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Forcing Factions (from

What Would Murdoch Do to the Journal? (The Nation)

Informants Scrutinized in Fort Dix Case

Endgame emerges as Wolfowitz fights to stay on at World Bank

Closeness to Bush taints reputation in America

"Cheney In Baghdad: The Progress Of No Progress"

Rove's angry conversation with leader of moderate repubs -

How close are we to when millions of Americans stop playing the "political game"?

Project aims to extract dam methane (BBC)

Israelis plan more homes on occupied land Election Reform thread today.

Cuba frees journalist after 22 months

Japan has drop box for unwanted babies

Gonzales [confidently] deflects Democrats' criticism

U.S. charges suspected bin Laden driver (Hamdan)

Experts tally Iraq war's health cost

Iraqi lawmakers call for U.S. timetable

Violence mars once calm oasis in Baghdad

U.S. general didn't suspect slaughter in Haditha

McCain Says Bush's Numbers Hurt GOP

House OKs Iraq funds in installments

CONYERS on U.S. Attorney Purge: 'Bread Crumbs Steadily Leading Toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

Gen. Petraeus Warns Against Using Torture

Pressed by Police, Even Innocent Confess in Japan

500-acre Catalina brush fire forces Avalon evacuations

Security crackdown leaves Samarra without basic necessities

Olson Picked to Lead U.S. Special Operations Command

House passes $3.5 bln farm disaster aid

U.S. attorney defends prosecution of Border Patrol agents

F-16s Destroy Purported Terror Camp in Iraq

Democrats, Bush strike deal on trade

Call Me Al -- HELP!

Ever slow down long enough to find your metier opprobrious?

Does anyone here live in Tacoma, WA?

Hallelujah, it's back

UPDATE: Server issues, maintenance, downtime, glitches, etc

I just found a very good computer-generated video starring Neal Peart. Check it out!

Anybody else have coworkers who tattle?

Okay, if I go to the grocery store one more time and see

Two days ago, I had the fireplace turned on. Today, I had to run the A/C in my office.

I need some "Earworm-B-Gone". Anybody have some I can borrow?

Are all men

I LOVE it when my little sister attacks me.

Best GD thread ever...


If DU goes down too much,

Those little etiquette quandaries....

Does this book make my knees look fat? I don't want people laughing at me.

Has anyone gone to Colombia?

Group proposal: DU PM circle!

how explain quantum theory to a dog

For mzteris...

Where is haruka3_2000?

I know this sounds juvenile, but since I am still somewhat juvenile...

Last year I had a good year with sunflowers

Ruidhle bhoidheach, dannsa direach

It's a long,long, road,from which there is no return............

The Dead Grandmother Exam Syndrome

I need motivation.

London after midnight...

have you used a service called billmelater -- 90 days no interest?


We had some rain, thunder, and lighting storm here in Houston,

My roomie rules

Left-handed users, can you recommend a good leftie-friendly optical mouse?

do you think that just because we post on du that we could be

So, what did you do with your two hours nonDU time?

Psycho squirrel stalks students.

Favorite thing about being sick?

For the NASCAR fans

Life and Death In Rome

Is it wrong to pm your butt??

Am I just being a cold hearted cousin?

i just had one of the worst panic attacks ive ever had

What I Am

I'm addicted to the show "How Clean Is Your House"

I'm watching Silver City on Encore, and WOW! Maria Bello

Fear (of B-52 strikes) and loathing (of Polish people) in Las Vegas

There's one good thing about death.

That was THE greatest episode of Survivor, EVER

Naughty girls! It's Naughty girl check in time.

May 10 is kind of a tough day for me, psychologically.

Best Country song


Is Charlie Sheen a total asshole?

Totally cool! Killer Whales squeeze the meat part of penguins out of their skin to eat them

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Boxing Champ Cintron Accepts UFC Challenge.

Mr. President---A Reminder who we are fighting

A look back at the Blair years: The Prescott Punch

Philip Workman Executed in TN - Justice Denied!

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

It's a mistake

Beds are burning


Speaker Pelosi on Revised Iraq Accountability Act

Conyers grills Gonzo (or How to NOT answer a question, especially if you are AG)

Gallup Poll Iraq

Support for HR-2237

John Edwards - New Orleans, LA - 05/04/07

CBS Fires General Batiste as a consultant for Vote Vets Ad!

Iraq for Sale - - Banned Excerpts

YAYYY!! You're back

Breaking News: House of Reps Passes Iraq Spending Bill

...a man who's kept his word -- which sometimes is rare in the political circles I run in.

Biased, disgusting spin

Lott: Republicans Should Have ‘Kept Their Mouths Shut’ About Bush Meeting

DU is back up? Dipping my toe in gradually...

(TOON) Steve Bell: Regrets, I've 'ad a few

HAAAAA! The News Hour w/ Jim Lehrer got "Worse" (3rd place) Person

Socially Relevant GREAT Quote!

Is Senator Ted Kennedy shooting himself in the foot by cosponsoring the Gonzo Gun Grab?

General Batiste is quite a guy. I had major respect for him, but after

The Independent tells it like it is on Tony's "legacy"

Moderators - Skinner - I so underestimated you guys!

Help children in honor of your Mom.

Bush today: "Maybe I was wrong. That's your call."

Does anyone know how abortion even became a legal question?

From the "No Shit, Sherlock" Department....

Putin compares US foreign policy to Nazis - Whoop there it is

Wal Mart has worst sales in 28 years- an indicator?

Republicans warn Bush of US fatigue over Iraq war

Pace Expected to Stay Joint Chiefs Chair (if confirmed by the Senate)

Newly Released Report reveals - US nuclear chain-reaction accident spill-in '06

J.C. Watts (CNN) compares abortion to slavery.

Former 'LA Times' Baghdad Chief Says Iraqis Are 'Humiliated'

Iraq cannot be "solved" militarily. This is why the Bushists are clueless about it.

