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Archives: August 30, 2006

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret funds (The Guardian)

Bush's Philippine protege, Gloria Arroyo, killing off "leftists"

Worried MPs plot to force Blair exit date

Devaluing Labor (Happy Labor Day!)

FOX News Ratings Take a Nosedive - Huffington Post

Blackwell and Corker (TN) will not release their tax forms:

BP under fire again as oil traders face scrutiny - Times Online

Rudd accuses Downer of AWB cover up (Australia)

Number crunching: Phasing out coal with carbon free sources.

Anybody else making their own biodiesel?

ASPO-5 Speakers’ Presentations

AIPAC urges U.S. to shut Iranian Web site

COUNTERPUNCH: Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth

Your Tax Dollars- paying for attacks against AMERICANS in Gaza by the IDF

Olmert Denies Destroying Hezbollah Was War’s Aim

Annan: 5,000 peacekeepers on ground by end of week

Video showing WTC7 extensive south side damage.

Possible way to preserve election materials about to be destroyed

Peru Gold Mine Shut by Farmer Protests

Six killed in protests over UK mining firm in Bangladesh (Natl Strike Wed)

LAT/AP: New Orleans Remembers Katrina With Style

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret funds (Guardian)

United States warns of security problems for Americans in Gaza

Santorum details Iranian threat

Census Reports Slight Increase in ’05 Incomes

Early pullout from Iraq will encourage extremists: Rice

Long working hours linked to high blood pressure

CNN Sorry for Bush Speech Gaffe (Kyra Phillips' open mike in bathroom)

NYT: First Source of C.I.A. Leak (Armitage) Admits Role, Lawyer Says

AT&T says hackers accessed customers' cards

WP: Iraqi Hospitals Are War's New 'Killing Fields' (Patients Kidnapped)

Aid workers targeted in Sri Lanka

NYT: Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices’ Clerks (SCOTUS)

Starr appeals 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case

Fox News Ratings Take a Nosedive

Venezuela seizes 300 pistols bound for Colombia

LAT: American Waistlines Grow, Especially in Southern States

Caracas takes golf courses for housing

Perry calls special election for DeLay's unexpired term

Chavez 'united' with Syria against US aggression

Canada ads bash Bush

Endless entertainment for dog people:

Who here knows about this?

I am right now drinking the worst glass of Shiraz I've ever tasted...

Why is your Best Friend

Back In Black

If Someone Forced You To Drink An Alcoholic Beverage

DAMMIT! Barbara "Bar" Bush is not on FHM's "100 Digital Darlings" list!

Did you ever have a favorite teacher?

Cripes.........can't get away from bio dad.

Givin' Grease a Ride..... Mike McGear.....

I slew dragons today.

Okay, fess up. What "odd" music have you ever downloaded

What's the answer? I'll provide a question

In praise of the mighty abogado

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE says URANUS wrong

The "City" of Louisiana (Keith Olbermann) From September 2005

God I love this city.

What. The. this a new trend or WHAT???

Just shaved off my beard & mustache, ask me anything!

Is it against the rules for a moderator to start a Uranus thread?

"FEMA Evacuation Plan: Run, Muthaf*cka, Run!"

I've been posting anonymously on an old friend's blog & our dialogue is

20 April 2007 - Bush impeached by Congress, search underway for Cheney

My kitty is getting her ass kicked on Kittenwar ;-( !

Opinion: Ending a relationship is just as hard as being broken up with

12 hours from now I will be in school again.

Guess the Beer!

Starship built their city on Rock and Roll. What'd YOU build YOUR city on?

I'm trying to annoy u4ic* - ask her anything and see if she notices

Okay, they're all asleep now!

I Need Help Making A Pic Smaller. Sorry For My Ignorance.

Got this in an e-mail - clever and kind of inspiring in a funny way.

No new kitten pictures. I have been too busy with:

The female condition.

Is it me or are there a lot of people feeling bad in the lounge lately?

OK so catshrink is drunk on a work night...

What do you agree with?

Another RFK quote

Marc Maron on Conan tonight!

I have always been a semi deadhead

Has the foster care system/adoption system affected you?

This post made no sense

Yippie.....I'm at 502 posts!!

Floog, Floog, Floog...

Oh, great, now I'm dinner for dust mites!!

Why do you work?

RFK quote

I'm eating a peach. Ask me anything.

Favorite John Hughes Film

How many nicknames do you have

It been a year after the arson bedroom pict. before and after

Can You Possibly Ever Live A Full Life Without

I HATE unthinking, knee-jerk responses. So weigh in with yours.

I had a dream last night

Brutally honest, discriminating girls: is a driving new-ish pickup truck,

So I stayed up late last night finishing my reading for Human Sexuality

Who rules the toads of the short forrest?

Going to San Francisco tomorrow - WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

No wonder I'm so tired! (Warning ... pics!)


We miss our boys every day. Thanks for sharing our life Boomer & Alinak

"Celebrity Duets" on TV now... AAAAAAGH!!!!

What does "ecelectic" mean?

Went out for dinner with a girlfriend tonight.

So, it's come to this. Student ID pic thread.

Have you seen the freeper-translator?

What kind of VIRGIN are you?

Top Athletes: Should they go out on top OR play as long as they can?

Call me goofy.... But I liked Sixpence None the Richer...

My Parents' divorce is final. 40 Years *poof* Down the drain...

Family reflects on Hospers soldier killed in Iraq


SO MUCH MORE than "more cowbell"'s ""

So was this post over the top?

Anybody besides me miss NewWaveChick1981 already?

My New Girlfriend is SO Hot!

D. James Kennedy's "Darwin's Deadly Legacy" Corrected & why he missed it.

Foundation Hails Myth-Debunking Book on Pius XII

No 'God Spot' in the Human Brain

What do you do with a friend like this?

Another Gay Movie --- O.M.G.

Fish have become unexpected wild-card threat

The Contender

I just had a drink with GlobalVillage!

I've posted some photos of an affordable housing march/rally today.

Site that combats 'liberal bias' reports on Kyra Phillips' open mic break


Anybody watching the PBS Special on Pets Lost in Katrina?

How could two people helping an FBI Most Wanted be released?

Muslim athletes accuse New Mexico State of religious discrimination

Has anyone done an extensive breakdown

Expose of Rudy Gulliani on air now - Air America Radio.

Statement from Bradley on Harper's Article

I have GW Induced PTSD

O' Hunter S. Thompson, Where Art Thou?

"Let's talk about Camus" "That was a couple of books ago"

Live stream of NOLA interfaith service--Nagin and Blanco to speak

Tucker Carlson on "Dancing With the Stars"???

There have been several explanations advanced for the

Marc Maron on Majority Report

When George W. Bush no longer defiles the White House, Official Holiday?

CNN poll: Who would win in a debate about world issues, bush or

WNDIAH (WIN-DEE-AH): A new Republican Brand!!

Link to article I wrote on the terminally ill woman cycling across America

My shoes have gone on strike

So I was listening to Hannity last night...

Almost nothing but drug commercials

This story sounds like it may be a tale of twisted love and mercy killing

Bush, Katrina & Trent Lott's House

CSPAN programming of interest to us progressives...

GW With Brian Williams On KO: "I Gotta Ekelektic Reading List."

Hilarious blog entry on terrorism from East Texas

I'm getting really upset about the way that Bush & Co. are using "fascism"

So, this verse from the Qur'an sums everything up.

