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Archives: May 20, 2007

NYT: "Gas May Have Harmed Troops, Scientists Say"

Hicks back in Australia

A Dangerously Depleted Guard

Senate GOP Opposition to AG Builds = "THE RESIGN NOW CROWD"

In the Heat of Battle and Politics, the Hard Facts Melt-BEWARE the benchmarks of Iraq.

FRANK RICH: The Reverend Falwell’s Heavenly Timing

Another successful White House tantrum p m carpenter's commentary

Immigration Opening

Top 10 Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz Was a Great World Bank President

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Playing the Hand We’ve Dealt

MAUREEN DOWD: Résumé of Doom

AG Prediction: Gonzalez out, Hatch in By Jackson Williams

MSNBC - Big Egos stood in way of Aluminum / Hydrogen breakthrough research

How Bush destroyed the US car industry after Clinton/Gore saved it with the 80 mpg car

Border Agents Recruited for Iraq Duty (Dyncorp)

Walt Disney World's largest union rejects tentative contract

Labor raises a harpoon to strike at Japanese whaling

Bush 'told British troops will leave Iraq'

'NYT' Correction: The Obamas Did Not Have a Big Fight, After All

Merkel: Afghan Bombing Aimed to Prevent Reconstruction

Judge denies Arizona attorney general's request for Western Union's data

CIA tracks Al Qaeda resources from Iraq

Six Charged With Rigging Army Contracts

8 Russian reporters resign in protest

In the Heat of Battle and Politics, the Hard Facts Melt-BEWARE the benchmarks of Iraq.

Hagel, Bruning (R-Ne) take different paths at Bellevue function

Gas prices don't scare buyers of big SUVs: After 2-year slump, demand rebounds

I volunteer at a once-a-month food bank...

Ughhh my friend just called from the airport and asked what I would do

I really need to learn to read better here at DU.

Do you ever hide threads on the Greatest Page?

I'm making Chicken Cacciatore

dupe for no apparent reason

* "N" Boots!!!

...All of which are American dreams!

Three funny news stories...

Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys

Smookity Smook Smook

Yes, New Hampshire is weird

My favorite trumpet player.

Song stuck in my head, what is the name of it?

Did Woody Harrelson's Dad

Funniest comment I've heard about Ann Coulter

I love a good Pinot!

I love a good pine tree!

Oh man, do I love milk!

Post your red hot disco youtube clips here!

Worst videogame you tried playing...

Riddle: two coins equal thirty cents. One is not a nickel. . .

I love a good PINTO!

Can anybody recommend a good home alarm company?

Got gophers?

Ever make a decision, and then...

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

I love a good Pilot!

Americas Funniest Home Videos

I sooo want to go to this beach!

One last Falwell thread!

West coast Duers, The Little Foxes is coming on at 9:45 on TCM

Doncha hate it when you have someone on ignore - but there are too many "ignored"

is that Venus hanging out just below the sliver of moon tonight?

If DUH-bya was a racehorse, what would you name him?

Oh brush, another fuckfire

Have you seen Mike Judge's "Idiocracy?"

You know when you post on a thread, and the person replies to everyone but you

My star exploded! Ask me anything!

If you've got a picture of your face

~bear with me, i know y'all hate your country but, i promised~

So, how exactly does one "naturally bake" something?

Anyone else's arthritis flaring right now?

Botticelli's Venus

Where the HELL did Sugar Smack go, and when? Somebody must know, and I'd appreciate

My star expired! Ask me anything!

Is that a penis hanging out just below the sliver of a moon tonight?

Ummm... Could I get a hand check...

Oh fuck, another brushfire

I've now reached a personal milestone at DU

For EstimatedProphet and any other Deadheads-Me and my Uncle

Pain meds are kicking in...

I almost hit a tiny little hobbit on the way to graduation rehearsal

I almost hit a tiny little rabbit on the way to graduation rehearsal

Which Presidential homes/birthplaces have you toured?

I bought a penis fly trap

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Last evening in Stevens Point.

Does anyone know what a "poke" is on facebook?

So If You Talk To Yourself It's Okay... TRUE

~bear with me, i know y'all hate country but, i promised~

One of my fave Python moments: Dreary Fat Boring Old spitting in her purse

Which MST3K should I watch?

If DUH-bya was a racehorse, what would you name him?

What was the last REALLY good movie you saw?

Is it really really wrong

Make a statement, then use a wildly inappropriate smiley

Jeff Van Gundy out as Rockets head coach

Both Ray Mercer and Tommy Morrison will fight in MMA matches in June.

