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Archives: December 5, 2007

The Lies at the End of the American Dream - The Shortage Myth By Paul Craig Roberts

Juan Cole: Why Bush’s Troop Surge Won’t Save Iraq

Glenn Greenwald: Our Serious Foreign Policy Geniuses Strike Again

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic

Shock Doctrine and Union Busting

US subprime loss set to spell windfall for BPOs (India)

Ford mulls new China car plant

Ray McGovern: A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes

GuardianUK: Slavery may be outlawed, but as Florida workers showed, some battles still need fighting


Hillary: Yet Another Poll-Driven Policy

Black is White. And (For Bush at Least) No Nukes is Bad News

Was Bush Behind the Iran Report?

CMA for 12-4-2007

Debunking Iran's Nuclear Program: Another 'Intelligence Failure' -- On the Part of the Press?

Hill Democrats Explore New Strategy on Iraq

House seeks tax incentives for renewable energy

Nevada Indian dubs Yucca Mountain proposal 'environmental racism'

John Howard had to go -- because Aussies have eyes. (pic)

"Climate change meeting adds to emissions"

The Presidential Climate Action Project -- Interesting!

"Electricity revives Bali coral reefs"

New York Seeks to Block Nuclear Plant License Renewal (Indian Point)

2 popular Mexican singers slain as toll among musicians rises

Teacher arrested for pro-Columbine blog post

Democrats Use Fine Print to Stymie Bush's Deregulation Agenda

Romney fires landscapers for illegal immigrants

New Effort Afoot to Pass FOIA Bill

Study Says Ohio's Voter System Still Riddled With Problems

FCC target of House panel's investigation: Chairman accused of "possible abuse of power"

Sadr Tells Bush To Get Out Of Iraq

Bush defends Iran policy amid doubts on new U.N. sanctions

Rapper Pimp C found dead in LA hotel

Suicide bomber kills 12 in Afghanistan

Gitmo Inmate Cuts Throat, but Survives

China Hints New US Intelligence Makes Sanctions On Iran Less Likely

Democrats incredulous over Bush's account of Iran report

Dennis Quaid and Wife Sue Drug Maker

Stryker soldier faces murder charge in shooting of leader (in Iraq)

Dr. Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute

Was it ever really cool to have danced with Menudo?

Heroin pictures

I think maybe a Grilled Shrimp Caesar tonight.

Why do I crave foods that are not good for me when it's cold and dark?

"That user does not wish to receive private messages"

Neat little movie about how camera lenses are made

I don't like having emoticons.

On a night so dreadful and creepy

Rock & Hyde/Payola$ fans: Under The Volcano

Pull up an ice block and lend an ear..


James Blunt Parodies (Hilarious)

I don't like Havisham's emotions

In what movie did this line originate?

Coolest name for a new DUer:

Any Tigers fans here? You guys are getting a good Xmas present

So There

Yum: Bavarian cinnamon glazed pecans. Fruitcakes.

random spam email gobbledygook, just got this...

Amazon Kindle fans: I warned you!

I feel sorry for all the cops in the Twin Cities, Minnesota today

Herron pictures!

A game of sentence fragments!

The news today will be the movies for tomorrow

did you have a bad day?...not as bad as this hedgehog


Any Suggestions for Freeway Blogging?

It's "Beaujolais Nouveau" time!

Someone that knows about astrology, tell me what sign I should be looking for in a mate.


Post your Hell Cat photos here!

Tissues...cold season... what do you use?????

I'm Not Asking For Medical Advice...

Man accused of swiping blow-up dolls

I don't like having emotions.

Anyone want to participate in a new 2007 DU animal holiday video?

Series case of da Munchies!

so, I just took down the christmas lights in July.

Service Pack 1 Will Turn Off Vista's 'Kill Switch'

What sense does it make to air "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" at 8 PM

I'd like to be a .. a Dentist!

WAIT a minute...someone posted a video of Kucinich's BALLS in the Video Forum? Can they DO that?

I drove by Saddleback Church today...

Crockpot question

More Kitties

Virgin Mary in a Watermelon

alright, what makes Delaware so special that we have to pay to get in?

I still miss Stevie Ray Vaughan

I just saw George Bush's penis. Ask me anything.

Dexter fans--what do you think of this season?

Parenting a teenager has got to be one of the hardest things on the planet

Oops, my dog just ate a bunch of cannibals

Heron pictures!

Most haunting end to a Movie

How the hell did you do that?

So, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Aliens vs Predator is back

May you have a clueful Hanukkah

I don't know what to do about my cat (rant)


Ghirardelli...A Pox on your House! (A HUGH!!!!11 Rant)

LET it snow! LET it ice! In about 60 DAYS WE WILL BE HERE!

A few more recent photos...getting down the last ones.

Worst first date movies

What's the best album of 2007?

Where have you been for the last five years?

Oops, my dog just at a bunch of cannabis

Who are the most infamous people who went to your high school?

The Truth About Susan Collins

suaf '07. A 'Merican sucumbs to his inate hostility

Jim Webb: Kyl-Lieberman Paving the Way for War With Iran

John Edwards on the Today Show - Dec. 4, 2007 (NIE; Iraq)

Olbermann: Rudy Awakening (Giuliani Falls in Polls)

DCCC Chairman Van Hollen takes on Rove -- on Fox News

'It's Incomprehensible...' Andrea Mitchell on Bush's Iran NIE Claim

Clinton strategist Penn: Kindergarten remark was a joke

Olbermann: Worst Persons 12/04 - Lou Dobbs; Gonzales Cancelled

Dennis Kucinich, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, NYC,Nov. 29, 2007

Joe Biden discusses the NIE and Iran on Harball

Olbermann: Spintel ('No Belief Whatsoever in the President')



Bracelet Lost 20 Years Ago Found In Chicken

Hey no license for you so just mow my lawn and shut the hell up, comprendi?

Bush seems to have lost both Tweety and Dobbs on Iran intel: calling a spade a damn shovel

Wyden says intelligence report discredits Cheney

Nancy, could you slide the gravy bowl over and make room on the table

Blind California Teen Has Dolphin-like Insight

Name that lisp: "Instrustid"

What happens next month when the Bush appointees who write an NIE say Iran has began building nukes?

Debunking Iran's Nuclear Program: Another 'Intelligence Failure' -- On the Part of the Press?

What Part Of The Truth Does Bush........

Who Are Your Favorite (Political) Show Hosts?

Well, I am certainly no political expert...

Chimps beat people in memory task

Completely off the political scene....does anyone work for a retailer that refills ink cartridges?

KO has a cold

Bush Administration: A demonstration in chaos management.

I just realized that if Huckabee becomes President, we can't do the switcheroo...

Iran's Progressive Approach to AIDS

Ya know, I think Rudy the Pill is doomed...

How Bush Helped Create the AMT Problem

Abramoff's ‘Wicked Witch’ targeted over a dinner in Waikiki

Phoenix mayor shifts on police officers asking for immigration status

Service Pack 1 Will Turn Off Vista's 'Kill Switch'

At the press conference, another Bush idea of a joke?

Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline

KO is on fire

Wanted: Truth About Ron Paul links

Dan Abrams just said he believes the Bush Administration lied to us ....

Guardian UK: Iran meltdown

This head-bobbing fool is just out-to-lunch...

Lou Dobbs on Democracy Now!

Who is this deranged idiot on Dan Abrams parroting *'s lunacy

As soon as I hear a candidate talk about getting money from the DCCC I think:

Chris Floyd: Dicked Around: Cheney War Pushers Get Slapped By Spy Services

I wish this writers strike would end. Bill Mahar would be awesome right now

anybody know if there is a connection between the NIE and Plame?

The perfect candidate for president

Chehalis, Washington - although it's somewhat reminiscent of New Orleans...

