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Archives: August 12, 2006

The Devil and Senator Lieberman

In Miami, Graying Anti-Castro Movement Is Losing Steam

Murals in federal building spark debate over censorship

U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution

Small town takes on neo-Nazi intruders (Germany)

Let's wait and see (Galbraith / Guardian)

The tipping point is here

US wages war on a concept

Laptop Computer Fires On The Rise

First, Do Harm

Reuters: Hillary Clinton Busts Out at Museum of Sex

Helen Thomas: Rice is in way over her head

I'm a Taliban Democrat. Are you?

New Facts Surface: Noam Chomsky interview

The Vile Drumbeat of the Republican Party of Death

No more business as usual-peak oil

Miracle Tech

Contested roadless areas auctioned off (CO)

Peace deal at UN is clouded by Israeli ambiguity

Global Narcotics Cartel Uncovered: Titan Corp/Blackwater Involved

Oliver Stone DOES believe in 9/11 Conspiracy leading to White House!

Here's All One Needs to Understand the Events of 9/11.

A Mechanical Engineer offers WTC collapse sims for review.

pssst.................. in case you missed it.

SEC Opens Formal Invesitgation Into Diebold

Here's a fresh tomato soup recipe for all you gardeners

Key Terror Clues Found 10 Days Ago (CBS video too)

Iraq's Arabs are seeking safety among the Kurds

Afghanistan bomber kills Nato soldier

Martinez says FEC auditing of his 2004 campaign

Blair ponders return as Muslims hit out

Explosive Detection Funding at Risk, Congressmen Say

WP: President Remains Eager to Cut Entitlement Spending

Lamont daughter's vote disqualified

Sheehan Treated at Waco Hospital

Focused on 9/11, U.S. Is Seen to Lag on New Threats

U.N. Council Backs Measure to Halt War in Lebanon

Israel attacks convoy fleeing south Lebanon

Bush, on a Quick Trip From His Texas Ranch, Says Americans Are Safer…

Ill. gay marriage ballot issue rejected

+1 MPG Could Offset BP Oilfield Shutdown, Say Scientists

OSHA Calls 5,702 Deaths on the Job Good News

Leftists protest at Mexico tax office and TV station

Labor Agreement Is a First for Immigration Judges (WPost)

NYT: Bush Aides Foresee Gains on Eavesdropping and Guantánamo

Former staffers open up on chaos of campaign (Katherine Harris)

Resolution to Halt Fighting in Lebanon Is Unanimously Approved

Iran stokes Iraq unrest, U.S. says

Olmert thanks Bush for U.N. resolution

Sheehan Taken To Emergency Room

Peace deal at UN is clouded by Israeli ambiguity: Olmert appears to

3 Arrested on Terrorism Charges in Mich.

"U.S.: 'Do Your Attacks Now' Message Triggered Arrests

Indians Once Again Challenge Redskins Name

W.House defends Cheney on remarks about Democrats

Okay, I'm taking off in a few.

If you could slip George Bush a fortune cookie...

You know what they say

I hate spending the evening alone...

Ever have a week--or a month--when you just do one stupid thing after

I hate spending the evening online...

Friday night at the Blue-Jay Jazz Lounge

i think i need this...

Undercover Kitten killed by car

Vanilla slurpees are just WRONG.

I've been crying for the past twenty minutes...

An Epiphany ......

Little is more amusing than watching an (almost) 4-year-old rocking out

Meahwhile, today at work

Duped again ...

Meteor shower this weekend!

I am the biggest cornball .....

check out the record store kitties!

This is starting to seem like Fate.

Driver gets 70 speeding tickets in 5 months

blech!!! Vitamins with brewer's yeast

I just graduated from Finishing School!

Pirates of the Carribean II is pure propaganda!

Where Are The Pics Of DUers? (Isn't There A Picture Gallery?)

Nekked pictures of Kat Harris!

"Why do they think that 'Fat Dyke' is an insult?

Holy Shit, this is creepy!

I love Michael Caine - watched "A Shock to the System" - review

Paris , Texas

Al and Bobby Unser arrested

It's so nice out tonight, I can actually sleep with the windows open

Want to see a REAL wartime president?

West End Town a Dead End World

A question about men's pants...

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Year of the Cat......

Am taking the CBEST tomorrow ~~ Do you sweat over test taking??

The squirrels in my neighborhood are out to get me.

One reason you shouldn't fuck with me

I feel like corrupting a straight girl -- I'm bored

I remember when the first color TV's came out.

I'm not suicidal...but...(honest question)

Perseid meteor shower reminder:

Want to see a gorgeous baby? Click here! Add your own!

DiGiorno's or Freschetta or California Pizza Kitchen?

I adopted a new kitty today

Cradled in her mother's loving hands

Smilies you wish there were, but there aren't

This kid was wearing the coolest shoes today...

Why was I born so damn sexy?

anybody else on ebay?

My cats are not feeling well.

Stephen Baldwin: Don't try and stop him or he'll break your face

A random freep-for-brains views on the war

For the ladies ONLY ......

Naked patriot was protesting the war

The more I see of men, the more I like my pet squirrel.....

I have a question...

Can't bring a drink on an airplane? Here's the solution!


The earth moves

Am I wrong to laugh at this?

The Sunset Tree (by the Mountain Goats) is the best album of the last

I feel like straightening a corrupt girl -- I'm bored

I've been crying for the past thirty minutes...

Every Trekkie should hang his or her head in shame tonight.

