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Archives: May 19, 2007

Magnificent advice from our past.

Economic Tidbits From

Trade And Consequences (

Laurie David: Exxon Continues Its Reckless Campaign To Delay Action on Global Warming

Wolfowitz, World Bank Were A Perfect Match (John Nichols)

One Hitler Per Customer (by Chris Kelly at HuffPost)

The Icing Is Iglesias: His firing is reason alone for Congress to impeach Gonzales.

Editorial: Selling NSA Surveillance (Philly Inquirer

The Strategy of Tension

Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy

The Palestinian Street Fight

US Soldiers' Spanish Indictment Appealed

Colombia's President slams US Congress over trade pact

Deadlock for UN climate meeting

Silent Justice Thomas: Not a word spoken (68 hours in court)

McCain, Cornyn Engage in Heated Exchange (can you say F___?)

Man Charged In Seattle With Faking War Record (Jesse Macbeth)

Graves agrees to talk in June

Sen. Johnson calls for Gonzales to step down

Tories blasted for handbook on paralyzing Parliament (Canada)

In Closed Meeting With Gonzales, Prosecutors Express Their Dismay

Candidate Richardson making the rounds in Iowa

Snowbird pilot dies in Montana crash

McCain to Cornyn - "F____ you"

My new laptop is a piece of crap.

What was this kitten expecting from the bigger cat?

Holy shit, it's Bingo!

I try not to be judgmental of other people's incisors, but this just creeps me out.

CBS sucks tonite...

If I don't get out of the house without any of my family members soon, I am going to freak. out.


They're selling Jesus again....

It's Really True Isn't It?

Oooooh yeah! Who wants to get close to me!!

Speaking of selling Jesus....

I'm eating "Mini" Nilla wafer and washing them down with beer.

Goodnight DU!

Friday night recipe suggestion.

Will Farrell- need help recalling a role he played on SNL

You Got 7and 1/2 minutes? This is why I fell in love with Fleetwood Mac

**THINK**...... before you speak....

Stir It Up - Bob Marley

Peter Gabriel's "Blood of Eden" show your love for this song!

Have you watched a Japanese film titled Zatôichi?

"...And a little bird lit down on Henry Lee"

Need some new music on my IPOD. Need suggestions, please!!

Some music I've been just reminiscing over

BREAKING: Alberto Gonzalez to replace Wolfowitz as President of World Bank

Can someone please make me a snack?

Ok, I've lost it...I think I want a kitty cat...

Watching Lebowski and it made me wonder: what kind of bowling alley bar serves White Russians?

I finally told the singer at work to knock it the F*** off today.

Need Some Good Vibes For A DU'er

The Official DU Lounge Staring Contest

Two Pit bulls attack pet miniature horse

i, on the other hand, am in a Van Hagar mood...

Alright. I need it. Obligatory hot guy thread.

Are you bored?

Do you recall the music you loved when you were a kid?

Ooopsie...just tried orderding "Thai stick"

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer: What went wrong?

What are we doing this weekend?

Where in the world is California Peggy

The Official DU Lounge Swearing Contest (musical version)

How To Turn $20 Into A Lifetime Income WITHOUT The Internet:

What month is it again?

I had a date tonight -- 10 pm and I'm already home

Anyone else find it nearly impossible to sit through a full television show?

Post here and I will tell you "fuck you" (with love.)

What's something that makes you so furious you can't rationally discuss it?

I saw the Asshole tonight.

I Just Wandered...

Holy hell... I just saw Paula Deen put a handful of butter

There isn't anything about Endy Chavez that I don't like...

See ya, Jersey.

Pistons vs. Cavaliers

SWU Commemorates Third Anniversary as Union Expands to Second Chicago Starbucks Store


You wouldn’t believe what farm labor contractors are up to

yep, still cool = LIAR LIAR !! - Great clip with Simon Pegg - WMD LIE

2DTV - Bush gets a lesson in fantasy and reality

Jon Stewart--- GOP Debate

In memory of Spc. Douglas Barber

Military Rejects Dragon Body Armor...

What They Live With---War Child

John McCain: Protect America, Not George Bush...

GOP rules Top 10 on lawmakers who spent the most on legal fees

Sen. Salazar Now Says Gonzales Should Resign

It's really a joke .

Schiff and Davis will introduce No Confidence

I just pre-ordered "The Assault on Reason"

On Realtime tonight: Bradley Whitford, Loretta Sanchez, Russell Simmons and Chris Dodd

closed caption - "let the eagle sour"

Next time Bush wants to talk about funding, make him go up the hill

Why "this" scandal? How come the Gonzales/Card/Ashcroft story has legs?

