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Archives: May 15, 2007

Dallas / Houston reps vote to keep jails dangerous, unhealthy

“The Color of Blood, the Color of Resistance, the Color of Iraq.”

Bush doesn't want detente. He wants to attack Iran

WP's Eugene Robinson: "A Question Of Race Vs. Class - Affirmative Action For the Obama Girls?"

Herbert: The Right to Paid Sick Days

Republicans Unnerved by Paralyzed Presidency

Loser liberals vs power populists

Biodiesel plant coming to Adrian, MI

Mobile Phones-- the main cause of disappearing bees?

Are there any IGCC Coal Power Plants doing CO2 capture - economically?

Israel shocked by Sarkozy's pick for FM

115 CA Consumer Groups Call Upon Home Mortgage Lenders to Halt Accelerating Foreclosures

House votes to put 'under God' in Texas pledge

U.S. Embassy employees fearful over Green Zone attacks

Perle Turns on Bush in Harsh Terms

Navy Lawyer's Guantanamo Leak Trial Begins

Congress Tackles Animal Research Rules

Anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe rising, ADL says

Wolfowitz 'broke World Bank laws'

Chinese Trade Officials Tour Miss.

Buffett Battles Bush as Corporate-Jet Owners Fight Tax Increase

Inspectors Cite Big Gain by Iran on Nuclear Fuel

Iraq depleting Guard's equipment, Easley says

Hot damn, did I ever score a rare one!

Cerberus Capital Management

I lost my sons Mothers Day gift!!

My Treasure Hunt yesterday

If you Google "hummer" you can find some interesting & unexpected pics ...

This is pretty cool, Stephen Colbert being himself behind the scenes

Is Grace Slick a republican or a democrat?

Happy 70th birthday George Carlin! I've been a fan since Class Clown

Warning: stay AWAY from The Stuff.

Does Mrs Sniffa really sniff?

So should I sing My Sharona for you all?


OPUS has a showdown with Starbucks

"Southern Fried Assholes"

Study: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun

what are you currently paying for these services per month?

Tomorrow I'm moving in with a younger man

I'm watching the Moyers/Campbell Power Of Myth interviews

Comfortably Numb, now I can sleep

Hey Everybody, it's pictures and video from my party Saturday night!

Have you ever sucked a toe?

Who's got a picture of Cheney on the carrier

"Well I've been down so god damn long.....

Gonzo as Capt. Queeg - reference by Jonathan Turley

If your shit doesn't stink... then please reply.

My album is almost done - hear some rough mixes

Am I wrong for hating Utah even more, just because so many

EEK. It's storming like mad here in Denver.

Breaking: Spider Adopts Vegan Diet

Road trip with the wife and kids

Doctors can be so stupid

Um, I can't find my birthday thread in the Lounge.

Has anyone in here ever used ear candles?

Hey guys, is there a list of freeperisms somewhere on DU?

Picture upload question. Please help!

So my brother paid the check at Chili's a few days ago with Complainer Cash!


Oh, no, no, no, noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever come across people that act a certain way

Please help my daughter get a scholarship with your vote

Women abused in Afghanistan

Iraqi Refugee

Mexican Border Patrol: The Video

Sen Clinton Questions Bill Gates on American Competitiveness...

Peace Movement--Fort Lewis

ABC News--Coming Home Project

TPMtv: May 14, 2007: Why isn't the firing of Lam being addressed?

FauxNews racist segment on illegal voting in SC

A Tribute to Communism

(atheist) Nicole Smalkowski interview on 20/20

Chinese Press Workers: Why American manufactures can't compete

MODS: Oops: Good DUers delete dupes bad

From Yahoo! Front Page: "The Number of Pentamillionaires has quadrupled in past 10 years"

I think e ought to allow Boehners and McConnel's bills to be voted on

Gregoire signs law to ease tuition to fallen Soldiers kin

Bill O'Reilly's camera crew harasses Vermont legislator: "EXTREME VERBAL ABUSE"

Now that Gonzo is all alone...3 of his top aides have resigned....who is gonna replace them?

A-bomb drawing campaign entitled "To Convey...the Desire for Peace Across the Centuries."

$1000.00 per household would net $105,480,101,000.00 per year

I saw Steve Forbes today...what a sour spirit he has...

U.S. tries to stall World Bank report on Wolfowitz

The George W Bush Digital Library

RE the flamewar about the Hiroshima Bombings...

USAgate & Scars of Bush/Gore 2000: Follow the "Election Fraud"

Gonzo's classmates give him a failing grade

Is Air America website down?

Report: Wolfowitz broke World Bank rules

Arguments in Federal Gas Mileage Suit

Chrysler workers skeptical about job security.

Get Zak's back

Bush Shifts Iraq Burden Onto General

Hello DU! I have a question...

Hate Crimes

Why no DU story about the 3 captured troops?

"FBI Whistle-Blowers Urge New Protections"

Iraq school crisis: `Future is at risk'

So what about that huge whistleblower "coming out" in Washington today?

Yesterday a soldier died, today a soldier died, tomorrow a soldier will die...

So... Al Gore Doesn't Get To Hold His Global Warming Awareness Concert...

Starting right NOW. US Attorneys Firings Discussion of their Firings on C-SPAN 2

Wanna see somethin' funny?

LURKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! much bullshit.....time to whack every user from DU....


Why Oil Prices are so high. Bush lowering the supply.

George W. Bush 45 years ago

If we did have another great depression ?

GEEEEEEZUS! Read this!! "Giuliani's Clients Could Pose Conflict"

Regent University Executive Leadership Series Features

I'm very worried about the repuke front-runners for 2008

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

Oil is $67/barrel; not the $70 it was during katrina last year, yet gas prices are well above

Galactic merger to "evict" Sun and Earth.

White children are less likely to be abducted/kidnapped than black and hispanic

"Running the numbers" pictorial

The Repuke Smear machine makes it so easy.

How long do you think it will be before Lieberman officially becomes a Republican?

Hey lookie. A candidate, Bob Lord, running against Shadegg posted his

West Coast gas prices hits $4.00 a gallon An Illustrated Guide To GOP Scandals "Bushies Behaving Badly" (Interactive!)

Citizens seeking to regulate predatory payday lending

How to end the war, address global warming, and clean up the ocean all at once.


Jon Stewart on Indiana Republican Mike Pence: He's a Fuckin Idiot

Regular Gas is exactly $4.07/gal here in Fukuoka, Japan

Military Families Respond to Reports of Inadequate Care For PTSD

seven today

What laws could have been broken? (Prosecutor firings)

Has the climate changed in the past 10 years where you live?

Ok DUers, here's something you can do TODAY for the environment...

OHHHHH...Ya GOTTA WATCH THIS ...if you have High Speed Internet!

The Next Enron Scandal

Retired Army Col. Andrew J. Bacevich. * critic and BU professor, lost his son in Iraq today:

Puerto Rican activist under Israeli house arrest

The GOPranos!

McClatchy: U.S. Embassy employees fearful (& angry) over Green Zone attacks

So, my brother is going to Iraq (again) ahead of schedule...

How Much Is Gas Where You Are? $3.29 in Northcentral Wisconsin

Wolfowitz violated his contract

Gas spiked another 25 cents a gallon today.

