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Archives: June 15, 2007

Secrecy News:Attorney in Foggo Case Seeks to "Opt Out" of Security Clearance

Rising Rates Start to Squeeze Consumers and Companies

Baghdad crackdown seeks Sunni help (AP)

Michael Moore's new documentary "Sicko" leaked on BitTorrent

Terrorizing the Artists in the USA (by Michael Simmons at HuffPost)

India's Rivers Are Dying Due To Sewerage, Say Activists

Renewable Energy: Make Conservatives Filibuster (by Bill Scher at HuffPost)

Electric company starting renewable energy credit program - questions

'Only the gunmen are walking the street

U.S. wants to fast-track peace talks, boost Abbas standing

Little to celebrate at the birth of 'Hamastan'

US to continue training Abbas' guard

ANALYSIS: Re-occupation of Gaza - is it the only way out?

Hamas calls for Israel ties on Gaza civilian needs

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' presidential compound in Gaza has fallen to Hamas fighters.

Three injured as squirrel goes nuts


Brazil engineer seized in Iraq is dead

Did Iraq embassy contractor abuse workers?

Iraq plans 2nd meeting with U.S., Iran

Transfer Khadr to Canada, Amnesty International urges

EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell in 2005

Missing terror suspect identified

U.S. officials can be sued in Sept 11 abuse case (Mueller & Ashcroft)

Judge clears way for wounded soldier to collect judgment against terrorist

Afghanistan rejects Iran-Taliban claims

Guantanamo inmate told: You can't return to UK, you've been away too long

Army Plans To Hire More Psychiatrists (Overwhelmed By Soldiers Returning From War)

Judge allows US horse slaughter plant to temporarily stay open

Bush urged to curb overspending (by Capital Hill Republicans)

ACLU presses case to unseal Bush papers

To Avoid Conflicts, Clintons Liquidate Holdings

US lawmakers told not to 'politicize' currency (China)

Reputed Klansman Convicted in '64 Case

Lawmakers Ask for Probe of NASA Official

Yes Men pull off hoax at Go Expo Energy Conference in Calgary

My car was sideswiped by a pickup truck

In honor of all wonderful t.v. news gathering organizations....

Allison Stewart: Paris, Lindsay and Brittany are like Charlie's Angels. Except there's no smart one.

I was bad in GD today. My thread got moved "by request".

The Good Lord made his way into my house today.

I was out in the yard with my small fry today spotting back handsprings for them.

Thick as Brick on the iTunes right now

Before anyone asks,

Wow...this is so cool

The Best of Elvis....Memories...Sweet Memories...Pressed Between Pages of My Mind...

OMF'INGG! there was a dead snake in my closet!!! damn

Anybody heard from billyskank?

It can only lead to trouble if you break my heart


You will find true love on Flag Day.

Now For Some Old Fashioned, 1970s Fun!

Remember the VT professor who saved his students?

Let me show you my skarz

How will Scooter avoid going to the slammer?


What's your favorite offal?

it`s pimped out trabants!

Watch men run around carrying your mouse pointer


What would Jim Morrison have done had he lived?

DU'er "Kentuck" Gone Missing....long see...

Speaking of names again: If we'd had a daughter, it was my vote to name her

My cat wasn't acting right so I drove my daughter's cat yesterday

If you cant remember if you took the other half, odds are you did

What happens when you mix LolCats with the worst pResident ever?

Here it is. Best generated church sign ever.

Please caption this photograph.

Crap. The tourists have officially invaded my city.

I'm bored...

The industrious clock

Lotta you folks own ball clubs, huh?

Whoever made this homemade whiskey is an artist... a liquor artist!

Are Cats Pawed the Way Humans are Handed?

My car wasn't acting right so I drove my daughter's car yesterday

What should I have for dinner?

50 posts to 10,000 and my air conditioner is on the fritz. Ask me anything!

the lolcats poem

Book title? It's recent about "campaign consultants"

The new American Express commercial

Son Says "Dog The Bounty Hunter is a Crack-Smoking Tyrant"

How on earth is it possible for our house to get hotter than it gets outside?

I just got an advance of the New Pornographers next offering.

What's the worst cat you've ever owned? (Lame copy - er - cat)

Iz in ur lounge, causin' the troublez!

New Movie: "Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea"

Hannibal Lecter Sits for New Portrait

we're up to our balls in jugglers here!

What if there was a famous celebrity who posted in the Lounge all the time.

Bachelor of the Year (pic link repaired)

my braves suck.

I'm a biology final away from being a junior in HS.


Here all the bombs fade away...

Ha! I Figured Something Out... and a little game even...

Rare blue lobster found in Conn. river avoids the cooker

I have some horrible news about Tiger

TV shows you know shouldn't watch but do

Who loves tomatoes???????

The First President You Remember?

There are neighborhood cats assaulting me!

Know your world capitals? Take this quiz and find out how well.

This picture makes me smile...

General Clark reveals "The Plan" (PDB video of the day)

Depleted Uranium use in Hawaii?

Mike Gravel 08's Truly Strange Campaign Video Part I: The Rock


Ron Paul on Tucker Carlsen 6/14/07

Mike Gravel 08's Truly Strange Campaign Video Part II: The Campfire

Responsibility By Sgt. Kevin Benderman

Democratic guys vs. Republican guys

White House Spokesmen posts on FR regarding immigration

Bush Pushes Iraq Oil Law for ExxonMobil

Amazing! I recieved My Advance Copy of Joe Bageant's " Deerhunting With Jesus' Today!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

From 'President LIEberman'

NY Times: Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission


Polygamy fueling Ariz.’s rate of genetic disorder

FOX News hates Angelina Jolie; Makes me love her more!