Developing...NYT: Civilian workers in Iraq among 'hidden casualties of war'

One Iraqi man swore that he had personally buried two Americans

OK, I'm probably not the first, but wanted to share this 'TOON from TIME ...

Army court issues partial stay in Watada court-martial

Stewart: Bracing for the lake effect

San Francisco Proposes New Gun Control Measures


I wanted POWELL to win --

Wolfie: Possible Future in Comedy?

Christopher Hitchens is a nut, but that tape Mike Malloy just played of him on Hannity's show....

Realtime on HBO: Bill Maher talking about Comey scandal tonight!

Government's key witness pleads guilty in mob murder case - I witnessed one of the hits

On Washington this week tonight on PBS they talked about McCain and the immigration bill

Senator Clinton Visited MY NEIGHBORHOOD Today in New Orleans

Wit who will W wepwace Wolfowitz?

So Cheney is above the law?

Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day? (Howard Zinn 1976)

'Kill them all'

Thanks to your votes here at DU, my daughter has made it into the runoff for a scholarship.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters coming up on Letterman

There is a sensible solution for the SEDER/LIONEL mess Green created

Idaho GOP governor wants to slash funds to preschool and head start

Videos: Democratic National Convention, Chicago August 28, 1968

Edgar Allen Poe's Raven meets Dick Cheney in this parodody

CNN's Arwa Damon is "embedded" with troops searching

Google Ad here at DU

Bill O'Rielly buys rights to Michael Moore's new movie website????

I am today announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States.

Reminder: AWOL* to New London CT 5/23, 5-deferment Cheney to W. Point. NY 5/26

Internet censorship grows worldwide: study

Seven Days in May

Is Bobby a good movie to watch right now or will it put me to sleep

Sincere explanation requested: Why *isn't* HEFNER considered a polygamist??!!1 n/t

When will GonZo be gone - oh? Win valuable prizes.

if gore ran for president with falwell's rotting corpse as his running mate, would you vote for him?

Meet "TEX Sensenbrenner"


Okay, one of the best "Real Times" ever

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Oh my god this doesn't belong here.


Did GOP debaters endanger captured US troops by endorsing more torture?

News from Greensburg, KS and how we can help (an email I got tonight)

ms. sanchez made a big gaffe on real time did anyone else catch that?


Anybody Here Remember "The Peace Dividend" ???

Did anyone catch Sam Seder on Malloy?

Caption this photo of Gone-zo...

Got My American Pain Association Newsletter Today. Those Fascists have convicted Dr Hurwitz Again

Where we are.

Arrrrg. Net Censorship

Martin: Paul's 9/11 explanation deserves to be debated

My Friday night Rastaman song for all DUers

Tony Blair As New World Bank President?

McCain to Cornyn: F-- You!

DOD: Ban on Web sites has boosted network

On Real Time: Could John Fund be a bigger dick?

What is your favorite Nickname for Alberto Gonzales?

Gore in nyc may 24 and 25

DU this poll - Should Al Gore run for president?

US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film,Weinstein

Caption this Trifecta of Terribleness

There is no 'war' in Iraq! We are framing this all wrong.

Am I the only person on the Internets who supports the proposed Immigration Bill?

Should children be allowed to wear anti-gay shirts in a public school?

If Al Gore doesn't run will you consider him washed up?

If Gore ran for president and chose Lieberman as his running mate would you vote for him?

Book TV Schedule: May 19th - 21th

my community hospital blocks left-wing sites beginning with the word

If Gore ran for President and chose Russ Feingold as his running mate, would you vote for him?

WOW! Very cool CNN poll, please vote - Did Past U.S. actions cause 911?

Brown coach Robinson a strong voice for brother-in-law Obama

Fast Talk: The Selling of a President: Barack Obama's Secret Weapon

TIME's Joe Klein drools over Giuliani

Where would you rather put your environmental waste: in the air or in the ground?


James Dobson: "I cannot, and will not, vote for Rudy Giuliani in 2008."


World Bank Staff reviled Wolfowitz as arrogant, self-absorbed and inept

Bush:"He has led the British people for a long time, since 1797." Blair: "It just feels that way"

Senate GOP Opposition to AG Builds (WaPo Capitol Briefing / Kane)

Wed. 5/23/07 - Bush in New London, CT - Coast Guard Academy

If Bush doesn't commit to withdrawal, the next U.S. president will take charge of this

Laura Bush's office has not been able to answer what she does with her "pin money"

Notice we hear NO official rumblings of legal actions against the Bushies.