Lanny Davis is quitting, too

Son of war critic is killed in Iraq

I'm torn on this "Brokeback Mountain" thing

Please help my daughter get a scholarship with your vote

So, I just looked at the contents of the Mott's apple juice boxes

The Poverty Business...Link - OUTRAGEOUS

Find your local farmers right here (link) and have some control

Leahy, Conyers, Emanuel react to McNulty resignation:

Wow...Leahy lays into the Pope in response to Benedicts recent remarks...

Boehner tells members to ignore Calvert campaign.

SC is gonna be close...polls going back and forth...Obama ahead in latest

See What Lieberman's Been Up To.....

CN8TV is broadcasting on web Asking Questions about Barack

Obama Addresses AFL-CIO in Trenton Today

Waxman continues call for procurement reform

Bush said his adm. would decide how to reg. emmissions "by the time he leaves office"

"How Hillary has personally touched my life"

US lost in Iraq. It doesn't matter what else happens.

Baby boomers beware: Obama is the face of a new generation

Hillary Hires Corporate Advisor

Chimpy's flight suit costume - avatar

Nail in Guiliani's coffin...he's got "Toe Sucker" Morris pullin for him...

Will Bloomberg Run for President?

Salon, "The Matt Drudge Primary": "What kind of dirt do you have for me?"

'The scariest man in Washington' (Guardian re: Waxman)

Commerce employees call for firing their boss

Law School Classmates Criticize Gonzales

Which Democrats want to do something about outsourcing?

Senator Kerry's response to Pres. Bush's "Happy Talk" on pollution.

Update: LA Times Bloomberg nixes running

Activist/actor Danny Glover endorses John Edwards


Those folks who wore orange hats in Iowa are still working to take our country back.

Bills Would Affirm Anti-Bias Laws Cover Sexual Orientation(repudiates Bloch's stance)

Fate of (Guantanamo) Detainees Now With Appeals Court (AP)

As the Iraq surge builds, so do foreboding trends

New Detainees Strain Iraq's Jails

Seabourn Spirit Security Officers to meet the Queen on Wednesday

Shi'ites battle for power in Iraq's Basra

'The scariest man in Washington' Guardian interview with Henry Waxman

The Truths We Want to Deny (Bush and Iraq)

Juan Cole: Paul Wolfowitz's fatal weakness

Living on Your Reputation or Why Hydrox ain’t Oreo’s

Bush paying dearly for poisoned politics

Soldiers train little for being captured

Dick Cheney Dubbed Lord of the Lies

VP Cheney: The last time we did one of these, I tried to do it on background & I took a lot of crap


Bush, Once Party-Builder, Leaves Republicans Weakened, Worried

Sen. Biden takes a courageous stance

We Guarantee Al Gore Will Be Attacked Next Week. We Absolutely Guarantee It.

Keep Out the Vote

Chrysler Swallowed by 3 Headed Dog (Compendium)

The Old-Time Hypocrisy Hour

Bush dilutes support for embattled Wolfowitz --Alex Spillius / Guardian

Only One Kind Of Science By Rand Clifford

Poor grades help Barack Obama learn about campaigning

Reconsidering Impeachment

McNulty Resignation May Open White House to More Senate Probing

Is the Noose Tightening on Gonzales? (

David Sirota: THE SECRET DEAL - DAY 5: Health & Enviro Advocates Slam the Secret Trade Deal

Business Week: The Poverty Business

The Roots of Disaster: Impeachment As Remedy

Would it kill you to eat well? "the stuff that goes into chicken may be a byproduct of a byproduct."

How George Tenet Lied (by ex-CIA officer) Ray McGovern

Don't Question The Existence Of God On Your Starbucks Cup Or Else

Liberals and Libertarians

Anti-whaling activists target Iceland - AFP

Global scientists urge Canada to save Boreal Forest - AFP

Climate change: new global plan to tie in worst polluters - Guardian

U.S. Bald Eagle population soars, possibly delisted - Reuters

NH Governor Signs Renewable Energy Act

366 Megawatts of Wind Projects for British Columbia

Slovenia Builds Solar Power Plant On the Highway

Tories storm out of meeting on sharing energy with U.S (Canada)

Smoke From Fires In GA, FL Has Apparently Reached Middle Tennessee

KSA & Kuwait Announce $30/Ton Increase In Propane, Butane Prices - Daily India

Drought Intensifying Across China, Including Henan & Hebei Provinces , Key To Agriculture

Heads Of CARB, Cal EPA Dismiss Bush Emissions Plan As "Stalling Tactic", "Recipe For Delay"

Rigzone - Ecuador To Turn Oil Operations Security Over To Armed Forces

Climate Change Signs Piling Up Across Sierra Nevada

xpost: Clinton, Nadler to investigate post-9/11 environmental cleanup

Rupert Murdoch: I'm proud to be green

China rat 'baby boom' blamed on global warming

Melt Rate Of N. America's Largest, Longest Glacier Faster Than Expected - Detroit Free Press

World faces 5-year deadline for decisions on climate change: WWF - AFP

All-in-one Cooker, Generator and Refrigerator that’s Environmentally Friendly

SoCalEd Offers New Type of Renewable Energy Contract to Expand Biomass Generation

Students Sickened When Pesticides Drift

Global Warming shows human gene pool compromise from Manipulative Extraterrestrial Consciousnesses

On Edge Of Toughest Drought Rules, Aussie Town Votes To Send Drinking Water To Gold Mine Operations

The Elephant In Chrysler's Living Room - E-F-F-I-C-I-E-N-C-Y - NPR

De-Salting plants - How come they are not mentioned with the current greening phase?

The big question..

Document details 'US' plan to sink Hamas

Hamas kills 7 at Gaza border crossing

Report: Israel Soldiers Hurt In Secret Anthrax Experiment

52 Episodes of Mainstream Media (CNN) discussing e-voting machines on a free DVD

Oppose new King County Diebold system

Gonzogate Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 5/15/07

Colombia scandal: Police wiretapped Uribe's main opponent during campaign

The Hospital Room Showdown: Former Deputy A.G. James Comey tells tale. . .

XM Radio Suspends Opie & Anthony

The Rev. Jerry Falwell dies at 73

US health system ranks last compared to other countries: studies

Hubble Reveals Ghostly Ring of Dark Matter

City wants homeless inside for [Democratic National] convention

DNA test frees man convicted of 2 child slayings (sex)

Specter: DoJ can’t function with Gonzales at the helm

United States fails to rally allies over Wolfowitz

China Warns Against Trade Sanctions

Calif. Senate OKs electoral compact

Arsonists, yes. But are they terrorists?

Former CIA official, contractor plead not guilty to new charges

Bush Taps New 'War Czar'

Gonzales lays U.S. Attorneys' firings on his departing No. 2

White House Official says 'All Options are on the Table' in the Controversy Over World Bank Presiden

Troops kidnapped in 'planned snatch,' official says

House Trims Restrictions From Lobby Bill

Wolfowitz mistakes "not a firing offense": W.House

Homeless Will Be Cleared In During '08 Convention

White House pushed Ashcroft on wiretaps

Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade

Hearing opens for sole US officer charged over Abu Ghraib

11 Taliban killed in Afghan airstrikes

McNulty Resignation May Open White House to More Senate Probing

Iran MPs seek to create “US friendship group”

Hotel bomb kills at least 24 in Pakistan's Peshawar


With his top deputy going, will Gonzales be next?

Rumsfeld's resignation letter remains elusive

Muslim Peacekeeping Force For Iraq?

New Detainees Strain Iraq's Jails

Military plane down in Kentucky, possibly , a C-130

Union applause for Obama Seeking support, he got two standing ovations assailing Iraq war

Mystery Afghan gave Padilla evidence to U.S.

