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Archives: October 6, 2007

Myanmar monk makes phone appeal to backers in NY

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Fair Trade

George Bush's Paranoia War

Stephen Crockett: No Fun Being a Republican

Larry Johnson:Glimmer of Hope for US Policy Towards Iraq and Iran

Gigawatt base-load solar?

GOP ZOGBY POLL: Ward Casscells for President

Rice puts cameras on Blackwater convoys

Double US air strike kills 25 in Iraq

Appeals court lets Sept. 11 suits resume

Nichols found guilty of second-degree intentional homicide in death of Hmong hunter

Watada Court-Marshal Delayed

Second Army Officer (who sat on "enemy combatant" tribunals) Faults Gitmo Panels

Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags (in TX)

Gorbachev Tours Lower 9th Ward

Fired Blackwater Guard Found More Work

Could this guy be the Lounge Party candidate?

Olbermann just flashed

Someone call an exterminator and send them to Cleveland

Here we go, Cleveland, here we go!


Post of the day from GD...

Mariano Rivera hits batter. Bases are loaded.

For those keeping score at home

I was just on the subway with four cute girls who said they were going to the "beer olympics"

2-0 RED SOX!!!

Damn! Talk about a nasty power spike!

George Clooney and the Liberator. Discuss...

The Wankees Lose!!1!!

ALDS it sounds like a horrible disease

Indians Beat Yankees! Red Sox Currently Winning - ARod Eats Shit!!

It's Friday! How About A Friday "Shuck You" Thread!!!!

Anybody know the over-under

Setting up dial-up connection... "Unavailable - device missing"

I sent you a PM

In the mood to post my favorite poem I've ever written

So I'm using pandora


Image Help

Crosspost: for those who remember when my daughter was attacked...

Okay, another one: Match 20-word-or-more-story Game: "Solipsist Sally was so solipsistic

hot and nasty

Wow, new wave and exercise never looked so good!


Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Green Flash Imperial IPA

Mel Gibson, Renee Russo, and a Rabbi walk into a hospital...

but you know I know when it's a dream

How weird has your Funky Winkerbean?

Daniel my brother you are older than me

And the perfect post-season rolls on.

Anyone use soybean oil?

god, i love this man

Rev_acts, get out here, you lush!


So my son has been designated top 2% intelligence, his school is psyched

Did anyone see all the bugs swarming the field during the Indians/Yankees game

Another "A-Rod Sucks in October" thread

The power of love......

How weird has your fall weather been?

So who's the spike-haired jerkoff who keeps informing us that "there's only one October"

Which DVD should I watch tonight?

It's Friday night! What are you drinking?


Rock the Vote!

Coming: Terminator 4: Rise of the McG


My ebay acct was hacked, used to send junkmail & suspended, ask me anything.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

I ache for kitties

Hey Kitchenwitch - how is the war on homework going? nt

Is it too early for a cover song thread?

I've decided that "BillySkank" is a curse word...

All's well that (mostly) ends well

Are people in certain jobs ever surprised when you're nice to them? (Or personally at your job?)

I'm young. I'm done with college. I HATE my job...Recommend another country to move to...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/5/07 Bonus

I Just Cleaned the Cat Poop Box - and I deserve a medal.

My favorite superheroes are the really smart ones: Spiderman, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Batman

Please go to My DU and tell me what you see on your page.


Ohio Teacher's strike is turning ugly

Brave New Films: The Secret State of Torture (Sound Familiar?)

Phil Berrigan's Final Warning

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Newt G, Large Marge & The No-Pants Man

CNN: 'F*ck Bush' Editor Keeps Job

Brandon Friedman on Countdown

CNN: Elizabeth Edwards Blasts Limbaugh's Ass

Bush: I Don't Want You Readin' My Personal Stuff

Re: The Liberals Were Right

Do you kiss ass to get ahead?

Southern Plutonium shipments could begin this week (What the heck is going on here?)

"SKorea to host conference on condom size" (from the 'You Can't Make This Stuff Up' file)


Kuchi gets to say all he wanted with Judy "Run for your lives!" Woodroof, PBS

Bush won't invade Iran

Breaking at MSNBC: Judge blocks court-martial of Army officer who refused to go to Iraq

Blackwater Gets Babysitters!

Frogs. Firecrackers. Remember who we are dealing with.

Setting up dial-up connection... "Unavailable - device missing"

Brandon Friedman from Vote Vets .com is on Olberman and he is reading

Scandal brewing at Oral Roberts U.

"The scandal of Blackwater" by Jeremy Scahill

For those of you on facebook...

What is your opinion on the occupation in Iraq? How should we proceed?

What do -we- do in 2008? What are our goals, what are our options, what can we accomplish?

