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Archives: June 20, 2007

A war on rewind, in a bleaker Baghdad (AP reporter Charles Hanley back in Iraq after 14 months)

Venezuela Wins Hearts and Minds with Free Eye Care

The Zen of confronting George W.

"Heckuva job, Alberto!" (by John Nichols for The Nation)

WP, Dan Froomkin: Casual Lawbreaking at the White House


Laura Bush: Political Prisoner? (by James Mulvaney at HuffPost)

Latin American corporate news is spun pro-US: "Nicaraguan media and regional context"

China passes US as world's biggest CO2 emitter - Guardian

dupe n/t

San Francisco to conduct study on 'tidal energy' - AFP

Carter Blasts US Policy on Palestinians

Olmert: Cabinet to okay release of PA tax revenue

Democrats mull dividing House immigration bill

Bomb kills 78 in Baghdad, U.S. in big offensive

State (Wyo.) GOP nominates Sansonetti, Barrasso, Lummis for Senate seat (Thomas' Senate seat)

26 Iraqi soldiers killed, three civilians wounded in Kirkuk attack (actually 7 skilled, 19 wounded)

Iraq contractor fraud said to be limited

Attack that killed kids targeted al-Qaida leader

Iraqi Kurdistan's Plea to World: Help Us

U.S. transfers 6 from Guantanamo prison

Geronimo Great-Grandson Wants Bones Back

Democrats grill Bush CIA nominee about detainees

Bush plans to veto stem cell bill

Kelty correctly reported loans, election board rules

(James) Gandolfini Returns to HBO with Iraq Film

China overtakes US as world's biggest CO2 emitter

First poll shows Thompson leading GOP field

So tuesday is bath, lathe, lactate, confess, and question day...

Poison Front Man -- The New Flavor of Love

I'm feeling lazy- nachos for supper?

Any DUers from

Just got my latest Classical Composers CD, Robert Schumann.


Baseball play by play announcers should NOT be entitled to use the word "fanny"

Has sexual performance always been an issue for freeper trolls?

Has sexual performance always been an issue

Good and Bad news...

Trip to Vegas!

Holy CRAP formatting a 500 GB hard drive takes a long time!!

No hugging! No high-fiving! No touching, period!

I'm about to lacrimate, should I?

My wife loves the band, the Police. They are playing in Los Angeles

Americas got talent

Sick Puppies

Thats Life...

If you make your Dog wear Clothes, Please don't do this (Pic) LOL!


"When the end comes I'll know I was just a gigolo.. life goes on without me.. "

I'm not the sort of person to post a thread about it

Bonsoir Salon!

Just saw a cat get hit by a car--prob'ly a rant

This is the radar

"Can't talk little man? Bet can't play none either"

Good night lounge

Bloomberg no longer Republican

Gimme some opinions about this very rough first draft

99 Problems

Goodnight you PERVERTS. And sleep well. n/t

Icky Trivia

THIS is the Radar!

June is national turkey lover's month, and national home safety month, and

All Time High/Rocky Mountain High

Anyone else a fan of the movie "Goodfellas"? n/t

Travolta disapproves of anti-depressants...too.

Back from visiting my crazy Irish relatives......

In mourning: Tomorrow my daughter graduates from high school.

Where Did All The Good People Go...


If Kevin Nealon was still on SNL he'd be the perfect person to play Mitt Romney

I just bad a big tuna sandwich on french bread, a tossed salad, and a bowl of stir-fried kimchi...

New Unix command - pshift

"I was up all night building a website for my cat"

Confession time: I have neglected my myspace page

Just got a new job!!

Uncut, unedited, raw lathe footage!

as of today, I've been married for 14 years.

My dog ate my glasses

Latest letter from the guy I'm seeing. Tell me if he's a freak.

I butted heads with the manager of Wal-Mart today

A travel rant I wrote 6 years and 1 month ago, before I was on DU

I actually feel good tonight. And you know what? I'm going to show you.

One of these days ....

I think even today this photo makes me sentimental.

After sundown, I showered the plants {dial up caution}

"But it is a dry heat" is a stickily lie!!!!11 I'm SERIES!!!!!111

Circumcision: Would you (or have you) have it done to your son?

If you know someone stole your Soc. Sec. Card, what should you do?

Math People, Help Me Complicate This Equation

Friend trying to win an entry to a music showcase and needs votes. Please help if you can?

i can play the guitar like a m*ther f*cking riot....

NEVER ever put boiling hot water into a container to make instant tea and shake to mix

**Sexual high/Alcohol high**

Math experts... have you seen this before?

Thank you Lord! Rocks Yank NY.

Frank's fight: Sergeant succumbs to head injury suffered in Iraq

Got a question about enlistment...

Operation Paper Clip & MK Ultra Nazi USA Infiltration...

Don't Be a Sucker Part 1...

Olbermann: The Truth About Abu Ghraib

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has left the repugnican party to become an independent.

Nathan Thurm interviewed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

John Edwards - Contest

Dennis Kucinich on MSNBC tonight

Jonathan Turley - Bush's 1100 Plus Signing Statements Are Meaningless!

Two Minutes Hate

Screw Saw II, "Children of Men" is one seriously scary movie.

Brookings Analyst O’Hanlon: No One Can ‘Question The Forthrightness’ Of Petraeus

Mint releases more 'godless' dollars

Iraq becomes prime training ground for export of Jihadists

US-occupied Iraq is now ranked second among the world’s failed states

'Frontline' ends season with guns blazing in Iraq

The red pill or the blue pill? (book recommendation)

How to respond to this email (re: the Mexican Constitution and illegal immigration)

Giuliani quit Iraq panel after missed meetings - but he had time for fundraising

Fred Thompson Gets Worst Person Award On Countdown Tonight

C-SPAN 3, :( is replaying Rumsfeld testimony on Abu Ghraib

Caption *

Bloomberg leaves the GOP

We can't handle Iraq, why Iran?

South Carolina treasurer indicted on cocaine charges

3531 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Senate approves new taxes for big oil (29 B)

The Rats Are Jumping Ship

Tonight Boston Legal is a rerun of the episode where they defend a doctor

Expert: China Slave Bust 'Tip of Iceberg'

Iran says won't rule out using oil as a weapon

Local Dem Party workers left speechless

Why do all dems think 50K troops in Iraq can do what 150K couldn't?