Mel Gibson, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller

While Promoting Escalation In Iraq, U.S.-Backed Chalabi Blocks U.S.-Led Political Reforms

HAH!!1 O'Loofah claims Faux doesn't cover Iraq so as not to break Americans' will to fight!!1

Disaster tours are the most popular in post-Katrina New Orleans

I have some horrible news about Tiger

Great moments in journalism

Where is KO?

Is the Justice Department Improperly Ruled by Religion?

My R/W electrician "dissed" my Prius today (something he heard on Ru$h).

TDS is good tonight. Angelina Jolie's the guest but it's funny anyway.

Both parties plan green conventions

Bill Press has a "caption this" on his website:

The G-8 Summit and the Provocateurs, or Coming through the Rye

I Took Great Pleasure (Schadenfreude) In Libby's Jail Sentence Reaffirmation Today !!!


The Many ManCrushes of Chris Matthews

"Reputed Klansman Convicted in '64 Case" Finally some Justice in this country!

Email From Yes Men: In Case Of Climate Calamity, Burn Humanity For Fuel (Vivoleum)

Tim Griffin tearily announced Thursday that public service is, "not worth it."

The only thing worse than a terrorist attack is a gay guy stopping it

2003 Army Iraq Booklet: "Arabs Are Reluctant To Accept Responsibility"

You ever work on a fire line?

hard to believe that 44 dead in 14 days could seem like

Susan 'strep throat' Estrich whines about poor Libby's sentence

Dick & Pissypants Look Worried ---pix--->>.

Will he or won't he (Jon Stewart) suffer from Brain Lock with tonight's Guest???

Noam Chomsky's Post-9/11 Essays Collected In New Book

Libby "escorted in the fashion of a convict out a private door by grim-faced marshals."

Man nearly chokes on bag of marijuana

Who's your favorite right-wing pundit/guest?

Zbigniew Brzezinski ("Second Chance") on Charlie Rose now

Adult breastfeeding puts cleric under fire

Where's KO been? I miss him and can't quite stomach his

Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions

Something I noticed on Angelina Jolie on TDS

For the mom who was detained by the TSA over a sippy cup..

Remember the guy that the Rambo Walmart security guy held down til he died for stealing diapers?

Senate unveils bill to improve care of wounded troops

Bush is the "Commander-in-Chief"!!!!!

Gerry . com

Agent Orange Still Haunts Vietnam, U.S. (Scientist: "...highest levels I've ever seen in my life")

What if Salman Rushdie had included lots of pornographic photos in the Satanic Verses?

Lieberman equates Iran with Nazi Germany/Hitler.

LoL, David Shuster used the term "Repubican Wingnuts" on Olberman tonight

Matthews Probes Tompson's Smell..."Sex Appeal...English Leathr/AquaVelva"

The Internet is the Voice of the People: Save Net Neutrality

BUSTED! Obama campaign caught sending out anonymous hit-pieces on Hillary

What Cheney Must Be Saying To Bush

The Pentagon v. peak oil

Here's Why I Think So Many DC Insiders Are Freaked About Libby

US Tried to Smuggle C4 Into G8 Protests

I don't think American leaders should consort with royalty

*********BLACKOUT********* Things Your Media Momma Didn't Tell You

Petraeus: Life In Iraq Showing ‘Astonishing Signs Of Normalcy’

2007: Hottest Year Ever Thus Far

****Trade Deal Texts Still Secret: Take Action!****

What does it say about Bush's need to display the presidential seal on all his clothing?

Schwarzenegger: Turn Off Spanish TV

The Colbert Report just had one of the Booted from the Navy Arabic Translators on!

Polar Bears need your (political) help!

Matthews probes Thompson’s smell, “sex appeal.”

Face reality, people. centrism is the path to DEFEAT!

Has anyone seen the latest issue of Newsweek?

Md.- Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones & more than 40 Md. officials endorse Clinton

Why is Hardball comparing Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama?

Doing the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do

Immigration bill back on the table

Sicko ads all over the place I have an invitation and will watch it

The fight in the Senate

Cute story about politics and fashion

Take Back America 2008 Conference in D.C. ~ Anyone here going?

Orangeburg Times - SC - Biden's plan could END THE WAR!

A few VERY basic facts the Republics seem to forget about Scooter

Biden Receives Labor Endorsement!

Obama campaign a bunch of hypocrites, smears Hillary and then backtracks

The Internet foils fudging by three "voter fraud" warriors

Do you think Nader will start using Hurricane Katrina footage in his ads next time?

You Tube song: "I got a crush on Obama" (Hillarious)

Want the war to continue? Vote Nader 2008.

Clark fighting to help elect a Democratic Congress in 08'.

Want Nader out of the race? Embrace his should be ours, anyway

Mohamed Atta, Florida Entrepreneur: by Daniel Hopsicker

Don't Ask, Who Cares

Financial Disclosures: A Look at Who Got Extensions

U.S. pessimistic about two Iraq laws that could win over Sunnis

Electricity still an issue in Iraq

Stevens Asks Ethics to Review Finances before he officially files them

Analysis: Bush policy on terror-war detainees under assault in both Congress and courts

Analysis: US ignorant on Iraq oil law

What the TB Scare Teaches Us

Up and Down the Bush Philosophy

Foreclosure Rate Hits Historic High / WaPo

Arianna Huffington| Waiting on Petraeus


Liars Inc.