Video tribute to Tony Blair

The following is Robert Greenwald's (Iraq For Sale) testimony...about war profiteering

When this era of darkness in America ends (if it does),

Psycho squirrel stalks students.

Michael Savage: we could learn a few things from Islam

Did Rangel make a deal on free trade?

Hannity, freepers claim Howard Dean told Kansas governor "to lie"

"Libertarian My Ass." Next time a republican tells you he's a libertarian...

Kondracke Advocates Ethnic Cleansing Policy In Iraq, ‘Also Known As Winning Dirty’

Aw poor McCain! Bush's numbers hurt GOP.

Tell me why we should wait until September

Alberto Gonzales, Zen Master

Another one for the stupid email files...

Wave of crackdowns against leftist/activist groups sweep across Germany ahead of G-8 protests

Rove berates GOP lawmaker over Iraq meeting

Is it possible for Bush to kill all the Iraqis before he leaves office?

Rove pushed voter fraud cases before ‘06 election.

Michael Moore In Trouble For Cuba Trip

Gonzalez lies & obfuscates the truth & the press says he confidently deflects Dems criticism

Greensburg looters appear in court

This picture of Chimpy on CNN says it all

Nation's Letter Carriers Prepare for 50-State Food Drive Saturday

From the cool map department:

Dealer prices gas over $4 in protest - He says tactics used by Shell are unfair to operators

Guests on TDS/Colbert Report tonight:

Wow. Just clicked one of DU's Google Ads... "Should Christians Vote?"

Many years ago -my brother got real sick at Ord - he did.

CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad.

When Someone Points Out Awful Votes Made By My Favorite Candidate...


Another Great Daily Show "*Bush's lowered expectations" video inter-cut!!!

Alleged terrorist was a whistleblower!

Please Explain HOW THE FUCK Republicans In The House Get To Ban This ???

Editor&Publisher: Blog, Then Mainstream Press, Find 9th Fired U.S. Attorney

Pelosi had the trade deal press conference without filling in labor voices in the caucus.

Today, 38 years ago, began the senseless battle of Dong Ap Bia (mountain), Viet Nam

NY Times Editorial: "Mr. Bush Alone" - Reality in Iraq

Newly released evidence shows Kent State shootings were likely deliberate murder

McClatchy: White House sought investigations of voter fraud allegations before elections

Why Is the MSM so Afraid of Being Accused of Liberal Bias

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

More governors express concern over depleted National Guard

Civil Union/Gay Bishop

Who were the 11 Pubs who trotted to the WH to confront the Shrub?

Last straw yet?

I got an e-mail from Barbara Boxer's pac asking to contribute to her 2010 re-election

U.S. melamine probers find empty Chinese factories (Reuters)

Bush aides berate GOP members-- rift between Bush and congressional Republicans intensifies

Talk Left: DC Madam Banned From Releasing More Names

Cheney is pond scum waste

Boehner: All House Members 'Except One Voted To Send Our Troops Into Iraq'

Since he never chose to respond to me - and


Atheist activism balances an overbearing right wing (by B. J. Paschal)

McCain's national political director leaving to spend more time with the family

5/10/07: The Chimp looks________(fill in the blank)

Rawstory: Gravel becoming online hero

Activsts Planning to Swarm on Washington, DC for a Summer of Action to oppose the war

Speak The Word: Revolution

So 59 Dem's vote to stay in Iraq and 144 Iraq Parliament members vote for us to leave

Speaking of the extremist views of CBS....Harley Karnes on CBS radio is one of the worst.

So I heard today that bush is willing to negotiate milestones with Congress

So August or September comes, what then? Will GW go quietly


CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad.

Stars & Stripes letter: Generals did the right thing/Army needs the draft

Aaah, I remember General Petraeus. He was the one responsible for

Let them go friend -

FEMA provides toxic trailers for hurricane refugees

"If there ever were an oxymoron in the English language, it should be homeless veteran,"

Senselessbrainer does it again!

Stephen Colbert is finally taking on the his Time 100 disappointment!

FDA claims infected pigs from china OK to eat??!

Can someone explain to me why the Senate will not pass the House bill?

Thank the mods for not kicking me off

For veterans in rural areas, care is hard to reach.

No question about it, Edwards is saying the right things

What an interesting time we live in.

Whatever became of the "liquid bomber" case?

How to gently bring someone back to reality.

GWB at the RNC Tonight: DRUNK, or INSANE?

For all those opposed to abortion rights, you need to read this.

Whoa! Anyone in the greater (?) Houston area out there that can

Informants scrutinized in Fort Dix case - did the FBI agent entrap them?

"What the hell was Clinton thinking when he hired this talking p**** on wheels?"


Clark: "We will never succeed in protecting this country if we become what they are."

I was doing some work on the movie "Full Metal Jacket" today and one

Did Bush Try to Order the Murder of Al Jazeera Journalists?

"In the Arab world, they view this as the Americans destroyed an Arab country."

Hannity, Quinn & Rose claimed Dean behind Sebelius links between war, Kansas Guard shortages

Marianas sweatshop reform update-for those who were wondering

Insight on how to communicate effectively with Congress!

You know, legislatively, Democrats can't end the occupation with their votes alone

When someone trashes & bashes a Democratic candidate...

UPDATE: Server issues, glitches, maintenance, etc

Top Republican Rejects Advice from 11 Generals on Coping with Climate Change and National Defense

In case you missed Stephen Colbert/Jane Fonda last night.

KC Star Says 'No Disclosure Necessary' Concerning Hatchet Job of MO 'Voter Fraud' Story

OK... I'm sold on the Prius.

US Healthcare vs the rest of the world

Have We All Gone Totally Insane?

Some tips for saving some of that $3 gasoline

Wake up America! :Why Americans Need to Acknowledge the Gap between America’s Ideals and its Actions

I just had a terrible falling-out with one of my best friends over "supporting the troops."

Earlier today, 59 *cough* "Democrats" showed they don't want this war to end

Just FYI for the weekend - Mother's Day was started as a day for PEACE.