Isn't anyone going to put two and two together about Iran?

quick...daughter is writing a paper...another word for Leader

"Fall From Grace"

Obama says that even if Clinton wins general election, she can't win mandate for change. Huh?

Iranian NIE States That The U.S. IS A Nuclear Threat


New report ranks U.S. teens 29th in science worldwide

Sen. John McCain & Sen. Joe Lieberman: It's inexcusable for Congress not to fund troops in Iraq

Webhosts, UNITE. post this on your website/blog. fight Savage Hate

One explanation for CHEENEE's de-fib episode & current undisclosed location

Republicans just lost one of their best hands for the 08 Elections and they know it

Have you captioned this * pic yet?

Anyone else watching PBS right now!?! Bob Dylan: Live at Newport (Folk Fest.)1963 to 1965 is on!

Today's Presser: Bush does his quirkiest Shirk, Smirk & Jerk, ever.

There has been some speculation about the timing of the NIE release

I think KO is getting ready to go postal on nativist Lou Dobbs

Oops, my dog just at a bunch of cannabis

Another republican in the making,

A surprising number of people round these here parts are a lot more sympathetic to corporations...

The End of an Era: Death of the pay phone?

Have a relative who lives in Iowa. She is not interested in politics BUT>>>

Contempt vote against Rove set for Thursday.

Chimpy's new word: "august"

“We are dealing with a president who has no shame.

U.S media highly critical of Bush over Iran

Typewriter Mistaken for Bomb, Shuts Down Street

World student-ranking results released

To all the Jewish DUers - this is for you :)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kyl/Lieberman was drafted as the administration knew that the NIE was coming.

I hereby propose the Clinton-DS1 "Steam Engine Bill", which

Boston LEgal will be good tonight...Gonna cover the "Wide Stance" angle

How does this picture make you feel?

So Bush wants to prevent Iran from getting "the knowledge" to make a bomb.....

Obama Cashing In On Clinton Criticism (Clinton campaign people "really, really hate Obama")

How Depressed Is Your State? - MSNBC

Let's all take a couple weeks off and head to Iowa.

E&P: McClatchy Scribe Hit 'Hype' On Iran's Nukes A Month Ago

Larry C. Johnson: Get Ready for Rightwing Blowback

Does Bush take us for fools? Says he doesn't remember if he talked to Saudi king about rape case

Boston Legal went Right wing? 3 cases validating freepers - one after the other?

Any Suggestions for Freeway Blogging?

"Sing Up" helps children learn through song

Righting Wrongs

Meanwhile back in 1999 Rim job's Freerepublic discusses Wayne Dumond.

Juan Cole: Why Bush's troop surge won't save Iraq

Flat earther Huckabee "bristles at creationism query" Orly?

The face of the anti-immigration movement

Heat vs. food? Heat vs. Medicine? Oil prices to cost Mass. families extra $1000

Re-negotiating ARMs would not be "Bailing Out" Homeowners

Clinton says Kyl-Lieberman Vote Deterred Iran

I'd like the next Democratic president to appoint Gary Hart as CIA Director.

The Dumond/Clinton Story (Wingnut Version)

Every single family in America is one step away from a financial abyss

What Ye Say Now Hillary?


"Fall From Grace" - movie about Fred Phelps is on Showtime tonight

What is happening?

I'm usually a pacifist but...

BRILLIANT POST! from Fellow DUer

Peace Shirt Coalition Update -- as promised

Richard B. Cheney is a domestic enemy of The United States of America y/n

Hersh: White House sat on Iran intel all year

Anybody Wanna Caption THIS ???

GOPers have their talking points together on the Iran NIE

HGTV Dream Home Owner: "Foreclosures Proceedings Have Begun

That sound you hear when an airplane races toward the ground in a death dive is ...

I move to IMPEACH the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election

When is a lie a lie? And, are we are a nation of liars?

Been to Cannonfire lately, any of you?

Bolton Calls For Congressional Witch-Hunt Into Anti-Bush ‘People In The Intelligence Community’

ACLU: Bush's wiretap bill violates Fourth Amendment

Northwest reels from deadly back-to-back storms (State of ER)

Fly by Night's early Christmas : I'm (once again) free at last

Please! Let's get our FACTS straight!

Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline

I totally LOVE Bush's explanation about the NIE report

Call John Conyers, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and others

Someone needs to tell CNN having a buffoon for President is not cute and never has been

So who will Gore endorse?

Heads Up Boston Legal to be great tonight... Wide Stance

Doctors endorse single-payer (because access to health care had deteriorated)

Jed Bartlett endorses Bill Richardson

Richardson on NIE on Iran: Bush-Cheney either misleading or incompetent

Wolf: The president's argument is sickening

Disgraced Clinton supporter/fundraiser Norman Hsu indicted in federal court

The NPR Debate Transcript Is Up --->>>

This Dilbert strip is hilarious

Keith is back. Turn him on now.

the kindergarten quote was more about tying Obama to "Indonesia - islam" then about being President

Biden Goes for Matching Funds

Just watching weather/destruction reports happening in BC. Canada right now...

Interesting stat from todays LA Times poll: Hillary's "experience to change" message is resonating..

Don't forget the "Security Premium" on oil now as a result of the 'saber rattling."

LAT/Bloomberg national poll: Giuliani 23%, Huckabee 17%

Tinfoil time, It looks more and more like the NIC report was an end run around * and Cheney, because

Heres something to think about friends.... Governor George W Bush of Texas...

How do you stop someone having the knowledge to build a weapon?

And yes, says Vilsack, one big contrast is on Iran. "Here's the difference: she was there...

Seriously people, we need to get to the point where.....

OMG!!! HRC was FOR attacking Iran before she was AGAINST it!

Mark Halperin on Iowa Dem debate: Edwards A-, Clinton and Obama tied with B+

Who said the following?

If you were a Senator running for president, and a vote on attacking Iraq came up...

Obama Urges Students to Caucus

If you were a Senator running for president, and a VERY important bill came up...

So - I was out lastnite and I met these gorgeous spys - and they all told me that Iran had WMD's!!!!

Team Players and the It's-All-About-Me Candidate

I'm really really pissed, Republican to run 4 US Senate as a Democrat in Ne.

Hillary and Obama gladiators. There's nothing you can do about the election at DU.

Tampa, FL Poll 12/4/07...Kucinich: 100% Clinton 0% Obama 0% Edwards 0%

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/4/07 - Clinton's slide continues, Obama down 1, Edwards up 2

Hillary should play her gender card to the hilt

Democrats Use Fine Print to Stymie Bush's Deregulation Agenda

Wash. Post Obama/Muslim Ties story under fire

For those who missed the NPR debate today: Hillary called out on her Iran vote

A repost to debunk something posted here again after already being debunked.

L A Times Poll -NEW - Clinton 45% - Obama 21% Edwards 11%

A few words about Hillary Clinton's perverse idea of "fun"


Why don't Hillary supporters post more recent poll data?

Ok, based on the actual trends, Who do you think is going to win the Dem nomination?

LA Poll 12.04.07 Clinton...45%.. Obama...21% ..Edwards...11%

I just figured out why Hillary is slipping in the polls!

NV neocon/world's 6 thrichest man funded ads supporting Iran invasion

The Obama Disease: Business Rule, "Common Ground," and "P[l]aying the Fool"

Alcee Hastings Quits House Intelligence Panel, Citing Added Responsibilities

How "tacky" is this? Obama solicits $25 from supporters for negativity costs.

Is it better to miss a vote that would pass and be right on the issue or to show up and be wrong?

I have a relative that lives in IOWA. typically a repuke BUT>>>>>

"Clinton is running for president in a sexist culture that sees strong, capable women as suspect."

Biden on Hardball on NIE.

I Give Up. I Don't Have a Clue as to What Iowa Will Do at This Point, But Here's Some Cheap Advice.

