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10 Million Pages of CIA Declassified Records Available

The dying continues in Iraq while at home we bury our heads in the sand

Boeing's Frequent (Kidnapping) Flyers

Indigenous justice in Colombia

Summers of Love: What the Media is Missing About the Summer of Love (by Glenn W. Smith at HuffPost)

Bank Shot: The President Shafts Enron's Victims (by Robert L. Borosage at HuffPost)

America is fighting for its spiritual life

Katrina vanden Heuvel: It Ain’t about Dan and Katie (The Nation)

Mass wildlife migration in Sudan (BBC)

Cellulosic ethanol from landfill waste demonstrated to be cost effective

A British Boycott of Israel?

Charges dropped in Wash. war protest

In Detroit, Less Than One Fourth of Students Graduate from High School

Airplanes Can Be Shot Down Without Warning

Bush Job Rating Hits Record Low In NBC/WSJ Poll

MacKay says he’s raised Khadr case with U.S. counterpart

News Corp. to sell nine Fox stations

A deliberate torture policy

Graham: Wife To Be Buried In Charlotte

New FBI Guidelines Aim to Curb Abuse

Calif. GOP hires Canadian for key state position

Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission (To Religious Oriented Cases)

Waxman Says GSA Chief Threatened To Retaliate After Testimony

NGOs unveil scathing report on impact of US-led war in Iraq

Bush job rating hits record low in NBC/WSJ poll

A world without oil (Running out sooner than predicted)

It was a nice summer! All one week of it!

Daddy 's Little Girl (lyrics)

New movies to be seen in 2008

I need coconut flan!


I am Bizzaro- Diogenes and I am in search of a dishonest woman.

What does "fiend" mean to you??

to be mailed tomorrow:

Storm photos from 2 hours ago (dialup warning)

An observation and a lesson learned..

So this song came out of left field

Wow! Just Wow! Humble Pie circa 1970...

I am hooked on a feeling. Does that make high on believing

What does "Friends" mean to you?

any Lord of the Rings fans out there?

Who here is thinking about applying to be a Rocker?

Found this, just had to share. (JPG)

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

You've got to be taught

Whaaa.... No Lil' Bush threads?

I am a bitch looking for a bitchmaster.

Impeachment - a Town Hall Forum

What does "friend" mean to you??

I am booked on boobtube. Does that make me a Sheep?

I'm hooked on eating SPK's does that make me a cannibal?

Cat Lit on Fire, Tossed into Boston home.

Amazing story of Clive Wearing aflicted with 'memento' syndrome.

I just ate an entire bag of Trader Joe's chocolate mint wafers

Degrading pet names. How does this happen?

Words of Advice for Young People (William Burroughs)

I lost one of my balls!

I almost have to admire this guy's honesty

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something really stupid?

Hey Oeddie! Looks like a SWEEP

I May Be The Oracle but I Can't Find...

Don't Look at Her Chest Please

Watch it now, watch it!!!

I am hooked on Youtube. Does that make me a Creep?

Incredible...1800's weapon found in whale's blubber...

I almost feel like I should apologize to Reverend_Smitty

Rescue Me

Geometric song titles

ATTENTION LOUNGE: there's gonna be a panty raid in GD at midnight

I think we lost an inmate tonight

boston meet up?

Ask me anything!

Word for the day..........TOTALLY. Go ahead and use it in a sentence

Lemon Curry?

I need a great digital camera. HELP!

I had a great workout today

I am hooked on boobs. Does that make me a creep?

11:45P.M. EDT, 06/13/07: It's now been 24 hours since my last cigarette.

Anyone reading Stephen King's new book Lisey's Story?

What's your favorite cut of beef?

Our daughter will go to kindergarten next year. We just found out that

the local sheriff's department here has a scary motto:

My son is working the Space Shuttle (Atlantis) mission, as a Mission Controler

Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool.

Ask me everything...

Sloganize your DU name.

Rate these in importance to the White House

The first thing we must do is kill all the travel agents

Packing for Take Back America - How to dress for Gala Dinner?

Who here is thinking about applying to be a Mod?

I'm so confused!

Yogi's St. Louis University commencement speech

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

"Dick Cheney" by Roy Zimmerman (very entertaining)...

changing the ROMs of a Nedap e-voting computer in 60 seconds

Al Gore Criticizing Bush 41 on Iraq in 1992

Truth, Justice and the Air American Way

Ed Gillespie to replace Dan Bartlett

LEAHY on the Senate Floor NOW "E-mails were not lost..." = SUBPOENAS

McClatchy: Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer can't recall his role in controversial policies

Earmark-Loving Conservatives Threaten To Shut Down Congress

Mark Geragos is representing Brent Wilkes?

Little girl who will go up against the Welsh Opera singer on "Britain's Got Talent":

At least it's Alison tonight

Right-Wing Publishers Worry About Future

Hey, Dan ABRAMS, your slo-JOE-mo-slo-bo-mo SUCKS!!1

I wish you all well.


Seven Years of the Condor

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

any Lord of the Rings fans out there?

YOU TELL ME,...what I am suppose to BELIEVE IN!!!!

Security Is Focus of Revised Effort on Immigration

I am sorry I ever figured out that login thing -

Tracking the Energy Bill in the Senate. (And the amendments)

New Bush Aide Has Extensive Corporate Lobbying Ties

Secret UN report condemns US for Middle East failures

I am SOOOOOOOO Relieved. My Cat is not Going to die

DC Area Impeachment Activity - A Town Hall forum for Impeachment

Live Earth concert to be held at the Seven Towers Fortress, Istanbul, Turkey!!!

Cat Lit on Fire, Tossed into Boston home.

If some Blackwater "soldiers" misbehave in a far-away land

Conyers Post at DKos On Issuing of Subpoenas ("wanted to share reasoning behind significant step")

Spooks Infilitrating UFO Community?

Watching "Breach" opening scene. Amazing they found someone to make Ashcroft

Dad worth $10k less than mom

If Lorita Doan's not being a lawyer excuses her from violating

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Congressional Map

The Only Man Stupider than Doug Feith.

Li'l Bush!!!

Question about Electric cars.

Reminder, new cartoon "Little Bush" premieres tonight.

Gates regarding Iran arming Taliban: "I haven’t seen any intelligence specifically to this effect"

Lurita Doan has more balls than anyone I've ever seen,

Check out my new wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FBI Frequently Overstepped On Domestic Surveillance

3 threads at the top of GD:P tell this Kucinich supporter which "top tier" campaign is well run

Question for DUer John Locke: What did John Edwards have for dinner this evening?

The face of a ferret to replace the brave globe hopper

Conyers: Subpoenas are a demand. Rice's demand happened on 4/25/07

When the Repubs were in charge, they proposed deals. Now the Dems are in charge, the

An Obama Patron and Friend Until an Indictment

Why this all doesn't matter......

