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Steelworkers’ Strategy Gets Wall Street’s Attention


Two Ideologies and a Funeral-- David Michael Green

The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft

A Feeble Performance

Get Your Food Donations Set for Letter Carriers Drive Saturday

About Those (Phantom) Employment Numbers

Incompetence's Platonic Ideal

Bush Approval Map: No Safe Districts for GOP (It's a Blue World, After All)

Agrichar conference introduces major new "Wedge".

DU: The Limits To Growth

Carbon offset question

BRAD BLOG: BREAKING: Former Diebold, Sequoia Sales Rep Named as New San Diego County ROV!

Bloomberg's secret White House bid

Doomed Jet Took Off While Others Waited

Walker Methodist Workers Win

National Union (American Federation of Government Employees) Sues TSA Over Security Breach

Colleagues Cite Partisan Focus by Justice Official

Brown reviews strategy on Iraq

War tensions follow Bush to commencement

(Mass. Attorney General) Coakley affirms support for protecting right to gay marriage

Deadly blasts hit Baghdad bridges

Pentagon Opens Inquiry Into Group to Aid Troops

Colleagues Cite Partisan Focus by Justice Official (Goodling)

Iraq parliament seeks U.S. exit

U.S. drops plans to limit lawyer Guantanamo visits

Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. Study Finds

Romney's estimated wealth in millions ($250)

NYT to report billions in oil missing in Iraq

Former Ivy League Prof Sentenced on Child Porn Charges (Worked with the WH)

Bank May Vote No Confidence In Wolfowitz

New charges filed against former top CIA official, defense contractor (Foggo and Wilkes) no end has been announced for Battlestar Galactica.

Four Saved From Giant Vat of Fish Feces

Wow, HBO's goning to do a TV version of Preacher?

So who is your Orange Crush?

If you were an adult back in the '60's, would you have been ...

My wedding dress is beautiful... now, to find a sailor....

About illegal tapping...

Does anyone else think that Heroes is an allegorical look at Bush

Evidence of impending spring: Tucson 98 °F / 37 °C Clear 5:53 PM MST

And now we find out if the AC still works...

I totally don't get the hate for Capri

Okay, folks. I'm on lavalife right now. Ask me anything!

I am a deep well of shallowness. Here's proof:

I just got back from Havasupai...ask me anything before I go to bed...


Ever have to deal with someone who tries to compete with you,

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

Have you ever...

I visited my sick kitty in the hospital today.

Damn - this Anderson Valley Double Belgian Abbey Ale kicks you in the ass!!

No! NO!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? ! 1

My Box in a Box...

Can someone please explain to me

Ya know what...I'm plowed

Most Prescient Fucking Song Ever?

Does time wound all heals?

I can't take LaraMN to the park. She has small boobs

Imaginary Mother's Day note... "Hi Ma."

Hello Temporal Reality

Need some stress relief? I just found this game...

You are special.

I got really mad at this mom at the hot dog cart

I must admit - I absolutely LIVE in capri pants!

This one's for Velma:

ENTJs suck! And not in a good way! Okay, I'll clarify in a tic...

I feel summer creeping in and I'm tired of this town again

I made my own version of the KFC "heart attack" bowl...

Video Catnip

Going fishing

Drunk chicks posting!

I just answered my phone and nobody was there.


Is being a skank a good thing?

Well, I am apparently in the dog house, put there by MrSG.

This is the thread where you REALLY admit who your DU crush is.

I just ordered flowers for my StepMom for Mother's Day

Who does this person remind you of?

Your DU inbox has been changed slightly

THere are no secrets here.

omg! EVen drunk I can tell I used too much self-tanner!

It's odd; you can be sitting there, stone cold sober, and the next minute, WHAM....

Worst textbook ripoffs

Okay I need some help....

So here they are, Friday night's RabrrrrrrBrand of questions

I renounce my membership in the DU Activist Corps

GPS users: Your GPS recommendations

God damn it, why do my pants keep shrinking?

Let's get it ON! Friday night someofusaregettingdrunk pic thread!

If you could pick one person to be alive today who isn't...

I totally don't get the hate for capris

Well--I'm almost there: My SO got us an apartment in Salt Lake City.

a few pics from sixflags today

How pathetic is your life when the only PM you get is spam from DU admins?

French and Saunders movie spoofs!

My beagle seems to be tired

Post a true life little kid, risky behavior story....