If Biden isn't elected President he gets my vote for leading the Senate

Senator Obama has one big issue moving votes right now, and it's a fraud

Biden: "If that's true, he's one of the most incompetent presidents in modern American history"

"Theres not much difference between my position on Iraq and George Bush’s position at this stage"

Two Days After Clinton Launched Her Kindergarten Offensive, Observers Weigh In. - - It ain't pretty.

CNN: Senators (including Obama) Had Ample Notice on Kyl/Lieberman Vote

NYT: Clinton Attack on Obama Overlooks Some Realities

Media Bigot-watch. CNN promo: Rumors that Obama is a Muslim, "though he says he's a Christian"

kausfiles: Hillaryland Hates Obama

Why does anyone in their right mind care about what Oprah and Streisand have to say

Unless your favorite candidate's name is Dennis Kucinich...

My Tinfoil Time - Regarding the NIE Report Re: Joe Biden

I was thinking about something important, regarding Joe Biden....

Edwards promises to name republicans to his cabinet

Awwww... Another Hillary flip-flop. She dumps Celine song - - 'You and I' No More

Obama on IWR: "What would I have done? I don't know"

Lessons of Iraq Aided Intelligence On Iran

British Show Bill Richardson to be Right on Iraq

Larry Johnson: NeoCons Go Ballistic on Iran NIE

The Iranian Challenge by Trita Parsi

Boo Hoo! Deja Vu

The trouble with environmentalists

Bob Herbert: Now and Forever

President Butch and his Vice Resident clear the air?



Sell Cash

E&P - Once more the media have printed all WH lies - with link

nameless soldier: The Morale of the Nation

U.G.K Pimp C Remembered, Pimp C R.I.P. P.B.U.H.

Eugene Robinson: We the Paranoid

A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes

NYT editorial: A Key Moment for Justice; The Constitution "expressly protects" habeas corpus

Woe is the American Worker

Kissinger, Bush and Gates: The Big Lie

Elizabeth Hardwick, 91, author and critic (obit)


Iraq: The Hidden Human Costs (Michael Massing, NYRB)

Bush Explains Why Pearl Harbor Was Justified

Our Man in the BugHouse: He Just Made Me More Nervous Than Ever (P.M. Carpenter)

Eric Boehlert: Have GOP bloggers stopped whining yet?

It's Not 1929, but It's the Biggest Mess Since

India, China to dictate world order

Getting inside their heads ... really inside (LAT)

Still sleeping well?

The Story Mike Huckabee Dreads

Why Not John Edwards?

White Backlash and the Right

Suleiman the Magnificent

Matthew Rothschild: Bush May Still Bomb Iran, Despite NIE

Amy Goodman: The Dubious Mr. Dobbs

Hillary Clinton and the Ghosts of 2006

??What is the Incentive to Conserve Electricity if your Electric Company

Nuclear Engineer Robert Zubrin on Coast To Coast AM tonight (Tuesday)

Lawmakers say U.S. not all bad on climate change

(India) Lawyer no-show derails smog plan - BBC

Poweo plans solar-powered electric plant in southern France (3-12 MW)

Study says renewable energy can create 35,000 jobs in state (WI)

Climate group: Next president must act quickly on global warming

Islanders seek climate summit help (AP/CNN)

Nigeria: Electricity - FG to Set Up Megawatt Solar Farms

EU Court Of Auditors - European Fleets Have No Idea How Much Fish They Actually Catch - Reuters

In Iraq, 4,637 Registered Cases Of Cholera In Kirkuk, Sulamaniya; 24 Fatalities - Reuters

Saudi Arabia, Japan, Receive Coveted "Fossil Of The Day" Awards At Bali Conference - AFP

Anti-whaling group renames ship 'Steve Irwin'

Australian State Funeral For Bernie Banton, Asbestos Campaigner Felled By Substance

Food Policy Research Institute - Biofuels, Warming To Push Food Prices Higher For Years - Reuters

8 Million-Barrel Drop In Crude Oil Inventories Over Last Week - Oil Drum

Saudi Aramco, Other KSA Firms, Raise Wages 15 - 40% As Inflation Grows

British Gas Announces 15% Increase In Electricity Rates, 13% For Natural Gas - Times Online

GM gets 2nd test battery for its Volt

Pollution, Invasives, Erosion - "Lake Victoria Is Doomed" Says UN Advisor From Lakeside Village

Thousands Of Sundarban Islands Residents Already Heading For Higher Ground As Seas Rise

PEMEX Finally Brings Rig Fire Under Control After Fatal October Blast - Xinhua

Study finds that linked wind farms can result in reliable power

New bakery in Swarthmore plans use Solar energy

Are Feed-in Tariffs a Possibility in California?

A Full 10% Of Canadian Teenagers Surveyed Believe The Environment Will Improve In Next 20 Years

Cyclone Impact In Bangladesh Far Worse Than Thought - At Least 2.6 Million Need Immediate Aid

Intensity Of Snow & Rainstorms Increases Significantly Across US In Past 50 Years - NYT

Moser Baer to invest $1-billion on solar power (India)

Storing sun and wind power

Grocery Chains In Court To Fight Consumer Pressure For Clearly Labeled Wild, Farmed Salmon

New York City Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Rule for Microturbine Deployment

Rural Britain wants to put itself off the GPS map

Netflix Seeing Four Times As Much Traffic as Blockbuster

Murdoch Gets Religion (buys Web site Beliefnet)

Lessons of Iraq Aided Intelligence On Iran

Romney fires landscaper over illegals

Suicide bomber kills 13 in Kabul: defense ministry

OPEC welcomes Ecuador back into the fold

Chile, Bolivia sign first agreement on military exchanges

More immigrant woes for Romney

Report: 35 percent of toys contain lead

New Republic won't stand by 'Baghdad Diarist' stories

Activist's treatment by police questioned (Miami, FL)

Baghdad: Car bomb explodes in Shi'ite neighborhood

Israel Warns Against Easing Stand Against Iran

US job cuts jumped 16 pct in November -- Challenger

Anti-whaling group dubs ship Steve Irwin

Presidential Visit: Bush urges Iran to make full disclosure of its nuclear activities

Justices Grill Gitmo Detainees' Lawyer

Russian Navy Group Goes to Mediterranean

Hill Democrats Explore New Strategy on Iraq

Three U.S. soldiers killed north of Baghdad-army

U.S. fund MPM Capital plans India entry

Gates Says Secure Iraq Within Reach

Bush Calls on Iran to 'Come Clean'

Huckabee’s environmental philosophy -- Fighting against controlling pollution in Arkansas

(Sec Def) Gates sees more stable Iraq but bombs kill 22

Leahy sets Thursday vote for contempt resolutions against Rove, Bolten

Windows Vista Users Hit With 'Purple Screen Of Death'

School-paddling ban sought

Report: 35 percent of toys contain lead

NH NEA to endorse Clinton, Huckabee

On Iran, Bush faces questions of what he knew when

Iraqi govt to pay most citizen patrols by mid-2008

Huckabee didn't know about NIE report

Bush Adopts Lower Standard for Iran Threat as Critics Question Credibility

Shots Fired Inside (Omaha mall); 5 May Be Injured

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 5

Wall St firms subpoenaed by NY prosecutors: source

Tanker truck explodes in Everett, engulfing nearby buildings in flame (Boston)

Former Aide Contradicts Huckabee Defense Of Rapist's Release

Bush calls on Iran to 'come clean'

House to vote on landmark energy bill

Reid sets Dec. 21 as target date for ending session

Fund Crisis in Florida Worrisome to States

Rice explains new US view on Iran nukes

Birds' patterns changing in face of gloal warming

Kucinich tells party he will run again for congressional seat

British style icon died after drinking weedkiller

Exclusive: Documents Expose Huckabee's Role In Murderer's Release

Accenture opens Management consulting centre in Gurgaon

U.S. report on Iran makes attack less likely-(Hans) Blix

Ellen has guest Jenna Bush call dad

Basra women fear militants behind wave of killings

Fred Thompson doubts Iran nuke report

DEA moves to pull pot out from under San Francisco landlords

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore Will Answer Questions Directly From CNN Viewers

Man or woman? Can't have it both ways, court tells Green Bay resident

Bush invokes Harper on Colombia in push to pass free trade pact

Bush mortgage plan includes rate freeze

Ex-Ambassador Criticizes Rice, Resigns: Envoy Unhappy With State Department's Treatment of Gays

Colombia hostage families ask Chavez for more help

Report: U.S. teen births rise

Comcast sees customer loss in 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Nine dead in shooting at Westroads Mall (5 injured)

Huckabee bristles at creationism query

China Warns US To Keep Out Of Taiwan

Breaking: John Roberts' Neck (No, Seriously)

Detroit girl, 7, takes six bullets to save mom

NY Cop Charged in Unarmed Man's Death

Freepology Today: Huckabee's Horton was Clinton's Crime!