Why GOP Bush-Haters Are Even Scarier Than The 28-Percenters

The ‘Surge’ Bait and Switch (by Eugene Robinson for Truthdig)

The employer groups opposing the Employee Free Choice Act have no ammunition except deception

The Life and Death of a Border Town (CorpWatch)

The New Slavery

US Congress urges military to tackle Afghan opium (CS Monitor)

Cutting the Cake for an Ancient Rule of Law (by Anthony D. Romero for HuffPost)

Why Were They Fired? By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

Bush Pushes Iraq Oil Law for ExxonMobil

Bush Statements that Didn’t Make the Press Release

Why we must break with the American crazies

Alternet: Debunking the North American Union Conspiracy Theory

United, Not Divided — Against Bush

Polygamy: the Red State Answer to Family Values

Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: The 'City of Cemeteries'

So Much for Big Pharma's 'Anti-Pot' Pill (AlterNet)

Capitalize on Disasters to Make Peace, Say Researchers


Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's European disaster

Free speech alive and well in Venezuela

What Every American Should Know About Iraq

From Katrina to Gonzales: Incompetence Reigns

Harpers: Is “Smothers Brothers” Diplomacy the Way Out of Iraq?

Can Democrats End the Iraq War? Media flunk constitutional question on war funding

One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding (AlterNet)

Canada okays plan for nuclear waste depot - AFP

Deep ecology

Pentagon vs. Peak Oil (, via AlterNet)

(N.Dakota-Canada) MPs demand action on Devils Lake outlet - CBC

Yanukovich Says Drought May Cut Ukraine Grain Harvest By 25% Or More - Reuters

UK Pediatricians Seeing Kids As Young As Six Months Showing Up In Obesity Clinics - BBC

Russia plans to start trading Kyoto quotas in 2008 - Reuters

Endangered Species: Winners and Losers (CITES meeting)

Pickens Wants To Build World's Largest Wind Farm

Hong Kong Orchestra Conductor Emigrates, Cites Pollution - QM2 Passengers Told "Stay On Board"

ExxonMobil Attacks Greenpeace, Then Says It's Not A Global Warming Denier - Guardian

Pesticides, Pathogen May Be Killing Bees

Pending doom: Global warming crisis (from Maine 4th graders)

Determine Your Eco-footprint

Organic food helps revive fortunes of Europe's farmers

U.S. Senate Says No to "Clean Coal" & Nuclear in RPS

The Yes Men strike again! (This really appeals to my twisted sense of humour)

'Common' birds vanishing in U.S., study finds

With development, common birds are losing ground

Extremophiles eyed for cellulosic ethanol production...

A holistic view of "rush hour"

Impact of major nuclear accident less than smoking, obesity

W/O Strong Rainfall Totals, Melbourne Has Just Over 1 Year's Water In Reservoirs - Age

Poor leadership cited in Fatah's failure

Takeover by Hamas Illustrates Failure of Bush's Mideast Vision

Abbas picks independent Salam Fayyad as new PM

Looting, Revenge Deaths Persist in Gaza

ANALYSIS: The West Bank is not the Gaza Strip, Palestinians say


B'Tselem calls on armed Palestinian groups to respect the rules of international humanitarian law

Palestine threatens to move from gang wars to de-legitimization

Rally Against Occupation Draws Sparse Crowd in D.C.

World leaders pledge support for Abbas in confrontation with Hamas

Source: Johnston's captors promise to free him within 24 hours

Protesters force Caterpillar to cut annual meeting short

The fight in the Senate

Gates: U.S. missile plan in Europe a go

5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Panel schedules Mercer hearing(for nomination to DOJ's #3 position)

Speed inquiry, House urges

U.S. says Iraq troop surge complete

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq - military

Journalist bill may benefit terrorists, House panel told(Conyers: DOJ officials' remarks are absurd)

Guard running low on equipment

UK al-Qaeda cell members jailed

Suicide bombers hit foreign troops in Afghanistan

US Senators Ask Condoleeza Rice For Report On Disaster Giving

Renewable fuels provision stalls energy bill

U.S. base mortared north of Falluja

Plastic that grows on trees

No quick fix for $100 million goof (in plea agreement)

Gates: 'Mixed picture' of war accurate

U.S. "disappointed" with Iraq political steps-Gates

Jay Buckey Announces Senate Run

House delays rules requiring passports

Judge can't fix government's $100 million boo-boo

Wildlife trade talks end with surprises

DoD Receives Mental Health Task Force Results


Colombia warns House against reducing its U.S. military aid

Both parties plan green conventions

The Dean Team, Broadway Bound?

Senator Blocks Vote on Subpoenas Over Eavesdropping

US says Iraq troop surge complete

Retired colonel dies in Iraq (DynCorp contractor)

Senator Blocks Vote On Subpoenas Over Eavesdropping (Republican)

Large Sunni mosque destroyed near Basra in Iraq (Friday)

Gas prices expected to rise at pump

Uprooted Iraqis move into "atrocious" camps - UN

Mental Illness In The Military On The Rise

Gates in Iraq to assess progress in US troop "surge"

New Orleans turns to international aid

Gates: U.S. Forced to Plug Helicopter Gap in Afghanistan

Credit cards getting pinched at the gas pump

"The two-state solution has finally worked"

Ohio State Student Journos Cry Foul Over Paper Seizure At Clinton Speech

Child slave labor revelations sweeping China

BREAKING-Russians: Possible 'Fatal Flaw' in Space Station (blame US)

Official close to attorney firings quits (Mike Elston)

Cunningham financier admits role in scandal

Study: VA Disablity Pay Is Too Low (For Some Iraq Vets)

Takeover by Hamas Illustrates Failure of Bush's Mideast Vision

Half Of US Aid In 'Plan Colombia' Goes To US Contractors Government

Gen. Pace: I Refused To Quit Iraq Post

Buchanan to testify in attorney scandal today

BAE bought plane for Saudi prince under arms deal: report

U.S. F-16 fighter plane crashes in Iraq

Reid raps top generals; GOP response harsh

GOP says it can block unions' bill

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Leaked Onto Web

Ex-Prosecutor: (Tim Griffin) Job Not Worth Controversy

Tancredo wins surprise immigration vote (Affecting Sanctuary Cities)

Pentagon May Drop Mental Health Question

Nifong To Resign As Durham DA (Duke Case)

Bill OKs Lowering Flags When Troops Die

GM Shifts Engineers to Speed Creation of Electric Car

FBI to Boost 'Black Bag' Search Ops

I dedicate this to all the lonely loungers out there

I just baked chocolate chip cookie bars for my daughter's class

Somebody was a real asshole to me today!