Is the guy who produced " Lil Bush" in Gitmo yet?

Jon Stewart on New U.S. Plan to Arm Sunni Insurgents: "It's a plan so crazy, it just might..."

Comedy Central - Lil' Bush Show - OH, MY gOD!

WOW! Faux Noise actually gets something right re: childhood obesity

A great letter to carry around....

Hypothetical Presidential election: Pro War On Drugs Democrat vs Anti War On Drugs Republican

Cajun town bans saggy pants

What if Fox News had been there for other key moments in World History?

Cyber cold war?

**** C-SPAN NOW repeating today's Oversight Hearing = Doan & Hatch Act ****

The licensing standards for drivers in the US are pathetically low

Why John Edwards?

Hypothetical Presidential Election II: Pro-Gun Democrat vs. Anti-Gun Republican

$300,000.00 Reward....

Thanks to a DUers comment, I have become a "hypermiler."

Rasmussen showing Edwards ahead if the Presidential election were held today.

Holy Shit. The Lurita Doan Vaudeville Act

The green side of Nazism..

Dean is making a HUGE mistake - says Florida primary will not count

Ron Paul on Colbert Now! eom!

Theft Rising at U.S. Wal-Mart Stores

Wes Clark is right about Iran

My anwser to Rudy's 12 Committments

The Big Secret Revealed

$1000 fine for bumper car is 100% powered by vegetable oil

Republicans abandoning Bush -- Freepers react -- very revealing

They hate us for our Porn

Teen's Public Punishment: "I'm Stupid"


Fred instead? Thompson surges in poll...

GOP issues rules to avoid Macaca moments

Bush names Gillespie as new counselor

President Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale

Impeachment - a Town Hall Forum

Why do pukes refer to us as The Democrat Party?

Bush picked a former Enron Lobbyist to be White House Counselor.

Clark has left FOX and is now an MSNBC analyst....

Latest Republicant PUTRID FECALY CAKED dirty trick!

The poverty platform: John Edwards speaks in Wakefield

Edwards to appear Thursday in Detroit

Edwards raises Chicago cash

State of Their Unions: Candidate marriages

Guess which of these endorsement threads make a Kucinich supporter jealous:


Top general quoting Iraqis"You know, we were a lot more secure and safe during the Saddam regime"

Union loyalist Bonior sets tough tone as Edwards election boss: 'not your typical campaign manager'

Clinton can boast wealth of earmarks

Libby's lawyers cite Martha Stewart in motion asking judge to allow Libby free pending appeal

Tim Ryan: You Have to See This

He hates lawyers, but he loves John Edwards

I want the opportunity to vote for Al Gore in 2008.

Senator Clintons Endorsements (excluding Spielberg)

Elizabeth Edwards talks health care

Reuters: Bush job rating hits record low in NBC/WSJ poll (29%)

Obama Talks One on One

Edwards gets rural right

Obama Inspires Crowd with Excitement and Hope.

Bill Clinton: Al Gore Could Enter Presidential Race (paraphrase)

Wealthy blacks back Obama's campaign

Why John Edwards?

Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

Media Criticism as Self-Defense - UTNE reader

The Blood-Dimmed Tide: Tony Soprano Slouches Toward The White House To Be Reborn

NYT: DoJ Switches Focus to Religious Discrimination

Blumenthal: Bush's European disaster

Cuba ordains first woman bishop

Make Your Own Bush Speech (Embarassment in Albania)


America's Exploding Mortgage Crisis Reveals That Home Ownership Isn't Paradise for Everyone

W R Marshall: Tricky Dick and Dubya in ‘Here Come the Rev’

Sick Children, Working Moms (The Nation)

The Death of the American Empire by Patrick Foy


A New Assertiveness for Latin American Governments

Border agents murder Mexican women by drowning

How to Restore Habeas Corpus (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The Case for Taxing Globalization's Big Winners

Editorial-A Failure to Protect Our Troops

Can we fix inequality without cutting the fortunes of the wealthy? Doubtful, says one economist

Jerusalem Post Raises Money for Rudy Giuliani

Religious extremists in 3 faiths share views: report

GOP Slams Effort To Study WWII Internment Camps in U.S.

Dems Who Lost Their Minds (

Bush Shafts Enron Victims

Peter Dale Scott: Laos' Secret Drug War Lives On: Vang Pao and the CIA

Dave Lindorff: Cheney Impeachment Watch: Now There are 8

Iraq War: Report Calls on UN to End “Complicity of Silence”

Idiot Liberals Strike Again

Congress Warned That Global Warming Is Threat to Israel and Moderate Arab States

White House Subpoenas By Congressman John Conyers

Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime

The Boston Globe: Expanding the Circle of Rights

Dear Winston: the impeach Libby edition (SIC: HE MEANS GONZO)

Death by vomiting on ER Floor; Murder Weapon: Denial of Universal Health Insurance

How Wars of the Future May Be Fought Just to Run the Machines That Fight Them

Tantrums of Mass Destruction or The Enduring Beauty of Ugly Truth: In Praise of the Shabby-Ass Human

O'Reilly Lambasts CNN, MSNBC's Iraq Coverage

Deceptions and Insipid Sentiments-Troop Support

Bush administration attacks 'shield' for bloggers

Is Open Marriage the Modern Couple's Answer to Infidelity? (Sirens Mag., via AlterNet)

The Senate is expected to vote next week on the most important pro-labor legislation in decades

African nations strike deal on ivory - AFP

U.S. demand for voluntary CO2 credits grows: investor - AFP

Pollution, Waste & Electricity Demand All Up Dramatically In 10 Years Since Hong Kong Handover - AFP

Asthma Specialist Will Accompany Australian Olympic Team To Beijing - AFP

Houston Firm Cancels Coal-Gasification Plant - Too Expensive - Will Go With Natural Gas Instead

Australia's Santos proposes outback carbon storage - Reuters

Toxic Oak Processionary Moth, Native To Mediterrenean, Arrives In England - Reuters

Applied Materials bets on solar power

Greenspan Warns Of Mexican Fiscal Crisis As Oil Production Collapse Continues

Hybrid Solar Lighting Promises 50% Efficiency

(T. Boone) Pickens Wants to Build World's Largest Wind Farm (735 MW, Texas)

NASA Satellites Confirm - Greenland's Glaciers "Speeding Like Gangbusters" To The Sea - Chronicle

3 Sunni mosques attacked in Iraq

Hertz, Avis Each To Add 1,000 Hybrid Cars To Fleets By End Of This Month - USA Today

State touts bright idea for bulbs (Maine)

Death Toll In Pakistani Heatwave At Least 289 - Riots Flare After Power Cuts

Freedom (ME) clears way for wind farm

Swinging wave device to be tested (BBC)

Necklace noose loosened for coral (BBC)

Switching on to nanogeneration (BBC)

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to Expand Use of Biomass Energy

Enemy Of The People.....NOW (PBS) Developers/Environmentalist battle in Austin, TX.

