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Truthout: ..."White House Tried to Coerce Ashcroft"

Battle of the Network Stars

Iraq: A New Age Of Genocide? (

Democrats Sing Off-Key On Trade (

The Taliban's best friend

Garrison Keillor on Imus and Bush -- excellent commentary, as usual.

The Unkept Promise on Voting

Amy Goodman: Give ’Em Hell, Mr. Terkel (Truthdig)


A tale of one city, two policies: build and demolish

Ya'll just like to see me beg...

Death-Squad Scandal Circles Closer to Colombia’s President

U.S. Tries to Stem Afghan Opium Trade, Belatedly

House overwhelmingly votes to put restrictions on Mexican trucks on U.S. highways

Intellectual Property Protection Act to make attemped infringement illegal

Bill targeting anti-war T-shirt goes to governor (Arizona)

Pentagon Newsletter Asks Soldiers to Watch Its YouTube Channel -- After Banning the Site

Bush Pick Gets Extra Payment From Old Job (CPSC Baroody)

Clinton, Obama back Iraq fund cutoff

Iraq Attacks Stayed Steady Despite Troop Increase, Data Show

Clinton, Obama to Back Vote to Cut Off Funding for Troops in Iraq

Workers sue U.S. factory after immigration raid

President Intervened in Dispute Over Eavesdropping

Could today be one of the best days of my life?

I am 28 posts from 2,000! Any suggestions....

Roxanne! You don't have to put on the red light!

dBaker41, I came and saw your band Sat. at the Alumni House.

I looove the Republican Candidates' Stats!

I'm sick of spending money on things that don't excite me.

I'm home from the hospital

My roomie's weed dealer was busted.....

Goosey woosey,

zombie faLweLL reanimates

I guess since my pm box is void of pictures of Bnl and Nwc I may as well go to bed

It looks like the stars fell from the sky and landed in our front gardens.

Is Zombywoof here?

I took my test Christianity test in my Religion class on the same day Falwell dies

Am I the only one with dry itchy ass ears?

James Bond has a sexy girl body count.

I COULD be clothed and dry...

Da Bulls win game five in Detroit!

I just read that Jericho was canceled! Does anyone else

Somehow, I couldn't quite summon sympathy...

y'know, i wouldn't find the 'net nannies so annoying if they'd a least wear something frilly and

I have a post that made Greatest Page.

Finally! 6000 posts!

We're all going to hell.

God sends the following messages to you...

I went into GD. WTF is wrong with me?!

Anybody else cut grass today, the cold beer after I finished sure was good.

My 7 yr old told me today that everyone hates Jews.

Who here believes in "signs"????

I killed Jerry Falwell.

Icon War! (Caution, graphic violence!)

It's time for strange food addictions!

Another iPod question, if I may.

I need some lounge pity....

Lovers of the French language! If the word "douche" means "shower," what is a "douche" called?

bare asscheeks in middle school?

Texas Man Charged in Skittles Heist

What are you listening to right now?

What political issue do you wish you cared more about?

Funny Falwell cartoon...

Play me a song, Curtis Lowe, Curtis Lowe

In Entertainment News, ABC is going to run a weekly 1/2 hour Geico commercial in the fall

Damn Jordin is good!

hey, everybody, please do me a favor

I COULD be naked and sweaty....

My kitty is home from the hospital

My husband surprised me today - took us out for Korean BBQ!

In the new digs and posting on a government laptop

Jerry Falwell's God by Roy Zimmerman

This place could use a "hide thread by key word" feature

One man gathers what another man spills....favorite Grateful Dead song?

So I'm finally out of the hospital

Everyone in America should travel abroad

I Am A Cultist..... and I am very glad for that!

High School Lacrosse: Al Gore's Old School Beats Fred Barnes's Old School

Will the Pistons get their act together tonight?

Amare and Diaw suspended 1 game, Horry 2

Change To Win: Labor "Blindsided" By Dem Leadership/Bush Trade Deal

NLRB Imposes 6 Month Ban On SEIU Local 49's Use Of Card Check To Organize

Teamsters Fight To Defend Living Standards In Orange County, California

Weekend Matewan labor dispute reenactment to include author John Velke

Atomic plant workers picket over contract

Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition Reaches Tentative Agreement With the National Carrier's Conference C

Nurse testifies to Congress rights trampled

Professor Jonathan Turely on the Constitution...

Johnathan Turley on Karl Rove...

Solar Powered George - you've got to see this!

KO---Football Night In America

GONZALES: Pressured DOJ to OK Domestic Spying (Comey Testifies)

While they Debate---Missing Troops In Iraq

Family Guy - Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson

Mothers Day March

Fred Thompson SMACK DOWN on Micheal Moore

What is Andrew Bacevich's Son's Life Worth?

Despite Rove’s Claims, Voter Fraud Wasn’t A ‘Problem’ In Nevada

Clinton, Obama to Back Iraq Fund Cutoff

Satan: " Falwell Rejected From Hell-We have Standards Here"

35% of Democrats believe Bush knew of attacks in advance

Adolf's Favorite Painting.


Falwell timeline (eewwwww..he has a twin????)

Spanish Home-Buyer Finds Mummified Body

Al Gore's political contributions

Sadrists in Green Zone standoff with soldiers

Reid to work with McConnell on Iraq supplemental

Does Fallwell have even one supporter on DU?

Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis

What is it in us that makes us follow preachers, priests, & holy men?

Is there a Repuke debate tonite?

Not sure if anyone has said it yet, but the new DU look is looking great!

Will the Pistons get their act together tonight?

Ok, how's this analogy for the WOT, as relayed to a super-patriot war cheerleader...

anyone know what channel the rethug debate's gonna be on?

What's up with the Feingold-Reid bill?

My eulogy for Jerry Falwell


Liberty University

5 contractors wounded in Green Zone explosion

Officer convicted in death of 15-year-old - Ran over student, claimed car had been stolen

Oh. God. The Eagle is Sore-ing on Keith. MAKE IT STOP!

ohhh huckabee told a John Edwards beauty shop joke

About Falwell, nothing too vicious I'll just say this:

Two more universities settle student loan cases (AP/CNN)

Falwell should have kept his ass OUT of our government, robertson too.

PBS - Frontline - Spying On the Home Front - 9 PM est

Why am I watching the repub debates?

What Jerry Falwell hated about me

***Official Republican debate thread***

Jerry Falwell: From an empire to an unravelling

How America is Seduced into War

General Douglas Lute ...... Our new "War Czar"

Who was the greater threat to America: Jerry Falwell or Saddam Hussein?

Wonder how Jerry is explaining his mansion and private jet to St. Peter tonight....

Turn on Larry King live: Tammy Faye is crying on air. Quoting the bible!

"Yeah, well, I guess he had it coming."

Conspiracy Plot Unmasked

I just changed my mind RE global warming's primary significance


Who will write the definitive book

Just for fun, the disciplinary code at Falwell's Liberty University

This is weird:

Jerry Falwell on the Mark Foley matter....

