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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebrates Workers’ Struggle for Justice

Reflections of A Solitary Peace Protester

America's Idiotic Political Debates (The Nation)

In the money (died from the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma in 2002)

U.S. Workplaces: Unsafe and Unprotected

WaPo: Let Down by Fred Thompson (Novak)

Reaping the Whirlwind (Review of Tenet's Book by Bob Woodward) --WaPo

The Ecology of Impeachment

Solar Energy Coming of Age (

Work starts on solar power generator (AP/

Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project (CNET

brief intro to some presently marketed solar PV/T systems...

Conservation Law Center: Maine Decision to Replace Nuclear With Fossil Fuels Causing Difficulties.

Palestinian militants shoot Israeli man

Qassam hits Sderot home close to day-care center

Palestinians 'routinely tortured' in Israeli jails

GOP "Voter Fraud Scam Fails in Milwaukee Test Market"

John Edwards: Union man

Sunni politician blasts Iraqi government

Jordan has enough uranium for developing nuclear energy: minister

Bush's approval rate falls to 28 percent: report

Police battle anti-Sarkozy protesters

Russia seeks role in Iran-India pipeline

Iraqis jail many innocents, U.S. says

Critic Says New Orleans Levees Show Signs of Flaws

Over 20,000 Canadians march for legalizing marijuana

Whistle-Blower On Student Aid Is Vindicated

Flavoring Suspected In Illness; CA Considers Banning Chemical Used In Microwave Popcorn

Nurses call state of NOLA (New Orleans) healthcare "horrific."

Was this song ripped off for Fight Club

looking for positive vibes

What's your biggest time waster?

My friend lost her job--2nd time in 18 months

KANSAS live dopplar:

Jeez, I don't know what to watch...

Computer problem? Can't find Top 10 conservative idiots

Favorite cereal

You gotta see this (dial-up warning)

Why are people friends with those who treat them like crap?

Holy body modification! You Spin Me Round '85 vs. You Spin Me Round 2003 redux

Am I a bad person because I enjoy watching To catch a Predator?

How do *you* pronounce....

For those who haven't seen Dreamgirls...

If you could go back to one year what would it be?

Hey, Loungers, could you support me on this?

No, this is not photoshopped

I know I'm late to the party with this, but as of today I officially love Vonda Shepard.

I really hate the Sopranos [Warning: Spoilers]

Yankee Fans!!!

Hey, Loungers, could you contort me on this?

How do you pronounce hanger


Does the popular vernacular of the 80's come back, along with the fashion?

i'm bullish on delete. its going places.

I went to a boxing match party last night

As if there weren't already enough going on around DUers in grocery stores, I was hit on by a clerk

Giant Steps

Does anybody watch "Scarred" on Mtv?

I am thinking of a fruit.

Berkeley Breathed at MSNBC

Pictures of spring in my town (for your goodnight dreams)

I love my baby sister.

Look at this Picture.....

What is your greatest talent?

My dog just peed on the kitchen floor. She's NEVER done that before.

Albuquerque, Taos

how many du'ers phone numbers do you have?

Starbuck's Coffee: The New Fundie Litmus Test???

USW Ratifies Collective Bargaining Agreement with Merck at West Point Facility


Bush -The Fool On The Hill

Greensburg Tornado declared a F5

Just think ... If Ségolène Royal had won the election ...

McClatchy: China orders resettlement of thousands of Tibetans

CBS News/Russ Mitchell BURIES 8 dead American soldiers behind the French elections.

Nakedly, a freedom rally in Mexico City

Conversation with Uncle John during the Twins/Sox game

The debt collector vs. the widow

MadTV: Save the Irack! Video Hysterical! (Mods: Not U-tube format)

Jesus' General rocks Goofus and Gallant


Judiciary Committee Set To Open Investigations Into VOTING SECTION Of DOJ (McClatchy)


How Many More GeorgeBush...

I guess you just do what you can and that's it .

By their own admission

had to go to Walmart in Wichita...had buckets for money donations to Greensburg then they will say

Mad Nazi dream of racial purity revealed

Vicenza, Italy to be the largest US military site in Europe?

Fired Atheist To Get Human Rights Hearing - "I can't have someone like you here."

George Tenet's flight of self-absolving fancy on Meet the Press

4.5 a day since may 1st.

USNews: Bush is relaxed as ever, doesn't allow the pressure to get to him

Town May Double Taxes On SUVs --

It takes a special kind of Dick to get the evil eye from the Queen

Seen the trailer for "Civic Duty" yet?

NYT editorial calls for "explicit benchmarks and timetables" backed by "veto-proof majority"

I would like to hear some opinions about flu shots. Are they

White House prepares lavish welcome for Queen

I sought help about independent contractor law and received some good advice.

Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS) north of Lawton, OK. Max top 65,000'.

Celebrating with the Queen

Schumer: Probe rising gas prices

Why dont Republicans attack National Geographic and the Journal of Nature?

The new French President says W must lead against global warming

McClatchy: U.S. casualties will rise in next 90 days, commander says

Goofus and Gallant: A DOJ Human Resources Primer (Jesus' General)

Is it time to have another Constitutional Convention?

What should Iraq's national motto be?

What if no one went to the Summer Olympic Games in China

Hemp: Part of the Green entrepeneurial revolution the U.S. needs.

bush looking for a Lying Czar

Something has changed... feel it? Even the MSM is cracking... LA Times says time to come home

Now that the Newsweek poll has Obama beating all the Republicans

I'm on vacation and I got this... look what the Milwaukee Democrats are reading!

Ok who in here can tell me what democratic programs were miserable failures?

Why boycotting Exxon alone won't do it either

Tips on viewing a space shuttle launch? What is the best venue?

LOL - 2 things repukes hate all in one photo shoot.

MRSA #3: Lab work in .. no MRSA! It's a massive Staph. aureus abscess (Carbunculosis).

Charlie Crist will have his hands full with Rubio and Donna Arduin.

Whoever is determined to never give up documenting the crimes, naming those

Having a draft would be a FANTASTIC idea. No, really!

