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Archives: June 19, 2007

Coleen Rowley & Other Intelligence Veterans: How Not to Counter Terrorism

Bush to Congress: Drop Dead (Signing Statements)-- Mother Jones

"...moral vanity has always been one of the president's besetting sins."

Don't Short-Circuit American Jobs ( UNION card is the straightest ticket into the middle class)

Many Arctic Plants Have Adjusted to Big Climate Changes, Study Finds

pulse plugs for auto's, thoughts on

China tiger trade ban won't last : official - Reuters

98 tons of plants per gallon

NY Times Op/Ed: "Millions of Missing Birds, Vanishing in Plain Sight"

Abbas aide says Iran told Hamas to use violence in Gaza

Unmoved by the humanitarian crisis

Google Launches Public Policy Blog

Attorney: Padilla Co-Defendant Rejected Violence

Milan judge suspends trial challenging CIA extraordinary renditions

Suicide bomb teams sent to U.S.A, Europe

U.S. reporter's Iraq saga wins top non-fiction prize

Bush administration touts latest (much lower) estimate of uninsured children in proposing funding

Cuban revolutionary Vilma Espin, wife of acting president Raul Castro, dead at age 77

Iraq Embassy Staffing Called Inadequate (Ambassador is "panicking")

Victims press Vietnam Agent Orange case in US court

Judge: Disbarred D.A. Must Leave Now

Despite promises, few in House make earmark requests public

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Declines to 16-Year Low

Congress to Vote on School of the Americas this Wed.

Anybody been in GD lately? Sheesh, who needs Mastercard telling us to live it up?

Post a picture of something interesting and unusual

Coco Crisp.

Oh Cheesecakes, Oh Cheesecakes, You Are Sooo Good, But So So Bad

Hi Lounge, How are you?

I used to think Prince Harry looked like James Hewitt

What should I expect to pay for a lady on heels?

FREE HUGS Campaign On Boston Common?

Air Supply got stung by a scorpion last Friday!!!!!

I have a million other things I should be doing....but before I go...

Does Damien Rice sound like David Gray or is it just me?

Just another reason to appreciate living while you can, people...

Is there a "Periodic Table of the Ideologies"?

Ok..Where is the Official Lounge Hoser???

I've been here since 2001, and my first "ignore" was about 3 weeks ago.

Salman Rushdie personally commits suicide bombing in Iran

Looking for wedding gift idea for a couple ages 72 and mid 50's.

Beans, beans...the musical fruit

OMG!!1!!! Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer") sounds jes' like Peggy Hill!

I won a Wii today!

I like that show about "exes" cuz they blow up things.........

Attention Plz!


Another Mike Gravel 2008 ad!

After a few of these, I've been known to do this.....

I believe that with, uh…the advent of acid…

Can you reccommend a good new book?

Paris Hilton's mom on Countdown.. she's afraid of bruthas!

Have you ever been mistaken for somebody else?

Have you seen this website? It's a blessing.

I need a little bit of advice.....

OMFG, my cat just brought this HUGE grasshopper/whatever in and ATE IT!

I had my last Belly Dancing

There has always been homosexuality in Africa.

Ummm, watermelon, ice-cold, WITH SALT!!1

Kristy Swanson Arrested!!!

What does the following bumpersticker mean?


Watching HELL'S KITCHEN while eating Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream...

WHAT oil-based dye spill?

My in-laws from the Netherlands are visiting. Ask me anything.

"REM is Air Supply" got me to thinking about rock equivalencies.

GUESS WHO YOU ARE?? I passed 2 DU'ers in the street today --

65% of Republicans don't believe in evolution

What should I expect to pay for a home on wheels?

Which do you prefer?

I would like to request two lounge forums.

Favorite obscure band. My latest is: Telefon Tel Aviv

Guy almost hit me. I honk and he gives ME the finger!

Funny or weird names of people in your high school...

Anyone here read "The Glass Castle"?

I'm thinking of having a few drinks. Anyone drinking? n/t

A Different Creation Story

Querelle appreciation thread!

June 19th - World Sauntering Day

Has anyone heard from Dangerously Amused?

Your favorite Stooge?

Does the estate of Dale Earnhardt have the right to do this to me?

Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountains for vacation?

I live in PA and want to go on vacation this summer somewhere I can drive

What's your favorite kind of bean?

Do you know how many US states you have visited so far?

How the Feds Force States to Hire Unionbusters

AFSCME Prepares For Political Battle To Elect Pro-Worker Government

Pop Quiz: When Did 9/11 Happen?


KO and Shuster discussing those myriad emails

The Terrorism Index

Reid wields July 4 threat

Big oil companies facing prospect of heavy tax hit


Church files on pedophilia accusations may be made public, judge rules

When RWingers bitch about the border

Since Hersch has revealed more about Abu Ghraib, can another investigation be launched?...

Play Missile Defense! W Style!

Nader was not the reason Gore "lost"

Exclusive: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe

Gore's Assault on Reason - does Al read DU?

A question for regular Hardball viewers .....

Just Started Reading 'The Assault On Reason'. Can Anyone Here Tell Me Who Wrote The Inner Flaps?

so next time you see Willard (Mitt) - let this shape your mental image

Does anybody shamelessly plug themselves more than Toe-sucking Dick Morris?

Looking for link to Latest Time Election Index

Eerie parallels in race for White House

Someone please explain to me how Homeland Security is better than the Gestapo.

US trying to help keep opium poppy profits from Taliban

Today (June 18th) in 1815....

Could Pakistan fall to extremists? (Christian Science Monitor)

Is anyone else experiencing intermittent error messages and bugs w/DU?

Does the estate of Dale Earnhardt have the right to do this to me?