Glenn Beck on Headline News claiming he's delivering the truth about

Frist LIES to Tenn. Medical License Board

delete- dupe

DOD supports the Troops and Families Not 1,800 Families told find Doctors

How Many Awards Do You Think Spike Lee Is Going To Win?

Libby Doc(s) - from 08/25/2006

The Replug Dr. Sally Satel continues to ride PTSD veterans

NYT: Armitage Admits He Was Initial And Primary Source In CIA Leak Case

Michael Savage is a fascist

Need info on Iraq maps & 2001 Energy Task Force

Who's watching the Spike Lee film on HBO??

Saddam reportedly forced to watch depiction of self in "South Park" movie

I am watching heckuva Job Brownie on Frontline and I am furious

self-delete dupe

rate it up...."War, what is it good for"

Girl Banned From Singing Pink's "Dear Mr President"...

About Bush's reading list...

Republicans do not want to serve their country

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Just mind blowing

Peter Werbe, subbing for Malloy, talking about Thom Hartmann's new book...

Unicorn Subcritical Experiment Set - Safety of Nuclear Weaponry

A very nice encounter at the doctor's office

Immigration Ads a Problem for Campaigns

about 3 or 4 years ago my electric co-op back in Texas was at generating

Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth?

Who IS The Secret Senator?

First Source of C.I.A. Leak Admits Role, Lawyer Says (NYT)

So now that you understand the problem, George, what are you going to do?

Katrina - Left Behind (pics)

Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices’ Clerks (NYT)

How is Warren Jeffs any different than sex slave traders that the UN

Yale Shmale!!!!! LOL!!!

First the Flood, Now the Fight, Fema Impeding Gulf Coast Rebuilding

Katrina and Insurance.

Remember, remember the eleventh of September

Katrina quandary. Why did it take a year? Have I been sleeping or

I love Letterman's "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches"!

Bush Closing Public Access to EPA Regional Libraries

Seems our own Will Pitt has a new book coming out

Well it's been a year since Katrina. Based on what you've seen...

There's a meth special on A&E right now. Midnight EDT

Armitage outs Plame to Novak? - John Mark Karr killed Jon Bonet Ramsey

Your tax dollars: Paying for attacks against AMERICANS in GAZA by WHO???

"Katrina: Send in the Guard": IS ANYONE WATCHING THIS HORSE SHIT?!?!

Interesting question posed on Majority Report

Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices’ Clerks

Bush in New Orleans: "The key thing for me is to keep expectations low".

2 songs I'm hoping they'll play at the * protest tomorrow:

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers Check in, with Peter Werbe

Help a DU'er win a Debate: Intelligent Design

Does Bush and the rest of the country care anymore about Louisiana

Want to do a small something about health insurance cost

Racism is alive and well.

On YouTube Whistleblower Charges Security Flaws, Lockheed & Coast Guard


Alright, this is the funniest thing I've seen lately about Ann Coulter!!!!

I think the Global Warming liars have won.

Politics or Religion?

Lockhead whistleblower makes YouTube in desperation

The MSM will be encouraging us to "turn the page" on Katrina

Have you met a good person lately?

US vs. Iran: Is an attack inevitable?

An idea for the cartoonists/artists here on DU...

Limbaugh blamed the left for obesity crisis

Coburn accused Stevens of blocking his Transparency Bill

Rumsfeld: US Facing 'New Facism' & Bush Critics Are Appeasers Of Facism

THIS is the Bush Summer Reading List?

Who's watching Spike Lee's film on HBO??

(VIDEO) Spitting Image US Special - The Ronnie and Nancy Show

What right-wing sound bite do you think is the most stupid?

New Orleans w/o black people=?

SD Union Tribune: Suit seeking recount of Bilbray election is dismissed

NH governor (D) on "Scholars for Truth" (9/11): "Crazy & offensive"

So, the popular media's not reporting about "the subpoena".

Katrina, One Year Later, special on LinkTV.

Just tore up my last remaining credit card a month ago and feel great!

*** Tuesday TOONs: Katrina Anniversary ***

Grim milestone in Global War on Terror

Top Ten Stupid Hurricane Katrina Quotes

Poll: How will the Bush family punish NBC's Brian Williams

Here's a really interesting CNN poll!

UPI: Iran cracks down on women's dress

First By the Floods, Then By Martial Law!! Check This Out !!! (From 09/05)

What happened to Bush's new era of responsibility

CBS Caught Doctoring Photo To Make Katie Couric Thinner...

WH alters transcript of * speech about recovery on the MS coast

From the CBC: 9/11 photo gallary THEN and NOW.

Gulf War Song

Contrary to Republican spin, MS is NOT recovering (Katrina Photo Essay)

Macaca Allen and the "White Citizens Council"

How much money are you giving to candidates in 2006?

Microsoft's $399 "ultimate" version of Windows Vista...yeah, RIGHT.

Hasn't the "morning after" pill been tested extensively?

Ground Zero Workers: The Continuing Cost Of A Cover-Up

AP indulges in mindless speculation to portray Rove as untarnished

Lamont on C-Span2 NOW (9:30 pm et)

Stinky the Clown Educates the Young'uns.... To applause!

Put Another Yellow Magnet......

McCain and Bush, having their cake when Katrina hit ....from the DNC

Would anyone like free tickets to go to a TN Democratic Party Picnic?

Check out the CNN QuickVote on Bush's world issue debate skills.

1 Year Ago Compassion/Conservitive was Defined....

My Run In With A Sen.Conrad Burns(MT) Aide

Strickland ad induces Blackwell whining

Ohio officials will soon begin destroying the paper ballots from the 2004

A Message for Security

Nagin and his handlers are idiots - big time

Shocker: George Allen with fellow racists!

Is this really Joe's new ad?

Biden says Democrats should counter on terrorism focus

Did any TV today mention that 25 Dem congressmen are visiting....

Hey Georgie-boy .... now what?

Jim Webb's comment tonight on Allen's Macaca incident

Hefley won’t run, but blasts Lamborn campaign

Warner voices frustration with Democrats

Inouye Abandons Lieberman


Regime change

Bush's Miserable Vacation

An angry FL GOP legislator has words for 'King Jeb'

A Union Boost For Lamont, DeStefano

SLC mayor: "the real embarrassment is Utahns' unwavering support of Bush"

Cook/RT Strategies Poll: Bush 39% Approval

Crooks & Liars: Lieberman's Borrrrrrrrring Ad (YouTube)

a DU proposal: a thread to link to YOUR best post of the day

Jim Webb Outlines Failure of Operational Leadership to Hurricane Katrina

Al Gore's Sierra Club Interview

Allen's long racist history

Campaign to Out the Senate Weasel(s) putting bill on "secret hold".

Bush doctrine has "run up against reality" and can't be sustained

Family of Iraq Casualty to Sue RevFreddieFelps

Bush FINALLY tells the truth

Is Wal-Mart the Root of All Evil?

MOGAMBO GURU: These Horrific Things Apparently Mean Nothing To Anyone

Bush 'Slush Fund,' Courtesy of Canada

Only military action will halt Iran's nuclear push

Methinks the Homophobe Doth Protest Too Much

Soldiers die, CEOs prosper

Bush is in a category by himself

"Water Wars" a Myth, Say Experts

What if it's about oil?

