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Archives: May 29, 2007

Honor, Tradition, Courage: Broken Tiles, Broken Healthcare System (HuffPost)

Great Satan sits down with the Axis of Evil

Stepping up to the challenge

Bagdad is a smashed city...

Ron Kovic: A Veteran Speaks of the Forgotten Wounded of Iraq

BOB HERBERT: Small Incidents Are Creating a Big Problem With the N.Y.P.D.

Like a drunk blowing his paycheck on booze, will Bush blow his $100B on Iran?

Canada declines to enter G8 climate change fight - Reuters

EIA: US CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels Declined by 1.3% in 2006

NASA Finds Vast Regions of West Antarctica Melted in Recent Past

The London Oasis

Which is WORST

David Kimche: Sticks & Carrots

Sneh: The security aspect

With all votes counted, Barak wins Labor primary round 1

Frist withdraws name from World Bank

Campaign Puts New Strain on Secret Service

Colombia deports pro-Chavez Venezuelan lawmaker

(Veterans' graves) Flags Burned, Replaced With Swastikas

Lawmakers Push for Big Subsidies for Coal Process

Progress in Iraq likely to miss target

Sheehan quits as face of US anti-war fight

China’s top drug regulator gets death sentence

What profession was Donna Summer singing of?!

"Freedom fries aren't free"

Dizzy Gillespie! DIZZY! DIZZY! DIZZY!

I spent my holiday at Ikea

Would you go back to Wooley Swamp???

Would you go back to Wesley Snipes?

What Star Wars tech would you like?

Would you pay the ferryman

Ewwwww. I just bit into a 100 Grand candy bar and there was COCONUT in it!!!

How many rum cakes is too many? (copycat)

Shrek III - death of a franchise

Immortal - A movie review

I picked up Anna Kournikova the other day...

I picked up Anna Anna Bobanna the other night

Had enough lolcats? How about lolpresidents?

I know Hannah Banana

Movie lovers! Join Movie Fantasy Moguls thru IMDB

Duped! Please delete!

Goodnight DU

"Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" on the History Channel

Will somebody buy this for me?

Was Keith on Countdown tonight,

I picked up Anna Karenina the other day...

Okay, This Is Just Too Trippendicular To Pass Up

First - to .500 ball, then the White Sox

The Bridge on the River Kwai is on at 9:15 on TCM.

Anyone else make snowballs today?

This is a hoax. (?) I'm pretty sure ...but who's audio is he using

ABBA parodies itself

what are you watching on TV, i'm watching Konga...

goddammit, I lost the book i have been reading.

What is wrong with...

Oh Shit! Did anyone see Miss USA bust her ass on Miss Universe?

Make up a lie about yourself...

She's my priestess, I'm your priest.....YEAH, YEAH

You better stop your hidin or your country will burn....

whose hotter, Anna or Maria

Why does life have to be so complicated?

OK lounge

The Corporation- a must see documentary

I had my house painted. Look at the before & after!

Hey guys! I'm an obnoxious attention monger! Help me reach 4000 posts!

Cola Drinkers: Name your preference

Sopranos -- Best Episode Ever?

Not to be outdone - Canada's got a Creation museum now, too!

Taking a plane trip--what's it like lately?

For Ptah and other sunflower fans.

Another reason to appreciate England.

Ipod program help request

Okay... how long since a PICTURE THREAD?

FAMILY PHOTOS. Ever been a family photo thread?

What's happened to my brain? I just watched 3 hours of Flavor of Love

What are you reading?

For my 4000th Post, a dedication...

Jazz fans some classess acts??? throwing things at spurs after loss

Army of One

No jobs for US citizens without Homeland Security approval

Gut Check America - tell them all about it:

Border Blues -- Canada, US Both Bar People Who Used Drugs -- Ever


Contemplation at Memorial Day Sunset

"music knows no color. . . ' "music knows no race. . ." "music knows no limits. . ."

Political cronyism and private corporations that do business with the government.

Interesting note in the comments by Cindy Sheehan

The War Against Tinky Winky continues....Falwell would be proud.

A repeat of the Kennedy Library panel discussion

All of this with Cindy Sheehan reminds me of when people post rude remarks about people when they

Bush toady General Peter Pace underestimates Iraq War fatalities in Memorial Day media appearance

Media Reform Information Center - Great links/info about the multinational corporations takeover

What Chavez is up against

The boy king

Analysis: The Bush take on U.S. opinion

The "Attention Whore" post at Kos has been picked up by Sludge now...

Venezuela moves against second opposition TV channel (Reuters)

John McCain suggested that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would "follow us home" from Iraq?

Truth and the American political system

Hmmm. Compare and contrast-who's more truthful?

Iran offers to train and arm Iraqi forces

‘They view me as a novelty’

Antibodies From Survivors Point to New Bird Flu Therapy - Works on mice

Political Preference Is Half Genetic

Bush invited rolling thunder to the whitehouse...

Special Operations in Iraq: High Profile, but in Shadow

So, did we really expect that Chimpolini's 'immigration reform' would benefit ANYONE


Iraq begins to export Islamist fighters - Looks like we are going to have to fight them over here

Is there any especially good reason why Democrats rarely if ever defend their own?

A song for Cindy Sheehan - an oldie but a goodie

So what are we going to do for the next year and a half or so?

Waxman interview w/ ThinkProgress: " find out what they had said wasn’t true."

My message to fellow DU'ERS

Why won't the Iraqis "get over" Shock and Awe like we "got over" 9/11?

In other news, the troops are still dying:

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in for a Best of Malloy!

Next time Dems. make harsh but true statements about repukes and the

Iraq vet: 'My brain will not let go'

UK Guardian's article on Cindy

My message to Congressional Democrats...

Doctors group among first to post prices of procedures online

How many Free Republic members are registered on DU? About 88 or so?

FR keyword search: "attention whore"

Johnny get your gun

You will always be with us. A letter to Cindy Sheehan.

Think about leaving DU? How about a piece of advice before you do?

As Memorial Day comes to a close, remember those who have died

And now for a little comic relief:

Goodbye DU

Um, hello? Am I the only one experiencing ...

RAWSTORY Report: Less than .01 % of DHS cases related to terrorism

Is the Earth flat in the ‘Creation’ Museum?

So Sheehan is attacking entire groups like "the anti-war left" because individuals attacked her?

