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Archives: June 12, 2007

New Film: "War Made Easy how Prez & Pundits Keep Spinning...

A Responsibility to Help Iraqi Refugees


Oh The Humanity

Tory call for Iraq inquiry defeated

If corporations are mean, domineering beasts, why do so many people accept corporate rule?

Mexican Troops Detain Illegal Loggers - AP

'Sicko' spawns frenzy over Moore in Cannes

China's trade surplus surges 73 percent

Jet intended to fight terror being used to ferry FBI director to speeches

U.S. Warns Iraq That Progress Is Needed Soon

Plane forced to land after suspicious statement

3 Guardsmen Charged With Human Smuggling

Mueller Often Uses FBI Jet Bought for Counterterrorism

NO Officer Charged in Beating Found Dead (Post Katrina Taped)

Report says customers hanging up on offshore call centers

Approval of Congress lowest in a decade

Incendiary Weapons Are No 'Allegation'

"Quick and Delicious. Quilicious, is that a word?" - Rachel Ray

Bush leaves broken hearts and...his watch in Albania!

David Blaine Street Magic

Leaving the country at the end of july...need a temporary job til then..


You know, when the * admin. leaves office, I'd like it to end like the Sopranos last show

Who needs illegal drugs? Sniffing noxzema is cheaper,

The cutest Rambo audition you'll ever see in your life

People call it pasty - I call it fish belly white!

ALERT: Someone farted

Because sometimes there is too little of this

I have installed hot and cold running snark!

I would like to start something about a thread I clarified

OMG - They've Remade "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - AGAIN!!!!

matcom just told me he is taking TeenMidlo to Hedonism this winter.

Who is your favorite G.L.O.W. wrestler(s)?

I would like to clarify something about a thread I started...

Speaking of "Caged"

Is there something wrong with saying I put out for the homeless?

How come so many of the avatars (including mine) aren't showing?

Something wrong with my girl Paris finding religion?

I have to be awake at 4:30 am tomorrow

what is your favorite telenovela?

Have you ever looked at the back of your head and wondered WTF?

Cooks and spices mavens..

The Lounge runs hot and cold.

I commandeered the microphone at BabyMidlo's school today.

Does anyone else hate the ads for that stupid matchmaker show on A&E?

some "personality crisis" for the kiddies

shaolin shadowboxing and the wu tang sword style

Do you know what I like about Judo?

some of my favorite dystopian movies are set during some point in the forseeable future

what are your thoughts on television broadcasts from the future,

the ability to cast asparagus is a form of nastiness

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting, Over The Corpse



god gave rock and roll to you

Do beef-eaters eat vegans?

If I had cajones; they'd be bigger than yours.

Anyone know the name of the new HBO series

Only one more day of early voting, not that I am working that hard.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how bored is my husband tonight?

Todd Rundgren wailing away on "The Last Ride"

Ben & Jerry's UPDATE: Mint Chocolate Chunk fucking rules

Willie, The Hag, and Ray Price: The Last of the Breed

i can't sleep

i'm up outta here like i stole something

what's your safeword?

If you could have ONE attribute of the Six Million Dollar Man, what would it be?

Spend a couple of minutes in my back yard. You'll feel better. 2:30 of calm

Koko Taylor and Little Walter doing Wang Dang Doodle

I started grad school today

Don't lie.

Mmmmm, nummy!

HELP!... I am trying to cast a play, and I am in a bit of a crisis...

HELL'S KITCHEN vs. TOP CHEF - all right, foodies, bring it!

Okay, Rev. Smitty — it's ON!

Etta James singing "At Last" now on Tavis Smiley


How would you rank the seasons, in order of preference?

Do vegans drink Beefeater gin?

"Welcome Back Kotter" is available on DVD tomorrow!

what is it with drinkers moralizing on stoners?

my computer is broadcasting numbers stations from the cold war era

Do you ever wonder if you are really relevant?

There's no car on the road that says "I'm a huge douchebag" more than a Yellow H2.

The "Sopranos" finale reminds me of "The Usual Suspects" ending.


Exclusive David Chase Interview on Sopranos now Online!

This is not a virtue.

The inability to parse irony is a form of stupidity.

Good evening...

Tell me what the proper response is to this social situation.

Geek Alert! Here are pics of Mr. Writer and me at the Ren Faire

The year is almost half over. How's your best albums of 2007 list coming?

It's time to play, "Seven degrees of Wikipedia"

"And I said, 'Woman, if you ever make me any more of them shloppy shlimey eggs..."

Ow... my dog hurt his dewclaw...

what's your opinion of the Blue Tooth earpieces?

hot damn but, i love wanda sykes!!

I never saw The Sopranos.

Storm sent me and the dogs into the bathtub for safety (dial-up warning)

Hello all from South Padre Island, Texas

Military service 'doubles suicide risk'

America - John Edwards (Captioned Edition)

America - John Edwards

Street Strollin' Bishopsville with John Edwards

Gore Vidal on CBC

Sons and Daughters

No "No Confidence" in Alberto Gonzales

Bush in Albania 2007 - Cheering Crowd Steals His Watch!!!

Pakistan’s Dictator

UK Guardian: MoD accused over role in Bandar's £1bn

Senate Republicans Block Vote on Alberto Gonzales


McClatchy: VA overstates record on wait times for appointments, report finds

Video: Pentagon Once Considered Building Gay Bomb

Three National Guardsmen Accused Of Smuggling Illegal Aliens

Who let Huckabee on Hardball with that look tonight?

'Sicko' spawns frenzy over Moore in Cannes

Is Hillary hatred like Viagra to CHris Matthews?

I can't for the life of me figure out the wording of the Gonzales resolution

Ken Starr is the lawyer for Blackwater. Fred Fielding, White House

US Senate/Gov. Results of Gonzo Vote! The "Unspun" Results!

Guardsmen on border arrested on suspicion of immigrant smuggling

Bush’s wristwatch disappeared while he shakes hands with Albanian citizen

GWB: "This process has been drug out a long time,"

Exclusive David Chase Interview on Sopranos now Online!

