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Archives: May 13, 2007

Bob Herbert: The Millions Left Out

'More troops' call as Iraq murders soar

huffingtonpost: Good News in the Battle for Better Wages

NYT: Never Too Late to Vote

NYT: Senators Reach Outline on Immigration Bill


Editor & Publisher: "Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here's $500"

'More troops' call as Iraq murders soar (Observer)

The Odd Couple:Nixon and Kissinger

An Introduction to Participatory Economics (Workers of the World, Take Heed)

The madam, her girls and a city in fear

What Does a Criminal Have to Do to Get Impeached Around Here?

FRIDAYS WITH MAHER-EE SHOCKER: Republican Party's Wordsmith Backs Obama

London Mayor on US Embassy refusal to pay congestion charge.

for Mother

Energy Dept. may back up to 90% of clean energy project debt

Venezuelan Oil Losing Share of Key U.S. Market

Honda readies sleek hydrogen car for sale next year (

IPCC report, global warming and Gore's movie

Taliban's top operational commander killed-official

Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Law OK'd in Texas

U.S. Aims to Weaken G-8 Climate Change Statement

U.S. officers rejected Haditha probe request (from Iraqis)

Hundreds evacuated in Northwestern Ontario as Minnesota fire shifts

Costs Grow for Common Medicare Drugs

Bob Geldof criticizes Gore's Live Earth concerts

Clinton says Bush governs 'for the few'

Marine: Haditha deaths didn't need probe

Asian Slurs End Shock Jocks' Show on CBS

Judge Gives Immunity to Gonzales Aide

*** BREAKING *** Thatcher to replace Blair as British PM

we just watched The Game, seen it before but not all at movie...

Tiny Pies Meet Flying Insects & Others, and all this...for commerce!!

What is the song on your ipod or MP3

OK...I admit to being extraordinarally...

We just watched The Omen...

I'm obsessed with 'The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search' on CMT

Have you gotten graduation invitations for kids of people you barely know?

If you could choose a DUer to die a long, painful, shameful humiliating death as the world laughs

Boy, "Oz" is violent!

Here is a video for Mothers' Day.

Stuck home while hubby's out AGAIN. Shall I paint the downstairs entryway raspberry?

My nephew is getting married next Saturday!!!!

What song just oozes 70s for you?

Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer?

Little People, Big World. How do you not love these people.

I just got home from runnning an election today, only 44 voters showed up.

Saturday Night Pic Thread!! Us and my dogs!

Happy 100th Birthday, Ms. Hepburn!

How many days, after finishing antibiotics, does one need to wait

Fun with alcohol!

"For the last time, if you don't get that camera outta my face, I'm going to kick your ass!"

You know what is really delicious?

Molly Shannon hosting SNL tonight...

A word about wishing people a "Happy Mother's Day"

Spotted a DU bumper sticker tonight.

I am 85 posts till 1000!!!!

What TV show did a friend turn you onto that you're grateful for?

Some stupid stuff that's happened in my little town recently:

Pet peeve word misuse?

When does it become just too many damn books?

Holy Screaming Thetans! Check out this guy channelling John Cleese

More NBA Playoff Talk

Union urges fight to save St. John Riverview

Shareholders take a bite out of Apple's Jobs

Iraq Government Has Voted---So Why Are We In IRAQ

NBC report - 'Vaccines Cause Autism?'

Soldier Beaten- Tased by Las Vegas Police

Cat Chooses Next President

Patton Oswalt- Bush and Cheney as the Dukes of Hazzard

Edwards Offers Students Anti-War Advice

Veterans lament health hurdles

Robert Greenwald: Testifying to Congress on War Profiteering

Civilian Deaths Undermine War on Taliban

Democrats tell Bush it's time for Wolfowitz to go

Insurgents Launch "Jihad and Reforms Front" (target: US troops)

You hypocrits.

Anti-Spyware Bill Advances in House

With the "Surge" going on the number of people being killed by Death Squads is increasing sharply

How do they do things, rightwinger atheist?

Cheney confers with his boss. Pic>>

Larry Johnson:Hammering George Tenet

Full Truthful UFO Disclosure impossible under capitalism

BAE to face new bribes probe in US

Well lookie here --- a loyal Bushie busted for voter fraud

Larisa Alexandrovna: Pakistan Judge Vs. Attorney-Gate

Store Wars

Murdoch orders his entire empire to convert, become a worldwide enthusiast for the environment

Bill Richardson's plan for Iraq... its the best one I've heard yet...