Two Irrational Sides to an Irrational Coin

Consumer borrowing up sharply

Recollections from the 06 turning of Missouri blue

O.J.'s Rolex a fake, ordered returned

Paul Krugman: Pathetic

"Tenn. Man Kills Self at Council Meeting"

Since the repukes want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee, I say we

An interview with Alberto Gonzales." ...what was right and ...just"

If you have not, read Naomi Wolf's book

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Bank Bill's Senate Champion Has Ties to Industry

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! "Rep. Wilson to Seek Domenici's N.M. Seat"

What do you say to a freep troll who keeps calling CHIP socialist?

What the hell is going on with all this steroid use?

A small rant regarding Topps....

Do you favor or oppose giving the president a "line-item" veto?

Take this short political quiz & see where you come out

This country obviously needs to have a serious discussion.....

Ya Know... They Told Us Waaay Back In The 70's... That There's Only So Much Oil !!!

They are not strong on terrorism but stupid on terrorism

Breaking - Judge HALTS - Watada Court-Martial

Minnesota woman found guilty of illegally sharing music online

Is Dennis seriously pursuing the nomination?

My dream of a DREAM TEAM: Gore/Clark 2008 w/Biden Secty of State. I'm way too afraid

Blackwater boss supports the Republicans - and the Greens ...

Mother Jones: An Uncertain Fate For The Whistleblowers Who Took On State Dept's IG

Bob Fertik: Impeachment Is The Only Alternative To Constitutional Despair

Why are you upset that the Army denied benefits for returning soldiers?

Ever hear of Jack Abernethy?

Lynne Cheney to Appear on Comedy’s Daily Show

Controller shortage hurt LAX

This world needs global warming of the soul. We need each other.

The Nation: Text the Vote

Tonight Real Time Is A Re-Run, But If You Haven't Seen It

George is in the jungle knocking on the door

The only campaign signs I have seen so far are Ron Paul signs

Too Weird...Check out Poppy's eyes in this video

"Scandal Brewing at Oral Roberts U." Another Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker?

A conversation with my sister-in-law

Judge reverses Guantanamo ruling

Juan Cole: Bishop Desmond Tutu Excluded, Ann Coulter isn't at U. of St. Thomas

Dana Perrino, the new WH flack, has three brain cells .......

How many anti-really really expensive haircut people,

Kentucky Democrat needs our help.

United States Senator Barack Obama.

Why do we call them representatives if they don't represent us?

"Master Baiter" T-shirt almost gets man kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight.

Driver waved to paparazzi, inquest told (Diana trial)

Blackwater - Michigan GOP Governor Candidate Connection

Bush Said No! To Me - pic

Poll: How will the Right react when Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize Oct. 12?

Von Spakovsky's Nomination = Senate Playing Game of Chicken Over FEC Nominations

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Johnny Wendell subs

Well my wife has called it quits

Dave Lindorff: Bush - Torturing Truth ("The President & Vice President are clearly war criminals")

Can someone tell me what our soldiers think they're doing in Iraq?

Who would be the best candidate to clean up Washington and be honest as hell?

The Democratic Party - We Can Do So Much Better Than Hillary Clinton For President

When will it be too late for Gore to enter the race?

To OMC....

Please do this, if you haven't already.

***DUzy Awards for week ending October 5, 2007.***

Bush must have something on the sitting Dems in Congress (Blackmail)

Immigration: What is your position on immigration in the United States?

Book TV Schedule: October 6th - 8th

Hey FREEPAHS, Shut the HELL UP about socialism.

My Top 10 Presidential Picks for 2008, in order of preference:

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Huffington Post: "Our Cold Civil War..."

Costa Rica: Opposition Gains Strength as Pro-CAFTA Forces Caught in Manipulation Scheme

Would there be a with no one to hate? (This time its gays and lesbians)

Seven years of failure or How Bush and Republicans Dragged America Down

Everyone - check out this thread

ALERT: Mike Gravel on Air America Radio NOW (8pm Eastern) for one hour.

Another Toilet Trained Republican sexual deviant DiFatta

DFA group, DC for Democracy Endorses Barack Obama

Thank you, Helen Thomas! So where do the voters go who are sick of the Iraqi debacle?

Obama's donors vs. Clinton poll numbers

Romney Is His Own Biggest Donor

Blackwater by Numbers: A Statistical Index

Who will be Hillary's VP choice?

NYT: Iowans Take Their Time in Open Race (For the Inevitability crowd)

Iowans Say HI to Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders on Fair Trade

Important differences between Hillary Clinton and the Ghoul on foreign policy

fox news corp president / coo and the democratic party

How Many Anti-Torture People Will Vote For Hillary Anyway?

AP-Ipsos Poll: Hillary 40%, Obama 26%, Edwards 12% (What happened to the 33% lead?)

How many anti-Hillary people want Al Gore in the race?