'Exotic' mortgages seen losing their allure

Iran should name a street after Bush

Nashville Eye: Voting machine without paper trail bodes ill for democracy

WP: Tomlinson Cited For Abuses at Broadcast Board

The history of repetition (BushCo Lies) --Guardian News Blog

They're Even Dumber Than We Thought

delete dupe

Communities grapple with rise in violence


"Downward Mobility" (NYT, 08/30/2006 editorial)

This Day in Radical History- August 30th-Richmond dodges a bullet

Bush Shields U.S., Cheney Says

Foxconn Sues Two Chinese Journalists Over iPod City Story

Global meltdown

Greenland's Farms Boom - Growing Season 2 Wks Longer Than 30 Yrs Ago

NASA Confirms Superiority of Hydro Green Energ, Kinetic Hydro Power Tech.

Calif. to Cap Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aus. Conservation Leader Dismisses Howard As "Fossilised" On Climate - SMH

Gov. Lynch backs 25 x 25 U.S. energy plan (NH)

Melting Ice Dilutes Northern Oceans - BBC

Excellent NSIDC Site Tracking Arctic Sea Ice Loss

New Legislation Spurs Geothermal Energy in the Golden State

Bulk Of Lebanon Oil Spill On Sea Bed As Of 8/23 Dateline - EDIE

Recovery Of Iraq's Marshes "In Doubt" - Water Disputes W. Cities - BBC

Manatee/Sarasota-Area Red Tide Intensifies - 2 Months Old Already

Laos Seizes Large Tropical Hardwood Shipment Bound For China

Fire Ecologists Project Climate Will Complicate Fighting Forest Blazes

Holland Attributes 1,000 Deaths To July Heatwave - AFP

Tegua - Vanuatu's First Island Victim Of Rising Seas - Independent

Alaska's lethal wolf control program facing new challenge

Who was the DUer offering jobs available for T-shirt slogans and

'Israel destroyed 6000 homes'

Israel using Rafah crossing to pressure PA on Shalit release

Annan urges Israel to stop killing Palestinians

Israel rejects Annan demand on blockade

Siniora: Lebanon will be last country to make peace with Israel

UN denounces Israel cluster bombs (BBC)

Gilad Atzmon on Israel's invasion of Lebanon...

Crayons and glass litter Lebanese school

Iran has been strengthened

Previously unknown pro-Syrian group threatens to kidnap IDF troops

Hezbollah rules out unconditional release of abducted soldiers

Knesset Finance C'tee okays NIS 2b budget cut to add funds to Defense Min.

Lebanon Considers Suing Israel for War Crimes

Medics: IDF kills 3 militants in Gaza; Islamic Jihad leader dies of wounds

Crossing red lines through red fields

9/11 5 Year Anniversary Weekend at GROUND ZERO

David Ray Griffin interview: The NORAD Audio Tapes: Real or Faked?

NIST Responds With Frequently Asked Q&A.


Want a way to bring down Cruella Harris and the Bush Florida Fiefdom down.

Help me out here: living / dead hijackers

Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

CA-50 and What to Do in November (and right now too).

Ohio officials prepare to destroy paper ballots from 2004 election

Election fraud movies

Bleifuss (Co-Author w S. Freeman) 'Was the 2004 Election Stolen' video

Poll Worker Fired For Saying She Didn't Like Touch-Screen Voting Machines

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wed-8/30/06-Lambs, Wolves & Shark

Seeking info - Colorado decertified Diebold opscans?

ELECTION NULLIFICATION; "Once the House ... SELECTS a candidate..."

It's ok, let the anger/disappointment build up, but

San Diego Memory Lane - Bilbray recount issue not the first...

Harvey Wasserman coming up on Thom Hartman (1:30pm) on Ohio Ballot

CA50 Argument by Lehto to the Court regarding Constitution & Democracy

Bay Area New Democrats NEW Newsletter now online.

Ok, so I'm watching ABC news with my dad in the nursing home in NY

Is there really a statewide Democrat in our future?

a bounty of asian pears

BBQ Beef Brisket, Texas style

Canada Too Willing to Pay the Washington Tribute Tax

Lack of industry support for softwood deal leaves taxpayers on hook: NDP

Bush 'Slush Fund,' Courtesy of Canada

Christian bookstore owner, cop admit sex with boy

Mike Malloy Fired from Air America Radio

Cleveland Ranks No. 1 On Poverty List

Cheney, Rumsfeld vow to press on in terror war (terra, terra, terra!)

FBI investigates Christianist painter Kinkade for fraud

Bush 'Slush Fund,' Courtesy of Canada

Miami's poverty keeps it as No. 3

Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices’ Clerks--NYTimes

Broadcast Chief Misused Office, Inquiry Reports--NYTimes

Women’s pay falls farther behind men’s

AP: Lebanon to Compensate Bombing Victims

AP: South Korea to pull 650 troops from Iraq

CNN/AP: U.S. troops charged in Iraqi killing face hearings

Armitage claims to be CIA name-dropper

Census Reports Slight Increase in ’05 Incomes

Iraqi minister cancels truce with Shiite militia

Bomb in Baghdad market district kills 24

Former House majority leader Bosse in legal trouble again (NH)

AP: Judge Probing Pinochet Fortune Suspended

Israeli Agents to Don Disguises at Trial

Communities grapple with rise in violence

Lebanon Considers Suing Israel for War Crimes

U.S. to help track down Russian diplomat slayers in Iraq

Sources: State Department official source of Plame leak

One killed, 13 injured in SUV hit-and-run rampage in SF

Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz Dies: Voice of moderation, tolerance

T-shirt in Arabic sparks airport "row"

Militants say behead two men for being US "spies" (Pakistan)

Tomlinson Cited For Abuses at Broadcast Board (govt paid for his horses!)

Openly Gay Students Say They Will Attempt To Enlist

Israel rejects U.N. blockade appeal

Body of former Afghan commander found in E Afghanistan

Bush gets no bounce from terror arrests (Harris Poll - 34% Approval)

Schoolgirl 'stabbed for love of AC/DC'

Breaking on Alertnet: RedCross Worker Killed in Darfur

Rodriguez convicted in Sjodin killing

Former VP candidate Kemp to campaign for Lieberman

Delegation visits southern Afghanistan to talk to poppy growers

Lawyer Charged With Killing Neighbor

Hero’s kin: GI had called war ‘lost cause’ (killed last Saturday)

Iran's president calls for TV debate with Bush

Democrats criticize administration’s war ‘rhetoric’

'Green opium' wins over the comrades as China embraces golf

Bombings across Iraq kill at least 39

Bush to welcome Kuwait Emir Sept 5

SLC to issue permit for the 'Death to Israel' rally

EchoStar Reaches $100M Settlement With Network Affiliates (Dish Network)

Carter Agrees to Hold Talks With Khatami

Embattled Santorum blasts Bush over visa for Ex-Iranian President

US Companies Invited to Participate in Iran's Oil Projects

Lawyers cite concerns in Iraq murder case

AFL-CIO Launches $40 Million Campaign

US Pulling out Troops from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Man arrested in Death of Giuliani aide

NASA, NOAA Data Indicate Ozone Layer is Recovering

Judge throws out suit seeking to void election of Rep. Bilbray

Bush Sets Out On Iraq Support Tour

Lawyers Seeking White House Records (re:NSA wiretapping subpoena)

Universal Music will allow free downloads

AP: Democratic Candidate Blasts Rumsfeld

Girls Achieve Rare SAT Scores - Outpace Boys in One Category

Trial Lawyers Target Republicans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 30 August

Texas man gets 30-month prison term for Iraq bills (profiteering)

Board tells Green to return PAC money (Milw. Journal-Sentinel)

Home Depot cutting 300 jobs at headquarters

FBI Shows Off Counterterrorism Database: Privacy advocates raise concern

AP: General: Iraqi security needs 12-18 mos.