Left-Handed Men Make More Money

Beckham Dropped from England's Team

Okay Fellas...

Heres mine: Any comments??? LOL

DISGUSTING fascist media slander: Ned Lamont is the "al-Qaeda candidate"

Patrick Murphy's GOP Opponent's CoS Hijacks Kerry - Murphy Presser

Biden auto-promotion. But who did they poll?

Does this say texture?

Um, I usually don't mention people's looks but...

?? Meeting: 8/11/06 -- Little Bit o' Keith Edition

Vote Republican. "Keeping liquid make-up out of the terrorists' hands"

So I'm watching the preseason football game

Agence France Presse - Bush Seeks Political Gains from Foiled Plot...

If terrorism doesn't scare you, maybe Bush will

Best Daily Show clip ever

Geargia Stillwell will stomp for a progressive against Hastert

Anyone watching UN Security Council on C-Span, now?

UK Terror Plot and your job: Are your coworkers concerned?

Santa Barbara News Press - Ethics Awards

Scientists: Aspen trees in West dying

It is very interesting that the only way this alleged terror plot was

UN votes to send 15,000 peacekeepers to S. lebanon.

OK, DU, it's time to check in! Which kind of nasty subhuman are you?

America: Freedom To Fascism

Rhetorical Shithead !!! - Making Us Less Safe By The Moment !!!

Why does it always feel like

GOP Under Pressure - Scalia rejects Texas GOP appeal on DeLay...

Olmert bars Livni from attending UN Security Council sessions

"Jihad Begins in the Mosque"

Update: Was Lieberman's E-mail Really Down?

BREAKING: GOP Discovers Photoshop...

San Diego-Seattle-San Francisco-Phoenix-Dallas-San Diego

Bush Backers May Abandon Republicans

Bush Military History Project #30

Hmmm. Lieberman's cheesy website WAS hacked...a month ago.

I hope this is ok for GD: Hospice question (kinda urgent)

Another attack will be stopped before the midterms?

How long before they start arresting leftists?

Air America Radio just went dead as I was listening

Either we're fucked or the neocons are in their last throes.

I need help with

BUSH popularity: Associated Press-Ipsos poll drops to 33% this week

Pirates of the Carribean II is pure propaganda!

Abramoff Scandal Spreads Further...

she might be the next French president.... Bikini shots

Is it just me?


Self delete - dupe

Replugs hurt veterans Aasbestos legislation stopped

Who is that bubble head on KO?

"never trust a Texan farther than you can throw a rhino."

COMING UP | Greg Palast on the Mike Malloy Show

Liebermania blog.. Too much fun

Top Democratic House Candidates (with pictures)

Bush admin tried to take away money for explosives detection

Democrats cannot be trusted with terra & war

Here's All One Needs to Understand the Events of 9/11.

Intelligence in Iraq: L-3 Supplies Spy Support...

'Green Helmet' helps rescue the wounded

Is Mike moving to NYC?

Help! How to do fast international money orders?

It's alright, Ma. I'm only bleeding. (A song for America today)

Israel is leaving rockets in Lebanon, for Hezbollah???

Did you hear them talkin' bout it on the radio?

In times like these I crave

I'm so sick of hearing about "Our Nation's Safety"

I hope that the FBI goes after whoever leaked the information

3 Arrested on Terrorism Charges in Mich.

Yesterday, Little Georgie Warlord denounced “Islamic fascists”.

London plot is political 'life preserver' for Bush: Experts

I think these two really were separated at birth...

Anderson Cooper Sucks

In today's mail, I got my new Voter Information Card...

Vote Republican! - So you'll feel safer!?!?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in, It's my day to play!! Is

I am looking forward to Molly Malloy's first words on the air...

Bush staff wanted bomb-detect cash moved

A funny email from a friend.

ROFLMAO !!! - Damn... I LOVE Mark Shields !!! - Must Read\See\Hear !!!

I just have to steer you to this thread. It leads to a Clinton speech

Have you noticed that a village in Connecticut is missing

Looks like this POLL has been Freeped (after we DU'd it)

Are You "Shaken" Re: Terrorist Plot ???

Some woman said she cried wondering if she would know enough to host

Take time to smell the roses! Meteor showers tonight and

Psst...secret al-Qaeda code: "Do your attacks now"

Lamont called 'the al qaeda candidate' on CNN

Who's this "Albert Kaymuss" Lord Pissypants just started talking about?

Think Disney is anti-semite? Watch this banned cartoon from the 30-40s

Mike Malloy renews contract with Air America for 2 years n/t

Wake up!!

Why do you hate George W Bush?

Blair still swears the Niger documents proved to be forgeries are real

Bush's vacation reading: book we all read as high school sophomores

who is the "good guy" and who is the "bad guy"

Cindy Sheehan treated at Waco hospital for dehydration and exhaustion

Dying salt marshes puzzle scientists

Naked patriot was protesting the war

What's up with MSNBC?

What does peace mean to you?

Security Council OKs Mideast peace deal

why do people believe they are safer under a group intent on blowing up th

Veteran Policy-Makers Fear Disaster in U.S. Course...

Support the troops is fine, but support upper crust resorts?

"Presidential Prayer Team" bemoans Bush's loss of vacation time

"Wait, aren't you scared?"

GOOGLE Video: Bush, The Not So Right & His Band of Idiots! help it be seen

What an incredible coincidence. "United 93" due out 9/5/06 on DVD

Larisa Alexandrovna: Playing Politics with Our Lives

Will "Osama bin Missing" be captured before the mid-terms?