On Cindy - something about that 22% does not add up to the DU I know

AIPAC Trial: Trial Delayed Until Sept., But Agencies Declassify Info So It Can Go Forward

Frist withdraws name from World Bank

So Sad: Republicans are happier than Democrats.

Sheehan misrepresented all of DU by picking the most inflammatory comment ("attention whore")

Cindy Sheehan disappoints the crap out of me!

Larry Johnson:Right Wing World's Plame Fantasy

90 years ago today

Those darn leftists! Hangin' out at Clintons Message Parlor all the time.

Interesting fact about the Star Spangled Banner.

Journalists Can No Longer Photograph Wounded Soldiers Without Prior Consent

RIP Gretchen Wyler, Broadway actress and animal advocate, founder of the Ark Trust

Freepers Ban Giuliani Supporters

My message to Cindy Sheehan:

Has Bush DAMAGED the concept of Objectivity?

Hispanic Groups Reconsider Their Support for Gonzales: Some won't even talk about him

FOCUS: Two pictures summarize the vast criminality of Bush and ALL his enablers.

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the jingoism

it seems we have forgotten how to be nice to each other...some thoughts

I watched "The King of Scotland" last night

Idea for a peace movement...

Am I Imagining A Troll Invasion?

Venezuelan media crackdown: TV anchors sign off, mouths shut

Fucking monsters, all of them! Couldn't even take the damn time to read the NIE on Iraq.

I just got this email about immigration - "I'm Going to Mexico"

Democrats and Republicans Both Adept at Ignoring Facts, Study Finds

I know I'm late to post this because I've been out today

Peace breaks out in Mobile, AL on Memorial Day 2007 (PHOTOS)

Cindy you were an inspiration...

I feel like I need a shower.

EXIT RIGHT. Sara Taylor, WH political director, Rove Aide RESIGNS? "subpoenas for her testimony"

Fighting, or Funding, "Terror".

Thread for whoever dissed Cindy to apologize.

Thank You Cindy Sheehan!

Texas school board member tells parents to "kiss my butt" over religious class.

Republican sites in total meltdown

Obama measuring campaign Success not just by Cash But, by Crowds

If only our leaders had this sense of shame

Does anyone besides me see where Guiliani and McCain...

Bush admin proves Kerry right, again

ROFL NOBODY even Frist does not want to go to work NOW for Bush

Iraq War Vet Punished for Speaking out

Has the choice for DU when it comes to supporting the party really come down to this...

Obama expects to improve in next week's Democratic Presidential debate

Obama Leads Four Republicans in U.S. Race (Angus Reid Global Monitor)

Al Gore's American Life:

Democrat Found "NOT GUILTY" Of Illegal Poop Use Against Marilyn Musgrave

I have the same sense of disillusionment, heartache and disorientation that I felt during Katrina

Kerry Adviser Told Him..."He'd Never Be President if he Didn't vot for Iraq WAR!"!

WT: Obama supporters multiply on campuses

Amazing! So far DU is Polling Negative on Cindy Sheehan like the Bush Polls! 21 % Anti-Sheehan...

A Permanent State of Lawlessness

'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d' , Walt Whitman, 1900

Contempt for professional government

Doan’s fate up to president

One more obscenity - US Fatality # 3448

Robert Scheer: Prosecutor firings worse than Watergate

American remains in Afghan jail

Veterans Lack of health care may foster suicide

Worse than Watergate, part II--Robert Scheer

The Untold Story of America's Health Care Crisis (Harper-Collins, via AlterNet)

Millions of Addresses and Thousands of Sites, All Leading to One

Iraqi Refugees Turn to the Sex Trade in Syria

Last Puffs / WaPo Editorial

Turning Off Suspect Gene Makes Mice Smarter NYTimes / Reuters

Who are these people and where did they come from? Developing minds want to know


Window of Opportunity (Immigration Bill) E. J. Dionne Jr. / WaPo

Hispanic Groups Reconsider Their Support for Gonzales --wApO

HPV Politics - LA Times Editorial

It's Up To You Now (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Why Does This Presidential Field Seem So Blurry? --WaPo

Take Back the Media Video on Bush Family

The Peoples' House By Mr Ed

Getting Away with Murder

My LTTE was printed (Akron Beacon Journal)

Design That Solves Problems for the World’s Poor NY Times

Mother of slain civil-rights worker in "Mississippi Burning" case will be laid to rest beside son

Rebusting The Air Traffic Controllers (

The U. S. Constitution: Pull the Curtain (from the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy)

Dems Wimp Out on Bush & Prewar Intelligence (by David Corn for The Nation)

“Al Qaeda Linked” Terrorists = 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon


SEESHOLTZ: Jerry Falwell, Reaping What He Sowed

Bush Actions Recall History's Tyrants

"Attention Whore" Cindy Sheehan's Reply to Those Who Dissed her

Palast: Three Million Voters Challenged in Karl Rove's Fraudulent Scheme

When Art is Cooler--and more Conservative--than Politics (by James Pinkerton at HuffPost)

Why Bush and Cheney Must Be Impeached: A View from the Right

Human Rights at the Workplace (Truthout)

Ten Reasons to Leave Iraq Now (

Thorn in the side of GOP says he's just doing his job(Waxman)

Venezuela, RCTV, And Media Freedom: Just The Facts, Please

AP Analysis: Bush Sadly Wrong in Claiming Polls Back Him on Iraq

The South Faces Doom at the Hands of Hogs ...

Fitzgerald Again Points to Cheney

Venezuelan Government Accuses CNN and Globovisión of Inciting Violence

CEOs vs. Slaves (The Nation)

What Military Service Qualifies Bush To Lead Iraq War?

The Rosie O'Donnell Effect

The Conservative Mind / WSJ Op Ed (And, No, It's NOT a Parody!)

Why I'm Leaving The L.A. Times / Nancy Cleeland

Ending A Failed Occupation

Thom Hartmann: The Republican Plan For 2008 Begins Today

Polluting Politics, Perverting Religion, Degutting Education: The Dark Agenda of the Christian Right

"Shallow Throat": Dems' Cave-In Is Truly Scary

Australian PM confirms new ad campaign on climate - Reuters

Hopes of Asia-Pac carbon trade scheme dashed - AFP

New Zealand On Track For Warmest, Driest May On Record - NZ Herald

Peabody offers up to $10 mln for coal liquification plant

India Will Reject Any Calls For GHG Caps - "This Is Not A Path We Wish To Pursue" - AFP

Company to burn Bhopal toxic waste - AP

APEC Emissions-Trading Plan Scuttled - US Representative Calls For More Research - AFP

After Greenland Visit, Pelosi Refuses To Commit To Support Germany's Climate Initiative - AFP

George Monbiot - Little, If Any Attention To Energy In UK Planning - More Cars, Roads,Runways

Biofuel Demand Pushing Food Prices Higher In Japan As Well - Japan Times

New Climate Proposal Hinges On Reaction Of US, China - Yomiuri Shimbun

Moscow Hits Record High On Monday (92F) - Temps 5 - 7C Above Normal Rest Of Week - AFP

Does the marine biosphere mix the ocean?