Back So Soon? ---pix--->>>

President Clinton wrote Abu Ghraib interrogator

RW'ers SAY that there's 'progress' in Iraq, so why does Fox News cover Iraq the least?


TPM: Some in US Intelligence See Musharaf on His Way Out (possibly w/in months)

* presents gift to Pope

WP, Dan Froomkin: How Lame a Duck?

"Supreme" Court Rules That Home Care Workers NOT Entitled To Overtime

75% Of Town's Tax Base Comes From Strip Clubs, Massage Parlor & Adult Bookstore

OMG! The Floridians Are Coming, The Floridians Are Coming!!!!

I never saw The Sopranos.

I kind of doubt that "History Major" Bush read this....(Federalist 48)

Rather Blasts Couric For Dumbing Down, Tarting Up Evening News

Stephen Colbert: "No Contents of Karl Rove's..."

President Clinton Wrote To Abu Ghraib Interrogator & Convinced Him To Continue To Speak Out

Dear Senator Lott, can we just go with the "rule of law"? Gonzalez and his

Stephen Colbert just ran footage of President Bill Clinton's commencement address at Knox College!

We Dems need to stop with the "impeachment" / no-confidence gambits and

Please watch this video about puppy mill auctions sign the petition~!!! Guess who

DUH! Tips on air travel from Arkansas official: No guns in carry-on

Pentagon confirms It sought to build a GAY BOMB

I want an all electric car like this one:

OMFG - The Newest Woman-Molesting Religious Freakishness....

Though I Know This Might Seem Like An Odd Request Comin From Me, Has Anyone Heard From Omega Minimo?

My CHOICE maintains my sanity.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

Human Growth Hormone

For in the United States, the military cannot seize and imprison civilians...indefinitely


Crude, but true. I am stuck between...

In all seriesness, what is the next big thing for Pelosi and Reid?

Poison Chinese toothpaste is now in Florida

Can we compile a list of the policies and principles which Joe Lieberman actively supports?

Army won't leave her son alone (anyone have advice???)

Tired of the chain hate emails?

Mendocino County Hopes To Legalize Marijuana

Special interest money & my senators: Kohl and Feingold.

Hey! A new website to "make you own" Bumper Stickers and T-shirts!

Coolest Website: Interactive - 2008 Electoral map

Janeane Garofalo

NYT editorial, A Ruling for Justice: "the law does not give Mr. Bush power to seize a civilian..."

The Innocence Project's Barry Scheck on Charlie Rose tonight

Is The Current Congress Effectively Neutered Until 2008 ???

Hamas kindergarten graduation video.

If Al Gore is elected President in 2008, does anyone share our worry?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The final song at the Sopranos

Hey, DUers! Please send your regards to Nance Greggs, who

Why do drunk drivers and other criminals mention God?

PETAKiDS site encourages kids to throw tomatoes at women wearing fur.

Anybody besides me angry that Lieberman talked about bombing Iran?

When did Dick Morris become a Clinton-bashing Hannity lover?

Update on "missing girl" Christina, from rosaliehnv 6/11/07, contact made

Greg Palast on the Battle to End Vulture Funds

So... how does Senator Sanctimony (I*-Connecticut) justify his vote on the Gonzales bill?

Where is Biden, Dodd, Obama and Johnson???

In 'fell off the radar' news, How's that War Czar thing going?

Polls Show Top Hopefuls in Statisical Dead Heat

Poll: Clinton takes charge in New Hampshire

I'm sick of the apologists.

Bush, Senators to Meet on Immigration:President trip to Hill

Irregular Results Raise Question About Ohio Rep. Regula's Plans

Why Obama's non vote means diddly squat except in the Primary Wars at DU

Any pics of Laura "Stepford Wife" Bush

If Dodd, Biden, Obama and Johnson (disabled) had voted / we would only be 3 Votes Short / Censure!

Obama, Thompson Gain on Clinton, Giuliani, Poll Shows (Update1)

Obey shines light on earmarking process, but GOP labels move a hollow gesture

Edwards' $15 fundraiser draws the curious, casual

Third Way on security

Immigration judges picked for political ties. Law forbids practice; courts being reshaped

Study: Salvage Logging, Replanting Worsen Fire Danger

Illinois Loves Their Senators

Edwards Denounces Supreme Court Decision Denying Home Care Workers Basic Rights

"I recommend that Administrator Doan be disciplined to the fullest extent..."

Media ignores Powell bombshell

I really really can't stand Chris Matthews

Will Edwards fall out of the top three in the polls by January 2008...?

Lay off Obama, Dodd, and Biden - THE GOP BLOCKED THIS!

POLL: Hillary loses to top three Repukes, Obama beats them all

Obama 'Moms" Cradle Campaign

Can Hillary overcome her likability Gap.

So, what do Iraqis think of their country being turned into the Korea of the Middle East?

A Ruling for Justice

Michael Savage and Bill O'Reilly Must Go (AlterNet)

The sad fact of the matter

U.S. Arming Likely Enemies-An Act of Desperation Shows Dishonesty and Disaster of Iraq

Terry Jones: A true land of opportunity

Things Your Media Mama Didn't Tell You (Dave Lindorff)

Sopranos Explained! David Chase Whacked "You" in Democrat-Ordered Hit

It Can Happen Here (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Conservative pols booted out of office have a way of hanging around Washington

What Political Capital?Some Question Whether President Is a Lame Duck

Rift Between Army and White House Widens

Conservative Massachusetts legislators are trying to outlaw gay marriage—again

Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar (The Nation)

The Siege of Baghdad

Group says U.S. citizen wrongly deported to Mexico

What 'these people' contribute remains America's saving grace

Eugene Robinson: Fleeting Glory in Albania

Cheney's Iran-Arms-to-Taliban Gambit Rebuffed

Sicko's Cuba trip was legal, says Moore (Guardian UK)

Gen. Wesley Clark: Joe Lieberman is at it again

Why Giuliani Gets Away With It (by Francis Wilkinson at HuffPost)

For Democracy, We Must Consider Impeachment

Bruce Fein: Secret government?