The Century and a Half War against Socialism in the United States

95 Iraqi dead ('sectarian violence on the rise): 11 US troops killed today in Iraq

Philadelphia area DU -- mayoral debate is on WHYY right now

Rudy Giuliani is WHINING again

U.S. Jobs Growth Slows, Wages Stall

Glen Beck Accusing a Republican guest of losing power because of Corruption

Des Moines Regiser: Obama Urges Iowans to Lobby Congress to End the Iraq War

here`s a great picure of the next president of france---

Did Stephanopolis grill Edwards to shill for Hillary

Republicans and the 'Culture of Debt'

NEOCON--Dem Candidates, Say The Word!

But will the Bushies celebrate this?

Boxer, Gore, Obama - My Choices For President

John Edwards: Union man

In Michigan, Obama backers can't get enough

John Edwards can fix what ails us

12 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq attacks & Afghan soldier kills 2 U.S. troops

Andy Borowitiz: May 12th, Hillary will propose a 7 foot fence...

Saw Biden Tonight - Video for you

Joe Galloway: Bush determined to prolong lost war

Top Three Dems Solidly Trounce Top Rs in Match-Up

What are the poor neocons going to do now?

NYT: "Oprah Winfrey's Seal of Approval Goes Presidential"

Be fair about that China trade bill vote for which Edwards is being criticized.

Boortz To The Rescue

Let's see who else voted for the 2001 Bankruptcy bill Edwards is getting flak about.

Whenever you see a poster who claims to support Clark bashing a good Democrat for a past vote,

How dare Edwards feature a lesbian who works for the HRC in his ad?

Leonard Pitts Jr.: 'Biracial' is no bodyguard (Obama Secret Service Protection)

Editorial Demands for U.S. Pullout in Iraq Grow

PAUL KRUGMAN: George W. Queeg

Foreign Investors Gone Wild (Foreign Policy in Focus, via AlterNet)

Justice official accused of political hiring(Schlozman)


The Greatest Threat to Choice (by Chris Hedges for Truthdig)

The Ecology of Impeachment

The Mother of All Benchmarks in Iraq: Oil (The Nation)

Truthout: Clarke, O'Neill Accounts Support Tenet's Claims

Jared! Get You’re Fat Ass in Here

Cheney trip to build on Iraq conference

"The Post-Imus Conundrum" (Eric Alterman poses an interesting question)

The Conservative Alternative Reality (


Has any right wing whack job yet claimed Kansas ticked God off,

We Soldiers Once Assumed Our Political Bosses Would Not Lie to Us. That is Over.

Bush Fatigue

Eugene Robinson: The Decider Commands Everything But English

‘The Other K Street’-...a Pocket of Liberal Activists Settles In

Warnings Raise Fears About Cheap Imported Food (Durbin gave Chinese Amb Earful)

San Jose daily to outsource ad production

Larry C Johnson: A Bloody Lie of George Tenet

Injury, Death, The American Worker and George Bush (

David Sirota: When The Class War Goes Local (

The consequences of failure

NYT: The Soft Bigotry of Iraq

DOJ won't oppose Goodling immunity deal

Salon: George Tenet cashes in on Iraq

MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Delicate Balance (GOP Whining)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Our Dysfunctional Democracy (The Nation)

Mystery revealed: Poppy quarter led to U.S. spy warnings by Ted Bridis AP

The Bush-Dollar Curve -Does the dollar fall when the president is unpopular?

The lethal media silence on Kent State's smoking guns

Olbermann Equals O'Reilly. Huh?

IBM: 100,000 Lay-Offs?

The deepening of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution: why most people don’t get it

Time for Iraqi Self-Determination

Appeal To Womanhood Throughout The World

Silence on geothermal deafening by Tyler Hamilton at the Toronto Star

The Mother of All Benchmarks in Iraq: Oil

The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism

Second Disaster to Strike Kansas

BBC - In pictures: Artists highlight environmental fears at Sharjah festival

The New Land Rush (, via AlterNet)

Fields of conflict in the Klamath


Berkshire Biodiesel Invests $50 M for Facility in Northeastern U.S. (MA)

What is the MSRP of the Prius?

Cape Wind decides to lighten up

Wind Turbines Not a Threat to U.S. Bird Population, Says Study

Project turns wind into hydrogen (for farm equipment)

50% Of Cayman Islands' Hard Corals - Key To Tourism - Dead In Less Than 10 Years - Sci. American

Snowy River Hydropower System Down To 10% Of Active Capacity - Lowest Since Built - SMH

Fish could soon be back in brook again (Alewife restoration, Maine)

Itch-Inducing Blue-Green Weed Invades Lake Victoria -

A Two-Wheeled Option (With a Battery) for Commuters (NYT)

Real Climate Dismantles Alexander Cockburn, Glenn Beck

Hindustan Times - India's Bill For Imported Oil Up 24% To $48 Billion 06-07 YOY

Indonesian Authorities Refuse To Disclose Cause Of Explosion & Fire - Distrust Of CNG Buses Grows

Attempt At Home Biofuel Production Leaves 20 In Portland Homeless After Fire

The Promise of Sustainability (by Christy Turlington at HuffPost)

Visiting Scholar Critiques Potential Depletion Of Aussie Aquifers For Bottled Water Industry

Visionary Genius Daniel Yergin Sees Chance Of Higher CAFE, Though Huge Loophole In Bill

Controversy Flares Over Redrawing Hardiness Zone Map In Warming World - AP

An Early Start to the (hurricane) Season?

Sarkozy, In First Speech, Calls On US To Lead Fight On Climate - IHT

Explosion Cuts One Of Main Russia - EU Natural Gas Pipelines Near Kiev - AFP

Deadline For Holding Climate Breakdown Within "Safe" Levels May Have Already Come And Gone - IPCC

Next Global Warming Casualty - UK's Fish & Chips - Final Cod Collapse "Extremely LIkely" - Guardian

GM Prepares To Roll Out Seven Passenger Hybrid GMC Yukon

Sea Lampreys Wiping Out Salmon, Trout Populations In Lake Champlain

The End of a Zionist Idyll

Palestinian Mothers who Become Suicide Bombers

Peretz to quit 'within weeks'