Do I look smarter?

Chile: Protest murder of forestry worker

Support Dole Flower Workers this Mother's Day

TV, Radio Artists Seek Investigation of May Day Actions by L.A. Police

George Taylor, Who Helped Write OSHA Law, Dies at 95

Disney World and its largest union reach a tentative labor deal, 1 holdout

Tilton celebrates United's recovery, but employees upset over pay

UFCW Resumes Grocery Worker Contract Talks In Southern California

Taking on Privatization

Universal Health Care Rally - Sacramento...

Democracy Now's tribute to Molly Ivins (part 1)

John Edwards - Energy Plan, Iraq, Universal Health Care...

Howard Dean's speech to Denver Democrats this week. Part 1.

Stephen Colbert---All the President's Words

Frank Luntz: an American Goebbels?

hey you guys I am a hero

No Organic Bee Losses?

UK PM election: Oh dear, Shrub is already trying to cozy up to Broon

Texas Mother Accused of cutting off her 3 month baby boy's genitals

Are you guys buying the Gibbon's former partner's story?

Howard Kurtz wonder's why Sharpton isn't outraged about the shock jocks fantasy rape of Rice & Bush.

Rudy Campaign Reportedly Snubs Farmer For Not Being Rich; Will Media Cover It?

You are responsible for the crimes of others

Bush still has to learn “the buck stops here” when it comes to presidential decisions - Helen Thomas

Bush stalling while Americans die

Tenet and Powell should both be brought up on charges

The Bush I See

Hilarious review of the Larry the Cable Guy movie "Delta Farce"

Chicago Tribune columnist fueled right-wing bloggers on false accusation against Obama

"Success is not no violence"....

Cosmopolitan Religious-Right Groups Travel to Europe to Fight Gay Marriage, Abortion

That Blog Reader Survey Skinner and Josh Marshall asked us to Take...Doesn't Work for Me!

Imus sidekick Bernard McGuirk is unbelievably DUMB. Sharpton eating his lunch on Hannity and Colmes

Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day

Scott Ritter hammers another one.....

U.S.-led raid kills at least 40 civilians in Afghanistan

not only in china are pigs dying...

CBS contributor Dobbs defends false leprosy claim after confrontation by CBS' Stahl

Did anyone else here mention Amy Goodman in the surveymonkey poll?

So, is being a venture capitalist a good thing or a bad thing?

George W. Bush, inappropriately handsy

Still wondering what caused Va. Tech? Would you believe civil rights?!

Draft Dodger Cheney Warns G.I.’s in Iraq Of Tough Fight Still Ahead For Them

The Feds can listen to my phone conversations. I have nothing to hide....

David Gregory, Byron York repeated myth of Giuliani as 9-11 hero, omitting criticism

Crooksandliars: Cafferty on Gonzo "What a loser!"

Army Tries Incentives to Keep Officers

Bill Richardson on the Tonight Show in a few minutes n/t

Why I'm concerned Attorneygate might blow over

RANT - who are the benefactors of the Iraq War?

New charges against former CIA official (Kyle "Dusty" Foggo)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Jeff Farias subs for Mike

26,000 Iraqi oil workers set to strike over oil giveaway law pending in Parliament

Glenn Beck: MM is Captain I Hate America.

..."This is STUPID, let's stop"...Five words a president should be willing to hear.. and to act upon

DoD to 'augment civilian law' during pandemic or bioterror attack

Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. Study Finds (more lies exposed)

3,387 U. S troops now dead in W's war of choice

A good site to track and read Shrub's signing statements

Justice officials detail Goodling’s partisan witchhunt. The New York Times reports

Bill Moyer's Journal - DON"T MISS

The weather forecast: Has it become another propoganda tool?

Sean Hannity: "Fear of getting fired" is a great way to silence liberal college professors

Outsourcing: Not just for blue collar anymore. Now hitting Journalism

'I love you. Watch your back.’: Rockland mom recalls talking to 20-year-old days before his death


I find the TV show "Jericho" too close to home for comfort. What

Freeper "Doug from Upland" (Major nut) responds to Howard Dean

CNN: Bush Resigns.

Glenn Beck and a Jewish president

"The State Within" a MUST SEE

Well, I saw a "gas line" tonight.

Doomed Jet Took Off While Others Waited

Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress - The Boston Globe

Saw this bumper sticker today: "GIVE WAR A CHANCE."