IBM loses retirees' personal info (AP)

Doug Lute nominated to be Official White House Scapegoat, er um... War Czar

Well, THIS makes me feel "safe".

Bushist Corruption Plays On Dept.: Bush Pick Gets Extra Payment From Old Job

Yes, another Falwell thread. Take a look anyway.

President Intervened in Dispute Over Eavesdropping

I've got to say, this has been one of the funniest days on DU ever.

I can speak english now - I can do that.

My summary of Republican debate!!

Alan Shore rocks the house on imigration and names names

I forgive falwell. I will stop propagating hate.

I could care less about Falwell , I care about

An insightful and succint freeper comment re: War Czar

Tim Russert from "Press the Meat" on TDS tonight?! Sounds promising! nt

Miami Beach is running out of sand.

I think it is ok to try and impeach him and Cheney now.

What do you think of the block feature now?

White House's support for Wolfowitz starting to wane?

How evil does one have to be?

CIA: The United States is dead last in "Account Balance" rank order

McHenry (R-Fraud) Attacks Prosecutor Who Supported His Campaign As ‘Politically Motivated’

At times of grief like this, don't ya just miss Mopaul?


Do ya think....

Measure blocking funds for Iran war gains support

Tim Russett is on the daily show tonight.

Romney: I'd want the terrorists to be at Gitmo where they don't have access to lawyers.

Angry World

Cspan is taking calls and has Mike Allen on live. Cspan 1.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay Mike's Back!

(NOT A Falwell Thread) - VA Bonus Winners Sat on Review Boards - AP

Iraq Refugee Crisis

A Bible verse for Jerry Falwell, for his followers, and for his faith.

Europeans step up pressure on Wolfowitz

Watching "From the Earth to the Moon", on the Science channel, didn't know Al Franken was in it...

Why I'm not dancing on Falwel's grave

Not to scare anyone in Denver, but...

Question from Boston Legal (spoiler)

Jason Roberts - a Presidential candidate

On dying and hatred.

Wolfowitz is getting unbelievably desperate.

Kudos to Fox News; excellent debate

***Official Republican debate thread 2***

Attacked in Congress

My take on Falwell... Yeah, I know, you're sick of it, too.

Proverbs 11:10 - perhaps this puts today's events in perspective:

Vote here for "Countdown's D.C. Idol"!

Falwell gave his own eulogy by how he lived:

KO didn't trash falwell..Must be a freeper at heart

West Coast Heads Up! Tonight - Frontline - Domestic Spying

Statement on Falwell from the EAC:

Prediction: When DUers not mourning Falwell stop posting about him...

May I take a moment to compliment the Mods and thank them for their hard work

Search for Missing Soldiers Intensifies

contrarian view of Falwell farewell: few individual deaths make much difference

Truth is out! Falwell is Scientologist. Tom Cruise had secret conversion meeting with him.

Longtime Pocomoke journalist and author dies at age 95

Smug Fred Thompson Implies Michael Moore Belongs in "Mental Institution"

Wolfowitz: “I implore each of you" to please let me keep my job

OMG!!!111!!! Anna Nicole Smith is dead!!!!!

Enough with the Falwell postings already! geez, give it a rest.

Americans United Issues Statement on the Death of Jerry Falwell

Without 9-11 would guliani have ANYTHING to talk about? Jeez!

And the Wind Cries Jerry...(sorry Jimi)

Oh God Hitchens is destroying Falwell on

What's happening to Jerry Falwell's soul right at this second?

Falwell, the church of conservatism and the cold, blunt weapon of hate

Gonzalez in 2006: ""You have to wonder what could Messrs. Comey and Ashcroft add to the discussion."

It's my fault Jerry Falwell died today!

GI jailed as AWOL after loss of son.

Pulling the Plug: Alberto Gonzales browbeats the critically ill.

Refresher course in liberalism

Harvard Law Class of 82 (Alberto's Class) Call for him to resign (Open Letter Was Post)

Don't buy gas if it is over $ 2.999 EVERY Monday ?

McCain 2008

Most of the Falwell Comments on DU Are Downright *Respectful* Compared to What Else Is Out There

Was Falwell a product of his upbringing?

Why John Ashcroft won't completely deserve having his grave pissed on.

Do you want more Falwell threads?

Skinner on Falwell

WARNING DIALUPPERS:LARGE IMAGE: Infamous Hustler Falwell Parody - LOL

Brother of Kurdish immigrant restaurateur deported - Accused of terrorism in Turkey

American Atheists Press: Statement concerning death of Jerry Falwell

Anyone want to use their real name on the internet?

Yep, just what I expected when I came here -- just like every other time

"The American Taliban" - I wrote this about Falwell's 9/11 comments the day he said them.


Crackdown on Indian Outsourcing Firms

RE: Jerry Falwell (1 More thread)

I'm not even a Christian, and I'm offended.

amazing archological fact just spilled on PBS....

Only 118 People Block the Truth. In Iraq they take out that many obstacles a night

Let's get the - don't speak ill of Shrub now that he's gone - over with now

Send ImpeachMINTS to your elected representatives!

So, apparently lots of DUers think it's a good thing that Falwell is dead.

The Passing Of One Who Is Considered As Evil Should Be Looked Upon As An Opportunity.

the MIAs

Legally, can the president invent new positions like "War Czar"

“There are several of us trying to put the crazies back in the box.” - Admiral Fallon

Snopes debunks anti-Hillary Smear e-mail that's going around

Ron Paul is winning FauxNews text vote on who won the debate!

Exquisite Corpse: Falwell Into Lucifers Arms! Karma Ran Over His Dogma. Add a Random Spiritual Quote

I understand "pissing on Falwell's grave" and here's why

Angry and Yes, More Falwell

Now they are calling us old style left wing "populists" who hate free trade.

PNAC -- Right on Target!!!

If you are a parent - and someone did something to your kid -

So, how'd the gas boycott go today? (not a snark post, really wondering)

McHenry Attacks Prosecutor Who Supported His Campaign As ‘Politically Motivated

something i have to say regarding Liberty U...

The Democrats drive for the 'fairness doctrine'

Cop out. FauxNews will not ask candidates about Falwell in tonight's debate.

Did CBS, NBC and ABC slobber over Fallwell tonight?

Adm. William Fallon, off to a quiet start

Scrutiny of Thomson-Reuters Deal, ensure that it does not compromise Reuters' independence

Barack Obama was right

NOW on FRONTLINE "Spying on the Home Front" is starting on PBS

Just curious anyone know how the FReeps are taking Falwell's death?

House increases money for police program (community police) - AP

Right's post debate meme: time to push out 2nd tier candidates

My take on the Republican debate

Hershey To U.S. Workers: Kiss Off

White House may nuke Wolfowitz

Wolfowitz makes emotional appeal to keep Bank job (Reuters)

Ron Paul wins the Fox text message voting

Huckabee got in a zinger at Edwards during the debate

Who will win the 2008 Presidential Election? Do the math...