How Many anti-Slum Lord People Will Vote For Obama Anyway?

Now we find out through revealed memos them Bush dudes were LYING THROUGH THEIR ASSES

There was some bad stuff in the bill that moved the Florida primary to January 29..

Neither Democratic candidates, NOR REPUBLICANS (except Rudy), wear flag pins! (photos)

Tomorrow I canvass again and dang I hate canvassing, but the colors are nice.

One Florida lawsuit down, two to go. Activist suit against DNC dismissed in Tampa.

Michelle Obama puts 'experience' argument to rest: "Fired up," "emboldened speech" in NH

Gore Likely to Get Nobel Prize

Can we all just CALM THE F*** DOWN?!?!......okay. calm.

Hell yes, I'm proud to be a socialist.

Has anyone seen any polls featuring a match-up against Ron Paul?

N.M. [Heather Wilson] Congresswoman to Seek Senate Seat

If you vote for Hillary, you will be voting for four more years of war!

Were Bill Clinton's Years of Peace and Prosperity a Myth?

Why do some anti-Kucinich types seem OBSESSED with driving him out of the race?

Fort Hunt's Quiet Men Break Silence on WWII (Interrogators Lament Today's Torture)

Liberal-loathing Partisan Joins “Neutral” Pentagon Outreach Program

Dahr Jamail--defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq by leaving

Rachel Maddow: Newt Wants 'the Future,' Not the White House

Purpose of Appendix Believed Found

With Every Syllable out of His Mouth

Save the Gnostics of Iraq: "They have withstood everything — until now."

Gitmo: America's black hole By Clive Stafford Smith

Gallup releases first survey of well-being worldwide

Jeremy Scahill: The scandal of Blackwater

The Iraq Occupation and the Coming War Against Iran: Political Wickedness and Moral Bankruptcy

Life of Comfort and Pain Ends in an Airport Cell

Herbert: Send in the Clowns

In Life of Lies, Iraqis Conceal Work for U.S.

Senate Democrats approve half a trillion dollars for Pentagon, US spy agencies

Why? Six years on from the invasion of Afghanistan

Blackwater Crushed Car With Three Kids, Old Man To Avoid Traffic

Threats, Dirty Tricks, Fake Polls: Costa Rica Votes Under Duress on "Free Trade"

Larisa Alexandrovna: Our Cold Civil War (with corporations) & the recent Ft. Sumter

What Does It Mean to 'Support The Troops?'

Does USA's Most Powerful Private Militia Fuel Iraq's Insurgency?

We are at war!

I Survived Blackwater - Janessa Gans

Pakistan election: A charade masquerading as democracy

So Who’s Afraid of the Israel Lobby?

AlterNet: Big Banks Are Selling Us Out on Climate Change

Electric utility AEP to put all 5 million customers on the electranet by 2015

Danger to lead-free electronics: tin whiskers

U.S. backs nuclear loans

What's Killing the Lobsters Of Long Island Sound?

Tax breaks for many energy savings expire 31 December ...

World moves into the ecological red

Media spotlight on Sarkozy's wife as separation rumours fly

Army's 'most-deployed' brigade coming home from Iraq: 52 killed, 270 wounded, 2 missing

Incarcerated Prosecutor Commits Suicide

Contractor hired guard accused in '06 slaying

Accounts Differ Sharply on U.S. Attack in Iraq

Judge reverses Guantanamo ruling

10 tons of cocaine seized in Mexican port town

Poland’s ambassador to Iraq who got injured in an explosion in Baghdad is struggling for life

Britain's Prince William In Paparazzi Row: Chased during inquest into mother's death in chase

High Level Debate Stalled Syria Air Strike

Judge reverses Guantanamo ruling-Decision reinstates suits challenging indefinite detention at milit

War-Crimes Prosecutor Quits in Pentagon Clash

New military leaders question Iraq mission

Kabul suicide bomb kills U.S. soldier

Security Alliances Led By Russia, China Link Up

Nobel Peace Prize to Gore may be in the wind

Magnitude 6.0 quake strikes islands in Pacific

US Searches for New Anti-Drug Air Base

Costa Rica trade perks not conditional: Democrats

Iraq rejects testimony by former anti-graft chief (Maliki protected corrupt relatives)

War court prosecutor quits post (Gitmo)

Danish police arrest 436 at protest

Man kills self in front of City Council

Clashes in Switzerland at political rally

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

'NYT' Reporter Reveals How He Got 'Blackwater' Scoop

Interior official backs Western drilling

Basque separatist says Madrid has declared war with arrests

Chrysler's labor negotiations accelerate

Marine took files as part of spy ring

Several People Injured In Harlem Building Explosion

FCC Won't Probe Disclosure Of Phone Records

Report: Saudi (Former) Gitmo Detainees Get Gift

Romney swipes at Republican front-runner Giuliani

Hoyer Calls Bush Veto of Child Health Bill a `Defining Moment'