Unpack Your adjectives BY JAMES TARANTO / wsj blog

Entertainment Weekly, Michael Moore and Healthcare

WaPo reviewer complains Gore didn't use footnotes, so he can't source a quote

Iran: The Sunnis Abandon Ship

U.S. Missile Plan in Europe a Way to Bilk American Taxpayer

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Where Is the Love? (The Nation)

Why the Immigration Bill Died in the Senate -- and Will Keep Dying (AlterNet)

A true land of opportunity

Small-Brain Pollution (Satire at its Best!)

"Take the time to get acquainted to liberal neighbor"

Amy Goodman: War and Censorship at Wilton High (Truthdig)

The Delinquent Congress

A bloated overclass can drag down a society as surely as a swelling underclass (Barbara Ehrenreich)

Arianna Huffington: Democratic Dinosaurs Turn D.C. into the Land That Time Forgot

Where’s The Anti-War Passion?

Putin wants new economic "architecture"

Why We Can't Let Them Tamper with Habeas Corpus By Staughton Lynd

Why the Great Plains Are Dying By Steven Conn

World Bank plans international fund to fight deforestation - AFP

New York plans to heat buildings with biofuels - Reuters

More Rocky Flats Coverage Possible

Triumphs of Renewable Energy: Kenya Calls for Urgent Action to Save Lake Victoria.

First ocean acidification monitor launched

New "Public Transportation and Smart Growth Group" forum

Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Disintegrates, Threatening Polar Explorers

Victory for U.S. Pacific Leatherbacks!

19th-Century Weapon Found in Whale

Global warming is speeding up ocean waves

Study shows everyday items expose all of us to pollutants

Energy efficient, but still using more

Oil depletion and economic instability

No subsidy for a filthy fuel (liquefied coal) - Boston Globe

Palestinian breakdown nears as Gaza rages

Israel improves in addressing human trafficking problem

Exit polls: Barak barely ahead in Labor race

Army repairs graves smashed in Muslim cemetery

Palestinian PM's home hit

Hamas launches coup in Palestinian Territories

Fatah force seizes Hamas TV in West Bank

Ten killed as Hamas forces seize Fatah HQ in northern Gaza Strip

Civil war in Gaza?

Gaza battles raise fear of civil war

Officials: Barak wins Israeli party race

Mexico to try 19 soldiers in civilian shootings

Somali region says U.S. planes hunting Islamists

Former Croatian Serb leader Milan Martic convicted

Farm Subsidies For the Rich

Kurdish rebels: No attacks on Turkey

China says investigates child labor accusation (merchandising for next year's Beijing Olympics)

Deadly explosion hits Nairobi rush hour

Child-care providers given right to unionize

What Political Capital?Some Question Whether President Is a Lame Duck

Prosecutor Wants Libby Imprisoned Now

(US) High Court Rules Against Home Aide on Wages

Negroponte visits Iraq to press Maliki on reform

Newspaper Pays Libel Ruling To Judge

Eight killed in Iraq violence

MoD accused over role in (Prince) Bandar's £1bn

Sudan accepts hybrid force for Darfur: AU

Poll: Clinton takes charge in New Hampshire

Nuremberg prosecutor says Guantanamo trials unfair

Home ownership too costly for many Americans: study

Iraq: Child labour on the rise as poverty increases

Outspoken Political Scientist Denied Tenure at DePaul

Male U.S. veterans have higher suicide risk

Tribal Coalition in Anbar Said to Be Crumbling - U.S.-Backed Group Has Fought Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Intel chief changing 1981 security order

Rep. Waxman Asks Department of Transportation About (Possibly Illegal) Lobbying of Congress

Baker-Hamilton: White House coming our way

Drug, ad firms gird as House takes up FDA revamp(unnamed lawmaker Tauzin comments on Gardasil)

Tucker continues the rightwing propaganda

E-Mails: TB Patient's Family Was No Help

19th-century weapon found in whale

Gonzales: World must coordinate to prevent nuclear terrorism

Senators want DoD to explain Web limits

Moore Defends His Tactics in Latest Film


U.S. Troop Buildup in Iraq Is Failing, UN's Ban Says

Senators seek cameras at recruiting stations

Bombings target 3 key bridges in Iraq

New Video of Plane Crashes; $63 Million Plane 0 for 49 in Tests

Iraq PM complains about neighbours to Negroponte

New York Teen Tormented Because His Name Is Osama

Obama attempts to distance himself from Rezko scandal

Blair: British media are like 'a feral beast'

Officials: U.S. kills 7 Afghan police

US warned over backing for Musharraf

FBI Wants to Mine Massive Database in Search for Terrorists

George Bush's watch "vanishes" in Albania (Albanian footage included)

Iran to make U.S. "regret" detention of Iranians: Mottaki

Virginia's GOP chairman (Gillespie) will serve as Bush counselor

U.S. raps several Arab allies for human trafficking

Senate Dems Plan New Round of Iraq Votes

Antioch College to suspend operations

GOP senator to Bush: 'Back off' on ailing immigration bill

(Key) Hurricane Satellite Could Fail Anytime

32,000 Iraq police 'lost,' more on payroll

Iran is arming Taliban, U.S. envoy claims

General apologizes to unit for tattoo search

19th-century weapon found in whale

Duke lacrosse prosecutor faces own trial

Poachers kill one of last two white rhinos in Zambia

Cubans go to street to augment rations

Chavez orders supporters to give up extra possessions

U.S. Mortgage Foreclosure Filings Rise 90% in May

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

'Instant Karma' - Save Darfur Released Today

They should present a Resolution in th eSenate

I know I'm coming late to the party, but

Coheed And Cambria

If you ever see me "styling" like this .... shoot me

Please pray and/or send good thoughts my way for surgery.

Is it okay to use material from someone's MySpace page to chat them up?

Do you ever wonder if you are really a replicant?

Yargh!!!! My high speed internet is all f**ked up, and I have to use

Do elfins dunk Eggbeater vamp?