Pollution, Ships Harm Fla. Coral Reefs

Populations of Some U.S. Birds Said Down

Some thoughts on "solutions"

It combines ethical shopping, bargain hunting and social networking - and it's the hottest fashion t

Beijing Air Quality Hits 200 On Smog Index, Thanks To Burning Straw From Surrounding Provinces

T. Boone Pickens Wants To Build World's Largest Wind Farm In W. Texas - 4 Gigs

Southern Baptists' Resolution Calls For "Objective Analysis" To Find Cause Of Warming - ENN

Google backs green computer plan (BBC)

Could Vermont feed itself?

U.N. Bali meeting should map out new climate treaty - Reuters

Epcor Utilities (Canada) Projects Zero-Carbon Coal Plant In "10 To 12 Years"

Electrical generation from Tidal Energy always sounded a little

It's The Latest Trend In Landscaping & Gardening - Rent-A-Goat!

IAEA Head: Iran Attack 'Act of Madness'

the point being that most ethanol critics are unreasonably harsh

George Monbiot Demolishes Alexander Cockburn - Fantastic, Devastating Piece

Experts: Climate change is affecting Maine's ecosystem

Abbas orders elite guard to attack Hamas

What does a Hamas win mean for Israel and the middle east?

Fatah al-Islam planned to assassinate Siniora, Jumblatt

'A different nation'

US asks moderate Arabs to back Abbas against Hamas

Abbas declares state of emergency, fires Haniyeh

Source says Abbas dismisses government

Hamas: We'll execute Fatah leaders

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' presidential compound in Gaza has fallen to Hamas fighters.

Pentagon: Iraqi violence still rising

Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission(Religion not Race is focus)

New FBI guidelines aim to curb abuse (Patriot Act)

Three Sunni mosques burned south of Baghdad-police (Thursday)

UK braced for its own OJ trial

Baghdad curfew to be lifted Saturday

N. Korea gets frozen funds from Macau bank

Iraq Qaeda group kills 14 abducted officers-Web

Bahraini Shiites protest in anger over Iraq shrine bombings

Cummins Demands Apology

Bush Offers Concession On Immigration

Arrests in Shiite Shrine Bombing

Copy-cat Everest climb successful

Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer can't recall his role in controversial policies(Von Spakovsky)

Young ‘proud’ of ‘bridge to nowhere,’ other earmarks

Alito Calls Free-Speech Limits 'Dangerous' as Court Considers Cases

Space station oxygen, water computers fail

IAEA: Attack on Iran sheer madness

Iraqi Refugee Children Bear Scars of Violence, Require Classroom Routines to Cope

A New Assertiveness for Latin American Governments

FBI May Have Broken the Law 1,000 Times in Surveilling Americans

Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

Iraq: Sectarian violence and displacement follow Samarra attack (Iraqis defy curfew to flee)

FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data

Sectarian violence and displacement follow Samarra attack

Iraq prison commander referred to court martial (for aiding the enemy)

Oaxaca Journo Probing Brad Will's Murder Wounded After Death Threats

Baathist hands behind Samarra attack

Bolivian president to abolish lifetime salary for presidents

DoD braces for a fight with Pelosi

One Person Killed When School Bus Collides with Car

'Threat to life' found in review of Seattle-area VA hospitals

Judge received threats after sentencing Libby to prison in CIA leak case

Fla. Pushes To Restore Voting Rights Faster

Kellogg to raise nutrition of kids' food

Convicted murder's appeal dismissed (Supreme Court)

Republicans told to blog, blog, blog (MSM is "old news")

Sagadahoc County (Maine) town says no to Iraq war

Mortgage rates: biggest spike in 4 years

Taliban failed to mount spring offensive, NATO says

Mass. Lawmakers Block Gay Marriage Vote (Victory for Gay Marriage; Applause Erupts in Statehouse)

Berkeley Council passes plan to stop bad street behavior

Edwards To Detail Health Care Plan

Bill Clinton Made $10 Million in Talks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 14

U.S. House Bill Aims to Curb Indecent TV Programs

Bush links Syria to killing of Lebanese MP

(Wesley) Clark slams Lieberman on Iran

Battered by criticism, Broward may keep deal with Rush Limbaugh radio station

RIGHTS-CHILE: General in Hiding a 'Coward', Say Activists

DOJ Investigates if Gonzales Tried to Influence Aide's Testimony

Iglesias job still wide open, Replacement process for U.S. Attorney slowed

Several mortar bombs land in Iraq's Green Zone

Afghan minister dismisses U.S. claims (re: Iran arming the Taliban)

Officials Hope to Rekindle Interest in Immigration Provision (allowing enlistment by illegal aliens)

Libby headed back to court

Senators to Revive Immigration Bill

Libby's motion to remain free denied; will be in prison pending appeals (including court transcript)

Oil Companies, Bush Blamed

US confirms missile shield plans

U.S. hometowns strained as police go off to war

Billy Graham's Wife Ruth Dies

G8 agreement on climate change a "disgrace": Al Gore

Unions Lose on Political Fee Issue


Judge received threats after Libby sentencing

Joe Lieberman denies warmongering

Legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban

Backstreet Boys boss busted in Indonesia

U.N. supports U.S troops staying in Iraq

White House on Libby: President will not intervene

Kurt Waldheim is dead...

Scorching Summers in Store for Mediterranean

ABC News TV Reports 4 Murdered In Domestic Dispute

Colgate finds fake toothpaste in 4 states

Police rescue 217 slaves in China

Petraeus says security crackdown working

(Palestinian President) Abbas to dismiss govt, declare emergency -source

Bush: More money for VA requires other cuts

Iraq prison commander referred to court martial

Most of us have seen the "Star Wars: A New Hope" opening sequence...

Midnight Allman Brothers.....and goodnight people.

Thinking of learning to fly...?

What's your opinion of the David Pearl movie?

Bush's 50 dollars Timex was not stolen in Albania...

What is cuter than this?

3004 posts!!

Lil' Bush on Comedy Central

Quotate your DU name

The MA state legislature if voting whether or not to put Gay Marriage on the Ballot

A question that someone needs to answer please

Zoomquilt - A Collaborative Art Project

Great present for your weenie

eep! I accidentally took a double dose of my blood pressure pills.

Breaking! Paris Hilton released from med-ward.