Pakistan's Musharraf Sweeps Election

Rep. Jo Ann Davis Dies Of Breast Cancer

Turkey denies airspace to Iraq-bound airline

Sam's Club Beef Recalled After Illness

Rice's low-key agents stalk trigger-happy armed guards in Iraq

Rare march in Baghdad against new U.S. wall

I Am Creating Artificial Life, Declares U.S. Gene Pioneer (Synthetic Chromosome)

Guards suffocated teen, examiner says

Immigration sweep targets Valley gangs

I know this ole boy

For KitchenWitch and her aching kittie love

wasn;t born to follow

mama come here quick

OMG, there is a gentleman on the Yankees....

i am always the first to decry television, BUT

i'm drunker than a road lizard

can't you see?

ever catch yourself doing the james brown?

What Ever You Do, Do NOT Wake Up Datasuspect

And i'm gonna be high as a kite by then

I'm just as fucking miserable in real life...

are you the type of person that would say something bad about jimi hendrix?

Nightwish: symphonic anthem rock... "Wishmaster"

At times like this, I really miss the DU Lounge Grotto:

i swear to god

Man, did I get screwed royally

knowck knock

have you ever been

If a movie title has the name of a month in it, it's a chick film

I am SO RANDY for you!

I've decided Gilligan is a curse word

Did Kitchen Witch say her "kitties" were aching?

So... why exactly ARE we jerks to one another online?

if you're in chicago this is your golden chance to get drunk like a viking with me

4 for 47 - 0 RBI's (14 Post Season Games)

Finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses,celebrate with me!

Things we don't think about

are you the type of person who would post completely snockered, datasuspect?????

This morning I met 2 men whose combined IQ would make George Bush look like a Rocket Scientist

Here's the one thing I just don't understand about LynneSin - why eggs?

Did anybody see the Yankees get attacked by ants?

How to tell you're not Mom's favorite

Alcohol is really cool when you've had nothing to eat all morning.

Car maintenance question

One biddy to another: Do you know why old men are best at foreplay?

Bizarre baseball-fan rituals: Can anyone explain them to me?

i will never drink whiskey again

Am i crazy???

A family of trumpeter swans and an invitation

Uh oh

My Wii Tennis rating is 1883. Is there NO ONE to challenge me?

Any fans of the music group Beirut?

The strangest thing I've ever seen on a US gov website

You're going to reap, boy...

I'm making this tonight--wish me luck!

I'll be home alone tonight. What should I make for dinner?

The Ultimate Free Porn Site, must be of adult age...

Remember the rash of people falling off dorm balconies when REM's Superman came out?

Who is the Prince of the Vince?

There's a Klan rally today in Redding! Who wants to go

It's raining cats and dogs here in Toronto right now.

Its 4:19 AM Time for Balloon Fiesta!

Post a video that warms your heart

Didn't Conan O'Brien invent the word "krunk"?

"Gunslinger on the Roof"

Garage Sale Jesus

I shot the sheriff.

What are doing tomorrow? Why not celebrate Porn Sunday?

People, can't we all just get a BONG?

You know that guy who found the human leg in a smker?

Mr Gray is at it again stirring up shit over in GD.

Wild grapes!

Las Vegas

Willow weep for me

Should I start a blob?

Speaking of Chad & Jeremy

I am a mustard addict.

Unintentional copycat thread

Help me name a dog.

Intentional copycat thread

Great PDX jazz band playing live on KMHD right now. Stream here:


Help me name a blog

Bucky's revenge

better view...thanks Meghan

More scanned slides from the 1950s.

I'm so grossed out and I don't know what to do

self deleted. sorry.

Name Your Favorite Cable Channel

* Percentage of Americans who can name The Three Stooges: 59

Ludest thing you've ever said to a celebrity..

Do you know how hard it is to find a flirt that flits!?

Should I start a blog?

Residential copycat thread.

It's about time: Polanski's "Repulsion" finally getting a decent release

How neurotic is the main character on Grey's Anatomy?

WOOHOO!!! Mr. DTBK has finally consented to another kitty!!

History Trivia Quiz....

i hereby propose that every movie made henceforth star ben stiller

Okay, I give in. I'm going to bed.


Any DUers in the Lexington, KY area?

I got a mephone!

Homecoming dance tonight -- I'm supposed to chaperone.

Shopping carts, dim children, and dimmer parents are a bad mix.

Here's the one thing I just don't understand about vegans - why not eggs?

hey mr. sensitive yuppie guy

I got an i phone!

I'm making Alton Brown's Country Style Steak for dinner, ask me anything

I'm in the market for a laptop

My 66-year-old friend practically invited me to smoke pot with him

Do you know how hard it is to find a shirt that fits!?