I threw away my Stud Finder!

We have finally decided to get a kitty or two - as soon as my husband's job situation settles.

lolkat, just for matcom!

I dedicate this to "the man" :)

For the true Lounge LIzards!

Paris Je T'aime

That's the way God planned it.

Lee Atwater, the architect if political distruction.

Dedicating a song to Mom

Subway Commercial with Prius at drive-thru

Everybody say "hi" to my kitty Zelda!

Did anyone here watch Studio 60 tonight????

Accept it, losers! Cheaters is the greatest television show ever made!

Help, my hubby becomes a JERK when he drinks caffeine!!

I saw the COOLEST license plate frame today

Rod Stewart's Son Arrested For Assaulting Couple With A Brick

Internet To Blame For Rise In Food Fights

Southern Baptists Approve Global Warming Resolution Rejecting Human Responsibility

Teen Caught On Security Video Preparing To Have Sex With Horse

Police Catch Couple Having Sex On 100 Foot Construction Crane

What was the best war you ever owned?

It's like they don't even try anymore.

Good Morning.

A Modern Parable

Where oh where has our Billy gone?

For the new Battlestar Galactica fans here...

Why can't my hubby spit responsibly?

Oh, crap

Lets Go To Vegas - Naughty Vegas Uncovered

Are regional accents going the way of the eight-track?

I do not believe in torture but I think my cats do

Who has the best DU sigline?

My 19th nervous breakdown

Picking Up the New Bike Today

The Bad Brains appreciation thread.

Stupid car question: Keyless entry

Company That Makes Baseball Hats With Gang Logos To Pull Product From Stores

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/15/2007)

The Great Banana Hoax

I'm posting an early happy father's day!

I *LOVE* my new digital camera!

some definitions (joke)

One of the best things about living near a major city is if you need something TODAY >

I just dropped the little girl off at daycare for her first day

How to know you are addicted to DU

Math People: Help me simplify this equation!

Fuck General Motors!

Times-News requests plane crash stories (Hendersonville, NC)

Anybody else feel like they are addicted to DU?

Coming to Broadway-"Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots" (Sorkin involved)

It's Official! I'm moving to Wilmington, NC

How well do BMW's hold up?

The View's EH TWIT moment for today

Florence wants to be my myspace friend

Just because....

Legal absinthe?

Anyone familiar with Mitsubishi cars?

I'm Dumping Netflix

Man Gets Jail For Feeding Puppy To Snake

I take back every bad thing I said about Angelina Jolie.

Just Saw Moore's 'Sicko' and it made me Very Angry

Headin' up to San Francisco

So apparently my office is being stalked by an insane ex-green beret.


Your daily dose of cow urine

Discipline. Put bad boy in trunk of car.

Oh fark. Mr. Writer just spilled a bunch of black oil-based dye on the carpet and closet door.

Home with a bad cold, but I'd like to go eat at Russell Street Barbecue.

Ecology is a lot of crap, per Rapture Ready crowd.

don't you think that if paris really had an epiphany while in jail

Well, I'm in an akward position

How are you spending your time this fine Friday morning?

Wrestling Fans . . "sighs" . .. we lost another one . . . RIP Sensational Sherri

i can never forgive woodrow wilson

What the frig is absinthe?

Jun 15 1969

what would you rather have?

Paris Hilton Appreciation Thread

Not as good as Matcom...but cops "bust" wrong house in Meth Lab hunt...

US Open shuts down Morgan Stanley internet system

"Women in Art".............this is totally cool!! Check it out

It's "Cruise Night"!

Anyone have a "consultants" experience, ala Office Space?

is there ever a purely altruistic motive?

One of my Friends told me that the reason NASCAR is so popular now...

REAL Chinese food!

Who Is Pearl Stewart? *IN-FREAKING_SANE* Video!

Where's Kitchenwitch?? It's Friday ya bastards!

Cat and Groundhog meeting may be imminent

Get your lighters ready...

Do hangovers hurt more the older you get?

Birders/humans: this might be an interesting report/article

Happy birthday Anarcho-Socialist & RoyGBiv

There are few things better than happy hour...but not many...

A Stud Just Banged Me

does it seem like people are easily amused nowadays?

Hey, go easy on Angelina Jolie. She's thin because her mom passed away.

We have found our next family member!!

i hurt myself working out yesterday.... my lower back is spasming

Anyone here ever DRINK the bong?

Friday Morning Questions

I am a pervert now!

Something Sad and Funny at The Same Time..

Gay Gang & Lesbian Gang Fight Near Metro Station - One Gang Member Hit In Head With Stiletto Heel

Best material used to construct a sink?

The brilliance of Stan Freberg & Shorty Rogers:

My new book on Bush-Cheney-Rove deceit to debut at Take Back America conference next week

Officer Michael Hunt Ogden City Police Department School Resource Officer Mount Ogden Middle School

Alternate sites for downloading Safari for Windows?

Bob Barker is a God Damn Vampire!!!

Must read thread in GD--Christina is scheduled to come home...

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Bob Barker is a God Damn Saint!!!

DU Moms and Dads: Recall on Thomas Trains

I'm eating salmon for the first time

My dad had a stroke.

Ever seen a movie called Slither?

The things you find when you peruse Sam Brownback's MySpace page

My dog killed his first rabbit last night

PMS rules! I'm irrationally livid about stupid crap and I keep wanting

Check it out-- amazingly addictive!