McDonald's To Offer Salmon Wraps - In Norway

My weenie is not accepting gifts...

pavlovian drooling cockroaches

Baby Horse Rescued From Well - Family's Collie Pulled A 'Lassie' And Alerted

Haitian Youth Soccer team takes vacation in NYC

Help! Am I the RIGHT person? Am I the WRONG person?

congratulate me!

Vulgarize your DU name

Same people/third time. Showing the house today. MORON! ME!

Does anyone else find this strange?

Marriage poll

Damn right-wing fundies are stopping me from practicing capitalism!

Drought In Tennessee Could Dry Up Jack Daniels Production

Mead tasting -- a wedding planning task I love!

Congratulations hang a left!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations AX10!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Bornaginhooligan!! 15,000 posts

My first haircut

Drunk Driving Is Bad But NAKED Drunk Driving Is Worse

Couple Tie Up 6 Year Old, Leave Him In Hot Car While They Dine At Cracker Barrel

This is true!

Baby Monitor Picks Up Video From Nasa

Teacher Quits After Removing Student's Garter With His Teeth At Prom

This dress only cost $26, but she looks like a million in it


This story just begs for a new LOL Cats pic!

Need HELP: I need votes for my Banana Malibu Tribal Dance Contest Vid

Sad Local Story

HTML code for LOL cats!

Hey, it's flag day!

PLEASE!!! will only the WRONG people post in this thread?

Happy Flag Day, you liberal patriots, you!

i like you tony

PLEASE! will ONLY the RIGHT people post in this thread?

Will you reply to this poll?

Coolest car ever

Castigate or else delete... you decide

I feel like eating lunch out. Where should I go?

yay! minimum payment went up on my credit card! a lot!

I took a bike ride yesterday

Having a panic attack

TV Guide Channel is the worst channel on tv

Now that the weather is starting to heat up, I have a GREAT refreshing beverage recipe

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

Why does my Tivo think I speak Spanish...

Do you know of any natural remedies for allergies?

Crossing the highway late last night....

Hello Lounge

Doh! Stupid wine....

God I loves me some Alice in Chains

I haven't gone to see a movie since F911, but I think I'll go see Ratatoulle

Op Ed: "The TSA Hates Your Vibrator - How to safely fly with your sex toys."

I'm rockin' the apartment complex to "Just can't get enough"

One chicken nacho meal from Qdoba - $5.95

My heart is warmed today!

attack turtle--edit - it has KITTIES!!

The World's Largest Lips!

The most important reason to hate Tom Clancy

What would you prefer?

A PSA: What Midlodemocrat doesn't know is that there are 1,000's of strangers in TM's bedroom

Do you have something you're stupidly lazy about?

The dream police! They live inside of my head!

THIS is the ultimate rock song. Accept no substitutes...


OK, 'fess up. Which of you are writing for "Li'l Bush"?

I am tired and have a half hour to freedom: Help me!

Radio Lady Discusses: HBO's "Big Love" -- Actress blogs "in character"????

How can a thread have more replies than views?

Am I the only one that thinks "god damn" when I see a reference to the GD Forum?

IHOP In Bid To Buy Applebee's - Applebee's Stock Down - Olive Garden Stock Soaring

this is a poll with no wrong answer...

Anyone else ever do this?

Thursday Questions

a video tribute to the Trabant-the worse car ever built

First, civil rights and now Tony the Tiger..

Family Guy uncredited cartoon cameos.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/14/2007)

No more saggy pants....

The perils of non-lethal weaponry...

Utah AG gives high boys dating advice - take your girl to see Camelot No comment needed.

I got the runs from elderberries!

Most horrifying picture of Bush I've seen so far... (HUGE warning, graphic!)

*Unsigned* - Do you have a favorite unsigned band???

Thinking about converting a Trabant to an Electric Vehicle

Vibranxiety: The sensation that your cell phone is vibrating in your pocket when it isn't.

No more soggy pants....

controversial thread...what's your favorite coffee?

Bambi Meets Godzilla

They fuck you up, your mum and dad

An update on a problem I posted about earlier. Thanks, Lounge!

Who is harder to raise?

should i download IE-7 ?

AP--Breaking: Foul Smell leads to Evacuation (13 min ago)

Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

I'm curious: Who here has a regional accent?

Best. Coffee. Cup. Ever.

Lil' George Bush: how does the cartoon represent Bush?

Deadliest Catch fans...

Lounge geeks: How do I get to the memory cache for Firefox?

Can someone recommend pair of underwear that blow?

Hugo Weaving Fans, Russell Crowe Fans - IFC Film Alert.

I was listening to "Mr. K" on Air America yesterday...

Can someone recommend pair of underwear that suck?

A Simple Choice

I'm running for alderman!

Flipper went in for surgery today.

Am I the only who thinks "Czar" is a stupid title for someone in US government?

The end of this Mod term is near. I, too, have a confession.

Best Star Trek Series?

Put me on ignore then start a thread, and i will post and you can guess what i said

Why did apple have to chose cingular for the iphone??

Wondering if this person meant coffin?

currentLy, what is your registered party?

Am I the only one who hates a noisy and chaotic work environment?

I've been here for a while, so it may seem like a dumb question, but...

Dear legalize people. Please help me with a question before I stick a fork

Matsubara's Modern Ruins Pics

Have you spent so much time in the lounge....

damn! there is a dead mouse in here somewhere! puuuuuuuu

What was your favorite Midnight Movie and how many times do you see it?

What would you say if someone gave you cash for an anniversary gift?

Do you write like you speak/speak like you write?

Anagram your DU name using this generator...

Three injured as squirrel goes nuts

Anyone own a GPS unit?

CraftyGal and I are both posting nude

i feel like i'm posting nekkid

Can someone recommend a good pair of breathable underwear?

I know you watched it what's everyone think about lil bush


How far do you go for friendship?

What's for dinner tonight?

Good 2nd/3rd tier (size) cities in the US?

New Total-Fucking-Mess Czar To Oversee America's Total Fucking Messes

Supermarket rant

Yay! Puss in Boots is getting his own movie!!!

Matsubara's Garden Photos: Hi-res

Congratulations mycritters2!! 10,000 posts

I was a real asshole today!

Weaponize your DU name

Oh dear... My uncle just died...

Anybody remember this catchy jingle?

What was the best car you ever owned?

The Worst Date Ever

What do you love about your State?

What would happen if NASCAR decided to turn RIGHT instead of LEFT?

Why should you NOT be a Mod?

Woman Goes 'NUTS' on her exBoyfriend

Now anagram your REAL name

Songs you WISH you'd have written.

Headline of the Day

"Sad Days, Lonley Nights"- Junior Kimbrough

Happy birthday CottonBear!!

this is a noncontroversiaL thread

What did everyone think of Top Chef last night?

More new cat pics.

I'm banging a stud!