Looks like a friggin' Tory to me

If Frontline (PBS) is running "Endgame" in your area now, tune in.

PBS - "Frontline: Endgame" - on the web if you missed it on Telly

It is not about the is about the profit.

Gore and Bloomberg

Rumsfeld's "Light Footprint" wildly succesful...

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is even crazier than you think.....

Elderly peace protester spat upon, bullied, threatened during march in Wyoming

Shield Americans' access to the truth

When is Enough?

To have peace is to increase fortune and longevity.

Jimmy Carter is right about US meddling in Palestinian affairs

White House picnic (photos)

I need some advice. How screwed am I.

santorium working with Producer of Passion of the christ.

"Why do politicians talk like that? - The infuriating blandness of political speech."

Senators Webb, Tester, McCaskill are key votes (on immigration)

And to think this crazy S.O.B. is a Supreme Court Judge. Holy Christ.

McClatchy: Rove Biggest User Of Back-Channel GOP Illegal E-Mails (Over 140,000)

Holy Shit! Who Is Running This Show???

Report: At least 1K barrels of oil leaked into Flying J soil

Tavis has the GA sex case of Genarlow Wilson tonight - mom & lawyer

Caption *, "I wanna hold your hand."

In mourning: Tomorrow my daughter graduates from high school.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Google's free internet "Sicko" is now gone.

The housing problem in a digestable nutshell

Did Kris drool over the way the democrats smell?

9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11!

A Jew and a Mormon---yeah, that's the ticket!

as of today, I've been married for 14 years.

Chimpanzees raised by humans better with tools, study finds

Accused murderer sues his victims

sure, I can picture sending all illegal immigrants back home (cartoon)

‘US makes mockery of Afghan democracy’

Family found shot to death in Tilden Regional Park (Financial problems - murder/suicide)

History - The Migrant Madonna - the ultimate photo of the Depression Era

Bloomberg could run as a Democrat

Remember the slave labor story from China. The Chinese government has fixed the problem

LOL. CSPAN reads Michael Savage fan emails. Swear words, lies, name calling and all.

How Come The Best Journalists ?

"PBS - Endgame:" Right or wrong, the final endgame for Iraq will be: U.S. troops

Sneak Preview Showings of "SiCKO" on Saturday!!!

Democrats, the time is NOW to CHOOSE FREEDOM OR TYRANNY!

On PBS tonight Frontline: Endgame

Chris Mathews did a no-no ON AIR!

Keep yer hands off!! No hugging, handholding, high-fiving.

UK 'Bag Brother' Trashcams

Charlie Cook: The Ripple Effect (2008 Campaigns So Far)

WTF-"Army considers longer combat tours again "

UN independent expert calls for death penalties to cease in Iraq

Bloomberg-Kucinch '08

Frontline starting in Houston now, PBS, Endgame (Iraqi Surge). nt

Michael Bloomberg - Enemy of Civil Liberties

Is it just me or does Fred Thompson come off as just pathetic?

The Dems are doing us WAAAAY unproud...

GALLUP: 7 in 10 Americans Say Economy Is 'Getting Worse'

A Friend Of Mine Just Got Back From Glacier Park... (Pix Alert)

in honor of my friend Monkeyman,consider a small donation to this cause

Wanna get to the Global Warming skeptics? Forward this vid!!!!!!

Once Again, Edwards does the right thing

Democrats, Stop Coddling The Children! STOP BEING SO DAMN FREAKING WEAK!!

Breaking: Bloomberg Loses At The Starting Gate !!! - Why You Ask ???

Headlines deliberately engineered to smother the facts. Gotta love 'em.

What Ted Stevens, Bolivian cocaine and Halliburton have in common

Ethanol and tinfoil.

What distinguishes you as a DUer? What do you bring to the community?

Angelina Jolie and widow of Daniel Pearl on with Charlie Rose tonight

Woman: I couldn't see my dying partner--This is some F'ed up shit!

If they keep running the other way....

Daniel Pearl: did he die because he was a Jew or a journalist?

An idea for Code Pink --

Why do so many people want the duke case.......

WOW! Have you seen The Miniature Earth? How rich are you?

But WHO would support Bloomberg?

Check out this Bloomberg speech and conference: "Ceasefire! Bridging the Political Divide"

Lawsuits hit a Romney money man (child abuse)

Alaska Rep. (R) Charged With Bribery Resigns (AP)

I think bloomberg became an indie because:

It's either premature election coverage or "blood and guts" or celebrity crime

I guess everyone missed Novak scoop of Ex Sen Boren D-OK meeting with Bloomberg

U.S. Attorney Resignation Made on Threat of Immediate Firing (TPM Muckracker re: Lam)

Scalia Invokes TV Show '24' in Constitutional Law Discussion

You know, I like the guy, would support him.. But John, please stop

Obama's Amazing Speech Today - blogger round up...

Well, It's Only June '07, Are We Having Fun Yet?

If Bloomberg runs for Prez will this be the 1st time ever both the present

Gore, Bloomberg or Sanders, Bloomberg?

Here is a link to the Obama speech today. amazing and passionate

Bloomberg as VP for Dems???

My candidate can beat up your candidate

say you're running for office.

is Bill Clinton the modern Democratic benchmark?

Waxman's Report on Government Officials Misuse of RNC E-Mails

Is Campaign '06 over? You guys are scaring me

We need to be reminded of 9/11 again. An open letter to Rudy Giuliani.

So who's voting for Bloomberg/Lieberman (I) ???

Some of Wes Clark’s “domestic” ideas

Wyoming GOP picks Senate seat finalists

Reviews of Obama's Speech At Take Back America

Obama's Day at Labor

Bloomberg vs. Hillary vs. Rudy ????

I think CNN edited a transcript from 2004. I don't know how to prove it.

If you think that Hillary has "too much baggage" or is otherwise "unelectable"...

Those who are NOT fond of Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama, check in please

"...incomes for most workers have stagnated..."

The Obama Republicans and a blue electoral landslide!!!

A war on rewind, in a bleaker Baghdad

Well, We Found 140,000

Documentary: Law gives military access to student data

Anger is contagious in Moore's new 'Sicko'

Amy Goodman: ‘SiCKO’: Michael Moore’s Prescription for Change

Robert Scheer: Hamas Holds the High Cards (Truthdig)

U.S. seeks to block exits for Iraq insurgents

Jim Hightower:The Bushites Have Outsourced Our Government to Their Pals

Moore’s grand slam: Health care documentary shows a sick system

New 9-11 Simulation Proves!