Brownback for prosecuting mother on abortion?

what Ron Paul should have said to Rudy re: 9-11 statement

Ron Paul Gets 30% on the Feedback POLL!!!!

Watch for the "Ghouliani rebound" meme after the repuke debate tonight.

I got to hand it to Fox News. That was a REAL debate!

Falwell went to hell

Ron Paul: get rid of the Department of Homeland Security

Was the real goal of the Iraq Occupation to contain Iran?

Obama and Edwards splitting the anti Hillary vote???

The U.S. attorney scandal is not about firings, it's about harassment of minority voters

The face of the GOP: old white men

Alberto’s Harvard Class (’82) Places Ad in Washington Post.

MSNBC South Carolina Republican debate Poll

WaPo: "Ashcroft and the Night Visitors" (Comey's "hair-raising testimony)

Opinionator - DOWD -- FRIEDMAN

Initial warrantless eavesdropping program deemed illegal by the Justice Department

Froomkin: McNulty Gets Knife in the Back

Is the Noose Tightening on Gonzales?


McNulty: a Sacrificial Lamb for Gonzales

John Stossel Should Do a Fraud Investigation on Himself (Mark Thoma, Economist's View)

Your Local News -- Dateline New Delhi (Outsourced local news)

How to End the Reign of Shock Jocks (AlterNet)

Consumer Protection Nominee Rekindles Charges of Cronyism (Truthout)

Controversy has followed eavesdropping program

Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America? (Chalmers Johnson)

What Bremer Got Wrong in Iraq

Op-ed: Outsourcing could lead to fascism in America

Falwell's legacy: faith, hate or Teletubbies?

Who’s Watching What We Eat? “Our food safety system is broken."


What lessons will we learn from George the Terrible?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Iraq Memoir Industry

The Semiwarriors

Very Serious Pundits review John Edwards (Tom Tomorrow)

So much for the gas boycott, here in michigan gas rose $.20

Newsweek: Jonathan Alter on Falwell: Don’t Believe the Hype

W R Marshall; Tricky Dick and Dubya in the Halls of Power

The Cost of a GOP Myth By Harold Meyerson / WaPo

Simon Tisdall: Iran is safe ... for now (Guardian)

Double Standard in the U.S. War on Terror

Bush in Iraq: B-School Case Study

McNulty Gets Knife in the Back By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

WP editorial: "An account of Bush administration lawlessness so shocking it would be unbelievable...

Greenwald: Comey's testimony raises new and vital questions about the NSA scandal

Posada Carriles, Child of Scorn:

Operation Iraq Forever

World's Biggest U.S. Embassy May Not Be Quite Big Enough

Australian water crisis could be worse than thought - Reuters

Analysis Finds Large Antarctic Area Has Melted

Jim Motavalli is on wpr right now

Arctic islands invite tourists to see climate woes

PowerLight Completes 2.2 Megawatt Korean (PV) Project

Ground broken for Metro Detroit's first biodiesel plant

Norway's Petroleum Ministry Cuts Estimates Of Oil & Natural Gas Output For 2007 - Forbes

Senate Defeats Plan To Force Army Corps To Take Climate Change Into Account On Projects

Storm Surge Swamps Dozens Of Islands In Maldives - Reuters

Pollution Turning Taj Mahal Yellow, Despite Efforts Of Indian Government, Scientists - Reuters

CSIRO Study Predicts "Dramatic" Impact On Infrastructure From Australian Drought

Saudis Discover Two Fields Near Ghawar - About 5,600 Barrels/Day @ Test Wells

New Scientist - Antarctic Surface Thaw "Most Significant In 30 Years"

16 Cities to Go Green Under (Bill) Clinton Plan

Water Shortages In Australia May Be Worse Than First Believed - ENN

Bush Nominee To Head CPSC Will Get $150K Severance From NAM - NYT

U.S. coal miners unprepared for evacuation: GAO - Reuters

Major scandal after SDG&E and Sempra Utilities keep vital documents secret

Japan Meteorological Agency - Sea Temperature Rise Near Japan Nearly 3X 100-Year Average Increase

Deep Antarctic waters reveal hundreds of new species

No Watering Or Car Washing In Canberra By July If Rains Do Not Come - AFP

Tough bacteria may hold promise in making biofuel (extremophiles)

Top scientists urge quick G8 climate change action - Reuters

Blair Will Use Last DC Visit To Urge Bush To Act On Warming

Howard's Environment Minster Stumbles, Bumbles & Heckles Questioners At Conference

Czech President Calls Warming Fears "Hysteria", Activists "Jokers", Then Calls For "Rational Debate"

$3 Gasoline? Whatever - Americans Just Keep On Driving - MSNBC

Thousands Evacuated In NJ Forest Fire After Jet Drops Flare Into Pinelands - AFP

Rare giant turtle found in Mekong - BBC

Actual Headline Of The Year!! "Hydrogen Cars May Be A Long Time Coming"

Major Security Breach at Palisades Nuclear Plant

FirstEnergy claim has NRC fuming--Nuke operator risks license over answers on Davis-Besse

California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

Gunmen raid Fatah official's home, killing five

Palestinian militants resume Qassam fire on western Negev

Red Cross Report Says Israel Disregards Humanitarian Law

Reality Overtakes the Illusion of Unity in Gaza

Four-day death toll in Gaza fighting reaches at least 37

Israeli aircraft fires on Hamas targets

Kassams continue to rain down on western Negev

Aid to PA nearly tripled in '06, despite international boycott

Italy says it would consider sending troops to Gaza

Finnish sappers clear Khiam post in Lebanon

Israeli Aircraft Fires on Hamas Targets

ADL's Foxman, Falwell critic, mourns him as 'dear friend of Israel'

Dell Hell: Computer Giant Faces Consumer Lawsuit

World's Biggest U.S. Embassy May Not Be Quite Big Enough

Leahy Threatens White House With Subpoenas

Halliburton Chief Moving to Dubai

Making a federal case out of an obscure leaf (Khat)

Wolfowitz WILL NOT RESIGN from World Bank: lawyer

Hagel Demands Gonzales' Resignation

Tornado watch issued for parts of Mass., R.I., and Conn.

Details emerge on IRS plans to tax eBay auctions

Wolfowitz to Resign This Afternoon? (ABC News Blotter)

Mexico asks U.S. to help stop arms flow

Gordon Brown heading for coronation as UK Prime Minister

What Went Wrong with the Rebuilding of Iraq?