Veterans Hearing on PTSD---Bob Filner's Opening Statement

Echo Taps on Armed Forces Day

Weekend KO Fix--Above the Law Cheney?

FAA Poisons Air Traffic Controllers - Part 2 of 2

FAA Poisons Air Traffic Controllers - Part 1 of 2

US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer

Ughhh my friend just called from the airport and asked what I would do

Gonzales- Wolfowitz- Rumsfield

The odds offered by Ladbrokes that John Bolton will get

Time and Faux Noise Loves Michael Moore's Sicko

Condi '08 - need punchline

Newt Gingrich Declares War

Moore defies US ban threat

Nancy now that The Hammer

Obama: 16 votes from ending war in Iraq

Karel Now On KGO Talking About Ron Paul's Points

FOUND: History's first Freeping?

Sen. Inhofe (R-Wackjob) gives highly optimistic assessment of Iraq - Its almost like Disneyland

Looking at some of the material on Wolfie's Rizagate

"He wanted to join the army after 9/11"

PSA for DU

My son enlisted in the army today.

Shoutcasting tonight (please listen in?)

Re: the 'politically correct war' spin from the right

How do you think the Anti-Choice RW'ers would respond if WE made a 'truth truck'?

Every time I hear Hannity's radio show I want to vomit.

Cleveland Police kill three people in three days.

Are there like 2 places called "Iraq" or something?

Was Hillary on walmart`s board?

Hundreds of thousands of dead people and Blair says no regrets in Iraq - He is mad as a march hare

Another neighbor thinks we should have nuked Iraq! How I dealt with him and WON

If you believe inthe separation of Church and State - are you a "Radical Secularist" ? (gasp)

Looking for: O'Reilly interview with U Dean on terrorists not evil

FLASHBACK: Congress gave itself a free pass to import cuban cigars for their pleasure.

The Banker's 'Master Plan' For Turtle Island ( North America)

Reports foresaw violence in Iraq


Downtown's Second $250,000 Toilet Finally Opens

Sheppard's Command the Sheep to Stampede!

Doheny Blues Festival

The big white elephant of Baghdad: the $592 million U.S. embassy in a war zone

Safety is an issue for new embassy

GOP hopefuls try to redefine their party..(poor widdle babies)

An update and a thank you...

NRA depicts Bloomberg as octopus, an anti-Semitic symbol

What do you think the biggest consequence of the Bush administration will be twenty years from now?

Sunday Talk Shows

Clarence Thomas: incompetent Bush Bot, boot licking Bush Bot, or both?

Eight more US soldiers killed in Iraq - Only God knows how many Iraqis

Hee hee hee "It's an Illegal Employer Problem"

Jimmy Carter will be on This Week w/George Stephanopoulos

The Brits are leaving Iraq!

My kids' school rents space to a Baptist church on Sunday

What is more relevant to you, MySpace or YouTube?

Do you believe MSM, at the behest of their Neocon corporate keepers, is...

"Dr." Laura Tells Military Wives To 'Quit WHINING'

France Banned Bayer Pesticide Imidacloprid in 2000 for wiping out BEES, 70% of Honey harvest!!

Garrison Keillor nails it in one paragraph

Bartcop awarded BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award! Hooray!

Moore donates $12,000 for anti-Michael Moore blogger's healthcare bills

Latest polling in Iowa: Edwards 29%, Obama 23%, Hillary 21%; Romney 30%, McCain 18%, Guiliani 17%

Campaign 2004: Were Bush / Cheney / NSA illegal wiretaps spying on Dems?

Newt: Debates are issueless "game show contests".

What's up with Hillary and Wal-Mart? The NYT explores...

McCain, AWOL from the Senate

I'm going to beat this horse, er donkey,

Please read The Electrified Al Gore in GD

Nuclear Report Could Require Fancy Footwork by Candidates

Gingrich warns against "radical secularists"- like the Founding Fathers

Moore Unveils a Kinder, Gentler "Sicko"

Truth Out MUST READ: Iraq / Iran real solutions

ONLY one of these three people will be the next President of the United States.

Feds crack down on immigrant labor organizers

The worst thing about a Clinton versus Guiliani matchup would be what?

The Economics of Illegal Immigrant Labor

13 State Dem Parties Demand Impeachment

New non-Zogby Poll from Iowa

A funny thing happened at our countywide Democratic Party meeting today...

The Jewish Daily Forward: Kosher Slaughterhouse Hit With Lawsuits

Edwards wins Kos straw poll (39%). Hillary doubles support since April. Gravel surging!