HELP My brother in law is considering joining the Armed forces. He thinks he won't go to Iraq

NYT editorial: Gonzales is saying he's weathered the storm; "We can only hope he is wrong."

Next week set your Tivo's for Link TV

Glenn Beck: Mormon conservative says he's on a mission from God

Your DU inbox has been changed slightly

Mrs. John Roberts (Supreme) gets a new job.

DUzy Awards will be delayed this week

Tempe looking good tonight!

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

CNN International "Bush Resigns"

It's 'Real Time' with Bill Maher!

Paul Craig Roberts: One War Criminal Down, A Fistful to Go

My Worse Nightmare coming true

Digby: Who Do They Think They Are? (Washington Press Corps)

Would anybody like 122,000 flags to do the Iraq Body Count Flag Memorial??

Edwards unveils $8 billion college scholarship program

Why Monica will Sing

Glenn Beck resurrects "Love America or Leave it"

Book TV Schedule: May 12th - 14th

Giuliani Snubs Iowa Family Because They Aren't Millionaires

Mary Cheney's book is now selling for $.07 on Amazon

BREAKING: New charges brought against Cunningham case bigwigs Brent Wilkes and Kyle "Dusty" Foggo.

I just messed with a cop and boy! was he PISSED!

Why is abortion such an issue in the U.S?

Gonzales no longer running DoJ ?? Did he say that? Wexler Grilling quote.

The globalization of electronic election theft

Romney cites Scripture on gay marriage (AP)

I hate to be crass about issues so important to our lives....

Giuliani & Abortion - Waiting to hear from the Bishops on this one.

CNN International's Freudian Slip:

Schlozman to Jud. Committee: I can't make hearing next week...vacation!

Vet: Chaplains tried to convert me

Media Matters: Howie Kurtz quotes conservative bloggers on Sebelius...without facts.

Edward's price tag

Man on Ky. Gov. 'Hit List' Gets Job Back (AP)

a sad day in Illinois....

Dear Dems: Impeach Gonzales now or STFU.

Bill Bradley: I hear fairly credible stories about him (W) and a well-known sex star."

John Kerry Picked The Wrong Year To Run

Ethics Tremor Makes California GOP Rep. Lewis’ Pedestal a Little Wobbly

Schlozman case gets even more curious

McClatchy: Bush stalling while Americans die

7/7 bomber ID'd by MI5 six months prior to attack

A Mother's Day Message to George!

Check in Cheney' s Shoes First

Thousands of Nuclear Arms Workers See Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed

The wrong time to say, 'No, thanks' (Katrina)

30 Years Of War Profiteering Ahead For Western Oil Companies

Dismantling Voting Rights Enforcement

U.S.-Russia fray under Bush

Commentary: Mother’s Day doesn’t hide bias against working moms

14 Women's Groups Send Wal-Mart Mother's Day Challenge

NYT: In a New Role, Senator Clinton’s Strategist in Chief

Making a case for impeachment

Bloodshed rises in Iraq as US demands 'victory'

Ted Turner Calls for an End to Fighting and a Focus

Ray Coughenour, Colonel (Ret) US Army: Why Keep Playing When The Game is Over

As In Vietnam, Casualties Rise In Iraq While U.S. Dithers

Pondering "hard ball" US/UK governments as Iraq whistleblowers are sent to jail and media ignores

Censored! ...News in America Today

David Sirota: Secret Trade Deal Battle: K Street vs. Middle America

1973 Vs. 2007

Russia, CAsia leaders agree landmark gas pipeline deal - AFP


Climate: Time Is Short

Morales Pushes Energy Nationalization - AP

Nigeria: Militants promise a month of 'mayhem' in oil delta

(S.Korea) Migrating birds' habitat threatened by sea wall - Independent

Alliant plans to build big wind farm (200 MW Iowa)

Another nuclear phase out biting the dust: Wisconsin working to end ban.

FM: Creation of Palestine requires West Bank exit

Mickey Mouse lookalike back on Hamas TV

Fox guarding the henhouse? Ex Diebold rep to head SD Voter Registration

X-Post: Political Videos, Greg Palast and RFK Jr. in NYC - May Day 2007

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, May 12, 2007

Campaign aide to Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) indicted for voter fraud in North Carolina.

It's HAMMERTIME (for evoting machines)

CA: Landshark Takes A Bite Out Of A Republican Rag

Wait!... "Dismissed" FL election contests headed to FULL HOUSE VOTE!?!?!