US marine 'astonished' at failure to probe Haditha killings

The U.S. Embassy says Five Embassy Workers have been Wounded in an Attack Inside Baghdad's Green Zon

Son of BU prof killed in Iraq (Andrew J. Bacevich)

U.S. Reading Program Benefits Bush 'Pioneer' Fundraiser

Touted Army vehicle suffers heavy blows (Stryker-5 Lost Less than a Week)

Boston University Professor's son dies in Iraq

VA Bonus Winners on Recommending Boards

Diplomats Agree to Transfer Nazi Archive

U.S. court may give Guantanamo lawyers all evidence

Opponents aim to put gay rights to vote -- New Oregon domestic partners and civil right law targeted

Daub (R) to tour state as he considers run for Senate (Hagel's seat)

Lawyer's release of names defended(@Gitmo)

Don't Question The Existence Of God On Your Starbucks Cup Or Else

BREAKING: Jerry Falwell unconscious, taken to hospital

Terror Suspect Claims CIA Tortured Him

Bloomberg poised for third-party campaign

Bench battle resumes over new nominee(re-nomination Peter Keisler)

Bank Rebukes Wolfowitz On Ethics

Mortar rounds slam into Green Zone and central street in Baghdad

BREAKING: Jerry Falwell unconscious, taken to hospital

BREAKING: Jerry Falwell unconscious, taken to hospital

Coleman sees Baghdad exit in '08 (even if it results in a "Rwanda-style bloodletting)

BREAKING: Jerry Falwell unconscious, taken to hospital

Jerry Falwell Confirmed Dead

White House Edits to Privacy Board's Report Spur Resignation

Colombia forces out police chief (right wing)

Russia, U.S. differ, but agree to end war of words

U.S. scrambles to keep Kirkuk from igniting

9 oil refinery workers kidnapped; 2 killed in attacks

Reuters agrees to Thomson buyout

British troops have held secret talks with Sunni rebels: Iraq president

11 states sue over mileage standards

Senators want film funds to hinge on portrayal of state

UN: Somalia Agrees to Human Rights Probe

Lawmakers: Iraqi panel drafting constitutional amendments seeks deadline extension

House Speaker Tom Craddick battles coup attempt

Iran's leader tries to get Arabs to split with U.S.

House Democrats Set to Move on New Fund-Raising Rules

For gopsux... to apologize for dissing The Chairman.


Okay, I guess I'll go ahead and post my MySpace page.

Things you wish had never been invented

So what's been happening the last 3 weeks?

Favourite lines from High Fidelity?

There's just nothing sweeter than a smiling baby

Song 2

Has anyone here ever gone on a retreat?

Post an old school music video

pi time!

My son fell and hit his head on the toilet tonight...

I gotta work faster

how come i cant download AAR Mp3 19.5MB to CD.. says too big??

I so need one of these!

iPod question...

Good night and I leave you with an old dufus song.

I've got a Tivo question

French workers biggest whiners. (good for them!)

Need a good laugh? Cop steals marijuana, makes brownies, and calls 911

High School Track Coach Gave Student 'Athletic Massage', Ejaculated On Her (Told Her It Was Lotion)

Map Of Holy Virgin Shrine Offers Sex Toy Advertising

Couple Had Sex In Front Of Webcam - With 9 Year Old & Grandpa Watching

Dumbest game show contestant ever.

Women’s clothing serve as “stumbling blocks” on the road to purity say Christian teen site

Dirty Water or Muddy Waters?

Hork Day!

If You Haven't Seen The Movie "Love Actually" You Should

How many languages do you understand some of the cusswords in?

Thongs you wish had never been invented

Students Shove Rotting Calf Carcass Into School's Ventilation System

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/15/2007)

Students Unleash Mice & Rats In School Hallway (Rodents Trampled)

Who is the better actor? David Keith or Keith David?

Custodian Finds Goat Chained To Principal's Parking Space (14 Chickens, 4 Pigeons Injured)

Man Mugged By Flock Of Geese

Man [teen] injured using screwdriver, hammer to discharge bullet

Kink for a day, what law do you decree?

Rush Limbaugh Claims To Save Turtle On Golf Course - Says, "I am nature"

Squirrel Attacks Customers Inside Pharmacy

Rush Limbaugh Claims To Have Relations With aTurtle On Golf Course - Says, "I am mature"

I could either answer stupidly or shit in my pants

"It could be curtains! Or dishes! Or, a double boiler!..........

I don't wanna work. I just wanna bang

Hey! I bought a 35-40 mpg car and its just A-OK.

Killer turtle

Eww, eww, Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher in reality TV?

"Heroes" fans- what will happen to New York?

Save Melinda, Save the World!

iPod Question 2

Mom laughs as kid on rollercoaster is freaked and in pain

Have you ever come across a student athlete

Sigh, the IRS lost my tax return...

What the heck happened to Limewire?

Limp Bizkit - Folsom Prison Blues.. This is a riot

It feels like a Canned Heat morning to me....

You've got to admit Bush is a creative guy

I saw the original "Star Wars" years ago, and...

I just had to do tons on Amazon kid book searches to cover the evidence.

has anyone seen janesez?

Will we go to DefCon 5 today?????

Falwell was killed by the homosexual agenda.

Concerning Jerry Falwell, I offer a sage quote from Mark Twain.

Rant: Red's Emporium

Damn.. My house is full of smoke..*choke* *choke*

Sylar Killed Falwell!!!

Rock 'n' Roll *DEATH MATCH*

Does anybody here use Is it worth registering an account?

Rapture Ready dude sticks up for slavery.

See ya in a couple days, DU

i was out aLL day, did i miss anything?


Kirk Cameron for a day, what laws can you prove the existance of?

on Jerry Falwell and GD.....

Poor Tammy Faye.

I can't go anywhere. ever.

Have you ever had your toes sucked?

Falwell found unconscious in his office. Condition gravely serious.

Is Jerry Falwell the new Anna Nicole Smith?

So was that the rapture?

I found the best thing ever at Target !!! *pics*

As far as the LOUNGE calling GENERAL DISCUSSION black...

What's the best way to season a Jerry Falwell?

The negative comments about Falwell got so extreme, MSNBC deleted the link to the comments.

It bears repeating — the Jerry Falwell 'first time' ad from Hustler

RetroLounge's books are considered a stumbling block.

Good news, everyone!

Breaking: Jerry Falwell is still dead.

Favorite recurring character on CSI

Delete. Dupe.

I'm supposed to be leaving right now to do a Field Blessing,

Jerry's Dead

"Falwell roasting on an open fire"

Watching 'Shoes of the Fisherman' on TCM now.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of Zombie Falwell

Is this thong about Midlo?

Somewhere a Teletubby cries...... eom

Caller on Randi Rhodes just cracked me up.

Study: Prehistoric Man considered Loin Cloth a Stumblimg Block

Study: Prehistoric Man Could Not Adapt to Modern Technology

warning, GD is going to get unhinged in the next few hours

What the heck, I'm gonna start a picnic thread:

aww, Look at this pLump LiL guy

go out on a limb thread: make a crazy prediction

In Bed Does Size Count?

What the heck, I'm gonna start a pick thread:

Gilmore Girls series finale on tonight.

What's the best way to season a cast iron pan?

Do you take pleasure in the misfortune of those you despise?

Yesterday, I couldn't get nearly-naked enough.