If you look at the Yahoo top story now -

Following Bush Signing Statements, Federal Agencies Ignore 30 Percent Of Laws Passed Last Year

700 suspects in pedophile probe

McClatchy Covers Rove RNC E-mail Story (from Miami Herald) "Rove E-mails May Have Broken Law"

Flashback: Another person who was "Nifonged", Richard Jewell

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Setting the record straight on the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq

Few senators read Iraq NIE report

Politico's Allen ignored polling data showing Libby pardon to be extremely unpopular

Need help finding the DLC health-care platform

Is this too "over the top"? Bash a Bush

Flashback: Still another person who was "Nifonged", LaCresha Murray

Your President ---pix--->>>

You know that "Fudge" pic of Mitt? I took the liberty of captioning it

Gas prices may rise after local refinery leak (previously had vented toxic gases into air)

Sir Isaac Newton - Religious Fundy Nutjob

Caption the Sneak in Chief

You guys are ok -

Here is the deal -

NBC re-edited a Michael Moore TV show to in order to lie to the American public about Cuba

War Is a Racket pamphlet

Stephen Colbert just gave Toby Kieth a hard time for "the boot up your *ss" song"!!!

Rosemary Woods, Fawn Hall , And Yet Another Reason We Need To Impeach !!!

TIME: Surge Architect Fred Kagan: More Time Needed

European Space Agency signs contract for global warming spacecraft

If you don't hate Rumsfeld with every fiber of your body after reading Hersh on Taguba

GAO: Bush ignoring laws -- often

As more toys are recalled in U.S., the trail ends in China

I've been wondering about something in the "Morans" guy's picture

Is this the Summer of '67 or '68? It's either one or the other...

Reason to unite behind the Democratic nominee

Your late-night blast-from-the-past giggle...

Democrats Didn't Have the Votes to End the War

"We have the best healthcare system in the world!"

If I do not get PM'd I don't log in to respond.

Kirsten Powers is a scumbag

Question about Bush's "I can hear you" moment at Ground Zero...

Who Would Have Ever Thunk It?

A DLC Health Care proposal (or Our Useless Congress)

OK... Let's Take The Pulse Of DU... Are You Satisfied With The Democrats In Congress As Of Now ???

So how much will single payer health care actually cost us?

Duke Reaches An Undisclosed Settlement With The 3 Accused Lacrosse Players

Election 2004: The Urban Legend

The Democrats are doing an amazing job. We are turning the tables on Rove.

What's the absolute WORST that would happen if we impeached

I Say Support Dennis Kucinich!

The Plan to Disappear Canada

I remember this freeper, "Seventhson", to be exact

Obama calls Clinton memo 'dumb mistake'

Former President Clinton to Campaign With Hillary in Iowa next month

Vote for Hillary....

I am so sick and angry about Democratic complicity in criminality.

Is Iran complicit with the NWO/BushCo?

Maria Gilardin on WTPRN radio right now.

Obama osmosis on the campaign trail...

I was threatened with arrest at the premiere of F-911

"This is an administration that is very careful about obeying the law," he said.

Employee Free Choice Act Bottom Line: America’s Workers

WaPo's 2008 Presidential Field Database is up and running.

No more Clintons! No more Bushes! No more taking it in our Tushes!

Wes Craven endorses Obama! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

In a hypothetical Gore/Thompson matchup ...... who takes Tennessee?

Bill and Hill will campaign together in Iowa next month

Super Tuesdays on MSNBC

Will the deleted emails result in Fitz reopening the Rove

Free Valerie Plame's Memoirs! How CIA plans to confiscate Congressional Record is anybody's guess

Poll Suggests Gore Entry No Threat to Clinton

My First Post

Think of this incredible fact: if Hillary is elected, we'll have 36 years of either Clinton or Bush

Edwards said IT before! "I have the strongest chance of changing the electoral map"

SurveryUSA: Gen election head to head ..Clinton, Guiliani...16 states

Our state chair sent out a pump us up letter about the primary.

Is Edwards right? Is being from the South a huge advantage for a Democrat? The facts say "yes"

BOB HERBERT: When Dollars Trump Compassion

New Report Shows Bush's Presidential Signing Statements Have Been Used to Nullify Laws

How Big Pharma Learned To Seduce You (AlterNet)

Rudy missing in action for Iraq panel

Genarlow Wilson's Tragic Sentencing for Consensual Oral Sex

Hicks lawyer to be honoured by Aussie peers

Democrats Look Better on Paper (by EJ Dionne for Truthdig)

Reflection and Manifesto for the People of Cuba - THEY WILL NEVER HAVE CUBA

Blowback, Detainee-Style: The Plight of American Prisoners in Iran

After Iraq war, resist the isolationist impulse


Borosage Plays Hardball On Iraq (

LOL the First Quadrennial Election Hack Invitational

There are nearly 4 million annual fair housing violations. The Department of Justice has pursued 31.

The White House and Justice Department: Key dates

Working From Home a Work in Progress By Stephen Barr / WaPo

Iraqi PM advices Mahdi Army leaders to hide in Iran, leaked letter :

An Open Letter to Our Movement

The Hillary Conundrum By Howard Kurtz / WaPo

John Edwards


From the Folks Who Brought You Plan Colombia

HuffPost: In Defense of John Edwards

What Ted Stevens, Bolivian cocaine and Halliburton have in common

Steven Weber: Wussies Among Us (HuffPost)

Dems' Timidity May Cost Them Dearly in 2008

Democrats Shy Away From Emergency Contraception [for military women]

The Great American Pants Suit

A Culture of Atrocity: U.S. Troops Feel the Effect of Prolonged Combat

The world will end in 2060, according to Newton (UK)