McCain says Bush‘s numbers hurt GOP - McCain licking Bush's ass didn't help much either I betcha

Lets get on.

Iraqi parliament objects to Baghdad wall

Five Citizen-Soldiers with 875th Re-enlist for an additional six years of duty while in Iraq

SNL has a Fringe Party debate tonight.

Complete list of stupid things which won't stop you from being a Republican president:

Richard Engel, Baghdad journalist for MSNBC and his special: what happened?

Anti-illegal-immigrant law OK'd in Texas (AP)

Pootin' called us Nazi's... Look at whos talking!!!! I'm series peod at this... Down on Pootin'!!!!

So I guess Air America goes rightwing Monday morning

Did you see 'Real Time' last night, and was it good enough to

AAR changing evenings, too

Barack Obama wishes all moms a Happy Mothers Day

If Michael Dukakis had fought back harder would he have won in 1988?

Justice Kennedy: The Highly Influential Man in the Middle

Food safety alert: Lund's and Byerly's (Minnesota supermarkets)

Finally presidential candidates realize they don't have to be a dog and pony show

Holocaust survivor refuses to meet son

Soldier hopes to send furry friend home from Iraq

Kucinich impeachment measure gets fourth cosponsor

Sunday Talk Shows

I keep my bumper sticker on my den door.

Weekend at Reagan's

DKos Journal: Vermont Impeachment Message Going To Congress

Katrina Aid Program Is $2.9 Billion Short

Complete list of stupid things which will keep you from being president:

Happy Mother's Day! By CHOICE, not CHANCE

Bill Clinton films 5 minute campaign video for Hillary

I'm Out of Here, DU....

I got your voter fraud right here! LINK Patrick McHenry (R-NC) involved...

Frank Rich: Earth To GOP The Gipper Is Dead

FBI agent who interceded on behalf of Ann Coulter was her former BOYFRIEND!

Is Patrick McHenry (sleazy repuke - NC) gay?


“She believes you’re a Democrat and doesn’t feel you can be trusted.”

I am against abortion. Your choice trumps that.

Why can't we have debates like France?

This is Doug taking pictures of Black voters on election day

A shout-out to DUer Monkeyman

A fantastic & enjoyable book about reconnecting to your local food resources.

Steve Gilliard's Health Takes a Turn For the Worse

John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry in Pittsburgh (photos)

Steve Jobs is probably the only underpaid top paid American CEO in decades

A Peace-Filled Mother's Day To All DU Mothers & All Mothers Everywhere

Scandals set to explode next week on Capitol Hill

As a Canadian,I have no healthcare worries.

Impeachment - Yea Or Nay?

Newsweek tackles transgendered profiles in huge section

Generation “Be The Change” bickering w/Generation “Waiting for World To Change” Has Got To Change

Netroots Renewed:Alums from Dean's Internet staff

Barack Obama on ABC This Week tomorrow

Two instructors assaulted at youth center

GE Workers Say: ‘Screw That (Made in China) Bulb’

In Private Sector, Giuliani Parlayed Fame Into Wealth

AP: Dean Says Days Of 1-Way Campaigns Are Ending

Bush's Relations With Capitol Hill Chilly

My Dearest Preznent Bush

Barack Obama wishes all moms a Happy Mother's Day!

Self Delete - Found The Post

RFK says Palast is an extraordinary American hero

Obama's sister joins the campaign trail

I am in the market for a candidate here is the good I see in our current crop

Damn it was a great bill!

GOP eyes possible gains in '07 races

Marist Poll: Hillary 35%, Obama 17%, Edwards 15%

OHIO 2004: Did vote-switching occur in Cuyahoga County?

When I read about how the trade deal was done, I felt just like I did about the Iraq vote.

Soldier's family: 'Our son died in a pointless war'

NO MORE MR. PUNCHING BAG, What We Got Right in Iraq.....Bremmer

The struggle over Iraqi oil: Eyes eternally on the prize-I

Iraqis resist U.S. pressure to enact oil law

U.S. options in Iraq could soon narrow, ranging from unpleasant to unthinkable

Democrats war against anti-military image

Mother of 11 With a Cause, rubbed shoulders with the Kennedy clan and President Clinton

Genetic Testing + Abortion = ???