(Prince) Harry Not Going To Iraq, Sky Sources


Christie (Whitman) won't clear air on mess at Ground Zero

GOP threatens to shut down House over rules change

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 16

Two killed in attack on Baghdad's Green Zone - US

Worm attacked voter database in notorious Florida district

Tainted-Feed Pigs Cleared (to be eaten by humans)

Latest Chinese missile to target US carriers: report

Pakistan Christians demand help

Clashes in Iraq's Shi'ite south kill four-sources

Ron Paul gets turn in spotlight at U.S. debate

Giuliani reports $16.1M, Edwards $29.5M

Clinton Won't Commit on Iraq Deadline

Gallup: Just 25 percent of us like nation's state

Iraq withdrawal move thwarted in Senate

Yolanda King, daughter of MLK, dies at 51

FAA: More Capacity Needed To Handle Future Growth

World Bank board negotiating Wolfowitz exit

Chesapeake (VA) man posts Olympic Park bomber's writings online

16 cities to go green under Clinton plan

Texas Parents Challenge Unconstitutional Bible Class in Public Schools

US Republican foes pose as tough on terror ("bragging rights")

Force in Afghan strike was appropriate: U.S. general:

Musharraf to get more U.S. support for stable Afghanistan

Wolfowitz negotiating deal to resign from World Bank

Wolfowitz to resign World Bank post

GE recalls 2.5 million dishwashers

Prison Supports Iraq Security System

Israeli aircraft fires on Hamas targets

Shriver says Anna Nicole frenzy ended her TV return

Iraq Withdrawal Move Thwarted in Senate

World Bank adjourns board meeting at US request

Wolfowitz pleads to keep job at World Bank ("begged")

LI housekeepers held as slaves, tortured

9 mortar rounds hit Baghdad's Green Zone (Wed)

Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. dies

VA bonus winners sat on review boards

Bolton: Attack Iran before it gets bomb

Iraq withdrawal move thwarted in Senate [29-67]

Iraqi police deny chlorine used in bomb

Dutch soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners: report

U.S. troops blamed for delay in (Iraqi) projects

Anti-immigrant Pa. mayor wins GOP and Dem. primaries

Senator leaves sick bed to vote (A Democrat, of course)

Tunnel-filling crews get going at border

Ex-al Qaeda soldier will vote in Australia

Yolanda King Dead At Age 51

Iraq asks Iran firms to bid for oil refineries work

Arctic islands invite tourists to see climate woes

Pentagon general to be 'war czar'

Iraq intel proposal raises concerns

U.S. Senate to test support for ending Iraq war (today, Wed.)

Customs Breaks Privacy Laws in Data Collection, GAO Says

Abramoff scandal leads to Feeney advancement (taking Doolittle spot)

VA admits errors on statements but continues to misrepresent record

Students sickened when pesticides drift

Three suspects released in bomb case in Britain

Night all!

"Daddy eats weird stuff"

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting his show from an L.A. city bus....

Late nite sax thread

A late Mommie's day report .....

I had a 'Seinfeld' moment last evening ......

For Kitchen Witch

My favorite Falwell quote

Got to school at 6:54 a.m....Wow...

Test Driving the New Smartphones

Good half-funny song from the '70s:

God bless the First Amendment

Jerry Falwell died for GD's sins.

Dept. of Evil: All of You Must Die

Falwell editorial cartoons - post 'em!

D*mn, have tooth ache and don't want to go to the dentist.....

So Mrs. ZBDent and I were watching the tape of the 5/14 "Heroes" and

Cult Of Personality...

I wonder if Falwell ever encountered boobies, and what he thought of them?

I think JF will be very surprised to find the 'Supreme Being' ....

Matcom News: Wisconsin Festival Sells Deep-Fried Testicles

Anyone Else having trouble getting into DU?

It's morning again in America! Jerry Falwell is Dead!

A few reader's comments on Falwell from MSNBC

It was a beautiful morning!

In school...had to take final precalc exam!

My Falwell post...He was a self serving fame junkie

Informal teenager poll on Falwell: "Who?"

Tinky Winky, Jerry, and the Lord (inspired by my sisters)

The Book of my Enemy Has Been Remaindered

Kiss Da Boo Boo

Retirement Choices - Where To Live

So this is the way it's supposed to be?

Jesus Dress Up! - Have fun or flame away - either way great times to be had

Oh yes! Tax refund!

please indulge me- I have to whine for a minute.

Everyone in America should travel with a broad

Has anybody seen 2012 The Odyssey?

My Boy Toy got a speeding ticket on the way to Lunch Nookie ...

Here's my take on the whole Natalie Imbruglia...

Thoughts on childrearing and freedom.

hey you!!! where's my avatar?

CBS Cancels "Jericho"

who is the quick draw mcgraw??

A question from a long-time,

I just deleted my Gilmore Girls season pass from the TiVo

Tombstone, Baby by Peaches ------ stuck in my head

Oh..Brother...Now Paris Hilton has had her Lawyer file petitions with...

RANT - Why do people who are two cubes away from each other

Neener, neener Oedipus Rex

Junior Year classes are over...I'm exhausted...

I had a confirmation dinner last night

I live in an area with A LOT of box turtles

Earworm alert - "Shine on" by House of love... IT WON'T GO AWAY

Can you stand one more fall well thread??

Wisconsin News: Festival Sells Deep-Fried Matcom Testicles

Little kids are messed up.

My classmate mentioned going to the Olive Garden in front of my very Italian classmate...

Wednesday Morning Questions - Inside the Actors Studio version.

Dang! It is gonna be a hot/muggy summer in the mid-atlantic

Water heater question for plumbers

Wow. Massive fire at the Pentagon.

Why do you think it's called a "Happy Meal"?

"Cowboy/Cowgirl up!" - WTF does that mean?

CONFESS!!!! Do you have any phobias? What's yours?

Is there any end in sight to the "freeze-outs" at DU?

I crave chicken pot pie!

I am the greatest mom ever!!!

Final Pants

Friend conundrum.

The RetroLounge Dirty Poem Thread (Wed 5/16/2007)

WTF? The next PIRATES flick is gonna be almost 3 hours!

Thank you

Boston Area DUers! Do you know of a good tailor/seamstress/dressmaker?

Apparently, our 'free speach rights' include

Wed May-16-07 02:55 PM to Wed May-16-07 03:43 PM

Falwell threads vs. Oasis threads

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

Everyone in America should have a maid.

How to kill your first love

My A/C is busted, anyone know how to fix it?

Happy birthday kmla, blondeatlast & HERVEPA!!

I must have on my moran shirt today. I went to city hall

Amusing video, Mario Bros

I am not a Stevie Nicks fan BUT

Animal Group Says Don't Pig Out On Dodger Dogs

How can you tell if you're screwn?

The man that I dare not speak his name

Post something that makes you go "WTF?"

Oh Jury! Fuck duty!

I am not Stevie Nicks' BUTT

Happy Birthday Studs Terkel

Omg...Someone wants to pay for us to have a honeymoon!

5 year-old's birthday party - when RSVPing, is it okay to ask what sort of presents are okay?

I eat Shake'n'Bake right out of the packet.

Name a song in which a financial transaction takes place.

I saw a fellow DU'er today in Richmond, VA (off Huguenot Road).

Buy a dishwasher lately? Check out this recall - it may spare your house from becoming a BBQ:

Ahhhh Peter Gabriel's 3rd album...