Mentally challenged 8-year old boy kills one baby, injures another...

Speaking of names; Do you like yours? If not, what would you change it to?

Congratulations mcscajun!! 20,000 posts

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

What's the worst car you ever owned?

Southpawkicker for Moderator!


You know those cute adorable little squirrels in yard?

I am going through a rough patch

Tell me a lie.

The end of this Mod term is near. I have a confession.

Name A Song Where The Re-Make Was A Vast Improvement on The Original

~The Phil Hartman Appreciation Thread~

Redstone was right about that weird relay phone call the other day.

Yankees just won 9th in a row - How do you feel, Red Sox fans?

Detroit Pursues Sweeping Cuts In Union Talks

Keith Olbermann - Restoring Habeas Corpus

Part 1- Palast on the Randi Rhodes show on Bush's Vultures

President Bush's watch is NOT stolen in Albania

Why can't a Woman be President?


The Jerk - starring Dubya

Moore Plays the Blame Game (Argues on GMA Regarding The War - The Media Didn't ask Questions)

Tucker Tackles the Filibuster

Part 2- Palast on the Randi Rhodes show on Vultures

Colin Powell on his infamous 2003 U.N. speech

I got a crush on Obama

Concerns Re: Pardoning Libby Raised by Rep. Kucinich, Impeachment

The Big Secret Revealed

Maya Angelou on Hillary

control the source of food you control the people

between Assault on Reason and Armed Madhouse

NYTimes Editorial: A Failure To Protect Our Troops

I was feeling nostalgic for Stephen Colbert's White House Correspondent's Dinner

thoughts on ' Redline', Foxymoron for comedy show, as it enters it's

Republicans want to pardon Robert Hannsen

You know what? I hate Lurita Doan and the people that support her.

How Dissent is Handled on Hannity's board...

Florida Panthers need help.

bartlett gone - Gillespie in...

World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected

Oil Shortage? (joke)

Bush broadcasts his nonsense to Iraqis about al-Qaeda inciting them to violence

Anyone else who can't change their avatar?

Liz Cheney Is Joining the Not-Yet Campaign of Fred Thompson

The Golden Mosque, the Shi'ites, the Sunnis, & our soldiers.

Politics Watchdog Follows the Money Online

Gopher tortoises catch a break (no more developers smothering them)

CWLA's Position on Same-Sex Parenting

ACLU Hears Admin's Plan for Spying Law, Says Congress Cannot Legislate Without Investigating

A Painful Reminder: If Gore runs...

Brad Pitt and Desmond Tutu

WSJ: Coal-burning Ohio Utility to Buy CO2 Credits With Cow Poo--Cows Give a S* About Climate

the judge and the PANT suit -- question

"Distributed by" should not be allowed without country of origin.

Dems Need to Either Keep Their Promise to End the War or Impeach Bush/Cheney - Why Not Both?

How many more recalls...

Today's the Libby hearing, right? Do we know what time

41 Miles per Gallon-That's better than some hybrids!

Did anyone see the Anti Walmart Commercial last night?

ACLU Releases Scathing Analysis of Government’s Report to UN Committee on Racial Discrimination

Subpeonas aren't essential, Chairman Conyers, IMPEACHMENT IS.

Senators Push Disability Boost for Vets

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Begging the president's pardon (BBC)

Team Libby has added a lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in championing cases before SCOTUS

Oops! FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data

Sen Warner - Baghdad looter?

response to the name "DEMOCRAT PARTY"

9/11 rescue worker (from Sicko): “At least then I’d get three meals a day and free health care.”

Cheney's Energy Task Force + 9/11 x Iraq Occupation = Iraq Oil Privatization Plan

Big employers want to outsource healthcare, retirement benefits

Judge Orders Man Not to Have Girlfriend

Reid labels military leader 'incompetent'

Right Wing Watch - Rush Limbaugh Explains the Attorney Scandal

Are They Getting The Message?


A puzzle: Who am I?

Bush says the Iraq war is a just war: WJ this morning

I just got a 65% tax credit on health insurance.

Marines drank tainted water for 30 years: CDC

New Bush Comic: Hey George, What Time is it (in Abania)

CA High Schoolers, Anti-War Group Protest Military Recruitment

Gird your loins. The asshole will be speechifying at 10:30, this morning.

Man almost kills woman because she wanted to smoke

Let us repair to the vomitorium forthwith, they're baaaaaaack...

Sonoma tribe strives to save sacred pieces of its fading past

How States Rank on Health Care

This just SO pisses me off!

GOP plays the race card.

Vaulted hopes for buried car dampened

Email from Dick Durbin - Fair Elections Now Act (S.936)

Attorney general says BAE details were withheld for fear of leaks

Unions Lose on Political Fee Issue

Senate Judiciary Committee consider more subpoenas; this time related to legality of NSA wiretapping

Iran Backs Death For Pornographers

BUSH Supports Law-Breakers In Enron Suit Before Supreme Court

House committee passes landmark student aid bill

Late breaking not news, Neocons say gas prices will fall if we bomb Iran.

White House Subpoenas, and a Constitutional Showdown

Snow: Intense New Levels Of Violence In Iraq Are ‘Signs Of Success’

Mosque bombings.

BAE ~ Riggs Bank: The Cast of Characters... & The Money Trail

Libby lied to cover a lie.

firedoglake: Sentencing Scooter Live Blog Part I

AP: Judge Won't Order U.S. to Search for (wrongly deported) Man

Wesley Clark replaced on Fox News by............. Harold Ford Jr.

Is this the only photo of Jonathan Bush?

US Buying 170M+ Rounds of Ammo for Iraqis

Caption Captain Smirky

No Drop in Iraq Violence Seen Since Troop Buildup - (Surge Failing)

Scooter looks like he knows he's going to jail today


Lynn Garner was a guest on W.J. this a.m. they should invite him again

Earmark-Loving Conservatives Threaten To Shut Down Congress

Gonzales uses US Attorney appointment power that Congress banned LINK Rawstory

Which is of George's Adventures in Albania is funnier:

"An order to start."

Need some facts on Iran's involvement (or lack thereof) in Iraq for anti-Lieberman letter

‘Honour’ killing used to threaten others

Ditzy Doan

meet another 'holy warrior' Mike Evans

From "Running the Numbers" - An American Self-Portrait

Former WH official Sara Taylor picks up same lawyer who represented Clinton during Lewinsky scandal

Michael Moore's Latest Target: An 'Immoral' Health Care System (ABC News)

Bush: "Precipitous withdrawal from Iraq is not a plan to bring peace to the region"

Outing Homosexuals in DC

Political Notebook: Speaker Pelosi declines Pride invitation

America Has A Single Payer National HealthCare Plan. It's Called Medicare

Bush: "There's something universal about motherhood, isn't there?"