Can Edwards beat Kucinich?

DU: Will Hillary Clinton Win The Nomination?

What are the five greatest accomplishments of the 2008 candidates---

New Graves, Fresh Grief (Arlington Cemetery - Section 60)

Cash-For-Coverage Alleged at NY Post (AP)

In the Heat of Battle and Politics, the Hard Facts Melt

The Tin-Star Title for the Too-Tough Job - War Czar

Definition of success in Iraq an evolving theme

The Cost of a GOP Myth


Editorial: It's hard to see how Gonzales can stay (Star Tribune)

Looking for answers, finding none...Silsby calls Alberto

Assessments Made in 2003 Foretold Situation in Iraq

Chamber of Commerce fights pro-labor bill

Secrets of the Black Budget Scandal by Daniel Hopsicker

It's time for Gonzales to step aside (Bowling Green Daily News)

Solar Flashlight Lets Africa’s Sun Deliver the Luxury of Light to the Poorest Villages

US surge is failing, says UK's Iraq envoy

Another week reveals more lapses in judgment by the Bush team (USN&WR)

(Chinese) Export Boom Suddenly Facing a Quality Crisis --NYTimes

Sen. Barak Obama: This new political star may eclipse his rivals

War games: The reality vs the rhetoric

Influx of Al Qaeda, money into Pakistan

Louisiana: Wage Laws Cover Foreign Workers, Judge Says (Katrina recovery workers)

Yearning for honor, integrity: Gonzales needs to go (Kennebec Journal)

TIME: Tongue Tied - Mitt Romney's Top Ten Gaffes

Vice Is Bad for a Reason --NYTimes

All that remains to do is to read the last rites for the British left

Kucinich has hearts of anti-war citizens but not votes

Silicon Valley Drama: Waiting for Gore

Preamble 2007

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 291

Rotating Skyscraper Dynamic Architecture Has Wind Turbine Power

"40% of the habitats that I've recorded have been forever silenced, gone fully extinct or altered"

Polar ocean 'soaking up less CO2' than expected

The End Of A Nuclear Fuel Power Station - United Kingdom

Rudd's stand on whaling is "piracy," says Howard Govt.

New Zealand carbon neutral by 2020

Tests indicate that slowing traffic to 55 MPH max. it would save 5% to 10% in fuel.

A national failure

State of emergency declared in Israel

Minister: Even Haniyeh could be on IDF hit list

Israel kills 8 in air raid on Hamas politician's home

First, we'll shoot a bit, flex a muscle

Hamas seizes US weapons

'Amnesty International biased'

Film about U.S. health care hailed at Cannes

Iraq: S. Korean soldier found shot dead at base

Chlorine truck bomb in Iraq makes 11 people sick

Suicide bomber kills 14 in Afghanistan

Bush gets ready for Iraq U-turn by Brown

Britain in secret talks with Iraq rebels

Bush gets ready for Iraq U-turn by Brown

Texas to release 226 juvenile prisoners

Iraqi VP blasts US-Iran talks

Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen

Islamic militants, security forces battle in Lebanon

Kuwait drops dollar peg in blow to Gulf currency union

Pace Says 'Surge' Progress Will Be Evident by September

Police Surround Church After 3 Shot in Idaho

Tainted Chinese Imports Common

'Carter is irrelevant,' Bush administration shoots back

Tale of last 90 minutes of woman's life

Bush's Summer Hires (recess appointments) Targeted (by Reid)

U.S. gas prices jump more than 11 cents (tops record from 1981)

Time to grow up, Obama tells SNHU grads

Six US Soldiers killed by roadside bomb in western Baghdad (& 1 interpreter also killed)

Bomber kills 10, wounds dozens in Afghanistan

Iraqi Shiite Leader Has Lung Cancer

Wounded Iraq Vet Pays Price Again

Specter: Vote could force Gonzales out

Harvard security guards approve strike vote

Cuba Prepares against Disasters

Mars bars get veggie status back (UK)

Assessments Made in 2003 Foretold Situation in Iraq

(British) Soldier dies in Afghan accident

Bush should shed 'tin ear' on Iraq: top Democrat (Pelosi)

Poll: Three out of four Americans discontented

Ashcroft's Complex Tenure At Justice On Some Issues, He Battled White House

Levin tells Dems: Don't back down on Iraq

Legislation to Divest from Companies Involved With War?