I didn't leave the party. The party left me.

Should Al Gore RUN! "Time Mag" Poll...and includes an Interactive Map

Hagel (R-Ne) won't rule out the independent option but history isn't kind

Presidential Candidate John Edwards Coming to Utah (first visit from '08 Democratic candidate)

Grandpapa McCain tells another republican senator to FUCK OFF

Obama Laments N.H. Senators' War Support

Edwards’s Iraq bill ad gets strong review from Dems

Edwards backs women's issues, unveils list of 1,500 women supporters

Edwards Statement on Wolfowitz Resignation

Richardson's energy plan: "Raised the bar on all the rest."

John Edwards endorses pro-labor Oregon legislation

Hotline Looks At Edwards Campaign and gives Him some advise

Finally...a Democratic Presidential candidate who isn't afraid of discussing nuclear energy.

Defining "Progress" in Iraq

Edwards Statement on White House Opposition to Troop Pay Raise Passed by House

Fuck you! I know more about this than anyone else in the room!

What would you rather be downwind of: a coal-burning plant, or a nuclear power plant?

Kerry getting a primary challenge from the left?

Death Toll for Contractors Reaches New High in Iraq (NYT)

World Bank affair ‘sign of US impunity’/ Financial TimesUK

The secret Iraq documents my 8-year-old found-POOL/REUTERS

KUCINICH hammers Democrats for ignorance & inaction on Iraq oil theft law

Gonzales rapped as president's 'yes man'

Be Gordon, not Hillary

Ruling throws cold water on environmental whistleblowers (Bush Labor Dept)

NYT Editorial: Their Master’s Voice

Allstate, Nationwide subpoenaed by U.S. grand jury over Katrina (AP)

Democrats reviving fight over the ERA (whow!!)

Martin: Paul's 9/11 explanation deserves to be debated

Has Product Placement Made Our Television Viewing Experience Worse? (AlterNet)

Robert Fisk: Blair's lies and linguistic manipulations

Why Bush is Always Right (signing statements)

Sicko' Stars Thank Moore for Cuba Trip

Trade deficit hurts economy

Democrats Debate Universal Coverage Candidates on health-care reform: all talk and no solutions


US Rankings: 38th in infant survival, 29th for moms, 33/32nd life expectancy

Bill Moyers: Small Magazines, Big Ideas

Gonzales Allows Karl Rove-Protege To Remain As U.S. Attorney, Even Though His Term Has Expired

The Christian Right's Fear of Pleasure is Our Greatest Threat to Choice (by Chris Hedges)

Their Master’s Voice --NYTimes Editorial

Troublesome Résumés...McCain's campaign team

Report: Gonzales shouldn't have been discussing classified matters in Ashcroft's hospital room

Ex-S. Dakota lawmaker charged with rape

8 Russian Reporters Resign in Protest

From the NYT, a sad outrage: Banks, companies knowingly sell data on "gullible" elderly to thieves

Decline and fall of the neocons

Heckuva job, Alberto

BOB HERBERT: Young, Ill and Uninsured

When is a labor standard not a labor standard? Compromise between Bush and Congressional democrats

The Haircut That Won't Die

Climate changes said harm sunflowers - AP

Australia plans carbon scheme counting U.S., China - Reuters

No, Blair! America's parting gift to Britain's PM

Drivers cut back - a 1st in 26 years

Scientists Testing Connection Between Melamine And Mass Bee Deaths


House seeks tighter U.S.-Israeli missile defenses

B'Tselem: Don't attack Gaza civilians

Abominable. Blind. Subservient. Ex-President Jimmy Carter lambasts Blair

Bush presidency 'worst in history' for international relations: Carter

Gingrich: Confront "Radical Secularism"

Burrows wants unions' right to strike abolished

Militants abduct Pakistani government workers

Big banana firms paid off terrorists, Colombian ex-warlord tells inquiry

Healthy praise for Moore's 'Sicko'

Chavez urges Pope to appologize [sic]

Daniel Pearl case "detenu" dies

'Sicko' Stars Thank Moore for Cuba Trip

Commander: At least 2 U.S. troops alive

U.S. Pays Pakistan to Fight Terror, but Patrols Ebb

Lawmakers stunned by Heavican's (U.S. attorney) name on list

Gonzales rapped as president's 'yes man'

Bilking the Elderly, With a Corporate Assist

Child in day care dies after being bound with tape

Clinton: 'Obligation' to aid New Orleans

TYC investigation prompts release of 226 youth inmates

Blasts hit Green Zone during Blair visit

US raids made 2,000 Afghans homeless: Red Cross

Gonzales rapped as president's 'yes man'