Market Failure: The Back of the Invisible Hand

China will build a $20 million blacktop highway on Mount Everest

British scientists reject badger cull - Reuters

EU, US launch airline pollution initiative - AFP

Parched Australia plans giant desalination plant - Reuters

Desalination no answer to water crisis: WWF

Sharp Provides Solar Modules for 1.6 Megawatt System for Google

Highway planned on Mt. Everest

Price of gasoline as percentage of daily GDP (per capita)

Senator: Halt Expansion of Oil Reserves

Russian Demand For Coal May Triple By 2020 As Power Grid Expands - Reuters

Europeans Willing to Pay a Premium for "Green-Electronics"

Google and Utility to Test Hybrids That Sell Back Power

Scripps-Livermore Study - Climate Models Consistent With Observations - AFP

Data From Dutch Study Show China May Have Already Passed The US In CO2 Output - AFP

Ukraine Facing Worst Drought In A Century - Loss Potential At 60% Of Harvest - Reuters

The Earth today stands in imminent peril

Rare turtle hatches at Tenn. aquarium Beal's four-eyed turtle was 0.21 ounces, 1.52 inches long

37% Of Kansas Wheat Crop Rated Poor-Very Poor: Only 2% Of Harvest Completed - KC Star

How to build your own wind generator - photos and instructions

Emission possible (greenhouse gas reductions, Sweden)

Lobbies Stymie Action on Energy

Iran says won't rule out using oil as weapon - Reuters

Calif. needs fossil-fired power plants: officials - Reuters

Desalination 'not the solution' (BBC)

Google Pushes 100mpg Car

Nuclear Power No Climate Cure-All

SE Farmers Seeing "Nothing But Dust" - Spring @ Jack Daniels Distillery Down By 2/3

Running Guns to Gaza: A Living in the Desert

PM Olmert to urge Bush: Make Hamas pariah, back PA Chair

Fatah Central Cmte. decides to completely cut off Hamas ties

The new reality in the Middle East...

Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit

Dahlan warns West Bank at risk of being overrun by Hamas

Haaretz defense editor, veteran reporter, Ze'ev Schiff, dies at 74

The scene of Fatahland flowering as Hamastan wilts is sheer fantasy

Russian fighter planes sale to Syria alarms Israel

The death of the two-state solution

UN Human Rights Council makes Israel permanent agenda item

Open the gates immediately

U.S. says 10,000 troops in major Iraq offensive

Furniture Store Fire: Latest Updates

One of two Floyd County deputies shot Monday, dies

Big explosion in Baghdad - witnesses

AP News - Study: Iraq (next to Sudan is) World's No. 2 Failed State (Afghanistan - # 8)...

Fewer Baby Boys Being Cicrumcised in U.S.

IRAQ: Fallujah security crackdown preventing access for aid workers

U.S. says 10,000 troops in major Iraq offensive

Small arms fire targets MND-B patrol

Drug, Food Risks Stay Secret as Inquiries to U.S. FDA Pile Up

U.S. Unfreezes Millions in Aid to Palestinians

Heavy mortar bomb attack on Baghdad Green Zone

Lawmaker sued over incident with cockroach-clad protester

Justice official accused of blocking suits into alleged violations

General: "Never a Mission" to Defeat Iraq's Insurgents

Watchdog: Legal Aid Head Misled Congress

Take Back America Get going grassroots

Regulators Clear Chrysler Purchase

Report: Iraq Violence Leading to Abortions, Drug Abuse Among Civilians

Bush says all options on table on Iran

Mayor Bloomberg leaving Republican Party

Taliban fighters seize south Afghan area

Troops' 1-month breaks blocked

Judge declines to throw out lawsuit against Robert De Niro

Bush, Olmert praise Palestinian leader (Bush: All Options on the Table re: Iran)

Cuba applauds U.N. human rights watchdog's decision to stop investigating the island

States Face Decisions on Who Is Mentally Fit to Vote

Missile attack kills militants in Pakistan: TV reports

US agencies disobey 6 laws that president challenged

Rebuffed by Rice, Hadley, House panel tracks down witnesses for Iraq probe


Netanyahu departs for U.S. in bid to increase pressure on Iran

Airbus superjumbo for private use

White House Budget Director Steps Down

Iraq: US army reports 3 American soldiers killed

Pentagon sends archaeological playing cards to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan

Sen. Reid fast-tracks revived immigration bill

Report: Iraq Violence Leading to Abortions, Drug Abuse Among Civilians

Our superjumbo will save the planet, Airbus says

Couple Holed Up in House Over Tax Dispute

Army Considers Longer Combat Tours Again

Former Peruvian president set for shock comeback in Japan

Geese get revenge: Pate may cause rare disease

FBI Questions Sen. Stevens Aides in Alaska Corruption Investigation

Baby found near where woman disappeared

Bloomberg Leaving GOP

6 states defy law requiring ID cards

Seventy Percent of Americans Say Economy Is Getting Worse

Big oil companies facing prospect of heavy tax hit

State Treasurer Indicted for Distributing Cocaine (SC-R Rudy's guy in SC)

Iraqi interpreters seek refuge in U.S.

Clinton spoofs 'Sopranos' and unveils campaign song

Iraqi Orphanage Nightmare

Jimmy Carter says U.S. aims to split Palestinians

Colombia finds remains of 760 paramilitary victims (Bush pal Uribe-supporting deathsquads)

On a lighter is a clip from the theatre that I work at....enjoy!

Anyone here watch the new TNT show "Heartland" tonight?

Pandora is playing Woody Guthrie for me

I'm rewriting an old poem of mine.

I love modern technology. I was able to download the new White Stripes at midnight

$4 prescriptions at Target

Your favorite Stogie?

Good morning, you demented PERVERTS...

My kitty got sick all the sudden tonight

looking for an info source

Boy's Giant Ball Of Plastic Wrap Weighs 28.5 Pounds

Motley Crue sues managers for lost profits and tarnishing reputation

Tiger Woods' wife has baby girl

Got advice? Fuck that. Sometimes it's easier said than done.