Oil protection force commander wounded, oil pipeline blasted

British soldiers wounded in Basra, reports of withdrawal

Bush gets ready for Iraq U-turn by Brown

Influx of Al Qaeda, money into Pakistan is seen ($$ coming frorm IraQ)

Pelosi defends Murtha vs. GOP reprimand (Repugs getting desparate)

US forces kill man behind January Kerbala attack

Federal arrests frighten Mexicans

Botticelli's Niece

Botticelli's Penis

I had a penis tonight -- 10 pm and I'm already home

Which Penis Should I Watch?

One of my fave Penis moments: Dreary Fat Boring Old spitting in her purse

My penis expired! And I could use a star! A star quality viagra pill!

Penises everyone liked but you

The lounge has turned into a Ninth Grade classroom during penis class.


Just saw a penis on the African waterhole cam!

If that's not a penis then I don't know what is.

What was the last REALLY good penis you saw?

Please forgive me DU - I knew not what I was doing

The penis has turned into a Ninth Grade classroom during health class.

I've now reached a penis milestone at DU!

Anyone ever watch The Orifice?

It's an explosion of peni.

Penis meds are kicking in...

Anyone ever watch The Office?

I almost hit a tiny little penis on the way to graduation rehearsal.

I pity the mods tonight

If DUH-bya was a penis, what would you name him?

Umm... How about those vaginas?

Penis mods are kicking in!

Awright, children. Is it time for the adults to step in here?

What kind of penis package does your job offer?

Hi everybody....Penis is beautiful!

Speaking of peonieses

Who the hell determines what language or content is edited from TV?

Downpressor man, where you gonna run to...

Post here and I will "fuck you" (with penis).

Guess: How many fingers am I holding up?

If you show me yours, I'll show you mine!

There are quite a few dicks in the Lounge tonight...

Peen-us Luvs me This I know.

Cheney's got a gun

...and all the girlies say I'm pretty fly, for a white guy..

My star expired! And I could use a penis!

Post here and I will "cut off your Johnson!"

The Penises are running amuck!!

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler

The Consumatron Minute

A toast to Timechaser!

Explanation for Lounge Penile Explosion

Guide to Safe Fax


Nineteen locked threads...

Susan Sarandon's house from Bull Durham is for sale!

Hi Heidi!!

What do you put tobacco on?

The lounge has turned into a Ninth Grade classroom during health class.

The 5 second rule is a case of mind over matter

Tonight I ate a pizza for dinner.

Well, my little girl is married

Saw Spiderman 3 tonight and I thought it was the best one yet....

Which is your favorite Nicks?

Which is your favorite Barker?

One more for the road.

Sorry, Circuit City.

Local duck couple (George & Gracie) at our feeder!

I hate this f*cking song...

Hey, did Jerry Falwell ever discuss mallard ducks as disobeying God's will?

Hi everybody! The Little German Soldier is beautiful!

The five inch rule is a case of mind over matter

Post your favorite way to screw with the environment here!

In supposedly "live" concert, Britney Spears' pre-recorded vocals CD skips

Europa Universalis III appreciation thread!

Hello? SouthpawKicker and KitchenWitch? Hello?

Our society has changed a lot over the aeons...

Morrissey countdown: T minus 6 days!!

Big Dog little Dog,pros and cons

Another "dating persona" quiz:

i'm seriously depressed over money and my desire to buy things

Prom pictures

Porn pictures

Torn pictures

How many here go camping?

Geez... nobody's mentioned the Hand/Foot/Nose Index...

Help! Can't think of this song - making me nuts.

This is HUGH!!! Five-Second Rule Expanded

Help! This computer problem is driving me nuts! Tech heads needed...

What kind of benefits does your package offer?

I have been forced to bust out the cuteness...

I'm sorry folks, but would you be able to keep a straight face if....

Help! requested on DVD regions

Bula vinaka, beachside!

I just cast asparagus!

Good Afternoon DU!

My little sister went to prom yesterday.

Major cat-related scare this morning

The Song Tapper

Have You Seen The New RAMBO Trailer? (holy mother of god!)

What's a word or sentence that ALWAYS gets your back up?

My job just screwed me over big time.

*** May Contest Preliminary Polls are up in GD. ***

Happy birthday AmydeLune!!

debate exercise: Pick an entirely innocuous thread and argue dishonestly why it should be locked

Happy Birthday Honore de Balzac!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/20/07)

Fuck it. I'm going out to get pure Cherry Coke and a big-ass 4 meat pizza.

I think y'all need a cold shower...

Ummm...Could I get a post dated check

Compliments from strangers, cheeky devil?

My daughter is going to MEPS this week, ask/tell me anything.