DU expert Leuren Moret to address Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference on depleted uranium (DU)

I love watching Tony Snow pull stuff out of his ass. .

Caption BOOOSH-Y ---pix--->>>

Angelina Jolie Blocks Fox News

What's become of the Cono-Sleeza Subpoena?

religious group runs scam on Congress

The Rich Are Making the Poor Poorer

Earnings at Bear, Goldman Suffer Due to Subprime Mess

Cummins To DOJ: Apologize For Calling Me Lazy

PIC: Bush has really out-smirked himself now

Father's Day Article...The Psychology of Fatherhood

Parent Company of Airbus (EADS) unveils Spaceplane. 4 passengers, $200K/ticket

Spielberg endorses Hillary Clinton

Prediction: The corporatacracy in which we live will

Baathist hands behind Samarra attack

From a Chinese oil refinery to your Twinkie

The Judge is pissed.... Not looking good for Libby (dup of KPete post


w's lowest numbers ever, "the country is grumpy", nbc poll.

Kurt Waldheim is dead...

Poll: Do you think Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached ?

Florida: The Rules Are Different Here.

CNN is saying Judge Walton has made his decision, and it will be


G.I.s' Guide to Iraq (1943)

John Edwards on the Thom Hartmann show right now

Man Faces 7 Year Sentence Under "Wiretapping Law" For Filming Police

Will Chimp Pardon Libby?

Should the scooter verdict throw a scare into other neo con assholes?

Some people simply fail to evoke sympathy. Others just wear out whatever sympathy may have existed.

Justice Averted? A Lake County white man who killed two black youths


U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton received death threats

Our Post Office is becoming a store holding an inventory of

Notice MSNBC hasn't forced KO or Tweety to fill the "Imus" slot?

AP Reports Libby's Lawyers "Will Seek Emergency Order Delaying Sentence"

While you watch Libby get frog-marched, keep in mind this important point...

Buzzkill Of The Day: Tennessee To Send Drug Tax Collectors To Bonnaroo

Firedoglake is live-blogging the Libby sentencing hearing

Counterfeit Colgate toothpaste recalled

Coultergeist slams Junior

Global Trade Watch-Action Alert

Dukkke supporter elected to governing arm of La. state GOP

So, unless Bush pardons Libby, Scooter won't be able to vote for the GOP in 2008. Right?

Fired Attorney Cummins To Bush Admin: "Apologize For Calling Me Lazy"

**** C-SPAN 3 NOW Nominations to Federal Elections Commission ****

CNN Poll of Polls: How low can Bush's ratings go?

So who threatened the Libby judge?

A sick paradox: Rich who are pro-poor are hypocrites, but poor cannot rise to leadership.

Justice Dept. IG Investigating Possible Gonzales Obstruction Of Justice Incident

What Pravda is saying about Bush. . .AND Russia sells five subs to Venezuela

Here are the top four stories currently featured on the FoxNoise website:

OK-someone explain to me how this happens without anyone noticing it

Listen! Is that Goodlin, Sampson & McNulty cooperating in the background??

Freepers are more pissed off at Bush than at the Judge, interesting.

Primary challengers progress reports, anyone?

As the Sunnis & Shi'ites continue their thousand yr. old wars, whose side are YOU on?


Should Congress initiate impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush?

What's with the Daily Mail?

We've Been Told There'd Be Hell To Pay : Let The Neo-Con Tantrums Begin

US town set to ban saggy trousers (BBC)

Can the next President (Democratic Flavor) rescind any holds on Presidential data?


Can we trade Pluto's bad luck with Bush's luck? Dwarf Planet gets demoted even more

Deputy Sheriff killed while attending funeral of fellow deputy sheriff

Louisiana town bans saggy pants

ACLU & Amnesty International w/ Hip Hop Caucus Launch "Hip Hop for Habeas"

Are There Any Deaf People Here?

"Home, home on the range

National debt wiped out by end of year

It's a grand old rag

President Clinton Takes In $10 Million In Speaking Fees

Jen Sorensen (SLOWPOKE) takes on credit card corps -- 'TOON

Walton rules on Libby just on CNN: Denied motion to stay out!

Rockets rain down on Green Zone, one hits shortly before Negroponte arrives

O'Reilly:Fox won't broadcast "Carnage Du Jour" from Iraq because that's what terrorists would want

Is there something new this week involving Pelosi and free Air Force jet rides?

Levin, Stabenow and Bond (D-R--Big Auto) are pushing to lower fuel-efficiency standards

Crude jumps over $1 on Mideast violence

FBI-OUT OF CONTROL-Violated Law Over 1,000 Times (WAPO)

If you see an American flag on someone's car, do you assume they are a Republican?

Asia Times: Gambit to link Iran to the Taliban backfires

Chungs (dry cleaners sued for $54M) have set up a Legal Defense Fund

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush European Trip a "Pageant of Disdain, Delusion & Provocation"

how Cool is this?

Psychotherapist: In Every Major Company There Would Be At Least One Psychopath

Dems in Washington: The Washington Generals to PNAC's Harlem Globetrotters.

Man Created God: This will stir up a hornets nest, as God is my witness.

I can support women who want to have abortions--even though I have never had one

Supporters Of Gay Marriage Amendment Lose Votes

US Town Bans Low-Slung Trousers, 6 months in jail or a fine of $500

I Think I Understand Our Times

W wants $4.4billion more for border security..CNN Reports

Scooter Libby: No Bail-Libby To Jail In 4-6 Weeks

Which DU regular has made the most significant contribution to the GD Forum?

Snow attacks Harry Reid for alleged comments

Foxdiculous: AP & Fox 'Credit' Selves For Iraq Shrine Blast

U.S. polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder - Hint: Its the inbreeding

Has nuclear armed North Korea been officially removed from the ‘Axis of Evil’ list?

I think new leadership in the WH in 2008 will go a long way to finishing this war.

Documentary Links US to Chavez Coup


I am incensed by the $54 million pants lawsuit

FLASHBACK: One Year Ago, Bush Said He Would ‘Rely Upon Gen. Casey’s’ Advice On Troop Levels

Rules for the non military

"The president feels terribly for Scooter, his wife and their young children"


My very best friend in New Zealand *althecat* on the radio **SCOOP** Mark C Miller also

BREAKING: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' presidential compound in Gaza has fallen to Hamas

Let's all feel sorry for Libby...awwwww......

Caption this pic of *

Stephen Hawking writing children's book

Would someone, anyone tell me

The space station shuttle propulsion computers are down, again.

So would Libby Fans consider these "frat pranks" if they were administered to one of their own?

Whatever happened to the Hate Mailbag?

Should George Bush pardon Marc Rich's attorney Scooter Libby?