The Case of Samir Dari

Ban: Internal Palestinian clashes harming UN efforts in Gaza Strip

Al Mezan condemns the assault on school sports day in Rafah

I've decided to run for president, Peres tells associates

Coalition gains landslide victory in Knesset no-confidence votes

Soldiers break into our homes, Palestinians say

Hamas Builds Up War Machine in Gaza

WAPO: Here is Your Justice Department

The Election Fraud Menu: Apples, oranges and buckeyed peas

Hard Sell Cited as Insurers Push Plans to Elderly

For Iraq's hurt soldiers, little care

For Iraqi Soldiers, A Medical Morass

Giuliani emerging as favorite of gays

Pakistan's top court suspends proceedings against top judge

Indian consumer spending to overtake Germany

Brazil to break Aids drug patent

Houston-area firms steering PAC money to Democrats

Washington relief at Sarkozy win

US troops killed at Kabul prison (Afghan)

George Tenet cashes in on Iraq

Cheney trip to build on Iraq conference

If Congressional Investigators Come Knocking, Here's What To Do

Army general predicts rise in U.S. casualties in Iraq

Wolfowitz aide resigns from World Bank

Doolittle says raid was made to aid Gonzales

Border-fence plans clarified as a 'starting point'

Ford To Close 1 Plant, Idle Another

Wave of Anti-Christian Attacks Forces Out Iraqis

Iraqi group says abducts 9 policemen, soldiers

Saudi receives Qaeda figure held in Afghanistan

Double suicide bombings in Iraq kill 20

Feds cast wide net in Pepe Diaz probe

Embryonic stem cells can repair eyes, company says

7 looting suspects arrested in storm-ravaged Kansas town(4 soldiers, 1 reserve police)

U.S. allows Shiite militia security role

'Poppy Quarter' Behind Spy Coin Alert

Poll: Most Americans expect $4 gasoline

Average pump price hits record $3.07 a gallon

1 dead in Las Vegas Strip resort parking lot explosion

Gas prices break record - National Average up 20 cents a gallon

Iraq: Families begin to flee Baghdad suburb as US-led forces strike

Top Sunni: Make changes by next week or 'bye-bye' to political process

Retired Marine preaches, says killing terrorists is an ‘act of love for our nation’

Queen Elizabeth welcomed at White House

Two suicide car bombs kill 20 near Iraq's Ramadi

Sunni demand could unravel Iraqi government

Petraeus `concerned' by Ethics Report

Turkish gov't seeks popular vote

Key GOP leaders warm up to setting Iraq benchmarks

Saddam Hussein's Former Defense Minister Denies Receiving Order To Use Chemical Weapons

Congress Seeks More Testimony As It Expands Justice Department Inquiry

Report: Saudis, US sponsoring covert action against Iran


Iran: Public employees to get 'Islamic uniforms'

Justice Dept. consents to immunity for Goodling's testimony before Congress

Iraq war hampers U.S. tornado recovery

Eliot Spitzer, Mike Huckabee Say President Bush, Congress Need to End Stalemate Over Iraq

Russia to respond to threats from US system: military

Kansas Town's Rebuilding Effort Hampered (NG equipment in Iraq)

U.S. colonel shot while surveying Baghdad wall

Early departures clip Bush security team

Humvee doors can trap troops

White House: Brace for more casualties in Iraq(comments on the Newsweek poll)

China warns of population growth (but newly rich can pay the fines)

Stoning to death of girl provokes wave of killings

Congress considers broadening Justice Department inquiry(Voting Rights Jobs)

Canada protests ban on women at Saudi exhibition

Bush approval hits 'rough stability': 34%

Conservatives Praise Bush Abortion Veto Threat

US companies launch new group to lobby health care (market-based approach)

Russian Court Finds Village School Principal Guilty of Using Pirated Microsoft Software

Canadian 'poppy coin' culprit behind U.S. spy warning

Survivor found in debris of killer Kansas twister

Bush in gaffe during Queen visit

Leading Republican Senator Says Iraq Strategy Has Until Fall to Show Results

Low risk to humans seen in animal feed (FDA to lift hold)

EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Takes Control of High-Level GOP Front Group ACVR's Internet Domain Names!

Wolfowitz broke rules, panel says

Recall reversed on impeachment plate

Senate blocks bid to allow drug imports

Red fire ants facing killer virus

Epidemic Is Killing Pigs in Southeastern China

Log Cabin Republicans Conclude Denver Convention

Oil Services Executives Plead Guilty to Bribing Alaska Lawmakers

1 dead, 1 hurt in Las Vegas parking lot blast (Backpack at Luxor)

I am posgingo on Ambien, If0

I am posgingo on Lunesta, If0

Sig Hansen is a freakin' animal...

Good Night Nicole!

I'm a little bit greener than I used to be

Just plain EEK !

What is your favorite PBS program

YAY it's Monday!!!

Damnit, Agent Mike!!!! Would you please STOP messing with DU?

Subway Commercial with Prius

Boxing isn't a sport

well, it's been a nice 4 weeks off. but back to work today...

I'm posting on placebos.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/7/2007)

I got a new toy! (pics)

I miss "Conservative Idiots"!!!!! Maybe we can make up our own???

i received a link from google for a job application ---

The Sopranos: weekly discussion thread. SPOILER ALERT!!!

My daughter's personality change?

Happy birthday Scruffbunny!!

Crematory Destroyed By Fire

Brewery Must Pay Alcoholic Beer Taster

Wife Catches Husband Having Sex - With Their Pit Bull

My Little People in Law's got preapproval from China!!!

So I ordered my wedding dress yesterday...(pic)

Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandsons

Man Mailed Dog Feces With His Parking Ticket Payment

Doctor Finds Spiders Living In Boy's Ear

New take on Pimp my Ride "Mom my ride." -very fuuny

They are having a debate about Crucifixes in my office area right now.

18,000 naked Mexicans....

I'm not taking my sneakers off!

Can you top this?

The Monday I've been waiting for...billyskank day!

I had to say goodbye to one of my ferrets last night.

IDEAS?! Mrs. V.'s work is SHIT right now. What can I do for her tonight?

Are "boobs and wankers" anything like "beans and franks?"

Woman Gets Tattooed With Virgin Mary Image From Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What's the best national park or monument you have been to?

83 Year Old Woman Given Crack Cocaine, Then Robbed

Man Fired For Being An Atheist To Get Human Rights Hearing

I need a new farthingale.

All right...who did it?

Okay this makes me proud of Cleveland.....

I've drank some shitty beer, but, the shitiest of the shitty

Aughhh! I HAVE to write things down!

Where are my f'in IDIOTS?

What do you really think happened to D. B. Cooper?

Fuc& Picasso. All he did was paint copies of African masks and carvings.

Did the postage rates go up today?