Nightmare at the Funeral Home

It's time to go back to the Gallery of Regrettable Food for...Bananas!

Woke up at 3:50 PM - ask me anything

* and his Cowboy Boots.

These abovetheinfluence commercials suck so bad

The internets are doing that thing to me again

Congratulations wildhorses!! 20,000 posts

What the hell did I miss here??

How many ex threads have you posted in the Lounge?

Speech Recognition Redux

dryers - is the 'delicates' setting the 'low' setting?

Burt's Bees enthusiasts: the new Replenishing Lip Balm is YUMMY!

Couple of reasons why I spend half my life at MySpace. DIAL UP WARNING

Happy 99th birthday, Jimmy Stewart

Top Five Favorites Foods/Dishes:

We all need a little bit of sympathy...

George W. McCain?...Or John McBush....

My life on the road, summed up nicely by Bob Dylan

Have you see this?-it was posted in Political Videos-and locked...

Look what I just bought!

The Goddess Does The Weather

Does Bob Seeger need a girlfriend?

Do you have a song, or songs that bring back a flood of good memories?

Which is your favorite one-eyed monster?

any Shrek III reviews from my fellow DUers yet? did I miss the thread?

What's your wood preference?

hypothetically speaking, if you knew without a doubt that there

I know staduims are expensive and not precisely an economic boon

I think I want to move to Iceland! Seems to be a great place


I just SLAVED over a cheesecake

I finally watched Pan's Labyrinth

I hate family parties...

How many sex threads have you posted in the Lounge?

I just watched "Why We Fight".

What if somebody took your computer away

My indoor cat killed a bird somehow!!

Sorriest excuse you were given for not getting a raise or promotion

I think this is a baby hummingbird (pix, dial-up warning)

Beer with me . . .

Six years ago, on a beautiful Sunday May 20th just like today......

Horrible movies, films, videos/dvds, filmstrips,etc you were forced to watch in school?

Dear Major Fucking League Baseball:

The sea was angry that day, my friends!!!!

my beautiful Marble is gone....

Picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker...

Hour long Simpsons tonight.

Do you only care about the moral standards of people when it effects you?

So, what is your carbon footprint? (Mine's 6.45, FWIW)

The Most AMAZING 4 Year Old You May EVER See!

how nosey are you on a scaLe 1-10?

What kind of benefits package does your job offer?

Gilmore Girls final show - anyone have a copy?

Sundays are boring, who wants to play with me?


Can you name three members of the Supreme Court?

Let's talk abou gadgets!

I'm a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll world

What is your ultimate comfort food?

How happy are you, overall? On a scale of 1-10

Bush, Blair are "poofters" per old British guy.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for May 20: Sofia, Sarajevo and Stillwater

Kimbo Slice vs Ray Mercer

New Management Opportunities and The Kentucky River Case - Unions

I found this ad while researching my previous post

Today's working family cartoon

It’s the Least We Can Do

NYT: Hilfiger Janitors Back on Job After Abrupt (Circuit City) Layoffs

Employee Free Choice Support Gaining Momentum Across the Nation

Nurses OK contracts at 13 hospitals contracts cover 10,750 registered nurses

AP: Richardson touts labor record at firefighters' convention

UAW challenging failed union vote at Trump Marina

A Close-up Look at Wal-Mart’s Scary Anti-Union Tactics

CNN: Obama publicly scolds staff for scheduling decision

Courting support Democrats compete for union's backing in 2008 race

Rail Workers in Iraq continue paralyzing strike

Mark Twain - To the Person Sitting in Darkness - Anti War

Just because it's beautiful

Randi Rhodes---Broken Military

Moyers discusses Secret Trade Deal

SNL TV Funhouse - Divertor

Bill Maher - New Rules 5/18/07

President Cater--- Blast Bush and Blair

Al Gore Defeats George Bush in 2000


Memorial Day

Bill Maher--Bye Jerry Fawell

'Sicko' Shows Michael Moore's Maturity as a Filmmaker

The Secret Iraq Documents the writer's 8 year old son found

Great Bill Clinton speech and Q&A on c-span starting now.

LOL....Smartass Freeper Thinks Madrid Is In Cuba

WP, pg1: Ashcroft's Complex Tenure At Justice: On Some Issues, He Battled White House

Newt the tool - trying to conflate "sectarian" and "secular"

Sen. Chris Dodd says 60,000 Iraqis have died since Bush invaded and occupied Iraq

There's so many things I'm confused about, and IANAL, but

2009, Action 12 News Phoenix. Paris Hilton's baby and the new "China Food Recall Encyclopedia" ...