House passes Iraq Accountability Act.

Has this been posted? "I have decided to run again for the United States Senate!"

Cheney and Palfrey

Disgraced HBO CEO, Chris Albrecht and the Democratic candidates

KO did a side by side of Gonzo in April and in May testifying

Watching Scarborough for first time

OMG i have to share this Doolittle story, it's local but it is hilarious i swear.

Number of comments seems down on candidate blogs

Cheney: “We are here, above all, because the terrorists...made Iraq the central front in that war"

"Rudy Giuliani may turn out to be the sleaziest presidential candidate ever"

Will Murdoch beat the Hispanic vote in 2008?

Dean says Denver is going to be "transitional" convention. .."more relevant to average people."

What Happens To gonzAllAss Now?

USA Today: "Michelle Obama: Campaigning her way"

Obama puts more pressure on Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

Reid Faces Problems In Mining Law Rewrite

Just Curious - Where Does The Rev. Al Sharpton Get His Money To....

Did you notice the detail about the latest terrorists?

Limbaugh taking heat on Obama song

Bloggers Could Be Dead Link for Hillary

Mr. Gonzales - If Your Integrity Is Important To You - Why Are You......

Bipartisan Group Launches New National Security Initiative

Karen Russell: "Obama gets it right on Limbaugh's Magic Negro parody"

Wolfowitz’s girlfriend known as his “neoconcubine”

Clinton, Edwards, supporting Obama on spotlighting excessive executive compensation

How can Edwards fight poverty?

Putin Is Said to Compare U.S. Policies to Third Reich

In A Crowded Field, Edwards' Health Plan Sets Him Apart

Blank Check Democrats & The Danger of Becoming A Blank Check Movement

Rudy screws over an Iowa farming couple

Bush's gaffes with the Queen were staged.

Hey Congress, Gonzo's been bitch slapping the shit out of you.

Top Nazis got less time than a non-violent drug dealer in the U.S.

Obama supporters: Some grassroots Obama tools to take it to the streets

Something Howard Dean Once Said To Me

Edwards Would Tie Giuliani in Virginia

Media Matters: DNC issues a cease-and-desist letter to XM's Rose and Quinn show.

Kucinich on Supplemental: It's About Oil

Tension Mounts as Antiwar Movement Challenges Dems' Commitment to Stop the War

Edwards is Top Democrat in Kentucky (Edwards only Democrat to beat Giuliani in hypothetical matchup)

Hypothetical vote in Ohio vs. Giuliani: Edwards up by 8 (Obama down by 10, Hillary up by 3)

Durbin helping Obama by making Edwards look bad

Economy: April Retail Sales Worst Ever Recorded

Will Obama endorse Bush's end of Social Security via "partial privatization individual Accounts"

House Panel Spotlights Political Intereference with Endangered Species

Ethics Tips From "The Hammer"

President's Dinner? Bring the Lettuce.

Gonzales: Yang departure unrelated to investigation of Rep Lewis

Guardian:Democrats cut off Iraq war funds

Senators who weakened drug bill received millions from industry


Former 'LA Times' Baghdad Chief Says Iraqis Are 'Humiliated'

The Case for Defeatism: Why Harry Reid Was Right

WP, Dionne: "...deep sadness that Tony Blair tarnished a formidable legacy."

It is Their Right, it is Their Duty, to Throw Off Such Government

Who Do They Think They Are?

How Reporters Who Attack Bloggers Are Like Beauticians

Congress Adds Bloggers To Press Protections

Helen Thomas: Bush Passes The Buck On Iraq

Rudy and the Right


Chevron seen settling case on Iraq oil (Condi Rice, enabling cheater!)

Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Life in the 'triangle of death'

Mr. Bush Alone

They Hate Us For Our Hypocrisy

Anger Erupts at Conditions in For-Profit Indiana Prison

Dissent in an unlikely place: GOP outreach to Catholics is threatened by war

FBI probes Nevada governor for corruption

Scott Ritter: The Good American

Vendors’ Removal Brings a Venezuelan Gem Back to Life

War Profiteering in Iraq

Insights into the New World Disorder: (Iraq War vs. Occupation of Japan)

Congressman Says Home Purchase Was 'Pretty Much Aboveboard'(Gillmor R-OH)

Al Gore to speak at biofuels congress in Argentina

Gas prices in Kansas City Roar upwards 16 cents overnight

G8 set for transatlantic clash on climate - Reuters

Vermont could clear way for new emissions rules - Reuters

China's Yellow River 10 pct sewage: group - Reuters

Has the Algae Cavalry Arrived?

Stifling summers forecast by NASA for US east coast

Toyota On Track To Erase Hybrid Cost Premium By 2010 - Reuters

IPCC: Lawmakers Must Act Now

Time Running Out For Kyoto Successor - Formal Talks Must Launch By 12/07 Or 2012 Target Impossible

Hawaii (solar energy) Feed Law Bill: SB 1223 Introduced

Higher costs driving motorists to alternative-fuel vehicles (Louisiana)

Additional Chokepoint For Canada's Tar Sands - Water Shortages - Globe & Mail

US Wind Energy Industry To Increase Generating Capacity By 3,000 MW In 2007 (About 25%) - Reuters

Heinz Foundation Director - Ocean Acidfication "Shaking Biological Underpinnings Of Civilization"

Visionary Leadership From TX Legislature - Plan Would Cut Gas Tax 20 Cents

Asian markets push illegal ivory (BBC)

Effort to 'green' U.S. Capitol complicated by coal (CNN)

Beyond the harpoon - whale saving begins at home (BBC)

Record Levels Of Domoic Acid In Algae Blooms Killing SoCal Birds & Mammals - ENN

James Lovelock - Diplomats Fiddling With Figures While Earth Burns - Times of London

Bristol University Study - Warming, Drought Cut Ability Of Plants To Absorb Carbon - Hindu News

Saudis May Not 'Need' to Raise Oil Capacity After 2009

Honda has new fuel cell vehicle (Honda FCX)

Solar Power at Half the Cost (Concentrating PV, MIT Tech. Rev.)