Liberal arts colleges, including Barnard, Sarah Lawrence, Kenyon, join rebellion against U.S. News

The continuing saga of Hans von Spakovsky

Forbes: Blogging into the Mainstream: A good thing, or a bad thing?

Wrong Around the Clock

High-Tech Weapons: A Loss Of Control? The Pentagon may be ceding too much power to Boeing and other


Blessed Unrest

Marcy Wheeler: Curbing the Imperial Presidency

A Rare Look at a Civilian Casualty In Iraq

From the invadee's point of view

An Open Letter To President Bush From Bob, The Stem Cell

‘Just Security’: US as Global Partner, Not Global Boss

How Not To Counter Terrorism (by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity)

America’s guilty silence

'Scrubs for Sicko' Buses Arrive in Washington D.C.

Judging the Generals

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What to Do About Joe? (The Nation)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Attack on Mothers (HuffPost)

Better for Business

Rage Fatigue Syndrome (RFS): America's New Epidemic (by Sheldon Drobny at HuffPost)

The Party of No Ideas-The astonishing vacuousness of the GOP presidential campaigns

Tax cuts good for growth?

The Mother of All Scandals (Bandar)

Neocons Drive Slow in the Fast Lane

How war was turned into a brand

In Venezuela, obstacles to 21st Century socialism

The End of Political Parties?

'Earth Mother getting angry': American Indians fight climate change

Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Seal Parts - AP

Global warming in Maine

Solarbuzz Reports United States and Spain in Close Race for "World Number 3" PV Market

Search for Water Gets Harder in U.S. Southwest (Reuters, via Environmental News Network)

Shop 'Til the Earth Drops

Nantucket, Mitt Romney and Energy Independence (ouch!)

Greenpeace warns of 200 mln global warming refugees by 2040 - AFP

BBC: China building more power plants

Iowa Agency Issues Wild Parsnip (toxic invasive) Warning

Plastic bag revolt spreads across Britain

Japan cedes solar power lead to Germany; China closing gap

The end of the line (global impact of overfishing, Salon)

Tracking Iceberg A22A

Renewable energy investment tops $100 bln, UN says - Reuters

Wood chips prove ethanol grows on trees (Maine)

Tidal Power Options in San Francisco Bay Being Explored

SANYO Electric Achieves 22% Solar Cell Efficiency in the Laboratory

Fructose biofuel spells sweeter news for shift out of oil - AFP

What Hamas Wants (Ahmed Yousef)

IDF soldier wounded, two Palestinian gunmen killed in south Gaza raid

A tense and desperate sense of order settles in

Gaza hospital struggles to treat wounded

Israel to allow some from Gaza to enter

Gaza could face food shortages in 2-4 weeks -U.N.

dupe s/d

Israeli planes, tanks hit Gaza

5 Qassams hit Sderot

Abbas criticizes Hamas in TV speech

Lebanese troops bombard Palestinian camp

High Court finalizes approval of Jerusalem Gay Pride parade

Don't Be Deceived: a conversation with Nonie Darwish

ANALYSIS-Gaza offers tough lessons for Mideast proxy wars

Israeli airstrike targets Gaza

AG: Israel abandoning its values, national symbols collapsing

Hamas Leader Warns Israel Not to Attack

Japan extends Iraq mission 2 years

3 killed in Afghan mosque shooting

New Orleans nurses offered immunity in deaths

Britain to stay engaged in Afghanistan for 'decades'

Foreign forces blasted for Afghan civilian deaths

Lack of Money Threatens Research Trove

Families Await Payment in WWII Dispute

Sewage flows down aisles of trans-Atlantic flight

Report: News Corp. seeks stake in Yahoo

U.S. military cites Green Zone attacks

Missing Soldier's Wife May Be Deported

3 NATO soldiers killed in southern Afghan blast

Politics Forcing Detroit to Back New Fuel Rules

Libby asks court to delay prison sentence

Lawmakers to Investigate Bush on Laws and Intent (Signing Statements)

Computer Failure Halts All United Airlines Flights

Bush to veto stem cell bill today

One 'I do' for gay marriage (New York)

Turkish PM says Iraq cross-border operation on table

Congress votes on a funding cut to the SOA/WHINSEC today

Army again considers longer combat tours

Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid

BlackBerry Ban for French Officials

Blackberry ban for French elite (US Spying

Simulation finds 9/11 fireproofing key

Gunmen kidnap 8 Christian students in Iraq -police

Bush administration trying to deport widow of soldier killed in Iraq

Man bursts into flames after being shot by a taser gun

New Taliban Leader Had Been in Afghan Custody; Released in Hostage Deal

Clinton, Romney led in Iowa: Poll found shifts most dramatic in GOP field (Clinton 22% Edwards 21%)

OxyContin agreement challenged by judge

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 20

U.S. House Passes Bill to Reopen Civil Rights Murders

DHS acknowledges own computer break-ins

U.S. Opts Not to Release Iranians Detained in Iraq Raid

McAllen (Texas) Chamber president calls for wall around nation's capital

Legislator seeks look into claims state researcher was silenced

Twin boys in New York watch as mother's fiancee runs over their father

Walter Reed Security Officer Arrested for Firing Gun

First Student Bus Drivers in Connecticut Overwhelmingly Choose Teamsters

China overtakes US as world's biggest CO2 emitter

Sources: New Orleans nurses offered immunity in deaths

Wal-Mart expands financial services with prepaid card

Michigan University Stays Quiet About Student's Rape and Murder for Weeks

Bush vetoes stem cell bill

White Supremacists Target Columnist Leonard Pitts

US Senate GOP Leader Sees Defeat For Union Card Check Bill

Blair may become Middle East envoy

Bush To Send Top Diplomat To Israel For Military Aid Talks

Missing Soldier Wife ( says she may be deported as an illegal alien)

Scores gather in DC to hear filmmaker's (Moore's) take on healthcare

New traffic ‘civil remedial fees’ will wallop the wallets of traffic offenders

Gangs infect 10,000 websites to steal users' bank details

Iraq commanders say no to breaks in combat (More Combat Time than WWII)

U.S. Seeks to Block Exits for Iraq Insurgents

Laws (and Taxes) send 'greasers' into a spin

Rice Orders Baghdad Embassy Posts Filled

Colombia's right derails gay rights bill

Venezuela sees oil majors signing accord this week

British soldier killed in Iraq

GALLUP: Romney Fades, But Dems Barely Edge McCain and Rudy

US Congress: Charge Ahmadinejad for inciting genocide

Bush pledges to increase US funding to Israel

Clinton confronts anti-war liberals

Bin Laden may have arranged family's US exit: FBI docs

(on edit) Oops, forgot to add this picture of pimps and prostitutes to my post

I love this.... On the side of my Oxygen consentrator...