Subject of Times profile dies in Iraq

Ski star's cousin kills cop, then gets killed

U.S. charges suspected Taliban ally in heroin ring

UN watchdog (IAEA) denies Iran blocked nuke visit

Bill seeks to force Mercer to pick job

White House Counsel Taps Two Former N.Y. Prosecutors

Prosecutors of Shields file motion(to prohibit testimony re: Todd Graves/Bradley Scholzman)

Former W.Va. prosecutor says he has 'concerns' about firing by Bush administration

Mogadishu blast kills 3 as top UN aid official visits

Bank may vote No Confidence in Wolfowitz

Army Tries Incentives to Keep Officers

Ret. Gen: Iraq straining National Guard

Fla. Man, 90, Gets His First Hole in One

Up to 10 Taliban die in air raids

Child Care Workers Get Right to Unionize (NY)

Warming Triggers 'Alarming' Retreat Of Himalayan Glaciers

U.S. relations with Russia have gone steadily downhill under Bush

Son of Iraqi vice president survives bomb attack

TV producers, guild anticipate strike

Top US labour group wary of bipartisan trade deal

Football reference trips up GOP hopeful (Brownback)

Chertoff urges data-sharing deal with EU

A Senate bid? Daub (R-Ne) schedules a press conference (Hagel's seat)

Massive clashes in Pakistan leave 16 dead

Smoke rises from vicinity of Green Zone after explosions heard in Baghdad

Al-Hakim calls for "security agreement"

CNN International Chyron: "Bush Resigns"

5 GIs dead, 3 missing after Iraq attack

Iraqi Parliament Objects to Baghdad Wall

EU proposes monitoring radical mosques

Zimbabwe to chair major UN body

Switzerland Investigating BAE Arms Deals

Hub judge scolds Gonzales for misconduct case pace

Mother's Day and my Mom's b'day are less than a week apart. Should I...

The Congress Game

Can too much ventolin give you a heart attack?

It's late, but I wanted to thank those of you who stuck by me

help me find the sad fuck smilie

so post a surprise here

I Know It's Kinda Late...but what I gotta say can't wait!

My last radio show today from 6-8am CDT.

the greatest DU thread EVAR!

Does anybody need more "COWBELLS" in their cereal this morning ?

Looks like LaraMN had fun last night...

Turtle attacking a cat.(or two)

Youtube gone wild.....

Boat Trash for Lunch tomorrow

Hiring a wet t-shirt

Wish me luck today--taking on GD.

If, when describing a person they just met,

Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him...

Great online self defense program!

I was (am) taking medication for depression...

Under normal circumstances, I completely oppose capital punishment...

Okay, I'm 51 years old, and I am SO not wearing the "new" (old)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for creamed corn...

Choose your drug!

Do you like peaks or valleys?


Somebody please call work and tell them I died.

In honor of creamed corn, a little CSNY, to start the day right...

Would you consider peanut butter and balogna a gastronomic faux pas?

I have been banned from the laundry room!!

A friendly reminder: Feed your mailbox today.

Canadians are lightweights - if you know what I mean

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for my story....

Four Saved From Giant Vat of Fish Feces

I hereby resolve to end all my spurting on DU...

Hummers are back!!!!

Wis. Farmer Finds New Calf Has Two Noses

Mom gets lillies...

Poll for all who are interested

From the Archives of Republican lies

Wanted: Amazon Free Shipping Promotional Code

Thanks, everyone. What a bad night (er, week.)

Wham! Bam! I am, a man!

So did you see Jane Fonda on Colbert?

Clean your inbox lately?

God damn it, why do my parents keep shrinking?

I wasn't expecting all the Mother's Day

Is it true as oil runs out, we are gonna run outta condoms?


OK, really really really rawk, dude.

Mother's day for peace. I just learned something.

I'm cranky and hungover today

Anyone else not celebrate mother's day?

Any suggestions on where to get a good deal on spare tires?

Tanning booths...

"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" from AT FILLMORE EAST:

Okay, post here which DU'er should crush me!

I Found The Best Theory on "L O S T " (Spoiler Alert)

INSULT POST: You're as ugly as witches feet and you have the moral fiber of a sewer rat!!

What if you could get a wet nurse who served alcohol?

He he he, early 90s Canadian rap

O.M.G. The 1980s did not start the trend of wearing big corporate logos on clothing!