Doughy Guy and Doughy Guy Action Cycle each sold separately.

Blind man's penis is erect because he's blind. nt

Anyone switched from NetFlix to Blockbuster?

College kids or others- scholarship question...

$4 a gallon gas???


If you were making a parodical "White House employee newsletter,"

Idealized Loner Seeks Cult Or Radical Movement

I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky,

My cousin is having Triplets!

Bush welcoming the Queen...

I am bored.

Very creepy story...with a HAPPY ending!

Expiration date question

Get off the streets! Pa has got his behemouth going

What Was Your Favorite Toy When You Were A Kid

Christianity has painted itself into a corner

I need a new buttfor

"Conservative Coming Out Day"

Post pics of your favorite state parks

SophieMN told me that when she is six I will be "getting old and like a grandma."

Do you have a favorite real estate site? I have to make one

Oh Jezuz. It's Religion day in GD.

Just had to rescue the neighbor's Lab from chokin' to death on his leash...

En garde!

I'm back from Detroit safe and sound

Wow....our toilet was *really* broken, I guess!

Post your War Czar resumes here.

I blame others for my failures.

so Im watching Food Network yesterday and one of the sponsors was

"Killing in the Name" by RATM,Good song to play at work?

Haven't flown recently. Do I put the razor in bag with liquids?

Let's start urban myths that asshole paranoid shitbrained parents will accept as truth

so Im watching these 2 morons in a coffee shop

Today is just dragging by.

So this jackass is staring at me write about a loud cell phone talker at the coffee shop

Suggestions for PC laptops?

I just called Homeland Security about 3 guys in a coffee shop.

so some jerk just said to me "Hey fuckface, what are you looking at" at the coffee shop

So I said "Hey, Fuckface!" to some fuckface at the coffee shop. Now he's posting it on a net forum.

Oh, for the love of Christ - now there are TWO shitbags on cell phones at the coffee shop

Dude, it's 420!

Hanging out at coffee shops is becoming too dangerous these days. I'm'a go get some Thai food.

Now there's a BATF tank on my laptop power cord in the coffee shop. The south wall is gone.

I'm watching Oprah...


I'm a judge in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

im never going to a coffee shop again

My cure for the GD know-it-alls

Can you believe there is a petition to free Paris Hilton?

I just witnessed a nookyoolar strike on this coffee shop across the street

Homeland Security just stormed into this coffee shop I'm in.

Holy Crap! The coffee shop down the street is on fire!

I just trashed a coffeeshop, and am now going to the Olive Garden.

Ha! Sweet justice! I garroted the coffee shop fuckface with bicentennial_baby's new wedding dress!

I am posting on LSK's headless corpse. Stand back. It might get crazy in here.

Southeast US: we've got a crazy ass storm coming.


I am posting on Tylenol. Stand back. It might get crazy in here.

Hey Skinner! Can we have a coffee shop forum?

So, I had a pimple on my chest.

Jesus, they've released pitbulls in that coffee shop.

The Queen Of England Was Just Spotted At The Coffee Shop

How long before Skinner posts, "Please, no more threads about coffee"

Do you bring in the things cats catch but won't release them outdoors?

Heroes...Who is stroked? And what do you think is going to happen ?

"Smoooooth Jazz" is elevator music with saxaphones.

Rudy has lost the ferret vote!

I'm wondering if any of you guys remember this from 1999?

A parliamentary question for UK DUers, if you don't mind...

The Best Candy

Jason. In the kitchen. Dance. Cowboy.

Woo hooo! I just got my NEW CHECKS!

AH! I think I have a girlfriend... "Power up reverse thrusters!"

Skinner's thread in GD on the proposed anti-choice forum is an absolute bloodbath.

I just played on the internet through a conference call

Found this bug on my tomato plants. (pic)

So they have dehydrated milk out...

Monday, May 7, 2007

OMG! BREAKING CNN: Mickey Rooney kisses Queen's (gloved) hand.

quick- we have a live one in GD

Yet another pair of American-made, vegan, 65% saline

Alton makes salsa.

When you work a f/t day gig, you drop into the black hole of DU and disappear.

Congratulations Catchawave!! 15,000 posts

The most exotic weed...presented by Forbes.

So what foods do you use during those special moments?

Do you say zero or oh

I'm posting on Immodium! Look out it might get crazy here!

All the good threads have been bumped off by moronic fucking coffee shop threads

So apparently I'm now a peeping tom.

I was at a fight today and a coffee shop broke out

"She is dancing away from me now"

Theater fans: I need your help locating title of play

My brother got married here this weekend:

For Mothers Day I will get my mother a whole bunch of P-Flag Literature

can I say, "screw the Queen" and her visit?

Anybody here play a nintendo wii yet?

The coffeshop I am in just erupted into a major food fight

Why are people friends with those who treat them like carp?

Man forces evacuation of apartment complex in attempt to make biodiesel.

I've started my driving lessons, ask me anything!

The US Postal Service SUCKS elephant balls

The truth about Monterey Jack

Has anyone ever tried raw milk?

What's your biggest wardrobe issue?

I hope your day was a good one.

My friend, the misogynistic bigot. Are all misogynists true woman-haters?

Dogs and window screens

Can I Brag? My cousin's novel just won the 2007 Agatha Award!

How was your weekend?

for anyone wonder why there are 17 coffee shop threads here

Yup. It's a sympathy request.

Heroes...Who is stoked? And what do you think is going to happen ?

I have yet another pair of American-made, vegan, 15% recycled

I'm sure this wedding is all about love and respect. Has to be. 84 yr old man. 22 yr old woman. pic

"Sewer Pickle"

Selling comic books, Advice Wanted,

Would it be terrible of me to re-write my Group's Paper?

Deed in lieu of foreclosure -- know anything...

A fucking moron is eavesdropping on my coffee shop cell phone

What's your favorite type of milk?

I have a fucking moron across from me talking loudly on his cell phone in a coffee shop

Post your most meaningful song lyric

Gold Dust Woman

What's your favorite coffee shop?

Do you (believers) think that I think that you are stupid for believing?

Christianity has painted itself into a corner


Union: Contract approved at Freightliner plant in North Carolina

Bus Drivers in New Orleans Stage Sick-Out (without a contract since before Katrina)

Alcan employees in B.C. ratify five-year agreement, smelter to be upgraded

Teacher's union calls $250 stipend instead of discussed incentive an 'insult'

Hawaii's Democratic lawmakers start to overturn Republican Governor's vetoes

System of a down - Boom

New Rules (05-04-07)

Speaker Pelosi--- on Hate Crime Bill

Paris Post Election Riot

Cole Miller talks about No More Victims

Edwards responds to DFA on climate crisis.

This Week Panel----Primary Schedule

Gov. Romney on '94 Debate w/ Kennedy

The Truth Kent State Protest

Queen Elizabeth II comments on Bush slip during welcome speech

TPMtv: May 7, 2007-Tenet on MTP/*'s March to war

"Ha Ha Ha America" Part 2.....really read the subtitles

"Ha Ha Ha America" Part 1......really read the subtitles

Mother's Day for Peace

What is your greatest talent?

Crawford Tenet-Bush Pre-9/11 meeting descends into 'Small Talk'

A statement from left field...

Just plain EEK !

Looking for work: Job Description: So how common is this sort of thing . . .

Hard Sell Cited as Insurers Push Plans to Elderly

Parents alert: Paintball tournaments popular with military recruiters Is it really non-partisan?

PDA puts impeachment on the table -- literally

Beam It Down From the Web, Scotty (Wow! 3-D Printing)

FBI agent posed as Al Qaida recruiter

Padilla case is light on details

LARRY JOHNSON: A Bloody Lie of George Tenet

Anyone else see a 'disconnect' between Romney $ raised and his polling?

Death to America

Residence for seniors wins flag war

Well, it is hard to pick out the most odious characteristic of Chimpy the Psychopathic Monster,

Barbara Bush addresses families of fallen police officers - -So. Why no soldier's families?

"Bombs kill 8 American soldiers in Iraq"

War and torture

8 U.S. troops die as GOP demands progress - General: 'We're taking the fight to the enemy.'

Humvee doors can trap troops

Where's the Top 10 list?

Repigs Sen. Sam Brownback, Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Rep. Tom Tancredo don't believe in evolution?

Recruiting pays for Guardsmen - $94,000

Do we really want the Dept. of Homeland Security to create a National ID program?

Is trying to transform the federal government into something else an impeachable offense?

Soldiers Arrested In Kansas Tornado Looting..(doesn't THIS suck?)

Ron Paul Democrats: They remind me of ron reagan democrats.

Report: Saudis, US sponsoring covert action against Iran


Giuliani emerging as favorite of gays

States vie to host deadly disease research lab (to handle the most lethal, incurable disease agents)

Editorial Demands for U.S. Pullout in Iraq Grow

Bush Administration's harsh rhetoric about Iran actually putting Iranians who want reform in danger

"Army General Predicts Rise in US Casualties in Iraq"

The "western" myth of America

article in Salon detailing how much $$$ Tenet made from the Iraq war

"the second coming of Ronald Reagan" (Fred Thompson)--cspan1 now. they

Doolittle: Home search timed to help Gonzales

Remember when Giuliani tried to exploit 3000 dead people to prolong his term as mayor?

If Congressional Investigators Come Knocking, Here's What To Do

"Why do they think they can get away with it ? (question to Brian Ross ABC)

George Tenet cashes in on Iraq

"He took us off defense and put us on offense."

Is Bush`s face messed up again?


Remember the Canadian "Spy coin" story?

Oops they did it again

Brian Lamb's Q&A feeds the Freeps with R. Emmet Tyrell on his book on Clinton.

Tom Tomorrow Does TORTURE: "I Feel Like A New Man & I Owe It All To GWB"

Wash. Journal.. Wouldn't you KNOW

c-span - brian ross/abc re: DC Madam story on now

2fer: Tweety rejects CBS. Plus, Shrub abandons dancing for "reading" another book.

Does anyone else enjoy hammering on the 10 Rethug presidential candidates as much as I do?

Kansas National Guard Equipment Needed To Cleanup Tornado Is In Iraq! LINK

I'm Just Wondering Why Sharpton Hasn't Said Anything About limpballs Obama Comment

LA Times: Bring them home

anyone watching the queen at the white house

If reagan's presidency was 'morning in America', what is bush's?

Rice & Admin & Saudis Embarking On Coordinated Campaign Of Covert Action Against Iran

How many African American lawyers do you think there are in the Bush Civil Rights division?

"the tale of the two professors" Feith and Tenet

Military sexual trauma — the new face of PTSD

Out of the 4 online MSM's, only one reports the nine soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday.

Is Ann Coulter on drugs? Coulter acts just plain weird on National Television.

What my pResident means to me.

where is the top ten conservative idiots kept now?

CSpan - R. Emmett Tyrrell, Mr. Demento on now.

Ex-Marine recruiter sentenced to jail describes the hardships he's endured

CSM: Are Iraq war costs spinning out of control?

Bin Laden "Stronger Than Ever"?

MSRNC leaving no mediocrity behind: Larry ELDER

It's not about sex, it's about HYPOCRICY.

Iraq War Hampers Kansas Cleanup

Emergency response, gas prices, post-Katrina rebuilding, is there anything Bush hasn’t screwed up?

Mr Fish fans: an interesting story by him on Toons and Paul Conrad

The Chimp acts like a fool with the Queen

M'kay.. Backpack exploded on parking deck at the Luxor (vegas)

Hey O'Lielly! Here are some of the MILLIONS of "kooks" you were talking about...

Bush's approval hitting 28 percent.

Doonesbury Today Begins Week On Bush Veto and Iraq War Funding

Imus is gone, now I get Ward Connerly!!!

Maj. Gen. Lynch:"...probably see an increase in American casualties...only way we can win the fight"

Will Bush multi-task in the Queen's presence tonight (talk while chewing food)?

Our Top Ten Conservative Idiots

This boy found a little ray of sunshine amid the devastation in Kansas

Should there be a DU group for Biden?

Anyone know what's going on in the Israeli Knesset?

They printed my ltte today. I already got one phone call.

NYT's & WaPo..... Up to the Same Dirty Tricks!

*******Pics of the Queen's visit to Virginia yesterday*********

Giuliani calls for adding 10 brigades to Army

Firing Carol Lam Was a CRIME, Stupid

deleted...accidental double post.

video link Bill Maher on Charlie Rose

Lou Dobbs: We Can Deport All Undocumented Immigrants ‘Because This Is The United States’

New Orleans' Rebuilt Levees "Riddled With Flaws"

Do you think a women or black man can win the Presidency in 2008?

Blueherald on "Class Warfare" by the Wealthy, esp. Republicans against Working Americans

Are We Headed For A New World Order?

Pie thrower targets anti-gay pastor accused of financial misconduct.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses . . . for high gas prices. The industry profits are the smoking gun.

Florida Pastor (Living Word Fellowship Church) arrested on drug charges

cspan1 Tony snow just starting a press conf.

Qubetv - a conservative version of youtube

Bomb in Las Vegas now deemed a murder and not terrorist act.

SO..How will they know if it's actual Progress, or just the "enemy" laying low?

Wolfowitz aide resigns from World Bank

Air controllers call for criminal investigation ( Newark Airport traffic control)

61% percent of Americans believe the creation story in the bible is literally true?

Leahy: "I have several more subpoenas I will issue if we don't get cooperation."

Wolfowitz aide resigns

caption this * pic..

I fear that the sheeple are stupid enough to elect Fred Thompson

So how would one put a political statement on youtube?

Lord Pissypants Greets The Queen ---pix--->>>

Christian Newswire: National Priests' Group Praises President's Abortion Veto Promise

Has An Election Ever Approached More Slowly Than This One?

I just e-mailed Rush Limbaugh's sponsors --BOYCOTT

PHOTO: "We are not amused, you damn dirty ape."

Snow says "We are going to use You Tube to get Positive Iraq Surge Message Out"

From many reports I have read Democrats are starting to receive lot's of money

They AIN'T no ding dang evolution, but they IS a war on terror!

Hello, Parking Karma

"Stop the War - Stop the Politicians Who Won't"

I like the style the Queen flies in

Yeah, an IDIOT child.....

Has any right wing whack job yet claimed Kansas ticked God off,

France Lurches to the Right - Der Spiegel

In honour of the Queen's visit to the US, I propose we use British spelling.

And this guy is running for president?

Disillusioned Republics Defect to Obama Camp...

Canadian Poppy Quarter Caused 'Spy Coin' Warning

4 soldiers, reserve officer arrested on suspicion of looting from store in tornado-ravaged town

According to the polls, who is our strongest general election candidate

Hagel might run for President as an Independent

Tony Snow: "you're likely to see escalating levels of casualties"

"Living Word of God Ministries" Pastor directed social service funds to himself.

The Rapture Index is 157 as of May 7, 2007

Letter writing tips for Republican Representatives.

Please help me rebut this drivel by Joe Barton,R-Texas editorial

Fred Thompson Fri Speech on CSPAN now.....

What could bush do to get his approval ratings back in the high 90's?

Hows come this Rasmussen goofball is reporting Bush's approval 10% higher than everyone else?

Let Down By Fred Thompson

Ask the GM VP of Corporate Responsibility and Diversity

Was Martin Luther King Jr. a Lunatic?

Strictly hypothetical, without grounds...but IS it possible

Pea soup with lavender! Sugar roses! Ithzhak Perlman! US & British royalty!

What about the $800 MILLION+ Rejected for Katrina?

LA Times Converts On Iraq, Goes From Bashing ‘Gen. Pelosi’ To Calling For ‘Bring Them Home’

Can U Believe How USA Today Tries To Spin Bush Poll #s:

If you could not have your first choice, who would be your 2nd choice for Democratic Nominee?

IMHO This is the Repub who would be the hardest to beat... LINK

The AP takes on Keith Olbermann

Virginia Tech shooter's mother sought help for son - - at church

Defense Sec. Robert M. Gates-- time is running out in Iraq and we need a timetable!

Bush welcoming the Queen....

Disturbing but hilarious * joke

Tenet Says 2 Iraq Policies Weren't Debated

Spread of disease tied to US combat deployments-Stateside doctors are left grappling

World Bank Panel Finds Wolfowitz at Fault

Alert! David Schuster filling in for Tucker today! What a Change!

What do you think about senators in the security counsel

Moves afoot to change 'war' definition

Terrorists or Tornado's: Which would you rather have your National Guard fighting?

Kyra Phillips agog over US Flags in Greensburg

WH transcript changed from "I'm 'the' commander guy" to "I'm 'a' commander guy"

Help! Who knows how to post a news video at YouTube?

Will Fred Thompson be to the GOP in '08, as what Wes Clark was to us in '04?

How I think the Bush Administration will ultimately solve the problem that is the Iraq War

"She's seen the horses at the Kentucky Derby, now it's time to meet a horse's ass"

Stressed US Military

Bush teases photographer: "Then why didn’t you wear something other than hand-me-down clothes?"

Is anyone interested in an anti-cancer treatment forum?

HELP! Is there a list of Bush admin/repuke indictments?

Displaced Overwhelm Schools in the South

Are there pro/anti Israel groups? Pro/anti guns groups?

Roswell, New Mexico....Scary Results

So...when Gonzo claimed to be staying in it "for the kids"...are these the kids he was talking about

Families begin to flee Baghdad suburb as US-led forces strike

World Bank fed up with Wolfowitz. They don't want to listen to any lame excuse he might give them.

House Democrats are drafting a war-funding bill that sets no withdrawal date BUT

Can't this guy ever take care of his hygiene needs in private?

So sorry, Kansas. 60% of your National Guard equipment is in Iraq.

If you want to help the tornado are some resources

A. A.Milne said it: "A soldier's life is terrible hard...we looked for the King, but he never came"

Cho (VT shooter) Didn't Get Court-Ordered Treatment

Despondent GI fell through system's cracks to his death

If you live in Kansas or another tornado-prone area, do schools, churches,

With Bin Laden ‘Stronger Than Ever,’ U.S. Officials Concede Overestimating Damage Done To Al Qaeda

Get yer Abramoff/Cunningham scorecard here (and you'll need it with this bunch!)

Giuliani emerging as favorite of gays

"Don't worry about me. Our trucks have enough armor on them to survive most blasts."

If Chuck Hagel runs as an Independent in 08, does that help the DEMS?

Chuck Hagel???

Goodling and Lady Justice: The Original Cover-Up

TPM's Grand Old Docket; aka the GOP Score Card...

Coulter calls Obama Al Qaeda's Candidate. Also claims Newsweek Faked poll results in favor of dems.

Justice Dept. consents to immunity for Goodling's testimony before Congress

List of limbaugh sponsors

Doolittle: FBI leaked news of raid to take heat off Gonzales

LA Times editorial: Bring them home

Look who's on the White House dinner guestlist for tonight!

A wayward bearded Arctic seal captured in Tarpon River (South Florida)

Bush Is Lucky the Queen's a Lady ---pix--->>>

DU this poll

bu$h* At 28%. I like what he's doing!

Tenet on Tweety

Did you know that I am a Secret Freeper?

What Bush's inaction causes

Opinions, please: Dedicated DU Groups for members who consider themselves pro-choice and pro-life?

Re WH Royal Dinner Menu: Does George eat separately?

Tony Parker

Philly courting gay tourism, Fundies want boycott...great You Tube video

*****The DU Mother's Day Truce*****

N.O. Judge Stalls More Prosecutions (AP)

so I got this email about Al Sharpton and the Sears store

Are there bees where you live?

disturbing video of mickey mouse clone teaching muslim kids to kill

O goody. Smirky is coming to Greensburg.

Pew / Internet test

An Inconvenient Truth-Seeing Beyond The Presidency

Which scandal/set of crimes is most likely to bring the Bush regime to an end?

Oh goodie....bushy is gonna be in Greensburg wed UGGGGGGG

Shades of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"

If Clinton and Ghoulani

What does MSNBC have on in the morning-radio slot this week? NT

Tony Snow: "He [Bush] doesn't like war either, but he also does not like the alternative"

Al Gore's "The Assault On Reason" Hardcover Shipping Around May 22 - Pre-Order Through Buzzflash

Let me see if I've got this straight

My daughter asked this question...

Kerry & Feingold ranked among worst in Senate

Anyone else find this picture from the home page haunting?

Wolfie did it.....

Ron Paul leads in MSNBC post-debate poll

What SIN caused Kansas tornados?

Bush To Queen: "You Helped Our Nation Celebrate Its Bicentennial In 17...1976"(video)

I just met Michelle Obama!

These three paragraphs stood out to me. (gas prices)

“I just found out that Bush just bought the ranch just before

And the menu...(George has a burger w/fries waiting upstairs)

Looks like Condi is bringing her usual date...

Vote in Pig boy's poll..(the freepers are out in force)

CBS13 in Sacramento needs some DU love. I just visited the

It's difficult at times for many people

Rotten Rudy did it....

25 Soldiers dead since Bush's Veto

What is "life"? In line with abortion/choice topics

Having promised "update" of Feb. column predicting Bush "comeback," David Broder did not mention it

Remember Howard Jarvis?

2 more bodies found in Kan. town's ruins

Please tell me it is not what I think it is? Prescription drugs from overseas...

Glenn Beck: The Hiltons are not parents, they are breeders.

Puke Alert: Freepers Getting Smooshy On Fred Thompson

AP: Obama outlines reform for energy policy

Firing Carol Lam Was a CRIME - DKos diary

We are just a thin hair away from a national disaster

John Brunes of Iraq Veterans Against the War on Hardball---anyone see it?

Some New Rules for You to Obey on DU?

Unbelievable column

I just got off the phone with Al Sharpton

Wow. WaPo: "If Congressional Investigators Come Knocking, Here's What To Do" They're running scared.

Sunni bloc threatens to pull out of government.

TRICK OR TRICKLE? The Richest Get Richer...

Craigslist founder tells NAA to take cues from Stewart, Colbert; admits bizarre fascination with KO

Read this, and laugh...(Freepers and Fred Thompson)

It's so nice bush and the queen can have dinner

The Missouri River is going to flood here later this week.

SJC affirms $2m libel verdict against the Boston Herald (right-wing rag)

Clint Curtis is asking for help!

Monica Goodling and Lady Justice: The Original Cover-Up (she's the one who draped the statue!)

A Hit Job on Keith Olbermann

Bush warns of heavier casualties in bid to crush insurgency (Iraqis)

Hospital officials said two pickup trucks filled with body parts were brought to the morgue

Why the terrorists will not follow us home. Posted at the request of Maraya1969

If we have a 24/7 news cycle, WHY DON'T WE GET ANY NEWS?!?

A friend of mine committed suicide yesterday and left many questions unanswered.

France's Sarkozy parts with American RW on global warming and Iraq

John Edwards can fix what ails us

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'

Did you see Laura? She kept trying to hold the Princes arm and he kept pulling

Every time Tommy Thompson opens his mouth

Agriculture key player to stop degradation of vital ecosystems

Texas Chainsaw Management (RFK, Jr. in Vanity Fair)

Think Progress: White House Politicization of Federal Agencies

I'm STunned - Terrorist Threats Against the Gay Community

DU this local (Norfolk, Va) news poll...National Disasters/National Guard Overseas?

Pentagon regarding Kansas: other states were supposed to help provide resources in an emergency

Navy Re-Enlists Gay Sailor

3 weeks ago, the Governor of Kansas said this:

Guest List For State Dinner Honoring Queen Elizabeth

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Best cartoon description of Americans beginning to see the 'real' Bush ever!

Brother-in-law of murdered prosecutor speaks out about McKay firing (US Attorney scandal)

Another poem from my daughter's friend stationed in Iraq. Heartbreaking.

Glenn Greenwald rises to the defense of Keith Olbermann

Quit waiting on Jesse and Al, its up to us to turn the heat up on Limbaugh

I read somewhere this new French president thinks 35 hour work weeks is absurd...

My Generation Y son asked me to post this to all of you.

DU this poll on Rushbo

My Slideshow On The Global Water Crisis

Bush strikes again: His USPS Board of Governors just killed American small business

I see that Rev. Al and Jessie Jackson got Limbaugh off the air

Explain to me: MPG ratings

Do you another reason why Iraqis kill each other?

Rush is on the Ropes! Let's give him a push

There appears a concerted campaign for fake Democrats to call in to CSPAN and support Ron Paul.

How will the Bush Presidency eventually end?

WAXMAN Memo Targets Rove E-Mails After MORE STALLING From Bush Admin

My NEW Flash!! "Monkey Pox" or "Why the Repug Debaters Fled Bush for Reagan!" Graphic language...

McCain says he sees the hand of God at the Grand Canyon

Come on "DU" let's try and do something about GAS PRICING

Robert F Kennedy Jr Calls For PRISON TIME FOR ROVE & GRIFFIN

God bless our British brethren, here in the States and abroad, but . . .

Abortion and the pill: The reason women have made any ground at all

John Edwards: Union man

Sharp rise in birth control cost hits home

Yep, it's all about the BlackBerries.

BUSH ADMIN - Warned Of "Spectacular, Multiple & Simultaneous Attacks" & Did NOTHING! (Robert Parry)

Haunting pro-abortion piece in LA Times: aborting two of four fetuses

If you were a Ronald Reagan Democrat--- then you really weren't a Democrat.

Head to head: Gore or Edwards?

"Look Toto, NO National Guard"

THEY KNEW: Tenet reveals late August '01 meeting w/Bush, Rummy, Condi, Gens. Meyers/Pace

Many Born Agains see Mormonism as a Cult.

This looks like a hurricane forming

French Royal Concession speech starting on cspan1 right now.

Dear dingbats who argue that if we leave Iraq the terrorists will follow us home.

Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007

For those who think hate-crime laws are unnecessary, and/or bestow "special rights"

To DU men: if artifical wombs existed would you carry a fetus to term?

Freedom of Choice Act

Just because someone has religious beliefs does not make their vote any less valuable

When Life Begins

Ron Paul Calls For Bush's Impeachment - So where is the Democratic Congress?

New DU Group: Socialist Progressives Group

Democracy Fest in NH this year. Formerly Dean Fest. Good speakers.

If you like numbers and politics...have you tried this site?

Goofus and Gallant: A DOJ Human Resources Primer

Nit-picking fox "journalism"

Bring US troops in Iraq home: leading US daily (NYT had lead editorial

Please MSNBC: Hire Donna Hanover (Giuliani) !

Senator Leahy's statements on nominations in 2004

World Bank panel presents Wolfowitz with findings (Reuters)

WP: Has the nation's white majority evolved to a point where it can elect a black man as president?

Romney Criticizes Unmarrieds: Demands They Stop Enjoying Life!

White House: U.S. should brace for more casualties (Reuters)

The Rude Pundit- The PTSD Republicans: Rudy Giuliani Is an Asshole

Anyone see our dear leader marching in with the Queen with his arms swinging

SAME Newsweek poll: Romney sucks like a Hoover

Rasmussen has Bush at 37%: then explains why he differs from other polls.

ABC Breaking: One Survivor In Greensburg, Kansas Found Buried in Rubble

My first primary is 5-8-07and in a republican district

Andy Borowitz: Next Week's News (includes Nader news)

Newsweek Poll: Clinton has most political courage of Dem presidential contenders

SAME Newsweek poll: Clinton remains the undisputed champ among Democrats.

Not good news. Two more bodies found in Kansas disaster...

Single People - Mitt Romney wants you to get Married

Bush strong disapproval 3 times strong approval

AP: Obama addresses energy policy in Detroit

Anybody have a link to the video of Stephanopolis handing Condi her own ass?

Same Newsweek Poll: Obama beats Rs by larger margins

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary: Clinton 34% Obama 26%

First Rasmussen poll since Dem debate: Clinton regains lead over Obama

The VideoVets Project,: Bring Our Troops Home! Ck. this out!

In other news

Who said this?

Obama parody draws fire (Rush Limbaugh)


Reid Spokesman: Short-Term War-Funding Option Won't Fly In Senate

The GOP has made it OK to be openly racist again

Politics ain't beanbag.

McClatchy: Rule changes add to uncertainty of California primary

Hillary crankin up her efforts here in Virginia...

Gen. Petraeus on Hot Seat at AP Annual Meeting in NYC

Government Agencies Push Back On Waxman Request For Rove’s Emails

Michelle Obama speaks with the people of NH

From Nancy Pelosi's office, RE: National Guard Readiness, & other warnings

Time-Warner/PRC rewrites postal rates to threaten independent media - CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN...

CNN POLL: Ghouliani tanking bigtime - lead down to 2 points

Rasmussen Poll: Hillary 34%, Obama 26%

Senate Republican (Lott) wants Iraq progress by autumn - Reuters

Leading Iraqi Sunni Leader Seeks Timeline, Rejects ‘Soft Partition’ Plan Advanced By U.S. Experts

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,376 Monday, According to Count by the Associated Press

ABANDON SHIP!!! -- Old-Timey GOPers Are Manning The Life Boats

The Election Fraud Menu: Apples, Oranges and Buckeyed peas

Ghouliani Firms Had Potential Conflict of Interest

Conservative bloggers to join the war in Iraq

"Sen. Obama Spoke of Miracles, and I Hope Detroit Listened"

Congress questions CDC hiring delays (Waxman-again)

Obama camp asks Secret Service to provide flexible fuel car

Health insurance: What's the plan?

Sarkozy sees France mandate (Boy has he seen the Bush play book

Schwarzenegger Endorses Obama's Global Warming Plan

Ghouliani contibuted to Planned Parenthood

Random thoughts on reading both the site that shall not be mentioned and DU this week.

If You Believe Vice President Cheney Should Be Impeached, Please Vote Yes Here!

Post Debate CNN Poll: Clinton Gets Significant Boost

Harper's: "Hillary - Vote For Me, I Was Duped"

What would be the most favorable head-to-head matchup in 2008?

Obama's 'Youth Mojo' Sparks Student Activism, Fueling Campaign

Bush says Queen helped to celebrate US Independence in 1776

This Moment in Florida

Mother Nature exposes the War on Terror as a complete fraud.

How anti-candidate memes emerge from the left (thoughts on Obama)

France rejects female candidate

SUSA New Hampshire: Hillary leads by 16 over Obama, 18 over Edwards

Chris Matthews Refers to Continued WH "Delusional Talk"---same as when neoCons said go to war Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories (Too many racist)

Poll: Edwards leads Hillary by 6 in North Carolina...Obama by 13...

So I concede she's not electable, but wouldn't Nancy Pelosi make a great president?.

The brilliance of tony snow

Lamont Joins Kerry's effort to defeat four GOP senators

What do you think of candidate "bashing"?

Hillary's Statement in OPPOSITION to the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill...

I recommend that every Dem read Obama's "The Audacity of Hope"

DLC chief: "I don't think there's a lot of room to the right of Hillary in the Democratic Party"

DFA on Global Warming: First Again, Edwards Responds.