I saw the "IMPEACH BUSH" electronic banner license plate frame again today!

My dog ate my circumcision.

Goodnight all...going to bed for sure this time.

Smoking IS Bad For You - Someone Hit My Car While I Was Buying Butts

My dog ate my copycat thread

Anyone watch "Good night, and Good Luck" ?

San Francisco sportscaster just did a sideways diss on Barry Bonds

*HILARIOUS* video from a local newscast - about vasectomies.

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Guy pranks collection agency caller w/Judge Judy Soundboard

excuse me while I kiss the sky

first grunge.

Johnny Depp on Japanese t.v.....hilariously cute youtube.

"Young Frankenstein, the Broadway Musical", this November!

Don't you think this HUGE PEN IS nice?

So, how DOES

I'm going to bed now but,

I bet there's rich folk eatin' in a fancy dining car.

Extreme 'green' cars of the future

Hey man, please don't make a sound, take a look around...

Made it, ma! Top of the world!

Police Detain Horse Over Stolen Car

I am at work watching Celtic Women!

Good Morning...

I think I cracked a rib while sneezing...

Man Robbed Of Beer After Being Hit In Head With Prosthetic Leg

Happy birthday and an open letter to Brian Wilson


Need some good thoughts, everyone!

I never thought sex could be so tedious

Single greatest piece ever composed- the Price is Right "Losing Horn."

Bunch of Norwegian kids mess with the tracks of a high speed train with predictable results (video)

"Everybody gonna dance tonight" ad and "Bravely, Bravely BRAVE Sir Robin"...Coincidence??

Naked Couple Die After Falling Off Roof Of 4-Story Building

look at the competition...Kucinich CAN win

Anyone have expierence with Verizon Fios?

has anyone heard from symbolman?

I never thought sex could be so ridiculous


All these circumscision threads have incurred His wrath

I never thought sax could be so tedious

Is this what they mean by the Rapture?

Yoko Ono is not ALL THINGS to ALL PEOPLE...but sometimes genius just happens.

Look at this beautiful face.

I complimented Matcom's ass in a different post and he didn't even find it

anyone else remember "degenatron"

I hate that I don't trust my own judgment

Tophat flower {dial-up caution}

i feel very blessed

400 Stranded On Airplane For 7 Hours (Plane Never Left The Gate)

I just read Ayn Rand's ANTHEM in less than an hour.

"Everybody's gonna dance tonight...."

I just got my computer back - after almost 3 weeks without it! The thing I missed most was my DU.

i want my mommy!

Naked twister.

Question for mermaids..or living with mermen

Holy crap. F-15 lands with only 1 wing

Jobim's there any more perfect 9 minutes in recorded music?

i want my mummy!


Ice cream from 7-11 Part 2 - Panorama shot of the beach

Red Sox vs. Yankee Fan Jokes!

Woman Who Was Fired From Wal-Mart For Asking For Same Pay As Men Wins $2 Million

Am I the only one for whom Vicoden does not work?

How the hell can the Red Sox draw more fans

I could use a few posters ...

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

Has anyone here gotten their passport recently; how long did it take? My wife. Please!

71 Year Old Dies Of Excitement Riding His New Motorcycle For The First Time

Happy birthday turtlesue & lizerdbits!!

Pacman Jones Charged w two felonies connection to Las Vegas Incident

Pacman Jones Charged w two felonies connection to Las Vegas Incident

Pacman Jones Charged w two felonies connection to Las Vegas Incident

So does this mean Pacman Jones has been charged with 6 felonies?

It's the little things that piss me off...

Wednesday Questions

I am so excited!!

Minerals Quiz

My daughter and The Three Rs

To Agent Mike's DU team and paid operatives here-have any of my posts educated you?

Cleaning out a desk drawer and found this souvenir


Woman jailed for testicle attack

So I just come back to my computer...

Noisy kids in the pool? You can go to jail

Missing Woman's Body Found In Morgue - Behind LARGER Woman's Body

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country build you a home

Damn.. Day 8 of "hunchback walking" in Sunny Southern Cal.

I could throttle my predecessor...

Any Chicago(land) DUers that can help me find a good place to keep a car?

40-year-old former teacher marries 16-year-old student

RAW SEWAGE Flows Down Aisles Of 7-Hour Flight - Dinner still served

I need help in the worst way.

Okay Loungers, I gotta know... Boy in the Plastic Bubble or Bubble Boy?

Oops, I don't gotta know that much...please delete n/t

Oh man I plowed into this Land Cruiser...

Damn Cats!

I have no stories involving bikes and SUVs

In what city would you like to party?

Gotta Love Those Evangelicals

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/20/2007)

C'mon People: some of us want to get married while we are still young and pretty!

It stinks It stinks IT STINKS

Saturday I am going to my first football game

For the first time in a long time, iondoor temperature is 72 when outdoor temp is 90+

I just read the riot act to an airhead in a giant SUV!!

I'm listening to Don't Fear the Reaper with no cowbell

I just saw a special on Effen brand Vodka in the paper.

It's true. Cell phones are the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

Star Wars Ep. 4 - DVD Extra (Lost Scene Has Been Found)

So my kids asked me to go get some ice cream at 7-11 and I did - & I brought my camera.

Gimme a joke! I need a zinger.

One of my patients today was a dog who'd eaten some poor guy's clipped unit!

Has anyone heard from Beelzebub

I don't practice santeria

I might be going to Minnesota for another week


Mormon Mop Fight In Crosswalk Leads To Arrest

If you could visit some city you never been to, or else see a bunch of genuine zombies up close,

You guys don't know this, but you come to my rescue every 60 days

Why does Bill Gates take cialis?

How, Oh How do I become one that delivers such services?