Top 10 Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz Was a Great World Bank President

All the presidents' menus

3,415 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice.

How quickly and neatly Hookergate II seems to have...

The Ford Model T got 25mpg almost 100 years ago.........

Opus -- Karl is out of control :)

The consent of the governed...

There is something terribly wrong with this country.

Chalabi escapes again - WTF is he up to now?


Working poor and "tax rage"

WHy I am resigned to the full funding or iraq and why I don't really care.,

YOU were a target during the NYC RNC convention . .

OUR Border Patrol is going over to IRAQ to patrol THEIR borders

Why should U.S. dominate talks about Iraq with Iran? What happened to Iraq's sovereignty?

TV Shows The Most Popular Torrents

Does anyone else think we need a "Greatest Video" column?

Anti-U.S. sentiment in Iraq generating money funding 9-11 terrorists' safe haven in Pakistan

Thank goodness I'm a Radical Secularist holding on to optimism. Nutbag Gingrich still at it.

Rasmussen gives W the lowest approval rating ever recorded

WJ: Brian Debose - Washington Slimes..."John Edwards Campaign Is Dead"

What Does It Mean When I Get Through To Wash. Journal 3 Times, And Get Disconnected Each Time?

*** May Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 2 ***

*** May Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 3 ***

Fundie on WJ

Pet Food Recall leaves bitter taste (speculation that undeclared GMO wheat is culprit)

DU is quickly surpassing Crooks & Liars for the go-to place for political videos.

Daycare child death/WTF

Are The Republicans Laughing At The Democrats?

Ted Rall on Bush's AMAZING Powers of Persuasion.

Jimmy Carter coming up on This week n/t

Someone PLEASE tell Chris Dodd to stop using the phrase "War on Terror"

More death. Roadside bomb in Baghdad kills 6 U.S. soldiers

How pissed off will the republicans be if bush/cheney

Daily Kos:Moore on SiCKO - Tomorrow @11AM EST

Dateline Iraq: May 19, 2007..

God I hate the RW'ers sometimes. Just despicable

How sweet it is: Ohio clerk finds $10, buys $1M ticket

Isn't Monica Goodling Scheduled To Testify This Week?

George Will is such a dick:

Newt is almost impossible to debate

Alas, who will save us now? Iraq was ever....

I planted an orange tree and a lemon tree today

Seven US soldiers, interpreter killed in Iraq bombings

LAT op-ed: Larry Flynt: My friend, Jerry Falwell

30 years ago today: "When the President does it, it's not illegal"

"When Turd Blossom Met the Teachers of the Year"

when is president "I'm rubber you are glue" gonna get something sticking to him?

Two Buddies At A Ballgame

"In one of the most troubling trends, al-Qaida's command base in Pakistan... being funded by...Iraq"

. . .They call the kid "Iraqi Ali Baba". . . and the US military dog

I Want to be a Stepford Wife

Applications being sought for free deer hunting trip for wounded Soldiers

Where Shrub's fence/wall will go: Through remnants of birding/enviro


forget the nickname "Gonzo"- instead Goonzales...

Cheney to West Point NY June 26: activists sue to protest on W. Point grounds!

Self delete

The Shadow Government Makes Another Grab At Power

"What few contaminated products FDA discovers are often shipped again"....

I had dinner with John Murtha last night

Al Gore on Larry King Tuesday, E-mail questions for Gore

A restaurant where customers never complain about the food.

Things we don't see on the evening news

Are Canadian food and food imports safer?

McConnell Threatens Mystery ‘Resolution’ To Match ‘No Confidence

Schumer defends call for Gonzales 'no confidence vote'

Gabby Reese is an Ann Coulter Look-A-Like

Guy Noir, Cheney and the Lilacs...hilarous

Two questions re: Iraqi Oil

The Sunday Talking Heads Shows were from Hell this a.m. !

I Will Give Newt Gingrich One Thing...

Upper Darby PA Police Sold Confiscated Guns to "Lethal Lou's" and other dealers.

Iraq's President Heads to U.S. To Lose Weight

Clear Channel Board Accepts Raised Offer (Sold!!)

Your tv remote control has a "Newt" button.

Former Guantanamo Detainee & Rev Yearwood Asks for Your Help on June 26th

Learning a lesson from 1984

Have you used the "F" word in front of your kids?

Is DU crashing? Slow to anyone else??

Has there been real progress...

Repub Distortions/Distractions Against Edwards/Gore/Obama Examples of Coming Campaign...LINK

Is this a smack down?