An apology to all my friends in the lounge.

Happy Hanukkah, Loungers!

BIG healthy kitty-cat Damn BIG ....too healthy?


If I were to have a porpoise driven life - what would that look like?

When are they on their own?

Sick of snow yet?

I have *proof* that not only did man live with dinosaurs, but Jeebus rode one check it!!

Shit happens

I'll bet that Bad Company's Paul Rodgers REALLY WASN'T born with a six-gun in his hand...

Wasn't this in an Alfred Hitchcock movie?

Are you a Dog Person?

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday.

Sweet dreams, DU!

I think my heart is healing...

I have finally decided what tattoo I want, care to offer up an opinion?

If anybody's up, I need someone to scream at me.

delete ...

Today's Holiday trivia

Rapper Pimp C found dead in LA hotel

Hell yeah. I get to go to the dentist in 8 hours and 09 minutes.

That new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie looks like an abomination

42-foot-tall inflatable snowman stolen

Maybe you'll like my Christmas present better than they did in GD.

GOD delivers pot on pizza to Valley church

Stock picking contest--which 3 would you choose?

NoelMN is obsessed with the idea of global warming.

So my suitemate wants to kill me because i'm a liberal...

UNDERPANTS!!!!! It's snowing!!! You didn't warn me.

Question for smokers...

Holy wallpaper for your cellphone

Pot meatballs-wife says SHE put pot in his meatballs so he would get caught & retire

CNN: The Midwest will receive 9 inches and it's going to get messy

Must see video! Proof of how smart Americans really are.

Woman awarded $11K for waking in surgery


Anybody here ever know any Beach Boy personally?

You Can't make this Stuff Up!! - Tweety, Mickey, Donald & Daisy ordered to appear.

FoxNews Study: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun

I'm going to a McCain rally tonight

This guy is pretty talented (You Tube)

Something sweet to start your day

Happy Repeal Day Everyone!!!!!!

Be careful with Ted Nugent's balls.

Who was your earliest celebrity crush?

My new Xmas tree is nothing more than one giant cat toy

"He knew there were girls at the party who worship him...he didn’t want them staring at his pimple"

is "propagandistically" a word?

Not Quite Ready for LBN: Helena Bonham Carter’s breast buzz madness during filming of ‘Sweeney Todd’

is that "Seven Sneezes" thing just an urban legend?

is that 'Seven Seas' thing just an ocean legend?

Mindless Holiday moment #1 ---ME, yesterday

What Would The World Be Like Without Midlo's?

Is that "Seven Samurai" thing just a Japanese legend?

DU this lolkat!

For those who need to relax and unwind...

Tea enthusiasts: What varieties of smokey tea are there?

I had a scare in my poetry class today...

Help me out, Lounge--what's for dinner?

I like to watch the windchill change on my Weatherbug

I bought a Teddy Bear for $10. I named it Mohammed.

So.. did you hear the one about the one-armed veterinarian?

Don't you hate it when you eat a really tasty piece of candy

Who is Travelling Somewhere For Christmas?

stupid Decemberists and their stupid catchy tunes

Ninetoes Productions

Dont you hate it when you eat out Candy?

A blizzard watch? Sure, fine, okay. But for *Hawai'i*?!

Anyone else refuse to tip if the tip jar has "Karma" written on it?

In five years we'll either be working for him, or dead at his hand

I've got to go make fudge

OH SHIT ! How'd you like to look out the window

Who has ever been 'Screwed' out of a family Will/Inheritance

Anybody have a cigarette?

Questions about Hogans Heroes TV show (SPOILERS through latest episode!)

Idle Talk: A Poll

Hey....Nudist in Arizona

Damn it Not IBTL

I miss ThePrincess

Is it illegal to take a purse from someone?

Check in here if you've bookmarked THE THREAD

My head cold makes me sound like Clint Eastwood in 'Heartbreak Ridge'...

Pig Latin, not just for pigs anymore. n/t

Soooo can locked threads win DUzys??

"Being gay is a sin. It's bad for the country. It's bad for the President. It's bad for the troops!"

Looks like we're FINALLY gonna get some much needed rain here

See something new everyday. Belly Masks, make a memory.

Questions about Heroes TV show (SPOILERS through latest episode!)

"The Mist" was ok....

Sometimes I'm really amazed at what people find entertaining

Crossroads Guitar Festival 07 on PBS

rug makes me LOL at every thing he posts.

Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants!

So, is eucalyptus hard or soft?

Why would I get a call on my cell phone from a disconnected number?

God, I need a cigarette after that

Are our anals throbbing, pulsating, ever-expanding?

Today, the Lounge is full of WIN

Man Fires Rifle at Group After Mockery for Passing Gas

Dog people like to eat biscuits

Is it illegal to put a curse on someone?

My rubber duckie has problems: lists to starboard side

How not to save your marriage: Tell the police you were raped and robbed.

That's the first time I've seen a thread get 67 responses in 20 minutes

Busy Day

Looking for a job in IT? Then don't visit's forums

The Kudzu thread could be surpassed in three hours!

WOOHOO - this sunday is TACO BELL SUNDAY

Who wants a nookie?

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Used your credit/debit card outside the USA? Get $25 settlement

How long does it take to get stamps FROM THE FUCKING USPS?

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i don't understand the fashion statement behind sagged jeans

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DU FurryFriends 2007 Holiday presentation: Link to GD

Really bad news for Rev-Acts: School-paddling ban sought in Ohio

Did Bush change his name to AhmaJennaDad?

Underground Railroad: Has anyone heard from her?

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Hey Kitchenwitch. This will beat every 'weird' Craigslist entry you'll ever find -SFW

Witnesses: Mood tense after Iraqi soldier died

Casey: As Iraq ops slow, conventional training will increase

Campbell GI was stabbed 3 days before death

Family: Longer tour cut GI’s life short

Ford named acting undersecretary of the Army

Senators ready to grill VA nominee

Odierno: 15-month tours likely till late 2008

Magazine: We cannot stand by articles by pvt.

Bills would give wounded troops full bonuses

Afghan leader: We need trainers, equipment

Editorial: Match vision to needs

MPs train to prevent another Abu Ghraib

China: We are moving past spat over port calls

Coast Guard rescues 66 in brutal Wash. storm

Editorial: NMCI needs oversight

Odierno hails Iraqi decision on volunteer force

Editorial: Long road looms for VA

Editorial: Are we ready for next war?

Opinion: Combat-injured vets deserve full bonuses

Mission evolving for soldiers in Baghdad

Commercial airport reopens in Mosul after 14 years

NATO prepares for end of ‘troika talks’

Large-scale sea delivery of MRAPs on its way

Quality of life program might get less money instead of more

Ex-official accused of bribes in Camp Schwab, Guam move projects

30 Marines return to Okinawa from Iraq deployment

Marine Guilty in Citizenship Fraud Case

A Pink Christmas for Army Employees?

