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White House of Mirrors

Bush's secret war on America

Editorial | Cheney: the imperial veep (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Gitmo Hearings Long Outed as Farce (Cohen / WaPo)

US must stop yelling at Iraqis, says general

MAUREEN DOWD: A Vice President Without Borders, Bordering on Lunacy

FRANK RICH: They’ll Break the Bad News on 9/11

Judge Rules In Favor Of Nome's Rock Creek Mine - Nova Gold And Cyanide

Ocean Power company projects power gen. at 3.5 cents/kwh after successful Texas pilot

Judge Criticizes Warrantless Wiretaps

Blair tells Pope: Now I'm ready to become a Catholic

Bush risks losing trade powers after talks collapse

Massive crackdown against dissent under way in Iran: report

North Africa Reluctant to Host U.S. Command

Obama says some have 'hijacked' faith

Anti-junta demonstrators march to army headquarters in Bangkok

Biofuels to blame as beer prices soar 40 per cent in Germany

Need advice on international long distance calls - to Australia

My great grandfather was a professional baseball player..

Who's on stage....

"The Logical Song" Supertramp Lyrics for WillyT-cuz now its stuck in my head :)

Tequila! (YouTube)

Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper.

humorous thread title conflating Nader, circumcision and Olive Garden cuisine.

So far no luck in finding my purse

1408 - a brief review :)

and the best anti-war song ever written(IMHO) Sam Stone

Stupid question - for computer geeks

another song that gets to me "What it's like"


deadhorses everywhere

video game fans-- Super Paper Mario for the Wii kicks all sorts of trippy ass.

Good evening. I'm all showered, fresh, clean and ready to post with you.

Did Michael Moore's "Sicko" have a segment on circumcision?

I figured I would bring a time honored tradition into GD

Lounge has preemptively invaded sovereign GD

*sigh* The days when the PC industry actually had competition...

My grandfather was an infantryman during the Circumcision Wars of 1879

Ok lovers! Lets get it on! (theme music)

little memories

Laughing Gulls, well, make me laugh (Dial-up beware)

Oh well, another Saturday night...

I was circumcised and managed to grow a new one. Wanna see?

If a circumcised man walks down the streeet wearing nothing but sunglasses

The Mind of Mencia? Seems he got his mind from everyone else...

I am proud I circumcised a Democrat!

30-Second Bunny Theatre Presents... Borat!

Vigo or Fred Thompson, you decide.


Hanuka's cheating on me!


Any Firemen here????

I probably had a grandfather.

I just pre-ordered my copy of Hairy Palms 7, ask me anything..

It's amazing how much Davy Jones' Locker looks like Santa Barbara County!

So far no luck finding my perch

I'm back from Berlin! Their trains (and buses) really do run on time!


My grandfather was a pegboy at a Poconos resort in the 1930s

Racists in the work place..

There once was a young man from Kent

Hookah's cheating on me.

Best Chocolate Candy!!

Where are they now?

Help! POST A PICTURE and please wish my husband a happy 73rd Birthday!

I just pre-ordered my copy of Harry Potter 7, ask me anything..


Civil War re-enactment

any reggae lovers on DU?

My grandfather was in the Holocaust

If foreskins are evolutionarily disadvantageous then why do so many mammals have them?

what do you rather be doing for a living than your current living?

People suck, two dumped kittens up the road, what to do?

My Official 'Why Snape Isn't Really Evil' Theory (SPOILERS, obviously)

Bolt Out Of The Blue: Lightning Kills Man Beneath Cloudless Sky

Haruka's cheating on me

Strikeforce EliteXC: Paul Buentello vs Carter Williams

Bush After Being Told Of Second Plane Hitting WTC

FYI: American Perspectives, CSPAN1; Woodward and Bernstein -Watergate

25 US Soldiers KIA just this week !!! -- 79 KIA in 23 Days!!

We need a social CATHARSIS in this country

NYT: General’s Report on Iraq Progress Has Competition

Who should we be more worried about...

George Bush's Diary

Presidential candidate pledges to cut military budget by 50% and spend $ on inner-city development!

Karzai warns NATO Afghan life not cheap

Brown wants to lift Iraq protests restriction



Why is the Boston Globe kissing Romney's butt? He's just a failed MA ex-Governor!