Beauprez's words on abortion bashed by black legislators

Iran cracks down on women's dress

Iraq letter 'suppressed' by Downer (Aussie gov't told Iraq had no WMD)

Security Improvement? Fewer Deaths Recorded in Baghdad

DOD: AP ‘mischaracterized’ Rumsfeld’s speech in report

UK - Call for fertility ban for obese


Fascism is new buzz word among GOP

Bush: Anger over war won’t change U.S. policy

Iran Enriching More Uranium

WP,pg1: First, Flood, Now Fight: Critics say FEMA holds up $1B in relief

Siniora: No peace deal with Israel

Carter Agrees to Hold Talks With Khatami

Bush to make pre-election campaign on Iraq

Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov't

Politician promotes work with Nazi slogan ("work makes you free")

Taxpayers pay for Bush's campaign travel

Gasoline prices could keep falling ($2 by Thanksgiving?)

(400 Radio Shack) Employees learn of (immediate) layoffs via e-mails

Religion Is Powerful Predictor of Vote in Midterm Elections (Gallup)

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens exposed as blocker of bill...

US would consider Israeli request for military aid

Holocaust families sue French railway

Defense Contractor CEOs' Pay Doubles

Medal recommended for leader at Haditha

SAT scores see sharpest decline in 31 years

Possession of violent porn to be criminal offence in UK

Grace. Has it Happened to You?


If I have to hear that song again, I swear!

If that Kraft Michelle Kwan song is driving you crazy...

No End In Sight

Anaheim, California

DU America Online Usage Survey:

You're on notice!

Dodgers and Reds are heading into the 15th

My cats are murderers!

Good morning everyone!

Shit. The time has almost come.

Looks like rain. Think I'll play some games.

Kos had a good idea about the TX 22nd race

Just got finished listening to my first Lamb Of God song.

What books do you read every year

(Massachusetts)Groom arrested twice on wedding night-LOL

Thank you everyone who posted to me yesterday!

Okay, I Need Some Pity Today

Videogamers: Serious question...

YouTube videos take up an estimated 45 terabytes of storage

RAW STORY site ?? hacked?

Any other fans on here?

*Question about the Office Intranet, is it possible....

. ... .... turn around.... BRIGHT EYES.....Every now and then I fall apart

New Father, 88 Years Old, Attributes Good Health To Camel's Milk

People won't leave me eBay feedback!

LBN! BREAKING Thomas Kinkade fans!!!

proactive self-starters . . . CHECK IN!!!!!!

This thread will make you gouge your eyes out with a rusty pick

Do you love Benny? Or do you prefer Monty?

I'm tired of being mistaken for human.

Tommy Lee Has Lost His Mind Entirely

$400 for a teeth cleaning and zit poppage?!? AKA Jessie goes to the Vet.

Man Used Snake To Attack Neighbors

KISS Endorses Makeup Kits

14 Pound Baby Born In Brazil

Got a ride to the plaza

"the leopards kept eating my monkeys,"

Anyone here from Cleveland?

Worst use of the Benny Hill theme song. Ever.

Dang, this new flat screen is going to be hard to get used to.

Wednesday, August 30. William Shakespeare's Thought ForThe Day:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/30/06)

Have you ever seen a goat?

Cheeta For Breakfast - Is There Anything Finer?

It's official. Every radio program in N. Texas is Republican

Dieter doesn't care about anything. He's a nihilist.

Texan foils burglary in Britain via Beatles webcam

"The Untitled Onion Movie " with Steven Segal as "cock puncher"

.... turn around.... TIGHT THIGHS.....Every now and then they come apart

What is your favorite Bottlecap?

Why are people from Pluto called Plutonians?

Folders did you see our latest 24 hour total?

As seen on fundie marquee: "HAVE COFFEE WITH JESUS"

Can You Help with Link: has a hilarious article on

Cheetos For Breakfast - Is there ANYTHING finer?

Good morning Loungies.

Pssst....hey, buddy....wanna buy some jeans???

Car update: Who had belt tensioner in the poll?

What's the best software you've found to optimize & repair Windows XP?

Favorite Colbert Report Recurring Segment

My New Grillfire is SO Hot!

Ever notice that "Passat" looks like "Asshat"?

Hey you! Smart ass.

Lawyers and law students: When does law school start to suck?

Charo For Breakfast - Is There Anything Finer?

For once, I'm in a really good mood!

I'm so tired

Boar killed on campus serves as culture lesson (also, lunch)

Went to a CSNY concet last night. Pretty Fucking awesome

Waiting down on the Carolina coast to see what Ernesto is going to do.

Who was that chick on Degrassi

2006 jello remains solid at room temperature overnight?

Rush Limbaugh disappears.

Samuel L. Jackson was a cheerleader in high school

Obey God Always!

Have you ever worn a Colombian Necktie?

What to do with my pup? UPDATE

I just ate lunch with the delightful dolo amber...

Is this real estate agent a FReeper? I'm series!

10 random q's before we go to the fair & come back w/pics for Ptah...

Have you ever worn a Kentucky bow-tie?

BREAKING: reyd reid reed makes provocative post and...

You Shot Who In the What Now?

YouTube: Gnarls Barkley, slow version of "Crazy" from "Top Of The Pops"


This post is not about Mike Malloy or Air America Radio

What room do you pay your bills in and is it messy?

Do you keep a diary?

I'm going crazy with a dumped kitty!

Mediaeval Baebes.

Project Runway fans - who do you think will get the boot tonight

So......Who is Mike Malloy??

Introduce me to someone on DU that I don't want to know

Hey, everyone! Let's head over to GD and post Malloy threads!!!

Heathers v. Breakfast Club

Have you ever been aghast?

You can count on getting fucked.......

if you charged $5.00 for a $0.10 cost, what markup % is that?

GAH! Earworm!

Wow - we just hit 94,000 members!

for all my small-boobied friends out there (and lube lovers)

What's your "Rapture Ready" forum screen name

Saw Karen Hughes book at a Dollar Tree store near Washington,

The "Not the sharpest knife in the drawer" award goes to...

A birthday present to myself

You people are slipping.

Amazing things happen at breakfast sometimes...

Diana's dead. Long live Katrina.

We said if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin

"Suri's Bronzed Baby Poop" commemorates Cruise baby's know

When did you start using the alphabet?

Olivia Newton John Appreciation Thread


Just visited GD

"Gold Bond throws city hall into a tizzy"....sheesh

"Sad Statue"

The G-Spot doesn't exist.

Music store cats... Cats getting down.

Jaclyn Smith at age 60...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Ah! Pirates are sweeping Chicago!

Post a once popular expression that people don't use any more.

I AM SERIOUSLY WRITING-BLOCKED! Help me write a cover letter?

Adjusted Personal Hells

What's going on with NetFlix?

Pet owners - I don't think your pets will go with you when we rapture

Tech assistance please concerning esbi and call wave

Let me see if I understand this correctly.....

Who watches Entourage on HBO? (spoilers)

What's the best part of your day?

Female Urinals

Happy birthday TellySavalas, TomKitten & kdsusa!!

Basic Instinct 2

I now have eight thousand posts!

Mix yer metaphors here!

Suri's Bronzed Baby Poop

Butterflies and bunnies.

Please help haruka_3000 to be naughty

Why do cats like us?

If you were leaving DU, would you post a thread or just go away?

What if the NY Yankees were still the Highlanders--?

CNN Airs Anchor's Potty Break Live

well now, just how fresh do you like your garden salad?

Any bankers on DU? Can you answer a question about cashier checks?