Im in ur moniturz lickin yur screenz!

I have something important to share with you today.

Do proles drink Victory Gin?

There's a cry that is heard in the city

If the election were held today who would you vote for

where has Rabrrrrrr been?

Please let my City's teachers get a new contract! Aaaargh!

New link for Africam

Misheard lyrics

Police ticket homeless jaywalkers after evacuation

Australian Companies Making Big Money Selling Sand - To Saudi Arabia

Teen Arrested After Dialing Wrong Number - Called Police Detective's House Offering To Sell Drugs

Butts Charged With Stealing Toilet Paper

A lovely day for some ice cream.

It was forty years ago today ...

If you love someone.....tell them.

"I stay away from any MLK Blvd because they're always in bad neighborhoods"

I've been makin' lolcats (dial-up warning)

Did the Higglytown Heroes defeat the evil Sylar? Did Lorelei&Luke finally kill Tony Soprano?

The other night, I dreamed that I had a lube job.

what you DON'T know about wasabi can disappoint you

it's a real bitch being an asshole, especially for my sweetheart

The other night, I dreamed that I had a boob job.

Who would you fly to the moon with?

1101 post away from 20,000 don't ask me anything

Does your state have a Safe Haven law?

the last thing on my mind

Going to a saloon on Friday - need help deciding on appropriate weaponry

Young women chase after Gene Simmons in order to....

2 Jailed After Bridge Built By Blind Man Collapses

I am such a douchebag

O.J. Simpson Blasts Media For Excessive Celebrity Coverage

Ridiculous music.

Today, I took a minicab from the office to the Tower of London. Here is what I was thinking.

It's (correct grammer useage) A Beautiful Day....

It's Never Too Late

My new cell phone has Snake AND Space Invaders

Actual partial transcript of a recent Whitehouse press briefing

Actual Q&A with President Bush

i'm a bitch

I invited a friend over for dinner and then afterwards she accused me

Up for a laugh?

what type of bar person are you?

The soup is watery

Officials Plan To Put Up Posters Of Missing Girl - In Second Life Virtual World

A massage from the Spelling Police: Always proof read before posting

Editing posts

Pastor Gas, the flatulent evangelist

Dennis Kucinich

I am in love

it's so beautiful outside and I don't wanna go to work

For a new snack tasting sensation try "Snapea Crisps."

I feel like posting this in the Sopranos threads.

Urgent- please keep an eye out for this:

happy thoughts

Veterinarian Arrested For Punching Chihuahua In Head, Dislodging It's Eye

Ice Cream Man Arrested For Indecent Exposure

i'm an asshole

i try not to be an asshole

I'm a sweetheart.

Are there any real infamous Du'ers?

Did you hear that someone stole Bush's watch while he was in Albania?

My little sister is in Greece on an archaeological dig.

I'm in trouble.

It's barely even summer yet and I'm ready for fall!!!

Driver Killed After Car Plunges 40 Feet From Parking Garage

anyone into Feng Shui here?


anyone into flinging poo here?

What moment or scene from a movie would you like to recreate in real life?

I forgot to defrost something for tonight's dinner

I want terrible email spam!

I'm going to inflict my typos upon you.

Why does everything have to be a conspiracy?

Is Olbermann back tonight?

So, I went and saw a bankruptcy attorney today.

Those eyes... those cold, dead, eyes...

What was yesterdays roast

While I am waiting for a phone call....

Dan Rather SLAMS Katic Couric

What? Did you say something . . ?

David O. Russell Freaks Out on the Set of "I Heart Huckabees"

the vampire in daycare

I have figured out I am on a ten speed bicycle

This Boy's Life

I am not an animal!

The devil tries to come out of me ...

I have figured out I am on a ten week cycle.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/12/2007)

Prag is giving away fricking Medals - who wants one and why

I'm an insufferable prick.

The wedding bands were just ordered -- it's getting real

Lloyd Dobler - best character ever made for the movies or just the reason I'll never find love

Decepticons - 1, Transformers -0.

Anyone (other than me) Have "ADD" or ADHD?"...

A message from the punctuation police: Lied versus Laid.

Who here is a gay relationship guru?

Okay, lounge. I really need some good advice here.

Look me in the eye then tell me that I'm satisfied

I'm a....(fill in the blank)

I am here to scare the HELL out of you!!!!

. . .Douchebag!

Tutors know when Summer Midterms are coming...

Im special

Ugh. Taking an online class with a bunch of college teachers.

Driver Killed After Car Plunges 41 Feet From Parking Garage

Urggh...I hate "night-time" allergy/cold medications

Caption this pic

"Instant Karma - Save Darfur" - Happy to report that VERY few CD's were left at Target

Are there any for real lame-ass Du'ers?

What's important about this object?

I have bunnies breeding in my neighborhood

I'm not a bitch.

Barney got out last night and spent the whole night outside

What are your favorite radio shows/programs?

My mother bought the farm.

A Massage frum da Punkuashun criminals

NewWaveChick1981 Is Not a Bitch

19th-century weapon found in whale

My newest Crush... Paolo Nutini...

Whoo hoo! Tummy tuck, here I come!!

The grocery store I've been going to since 1976

hey, the jerk store just caLLed

introducing Miss Pink DeLight.

Are there any real infamous DU'ers?

Er...uhhhh....Mister Albanian?

Some people should not fucking shred

I discovered two new foods that I particularly enjoy

A neighbor called me up early this evening, freaked out...

my work here is done

Who's up for some sweetness?

The Next Yao Ming?

There Are Turkey Vulcans In My Neighborhood

So, who wants to dole out life/career advice?

Movies that rock video segment

Smoochies, everyone! Who wants a kissey????

I just realized that I'm hungry.

If I wear new jeans without washing them - will my butt turn blue?

Go ahead, people... BREED!!!

Happy anniversary wishes to......

I am a conniving bitch

Are you a geek?

I didn't know the Silver Surfer was a criminal

A message from the punctuation police: Its versus it's.