CCD (bees) beekeeper survey

1990-2006 warming, sea-level rise greater than predicted by IPCC in 1990

Stunning Admission From Aussie Politician Re. Drought: "We're Not Doing Enough For The Long Term"

LEDs Emerge to Fight Fluorescents

Republicans Hit Jennings’ Call to Put Aside Her Florida Court Case

SEC subpoenas voting machine maker Diebold

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed- 5/11/07 FBI Helps to Clear GOP Pundit Of Voter Fraud

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft

FDA Finds Chinese Food Producers Shut Down

FBI agent who interceded in Coulter voter fraud case alleged to be her former boyfriend

Intelligence Director Urged to Take Charge, House Committee Cites 'Chronic Problems'

Government working up plan to prevent chaos in wake of bombing of major city (martial law)

Haitian survivors say they were left for dead

Cheney to Try to Ease Saudi Concerns

Cheney Rejects Tenet's Account of Run-Up to War

Michael Moore faces U.S. Treasury probe

U.S. Queries Filmmaker Michael Moore On Cuba Trip For Movie ("Sicko")

Iraq officials to push for U.S. support

No action against UK police who killed innocent man (Menezes)

China: April Trade Surplus Nearly $17B

Taleban 'free' French aid worker


GOP gala takes in smallest amount in years

Gordon Brown launches UK Prime Minister bid

Mitt Romney against 'Big Love'

NASA study: Eastern U.S. to get hotter

US spies face uphill battle in ethnic recruitment

Iranian artists snub Rice

Oral Sex Increases Throat Cancer Risk Scientists Say

Syria's Assad set to extend rule

Kosovo may be independent by end of month: US

Smoking warnings for US movies

Ethics watchdog files complaint against Sen. Martinez

US House votes to handcuff Bush on war funds

Attacks planned for U.S. targets in Germany: media

US medical flights take Iraqi insurgents

G8 set for transatlantic clash on climate

US admits to Afghan civilian deaths

Coulter Cleared of Vote Fraud, but FBI Agent's Intrusion on Her Behalf Is Being Investigated

Breaking Russian Ambassador to Costa Rica taken hostage

Colombian militia boss vows to spill political ties

McCain fires New Hampshire director, shuffles staff

Biskupic was late add-on to firing list :U.S. attorney had low rating, Wisconsin representative says

Officer says did not mention Haditha deaths in homes

Cheney Warns Iran Sea Lanes Must Be Open


Commander in Iraq Asks for More Troops

Iran blocked UN inspectors on test visit to nuclear site

Bomb kills up to 9 south of Baghdad - police

Iraq leader: U.S. troops needed for 2 more years

Anti-War Campus Catholics Rip Bush Speech

Tenet hands Jeb Bush a big windfall

Rice confronts assertive Russia with less leverage

Bush aides berate GOP members

Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad.

Minnesota E. Coli Infections Prompt Expansive Beef Recall

FBI probes Nevada governor for corruption

Goodling Ordered by Judge to Testify Under Immunity (Update2)

U.S. general in Iraq needs more troops

DNC files cease-and-desist against FreeRepublic, XM radio conservatives

I'd deny Communion to Rudy, says priest

Rome Rally Heats Up Battle Over Legal Rights for Unmarried, Same-Sex Couples

Michael Moore Blasts President Bush Over Federal Probe Into 'Sicko' Documentary Cuba Trip

Opie and Anthony Apologize for Joking About Raping Condoleezza Rice

Support DU and other Liberal Blogs: Take the 2007 Political Blog Reader Survey

White House sought investigations of voter fraud allegations before elections( Friedrich declined )

A man needs a maid..............

Any Bostonians remember "The Neighborhoods"?

I heard he sang a good song,I heard he had a style.

"Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind" in on HBO now !

I need to stop visiting GD

Sail on down the line

Political Limericks

Allison Stokke

I started watching "Heroes" upon recommendation of Lounge Lizards...

I just got to spank Skinner. By INVITATION!!!!!

I've officially turned into my dad.


For your late night viewing pleasure

Tip For Would-Be Robbers: Don't Wear Panties On Your Face To The Stick-ups

Snowball effect

New show = Traveler

semantics --

Last minute Mother's Day gift idea?

What is the most mismatched song you've found on a bar jukebox?

Man's Fatal Heart Attack During Sex Romp Caught On Video

Am I a grouch because I hate "____" Day Holidays?

You know...ever since I started taking the train to work

Floyd Landis and the continuing doping scandal.

First elephant born in Ireland

When will we be rid of *?

Aha! So this is what's wrong with the DU servers!

Who stole the Lolrus's bukket?

Deer-Lion Cuteness

Michigan cop confiscates pot-makes brownies- thinks he is OD'ing-calls 911

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/11/2007)

"Gotta take this!"

all i ever wanted to do ~

No penguins were killed in the making of this thread...but maybe

We might get our first thunderstorms of the year today! Weeee!

Gee... that's top-quality merchandise...

We are both first time homebuyers

Does anybody else have

stoopid hangover...booooo!

ART- "Paris Hilton Autopsy"

This is post #500 for me, ask me anything..

Who else Had DU Withdrawls Last Night??

So, what do you think this dude was doing when he was busted?

Well, that was interesting...!

Hey UFO's, I took the survey like Skinner asked

Drunk Man Drives His Motorized Bed To Whore House - Stopped By Police

Uh Skinner... I thought you said NO SEX THREADS!

Recommendations for groups to donate computers to?

Recommendations needed for new cell phone

I just saw a street in my neighborhood named GW Bush St.

I have to pour out my crush.

Top Chef is coming back soon! w00t!

Denial monkeys....

Clown Charged With Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Every Word Means No

I have to pout out my crush.

If you're going to trade in a car at the dealer for a new one.....

car mechanic question, help!