Saturday, October 6th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Have you ever tried an online casino?

What did you think of the movie "The DaVinci Code"?

Just an apple core... gross, isn't it?

Should I start a bog?

Have you ever tried an online brothel?

Help me mame a frog.

Listening to you parents have a drag-down fight from a floor down is oddly fascinating.

Indian priest passes kidney stone. Mother Theresa in line for sainthood.

Why was Star Trek the original series parodied more than TNG and its spinoffs?

Subtle reminder: October is "Offer Sympathy Sex to a Nerd" Month

I'm in the market for a lapdance

Way to go Illini!!!

i'm hot, muddy, sweaty, and tired...

Who would win in a fist fight between Aung San Suu Kyi and Benazir Bhutto?

Avatar help needed! Some Gore pics and other fun ones.... (dial-up warning)

If it is Autumn then why is it almost 90 degree's ?

Rudest thing you've ever said to a celebrity

Cheap george foreman grill died after 13 months.

steak and asparagus, YUM, what are y'all having?

Should I start a frog? Or name a blog? Or Start a dog?

``Several people have offered to give us one.

Today's College Football Thread--a great slate of games today

What's the best new band you've heard lately?

*The Thread in which I RANT about IN-LAWS* wtf??

Holy Jesus, I'm Cooking Furby Tonight!

Why my 'hood rocks. A neighbor's car (snapped a pic) on my block.

Venison chili

The day billyskank went to the races. (Pictures)

I have 5 different meats chillin in the fridge...The cooking begins tomorrow!

I am seriously considering giving up fried foods and red meat...

In honor of Larry Craig I'm eating potatoes from Idaho

I have writer's block--quick, suggest a plot twist!

why i'm freaking ecstatic to be turning 17

If you were alone in a room with george bush and he started choking on a pretzel would you

sometimes apple computer owners do seem like

The Thread In Which We Determine The Average Age of

Weather WTF

You should congratulate me. I survived homecoming dress shopping

Hi Everybody. I Know It's Been A Bit. Just Wanted To Share Something.

Ever completely forget how much you like something?

People, can't we all just get a gong?

In your opinion, what is the greatest action movie in the last 30 years?

Here's the one thing I just don't understand about virgins - why not?

Gifts for relatives you hate

new hair!!!!

Best movies with only one word in title....

Today in labor history October 06

NYT: G.M. Pact Calls for a Push for Health Care Reform

The Shows Must Go On: Union Leaders Yield on Old Broadway Rules

SEIU’s Andy Stern: Most Workers Want A Union, Employers Illegally Block Them

Union urges troopers to report for duty despite layoffs

344 More AT&T Mobility Workers Organize in N.C.

Workers and Students Rally Against Benefit Cuts

Cartoon: motivation at work

'Women of Steel' build power at international conference

East Bay hospitals say nurses strike won't impact patient services

Crandall Canyon disaster: Labor Department balks at subpoena

SEIU WORKERS receive 20% wage hike offer

'Right To Life'

Ben Harper's Oppression; You shall learn to fear me

Jass Stewart: Sincere, passionate. (Running for Mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts)

Dennis Kucinich: Strength Through Peace

Tom Cryer Aquitted!

Randi Rhodes: Senator Larry Craig is and always was gay

Stephanie Miller makes fun of Larry Craig

Stephanie Miller's callers make fun of Larry Craig

The Shays-0-Gram

"Al Franken for Senate: Q3 Fundraising"

Ann Coulter & Glenn Beck on Women's RIght To Vote

Ex-CIA officer Baer on "Countdown": "Torture is useless."

Ex-CIA Officer Questions Torture, 9/11 on Countdown with Olberman

Dennis Kucinich: About The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.


Religious Leaders Pray For Melting Ice Cap

LARRY CRAIG SAYS: Bill Clinton is "A Nasty, Bad Naughty Boy"

Jena - John Mellencamp Music Video

Prosecutor charged in sex sting kills self in cell

If Gore had taken his rightful place in the White House in 2001, and the

Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares

CIA still operating black sites overseas: senior counter terrorism official

Today's Non Sequitur (TOON)

"degenerative brain disease?" most usually that spells:

New Pol Enters GOP Stall of Fame

Leila Fadel, McClatchy news on cspan 1 now. She has been in Iraq 11 months and

Ads the size of 3 football fields may greet you at LAX

Peru NAFTA Expansion Bill Now in US Congress - We Need Your Voice!

WJ this morning: Bush -torture or interrogation?

No Respect, No Respect, Called Suicide Prevention - Put Me On Hold.

What does "Mainstream" really mean? Is it a word Democrats should EVER be bound by?