California Paper Asks on Mother's Day

That's all, folks

A BUSH FAMILY MOTHER’S DAY CARD: A Special Tribute to the Mother of All ‘Mothers’

NYT: His Army Career Behind Him, General John Batiste Is Critical of Bush: "I am outraged."

Disappeared without a trace: over 10,000 Iraqis

Holding Accomplices Accountable --WaPo Editorial

4 Mom's Day: Mother Jones played key role in 1917 streetcar strike

NYT: Riverbend, A Prominent Iraqi Blogger Flees

Garrison Keillor: Being a rebel is so 19th century

David Sirota: Journalism Becomes Stenography: From NAFTA to Iraq to The Secret Trade Deal

Three infinitely important lessons George Bush has taught America

Impeachment has to precede investigation

(Amendment II Democrats) An open Mother's Day message to Sarah Brady

please act on stopping Bush's drilling in the Arctic- only 60 days left

Deadly invasive virus kills fish in major WI lake

Intelligence Chief Backs Climate Study - WP

Danish island leads the way in clean energy

Power plant proposal faces concerns (coal gasification plant, IN)

Clinton, Bloomberg host climate summit - AP

APS dedicates New Mexico wind farm (90 MW) that will power 23,000 homes

Mexico City Getting Warmer (4-6 degrees F. in last ten years)

GREEN ENVY: What are the true environmental benefits of the "green" house movement?

Xcel may build first U.S. plant to store emissions in ground

Amish In Ohio Turned On To Solar Power

Got a case of those mean old lowdown TEOTWAWKI blues?

IPCC scientist to be on Art Bell tonight

Global Warming 101

Four dead in Gaza factional violence

'We can fire 3,000 rockets a day' says Nasrallah

U.S., EU ambassadors said set to skip Jerusalem Day ceremonies

Qaeda-led group in Iraq says holding "crusader" soldiers

Hicks could return home this week

Brazil Rancher on Trial for (American) Nun Killing

Iraq to bar press from blast scenes

Bush Playfully Conducts Orchestra in Va

Family of girl, 12, sues after 'Brokeback' shown in class

Edwards works the union crowd

Iraqis resist U.S. pressure to enact oil law

Cerberus Likely Buyer of Chrysler

At Jamestown celebration, Bush says US proud to spread liberty

US Senate eyes breakthrough in Iraq impasse

Senior Republican senator slams Iraqi government

Civilian Deaths Undermine War on Taliban

In Private Sector, Giuliani Parlayed Fame Into Wealth

Leppert, Oakley Face Runoff For Dallas Mayor Post

Anti-illegal-immigrant law OK'd in Texas

Venezuelan Oil Losing Share of Key U.S. Market

Moore critical of Bush investigation

Welch Urged To Back Impeachment (Vermont Meeting)

Iraqis encounter passport roadblocks

U.S. National Guard chief says funds lagging risks

Cheney says U.S. would discuss Iraq situation with Iran

Iraq PM says more troops for volatile Diyala

Attack on Kurdish officials in Iraq kills 35

Iraqi PM agrees to bigger Sunni role

Open Letter to the Members of the US Congress who Oppose the War on Iraq

Iran arrests 10 at border with "spying" gear-TV

Disappeared without a trace: over 10,000 Iraqis

Stryker Losses in Iraq Raise Questions - Five Lost in One Week

Comedy Writers Go for Another Hit—a Union Voice

IAEA inspectors 'in Iran'

al-Qaida says it has missing U.S. troops

US seeks G8 climate text changes

Car bomb kills 30 in northern Iraq - police

Secular Turks protest ahead of early elections

'More troops' call as Iraq murders soar - 234 bodies dumped in Baghdad in only 11 days

Karachi smoulders after political killings

Afghan, Pakistani forces exchange fire, four dead

No DU bumper sticker but I see one of those Coexist stickers

Rewatching LOTR on TBS is going to make me read the books once more

Really need a neck massage. Will compensate with smilies.

why fucking bother?

Good Night DU. I leave you with JFK.

I called my aunt (whose son just died this last Xmas Eve) today

Awesome psychological colour-changing card trick!