RACHEL'S LEGACY - Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking ‘Silent Spring’ was inspired by Duxbury woman

Pelosi: Climate Change Is A Reality (Actual Headline!)

Annals Of Stupidity: The Demise Of Alexander Cockburn - 1,000 Reasons

An Energy Postcard From China - Steve Andrews (ASPO USA) revised mpg ratings today 05-29-07

Anti-whaling lobby rebuffs Japan (BBC)

Talking about changing your values to find joy in a smaller, simpler life...

Harper Trying To Distance Himself From G8 Climate Goals - Wants "Concensus" With US, China

Stansted Airport Expansion (UK) Would Risk Loss Of Hatfield Forest, "Stonehenge" Of Ancient Trees

Schools going green to save on electric bills, teach students (AP/CNN)

Environmental groups who kill trees to send me fundraising material are driving me nuts!

We Want Solutions! (Kunstler)

China shrugs off EU calls for climate change action - Reuters

OK so now we have more honest MPG Gov, data. When will they

Monbiot Captures The Essential Idiocy Of The Denialists - Guardian

17 Qassam rockets strike Negev; IDF suspends air strikes in Gaza

Olmert: Second Lebanon War restored quiet to Israel's northern border

Sri Lanka Bomb Kills 7 Civilians

China sentences regulator to death

Police force at least 2,000 vendors squatting in Peru market

Strong earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia

American remains in Afghan jail

3 Iranian- Americans charged with spying

China Sentences Former Drug Regulator to Death

Taxpayers on the hook for $59 trillion

17 killed in Baghdad explosion

Uranium Windfall Opens Choices for the Energy Dept.

Blair in Libya as BP lands energy deal

War Fears Turn Digital After Data Siege in Estonia

Japan rejects 2009 deadline in post-Kyoto talks

Arabs fear U.S-Iran talks cut them out

Gunmen Kidnap at least 3 Western Lecturers

Ex-Klansman faces trial for 1964 murders

Death penalty for China official

Eight U.S. troops killed in Iraq on Memorial Day

Assad gets second term with 97.62% of votes

Russia test-launches new ICBM

Five Britons 'seized in Baghdad'

Turkish prime minister calls on U.S., Iraq to destroy bases of Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq

U.S. helicopter goes down in Iraq, killing two soldiers.

Iran says second US-Iranian charged with spying

Chopper attack, bombs kill 8 U.S. troops in Iraq

(Liz) Claibourne Targets Huge Layoffs, Store Closings

UN report highlights plight of over 800,000 IDPs (Iraq)

U.S.: 10 Memorial Day deaths in Iraq

Families charge inadequate mental health care fosters suicide among vets of Iraq war

Plame was ‘covert’ agent at time of name leak-Newly released unclassified document details CIA emplo

Plame was ‘covert’ agent at time of name leak

Iran: 14,635 arrested in moralisation campaign

China sentences former food and drugs chief to death

Georgia moves primary to Feb. 5, joins national movement


Well-connected drug company obtained anthrax vaccine contracts despite side effects

Alaska parties move their caucuses up for 2008 presidential race

New pictures document Sen. Johnson's recovery

New Sanctions Planned Against Sudan

Air passengers possibly exposed to rare form of TB are sought

Kucinich to appear in Congressional Black Caucus/Fox debate

Feds Eye Stevens Home Remodeling Project

Private guards a weak link in security

Meatpacker Swift to be sold(Target ICE Raids to Brazilian Company)

NBC: U.S. calls Kim Jong Il’s health a ‘concern’

Alderman Charged With Bribing, Extorting Business Owners

Tutor: Newt spends hours learning Spanish

White House: Decision On Wolfowitz Replacement Likely This Week

Uribe asks US not to punish Colombia

Scientists find bird flu antibody

Russia tests new-generation ballistic missile

Send Wolfowitz to Iraq, Says GOP Lawmaker (Rep. Walter Jones)

Oil companies salivating over U.S. reserves

Texas House Speaker Refuses to Cede Post

Leftist party battles government over Mexico City abortion law

Bush attacks immigration deal opponents

Brazil to subsidise contraception

Chemical in soft drinks 'can wreck your child's DNA'

(Supreme) Court Limits Suits for Pay Bias

Plame was ‘covert’ agent at time of name leak

Sesame Tahini Recalled Due to Salmonella

Russia court grants amnesty to Beslan siege police

Japan Seeks Special IWC Resolution Against Sea Shepherd

Anti-whaling lobby rebuffs Japan (Japan holding humpbacks hostage)

Turkey asks U.S. not to violate airspace again

Hispanic Groups Reconsider Their Support for Gonzales

"I'm Not Giving Up," Sheehan Tells Radio Show Schultz

U.S. isolates traveler infected with super-TB

Chavez Again Warns Opposition

US to Meatpackers: Don't Do Mad Cow Test

Whales lost in California river making progress

Taxpayers on the hook for $59 trillion

Lawyer: Cheney visitor logs not recorded

Tom Delay Says His Adultery Different than Newt Gingrich's

Ga. Judge: Keep Potter Books in Schoo

Venezuela moves against second opposition TV channel

President Bush will Name Robert Zoellick as the Next World Bank President

Outcry over TV kidney competition

Obama offers universal health care plan

Have you ever been tempted?

Good night

Well, I think I'm finally in full sobriety mode....

After 2 1/2 years, and almost 14,000 post, I've broken a DU vow I made to myself.

Has anyone noticed that the US hasn't won a war since the Surgeon General's report on tobacco?

7000 posts

I had my first bout of baby day care crud.

Have you heard the news? There's good rocking tonight

Bubba Bo Bob Brain

WTF?? ---- TV contestants to compete for woman's kidneys

Congratulations Graduates! (Post a Pic)

I can't receive Vonage calls. Weird

Janitor Drops Pants In K-Mart's Toy Section During His Lunch Hour

You know, I really enjoy watching those guys get punched

Janx, is that your Weim?