Central Fla. Residents Facing Eviction Prepare For Battle

Bob Fertik Answers Rangel: "Would Impeachment Rescue Bush?" - No, Americans Can't Wait Til * Is Gone

Mr. Bush, it's time for you to arrest Mr. Cheney....

"Subpoenas. Nixon ignored them, and so he had to go."

Great custard pudding! Has this place turned to ParentingInfantsUnderground?

The practicalities of impeachment

A rant on bush/cheney

Are any other meteorology geeks....

Hillary Clinton Poll

CBS News Hit with $50million Sexual Orientation Discrimination Suit

Do you all consider Hugo Chavez as anti-American?

Bloomberg on the Iraq war: some disturbing hints

There once was a young man from Kent

Clinton, Obama & Edwards ALL beat Guiliani, McCain, Romney & Thompson!

Did Michael Moore's "Sicko" have a segment on circumcision?

And so it begins again, the Dems lost the war in Iraq by stabbing America in the back.

Time to impeach this mad man, madam speaker

Bloggers Knew about Cheney for Years....Politicals & M$M Just Woke Up!

Fayetteville Observer: "Truth Takes A Hit As Casualties Mount" (Publisher Discusses Hersh Article)

The American Gulag

Something (Mao slogan) about Cameron DIAZ triggers media frenzy in Peru

If foreskins are evolutionarily disadvantageous then why do so many mammals have them?

New Hillary hate books tank in book sales - nobody cares about the trash it seems

QUICK! turn on SNL now. one of best openings ever, re Bush

Bush's first job

Sunday Talk Shows

Just saw the sneak preview of Sicko

Newsweek Poll: Hillary beats all republicans and Bloomberg, leading Obama 43%-27%

The FR file on Rudy Giuliani

The 'I' word - Boston Globe Editorial

*John Perkins on CSPAN2 now! 10pm - new book - Secret History of US Empire*

Digby: Wonk who urged Dems not to alienate anti-choice women is a wanker

I just returned from one of the sneak preview showings of "SiCKO" ... Wow.

US Soldier in Iraq Refuses to Help Any longer with the Occupation

Michael Moore Believes Film Leak Was An Inside Job

Sunday NY Times Op/Ed: Bush's Secrets - "White House of Mirrors"

"Why a growing grassroots movement on the left wants to impeach the president" ...

How come I live in such a "red" area, but everytime I'm in public...

Everyone we fight in Iraq is now "al-Qaida"

Ah the good old circumcision debate

Waiting in line at the ice cream shop, just turned 5 people on to DU. Every little bit helps.

Harry, Nancy we have TYRANTS!!

Washington Post Profile Reveals Stealthy Cheney Spies On White House Staffers

Cheney ordered visitor logs destroyed, uses man-sized safes for documents, report says

Desalination 'not the solution'/WWF

Is it best to vote the Party or vote the Man (or Woman)...?

The republicons love to talk about what Ronald Reagan taught them...

Judge Criticizes Bush's Warrantless Wiretap Program

If Dick Cheney is not part of the executive branch.

Fun Facts About Presidential Candidates and Missed Votes

Right leaning Rasmussen Reports has Bush at 48% Strongly Disapprove.

Competing Iraq Reports Due As Bush Commissions Alternatives

...Cheney personally stalled Bush’s campaign pledge to regulate global warming:http://thinkprogress.

McCain, Edwards have most at stake in fundraising

How much of Obama's support is simply because he isn't Hillary?

Soon we will hear that Cheney/Bush will cancel next year's election. Just wait, you'll see.

Republican Rep urges condoms for border control w/ Mexico

Obama-Colin Powell (R-war crimes) ties: Will they boost or hurt Obama?

Cheney bypassed Evironmentally clueless Bush To Craft Policy

Support for Gore poll. Would you vote for Gore in '08?

O'Reilly's attempts to talk down John Edwards are failing

Inside Live Earth: The Struggle Behind President Gore's Concert for the Planet

similarities between corporations and Al Qaeda....

Trippi is right, and I hate to admit it.

