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Archives: June 1, 2007

59-trillion reasons for a let-them-work ethic

Asylum requests dwindle, as do approvals

David Yespen(Iowa) on Biden

Bush kills off hopes for G8 climate change plan

Rolling Stone | Giuliani: Worse Than Bush

Presidential IQ By Chris Bowers

An Egghead for the Oval Office

Japan threatens to quit whaling forum - Reuters

For or Against ...Significantly Higher MPG, at least 50% higher?

In the Shadow of the Six-Day War

A spreading terror

A two-state solution is still the way

California Casino Labor Dispute Tests Dem Presidential Candidates

Klobuchar seeks answers about new revelations in targeting of Heffelfinger

Whale meeting condemns Japan hunt

US immigration courts inconsistent in asylum cases: study

Bush pushes new climate change plan (he will try anything for his legacy)

U.S. trying to open a dialogue with al-Sadr, commander says

CBS: Iraqi PM doesn't trust his military, says coup possible

Border agent ignored warning for TB traveler

U.S. paid nearly $31 million in condolence payments to Iraqis, Afghanis

Bush Tells Talabani US Firm on Iraq Aid (plus Meghan O'Sullivan's new job)

Judge awards ex-Tyco executive severance pay

RNC fires phone solicitors

Bill would give voters say on war (CA Presidential Primary)

Gates, U.S. General Back Long Iraq Stay (Korea again)

Blue whales 'making a comeback'

Syria brands Hariri tribunal as harmful ploy by Washington

Bush, Talabani Cite Progress in Iraq

Iraq elections held too soon

Liberty student held after testimony of violent plans

GALLUP: What Americans Would Like to Tell Bush About Iraq

Tonight's the Night: Iraq's Leader Had Told Reporters U.S. Could Start Pullout By June 1

MRAPs can't stop newest weapon

Murder term again a possibility for woman in S.F. dog-mauling death

Venezuela's Carreno Says Universities Fuel Protests

Venezuela Lawmakers Allege Calls Link Opposition to Protests

I'm an insane person - Gardening

UFO flying saucer,teaching you how to manufacture,not a joke

Pirate Master on right now

There's a litter of white-tailed squirrels


This is why you should turn off your computer at night

Don't mind me. I just wanna see what my new avatar looks like

Memorial Day Salute: In lieu of barbeque

Like YouTube? Then you'll love GODTube!!

Would You Spell Your Cat?

YouTube Flashback: Bruce Springsteen singing "Trapped", Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, 8/15/1985

Anyone ever had Little Kings beer?

Check out this video with ping pong balls

Need advice, please

I don't like the magic cookie bar

I like to go out to dinner by myself


We just ate Japanese Seafood Buffet!

They should bring back Billy Beer

Today's Dumb Headline: "Donovan leaving Florida to coach NBA's Magic"

Blossoms, hands and glass

OMG WTF Bush eats kittens!!!!11!one

Hints from Heloise

Wow, Dr. Death is being released from prison......

Heroes (and NOT the TV show)

I love this song!

I bet they call your butt a butt because it abutts stuff

Tonight is a BLUE MOON

You guys ever seen a hairless possum? OMG

For the House/Wilson fans: Brokeback Hospital

Her Cups Runneth Over

wood spider experiment, interesting video

Meet my Pop

The monster pig story is a hoax and I can prove it.

But is there any doubt about the best beer?

Congratulations Sarahbelle! You graduated nursing school!

Spelling Bee - Grognard?

I am so not a dog person - but man, I loves me the Golden Retrievers

Crazy Rabbit

How do you deal with a passive-aggressive spouse?

Beatles' Sgt Pepper celebrates 40 years (June 1, 1967)

This time tomorrow I'll be at the Wach watching Roger Waters do "Dark Side of the Moon"

Not a huge basketball fan, but ... James - 48 points

Figured out why I find bras uncomfortable

I touch myself....Spock and Kirk.

Can you cook with onion flowers?

California DU'ers!!! Please help!

It's been a while since I started one of these - Pic thread!

Post for lovers of the pipes - Gaitas (Spanish pipes)

Mom pays $1,300 for fourth-grader's tan

'Carbs' or Carbohydrates

Hardcore 90's flashback thread:

Beatles Or Stones

I has a money.

Got Sacked Today

Mystery guest


Is It Me, Or Does The State of Ohio Flat Owns Michigan in Sports

Lebron James: 48, the last 25 Cav points, 29 0f the last 30

Legendary IWW returns to Grand Rapids, Mi (Starbucks Union)

Chinese and American unions shake hands

UNITE-HERE Launches American Eagle Outfitters Campaign

How does a Guest Worker program work? Badly.

I find it just shy of incredulous that Republicans can accuse

Clear Channel to U.S. Military Veterans:“No Jobs in Massachusetts for You” Vets ask J Kerry 4 help

Nova janitors- Your jobs are not safe! The Most Vocal Union Supporters at NSU Still Without Work

"Back to Baghdad" - Hometown Baghdad

RCTV - - Report on statements of Chávez on the press

Iraq’s PM Al-Maliki doesn’t trust his own military: Threat of a Coup


Thursday: 3 GIs, 75 Iraqis Killed; 68 Iraqis Wounded

Is one of the repug strategies to run buffoons to make the

Bush Talks Oil

Do the Dems even know about bushs 51 power grab or

Has Cindy Sheehan joined the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Bush to Send Meghan O'Sullivan to Iraq

Impeachment support growning. Lookie.

Study finds cocaine, pot in Rome's air

According to CBS News, we are at war

Mr. Deity

Ever feel the terror scares coming out of the WH sound like plots from bad sci-fi novels?

Iraq's reconstruction is more bad news

Dupe - sorry...

IRAQ: Cancer emerges as major cause of death in south

Former Jeb Bush aide Justin Sayfie lands White House appointment

How do you contract drug resistant TB - I always associated it

Marine feels killing ‘right thing’

Iraq war vets could face disciplinary action over protests

Troops your death doesn't count to Gen Pace unless you're KIA

DeMint rips war ‘wimps’

DU this poll!

Katie Couric's Audience Falls, Sending CBS Evening News Ratings to a 20-Year Low

head of NASA says he's not sure global warming is a problem

Hillary and ShowBiz

I think I'm getting more spam since the so-called "Spam King" was arrested.

Dan Froomkin: 50 More Years in Iraq?

Call me a cynic, but I bet it will come out that TB carrier Andrew Speaker...

If Chavez would sell the traitor stations to Fox, would that be fair and balanced?

He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our destiny"

Shrum: Kerry's regrets about John Edwards

30 seconds alone with Michael Reagan. That is what I really want right now.

Senate Panel Questions C.I.A. Detentions

ACLU Sues Boeing Subsidiary for Participation in CIA Kidnapping and Torture Flights

US scrambles to remove plans for new Baghdad embassy from Internet

If you believe in unity in the anti-war movement

Why I love Rosie

Can't Go to Live Earth Concert? NBC Networks to air almost wall to wall Coverage of Concerts.

'SICKO' Goes to Sacto: California State Capitol to get a house call from Michael Moore

RNC fires all 65 phone solicitors

Libby's Lawyers Argue Against Prison as Fitzgerald Seeks 30 Months

Iraq war justification hits lowest point in US

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

McClatchy: Congress goes on vacation while more 'honored dead' come home

I'm planning on joining the Iraqi security forces.

Don't forget Poland!

Man harassed on train for wearing yarmulka (Australia)

How would you categorize the "Maoist Internationalist Movement"?

Do you think that a Gore/Clark ticket could get over 60% of the vote?

BULLSHIT ALERT -- US Iraq ambassador is on Charlie Rose

Is everyone doing their part to send all the bits of info we get here to our representatives?

An immigration crackdown I could get behind

Fifth Democratic candidate for Hastert's seat enters the race (Yes, 5th!)

What will we do?

RNC FIRES Its Entire Phone Banking Staff

Bill O’Reilly: The White, Christian, male power structure is in jeopardy…

Bush moves up in the war-monger president ratings...

RNC fires phone solicitors (all 65 of them!)

IRAQ: Adeela Harith, Iraq "I have to scrounge around rubbish bins to feed my children"

Iraq Oil Workers Union letter to our congress on oil theft law

Word of the day: kakistocracy

VIDEO: An Oldie But a Goodie "Media-Opoly"

MSNBC Growing Faster Than Fox, CNN

Fred and his child-bride

Catholic Church Organist Fired For Selling Sex Toys

Should minorities be allowed to vote?

Great...stormy weather Tornados on KS/Okla border and hubby is in Vegas

Did US allow TB-infected man to travel, to get EU to turn over passenger data in future?

CA: Man Walks Around Capitol To Protest Iraq War - One Lap Planned For Each Fallen Soldier

He died in Walter Reed and icasualties lists it that way.Never seen that before.RIP PFC Matthew Bean

Clinton is impeached lying about a BJ. - Dems allow Bush to skate on Iraq war impeachment

I just saw John Edwards speak...

one of my best friends was sentenced in federal court today...

romney says Hillary is a European caricature who'll have us all on WELFARE!

Do you believe a national emergency resulting in the...

Shilling For Justice Department, Kyl Placed Secret Hold On Open Government Act

Fort Sill soldier taking on Surgeon General's office

Off-duty officer shoots daughter mistaken for intruder

World's Largest Embassy Plans Posted Online (brilliant!) ------>>>

State Dept. Orders Site To Take Down Photos Of The $592 Million U.S. Embassy In Iraq

And the "secret senator" who did not want to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act is ...

Sen. Kyl Placed Secret Hold On Government Act To Protect Justice Dept.

Michael Moore to Testify at Landmark Sacramento Legislative Briefing on 'SiCKO' June 12

Why doesn't the MSM ever include LOBBYIST on Thompson's resume?

What grade would you give Nancy Pelosi and company thus far?

Congress knowingly throws billions at graft, incompetence and a growing mercenary army

...And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is.... Drumroll....

Free Speech and Criticsm on Democratic Underground.

Marine’s war protest brings charges, clash

msnbc poll - is bush to blame for iraq?

TB patient was told not to travel, CDC insists. He disputes that.

If Turkey invades northern Iraq, what will happen next?

lol...eHarmony sued for excluding gays

Introducing: The **FREEPER KEEPER**

cspan is showing a focus group for the 08 elections. good cross section of people.

John Edwards tells Google employees: Internet should be more affordable

Jeff Cohen: Are Media Out to Get John Edwards? (Buzzflash)

What will the Chimperor see in Putin's eyes at the G8 Summit next week?

INdict dick cheney------------interesting web site

Edwards Unveils Plan To Relieve Families From Rising Gas Price

Three more U.S. soldiers were reported killed in combat

I might as well post against the GOP would-be--

When Bill Was President - Clinton evokes Bill during speech to 200 in NH

C Span focus group is on Now

Thousands volunteer for candidate Obama in Nevada

Edwards calls for probe of oil industry, offers energy plan

Undecided leads South Carolina poll

Is Fred Thompson the next Dick Cheney??

Obama: Restore environmental regulations

Will Bush pardon Libby if he's given a prison sentence and can't await his

If the GOP nominates Fred Thompson, which "Law and Order" star should we run against him?

Let's not sell Al Gore short as a mere" Politician"

Will anyone in the administration ever be prosecuted for their crimes?

Nancy Reagan and Larry King Tonight

Dick-Heads & Blog-Blamers & Dubious Sources, Oh My

The DLC Likes Al Gore's The Assault On Reason

Gore Does NOT Support "Troops Out Now"

Does Al Gore have it wrong?

Hillary promises "New Jobs For Tommorrow(sic)"

Presidential Preference Poll--Edwards vs. Obama runoff

Clark or Gore?

John Edwards and... spectrum? (Edwards writes open letter to FCC on keeping the Internet free)

k-a-k-i-s-t-o-c-r-a-c-y Thank you Isabel, the lone girl in the National spelling bee tonight

Presidential Preference Poll

If you don't already LOATHE Fred Thompson, then read this.

Poll: Hillary leads South Carolina by 8 over Obama...Edwards by 18

Obama says, YES..Gore says, NO!!!!

Craig Crawford; Obama on a Roll

Arianna Huffington: Interviewing Gore.

Iraqi violent deaths at a glance

TB Quarantine Raises Legal Questions

A Blog is a Little First Amendment Machine / Jay Rosen

Regressive Antidote / David Michael Green / Profiles In Cowardice

Fewer high-quality Army recruits (Boston Globe)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: One Memorial A Month (The Nation)

Guardian UK: Action Plan or Stalling Tactic? Key Questions In Global Crisis (Climate Change)

Bush, Translated / Andrew Gumbel

Don't We Have a Constitution, Not a King? (AlterNet)


From Baghdad to Tehran: On the Road to Gambler’s Ruin

Welcome to the summer of hate


America's Iraq strategy boosts US combat losses

The Slow Slide to Barbarity (

The right (wing) man for the World Bank job

OIG and OPR Expanding Whitewash of USAgate

Surge Dirge-Bush administration appears to have given up hope of maintaining ’surge’ strategy...

Al Gore against any attempt to impeach Bush

Jonathan Alter: Phony Analogies

Dan Bartlett's Exit Strategy (by John Nichols for The Nation)

On Global Warming, ExxonMobil's CEO Channels Rumsfeld (by David Sirota at HuffPost)

The Hariri Case & Double Standards (by Robert Parry for Consortium News)

Conflation Nation (by Cynthia Kaplan at HuffPost)

Brownback: What I think about evolution


The Democrats’ Support for Bush’s War

W R Marshall: "Remembrance and rage"

Brzezinski: "Iraq Is Not Korea"

Why I am Ashamed to be an American

GAO: US Gives Oil Firms Good Deals

Sidney Blumenthal: America is not Bush

Eric Alterman: Potemkin Paper?

Words in a Time of War: Taking the Measure of the First Rhetoric-Major President

Raging Caging - What the heck is vote caging, and why should we care? (Slate)

Noonan explains her break with *Bush

Iraq's oil boom isn't delayed, it's relocated to Canada -- Naomi Klein

The corporate takeover of U.S. intelligence

Algae like green oil paint covers China lake - Reuters

Turning Tar into Oil: An Economic and Environmental Disaster Looms

Guardian: Bush kills off hope for G8 climate change plan

And you thought GMO corn was wierd...

Global Warming May Lower Grassland Quality

Rejoice, The Hummer Is Dead

Huge Wind Machine To Simulate Category Three Hurricanes

Warmer Earth might be wetter, scientists find

Tropical Storm Barry threatens Florida - Reuters

Progress postpones nuclear plant plan

Johnston video posted on website

Peretz camp to vote for Ayalon in Labor runoff, aides say

Out of curiousity, are there any Arabs here?

No need to "follow us home" the U.S. can provide them with a MAP

Russia: Britain politicizing spy case

Senate Panel Questions C.I.A. Detentions

UK profs reject plan to spy on students

Breaking - Dan Bartlett to leave post @ White House.

Iran Promises To Discuss Nuke Activities

(WSJ's) Bancroft family to meet with Murdoch

Rice (grain, not Condi) demand nukes Korean 'peace regime'

Kyl Vows To Block Open Government Bill (Sen. Anonymous)

Media watchdog wants action after record Iraq toll

Cleric: Iran maintains anti-US policies

Group warns Russia nuclear dump unstable

Colombia starts rebel release to seek hostage deal

NATO, Afghan troops kill 26 Taliban (roadside bomb explodes on US convoy, no word on casualties)

Ohio Elections Commission rules Noe violated election law; refers case for possible prosecution

Iraqi soldiers abducted, 44 bodies found across Iraq

(GSA chief Lurita) Doan Hearing Postponed

(GAO) Report: War Sympathy Payments Plunge

Hundredth Land Rover overturn prompts combat fears

2 Women Sentenced in Western Arsons

Japan may pull out from whaling body

Monster Pig farm-raised, not wild

U.S. terror expert says nuclear risk low

Reporters Group Calls for New Police Unit to Probe Killing of Journos in Iraq

Women, Minorities Top Bush's Supreme Court Short List

Canada dlr to hit parity with USD by end '07-CIBC

U.S. military reports 2 soldiers killed in separate attacks in Baghdad


Complaint filed with IRS after Tampa televangelist compares Romney to Satan

Child sex offender plan condemned

Severe Anti-Semitism Hits Youth Football in Germany

Romney critical of Clinton vision, work

Pro-Troops Group Wants Sheehan?s Land

German port Rostock braced for G8 demos

Plaintiffs ask more time in union-deaths suit

Presidential hopeful says it's time to 'turn the page (Obama)

Unions Split Over Immigration Bill

Battle to fix nomination contradicts Harper's Reform roots

GOP tries to make English official

Rice Insists Cheney Supports Diplomacy for Iran

Soldiering On ABC News Learns of Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq Beyond 2009

Wal-Mart to slow growth of supercenters

IAEA chief warns of "crazies" seeking Iran war

China starts new bankruptcy law

Hillary Clinton brings innovation agenda to Silicon Valley

General Testifies at Haditha Hearing

Tropical Storm on first day of Hurricane Season

Top Bush aide leaving White House (Dan Bartlett)

FDA warns consumers over toothpaste from China (shipment found)

"Lebanon launches attack on militants in refugee camp".

Marines investigate antiwar activities of inactive reservists

Iraq war can't be won: British army chief

U.S. battles al-Qaida in west Baghdad

Pakistan's army warns opposition

More Ethics Charges in Kentucky Gov't

India, US working hard on nuke deal: (Under Sec. of State) Burns

325 U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Connecticut Senate Leader Arrested

Rove Linked to Prosecution of Ex- Alabama Governor

Many Troops Return to War; Many Never Go

Kevorkian gets early release from Michigan prison

Detainee Abuse Was Well Planned

Coffin Delays Clinton Fundraiser ...Bomb Squad Called To Investigate

Rice: Cuba near 'major transition'

U.S. Pilots Indicted In Brazil Plane Crash

API runs ads against price-gouging, windfall profits tax

628 sickened by recalled peanut butter - (Update)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Griffin Resigned After Conyers Requested 'Vote Caging' Evidence from BBC

My new favorite word:

My Crochet is Wet and Stinky

sigh-- can I hide out in the lounge for a while...?

Chicken Tikka Masala with Nutmeg and Cinnamon Smoke on the Grill

Just returned from seeing Broken English

Does anyone remember this?

how many thermacare heat wraps would it take

Finally! Someone has figured out WTF is wrong with George Bush

The Starter Wife ( w / Debra Messing).. anyone else see it?

what's the damned deal with magazine subscription rates?

The VC-Viet Chimpmunks- are in the perimeter

free speech, criticism and du

Stupid CNN Talking Head Quizzes Spelling Bee Champ

Paul Newman makes it official: He retires at 82

Motorists Wait 3 Hours In Line For Cheap Gas (Savings Of $5 - $10)

The ACLU dinner last night was fantastic

It was 41 years ago today....

I need to change channel but was on Martha Stewart

Does anybody know where NanceGreggs is? She hasn't posted one of her wonderful Journals in a month.

School Employee Gets $2.6 Million Check Because Of Typo - She Goes On Spending Spree

can someone please help me find a new "web browser"

Study Finds Half Of All Men Fear Their Penis Is Too Small

Anyone ever listen to insane RW windbag Mark Levine?

Red and white. . . blue suede shoes

Police drummer rips band's "lame" concert

Today I am a thankful woman.

Its Friday, Is The Bar Open Yet????

It was 40 years ago today....

Girls Night IN

Today's Get Fuzzy gives the best description of cat behavior EVER!

Tim Griffin : Ex-aide to Rove resigns - this is a hoot

Pentecostal Bus Driver Suing New York For Firing Her For Refusing To Wear Pants

remember when the internet was touted a new source of community-building, virtual avatars,

Is it possible for a person to just fail to thrive and just have an inborn death wish?

This person will never win a spelling bee.

I'm going to buy 15 cockatiels and train them all to whisle in chorus.

Yum! Lunchtime!

John, Paul. George, or Ringo?

is it just me or is the morning going by s... l... o.... w... l... y.... ?

Whew, what a lunch!!

I get to spend the evening with my heart throb, my one true love,

Hedonism - why does it get such a bad name?

Gauge your social status

Real Estate Woes....advice and opinions sought....

Post your favorite online comic

Whoopi's politics notwithstanding

Roger Waters to throw out the first pitch at tonights Phillies game

Nancy Pelosi at the LA Pride parade?

kittens cats dogs puppies ferrets birds fish gerbils hamsters mice

Anyone here ever live in Germany? Specifially Western Germany?

Who hit me with the "dizzy stick" this morning?

It was 40 years ago today

OMG! Nancy Grace sex video???

It was 40 years ago today...

I've stopped using Adblock with Firefox.

So I got a 6 week temp job through an agency

Hooorray!!! Hurricane season will be open at 4:30!!

Man Falls Off Balcony During 'Spit For Distance' Competition - Dies

How many are on your ignore list? nt

Gotta love Borowitz.

Cost isn't necessarily an indicator of safety in convertibles

On the time scale how long is a blink?

An appreciation thread for GoPsUx.

One question:

If *YOU* didn't watch Washington Journal this morning you missed...

Sniffa just called...He's in a bomb scare...

hey... I like you.

Is it tacky?

If *YOU* didn't watch Good Morning America this morning you missed...

'Party Mom' Who Had Sex With Teens To Spend 300 Days In Jail - NOT Register As Sex Offender

Poll: Favorite John Lennon song

Yo underpants, heres your big chance!!!

Alert! Watch out for hurricanes at 4:30 (eastern)

How many are not on your ignore list?

does anyone use self tanner? I have a question, please and thank you.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/1/2007)

Nobody ever asked me if I felt like less of a man because I had part of my spine removed...

Let's see if you can guess who this is

Longest you ever went without....?

Do you have annual events at your job that make your work life miserable?

For your enjoyment: A musical travelogue...

Shortest You Went Without......???

Why do all my dream jobs pay $10/hour?

woo hoo, It's gonna rain. Thanks Barry

I got a free lighter

Watching "Hair" on Retro Plex now.

Good Bye for the Present, DU! I'm London Bound!

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame

Weekend Plans? What are yours?

WTF ever happened to Vin Diesel?

Girls night out!

I am leaving work in just over an hour and starting my vacation.

first mowing of the year

Urgent fashion advice needed

What's your stand on chugging?

Decompress! Decompress!

What's your stand on jiggling?

OMG - it is FRIDAY!

EVERYONE! Be sure to light a candle for Paris Hilton this weekend...

Anyone refill their propane tank yet?

Cartoon for gamerz

why does a temp agency need 3 references from former employers

Okay, my new friend just had her "daughter" drop by.

Question. I need to address and stuff 100 envelopes

Rapture Ready person prefers Christian immigrants over Mexicans.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have made a wonderful new discovery...

who wants to PM me

crim son !

OMG -- it is FRIDAY'S!

What's your stand on juggling?

If I shoot squirrels...

anyone here ever build any structures (houses, cabins, etc) with bamboo?

I finally remembered!!

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Need some good vibes

red sox fans check in..COULD THIS BY THE YEAR THAT OUR TEAM

Anyone's baby graduating from HS this month?

girls night out postponed....

My neighborhood has "Dog Bag Stations" all over.

Why yes, it is a pro-wrestling Elmo

Strange video - TMX Elmo doing something really crude with itself...

Perving with Google Street View

Did anybody watch the documentary "The Bridge" last night?

Oi..FOX owns MySpace.

Longest you ever went without washing your hair?

What's your stand on mugging?

It movie night - any suggestions?

has anybody seen the glow-in-the-dark crosses that people

Who Is Your Favorite TV Evangelist

Beatles blasphemy that'll break you up

Calling all Naughty Girls...

I had an annoying, frustrating day

OMG...and it's midnight...and my baby's walking through the door

Fast Food Ads VS Reality:

Why does the brightness setting on my Mac always change?

Health care rant! A 13 year old friend of my daughter has an

gd has more copycats than the lounge

It's the Friday Earworm time ~ come on along & add your fav .....

Longest you ever went without a haircut?

Congratulations to my Daughter, just graduated...

Math experts: I need your help w/ solving math problems for work

I was annoyed before, now I'm really pissed off.

Cartoon for math geeks

Poppy Tea. Discuss.

I almost died about 10 minutes ago

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

A dear friend's son was killed last night...

Congratulations zulchzulu!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations TheBacklashCometh!! 25,000 posts

Triple Celebration Today

Happy birthday dembotoz!!

How do you like your hot dog? (not a sex thread)

OFFICIAL Yankees vs. Red Sox Thread!


Post a pic that reminds you of a song

Does peanut butter salmonella

David Hyde Pierce Officially Comes Out

Anyone Here Been To Hedonism III in Jamaica?

Ever Wonder How I Havent Been Banned Yet?

Cats can see things that we can't, you know. (pics, dialup warning)

12 year old and monster pig...

aaaaand the y chromosome kicks into high gear...

Friday Questions Thread: Back to Basics

What's the worst thing anyone said to you in public?

Locally raised bison for $3.25 a pound.

What's your stand on hugging?

You know what? If you're going to the ATM to

Okay, my daughter just had her new "friend" drop by.

How much money would you put in a family friend's graduation card?

I haven't been here in quite a while, but one thing hasn't changed.

Lelapin appreciation thread!

so when did that guy from "Back to the Future" die?

For you collectors out there: What offbeat items do you like to collect?

So DU, what's the weather like where you are?

Friday Picture Thread: Post a Picture of You and Someone Important to You

Ask a Trivia Question that Can't Be Answered with a Quick Google

Monster Pig farm-raised, not wild

OMG - it is FRIDAY!

Goodbye, Billy Donovan.

Trying again... to get help for a Vietnam vet

I need to find Monkeyman,,, I am beginning to get worried,,

Joe Lieberman's Postcard From Iraq

ExxonMobil CEO Channels Rumsfeld

Iraq Terrorism. (El Terror de Irak)...

The War on Terror Continues...(**GRAPHIC WARNING**)

See The Bush Administration Commit Treason...

The Clash - Clampdown

Alan Johnston Video censored? (Captured British Journalist in Palestine)

Dusty Rhodes mentions Iraq and job losses in HOF speech

Bush Hears Voices

Ode to Cindy Sheehan: Peace Mom

FOX News Marginalizes Giuliani Critics

Cindy Sheehan - Our Antiwar Mom Tribute - 'Come Back & Stay'

Naruto - Dogma

Were You Born An A-hole

What's wrong with GHW Bush?

Nurses Back 'SiCKO,' Slam Insurance Companies

David Iglesias: pointing fingers at the West Wing


Non-hostile military deaths not as important as those killed in action...

Just finished watching "Apocalypse Now." Yet, again. My shirt is wet.

Amazing New Medical Imaging Technology Will Change Your Life

Three lives and those affected

Raiders' Jerry Porter's number change becomes too expensive

Pentagon pays $31 million for murdering and maiming civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Upright walking began much earlier than thought

U.S. warns travel to Venezuela could be risky (Reuters)

How far away are we from a police state? Eyeopening CNBC documentary

Right Said Fred Attacked As Pro- And Anti-Gay Factions Collide In Moscow

Experts: Prez directive nothing new

People who doubt the 'official' 9-11 story are crazy, right?

Announcing .....MacacaPAC!

nature smiles on northern plains

EU says Bush climate plan "the classic U.S. line"

"The Tennessean" LTTE: "Tip your hat to this Bush administration, they've covered it all."

Natl Security Screw-Up - Detailed Plans For US/Iraq Embassy Show Up Online

Anyone Else watch the National Spelling Bee tonight and catch has a Lemming List of radio talk shows, talking points and hot tips for calling radio shows

30% of China's farmland has disappeared in 40 years..

Received this Jihad video from a friend this morning.

White House Secrecy-Moved Into High Gear Right Before Election Day 2004

What in the World does Bush know? What skills does he have?

New name for the Surge...

New Hampshire same-sex unions SIGNED INTO LAW

628 sickened by recalled peanut butter (updated)

Above average, maybe hyperactive, hurricane season forecast...

The tinfoil around my head this morning must be a little tight - I keep

Stupid CNN Talking Head Quizzes Spelling Bee Champ

Giant U.S. embassy rising in Baghdad

Another 9-11-type BORDER breach - at the Northern - NOT the Southern - border (TB guy)

Please allow me to introduce myself (pic)

I learned a new word during the Spelling Bee-Kakistocracy

Watching Peter Hart (pollster) doing a 2008 focus group. BAD NEWS.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Dan Bartlett resigning from * White House.

MSNBC Breaking that Dan Barlett is resigning; eom.

From Baghdad to Tehran: On the Road to Gambler’s Ruin

LOL- RNC facing"estimated 40 percent fall-off in small-donor contributions"

Dead Guantanamo prisoner had U.S. military training

Kakistocracy - The Bush mal-Administration Has a New Name and Definition

Friday TOONS: Current Events edition

America's Iraq strategy boosts US combat losses

What's the most important issue facing America? Iraq? Immigration? Vote here:

Iraqi Police Chief Who Had Been Praised By U.S. Arrested By U.S. Forces

Sick of Faux News everywhere? Turn it off with TV-B-Gone!

For want of a nail

U.S. compensated Iraqis, Afghans nearly $31 million for killing civilians, GAO says

Rep. WAXMAN: Oversight Committee Requests Documents From Doan Investigation = HATCH ACT

How many think TB Guy is not loved by his new father-in-law?

John Dean: The Bush Administration's Dilemma Regarding a Possible Libby Pardon

Administration Oversight Committee Announces Hearing with GSA Administrator Doan

Dan Bartlett resigns to go into private business. Just heard on CSPAN.

Advisers Don't Want Shareholders To Tie Exec Pay To Performance @ Wal-Mart

Randi Rhodes will be on Washington Journal, 9am E.S.T.

Anybody else see Randi on WJ?

So Dan Bartlett is resigning! Flood water must be rising!

Heads up! Randi Rhodes will be on WJ on C-Span at 9am!

MSM slamming B*sh for flip flopping on Climate Change.

And It's Gonna Be Bad In August

Marines Threaten To Revoke Honorable Discharges, Bust to"Other Than Honorable" for Pro-Peace Actions

Group Wants Sheehan's Land

I agree with the president: We shouldn't leave Iraq until the mission is accomplished

A Senate panel rejects Bush's secret interrogations

Starting next week, Rep. Jerrold Nadler is going to be a VERY busy guy!

BRAVE MOM-Who Lost Son-Gets In Bush's Face: "Yes I am Hostile, Because -YOU-Sent My Son Over There"

White House Blames NASA Chief’s Global Warming Denial On His ‘Wry Sense Of Humor’

Obvious gas price fixing and Congressmen cant see this?

Dem CONGRESS: Investigations - White House Use of Private E-mail Accounts

WP: Bartlett's wife, Allyson, had joked that they should name their newborn "Exit Strategy."

Where is Al Gore on the Political Spectrum

Will someone turn (finally) and give us the real dirt? and who will it be?

Dem CONGRESS: Investigations - Disclosure of CIA Agent Identity

TB Guy and Universal Healthcare:

ONLY 599 more days!

Is Joe Scarborough the new permanent MSNBC TV morning guy now?

'WHAT ARE REPUBLICANS?': Help John Boehner Polish the GOP "Brand"

Why didn't Fitz call Cheney to the stand in the Libby trial?

Enviro groups state obvious: Bush has zero credibility on greenhouse emissions

Jeff Cohen: Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?

Bush Causes Cancer - STILL No Impeachment

So subpoenas were issued and ignored and what did Congress do about it?

Skinner --- Could we have a Bush Count Down clock

about the TB-guy... just asking

Poll: Gore ahead of Rudy in Pennsylvania -- better against Rudy than other Dems

Good morning kids! Happy Hurricane Season!

Rangel says Bush will soon declare victory in Iraq again and begin scaling back troop levels

If You're Awake Don't Forget To Watch Randi On "the Span" At 9am EST

"The White House Thinks Its Base Is Stupid" - By Peggy Noonan

CNN Reports Dan Bartlett Resigns, WHO IS LEFT?

Judge Walton Used To Be A Federal Prosecutor

Iraq Cease-Fire: The Real Answer

U.S. embassy ‘built with coerced labor’

Google's "Street View" Zooms In Too Close for Some

JUMPER...GW Bridge NYC...holding up traffic, disrupting hundreds of thousands

have a friday afternoon chuckle

Pro-War group wants Sheehan's land

Dang looks like my senator is doing poorly in his run for president

Dan Bartlett resigns

Ah yes, another life preserver thrown to the warmongers..."Sept. is too soon for surge progress"

Irony of Ironies - US Embassy in Iraq, made to spread freedom, was built with "coerced labor"

Has Impeachment Actually Begun and We Simply Haven't Caught On To It Yet?

A Surgeon General Who Will "Cure" Gays?

In the midst of it all, a happy reminder ....

Gulf Coast Organizations in Need

As World Warms, White House Aspires: "Global warming meltdown in Bush message machine"

Hahaha Rep. Boehner to form GOP cheer up group to attempt to solve GOP morale problems

Mo. man burns books as act of protest

Student at college Jerry Falwell founded is held after testimony of violent plans

Baghdad under newest PNAC attack...

O'Reilly thinks he is "Part of the white, male Christian power structure" in the US

Attorney General rules bonuses from Blackwell illegal.

Why is immigration the last straw with Republicans?

anyone here ever build any structures (houses, cabins, etc) with bamboo?

Edwards, Kucinich and Howard Dean all have something in common...

Salon: U.S. government now outsources a vast portion of its spying operations to private firms

Michael Reagan: 'Dying' US troops do 'such a fabulous job'

Let's play a game ::: For Hugo to be right, these must be wrong...

For the many uninformed: Vote Caging in a Nutshell

What's with Poppy Bush? He keeps crying in public.

Kevorkian released. Is his stance on right to die the correct one?

Giuliani Closed Off Streets To Avoid 9/11 Victims' Families

Pastor Ted Haggard's boy toy has a new book coming out.

Campaign for America's Future and AirAmerica to take back Sun. talk shows.

On Wallmart and interesting encounter

Bartett's departure is hugh!!!

"Scientist Gets Own Personal Genome Map" and also does not seem to care for the Iraq war

ACLU files suit for Robert Daniels, TB patient jailed for 9 months

Check out this anti dem poll

TB victim's father-in-law is TB researcher for the CDC!?!

Drugs giant faces criminal charges over clinical trial

Baghdad embassy plans appear on Internet

POPCORN! Get Yer Popcorn HERE: Bush Blowing It On Immigration Reform (CNN NOW)

Now I know why AAR radio has jumped the shark. Green's brother was 41's advisor

MSNBC storm preparedness polling. Did they say "Alex I'll take the commonly known info for $100"

Ummm, guys... About Dan Bartlett leaving, did you hear that

Whose crimes are/were the worst? Nixon or Bush II

Bush/Condi/"Hudsucker Proxy" mash-up

I need to be educated about Al Gore -- can anyone help?

If George W. Bush had a (D) after his name, would he have been Impeached

Self-Delete Dupe.

Here is an experiment that might surprise you....

Its Friday Ya Bastads!!!

TPM Muckraker: Bushists studied Soviet, Chinese "interrogation" techniques for guidelines in 2002

G.O.P. Immigration Immolation

CIA Bars Plame From Publishing Materials It Released Publicly 15 Months Ago

What will the $592 million, 104-acre U.S. embassy compound in Iraq stand for?

Truly a psychotic MF.....(Froomkin)

Who has learned what from Watergate?

88% of Gulf residents have not reinforced their homes (hurricane season)

Timeline may show Gonzales obstructed probe

MSNBC "News VIPS" Poll: Rate the Morning Show Replacements

Most Idiotic Bumpersticker

roseanne barr wants rosie's vacant spot on "the view"

Dan Barlett's leaving the psycho's administration "to spend more time with his family."

AirTran sacks Michael Vick

WaPo - Bush Fears for Nation's Soul

I am sick of the f*cking Bush family.

Military Attorney Imprisoned For Upholding Constitution and Rule of Law at Guantanamo

Do any tax breaks or benefits help out single women with no children and no property?

Garrison Keillor supports this pig....

What Does An Army Prosecutor Do In Iraq? Tim Griffin Question

Whoops! Sen. Wayne Allard has to retract

Something last night on CSPAN pissed me off

Whatever happened to Iraq rapist/murderer Steven Green?

I like Link TV however

Come to Washington, DC on Tues, June 26, for a "Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice"

I love Randi Rhodes and She Is On C-SPAN NOW!

Vets Back Man in Trouble Over Protest (AP)

Make Your House Hurricane Proof (as seen on ABC's GMA)

Looks like it's "Morning Joe" — Scarborough favorite to get morning MSNBC slot

the Rush/Bush feud is great. "he (bush) is pissing off us that stood with him through thick and thi

White House follows new path to secrecy

U.S. Media Blows Coverage Of Bush’s Climate Speech, Needs Tutorial From International Press

Dear Cindy, I hope you saw this OPUS.

Freeper advises Cheneys how to deal with lesbian parents: SUE FOR CUSTODY

Monster Pig Photo was Fake

IAEA's ElBaradei: "New Crazies Want To Bomb Iran;" Rice: Cheney Doesn't Want To Bomb Iran

Does anyone have the Wizard of Oz pic with the house falling on the Wicked Witch of the East?

What I Don't Understand Re: TB Guy

Back From the Dead and Facing Life - Trial Recalls Horrors of the Klan

Schlozman Under Fire From Senate Over Effort To Squash Voter Suppression Probe

Bush Nominates Homophobic Surgeon General Who Wants To Cure Gays

Fixing Our Broken Food System

The TB guy does not have brown skin

3477 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hissyspit's Pick For Post Of The Day

Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Infected Plane Passenger Data Dump

I don't know if this has been pointed out or not.

"Obama Expresses Solidarity With Union" ...union hotel and casino workers

HOLY SHIT are you listening to Randi? Corruption is gasp...christian conservatives

Marines threaten to change Iraq vet's honorable discharge to dishonorable for anti-war activities

Kidney transplant TV show is a hoax

HEHE...local church is being investigated by the IRS..ABOUT DAMN TIME

Report: War Sympathy Payments Plunge - GAO Report Requested By Sen. Kennedy

Mark Morford: Is Lindsay Lohan The Antichrist?

Europe furious at US climate call

Presidental candidates are asking for protection for visits to Iraq...

Fort Lewis reconsiders consolidating memorial services

Libby Defense: didn't know Plame info classified, couldn't have knowingly violated Espionage Act

Celebrate 6-10-1953: John Edward's birthday

Thinking of buying a Saturn L100, but I worry about the future of the company

IAEA chief warns of "crazies" seeking Iran war

126 Americans Died in Iraq in May

Secret Service routinely destroyed Cheney's visitor logs

How important is a candidate's 'faith' when you vote?

A peacekeeper, healing the world; Rabbi Arthur Waskow is honored.

Qualifications for any President

The 60-storey house for just one family

The Media, Democratic Candidates, and the NIE

Pew Poll: 83% of Americans Now Think Interracial Dating is Okay

George Allen's back, as leader of the PAC

"Sex Blogger Files for Bankruptcy "

Mea Culpa (long, but hopefully worthwhile)

I guess repubs don't like to be called unpatriotic by w. (peggy noonan on immigration bill)

I'll just say this and drop it like a rock.

It's Night at the Improv with Tweety on Spitball...

What is going on concerning the directive...

Barry !!??!!1

Tropical Storm Barry forms in Gulf of Mexico

Ill. students lose diplomas over cheers (and, it appears, race)

Schlozman Under Fire From Senate Over Effort To Squash Voter Suppression Probe

Venezuela's counter-revolution won't be televised... but it will be on YouTube

Email from my niece in Baghdad

Children without sex is what the future holds, claims inventor of the Pill

Tropical Storm Barry forms in Gulf of Mexico.

Democrats Have Lost 2008 - Wonder if they know

VFW now supports Marine reservist’s freedom of speech

My son's employer has asked all employees to get passports

TB patient demonstrates *'s utter failure once again

Fred Thompson: Another Beltway Bubba?

Randi Rhodes latest blog post is up at AAR

What Should The Anti-War Movement Do Now? - ANSWER Proposal For 1 MILLION-STRONG PROTEST In D.C.

sony develops TV as thin as paper


Army reports shortage of training, personnel, and equipment in combat medical units

Why doesn't Palast publish all the emails?

Michael Reagan: "Yes, they are dying, but they are doing such a fabulous job ..."

Why are Rove and Gonzo still in office? What strategy supports these Bush decisions?

Cadet Repudiates Cheney at West Point Ceremony

"Ecodefense" and corporate personhood -- a resource and response for:

"...a terrible crime has been committed." Bush/bLiar prosecuting! Robert Parry


Tim Griffin Resigns as US Attorney of Arkansas Following Conyers' Request For BBC Documents.


Ground Zero illnesses come back to haunt Giuliani

Defense Secretary, Top General Endorse 50-Year U.S. Presence In Iraq

Alert - Greg Palast will be on Randi after the half hour.

FDA says avoid toothpaste made in China - it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze

Thursday's NJ Homeland Security nightmare, or how I almost got arrested

Cadet Repudiates Cheney at West Point Ceremony

Mr. Gore: Impeachment Is About Citizens Becoming Involved in Democracy!

The level of discussion on DU is getting pretty sucky.

DU Presidential Primary Donation Tally (June 1): 21 donations, $1,025 raised. Kucinich leading!

I think if we let them, repubs would bring back slavery.

Peace to All Our Fallen Soldiers, and Their Families...

Scientists create new crop of genetically modified crops

Tax breaks for vegetarians?

"John Edwards Attacks Big Oil With Laser-Like Focus" --LINK

UH OH! Now there;s a "Measles Man" who flew around, too...

Military Discovers new Armored Vehicles can't Stop Newest Bombs; Spending Billions on them Anyway

I don't get it...

Is the economy tanking? Are there a lot of layoffs in you area?

Dobbs: NYT are ‘commies,’ ‘fascists’ for criticizing me

editorial in scientific journal Nature protests the use of "terrorism" charges...

Impeachment is on the table......... and my answer to a call for money

Poppy breaks down slobbering again.

Central Florida radio station refuses to fire DJ for racist comment

A DU criminal investigation thread: Bush's White House Staff

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 1, 2007***

Bush Looking To Pass The Buck On Iraq

Jobs and Gates together: body language analysis, anyone?

What an inspiring story! High school elects transgendered prom queen!

St. Scooter of Felony

Home LED lighting is just around the corner!

The options: withdrawal from Iraq in one year or 50

Ads tout lighter skin for romance, power and employment

Chairman Waxman Responds to WH -Fielding's May 18 Letter = Iraq Intelligence and Nuclear Evidence

Dem CONGRESS: Thorn in the side of GOP says he's just doing his job = WAXMAN

Rs COVER-UP Continues: Secret Service routinely destroyed Dick Cheney's visitor records

How Homosexuality Was Removed as a Mental Disorder by the American Psychiatric Association

Chavez "Venezuela has oil for 200 years" Greg Palast film

DEM CONGRESS: House Committee Reiterates Request for Documents Related to Plame-Wilson Disclosure

Dem CONGRESS: Waxman Questions White House Security Practices

Iraq Intelligence and Nuclear Evidence = Hearing with SoS Rice< Tenet and Hadley added now.

Thanks, Ron Paul!

What is the number 1 reason for the neo con's amazing success?

Sun Myung Moon front group in CT gets 80,000 in federal money

Fred Thompson's daughter is hot!

TB man never got married in Europe

Abramoff and Kark Rove Linked to Prosecution of Ex-Alabama Governor and Campaign Finances

Critics press Romney on immigration view (Boston Globe)

Live!Rude!Girl! : MySpace Race - Who's The Coolest Candidate?

One place where Obama and Elbows still meet

Hillary Clinton brings innovation agenda to Silicon Valley

The U.S. military is in the hands of crackpot commanders; see benefit of Korea model

On Howard Stern's show now:

I turn on Olbermann once in a while and listen to the hate spuuing it

Breaking: Democrats Acknowledge Existence of God!

One Place Where Obama Goes Elbow to Elbow

Source: Al Gore Opposes Impeaching Bush

A Back Door for Terrorists (By Richard Clarke)

look at this NY Times headline..

Ill. Ex-Gov. Ryan Loses Pension Appeal (AP)

I find it amusing watching Clinton, Obama, and Edwards partisans on this board

Randi Rhodes On Washington Journal 9 AM EST

Randi Rhodes of Air America - a MUST READ interview!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Announces Legislation to Create “Strategic Energy Fund” to Invest in

Turns out that Edwards, like Hillary, didn't read the 2002 NIE after all

Ok, DU. Let's strategize a bit for September.

What's happening with Jennings/Buchanan in Florida? Any Floridians know?

"They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure" (VIDEO)

Could Tweety be any more of a numbskull?

Here's my proposal for what Dems should've done with the Iraq War Funding

Debating in Parallel Universes: Democrats debate health care, Republicans debate torture

Have you signed the petition to impeach Gonzo?

Conservative Catholics are preparing to Swift Boat Ghouliani

Young Democrats 2007 Spring Convention

Study finds media overplays religious conservatives

Bush and Cheney Break The Law AGAIN

Coffin Delays Clinton Fundraiser

Lying Ass GONZO is on C-Span talking to the ATF

Pelosi says Bush "in denial" on warming (Reuters)

Two Great Quotes By Democratic Presidents

Mohamed ElBaradei says risk of war because of "new crazies who say 'let's go and bomb Iran.' "

More Ethics Charges in Kentucky Gov't (AP)

Connecticut Post editorial slams Lieberman (CFL-CT) and Rep. Shays (R-CT)

Bush fools American press on climate change but not Europe

convince me to support Al Gore

Obama Gives Up Questionable Donation (AP)

Josh Marshall: "What am I missing?"

Rudy Attacks Hillary For -- Gasp! -- Wanting To "Go Back To The Nineties"

Should the show of religion/faith be a necessary part of the election process ?

Anti-crime teams sent to 4 more cities

Over Cigars, Schwarzenegger, Speaker Build Unlikely Bond

The Evils of Lesser Evil Voting

In a perfect World:

Hilary declares to Silicon Valley that she will work

Another hypocrite pro-life republican making nutty statements

John Stolz of contrasts John Kerry's visits to the troops with Joe Lieberman's

RNC faces donor falloff, fires solicitors

AP: Iowa presents problems for Clinton

Who is this asshat on Tweety talking about "There's a Liberal

Is Fred Thompson too LAZY to get nominated?

Faith playing larger role in 2008 race

Hillary Clinton Touts Clean Coal

How many of our Dem candidates are serious about alternative energy?

Hello, My name is Up2Late and I'm political e-mail pack-rat (I need e-mail list advice)

New FL poll: Clinton 45% ,Obama 18%, Edwards 14%

Ed Koch, who endorsed Bush in 2004, supports HRC in 08'

Kucinich Undermines Black Voices, Supports Fox (HuffPo)

Billy Graham Library Dedication - President George H.W. Bush wept

REVEALED: Bernstein's "Hillary" book reveals Sen. Clinton to be... a loyal and protective wife!

Who is waiting for Carter to enter the race?

Wow. This was stupid. Bet Clinton fired someone over this.

Giuliani: Worse than Bush (from Rolling Stone)

Wes Clark plays field as '08 hopes fade: "I think about running every single day."

Memo: Rove's Ex-Aide Ralston Would Talk If Given Immunity

Who else is waiting for Gore?


Raging Caging: What the heck is vote caging, and why should we care?

American Dream Team: Draft Gore-Obama

Obama: Restore Environmental Regulations

Kucinich Healthcare Plan