So, who wants to Dole out pineapple advice?

I'm going to cross post if that's OK...Olbermann Pic

Are You A Good DU'r Or A BAD DU'r??

I am an animal!

Stupid assed DVD recorder and cable...

My NOAA weather radio is beeping

I say again...Liberal is Sexxxy!

Five months into my job search, and finally, a (decent) offer!

Just for fun...

The word for today is "asshole". Modify a thread to include "asshole".

Back from our trip to Elkins! Pics inside (dialup warning!)

Has anyone else seen Ocean's 13?

What's for Dinner, DU?

I think I saw A Possessed person...

I am not a pipe.

OK, THE COOLEST thing from Google! Go to Google Maps and you can freaking walk down a street in VR!!

A Love Poem...

Going to a salon on Friday - need help deciding on a decent cut!

Your favorite carnival ride

Whats Your Favorite Dessert

My garden. Uh oh pictures.

Are there any for real famous Du'ers?

This is a joy to watch.......

Hey you lizards, get your tushies over to GD! GOOD NEWS!!

If you HAD to be someone else, who would you be?

How the hell do you use a blender?

Recommend some music to your fellow DU-ers!

Tuesday list thread

billyskank appreciation thread:

Any East Coast Marathoners out there?

I am the Ubermensch ask me anything

There are Turkey Vultures in my neighborhood...

A message from the punctuation police: Lay versus Lie

Margaret Cho is a wonderful human being.

DU'r Appreciation Thread

The wedding bands were just ordered -- it's getting real

Favorite vegetable

The "OTHER" favorite vegetables

Pic Thread: Please post your own.

Exactly 35 years later, how far we've fallen

Add A Caption! Or... Fark My Kitten!

Some people should not fucking breed.

Help me please!!! I have Japanese Beetles!!!

Radio Lady: "STOMP" the musical returns to Portland, OR and other venues.

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Baseball vs. Football, by George Carlin (a great oldie)

Anyone on Army IRR here? Here's some (bad?) news for you:

Russian dockers' leader beaten and stabbed - an urgent appeal for help E action

Hillary Clinton in Detroit: Democrat preaches American nationalism to union bureaucracy

Toyota Workers: Company Runs over Our Rights

Marsh Fork Protest

Walk In Love/She's So Groovy

Family Guy, President Gore

Michael Chertoff's New Anti Terrorism Task Force


Dean at Democracy Fest discusses recent vote on Iraq funding bill.

Paul McCartney on media responsibilty (about 40 years ago!)

Napolitano Speech 'Civil Liberties in Wartime' [Part II]

Lieberman video "I think we have to be prepared to take aggressive military action..."

Does anyone know where Dodd, Biden and Obama were today?

Okay, let us go to war with what we have, not what we want. What do we have?

I just fell in love with Tyson S. from Public Citizen. It's on C-Span 2 now.

I always read everything you write !

Those who must never be named...

Sundance airing "Deadline", doc about Illinois Governor Ryan & the death penalty -- 7:20am EDT

MSNBC breaking: US Troops mistakenly kill 7 Afghan police

Gonzo cloture vote: my partner says I'm a bad influence

What more do we need to make impeachment happen? I'm sorry,

SiCKO....29th of June; Everywhere

A little help before my Public Opinion final?

FBI warns colleges of terror threat

Christy Todd Whitman on CSPAN 8am. Call in and ask her about bad air quality.

Let The Dictatorship Begin......

Does anyone know? Did the congressman indicted loose his mom in

Negroponte in Iraq to press Iraqi leaders on reforms- Holy Death Squad Batman

Kuwait says won't be launchpad for strike on Iran

So, court rules against Bush in "enemy combatant" case; does anyone think...

ICRC: Security situation in Afghanistan deterioriating.

Kathy Kelly is going to be in Dallas Tonight! Voices in the Wilderness, and VCNV. Don't miss this!

Special counsel calls for firing Lurita Doan.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Now I see why Verizon Was so bonding with the White House in the

Scotland's Lord Advocate was today urged to prosecute Blair as a war criminal for Iraq invasion

Like Shrub*, Tony Blair refuses to reopen BAE bribery of Saudi Prince Bandar

The Recent Immigration Bill

Anybody watching/listening to Morning Joe?

New Meme: Dems lost when they won the Congress....

Clinton owes lead to support from women

Will George Bush be certified insane and committed to an institute

Former inmate launches lawsuit alleging medical neglect

Shameless plug for Greg Palast's book Armed Madhouse

There are God knows how many people in Prison right now who are innocent

Male veterans have higher suicide risk: study

Elizabeth Edwards on now w/ Stephanie Miller

Amputee Soldiers Return to Active Duty

Fox Not Discussing War - War takes up less time on Fox News

Microsoft finds ally in Bush administration

FBI Director Mueller Often Uses FBI Jet Bought for Counterterrorism

Today Show: What Do Scottie Pippin, David Letterman & David Rockefeller Have In Common?

"We will bomb Iran" Ed Garvey, ""

CARL HIAASEN: Our very own road to perdition

Reason Not to be Upset by Paris Hilton's Sentence

Mississippi files suit against State Farm-Action over Katrina claims agreement

FDA called 'cozy' with drugmakers

$99.64 a day to house female inmates (

Supreme Court bucks administration on anti-pollution

Enough of "Symbolic" Dem Votes-Stop Acting Like Your Guilty of Something and Take Back The Power.

Yet another reason to be pissed - The US Gov'ts non-stop meddling in other nations' affairs

So if Bush/Cheney actually attack Iran, what do we do about it?

Fort Stewart Soldier, Blogger Goes AWOL, Objects to Iraq Deployment

Yesterday I received a letter from the government

I honestly don't care that Biden, Obama, and Dodd skipped the vote

Bush Administration Rebuffs Investors in Enron-Related Case

3 Guardsmen are accused of human-smuggling (while "helping" border patrol...)

Have we become "nattering nabobs of negativity"?

Iraq veterans discuss war opposition in Ithaca

Justices say home healthcare aides not entitled to minimum wage, overtime???