Inmate Uses Bible To Pound Ink Pen Into His Eye

My Sister's Best Friend is Pregnant!!!

The inlaws got final approval to adopt from China!!!!!!

Now who would need a 108 inch tv?

My new candidate for worst song.

What's in Wal Mart meat?


Any *OTHER* DU'ers working at McDonald's?

SO.... some weird story out of NJ

The ridiculously dumb trivia thread.

Teacher With an X-rated Secret "Porn Teacher" fired (PIC)

Today, I leave on a four night five day vacation to Va's historic triangle.... ask me anything.

Now here's an iPhone I'd like!

A rant about vehicle size judgement.

Oh, matcom!!!! Today is Tuesday. You know what that means?

Time to say Goodbye...

Where can I get some faster tubes for these internets??

Post here only if you are

Uh Oh - TomKat Preggers Again

Some woman called me a 'fucking dumbass' at McDonald's.

movies that use the most curses

Is anyone else addicted to roasted soy beans?

Circumspect males only: how do you feel about your circumspection?

This is the official 'I LOVE MIDLODEMOCRAT' thread

Studio 60 last week ("K&R 2"): were they making fun of Free Republic? (Spoilers?)

Went to Wal Mart today and took an ambulance ride

My upstairs vacuum broke, and the kids rolled in crackers all over the floor,

My heart is broken more than usual

Dog Finds Way Home After Owner Drowns

Wondering Aloud...

Share your password here!

Circus males only: how do you...

Man Goes To Courthouse To Get Married - Gets Arrested On Outstanding Warrant

Fans of Bear Grylls/Survivorman might like this

Supersized males only: how do you feel about your supersizement?

What drink do you look like today?

Funniest C-Span segment I've ever seen...

WHY do wet dogs always have to smell like...

I'm frustrated that I can't identify an insect that is invading our patio.

When I die, I want to come back as underwear of a DU female

Circumnavigating males only: how do you feel about your circumnavigation?

Scientists discover missing link between humans and pandas

Caption this picture, please!

I have an enormous STD. What a "fucking dumbass".

Gandalf the Grey is giving Pippin the Dog a tongue bath...

I Went Shopping Yesterday: New Shoes!!

Virginia School Bans Touching - Of ANY Kind

I am about to bathe. Should I:

Women only: How do you feel about circumcised males?

Anyone have suggestions for a laptop?

No, this is ANOTHER penis thread. nt

So Tiger Woods is FINALLY a father...

Stop it now! I mean it!

Hilarious commercial

38 Year Old Teacher Has Sex With Her 13 Year Old Student Who Was Dating Her Daughter

Teenager Turned Off Hospital Roomates Life Support Machine Because It Was Keeping Him Awake

I can't log on here without crying. Everybody seems to be losing their loving animals

Who knew there was an over-the-counter Menopause test?

Guess I'm going to hell: Vatican creates 10 Commandments for drivers

The funniest 9:55 of C-Span EVER!

Some woman called me 'old macdonald'

I am outta here loungers....

Die Hard IV is PG-13?

My Flipper is back!

Too busy for a friend.......

Chad Vader (Episode 1)

Personalized m & m's

Anyone else have an Air Supply earworm from yesterday?

Your daily "No, really??" saying:

Golfer Starts Brush Fire By Swinging Club In Dry Grass

Crucified males: how do you feel about your crucifixion?

Offer a prediction about anything.

How To Use A Telephone

Old McDonald called me at work today

I miss grovelbot!

Woman Swallows 26 Hot Dog's In 12 Minutes

McDonalds, SUVs, penises, hot dogs, and Javanese posters

Some old woman called me at McDonald's

I'm about to lather, should I?

I'm about to latte, should I?

Some woman called me 'old' at McDonald's.

Who dosed the punchbowl?

Most powerful character in film other than God?

HELLO! My name is ...

I talked this old woman to call McDonalds as a prank and ask if anyone was baked


I've just been called unkind, untrustworthy and most likely just plain ol' mean...

Some fucking dumbass got circumcised at McDonalds today by an untrustworthy old woman.

Hemp For Victory!

I'm lazy and want to cook eggs in the microwave

So I was working my job at McDonalds today

Doctors find 6 sewing needles in baby

I just finished watching "Little Children". Wow.

I have a confession. I am a soliloquy many of you may know.

I'm about to lathe, should I?

"I have a question."

I just went to the bank and the temp thingy in my van read 100 degrees.

I have a confession. I am a celebrity many of you may know.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/19/2007)

Fierce thunderstorm coming...

My husband drives a Durango and I drive a Sienna.

Morgantown, WV area DU'ers: whatcha doing tomorrow?

I'm about to lactate, should I?

I am about to bathe. Should I?

I drive an ivory and whale bone chariot pulled by baby harp seals and kittens. Am I a bad DUer?

Any guitar players ? I need some advice.

Do not.... I repeat....DO NOT

Have you accepted Aunt Bee as your personal Bavier?

What do 113, 114 and 115 all have in common?

I tried to explain to a young adult what a "blonde bombshell" was...

I am a freeper troll

Well, I'm back from my "rustic" retreat...

I'm about to lathe. Should I

For kagehime, my light in the darkness...

I just took a new pic for DU, hot off the digitals, add your newest eh?

Sweet Jesus - I just got a credit card offer with awful rates

So, I Discovered Something Tonight

Does anyone really believe "can't stop believing" is the most requested song?

graduation party ideas

help me hang on

14 years ago today,

Poll question: Circumcised males only: do you feel your circumcision?

Philosophical Question re Construction Workers on the "Death Star"

Victorias' Secret has their Semi Annual Sale on!!