US Interrogators From WWII Blast Bush's Policies Of Torture

Editor keeps his job after 'F**k Bush' column

Today's brilliant "Non Sequitur" cartoon (Iraq quagmire)

Anyone wonder if these same conservatives support Bush, "spreading democracy" and the Iraq War?

Blackwater and the Politics of Whistleblowing

cpan1-college test: Only 54% passed a 'Civics Quiz" Guest is talking

Anyone have link or info about military recruiters hiring girls to call high school boys?

Tear Down Guantanamo Bay

Bad words to combine: NJ State Police, Lords of Discipline, secrecy and retribution

so bush wants to compromise: "Bush talks of compromise on health bill "

Tom Hayden: The Secret State of Torture

Britain's Prince William In Paparazzi Row: Chased during inquest into mother's death in chase

Richard Lamm president of the Southern Baptists has endorsed Rudy Giuliani

Its 4:19 AM Time for Balloon Fiesta!

When RWnutzs argue about SCHIP

Larry Johnson - Sees A "Glimmer Of Hope For US Policy Towards Iraq & Iran"

The Biggest Vote You've Never Heard About Is Happening This Sunday

lying, cheating athletes....

Lindsay Roberts, you naughty naughty girl.

I sent that test that matches you with a candidate to a friend.

I'm calling out Laura Bush

If you haven't seen enough to know we need all the troops out, then you aren't watching the same war

Jena Mayor doesn't like Melloncamp's song about Jena

Bed-Wetter Nation: Alabama kids do mock-terror exercises at a summer camp.

Lindsay Roberts! What a phony!

Am I in any trouble?

Madam President of these United States Of America.

Group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags

What Does Being Unpatriotic Have To Do With Dubai And Paraguay?

Long Standoff Ends for Tax-Protesting Couple

What have I and every other minority in America been trying to tell you all about Anglo favoritism?

The Guardian: "A Week In The War In Texas"

Stop the NAFTA Expansion to Peru

To All Candidates for President Regarding The Climate Crisis

Any Albany, NY'ers here? - Is this newspaper a RW rag?

A note for Mr. Pitt and others who criticize those who question Hillary's credentials


You know that guy who found the human leg in a smker?

When pigs fly. Florida’s suit about voter disenfranchisement

Are you more apt to change your candidate choice if....

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat 10/6 .. self-inflicted exploding cigars

The Whole World Will Be Watching

C-SPAN WJ: Ignorance On Display

Anyone want to turn Denver 2008 into Chicago 1968?

What should be a meme

‘No to America.’

Ahmadinejad Seeks Ethnic Cleansing of Israel's Jews

HOW does a company have 22 MILLION pounds of beef contaminated?

Oliver Willis: Cookie Monster Echoes The White House Argument On Torture

I think John McCain may make a comeback and win the Republican nomination

No more freedoms: 'Naked Lunch' May Be Banned in Maine

Sen. Larry Craig is HOT (news). Is this a huge distraction from real issues???

Is there a DU-style site for Democrats?

Despite hating homosexuals so much, conservatives seemed obsessed with them.

Enjoy: Tori Amos-Imagine (John Lennon cover)

So is Nader going to try to help the GOP again this time?

I survived Blackwater-Former US Official Tells Of Disregard For Iraqi Lives

Another men's-room toe-tapping GOPer: Joey DiFatta (R-St. Bernard Parish, LA)

So what do you all think of Colbert's pledge?

Mmm, how much difference does it much difference...

Smoking Statistics Debunked

Neocon Gold - get your records here - satire - flash video

Iraq official says "big fat no" to attack on Iran

This Week in God

Ron Paul isn't just anti-tax. He's anti-UN-tax!

Media Matters for America summary for wk. ending Oct. 05, 2007; as requested.

Potential viral nastiness

It takes a lot of nerve to suggest a General would betray us

Stacey's eulogy and a note from OMC

Big surprise.

Peace Movement in UK Banned from Marching, Marching Anyway

Good news from Iraq

Ray McGovern: So Who’s Afraid of ...

LA Times online poll: Is Hillary the Dems' inevitable nominee?

As an ex UPC member I sometimes troll their websites

I've had it with CNN.

Gee is this news? Another GOP member guilty of being a pedophile

Breaking News

Update: Jet loaded with cocaine/heroin that crashed in Yucatan September 24 linked to CIA

Carl Bernstein says congressional oversight more lax now than during Watergate

Iran has 43 cholera cases mainly near Iraq-report

Iraq is getting better. Again.

Anyone notice the lack of Political Coverage on CNN/MSNBC lately on the Weekends?

Do any of our top three candidates have a plan to lower the COSTS of health care?

Possible good news: The religious right may be losing its influence!