This guy just sent me this - MY PLAN

Join the Swarm on Congress

Albanians, last global villagers cheering Bush, steal his watch - VIDEO - PHOTOS - Retaliation is...

Self delete: I missed kpete posting this earlier.

Are the millions of underpaid illegals holding up our floundering economy?

65 years ago today: An 'illegal alien' sought by authorities begins keeping a journal......

Meet the latest wingnut hero who hates "Liberals" more than the Taliban or Al Quaeda

Please Answer This Question to Benjamin Franklin

Apple's Safari browser available for Windows

Poll: Most republicans reject concept of evolution - What the hell?

Vandalism, terrorism investigated in Butler mink farm slaughter

Do You Care, one way or another, about the Immigration Bill?

DICK Morris: Hillary Will Not Withdraw From Iraq Because She's "A Woman"

Republics cut and ran from Gonzo vote

80's research and todays reality?

Joe Lieberman

Baghdad: Poverty Creating Child Labor Force

New York City to host Farm Aid

why Wash. Journal asked criminal Christy Whitman to visit

Rice hints at Libby pardon

Journalist gets thrown out of College World Series tournament for blogging

American buys slices of South America

So why aren't all these illegals being rounded up & removed?

Enough of "Symbolic" Dem Votes on Capitol Hill. Stop Acting Like Your Guilty of Something...

Oh, please do come soon!!!

I'm using the New Safari for Windows beta browser.

'LiL Bush' New Comedy Central Show Tomorrow 10:30PM

Tackling homelessness a big decision for commissioners

Musharraf On The Way Out?

Rep. Waxman Asks Dep't Of Transportation About Lobbying Congress

WTF is this crap on MSM showing

Disaffected conservatives set a litmus test for '08-Want vow to curb presidential power

Nuremberg prosecutor says Guantanamo trials unfair

GOP senator to Bush: 'Back off' on ailing immigration bill

Hey, If we're going to have a Dictatorship, can we at least have a SMART DICTATOR?

A small gift for DU and/or DUers if you want it...

Letting the Genie out of the Bottle

DEMS Should Have Voted On A Resolution of CONFIDENCE for Gonzales

Judiciary Committee to consider more subpoenas

caption poppy and bandar bush

And here's the reason Paris Hilton has been dominating Cable TV News:

Caption these * pics

Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb' (was this posted???)

11 GOP Senators write letters to Bush

Former RNC head Gillespie to replace Bartlett

Which Congressional debate was/is/will be the bigger waste of precious time?

If you were among the sick on a flight and the CDC were boarding the plane

Leahy calls for vote on Wiretap policy subpoena

Where My Watch Go? ---pix--->>>

New Antiwar Movie–Special PDA - War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Georgia Teen Sex Case/Wilson

Bush** looks worried in this story. Or is it just the usual stupidity on his face?

Scrambling for some semblance of progress

ROFL - Chimpy's $50 Timex stolen in Albania

Stuart Rothenberg thinks the Dems have played the Iraq issue like a Stradivarius

Newsweek: Cheney's staff intensely interested in intel suggesting Iran arming Taliban

POAC website under attack again

Civil war in Gaza?

Why the People Hate Congress

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Paradise for violent white criminals: tribal lands, where RACE-BASED IMMUNITY

'Ted Fans' Scrap Plans For 9-Foot-Tall Statue of Sen. Stevens

Former Senate Intel Chairman Graham: The Case For Impeachment ‘Is Even More Truthful Today’

Career DOJ Professionals Urge Rejection of von Spakovsky's FEC Nomination

MSNBC News - Only shows Bush in Albania; Says he is a Rock Star

Hamas launches coup in Palestinian Territories

Someone on CNN just said that people not taking all their vacation days is "shameful"

Plop fizz.

You know what the throngs of Albanians cheering on Bush* remind me of?

Horrible juxtiposition right now at CNN

OK, who wants to watch Venezuelan TV stations?

If the US is using air strikes on Afghan policemen imagine what its like being an Afghan civilian

Senate Votes Today On Clean Energy Bill! Click to e-mail your Senators!

House Armed Services subcmte. hearing on Iraqi Security Forces Development - C-Span 3 Live

Hurricane satellite could fail at any moment

Tony Snow: Bush has a better record than the rest of the world (on climate change)

Wolf Blitzer regarding Bush: "Does he know what he's talking about?"

Third Day of Bridge Attacks in Iraq

OMG, I just came back from grocery shopping.

Lynne Cheney ‘Won’t Deny’ Her Senate Candidacy

National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

Today I have no hope. Did not watch news yesterday. I didn't know about the no conf vote

Enough negativity! Post your Bush success stories here. I will go first ...

Muny Light and the Plot to Assassinate "Mayor" Kucinich

I support this man, AND his methods

Help chronicle the many failures of George W Bush...

Is America the Indispensable Nation?

"Poisoned Patriots”

Should Dem. Presidential debates be done in Spanish, too?

US air strike mistakenly kills 7 Afghan police

SAM SEDER calls the creationist museum

'Senator will return to work'

Army Reservists (IRR) ordered for screenings

"I don't have the luxury of saying, 'Well, it's not gonna happen and, therefore...

The moran didn't know why I was laughing at his juxtaposition of bumper-stickers!

Just wait until Fred Thompson comes under scrutiny by the other Repub Candidates...

The American People Are Pissed! Will Congress Listen This Time?

The reason Bush was so loved in Albania is because we freed them

Schlozman: What I Really Meant Was...

Hell has just Frozen Over

Victim of lax NFL safety becomes anti-union posterboy

Boy, 13, Pushes For Marrow Donor Awareness

"Instant Karma - Save Darfur" - Happy to report that VERY few CD's were left at Target

Who stole Mitch McConnell's upper lip?

How do "gay bombs" work?

Ex-military personnel twice likely to commit suicide than general public

international soccer on NOW. US v. el Salvador

Favorite vegetable

State Dept Reports on Forced Labor in Iraq

Is"Gitmo" Cuba's or the US's?