The GOP's biggest donor

The husband's asleep and Im bored bored BORED (help!)

6 cups of chopped spinach sounds like a lot,

I Want To Wish All Mothers A Very Happy Day, One of Many

I have two uncles named Ole.


Oasis' 'Live Forever' tagged Greatest Indie Anthem

757 Haiku by Mrs. Venation. (Got any original haiku?)

a good time was a had by all! some pics from HeatWave

A message from Christopher Walken's mother

I just feel like sharing...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/13/07)


I am a 35 year old twenty-something with a headache. Ask me anything!

I have a major crisis!

Welp, my mommy left to see her parents in AZ this morning.

It's time for today's Sunday School lesson.

I'm feeling very drowsy...

There are sleepless nights, when sometimes you just have to write...

Nudists seek to attract younger members

My Perception- Am I Wrong?


If you haven't seen Run Lola Run


Thanks Mom, for calling me at midnight to wish me a Happy Mother's Day

Does FedEx run service on Sundays?

What happens to people who lie all the time?

Urgently need help getting a foxy lady to work!

well, the mower ran out of gas before I finished the back yard weeds

Karma Hunters

Happy Mothers Day Mom

What's for breakfast?

Happy birthday unsavedtrash!!

Dial up warning. Photo essay. Desert Color and stuff

New Paris Hilton video that makes actual sense! (New York City)

Kiki's Commentary - Ann Coulter

"Compound W is the greatest solace in the universe" Albert Einstein.

Who remembers the fried chicken wars?

Er, sorry 'bout that.

Dang. First she couldn't sing the National Anthem...

"Lots of folks come by the farm and p/u " What does p/u mean? I have just started corresponding wi...

What great Mother's Day Weekend! Eeeek!

the car thread was fun, how about a bicycle thread?

Does anyone know how ro get melted wax out of a carpet?

At Colorado Rockies games, they still do 'God Bless America'

Free streaming movies online

Only $88 spent at Target today

The bicycle thread was fun, how about an "Annoy Primate1" thread?

I accidentally kicked my computer over :(

The annoy Primate1 Thread Was Fun, Now How About A Kick Rabrrrrr's butt Thread?

"Compound interest is the greatest force in the universe" Albert Einstein.

Where can I get a kitten?

I'm going to go see Porcupine Tree tonight!

Armless, One-Legged Driver Leads Chase

Watch me play a tune on bass and take a stand

Insomnia SUCKS. I think I'd rather be sick.

How old are Skinner and Elad?

Spider man is way cooler than me.

When did spellcheck become anathema in GD??

I know you'll hate this, Mom, but I love you


It's one of those gorgeous, soft late-spring New England evenings.

And now... a classic from The Clash!

Phone Trick...

Coffeenaplette turns 13 today! Woohoo! We're at ACEN!!

Okay, what online music service has the Beatles catalogue? Big goose egg with iTunes and Urge.

Did I screw up the grout in the shower with Lime-Away?

Moody Cat

Do you keep the skeletons in your closet on hangers?

What a beautiful Mother's Day!

Does your dog ever decide to "sleep in"?

The Lounge is so quiet. I guess everybody's out picnic-ing with Mom.

You shook me!

Is online poker rigged?

I have some very sad news to report

sorry guys

Okay, sock it to me - post an AWFUL music video.

Join me.

Urgently need help getting FireFox to work!

Songs about MOTHERS!!!

Meteorologists deserve 1/20th of their current pay.

Right. Is walking 4 miles/day too much for a lad who, right now, walks 1 mile/day?

Loungers...please read my thread in GD about a DU'ers documentary.

So, if the ATM eats your debit card

What are your favourite movie endings?

Whatever happened to Charlie Daniels? Here is his first hit, Uneasy Rider

how about another pic thread ??

Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat

Dog gets medal for saving kids


What's it like to live in the suburbs?

Happy birthday, Stephen Colbert.

What is it that's keeping you from running for president?

What is the most annoying song of all time?

For your amusement: Recent garden project finished (Dial-up warning!)