I don't just have GRAY hairs; I have SILVER ones!

Okay, everybody stop posting about Falwell. Nobody liked him and he's gone.

X post

The Tony Nominations are out.

I promised the teacher I'd never ever get pregnant. That was 20 years ago...

Check this out: Penny Postcards from your state


2nd time this month - a near accident outside my home.

Have you ever just plain sucked?

Women’s clothing serve as "stumbling blocks" on the road to getting it on say OhioSmith

Someone Just Emailed Me 5Million Of Their Resume's

which way did he go?

I'll take a bullet for the good of DU

Cwydro Does Not Believe in my PURITY!!!!

I love my Grandparents....but MAN...

Some old bag hit my car!

Whats The Best Fast Food Place

The store by my house doesnt sell laundry starch - can I use corn

Maxim's Top 100 "Women I'd Like to @#$! List"

I wonder if Falwell was suprised to find out that Jesus doesn't look like Ted Nugent.

When a radio station plays all the hits from one group throughout the day,


Help me establish my freakish demands.

This is fucking hilarious! (Cop after eating marijuana brownies)

People who are, or should be in hell:

I'm half-naked, and not sweaty.

I am neither naked nor sweaty. Any Questions?

I have the most freakish energy patterns.

Do you care what other people think about you?

Will we all die?

I just got a killer Violent Femmes shirt

Well, I just had to explain to a three year old that they killed a baby duck....

Admit it. You were always strangely attracted to Tinky Winky

Out of curiosity...

I am Not Anything ,or Naked,or Sweaty? ask me..

Horny, studmuffin & superlative - but single. What B.S.

Horry, Stoudemire & Diaw suspended. What B.S.

An error occurred during proessing.

What musician do you have the most recordings or albums of?

WoodWicks are my new favorite candles

In honor of Jerry Falwell's passing - The Lounge is renaming the oft-avoided 700 Club to

Have a birthday coming up in June? Post here!

The dogs have to go out but its raining and I just mopped!!

violent femmes shirt

Jerry Falwell talks about his first time.

Being single at my ripe old age means

My Tribute to Falwell


Girl, you thought he was a man

100 Uses for a dead Falwell

curly or straight

See you in hell, my friend

I've never been so tempted to copycat in GD

Have you ever sucked a toad?

How many speeding tickets have you had?

I need some good juju

Lancaster PA - "The Art of the Brick" through May 20th

I Am Not Naked, But A Little Sweaty...Ask Me Anything...

How are you today, DU?


I'm not stupid...really... but sometimes when I'm driving

I'm naked and sweaty - just got back from Jim - ask me anything

'Good Eats' couple call Dauphin Island home. Show wins 'Peabody'.

Is $1600 high for a painting quote?

Should I be angry over the new Bionic Woman?

And in other news: My stepdad got a new tattoo. On his penis. The other inmates are amused.

Ziggy played guitar

Drumstick in face

What the heck, I'm gonna start a pic thread:

I'm really tired

How likely will I die in a plane crash this Memorial Day?

How do *you* make Chicken Salad?

I'll take a buffet for the good of DU

Sarahbelle Serves as a Stumbling Block to MY Purity!!

OFFICIAL "Dance on Falwell's grave" thread here!

Have you posted a thread that sucked?

Help The Falwell Family Pick Out Jerry's Casket

I'd Love To Change The World...

Help me out here. You know you're not hip anymore, when....

My boss got fired yesterday,

Spanish Home-Buyer Finds Mummified Body

I'm naked and sweaty - just got back from gym - ask me anything


It's not so much that I'm happy Falwell is dead. I'm ecstatic he's no longer living.

Is this song about Midlo?

I'm going to Minneappolis, MN for a week in June

New Melt Banana CD + Dead Falwell =

Should the posse be pathetic and hijack the Falwell GD threads?

Continuing on with "Road" and "Travel" songs

I wonder if Falwell ever encountered the Boohbahs, and what he thought of them?

If someone says Vanilla, what comes to mind?

I'm watching the original "Star Wars", and something has bothered me for years:

What song should be the national anthem?

i'm 31 (now 30) posts away from 20,000 posts

Why do I keep getting sick?!?!

I just got my new home fill Oxygen system....

What's wrong with Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Radio Lady sends regards: Hello from Brussels, Belgium

What's all this about the Spurs not being a dirty team?

Hey how bout those PHILLIES - won four of their last five

Here is the Federal Legislative Report for May 11, 2007

Obama: When Workers Form Unions, ‘Workers Prosper, America Prospers’

Fired Transit Worker Back on the Job

This week’s POWER cast tells the story of how a former steel town is not only revitalizing itself

Unions seek new ally: the law

Not a union member? You can still join us, join Working America

Union to investigate KOMO-TV firings

Pickets target UAL exec pay United pilots and flight attendants, who took pay cuts during restructur

weapons of mass production...

After the Love is Gone...

A Challenge For Our Nation - Half Mast Until They Come Home

VoteVets Eaton Ad - Collins

KO--Paul McNulty's Resignation

McCain Says Jerry Falwell No 'Agent of Intolerance'

TPMtv: May 15, 2007: Rethug efforts to suppress AA/Latino voter turnout

family guy: jerry falwell and pat robertson make out

Undecided voters are idiots

Which of them - Jerry or Pat - will Jesus smite first? Jerry wins!!

KO----- Iraqing The Boat

Battle of the Brains-Hannity and Hitchens discuss God (5:03)

Matt Romney - Evil Clone!

Senate Revisits Military Comissions Act

Colonel Wilkerson on Bush Impeachment

Dubya-The Movie

Son of Nun, Washington DC, May 14 2007

KO--U.S. Attorney's Scandal

Parallax View - Halliburton Now Hiring

Mike Gravel---- on Colbert

Inside the Actors Studio- Kevin Spacey

This Moment on Earth in Pittsburgh

Pap---Cheney's Mercenary Army-- Blackwater

Lois Griffin Adopts Republican Talking Points

Police Officer steals Marijuana

Am I wrong for hating Utah even more, just because so many

Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, and acted alone

A Message from Barack Obama: 16 votes to end the war.

self delete

Active-duty Generals will revolt against Bush if things don't change by September.

McNulty Shaken By White House Sniping

May I suggest a small contribution to this site

3,401 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

History Time! Benito Mussolini and FASCISM

Something occured to me...

PDA: For A Fresher Democracy, Send ImpeachMINTS To Your Senator or Representative

Bloomberg: Bush, Once Party-Builder, Leaves Republicans Weakened, Worried

If You Haven't Seen The Movie "Love Actually" You Should

Gas in the UAE today is $1.70 per gallon...

Is it conceivable that 300 Americans died, 200 were injured, and this was

FYI: Gas/oil/profits... some historical data/charts/links

Oil privitization and a democratic president.

On death row in Bush's Iraq - But this woman says: I’m innocent

Description of how the Iraqi government works (or doesn't work)

NASA whistle-blowers retaliated against by Bush appointee

Today in Iraq 5/14/07

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High

'WSJ' Reporters in China Warn of Murdoch Takeover

ok, mods, this is ridiculous

Science types: What does the Hadron collider mean for us?

Feds push terrorist label on arsonists (ELF) - AP

What universe is Dick Cheney living in?

If only Wolfie had been as loyal to his country as he was to his girlfriend...

Get slim on the office treadmill

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Does anyone have a list of quotes about Cheney being wrong on Iraq and other things?