In honor of the common soldier, whom the Bushies mistreat so badly,

10-Year Sentence Thrown Out in Sex Case (the "other" justice system)

If Harry Reid told Lieberman leave the Democratic caucus and

The "OTHER" favorite vegetables

Tucker and blonde bimbos say "dumb women support Hillary"

Atheists horning in on religious silliness: The Post Rapture Post!!! LOLOLOL!!!

George Bush, NSA and BLACKMAIL.

Scooter Libby's never going to jail....

Tucker continues the rightwing propaganda

I'm seeking a DEM who is MAD as hell and will not take it anymore!

Michael Moore fears "SiCKO" seizure after Cuba trip, stashes master copy in Canada

We all realize that Gonzalez is going nowhere right?

Shadow's Medical Updates: So, I had to open my big, fat, pot smoking mouth

China has fake drips & USA has Polyheme either way you are screwed.

***The Corporation**** Must See

Will the real White Man please stand up? on Hillary and Obama

Sad local story answers question I asked on this forum last year.

FUCK!!!! "They've" done it!!!! "THEY" have created WWIII in the M.E.!!!!

Atty McKay says Atty Graves was replaced because he would not prosecute voter fraud cases

Oh, Look At This Happy Horseshit (CNN.Con Says Kilimanjaro's Snow Loss NOT Due To Global Warming

Crooked Bank May Be Tie Between Prince Bandar, Big Defense Contractor

*'s visit to Wichita on Friday - more info

Every single major problem we face today can be solved

Is Greg Palast going to be on Mike Malloy tonight?

What does the no-confidence failure say about our ability to remove Bush through impeachment?

DU this poll. Should U.S. launch a military strike against Iran? Currently 67% yes!

So what would happen IF we bombed Iran?

international soccer on NOW. US v. el Salvador


REID-Promises Another Vote On Reid Feingold

Bush hides valuables from Albanians; fears loss of property from lower-class Balkans

Comments to Cafferty - people are waking up

3,512 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Caption needed

Kay Bailey Hutchenson - IQ Poll

Bill Gross "PIMCO BOND KING" 9 Million Proceeds of Stamp Auction to Doctors Without Borders!

Rumsfeld War Crimes Case in Germany Focus of United Nations Special Rapporteur...

Did the White House say anything about Bush*t's stolen watch?

class divide hits learning by age of three

Barney Frank RIPS Romney a new one!

I just realized that I am NOT over 10,000 posts now- Do you know me?

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: The metaphysics of the party vibe

Randi Rhodes - the U.S. is carrying out Saudi Arabia's foreign policy

Typical CNN:

VIDEO: What Would Maria Leavey Do?

BOOOSH-Y is Not Hungover ---pix--->>>

Describe the Monument to Shrub

I have to ask , without impeachment what good

Anniston's (Monsanto) nightmare lingers on

Sextuplets thanks to fertility treatments

Why did these 7 rethugs "get it " while 38 others did not?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Is it accurate to talk about the "victims of communism?"

Could anyone imagine a DU reunion/convention party?

Clark Counters Lieberman at Huffington Post

What About Bill Richardson?

Larry C Johnson: The Bombed Bridges of Baghdad


I am 10,000 posts old. Thanks Democratic Underground!!

Guess what? New Business Week article saz, our GDP numbers are PHONEY!

A Wonderful Thing Happened Last Night!

Pleeze watch these videos. Greg Palast BBC VULTURE FUNDS!

Are military bases and US Embassies considered US soil?

Red-state scumbags tie up tot in broiling car while in restaurant!

It looks like the insurgents have figured it out

I really like the way Ron Paul stands for something

Baby Boomers will put off retiring, since they have to

Schumer--"without rule of law, there is no freedom". It is 4:00 am central time,

In Landmark Case, Court Upholds Habeas Corpus Rights

Larisa Alexandrovna's Interview w/ 'Breach' Inspiration, FBI's Eric O'Neill (Asks Him About Plame)

The Interrogator: What Happened After He Confessed

It takes 450 pounds of corn to make 25-gallons of ethanol

RIP "Democratic" Party

Someone who could unite the rabid right and anti-NAFTA left on immigration

Fired US Attorney McKay: "Gonzales Has LIED To Congress In Order To Protect The Administration"

Putin’s censored press conference: The transcript you weren’t supposed to see

Drivers urged not to Text while driving.

Poll: Rural Vote No Longer a Lock for Republicans

Edwards advisor bemoans "Metropolitan Opera Wing" of Dem Party

Feingold: They've Committed Impeachable Offenses, Do Not Impeach Them

I just saw a bumper sticker: "Another Virginian for Bush-Quayle"

If you agree with Stuart Rothenberg, you are clueless

Army admits: 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard agents dumped into the sea

U.S. Enforced Disappearances - The Report, pdf

ok, ok.....we are NOT worse than freepers

Krugman - "Look Beyond The Candidates' 'authenticity' to motives & interests served-- LINK

Michael Moore on Good Morning America

This is funny and sadly accurate.

Al Gore In Istanbul For Climate Conference

A new life for puppy-mill dogs

A must read article in WP summarizes * presidency/crimes - read the comments too

Mr. Fitzgerald: Incarcerate Libby Now!

Kerry: Broadband should be in every home

Former Intel Chairman Graham: Re: Impeachment-Bushs "Dereliction Of Duty" More Serious Than Clintons

I'm more than proud to be a Democrat.

Counting The Days Until Ben Gets Out Of The Marines! HooRah!

Signorile: Homophobic homosexual aide to Tancredo outed

CLARK To Lieberman: "Only Someone Who NEVER Wore The Uniform Would Make Threats At This Point"

Anyone else here oppose the immigration compromise?

CBS Chief: Rather Comments Were `Sexist'

Great bumper sticker: I went to the Creation Museum and all I got was stupider.

Former U.S. attorney U-turns on testimony

OMG, people, send more good vibes this way this summer.

Las Vegas Water Battle: 'Crops vs. Craps'

37.7 million US jobs could be outsourced to other countries.