What should I wear to the ACLU dinner on Thursday?

Did Anyone Listen to Art Bell this Past Weekend??? What Happened?

If I were famous, I'd be drunk (or high) every night, but I'd never get a dui, you know why?

You know those cute geckos they have down south?

I just downloaded Highway Star!

Awwwwwww too much food is what's making me fat.

It is my anniversary today...

I'm so bored....ask me anything!


Death by....

Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia !!!!!

my trip to Northampton Mass is in one week

Looks like a good time to stay out of GD

Do you believe in kama?

Pardon my bluntness, but it is hot as hell outside

Congratulations janx!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations charlie!! 10,000 posts

Do you believe in kana?

“I know you’re there, Mr. Ninja." a message from the Lackawanna County Ninja Preparedness Council

Flat Tire . . OF DOOM!!!

Do you believe in cartoons?

Temporal causality or karmic punishment?

Do you believe in Gymkata?

A Tune For Tuesday

Who here is done with 'Billy Idol'?

Miss Japan wins the Miss Universe crown

I just bought buffalo meat

My company's philosophy: Heavy workload? We need more managers!

Awww, too much work is what is making me fat!

Cool youtube video of scenes from Chronicles of Narnia set appropriately to a really good song.

Do blue slurpees make you nervous?

I just had two ingrown toenails cut out and cauterized.


Do you believe in karma?

Precedent for the Florida election system...

There will be a Pirates of the Carribean IV!!!!

There will be periods of downtime today and possibly later in the week

How do you make an avatar image?

*rant* I'm so sick of hearing people excuse online cruelty by saying

What the fuck is with all the fucking sequins

Cindy Resigns, Marcia and Jan Team Up to Lead Movement

What the fuck is with all the fucking sequels? PART II!

Does anyone recall who coordinated flowers for Helen, Boxer, etc.?

I have been sucked in by the Internets today

What the sequel is with all the sequel fucks?


I hereby open the Saloon. Tomorrow at noon, Mountain Time, there's going to be a shootout!

The absolute cutest damn thing anybody has ever done for me.

If Romney is elected, which charity should he donate his money?

Anybody Watch Band Of Brothers On History Channel Yesterday

What the fuck is with all the fucking seagulls?

I just bought Buffalo meat

What the fuck is with all the fucking sequels?

One final grade in so far, and it's a good one!

What the fuck is with all the fucking cigarettes?

Miss USA booed on stage, slips and falls on butt

Have a glass of chardonnay after you stomp some irradiated zombies.

What the fuck is with all the fucking Segals?

I'm making a liquor store run - what can I get you?

I found Grovelbot, lying naked in the gutter!

Why does our popular culture celebrate the stupid?

Does anyone know a good place for student loan advice?

Is anybody else inhibited from deleting their PM's?

There is just no way to put Gackt and Miyavi in the same band


Oh deep and abiding sadness - My favorite baseball blog will be no longer

I just discovered a "lost" Thelonius Monk performance!!!

The Flintstones as means to peddle a product

Michael Dorn slapped a big waffle on his forehead yesterday

I sunburnt my forehead yesterday

I'm going to win the Texas Lottery tomorrow night.

Anyone have the Magic Bullet blender/processer? Opinions?

Do you suppose cavemen talked about the good old days?

My baby sister graduated. (Dial up Warning - Pics)

I walked the pitcher with the bases loaded. And it gets worse

Ladies, Nail Polish Review:

Any Red Bull fans in the Lounge?

I'm thinking of having oatmeal for supper

Lindsay Lohan and Joanne Linville - separated at birth?

My cubicle neighbor is obsessed with food

I had no idea old cartoons could be so realistic in their commentary:

Happy birthday proud patriot & ps1074!!

Having a garage sale Saturday - any advice?

There's another groundhog under my garage!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

The absolutely not about me thread


House Season Finale tonight!

Well, I passed 2 out of 3 inspections

I really don't have anger me!

just got back from physical....LOVE MY DOC...he is a Dem to the core BUTTT my tryglycerites are high

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/29/2007)

True/false activity #2

Help me remember the name of a sitcom and find the theme song!

700 Club Wrath of God Accu-Wrath forecast...

Traffic update: The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive

Which song caters to the pedophiles more?

Congratulations hlthe2b!! 15,000 posts

ooh... Ashley Judd in a psychological thriller!

Healing vibes and thoughts for GOPisEvil, please.

So I bought ORGANIC processed Kraft Single Cheese Slices

Oy! Slaps head, that is all...

Today is my Mother's Birthday

The Coolest pictures of tigers underwater you'll see all month

It's finally official! I'm so proud of my son!

Today is my 38th BDay , Let's party

Need help tweaking a recipe. Anyone have suggestions?

The arrogant conceited all about me thread!!

Is anyone else here allergic to pot?

What the fuck is with all the fucking people?

The only poll that matters: favorite Van Zandt

Tuesday Questions

Looking for good vibes

For the record, Internal Dialogue ROCKS, man !!!

Anybody seen the movie "Waitress"?

Alright, I'm ready to do this. Red Sox up 13.5 games on the Yankees.

I DO NOT like crows.

I'm baaaaaaaack....

Dear AC/DC...

Outgrowths on a dog's neck (wonder if you know the problem)

Whatcha listening to right now?

I am not one of the "Beautiful People."

Apologize to a Du'er for Something You Did NOT Do.


So I went to my first baseball game Saturday ... and had a damn good time!

Cleveland DU meetup pix!

As promised...some vacation pictures...Dial-up warning...

how do you know if you're in love?

DUers--help ASAP. Someone is using my username and it isn't me.

Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy !!!!!

Exciting New Kind Of Cigarette

Global warming is caused by angels on the sun, per Rapture Ready.

Where's ThomCat?

"I was wondering, since i can read French, would it be okay to read the Bible in French?"

Now Open: The Creation Museum - the new way to really dumb down your kids

Philadelphia, NJ DUers: Come see The Vibe Tribe this Friday night at the Hilton in Atlantic City!!!

FIFA Bans High Altitude Matches

Not a good day for Americans at Roland Garros

After all the Hullaballoo...Hopkins beats Duke 12-11

Am I the only one watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

A question for Military retirees

Bush Gropes Merkel to Ludacris

Ms. Antonia Juhasz: Iraq's Oil Slated for Foreign Takeover

Dedication to ALL that have died in this useless war - Memorial

when the president talks to god

CNN Viewers Support Ron Paul Book Club "Educating Rudy"

US Labor Against the War Opposes Iraqi Oil Privatization

Is it Appropiate to say ... HAPPY Memorial Day!