9 minutes left

Whoever posted the Fratellis video

Friday Morning Questions (dedicated to Rabrrrrr)

say what you want about willie but, i always did like this song

Do you like hog maws? Do you like pigs feet?

Why do people throw useable textbooks in the trash?

You may see me tonight

FIGHT at the Boston Pops (pic)

A not-so-humble request for the DU Admins

Temporary offsite chatroom--I hope this is allowed

So what should I throw at our commencement speaker on Sunday?

Holy Moly, he almost killed us this morning!

CONFESS!!!! Who broke DU - again?? Was it because of me playing tunes from GiGi?

Congratulations slackmaster!! 20,000 posts

When DU is down

I'm smoking something illegal right now

Yes, AGAIN with NIN Year Zero.

It is Friday morning - Let's bounce 'em early today!

My GOD tell me this ain't happening...Eddie Murphy to star in big-screen version of Fantasy Island

How do I get the water flowing to my sprinkler system?

So whats going on in California??

Heroes fans interesting picture from E.W. (spoiler?)

"Excuse me, but

Daddy's gonna eat your fingers... For everyone, enjoy.

schematics ---

When IT and Taxidermy Collide....

Now you too can dress up Paris Hilton!

An error occurred during processing.

This just sounds nasty... Kool Aid Pickles.

You know Zommer has arrived when Zommerfest comes out

delete-dupe by accident

So it's Friday and stuff.

If the lapdance is on clearance price, should I buy it?

Boston Legal’s Alan Shore on Gitmo (

Cheap Trick!

What happened to Floogeldy?

ROCK OF THE WESTIES - cranked up on the record player

Check out this great bumper sticker I just saw at!

Why do civilians own or shoot guns (humor)?

Little Girl Missing in Portugal: MySpace is asking for all to spread the word

If you live in Casper Wyoming or Billings Montana, what Major League Baseball team to you root for?

finger bang city, yo!

Do you ever get tired of being nice to people sometimes ?

Lily Tomlin is gay????

My assless leather capris are beatiful... now, to find a tailor

If the laptop is on clearance price, should I buy it?

So, there ARE a few good things about summer...

hey you guys I am a hero

Question for Lost fans and typography nerds

Defense in an hour and 20 minutes.

I've been in the Army for 10 years as of today.

That's It! I've had it with damned meddling "do gooders"

When is the fluid coming?

My wedding dress is, to find a tailor

Bad news Battlestar Galactica fans

In the divorce, who gets to keep DU?

Describe the best teacher you ever had.

Help baseball fans! I hate sports yet have to go to a Padres-Brewers game

I know people are supposed to mellow as they age...

Dance This Mess Around...

I feel like SHIT.

Ever have a completely disorganized teacher/professor?

C'mon- tell him how pretty he looks.

I can't take JackMN to the park. He is gross.

We have a DUer who is feeling down today, post something that will Cheer up KC2...

Dale Jr. is sooo going to RCR...

You know it's not good news when your husband picks you up at

A handy, dandy site that hosts your favorite toons (including Adult Swim)

Happy birthday ralps & HypnoToad!!

I have the best news.... sis is healed

Gah! I HATE ticks! I have tick-o-phobia! Do you live

I hereby resolve to end all my flirting on DU...

Are you a brutally honest person

So who is your Du Crush?

Hey, matcom! I need your anti-capri expertise...

Worst Country Song

My kitty boy is a slobberer!


Hiring a wet nurse

Okay, so which DUer should have a crush on me?

I think this is the worst business concept of all time

about train songs

***Happy Mother's Day to our Very Special DU Moms***

Okay, so which DUer should I have a crush on?

Support DU and other Liberal Blogs: Take the 2007 Political Blog Reader Survey!


Chicago sports writers calling for a forfeit.....

Candles in the rain

Rep. Doggett In Favor of Iraq Redeployment Act

Air traffic ontrollers poisoned by CO at Dulles & NY

U.S. Secretary of State Statement to Senate Committee ekk

Stephen Colbert----This Week In God

Pocahontas Neil Young

"Fredo"-- (for fans of "the Godfather")


Iraq for Sale - Part 1

We The People - Iowa

Rep. Murtha ---Revised Iraq Funding

BL - Guantanamo Rant, great rant from Boston Legal.

National Security Presidential Directive 51 5/10/07

General Batiste--Protect America Not George Bush Sununu

The Miniature Earth...

Waiting on the world to change...

God and politics...

World Bank Famine in Niger...

KO--Accepts First Annual Molly Ivins Award

KO---Dueling Gonzaleses

Code Pink thrown out of Gonzales Hearing

Outlawed: Extraordinary Renditions -Torture & Disappearances

Wexler (D-Fl) absolutely GRILLS Gonzales

Backstage at the Colbert Report

Laughing in the Dark-Mark Crispin Miller on Gonzo, Regent U

Aspirin 'prevents bowel cancer'

Fighting corporate power in congress.

Britain jails Iraq war whistleblowers

Greenspan sees one-third chance of U.S. recession

JOHN EDWARDS 08 * BLOG - Bob Herbert in the New York Times, 05/08/07: More Than Just Talk

Another member of the Moran family

Pyongyang, Tehran vow to stand up to arrogant global powers

Time to Boycott CBS NEWS for Firing Gen. Batiste after Making anti-war Commercial

My answer to Limbaugh's "Barack, the Magic Negro"

The New Disappeared - Sex Offenders, Civil Confinement and the Resurrection of Evil . . .

America obviously isn't terrified enough, we need to be re calibrated.

3,384 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

georgie can we stop the war now, please? Pretty please, with sugar on it?

How fast is fast?

Government working up plan to prevent chaos in wake of bombing of major city (martial law)

How long have we been importing "additives" from China?

"NASA Study: Eastern U.S. to Get Hotter"

Were any DUers watching Brian Lamb on WJ

Peas in a pod: In LA Times op-ed, O'Reilly producer misrepresented IU study to defend host

Iraq: US Marine says he urinated on dead Iraqi

A Majority Of Iraq's Parliament Sign Bill For Withdrawal Of US Troops From Iraq

FBI Involved in Trying to Get Coulter Off Hook in Voting Fraud Case.