Why do some people on this board keep calling Dobbs a racist?

Did you ever hear the Pro-Kerry 2004 Song from The Roches?

The clouds are so thick the satellite can't get through tonight

Bush reads Camus's 'The Stranger' on ranch vacation

The insects are behaving strangely

Book TV Schedule - August 12th - 14th

Every single Dem that gets TV face time between now and Nov MUST

Democrats Are Weak On Terror?

Does a poll exist demonstrating that US citizens are more fearful?

Gov. Arnold tries to send in the guard Oakland Airport says No Thanks!

There appears to be this myth about the numbers that

Court: Man can't use "None of the Above" as middle name on ballot

Are you suggesting that we sign fraudlent petitions????

McCain, by omission, absolves Iraq from 9/11 attacks

Iraq= 3million a day. The only thing I know that has happened this week

Rudy Giuliani, Fundraising GOP Terror Pimp Extraordinaire

Women struggle, juggle finances

Compassionate Freepers react to Cindy's emergency room visit

They freely use our National Guard for **pure** political purposes.

Westlund (Independent) quits Oregon gov race, helping Kulongoski

so if I get a job at the local newsrag, do I have to stop working for

will bush suspend the midterms?

What should I watch on Sunday?

I came up with a name for the "Cult of W"

Buying Cell Phones is Terrorism ??

Bolton looks pissed....

Dean in CA says a vote for Arnold is a vote for Bush's policies.

Patrick Murphy's GOP Opponent's CoS Hijacks Kerry - Murphy Presser

Voter Fraud Not the Problem. Opponents of Low-Income Voters Are

Big DICK Cheney: Worst. Vice. President. Ever. = I can't believe this

We need bi-partisanship and a spirit of cooperation.

Is it looking like any incumbant Republican Senators

"Is Ned Lamont the Al Qaeda candidate?"

Meet, IMO, our best candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006.

You know if we end up losing in November because of this

Bill Clinton: Philosophy vs. Ideology...THIS IS A MUST HEAR..

John Edwards campaigns for local candidates in Iowa

Who's Guilty of 'Petty Partisanship'?

Twisting in the wind (Repug Gov indictment)

Nuclear row boosts Iranian president

Günther Grass: "I Was a Member of the SS"

Meet the GOP's Latest Smear Machine

Bush's Primetime Lies Still Go Unchallenged

MICKEY Z.: Why "They" Hate Us

Is an Armament Sickening U.S. Soldiers? (sad state of affairs for our vets

Kung Fu Monkey: "Wait, Aren't You Scared?"

Hard-line Neo-Cons Assail Israel for Timidity (Jim Lobe)

Profiles in Terror

CNN claiming TERRORISM is number one issue over Iraq

WIRED NEWS: We Can Detect Liquid Explosives

Hazbollah and Israel still kicking ASS!! despite ceasefire

Robert Fisk: If you want the roots of terror, try here

U.K. Terror Bust Already Spins U.S. Politics

Clear Channel Shrinks Dimensions, Power, Costs Of Digital Signage

Who is the Enemy?

Paving the path to defeat separatist terrorism and bring victory to...

Peter Galbraith: Mindless in Iraq

France gives Britain a run for its money by Sam Fleming

Failing Soldiers at Home, Too

LAT: Home Price Gains Keep Shrinking

Why Do We Hate Nuclear Power

Nigeria's first operating nuclear reactor visited by ElBaradei.

how concerned should I be? my water comp. says I must boil all my

Court challenge to save black eagles (South Africa)

Group forms to protest hog farm plan (MO)

Antarctica data may be bad news

Now save the Klamath (Register-Guard OR)

In Heat Waves, Generators Double as Saviors and Polluters (NYT)

Tengratila Blowouts: Victims start 3-day fresh agitation (Bangladesh)

Greening of Chicago Starts at the Top Floor (WP)

Cities, States Aren't Waiting For U.S. Action on Climate (WP)

Judge Issues Injunction on Grazing Rules

Activists to Sue if Va. Plant Does Not Cut Pollution

Well...this is a fascinating observation from a blogger!

"God's Chosen People" (Questions about Compassion & Forgiveness)

Muslim leaders say foreign policy makes UK target

Israel must

Peace deal at UN is clouded by Israeli ambiguity

Hezbollah 'will respect ceasefire' as Israel triples Lebanon troops

What do you say to a man whose family is buried under the rubble?

$50 million in aid from U.S. to Lebanon is not enough

Several killed in Israeli air raids

Israel, Lebanon warn over UN cease-fire resolution

Fundraising Plea for 9/11 Truth Congressional Candidate

More information released - data from United 93's FDR + other stuff

An apology, a thank you, and a note.

Great video

Alex Jones predicts massive terror attacks within the next two months

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, August 12, 2006

Great Video of the results of Grassroots Action in Riverside Co., CA

Indiana GOP accused of purging voters' names in error

I just got two notices from about folks wanting a MeetingUpping

New frame: Republi-cants

twenty pounds of overripe Italian prunes

Latest Ipsos-Reid poll by CanWest Global

Rwandan immigrant charged with genocide

BP to keep half of Alaska field pumping

Twisting in the wind (Repug Gov indictment)

In Colombia, a provincial radio journalist is murdered

Ex-jailer sentenced in inmate's death

Israel pushes deeper into Lebanon after U.N. vote

Reuters: US says kills 26 in Ramadi

More identities compromised as government laptop thefts continue (DOT)

(PA) Legislation targets 'canned hunts' (Cheney Connection)