LOL! Check out this phishing email -

I'm leaving DU....

On eBay: One Pound of Lard. Own a Portion of Jerry Falwell ! (4 bids already)

Someone today told me she thought I was in my twenties. Seriesly.

I'm leaving DU....

Bad medical experiences? Weak stomachs, beware.

Falwell threads vs. Oasis threads

Our vet's office caught on fire last night.

Oh fuck! Jury duty!

Does anyone have a legal license key for Windows 2000 Advanced Server they aren't using

Rachel Maddow lives in a 280 sq. ft. apartment.

Can you stand one more Falwell thread??

So are county singers really that insecure ....

I've had a bad day. Can't tell you why but how about a hug

Here's my take on the whole Falwell imbroglio...

is there a halfway decent mp3 player out there that runs off regular batteries?

Oh Lynne: Haruka and I went trailrunning on Sunday

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/16/2007)

"You are very rude! I'm on the phone!" From a store clerk.

Remember these guys?

Are you happy where you live?

Who remembers "New Math?"

Please give me some insight about what to do about teenage relationships

Bud Bundy Busted With Bud (Smoking Gun Is There With Mug Shot)

Fransisco Franco is still dead (and much longer than Falwell)

This is a rant about conventions--long

Are there any good fiction-writing mailgroups around?

Fred Thompson was on Roseanne

Your Guiltiest Food Indulgence?

So, our garden is new, but Heidi thought there was something missing:

Chevy's... Chili's... Applebees... TGIFriday... Fuddruckers

Worst DU reaction to a public figure's death?

Favorite lines from TV or Movies

william thackeray had the neatest middle name.

X-POST: Disageeing does not make me ignorant or malicious.

Name a song, that features the contraction "C'mon".


My turn to call for a picture thread... Post your most recent "dude-up/doll-up"...

Best Lines From Band Of Brothers

I have the coolest grape soda ever

Do you tend to judge people based upon generalizations? I do

Dave Mustaine has completely lost it!

Who was the first kid you remember dying when you were a kid?

Pronger suspended for Game 4

What's that snapping sound? It's the sphincters of Piston fans.

Preakness Stakes thread

As Pay Falls, Airlines Struggle to Fill Jobs

KO----Oversight out of mind

The Needlers

CNN---Echoes of the Cold War

KO----The Blame Game

Mel White Interview on 360

The Right Wing Televangelist Antiwar Bush Montage

Keeping the pressure on

Trudy Haynes With Al Gore 4/06

Olbermann on O'Reilly: Bill-o flips the fuck out!

Teletubbies - Liberate

Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on the Root Causes of Terrorism

Yup....Wash, rinse, repeat. That'll do it!

Republicans on Torture

Mother of a March, Washington DC, May 14 2007

Gen. Clark -- Where Were the Helicoptors???


A Tinky Winky Tribute to Falwell

Bush Opens Door to Wolfowitz’s Resigning

After looking at the Falwell threads all I have to say is...

I'm sitting on a panel on prejudice tomorrow....

Are there any websites that will give Internet users full and uncut video of the GOP debate?

Students sickened when pesticides drift

50 years of censorship

*****U.S. Senate to test support for ending Iraq war*****

Bernie Ward: "Jerry Falwell was a Pharisee"

NYT: President Intervened in Dispute Over Eavesdropping

Bush Moves to Counter Gas Emissions

Wiretaping not just for America....

Here are the entire GOP debate Youtube links 1 througth 10 (from last week)

Republican candidates vow to cut taxes, spending

BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Falwell is dead.

George W. Tush. Warning: Extremenely offensive images.

President Intervened in Dispute Over Eavesdropping

So many of Falwell religious buds are in their 70;s

Taiwans Conducts Big Military Exercise

Come on people Rec this UP! ...... Falwell in his own words!!

Bad mouth him all you want, the sad fact is

SC Republic debate transcript -- FSSO (For Strong Stomachs Only)

Who says journalism is dead???

Wolfowitz pleads for job

Romney calls for doubling Guantanamo population

NYT: Failing by Example By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Good News Here in Philly:

"Children's Bible Hour" message board reports demon sighting...

Immigration Not just for the USA anymore...

Ashcroft and the Night Visitors: Jim Comey's "hair-raising" testimony

Giuliani: Suggestion 9/11 was invited is "absurd"

It would be nice...

U.S. health care deemed 'dysfunctional'

Comey spills the beans, McNulty thrown under a bus

Stryker losses in Iraq raise questions

Gas at $3.43 in Ovid, Michigan....

Only US officer charged over Abu Ghraib to face trial

BRAD BLOG: Mainstream Media Still Playing Catch-up on GOP 'Voter Fraud' Scam

"That's one young life every 10 days.......

I was listening to Sean Hannity yesterday on the way home from work.

Which United States is The Guardian talking about?

Clashes erupt between police and militia in Iraq

Advise to Young Conservatives

Bush 24% approval Handling Iraq by CBS - NY Times Poll

How much does jerry's demise affect the Rapture Index Doom Clock?

OK. . officially overload on Falwell threads here... Time to "hide threads"

From the way everyone is inappropriately celebrating around here, you'd think

Jerry did do one fine thing for freedom and liberty in America...

Oh..Brother...Now Paris Hilton has had her Lawyer file petitions with...

Rush Limbaugh pays his respects

c-span wj - want to talk to the space station?

Why Do We License Private Aircraft?

Anyone know of a Stephanie Miller online station?

Bush Blames Clinton-Gore Administration for Rising Gas Prices

The Rude Pundit: A Favorite Jerry Falwell Quote

About Fred Phelps.

Why is diesel fuel so cheap?

Ellen Tauscher on WJ this morning

Two Guys That Were On Imus Now On MSNBC With Gregory?

Laura and George saddened by Falwell's death: "a man who cherished faith, family, and freedom"

Did I hate falwell? Yes. Does that make me a 'hateful person'?

Put "Impeachment" On Your Lips All Day Every Day

Barry Goldwater on the late Falwell (1981)

So did anyone watcfh the GOP debate and did get their ads shown?

I sure do miss NEWS

Who do you want to see as the Republican candidate (of those that have a shot)?

In memoriam of the legacy that was Jerry Falwell. A few quotes:

Have you seen this? Ten month old baby gets a gun permit

So, will Fred Phelps protest Falwell's funeral?

Yet another Falwell thread

"Motorists unfazed by climbing gas prices". Oh really?

Anybody Have A Message For hannity, Since He reads DU?

Every Wednesday is gallows day in Iraq - When is Bush going to have these women hanged?

== Oh Right, We're Still At War = By Mark Morford


STUDY: Feds Prosecuted Only 38 Cases Of Voter Fraud Between 2002-05, 14 Were Thrown Out

AP: Man Indicted in Clinic Bomb Scare (Texas) Jerry Falwell's Hit Parade - The Most Despicable Things He Ever Said

Mr. Comey's Tale......from WaPo

What time is Feingold/Reid getting voted on?