Angler-The Cheney Vice Presidency. 'A Different Understanding With the President' (4 Part WP series)

"What the hell just happened?" Secretary of State Colin L. Powell demanded, a witness said, when CNN

Newsweek Poll, Hillary beats all republicans and Bloomberg, leading Obama 43%-27%

The I Word in the Boston Globe

Wonder what Bush is going to say about Iraq in September?

Obama, Kucinich, or Edwards?

This story did it, I'm out of the closet.....I'm now backing John Edwards

Who is Hillary44?

From 2004, Howard Dean's views on crossing party lines to vote with extremists.

10,000 flock to church to hear Obama speak

John Murtha: How a lifelong hawk became a dove, too

NY Times: White House of Mirrors

Cheney's Not in the Executive Branch? Sounds Good to Me!

A Different Understanding With the President (WP editorial about cheney)

The Fat of the Land

Hard and dirty work

NEWSWEEK: Bogged Down In Baghdad

The 'I' word

JFK - Making of America Issue (Time Mag)

Bar Fight in the Blue Ridge:The Coming Battle for NC 11(right wing attacks AFSCME ads 4 Dems)

Rethinking Patriotism

It is time for President's Questions

Craig Crawford's 1600: Liberating Numbers

Writing From "The Lunatic Fringe"

"FREE LIBBY" got a "free" full page ad in the San Diego Union Tribune

The Vices of Cheney: Where Impeachment Must Begin

'A Different Understanding With the President'

Impeachment of Bush and Cheney is essential

Bruce Fein: The RNC e-mails represent one more White House demerit

For Filmmaker, ‘Sicko’ Is a Jumping-Off Point for Health Care Change

Cheney has been instrumental in eroding privacy rights for all Americans -- except himself

Abu Ghraib: The Rest of The Story

The Danger of One-Sided Debate (NY Times Pub. Editor Slams "Death by Veganism" op-ed)

Corporate greed, corruption, and the coming collapse

Poisoned Ivorians reject payout - BBC

Canada's oil sands development an economic boon, but leaves a mess - AFP

Desalination Not The Solution/WWF

Barnacle-busting paint makes ships' voyages greener - Observer

LOL! TOON for today- Sad but true!

Fish and Wildlife service let Weyerhaeuser edit "concern" letter they sent- to Weyerhaeuser itself!

In climate change debate, all eyes turn to California (AP)

Sporran wearers may need licence (BBC) {protection of fur-bearers}

"America's Majority"

Palestinians Sleep in Desert, Hide From Police in Israeli Film

Israel expels record number of East Jerusalem Arabs

Sources: 5 UNIFIL troops dead, 3 hurt in S. Lebanon blast

Hamas planning terror attack, Shin Bet chief says

Hamas rejects Sharm e-Sheikh summit

Video shows kidnapped BBC reporter Johnston wearing explosives belt

BBC reporter shown in tape wearing explosives-Hamas

Iran 'played role' in Gaza takeover

Activist brings peace billboard back from Israel

Israel to use small crossings to get aid to Gaza

Colombia is most dangerous place for labor unions

Congressman revives Radio, TV Martí debate (Democratic Rep. William Delahunt)

It's not Super, but Dems pick Saturday (Ne first ever caucus)

Federal bribery probe grips El Paso

General’s Iraq Progress Report Has Competition

Crackdown on Dissent Under Way in Iran

Rains kill over 220 in Pakistani city: minister

First phase of major Iraq campaign almost over, U.S. says

'A Different Understanding With the President'

(Bob) Kerrey: No Apologies For Pro-War Stand

Rudy Men in WTC Health Hit at Christie (Whitman)

Video shows kidnapped BBC reporter Johnston wearing explosives belt

Roadside bomb kills 4 Spanish UN troops in Lebanon

Rev. Jesse Jackson arrested during anti-gun protest (Chicago, IL)

Brown Succeeds Blair As Labour Head

Edwards Defends Poverty Center's Efforts

Judgment Day for 'Chemical Ali' over Kurdish Genocide

U.S. generals doubt Iraqi force strength

Iraqi checkpoints no obstacle for insurgents flush with cash

(Bob D-Ne) Kerrey not hushing talk on possible Senate bid

Taliban seize 18 Afghan mine clearing experts

Aussie hired by (Calif.) GOP embroiled in immigration lawsuit

Chinese presence, interests in Cuba growing

US House votes to deny all aid to Saudi Arabia

10 U.S. troops die in Iraq (SATURDAY)

UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

Brown urged to pull out of Iraq

Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Hang

Arab Militants Join Fight in Afghanistan

Elizabeth Edwards Supports Same Sex Marriage

Democrats Cautious on Gay Rights Issues - But Candidates Have Taken Positions Exceeding Mainstream o