Friday TOONS: Irony edition

Should the Iraqi parliament take a 2 month vacation? Should bush?

Cool, Bill Clinton does a crossword puzzle for NYT

David Gregory To Do Imus Tryout

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Retreat from disaster is not surrender, cutting & running is not defeat.

What time is it when the president tells the nation to fuck off?

So my ultra fundy wingnut neighbor...

Poll: More Americans Want Bush Impeached Now, Than Wanted Clinton Impeached in '99

Happy Birthday Virginia...


Those gotta be some big-assed fires in Georgia.

Is this the British government memo suggesting that Bush is insane?

C-SPAN WJ - Ray LaHood coming up at 9am et

get ready to be hood-winked - CSPAN and Ray LaHood (R-ILL)

Can a word file be attached to a post?

Helen Thomas To Snow: "Does (The President) KNOW That We Have CIVILIAN RULE In This Country?"

Sign this petition for CBS to rehire Gen. John Batiste

Cheney "regrets" Iraq War Casualties & Blames Bush

Put this in the 'no shit' column . . . Study: US Troops Stressed by Iraq Deployments

Votevets is going to kick the crap out of the Republicans..

My Mom died more then 41 years ago

Gonzales-His Only Role In This Scandal Now Is As DECOY (Slate)

NBC affiliate airs "Vaccine Induced Autism" story - 5-9-2007

Did you know that wildfires are being lit as some kind of anti-American conspiracy?

Gen. Mixon on CNN just now: "I do not have enough troops in Diyala province."

Richard Perle: Don't blame me, blame Tenet

DNC to Free Republic: CEASE AND DESIST!

Will Osama bin Laden EVER be brought to justice?

Bush @ GOP fundraiser: "We will succeed in Iraq"

Filmmaker Michael Moore Being Investigated By Treasury Dep't Over Cuba Trip For "Sicko"

Iraqi Oil Inhibits Peace

Phone number for CBS (CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad)

Guilty of communicating with a foreign country & inciting aggression

VFW appeals for condition-free funding for Iraq to follow madman Bush over the cliff

Petraeus: Condemns Torture - Such Actions Are ILLEGAL

Do you think our media will show nuns protesting Bush's presence at Catholic college today?

Cheney: "When we ran, nobody had any idea that 9/11 was going to happen"

NYT: "Bush needs to face up to this grim reality and abandon his fantasies of ultimate victory"

CNN's Blitzer asked Boehner about new Iraq timeline, but not about previous one, now expired

USNews: Bush is telling his advisors he isn't ready to roll over for the Democrats

IRAQ: Poverty drives children to work for armed groups

Draft dodger Cheney defends longer tours of duty in Iraq for troops

Iraq War Veteran Surrenders

Calling all South Floridians who want to help me win my case against Miami Police

They wanted Him, They got Him...

NYT: Europeans Press Wolfowitz to Quit as Bank Chief (the blivet is out of options)

Lame ducks to meet in Washington to celebrate their tenuous (autocratic) hold on power

Oil compromise will not likely solve Iraq problems.

Gloom, despair on display at Iraqi women's prison - Watch a woman's plea for help from death row

WSJ: Big Oil girds for gasoline-price attacks by writing checks to Dems

I just found out my 20x50 shed on my prop was a meth lab in 2000

Looks like Bushco replaced Saddam... with another Saddam

CHENEY: "We Didn't Get Elected To Be Popular" - KPETE: You NEVER Were Elected-You STOLE IT


Weinsteins' hired guns set 'SiCKO' spin

AP: Men apologize for cartoon stunt (Boston Moonite scare)

Jan. 21, 2001: The Onion's Headline "Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Over"

Is Tony Blankley sick?

Pls. delete. Thanks. nt

I have just one more thing to say...

c-span- eleanor holmes norton got up and pulled the drapes

Austrailia Hosts New US Spy In The Sky Facility

Peeved NC Repub Rep. McHenry Refers To Congresswoman as a 'Man'

Really interesting You Tube video....what do you think?

IRAQ: River Tigris becoming a graveyard of bodies

Remembering My Mother's Spirit

Can we make a word of 'ass-holery'?

Vets group aims to sway Emerson, 13 others on Iraq

U.S. House Panel Puts Iraq Contractor Abuse Claims ‘On the Record’

YOO On You: "People I Wish NEVER Existed--BLOGGERS"

Need links to sites explaining firing of US attorneys...

Perle v. Tenet -- The CYA brigade tries to run from failed Iraq war


I'm pairing "La Marseillaise" with "The Internationale"

Pair Convicted for Leaking Infamous British Memo Detailing Bush’s Desire to Bomb Al Jazeera

MSNBC video: Keith Olbermann's cameo on Sunday's "Family Guy," focused on "the politics of fear"

Iraq leader: U.S. troops needed for 2 more years

Where is this Guy named Al Queida???

Silly online poll in today's Washington Post Express (re: Bush & Blair)

Remember the good ole days, when tourists from other countries were

This is Rove’s source for “THE MATH” as he whined to NPR prior to the election

Wolfowitz isolated, remote, stupid at World Bank

Bombs, Brits and Cheerleaders-link TV

Cheney ready to throw Bush under a bus over Iraq?

Moms Rising offering a free Motherhood Manifesto DVD

Chickenhawk Cheney Rallies the Troops ---pix--->>>

U.S. Commander in Iraq Angling For Escalation Of Troops Outside Of Baghdad

Okay, just linking some...well, links to my tinfoil hat. Put yours on and join me.