Good Wednesday morning, Crew!

Introduce me to someone on DU that I might not know

New car!!!

I'm supposed to be editing a book

I laughed really hard at this... best laugh I have had in days.

Bad Kittens! Bad, Bad Kittens! (PHOTO)

Extremely bizarre phonecall just now.

Best Song About Jane

my life, my soulmate, my husband, the one person I always want to

Something that annoys me about film and television

Hello. My name is Writer, and I just ate at the Olive Garden.

Hi everyone. northofdenali hasn't been here for a bit -

It seems the Rapture Ready people want to preach to little kids...

More good vibes needed...


Name a geeky thing (to other people) you like doing

TODAY was the first day of school!!!

Why do old people love all you can eat restaurants?

When was the "moment" that you knew you were "in love"?

*****Congrats to CC...WINNER of the August Photo Contest!!!!

Meet Grumpy - the nastiest cat on earth

I have an interview tomorrow - any advice?

If you could have ONE thing from the Smithsonian, what would you pick?

Pirates win! Sweep Chicago!

I was just given a copy of the Paris Hilton CD. What should I do with it?

HURRICANE UPDATE! Look out Mexico!

I'm in one of those moods. HUGS ALL ROUND!

Have you ever seen a ghost?

"At least I hate myself as much as I hate everyone else."

Poetry for cats

Hookers Offer Discount For High Gas Prices

Why can't I type double l's today?

Is that a throbbing artery or are you just glad to see me?

Hello, my name is Godzilla, and I just ate the Olive Garden!

Airport screeners have new weapon in identifying terrorists...

Better drummer-Wookie or Big Foot?

Anyone ever play bullshit bingo during a meeting???

Loungers - Here's latest DU Jukebox. Be sure and scroll all the way down.

Live Blog from U.S. Open/Forest Hills from NYT critic Michael Kimmelman...

I'm terrified to click on earworm threads.

ZW's Bad Parent News: Mom Drives, Sons Tag

Degrassi v. 90210

No, I can't let you in to tour the property on Bartlett.

Video: Billy Idol & Slash cover Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime"

when did you start using the internet?

God damn flying cats!

Another reason why Stephen Colbert is the funniest guy alive

Oh, great...Now I'm going to have an earworm for the next three days.

Make up a move title and put a DU'er in it!

Best Bond

My kitty is a Republican.

What embarrasses you about your state?

I love the sound of katydids

Thomas Kinkade: The perfect R/T flame thread in LBN.

I had to be brought to the ER at 2AM w/ sholder pain and racing heartbeat.

Europe's 1st lunar mission set to land

From Hubble Some very nice images of Cas A Supernova

Supernova captured in 'real time'

Hunt for fugitive in HIV case

Police Psych Linked To Anti-Gay Group

I finally heard this

This can only happen to me!

Talk to me about Biphobia in the GLBT community

Mariano Rivera greatest closer ever?

Good news update

I miss the Senate !!

Sept 9th Speech at Fanueil Hall on 'Real Security'

Gen. Casey offers up the outline for a timetable

OT: Is anybody buying this?

Here is something crazy,

Hi BLM! I wonder if you saw this. Diebold in trouble

OT but a topic JK cares strongly about: cancer.

Some views from atop the Ferris wheel

Denver Downtown Aquarium -- Dialup warning

The September contest will be

Congrats CC, WINNER August Photo Contest!!!!!!

Photog experts: What does this mean?

Saying aloud what we were afraid to say 5 years ago.

Did anyone save the post from the other day soliticiting ideas for

Where is Bernie tonight?

West Coast PBS "Waging a Living" thread - on now


2,637 troops now dead in W's Iraq war

America is now on a decline, thanks to W

FYI - Bush speech transcript in New Orleans 8/29/06

Golly! Republican SCOTUS = fewer women clerks....

'Blame America First'. What a childish bumpersticker slogan.

Just Another Special Interest Group Special Announcement?

Scalia took most expense-paid trips

iPod sparks terror scare in Ottawa

On YouTube, Charges of Security Flaws

is it just me, or is king george more and more like Beavis

Column: The mess in Iraq: Holding Bush accountable

Amnesty: ‘War on terror’ spawns new patterns of disappearances

Why is it when you google

We hired them to run our business. They blew it, now we can't fire them?

Folding at Home!

Win or lose in 06 and 08, the neo cons aren't just slithering off

Britain takes a (another) misstep in Iraq

Arianna Huffington: Will the Karr Debacle Lead the Media Addicts to Rehab?

Doubts whether Bush is good for Israel

Terrorism and the problem of binary vision

Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

Data brokers throwing more money at congress

fox news ratings plummet

I'd like to say that my generation is the one that defeated U.S. Fascism

is Brian Williams interview with Bush online?

Recommendations of graphic war photo websites? (to wake my son up)

Maureen Dowd: "W Needs To Restore The Soul of The WH"


Why it's not working in Afghanistan

embolding terrorists

Fox News' Ratings Take a Nosedive

Is thin-skinned Ann Coulter sabotaging Al Franken's film?

Pyongyang plays from position of strength

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Wed 8/30... not much difference

Authoritarians: Maybe they have a whirlwind sensor.

w: "We retreat, they follow us". Does he think he's talking to children?

Katrina anniversary TV coverage relives Bush administration failure

Rumsfeld: Bush critics similar to Nazi appeasers--Great headline huh?

Ignatius: Iranians want dialogue with US, expect peaceful end to crisis

Rummy under fire on Washington Journal

Memo to the GOP: We found the word "fascism" first - and it looks like YOU

Another September 11.

Feds Anti-Drug Commercials Increase Drug Use

Average 2005 Oil CEO's Compensation - $32.7M

Bush lies a lot and he makes a lot of gaffes

NH Governor criticizes UNH Professor for 9/11 theories.


Katrina Anniv.---Castro Invades Miami Redux

Imagine....warning video graphic

so Liberals suffer "moral and intellectual confusion" eh rummy?

Feeling a little frustrated?

The new GOP buzzword: Fascism

Keep your eye on the ball....

Rep. John Murtha on Democracy Now! today:

anyone else having problems connecting to RAW STORY site?

The Yes Men Strike Again - video

Here is a facinating New Orleans Volunteer Journal to Read-

Arrianna nails it on the media.

Ugh! I Sat Through That NBC Interview with the chimp. Wtf is the Big Deal?

I'm off the the * protest! I'll report back as soon as I'm home!

too long for the lounge?

Broadcast Chief Misused Office, Inquiry Reports

Schwarzenegger vetoes Zinfandel as California's 'Historic' Wine

TPM: The Surreal Iran Debate

Today's climate change spotlight: No water in the B.C. rainforest

VA Senate: Webb leads Allen!!!

Jimmy Carter to meet with Former Iranian President Khatani

BushCo is launching an all new and improved Iraq PR offensive

Holiday in Iraq for Sun, Sand ... and Burnt-out Tanks

So the GOP likes throwing the word fascism around

Re: Armitage "confession": What does this document mean?

Is general Casey just a White House Tool?

War on terror putting loads of money in DC suburbanites' bank accounts

Allen photographed with white supremecist surfaces

Have you ever seen a ghost?

America Dumbed Down

Wow, do we moderates even deserve to live?

Afghanistan ignored - By Barney Frank

GOP rolls out *new* -ism to defend war

So, when can I take bottled water on a plane again?

Video of binary explosive being made, with purchase instructions:

Did anyone else see that BS piece Natl Geog. did last night on

If the unthinkable happens (going it alone with Iran)

The *real* story behind the Phillips/CNN/Bush speech controversy (IMO)

President's Remarks to Evangelical Pharmacists re: Plan B

Is terra killing the airline industry?