He'll take a 48" neck on his shirt.... Big Daddy Griz

Man Calls Police After His Salad Is Stolen

For Bertha ~~~ Calling All Angels

The Hillary Clinton Sopranos Spoof

Time for every "R&B" and hip-hop performer to SELF-IMMOLATE

Greatest underrated band of the so-called Seattle "grunge" scene


Prediction: Born on the 4th of July syndrome will rise again.

Shark?? or Jet????

Help - is it possible to access live streaming video online on your TV?

The West Memphis Three. Guilty or not guilty?

Paging ZombyWoof

Practical modern etiquette tips. (humor)

The Great Race--Jack Lemmon's best role? Yes or No?

iPod Help Needed: Converting podcasts into a "Talking Book"

iPod Poll

Do you guys miss me?

What REAL friends do:

Hey THomcat: Because its Raining I Thought You Could Use One of These

Drunk Priest Smashes Car Into Restaurant - 5 Injured

List of songs with cowbell

Idiot cops fail to subdue man doused in gasoline. Use Tazer. FLAME ON!

Back from the AFSCME conference in DC - Lots of photos. Dial-up Warning!!

Your favorite Vampire

I'm an IRL racing fan, and I must make a "rant" about people's statements about Danica Patrick

The Squirrel Wars continue -ethics question

Do you consider 60 years old to be "elderly"?

Tri-colored heron hunting (56K mega warning)

Time for Sir Paul to RETIRE.

Has anyone here gotten their passport recently; how long did it take? My wife

Confess your musical guilty pleasures here and now!

chicago area du'ers- BeHereNow visiting from LA

Can someone explain why anyone should want an afterlife?

Question for marrieds..or living together

Can someone please explain it to me? I'm stupid so use basic words.

Nobody is dead if we refuse to let them die.

Car & Driver: 10 vehicles you need for the apocalypse

A bicyclist ran into my 6 cylinder Land Cruiser and put a dent in it

Which genre of music do you like the LEAST?

A few pics from our mini-meetup in Morgantown, WV today! (dialup warning)

I just got slimed by a fundy

Just found out I am pregnant!!!!

Man doesn't pay for lap dances, is arrested - Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier


A thread dedicated to my wife, DU'er AutumnMist - she could use some good vibes

'Pacman' Jones to face 2 felony charges

Garment workers picket Tama (second strike in the Lehigh Valley garment industry this month)

California grocers, labor gloomy on contract talks, unions for 65,000 workers set a deadline of Thur

AFL-CIO: Immigration Bill Is Anti-Family, Anti-Worker

DOE ditches pension reform, Officials won't ask its contractors to make changes

News From USW: USW Joins Titan Tire in Trade Case Against China Imports

Hoffa Blasts Bush Plans to Open Mexican Border to Unsafe Trucks


Potbangers protest Part II (Duke Non-Rape Case)

Keep Your Hope Alive-Rex Alpha and the Paranoids

Olbermann: "Minor security incident" in the Mets clubhouse: "A Mr. Bill O'Reilly..."

Potbangers Protest Part I (Duke Non-Rape Case)

Ghost Of Nixon

Michael Moore on The View June 19, 2007

Remembering those we have lost victims of hate

Al Franken @ Duluth Law Day Luncheon- 5/1/07

Sea Shepherd Confronts Outlaw Japanese Whalers Antarctic Sanctuary

Another Mother For Peace

'Mothball' menace: Toxic paint flaking from fleet (WW2 era ships in Suisun bay)

10 Afghanistan, 55 Iraq month-to-date

You can watch tonight's Frontline:Endgame online...highly recommended

What’s a little depleted uranium in the yard if it helps defeat them terrorists?

I need information about Highland Village, Texas from 1989-1994

The Big Eddy Club: The Stocking Stranglings and Southern Justice

The American face of Islam

Griffin's cage... got legs?

Mexico, U.S. health ministers to discuss health plan for migrants

Microsoft to change Vista after Google complaint (Reuters)

Gravel's nutty nutty BIZARRE campaign ads - Have you seen them?

Anger is contagious in Moore's new 'Sicko'

Snopes calls hate crime talking points false!

Barack Obama Tiger Beat Cover Clinches Slumber Party Vote

Should Harry Reid be relegated to a role less than Senate Majority Leader because he is a Mormon?

Please check in if your heart goes out to newbie C-SPAN Journal Moderators?

Another item the news media have completely ignored, more Presidential powers

Interesting comparison..

BUSH Administration tries to muzzle Nation Hurricane Center chief

Court nixes bid to sell 'World Cup air'

c-span wj - gary ackerman (r-neocon)

No Child Left Behind-Little Known Provision Signed By Bush-Gives Military Access To Student Info

Addressing Climate Crisis, Bush Calls For

Deer Hunting with Jesus

Breaking on CNN, airplane has serious landing gear malfunction. Has attempted once to land; failed.

Anyone see Joe Scarborough fold up like a cheap accordion when it came to the health of his son?

Justice Dept. opts out of whistleblower suits-Cases allege fraud in Iraq contracts

Michael Moore: "They Haven't Even Told Us HALF The Truth" Re: 9/11

Scalia and torture

Does anyone know if that piece of shit, John A. Rizzo, got out of committee or not?

If the primaries were held today who would be the best choice with the present crop of candidates

At least 40% of diplomats who served in danger zones suffer from PTSD

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Everyday Apocalypse in Iraq - 142 dead on Tuesday.

: "Take Back America: This is OUR Time!" Uplifting Message from DBA Conference!

ACLU Suit Alleges Deportees Were Drugged

If Bloomberg joined the Democratic race would you consider voting for him?

Pardon for Scooter, OK. Pardon for hero, no way

Libby's Appeal (PDF)

Propaganda versus reality in business

Scenes of horror in Iraq orphanage - I just bet this is a Halliburton project

Lawmakers to Investigate Bush on Laws and Intent (NYT)

Stephanie Miller Show new name for Iraqi War, "Operation Arrorhead Ripper."

The Prison Poets Of Guantanamo Find a Publisher

Are strings being pulled in the Ravenel case?

I have watched Sicko for 5 minutes.I am already blinded by tears.

TIME, Jun. 18, 2007: Is Assassination Allowed or Not?

Josh Marshall: Giuliani's slack tack on Iraq is whack for Mr. National Security

Height of Hypocrisy: CNN's Impact Your World !