Sometimes love just isn’t enough

David "cheeseburger" Hasselhoff gets full legal custody of daughters

is most conventional wisdom actually foolishness?

I love you

Ladies & Gentlemen: what are your plans for the weekend?

Jaded, Cynical, Hardbitten, Hopeless Thread

Who's on Catster?

how much of your personal life do you withhold on DU?

I need to vent or I am going to go insane.

Our relatives and our kids....would love to change name and address

Those who grew up in the 80's- remember Jams?

Wish me luck. Mammogram in 2 hours.

Battle at Kruger (awesome wildlife video)


Friday Picture Thread: Me at My FATTEST!

I have my permit now!

Bite Me

What is the most ridiculous right wing conspiracy theory?

Did He or Didn't He?

Tell me this is not a beautiful song...(YouTube)

Killer Squirrel!

Mom always liked you best

I'm acting in a play that opened tonight!!!

Grammar/structure assistance, please

Deputy Honored By MADD Wrongly Jailed Dozens For DUI

Toddler served margarita in a sippy cup (by restaurant)

Funniest bit or moment in a movie?

Race fans! This is the biggest weekend of the year!


LMFAO - Secret picture of GD Moderators leaked to Internet

shaq's New Show-Maybe a Little Ironic

I called it...Spurs sweep Tony Parker MVP


Duncan Best Power Forward Ever?

Spelling With George W. Bush

Happy Birthday ... John Edwards Part II

Record Increase in Veterans Funding-Dems Actually Supporting Troops!

Happy Birthday - John Edwards Part III

Angilina Jolie On The Daily Show


Happy Birthday - John Edwards Part I

Rudy Giuliani on Vulture Funds

Hillary's views on going to war, Saddam, and WMD (as she "disses" Code Pink in March 2003)

Jon Stewart on Plan to Arm the Sunni Insurgents ('A Plan So Crazy, It Just Might...')

John Edwards Healthcare Press Conference

CIA, Drugs and The US Economy

2 Video Clips From Michael Moore's SiCKO


"Axis of Evil" comedy tour guy in studio with Bernie Ward

Mike Jones kisses Ted Haggard and tells

Wouldn't it be fun to watch some heads explode?

Ugh! The praying * head in the ad makes me want to spew

Obama Girl... Look closer at this pic from the video

Beating the tax man in Russia can be deadly.

Permanent Bases the World Over

Separated At Birth? ---pix-->>>

$485M overpaid to storm victims-FEMA struggles to reclaim funds

On Wednesday, a witness said the two minarets fell within minutes of each other.

Bush Finally Signs U.S. Attorney Bill After Installing One Last ‘Loyal Bushie’

Gonzo gone crazy: FOX News & AP on the 'attack'

Reputed Klansman convicted in 1964 Deaths

Court rules U.S. officials can be sued in Sept 11 abuse case

Brian Lamb is being lambasted by Michael Savage listeners

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Bush administration attacks 'shield' for bloggers

Stay and Pray

This torturing asshole could be living next door to you soon

To the Iraqi do they see the contractors differently from the Soldiers

Presidents I Have Known

== I Do Not Have $1 Million = By Mark Morford

Why compromise on immigration?

US voices full backing for Abbas - Does taking sides help?

Iraq arrests 13 policemen over mosque bombing - I thought it was Al Qaeda?


Southern Baptists Question Human Role in Global Warming; Say Regulations Hurt Poor


Iraq conflict 'will create a violent generation'

When to re-think your life

Taleban capture coalition soldier in Afghanistan

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - not just a lame duck (Fri-6/15)

Anyone listening to Brian Lamb read this article about what legislators are worth?

Contractor With Dyncorp Killed in Iraq

Sorry---but there's something so inherently wrong with this picture,

Politico Putz:Admits Reid "Comment" raised a ruckus

This should get the 'skinheads' worked-up.

Colbert makes the case for Holsinger

National Guard units in 31 states say wars have left them with 60% or less of their authorized eqpmt

MUST READ! German police use Gestapo tactics on G8 protesters

Judicial picks tied to GOP

Sen. Lynne Cheney not meant to be

the House is sure fisty today:

OH PLEEEEZZZEEE!!!! La Crosse player crying!!!!!!!

Surge is just starting?

Victor Davis Hanson is an idiot.


IRAQ "BAIT-AND-SWITCH": WP, Eugene Robinson, "September Song and Dance"

Op/Ed: Nat'l Debt Now Affecting Nat'l Security. US returns $20Million in North Korean drug/gun money

Where is Mike Gravel taking us with his videos?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: It's Not About Dan and Katie

Bumper sticker idea?

Russians Point Fingers At US For Possible "Fatal Flaw" In Space Station

Kerry: Iraq Worse Than Vietnam

So Many Republican Hypocrites, So Little Time - Bork Sues Yale Club

A deliberate torture policy

US Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) involved in Coconut Road earmark controversy with Don Young (R-Alaska)

"Oh, great. Now Bush's Iraq blunder has made us hated in Mir Gund."

Bush Finally Signs U.S. Attorney Bill After Installing One Last ‘Loyal Bushie’

Super rich seek new heights in pampering

Lieberman: U.S. pullout from Iraq would be an epic victory for al Qaeda, as significant as 9/11

Does the US have any right to imprison thousands of Iraqi people indefinitely?

Meth Use Among U.S. Youth Higher Than Expected

Politicians: In it for the Honor, or for the Money & Power?

400,000 chemical-filled bombs, land mines, more than 500 tons radioactive waste dumped into ocean

PBS to promote religious right-style history lesson

Journalist 'shield law' may benefit terrorists, House panel told by * admin

Disk With Ohio State Worker Data Stolen (AP)

2003's "Soldier's Guide to the Republic of Iraq"

why oh why does Congress do business in the middle of the night?