Wolfowitz to Delegate Authority to Senior Officials (Update2)

Microsoft chases Google with $6bn purchase of internet ad broker

Verizon Shareholders Gain Exec Pay Vote

Anti-whaling nations secure voting majority

Iglesias recounts a lunch with politics on the menu

Doolittle switches blame for raid to Dems

Hicks due to arrive home today

Putting Aside His Past Criticisms, Teamsters’ Chief Is on Mission to China

Earth's natural defences against climate change 'beginning to fail'

China Fails to Appease U.S. Congress With Yuan Move

Contractor Deaths in Iraq Soar to Record

(R-of course) Klaudt accused of sexual contact with foster kids, pages

Boycott Threat Puts Pressure on Iran to Release Scholar

Commander Says U.S. Knows Who Abducted 3 G.I.s

Shipwreck Yields Estimated $500M Haul

Former President Carter blasts Bush

Contractor Deaths in Iraq Soar to Record

Kurds massacred as Blair visits Iraq

As Blair leaves Washington, US hardens stance on climate change

Romanians block move to impeach president

Eight more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Obama pushes N.H. senators to end Iraq War

Yushchenko Discounts Court, Wants Quick Poll

3 German soldiers, 4 others killed in Afghan bombing

Violent Crime in Knoxville Ignored by Media, Bloggers Claim

Gunmen kill 15 in Iraqi village

Germany's Steinbrueck says 11 German soldiers killed in Afghan attack

Brownites pressured Meacher supporters not to back McDonnell

Britain's Blair pays final visit to Iraq

3 U.S. soldiers killed in explosion in northern Iraq

Ex-lawmaker charged with rape

Iraqi debt relief depends on progress

Mercenary crimes unchecked: UN

Brother, can you spare a dime?

It's amazing how eating healthy is so much cheaper and feels better

Post here and I will "love you" (with f***).

Violet Dog Owners Could Face Up To 20 Years In Prison

Baring it all is legal


Can someone please score me some smack?

* woot *


AOL mail

Does anyone know the name of the Modest Mouse song

What should occur in David Stern's near future?

Holy shiite! Anyone here watch NUMB3RS tonight? **SPOILERS**

Bullet Found in Woman's Head 64 Years Later

I hate 60s and 70s drama/mystery/spy shows

I'd like to introduce you all to my other half; Dj Shawn Doe.

Y'know, I can actually FEEL an ulcer growing in my stomach.

phooey! i lost my star

Just take it to a friendly place that's all...

It's a beautiful day for Artsplosure!

Good morning

I thought "dog days" were in summer

VInce Carter was the man. Remember this?

I'm exhausted! can someone rub my feet?

My girlfriend of 14 years is leaving me

i'm having a hankering for pit buLLs

Pit Bull scooter

Who else changes the channel when those Lexus commercials come on?

Steve Miller Band and the Doobie Brothers - does a night of music get any better than this

my soup is done and it's terrific

Dear God, I had a houseful of kids here last night.

Pink Floyd and Roger Water live again!

Are stoned peoples' pets safe for the dishwasher?

Pit Bull puts 16 year old boy in hospital

Are stone tiles safe for the dishwasher?

I am going to an arena football game tonight.

Pitbull puts pokerfan in the hospital.

Prom is tonight and my daughters dress is still not done

"Nobody leaves here without singing the blues...."

anyone else having problems w/ photobucket today?

I had dinner with J.A.Konrath, the mystery writer, last night

Dirty Car Art

Never a good thing when there's 3-4 firetrucks outside...

Oh yeah, that's lovely

I am a n00b no longer!

Dukes of Hazzard made for TV movie on ABC-family

Good morning DU.

Wanna Hear Something Funny? Thats stressing me out to kingdom come?

Scotch Tape Art

I just found the perfect house!!

Have you seen King Kong (2005) ?

I like "Entertainment Weekly"

Woman is a danger cat

Happy birthday JadeFox!

I'm a woman who is a "straight bourbon" kind of drinker and I'm not ashamed to admit it

Vader Sings The Hits!

We're making soup tomorrow! What should we put in it? You tell us!

Ball Point Pen Art

Ok so now I'm hooked on Ninja Warrior on G4

I'm a Slurpee drinking kind of gal and not too proud to admit it.


I just bought an entire soundtrack for one song.


My cat is back in the hospital.

My Photoshop elements is broken, can anybody recommend another program?

I've Got God's Handkerchief!

What the ? Art

I just cooked a meal using coconut oil for the first time...

Lol! I just got offered a job by email!