Gates Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq

Teachers Learn About Army Life

MRAP cut threatens industry that builds them

Budget limits Dagger Brigade homecoming

Army Pays Wrongfully Convicted Vet $725

F-15s grounded for third time in a month

HIV-positive chaplain accused of misconduct

Your help is needed!

Mike Malloy - Bush Crime Family Support For Hitler (Red Rum)

David Schuster reports on Karl Rove rewriting history

Bush On The Iran N.I.E. Report

Dennis Kucinich says Just Imagine

Mormonism 101: This should provide some interesting ?s for Romney, reporters take note!

New Osama Bin Laden Video!

Here Comes Another Bubble - The Richter Scales

Dan Abrams - Bush's Iran Story Doesn't Add Up

John Edwards ad - "Rigged"

Nerdcore - Nerd of the Week - The Blogger Nerd

A moment with Wes Clark

Joe Biden, FYI

I just noticed this on a lead piece....

Tell Your Senators to Stop Big Media

Endless late night fun

Google gadget for tracking the election

Less Free To Move About The Cabin

Is anyone else having technical difficulties with Daily Kos?

Help for Dick Cheney - courtesy Crooksandliars

Anyone remember this "Peace kids harassed at school"

Flashback 1999- Freepers celebrate Wayne Dumond's release.

which GOP candidate do you hate the least?

The kind of night that makes you want to scream

Freepers in a TIZZY about the NIE. Just sick over it.

Justices to take new look at Guantanamo dispute

update on my uncle

Just now watching Dubya's presser from this am - it was the question

The Credit Card Hearings from yesterday on CSpan1

Report Examines Vulnerability of Defense Software by Foreign Sources

Just curious - what reactions do you get when you wear your IMPEACH shirt day to day?

Haha, Ann Coulter doesn't appear on list of people who will be at CPAC 2008

Tweety objected to religious questions at GOP debate. Religious question at Dem debate OK though

NY Times quoted only Rethugs in support of claim that Dems "fear .. sharing the ticket" with Clinton

digby: Frozen Shitpile (Norway's credit crisis compliments of Citigroup)

Pelosi Pushing For Repeal Of Oil Company Tax Breaks

WJ this morning: More NIE

Businesses Impeding Free Speech Rights in the Workplace

Why didn't anyone ask him this yesterday?

In light of the recently revealed NIE on Iran, will bushco

== Let us kill all the teddy bears = By Mark Morford

Condi Rice is too childish to speak directly to Ahmadinejad

Sticks and stones

Chief of staff to former Rep. Weldon (R-Pa.) charged in corruption probe

Vermont Cops rape the 4th smendment.

BUSH's Dodge About Iran Nukes Actually WORSE Than The Lie

Henry Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue

Florida schools run interference for military recruiters


Does The Release of the N.I.E. re: Iran Non-Threat Hurt Hillary's

Blackwater operations NOT terminated in Iraq, per Petraeus, but now being monitored

U.S. Agriculture Dept. Says Poor People Suffer ‘Low Food Security’

Local power

Telecommunications and the Internet FCC Oversight on Media Ownership..Cspan

Iran still poses threat, says Brown

Radio host sues group that quoted him

Rumor: The Washington Post does journalism

Question about the NIE. Did Congress Know (or at least the members of the Intel Committees)?

Bush reaping rewards for favors done

Oh, I SEE. Bush really WASN'T lying about the NIE on Iran's Nuclear Program

As a liberal, do you ever find yourself carrying water for the right wing?

Another Rudy Friend, Biz Associate Named in Corruption Indictment

Cheney quote - "Higher gas prices are a sign of a failed presidency."

chimpy has backed himself into a corner on Iran intel..

Cretin on "The View" thinks Jesus predated ancient Greeks

Who THE $*%^ said anything about taking the pressure off Iran?!?!?

A pleasant evening with a fellow DUer on a brief visit Stateside

The Steve Irwin - Sea Shepherd Renames Its Whale Defending Ship in his honor

AP: 14 die in Baghdad blast as Gates visits

Iran so far away ...

My talk with a rabid * supporter. I finally heard exactly what I suspected

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Huffington Post: "My Favorite Mistake: Helen Thomas Talks About The Mistakes She Could Never Make"

Memo To The Joint Chiefs of Staff :

You Can't make this Stuff Up!! - Tweety, Mickey, Donald & Daisy ordered to appear.

So why did this NIE get released anyway?

When does the war on Christmas officially begin? I don't want to miss anything.

See here for the TOPIC OF THE DAY

Ex-Staffer To Weldon Agrees to Guilty Plea

Do you want the war to end or to continue?

Has Lieberman weighed in on the NIE report indicating

What is George Bush Smoking? (on Iran)

Dowd and Friedman are both wonderful today.

Evidence Of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo

Supreme Court hearing Gitmo case now, CSPAN-3:

PHOTO: Their plans for Iran suddenly down the drain, the two commiserate

I Am The Decider (Koo-Koo-Kachoo)

'You can't deliver democracy from an F-16'

Mark Morford: Let us kill all the teddy bears

Russia dismisses U.S. claims Iran sought nuke prior to 2003 - They think its all a set-up

Key Guantánamo cases hit Supreme Court today

Iraq has become a giant Pentagon Construction site

Edwards sees opportunity in Clinton-Obama spat (CNN)

i didn't know plant-gate had been coined

Cusack: Bush photo ban one of 'most cowardly political acts' in my lifetime

FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin is accused of ‘possible abuse of power.’ A hearing is set for today

County To Charge Sex Offenders For Required Registrations

Capital Crime = REDUNDANT

John Bolton or the NIE?

Dem. Now! today: What Did Bush Know On Iran And When Did He Know It?

Four Bombs in Iraq as Gates Meets Leaders

The ‘fragile’ escalation.

The heparin lawsuit (Quaid's twins) has such a SIMPLE solution

Today's sickening headline: Chuck Norris is a Powerful Man


Proposed: Nancy Pelosi Should Be Removed From The Position Of Speaker

Evidence Of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo

Bill Clinton security advisor scratches head over "what to do next" about Iran

Bush Calls on Iran to 'Come Clean'

Kucinich First, Edwards Second in PDA Straw Poll

Today: the most important case the Supreme Court will handle this year

Senate Democrats Backtrack on War Funding

Watching Reid on the Senate floor.

Scarborough: Chimpy is either lying, or he's stupid

Clinton, Obama decorate Italy nativity scenes

Is It Just Me, Or Does Anyone Else Believe That Mike Huckabee is a Very Dangerous and Deceptive Man?

Fox News Website mocks transgender who loses election in Georgia "She is a LOSER"

dupe; please delete

Bush is not backing off an inch from his delusion

Bush now 'working the phones"

NYT review of Amazon's new "Kindle" (wireless electronic book)

International Inspectors 2, Dick Cheney 0

Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail

Paul Clement sounds whiney & defensive before the court.

Here are a few religious questions for Huckabee that are relevant

This is one homeowner thats gone into foreclosure that i do not feel bad for.


Report: ‘massive failures’ at DHS

FEMA to be major focus of gov't watchdog

The shock of a thousand trillion - quadtrillion

I am one of the fortunate ones that has health insurance

"...just to show he can."

Huckabee unaware of NIE report.

The Many Faces of Big Pharma’s Disease Mongering

A Few toons for today...

Bristol-Myers to cut 10% of its workforce.

Who's protecting us from unsafe thrill park rides? Neither conservative govt. nor the free market

Bush not only lied to send us to war in Iraq, he tried to do it again with Iran...WHERE IS CONGRESS?

Flashback 2000- Wayne Dumond painted as "victim" of Clinton

Does Bush have anything at all planned for the final stretch of his term?

White Backlash and the Right

Wind Power can lead in Michigan - LTE Detroit News

Bush Comforts Rove

A potential golden political moment is staring Obama in the eye

Former US Senator Bob Graham, family give $1.5 million to UF

A serious question: If you don't vote, do you deserve to have your positions

Report: U.S. teen births rise

So the administration has been caught red-handed

?? Are Your Kids Learning About Global Warming In Science Class?