Code Pink Occupying Rahm Emanuel's office...need help.

Watchgate: Snow says Bush took off his watch, placed it in his pocket

Does anyone here not stand for the National Anthem?

Prosecutor Wants Libby Sent to Prison Immediately

Japan: Another favorite dish going extinct

JoeMentum Toon

Poachers in Zambia kill one of the last two remaining white Rhinos.

From Milk To Meat, US Food Prices Spike Upward

Fundamentalist Mormons Seeking Recognition For Polygamy

A song I felt inspired to write for the 2008 election/World landscape

Which would you rather be chased by, a bad guy with a gun or a knife?

Al Gore's Greatest Lapse in Judgment Ever! And I Mean, Ever.

Tom Hanks is... "The Man"

A funny thing happened at the gas station today.

Please name one health plan that is better than medicaid

Gunmen kill Afghan school girls

T.V.'s "Mr. Wizard" dies at 89

Science Subcommittee Asks GAO to Investigate FBI Data Mining

Here's a quote from our little dictating decider...

The Neocon Threat to American Freedom - The War on Truth and Liberty

When the term organic loses it's meaning..

Tuesday TOONS:" What's old is new again" edition

Callers pleaded with 911 to help woman on King-Harbor floor

FINALLY-Leahy to subpoena warrantless wiretapping docs.

Marcus LUTTRELL, Navy SEAL. Hates libruls more than the Taliban.

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

New Antiwar Movie–Special to PDA

Hundreds of DC's Young Progressives Set to 'Make Some NOIse!;' June 12

Bush to push immigration bill at Capitol (AP)

New low-wage earners center opens to prevent the exploitation of hourly wage earners

A big day for business at the US Supreme Court (tobacco, pensions, environment, health care)

*Vote Republican! * and vote often!!!

The US is going to have to make some tough decisions?

Poll: Clinton's Commanding Lead in Texas

Bloomberg: Obama, Thompson gain ground on clinton

I hate it when posters don't post the subject of their post in this section

If an immigration bill passes, who gets the credit?

my SO just posed an interesting question I'd like to ask here of fellow DUers

Did Connecticutt Voters Send Lieberman

Poll of rural voters finds opportunity for Democrats

Chicago Tribune: Crafting the Obama Brand

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez Endorses Clinton for President

Don't Google! How many Albanian troops are in Iraq?

WP,pg1: Clinton Owes Lead in Poll To Support From Women

Three Texas Guardsmen accused of human smuggling...

NH Poll: Hillary leads 36%, Obama 22%, Gore & Edwards tied 12%

Joe Trippi responds to Mudcat Saunder's Blast against some Bloggers

Some People Here Seem to be Mocking the Senate Leadership

Washington State Party to ignore presidential primary

Democrats can't get cloture because we have a 49 member caucus

Fitzgerald wants Libby imprisoned now

Obama Accuses FEC Commissioner of Partisan Bias

Clark Should Be Someone's Guest On T.V., Radio, Somewhere, Especially In Light Of His

Gore rips Bush a new one on Iraq and Saddam

Who would be the toughest Republican opponent in 2008?

Bush prods GOP on immigration

Will Dallas make history with gay mayor?

Bill Richardson and John Edwards in Dead Heat for Third in New Hampshire Poll

Rasmussen: Giuliani, Thompson tied at 24%! McCain and Romney tied at 11%.

Edwards praises ONE Vote '08's effort to fight global poverty

Edwards: Small Change For A Big Change

Try though I might, I simply cannot get excited about any Dem candidate yet

This list is Hugh

Spying on the spy: Raw Story interviews former FBI investigator Eric O'Neill

Edwards again calls for Attorney General Gonzales to resign

Edwards Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Home Care Workers

Tweety: Giuliani "fights for the security of the country." He does?

Fl Poll: Clinton 36%, Obama 16%, Edwards 11%

Colombia Front - Dodd & Obama vs. Bill Clinton & Penn's Burson-Marstellar, Glover Park lobby groups

O'Reilly: "Back Off Hillary!"

On Tucker They are making fun of women with "needs"

Senator Robert Menendez set to endorse Hillary...

Rudy Sends Dem-Bashing Fundraising Pitch To Jewish Newspaper Readers

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Why is CNN making a big deal out of McCain's phone call??

When Would You Like To See DU Have A Campaign 2008 Forum?

LA Times Poll: Clinton 33%, Obama 22%, Gore 15%, Edwards 8%

Obama Keeps Friends Close, Enemies closer

Report from the Edwards Texas rally with Jim Hightower and our great progressive state legislators

Impeach Pelosi

Impeachment Sells

Republicans are ... retarded democrats?

Why teens have a tough time finding summer work

Things will really, really change when people realize that....

Clark, Lieberman Spar Over Iran

BUY THIS !!!!!

BUSH'S WORLD: Up Is Down, War Is Peace ----->

My Take On The Creation Museum

Wes Clark Leaving faux "news"?

Richardson and the 2004 election question...

Serious Question on Congressional Tactics

If Gore won't run: A write-in campaign?

Did HRC say troops may be needed in Iraq while "attempting to figure out what to do about Iran"?

If nominated, which Candidate would win the smoothest victory in the General Election?

Political Trivia: Mitt Romney related to "Billy The Kid."

Dean in Reno says not to write off vote of evangelicals.

Dean to Dems: Court evangelical Christians

Hillary could do herself a whole lot of good if...

Barack Obama endorses low carbon fuel standard

Speaker Pelosi Loses Support as Voters See 'Business as Usual'

Independent voter views on our top three: Hillary 37%, Obama 33%, Edwards 23%

Feingold: Obama stronger than Edwards and Hillary on Iraq

Clinton's Achilles Heel

Sen. Clinton Wants Troops in Iraq for at Least 10 Years

Why don't Democrats like John Edwards?

Hillary is in outstanding position to win it all and nothing anyone at DU can change that

How active are you in your local/state Democratic Party?

FUN 2008 POLL: Who are your Top 3 right now?