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Afghan clash

Judge: Unabomber Items to Be Sold Online

Protesters in Mexico Release 4 Hostages

War paralyzes Lebanon aid

AP: U.S. Forces Detain 60 at Iraq Funeral

Lamont campaign criticizes Lieberman for comments on terror plot

Ashcroft Finds Private-Sector Niche

Republican Ehrlich Highlights Ties to Democratic Pr. George's Executive

President says British terror threat may not be over

Bush interrupts vacation to take phone call from Olmert

Israel nearly triples troops in Lebanon

NYT/Reuters: UK Rejects Foreign Policy Link to Attack Threat

Fletcher may be haunted by ruling

Bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

US says terror warning in India "hypothetical"

Sectarian slurs on the rise in Baghdad

Wonder if Hezbollah will agree to this:

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Report: Cap loan interest rates (for soldiers--36%!)

Iraq informs Turkey on banning PKK (Maliki closes PKK offices!)

Lebanon approves UN resolution

France launches military satellite

WP: Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack (+ info on Cheney's security

Terrorist Posada Carriles to Ask US for Release

BA blames airport for cancellations

Muslim leader calls for vigilance against fanatics

British Muslims urge Blair to change foreign policy

British Court Approves Maintaining Custody of Plot Suspects

Katrina Recovery remains slow

FOX NEWS- Pro Hezbollah Demostration in San Francisco

Report: Castro walking, talking, working

Terror plot: Pakistan and al-Qaida links revealed

Experimental HIV drug helps control virus

Israel confirms chopper down

WSJ: Polls Shows More Americans Favor Democratic Candidate for Congress

US forces arrest 60 in Baghdad

Bush phones Siniora on UN resolution

Reuters: UN Lebanon force could start deploying in 7-10 days

1-800-SUICIDE Gets 2 Week Extension

McGavick loaning his Senate campaign $2 million (Cantwell opponent)

Venezuela's Chavez Runs for Re-Election

Japanese protest war shrine a 2nd day

LAT: Democrats Go on Offense in Latest Terror Case: Respond fast, sharply

Ex-Iraqi Electricity Chief Named in Graft Inquiry

Feds Want Skilling to Pay Nearly $183M

Bureaucracy impedes bomb-detection work (* tried to cut funds)

Terrorist Posada Carriles to Ask US for Release

Immigrant says FBI tried threats to make him spy

Newsweek:The Ripple Effect (surprising poll findings!)

Israeli troops reach the Litani River (AP)

AP: Israel to halt war in Lebanon on Monday

Some Cubans Plan to Fete Castro's B-Day

Blair keeps faith in Reid and Prescott to handle terror alert(on vacation)

Hezbollah sets conditions for agreement

War-risk insurance end a worry for airlines (set to expire in 2 weeks)

Sheehan: Hospital stay won't stop me

Oregon GOP resolution called racist, ignorant

British police find martyrdom video

Thousands Rally for Lebanon Near White House

Is an armament sickening U.S. soldiers?

FBI says flights to Boston not specifically part of plot (then which?)

Nervous Nation Must Decode a Confusing Rainbow of Colors

Chaos follows in Chinese typhoon's wake

AFP: Bush reads Camus's 'The Stranger' on ranch vacation

3 Texas Men Arraigned on Terror Charges

Norway up in arms after author asserts Israel has lost right to exist

Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests

McBride wants Harris apology

BBC: Bush links Hezbollah and 'plot'

Research Vessel Burns Off Coast of La.

Some humor please....I thought these were funny!

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Nissan Pavilion

Thanks again, DUers

We're The Princes Of The Universe

Check this out -- The Wallflowers singing Warren Zevon


alright whos awake?

Do you believe bagels are amongst us?

Do you believe angles are amongst us?

do you believe Rangel's are amongst us

Good night!

I'm going to keep posting untill somebody responds

Paris Hilton Sort of Bitten by her Pet Kinkajou!

Do you believe more posts will wake people up?

Good morn or evening friends

Behind Jan and Paul, he is my favorite train wreck to watch.

I miss Radio_Lady.

Japanese Man Calls Information 37,760 Times just to hear a friendly voice

Truck overturns, spilling penguins onto Texas highway

Here is a great way to start your day.

If you have lived in Virginia, can you answer this question?

thinking about getting a moped/scooter.

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

My soon-to-be-ex closed on his house! We have a potential

I miss him, and want him home, now!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/12/06)

Make a Sexy Comment

**Yawn** Just woke up. Good morning, DU.

I am So Nervous Right Now...

Do you say things to people on DU you would never say to someone's face?

Ladies: What do you put in your bra?

So tell the TSA going to give me shit for my iPod

That's just great. It's storming here in No. Georgia

Snakes on a Plane! send a personalized message


Time to take a break

Any DU'ers in Virginia?

MrScorpio's Traffic Ticket Advice (From experience)

Music question: Who duets with Johnny Cash in "Bridge Over Troubled

Favorite Power?

Murphy's Lesser Known Laws...

Favorite soap/body wash?

XP Windows Media Center

I need some serious financial backing...

Woman's call to police: Someone cleaned my house

Absolute Power...

Our orchids have all fallen off (SIGH)

The iPod accessory to end all accessories

Favorite Bauer?

Will Snakes on a Plane still open next week?

God I love "Overheard in"

Phil Hellmuth?

Strangest bumper stickers?

The neighbor kid saw me buck naked.

This post should be in the Lounge.

Just found out the 2006 Hybrid I just bought was stolen?!?