Microsoft Desperate says Target of Patent Suit OpenOffice.Org

Iraqi Marxist Insurgent Group Declared

Once again, Miami is the road rage capital

A different kind of reality TV: Movie makes director star of CCTV

Religious Right Recruits Bush Loyalist

Nuclear War Play

NC Governor warns Guard poorly equipped for disaster

Please go vote in straw poll (Pres)

NYT: U.N. Official Says He’s Been Denied Access to U.S. Immigrant Jails

"Finding cheaper gas" website

FRONTLINE: Spying on the Home Front

C-SPAN WJ - Wednesday - Space Station call-ins

A friend was considered for ass't. U.S. Attorney job year ago.

Have a look and a smile:

Why is Genarlow Wilson in prison?

Map of Florida wildfires

Dead,fired attorneys' Medicare fraud probe linked to White House

GONZALES' Harvard Classmates Give Him A Failing Grade

Bush @ 24% approval on the war.

Isn't there a congressional hearing today?

Playing devil's advocate: Attn UK DUers...

Kaine questions judgement of Virginia gun raffle...

My letter on Bush's veto makes it to print

ABC's Brian Ross leads TV's investigative pack

Wolfowitz: The devil, er, my girlfriend made me do it

The Rude Pundit- In Brief: All the Little White Girls Everywhere

Development Rises on St. Louis Area Flood Plains

Sen. Kerry calls members of Bush's party, "the flat-earth caucus"!

Local Food 101, With a School as His Lab (Farm to School Food Program)

One question for Dan RATHER

Bush, Once Party-Builder, Leaves Republicans Weakened, Worried

Unearthed! The Justice Department Loyalty Oath written by Monica Goodling

Russert challenged Democrats -- but not McCain -- about 2002 Iraq intel "caveats"


Tony Blair should do well on the lecture circuit - Yea, watch the tomatoes fly

Wife accused of stealing from husband while he serves in Iraq

The Surge is upon us...My doctor is being sent off again.

Iraq's oil wealth is being stolen

Lot of people getting rich from Iraq

Our flags are at half-staff today - what happened?

Bush regime says no more footage, photos of bombings in Iraq. Just constant video of wildfires here

BTW - I topped off my gas tank today

Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade - Guardian

'Iraqi lawmakers are already taking off more time than members of the U.S. Congress know about'

You can fool 24% of the people all of the time...

Gonzales Throws McNulty Under The Bus This Morning At National Press Club

fox to do post-Katrina cop show in New Orleans

Changing your habit for one days solves NOTHING - it needs to be a lifetime of change

Bwahahahahaha - Poor Katie Couric

Christopher Hitchens coming up on The State of Things

After five years, charges against Padilla peter out

any republican politician + "blames" ..Google search

gonzo heckled at National Press Club

Comey Details White House Attempt to Force Approval of Secret Program

Giuliani Blames Aide for Putting Emergency Command Center in WTC7

Iraq prisons filled beyond capacity

Former U.S. commander in Iraq says capture of three U.S. servicemen likely won't be the last

Tonight, only on FOX! Ten old, white men fellate the putrid corpse of Ronald Reagan.

Lawmaker (William Jefferson) to challenge FBI raid

Loony caller to Hartmann - "These people....."

Zany Michael Musto finally meets Keith Olbermann: Did a Rudy Giuliani hex break KO's foot?

c-span2 - white house presser w/tony snow starting

Talk to the hand !

Late Night, George? ---pix--->>>

Saul Friedman: The Unasked Questions

Short version pros and cons of all Dem candidates from McSweeney's

American Samoa reservists called up for service in Iraq - All 29 of them

I friggen loathe these people:

dupe n/t delete-

Unlike MSNBC, Fox News Declines C-SPAN's Request To Carry Debate

I thought Fox News couldn't shock me anymore. I was wrong.

post questions YOU WISH FOXNEWS will ask in the GOP debate tonite

Poll: Alabama residents don't think Iraq war worth toll

If you want to help Greensburg, KS

US Health System Ranks Last Compared to Other Countries: Studies

Falwell in his own words

Breaking News: Anti-gay bigot & religious right leader Jerry Falwell found unconscious

The View has scheduled experts to discuss 9-11

Oh what I would not give to hear the conversation between Falwell and the Pearly Gatekeepers

Will Rudy, McCain and Romney attend Falwell's funeral?

What have the works of the late rev. falwell meant in your life?

Retired General To Slam McCain In New Ad After Tonight's Debate

OxyContin maker, execs plead guilty-fined 634 MILLION.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Gordon Brown's "eco-towns" pledge

I can haz prezidency

Bush on Falwell's Death: "We must renew our struggle to kill and hunt down

Press Conference at the hospital starting now (Falwell) nt

Caption this Gonzo pic...

Tenet to testify before Congress on pre-war intel 6/19/07

post "tough" questions FOXNEWS will ask in the GOP debate tonite

'Five years to save Earth'

But what about Paris Hilton?

So will Fred Phelps protest at Falwells funeral?

Falwell Dead at 73

I think McCain is going to be the Republican nominee.

So, how will the RR know which candidate to back without someone

The end of the "Christian" right wing's power in American politics

Well, that was quick (Falwell)

Five years the key to planet’s future

Air strikes kill 60 Taliban in Afghanistan - police

Okay-so I'm a conspiracy theorist.

I bet Falwell was gay

I never cared much for John Ashcroft, but at least he stood up against the NSA wiretapping

Taking bets on how many days that "Farwell" news

Saudi Arabia beheadings being carried out at record pace

Shia militiamen attacked Danish troops in the southern Iraqi city of Basra killing 1 and wounding 5

Now comes the 24/7 MSM Falwell puke reports and personal anecdotes

Falwell - "unconfirmed but reliable" - dead per MSNBC. TRUE

I auto-hiding all threads with Falwell's name in it.....

Freeper Creeper response to Fartwell's Death....

OMG! The gas boycott killed Falwell!

Falwell had “a history of heart challenges.” No Shit!

Obama, Clinton and Edwards to attend Pentecost 2007

In honor of jerry's passing.. a preachy interlude

Five killed, 14 kidnapped, 94 bodies found in Iraq

Tammy Faye outlived the fat bastard!


God is going to put Falwell on "ignore"...I think we should too.

Medea Benjamin on "The Guy James Show" today

Post-mortem: Was Falwell killed by secularists, abortionists, gays, and the ACLU, or was it...

Will Dobson and Robertson now have a cage match for total RW Christian domination?

Hope someone remembers and reports this about Falwell

Falwell founded the Moral Majority back in 1979?

GALLUP: Approval Ratings for Congress Even Lower Than the President's

Tinkywink outlived Falwell!

David Van Os: Big Oil Still Running Roughshod

The repuke presidential wannabes will be asked about Falwell at tonight's debate.

I was just asked why I HATE such a good man like Falwell

Larry Flynt, Jerry Falweel and the Ist Amendement

Gonzales Throws McNulty Under The Bus

"This is a tragic day for America. One of God's great generals has fallen."

Good news, everyone!

Chicago Tribune: "Effort To Turn US Attorneys Into Arms Of RNC"

Quotable Falwell

WE are ALL going to DIE. What will they say about us then?

I never thought I'd see a love-fest for Falwell on DU.

Jerry Foulwill will do anything to get his name in Friday's DUzy awards thread!

Hey how bout those PHILLIES - won four of their last five

How did so many total creeps end up in this adm? Look at them

Falwell: I point the finger in their face and say "you helped this happen."