What's the alternative to snopes, anyone? I'm trying to

Iraqis Flee Homes in Wake of Samarra Bombing (defying curfew)

How KansDem was almost struck by a mobile phone booth this morning: His rant

Dear legalize people. Please help me with a question before I stick a fork

Snow: President Bush Is ‘On The Frontlines’ Of The Iraq War ‘Every Day’

Check out my brother's website

Hate crimes and the radical right

genetic disorder runs rampant among polygamist community

DOJ looks into Gonzos' Talk With Aide Goodling

The spin on the Libby case is that

Mark Crispen Miller and althecat on the radio SCOOP = Election 2004: The Bush Urban Legend

Cheney & co. pushing Iran arms to Taliban meme, but IT'S A LIE!

You ever been in a situation - you just had to unload.

Bush Contradicts Gates, Says It’s ‘Too Early To Judge’ Results Of Escalation

Kerry on Harball re: Libby Graybar hotel stay

The Bush administration is: 79.91 percent over!!!

Outsourcing The President....

Dupe; pls. delete. nt

Kansas City Star Editorial: "Bush's HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES continue to embarrass USA"

DU's "You TUBE'has xome good stuff./

Former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim dead at 88

So in September, when they tell us the "surge" is working, What will the Democrats do? /nt

Why abortion needs to remain legal and safe...

Is this a good organization to get stats from?

The Vatican: no more support to Amnesty International.

Matthews: "Preparing for 'Hardball' with a big bag of M&Ms....powered by sugar and caffeine."

Rep. Jefferson informs ethics panel of loan to Jackson

Did anyone hear Cafferty's question? Calling out Reid because of the

I think the Freepers actually shot themselves in the foot by harassing Libby's Judge

Jesus is implicated in a Nigerian scheme (email)

Most people are incarcerated as soon as the guilty verdict is handed down.

Vatican urges Catholics to stop donating money to Amnesty International

Was Senator Jeff Sessions (R) ever in the movies in his younger days?

FBI tries to fight zombie hordes (BBC)

Creation Museum founded by Answers in Genesis....Ken Ham as leader.

Thursday TOONS: Sopranos references edition...

Immigration bill rises from the dead...

509,000 names on FBI Terror Watch List

Paris Hilton Reveals NASA UFO Secrets (Sort Of)

Williams, Russert ignored own NBC poll to question Clinton's electability

Forget power--truth and integrity are the MOST powerful aphrodesiacs

We need a new word. An adjective or a verb. Yeah, maybe an adverb.

I have had three premonitions that Al Gore

If Bush pardons Libby--- he'll drop to the low twenties--- bank on it.

Pat Buchanan: "I think the judge thought that Scooter Libby will be pardoned by Nixon, er, Bush"

Maya Angelou endorses Hillary

Do Republicans want a fuehrer? Do Americans?

"Polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder"

So did they mention Bush's Watch or "Helping the White House" on Countdown w/o Keith Olbermann?

How to debunk a pathetic, little whiner by using these talking points...


Some 500 Iraqis killed daily. "About a third of violent deaths came from US military activities."

Jack Idema FREED from prison!

Pentagon report on Iraq to Congress: On average, 100 civilians are killed every day.

Is it time to stop the practice of trying to house large sea creatures?

Kerry On Hardball: "Iraq is worse than Vietnam"

Post-traumatic Iraq syndrome--by Christopher J. Fettweis (asst. professor, U.S. Naval War College)

Theft Rising at U.S. Wal-Mart Stores

OMG! This picture is hilarious! (Warning: not for sensitive eyes.)

If Iran is invaded

China currency row heats up in US

GORE: Re The G8 Summit ""It was a disgrace disguised as an achievement"

Justice Has Been Done: Thank You Judge Walton!

FOX Says Sources Told Them-Cheney was working like crazy to get Bush to pardon good old Scooter

Kerry on Tweety

Has the Impeachment of Cheney been heard by the House Committee on the Judiciary?

Bush 29%, Congress 23% - It's time for both to reevaluate what America wants done

Mosques, Green Zone attacked despite Iraq curfew

Angelina Tries To Bar Fox News From "Mighty Heart" Red Carpet...

Caption this Fitz pix

Science Subcommittee Urges Criminal Investigation of NASA General Counsel

Politico Story Saying Reid Called Generals "Incompetent" Is Denied

Please help with this poll!! Tampa Poll home of the War ..

Helen Thomas To Snow: "Is Anyone in Bush Family In War?"-"Snow: Bush On Frontlines Everyday"

check out the dire consequences MA will face, according to one FR post....

Apple Safari on Windows TOPS 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS in FIRST 48 HOURS!

RIP Don Herbert, Mr. Wizard.

What kind of a person makes anonymous death threats?

Good news about African wildlife! Vast migration discovered; threatened by oil development

Four States Recall Imported Toothpaste - Fake Colgate - May Contain Anti-Freeze!!

Komen Race for the Cure...

On BBC - ten million female fetus deaths in India in the last 20 years

Editor&Publisher: L.A. Times is the ONLY major paper "taking bold stands on Iraq"

McClatchy: Controversy over military vehicles for Iraq heats up

Libby will never see the inside of a jail cell - the Media is Jonesing for a Pardon

Dan Rather "Escalates" Feud With CBS - Go Dan!

LOL!: DOJ Investigates if Gonzales Tried to Influence Aide's Testimony

Live Earth Antarctica Gig Set

Message from Rosalie, Christina called, wants to come home!

Libby to Court Today

Honest worker at KCI returns $265,000 in jewelry

Rove's Protege-Griffin: Cries In Public & Says Public Service "Not Worth It"

Contact the FCC . . . . NOW (Before June 15) . re: Net Neutrality

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Vote FAILS in Con-Con! (MA)

Pat Buchanan is being very clear and fact-centered and kicking Ron Christie's ass

Whistleblower Confirms: U.S. Embassy Iraq built w/Forced Labor

What if GM and Ford just go away, close, liquidate, get the hell out?

Ed Abbey, "Desert Solitaire," (1968): We May Need Wilderness as a Refuge from Authoritarian Gov't

Is Libby a victim?

ACLU Again Challenges Bush Administration's Sealed Documents

URGENT: Act Now: Save The Internet ( Pass it on)

Is it over?

Secular Progressives check in!

My trip to the local food pantry -- need advice please

Walton To Bork: "With All Due Respect...I Would Not Accept This Brief From A First Year Law Student"

I question the mental health of anyone who STILL supports bush.

LEAHY REVEALS That Gonzales Is Using-US Attorney Appt Power-That Congress Banned

Gonzales bypasses Senate, appoints interim U.S. attorney.