Is Michael Bloomberg a Chamber of Commerce politician?


Best Buy: Fewer big-ticket sales hurt profit - Yeah, we have a great economy

Duckett Family Sues CNN, Nancy Grace

Bush to veto stem cell bill

U.S. military cites 'increasing pattern of attacks' against the Green Zone

Editor&Publisher: 'NYT' Working On News Corp. Investigation

The Chris Matthews on-air curse exposes yet more public media illiteracy.

Blech! Look at this email I received today (RE: Lieberman)

Purdue researchers create 9/11 computer simulation

2 million Iraqi refugees, 700 allowed into the US.

Decision day for Webb, Mikulski


Union members only, would you go on a purchasing strike against GOP contributors?

Homeland Security acknowledges own computer break-ins

Give the WSJ to Murdoch

Help - is it possible to access live streaming video online on your TV?

WOOT! Cynthia Haddad! You go ahead on with your star self!

Connecticut High School Bans Student Play on Iraq War

Oh The Horror: Godless Money

America's Growing Problem

Elizabeth Edwards' Rage for Justice Speech is Now Online

Wife of U.S. Soldier Missing in Iraq Faces Deportation

Bloomberg is on TV talking about 311.

Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid

I just met a repug... It seemed she was happy that she didn't have

Next week's House special election in CA-37: Runners and riders

Baby, you should drive your car

‘Fox News All-Stars’ Bash Progressive Bloggers As ‘Pungent,’ ‘Profane,’ ‘A Pox’

Could September be the DEMS last stand?

Information from the front, sort of.

See "SiCKO" this Saturday: Sneak Preview Showings Scheduled

NO eating shellfish off of New Hampshire - red tide invasion

Did Bush Approve Release of Suicide Bomber Commander?

Worldwide abject poverty is ok, but the pope needs to weigh in on driving etiquette?

Excellent Iraq War Resource: Chronology from Frontline's "Endgame" Website

Bloomberg's analysis of what's wrong with America is *WRONG*

Does Bloomberg's 3rd party candidacy prevent a Dem victory in '08 ?

" " . . . it's an act of love to kill evil people who seek to kill Americans,"

Did Bush approve release of suicide bomber commander?

pdf of Ralston's deposition

DU this CSPAN Poll: Would you consider voting for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg for president?

I now have proof the media lies

Comeback for those who Don't like liberals(? ) Fine, then give us back...

The person who came up with may be a right-winger.

At NOON TODAY, Richard Cohen wants to hear from you about Scooter!

McKinney a Green party candidate?

Why did Bloomberg change from a Democrat to a Republican

Fine DUer's, does the DEM party still represent your views?

TOON - Bad Reporter "GOP on Iraq War Dead: Clinton Tragedy Was Worse!"

Former MP in bid to prosecute Blair for war crimes

Franken 'wins' Ben Stein's money for Senate run

Calling for Bloodless Virtual Coup...Gore Is the New Leader

Veto: Opponents say the measure would force taxpayers to support the destruction of human embryos.

Will a Bloomberg campaign help us or hurt us more?

Keep the pressure on the Sudanese "authorities."

just saw sicko...france, england, canada and cuba should be ashamed!

Teacher has sex with 11 year old student and only gets 120 days in jail

American Family Association celebrates the Decline of the American Worker

Does anyone have the link that shows how often a

Will we all soon be in one of those movies about a grim future?

Should the US end its trade embargo with Cuba?

Tony Snow's White House Serenade: Among The Light Moments @ Congressional Picnic On White House Lawn

Our health care system isn't just's destructive!

QUESTION: How Can ANY Public Official, Namely Condi, Refuse a Subpoena? (Laywers Welcome to Comment)

So We Can Now Withhold The Portion of our Taxes that go to Iraq War.

It is not ethical to destroy a human life to save one - bush just said this


Picture for Bush to think about next time we kill some Iraqi kids (cute girl)

FBI: Padilla never used jihad code words in calls

Primary compression continues: Illinois moves to 2.5.2008 as well

Listen link: Laura Rozen discusses US Iran policy with Terry Gross

It's all so surreal

Saudi Prince Scolds Clergy for Encouraging Young Saudis to Join Iraqi Insurgency

The passing of Richard Rorty

Monsanto checked over GM claim

Explaining How Depleted Uranium Is Killing Civilians, Soldiers, Land

Cops of the World

Nihilism and Neoconservatism; Brothers under the skin

‘Bomb Iran’ Podhoretz: War Would ‘Unleash A Wave’ Of Global Anti-Americanism

Cops of the World

Caption this pic of *

I just found the device that will leave the iPhone in the dust!

Dupe, sorry

Toolan Murder Trial

Has anyone actually met someone who believes that Bush is spreading freedom around the world?

House Dems to DoJ Whistleblowers: Send Us Your Tips

Associated Press' Clever New Coinage: "Slick Hillary"

Two Georgia Republican Senators Say They Will Oppose Cloture on Immigration Bill

Who Said ...."It is immoral to make taxpayers pay for the destruction of human life."

== Who Loves Designer Vaginas? = By Mark Morford

As in Vietnam, the US can win virtually every tactical encounter. As in Vietnam, this is irrelevant

My local paper had a picture (Assoc. Press) on the front page of Pelosi and Bush**

Those nine brave men. The world will show its respect and solidarity

U.S. must do more for Iraqi refugees

" Moore's most assured, least antagonistic and potentially most important film."

Laura Bush Falsely Claims That ‘Many’ Iraqi Refugees Have Been Welcomed Into The U.S.

Yesterday I saw an ad for this crap on the subway...

Oops (not!) they did it again ..(photo fun)

Dumb Bush's take on embryo research

I'd love to know what this Daily Show graphic says!

Have the GOP and RNC declared civil war on the rest of America?

Cordesman: President's Strategy Not Working

Caption the evil MF'er- I dare you!

U.S. presses attack on al-Qaida in Iraq

Michael Moore on Hardball

Rove used GOP e-mail extensively

MSM reporting millions of Iraq refugees. Do I smell a change in the wind?

Romney leads GOP polls in IA, NH and Nevada

AP: Hillary Clinton (R-NY)

Remember this? **'s message to the Iraqi People

I'm on the no fly list and am flying to California next week. Wish me luck

Ex Narc sells Pot tips on DVD. 'Never get busted again'.