The only book Bush has ever read cover to cover was Hustler

Bigger SUVs to be released in 2007 to compete with the Hummer

November Elections: Gas at $2/Gallon Range - What a surprise!

Courage and Resistance in Oaxaca and Mexico City

Bwaahaha! Dr. Ben Marble is going to DC to protest Bush, Cheney

FINALLY, a better headline -- LAT: Rumsfeld Says Critics Appeasing Fascism

Cheney tried to use CIA in 2004 to mislead the American public about Iraq

Yale Shmale.. was it posted here before?

Wrong War, Wrong Word

Is anyone worried about how falling oil prices will impact the election?

"We'll create our own reality..."

It's often said that the entire world is tired of swaying...

"Bush Deficits" a new paradigm for judging presidents

B*sh: "i've got an epilectic reading list"

Right-wing filmmaker Bossie will release films on immigration, ACLU, HRC

Harris Is “The Poster Woman For Senate Republican Recruiting Woes"

Is Santorum turning agains Bush?

Gas could drop to $2 a gallon by Thanksgiving

RNCC email: "very few 'safe' seats in Congress this election year"

Soldiers die - CEOs prosper: By Derrick Z. Jackson

Sirota: How out of touch can a Washington politician be?

Blatantly Boasting War Profiteers

"Most important contributor to profit margin is decline in labor's share."

I think it's time for Internet Free America

Iraq Army Battles Shiites

VERY helpful site if you receive a call with no/blocked CallerID.

CNN Poll Re: Rummy's Fascist BS

Iraqi minister cancels truce with Shia militia

Al Gore Interview In Sierra Magazine

That idiot Kenneth Tomlinson is back in the news. Remember this guy?

Fox News Calls In The Experts On Hurricane Katrina

The Armitage Confession & the Niger Problem by Dave Lindorff

Buchanan: Americans Should Consider Allowing Only White Immigrants

Rummy-Here's A Couple Names For You - You're A Jingo & A F--king Loser.

Someone got in a F*** George Bush on CSPAN yesterday

How do you tell your child you don't want him/her to join the Army?

Would you punish any kind of thought?

Post Katrina NOLA graphics

'I am outraged,' Santorum rails against Bush Admin.

Behind the plan to bomb Iran

Growers say fruit's ready, but workers are scarce

Media Matters calls out Novak for his B.S. on Judge Taylor's NSA ruling.

Ann Coulter or Tucker Carlson -- Who's the Bigger Baby?

Note To Americans: Don't Believe Fake GOP Outrage at the Bush Admin

Ted Stevens Used “Secret Hold” To Stall Free Govt. Info. Database

Republican Jack Kemp to campaign for Lieberman

Letter to Rumsfeld. (kicking him in the pants)

Lieberman campaign losing steam coming up on MSNBC

Is Camus like Shamu?? Or maybe he's confusing all this with "Free Willy"

Well, The "Number" is up to 2638 today.

Lake Okeechobee dike needs repair, but Corps of Engineer cry "terror".

A Must Read For You Lou Dobbs Apologists

Fox calling Chavez/Assad meeting: Alliance of Two Dictators

Flash! Air America Radio is a BUSINESS!!

FoxNews ratings headed down the crapper.

"Downward Mobility" (NYT, 08/30/06)

The Anatomy of the GOP's Strategy: Consolidate their Base and win

Why is anyone taking Bernard "Stick Between the Eyes" Lewis seriously?

Anybody host their sites with Netbunch?

Airports are a nightmare

Toon: Joe Lieberman and Pluto...

Please DU this poll on the Survivor

Our top story today: Florida was not hit by a hurricane

WSJ: Bush to Start Third Iraq War Propaganda Tour

Is it really legal to threaten someone?

Bush Urges Nation To Be Quiet For A Minute While He Tries To Think (Onion)

So has Air America become as feckless as NPR?

NSA declares BLOGS are Media -Will Bloggers Be Hauled Off For Leaking?

Rerun for Posterity: Bush's 'Singular' Disaster

Iran's President Challenges Bush To Extreme Mountain Bike Race

What to do about Mike's firing

Who would have thought he had so much SOUL??? (CAPTION?)

MSNBC's never-ending "Can the President turn his numbers around" story

Lieberman says you are blinded by partisan politics

Truer words have never been spoken...

MSNBC poll re Bush & Katrina

The Bush of Katrina is exactly the same as the Bush of 9/11

Another sick case of "Christian" family child abuse

Rush Limbaugh disappears.

Will the repubs Exploit the next terror attack as well as 9-11?

All you hurricane-coasters.. exhale and relax.. nothing on the horizon

Does anyone Care?

Let's stop referring to news people by their names, there's no reason to

Pelosi: Rummy's Judgement Has Been Impaired

Is Bush an idiot or does he just play one on TV?

Warner Voices Frustration With Democrats

Ramsey (JonBenet) Ramzi (Youssef) Whoa! So THAT'S why DHS got involved!

Mike Malloy Has Been FIRED By AAR?????

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret fund

Well, I THOUGHT I loved DU...

Disenfranchised ex-planet Pluto joins al Qaeda

The Guy James Show 3 to 5pm

Woman takes reins of major Muslim group

Best Thing About Malloy Being Off AAR

If you can tear yourself away from trashing or expressing support for AAR,

"..Thirty or forty years from now, history will decide if I was right .. "

Have any reporters asked the monkey if he will debate ...


Ed Schultz just had on a great caller.

Brothel benefits for gas guzzlers

Because the Senate needs more BOOBS!

This post is not about Mike Malloy or Air America Radio


Bush Urges Nation To Be Quiet For A Minute While He Tries To Think

Limbaugh Confuses Americans in Poverty with Africans in Poverty

He Admits He Will Fail

The WingNut Stance on the Plame Affair!

Guy James is talking about the Malloy firing now

Hey guys, there's an election in about 69 days. Here's what I did today.

Drought to shut down Canadian rain forest resort


Did CBS doctor Rather's publicity photographs? They did Couric...

Why do we boycott Fox News and not the other Fox TV channels?

DU just got its 94,000th. member!! Who was it?

Don't bother sending AAR E-Mail through their website:

CNN's Dana Bash: Many in GOP wish Rumsfeld would "keep his mouth shut"

Which States Are: The Dumbest? The Poorest? The Fattest?

Randis web site still says Malloy is subbing for her

John now a Cat 4

Malloy on Randi Rhodes Show - Gore Vidal as guest!

Anatomy of a Screw

Armitage was THE source (not A source) - CNN, King/Todd shilling again?

Poster on Mike myspace

Now this is a storm

Are substitute cable news hosts required to imitate the style of the

Rita Cosby...completely worthless.

Clinton, 9/11 and the Facts (from the DATA DUMP)

Q: When will the next Impeachment proceedings begin?

O' Reilly No Longer #1 In Key Demo 18-54 Viewers

How To Reduce A First World Power To Third World Status

Does everyone have to post their own thread about other threads on Malloy?

Protest in Salt Lake......

Are the bushites trying to create a war in this country...

Everyday we get closer to peak oil and further from leaving the M/E.

Rumor - the new AAR theme song is............

I feel like the whole country is playing the fiddle as America burns.

Flash! Air America (The "Business") Had Malloy Up On Website

Mike Malloy fired on AAR - Take the poll

Subpoena Power: Would Dems even use it?

Dem Admin would not completely withdraw from Iraq.