Military makes arrests amid hunt for snatched soldiers

Awwww crap. I find myself agreeing with Hitchens. I feel icky.

NYT editorial: The Unkept Promise on Voting

Questions: I live in an urban area and constantly see very obese people.

Dick Cheney is five times richer than Bush

U.S. takes on war-hardened Taliban it helped create - 09/21/2001

Selfish GOP Bastard: Stay in Iraq for Cheap Gas

Soros doubles stake in Microsoft

One request to DU ie: the Falwell story

There's nothing intolerant about hating intolerance.

Senate GOP Drafts Proposal for Iraq Bill

Cuba students stage mock trial for exiled anti-Castro militant, Luis Posada Carriles

Why hasn't the Crackhead In Chief been out cheerleading his bloodbath in Iraq lately?

Senate voting on Feingold/Reid amendment right no

Why is Mike Huckabee getting away with his "beauty shop" line?

War Czar poll on CNN

Dancing and pissing on Falwell's grave is something that I would expect from Fred Phelps

I'am Pissed Now Multivitamins May Cause Prostate Cancer

Killer toothpaste? Now it's cheap ingredients in toothpaste killing people?

How to win the Iraq war

Less Falwell, More Cowbell

Assessing the damage from DU Falwell Fest

The Nation Mourns...

Since Sean Hannity knows what's posted on DU, here's a little note for him.

Iraq withdrawal move thwarted in Senate

Here's a smack of humor for the day. Fred Phelps is going to protest Falwell's funeral

Irony, via InstaPutz

St Bartholomew's Day Massacre and Jerry Falwell

Jo Scarborough and Baghdad Burning?

KERRY: "I don’t care about the future of the Republican Party-I care about the safety of our troops"

Hustler Magazine vs Falwell

Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis

The Despotism of the Image

Does anyone else find it odd that the King children never married?

Larry Flynt will be on Larry King Live tonight!

Petraeus regarding new "war czar": "He is also a doer."

Comey’s Revelations Suggest Either Gonzales Is Lying Or More Spying Programs Exist

Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on the Root Causes of Terrorism

U.S. 'surge' in Iraq not significantly reducing attacks

More like Nixon every day... in every way

Afghan government Bush installed has promised to use only small stones when stoning women to death

UK: Profiling of future (!) criminals

Rudy's wife's ex alleges anti-Semitic epithets

Iraq Oil Workers Strike to Stop Privatization

Forget Falwell--he's gone, folks. We have flying monkey neocons up to our

the blame game goes lower (god in school)

Has anybody seen 2012 The Odyssey?

Michael Moore vs. Bruce Willis on June 29?

Anybody watching CNN international? Journalist trapped in a building in Gaza

I never should have joined, G.I. said:Army widow gets painful note

Safest bet on the planet, regarding a Preznit Rudy

George W Bush and the Republican party INVITED the 9-11 attacks on America.

"War Czar" chosen for his name?

UK: Unborn babies trageted in crackdown on criminality

Healthy Care is a "mess"

Another genius criminal. Parolee wearing GPS ankle bracelet

Is nature trying to tell us something?

Re: Higher Gas Prices - I really think I am seeing lots more small cars

Gay Democrats Comment on Death of Jerry Falwell

Wolfowitz to Resign This Afternoon?

Fatah and Hamas factions have been fighting since Sunday.

The opposite of Love is not Hate, it is indifference

Wes Clark & Mike Breen for Vote Vets: "The Helicopters Never Came"

Cool new site...

I do not mourn this mans death, I mourn his life.

In other news: China: Safe water promised for Olympics

Here's One For The WTF????? Files: Dad Abandoning 3 Yr Old Son

Reward for info on missing U.S. troops (AP)

Don Rickles on The Daily Show tonight, Howard Dean on Colbert!

Rudy: "It's real simple what happened: These people came here and killed us because of our freedom"

How Rev. Sun Myung Moon Bailed out Liberty College

Breaking: Hagel calls for Gonzo to resign

Check out my fetching new Tinfoil Hat!

Senate votes today suggest a stalemate in Iraq funding

Romney is loaded with money; ergo, thinking goes, he wins. Dispute that,

just had a spit take..... then I realized I read the headline wrong

"No sneak 'n peek provisions in Patriot Act" - David Horowitz on Thom Hartmann's show

Mr. Comey's Tale - Tomorrow's WaPo Editorial

How Is This Not A Major Scandal Of Presidential Corruption & Lawbreaking? (Glenn Greenwald)

These Falwell posts serve only one purpose...

If the "Commander in Chief" can't do his job, shouldn't he step down?

I need a good idea for a t-shirt

The World Bank is screwn. What will the chimp foist on them now?

McNulty on Monday, Falwell on Tuesday, Wolfowicz on Wednesday

Germany: 'Best thing' for Wolfowitz to resign from World Bank

Will Phelps protest at Falwell's funeral?

Are the candidates talking about housing?

GALLUP: In Shocking Plunge, Only 1 in 4 Now Satisfied With State of USA

At Last! - A solution for the tinfoil hat crowd...

How accurate is Wayne Madson?

Germany: 'Best thing' for Wolfowitz to resign from World Bank

Department Of Defense Promotes Christian Right's fake History in Public Schools

Where do YOU draw the Church & State Line?

The Senate Judiciary Committee Issues New DEADLINE For Karl Rove's Emails

I'd be willing to compromise on funding

Wal-Mart Training Video

Neocons are anti-fascist, classical liberals who champion Western liberalism.

FT: Bush administration is divided into three camps over Wolfowitz affair

A baby explains to B*sh what he really thinks.

Most important news of the day

Democrats should Call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Gonzales (replace him with Fitzgerald)

EXCLUSIVE: Sarasota's FL-13 Election 'Slammed' by Viral Worm Attack on First Day of Early Voting

Think Progress & The Politico back me up on Huckabee's "beauty shop" slur

The Republican Debate in a Nutshell (Hilarious!) ------>>>

Isn't this the purpose of dog tags?

Q: Is it true that Gonzo would enforce an arrest warrant on himself?

Exxon Mobil made 9.8 BILLION profits for the first quarter of 2007

Hey Freepers: Remember How Happy You Were When * Hung On To rummy For So Long?


Vote on Countdown's 'Best Political musician"

Have you seen Wes Clark's ad??? It's VERY good and he speaks DIRECTLY to John Warner!

Hey freepers: You Want * To Pull A "rummy" With gonzAllAss?

Research adds Irish link to Obama's ancestry

I've given up - its too draining and useless.....

24. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi

Vaccine FAQ: the biology of vaccines, pt 2 of 3

"my god, when john ashcroft is the bulwark against administration lawlessness..."

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust to Hold "Pro-Life Boot Camp" for teens

American soldiers: From a 15 year old Iraqi blogger.

Only a few days left--FREE testing for anybody who wants to donate bone marrow!

Falwells Autograph for sale......

Sheldon Whitehouse on Tweety

U.S. Reading Program Benefits Bush Friend

Fred Thompson is a BUFFOON. Cites Castro's punishment of a documentarian when Moore is......