Slightly naughty photo


most creative use for saran wrap

Can chipmunks grow their tails back?

anyone graduating today...?

We're having pizza for supper. Who's coming over?

Wish me luck today--taking the GED.

Casting asparagus

I need a hotel in NYC ... STAT!

Congratulations to my Corgi!

Random I am.

tonite i'm going to see james mcmurty, unknown hinson, paul thorn and about 20 other acts

Fla. Man, 90, Gets His First Hole in One

I am still confused on shaving.

If I could be serious for a moment...

Any suggestions on where to get a good deal on tires?

Weird Itunes issue

Anyone here, besides me, being stalked by a right-winger or two?

Today I learn how to post photos on DU...

about train dreams

Ooh! I have an idea!

We're pretty lucky to be home right now and not in the hospital.

What'cha drinkin' tonight, Lounge?

Why ?

any interesting hitch-hiker stories you'd like to share?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/12/2007)

My right eyelid has been twitching for three days.

among celebrity groupies you have to give it up for Bebe Buell in terms of taste

So you think you had a bad day.

Tomato fuzz, water drops, pink blossoms and LGB {Little Green Bastards} [dial-up warning]

Happy birthday mvd & av8rdave!!

Question for the ladies of the DU Lounge.

My cat just lost a fight with a bracelet

Natalie Portman 24/7 (I Think I've Died and Gone To Heaven!)

Are you a Flamer? Take the simple test.

Just found out my Mom will be in the hospital for Mothers Day

African driver ants are exceedingly unpleasant little creatures.

One of the best LOLcats ever.

Choose your relief?

Cello Fans......Or folks who are high.... or local bookstore?

Mother's Day story from the ELLEN show....

I have dirt on a neighbour I don't like, how shall I handle this?

Okay Everybody FREEZE!

I did something (evidently) very stupid I did last night. Ask me anything.

Anyone remember Slade?

I just made me some nice pasta something or other

Put her in jail sign the jail paris petition

baby parrot picts>>>all grown up

I should stop babbling.

Why are there men screaming "fuck you" at each other on a nice afternoon


For Moms who aren't with us anymore.

If "Only Nixon could go to China", then how do we complete "Only Shrub could ______"?

Name something after Ronald Reagan!

My dog is right next to me - ask her anything!

Are you happy with your username?

The train thread was fun. How about a car song thread?

Local news reporting outsourced to India

Child Care Workers Get Right to Unionize (NY)

Harvard Students End Hunger Strike Over Guards' Wages

Show Your Solidarity and Aid Iraqi Labor Unions (buy a button)

WP: O'Malley Orders Search For Cuts Shortfall Expected To Force Layoffs (Maryland )

NYT: Suits Alleging Pay Violations at Restaurants

Union Busting Cleveland Cinemas Settles Dispute with Labor

16 workers die per day, report says (too few OSHA inspectors and low penalties)

Aint nothing (George Bush) - mist

Hillary vs Obama

The Doha Debates part 2 ...stifling debate

The Doha Debates part 3

The Doha Debates part 4

Sam Stone by John Prine

Vote Vets Jon Soltz on MSNBC Dayside


Stephen Colbert----Jann Wenner Rolling Stone



Fossil Free by '33...

EarthDay 2007: ZAP! Electric Vehicles - The Showroom Tour...

H. Clinton: Invest in Clean Energy Technology...

The Doha Debates part 1--Has the Israeli lobby stifled debate in the media?

The Doha Debates part 5

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum

Bill Richardson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Real USA: Pushing through policies without the people...

Jeremy Scahill Testifies on Defense Contracting, 5.10.2007

Hey! Don't worry be happy - GMO Foods Allow Reduced Plowing of Soil...

Bahrain & Kuwait prepared for US/IRAN war Are you?


For Mothers Day---You Find Yourself

A Memorial Day Message from John Edwards - Support Our Troops, End The War In Iraq

New Rules (05-11-07)

Jon Stewart----Republican Debate

Stephen Colbert---Jane Fonda

Tribute To Mother Earth and Those Who Love Her


Reza Aslan Returns to The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart

Robert Greenwald vs. Jack Kingston (war profiteering hearing)

REPOSTED: Al Gore For President 2008

Greg Palast and RFK Jr. in NYC - May Day 2007

I'm a Confirmed Atheist, but mind keeps thinking, over and over, "Please God..."