A Public Statement From Mildred Loving

Screw Saw II, "Children of Men" is one seriously scary movie.

Name a song that Weird Al Yankovic should have spoofed, but never did

We didn't win...

Sympathy thread for ZombieNixon...

Before and After Pics - New Haircut

Circumcised males only: how do you feel about your circumcision?

I called the driver of one of those enormous SUVs a 'fucking dumbass' and she heard it too

Can I afford to give my dad a Blackberry?

ACLU Rally In DC on June 26th - free transportation from most of the East Coast!

Congratulations LSK!! 25,000 posts

Are the Geico cavemen black, Jewish and gay?

Radio Lady invites you to view Edinburgh, Scotland (PHOTOS)

I don't read Javanese. Can someone help me with the meaning of this poster?

Radio Lady invites you to view Edinburgh, Scotland (PHOTOS)

I'm sorry, but due to the current political climate, I'm ending existence at noon Friday (GMT)

Any St. Louis DUers around?

Schilling sent for medical tests

Indiana football coach Terry Hoeppner dies

Need Another Reason to Support Employee Free Choice? Read About Rite Aid

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Labor in dispute at convention center-union busting

Thousands Rally on Capitol Hill for Employee Free Choice (wish I could be there)

Before you enlist


Ray McGovern, Behind the Scenes on ME Politics (in KS)

General: "Never a Mission" to Defeat Iraq's Insurgents

Goodbye, Tony Blair (by Tim Ireland - Bloggerheads)

On The Front Lines

Guiliani's South Carolina Campaign Chair Indicted on Cocaine Dist. Charges!

Hannity attacks Michael Moore

Sy Hersh plays Hardball with Tweety

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Spoof

Olbermann and 'the sippy-cup terrorist'

The Most Serious Breach of the Presidential Records Act *Ever*

Rupert vs. the Republic

Wars for Profit?: Marvin Bush

Cool, Randy Weaver get's another shot

The new "There's No Global Warming" Is:

you know what?

Afghanistan is in Great Shape!!!

I so wish the best to you guys - I really do.

The trauma of gender

The rePukes Are Threatening To Subpoena Plame, And This Is What They Have...

Just discovered this

I'd like a bit of fame, but I'd settle for infamy

anonymous women

If you have problems sleeping due to stress, do not watch Sicko.

EU moves to ban cat and dog fur (BBC)

Troops' 1-month breaks blocked-Psychologists cite mental health risk

Ryan Crocker: State officials in Iraq ‘too young,’ ‘not qualified.’

NYT: States Face Decisions on Who Is Mentally Fit to Vote

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Laura Bush asks for birthday cash (for * - big brass ones!)

Depressing attitudes about feminism in Times Square in 2007

Dobbs' "amnesty" captions appear below three more CNN correspondents' reports

CNN's Roberts: "We do definitely know that Mitt Romney is pro-family"

How do I find out what Exxon paid in taxes?

Why Is O'Reilly So Scandalized By Soros, Silent On GOPer Rev Moon?

HERSH: Nada. He (Bush) did nothing. And you know what it meant?

McClatchy: Iraqi interpreters seek refuge in U.S.

Since I usually post in GD...

Search-and-seizure PROTECTIONS also apply to passengers in traffic stops, court rules

SiCKO Premiere (The Nation)

Live Earth shows aim to set new green standard

Rebuffed by Rice, Hadley, House panel tracks down witnesses for Iraq probe

Parallel White House Communications Network Investigated

Another Gay question......

blah blah blah, How You Doin?

Contrary to Theology and Conservative Economics, Altruism Just Plain Feels Good

Rosy Dem outlook gets even rosier

A Public Statement from Mildred Loving

CAPTION: Candid Bush....what a mean-looking fucker!

A Public Statement From Mildred Loving

AT&T Quietly Offers $10 DSL Plan

A Moratorium Wired to Stop the War

Breaking on - Large scale offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq

Anybody watching MSNBC and their Super Tuesday thing?

Take Back America day one (pictures)


Coleen Rowley & Other Intel Vets: "How Not To Counter Terrorism"

75 dead, 130 injured in one instant

Iran says won't rule out using oil as a weapon

The Americans Have Landed (USA in Africa - Esquire Story)

CIA Official To Be Interrogated On Interrogations

Dialogue at the Diner. Zippy-------------------->

What’s a little depleted uranium in the yard if it helps defeat them terrorists?

Rep Davis on the Waxman report: "Everything about this report overreaches and prejudges"

Crimes that warrant the death penalty, 'high treason'.

Republican candidates begin snubbing Bush

Group Announces Call-in Day for Refugees

Question Time for Nominee Linked to Interrogations (Confirmation hearing today)

Report from Rep. Waxman on Latest Impeachable Offenses ("Records Act Violations")

FDA Scrutiny Scant In India, China as Drugs Pour Into U.S

McClatchy: Justice official accused of blocking suits into alleged violations

New age town in U.S. embraces dollar alternative

Poll about shopping @ Walmart (or other "evil" companies)

Geronimo great-grandson wants bones back

WWII fighter ace and ‘Wolf Pack’ founder Robin Olds dead at 84

Only 10 more days

Lawsuits allege 'hot fuel' costs drivers

What the heck is this "Super Tuesday" crap on MSNBC?

Senator: Halt expansion of oil reserves (Dorgan)

Audience member to Chris Mathews @ Dem forum: “Ask a real question.”

Sticking them in the bush: Prove the RRR contenders support W, Part I, Troop increase to Iraq:

Connie Rice

Bob Shrum just said on MSNBC that he doubts Gore will enter he WILL be in it cuz

one paragraph out of a two part article

When Dumbass referred to "the Internets", he was cluing us in...