All Right! Look who just showed up! Starbucks Anarchist!

Gentlemen, How Tall is Too Tall?

Ladies and Gents ..... It's DIAMOND DAVID LEE ROTH time.

I finally found the song that had been eluding me for years!

I finally found the Bong that had been eluding me for years!

How many rules is it possible to break in a single post, you idiots?

Crotch pockets write weird things but boys jump in completely in lust

Who else feels generally icky??

Congratulations Pithlet!! 15,000 posts

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to....

Look Who Stepped on My Mouse Today!!!

Where should my loyalties lie (workplace)?

Favorite Flower?

The R.P.M. appreciation thread

I finally drowned the Kong. Fat chad then denuding thee for sneers!

I write weird things. And weird people. Tell me how weird this is....

Give Jesus a Chance! He died for the opportunity! (Seen on a car today)

I love living in this apartment building!

Picket the fuck thread.

Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris on Prairie Home Companion now

Congratulations uppityperson!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations ForestGump!! 15,000 posts

I'm going out to a restaurant tonight.

Another girl thread, but boys jump in should you want to...

"I was a Viet Nam Veteran before it was popular"

How to get drunk without ingesting alcohol - a personal guide!

Anyone ever watch "30 Days" on FX?


God, I am totally, completely in lust

Is it ok to wish relationship failure on your ex?

Look What I Did Today

I love olives

Beatrix Potter; Charming author and illustrator or squirrel evil enabler

My wrist hurts. I shouldn't do so much mas

I met a very interesting fellow in the city yesterday...

Here's an idea. Crotch ROCKETS

My grandson laughed today.

Whats more annoying on a Saturday morning. A leaf blower or a woodchipper?

Public art in a town of 600 residents (dial-up warning)

cat lick...

Make a racist comment

If you appreciate swearing in foreign languages, post here!

Lets look at "terrorism" and "rights denying" from a math perspective

Here's an idea: CROTCH POCKETS

I'm Umbert the Unborn. Ask me anything.

Congratulations Heidi!! 20,000 posts

9/10 of DU is going to Hell!

If you could become immortal

Lounge Girly-Girl news: I gots me a haircut!

Saturday, August 12. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

You won't believe the things TSA took out of my sister's carry-on.

What could POSSIBLY be worse than Snakes on a Plane?

Name one movie with the word "Day/s" in the title.

For my 4000 th post

I want to run away.

why doesn't DU have stalker features?

GENTLEmen of DU, who would say "No!", to a kitten...

Presidential Syllabus for this semester: "Catcher in the Rye"

Look Who Stopped by My House Today!!!

Hey you mayonnaise gobblers out there. You know who you

Check out this anti-Colbert web site (created by!)

Five Random Questions for a Saturday Afternoon:

Thinking of what kind of stinky stuff to put on me...any insight?

One day, George W. Bush was putting together a puzzle.


Boob pockets: Who thought this was a good idea?

Favorite Fragrance?

Far beyond the horizon, far beyond the setting sun...

'War Tapes' Doc Features Soldier Footage

Perseid meteor shower exposed as terrorist plot

A terrorist plot behind every Bush

85 year old woman locks self in bank vault


Squirrel Hunt

Post your Pandora top 10 here

Computer did "spontaneous" shut-down.

The neighbor kid saw my buck naked

I finally found the thong that had been eluding me for years!

Snappy comebacks to bad pickup lines

The neighbor kid saw, never mind

Do you believe angels are amongst us?

Fundies Critique the movies:

The DU Fantasy Premier League is up and running!

Evangelicals quiet about war in Lebanon

Common Misconceptions About Atheists and Atheism

Blood pressure cuffs and machines

Obese? A 'poisoned' food supply may be to blame, UCSF expert says

The ecological balance that mankind decides it will have with this planet

That time of year- Perseid Meteor shower time!

Help protect LGBT group from death threats

I saw a couple of good films last night

Gays, "ex-gays" square off at psychology meeting

I am damn well tired!

Is it a hate crime for a major daily to print this shit? I say YES.

Mayan Calendar

Romney, Kerry spar over fight on terror

Great video about Dems in general: David vs. Godless


They told me if I voted for Kerry


Is this picture of Bush real or Photoshopped

Global Narcotics Cartel Uncovered: Titan Corp/Blackwater Involved

Behold the Moonbat

Video of a People's Election Monitoring Project--must see!

I just saw the Twin Towers movie---don't criticize it until you've seen it

Clark speaks on The Right to Vote, The CT Primary, and Election Integrity.

Would you like to have a penny...

Western values 'are causing mental illness'

$35M to SMU for * library

Why is the woman who killed her husband and fled allowed release on bail?

Aug 10 Bush photo.This does not look like a well man

Man, I love DU

Fascism... draws its power from capitalists, members of the military...

Looking at this mess: Bush seems to have been getting some BAD ADVICE

Cheney is, if you will , an asshole

Unfreep this poll.

Could the govt. declare YOUR home "blighted" and exercise eminent domain

Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD >>>NEWS ARTICLE link

How to Win World War IV

GOP 'exploiting' terror fears -- they wouldn't do THAT would they?

English as the official language of the US

Should the word "Jew" be censored?

Tough Day - Great Opportunity. This Is Hugh!!11

Cspan "Christian" caller; " Wipe out the Muslim Vermin"

I won't believe anything Bush or Blair say until they stop torturing people

peroxide-based spit take...

Question of the Day: Now long will the Starbucks Coffee band continue

Someone could swallow a big lump of C4 and go to the crapper...