A danger to your children

No Honor for Andrew Card

Al Gore talks with Harry Shearer about The Assault On Reason

'Car Wash for Peace' by Jimmy Fallon

'Conspiracy Corner'-Fox News (w/Lorenzo Lamas) NOT being funny

What Do You Think It is?????

Mark Twain's "The War Prayer".

Move to the back of the bus, shut up, and sit down - sometimes ya gotta make a stand

A video for DU/GD tonight

Those Here That Continue To Describe Cindy Sheehan As An Attention Whore, Please Raise Your Hands !!

RE: Cindy. I think DU should put it's money where it's mouth is.

3,455 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Russia to test Iskander tactical missile systems on May 29

Thoughts and blasphemies on Memorial Day.

Iran's president threatens Israel in angry speech

Salt Water into Fuel?

Inner city blight in Philadelphia (eminent domain for casinos & gentrification)

Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan gives up her protest

How about some thanks to Pinto, looks like he was the only moderator this evening

Staph infections spreads in poor Chicago neighborhoods

Taming the Giant Corporation: A National Conference on Corporate Accountability

Move to militarize Sudan's oil region

Take the time to heal, Cindy, take the time to grieve...then come back...WE NEED YOU

Lawmakers Push for Big Subsidies for Coal Process (SCREW global warming)

Protest as an act of faith

Post number 1000

Have you seen this video of the "iRack"?......

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq, March 21, 2003, to May 25, 2007

Iraq likely to miss goals set by U.S. (or, the surge is NOT working)

Memorial Day - Her eyes bled

China quality watchdog: Over 20% of toys made, sold in China are substandard or dangerous

We need a new forum..

Gary Hart on Huffington Post. "What It Means To Be Secure"

DOAN's LIES - Blackberry Excuse Doesn't Pan Out

Private guards a weak link in (US) security

America's Sellout

May will end up being worse than April for troop deaths in Iraq....

Biden: Bush told Congress he would allow inspectors to certify whether Iraq had dismantled weapons

Peace is not the absence of war

Iacocca Ponders Leadership Dearth

Self Delete

Is ann coulter a journalist, or an attention whore?

Does anyone have a Cindy Sheehan gif or jpeg that I could use as an avatar?

One Week From Today

Pardoned Man Stays In Afghan Prison - Jack Keith Idema

There are some heart warming comments over there about Cindy Sheehan if folks

LAT: Doubts any Iraq goals will be achieved by September...SO WAYS SOUGHT TO REDEFINE SUCCESS

LAT editorial: Carbon tax is best, cheapest, most efficient way to combat cataclysmic climate change

This is SO symbolic of tfailed USA international policies!

Why I'm voting for ____!!! and NOT voting for ____!!! (pic heavy)

Fatah al-Islam had support from US, claims Hersh

The New Zogby poll is good news for Edwards, Obama and Clinton...LINK

News you probably didn't hear about - Military takes over some more of our Intelligence Agencies

Military Leaders begin to doubt the "Surge" (AKA "The Escalation")

Janx, is that your Weim?

If Bush could go back in time

Kucinich claims candidates skipping FOX debate are 'snubbing' Black Caucus

One thing I admire about Bush* and despise about Peloisi

My Environmental Virtues and Vices

Any more room in the Republican pool? - Tom Coburn (R-OK) thinks of jumping in

Dem. Now today: War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Mission Accomplished! Iraqi Refugees Turn to the Sex Trade in Syria

AFA all up in arms over Maher - they are getting silly!

Not just Clinton: 94 Senators didn't read Pre-Iraq War Report

The stress is starting to get to us as a nation.

Rather than bewail Cindy's Sheehan's "resignation"...

Is the Bush Administration actually putting Iranian Reformists in danger?

WJ: Cindy's resignation from the anti-war movement

Senator Bond releases more Plame Leak info with Phase II report

Robert Zoellick could be next World Bank President

On PBS This Week

Haven't women been at the front of the resistance to the Iraq War from the beginning?

Will we attack Iran?

Miss USA falls on her butt during universe pageant

If you are Team Rosie, you may be interested in this link.

Wonder what Cindy has heard about * ditching the Ranch

Why do they hate us? "Humiliation is a choice." It gives you moral license to hate & hatred sells.

8 G.I.'s killed on Mem. Day, May deadliest month of 2007

Man shot on I-94 was Iraq veteran

what's this I hear about bush pulling out 50% of troops by sept ?

Private security called weak link

Has this been posted before? Diebold may leave e-voting business

Cindy Sheehan live on Ed Schultz show now.

Internet Gossip Monger Matt Drudge Blasts Olbermann As A ‘Phony’

Another neo-con or just a Bush 'tool'for the World Bank?

Bush may name World Bank chief this week: WHouse.

* is photographed and fingerprinted at a mock port of entry station - pics

The Way a Brilliant Woman Put It

Veterans Protest War In Iraq

No jobs for US citizens without Homeland Security approval

WAR MADE EASY: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Just let Cindy Sheehan do what she needs to do.

Should everyone just get off Cindy Sheehan's back?

I just came from Obama health care event...ask me anything

MATT DRUDGE - Blasts OLBERMAN - Says He's Is - A 'PHONEY' & "Complete & Utter Camp"!

Firefighters (family members of 9/11 victims) target Giuliani’s 9/11 record.

I heard on NPR this am that the U.S. is officially opposed to Taiwanese independence.

Anyone Else Notice All the Character Attacks against Edwards lately?

Police Confiscate Journos' Cameras at Scene of Baghdad Blast -- As 8 More Americans Die

With veterans benefits, knowing is half the battle

Fundie tells HITCHENS his anti-god thoughts derive from NIETZSCHE's syphiliptic delusions

If you're a lawyer, weigh in please: Lawyering up and negotiations

Waxman & Rice subpoena: Any updates?

8 US soldiers die in Iraq 'copter crash, ambush

Group confronts Giuliani about Sept. 11 at New York Fundraiser - video

NYer Mag: Many Republicans no longer interested in Rove's theories

How relevant is DU to the Democratic Party leadership?

Fighting them over there to secure valuable real estate and posh quarters: U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Bush calls killing of 200,000 in Sudan genocide - What about the 600,000+ killed in Iraq?