GOP threatens to shut down House over rules change

Former President Carter calls for end to "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Why did 19 Democrats feel compelled to vote against Feingold-Reid?

Bill Richardson Calls on Congress to Immediately De-Authorize the Iraq War

All due respect but I think Ron Paul is a git.

Baby Drop Box

Texas marriage license fees to $60 unless they take a class on how to be good spouses

Gen. Lute must not have a brain in his head.

Little discussed about Falwell, the Reverend Moon connection

Brazil's Indians Offended by Pope Comments (says they were "silently longing" for xianity)

Cafferty's 7pm question begs for DU responses (bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran)

The World Bank In Crisis

Look!! Down on the Sly!! It's a turd! It's a shame! It's COMMANDER GUY!

Senators propose infinite H-1Bs for advanced degree holders

Tweety is acting like McCain didn't allow Bush to torture people?

rudy OWNS nine eleven?

Word has it amnesty for illegal aliens of Mexican origin is near...

Is Our Response To Falwell's Death Hurting Our Cause?

anyone try LED flashlights? they're there any way to use this technology for....

When will Rudy Giuliani trademark usage of "9/11"?

California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

Shame on Kerry,Dodd, Kennedy and others!!!

"Bush Moves to Counter Gas Emissions"

*********Wolfowitz and Gonzales Resign!!!11!!1***********

Leahy threatens White House with subpoenas

Goodling to appear before House Judiciary Com. next Wed.

Cons still grasping on to "Barack HUSSEIN Obama"

Tweety totally reams some poor GOP congressman...

Analysis: Poster Boys for Bad Politics

Fired for cause .... and a golden parachute? Must be nice to be rich.

On Med's Tweety: Sheldon Whitehouse says: Dems don't want to do Clinton & Feinstein says "Take Time"

Children Face Exposure to Pesticides

Wolfowitz: He Has No Face To Save

Prince Harry Will Not Serve in Iraq

Nigerian Politician's House Bombed

Lou Dobbs to do "puny report" on FOOD SAFETY! Coming Up...6:21 p.m. (est)

General Lute said 20 months ago it was time to withdraw

Seeing Red: Eating Locally and Debunking the Red-Blue Divide

Jerry Falwell's Hit Parade

'Gay or straight?' ruling looks bad for all social networking sites

The Onion's Announcement Of Falwell's Death

Mortar Barrage Again Hammers Green Zone

Ed Schultz .... Wolfie is gone this afternoon

SAVE Small, Indy Publications from Time-Wanker's Self-Serving Postage Hike!

Libers, Beware the rath...

I've changed my mind. I don't WANT Gonzalez to resign!

To "Honor" Falwell's Death, we should Send Larry Flynt a shitload of Flowers - defending Free Speech

I know the whole Falwell thing is just about played out, but I have a question?

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to get Jerry Falwell's...

Remember Al Franken's "Mastication Theater"? Here's an update on Rush...

Do you believe Karl Rove is an accomplished and convincing...

On your next trip to the gas station.

The Cost of a GOP Myth (Voter Fraud)

How has Freerepublic been handling the Tyler Froatz problem? Anyone checked?

The Falwell you never knew:

Hong Kong censors asked to classify the Bible as 'indecent'

So, I had this growth on my foot...


Lawyers Representing Bush In 2000 Election Case Signed Off On Wolfowitz’s Compensation Package

Tucker (The Libertarian) says Wolfowitz was a "good guy" for protecting his Mistress at WB

sam seder where are you?

"Jerry Falwell's God" by Roy Zimmerman

Falwell might not have died of an infarction....

Oh Oh: Prince Harry not going to Iraq

OK..many are telling us that's we can't dance on the grave or it's bad karma

Comey’s Revelations Suggest Either Gonzales Is Lying Or More Spying Programs Exist

Sorry, but I just can't say I hated Jerry Falwell.

Falwell spent a career demonizing others. Upon his death, what else could he expect in return?

Ironic twist to missing soldiers story! Was falsely reported dead last month!

So Wolfowitz is in "Negotiations" to resign, that must be his buyout number yes?

jesus on a trailer hitch...I'm up to 45 hidden threads on he who shall not be named.

Dutch intelligence officers used electro-shock prods on Iraqi people while questioning them

Breaking: Justice Department turns over some

Yolanda King vs. Jerry Falwell

Dupe, sorry

Sea Shepherd set to rendezvous with and block Iceland Whalers

The book "Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney"........

Jobless man robbed bank so he could go to prison

Democrats just say no to Fox News; Yes to YouTube in debate schedule

Please take a look at this thread Zonie DUers.

Leahy threatens White House with subpoenas

Woman flees hit-and-run in handcuffs

U.S. soldier killed in Pakistani town

Big area of Antarctica melted in 2005

Have there been interviews with Illegal Immigrants to get their side of the issue?

GM's E-Flex Fuel Cell car.. petroleum and emissions-free electric driving.

1986 Larry Flynt publishes my "Falwell Fifty" graphic 50 dollar bill in Hustler, True Story.

Oil Companies using Enron style price fixing. Closing refineries to jack up gas prices.

By The Way: A Heads Up To Any DU'ers Blocked At Work Or Using A Proxy:

I just ordered a copy of "Invasion U.S.A." (1952)...

Former EPA Chief Refuses To Testify At 9/11 Hearing

Officer in alleged beating of bartender pleads not guilty - Alleged? Its on videotape

Republican Hazleton Mayor unexpectedly wins Democratic nomination on write-ins

Bombing Range Blaze Threatens N.J. Homes

John Yoo, never met a civil liberty he liked

Spent a lot of time thinking how to address this whole Falwell issue....

Pika facing extinction (a photo and a link)

John Bolton: Attack Iran before it gets a bomb---wtf?

I'm never waiting till the last minute to call my senators ever again.

There is Nothing Wrong With Taking Pleasure in the Passing of Your Persecutor

Do you find it odd that right wingers refer to DU'ers as hateful? Hateful?

Is it hate speech to express hatred for a hateful person?

So all the repubs but Paul support torturing prisoners, how nice.

So what's the freeper take on Ron Paul? Do they hate him, or pretending that he doesn't exist?

Take the Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Usama Bin Ladin quiz! Who said it??

Ron Paul is the least repugnant GOP candidate it seems.

What are you doing to end the war?

Is This Enough To Impeach The Bastard

Comey's testimony points to unrevealed facts/issues....


At least nine mortars or rockets hit Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, wounding six

(Humor) George W. Bush to Replace Will Shortz as NYT Crossword Puzzle Editor

If Fred Thompson is top of ticket, what GOP actor should be his running mate?

Even Cartoonists Hate Falwell

PALAST EXCLUSIVE: Capt. Iglesias, Obstruction of Justice and the Rove-Bot Theft of 2008

Why are Americans "detained" in Iran not getting more play?