And the Iowa caucus winners will be:

Do UPS package deliverers make up to $75k/year?

Michael Moore restores old theatre

So who crossed the picket lines and went on Carson Daily you ask?

Bush Says Iran Still Must Explain Past Nuclear Work

The GOP Iraq War: Follow the Money

Behind Blackwater Inc and Bush's Undeclared Surge (Halliburton/Cheney)


Dem Cuyahoga Co Chair Says Kucinich will win re-election to Congress

U.S. Rep. John Conyers: Setting the Record Straight on FISA

EFF Calls on Sen Judiciary Committee & Full Sen to Take More Time and Not Let TelCom's off the Hook

Waxman, Mukasey and Ten Million Missing Emails

I'm going to see Oprah and Obama this weekend...

the feminist blame game/Fox/Tammy Bruce

Better to be pissed off than pissed on

Brent Budowsky: The Greening of America

Vice-President Makes Arkansas County Shopping Stop w/Video

NPR reported on McCain's criticism of Mitt over waterboarding issue, but not his support for Mukasey

Tom Toles drops a bomb on Dick Cheney.

Huckabee Now Leads GOP in National Poll (Douchebag who pardoned rapist of Clinton's cousin)

Gee we found cheney

Joe Curl: Wash Times "Reporter" & TOUGH GUY *ROFL!!!!!*

Mike Huckabee is scum. He's lower than whale shit.

giant wave in Calif. kills one person - spectators chased from exclusive P.B.

More Abramoff emails: ‘Wicked Witch’ targeted over a dinner in Waikiki

Letter from FEMA - hurricane relocation assistance $ related

Their Willingness To Lie & Deceive-Make Them A Dangerous Threat To The Whole Planet

Old Man Thompson in Yet ANOTHER Gun Store Photo-Op ---pix--->>>

Fire devastates family; friends of a DUer, please help!

Stand Up for the Constitution - Tomorrow - in Boulder, CO!

White House reaches mortgage deal (AP)

Jeb Bush appointment to corporate board fuels allegation of favor (CNL Bancshares)

Connecting the dots on the NIE.

Airline's 'MILF' Promo Not What You Think

Did I hear Correctly Thom Hartmann has this Person On

Hey....Nudist in Arizona

MSNBC: "As an American..what happened to beat back Chavez & Iran this week is like Christmas"

Iraqi policemen demonstrate against U.S. forces

Much-Needed Legislation Would Overhaul the Financing of Presidential Campaigns

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Everybody Look What's Going Down

Gates says stable Iraq within reach as bombs kill 22

Krugman takes on his own paper

War on terror fosters US anti-immigrant hysteria

Will SOMEone please tell Larry Sabato that ........

MSN headline----Bush demands Iran explanation

Bush on Iran: Fool Me Twice

It's just an ornament, not Jesus himself

Is Grafitti an art, or is it vandalism?

War Criminal Bolton trying to spin NIE on Thom Hartmann show right now!

New York subpoenas Wall Street on mortgages

ZENN (zero emmissions, no noise) electric car made in Canada

Like The State Department, DoJ Policies Discriminate Against Gay And Lesbian Employees

The Guy James Show features former CIA analyst Ray McGovern today

Are there any American POWs in Iraq?

Christmas Display Features Drug-Smuggling Elf

The letter to the editor that Time doesn't want its readers to see

Democrats in Congress led by Reid protect the rich fat cats on Wallstreet.

Bush's press conference re: NIE report

Pelosi---scared of 'divisions'--and is holding up House vote on WH contempt charges.

Did Obama believe the intelligence on Iran?

CIA vs. Bush/Cheney--- From Lame Duck to Dead Duck

GE recalls 92,000 microwave ovens over fire hazard

When choosing a candidate to vote for, how much of your decision is based on gut instinct & how much

Russia and USA sign secret defense memorandum


ACLU Calls for Release of Three Secret Torture Memos

Man Receives 300 Marijuana Joints a Month From the Federal Government

Pat Buchanan tearing Bush a new one on Tweety

Mall shooting and faux news

I need to know: Am I just a cold blooded a**hole?

KEVIN FOX SUIT | Dad says harsh questioning made him confess to killing Riley amid harsh questioning

Gitmo Detainee Attempts Suicide, US Navy Cmdr Claims He's Trying to Make America Look Bad

Union workers can help Edwards in Iowa

I don't know if we're going to take our country back...

a theory is only good insofar as it is falsifiable

Scruggs Associate Who Knows Where "Bodies Are Buried" to Plead Guilty

ABC’s Boston Legal Takes Swipe At ABC Pundit Glenn Beck

Grenade found at Westroads Mall last Saturday

Kwanzaa Celebration Canceled Following Death Threats

A Cautionary Tale For All Who Post Anonymously... You Can Be Arrested For Free Speech Exercise..LINK

Bush Raises Cash for GOP in Omaha

ATTN: DUers who are proficient in Wikipedia - the Bushies are covering their Nazi Tracks!

Why In Hell Isn't There A Camera In The Supreme Court

Italy politician urges Nazi policies for immigrants

Guantanamo Detainees’ Case Heard by Supreme Court, Delayed Til June

Woman Interviewed about shootings on MSNBC...

Sea Scout leader who challenged Berkeley is accused of molestations

In light of the NIE concerning Iran's "nonexistent" Nukular program....Will the US attack Iran?

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY 12/5: US Kidnapping Germans

Can you guys BELIEVE Bush's big brass ones in regards to the NIE Report?

When considering complacency..

Willie Horton & Wayne Dumond - Dukakis and Huckabee

A Must-See: Senate Hearings on Credit Cards

Israel feels alone after report on Iran

Iowa Today: Obama - 32% , Edwards 25%, Hillary 25%, Biden 5%, Richardson 3%, Kucinich 1%, Dodd 1%


CASE NOT CLOSED-Waxman Asks Mukasey for Libby Papers

Amy Goodman hands Lou Dobbs his ass

Early Christmas present to DU: Bush* et al mug shots

Am I a jerk if I don't care about the writer's strike?

BREAKING: 9 Dead including gunman, 5 Injured in Omaha, Nebraska mall shooting Thread #2

Politico uncritically cited anonymous WH aides touting Bush "vindication" on stem cells, air traffic

Beware the Cragslist Auto Classifieds.


Bush’s abstinence-only policies at work

Food shortfall affects up to 60,000 homes this December

Bill Scher: The Disconnect

Negroponte is on The NewsHour on PBS.

Bartlett: WH reporters are too tough on Bush.

Brad Pitt is on Larry King tonight, talking about NOLA.

Sign Al Gore's petition to the UN Climate Change Conference

Senate Democrats Discuss Bush Republicans' Efforts To Block America's Priorities

Ravenel, a former rising star in the Republican Party, has also pleaded guilty to a federal ...

Murder Victim's Mother Assails Huckabee

Could They Have Attacked Iran With The Full Knowledge Their Flawed Reason Would Be Exposed?

Please, candidates, stay in till Super Duper Tuesday (xpost from GD/P).

Sacramento Bee uncritically reported GOP's claims about effects of CA ballot initiative

This country has gone nuts

TX Science Curriculum Director Forced to Resign-Questioned Legitmacy of "Intelligent Design"

Are all conservatives sex starved head cases?

The recount of votes is a joke!

Is the "War on Terror" actually a war?

The street right in front of where I work has just been blocked off

Obama Nebraska...WTF?

So we are going to have a battle royal in the House tonight ? Nancy is kicking ass?

"Huckabee Gets His Balls Squeezed" Could this be Huck's Willie?

If Jenna Bush were gang raped by 7 men would she deserve 200 lashes?

Frank Gaffney called the NIE Report 'Silly'.