22 posts 'till I hit 30,000. Who wants to help me post whore my way

anyone here a sailer?

I'm a guy who is a "girly drink" drinker and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Should I bring a Farsi textbook with me through customs next week?

I can't believe my boss today

And you thought chemtrails were bad enough.

Pit bull attacks toddler

I can't bear to watch horse racing anymore

I can't whore to watch bear racing anymore

It's time to toss the Here in Spirit sign.... sigh!!

Who's going to the NBA finals?

Tavernertoddler is starting soccer this month!!!

Red Sox! Whooooo!!!!

I went on a group bike ride today. One of my co-bikers was 85 years-old.

What is it with ESP people?

Favourite big cat?

Best line from a movie review n years....

What is it with OT people?

BTW: Thank you to everyone who PM'd me or supported me this last week.

I'm about to use the Gillette Fusion Power 5-blade razor...

Ok, this soup recipe kicks serious

Graffiti in local Chinese Buffet men's room: "pV=nRT"

I'm going to do a speech on impeachment in my public speaking class

Nez's Videoranch concert tonight

What Is It With ET People?

Worst case scenario for my unemployment benefits

What is it with EST people?

Lessons on life

I know what you're thinking.

Hey! What's the buzz?

Suppose your boss asked you to fill out an evaluation form for yourself

Bite me once, shame on you...

One lucky bait dog

I just gave my three cats their monthly "advantage"....

so, I'm caught up on the laundry, I changed the sheets,...

I found the best graduation gift ever for my daughter. What do you think?

So the parents are grilling steaks this afternoon

Cool site. You too can be a sketch artist.

What is it with some of you people?

What are these "Meez" things on Photobucket?

Here I am, somewhere on the outskirts of Scranton, PA.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/19/2007)

so we're going to get a kitten

Does anyone have a remedy for a Stinging Nettle rash?

I'm bored...

tell me.... why would anyone pollute a perfectly grilled piece of beef

what do you put tabasco on?

Post here and I will "fuck you" (with love).

Offer is over

10:00 a.m. on a dreary saturday

I have to throw everything I know about western music out the window

My grandfather just passed away.

when you eat spaghetti

Dog question- something under the skin?

Dog pictures. Not a pitbull.

Are any of you familiar with the whole "Cmelak" spamming thing on Usenet?

What are your thoughts on gossip? 4 or 5 questions:

I'm getting ready to go see Stevie Nicks!!!

My Wife Nearly Drowned 2 of our Kittens in the Washing Machine

I bought a venus fly trap......

So we went to visit a friend last weekend recently diagnosed with cancer

Let's have a pic thread! Me, at 15:

Get well soon, emmajane67

Hi everybody....Germany is beautiful!

Milwaukee DU Meetup Information!!!

Woo-hoo! We're going to the Spurs-Jazz game tomorrow!

What a race---

Rockies are charging abt. 73% more for the Yankees games

Twin Cities RNs Overwhelmingly Approve Contracts Securing Nurses' Rights and Patient Safety

WP: Nearly 10 Percent Of Hydrants Don't Work, Union Says

7 years after contract expired, Amtrak workers demand raises

SF Chronicle to cut 100 newsroom jobs, union says

Miami Herald: Biden asks for union help

John Edwards endorses Oregon legislation

Boeing Reaches Tentative Agreement with Machinists Union in St. Louis

Middleby union claims lock-out

Union: One of five Tri-City nurses reinstated

Labor panel rejects challenge to DHS union election

Union Vote Allowed Election Scheduled For Meat-Cutting Workers At Two ShopRite Stores

Candidates woo labor

Fate of union in limbo as United Way secretaries await NLRB ruling on vote

Shift break: NLRB punishes Oregon SEIU Local by banning successful organizing tactics

After the teamsters was voted out: Company faces fines for employee's death

Andy Stern on Employee Free Choice Act

Blossoms of Fire-Teaser (A Place Where Women Have Influence)

George Bush plays with Tony Blair one last time.

Randi Rhodes-------White House Mad With Power

Colbert---And the Scum--DeLay

Who Would Jesus Bomb???

Memorial to Commemorate the Iraq War Dead

Armed Force Day---Blades of Grass and Pure White Stone

govt pressuring attorney general on domestic spying

Do Not Mess With Oprah

Speaker Nancy Pelosi---Webster University

Bill Maher --New Rules--5/18

Real Time---Overtime--5/18

Ron Paul 9/11 Discussion on The View

Fair(y) Use Tale: AMAZING video cuts up Disney to explain copyright

Wanted: Tons of sand for beaches

Our Earth: What Have We Done?