The View's EH TWIT moment for today

Who watches the cable news channels more to see what they are NOT reporting than what they are?

MNF Mandate Approved through December reaffirming operations in country until at least end of 07

Right Wing Watch - Republican Party Census Document

KC mayor appoints Minuteman woman to board position

Even before the scandal at Abu Ghraib many Iraqis viewed imprisonment of women as tantamount to rape

Scammers descend on homeowners facing foreclosure

Now You Can Text "IMPEACH" to 30644 To Vote To Impeach Cheney

Prison can't wait, Libby told

Bandar and DOJ

ACLU Presses Case to Unseal Bush Papers On Warrantless Surveillance Program

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "If Kristol Says What I'm Doing Is Right, It Must Be Right"

One More Guilty ReThug, And The Cell Doors Keep Clanking Shut....

‘Iraq Summer’ hopes to isolate President Bush

guess who was watching the watch being removed - Rove

Michael Moore Lobbies Health Care Lobbyists

Anyone keeping track of Nifong's "I don't recalls"? n/t

White Supremacist Convicted in 1964 Racial Killings in Mississippi

City of Seattle may ban microwave popcorn

When Republicans look back longingly at "the good ol' days" what days are they looking at

Parents of college age kids and FERPA

Sex, Taxes and Real Estate Scams in Miami

Anti-Choice Infighting Continues - National Right to Life dumps Colorado Right to Life

Whatever happened to: "Make Them Accountable"?

"We're not Jews" Fatah partisan says.

American DUers, what do you really think of Europe?

Genarlow Wilson Case: Anybody here from Georgia?

The main soccer field in the city is now a cemetery. The only amusement park in the city was looted

Oppose Checks of Insecure REAL ID for Job Seekers

NY Daily News: sources say Cheney is pressing for a Libby pardon

"Issues" won't matter in the 2008 Presidential race.

FEMA may have AUTHORIZED flood insurance overbilling

Democracy: no different than religion

What Every American Should Know About Iraq


This misadministration is standing on one shaky leg, what's keeping them up?

Energy executive examines his Vivoleum candle: a loving tribute to one man's sacrifice

E&P: Latest From McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers - "Fallujah: The City of Cemeteries"

Reid Attacks Commanders!-- a message from the RNC to its members

Well, Josh is gone.

Bush signed into a law a measure preventing the Justice Department........

Disk With Every State Employee's Personal Data Stolen - Ohio

The Barney Frank Rule of Outing Gay Politicians

Former U.S. attorney accused of sex charges

i don't trust any politician

Anyone else think we're going to have to make government contract fraud a capital/life term crime?

Bill Clinton's $100,000 Conference Call (New York Magazine)

global warming and real estate

Gates: 'Mixed picture' of war accurate

LOLHamas! On Yer Internetz

Heads up bill Clinton on CSPAN2 12:55 EST

Romney defends abortion conversion; Brownback lauded

South East Texas DUers Tornado watch

To Russert, only Dems' vote against funding bill "would be seen ... as not supporting the troops"

Look out Iran! As predicted, U.S. rejects Russian offer to relocate European missile shield.

Drudge is Posting a link to download SICKO on his website Hoping the film will Fail!

F-16 Crashes in Iraq

bumper sticker tip

Gas Prices Expected to Rise at Pump - - Yay! Let's have a beer with Bush!

5 U.S. soldiers killed Fri., cheney pockets another 5 million bucks.

DU Zeitgeist Word of the Day: "Sippy Cup"

WHITE HOUSE Has Until June 28 To Comply With Subpoenas For Supposedly "LOST" E-mails

Rove-Protege Tim Griffin Dismisses Caging: ‘I Didn’t Cage Animals, I’m Not A Zookeeper’

America's tough guys: "Courageous crusaders of the masculine virtues"

Gen. Pace Says He Was Forced Out

No quick fix for $100 million goof - Justice Department typo

(How sad that war trumps Americans) - New Orleans turns to international aid

Were these Iraqi women ever hanged by Bush's puppet government?

Former rising-star Republican pleads no contest to more child sex

Unscramble these politician's names...

Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s The Miller & McCain Show!

Leahy said Thursday that was vindicated with the revelation of the e-mails'

Marcus Luttrell SIGHTING!!1 4:10 PM et. He didn't bash libruls this time!!1

Court Rules Former Detainee Can Sue US Officials In 9/11 Abuse Case

Petraeus Has Walkabout in Baghdad Market

Secret prisons, torture - what is America becoming?

Giuliani Signals Support for Second Escalation of U.S. Forces To Iraq

Reid confirms Pace, Petraeus comments

Drudge linking to Sicko bittorrent

Randi's show is great today - devoted to Gore

On Bush, Cheney, Scooter, Jail, Pardons, and Gravity-Defying New Math comin' to Save Georgie

Oklahoma Unearths it’s Time Capsule—A ’57 Plymouth Belvedere, Gas, Beer, Tranquilizers and Cigs

Caption this (cat lovers don't look)

Here's exactly what Reid said (to liberal bloggers about Peter Pace)

PHOTO: Standing on the side of love

I'm wondering if GWB will avoid a complete meltdown before 2009.

Re-hashing Lurita and the Malfeasance of the GOP Overseers

Rumors that Paul Zahn Now is no more

Pace says he was forced out

Sen. Warner: "surge" progress was at best "mixed"

Questions about single payer National Healthcare (peek inside)

George Is Spending the Weekend at His TX Vacation Home ---pix--->>>

3519 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bill Clinton earned $10 mln giving speeches in '06

Is there Class Envy in America? Have Wealthy People Been Responsible for All the Jobs in America?