Israel's offensive in its "last throes"

Check out the photos - - Repuke throws chair during debate

Americans are Alarmingly Gullible don't you agree?

Yeah, let's talk terrorism, Dick.

Mr. Bush's Jedi Mind Trick

Of course there are people who want to kill us. Who thinks there isn't?

How should the Democrats respond to this latest Repug offensive?

CSPAN: "Is it time to Profile"?

WP,pg1: Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack

US Army interrogator to surrender to custody

Here Is The Law Follow It ...

(VIDEO) Robert Kennedy on hopes and dreams

August 11 - The Number is 2599

The worst thing is, we will never know for sure

Fear and Smear

A Legacy of Hatred and Death - 9 Dec 2000 to Today ...

If something is completely sealed.. store bought... FDA approved

Wonder what Ashcroft is up to? He is raking in the bucks

My, how the rhetoric gets ratcheted up!

What if there's a major attack?

Israeli support for war plummets.

Am I view here as PRO Terrorist

People who believe things even after they've been PROVEN wrong.

The age-old question -- the chicken or the egg ?

GOP: Ready to 'benefit' from terror

A conservative co-worker does not think military

Jonathan Cook: Are all opponents of Bush "Islamic fascists?"

Which terrorist organization is worse?

Confiscated airport items (liquids) given to homeless or sold on Ebay.

My 5 point plan for securing America's safety


With all the billions we are spending in Iraq every month

Why US citizens are no longer willing to

When the only people that fly are the privileged rich, who will give a

For what its worth . . .

How many people were murdered in the 1946 King David Hotel bombing?

Poll on * to Stomp Bush Makes Promise to Dead Soldier's Mom

Smirky, here's the Camus quote of the day:

Anyways, just a thought

Bush's Secret Effort To Steal $$$ Away From Airplane Bomb Detection

Why did Overseas Visitor get banned?

CNN Banner:Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says guerrilas would agree

Bush Military History Project #31

Torture is anything you would object to if it were done to an American

August 12th in Arkansas history

A simple proposal for airline safety-screening optional flights...

US Public has ADD - MSM enables it, Rove knows/uses it.

Could Lieberman win a primary for the "Lieberman for CT" party?

UN cease-fire resolution : UNIFIL mandate (excerpts)

Urging Connecticut DUers to contact state Dems to campaign for Lamont

Were the outlaws my Rep. family idolizes--were they insurgents/terrorists?



Cash Advance/ Payday loans Annualized percentage rate: 391% (Yes, 391%)

DU this poll on terror

Radical extremists looking to oust incumbent senator

Why did the media cut away from the statement being made by Nasrullah?

Dead Eye Dick does Boise (Wednesday)

So, uh... any word on Bush's CIA resurrecting the Bin Laden search group?

Kerry ramps it up! - terrorism , al qaeda stronger

Bush: Some say terror being used for 'partisan' politics

Is there ever going to be a "Reality Based" twenty four hour news channel?

Anybody have link to picture of naked guy in AL protesting Iraq war?

What is this?

Have there been any moves on the part of Israel to control the water

A parable

Anybody Have A List For The Sunday Talk Shows?

Senator Mark Pryor Delivers the Democratic Radio Address

Security Council OKs Mideast Peace Deal

Just who exactly is Agent Mike?

The point about terror that the Dems should be pushing 24/7

'Pakistani Scum'....

Bush's numbers DROP after foiled terrorist plan!

So much for supporting our troops

A sensible ME policy for the US that we should embrace.

I hate the phrase the new normal

GOP Raises Specter of 'Speaker Pelosi'

I need some serious financial backing...

Bush links Hezbollah and airline terrorist 'plot' (Seriously! BBC)

Israel looking for something that could be viewed as a victory

Anyone here changed their minds about the F-Bomb ("Fascism")?

Wonder if Hezbollah will agree to this:

Digby on Newtie, Joe-y and World War III

Great video

The Double Irony of Bush Losing Western Assets in the ME

Mike Douglas and Roger Ailes?

Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack (a must read)

The Real Dick........caption this

Democrats Pleased Joe Got Beat in Connecticut

A Radical Proposal For Safer Air Travel: Guns and Drugs

Laura Bush's "I am not a terrorist" travel ID!

Pelosi is the new HRC

Tony Auth nails the solution to terrorism

The GOP raises the SPECTER of 2 more years of CRAP.

If you don't think they would fake a terror plot.........

Compared to what?????

judicial activism?!?! for the SEAHAWKS

True or False: Our sons & daughters in Iraq are fighting for OUR Freedom?

Should We Worry About This Sort of Threat ?

Do you trust the British Govt. over our own?

Pakistani foils "terror plot", not the British Spy Agency or the U.S.

This post is Censored

Why does Lieberman not know if Nazism is more evil than jihadism?

what can be done to save middle class america?

If you could become immortal

"SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!" Cause no Republican statesman will

Will Snakes on a Plane still open next week?

Bush takes credit for Pakistan/Great Britain Intelligence Effort

OMG! Ashcroft is now a lobbyist!

Strangest GD Poll award! :)

Huge oil spill off Lebanon threatens to ravage life in the sea

Where does the term "extraordinary rendition" come from?

Watch Acetone/Peroxide Blow Up.Read GAO Re: Liquid Airline Threat

Why do people still trust Wikipedia???

America The Cowed. America The Afraid. America The Frightened.

Wonder why news is different in the US Vs the rest of the world?

Question about the '04 election.

