSEXUALS!

Want to win your election-appoint your own relatives to Board of Election

The Democrats' Real Problem

DLC's Ed Kilgore Explains How Ralph Reed Will Lose in Georgia

George H. W. Bush* will have an asterisk in history books too.

Whining over the Oscars is pathetic, so what have you done today to save

GOP lawmakers work to limit probe of domestic spying program

I have just sent a press releases on the NSA spying smoking gun!

Bush Impeachment Forum on C-Span 2

Too fun! Poll: Would George Allen make a good Pres. Go Vote!

(need help) Reasons NOT to compare W and "Brokeback"

The New Terror Threat

I'm ashamed of my freeper town, they are still in love with Bush & Dick

U.S. Taps Exchange, Pension Funds as Debt Limit Looms

OMFG, I know the DHS folks are incompetent, but give me a break!

All This Impeachment Talk

Where is the outrage on US torture?

Barbour live on CSAPN-1, Things are going pretty well.

Important Dem. primary today: Cuellar (DINO) vs. Ciro Rodriguez (real -D)

Teacher Compares Bush to Hitler

Arab Firm Has Lesser Role at 16 Other US Ports

who voted against the patriot act the other day?

KT McFarland running against Hillary for Senate

Marine website censor liberals, show conservatives

Are the Democrats "playing politics" with the Dubai ports deal?

Laws that are unconstitutional do not need to be obeyed

The media tries to sell two friends of Bernie

Tillman death investigation: should be focused on obstruction of justice

Has bush been breached or topped?

Gonzales May Testify Again On Warrantless Surveillance

Marines in Iraq: Air America, Wonkette prohibited; O'Reilly, Limbaugh OK

It's Hard Work Being John Negroponte

How modern evangelicals are ignoring their own history.

Cheney speaks

The Heritage Foundation's recent PR push is a sign that Bush is desperate

Faux News and our Military have married and probably have kids

Robert Greenwald's next documentary: TOM DELAY!!!

Abramoff lawyer threatens to release details

funny thing - bird flu talk didn't mention the chicken baron's coops

Idea for Campaign '06 & '08

"We will not allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons"

Rummy wants to be trusted on Iraq

OMG! I agree with Roy Moore -- sort of

Junior Bush has become obsessed about Osama bin Laden...

Dana Reeve dead at 44.

New South Dakota Logo Unveiled--->

Trent Lott's opponent - need help from Mississipians

Delay still hanging out with Lobbyist Fundraisers even on Primary Tuesday!

How much "political capital" does Bush have left ??

Requesting legal info about Abortion Laws

"Abortion is not the only issue" said prochoice Republican

So congress just shut down the investigation into the NSA?

Is Bill Clinton a War Criminal? Brian, one of the Pace protestors is here

open season on women at abortion clinics

On presidential power....

FOX News Continues McCarthy-esque Scapegoating Of Academia As Terrorism Th

Have you got your talking points for the Homosexual Agenda...

Tweety on Boehner: ‘You Can See This Man’s Greatness’

Chertoff says ports deal would improve Homeland Security

Poland To Withdraw Troops From Iraq

Blue Friday

Reminder: A DUer posted the website where you can catch the

The * administration is deliberately downplaying the threat of civil war

Please DU against Jeb the asshole Bush...He sucked!!!

I had an epiphany:

Proposition - We no longer have any obligation to play by the rules.

Wow! I don't believe I have ever read such penetrating analyses

Dump the Machines

Hey, How Long Has John Roberts Been with CNN?

Academy Awards - Brokeback and King Kong - today's cartoon

Foxnews, for the breast in news!

I just gave $20 to Planned Parenthood. I challenge DUers to match

You can smell the fear in the air.

Limitation on Jurisdiction Clause

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Voting Rights Act Conference

S.D. bans abortion and the media is mostly silent

Another interesting tidbit about Joe Lieberman: Quinnipac Poll..

O'Reilly: Iraq invaded "to create a friendly country between Iran & Syria"

I can't believe im rooting for Tom Delay.....

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Lazy Man’s Guide to Riches (& Port Security)

"We Are Human, Like You"

What would South Dakota congress members do if their daughter was raped

Georgia Senate Votes 51-0 for 'Paper Trail' Plan... (BradBlog)

does the taping of teachers seem ok to you all?

A Vermont town endorses move to impeach the president

Calif. county back to boring paper ballots

Why Won't More Democrats Back Direct Talks With Iran?

"What PROOF do you have that BBM lost because of homophobia????"

I just got a dollar with "Impeach Bush" written on it

Did US Know Iraq Had No WMDs?

Let me get this straight: BBM wins Best Director, Adapted Screenplay. . .

I really need DU's advice

Questions you'd want answered from Democratic candidates.