Hello, I must be going--a clear message from the Iraqis

Robert Dallek, Michael Beschloss w/ Charlie Rose tonight - WOW!

Yet another pet food recall

Blacklisted Writer Bernard Gordon Dies (AP)

C-SPAN2 now - Gen. Benjamin Mixon from Iraq -- MORE TROOPS NEEDED!

Ray LaHood ( "moderate eleven" GOP leader replay from WJ on NOW on C-SPAN2

Remember this oldie but goodie pic before the '06 election?

Bush, American voters and the doctrine of free will

Extreme right-wing front organizations in the US, an example in point.

Will Monica cry in front of the Senate?

Cheney talks tough from the hangar of a carrier - I'd like to see how tough he talks if .......

Haditha officials who wanted killings investigated were accused of spreading propaganda by the US

Cheney to seek Saudi help on Iraq, Iran

Falwell: Working to Preserve Religious Expression in School

Washington Post Editorial Board, Richard Perle Collude To Spin Pre-War Iraq Record

Maybe * and the Iraqi "Congress" will vacation together..where shall we send them

DoD to block troop access to Myspace, Youtube, MTV, Blackplanet , photobucket, more

ROVE's Republican Manifesto

Irony alert: May is National Military Appreciation Month

So, Has gonzAllAss Gotten Away With It?

John Edwards: Support the troops by Ending the war

And then there were 10? Former W.Va. Prosecutor Says He Has 'Concerns' About Firing By Bush Admin.

5 G.I.'s killed, 3 missing in Baghdad attack. cheney seeks help in Mideast

Iraq president hopes troops can stay (for 1, 2 more years)

General Casey says 5 to 10 more years in Iraq is possible

Article: "Democrats are losing zeal for lobbyist reform"

"I'm Harry" By Bill Moyers

Washington Post Editorial Board, Richard Perle Collude To Spin Pre-War Iraq Record

Met Brownback & Tancredo today

Fed Up in Louisiana

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat/ 5/12... the REAL benchmark?

NY Times to Report: "Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq"

Moms Spend Their Weekend Protesting Iraq Occupation

I can't wait until Tom Cruise is President!

Three US Newspapers Reverse 100-Year-Old Stand on Death Penalty

Sell pot you go to jail, push OxyContin and.....

The "Taliban" Bush is killing by the boatload now were only about 10 years old on 9/11/01

Fred Thompson backed into a corner

National Intelligence Director Knocks Down Hoekstra

I would like to see a post from skinner

US death toll in Iraq surges to at least 3,390

General Montano: War in Iraq Has Overstretched National Guard Resources Here at Home

Salon's War Room: Collection of Bush Admin Quotes On Benchmarks ('Sometimes, it's hard to keep up')

Fox guarding the henhouse? Ex Diebold rep to head SD Voter Registration

Five US-led soldiers killed, three feared captured

Local VA Fighting a National Nightmare

CNN reporting 4 or 5 US soldiers dead and 3 more are missing from one battle today

Harmful Algal Blooms (can kill your dog or cat, etc.)

Sherrod Brown and Betty Sutton on new trade deal

Rebroadcast of Gonzo hearing from Thursday 5/10/97 coming up at

Ten simple steps for closing an open society


Iraq Funding Bill Too Oily

Sad story: Hunt for abducted 3 year-old in Portugal

Looking for a specific Pickles picture...

Reuters being purchased by a Canadian firm??

Journal-related question: Is there any way to get viewing statistics on your journal?

all the pay phones have been removed, it seems.

Killing Civilians (NYT)

Iraq War: Figurative question.

Death by a thousand foiled terror plots.

***Note: CSpan is re-running Gonzo testimony from Thursday***

Help Needed to find source of this quote by a Military Brass....

Former Diebold Sales Rep Becomes Registrar of Voters in San Diego

Nice program on James Brown on

"Attack Shows Peril for Iraqi Journalists"

Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

Bill Clinton may get own campaign plane as he barnstorms the country for Hillary

Cheney: Public Doesn't Support Withdrawal From Iraq

"Americans buy ten thousand gallons of gasoline a second"

for your amusement.

Governors say war has gutted Guard-States fear lack of disaster response

The Pope battles drugs

The first signs of budget cuts to the National Hurricane Center are appearing.

Impeachment Bill Gets Another Sponsor...

Unbelievable Nigerian Email Scam I just Got

Warming Triggers 'Alarming' Retreat Of Himalayan Glaciers

So are there no DUzies?