$100.00 a bag is the cost of doing laundry

King George says "Let Them Eat Poison"

Build a better Bush....

Abu Gonzales' push on kids' safety is a faux front.

Baby Emilio Gonzales dies, while still on life support

Carter Criticizes Bush and Blair on War in Iraq

Hoagland: Bush’s ‘Plan B’

Edwards, Obama lead Hillary in Iowa

I am stunned that the Congress/media are stunned about Gonzo's visit to Ashcroft's hospital room.

I am watching "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel and I


Federal Election Commission Records: Who's Supporting Mitt?

* and his Cowboy Boots.

John Fund is a maggot.

Democrats scramble to prevent Florida primary election fiasco

Live Earth Book Coming Out

'Honk For Peace' Case Tests Limits On Free Speech - SFGate

Progressive Alternative To AAA Roadside Service....Any Feedback?

Wrong Way Corrigan is a Cleveland cop. Sends 200 10k runners the wrong direction


Election disagreements are historic....

Falwell dies in middle of record Spring Bloom

Stephanopoulos:"The immigration deal WILL NOT PASS." Winners, losers.

AOL Poll: Are you satisfied w/ America? 82% said "NO".

Chase Bank Sending College Loan information to Eighth Graders?

The Closing of the University Commons

20,000 amputees in Iraq & 45,000 Iraqi security force members have been injured

Today on Road to the Whitehouse - Hillary and Biden

Glimpse of an Aluminum Overcast -- angel seen circling Eugene

Now, outsourcing gets personal

USA: 30 years of executions, 30 years of wrongs

ROFLMAO !!! - X-Rating For The Bible ???

Dollar buying ever less of world's goods?/CSMonitor

whoever recommended "Overthrow" deserves applause

With property comes responsibility.

To keep track of the Bush Administration and the "nicknames" Bush gives his Consiglieries

Something Awful on Free Republic:

Is Hell freezing over?

Breaking on MSNBC: Specter says Gonzo

2nd Quarter Fund Drive underway!

1992: "The Winter of the Long Hot Summer"

My fellow DC residents: let's discuss DC voting rights &the 2008 election

Funny Falwell Farce

Reid’s plan to block Bush’s recess appointments!

Can you name any public figure who has been more destructive

Industry is suppressing harmful effects of GM crops

Invasion of the Party Snatchers author Victor Gold on C-Span2 right now

I think the president should be arrested and charged for the murder of every one of our sons...

Is Iraq a failure because the Iraqi President is too fat? (Bizarre alert)

The Republican Party of Bullies

Got a Wal-Mart story you want to share? Sheesh, what next.


Hoagland: Bush’s ‘Plan B’ May Be Attacking Iran, Overthrowing Maliki

Update My Vet does not have to go back to Iraq

Iraq Economics class 101: can you answer the first question?

Whose presidency is more irrelevant?

Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter (calls Carter "increasingly irrelevant")

You can't make this stuff up :Falwell's mortician says it's an honor to serve him

LETTER to my Congress Critter


Osama's wet dream

An update on relief efforts in Greensburg, KS

3422 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Are you the victim of a crime? You can go to jail if you report it!

Well, I guess the FDA is finally doing something w/Chinese

Hillary bashing head against wall

Did you know Biden's wife & daughter were killed in 1972, just

(Navy's) Winter to San Diego: Miramar is off limits

2 dead in church after Idaho shootings

Swarms of cicadas emerging in Midwest

Pentagon made up concerns about soldiers' bandwidth

Colleges as "final resting places"?? (Are they this strapped for funding?)

Lunch with Gore Vidal

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to Officially Announce Presidential Bid on Monday, May 21st

Slavery by any other name

15 U.S. soldiers killed since Friday in Iraq

Looking for something to do? I mean really DO?

Pet Food Giant Drops Chinese Ingredients (Menu Foods)

The Nation: Who's Afraid of Jimmy Carter? George Bush

Maher said it best for Falwell

White House sees Americans & troops & humanity itself as increasingly irrelevant.

Another GOP lawmaker arrested for child rape

So, we finally get to hear from the far recesses of the Republican peanut gallery...

Let me tell you a story...

Reid’s plan to block Bush’s recess appointments.

Codex Alimentarius

I'm going to ask you to donate to DU. But first, click this link:


Texas lawmakers OK death for child rape

* greets NATO leader at ranch - "A little slice of heaven," Bush said of his 1,600-acre getaway-pics

Ballet to Bullets; A day in the life of small town America

Sigh, our 1st Sunday morning without the good reverend jerry...