JUDGE Grants Goodling Immunity In DOJ Probe

All 11 Republicans Who Berated Bush Voted Against Iraq Withdrawal, Accountability Bills

The result of Bush's failed Iraq policy: crisis brewing in the region

What Does This Mean? LINK

Coulter Cleared of Vote Fraud, but FBI Agent's Intrusion on Her Behalf Is Being Investigated

Tearful goodbyes in Concord (Ca Nat'l Guard leaving for Iraq)

Wouldn't a DRAFT support our current troops? Could you imagine

Breaking: Bush Meets With Grandmother of Soldier Being Sent to Iraq:

Impeach Bush or Get Rid of the Impeachment Clause

DEMS Send Cease & Desist To FreeRepublic Over Alleged Dean Remarks

Untouchables sweep to power in India's most populous state

This Perfect Storm Will Finally Destroy The Neocon Project

David Swanson: They're Not Benchmarks

Editor&Publisher: Latest From McClatchy Iraqi Staffers: The Three Sons

Government working up plan to prevent chaos in wake of bombing of major city

The Dems have their own "W" effect

So many dead bodies found in Baghdad no one knows what to do with them all

Sadr City water undrinkable - CNN International

Neo-cons drive Iran divestment campaign

MSNBC Looking at David Gregory as The Next Don Imus?

Is there an "official release" from CBS on Iraq veteran Gen. John Batiste being fired?

Arnold sabotages solar in Calif.

Tell Iams That You Won't Buy While Animals Die!

Which news outlet is the least biased (in any direction)?

Rep. Barbara Lee expresses party unity as she praises those who voted for defeated Iraq measure

SPIN - One of the most important films of the last 25 years

Tenet hands Jeb Bush a big windfall - $

John Yoo: I Wish New Political Speech - Bloggers - Never Existed

Please K&R Zenlitened's thread for the *** NALC's Saturday food drive***!

ThinkProgress Spoke To CBS: Batiste Fired For Violating "Advocacy Standards;" Bush Aide Hired

Huge Republican-backed Public Works Project Plagued by Corruption

Sleepy suspect leads to two burglary arrests (stupid is as stupid does).

I've stopped receiving collection notices for the dead guy who lived here a long time ago

Iraq a top violator of religious freedom, report says

CBS Fired Antiwar Batiste -- But CBS Consultant O'Hanlon Advocated For Surge

The smoke is back

What is missing?

Halliburton Stock Is Surging

Rick Perry's thinking: "Life and death issues? no, no, no, I can't look like no unmanly governor."

Suggest that MSNBC hires General Batiste:

Dissent in an Unlikely Place-* speaks at college...views on the war dampen the welcome

GA Gov. Perdue To Iraq Critics: "Keep Your Mouth Shut"

Dems to Intro New U.S. Attorney Bill

I am so sick of us boomers getting blamed

Compassion, Neocon Style

Chair of Progressive Democrats of America Writes to Washington Post's Dana Milbank

....Cheney offers fresh warning to Iran

Breaking: Russian Ambassador to Costa Rica taken hostage

Pope asks President Lula for Brazil to have official religion; is told NO in no unclear terms

Why do we still have an embargo against Cuba?

BREAKING: 4 US Reps for Cheney Impeachment

Bush Resigns!

The (Republican) Retrovirus

Obama attacks private Medicare plans

Divest for Darfur

White House called CBS to demand firing of Batiste

On Compound Interest: False advertising in the Payday Loan Industry

Chimp petitions court for human status.

Life in Iraq's 'triangle of death'

FOR TREVOR--Joining the marrow donor registry is FREE (and easy) May 7-21

THE RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 5/11... Acceptable compromise?

"I'm Harry"

House has obtained a court order for Goodling testimony now w/link

Beadmumbler opens his yap on politicians/ about unjust war? Nah.

Only hope for GOP fortunes in 2008

Bill McDannell is walking across the country to end the war

U.S. Navy fires RECALLED gay serviceman

Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

Feds to monitor TX city election (measure that would ban apartments renting to illegals)

3386 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Marine captain testifies in Haditha civilian deaths

Sad to hear the disbelief, the sadness in Bill Mazer's voice.

On carrier in Gulf, Cheney warns Iran.

Question: Any proposed hearings on the melamine and diethyl glycol scandals?

Is it "terrorism" when military assets are targeted or attacked?

Iraqi, Anbar sign for U.S. to exit: "I will send Bush a message, He failed; let him confess that..."

More from Faux noise channel

Va Tech Graduation Day

Republicans fear defeat over Iraq

One troubling tought

The Bill Maher lineup 2nite is?

== Talkin' To The Steering Wheel = By Mark Morford

Today, May 11th 2008, how happy are you with Congressional Democrats?

Anyone watching those Great Kids from St. Vincent's College on C-Span?


So what's the deal with this website?

"I, I, I, I like, I like being the Commander-in-Chief! I enjoy being the Educator-in-Chief!"

Gold Star Families Protest At Bush Commencement Speech

Congress, Bush share low approval ratings.

Iraq war follows Bush to commencement (Murtha's district)

Iraqi Parliament to ask US to leave Iraq

Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry’s Role (N.Y.T.)

iPods may interfere with pacemakers

They were practicing a presidential helicoptor land on white house lawn today

Rupert Murdoch to go Carbon Neutral for News Corp.

"Concerned Women" fighting Employment Non-Discrimination Act: would "dismantle 1st amendment"

Please savor the words at the bottom of this MSNBC screen grab...

$4.00 prescriptions at Wal-Mart and Target. Putting aside the

Tavis tonight -- Peter Eisner, "The Italian Letter: How the Bush Administration Used a Fake ...

Anti-War Campus Catholics Rip Bush Speech/Protesters Call War Unjust

Jim Gibbons' corruption is being discussed on

Alpha Moms and Beta Moms? What the fuck is *this* about??

Bumpersticker seen Today!

"We're there NOW" (Iraq) ... the perennial excuse of republicans

Sen. Whitehouse On Gonzales In National Law Journal: He Must Go Now

"Every time a Dem is president GIs suffer pay cuts, every time a Rep is president, we get pay raises

I have only hate for the little man, he knew what he was being recruited for.