To my fellow DUers flying this holiday season.

Hanukkah 'greens' want one less candle

Bush Drops Standard on Iran as Credibility Questioned

Hersh: Cheney 'kept his foot on neck of' NIE

A High Price for Healthy Food

Voter machine changes vote twice....

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Washington Post Attacks the Man who Got Iran Right

Arrest his ass already!!

The perfect accessory for the serious war on Christmas warrior!

American Library Association President Responds to Attempts to Censor "The Golden Compass"

*BREAKING* Leahy sets Thursday vote for contempt resolutions against Rove, Bolten

Want to see a disturbing image?

Circumcision Does Not Affect HIV in U.S. Men: Study (Reuters)

More War on Christmas!! "ho ho ho"=slang for "whore", could offend women.

WTF from the Washington Post web site (re: Dennis Kucinich) ....

Who do you think the top three in Iowa will be?


Conyers' hard choice: An expert on impeachment says not this time

Officer Fired After Suing Victim's Family

Sometimes I just love, LOVE the way Joe Biden

Caption Joe Horn's defenders

So. How 'bout that red-hot Fred Thompson campaign?

How old were your kids when they concluded there was no real Santa Claus and he was just a myth?

Amnesty International (USA) full page ad, today's NY Times:

Morgan Spurlock's new movie: 'Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?'

"the service sector produced all of the jobs in November, adding 197,000 jobs."

Holy Shit!! Moonie Times reporter loses his little freakin' mind

Look at the arrogant, lying SOB now

Yellowstone Caldera update

Illegal Immigration will be major factor in 08 vote. 82% Care about the issue

More teachers getting national certifications

FEMA Loses Nearly $500 Million in Katrina Aid to Fraud

John Kerry Speaks at SAIS on a Winning Strategy in Afghanistan

Owner wants police held responsible for destroyed medical marijuana

DU saved me from a bank robbery!

Limbaugh caller claims to be ex-CIA, casts doubt on NIE report

Which Republican Candidates aren't scum?

Right Wing Operative stresses need for Voter ID... even though he tries to remain anonymous

The Iranian WMD Lies

If Edwards wins Iowa will he be our next President?

FLDS, The American Taliban

Fell asleep trying to watch the Credit Card hearings last night . .. .

"GEORGE BUSH IS LYING-He has known about this, I am told, for at least one year"-By Larry Johnson

The Real Bush Revealed ---pix--->>>

I just rented SICKO


Rush Limbaugh needs to be investigated for this 'ex-CIA' stunt

Hi DU. Just Wanted To Quickly Check In And Say Hello.

Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran in 2005

Seymour Hersh: The Bushists have known about the lack of an Iranian military nukes prog for a year

BREAKING: Major mall shooting at Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska

The health insurance companies just love me!

Why do so many threads refer to "THE WAR"?


Yes, I think Pelosi is being "blackmailed"

AIPAC: Intelligence makes case against Iran

Where can I find out about this?

OFFICIAL Raise Money to send OPERATIONMINDCRIME a basket for the Holidays

Bush 2001: "The Adults are in charge now"....after 7 years...lets review

Republicans as Sociopaths

Do 'THE MEDIA' work in unison?

The BEST argument I have seen to change civilian prisons, from an ex-con who was in military prison.

One more simple gun question: Check in if you support a repealing of amendment two

so Randi is floating the idea that we were ready to go with the attack on Iran

What Will We Eat as the Oil Runs Out?

How right was Dennis Kucinich?

If that son of a bitch can't be impeached now then this country isn't worth shit.

Cancer Centers Of America?

Could someone clarify something?

Department of Poorly Coordinated and Unbelievable Cover Stories (anatomy of Bush's lies)

Windows Vista Users Hit With 'Purple Screen Of Death'

SUBMISSION THREAD for DU FurryFriends 2007 Holiday Photos

Kucinich on HR 1955

AHAHAHAhahah....Romney Fires Landscaper For Employing Illegal Workers

Wendell Wilkie and Ronald Reagan were Socialists.

Employers Tell Workers To Get Healthy or Pay Up

The Sorry News: Bipartisanship

NYT quoted only Republicans in support of claim that Democrats "fear...sharing ticket" with Clinton

LAT/Bloomberg Poll: Attacks From Obama and Edwards Have Had No Effect On Clinton Nationally

From Anne and Women for Obama!

Edwards `more passionate' this time

Poll Numbers We Can All Like -HRC 46-Ghoul 42/Obama 44-39/HRC 47-Mitt 39/Obama 44-Mitt 39

Edwards Takes Step Back as Two Others Slug It Out

Jeb gets his kickbacks!

Senators Call On Bush To Help Poorest Nations Deal With Consequences Of Climate Change

Setting the Record Straight on FISA - From John Conyers email

Voters flirt with change

Hillary Clinton and the Ghosts of 2006

Harris Wofford — JFK Aide, Peace Corps Pioneer, Clinton Pal — to Endorse Obama

"We were the country where everyone in the world wanted to be like"

Gravel Update

Is there a connection?

Huckabee wants to know who wrote the NIE...not sure he believes it.

Cornel West: Obama on a roll

MSNBC: Comedian Al Franken and his "big doughy hand" running for office. No bias in THIS article...

An ode to Ms. Rice, from the Guardian:

Group Says Falwell, Jr. Broke Federal Law

Brand Spanking New Florida Poll-The Hill -53% Obama 17% JRE 7%


Oh lighten up, Francis!

Has Bush demoted himself to press secretary?

DesMoinesRegister "Clinton broadens attack on Obama"

E.J. Dionne: Edwards' Hope

Clinton Attack on Obama Overlooks Some Realities

Why isn't anyone talking about today's Democracy Now interview with Lou Dobbs?

Obama's Shifting Stances on Iran

With Her Eye On Nov. '08, Polls Dictate Clinton Crime Policy

Clinton's endorsement list debatable

Obama packs Field House

Heating aid program reveals depths of Clinton-Obama rift

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/5/07 - Clinton down 1, Obama up 1, Edwards down 1

A Method to Clinton's Negative Madness?

Zogby-NH -Clinton 32% Obama 21% Edwards 16%

Harvard: Young Voters Favor Obama, Giuliani

RAS POLL: Hillary slips further, to her lowest point ever recorded (34), Obama 24, Edwards 16

From the Irony Dept.: Rice Questions Iran Government Openness - AP

Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is a Serious One: Al Franken's Senate candidacy is "anything but a joke"

Obama camp denies Iowa, New Hampshire 'dirty tricks' accusation

Edwards sees opportunity in Clinton-Obama spat

college kid bemoans the liberal media

Edwards Continues to Top Democratic Power Rankings, but Obama and Biden Have Momentum - Iowa Ind.

What do Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs have in common?

LOL! Caption these two Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama pics!

Strategic Vision poll to be released tomorrow: Obama leads all Dems. in Iowa

Presidential candidate not viable, state says

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: This cartoon is on the front page of the Des Moines Register

this season's Soccer Mom is the "Single Anxious Female"

A quandry regarding charges about Obama's voting record

Clinton's Swipe Against Rival Backfires

Why Independents Hold the Key

Okay-there are basically two weeks left in Iowa

Both Clinton and Obama are lame...

BO has never used BHO as a candidate, HRC has used HRC are DUers using right wing tactics?

LEADERSHIP!- Romney fires landscaper.... in Boston... in December

I was going to watch Katie Couric this week

There's a poll for everyone!!

Do Internals Of Zogby Poll Portend Doom For Edwards And Obama?

Edwards to appoint Republicans?

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Sign DNR Orders For the Nation

If you were a senator, and couldn't make an important vote, would you release a statement...

Keep this in mind, after all the fighting and after all is said and done, a winner will be chosen

Watch out for McCain...

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Jennifer Love Hewitt's big behind is getting to me...