June 19, 2007: Veterans Call-In Day to Close the School of the Americas

Reports Say 9 Firefighters Killed in South Carolina Sofa Store Blaze

Seymour Hersh on Dem. Now! today:

China plans highway on Mt Everest for torch relay

Caption this pic

Some Republicans "privately wonder whether at times Rove has done them more harm then good"

So, who won? Dem strategist replies, "It all depends on which clips we air."

America's Left, no longer left for dead

Is anyone watching the all day Super Tuesday on MSNBC?

Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar ---pix--->>>

The Republican wasteland.

Bush - Major Annoucement....

oops, dupt

Fundie fundraising--Holy Crap, Batman!

Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing (today)

Scalia: "Are you going to convict Jack Bauer?"

Kucinich to be on Ed Schultz today

Diane Rehm Show - Soldiers and Mental Trauma

Levin targets product pirates

Following Bush Signing Statements, Federal Agencies Ignore 30 Percent Of Laws Passed Last Year

An(other) epiphany moment: Why the * gang tortured people @ Abu Ghraib

Giuliani Prioritizes Fundraising Over Serving With Iraq Study Group

Ghouliani quit Iraq Study Group to make $11.4M in speaking fees

TPM Muckraker: How Many Investigations into Bandar's Favorite Defense Firm?

AFP: America's Left, No Longer Left For Dead

Giuliani was too busy raking in dough to gain foreign policy experience with the Iraq Study Group

Anyone catch the C-span program with Dan Olmsted on Autism and Vaccines?

TOONS: Dandelion Breaks Ain't What They Used to Be

Bob Fertik Reports on Conference: "How Can We 'Take Back America' Without Impeaching Bush/Cheney?

Grand Wizard Boortz: "if Mexicans pile up against that fence ... Just run a couple taco trucks up.."

Best Essay On Bush

Dan Froomkin: Casual Lawbreaking at the White House

If they allow Scooter to get a pardon, don't expect them to get Bush or Cheney.

Strictly Business: Flying In Comfort on the Cheap

Novak: Rove Protege Tim Griffin Joins Thompson Campaign

Gotta love him...

Why Ignore the Mandate of Heaven?

Waaa! Waaa! Waaa! NY Post: KERIK'S CRY OVER RUDY

Please consider commemorating President Bush's 61st birthday with a gift our entire Party can share

I like ALL of our candidates

Another futile attempt to sway my Senator . . .

Watched a BBC America film this Sunday; The Blair Trial.

E&P: Salon Blogger vs. 'Wash Post' Columnist on Libby Jailing

Snow Responds To Potentially Illegal Use Of RNC Accounts: Clinton Did It Too

Tonight on the season ender of Frontline "End game"

NPR: Political Left Launches Its Own Attack

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Study Links Candy Cigarettes to Smoking

A War on Rewind, in a Bleaker Baghdad

Mom sentenced for underage sex contract.

(toon) Paris Hilton release from Jail because of rash

Welcome to the playlist, RNC/ROVE Email Scandal Story!

What would your campaign theme song be?

Bush Family, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.and Immigration?

CT party head calls for Lieberman to resign

They decided to do evil, they decided to use technology to hide it, email brought them down.....

Richardson OP-ED: A reliable, verifiable vote in 2008

November 4th 2008..The Wrongest Day

Caption this pic

Why, do you suppose, have there been no suicide bomber here?

Thompson Links Reid to 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists, Claims He is 'Encouraging Our Enemies'

David and Rudy sittin' in a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

Kos puts Hillary's early lead in perspective

I said I'd let you know Gov. Perdue's response re: Genarlow Wilson's pardon.

Are Democrats capable of Protecting America?

The Bush Administration had a budget director?

Nobody talking about St. Rudy blowing off the ISG?

"Sicko" tracks healthcare fiasco to Nixon administration (Spoiler alert)

If I am elected President, I hope I'll live long enough to bring you back into the fold,...

TOON: White House Greased Pig Contest

Juan Cole: Nail Driven Into Coffin of Bush's "Democratization" Program

Personalized m & m's

Tweety got something right for a change

Tonight on Countdown

It's true--signing statements really do nullify laws

Independent Report on Iraq-Institute For Public Accuracy

Pope Ratzinger offers 10 commandments of driving!

Is there something supernatural going on in America?

Rudy the Shovel digs himself deeper. Caught in transparent lie about reasons for leaving ISG

We have citizens prepared to make a profit (sell their souls) by,...

On NPR this afternoon: an interview with an Iraqi woman who worked

Message to the Democratic Leadership: Never Leave Your Wounded on the Battlefield

AP: FBI Questions Former Stevens Aides

Don't forget: Conyers having a "hearing style briefing" with Michael Moore tomorrow

3529 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Woman tapes pacifier to kid's mouth. Kid dies...

Bloomberg's an independent?????

That's our Joe!! Lieberman makes attack on Iran politically easier .

Which Item's Cost Has Gone Down Since Bush Took Office...

Democratic memo predicts additional 2008 gains

St. Rudy's SC campaign chairman indicted...

If the "rule of law" doesn't apply at the top, why should anyone respect it?

A Letter To A Congress Member

In spite of our frustrations, we ARE FORTUNATE!!!!

You want to get the "destroyed or lost" White House e-mails?

Dailykos: The Runaway Train That Hit Richard Cohen

Personal tribute to George W Bush

General Election Poll

Truck bomb kills 78 near mosque; mortars fired at Green Zone

Breaking on CNN: Libby's lawyers ask Appeal Court

Tuesday: 1 GI, 117 Iraqis Killed: 224 Iraqis Wounded; US army reports 3 American soldiers killed...

TV Show "24" Helps Scalia Explain US Constitution

"We're all here reacting on pretty much sh--"?

Helping out, years after hurricane -- (Katrina) - Teen Volunteers help out!