General Says National Guard Is Weakened by Deployments in Iraq


ha ha

h2 recovery vehichle

What if we had been successful in Iraq?

The reason Tommy Thompson said gays could be fired was because he had diarrhea?

Speaker Pelosi: As A Mother

I would say it is a safe bet that a lot of Iraqis are being tortured right now

Screenshot from CNN, amusingly ironic spelling on church sign

Religious Groups Granted Millions for Pet Projects

Blair Faces Questions Over Alleged US Plan to Attack al-Jazeera

for all my moaning about Lamb and CSpan.. They are doing

Michael Moore's diary on Daily Kos

3394 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

this is where Mother's Day started.. 1870 LINK> got to read this, it was an anti war day

I’ve met so many really cool people on DU.

NBC: FBI investigating Gov. Gibbons (R-NV)

WCPT in Chicago is broadcasting Steve Malzberg - WTF??

Impeach! It's Now Or Never

I Have Now 100% Given up on the Media

Top Teacher Shown the Door After Showing “Baghdad ER”

Most annoying political myths of all time--LIST YOURS

Romney: US needs stronger military because "EEEEVIL exists"!!

This is cool--Around the World in a Solar Airplane

TV producers, guild anticipate strike

U.S. relations with Russia have gone steadily downhill under Bush

Faux & American Thinker/Ed LASKY recycling old items about Univision voter registration drive

Due to the startling increase in brain injuries coming from the Iraq troubles,

Preparations in the works to steal 2008. .

It's 1 am and this thing is slower than mallases

Time is only a fly.

alan keyes says Christ would not vote for Obama. Ha ha & ha.

Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker on Barack Obama

NYT (5/13): Army Career Behind Him, General Speaks Out on Iraq (Batiste)

Apologies. One can only post so many articles about faux snot for an electronic nose

Kiwi judge calls Blair a criminal

i saw BOBBY today

"One may smile, and smile, and be a villain."

Yet Another Purged U.S. Attorney? (West Viginia)

Evangelical 'leader': A vote for romney is a vote for....SATAN!

Mother's Day - Mondays' Mother of a March? Sunday vigils? Code Pink picnic, or movie? other?

Kuwait reviews readiness for possible war - ARE YOU?

Iraqi parliament EXACTLY RIGHT to go on vacation

Bus Travel Not What it Used to Be

Righteous romney cites Scripture on gay marriage. Wow, I'm so impressed

Reminder: food bank pick-up day for mail carriers

Can we try to tone down the flame wars? PLEASE?

CSPAN2 * 12noon* Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media

NBC: FBI Investigating Gov. Gibbons (R-NV)

Health Care Payment System...some random thoughts...

Why isn't Biden a viable candidate...

A great American event now a shell of its former self. Pole day at Indianapolis.

Does anyone here remember the movie

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

Feet of clay, they all have feet of clay.

The ambushed & missing soldiers were in the same town that Abeer & her family were murdered by GI's

What fresh hell is this?

Don't look at this! It will NOT make your day any better! DON'T LOOK!!!!

Three US firms recall beef

The Realignment of America - The native-born are leaving "hip" cities for the heartland.

Bush Is CRYING Again ---pix--->>>

US Vets With PTSD Not Getting Equal And Fair Compensation From VA, Says New Report

So When Do Our Votes Get Serious????

"Texans vote to add 'God' to state pledge", Rapture ready board elated!

Structure-hitters and the Rapture-ready - the tag team from hell

John Edwards: Support Our Troops, End The War In Iraq -

High-testosterone People Feel Rewarded By Others' Anger, New Study Finds

Frank Rich - Earth To GOP: The Gipper Is Dead

Which candidate is marketing him/herself the best?

Open Letter to the Members of the US Congress who Oppose the War on Iraq

oops! Brownback asserts Manning, not Favre, is greatest QB (in WISCONSIN!)

Three American soldiers are captured,this is why you don't torture.

Bush flashes the "devil sign" when he is with the queen

Aide to Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), arrested on voter fraud charges.

Did I ever tell y'all the story about Mormons baptizing my ( Southern Baptist ) Dad posthumously?

US study finds billions of Iraqi oil missing

Remember if the Democrats don't win in 2008, the Supreme Court will shift hard right

Unable to find millionaire farmer Giuliani abandons campaign event.

I want a President who thinks.