Can someone explain the difference between telling the Duke lacrosse players

Boucher blows hot air-His reasons for blocking CA emissions standards just don't make any sense

Anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-atheist, anti-evolution, anti-modern Promise Keepers '07

Investigative Report Prompts Congressional Hearings on Unneeded Military Aircraft Program

A message from Veterans For America: A Victory for Returning Servicemembers and Veterans

The Constitution Project Welcomes House Bill to Restore Habeas Corpus

Titanium Backbone Implants, or Creatively Funding the VA Gap

will iraq be the catalyst for creating a third world america?

It's Friday Ya Bastards!

Gonzales & King George

Caption *


Robert Dreyfuss: "Apocalypse Not" Time to stop buying into worst case scenarios about leaving Iraq.

Forest Service Outsourcing Plan Produces Big Losses

HERE WE GO AGAIN--It should be illegal to be a repuke

I'd say the shit could hit the fan, this and home repos... ack

Brian Lamb Has Just Elevated Himself In My View


Re: Bumper stickers. What approach is best?

Jolie Lawyer Takes Fall For Media Snafu

Scarborough: I Agree With Democrats, "Surge Has Failed"

I'm baffled. This "lobby" DU page won't load for me!

Moore Lobbies Health Care Lobbyists-brilliant!

Senator Webb's son is home on leave-Happy Fathers Day!

Justice Dept. Typo Costs $100M, and oops! It Can't Be Fixed

A letter from my DINO representative who voted for the war funding bill:

Campbell Brown expected to join CNN

Restaurant Serves Toddler Margarita In Sippy Cup

I have a problem with people...

Samarra attack. CNN changed headline and deleted the words "inside job"

What are we going to do about this CRAP -------> ?????

Is Mexico's Drug War "Calderon's Iraq"?

Nuke Weapons Data Sent Via Unssecured E-mail

Sheer, freaking lunacy

Moyers Slams Libby Defenders

How much of the opposition to "illegal" immigration is a mask for

John Dean: Libby focus shifts to highly political US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit

4 Dolphins Shot to Death in Calif.

THINK of what we could do with diverted war funds!

In defiance of King George, Happy Magna Carta Day: Lift one high for Habeas Corpus

C-SPAN Gets Savaged By Right-Wing Radio Listeners (Michael Savage)

CNN mulls moving Lou Dobbs to 8 p.m., opposite O'Reilly and Olbermann

Who would you rather have living next to you as your neighbor?

Byrd: "I'm told that 90 is the new 80"

And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is...

Nation of immigrants: who was yours?

Heads up: Michael Moore will be on Letterman tonight

Report on CODE PINK's Meeting With LIEberMAN

Why do some people prefer to own "super-sized" dogs?

What Every American Should Know About Iraq

Michael Moore's "Sicko" Pirated

Missing Girl Found Naked, Berries In Hands

Despite his shift to the right, [Dennis] Miller keeps liberal credibility

Moyers On Libby's "Killer Lie"

Polygamy: the Red State Answer to Family Values. AZ and UT Attorney Generals Won’t Prosecute It.

Which do you, personally, find more impairing while YOU are driving/passenger?

OK, let me re-phrase my question:

Momma and the Goddess

"We need to have a federal marriage amendment," Romney

Just got this letter from Senator Cantwell

What is the CORRECT term?

Kerry introduces new group and lays out a strategy for fighting terrorism

Reminder: Joe Lieberman is Not a "Democrat". He's "Independent".

Why do some people continue to blame/attack the Duke players?

It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun

Feingold snub blow to 2-year revolving door

Friday TOONS: Bombs and Neo-Cons edition

DU this poll, if you please

We need a 'Guest President' to do the work that our president won't do.

So here we are, 5 yrs. after the "Bush Knew" headlines.

"Why I changed my vote" Mass. Senator on same sex marriage. Beautiful!

Yesterday on my way to lunch, some

Turds found in Capitol, but no 'blossoms' in sight

WTF! After Everything That Has Been Revealed-Bush/Gonzales Team Continues To Purge Voter Rolls

John Dean on Libby's Case

Thompson: Late-Term Abortion Is ‘Infanticide,’ Roe v. Wade Worst Decision In Supreme Court History

The Middle East is Burning - haven't Bush and Condi done a great job?

The GOP and their CRONY PRESIDENT....Is BUSH a CRONY? What are the signs?

What is a Reagan Democrat?

A big THANKYOU to Babylon Sister and Kpete and Sabra

Victim's dad gets rights to O.J. Simpson's book. And will change the title.

Controversy over military vehicles for Iraq heats up

* is in my town right now...PUKE...I just spent the last 3 hours holding protest

Habeas Corpus is 792 years old today.

So Thompson wants Roe v. Wade repealed. Ponder this, then:

Frustrated anti-gay marriage protestor/loser arraigned on assault charges

Sibel Edmonds and Henry Waxman's Silence

The case of the disappearing Great Lake (Superior)

Fake Lipton Tea, Nescafe Leak Into EU, Hurting Unilever, Nestle [influx of fake products from China]

Indian American Journalist Warns of Possible Jeb Bush '08 Run

FOR DISTRIBUTION: Executive Summary of The Urban Legend of 2004

-Protege Tim Griffin Dismisses Caging: ‘I Didn’t Cage Animals, I’m Not A Zookeeper’

Who is going to pay the Duke Lacrosse players legal bills?

I love this picture

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 15, 2007***

Our Troops Are Dying For The Iraqi Regime To Get On With Their Politics

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Hague

Interesting stuff. The Journey of Mankind

Ok DU'ers! I Want To Share With You All My Bumpersticker Invention, With Pics. Feedback Welcome!

Gore/Obama Ticket 2008

How a hospital death became a cause celebre

Just saw SiCKO

Check this freeper thread. How sad.