Major Security Breach at Palisades Nuclear Plant

Fred Phelps to picket Falwell's funeral

Bush Personally Intervened To Arrange Ashcroft Hospital Visit And Kneecap Comey

T. Hartmann has a wackjob on now (Masonic conspiracies??? New World Order?)

Yolanda Denise King, daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior, has died.

It's Never Enough For Bush And His Minions In Iraq

AAR > Lionel > Caller "God let 9/11 happen."

South Carolina considers allowing guns on campuses

Susan Ralston seeks IMMUNITY (Rove & Abramoff's Ass't)

$5 gas this year?

Crooksandliars: Ron Paul brings the awful truth to the Kool-Aid party (GOP debate)

Growing Number of Scientists Convert to Skeptics After Reviewing New Research

Ron Paul comes in 2nd in FOX News Poll

What /who are the Taliban and why are we killing them?

Sens. Levin and Webb and18 other Democrats voted against Feingold's bill

Why is the US POSTAL Service taking orders from TIME WARNER? Smaller mags affected?

quick question about paraphrasing an author in writing a paper

Giuliani to Paul: 'Take back' 9/11 comments

When white supremacist & former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard

Did you support (or would you have supported) Bill Clinton or Jerry Brown in the 1992 primary?

In a twisted way, I'm kind of loving these fuel prices...

On the Occasion of Falwell's death, Thank Larry Flynt HERE for Free Speech - We'll mail it to HIM!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Poor woman on MSNBC whining about filling her Lincoln Navigator.

Crying CSPAN caller from Indianapolis

Jerry Falwell RIP-The Shadow knows you and forgives you.

Republicans want to criminalize women

Hey, Congress? Yeah, You.. Pelosi, Conyers, Waxman, Leahy...

Hi! I'm Corporate America!

Hell Is Other People

Ron Paul Supporters Spamming Our Poll Again (little green footballs) LOL

Disagreeing with you does not make me ignorant or malicious.

Is there something wrong with me?

GORE RUNNING? : "I Don't Know Why A 600-Day Campaign Is Taken As A Given"

IMPEACH-"Nothing In The Constitution Allows The President To Commit Felonies" Chalmers Johnson

"They (Gonzalez-Card-Bush) willfully violated the law."

“Hate is Hate”, But it Doesn’t End There for Some.

BUSH HIMSELF - Blocked Investigation Into Role Played By DOJ Lawyers In Authorization Of NSA Program

Yesterday was a GREAT DAY for Falwell TO DIE. Or, the Buffalo Jump to Hell.

Union applause for Obama (The man gets two standing ovations)

"Illinois primary move could help Obama's bid"

PDA: Act Now - Senators Will Vote TODAY On Feingold Reid Amendment To Withdraw Troops From Iraq

Meet the stupids...

Romney: ‘We Ought To Double Guantanamo’

House Dems more united on Iran legislation

Switching from INVESTIGATE to IMPEACH. Can see whites of their eyes.

de-Democratization in the Justice Department......

Another reason FNC should not be running debates ...

Clinton holds her own in Chicago

How does it make you feel when the media says '(republican candidate) will do ___ against Hillary'?

Bringin' home the oil, me boys, bringin' home the oil!

Durbin on Senate floor speaking about the Feingold/Reid amendment.


Sen. Maria Cantwell selling out high-tech workers -co-sponsor of infinite H-1B bill

'Cheneymania' award nixed from Halo 3 videogame

As the Repugs huff and puff, let's remind ourselves of Michael Moore's liberal pledge:

Interesting article on Bloomberg

Al-qaeda celebrates 20 more months to keep killing Americans.

someone far more important than falwell died today-yolanda king

Tancredo: Terrorism is a dictate of Islam

POLL: Obama fares best against likely repuke nominees in key state of OHIO

Free Advice to the mccain campaign

Corporate Criminals

Military Minds help me out with a bush decision

Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on the Root Causes of Terrorism

Romney, Giuliani terrorism comments draw criticism (Reuters)

What VOTE VETS.ORG think of Bush's New "War Czar"

I'm leaving DU....

Rudy Giuliani Vs. Ron Paul, and Reality (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Can Alberto & Condi just ignore Subpoenas?

Live Earth? It's a waste of time, Geldof tells Gore

Comey's testimony raises new and vital questions about the NSA scandal

Casey and Webb both voted against the Iraq withdrawal Bill? Anyone know why?

John Edwards: A Deeper Purpose (from HuffPost)

Better Late to the Table then Eating Out at the 5 Star...H1b Reform

Texas Blogger on Senator Hillary Clinton

Innovation Is Nothing: A Look Inside Clinton Guru John Kao's Douchey "Manifesto"

Democrats agree on $2.9 trillion budget (AP)

ET: Dr Phil stated that Falwell fostered a debate and that it was good

Help needed and pardon if this has been asked today....

Mittens plays the character card against Ghouliani: The repuke "stool" includes a "strong family"

Wolfowitz refusing to resign from World Bank: 5/16 8PM ET

DU a poll: Does "flip-flopping" matter to you?

Has anyone seen any good Falwell cartoons out there today?

Hagel (R-Ne) may feel more heat as Daub enters pre-bid fray

Brazil also touted Hillary's "message of change." Reminds me of Bush's "Reformer with Results"

Here are the DNC sanctioned debates, just listed.

Suspicious package just Chinese takeout

Emanuel Blocks Debate on Trade Deal? He was following the orders of his "Progressive" boss

John Kerry: Another Big Day in the Fight to Change Course (from HuffPost)

Clark to Warner: "Protect America, Not George Bush"

POLL: Obama back to within nine points of Hillary (35 / 26)

It's Year Five, Do You Know Where Your Senators Are?

Breaking! Wolfowitz to Resign

Brazile on CNN disses Ron Paul, misses chance to hit Giuliani hard on his supposed strength

Have you decided who you will vote for 9+ months from now?

DNC Announces Six Debates, FauxNews Shut Out

Clinton widens lead over Obama for 2008 vote: poll

Iraq injuries VS Viet Nam deaths - a question ......

Who says Hillary has no sense of humor...

David Gregory slated to take Imus slot PERMANENTLY on MSNBC


Where does Hillary Stand? 9-11: Blowback or Hate our Freedom

John Conyers' Wife Passes Impeachment Resolution

The Rude Pundit: Dead Falwell

Edwards leads Daily KOS straw poll for May, Obama & Richardson follow...

American Policy Center's letter states bush creating "North American Union"


McCain - I want EVERYONE to know this

Why are Hillary and Edwards refusing to release tax returns?

Hillary Clinton, the second choice of Gore supporters?

WTF!!! is Tucker Carson talking about Obama fading

Why Ron Paul Will be Media Murdered.

Funny, the Falwell hatred has been expressed against DU'ers before

Did We Find Out Who Slipped The Clause Into The Patriot Act ......

Ron Paul on free trade

American Legion Attacks On Edwards Sicken This Veteran

Emanuel Blocks Dem Debate on Trade Deal ...breaking from Sirota.