Bad News for "World Trade Center"? (off 25%) + S.O.A.P. news

So does that mean NO Liquids on trains and boats too?

ATTENTION -- Any Lurking Members of the MSM!

Ignoring the cease-fire agreement, Israel fires on and near UN positions

Lets look at "terrorism" and "rights denying" from a math perspective

US & UK Authorities had BIG ARGUMENT About Timing of Bust...

FDR, Truman and JFK would have preemptively invaded Iraq? Hah?

12 tortured bodies found floating in Tigris, 19 others killed in Iraq viol

MT Army National Guard having banner year for recruitment

U.S. detains 60 at Iraq funeral

Bad Reporter- "more foiled plots"

pResident Dumbass... steal this image!

Look what I found by accident! A DU anti-DU site..."Enemies among us"

(VIDEO) Jonathan Tasini's latest ad on Iraq

On not having water on a plane

Uri Avnery : Who? Me?

Bush says terror threat may not be over

Look at me look what I done did!

CNNs we were warned

US says they killed 26 Iraqi people in Ramadi as street battles continue

ok, now MSNBC is calling the demontstration anti-Israel marches

How NOT to get Banned from DU (A TYJ PSA)

We Should Start a $5 Pool

Hannity & Colmes cartoon...rofl

Who came up with the dehydration argument?

Can I have an “AMEN, GLORY HALLELUJAH” as mankind marches back wards.

It must be an election year

"Six Places to Nuke When You’re Serious"

Black men in veterinary science--research question. Heelp!

Clip of Jonathan Tasini on NY1, the station that won't let him debate >

Nafeez Ahmed: Covert Ops Escalate in M.E. & Horn of Africa

"God's Chosen People" (Questions about Compassion & Forgiveness)

MSNBC Newsweek Poll: Bush at 38%

Mediawhore candidate Randall Terry sends out "Bill Clinton" phone calls

NH Conservatives start to come back to Bush

ok... I finally donated. I suppose it is fitting since I am almost at

In the South, Bush's approval ratings dropped from 43%to 34%

(VIDEO) David Sirota vs the Coultergiest

What would RW'ers say about Profiling at the Airport if...

Hezbollah 'will respect ceasefire' as Israel triples Lebanon troops

FOX NEWS- Pro Hezbollah Demostration in San Francisco

Costly Drugs Force Life-Death Decisions

How are the lines at SFO today?

The Opposite of Empire-Building

Israel to halt war on Lebanon on Monday

Oversea Visitor was tombstoned here, today.

Does being 'Politically Correct' mean

My Freeper encounter.....

Teenage Boys Steal Cheney's Security Equipment...

Help with freeper friend bigoted e-mails

The company they keep says a lot.

Help me debunk these two phrases

What is this "Know your enemy" crap on CNN

What do you say to this argument for voting for republicans?

Question re flying with liquids

Ethnic Intolerance in Modern America

Panel suggests using inmates in drug study

I just got back from flying all day, NY/NO/TX. Ask me anything,

Ann Coulter on Book TV?!

Global warming is causing the ocean to rise and Israel needs higher ground

New Treatment Model for Bipolar Disorder Show Promise

Worst Timing Ever for Bush & Co.

WTF!! Airports Giving Confiscated Liquids To Homeless; Selling On E-bay!!!

Amazing rant: "Wait, Aren't You Scared?"

Before Attack, Mixed Messages on Convoy’s Right to Go

I don't know who I hate more, Bush or his brain-dead supporters...

"an error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it"

Borders & Starbucks should sieze the airline opportunity

The Taliban Democrats and the Neoconservative Suicide Squad

Feds want ex-Enron CEO(Skilling) to pay $183M - his plus Ken Lay's share

The latest "* is working while on vacation" pic

Congr. Martin somebody, Dem, basically called Fox news host a liar...

Sunday Talk Shows

Imagine our country being invaded and the feckers who invaded us...

My letter to be in Monday's Seattle Times

You'll love this LTTE in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today...

"Learning From Hezbollah"

Anyone have pictures from Camp Casey they want to share with us?

Don't just post on DU, write LTTE. Here's mine

CNN and Chuck Roberts should pay for the "al qaeda candidate" remark.

Both The Fascists and The Terrorists Have Won

False gods make me want to puke

I am sick and tired of a President who hates

EUREKA!. How Dems can use bombing arrests to UNDERMINE GOP terror spin

Making it in George W. Bush's America

Two sets of books....

Hizbollah says they shot down an Israeli helicopter (CNN)

LAT op-ed: Antiwar Wackadoos Are Winning

Best argument against how the Reich Wing Nuts are spinning these Arrests

Ned Lamont: the "al Qaeda candidate" says CNN

Did anyone bother to tell Israel there's a peace agreement? Or Hizbollah?

How does your state rate?

Red Cross Worker Killed By Israeli Strike on Convoy. Please Rate it Up!

Are you afraid to die?

DU is no where near divided enough, so to help out here is a

CT-Sen: Schlesinger, Republicans are Lieberman's Only Hopes

TIMELINE: Abramoff, GOP, Allows Forced Abortion, Sex Slavery, Sweatshops

Several thousand demonstrators near the White House today - pics

The Plot: An information bomb to keep the unbelievers at bay

After September 11, we DID get hit again...

What would have happened if when Hitler began invading countries...

Gen. Smedley Butler saw this coming 70 years ago...

'Green Helmet' is not Hezbollah! He helps rescue the wounded in Lebanon

Had enough propaganda? Marijuana: no heart disease or lung cancer risk.