Check this out-CAMP CASEY mentioned on google earth Crawford

C-SPAN WJ: Cindy Sheehan's Resignation Letter

28 newfound planets in Milky Way spur hunt for Earth look-alikes

Police: 4 dead in mobile home, hanging child still alive

The Prez...

Good moos! Cows produce lower-fat milk

Cell Phone/Bee Study DEBUNKED, Co-author Says Herbicides & Pesticides, GM crops Most Likely!

Emotional Blackmail

On Countdown tonight with Keith Olbermann — AL GORE

my 82nd ltte-post-Memorial Day frustration

Why Cindy Sheehan Doesn't Deserve to be called "Attention Whore"

God has been talking to Tom Delay..

Alaskan federal corruption investigation finally touches Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK)

Finally! News of a successful building project in Iraq

Al Gore joins Keith tonight for an in-depth interview.

Greg Palast on with Thom Hartmann NOW

Anyone just listen to Martha Burk, of NOW, at the Nat'l Press Club?

No Pro-Giuliani Freepers Allowed! Robinson calls Rudy "a dagger in the heart" of wingnutism

Mitt Popeil offers to be president for just $9.99. That's right, just $9.99! AND for a limited time

please delete. Thanks Mods.

David Brooks wonders how "exceedingly strange individuals" can rise to top. (Not about Bush I or II)

Listen to Cindy from Ed's show today 5/29/2007 (mp3 link)

My response to Cindy Sheehan: "never give up"

Have we forgotten our true enemies?

please always call it what it is: The Iraq OCCUPATION

Some Iraq Embassy plans released! $600 million, swimming pools, tennis courts!

"We're still in the infancy of our UFO-related economic development..."

Self described "liberal" heckles Romney for being a Mormon...

Do we have enough active Cindy polls at DU?

Romney Says 'No Salary' if President

Five Britons kidnapped (today) in Baghdad - Britain confirms

Shrum: Big Dawg advised Kerry to back local gay marriage bans

Former State Dept. media director criticizes Bush admin in Op Ed

This is the nature of the Internet, and of activism

(Watch how fast this thread sinks) What this board needs is a common enemy.

Republican Congressman wants Paul Wolfowitz, mayor of Baghdad.

Heads up! According to the teevee, President Gore will be on with K. O. tonight!

A disheveled little turd "celebrates" Memorial Day

Another Provocative Post; Attention Whore is a legitimate Criticism.

Tonight on Countdown: Al Gore joins Keith tonight for an in-depth interview.

(Conrad) Black Helped Frum Stay in the Black

Ledeen: ‘Sheehan-Reid-Obama-Clinton Cult’ Is ‘Disrupting Military Funerals’ Nationwide

A Freeper celebrates Bush's 37% approval in Rasmussen

Caption this * pic

Supreme Court Limits Discrimination Suits (another 5-4)

A peek into my little corner of the world

'Badly worded' Presidential Directive could mean anything could start COG operations

US Military picks millions-of-years-old fossil site for bombing practice range


To destroy compassion

Wow, politics in the USA are getting ugly ...check this out ... James says no to petition against

Let's not forget about Scooters date

CINDY SHEEHAN: Are insulting threads about her the real sentiment of DU?

"the specific language used was not acceptable under the rules of DU"

Bush attacks immigration deal opponents -suggesting they "don't want to do what's right for America"

Is this what you call a "Pig in a Poke"?

Program for hungry children in Tarrant County,Texas

Casey Sheehan and JFK share a birthday

Rove: "Feed a terrorist, arm a terrorist, train a terrorist, fund a terrorist, you’re just as bad.."

Science is a Scam

A message to anyone calling Ms. Sheehan an "attention whore"

self delete

Price Floyd (State Dept. Media Affairs dir): Reconnecting with the world

New Yorker-The Republican Implosion: Bush "Thinks He's A Monarch, & That's Scary As Hell."

I don't blame Cindy Sheehan

KC DU'ers will in D.C. June 18-20 for Take Back America conference

Number of people in World Trade Center

Has anyone invented a handy device that will turn salt water to fresh water>

There was some crappy Memorial day celebration in D.C. that was televised on PBS...

FYI: Just got a survey from NEWS:VIPs via MSNBC asking about

Thank you, Cindy. God bless you and your loved ones.

Another daylight kidnapping by gunmen in Iraqi police uniforms

A World Of Thirst

Self deleted.

The Original Cartoon From Which My Signature Line Image Was Taken...

Now they're challenging dyslexia. A real problem that needs a real solution.

MY Cindy thread*

Is DU an anti- Iraq War discussion forum?

Thank you supporters and fans of reality TV

Poland's conservative (surprise) government investigates gay teletubby

Lil’ Bushie on his Throne

Jon Stewart: Meet the Enemy

So do Republicans believe that it is not a crime to out a covert CIA agent?

A Sampling of Todays News on CNN: TB, TB, TB

One problem with bike riding, animosity from drivers.

I'm simply amazed that this thread has lasted all day on DU!

VFP Reprimands Congress and The President For Ignoring the Will of the People by Continuing the War

Rawstory: "I'm Not Giving Up," Sheehan Tells Radio Host Schultz

The $592 Million U.S. Embassy in Iraq

POEM: "Something is Lost"

3467 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

just got back from physical....LOVE MY DOC...he is a Dem to the core BUTTT my tryglycerites are high

Teen Faces Hate Charge In Sikh Haircutting

116 for May, Deadliest month since January 2005

Caption *

Anti-Harry Potter fundie at it AGAIN, after being rebuffed by Ga. Dept of Educ.

Not One Word on Faux New's Web Page about the Deaths in Iraq Today

I predict

"Bush has given us 2075 days of a terrorist free society"

Cindy Sheehan will be on Democracy Now tomorrow

Richard Cohen in Today's Wash. Post: "Bush the Neoliberal"

Kristol and Kagan: ‘Put Everything’ Behind Escalation So We Can Bomb Iran and Syria

September, huh?

Bush's Personal Involvement in Wiretapping Debate Questioned


Zoellick will be the President of the World Bank-breaking on cnn.

Jack Kevorkian gets out of prison Friday

New Yorker: God speaks to tom Delay...

NY Times: Iraqi refugees turn to sex trade.

Hey all you "Attention Whores"! What's the matter? Didn't John Edwards have his hair done this week?

Bush has Doubled Admin's Secret Service Protection; Readies 103 Full-Time Agents for his Retirement.