Brilliant!! "Bush eyes Blair for Mideast peace role"

(How's this for compassion?) Missing Soldier's Wife May Be Deported

"When the people who fought the war are speaking out against it, maybe you should listen."

Rudy missing in action for Iraq panel

Bush tried to kill my daughter

Negroponte behind Samarra Holy Shrine blast?

Murdoch 'in talks' on Yahoo deal (BBC) {to sell MySpace ?}

Wonderful video on US drug policy "Incarcerex" must see youtube


Paul Hill Days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will honor a terrorist !

What a joke-Traditional TV news is laughable compared to Jon Stewart's journalism

Documentary: Law gives military (RECRUITERS) access to student data (NCLB)

Times Undertakes Multi-Bureau Rupert Murdoch Investigation

Just Speak Into the Rose Bush, Mr. Bush ---pix--->>>

If impeachment is supposedly supported by a majority of the Democratic base

REPORT: The Right Wing Domination Of Talk Radio And How To End It

any people here live in (or moved to) "hot" neighborhoods in gentrifying urban markets?

Fla. Lt. Governor Kottkamp (R) Uses Government Computers to Vandalize Liberal Wiki, Lies About It

An override at last? SB 5 (stem-cell research) may be the one.

TOON about the Stem Cell Veto- Says it all

Gore/Bloomberg 2008

Just exactly how stupid are some people? "U-Tube" Mistaken for YouTube

Kerry asks DHS not to deport wife of MIA soldier

How many US states fund stem cell research?

If you had to come up with $30k to get lifesaving surgery could you do it? Uninsureds face this ....

Hillary says Iraq problems are all the Iraqis' fault. The crowd booed.

Just out of curiosity do you think more Conservatives smoke than Liberals

The Bloomberg-Gore Mutual Appreciation Club

Digby's acceptance speech-Paul Wellstone award on behalf of the

The Patronizer-In-Chief ---pix--->>>

If you missed Schuster's questions to Mike Moore

Richard Cohen-what a pile of BS he is

Bloomberg hands Thompson the 2008 Election

Carter blasts US policy on Palestinians

Who would you vote for?

Question about limited liability companies

Ad reading: "SICKO - Hilarious! Brilliant!" on the left of my screen...

General Clark will be appearing tonight on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Wes Clark will be on KO's Countdown this evening...per Tweety

"Our America" ...... Frederic Edwin Church ......Appalachian Spring

Senator Boxer: Protecting Primates

Another small gift for Du'ers....

Snow On Stem Cell Veto: ‘This Is The President Putting Science Before Ideology’

Could Lieberman be offered $1,000,000 for early retirement?

Looking to Debunk the "Clinton Could Have Had Bin Laden"argument.

The Vatican is trying to,

Poor Walter Reed...

Wife Of U.S. Soldier Missing In Iraq Facing Deportation

China: Ex-slave laborer tells of abuse, hunger By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN -- Associated Press Writer

Kucinich Comes to Take Back America,We need to stop blaming the victims

Not all women lie or ask to get raped

Your house, a TV, and two billion people - Al Gore

The huge problem with Tsunami Tuesday that will make you think twice (with calendar link)

I Can't Believe We're Still Debating This Shit

IMPEACH Cheney...great website with great links

Man Abandons Family For 28 Years, Now Applies For Dead Son's 911 Victim Comp Award

How much death and destruction is the 'christian' Right linked to?

"Bush again vetoes embryo destruction"

Dow Jones/News Corp Saga - ANyone following this?

I don't want to pay for this war anymore

Secret Surveillance Evidence Unsealed in AT&T Spying Case

At what point will the impeachment and "run Gore" talk stop?

Plastic bag revolt spreads across Britain

URGENT: Contact the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and Ask for Impeachment of Cheney and Bush

Did I catch a shot of Skinner up on the stage with the progressive bloggers

Wednesday TOONS: Duke Edition

Government-Run Health Care Subsidizes Moore’s ‘Sicko’ Lifestyle

Take Back America - pics

Looking for a link

Michael Moore's health care proposal (in case you haven't seen it)

"Sicko's" contention that a once-idealistic Hillary was "bought out" by the Health Care Industry...

Needed: forum news posters

Freddy can't do Shakespeare, any better than Bush...

Dems needed to say it before Bloomberg did - "America is really in trouble"...

Review of Sicko

Psst, America - Iraq does not owe America anything

Please consider helping pass the Hate Crimes legislation

Alright you people. Let's make the FW Blogger cry!

Iraq Moratorium Begins.

Time to lighten up with a -- Myth War

Smokers in the UK could be denied surgery.

Iraq becomes prime training ground for export of Jihadists

Mitt Romney Finance Chairman sued for mass child abuse

Peter Paul and Hillary Clinton

It's going to be Gore vs Romney.

Congress votes on a funding cut to the SOA/WHINSEC today

US crowd beats passenger to death

America as Blanche DuBois

Right Wing Whacko Spam E-mail...and My Response

Why does the media continue to ignore John Edwards?

What Mike Bloomberg stands for

GALLUP - Al Gore in statistical tie for 2nd place in DEM field!

Has anyone on DU ever lived in a war zone? in the aftermath?

War and Censorship at Wilton High: CT HS Students Perform Play on NY Stage After Ban by Principal

Rove Aide Details Broad Political Abuses

Why did w's immigration bill piss off the repubs when nothing else did?

The Age of Atlantica: As Goes Mexico, so Goes the US and Canada

Jeb Bush in Chile: ''For too long, democracy has been defined as having a fair election''

Picnic with Pissypants ---pix--->>>

Howard Dean to Mother Jones: "the netroots are incredibly sensitive to people who are phonies "

Any Lawyers please chime in on this one

What's WORSE?

Wow! Major abuse by the airport police at MSP

Robert Kennedy Jr. on autism and mercury: Attack on Mothers

WTF story - girl gets raped - 'This is her fault.', witnesses save her, DA not pressing charges

Texas crowd kills man after car hits kid

Can we stop hating Joe Lieberman now?

If Bush-Cheney Can’t Be Impeached, Nobody Can

A Time To Reap~By William Rivers Pitt

Feds allow Ruby Ridge's Randall Weaver to visit NH Domestic Terrorists during stand-off

Digby is a woman!