AIRAMERICA: 212-871-8290 To Leave Message Re Malloy

Keith Olbermann Will Go After Rummy Tonight - Here's A Sneak Peak...

Katrina Evacuee Returns Home -- From Elmira, NY

Greg Palast Video: Killing the culture in New Orleans

Salt Lake City comments on Smirky (photos)

Pretty scary stuff on NPR today.

In Rumsfeld's "appeasement" speech, he singled out Ted Kennedy's father

Help me trying to judge the "financial reasons" for letting Mike go

Bush: "I seriously hope people wouldn't politicize these issues"

"Bush to launch series of speeches on war " aka: Terra, Terra!!!

Weinstein company picks up Dixie Chicks documentary

Is this for real? Malloy fired for doing a GREAT job and gas bag limbughp

Wheaton teen charged in VA laptop theft pleads guilty to manslaughter

Hartmann announced at 2:35pm he is filling in for Randi today

I want my Mike Malloy!!!!

Does everyone here have to post their own thread on Malloy?

Blogger Confesses to Kennedy Assassination

From my Brother VVAW The Uncounted

Just picked up a **RUMOR** about the Malloy situation...

Cartoon: John Karr and the Media ...

On Reflection It Is Simply Stunning That No One Has Gone To Jail

Hardball panel agrees with us...Bush didn't read "three Shakespeares"

Jack Kemp: Clinton, Kerry Are 'Hypocritical, Sad and Pathetic'

Appeasement? Lest we forget who the REAL appeasers are

The Jeffs Arrest Is and Should Be Big News

Neil Boortz is such a dildo

The loss of Kerry Ryan

Pilot takes bathroom break, locks himself out of cockpit, has to break in

Mother Jones unveils massive interactive Iraq War Lie timeline/database

What words has * invented or mispronounced?

CA: Call Schwarzenegger's office; tell him to sign Univ Health Care

Racist fucks on Youtube

Making sense of Malloy's firing

Wal-Mart may be too American to succeed globally ... Brash

The fugitive girl act

Can't we wait to find out the facts behind AAR firing of Mike M

Melissa Etheridge Video With Al Gore/From An Inconvenient Truth

Let me get this straight--Malloy fired and Springer still working?

Frank Gaffney is out of his f*cking mind.

Break the law? No problem, just change the laws, like *

Does anyone have radio ratings for AAR and each specific show.

Pelosi on Rumsfeld: Lecture on morals a fresh embarrassment to the nation

The greatest anti-Bush song ever written...

Earth to Mr. Bush -- America has not traded "popularity" for "respect"

Marine Leader During Haditha Killings Recommended For Medal

"Blatantly Boasting War Profiteers" Sick Bastards!

WHEW - I'm so GLAD to hear Sam Seder's voice!!!

Sam Just said he will address Mike Malloy issue. eom

With record heat waves in US why no hurricanes?

Not to rain on your hysteria, but there is nothing at all unusual about

Devaluing labor to the point where working doesn't pay or provide

Fresh GRIST for the ****RUMOR**** Mill.... take with hugh grain of salt...

Dana Bash of CNN just said Rumsfeld was the Democrat's "Boogieman"

"When they betrayed Katrina NOLA, I did not speak out because..."

Oy Vey. sez Caught Red-Handed...>

When did Mike Malloy become an abducted blond girl?

"They want to kill us!" "They're trying to kill us all!" "They want to

Lieberman shows his disdain for democracy & Democrats

Suggestion from a Malloy fan re: calling AAR

Ok its time to contact Harry Reid again - re Holy Joe

Bob Kincaid talking about Mike Malloy now 6:18 pm Eastern Time

time to get gasbag oxy lush limpballs off the air now...who is with me?

VIDEO: Bush's “Ek-A-Lec-Tic” Reading List Includes "Three Shakespeares"

Tropical Storm Ernesto is hitting the south East Central Florida area..

I get it now!!!!!!!!!!

Can Malloy Sue? If He Signed A Two Year Contract Last Week

A Joementum prediction: in two years...

I'm Brocking David Brock.


Seider to fill us in on Malloy-- Next up-- turn on now.

Did AAR "trade" Mike Malloy for The Young Turks?

Caption this * pic

Americans are gamblers.. Let's scrap elections altogether

Pop quiz, which one is the imposter??? (photo)(trick question)

"Americans have sacrificed--they're playing a lot of taxes." Thus spake

Will Sam say anything??

Mike Malloy still on Air America's website

I came home from work last night and started watching Spike Lee's

B*sh: '' We Spent 15 Billion Dollars to Help People Suffer".

Discarded/erased cellphones have info on owners

And no one took The Picture

U.S. Official Discusses Law in Lawless Capital (LAT)

If you want to stir up hatred in America what term would you use?

Malloy's firing reeks of something awful.

Bush: "My speeches aren't political speeches."

Bush: "My series of speeches aren't political speeches''

Keith O is going to go after Rummy tonite. Big time

My kind of Restaurant!!

MSNBC: "Homeowners with nontraditional loans are in for a payment shock"

Aar! Aar! AAR!

Who has a greater claim to Centrist Voter

REVEALED: The sole reason Mister Bush is not in prison already.

Could Those Frogs In His Backyard Growing Up Be Why * Has The Jaw Issue?

Henceforth, the "Democratparty" must refer to * as "Mister Bush"

...we're talking about rape and murder here

"There is no such thing as short term history, as far as I'm concerned"

Malloy confirms: fired

Stop the presses! A new confession from Karr!

Question for loyal Truthseekers-what did Malloy say that caused his firing

Video: None Dare Call It Genocide


HEADLINE: *TAXPAYERS* pay for Bush's CAMPAIGN travel

CNN Poll: "Do you agree with the description of the war on terror

Did AAR Lie to Malloy?

So, any developments in the big subpoena story?

Hey, did you hear that AAR fired Mike Malloy?

Howard Dean on tonight's Countdown with Keith Olbermann!

"Give us the truth! Give us the truth!-Salt Lake City Protests Bush Admin

Steve Sailer: The Iranian War Machine--what the neocons are "afraid" of

Brought to you by the letter "W"

toons:::Doonesbury on King George

Fascism...the new buzzword among Republicans.

Gas prices falling faster than underwear at the

The president is INSANE but most folks are cool with it.

Sam Seder about to discuss Malloy (7:30)

The Center Is Not The Place To Begin Our Advocacy

For Mike: Have I mentioned today how much I hate these people?

geography test.

Do you have high hopes for "The CBS Evening News Starring Katie Couric?"

Think in terms of bridges burned (dial-up warning)

Bush Administration doesn't like Picasso?

Poll: Katherine Harris has IMPLODED, Nelson leads 63%-20%! ANNIHILATION!

bu$h: "I will not let the people who I represent stop me from waging war"

If you're pissed about Malloy... let's get him a new home... on XM

Bush is not an idiot - he reads Shakespeare.

Darfur: UN Troops ASAP, Say Rights Workers

Uncle Sam's Last Words.

PLAME WHITEWASH? Washington Post, page one, 10/12/03

The Influence of Thucydides in the Modern World

"Little While Later I Will Adress What I Know Of Mike Malloy" Says

youtube - FEAR -- gotta watch this one

CSPAN Poll needs help

Keillor does it again...

This one's for you, Mike (photo)

Why don't the Ken Mehlman's of this world learn

What's your favorite three word phrase?

Need Plan B? He's not gonna sell it.

So much for checks and balances, welcome to absolute power

W and Laura speak at NO High School: Don't forget the portable AC!!