Casey Wian on Lou Dobbs looks like

Newseek: The Missing Terrorist

Kucinich will attend Fox/CBC debate

Jonathan Keith Idema is living the high life in an Afghan jail...

Dem superdelegate endorsements

China Urged Not to Copy U.S. Big Farms on Food Safety

"Bush has given us only 2973 terrorist murders of American soil in 2076 days!"

Gravel campaign announcement - C-Span 6:48 pm et

I just want to scream! I want to get in someone's face and tell them

Great interview with Gore on Charlie Rose--watch the whole show here

War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

THIS JUST IN: Being a Republican is caused by brain damage...

19 Americans Killed in the last two days in Iraq

Well-connected drug company obtained anthrax vaccine contracts despite side effects

I am in a bitchy mood tonight.The "Million Thanks" campaign pisses me off.

Killer Bees Resistant to Colony Collapse Disorder in Southwest - Tougher Bee

Dupe. Pls. Delete. nt

I was wrong, Cindy was right about DU trashing her.

Tom Delay: "God has spoken to me"

Pelosi visits Merkel. Will RW'ers throw another hissy fit?

Cindy Sheehan

Whether she sought it or not, Cindy certainly has our attention now.

Google search: + "attention whore" + sheehan

keep posting the cindy polls....

Is anyone out there feeling like me?

McClatchy: Immigration service fees skyrocket

CHENEY's IMPEACHABLE CRIMES-Leading Intel & Military Vets Forum-Provide Dramatic New Evidence

CNN reports that NIE was wrong, but omits mention that Bush and CIA manipulated the evidence

Carlyle Group Co-Founder: "Greed Has Taken Over"

Please Lay Off Cindy Sheehan

3468 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

You should be ashamed!

Eleanor Roosevelt: The Struggle for Human Rights

Cheney lawyer told Secret Service not to keep copies of visitor logs

Cindy on with Randi now

The General: I've got Ace's back

Are anti war Democrats a cult of personality? If so has Max Cleland turned on Democrats?

Cindy Sheehan says Plame was 'covert' agent at time of name leak

People, I just had this excellent job interview and they

War criminals should be made to register with local police

Cindy Sheehan's Greatest Hits

Rosie Was Right

What does Cindy bashing do for you?

Soft drink preservatives could damage children's DNA

No intervention in the affairs of other nations

Make Wolfowitz (War architect) Mayor of Iraq!

Spent the night in jail last night....

Small Publisher Won't Accept Work that "Promotes Gay Lifestyle"

Residents of Michigan and Wisconsin, weigh in, please.

Please lay off Cindy Sheehan threads

Please lay off "Please lay off Cindy Sheehan threads" threads

I find it hard to believe that people still think that Iraq attacked us on 9/11!

Tuesday: 12 GIs, 83 Iraqis Killed; 111 Iraqis Wounded

Tweety's off and running...

Al Gores "The Assault on Reason" is an INCREDIBLE MUST READ!!!

Hell, I almost quit the Dem Party Sunday night also

Right-to-die issues divide Americans

U.S. judge upholds schools' decision to keep Harry Potter books

Authorities seeking those on flight (US issues a quarantine order)

I just received an email via John Kerry as follows:

My granddaughter has been in the hospital since Saturday

Blog: Goodling statement points to White House involvement

Mitt Romney to Donate Salary If Elected


First Quarantine since 1963: U.S. isolates traveler infected with super-TB

Venezuelans protest as TV station shuts

It's possible our Dems know that to "Slay the Dragon" you must use a Thousand Cuts.

Bush's Surgeon General nominee. Holy Shit!

University president recommends firing professor {Ward Churchill} (AP/CNN)

Flags replaced with swastikas in Wash.

Heaven help us if we put someone with no foreign policy experience in the WhiteHouse

Congratulations Thea and Edith!!!

I think I LOVE the "Ignore" button!

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

A Personal Note of Thanks to Cindy Sheehan

DU this poll ASAP! CNN: Do you trust electronic voting?

Iraqi boy seeks cover behind U.S. soldier

I have honey bees up the kazoo around here and not one solitary cicada

What drives a woman to this cruelty?

Steal my signature image

Patrick Fitzgerald responds to critics regarding Plame's status, length of investigation

There will be periods of downtime today and possibly more later this week

Anyone who wants to turn last night's booing of Miss USA into an international incident

Reminder from bluebear - Cherokee Proverb

Besides Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kucinich who else should be off limits for attacks?

NYT: Democrats' Mission: Win Back an Angry Base

Are you a "Solartopian"?

Is Sheehan's departure a good thing

Bush has Doubled Admin's Secret Service Protection; Readies 103 Full-Time Agents for his Retirement.

Should I start yet another duplicate thread about Cindy?

Poll for XM Subscribers only please - Ed Schultz or Thom Hartmann?

Cheney lawyer told Secret Service not to keep copies of visitor logs

China Sentences Former Head National Food & Drug Administration to Death

Map depicts all "coalition" deaths in Iraq in timeline


From Daily Kos: Could a recently signed pres. directive keep Bush/Cheney in power after Jan 2009?

I'd still rather have Kerry in the White House, but... (Kerry said to weigh politics in 2002 vote)

White Supremacist David Lane dies in prison.

PLEASE Help Keep Internet Freedom Out of the Clutches of Giant Telecoms!!!

Free Republic Kristinn Taylor - who the hell are you to talk about protest numbers???!!!

“We just want to go home”

I planted 1,796 trees in 5 years!!!

Medea Benjamin defending Chavez's closing of the TV station is a damn joke

Fitzgerald Again Points to Cheney

Why Bush and Cheney Must Be Impeached - The View From The Right

"One of Those Rare Instances in Which the...Analogy is Unavoidable," (Torture)

Postpartum Depression

Unless Gore Runs, Congressman Kucinich has my vote

Is Bush one of the most Liberal presidents ever? See Richard Cohen's article

Okay, why not get tobacco famers to raise switch grass or hemp?

Mark your calender! Friday morning Washington Journal...RANDI RHODES WILL BE A GUEST FOR AN HOUR!!!

Tom Delay: My adultery Was Different

please help, anyone know Chinese symbols pic included

'I'm not giving up,' Sheehan tells radio host Schultz

I watched "The Year of Living Dangerously" today

Looking for names of those who coordinated flower drives on DU in the past...



CNN: Poll do you agree with Cindy Sheehan that her son died for nothing?