Just had an idea: DIY food-testing kit. Is it possible?

Soldier's letter: Army needs the draft

Department of defense to block troop access to Myspace, Youtube, MTV, Blackplanet , photobucket and

Rep. Maxine Waters Speaks Out for Impeachment

Mother's Day for Peace

Quite possibly one of the stupidest ads ever on DU.

So, DU should just start our own publishing company shouldn't we?

"Democratic party would be a lot more successful if it were more tolerant of those who are religious

Anti rape condom

Americans find it difficult to accept that their 'leaders' are war criminals.

In Iraq, "Longing for the Devil they Know"

Putting a male face on the fertility/abortion issue.

Want to end the war?

The spotlight in the U.S. attorney firings has come to rest on Kansas City.

The slow return to the 'Victorian Era', bible-belt style.

John Edwards offers many big ideas (LA Times/AP)

"When I am sitting in a cell, *then* I will call it fascism...

ACTION ALERT! Thursday's Secret Trade Deal by DLC Dem Leadership expands NAFTA

IEC fusion, simple, elegant, can power a trip to Saturn in 76 days

Palast Has Rove's E-Mails - "Its All About The Votes"

Know your BFEE: Spawn of Wall Street and the Third Reich

Organic Vegetables marked "Product of China." Woodstock Farms!

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 11, 2007***

Disabled Army veteran, 55, offers to mow lawns to fund dog's surgery

Dupe!!! Please delete!

Ex-ambassadors seek removal of appointee (Foxie)

Obama energizes St. Louis, picks some endorsements

Did anyone watch Govenor Richardson on Leno tonight.. if so, how was he?

Joe Scarborough performed a sort of exorcism in Imus's studio this morning on MSNBC

CNN International Chyron: "Bush Resigns"..............SIKE!

DU THIS POLL!!! A Just War?

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Romney....Not a "Good Neighbor" in NH....

Embattled Bush agrees to reports on Iraq progress

(rethug) Congressman Says Home Purchase Was 'Pretty Much Aboveboard'

Ex-U.S. Attorney Questions Own Firing

Listen to a Conversation with Thomas Jefferson.

I think that the real problem with Republicans is

93 Year Old Republican to vote for Democrat because of Bush

Our press is out of control

CBS Sheer Hypocrisy in Firing Gen. John Batiste

So the "surge" is working? Causing more violence in "restive province"

Richardson to air ads in Iowa

Richardson woos labor vote

LOL!! Brownback drew boos and groans in Wisconsin saying Manning, not Favre, best quarterback

Congressman McHenry's Campaign Aide Indicted

‘Undue influence’: Wal-mart, Google, GE press China to curb workers’ rights

Obama Assails Private Medicare Plans

(Tommy) Thompson Revises Apology on Gay Comment - AP

58% of Americans want a "truly competitive" third political party.

Mayors running for president

Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark to endorse Obama

Religion/Abortion...My Decision

BUSH RESIGNS! (no. not really.)

Heads Up: Obama to be on ABC with Steph tomorrow.

Newark Mayor Booker says he will endorse Obama for President

The Annhole Florida voting scandal

The Video is up for this weeks Bill Moyers Journal!!! Here's the link if you missed it.

Obama leading Hillary in new South Carolina poll...

Goodling Granted Immunity in DOJ Probe

Political Limericks

Calvert Caught in the Act With Prostitute, Lied, Attempted to Run From Police

NYT: See You in September, Whatever That Means

Five U.S. troops killed in house-to-house searches in Iraq, and more reasons for U.S. withdrawal

The American Food Supply - where's the outrage?

TIME: Hillary's Quandry on the Campaign: Will experience matter?

BUSH APPROVAL MAP: No Safe Districts For GOP (By the way, Idaho and Utah are Looney-Toons)

Did Poppy Bush steal the '88 election? A 1948-2006 Election Analysis

Remember what "Deep Throat" said

Went to see Barack Obama today in Kansas City


LGBT teen brutally harassed. Help make her legal case!

Which Democratic Presidential Candidate had the courage to say this?

Edwards proposes expansion of his "College for Everyone" program nationwide

Marcy Wheeler: The Superseding Indictments - What They Tell Us

Things you might not know about Bill Richardson

NRO....Brownback says the allegatons about Sebelius and Dean not true.

Edwards Gains Strength in Indiana

Different ways to say privatization of Social Security

On John Edwards and the War On Iraq