POLL: Life Issues that you feel the most strongly about.

W says our anger over the war is pointless & irrelevant & fuck you.

The Reason Ted Stevens Says He Held Up The Earmark Transparency Bill

Armitage source of Plame leak??? Deafeningly silent bombshell?

ACTION ALERT: Contact Air America and tell them they're fucking nuts

911 Question Only Bush Can Answer .....

LTTE blames Clinton for Hurricane Andrew!

AFL-CIO to spend $40 million on elections

Al Gore: "Start by Arming Yourself With Knowledge"

Taxpayers pay for Bush's campaign travel

Greg Palast Video: Killing the culture in New Orleans

Sen. Lugar and some general re-start '18 month' clock for Iraq withdrawal

Lie by Lie: Mother Jones's Bush War Lies Time Line

Stephanie Miller is the best thing on progressive radio

Slaves didn't have "Masters"


My Blog entry on my internet conversation with the son of Bill Frist

I don't care who's on AAR as long as they're progressive and they're on..

Interesting Study on Drivers....Good and Bad.

BREAKING: Mike Malloy fired:

Arabic T-Shirt Alarms Flight Officials (man told to turn shirt inside out)

I want to live

"Flat Daddy"


Dear Air America Radio

Hilarious Bush billboard says it all:

It is true Mike Malloy FIRED from AAR

I wish somebody could draw up this cartoon for me involving *

CNN screws audio on Bush Speech - What a Hoot-Toilet Flushes

I am disgusted at the comments on the Malloy website.

Why aren't the Dems in New Orleans?

Did someone on Fox actually make sense regarding gas prices?

Rove behind Malloy firing

Tucker Carlson: Statutory rape not as bad as trying to undermine America

approx 18,000 people die for lack of health care every year

What Shakespeare play did George read FIRST? (he he he)

Naomi Klein: Disaster capitalism--making money out of misery

DU this poll!! Then recommend the thread! :) Oh and keep kicked!

"Considering Homeschooling" says HECK NO, OUR KIDS WON'T GO!!!

Repubs seem to have discovered a new word: Fascist

It's liberal carnivalin' time! Carnival of the Liberals #20


I am so sick of people cutting off AAR because they fired Malloy.

Chemists: TATP Liquid Bombs Impossible to Make In Jet Lavatory--Huge Hoax

Why does a president need to tell us how much he reads?

Just what the hell ARE the lessons of 9-11 w always blabs about?

The President commits a felony, and no one notices

LIMBOsevic is hyping some ABC movie/hit piece on CLINTON

The DU Jukebox (August 2006 & Labor Day Edition)

It's the economy, idiots

Orlando Sentinel: Money Big Sugar is using to shore up Rod Smith alarming

COUNTERPUNCH: Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth

AP: Interior Secretary: Alaska Drilling Safe

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on Ed Schultz Show Today

"PROGRESSIVES DON'T BUY HILLARY" when I want to know...

I remember when Frank Gaffney was "Frank Gaffney"

No Republicans In Virginia

Argh! Someone on CSPAN's WJ wants Lieberman to replace

McCain to speak at Conservative conference

Senator Macaca's in big trouble


PBS Tomlinson charged with using office to run horse racing operation

** Canadian Skilled Trades Workers Help to Rebuild Ninth Ward **

Want a way to bring down Cruella Harris and the Bush Florida Fiefdom down.

$450 million slush fund for Bush from Canadian lumber deal. . . . .

Is Ted Stevens blocking Porkbuster bill?

iPod maker sues two Chinese journalists over labour rights violations repo

"We're losing" in Iraq - Max Boot. Stick a fork in Bush.

MICKEY Z.: Winning The War On Terror

Where was this picture taken?

Ohio GOP gives state elections contract to Blackwell crony (Schiavo Atty!)

NYT/AP: Republicans Failed to Woo Top Candidates


Sticking to his guns, Cheney easily rallies troops August 29, 2006

AP: Republicans Fail to Woo Top Candidates

Embattled Sen Allen (R-VA) linked to White Supremist Group

Bush's "major public-relations offensive" to sell Iraq war on 9/11 anniv.

Does "one man/one woman" legalize polygamy?

Which, as a model, is closer?

The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'

New Comic: Rummy: Why Do You Hate Freedom???

Mike Malloy was just fired from Air America

Raw Story teaser: "Santorum rails against Bush Administration: Developing"

5 bucks says Rove shifts media attention to 911 anniversary in 24-48 hrs

Well, I THOUGHT I loved DU...

"There are 4 or 5 strains of venereal disease out there that are more

A disater in the making - Councilman wants illegals out

WTF? Wash Post article claims dems far behind in senate races?!?!?

Once people lose faith in the voting system, our country is lost...

Give AAR your piece of mind about Mike, send them an email here:

Roundtable on US Status as a Superpower on C-Span 8:45 pm

Battle over Plan B not finished...

Do you give money politically?

A clear, cogent argument for the 10 Commandments by Katherine Harris

Salt Lake City Mayor is "not sweet." .....

Interesting Charts from Novakula who's really Pessimistic for GOP

Rawstory reports : Ohio Officials Prepare To Destroy Paper Ballots From

Since Rummy brought up the whole Hitler thing perhaps some quotes...

AP: Lawmakers: Dismiss Broadcasting Official (Tomlinson)

An Inconvenient Truth was just mentioned during the US Open coverage!

And the negative campaigning continues unabated.

This is a PERFECT definition of the Bush W.H. and the GOP!! ----

PBS set to ask if voting rights are 'under assault'

Neal Boortz is a bigger asshole than Hannity, Coulter & Limbaugh COMBINED.

Congress seeks to cut brain injury funding in half--despite Iraq!

Bush's Defense of Iraq War to Coincide with Sept 11 Commemorations

TIME: Why the Democrats Are Worrying About Money

Sherrod Brown Let Us Dowm (and so did the NRSC spellchecker)

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel Impressive In Zogby Poll

Perhaps we could pass a law that says if you don't know what

An update for Countdown with Keith Olbermann 8/30/06

Gen. Casey offers up the outline for a timetable

Is there a mid-term election in about two months?

Brian Williams and Bush in NoLa - Hindsight.

Fox's Neil Cavuto and Katrina "expert" DON KING; calls Bush "the greatest"

SirotaBlog: The danger of ego trumping expertise

Gamblers think the safe money is on Democrats in the senate

Was Howard Dean on CNN today with Dana Bash? Did I hear Begala right?

Remember the LBJ era, when Dems were pissed at their prez and party?

Dems need smart, sarcastic sons of bitches to speak for them in MSM

"If only the American people were like his father. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Calling it how I see it...

John Grisham and Steven King to fund raise for Webb???

Armitage angle in the Plame case is just the latest diversion from the tre

Photo: "You guys are good. I played my gee-tar while your family drowned"

The October Surprise: Gas $2.00 per gallon.

Iraqi hospitals are war’s new ‘killing fields’

Breaking..."Stay the Course" has now been changed to "Adapt to Win!"

Olberman proves terror is * campaign tool

Soldiers die, CEOs prosper (a must read piece)

a $450 Million secret GOP slush fund ... or is it more?

Bush: "New Orleans...she needs those saints to come marching back..."

Ted Stevens, R-AK, identified as senator who placed "secret hold"

Lieberman: "they should have thought about that during the primary"

Giuliani endorses Allen for re-election to Senate

I just bought the BEST Katherine Harris T-Shirt!

Nomenclature matters: It's "Bush's War"

Brian Williams Interviews a pretty incoherent Bush