Howard Dean today: "As a Democrat, I believe that we should welcome the stranger"

Are anyone else's teenagers having trouble getting a job?

DENNIS MILLER has crossed the line and swallowed 5 tons of KOOL AID

Breaking: Fifth Top Justice Department Official Resigns (Mike Elston)

Christina is scheduled to come home tomorrow night!!!! GREAT news

Two Little Rock restaurants ban cell phones

Obama Girl - think this vid will give Barack a kick?

Some thoughts of illegal immigration

Argh. Sometimes it's VERY hard to be anti-DP

Former Bush Appointee Schlozman-Purged Female Minority Lawyers & Replaced Them With "GOOD AMERICANS"


New Immigration Bill has provisions to grant legal status to the 12 million

I have a real problem with people

Before there were “enhanced interrogation techniques,” there was verschärfte Vernehmung

Democratic leader wants more candor on Iraq (Reuters)

The Candidates Need to Get on this Vulture Fund story

Romney: Libby case needs careful review (AP)

Is there no NPR "It's All Politics" podcast for yesterday?

Clinton, Obama, immigration and Russian attitudes

The United States of Urinal Cake

Dean says he hopes Jake (Gyllenhaal) takes the Broadway play.

If Kristol says so…

Richard Cook argues economic doomsday has been made official via the Wash Post.

Senate Map Is Messy for GOP

U.S. Senator Barack Obama Confirmed to Speak During Fourth of July Weekend at the 13th Annual Essenc

Obama raises $100,000+ in Chapel Hill-Edwards' back yard

If General Pace is so great why is bush forcing him to retire?

"Yucca opponent joins Clinton's campaign"

Must Read! The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America Is a Myth

Repuke candidates gather in Kansas City, arguing about which one is the most rabidly anti-choice

Gallup: Last weeks Gallup showing Obama catching Hillary an aberration

Blue Dog Coalition Elects Five New Members

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) - "raise CAFE standards to 40 MPG"

the WH is now officially posting on

Act Now to Help Embattled Birmingham Clinic!

At first, seizing Scalia tapes called OK (AP)

Huckabee and other Republican hypocrites.

Obama, Clinton fight for Illinois cash

Obama Campaign Circulating Negative (And Ultimately False) Story About Bill Clinton

Clinton battles Bush over terrorism recovery plans

Mexico wants flow of guns from US cut. (and drug demand)

Do you think the reason Obama supporters on DU are kicking articles that are over two weeks old...

City Council Declares Philadelphia a “Pro-Choice” City—Then Changes its Mind

Just remember - the U.S. and Israel caused the current Palestinian civil war too.

Obama rips Absentee Fathers; Presents Plan to Help Poor Families

what can DU partisans do to get me to vote for their candidate?

Giuliani Signals Support For Second Escalation Of U.S. Forces To Iraq »

Illinoisprogressive, can you start any more Obama threads?

WSJ: Front-loaded election calendar makes Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina even more important

Attn: Al Gore

DOJ Inspector General Looking into Obstruction by Gonzo

In October of 2006, The U.S. was ranked 53rd in Press Freedom! Will it be worse this year?????

Obama Campaign attack memos...

InfoUSA and Clinton Corruption

Navajos to invite Obama, Giuliani

Where's that Gang of 14? Filibusters now possible? GOP tougher than Dems????

I wonder if this message was subtle enough?

Hillary announces Texas endorsements...Henry Cuellar, Ruben Hinajosa join Sheila Jackson-Lee...

Man guilty of 'Ku Klux Klan' kidnaps .....Justice At Last!

Clinton speaks out on stem cell reserach

Trent Lott: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

Why the Obama-Clinton oppo piece dustup means more than the pieces themselves

The Democratic Primary 2008 looks like the French Socialist Primary 2007

Here are the Democrats who voted for Tancredo's bill today.

Will Hillary have to knock Giuliani off his 9/11 pedestal in order to win?

If not for the Macaca incident, would George Allen be the GOP Frontrunner right now?

And now a message from your President.

What is Obama's position on outsourcing?

Harris Poll: Clinton 36%, Obama 32%, Gore 14%......Obama gains 9%

Hillary endorsed by Michigan Union...

Does anyone know Hillary's position on pardoning Scooter Libby?

I Need Your Suggestions DUers, Sincerely

POLL: Obama narrows the gap and closes in on Hillary (36% / 32%), Gore and Edwards far behind

Hillary's Macaca Moment

What's with all the hit pieces?

Today 3500 people turned out to see Obama in one of the most red areas of one of the reddest states

Defeat abortion, KS DA Kline urges

Good for Hillary and Bill: Clintons sell possibly troublesome stock

I never get sick of the Periodic Table of Criminal Elements.

Al Gore Wants To Push Environment To Forefront Of 2008 Race

Edwards Calls for Halt on Coal Plants in the Backyard of Proposed Coal Plant

Senator Boxer teams up with Joe Biden on his plan for Iraq

What's Happening With The Immigration Bill? Are The Dems Going To Deliver For *......

The Case for Taxing Globalization's Big Winners

What about Gravel?

I am considering joining in the 'candidate wars'

"The American Left's Silly Victim Complex"... Matt Taibbi

I love that "Cathollic school girl" look, if the skirt isn't too short

Live Blogging John Edwards Event in Iowa

****Trade Deal Texts Still Secret: Take Action!****

Impeachment FAQ

MyDD: Hillary's Race to Lose...and...Obama: Movement? What Movement?

What is Gore's stance on Electric alternative energy?

Would a campaign memo including any of the following be racist?

Dean said the attorneys were fired for not doing a good enough job of suppressing votes.


Did Hillary ever state why she chose an Impeached Judge as Campaign Co-Chair?

John Kerry on 'Hardball'