Ethnic Cleansing in San Francisco

Haha!!1 Pepsi, NOT Coke, at Clarence THOMAS's book party (C-SPAN)

McClatchy: Even sprinkler systems fail at U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Bruce Springsteen on "60 Minutes" Tomorrow Night...O'Lielly is already Planning on Push Back

The Bush Transformation

Corporate America lobbying to deregulate white collar crime investigations

According to CNN's your|$$$$ show,

What Edwards said on Nov. 3, 2004

The Media and the Latest 'Torture' Revelations

Jena Mayor Calls Mellencamp Song Inflammatory

So how do you feel about EMILY's List now?

So why is Ann Coulter's book doing so poorly on I-Tunes?

Black shirt ,Blackwater goons are stupid &/or suicidal.

W: "If you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists", remember that?

Apparently... The RW Is Getting Worried About Al Franken's Run For The Senate

RW Media Machine want Tweety pulled from Repub Debate

Another political Sniglet.

If you don't like it and don't approve of are a few suggestions

Do you like the Democratic representation you have in Congress?

I guess it's back to running thru the woods in my bra and panties, tripping on roots and screaming

Green charities lose out as donors ignore environmental issues

If the Democrats don't win in 2008, Roe V. Wade WILL BE OVER-RULED

1982 ABC News report: Capital Hill, sex, drugs, pages, and Larry Craig's denial


Do you believe Kucinich would win the primary if he did something bold?

Good riddance

Burston-Marsteller's clients - Very interesting...

Blackwater Tip Of The Iceberg-Criminals Being Paid Millions By USA-To Illegally Fly Missions In Iraq

GetReady94920 and the Dept of Homeland Security

Weekend TOONS: Part 2: Another thing for the Troops to worry about

Bill O'Reilly is Insane (and a jerk too)!

The Dirty List: Companies Supporting the Burma Regime

Why Not Impeachment? - By Robert Parry

Pink for the Cure coupons in the weekend newspaper from all the corporations

should there be a 2nd docs. opinion on Domenici dementia?

WWII Interrogator Refuses Army Award Opposes Gitmo and Iraq War

Rep. Joanne Davis (R-VA) dead of breast cancer

Socialist Senator Sanders Writes Opinion Piece in Wallstreet Journal

Airlines to passenger - Change T-shirt or ELSE

Paying for Iraq occupation by bringing troops home days short of eligibility for education benefits

VECO's Scandal-Tainted Money Roils Politicians = oil-friendly lawmakers and candidates

CHIP bill = 7 billion a year, war in Iraq = 120 billion a year

DU THIS: TIME's Swampland BLOG on Political Prisoner Don Siegelman

Prosecutor jailed on child sex charges commits suicide

I haven't bee entering many sweepstakes/contest lately but this Code Pink

Top Clinton adviser Mark Penn CEO of a union-busting P.R. firm. "Doesn't labor deserve more respect?

I am *so* proud of my employer

Where Do They Stand? - Compare the candidates side-by-side and see where they stand on the issues

Chris Matthews speaks "truth to power" 5 years too late

Some Dems just don't get it - you have to cater to businesses

Five Million and Counting -- Iraqi Refugees Weigh on Our

Jeff Cohen on the Pundit Elite Enraptured by Hillary's "Flawless Campaign."

So what, precisely, is a PERSON?

OK. Forget Roe v. Wade

Kucinich: Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights

American Chief frozen patties recalled

Weekend TOONS: Part 1, The Larry Craig Defiance Tour!

Democratic business (your opinion, please)

Cynthia McKinney to Announce Presidential Campaign

Blackwater hired Chilean commandoes trained by Pinochet.

FCC to Ramrod Media Consolidation Through By Year End!

Novak: Senate Conservatives Knew About Craig’s ‘Weird Conduct,’ ‘Didn’t Do Anything About It’

Sadly, I have concluded that I am not a patriot.

OK, I admit it. I don't "get" Sarah Silverman.

Michael Schiavo (Terri's husband) in the news again

Map of Candidates on the Political Compass

Is Something "Big" About To Happen In The Republican Party??

Sen Shelby illegally obtained FBI files on his political enemies-seeking NSA Intercepts of others

Yet Another Doctor Sexually Assaults Patients, Says It's Part of Exam

New Band Formed: The Toilet Troll Trio, featuring Larry Craig, Bob Allen & Joey DiFatta

The Imagine Peace Tower

CACHED: Mark Penn's (Clinton 'top strategist') union-busting webpage before he scrubbed it

'Burson-Marsteller: PR for the New World Order'

Carol Gotbaum death -- US Air appears not to have followed own policies

Moyers Journal: Lieberman compares John Hagee to Moses..."leader of mighty multitude"

I haven't posted or read DU for awhile, but as I start back here I am discouraged...

Gotbaum Death - US Air had overbooked and given away her seat


What's wrong with taxing 90% of income over let's say $5 million

"Penn, Schoen and Berland has played pioneering role in the use of..exit polls to facilitate coups."