U.S. Attorney Resignation Made on Threat of Immediate Firing (Lam)

Apparent murder-suicide victims owned East Bay skin care practice

Howard Dean on the importance of an unfettered internet.

Newborn baby girl found in Wooster, police check for ties to missing mom case's email on fighting Lieberman!... There's a better way Moveon!

The exemplar of why our media illiteracy fails our democracy DAILY.

Republicanism in a nutshell; "The less care they give them, the more money they make."

Video- Michael Moore...Interview 6/17 Regarding 9/11

Thompson:"Most Americans..understand the Western world is in an international struggle with jihad.."

Dumping on Gaia

CIA General Counsel Nominee (Rizzo) Stands By Torture

There are some dumb things weather stations do...

Iraq Veterans Against the War stage demonstration in Chicago

Where the single boys and girls are

Tweety just said "shit" on the air again!!!

Liberalism's Hypocrisy

More from the 15 year old Iraqi blogger.


Tonight on PBS: Frontline ENDGAME one final effort to secure victory through a "surge"


Writ of Mandamus to House Dems: Quickest, Easiest Way to Get Impeachment on the Table

Pregnant Iraqi women getting illegal abortions due to lack of medical care

I'm sorry, but every time I hear *Bush say anything on the Radio it makes me go DUH, Duh, Duh, Duh!

UPDATE ON von Spakovsky & His Nomination for Federal Elections Commission

Moore's 'Sicko' Will Be Released Ahead of Schedule

How is W more qualified than any crack head on the street to be the pres.?

Some Say the Democrats Have a Great Field of Candidates

Why didn't the Bush administration just plant WMD in Iraq?

The Lionel Show: What we learned today

If Bloomberg runs as an indy. The House will decide the next president

Rudy's SC campaign chairman's indictment for conspiracy to distribute crack.

So if there really is a Gay Agenda

Dick Gregory Backs Impeachment and Makes Predictions

The immigration debate according to the Three Stooges...

Why does Bush surround himself with doughy, pasty-faced, little men?

"NBC courts Jon Stewart". . feel the power of the DARK side, Jon...

The 5 stages of Grief and everything...

Okay, I gotta say it; here's MY "problem" with Hillary...

Tuesday TOONS: In Iraq Forever edition

okay who's this guy on c-span pretending to be.....

9/11 widows demand release of CIA's Inspector General report

Who is "Digby" (for Fans) be Revealed Tonight.....and a Clue

Please share your recent gas station weirdness/malfeasance stories here.

George W. Bush: a ''Ficeist'' Leader

The Pentagon Memo - "normal strictures on torture might not apply"

ACLU Rally in DC on June 26th!

The Libby Appeal:

South Carolina warehouse fire kills 9 firefighters

Sacramento Man Battles DMV Over Personal Plate ('go to 11')

If Bloomberg runs for Presdient

And the story about the e-mails being misplaced?"That's like saying the dog ate my homework," Leahy

US Congress set to battle over gas-price 'gouging'

Get & Renew Your Passport Early! FYI:

Freeper fantasy: Iraq WMDs moved to Syria before the war:

Scooter Libby just filed an emergency appeal to hold off serving time.

Rudy was a member of Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group but failed to show up for any of the meetings!

The movie "V for Vendetta"

James Kopp, murderer of abortion doctor, gets life in prison

Clinton Did NOT Do It Too

Car Accidents

DAMN IT, Michael Moore! Don't you know about Kucinich and HR 676?

Dave Lindorff: Democrats in Congress: The Wheels are Coming Off


Hungarian workers allowed to remove ties/women's stockings because of heat

VA may win boost in funding for mental conditions caused by war

Universal Health Insurance?

How do we tap into the millions of Democrats that don't vote?

Curious About What Makes bush Run? I've found the answer....

Boos at Take Back America

* asserts he is not bound by bills he signs into law

So I'm going on vacation at the end of July. I'm a bit worried about the no fly list...

WOW... VT Middle School Students Wrote The Following Letters After Debating Impeachment

Would You Vote For A Mormon?

Who would be the best pick for VP?

Is Bottled Water Better?

Study finds staggering cost of treating diabetics

John. Edwards. Is. So. Hot.

Glenn Greenwald: Richard Cohen's brilliant (and unintentional) exposé of our media

Is there any way to retrieve those missing Whitehouse emails?

Tweety looks like he's been kicked in the stomach

"Uncompromising Freshman Dems" at Take Back America Conference say NO TO IMPEACHMENT!

Best Commencement Speech of the season

they printed my 84th ltte re: war profiteers and "supporting" the troops

Hillary REFUSED to answer question about whether Libby should be pardoned. WTF?

RW are STUPID...had one today tell me that the nations biggest disasters have all happpened under D'

Duped on Welfare Reform now Duped on Immigration as a threat. at the Take Back America Conference

MICHAEL MOORE: coming up on "The View"

Buzzflash - Rory O'Connor: Mirror, Mirror

Don't be cowed by critics into abandoning our Democratic majority

Turn, Turn, Turn - Cindy Sheehan

Breaking on MSNBC: Bloomberg leaves the Rethug

Why people hate cops

The Dumbest Columnist Ever! Richard Cohen, Washington Post

Just saw Sicko, and I am throughly appalled.

Are college students over age 18 adults or not?

Oops, Matthews Just Said "Shit" On The Air

I really wonder how conservative Mormons would feel if I accuse

Democrats haven't done ANYTHING and aren't DOING anything

When they say "Secure the Borders", do they mean BOTH borders?

I have fucking HAD IT with health insurance in this country

How To Not Hire An American - for real

Supposedly Fictitious Pre-Colonial Kingdoms Your History Teacher Never Told You About

Obama's disappointing retreat on "Punjab"

Well, my dear friends, see you all in two weeks

A presidential issue selection site that includes YOU as a possible candidate

Eenie, meanie, miney, moe...