Scooter Libby RIP

Jammed U.S. cities eye 'pay to drive'

Judge Walton-Discloses That He & His Family Have Been Threatened By Libby's Fan Club

"I Usually Don't Pick Somebody During The Primary But.. If Al Gore Gets In The Race I'm Picking Him"

Canary meet coal mine. Common birds disappearing.

BREAKING--Live blogging the protest at LIEberman's office

Should evolution be taught as fact rather than theory?

Ten million gallons of toxic gunk trapped in the Brooklyn aquifer . . .

people in denial of the impending Iran attack are unwitting enablers

"I just don't trust Democrats."

Whatever happened to the subpoena sent to Rice??

Opinions needed...Re: Daughter's "Presidential" Award


In honor of Flag Day, June 14th.....

What do you say when a Jehovah's Witness comes knocking at your door?

Polar bear at zoo euthanized (in constant pain due to torture at circus)

Mrs. Billy Graham just expired.

If Fox News existed throughout the times - illustrations of history

Is "people moving out of Florida" becoming a trend?

If You Could Ask Michael Moore A Question What Would You Ask?

What happens to your body if you quit smoking right now...

Shirley Smith: The Deflowering of Women's Rights by the Bush GOP

Schwarzenegger Advises Latinos to Avoid Spanish Media to Learn English

John Edwards takes on the powerful pharmaceutical/healthcare lobby --details they won't like... LINK

Government Gone Wild: TSA Detains Mother, Threatens Arrest Over Sippy Cup Full of Tap Water

Perhaps the most unintentionally funny picture I have ever seen...

Urge Dem Senators to REJECT von Spakovsky for Fed Elections Commissions (FEC)!

Rightwinger LIONEL attempts to justify fluff interview with Bill Donahue on AAR

Leahy: White House Did LIE-Missing White House Emails Have Been Found-Still Being Witheld

*** GOP Cartoon Glossary ***

Banking patriarch Guy de Rothschild dead at 98

Guy de Rothschild dies at 98..


Age, ancestry, and law

What of free speech in this day of mass media and psychological marketing

Ed Gillespie, Tenet Healthcare lobbyist, Ex-RNC chief named President's Counselor

Speaking of SICKO, I'm due for an Operation tomorow morning (CHEAP INSURANCE) and a little scared.

BAE faces criminal inquiry in US over £1bn payments to Saudi's Prince Bandar

Bush & Congress hit new lows in polls

(Mass AG) Coakley cites cost in opposing US law on driver's licenses - Boston Globe

Rising tensions are testing Reid-McConnell relations

Feingold-Reid Bill To End War Coming Back To Senate

The Real Hillary

Ghouliani Says He'd Consider Increasing U.S. Troops in Iraq

Edwards announces Senior Economic Advisor

BBC's Andrew Stephen: Who is the real Hillary?

Campaign Cash: Edwards Leads on ActBlue

Poll: Gay Marriage Not An Issue For N.H. Republicans

WTF!! theres nothing but Clinton post on this web page

For college grads, activism doesn't pay the bills - utne reader

Why I'm Having Trouble Supporting Hillary

Don't know if this is a repeat or not... Have a watch of this video..

Anybody heard any details of the dems 'secret' trade agreement

MyDD, Jerome Armstrong: "I completely dismiss the notion that there's a movement behind Obama."

"Renewing American Leadership," By Barack Obama, in latest edition of "Foreign Affairs"

Recent poll

Herein lies the problem in the 2008 Dem primary...from LAT

Bush Offers Concession on Immigration (AP)

Edwards Picks Up Support in Michigan (50 Michigan Democratic leaders endorse Edwards for president)

Idiot box - We watch QubeTV so you don't have to

Steven Goldstein backs Clinton

The revolution behind "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Florida's Scarlet Letter law, avoiding "messy primaries" and why things like that matter now.

Writer Maya Angelou Endorses Clinton

You know I am sick and tired of being labeled as a "Tree Hugger"

Good news from Massachusetts...bigots lose!!!

Bill Clinton raked in 10 million in speeches last year.


Ask the Candidates Questions Through YouTube

Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger: The New Action Heroes

How serious would DUers have worked to stop BushInc's continuing crime wave?

You don't have to be liked to be president ... but it helps

It looks like Bush** has to step in and pardon Libby before he is sent to jail.

Obama supporters may or may not like this. I think it's pretty cool

Tapped: Clinton's Intragender gap

Hillary Fever Skips a Generation

The Rude Pundit - Dennis Miller: Shit-Tossing Monkey of Cultural Detritus

World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected, warn scientists

Gallup: No obvious gender gap or other advantage seen for Clinton vs. Rudy.

Why would the pukes support someone who is so wishy-washy about being president? (Fred Thompson)

Republicans' Outlook Dims for '08

IMHO Bush is ignoring the new Minimum Wage Bill he signed

I'm not a happy camper with the Edwards campaign.

We have over 100,000 people here. Let's hit this poll!

DU this poll on impeaching Darth Cheney!

Bernstein Embarasses Himself on O'Reilly, Charlie Rose

Kerry on Hardball, with Mike Barnacle

Judge threatened; rules Libby must go to prison during appeal

I'm kinda DOWN on Harry Reid these's something from Josh Marshall's Site:

The interrelationship between favorable/unfavorable polling and name identification

Obama leads Thompson, 50 to 31 percent, in head to head match up

Just a heads up for Tavis Smiley show tonight with Howard Dean as guest.

Florida Poll: Barack Gaining, McCain Sinking

Lieberman to ‘Head’ Libby pardon effort.

Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions

This 'Obama had help from a crooked real estate developer to buy his house' thing smells like shit

I'm not liking this at all!!

Kerry @Security Symposium: Iraq is a case study for how NOT to defeat the terrorists.

Why did Gore pick Liberman in 2000?

New Bush Comic: Hey George, What Time is it (in Abania)

Putting aside specific candidates ... what red state is most likely to flip to blue in 08?

Nixon Ignored Subpoenas Too

Barney Frank on Romney: "the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics."

War widow following her heart to Iraq (enlists 2 months after husband killed in Iraq)

Obama Would Use Unilateral Force for "Vital Interests"

please permit me to introduce myself...

Obama: Favors for now-indicted Developer...contradicting earlier statements?

$2.3 million before June 30th

The prayers of DU'ers have been answered

It's a Progressive Nation After All

Poll: Hillary could put Texas in play...

"For the record, I will support the Democratic nominee, with vigor

Laura Flanders: When will Dem leaders stop dissing their base? David Obey is making a habit of it.

Reality Continues To Expose Senator Kit Bond's Iraq Propaganda

Gore. Gore. Gore.

Call Their Bluff---IMPEACH!

When we take the WH in '08, let's add some more SCOTUS Justices

Air America's saddest day