The Enemy of Nature

Another woman accuses De Anza ballplayers of rape (in the same house)

Watch O'Reilly tonight for an appearance by a DUer!

NSA 'spy room' at AT&T exposed

US Attorney Lam Forced To Resign Or Face Presidential Order Firing Her

Still want that iPhone?

"Mom, I understand if you don't want to love me anymore"

The truth about Hillary being booed at Take Back America today

If Al runs, who should run with him?

Noise complaints about their kids could land LI couple in jail

Rep. Pelosi responds to boos on war

Due to demand, 'Sicko' to open one week early -here are the 32 locations:

BUSH No Longer President Of A Republic-Now Godfather Of Worlds Most Intimidating Crime Syndicate

When Bush Comes To Dove ...

***June Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 1***

***June Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 2***

***June Photo Contest: Preliminary Poll 3***

McNulty-I Did Not Lie To Congress-I "Struggled" To Tell The Truth About Attorney Firings

Tim Griffin's 2004 involvement in caging Jacksonville, FL minority voters now under investigation

What Vacation Days? (a guaranteed victory for one candidate with courage)

DHS Acknowledges Own Computer Break-Ins (AP)

...after promising to consult with local officials, federal authorities recently invited contract

What the Mideast needs


U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3524; Pending DoD Confirmation: 7

My take on the presidential canidates

Good line about the GOP candidates

Options still open for Nader

NYT,pg1: Politics Forcing Detroit to Back New Fuel Rules

Text of Mayor Bloomberg's Speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention

The latest from the Take Back America Conference: Cheers and Jeers for Hillary

Hillary Booed, Again (by Ari Berman for The Nation)

Check it out: NYT Caucus blog tracks each candidate's "face time" on TV news

"Pondering a Bloomberg run"

I think Richardson would be a very good Prez...but boy his campaign is a mess...

If Bloomberg runs, when do you think he will declare?

Richardson Names Names

The Rude Pundit - America the Cruel: Missing Soldier's Wife May Be Deported

Should we call Bush "evil"?

Q-Poll NY: Hillary with wide lead over Rudy and Bloomberg...Rudy and Obama tied

Trent Lott in pissing contest with right wing radio

Bloomberg Files as Independent Amid Speculation of White House Bid

Bill Richardson's "Homer Simpson" Moment. Doh!

Bush to Parkinson, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Spinal Cord Injury sufferers and others: Fuck You

Edwards seeks lift from labor

Politico: Hillary Booed Again at Take Back America Conference

Clinton holds big lead in Nevada

Hillary Booed by "perhaps eight to 12 people" out of over 3000 at Take Back America Conference

Cool new Iowa head-to-head poll graphic charts

Why I Hate Bloomberg

Hillary is NOT in first place in Wisonsin... but neither is Obama or Edwards.

Veto pen in hand, George W. Bush hates America

Are you satisfied with the two party system as it stands today.


AP: Carter Blasts US Policy on Palestinians

Gallup General Election: All three dems beat Repubs by about the same margin...

Justice Dept. opts out of whistle-blower suits (Boston Globe)

A respectful request for some knowledgeable/verifiable insight into Bloomberg

General Clark On Keith Olbermann Tonight! Be There Or Be Square!

Chris Dodd: Got A Second?

If you do not vote for the nominee, you are a moron

Cynthia Tucker: I love this woman

Laura Ingram told Stephanie Miller that Hillary Clinton will be a fine President.

Tax payers should not fund the destruction of human life

The Onion: Addressing Climate Crisis, Bush Calls For Development Of National Air Conditioner

Has anyone in the Obama campaign been fired for the allegedly unauthorized smear?

Even with all his money Bloomberg CAN'T win the Presidency and heres why

Digby revealed!

DU should practices what it preaches: We need full disclosure on 08

Your #1 TOP reason for voting for ANY Democrat over ANY Republican

Alert....Wes Clark on Countdown tonight...

China Slave & Child Labor Caught In Glare Of Olympic Spotlight - 06/20/07

Is Bloomberg the new Fred Thompson? Who will be the new Bloomberg next month?

bush wouldn't cross the "moral line" of funding stem cell research

When is Washington going to face the fact that the amnesty

Was Thinking Of Bloomberg's Announcement - Could It Be We Have It Backwards?.......

Bloomberg: Who would be his running mate?

Being booed by Code Pink .....

Why was Rudy in the ‘Iraq Study Group’ to begin with?

Only 3% of the people outside of Wash St know Bill Gates. Not!!! A

I didn't think I could despise Lieberman anymore than I already did but...

Has anyone in the Clinton campaign been fired for that awful Soprano's parody?

Hey Skinner...

Clinton an Artful Dodger?

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve Support From Progressives

Edwards, as he says, is most electable

Looks like a revolution's taking hold here against the establishment candidates

Rasmussen: 27% Likely to Vote for Bloomberg as Third Party Candidate


Edwards: 'No More Triangulating'

Obama visits Pittsburgh

Edwards Statement on President Bush Veto of Stem Cell Research Bill

Edwards Statement on Employee Free Choice Act (important pro-labor, pro-working family legislation)

Edwards to meet with Smithfield workers (trying to organize workers)

"Republican Strategist: Bloomberg Hurts Us, Helps Dems"

How the DLC Raises Funds:

Obama cozied up to another crook.. not just Tony Rezko

If Bloomberg spent $1 billion, would he do better or worse than the 19% Perot got?

Assembly passes marriage equality bill in New York

WWJBD: What would Jack Bauer Do?

Clinton Connected to Disgraced Impeached Former President!

Why is it OK to support Bloomberg on this forum but not OK to support Nader?

Politico largely ignored Giuliani-Iraq Study Group story, still flogging Edwards' haircuts

CLARKIES: General Clark on "Countdown" tonight (Wednesday) with Keith!

The Voting for Hillary Debate

John Edwards appears to be only Dem to squash GOP!

Do republicans throw more red meat to their base?

Primary compression continues: Illinois moves to 2.5.2008 as well

If you want me to feel comfortable voting for your candidate in the general

REPORT: The Right Wing Domination Of Talk Radio And How To End It

Poll: Big Opening For Dems In Alaska

Obama wins Straw Poll of Take Back America conference

Should "religious contributions" be tax deductible?

Why do YOU think our candidates don't support profit-free Healthcare?

AP article: Slick Hillary? - Sen. Hillary Clinton an artful dodger