Mr. Anonymous and the Not-So-Spontaneous Birth of the Libertarian "Movement"

The Trance

Oh Bidenites -

CHeck it out - Biden Vid. (Where is everybody today?)

Barack Obama: Candidate or Rock Star?

We need to sign this petition...

Weekly War Scorecard for this week

Due to even more demand, Obama rally at Madison has moved again

More on Burma

Hillary's real weakness shows

'"Windshield Cowboy" ...ha ha

Bush Radio 10/6/07: "I strongly support SCHIP"

The more I read and research...

Two Wisconsin professors, a Dem and a Republican, challenge Sensenbrenner in novel joint campaign

The majority of Americans want National Health Insurance

Matthew Rothschild: Obama Delivers

Global protests for Myanmar

Muttering at Hillary Clinton's coronation

Vogel: Obama maneuver boosts civil rights cred

Iowans not convenced it's OVER as the pundits tell them

Insider Advantage: Hillary breaks 50% in Florida...

About those side by side comparisons of positions and voting records

Blackwater Ties Fodder for Political Attacks

OMFG!! Tell Me Why!!!

Sen. Larry Craig's fave snack: Super Tuber

There will be one winner!

Game: What would Sen. H.R. Clinton's role be in an America under the Giuliani administration?

Our Cold Civil War... Larisa Alexandrovna

Did Brave Firefighters Die Because Of Rudy Giuliani's Malfeasance?

Kucinich campaigns in Iowa, California, Oregon and New Mexico

Today's brilliant "Non Sequitur" cartoon re: Iraq quagmire

When is the next debate for the democrats?

Giuliani prods Florida Dems to switch parties for primaries

Obama: Lift 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

Log Cabin Republicans Go After Romney In Devastating Ad

Game: What would Rudy Giuliani's role be in an America under the H.R. Clinton administration?

Last Dance for Bush and the 2008 Elections

I give you fair warning so you all know: if my primary candidate is not the nominee...

I am wrong.

Chris Matthews: White House Pressured MSNBC To Tame Hardball

Which one of THESE characteristics do you see the most in Barack Obama?

Because we need a break from arguing about this year's

Being wrong is so... wrong.

As Former Employees Plotted, Mark Penn Watched: secretly intercepted e-mails

Clinton leads in Colorado

Real US debt: 10 x $156,000 per American = $15, 600, 000

Don't Piss On My Shoes And Tell Me It's Raining

Republicans Grow Skeptical On Free Trade

ok, since her supporters think HRC is a shoo-in...

CNN: Edwards raps Clinton aide for Blackwater ties

Fair Trade

Jerome Armstrong: "the single most disgusting ad I've ever seen occur in a Democratic primary."

Which one of these tickets you like the most?

NYT: Obama Explores Abortion Issue

Edwards Evening News is up on MyDD

Have all or any of the 08 candidates commented on election reform or fixing voting machines?

Ted Kennedy on Hillary's role in the creation of SCHIP...

Why One Quarter of Americans (Including the Edwards) Knew Ohio 2004 Was Stolen in 2004

Mark Penn is not a non-issue, much as HRC might want us to believe that.

Another problem with HIllary as nominee

Who is getting campaign money from the "health-care" industry?

Hey OBAMA and CLINTON SUPPORTERS: Quit the g'damn immature pissing matches already!

Hillary's chief campaign strategist "gross", "disgusting"

Behind the scenes, presidential campaigns are betting that Iowa caucus is on January 5, 2008

NYT: Hillary on Torture

Clinton TOPS Giuliani in cash and at polls

Will Al Gore win a Nobel Peace Prize?

Hill's top advisor Mark Penn - details about his unsavory client list

Christian Split in Lebanon Raises Specter of War - NYTimes

WHY is she "inevitable"?

POLL: Whats your position on Iraq withdrawal?

I Don't GIve A Fucking Rat's Ass Who Hires Whom

Only Arrogance Could Sink Clinton Now

Send in the Clowns by Bob Herbert at the NY Times

Clinton 46% Obama 25% Edwards 11%

Why I Should Vote for _________.

Who we elect as President in 2008 will send a message...

Today was a great day for Canvassing

Edwards, Not Hillary, is Dems' Best Chance

You are wrong.

If Al Gore enters the Presidential Race after winning the Nobel Peace Prize How many Hillary

Mark Penn: Issue or Non-Issue?

A note to Elizabeth Edwards

Hillary Clinton adviser Mark Penn once fired by Al Gore

Florida Dems, Make Your Vote Count! Cross Over, Vote For Romney in the GOP Primary

Tampa activist lawsuit against DNC to be appealed in Atlanta appeals court

The media fact check hypes Hillary on SCHIP; ignores bill written by Kerry (Kennedy co-sponsor)

Key Richardson endorsement in SC goes to Biden instead.