WH regarding Farwell: "The time is now to pray for him and his family"

MSNBC quoting satirical website---thinks it's real.

CNN's John Roberts: If we showed the full extent of what we see in Iraq, no one would watch...

On Falwell...

Freepers throwing a snitfit about us...

The Official DU Jerry Falwell Memorial Thread

On the Falwell threads - who should be DU's Moral Majority?

There, I feel all better now.

Squabble puts Veterans for Peace at back of Rose Parade

What is news? Everyu time we have soembody die

If you want to be spoken well of after you die

Funeral sermon by civil rights pastor Rev. Vernon Johns applies to Rev. Jerry Falwell

why is Thom Hartmann inviting a complete right wing fundie lunatic on his show???

Randi's gonna be on a roll today.

There is one thing about Falwell that I want to say....

Conservatives reading DU for Falwell comments - Contest for most outrageous comment!

Democrats are not alone in criticizing Fallwell

J E R R Y F A L W E L L !!!!

It's now official: The Great Odd-Year Energy Steal!

Jerry Falwell 1933-2007

A Tyrant's Death Should Be Cheered........

My new name for the white house...

Are you happy Falwell's gone?

Jerry Falwell was so awesome - you need to check your Karma.

Link to watch the Schumer/Comey hearing..(on now)

Is (was) Falwell an organ donor? Did he support the "culture of life" in death?

Jerry Falwell was no Mother Teresa

Bloomberg: kicks his billions into a 3rd party race for President - help or hurt the DEM ticket?

NPR Warning:::Ralph Reed drooling over the Greatness of the Dead Rev.

Goodbye, Daddy

FoxNews asks Cheney: "do you believe someone who opposes the war wants terrorists to win?"

Dobson and Perkins will now be the most powerful RW Fundamentalists' Leaders...

Randi - "When we come back, a rare treat"

Hey Truthseekers, guess who's back?

DU's reaction to Falwell: "Disgusting, hateful, mean-spirited, hypocritical..."

Falwell was an enabler of Bush

Falwell and Rev(?) Moon

Hey, all you librulz: Rev. Jerry needs to hear some Scripture from US, if you ask me!

Randi is all over the great things Jerry Falwell has done for humanity...

In 2004 Falwell announced that they controlled the GOP and Bush's fate.

As a lifelong Liberal Democrat, I'm concerned about all this vitriol against Jerry Falwell.

I'll sing you a song of Jerry Falwell and all the good things he's done...

Tonight, a Very Special GOP Tribute to Jerry Falwell

Be Careful what you say about Falwell

Does Randi Rhodes have an archive?

Don't get me started....

Romney and McCain wasting no time RE Falwell

Speak your minds, DU--Jerry Falwell's ACTS speak for the man.

God has already decided what to do with Jerry Falwell.

Fallwell: The Greatest Hits

Lieberman Helps Collect Cash for Susan Collins

In honor of Pastor Falwell's passing...

Bush Administration AIDED Al Qaeda through Iraq War

Rabbi Shmuley on Tucker making so much sense

Larry Flynt lived to see Jerry Falwell die.

George Porgie Pudding and Pie ---pix--->>>

Will former President Clinton attend Falwell's funeral?

Time to go put gas in the car!

Is Jerry Falwell in hell?

Get Well Soon Barney Frank!!!

Godwin's Law & Dobson....

CBS News Consultant O'Hanlon Wants To See Batiste Back On CBS

Once Fallwell, Dobson and Robertson go, who will replace them?

Bush Taps New 'War Czar'

Earth's circle-Ashcroft and Falwell

What Rev. Falwell is saying RIGHT NOW:

Attacks kill three more US troops in Iraq

Fred Thompson is afraid to debate Michael Moore

Didn't Falwell refer to Hillary as Lucifer?

Comey testifies to the hospital meeting

Jerry Falwell death: Reaction in quotes

U.S. fails in bid to postpone Wolfowitz discussion

Jerry Falwell was in the same league as a Klan leader. I'm disgusted by the media coverage

Love ya Mods, but

XM Radio Suspends Opie & Anthony

Thank You Very Much! ... SING IT! ... :)

Bush 24% approval Handling Iraq by CBS - NY Times Poll

terrorist Disneyland"

Breaking CNN: B*sh has his war czar...

A glimpse at the hell Bush unleashed in Iraq

"Falwell" + "hell" search on technorati yields nearly 2400 hits ... and counting

"If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too."

Army may redeploy suicidal, depressed, injured soldier

“Captured US Troops is an advantage.”

Dupe. Pls. Delete. nt

So oil closed up $.071....

How many hours will the media use up for Falwell's death? (poll)

How the Media is handling Falwell's death

Anybody heard from Fred Phelps and/or the Westboro Church?

Oh my! CSPAN Caller said Edwards judgement is flawed because

I'm concerned about your concern about my concerns about being concerned about death and Jerry...

Suicidal and Facing a Third Tour in Iraq

Got a call from DNC over the weekend asking for money...

House Rep Mike Ross (D/Arkansas) has Charts for Who US is Borrowing from on C-Span!

Where can I find comparison of gas prices by administration?

They really don't read the bills before they pass them. LOL

Happy days are again!...

University of Texas fires student financial aid director (Reuters/CNN)


Media whore Randall Terry explains Falwell's legacy ("Great General of the Culture Wars")

My Thoughts On Falwell

Ashcroft's ex-no. 2 says Gonzales, Cheney tried to take advantage of sick Attorney General

War supporters say that if we leave then Al Qaeda will take over Iraq

Has LIEberman made a pronouncement on Falwell's Passing?

Okay, I didn't dig Jerry's panache for scapegoating other people...

Think DU is bad? Look at what the Bible toters here in GA are saying:

Is anyone else experiencing problems with DU today?

Can the nanny-patrol and the grave-dancers stand down, or at least consolidate into a few threads?

Randi's show today is one of her best ever

I'm not gloating or gleeful about Falwell's death however...

Falwell did NOT die of natural causes...

We now have a "WAR CZAR." What is a "WAR CZAR?"

In the early 70's I had a buddy who worked the burial detail at Fort Meyer.

Mitt Romney releases statement on Falwell's Death

Reporters face unusual limits at Padilla terror trial (Barred from questioning attys at the trial)

Sam Brownback releases statement on Falwell's Death

John McCain releases statement on Falwell's Death

Forty Arrested Protesting War as Part of 'Mother of a March'

Now, is the Reverend Moon going to foreclose on Liberty University?

Jerry Falwell Quotes

Bush picked his "War Czar" General Douglas Lute

Bush chooses a new "Commander in-Chief." Or as he likes to call it, a "War Czar"

Specter Wants gonzAllAss To Resign-WTF?

Fox News yet to mention apartheid

Watch at the funeral...

Clinton, Obama Back Iraq Fund Cutoff

Who's name will be invoked the most during tonights debate???

Is anyone else a bit... surprised that Jerry Falwell is dead?

Rudy Giuliani releases statement on Falwell's Death

Big update to my post from this morning: Question from my employer

Missing VOTE FRAUD E-MAILS show "CAGING" a Fed Offense!

It's after 6:00PM.... Would this be DU's finest hour...

Hillary Clinton will support Fiengold Amendment.

Whistleblower Protection Reform CSPAN3

Is the Death of An Intolerant Bigot Worth Celebrating?

Oh Jerry! Remember Matthew 7:21?