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for May 13: Mother's Day Edition

Favre Demands Trade

National Grid, unions reach deal

Sunday funny about impeachment

Members Talk Back to AFSCME: Women on the Move

New York Union Fights City’s Union-Busting Tactic

Kaiser Permanente Employees Join United Nurses Associations of California for a Voice in Patient Car

Union Plus Credit Card Makes the Grade NOW OPEN TO ALL

Labor, community support fired hotel workers

Health Care, Iraq, Jobs Are Top Issues in Working Families Vote 2008 Forum

Pedal Power - Employees Of Mount Washington Bike Shop Go Union

Chicago: "Call for Religious Leadership" (Obama Endorsements)

The British Army.

Shocking & Awful: Globalization at Gunpoint...

Shocking & Awful: National Insecurities...

Shocking & Awful: Resistance at Home...

Barbara Olshansky Speaking at World Tribunal on Iraq...

Family, Walter Reed connection

The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam

The Paranoia Show: "Bush Inc. on the Eve of Destruction"

Pablo, Carmen and Venus 3 unwanted puppies

"Free Paris"

Tony Blankley - Hypocrite Much?

Bush Abstinence-Advocate Used Escort Service...

For All Our Mothers on the DU and Everywhere

Shocking & Awful: Erasing Memory...

Freedom and Peace: The Lark Ascending

FDA Finds Chinese Food Producers Shut Down

Taliban Interview part 1/2

Mother Earth on Mother's Day

Don't Work For The NSA (Good Will Hunting)

Condoleeza Rice & CODEPINK faceoff in Senate!

Ehren Watada: a Soldier Refuses an Illegal War

George Carlin - American Bullsh*t

9/11 Heroes Respond To Bush Admin 'SiCKO' Investigation

Tony Snow Slams The 'Hateful,' 'Polarized' Blogosphere...

Karl Rove Fights With The Microsoft Paper Clippy Guy.

tethered balloon wind generator

The West Wing calls out the right wing

A tribute to DUER Monkeyman

John Kerry talks with bloggers

Jon Stewart ---What Is Your Job ----LOL

Dr. Laura to G.I. wives: No whining

Levin Folding on Iraq. Please contact Levin's office

OPUS witnesses the discovery of yet another universal truth

happy mothers day

Does anyone have a link to pics of Rudy in drag?

Dood! Have you seen this site? Hilarious

Excellent Video About The Porn Industry On The Web; Well Done

A Mother’s Day Plea

Boxer ripped into Graham on CNN

Woman Gets Prison for Caging Grandson

U.S. Aims to Weaken G-8 Climate Change Statement

McCain: "I'll be glad to [go] back to that market with or without military protection."

Iraqi Parliament Votes Against Security Walls

Saudi, Dow sign deal to build petrochem plant

Candlelight vigils, I have had little experience with these but this week my sons friend in

3,394 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war, 3 missing

From the first 2000 Presidential Debate

A classic Mother's Day YouTube.

Watch Obama and George Stephanopoulous here

A classic Mother's Day YouTube.

Just finished watching a Star Trek episode.........

Watch Obama and George Stephanopoulous here

A classic Mother's Day YouTube.

Hey the number one taliban guy in Afghanistan may of been Killed

America will be at war for ten years

A wonderful imaginary friend.

what happened to demopedia?

Somebody help me find two quotes

Let's send gonzales bibs (in primary colours)...

I should stop babbling.

CSPAN- Amy Goodman & Greg Palast on C-SPAN; "I have Rove's emails"

Barack, Hillary, babylonsister aka Ruth, wishes all moms a great and

Check out my journal from last year.

Someone wanted the Bush Center for Intelligence sign fixed

Oh Oh - violence surging in Iraq- truckbomb kills 30

Most US Generals Don't Agree with Bush on Iraq

Iraqi government plans to ban journalists from the scene of violent incidents

Oddly Enough to start the day

Mama Tried

Thousands of Nuclear Arms Workers Have Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed


McClatchy: Disappeared without a trace: over 10,000 Iraqis

Oh, so now it's "the abortion OBSESSION". Whose??---OURS??

California Paper Asks on Mother's Day: How Many More Young Americans Will Be Killed in Iraq?

Bob Geldof Trashes Al Gore's Live Earth?

Tommy Thompson expands on why he made controversial comment

Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore? Thanks to DU'er Gumbo Ya Ya!

Hagel: Repub Meeting With Bush Is 'Just The Tip Of The Iceberg' Of Conservative Dissent

"Survey USA" just called me

Lindsey Graham: Escalation Critics Are Calling The Troops ‘Losers’

Bush's surge: U.S. troops being held hostage; violence escalating in Kurdish area

Giuliani partners in crime band up for government contracts

* inspects an old pistol when he tours Jamestown - sequence of pics

Blunders lead to near-crash at LAX

Consolidation (of air controllers) move concern officials

McCain Dismisses Democratically-Elected Iraqi Parliament's Call For US Withdrawal

IRS Leans On Auction Sites to Spill Customer Information

Disappeared without a trace: over 10,000 Iraqis

Prepare for a summer of congested terminals

Stryker Losses in Iraq Raise Questions - Five Lost in One Week

please rate this up!!!!

For Mothers Who have LOST Children--alternative Mothers Day Message, and

So we're all freaked out over food and drugs imported from China...

Iraqi refugees overwhelm UN centre in Syria

Katrina Aid Program Is $2.9 Billion Short

Bushies Salary...$400,000 per year. Are we getting our monies worth? The Most counter productive

Bushists "are trying to lay landmines under a post-Kyoto agreement after they leave office."

Mothers Day 1870 was an Anti-War movement.. read Ms Howe's essay, LINK>>

"Gentlemen,we have to protect our phoney baloney jobs!"

Joan Baez was banned from playing a benefit at Walter Reed?


House Conservatives: ‘There Is No Liberal- Conservative Divide On Iraq’

A General Cries.

Think Progress: More Examples of House Conservative Dissent Over Iraq

“The loser is the Commander-in-Chief who has not led our country well.”

PARABLE: If the Iraq War was a murder

Let's Forget About the 2008 Prez Election For....

Union Plus Credit Card Makes the Grade NOW OPEN TO ALL

7,243 moms deployed this Mother’s Day

Recent troop losses in Iraq raise new questions about Stryker

Democrats war against anti-military image

The Moment of Truth: First They Came for the Latinos

America is dying from fear!

Commander AWOL: "Saddam hid the WMDs in the Gulf of Tonkin."

What the Right does not want to understand about the Establishment Clause

US Army Investigators Question Why Ill-Fated Convoy Had Only Two Vehicles

I wonder how many times the word "unprecedented" has been used to describe Bush ?

Something to keep in mind and pass along

Long-range Eye Tracker Enables Selling Ads 'By The Eyeball'

California Paper Asks on Mother's Day: How Many More Young Americans Will Be Killed in Iraq?

"The Razor": A poem, any thoughts?

Cons Plot American Romp Through the Sewer: "Winning Dirty....the 80% Solution"

Is Scooter Libby in Jail?????

Stamps go up as of Monday

Hutto Texas....Homeland Security Bars U.N. Inspector

Quest for a final bill on Iraq war funding

Is everyone watching Bill Moyers?

So the French are using electronic voting machines for their elections.

"I will never leave a fallen comrade", tell it to bush, he don't give a fuck.

My trip to DC with Italian Women Opposing U.S. Military Base

SInce the Dems cannot participate in how this country is being ran...

Any DUers watching the Jamestown 400th Anniversay

I've been rereading Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff"....

Just what exactly is an al Qaeda FRONT group?

Ku Klux Klan flag flies at picnic - Some attendees offended, others say it's no big deal


And now the poor girl has to deal with Lou Dobbs

"They're not all illegal." Gov. Easley, NC

Bumper Sticker: You're Pro-Life? So why don't you get one and stay the hell out of mine!

Tougher sell for recruiters: Dad

How one community fights back!

Man sues over West Point tuition ( Ex-cadet kicked out for failing test )

Methods of opening Nazi archive weighed

***Must-see BookTV tonight***

Is freerepublic better in finding censored news?

warning- this is a bit sappy! Seven Wonders of the World

Top Taliban Commander Killed in Fighting

"A congress of women..."--the charge of the day. Let us call one!

Phil. Inquirer: Young Adults Eschew Traditional Nightly News For "The Daily Show"

Bastille day is coming soon.

We need a modern day Dickens

Who's running against Lindsay Graham in 2008? Any good Dems

Looking back to recent history, I wonder just why we've gone

Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

Is Palast A Bullshit Artist? Takes Years Old Info, Repackages It, Claims HE Found It?

It can't happen here

What is George doing with his hand?

Pirates of Tallahassee: Jeb Bush is gone, but raids on the housing fund continue

Bush and the Media: Playing Us for Fools

Why we need to bring our troops home immediately.

Dog gets medal for saving kids

Republican Call Girls (Video Link)

Ministry of Defense's latest propaganda weapon ... Harry, the war movie

FIGHT THE MEMORY HOLE! Post your BushCrime Flashbacks here!


(The HEART of the matter-finally) Iraqis resist U.S. pressure to enact oil law

Slideshow: Aerial views of Greensburg Kansas (whats left of it)

Can we make a list of all the correct points of views DUers must have to be real DUuers?

Turmoil in Pakistan, where is the Bush admin?

Joseph and Valerie Wilson website:

Hume: Conservatives Waiting Until September Are Inviting A ‘Tet Offensive’

Tucker: Active-Duty Generals Will ‘Revolt’ Against Bush If He Maintains Escalation Into 2008

Rant: "Doctor" Frank Luntz

McCain Freudian Slip on MTP: "I will do what my d^&k umm conscience dictates" on Iraq

If Corzine had been a regular folk...

the choice between Corporatism and social welfare on full display in India

Bill Kristol: 'Stupid, dishonorable' Republicans wavering on Iraq-(LOL)

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - What Would One Day's Cost Of Iraq War Buy?

U.S. Rep would rather kill our children than educate them.

The Journal of the American Medical Association vs. mandatory HPV vaccination

Laura Bush "couldn't recall" who gave her college commencement speech....


the need to bathroom made Thompson say something hateful

"Screws tighten on Musharraf..."..Be VERY afraid of this issue

John McCain BS-ing on Meet The Press (big surprise)

Man guilty of child porn possession fighting to still attend pre-teen gymnastics events

Protestors gather to say "Shame on Jamestown"

Kingsolver fans

Greg Palast coming up on The Monitor

Story about the draft Gore movement coming up on CBS evening news! n/t

Serious question re this explosion of crime

Vets group stands tall for sick GIs

RFK says Greg Palast is an extraordinary American hero

3396 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

"Alive in Baghdad" website: "testimonies from individual Iraqis, footage of daily life in Iraq"

Music piracy crackdown nets college kids


Iraqis reject everything about Bush's occupation of their country


NYT: Republican Senator Slams Iraqi Government (McConnell)

So the dry food recall begins... Royal Canin recalls dry foods

Anyone seen this Buick ad?

Chickenhawk Romney has 5 adult sons. Military age.

The Hardest Job in the World

60 minutes is doing a 20 minute commercial for Romney


Cynthia Tucker: Active-Duty Generals Will ‘Revolt’ Against Bush

al-Qaida Says It Has Missing U.S. Troops

I hope you have a nice Mother's Day barbara bush.

Doesn't it just burn your ass ?

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft

Buzzflash Interview: Freeway Blogger: Keeping the 1st Amendment Alive

Dodd, Richardson, Biden-is there ANY support out there for these

(Unintentionally funny headline) Water board chair pleads not guilty to bribery

WP: Bush's Relations With Capitol Hill Chilly: A chasm divides the White House and Congress

Are we powerless?

Gas Prices: Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, posted a 3.5 percent drop in sales last month.

Ohio Iraq Vet Says the Military is Turning Its Back on Him and Others Like Him

I need help finding something please

Need urgent help getting FireFox to work!

Weekend TOON roundup

"Scandals set to explode next week on Capitol Hill" - anything to this?

Were Sebelius' guard comments accurate? YES

Friedman: let's use taxes to buy back Hummers, reduce oil dependence

Y'all knew that Russia snookered us out of the Caspian Gas pipeline deal...Didn't you?

If it smells like a nazi,walks like a nazi,quacks like a nazi...........

Clinton Says Bush Governs 'For the Few'

How exactly did we "Tame the West" or did we even do that?

Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue

Neighbor: "I hate Bush, but we still should have dropped the H-bomb on Iraq"!!

LGBT...10 Ways to be an Ally & a Friend

Apply well in advance for U.S. passports!

DU - How do you plan to celebrate the last day of the pResidency of *ush?