It's Official: Valerie Plame WAS Covert at time of Outing

You know, maybe Cindy

* lifts mountain bike for photogs (May 5). Pics.

Mad Magazine Movie Poster of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Christian Leaders, CNN to Question Clinton, Obama and Edwards, w/emphasis on POVERTY

Cindy is old news

Time to HEAL - There's still Hope, folks - Gold Star mother Lyla Lipscomb Speaks Out

Good Friend: "GORE IS 50/50 - AL has set this up so he can jump either way in the fall.

I would like to share with everyone why I have been sick the last 2 days

Venezuela's Chavez threatens to shut down another station

This photo is how I see Memorial Day now...

How DU can help Cindy Sheehan

What is the problem with calling Cindy Sheehan what she was called

Wow, how far things have fallen on the View

Why Flights Are Getting Longer

And now for a few choice words about Hillary (from the Nation):

Buzzflash: Randi Rhodes Interview! No Holds Barred...

Greg Palast just posted on Kos answering critics on election fraud/caging.


Homeland Security Gets Desperate; Turns to Science Fiction Writers

Bush will fight mad cow testing (OMFG, how much more are we supposed to take?!)

Aussie Peel Hotel can refuse entrance to not just heteros, but lesbians also.

Glenn Beck is talking about his nephew in Iraq

A List of Famous Attention Whores.

Immigration by the Numbers

****SCREENED OUT******* Films of Gays and Lesbians on TCM

Someone should start a fund for Cindy Sheehan's medical bills

DO NOT Caption This !!! - But Feel Free To Comment...

Does anybody understand we are NEVER leaving Iraq, NEVER

Obama Lines Up Behind Neo-Conservative Campaign Against Iran

Raw Story: Well-connected drug company obtained anthrax vaccine contracts despite side effects

Bagism in the Modern Age

CNN QuickVote: Do You Trust Electronic Voting or Paper?

Perhaps this is why some DUers hold Cindy Sheehan in disdain:

Tell me something. How do people make it financially these days?

(Supreme) Court Protects Gender Discrimination

Can I post an "I'm so happy" post?? LMAO!!

For those commenting on Chavez, please read this document:

An open letter to Cindy Sheehan, from the administrator of Democratic Underground

DEAL OR NO DEAL? Abramoff's and Rove's ex-aide has "useful information" about Abramoff, White House

Obama honors veterans during Q-C visit

A song in "honor" of Jerry Falwell

Edwards Statement on Memorial Day

declare Victory - Strategy 29 May 2007

(Top Story at Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan gives up her protest

Romney Catches McCain in National Poll for GOP Nomination

‘Sicko’ and the Presidential Race

'08 candidates: To know them is to dislike them?

Unity among Democrats-More important than EVER before

New Yorker, "Party Unfaithful: The Republican Implosion": What Rove, Gingrich and DeLay are saying

Colombia's Plan Clinton (The Nation)

A Congressional Black Caucus Founder dies. Rest in Peace, Cong. Mitchell

Powell had it wrong. This is worse than the Pottery Barn Rule.

CNN Quickvote: Do you agree with Cindy Sheehan that her son died "for nothing"?

Los Angeles Mayor to Endorse Clinton

"Venezuela: Chavez to shut down a second TV station"

Would Hagel switch from "R" to "I"

Sign Senator Harkin's Petition to Close Guantanamo

Dems face recruitment problems in key Senate contests (mydd)

Straining the Secret Service:

Party Unfaithful...The Republican implosion

Which is the more fair and factual teevee reportage?

Here is the full text of Barack Obama's health care plan

Ghouliani Confronted At New York Fundraiser, accused of being one of the "ciminals of 9/11." (VIDEO)

First Quarantine Issued for Rare and Dangerous TB Since 1963

How do you really feel about Hugo Chavez?

Kos's call to tape all GOP candidates all the time -- a good thing?

Al Gore Joins Keith Olbermann Tonight On Countdown!

Your wait is over! Grover (Norquist) speaks about the GOP candidates

Pundit: Rudy's 9/11 Performance Gives Him Claim To "Combat Experience"

With friends like this...

The Politico Claims Rudy Has "National Security Stature," Compares Him To Eisenhower

So my almost 13 year old daughter got one of the campaign shirts i bought for her

Barack Obama Calls for Better Veterans Services

John Edwards & a role model for kids

Lower premiums are key to Obama health plan

Refresh my memory please

Holy Cripes: So why...would WINPAC report that Iraq had WMD?

American Research Group poll: Clinton leads in New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina

Only 11 more minutes an Keith Olbermann will be on! Can't wait!

Election Day 2008: How many troops will be in Iraq?

Why is Michell Obama bashing and putting down her husband in public?

Slowpoke on the recent funding vote ('TOON)

Assault on Reason now on iTunes.

Nancy Pelosi says faith-based organizations could play a role in battling climate change

Edwards Puts the Working Class At the Center of His Campaign

Ledeen: ‘Sheehan-Reid-Obama-Clinton Cult’ Is ‘Disrupting Military Funerals’ Nationwide

In New Zogby Poll, Obama Tops All '08 Candidates

Observers say wife's ribbing humanizes Obama

Obama's Health Plan Aimed at Independents, Not Dems

if chavez is so great

King Bush will have 103 I REPEAT 103 Full Time Secret Service Agents when he leaves office

Why the top 3 candidates don't get it on true Universal Health Care...

I just got off the blower with a well-known NJ Dem Person.

Chris Matthews: Who is he REALLY???

If martial law is declared, what will you do?

Hillary Clinton Lays Out Her Progressive Agenda

Letter From John Kerry

Does Hillary Need to win NH?

Gary Hart: What It Means To Be Secure

Why did the Congressional Black Caucus team up with Fox News???

Should Pelosi Have Put Impeachment On the table To Save Face?

What if Karl Rove outed Mark Foley (to Cover his Own Political Failure)?

Hillary Clinton skipping Iowa: Sound strategy or loser talk?

We Eat Our Own, Don't We?

Wes Clark says it's time to stop living under threat of fear

Tom Rinaldo: 2008's Second Season


John Conyers Is Doing Something about Gas Prices!

"Cindy Sheehan is Wrong; Jim Webb is Right..." -RaisingKaine

Where is NanceGreggs?

Should all illegal immigrants currently in U.S. be given immediate legal status?

AMNESTY provisions in Senate Compreh. Immigration Bill

Obama offers Universal Health Care