BWHAAAAA! NPR Uses Internet to say "Cerberus" Three Headed Dogs who Guard Hell!

Quotes from Falwell

Jerry Falwell - Leader of the Christian Taliban !! - (pics)

Scared little man

Jim Wallis: The Passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell

Words of Jerry Falwell.

Breaking...Falwell is Alive....

Dear God: You forgot to take Pat Robertson too.

Gen. Batiste's NEW VoteVets ad to follow GOP debate on Fox tonight

Ain't no heaven, ain't no hell, thank GOD there ain't no Jerry Falwell.

I will not celebrate Jerry Falwell's death

Inhofe on C-Span 2 saying that one time believers of

Did hannity Mention DU Today?

My thoughts on Falwell

Jerry Falwell is dead - it's time for a parade

Gunfight breaks out at Pakistan-Afghan border flag meeting between US, Afghan, and Pakistani troops

Why not use this occasion to educate lurkers about the Christian Right's Agenda...

Seems like there is a media blackout for Freeper/Minuteman Tyler Froatz. Why is that?

"He was a Godly man of God"

Ok who else will be watching the GOP debate tonight?

Suicidal and Facing a Third Tour in Iraq

Jerry Falwell: a brief timeline

(Senator) Warner blasts Pentagon Internet move


Note to Newt: Do NOT piss off Diane Rehm.


Families release names of two of the dead Fort Drum soldiers:

VA Bonus Winners Sat on Review Boards

I will NOT suggest to any DUer how to react to Falwell's death.

jmowreader's Libertarian Hall of Fame

Salon-Falwell spent a career demonizing others. Upon his death, what else could he expect in return?

CNN allowed Beck to decry "leftist witch hunt" against shock radio, no mention his own hate speech

Video game Fans

So who comprises the "Falwell Family" to whom so

Preemie Births linked to Pesticides & Nitrates in Water?

When the President talks to God

Is the world better without Falwell?

Wolfowitz Blames Girlfriend For His Problems

We have a new "Tsar"

Apparently ignoring polls, Blitzer asked: Are ads a sign Clinton camp "is feeling desperate"?

"Clinton, Obama Back Iraq Fund Cutoff"

New ‘War Czar’ Advocated Troop Withdrawals To ‘Undercut Perception Of Occupation’

If you were representing the democratic party..

Sen. (Bernie) Sanders has plan to help protect veterans


So who comprises the "Falwell Family" to whom so

"AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals."

walmart is angry about high gas prices hurting their bottom maybe prices will decrease


O’Reilly: Katie Couric’s Low Ratings Are ‘A Woman Thing’

I am not surprised by all of the Falwell posts or the amount of hate

What does this really mean -

Jerry Falwell believed that everyone and their mother

Troops kidnapped in 'planned snatch,' official says

Warning: A shameful Thread

Question: I work for a company that is affiliated with a church, but does not

Radio Show Hosts suspended for 30 days


White House re Wolfowitz: all options were still open

Will DU react the same way when Billy Graham passes?

Troubled soldier says he went AWOL to get mental health help

Burn in Hell, Jerry Falwell

Symbology and Falwell's passing

Contessa Brewer cites

I wonder how much harm we're doing looking for the missing soldiers

A lot of bad karma out here today

Rev. Billy Graham. Now's there's a man who has used his faith to unite people in a positive way

The impact of Falwell's death on the '08 GOP field: Tonight's debate may be worth watching.

Rudy Apologizes to snubbed Iowa Farmers

Your prediction: Think any DEM Pres candidates will attend Falwell's Funeral?

Oh..this is just PRICELESS! Wolfowitz threatens WB members! "Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade"

Anyone here brave enough to watch the GOoPers and Report to us?

Who Are They Trying to Kid?

The rules at Falwell's "Liberty" University

Enough with the Falwell threads. Time for a poll:

There is a common thread in enemies of Falwell (Flynt, Stonewall Democrats) saying polite things.

Flabbergasted at the sudden death of Falwell, I called God to find

Does Rev. Falwell's death make him ineligible for the Rapture?

I think it is time to call 911

Father-daughter purity balls creepy

SF Du'ers ..... what's happening in the Castro??

Falwell was also a racist, as well as sexist, anti-semite, and homophobe.

Maybe now Jesus can kick jerry's ass for what he did to Christianity.

Misspeak on Hardball

Hi Michelle Malkin!

Gonzales Claims Deputy Attorney General And Chief Of Staff Are Not ‘Top Aides’

as a result of my "librul" edumacation...I will be principal next year

we were the nice guys...we got shit on. I am not nice anymore

DoD Flip-Flop: YouTube Banned, But Watch It

The fight we've got coming.

I watched Katie Couric's Falwell coverage tonight. Somebody stop me from that.

Street Heat by Cindy Sheehan

FRONTLINE tonight. Spying .... 8 pm here.

Bush Goons Stalk Ashcroft In the Hospital to Authorize Illegal Program

On Falwell's death.

NGLTF statement on Falwell:

Human Rights Campaign statement on Falwell:

Daily Kos: The McCain/Bush Corruption Cover-Up

I hope God is a Black lesbian with no sense of humor

Somewhere, someone loved Jerry.

DHS report: Shirlington Limo should not have gotten contract (remember Hookergate?)

Post your favorite Falwell quote here:


Army body armor contract hasn't been awarded yet-Equipment had been promised for April

glad the mofo died...waiting to really dance when Rushbo and hannity and o'liely are gone

Hell Welcomes Falwell.

Does your town have a decent public transportation system?

B-1B targets insurgents

Franklin Mint announces new Jerry Falwell Commemorative Plate

Pentagon Identifies Ambushed GIs

Video challenge: Find a tape of Dean's "scream" speech with the background noise

Comey's testimony transcript up...

The Jerry Falwell, "If you can't say something nice....

Larry Flynt on Falwell's passing

Dobson is 71 and Robertson in 77

Falwell's demise is like closing bookend on Radical Right Era


Praise the Lord. Tammy Faye Outlived the Evil Jerry Falwell!

I would like to propose a forum for the military and military families of DU

Jerry Falwell not conscious

Is dancing on Falwell's grave acceptable?

Breaking Falwell reported to have been in a meeting when he collapsed

New feature proposal.

Am I the only one here who liked Jerry Falwell?

Resign Mr. Atty Gen.: Gonzales Pressed Ailing Ashcroft on Spy Plan, Aide Says

Wouldn't it be ironic if Falwell went to hell

The Democrat Party - A "left behind" story in the making?

Court rules cop back from doing mercenary work in Iraq not entitled to his old job - Good news story

Are you biking to work on Bike to Work Day Friday?

Video: Jerry Falwell And Larry Flynt On CNN

D.C. Madam: "10, 20, 50, 100 names of people who hold the public trust and therefore violated it"

Corporations sucking lifeblood out of working poor

Why an Ultra-Conservative Texas Grandmother Hates the GOP.

RIP, Reverend Falwell.

DU Mods ... please consider locking Falwell threads

Short video about advertising distortion for the fashion/beauty industry

It should chill us all to the bone

Comparison of gas taxes by state

The Quotable Compassionate Falwell...Add your own:D

Of Actions and Consequences, Torture and Troops

U.S. Food Stamp System Shortchanging the Poor

Teletubbies send condolences to Falwell family

real news from the heart of blueness- wbez's worldview


BREAKING: 2 republican presidential candidates injured in fracas

All is forgiven, Jerry.. I weep for you!