CNN's Bernstein cited Russert's misleading debate question as lead to problem in Clinton campaign

Much-Needed Legislation Would Overhaul the Financing of Presidential Campaigns

A Question for You Political Historians

Clinton embarassed on choice issue yesterday

Kucinich First, Edwards Second in PDA Straw Poll

Buchanan and others call on Biden to hold hearings NOW

2000: Bush disenfranchises Blacks in FL/2008: Hillary disenfranchises college students in IA

Unions will Help Edwards Win in Iowa

Awwww... Another Obama flip-flop. He shifts positions on Iran and Iraq

Does California have winner take all delegates?

Did Morgan Spurlock find Osama bin Laden?

He's completely certifiable---Bush Calls on Iran to 'Come Clean'!!!!

Scarborough and Buchanan want hearings over NIE

Edwards Posts Caucus Training Video

Clinton attack ad tied to Edwards supporter, a Daily Kos diarist

I predict Barack Obama will win the nomination!

Clinton staff knew County Chair was circulating madrassa email, did nothing

Who voted for BOTH Iraq War Resolution in 2002 and the Kyl/Lieberman Amendment?

Are You Having Fun?

To my holier than thou DU brothers and sisters, the Obama e-mail could have happened to any campaign

Edwards Outlines Plan to Help Students Pay for College-

Will Obama offer Oprah a spot?

Dennis is on with Randi NOW. nt

Clinton staffer who received racist email about Obama registered immediate disgust

AP Clinton Campaign lying about Black SC pastoral endorsements

DK on Randi Rhodes - Now! n/t

Do Out of State Iowa College Kids Plan on Any Connection to the State 2-3 Years From Now?

"Criticizing Obama on the basis of `present' votes indicates you don't have a great understanding

Ahmajenidad wants an apology from US. I can't wait to see Bush's

Judge OKs DNC sanctions over Fla. primary, Dean wins this round

Second-tier Dems Getting a Look

We've filled up the Verizon Arena for Obama on the 9th......

Las Vegas Moonlight Bunny Ranch proprietor Dennis Hof is "Pimpin' For Ron Paul"

Edwards sees opportunity in Clinton-Obama spat

Obama, Thompson top Internet ratings

Use your brains- particularly those areas that govern common sense

I changed my support to Dennis Kucinich, and my grandfather forwarded me a right-wing email.

Quinnipiac: Clinton Is Swing State Leader

Richardson Can "Hit The Ground Running"

Stephen J. Hadley: "Welcome to the real world." Which "real world" would that be?

Kucinich Wins PDA Straw Poll

My careful, cautious, informed prediction: someone will win the Democratic nomination!

Clinton 'plant' takes Obama by surprise

Video: Pat Buchanan wants Joe Biden to hold hearings on "who knew what, and when" RE: NIE Report

The Love Song of (Elizabeth and) Dennis J. Kucinich

Richardson Criticizes Shrub's Position On Iran

ha ha, Freepers outraged at CNBC's (& Rush crush) Erin Burnett

Someone explain how this NIE is not a load of crap.

Clinton Lead Appears Solid in New Hampshire

Sunday's Obama/Oprah event moved to larger venue

Judge Upholds Sanctions Against Florida Democrats

AP - Gen. Clark vouches for Clinton (ad)

I needed a good laugh, so i checked out freeperville... this one made me piss my pants

If you really want to know what your candidate has been up to...

Everyone familar with the Glen Greenwald taking down of Joe Klein

Obama and the "present" strategy in regards to choice votes.

Richardson on Hardball...

Well, since no one could tell me what Obama has accomplished...

Full SV poll on IA is out

I've told some grassroots supporters over the years to never show up again

Yeeeeeeeesssss!! CNN on the Tee-Vee *reporting* on Huckabee's pardon for Dumond.

H1B issue dominates in run-up to Prez poll

Is America ready for a Mormon First Lady? How about a president who dated Bianca Jagger?

Richardson 'Not Interested' In Pursuing Vice Presidency

Draft Kleeb (for US Senate) asks for $, right after Scott's new video is released! Can you help?

Who would you rather see as a Biden VP?

Who am I?

Compared to the Dems the republican Candidates sure have some serious issues to overcome

Clinton: Edwards' Iran charge goes 'way too far'

Quinnipiac FL / OH / PA Surveys

Clinton v Obama: Battle for Second Place in Iowa? (Edwards First)

The guy who pushed the NIE to the light deserves Medal of Freedom!

Hillary: College students in Iowa shouldn't be allowed to caucus.

Three New NH Polls -The MSM Focuses On The One With The Smallest Hillary Lead

During WWI there was a Christmas cease fire between the germans and the brits

Offensive, Hilarious, or both. Tom Tancredo's New Ad is Outrageous!

Photo-op Fred Thompson does not have hunting license

Obama Issues Call for Public Service

Here's the Obama Muslim Smear E-Mail Sent by Hillary's Henchmen

Props to Biden for his clarity on Iran

Nader slams BU's 'apathetic' students

I don't care about Kindergartengate and I defend Clinton on a lot of

Concept of the masses... replaced by highly stratified classes built on growing income inequality

Hillary Calls On Wall Street To Address Housing Crisis

Obama should win the IA caucus with about 37% IMHO

Edwards: Corporate Democrats as bad as corporate Republicans

Tweety going after Huckabbe now

Bush's Incredibility Confirmed

Clinton team immediatly fires person involved in Obama email

Obama: Many view Clinton negatively

Specter on Reid: ‘I wonder if he is up to the job’

Obama Rising In NH!

Union workers can help Edwards in Iowa

Bush calls on Iran to 'come clean'

The timing of the NIE report is interesting. They have known about this

Question for all you history buffs?

The Politics of Hypocrisy: Hillary going negative and falling flat

Clinton and Lieberman look like stooges by supporting Bush...

Jane Hamsher: Note To Obama - Either You’re Pro-Choice Or You’re Not

Obama Cashing In On Clinton Criticism

Omaha --West Roads Mall--Sniper...mall evacuated...deaths & injuries reported

Seeing increase in bumperstickers for Ron Paul and Obama in NC and northern SC

Biden has moved up

Arkansas Congressman: A Vocal Bill Clinton Could Have Changed My War Vote

Healthcare: Candidates' plans to bring little reform, don't address costs, analysts say

Although I like Edwards< I am not thrilled with his tone

****** Hillary Clinton Regains Iowa Lead-27% Obama 24% Edwards 21%*****

Why my candidate gets attacked more than yours.

NH National Education Association to endorse Clinton

Hillary's Hypocrites

Political Wire: Obama Opens Wider Lead in Iowa, Huckabee Tops Romney

I think I have to apologize to some people around here.

Joe Biden Issues Statement on Peru Free Trade Agreement

Shapiro: The Dodd and Biden Show (NPR Debate wrapup)

So Hillary fires bigots

Sell me your candidate on Foreign Relations.

Judge dismisses Bill Nelson's lawsuit against the DNC.

Brand Spanking New Hampshire Poll-The HRC- 37% Obama 23% Edwards 18%

Largest Civil Disobedience Movement in U.S. History Underway

Hillary Campaign Acknowledges County Chair Backing Hillary Passed Along Obama Muslim Smear Email

Hold the presses!!!! Biden said something I agree with...

Jane Harman's proposed thought-police law

Oprah rally moved to a 80,000 seat college football stadium

You don't see Obama campaign staff circulating wingnut emails about Hillary murdering Vince Foster.

All I want for Christmas in an Edwards win in Iowa and a sweep to NH!

Biden picks up 50 - yes FIFTY - endorsements today in Iowa

Sometimes it really sucks to be a voter in an early primary state.

Remembering Molly Ivins: "Why Hillary Won't Save Us."

Iowa Today: Obama - 32% , Edwards 25%, Hillary 25%, Biden 5%, Richardson 3%, Kucinich 1%, Dodd 1%


Who are the only 2 Senators who ducked the vote in the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment?