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Archives: June 11, 2007

In Venezuela, Reality TV

Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept. (NYT)

America's Secret Obsession

NYT Editorial: The Democrats Lag on Warming (Dingell - grrrrrr)

Newsweek:Bandar and the $2 Billion Question

Don't Know Much About Biology

We All Need Protection from Hate Crimes

Joe Lieberman, warmongering centrist (Glenn Greenwald)

Bush's Surgeon General Nominee: "Ex-Gay" Therapy On Trial (by Max Blumenthal at HuffPost)

PAUL KRUGMAN: Authentic? Never Mind

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 294

How plants are near perfect at using solar energy

Ready for justice: Idaho downwinders applaud request for oversight hearings

Growing US ethanol market may not be able to absorb supply - AFP

Israel and US begin air exercise

Ex-Navy chief 'took private legal advice on Iraq'

Immigration Judges Often Picked Based On GOP Ties

Cuba ordains first woman bishop

Driver using alternative fuel faces fine

Sex Offenders Housed With Mentally Disabled (Pennsylvania)

U.S. military reports 3 more American troops deaths, including airman killed in roadside bombing

Sarkozy party 'set for landslide'

Harman demands law to curb CIA flights

Romney’s Run Has Mormons Wary of Scrutiny

Lieberman: U.S. should weigh Iran attack

10,000 POSTS!!!

My first try at photography.

Why am I watching 'Grease' (1980) onVH1?

I wanna spend a day with a stunt man!

Well, I sure hope the Sopranos Finale is a good one!

Broadway fans: Tony Awards on CBS now :)))


Any poker players here? (2nd attempt) (card players included)

Picture a post in your eye.

Don't you lounge lizards

Everything is so lush and inebriated in my apartment (pic for proof)

Some classic (and classical) Jethro Tull...

tonight, i watched my first ever episode of the sopranos

let me guess - it ended in such a way that there's a possibility of sequals, etc?

Ipod help

I saw a very interesting sight in North Carolina today!

"9/11 was Made in America" - AJ to Tony

I am confused on what to do here....

Does anybody know where I can join a cult?

Paris Hilton just whacked Tony Soprano.

Great take on Sopranos finale...

PICS: Introducing, the puppy named Templeton

I just watched that show "The Loop", and I have to say that Diora Baird is GORGEOUS!

Seriously, the best advice I got as a kid.

Soprano's is done, anyone watch John from Cincinnati?

I was just reminded of an Artist I love - Regina Spektor

Tonight's Sopranos finale... SPOILERS...

So what happened....did Voldemort kill Tony????? n/t

Well, we just introduced a new cat into our four cat houshold...

Some eyes will roll, but I must know - Priest, or Maiden?

How did this become a flamewar?

David Hasselhoff - "Hooked On A Feeling"

If you're in NYC turn on Channel 2 they will interview Dominic Chianese!

What do you do to get involved?

Aphex Twin

Hug thread...

"Paris Hilton Never Worked a day in her Life"

just for fun~

sometimes all i need

The real reason that guy went on that wheelchair ride

one-line happiness

To whoever recommended Jacob's Ladder....

It's coming in only 10 minutes.... The Sopranos SERIES FINALE!!


my rainpoem

So who whacked Tony?

To whomever recommended the "Flashblock" extension for Firefox:

Roll Call....

I have new, very strange neighbors

Son Of A Bitch!

What did I NOT see or hear at the Renaissance Faire today?

Everything is so lush and green in central Massachusetts (pic for proof)

Did some humanitarian work today

Baby back ribs, cole slaw & ???????. Help me out!

When will my baby cats like me?

Attention Fellow Conspirators...

Video of my Italy vacation

If there were a rock-n-roll hall of shame, who would you vote for?

OK--what the hell just happened on the Sopranos? Cuz my TV

Sopranos: What do YOU think happened?

Can you tell a fake smile from a real one?

Soprano's Finale Thread (Warning: Spoilers likely --- you haven't watched don't read....)

This should be good... the ex I just told to go away's friend is coming over

My mother passed away just over two weeks ago

Things that will happen before a Cleveland team wins a world title in anything.

Student workers vocalize desire to unionize, eliminate unfair discrepancies

In Seattle The UFCW Highlights Gap Between Worker Income And Living Expenses

Eagle's Anger (Kosova War and what the US did)

Katrina vanden Heuvel now on CSPAN 1, Q&A

New online episode of Lil Bush: "Baseball"

E Coli Conservatives who hate the "magic of the market place"....

E-mail your representatives about Gone-zalez vote!

Troops struggle with finding therapists - military insurance is cutting payments to therapists

"Enhanced Interrogation Techiques"

I couldn't help myself, I just burst out laughing!

"Paris Hilton Never Worked a day in her Life"

Iraqi Labor Event in San Francisco and Berkeley

"My man, Mitt! ComMITTed to Romney!"

Fox news, CNN, MSNBC have become tabloid TV

"9/11 was Made in America" - AJ to Tony

Albania!! AlBANia!!1 n/

Well, there goes Bloomberg's chances of a presidential nod...

The werewolf of Washington...

Saw my first Romney for president bumpersticker

Australia storm death toll rises

OK--what the hell just happened on the Sopranos? Cuz my TV

So who whacked Tony?

Sheehan Selling Protest Land to Radio Host

Doesn't Mitt Romney Look Like....

Our minister made an interesting observation and statement

Soprano's Finale Thread (Warning: Spoilers likely --- you haven't watched don't read....)

POTC and a group of annoying idiots!

If you're in NYC turn on Channel 2 they will interview Dominic Chianese!

Do the insane realize they're going insane?

Don't you wish the U.S. had labour protections like these?

Drunk drivers ought to be charged with attempted manslaughter (possibly murder)

Mom's execution: One daughter dreads it; the other welcomes it

Is the Iraqi resistance blowing up bridges to cut off the supply lines for US?

West Brook father successfully campaigns to get school bus seat belt law enacted

Saw a mega-SUV wearing a front plate bearing the mirror image of "MOVE"

Outspoken Political Scientist Denied Tenure at DePaul

This is interesting... the few cars which still sport

What is the point of "securing" or "protecting" Americans if they're all unhappy & depressed?

I propose an "anything goes" General Discussion forum, not the Lounge.

Fox News gives Iraq war less attention

Monday NYTimes Editorial: Vote NO CONFIDENCE On Gonzales ("list of misdeeds long & serious")

The "genius" Petraeus put Anbar in the hands of a highway brigand...Now it's falling apart

I support Bush now

A little perspective on Bush in Albania (my trip to Russia in 1972)...

Former Justice Official Blasts Gonzales

Crazy lady rants against Harry Potter release

Diego Garcia played major role in secret CIA prisons

US confirms it is arming Sunni insurgents

Scientists develop pill to delay the menopause

GOP Senator (Coburn)To Propose Vote of No Confidence -- In Congress

Gorilla pack storms Golden Gate Park -- raising cash for conservation efforts

Are we truly much better off than in the dark ages? After hearing of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib

America is THE BEST country in the world. Why?

"Fuck you I won't do what you tell me"-Rage

Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists

Studies say death penalty deters crime


The wrath of 2007: America's great drought

Cicero got it right about tyranny and tyrants:

Al Gore's book debuts at number ONE on the NYT bestseller list

If there was a George W. Bush High School, it would be "Home of the..."

This Modern World The way they were: A typical day at the Justice Department circa 2005

WOW! Nice e-mail from

Does anyone Remember DU Poster "OneEighty" and can you tell me how to search for him...He Died

The Five Pillars of George W. Bush’s Republican Party

What happened to businesslike transactions?

English as our national language?

For a more meaningful Fourth of July-- Help out a soldier

Confessions of a chronic water waster.....

My Abortion

Free General Vang Pao, Hero of the Hmong People!

Libby’s Supporters Learn That Letters Take on New Life on the Web

An urgent campaign: Undermining the "official story" on Peak Oil

Doubts about Monkeyman's military service.

Support Displaced NSU Workers

Beef recall expanded to 5.7 million pounds

New York Fills Barack's Coffers

New War on Hillary

Is Lieberman Really Cheney's Sockpuppet?

Haven't heard this on my Tee Vee news; The wrath of 2007: America's great drought .......

What Democratic presidential candidates will say about the Sopranos final show

Lieberman urges military strike on Iran

NYT: The Democrats Lag on Warming (we could wind up in worse shape than under the Republicans?!!!)

A small Point overlooked by Networks today

CNN Re-running Dem Debate from Last Week...Hillary says I READ IT ALL and voted for War?

Is Edwards going to appear on Hardball tomorrow (Monday)?

Why Israel Does Not Engage With Saudi peace Initiative

Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy

This CIA Mission -- Better Contract-Workforce Management -- Isn't Classified

Potentially Incompatible Goals at F.D.A.

Vote on Gonzales marks juncture in probe

Richard Hasen: The fraudulent fraud squad

At A Glance: Some of the 37 immigration judges selected since 2004

Iran's other youth movement

Prisons ban religious books over terror fear

Time once again to play--Selective Outrage!


5 Myths About Scooter and the Slammer --WaPo

U.S. Arming Sunnis in Iraq to Battle Old Qaeda Allies (NY Times)

What exactly happened that day in Fallujah?

Now the Democrats Are Funding Abstinence?

The Wisdom of America / A Canadian Point of View

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Education for All (The Nation)

The Real Cost Of Offshoring

The U.S. attorney scandal matters

Last Plamegate Worry for Bush-Cheney By Robert Parry

Saudis tool up for war

Chalmers Johnson on George Washington, Ron Paul, the False Iraq-as-Korea Meme...

NYT: Pakistan’s Dictator

TPM: Forget the Truth

Dissidents Against Dogma (Global Warming Scam) By ALEXANDER COCKBURN

Top 25 Most Popular Blogs June 2007

CIA secret prison "proof" falls short, for now (Reuters)

GI in Iraq read Holocaust memoir to pick up torture tips

The Missing American Bomb (The Nation)

Why You May Not Want An iPhone

Midge Miller: For democracy, we must consider impeachment

The War Comes Home: Covering the Plight of the Badly Wounded

The Senator with the Warmest Nose

Putin calls for new financial world order (

It will be a hungry summer for low-income kids on vacation from school lunch programs

The War Room: It's the Decider's world. We just live in it

40 years ago, interracial couple broke the color barrier

Is Your Presidential Candidate Owned by Wall Street? (by Dean Baker for Truthout)

Virginia Senator James Webb: Washington's Most Unlikely Revolutionary

America's Lords and Masters: The Trust-Fund Babies

AP Interview: Chavez Connects With Poor

Military plan against Iran is ready

History’s Quiet Footsteps

Norman Solomon: The Silence of the Bombs

Nancy on Hillary / And the Horse You Rode In On

Our Coming National Nightmare

Out to Get ACORN: How a GOP vendetta sowed the seeds of the attorneygate scandal

The triple challenge of a new energy policy

Rare mountain gorilla shot dead in DR Congo reserve - AFP

Climate change -- happiness is a warm Japanese beetle. If you're a Japanese beetle.

Saudis Hold Asian July Exports At April Levels - 9 -10% Below Contracted Amounts

Squeezing Hydropower

Gonu aftermath

Woods Hole Report Surveys Extent Of Central African Deforestation, Growth Of Logging Roads - AFP

Adventures in the Smart Grid #1 (Grist)

Societal Pop!

Lake Victoria Down Nearly 4 Feet, Lowest Since 1951; Kenyan President Calls For Action - AFP

Beijing Hits Peak Electricity Demand For 2007 As Steamy Heat Intensifies - China Daily

New Jersey residence runs on solar generated hydrogen.

Denver targets global warming

Growers Fear the Sting of Bee Die-Off

Arctic Sea Ice Update - Large Holes In Baffin Bay, Franz Josef Land - 60% Coverage N. Beaufort Sea

Rooftop farming taking root

Dirty Snow May Warm Arctic As Much As Greenhouse Gases

I told you.

Water Systems Grinding To A Halt In Baghdad - Shutdowns Now Affecting Green Zone - ENS

Colony Collapse: Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?

In Guiyu, China's E-waste Capital, 90% Of Residents Have Skin, Nerve Or Respiratory Illnesses

Diesel shortage could hinder (US) wheat harvest

Naked Bike Riders: The Sacrifices We Must Make To Stop Global Warming (Pic Heavy)

First zero-emission home unveiled (UK)

'Corruption Worse Than Iranian Threat'

9 killed in Palestinian infighting

The wrath of 2007: America's great drought

New War on Hillary

Tribal Coalition in Anbar Said to Be Crumbling; U.S.-Backed Group Has Fought Al-Qaeda in Iraq

No signs of phaseout for Guantanamo

Iran envoy's meeting with IAEA canceled

UK's Brown in Iraq to meet Maliki - state television

Afghan MPs insist on foreign minister's sacking

Israel launches spy satellite

3 U.S. troops killed in Iraq car bombing (bridge )

Terror database open for public inspection

Education Department Whistle-Blower Says Agency Ignored His Report on Private Lending

Iran aids Afghanistan, but may have helped Taliban too: NATO general

(Supreme) Court Rules Against Philip Morris

Sudan is secret partner of U.S. ; Khartoum supplies information to the CIA on insurgents in Iraq

Poll: Rural Vote No Longer a Lock for Republicans

Studies say death penalty deters crime

GA Court Finally Orders Release of Genarlow Wilson

Flynt Says Scandal Bribe Yielding Tips

US loses landmark Supreme Court environmental case

(Supreme) Court to Review Cocaine Sentencing Case


House Democrat warns GOP on Earmarks

'Military plan against Iran is ready'

Colombia ordered to pay millions in massacre case

Suicide bomber destroys bridge in Iraq's Diyala

GOP dismisses Gonzales vote as 'political trick'


AWOL Mom Chose Her Daughter Over Her Country(Honorable Discharge)

Army misses recruiting goal in May

Specter says he'll vote against Gonzales

Court rules against enemy combatant policy

Vote on (Massachusetts) gay marriage ban could be delayed

Experts refine the structure of the Bank of the South


Ga. Court tosses voter ID challenge

States Finding Fiscal Surprise: A Cash Surplus

Thousands show up in hopes of landing jobs at new Nestle plant

Kuwait says US cannot use bases for any Iran strike

Serbs "disgusted" by Bush Kosovo pledge - premier

Doctor: Sen. Johnson will be able to resume his duties

Tauzin is unnamed lawmaker in Jefferson indictment

(Supreme) Court Rules Against Home Care Workers

New Light Shed on Farm Subsidy Payments

Children with Autism Get Day in Court

(Supreme) Court Allows Recovery of Cleanup Costs

Man labeled 'enemy combatant' wins US court case

Gonzales no-confidence vote effort fails

Iran: Israel, civilians in ME are targets for retaliatory attack

(UK) Tories lose Iraq war inquiry vote

Nuremberg prosecutor says Guantanamo trials unfair

Inmates protest removal of religious books from prison library

Judge frees teen imprisoned for consensual oral sex

CBS: One more sign of how 'thinly stretched' Army is now

Chávez rebuts any deals with guerrillas

FDA: Diet pill may increase suicidal thoughts

Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution

Appeal blocks release in teen sex case

Soldier missing after Fort Hood drill

N.C. Marine camp's water under scrutiny

State Democrats To Keep Primary (Florida)

Chinese hospitals used fake drips

Lawsuit: Katrina Pets Executed

Va. Tech Victims' Kin Feel "Ostracized"

I don't give a flying rats ass about The Sopranos!

Studies show that wrongly executed persons are deterred.


Karma hates me.

Screw the Sopranos. Who watched this week's Doctor Who?

Anyone else ever eat at Hyman's Seafood in Charleston, SC?

Fabric softener on linoleum floor...most slippery thing in the world?

I need breakin 1000 ideas..

invent CSI shows

Strange question but if anyone can lend a hand , please feel free....

A G8 with Vodka, please...

Please allow me to introduce myself...

what are you doing up at this hour?

I'm watching a show about volunteers pulling dead bodies out of cars

CraftyGal is tickling and poking me

That Helen Crump: what a fucking busybody!

Britain's got talent

Three years ago today....

Where to Live After Retirement:

Dr. Pepper, cheddar popcorn, and MST3k's "Manos: The Hands of Fate"

Strippers Charged For 'Excessive Nudity'

Good Morning.

Construction Workers Put Up "Old People Suck" Sign - Florida Seniors Not Amused

OMG!!! I made the Greatest Page!

Burger King & McDonald's Offer Spam For Breakfast In Hawaii

Ahh. I passed a CLASSIC scene of public road-works today

I thought "The Sopranos" was a PBS special, like the

I am a San Francisco Giants fan -- I'm begging anyone

What work of art is this?

I had my first night alone with babybunnypants.

Mother Arrested After Starving 10 Year Old Son Goes Door To Door Looking For Food

I hate that *$#@IN! Sea bass

What do teachers make.....

Parents Get 2 Years In Jail For Buying Beer For 16 Year Old And Friends (Everyone Spent The Night)

RIP The Paper

Canadian patient bleeds green

Ever seen dogs this fat?

Canceled Verizon Yahoo, can't get to e-mail

a snotty email i sent to the news director at our local ABC affiliate

Got the BBC version of the Planet Earth series

Saw Ocean's 13 yesterday. It was showing in three different theatres

I think I'm the angriest I've ever been at DH

what kind of thinker are you?


Monday dial up warning - What a difference a day makes

Husband Writes Profanity On Wife's Body While She Slept - Wife Bites Husband - Wife Jailed

Have you heard of the "Korean bee man"? (pic enclosed)

6 Year Old Girl Dies While Trying To Change TV Channel

Link to a piece I posted in GD.

who forgot to plug in the ion cannon?

the buddha of suburbia

So, what have you got in your garden this season?

what was the sexiest book you ever read?

My Big Fat Attitude Problem, Toward a Woman with Big Problems. (long)

Gawd Monday mornings SUCK at work

I'm too tired to read! Sob...

If Paris Hilton is truly a changed woman

Question about Message I Recieved on Myspace : Might Crosspost in GLBT forum.

Mrs. Bunnypants almost went redneck yesterday.

I am the biggest fucking idiot in the world.

I just ordered the Ab-Doer

I just put Soft Paws on my three cats! Ask me anything!

Name at least one obscene TV show

WTF is the matter with people?

i need to come clean to you guys about something, it's been bothering me for a while

Beginning July 1st It Will Be Illegal In Iowa To Dismember A Corpse

3 weeks from today, I'm going to Germany. Ask me anything

Paris H. says "she won't act dumb anymore."

Because people are INCREDIBLY ...

and thats 1000!

how much explanatory power does this statement have?

Needed -- Rehabs for cell phone addicts.

Anyone know where I can find the V FOR VENDETTA speech on-line?

Have you checked out your address on Google StreetView?

Apple To Debut $2.99 Movie "Rentals"

Love her? Hate her? Indifferent?

Because people are INCREDIBLY hasty, I'm going to say this...

Orbit's Mint Mojito

Police: Famous 'Hiccup Girl' Now A Runaway

If our pets had opposable thumbs they would ditch us.....discuss

'A beaver wrecked my race' - Davidson

Because people are INCREDIBLY tasty, I'm going to say this...

Because people are INCREDIBLY feisty, i'm going to say this...

Who is the oldest DU'er? Not in dog years or DU years but in

I just ordered 2 cans of Cafe du Mond. Ask me anything

INCREDIBLY because I see pasties, I'm going to say this...

know what i Love about troLLs?

know what i Love about RoLLs?

Because people are INCREDIBLY sexy, I'm going to say this...

know that i gLove when i touch a BoiL?

yoko lays down the ultimate guilt trip

So, it occured to me last night, god keeps me broke

What are people paying for groceries/household items?

bozo lays down the ultimate quilt zip

Snicker, Snicker, Snicker-A Bit Petty But Fun

Monday questions for the Lounge-o-philes

know what i Love about boiLs?

Can we all try to get a thong?

Name a weevil so prolonged, irritable, and chronic, you fear squeezing it because it might wee.

I was looking for sandals online, when all of a sudden. . .

Why do you buy diamonds?

I saw the movie Pollock....

So I was messing around in the kitchen last night...

Oooooooh Apple's WWDC now happening, here's a live link to watch updates:

Young Jim Morrison in early TV commercial

Does anyone here get their broadband through HughesNet?

You know what I love about pot??

P. Hilton T-Shirt Suggestions

Karma is a funny thing.

Post a topic that would make me cry


Can we all try to get along?

Because people are INCREDIBLE patsies, I recommend this:

What's the difference between George W. Bush & Paris Hilton?

Let me sing you a waltz...

Young Leonard Nimoy in an early (1954) episode of 'Dragnet'

Because people are INCREDIBLY pasty, i'm going to say this

Is there something wrong with saying I put out my bottles for the homeless?

Seeing all of these threads about "The Sopranos" last night...

You know what I love about pot?

Sometimes reading threads in the Lounge feels like a malignant game of Clue

Lookee what we found hanging out on our roof Saturday...***Dialup Warning***

15 years and 4 hours later.....

Can I haz belly rub?

I am getting Wal-Mart propaganda on my answering machine

Has anyone had a horrifing experience flying Us Air

You know what I love about snot?

Really bad "Jesus freak" music & dancing...

My DU bumpersticker came today. I must say the DU stationery is elegantly understated.

Nobody's series finale comes close to "Blake's 7"'s. So there. boss constantly uses a non-word that grates on my last nerve.

I just smoked my last cigarette.

Bad day. Time for some riddles.

Video of my Italy Erection.

You ever have one of those days...

Because People are INCREDIBLY nasty, I'm going to say this...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/11/2007)

Here is why I thought last nights Sopranos finale WAS GREAT

You know what I like about babies?

OK. Let's talk hair. Cuts. Color . Prices. Male and female.

should i feel incredibly superior beause i spent no mental energy wondering about the

ALERT: The Sopranos was just a TV show.

Giving the kitten his ear medicine is a real battle of wills

"Caged" Paris Finds God, Phones Walters

I think someone should 'smudge' the Lounge with sage...

The Sopranos' David Chase rewrites 'The Lord of the Rings'

Happy birthday AwsiDooger & lumberingbear!!

Perfume question for the lounge

Here is why I thought last nights Sopranos finale SUCKED

Hallelujah! I have seen the light!

"Still standing" is the funniest show no longer on TV

Uh oh... hang on to your hats! Hiccup girl is missing!

What's for Dinner DU?!

Let me be Frank

Name The Worst TV Series Finale

An outsiders thoughts/questions about the Lounge

Atleast 10 times today, I have almost posted a response

Lounge Potluck Supper - What are you bringing?

I was blessed Today

I just want to say I'm the ONLY person who has

Utah Man Wants "In God We Trust" Posted In Every Classroom

Why is it so much easier to love our four-legged friends than other humans? nt

The Sopranos SUCKED last night - made M*A*S*H last episode look genius

Music Thread

Last week I:

I love Vancouver


My night with Paris Hilton, as told by Lostinva

Tonight on the Hallmark Channel: The newest sequel by Michael Landon Jr....

'Newhart' still stands as the best series finale ever

Congratulations Demeter!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations shanti!! 10,000 posts

For everybody who wants to gripe about milk prices, here's a reminder of what's in it:

What would you do if you discovered your dog was racist?

I passed my British Driver's Test.... Ask me Anything

Blue company Apple takes on Red MS in browser wars. Safari now

Post here if you like Kate Rusby

You know what I love about pots?

I have this fear

June 12, 1982 Rally for Nuclear Freeze, New York City

I just received a really weird phone call.

$5 for a 12 pack of Coke cans! Who the fuck do they think they are?

DU LOUNGE needs it's own logo & mascot

Who is your favorite pro wrestler(s)?

If I get this job history will be made

Name at least one obscure TV show

School Defends Serving 6th-Graders Gin During Ceremony

Name an evil so profound, illimitable, and cthonic you fear speaking of it because it might hear.

Boxing: June 13-16

Workers call off strike at KSC

(China) Olympic firms 'abusing workers'

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth reports from the 1992 Democratic Convention

Plague Outbreak!

Culture of Fear

Fathers Day for Peace

Sarkozy at G8.......a little slurred and wobbly


Bill Richardson's New TV Ad

Lewis Black on Broadway

Kucinich promises hearings on financial matters related to 911

Did anybody notice the S&P 500 closed at an all time high on May 30, 2007?

Can you tell a fake smile from a real one?

Anyone seen Gus Van Zant's "Last Days"?

In a Zogby poll, doing my banking at ... Conmerica ... is a possible selection.

Drought -- the greatest story never told?

'Mooning' Martin Luther King " - With Our Tax Dollars!!!...

Just now, George Carlin (probably too late by now, given my typing speed)

We've succeeded in creating an American-style democracy in Iraq!

Chickenshit fucking trolls:

Request for clarification of topics

DU down yet again

Right Wing Propaganda fluff..

3,508 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Heads Up For Paris Hilton: Women Behind Bars Use Skittles, Crystal Light As Makeup

(TOON) Rowson: Shrub meets the Pope

China flooding forces 600,000 to leave home

Scooter's lawyers tried to invoke the "bloggers are mean" defense


Saw Ocean's 13 yesterday. It was showing in three different theatres

Iraq: Battle Over Bush Oil Law Proposal

Serving at the pleasure of whom?

I blame myself for our downfall in Iraq

Drunk people don't stop driving or drinking

Top-Ten Reasons to Get Out of Iraq. Now!

"We have made a deal with the devil" just sent out a GREAT e-mail w/ tons of activist links & announcements

I think I was push-polled yesterday

My Local Paper says Gonzales will Survive No-Confidence Vote

Now is the time to villify "Republicans"

Why is the media pushing "a big drop in oil prices?" MSNBC has

Bush demands an exit strategy... from Clinton

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I thought here in the East, we didn't have to worry about water wars.

Fox News gives Iraq war less attention

Gonzales vote dismisses GOP as 'political trick'

Novak: GOP base to Bush: "Let Gonzales go, and pardon Libby"

Anyone notice that cable news has been giving the Jose Padilla terra trial Ø coverage?

More from "Sunshine" the 15 year old Iraqi blogger.

What I don't understand about not having the votes for impeachment argument

Pls. delete. nt

Greg Palast on the Battle to End Vulture Funds-Democracy Now! today:

Lawsuit says NOLA Sheriffs shot dozens of dogs after Katrina (ABC)

The Pope has lamented the “continual slaughter” in Iraq - Lamented?

Prince Bandar was shown Essential details of Iraq Attack before Colin Powell was informed....

US International Trade Commission Issues Cellphone Ban: Effective Immediately

Great Bush Library Location: Tirana, Albania

Military tests new armored vehicle, but hasn't ordered any

US Ambassador to Iraq admits some Iraqis who fought Americans will receive amnesty

Reality Check Poll: Are you satisfied with the job performance of the Democratic Leadership

Bulgaria flies the US flag, too...

To reap reform we must end anti-trust protections for insurance/financial/energy sectors

Blast Wall Haulers Face Dangerous Gamble on Iraqi Highways

BLACKWATER Bankrolling Torture Flights & STILL Landing In UK

The Libby Letters: Did Michael Horowitz Threaten Judge Walton? (Emptywheel)


What ever happened to John Yoo?

Va. Tech families demand voice on panel

Powell: "If we knew today—or knew then what we know today, that there were no weapons of mass..."

War takes up less time on Fox News

Societal Pop!

Once you come to grips with fact we are now arming Sunnis who attacked us, you know its lost...LINK

WaPo: CIA Plans Cutbacks, Limits on Contractor Staffing

Coca-Cola Extends Its Corporate Control of Water (from Corporate Accountability Int'l)

In the end, the Judicial Branch (with all its Repub Nominated Judges) will have to save us....

Bush Calls Vote on Attorney General `Meaningless'

with everything going on today, Lioniel on AAR is talking about the Sopranos

Ok where do these right wing nuts get their history lesson's?

I think I'm going to take my kids to the new Genesis Creation Museum.

Gates again turns to Navy for Joint Chiefs, causes unease with the Army

bu$h* says 'No-confidence' vote won't affect HIS government.

Last Days on Earth

4 years and we're still stuck in a small part of Baghdad. Who are they fooling?

Larisa Alexandrovna on Final Sopranos Episode: When Thugs Largely Were On TV, Not Running Gov't

By arming and training the mujaheddin in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the 1980s, we created..

My 84th LTTE actually supporting a Republican!-I promise I was sober

Refugee Problem Rapidly Worsening

Democrats INCREASE funding for discredited abstinence education

Do we have any idea what time the Senate will vote on Gone-zo?

What time is the Gonzo vote?

Breaking banner on GA teen jailed for consensual sex has been freed

Hey! Bulgaria ..... Albania ........ you love him so much ....... ?

Rawstory: Baghdad Morgue Overflowing With Bodies

Bush on Gonzales No-Confidence vote: Vote will not affect "who serves in *my* government"

A vote of no confidence seems every bit as useless as impeachment.

Ford Fights Fuel Economy Legislation, Ford's internal email to dealerships

Genarlow Wilson, the teenager sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual oral sex, released

Wow, I was a bad drunken Shadow

IF No Confidence Vote Passes in Senate & Gonzo stays, What's next?

Mass exodus: democratic Iraqis vote with their feet to escape daily terror

U.S. relies on Sudan despite condemning it

Gotti's widow: "Worry about that mob in Washington."

there is a new book - Steeplejacking:

Conservatives May Target Schumer As Retribution For No-Confidence Vote

If media coverage were determined by what DU discusses

Juan Cole makes the case for why we won't attack Iran

CEO Pay Skyrockets--And So Do the Perks:


How do you think the Gonzo no-confidence debate/vote will go?

* has been downing a lot of drinks on his trip.

How to tell if you're a religious nutcase

'Military plan against Iran is ready' reports Jerusalem Post... LINK


Skoal! ---pix--->>>

A day in the death of America

"Guiliani has been married more times than Mitt Romney's been hunting"

Ga. Court tosses voter ID challenge

Huckabee: "Most" Prisoners In The U.S. "Would Love" To Be In Guantanamo

Bush: "In terms of a deadline, there needs to be one. It needs to happen."

Ivy Leaguers for me, not for thee

How do these house prices compare to where YOU live?

ACTION ALERT: IMPEACH GONZALES...Good Film...from DFA ....Sign it if you agree..

Lieberman to Hannity: I could "definitely" support a Republican in 2008

Soldiers Suspected of Alien Smuggling (AP)

Random question: Wasn't there *another* Lynn(e) Cheney who was secretary of labor

The War Comes Home: Covering the Plight of the Badly Wounded

Huckabee: ‘Most’ Prisoners In The U.S. ‘Would Love’ To Be In Guantanamo

Gonzales 'no-confidence' motion to fail on party line vote

If you haven't read "Assault on Reason" by Al Gore, I don't want to talk to you.

Credit card interchange fee outrageous


Edwards courts shallow-pocket voters ("Small Change for Big Change" campaign)

Kids' Questions to President Bush

I'm no Blitzer fan, but this is something:

Serbian outrage over Bush remarks

At what age do you think it is appropriate to give your child a cell phone?

How could anyone believe the bible is literally true?

Conservatives May Target Schumer As Retribution For No-Confidence Vote

CSPAN2 - Orin Hatch speaking against No-Confidence Res

Alert, Alert!....

First rule of DU: If you take a strong stand on an issue you can count on being personally insulted.

Hee... Eugene S. Farley M.D.: Bush, Cheney, AG All Deserve Impeachment

Chickenhawks Rush To Libby's Defense

My cousin works for dick cheney, my niece is deploying to Iraq.

UK Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones: Modernism is 100 years old this year.

Does the donkey symbol for the Democratic Party stand for Eeyore?

Calling on all of Scooter Libby's friends to go and help Genarlow Wilson out now

Iraqi Workers Declare Victory

This is who put Genarlow Wilson in prison

Needed -- Rehabs for cell phone addicts.

USAFE played a big role in Bush's visit to Albania

The vote today * is not* THE vote on No-Confidence. It is a vote to

Didn't Specter say that Gonzo should resign before

Hilton didn't eat for 3 days in fear of toilet photo

Apple To Debut $2.99 Movie "Rentals"

A wingnut reflects on the correlation between Republicanism and scientific ignorance

San Jose CA Citizens Lay Their Bodies on the Line for Impeachment


A Disaster in Search of Success: Bt Cotton in Global South

(The kiss of death) Bush vows hands-on approach on immigration

Police: Famous 'Hiccup Girl' Now A Runaway

From the Department of Not-So-Bright Ideas: arming both sides in Iraq's civil war

Breaking: Bush Admin Loses Major Terror Case

Stepha Henry was a graduate of John Jay College?


Man labeled 'enemy combatant' wins US court case

40 years ago today it was illegal for blacks to marry whites in at least 17 states

WH December 2002 - FORGET THE TRUTH - Focus On Scaring The American Public

Vendetta: Michael Moore attorney claims discrimination

we are worse than freepers.

Specter saying the way to deal with Gonzales is to Impeach and that he already has lost Confidence

Greg Palast coming up on the Randi Rhodes show

Reid: ‘I Don’t Agree’ With Lieberman on Iran Attack!'

3512 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Blue company Apple takes on Red MS in browser wars. Safari now

What Democrats Ran in 2006 with a Commitment to Impeachment???

What Happened to Senate Session on Gonzo Censure's Gone?

P. Hilton T-Shirt Suggestions

Majority of Republicans (and frequent church attenders) Doubt Theory of Evolution

Oooooooh Apple's WWDC now happening, here's a live link to watch updates:

Two photo essays from India: Biodiversity &Seed banks

Why does the federal government want to 'modify' its citizens?

As Hurricane Season Starts, Entire 82nd Airborne Redeploys Overseas

JUST IN: Appeal blocks release in teen sex case

Army Misses May Recruiting Goal

"Lower gas prices?, OH NO!"

Specter has some balls after all

BUSH's Plan To Erode Our Liberties-"A Sustained & Long-Term Incursion On ALL Our Civil Liberties"

Somebody's happy because of the climate of war our world is in right now. Military spending hits $1T

What is news ...

Get out of that woman's face

Even O. J. Simpson chastises celebrity obsessed MSM

Did you think velociraptors and tyrannosauruses were carnivores?

US urges judges to reconsider terror ruling

Venezuela's Chavez risks alienating key poor voters

DUers with Democratic senators: Will your senator vote "no confidence"

ALERT: Senate Session in Progress - NOW

I hope this vote emboldens Schumer et al to nail Gonzo's ass

Bernstein's book says Hillary's father was abusive

Media ALREADY Using Specter "Dems Using Partisan Politics Meme" about Failed Gonzo Censure!

Atty General Gonzales no confidence move Fails in Senate in procedural vote

"Court Rules in Favor of Enemy Combatant" What a dumb ass headline for an article.


Why Bush Should Pardon Paris

Good Bye Mr. Chimp ---pix--->>>

The Great American Educational System...

Mike Huckabee on Hairballz ...... this guy is scary

What possible reason could Lieberman have for his vote of NO re: Gonzales

On the Gonzales vote, look at where Democrats find themselves

"New Jersey Senator to Endorse Clinton"

Overspending on Kids Risks Financial Future

Tucker Carlson: second rate flack. High Octave Speaker

No Confidence Vote on Gonzales Is Expected to Fail

Schumer is talking to Liarman On the Senate floor-----NO

Breaking News 6:23 PM ET: No Confidence Vote on Gonzales Fails in the Senate

Finally a voice of reason and maturity

Since bush feels old laws are outdated and shreaded the constitution


Sounds like Scarborough's PM show is history:

Truthout: Fort Leavenworth Chaplains Accused of Anti-Semitic Publishing

"The War on Terror" A report card, 5 years and 9 months after 9-11-01

Best indeed to prepare for war

"Now the Democrats Are Funding Abstinence?"

Iran warns Gulf against helping U.S.

Fla. Investigates Malnourished Boy, Mom

Russia proposes rival to WTO

Would Somebody Please Explain How When The Publicans Had The Majority

Steve Adubato .... kiss my Italian ass, you dumbass.

Paris Hilton Tells Media -- Forget Me, Pay More Attention to Iraq

Edwards provided BBQ Birthday Celebration to Supporters-- Only $15 ...LINK

Albanian "Hail Bush" Makes NYT Front Page But 1000s of Euro Protestors Do Not ----->>>

Schumer: "George Bush doesn't really care about how well the government runs"

I Hope This Vote Puts To Rest The Notion That Richard Lugar Is Some Sort Of GOP Statesman

Holiday in Greensburg

We might not be able to get Lieberman out of the senate

Joe Chooses His New Friend, Karl Rove, Over the Rule of Law

I'm confused... What's the difference between censure and no confidence?

Chinese hospitals used ‘fake plasma' on patients (Reuters)

Is it possible that Democratic leaders don't want the occupation to end while Bush* is in office?

Home Ownership out of Reach for Millions

Is this cartoon going too far?

To any Dem Candidate that skipped today's vote...

is there a way to block "DU Marketplace" from popping up in latest?

CAPTION PLEASE: Scooter Leaves The Courthouse

Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'

Did I just hear Wolfie and Jack Cafferty

Here's a laugh... Bad "Jesus freak" music & dancing

Harry Reid calls Senator Schumer the "jr. Senator from NY and can't remember Sheldon Whitehouse's

New Info about Gonzo Vote from Josh Marshall's Site:

Here's The Vote Re: Gonzales

Censure Vote Missed by Only "ONE VOTE" .....Who Was that VOTE + 11 Senators were MISSING!

Bush's mess in Iraq: "CIA is using Sudanese spies against the Iraqi guerrillas," and more

'SiCKO' receives standing ovation at its North American premiere

Fuck You John Gibson (sopranos spoiler) for your dig at the left

Does anyone know who didn't vote this evening? (Senate/Gonzales vote)

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Clinton in office during the Kosovo intervention

I spoke briefly with some friends and acquaintances about the 2008 election...

Wow! Did I really just see that? Sonny Perdue publicly praying for rain?

Sorry Obama

**** Official U.S. Senate Gonzales No Confidence Debate Thread ****

TIME: GOP Put Under Pressure on Gonzales

Why Paris Hilton's jail time matters, and why we should pay close attention.

Impeachment of Bush & Cheney Voted Two to One in Princeton

WaPo/Reuters: Paris Hilton says God has given her a new chance

I don't like the police. RANT....

NEW GONZALES SCANDAL-Immigration Judges Seated Based SOLELY On Political Views (WAPO)

Family Guy, President Gore

AP: `Lil' Bush': a cartoon take on the prez

Question concerning Dem 'cong and Senate

Is abortion (the act of it) immoral?

How long would Conservatives last in a world free of those 'pesky' Liberal regulations?

Cultural Differences

More Americans, even repubs, are finally starting to 'get it'.

Play dial an asshole in the GA AG's office. Thanks Bonobo for the list.

Monday TOONS: GOP just ain't finding a savior edition

Our intelligence services are run by dumbasses, they accidently released the "black budget"...

That's Reagan Republicanism for you: 'a system set up for the little guy to fail',

PLEASE VOTE: Reality Check Poll: Are you satisfied with the job performance of the Dem Leadership

Finally Some Justice: Judge Says: No 10-year sentence for teen sex

How Much Did I Liar Libby Get Paid For Getting Marc Rich His Pardon?

New Poll Exposes Idiot Dem Consultants As Idiots -By: David Sirota

Thom Hartmann - emerging feudalism

Caption Sen. Sam Brownback, candidate for the Wingnut party

so if 17+ Repuke Senators vote no confidence against Gonzo

It's official, Bush is a megalomaniacal jackass: in his own words ...

HA HA HA LMAO..Credit Card Offer in the mail today!

The Democrats are being laughed at by both the media and this administration

Tell me why this Gonzo vote is so important???

Rep. Major Owens at HuffPost: "The Impeachment Imperative" (Open the Second Front!)

HEADLINE: 'Truth' group targets Giuliani on 9/11 role

Have you ever felt this bleak about the future of your country?

I didn't realize that Obama "sought out" Powell to ask advice -twice

Caroline Kennedy invites Democrats to Boston debate

Gonzales Only Goes If You Impeach Him

Fuck you colin powell, Gitmo is there BECAUSE of pricks like you.

USDA may relax standards for organic foods

Oh my...Well ain't that "christian," school uses Black face to mock slaves

US security with C4 explosives at the G8

Biden, Dodd and Obama just lost their Presidential Campaigns Today (Plus Lieberman Proves he's an R)

Four New DU Groups: Anthropology; Peacemaking; Pro-Choice; Public Transport/Smart Growth

Hmong sense new betrayal: Arrests stir memory of 1970s U.S. abandonment after Vietnam War.

Retreat Of Athabasca Glacier Is Alarming

Bush wags the dog in Albania

The No-Confidence roll-call vote...

where is CorpGovActivist?

Speedy Vote Summary

Paris Hilton Underground

Dennis Kucinich is God. I defy you to watch his new TV commercial and reach any other conclusion.

What do you guys think about air shows and showing off war planes?

Why isn't the illegal immigrants issue treated like a civil rights issue?

To Those Of You Who Wasted Another Day Waiting & Hoping...

BUSH the DECIDER says the "amnesty illegal immigration bill" WILL Pass!!!!

Dan Rather slams Katie Couric and tabloid media coverage as "criminal"

Instead of trying to block illegal immigration, why not go to the source?

A freeper tried to taunt me with this

Woman Named Butts Charged in TP Theft

"One would be hard-pressed to argue that homosexuals in America are second-class citizens."

Court set to weigh vaccine link to autism

This Modern World - The way they were: A typical day at the Justice Department circa 2005

Top Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Is A Cylon

This race is still based soley on

Worshipping Mammon instead of respecting human life

non-response response from my Vichy-Dem representative

Scientists, lawmakers smell a plot to prevent voting on stem cell research

"’s not going to make the determination about who serves in my government"

Can you say "blowback"?

Weaselly Theater On Senate Immigration Vote

I have this gut feeling that this whole immigration imbroglio is a sham .... the real issue is 2008.

Somebody needs to get impeached.

Tommy Thompson threw Chimpy under the bus last week

Got this email this morning... great way to start the week

Bad News Benchmarks (The Nation)

NYT: A Test of the Senate

The Bush ... Government?

Lieberman or Chavez? Who would you rather have representing you? (POLL)

Gonzalez is Just Doing His Job

The 2008 juggernaut: Reagan Democrats

Gene Lyons: Hillary biographies sleazy, predictable

Los Angeles Times / Bloomberg: Clinton 33% Obama 21% Edwards 14%

Why are the Dems holding this vote of no confidence

The Latest Iraq Supplemental Bill--Who Voted For It?

Rumor Has It Hillary Picked Her Campaign Song.......

The Woeful Gonzalez Rcord - Anthony Romero, ACLU

Father's Day, Peace, and Masculinity

Bush just found the perfect place for his Presidential library.

A Duty to Mislead: Politics and the Iraq War

The Rude Pundit: Regarding The Sopranos and American Evil

Schumer on CSPAN 2 right now - No confidence vote

Newsweek noted Bossie's upcoming "tough documentary" about Clintons, but not his past slimy tactics

Dennis Kucinich is God. I defy you to watch his new TV commercial and reach any other conclusion.

Congressional Oversight is Intensifying, ODNI Says

Andrea Hahahahaha Mitch hahahahaha ell hahahahaha just said hahahahahaha .......

GOP supports incompetence in government

Powell: "everybody in the United States thought this was a terrific outcome"

Help me out with something re: Libby

Being Conservative Means never having to say you're sorry

Ron Paul & His Aryan Nation Support

For the record, Obama DOES NOT support the South Korea free trade agreement

Senate Republicans block vote on Gonzales

Poll: Clinton with commanding lead in Texas, Richardson making a move...

Clinton, Edwards Oppose South Korea Free Trade Deal, "Nothing" from Obama

A Valuable Lesson In Perception

CNN NH Post-Debate Poll - Hillary gains, Obama Holds Steady

So it looks like Biden, Obama, and Dodd could not be troubled

Rasmussen: Hillary 37%, Obama 25%, Edwards 11%

What the fuck is this Inter-American Bank?

Candidates get unexpected support from some voters

Dubya - "my government"

Fuck you Liberman. Fuck you, Powell. Fuck all you enablers.

Paul Krugman Must Read: Authentic ? Never Mind

DNC chilly to Jan. 29 Florida primary

Edwards Advisor To Blogosphere: "You Can Go To Hell"

Well, I just had to write this letter to David Broder:

In your personal view, what is the worst thing for which Bush should be remembered?

Court rules "To sanction such presidential authority...disastrous consequences for the constitution

Cowardly Lieberman is a danger to our country

THEY are doing it again!!! Referring to Democrats as "the Democrat Party!!!"

Is America Headed for a Food Shortage?

AP: GOP Blocks Gonzales No-Confidence Vote. Cloture vote fails 53-38.

HRC's favorable rating is down to 46% ( can't win with 46%...pass it on)

Harry Reid’s Favorables Fall to 19%

Chicago is heart, brain center of Obama Campaign