Gov. Gibbons (former congressman (A-NV)..) under fire for corruption

Sadly - Floridians looking forward to storm season

what's with the secret trade deal made by Repugs and Dems?

Stridently held opinion based on questionable pseudo-science

Jeremy Scahill's opening remarks before House App. Subcommittee, RE: Blackwater

Something from the Tao Te Ching about rulers applies to today very well.

Does any other major country have health coverage linked to employment like the US?

Utah is FLOODED with Mitt Romney ads. Anywhere else?

What the hell??

Coming up on Randi's show - Madsen re Cheney/DC Madam story

Edwards' daughter supports campaign decision

Greensburg storm victims may face new risk

Non Sequitur - Actual News stand

NE Journal of Medicine: GARDASIL's benefits extremely limited in general population.

Is the fact gay people can get fired simply for being gay worthy of being brought up

Gandhi a racist?

When history books talk about the Bush presidency, what picture will they use?

Two Hearings, One Reality

I stared stupidity in the eyes today and it scared the shit out of me.

CNN International's BIG Blooper — BUSH RESIGNS

It's hard to imagine Giuliani's "big tent" ploy going over big with the ReFascistlicans

Edwards for President Launches Grassroots New Hampshire Website

John Edwards For President Campaign Releases Iowa Specific Website

Mapping Faith - National Directory of Faith <& secular> Groups for Justice and the Common Good

Tom Toles Cartoon: Crashcart and Maliki

Here Is A Great Article About My Brother, Sgt. Andrew R. Weiss

One of the most important films in 25 years!

Seeking Koran translation recommendations

Secret Democratic/Bush Trade Deal - WTF?

Admit it Mr. President

Higher Chance of US Gulf Coast Hurricane in 2007

How can Bush continue to sell his occupation when Iraqis are counting down the days till we leave?

BREAKING: 4 US Reps for Cheney Impeachment

What is PTSD?

MOORE BLASTS the ADMIN!!!"Open Letter from Michael Moore to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson"

Just as we always suspected

Were any of Michael Moore's facts in "Fahrenheit 9/11" debunked?

Obscenity, who really cares Propaganda, all is phony.

Cindy Sheehan May Run for US Congress in 2008

What would you do with $456,000,000,000?

I am not a smoker, but this is ridiculous

OMG Funny! For Mothers only! Men can be Mothers too.

Interesting link regarding Chris Matthews and Bohemian Grove...

Great video about single payer/universal healthcare, please spread it around!

Civil Unions will Destroy the Family

Why isn't Andrew Rove enlisted? He's of PRIME AGE! Take a look!

There will be no presidential election.

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Washington Post: "Michelle Obama's Career Timeout"

When will the American Bar Association stand up and condemn Gonzo?

Ukraine's Orange Revolution leader fires 3rd constitutional Judge

Did Bill Richardson really Support the Sandinistas?

Classified (secret) legislation on domestic spying in the works?

Bahrain preparing for a U.S.-Iran war

U.S. warns that "world is watching" Wolfowitz saga (Reuters)

Oh THIS is rich -- Richard Perle pointing fingers at George Tenet and the CIA in WaPo

Lamar Alexander (R-TN) sees the light?

Permanent Bases vs. Bush's June 2005 "Stand down"

Gonzales is like a Watergate tribute band

Conservatives Replace Scandal-Plagued Doolittle With Scandal-Plagued Calvert

Gonzales, left out to dry, kicked our whole party's ass???

Richard Perle's amazingly transparent CYA attempt

Democratic candidates woo firefighters

What Happened To Chalabi?......

Ethics Watchdog CREW Files Complaint Against FL Sen. Martinez

All 11 Republicans Who Berated Bush Voted Against Iraq Withdrawal, Accountability Bills

Iraq war vet launches campaign for Congress (D-Maine)

Biden Endorses Edwards' Iraq Bill Strategy

Conservatives ‘Declare War’ on House GOP Over Appointment of Scandal-Plagued Calvert

Non-competitive federal contracts skyrocket under Bush

The "surge" is a bait and switch tactic exemplified..

Democrats Who Voted Against McGovern's Bill Despite Clear Support of Their Districts Include

Dana Milbank's Hate-Filled Obsession with Dennis Kucinich and the Progressive Democratic Base

Sebelius says war saps Guard strength at home

Fourth Member Of Congress Signs Onto Kucinich Impeachment Bill

World Bank board majority want Wolfowitz to resign (Reuters)

Obama's 'mistake' on mph for Japanese cars not mistake.

POLL: 67 Percent Of Congressional GOP Say No Iraq Exit Even If War Hasn’t Improved By September

Question about possible Gonzales impeachment.

Russell Simmons Issues Apology to Obama, Clarifies Kucinich 'Endorsement'

Judge approves Goodling immunity deal

Bush Was Part of Plotting to Fire US Attorneys, According to Gonzo, The Ultimate Loyal Bushie

Obama attacks private Medicare plans

What should I put on my sign to 'welcome' Karl Rove tomorrow night to NW Arkansas?

Clinton corruption still worries, poll says

What a Tax-and-Spend Governor (Indiana)!!!!

Bush And The Dick (Cheney) He Rode In On

The Next Enron Scandal

ThinkProgress talked to CBS, RE: General Batiste

Anyone know where I can donate to Dennis Kucinich '08 ??

An illustrated guide to GOP scandals

Congress and Bush Share Low Approval

Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

Edwards would lose to Guiliani in New York

Shouting match breaks out as Bush officials berate GOP Reps. who leaked meeting to press

Impeach Bush or Get Rid of the Impeachment Clause of the Constitution

Its time for some of us (in this case CodePink) to STOP pissing off our allies

"Rudy Giulliani, a Roman Catholic ....... "

On carrier Cheney said United States must hold firm in Iraq and confront Iran if necessary

Tony Blair Steps Down And All Is Forgiven?

Cheney impeachment bill gets another co-sponsor

Get Ready for Hillary....Tough Choices for the Right

Obama DOES NOT support the privatization of Social Security

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