Well, they gave out the Edward Murrow awards recently and guess

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

Rasmussen: There's Change at the Top for The Republican Presidential Nomination

My advice to John Edwards

Clinton leads GOP frontrunner by 5% nationally

Rightwing National Review Online Offering Campaign Advice to Obama

Rare tactic may allow immigration votes (AP)

Bush's Executive order was signed. Gives him more powers "Asleep at the Wheel"

Clark 2008

What I like about Obama

The Rude Pundit: General Antonio Taguba Gets Reamed By Abu Ghraib Politics

Dispatch from the AFSCME forum

Why Are The Republicans/Conservatives Attacking The Dem Left?

A Union audience cheering the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell


Obama gets the best response from the AFSCME crowd. The pundits agree, altho I'd rather hear their

Six States Defy Law on ID Cards

MSNBC has the video clips up NOW for all the candidates at the AFSCME forum.

Anyone heard Senator Byrd lately?

Chris Matthews Almost Fought Someone at the Debate

Why Did MSNBC Not Let Edwards Finish His Closing Statement ? Instead They.....

Why is Chris Matthews moderating anything to do with Democrats?

And you KNOW I like Dennis!

Hillary Clinton plans Iraq war vote do-over

MSNBC's Todd on Debate Performances

I refuse to click on *click*

James Johnson, Washington insider who ran Kerry's VP search, to support Barack Obama

Keep your eye on the prize.


Clinton, Obama, Edwards At ASFCME All Agree: America Is Staying In The Middle East

Clinton, Obama, Edwards At ASFCME All Agree: America Is Staying In The Middle East

22 Senators Read 10/1/02 National Intelligence Estimate Before Voting on IWR

Why I'd have no problem voting for Hillary

DFA, Code Pink, Miami for Peace meet with Senator Nelson's regional director.

Gore enters Race--"IF"

In Defense of John Edwards (fellow member of Kerry's speechwriting team rebuts Bob Shrum's claims)

Obama's Higher Standard?

Are we ready for Freddy?

If Bloomberg runs as a third party centrist ...

It has got to be Al Gore (British article advocating Gore to run)

Liechtenstein Successfully Tests Teeny Tiny Nuclear Bomb

"The largest tax increase in history"

After 5 Years In U.S., Terrorist Cell Too Complacent To Carry Out Attack

Fundraising Projections for the second quarter (Obama, Romney first)

Obama too fast to retreat from 'Punjab' jab

What is the Congressional outlook for 2008?

Sens Kennedy, Whitehouse Demand Investigation of "Caging"

Edwards--more than worthy of consideration

The new reality in the Middle East...

Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit

"Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles... He saved hundreds of thousands of lives."

Are you still "waiting to be inspired" and do you agree or disagree with this statement....

DU this poll (Liberal media bias myth)

Edwards adviser David 'Mudcat' Saunders on winning back the South and Midwest

Of the top three, who is running the most substantive, issues-based campaign?

Audience Demands Matthews Ask "Real Questions."

The economy is tanking, but Russia will "help" us out....

What polls mean

The Artful Dodger at her best

Why do pundits and debate moderators never mention trade policy?

Another Republican arrested - with ties to Rudy

Effective immediately! All pollsters MUST include Bloomberg in their polls

U.S. Is ‘Really in Trouble,’ Says Bloomberg, Sounding Like a Candidate

Check out what FR is saying about Bloomberg.

The Shire will determine the Democratic nominee.

Unions still hold appeal for Democrats

Unions are 6 of top 10 political donors to federal candidates and political parties

MSNBC is so full of shit MY GOODNESS!!!

Democrats grill Bush CIA nominee about detainees (Reuters)

Bloomberg will suck up campaign volunteers and cheap office space

If I killed my neighbor next door

Bloomberg Leaving GOP

Bloomberg leaving (R)'s and becoming (I)

Rudy Quit Iraq Study Group - Failed to Attend Meetings

what's the party support like for NAFTA/CAFTA these days?

Obama Agrees With Bill Clinton's Welfare Reform

Hillary dodges question about pardoning Scooter from Tweety at AFSCME forum Live now on MSNBC

Obama finally showed some fire

IA POLL: Dead heat between Hillary (22%), Edwards (21%), and Obama (18%); undecided (27%)

So....If Dems Think Impeachement is waste of Time...How about "Writs of Mandamus?"

So, how do we use what we learned from the Lieberman experience?

Obama: "The forces of globalization are inexorable", continues series of Sister Souljah moments

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Admits Military Commissions Act Vote Was Mistake

Pay To Play: Where the Right-Wing Money Leads

What does a health crisis look like? See Houston

How would a independent Bloomberg run affect the election?

Does anyone have a candidate of the likely contenders that they secretly will NOT vote for if they

Bloomberg: The CEO Mayor

Why Bloomberg's presidential candidacy might be a great thing for our country

A party at risk - A country at risk

Would you vote for a Bill Clinton today?

Chris Matthews: "People on the East Coast like this guy Bloomberg." WHAT!?

Matthews: What did he say when he thought the cameras were off?

And the winner is...

Hip Hop Comes to Take Back America


Edwards And Obama Bring Hope To TBA Conference

Bloomberg's Independent run will be most like _________'s?

Government watchdog says Bush ignored law after 30% of signing statements..

RE: Monkeyman... Can someone tell me what Monkeyman's real

RANT: Eighteen months until elections. Eighteen weeks until we nuke Iran?

Barack Obama: NOT The Candidate His Supporters Believe Him To Be

Here's How Fringe I Am, Fred Thompson

Hillary/Bill "Soprano's Spoof."....What did DU'ers Think?

Want a republican in the WH in '08? Simple, nominate Hillary.

Why didn't Hillary just say no?