The Real Global Warming Swindle

Democrats prefer Edwards in new poll

Three dead and two injured in Idaho shooting

New Scientist: Most Common Climate Myths Reviewed

Body armor about to hit the fan- Part II

Who knew that deposing Saddam and occupying Iraq would lead to violence and encourage extremists?

The SEDER on SUNDAYS thread

*** May Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 1 ***

Do you have your own writer's or artist's site and would like a link?

Seeking a Tech-Savvy President

US Armed Forces Withdrawal From Iraq Act

Obama And Student Switch Roles In The Granite State: "Don't let them stop you, Senator."

Friends Bush I, Clinton I avoid politics at University of NH graduation

Badly worded but I believe great idea to send Pelosi on impeachment.

“Coast Guard program to upgrade its fleet is taking on water”, more failures from privatization.

(AP) Poll: American satisfaction at new low

Big helping of politics on Richardson's bill of fare


99.34% Say Cheney Should Be Impeached. What Say You?

Clinton Accepts Aid From a Divisive Figure


Sunday NYT: The Right: Down, but Maybe Not Out

$3 Per Hour to Take Care of Our Kids. Now, Hope Is at Hand

A Daughter’s Appreciation to her Mother, a Friend of Workers


2 Speeches Show Contrasting Campaign Styles: Obama Offers Inspiration; Clinton Details Action Plan

"MySpace and YouTube would like to establish themselves as serious political sites."

Chevron gave kickbacks to Saddam .. Condi was on the board.

Clinton Offers Steps to Ease Hurricane Aid


At Wal-Mart, Clinton didn't upset any carts As a board member, she touted women and the environment

Poll: Newsweek Does Bill hurt or help Hillary Clinton?

U.S. pays $1 billion to Paskistan to fight terror, but military increasingly supporting Taliban

Studies predicted Iraq upheaval (will be part of Phase II report)

6 +6+7+8

McCain and Rudy are skipping Falwell's funeral. Bush sending junior aide.

The Hill: Union-business fight could impact campaign donations

politico: New war casualty: Wage hike

Complete text of Obama's commencement speech at Southern New Hampshire University

Lil' Timmy Russert and MTP Worshipping Saint Ronnie - No Comey

Request: Can Someone Find Link To Romney's Letter to Log Cabin Repukes?

Specter: Gonzales Will Likely Resign

Question: What is the constitutional definition of "recess?"

Harry Reid Plans to BLOCK BUSH Recess APPOINTMENTS! Can we say Fredo's Successor?

HEY ! Don't forget Sam Seder's new show drops TODAY!

Goodling replaced VA US Attorney with her *BOYFRIEND* !!

Is there a way to vote No Confidence on the President or Recall Bush?

Cassandra is right

calling all i-pod users: go to itunes and buy Michael Parenti's "Rulers of the Planet"

On the money trail Obama campaign rolls into town

Mass. House of Reps. approves card check bill

Who said, "More women should be in charge, so George and I can spend more time playing golf?"

Poll Shows Buckeyes pick Clinton, Giuliani

National ID Law a Big Brother Nightmare

Here's Edwards' Support the Troops on Memorial Day email from May 15th:

Has anyone heard about John Dean's latest book?

Obama raises at least $750,000 in Greenwich

Color, gender, and voters

Michelle Obama: 'It's His Time'

Obama win in straw poll (MD) surprises some

OH-10: Kucinich to Receive a Major Primary Challenge?

Curious...How many here have landlines and can be polled?

Who,Of All The 2008 Presidential Candidates/Prospective Candidates, Are Veterans?

Gingrich Eulogizes Falwell

WTF? DoD will block testimony to Congressional committees

The Problem with Hillary

Obama's Wife: 'It's His Time

Ecclesiasticus was a Liberal

Democrats scramble to prevent Florida primary election fiasco: "SERIOUS PROBLEM"

I Smell the Birth of a rightist talking point...

John Edwards Supporters ARE the BEST (w/video)

A perspective of our national debt from the CIA.

Obama called hypocrite for wife's Wal-Mart link

More debunking of the Left-Wing hit piece on Hillary in the "Nation"...

Dr. Ron Paul's growing support threatens GOP plans -- so they move to stop him

What would you rather be downwind of,a wind farm/solar farm or a nuclear power plant?

Anyone bothered by the fact that our most experienced candidate is "2nd tier?"

Gore still has his eye on the Oval Office

Bush not Carter is "increasingly irrelevant"

The American people want to hear a positive message.

What if it were not illegal immigrants, but illegal left-handed people?