What do you think? My husband, the dumb ass repug in the house,

Say the next Congress votes to relocate the nation's capital.

No liquids on planes is just bullcrap

*** Saturday JoeTOONs ***

Want to know why no one watches sports on network

Bush now has authority to sign into law bills that Congress never passed.

Judge "USE ESPIONAGE LAWS" Rosen and Weissman AIPAC

GAO, FBI, DHS Each Warned U.S. Of Liquid Explosives, But No Changes Made

Wallace out of retirement for interview with Iran's president

Are you afraid to die?

I Flew Today (BS Killer Thread)

If the whole truth were revealed, would the neocons have time to escape?

Viva la Bumper Stickers!!!

The latest method to CRUSH the poor, can someone lend insight

Please critique my LTTE on Lieberman/Lamont and terrorism

VIDEO | NEW! BBC Newsnight Podcast: the week's top stories in broadband

Temper Tantrums at Big Money's Democratic Party Embassy

Maybe we should just fly naked!

Support Bears! Sign this petition against falsiness!


You know how I know Bush is a fruitcake?

Former AFL-CIO Unions Can Return to Federation

As for the commander in chief

Repuke DE Senate Candidate uses scare tactics for his campaign too

Will Drinks on a Plane be the sequel to Snakes on a Plane or is it too

LOL put my dirty t-shirt in a museum! "Smells like Iraq!" :

Apollo Energy Program

Hannity: just stupid or paid well or both ?

GAO, FBI, DHS Each Warned U.S. Of Liquid Explosives, But No Changes Made


I recently received a petition from Carl Levin's office

Is Nonpayment of Union Dues Grounds for Termination?

For Leftists ....

I am going to a Jim Webb fundraiser on Sunday...

On who claims to be the real Democratic Party

Questions you would like to see asked on Sunday am news shows

BBC Newsnight: A wave of cynicism hits the blog (terror scare)

Good article that changed my opinion on amnesty on insurgents

Chuckie Roberts Photoshop Contest Anyone?

NYT: Prominent Dems switch to Lamont, but unity more elusive at grassroots

Bush reads (OMG!)

Kerry slams Fitzpatrick's shift against Bush (a "political ploy")

David versus Godless (A smack down!)

All Republicans who Support Lieberman Need to Vote Democratic in November

Our Pain MUST STOP Being Their Gain

Bush Radio: "Our Nation is safer than it was prior to September the 11th"

Pssst .... Dems who get on teevee talk shows ...... c'mere a sec .....

The Republican campaign cheer (rebuffed)

I saw a bumper sticker today


James Webb, Dem Candidate against Allen in VA

And on a Sat.... Holy Joe's NEW and IMPROVED Web Site is up....

See me grovel and beg, here:

Democrats Assail GOP Fundraising Effort (repuke email use terrorism kudos)

RE: "Bush staff wanted bomb-detect cash moved"

Is It True That Signs Were Printed Up In Advance Of This Terror Alert.....

Rep Jefferson has 12 challengers for his seat

General: Iraq "uncontrollable chaos," Rumsfeld should be replaced

Need help responding to a LTTE

Oh BTW the world began tomorrow 5,120 years ago

You know who's REALLY pissed off about this Middle East and 'terror' crap?

Republican Urges Rumsfeld's Ouster

What we're up against

Documentary: Prisoners of Katrina airs in UK (not USA) on Sunday ....

3 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Iran, Iraq discuss oil exchange deal

I'm listening to Bush and I'm hungover

An Open Letter to Ken Mehlman from a "Taliban Democrat"

Romney, Kerry spar over fight on terror

Here's why I boycott CNN

The end of the Iraq war....

WaPo: A Boost for Lamont as Democratic Leaders Shift Support

Audio of GOP operative hacking Dem press conference call

Not everything is a conspiracy. Not everything is the genius of KKKarl

We need to stop questioning why Dem mainstreen support Joe in the primary

I need help finding a certain picture....

Coonass to deliver FEMA trailor to White House

Jon Stewart on Lieberman & Hannity Sucks Ass Sign - Hilarious

LTE K.C. Star re Cheney's comments on Ned Lamont this week.

Promising to impeach Bush will lead to gains.

lol ! Tucker Carlson will appear on "Dancing With the Stars"

I ***want*** to be a moderate to conservative Democrat

Best argument against how the reich wing nuts are spinning these arrests?

Why is Ned Lamont putting on the mantle of the Dem establishment?

Where is this woman? "Falun Gong Activist Defiant After Arrest"

Impeachment Fundraiser for One Week

VA-Sen: Jim Webb's statement on the Global War on Terror, 8-10-06

My letter to Senator Lieberman

Most excellent LTTE today

John Edwards in Iowa last night...I was there!

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

This is a travesty:

Mason Dixon Poll: Ensign leads Carter in Nevada, 54-33

Lamont responds to Cheney.

I am sick of hearing those who claim what the "Mainstream" is

The so-called Cell Phone Terror Plot in Michigan...

Howard Dean: "Stop trying to scare people in order to win elections"

The Earth is a 6000 year old flat disk. The sun rises east and sets west.

Alright, 12 weeks to go.. HOW ARE YOU HELPING DEMOCRATS win in 2006?

My support for Wes Clark is growing

DLC: a little policy advisory group or a corporate infiltration?

I'm Tryin' My Best to Be Terrified, Mr. President ...

This is a plea. I am saddened to feel the need to make it.

Lamont supporters are gaining Republican votes for Lieberman.