State's high court halts decision on moving trial

NPR correspondent nails the Attorney firings on the head.

Gonzales misses deadline to submit Rove emails.

Major Security Breach at Palisades Nuclear Plant

Q for Repub Debate: "If It Is Proved Bush Lied Us Into War With Iraq Would You Demand He Resign?"

We Guarantee Al Gore Will Be Attacked Next Week, We Absolutely Guarantee It

The "Try Real Hard To Say Something Nice About Falwell" Thread

I'll stop dancing on Fallwell's grave long enough to piss on it.

Please Listen To Lionel Today.

Texas Senate barely blocks vote on VoterID... pugs tried to pull another "fast one"...

The Plot to Link the Kerry/Edwards 2004 Presidential Campaign to Al Qaeda

You guys are scaring me.

Falwell lived a long and full life

USDA Poised to Approve Risky Field Trial of GE Trees *ACTION ITEM*

Everyone say something NICE about Falwell

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays....


Massive Tuesday TOON Roundup: Condi, W, Blair, the're all here...

Little sympathy for rape victims in Japan

The Falwell Thread on the Home Page is Offensive

Can you guess what 20 out of 36 Boston valedictorians have in common?

Fred Phelps and crew to protest at Jerry Falwell's funeral

Gay Democrats (National Stonewall Democrats) Comment on Death of Jerry Falwell

Rosie to baba Wawa:" You stopped liking Bush when you couldn't cross 5th Avenue

"In a very Christian way, he can go to hell." --Jimmy Carter

Senate to vote on ending war funding

My 8 year old's teacher gave my husband a call today about her 'naughty note passing'

Al Gore Warns Of Biofuel Dangers In Argentina

We should choose our enemies wisely for we often become them

To those who say they are dancing on the grave of Jerry Falwell

Iraqis say they took our soldiers as revenge for the rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl

At this point, I don't care how I "look"'s about how I Feel...

Farmers and Global Warming

The (Rough)History Of disbelief.

Falwell...To Everyone Ashamed of our Celebration

Gonzales proposes new crime: "Attempted" copyright infringement

COHEN: Alberto Throws Paul Under Bus; Ditto James to Alberto

A TRIBUTE To Jerry Falwell, may he Rest In Peace

This is NOT DU's finest hour!

Obama "wows" New Jersey Politicians

Mary Rauh to co-lead Obama's NH effort

Iran Lawmakers Seek U.S. Friendship (AP)

Is Musharraf getting the hook?

the Bush administration launched a last-ditch global campaign to save Paul D. Wolfowitz’s position.

Rasmussen Reports: Giuliani remains at 25%, McCain 18%, Thompson 15%, Romney 12%

"Those things all sound scary"-the Family Guy (3:19)

bush turns to his boss james dobson for advice about Iran

Gonzo live on C-span 2 now. National Press Club.

"In my younger days, I was about ideology... Now, I'm just about winning."

Clinton courting non-voters - over 21 Million unregistered...

Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade (threatened staff over Riza raise) - Guardian

Bloomberg poised for third-party campaign

Wolfowitz threatens senior World Bank staff

Which candidate - assuming there is no impeachment - will continue to investigate, indict .....

Congressional Approval Poll

Ideas for Improving the Debates

Stephanie will be a panelist on CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" this evening at 8pm

Local radio news in Lynchburg saying Falwell's died.

Inside the Scandal at Justice

Falwell has died.

Mydd May Straw Poll is up.

Jonatham Karl tells ABC "ALL Options on Table" re Wolfowitz.

Whats that crazy family that protest funerals? Wonder if they will make Falwell's?

Bible verse especially to remember Falwell

Dems Press Gonzales on Missouri USA

CNN's Christianne Amanpour interviewed Falwell just last week.

What Nasty Trash Will Go Into the Farwell DeathDay Dump?

Democratic Underground Presents: Great Quotes From Jerry Falwell

What quote stands out as the "best" of Jerry Falwell's legacy?

Can the Falwell threads live in GD instead of GDP?

Ezra Klein steps back to take stock of Hillary's career...

Hillary snags heavyweight New Hampshire endorsement...Senate President...

Snow: You Call That Sick?

Why impeach Cheney? Just put a hex on him. Today is the day to do it!!!

Newt Gringrich rudely hangs up on Diane Rehm

Clinton and Obama Visits Suggest New Clout for Two States

Prepare for the Media Pundit Lovefest with Falwell

Comey Details White House Attempt to Force Approval of Secret Program

What this about Jerry Falwell being the new War Czar?

We Have A War Czar!

When Is The Next GOP Debate?

People For the American Way was founded to directly counter Falwell

Hillary Will Vote For Feingold Amendment

If Gore decided to run, will you vote for him in your primary?

On the one hand, I realize that we need to control the Senate

A question about Frank Luntz

Received a letter back from Joe Lieberman about Cheney Impeachment.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) "...the world is flat."

Tenet will testify in the House on pre-war intel June 19

Petition: CBS Must Re-hire General Batiste

I'd like to see Dodd, Biden, and Gravel withdraw from the race.

Muckraker: In Justice Department Civil Rights Division, Employees Claim Discrimination

This is my 10,000 post and I want to use it to express the hope that

Inspectors general gain prominence with new Congress

First Fox question for R's in "debate" will be: "How much do you love Jesus"?

CSPAN2 - Inhofe accused Dodd and HAGEL of "smoking something" re their Iraq

Ashcroft's ex-no. 2 says Gonzales, Cheney tried to take advantage of sick Attorney General

Falwell found unconsious. Hospitalized (per MSNBC/Breaking/No link yet)

Right now .... May 15, 2007 .... which Party is in better shape?

Chicago Sun Times: Obama clear: He's pro-union

Can We Please Impeach Gonzales and Rice Now?

Comey Testifies that the President Broke the Law

They're Not Benchmarks

Bill Moyers: The Cost of War (short video)

John Edwards: Busting Conservative Myths about the Military

Jerry's dead ....need more be said? n/t

Fred Thompson: No time for Michael Moore

Australian files UCC finance statement against Gonzo in DC recorders office- what is this about?

Where's Jerry going?

Running for Cabinet positions?

VOTER VETS aiming at JOHN MCCAIN during GOP Fox Debate

Employee Free Choice: Minnesota’s Coleman Doesn’t Get It

Great Video from Monday's The Daily Show of A.G.-A.Gonzales lying to the Rep. Conyers and..

Agnew v. Cheney - How Did the Good Guys Finally Win?

PerleTurns On Bush In A Harsh way

The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Read - The Anger of the Left

Pass the Popcorn ...

Obama to Support Feingold-Reid Bill

Jerry Falwell: Christian or Theocrat?

Gonzales misses deadline to submit Rove emails

Clinton, Nadler to investigate post-9/11 environmental cleanup

"OxyClinton" the Fox 1/2 Hour news hour still not funny with "Dr." Laura Ingraham

TPM: CBS News Consultant Michael O'Hanlon Want to See Batiste Back on CBS

Clinton, Obama support war fund cutoff

Iraq vote key for Clinton, Obama

Edwards challenges Obama, Clinton to vote for Reid-Feingold. A month ago Edwards had no comment.

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John Edwards Campaign Announces Women for Edwards Web Page

Apparently both Larry Flynt and Al Sharpton have more class than most of DU.

Group develops fresh new way to promote impeachment ($15 sends Impeachmints to your Senators

Only Edwards offers real health-care reform

The Bush Presidential Library ---------->