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer: What went wrong?

Why were people laughing and cheering etc. at the last

Conservatives to work with

A Few Thoughts About Oil Company Price Gouging and Unobserved Effects.

Did or is anybody watching Law & order tonight? Which real life politician is perp based on?

Watching "Nuclear Jihad" on Discovery Times

Is there a covert program to kill journalists in Iraq?

President Gore On The Daily Show Thursday Night

Commodify Your Hip Hop Dissent Academic Gobbledygook

Michael Moore on Real Time next week

3,409 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Proposed DOJ Guidelines -- Sex Offender Registration and Notification

NYT editorial: Their Master’s Voice: Bush's "loyalty" to his lackeys

Today's "Tom The Dancing Bug" must be seen

How can I get the old Google back?

Henry Rollins interview on Adam Carolla (audio links)

And Iraq is just the top of it...

Immigration: DU vs. Freeperland

Army apology to Afghans called mistake

AP: What if Lincoln had lived?

Bush Job Approval Lowest Ever at Rasmussen

Something I've long wondered about this "unitary executive" theory

Mother Goose and Grimm... maybe Political or maybe not still good

Uh Oh! Now we've done it..

weird Freeper picture of Romney/Giuliani

Have you all seen this excerpt from Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason"?

Iglesias meets with White House investigators

Wolfowitz cleared in shock finding

What the media isn't telling you about Iraq's 'oil sharing law'

Bullet Found in Woman's Head 64 Years Later


Blasts Hit Green Zone During Blair Visit - Poodle says security is improving in Iraq

Study: 25 countries block Web sites

Iraqis' hearts and minds

I filled up this morning for $3.17 a gallon

Republican from Winthrop, Mass. allegedly defrauded seniors

I love Bradley Whitford He was awesome on Real Time. just like he was on WW

c-span3 iraq security and reconstruction on now

Blair hits green zone during blast.

Will Environmentalism Now Be Terrorism?

The Decline Begins

Freepers just love Michael Moore........

Outsourcing of city reporting: Will it become a trend?

Mohammed meets Cheney, other top American officials

Iran spent millions to restore Iraqi Shia sites

Carter faults "subservient" Blair

Doolittle now blaming Dems for raid on his house, 1st circle of blame was Gonzales

Savage Weiner calls Latino advocacy group "the Ku Klux Klan of the Hispanic people"

Ron Paul's assertion about 9/11 DOES NOT deserve to be debated

Despite Buchanan's defense of book as "not partisan" Dobbs didn't discuss her link to Tancredo

Contractor Deaths in Iraq Soar to Record (at least 146 killed in first three months of 2007)

Missing soldier was 'new guy.'

"Something Is So Rotten In America"

What's Worse:

I must have touched a nerve with Lanny Davis.

Lanny J. Davis , Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board from WH on now

Evolution Opponent Is in Line to Head National Educational Policy Board

Ohio Legislature warned to tone down prayers by guest ministers

Bush's idea of energy independence...

I found this an interesting way to deal w/some of the problems

Under Clinton, discussion of sensitive DOJ cases was restricted to six people; under Bush, 459

What happened to "defund the war NOW"?

An explanation of Bush's 25-35% Approval Numbers

What is 22 cents?

From 2004 | The Great Refinery Shortage

Has Anyone Heard of Holy Islamville? (Al Fuqra Jihad Camps in SC and NY)

Just so progressives are under no illusion as to what we are up against....

Eight more US soldiers killed; Gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers kill 15 (Kurds)

I cannot believe my fricken eyes ----Can anyone tell me what

You're Not Going to Believe This Steaming Pile--Fred Thompson Vs. Gore in WaPo

Jimmy Carter Criticizes Tony Blair's 'Blind' Support To Iraq War

I Keep Hearing On Cable News Shows That Americans Don't Want New Refineries In Their Back Yards.....

Christie Whitman Will Be Testifying Re 9/11 EPA Air Quality On Tuesday!!!!

Conservative admits that he admires Hitler

Blair's Farewell Tour Makes Stop in Iraq (greeted by Mortar blast in Green Zone)

King George just didn't go to the Ranch... First he took a copter to Andrews for

WaPo: "His Diplomatic Coup: Getting Them on the Record"

Fire The Grid 11:11*****7-17-07

CNN Poll: Do you think past US policy caused 9/11?

1 Dead in Canadian Snowbirds Jet Crash

Hey Faux Noise why have second headline.

Eyeglasses for the Immigration debate...