Wash Post: Giuliani parlayed 9/11 fame into riches

I fear for the lives of missing troops in Iraq

FBI Director Mueller lies. Political pressure not to indict Hastert in Sibel Edmonds case

The mormon church considered blacks an "inferior race" prior to 1965

There was a reformed neonazi on tv today.

Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Law OK'd in Texas - Whats next an anti-black people ordinance?

Pakistani military clashes with Afghan military

Mother: 4-year-old accidentally shot father with handgun

Why I oppose impeachment

My grama always said it was good that we bombed Japan.

Can Someone 'splain to me why it is that even the shabbiest porno website

Swath of Pacific Ocean twice size of Texas full of floating plastic garbage

'Fair-trade' goods include much more than just coffee


Neil Bush of Saudi Arabia

TOONS: The Bush Presidential Library, Will You Visit? ---->

jeb, neil & dorothy bush PERSONALLY backing righteous romney for president

30 U.S. attorneys investigate BILKING BILLIONS, Medicare, Medicaid, Military’s Healthcare

The secret stock market. 'Dark pools' and other new-age exchanges rewrite the rules, under the radar

PBS: Unions Look to Wield Clout in Frontloaded Democratic Primaries

Remembering the WMD assurances as we try for an end of war timetable in the funding bill

huffingtonpost by Gerald McEntee: Bush Makes Public Service Recognition Week a Travesty

What We Got Right in Iraq - L. Paul Bremer (Wash Post)

Does Florida have 2 sets of laws - Just Us for the connected and throw the book for everyone else?

In a New Role, Senator Clinton’s Strategist in Chief (and link to new video from Bill about Hill)

Obama on This Week....right now n/t

Democrats war against anti-military image: Condemn Iraq war, but extol troops fighting it

McCain's crooked, straight talk

Youth voters a force in '08 race

Boxer, Wolfie and others are sniping Republics this morning on Late Edition

Craig Crawford says Bush has Won like Ali by "Rope a Dope"

Yet Another Purged U.S. Attorney?

Hagel: Republican Meeting With Bush Is ‘Just The Tip Of The Iceberg’ Of Conservative Dissent

MUST WATCH/RECORD Greg Palast "I have Karl Rove's emails. No kidding."

The Iraq Index, "It would be like the Dow Jones... And then you could say who’s winning and losing"

Hagel on Schieffer's show throws out possibility of run with Bloomberg as Indpendent

FRANK RICH: Earth to G.O.P.: The Gipper Is Dead

Eric Massa, NY29: Wage WOT: Fix US Health Care System

I posted a positive thread about our candidates now it is time for a negative one about the GOP

Americans concerned for the welfare of 770 Iraqi refugees

(In case you missed it) Bill Richardson's interview on the Tonight Show.

"until George W. Bush outlaws helping your fellow man, I have broken no laws...nothing to hide"

Hagel hints at independent White House bid

It's time for Europe to stop being Bush's lapdog on global warming

Lawmaker forms group dedicated to Reagan

No Disclosure: Presidential Candidates Defy Tradition, Refuse to Release Taxes

Barack is cool because he is black? Are you kidding me?

John Conyers officially endorses Obama

A big difference between McCain and Cheney, watched McCain on MTP

"I would attack swiftly, promptly, and vigorously." Obama on how he'd handle a terrorist attack

Democrats Prod Automakers on Mileage (AP)

anybody watching BookTV with Palast and Goodman?

Violence rages in Pakistan as admin spins progress in Bush's war on terror

Did Edwards make yet ANOTHER mistake in the hedge-fund interview?

Hillary pulling away in Florida Poll...up by 23 over Obama...

Finally! Something Right Hillary Haters and Left Hillary Haters can share!

Why hasn't Tom Delay gone to trial yet? In September it will be THREE YEARS since his indictment

Barf, Barf, Barf (Romeny interview on 60 minutes)

Where are the Phillips 66 stations?

Where are the conscientious conservatives?

Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights(pulled story)

O.K., what do we have in the Giuliani "file?"

Meet the youngest gun owner in Illinois, he even has a Firearm Owners ID card (FOID)

Pope against Liberation Theology

McCain on MTP now. (pic)

Chelsea Clinton, Bright, Poised and Grounded...

Clinton: Candidates won't be damaged by initially backing the war in Iraq

The Hippies Were Right!

Harper's: Karl Rove directed voter suppression in 2006