Who Gets H-1B Visas? Check Out This List

Lanny Davis said torturers were good people led astray

AP: Carter Blasts Bush

Carter: Bush 'Worst' in World Relations

Define: "Sort of an affiliate of Al Qaida"



Santa Fe PD Looking Into Recruiting Mexican Nationals

Cartoon (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) on Falwell.

Ever notice that Paul Wolfowitz' actual undoctored photo looks like a caricature?

Secret Agent Z and Mr. Tenet (misuse of intellegence?)

'Daniel Pearl detainee' is dead

For those who understand what terribly went wrong with Gonzalez,

Monica Schrack said it exactly right

Severed cow heads slow rural traffic

Nation's Top Weather Officials Resign

Is this Dr. Laura's psycho son Deryk beating up/kicking a female? (video)

Ok, here's how filthy sickening some conservatives are:

US Embassy in Iraq to be LARGEST in world -

Louisiana school district sued over Bibles in school (AP/CNN)

GOP lawmaker charged with child molestation and rape

Great speech by Obama

12 to 20 million illegal immigrants---question about that number if you would.

Kucinich steps up to the plate for unions

Lord Pissypants Makes His "Valet" Carry His Little Dog ----pix--->>>

3415 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

(R-of course) Klaudt accused of sexual contact with foster kids, pages

A pretty funny, and accurate, picture of Bush and Blair.

Dr. Laura: "I put up a mirror to the impact parents attitudes have on their kids"

Ecuador Seeks Aid Not to Exploit Amazon Oil

Republican Candidates, Base Support 'Un-American' Policies - RawStory On Krugman

Earth’s Natural Defenses against Climate Change ‘Beginning to Fail’

Was there "judicial interference" regarding Judge Greer in the Terri Schiavo case?

Moore unveils film at Cannes

Murtha confronts whiny Republican

Ex-lawmaker, Republican Rep. Ted Klaudt charged with raping foster children & legislative pages

Roger Daltrey blasts Gore's "Live Earth" concert

Hey when did this happen?

Border Agents Being Recruited For Iraq!

Armed Forces Day May 19th

Photos from TIME: Al Gore's American Life/Questionable

Where's the "Amazon" link?

I Just Had a Thought Today That Was a Bit Of a Jolt!

British base hit by mortars while Blair was visiting

Sad, New $25M Contract to Coordinate Military Funeral Honors Services

Is there a more dishonest, smarmy, punchable little prick than John Fund?

Anger and War...More Falwell

Why the Current Antiwar Movement is So Impotent

Noooooooo!! We're gonna lose our whiteness!!!!!!

Help me with a RW meme: More tax receipts with the "lower

Peanut Butter sandwich can save the world. No, really.

I Received A Letter From The Dept. Of The Army Today With A Handwritten Envelope

don't forget

Do Oil Companies Have Financial Interest In Auto Makers And/Or Vice Versa?......

GOP Ex-lawmaker charged with rape

As a group, the 25%ers are growing dangerously unstable.

A great visual representation of Americans' impact on the environment.

WHA?!?! Fox News Gives Moore's "Sicko" Documentary a Thumbs Up!

***CSPAN2 Right Now! 12 noon Lee Iacocca going after the Bushies!***

Trade Bill Info - or lack thereof

Exactly what is a "benchmark"?

Fox in the Henhouse

I saw the worst bumper sticker today

Michael Moore pays medical bills for one of his harshest critics

Most racist Free Republic post ever...

Poison toothpaste in Panama likely from China

The Right: Down, but Maybe Not Out: " signs of atonement within the movement."

Dr. Laura son linked to lurid Web page

it figures - kentucky derby jockey says bush picked him up

Weekend TOONS: The Week in review

Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.

It should be clear to everyone now what they should battle for and who the enemy is: EXXON

Iglesias Meeting With WH Investigators-Transcript Reveals Rove's Involvement

The Electrified Al Gore


Weekend at in-laws

Their Master’s Voice : NYTimes...must read.

"Do these guys have to sodomize the Declaration of Independence in front of you?"

Just got home from the Farmers Market

Wake up America!! (pics dial-up warning )

Drunk old lady gets 30 days for killing man, seriously injuring daughter

Michael Moore Pays Medical Bills of Conservative Critic’s Wife

Hillary Clinton was once a board member of Wal-Mart.

Moyers & Harper's Publisher on Current Secret "Unholy Pro-Free Trade Alliance"

GET OVER THERE AND READ THIS ...ASAP! Marcy Connects the Dots!

Speaker Pelosi is given a bigger gavel - pics

Jimmy Carter: "Bush Administration is Worst In History"

Coal Power Plants are Radioactive.

Here is an idea!! Let's open our borders not just to Mexico but to every country in the world.

A modest proposal: Let's Enslave the 12 million illegal immigrants.

How Many DUer's Are Millionaires/Potential Presidential Candidates?

I am so shocked at Walgreens!!!!

Falwell Farewell

A Scathing Indictment of George Bush’s “War on Terror”

Phelps protests tornado victim's funeral

Freeper chain email calling for Bush to resign.

Blowing a hole in the "WE DON'T HAVE THE VOTES" excuse

An American City in Baghdad


Dr. Laura son describes self "godless, crazy." Site depicts bleeding raped women, boys

DU : A Bastion of Censorship. HUH ?

Bush Anoints Himself as the Insurer of Constitutional Government-ALL 3 BRANCHES (The Progressive)

Will there be a tipping point when all the Bush Scandals come tumbling out into public view?

I cannot believe we're going through this shit AGAIN

Dr. Laura son linked to lurid Web page - Site contained violent, sex-oriented images

Why don't we just call the illegal immigration debate the "Keep The Mexicans Out" debate?

Pope Benedict XVI to help revive the LATIN MASS!!

REal Time's NEW RULES kicked ass last night...Death isn't always sad

Car Wash For Peace - Check Out This Song.........

Interesting piece from the Dartmouth Review

Earth's natural defences against climate change 'beginning to fail'

8 US troops killed last 2 days!

"(Expletive) You!" McCain Shouts In Meeting At Senate Colleague

a very good read

Ten Million Children in Need. Zero Help. Simple E action

OSHA Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Update Personal Protective Equipment Standards

Pulitzeer Prize winning Boston Globe reporter wins award from lawyers' organization

10,000 transportation workers protest in Washington D.C.

Watergate Without the Break-In

Listen To This Song Here --- "Car Wash For Peace" --- For A Good Cause........

Retirement, health reform may be delayed: senator (Billions for war!!)

Politics from a child's eyes

“…we are mired in stalemate…”

so, The Dems blinked (2x) and Bush still says NO> !:

How much damage to Edwards from 3H's?

Take Zogby Online Polls -

(GA-10) Ga. Republican Avoids War in Campaign - AP

G8 leaves US free hand to choose Wolfowitz successor (AFP)

An Legal Immigrant Taxi Cab Drive Told Me That Bush's Immigration Policy Is.......

Has anyone seen a Romney ad in there state?

Canvassing For Obama In New Hampshire

(Hillary) Clinton: `Obligation' to Aid New Orleans - AP

Curious juxtaposition of headlines--Huckabee and ladder safety

One US soldier killed another woulded while looking for Kidnapped3:

Gingrich: Challenge 'Radical Secularism' (AP)

Healthy praise for Moore's 'Sicko' -

A Legal Immigrant Taxi Cab Drive Told Me That Bush's Immigration Policy Is.......

I'd been loath to call WALNUTS!, well, NUTS but this wapo article...

Hillary on the Wal-Mart Board, huh.

Obama: 16 votes from ending war in Iraq

Doolittle Blames Corruption Probe On Partisan Democrats At Bush Justice Department

Biden Renews Call for Iraq-Only Democratic Debate

Can someone explain this graph to me?

Chatham House: "There is not 'a' civil war in Iraq.....

A handy, dandy list of the current whereabouts of PNAC signatories...

Tactics to defeat the GOP in 2008

6 clergy arrested in protest

All eyes on Barack Obama as he walks past graduating students at Southern NH University today

Richardson Starts to Break From the Pack (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Looks like Whacko Dobson (R-Fringe) is warming up to W. Mitt Romney

Obama tells N.H. graduates everything isn't about them

Another new low on Rasmussen

Dodd ahead by 4 points in poll of certain counties in North Dakota

Goodling testimony next Wed. - Dems better take action

Obama ramping up his ant-war effort

Will Al Gore face his inconvenient truths about our stolen elections?

Has Kerry Been A Great Senator?

Hillary's union problem

CNN Showing Kurdish Teen Girl being Stoned to Death

President Carter: Bush worst in history in international relations

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

We'll fight like hell against trade deal---Hoffa

Time Mag has Photo Gallery for Gore...going along with Front Page Article!

Did anyone here receive Edwards' email from May 13th?

Rasmussen: Edwards leads McCain by 7, Giuliani by 2

This should come as no surprise ....GOP Child Rapist

The Ron Paul Quandary ...

This Failed Presidency

We don't have an immigration problem....

Clinton Quiet on Her Past Role at Wal-Mart

what would you do about illegal immigration/immigrants

what to do with ~12million illegal immigrants

Senator Kerry on the record