Soldier watches his twin die in Iraq on their 24th birthday

Harman wins deputy leader contest (UK Labour party)

Military Sees Drop in Black Recruits

Gordon Brown to be announced as UK Labour leader

Iraq Sunni blocs boycott parliament over speaker


Goodnight all, Goodnight SPK....

Yowzah! Classic "Starlet" Photos from Magnum

Trivia question...

It was on this day in 1947...

Anyone remember the short story...

Rawkin Scientology is fiction!

Dupe, sorry

Mr. LIW graduated this morning....

This Hillbilly Heroin isn't any big deal.

Good grief!

Last comic standing - DU style - ???

What causes the "head" on a beer and why do you have to

So, how's your weekend so far?

Attention dog Vicki: It's Sunday. Sleep late

This is what my life has been reduced to

Pooka's cheating on me.

My great.....great grandfather fought in the monolith war

Holy retouching, Batman!

Holy redubbing, Batman!

I can't leave CMW alone for even 15 minutes before he's pawing through my belongings!!!!

Picture in picture in picture

It's that time that every parent dreads.

Here's an oldie-Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues.

People Get Ready

It's Sunday morning. Can we burn ginbarn as a witch today?

they're smiling in your face

Has anyone found a job by applying online?

Anybody seen that new movie 1408? I love horror movies...

sure is nice to see again....

back from the gym

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Distilling your own liquor should be LEGAL!!

right around the corner, just across the tracks

Thieves Steal Herman Munster's Identity

I think my apartment building may be condemned soon.... what are my tenant rights....

Doctors To Remove 33-Pound Tumor From Man's Face

A story of a driver's license in Germany

Aurora Borealis from space (pic)...

I bought a tv last week. Saw it went on sale this week.

If DU were to lift a ban for one day, and one day only, which would you prefer...

Media Barrage #23: SubGenius propaganda montage

I gave the dog a bath

Isn't there some app or some site that one can use to broadcast a new email address...


I'm so frustrated

Ha! How to get the cops to show up...


The Bloody Mary Is The Perfect Sunday Morning Breakfast

My sex drive tells me it is write protected

Can someone get dressed and leave the house for me?

some insight into Carter's unpopularity?

My sex drive tells me it is right rejected (lame copycat)

How To Clean Your Toilet - The Fun Way

richard pryor on the mafia

I've made a terrible mistake

mr. t say "treat your mother right"

Bad old science fiction RAWKS!

I'm outta here!

Anyone on here ever been diagnosed schizophrenic?

I'm watching "Message in a Bottle" somebody hold me!

How many of you decided to sit their butts over here instead of GD & GDP?

Have you ever received an invitation from someone you never heard of?

Just saw "A Mighty Heart"

**Alert to KitchenWitch**

Girl born and given following names: Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns (more)

My USB drive tells me it is write protected

Poll Question: Who are the bigger nerds?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/24/07)

Attention Realtors: Two people can look at an open house if they're not a couple


I have to say the same thing three times.

You know you've been reading DU too long when....

I have never been diagnosed schizophrenic

Does anyone know where to buy window screens?

Best nun movie?

apologies if posted: A guy walks into a barbershop looking for his buddy

I walked in one of our local parades

Has anyone ever seen "The Boys from Brazilian"?

channel 9 station id and bumper

sucky mcsuck sucked a big suck

she's mighty mighty, just lettin it all hang out

there's a starman waiting in the sky

A very cool site to check out what you eat and what exercise you'd need to get rid of it

Nowadays everyone wants to be a nerd. (In free verse)

Can you and your child survive on $25,000 a month?

Worst product name ever

List things that are more interesting than Paris Hilton...

the word "culinary"--it's "cull-inary" not "cue-linary"

Anyone know about "Sociology"?

thoughts from one of the worlds richest men

It's a wonderful thing when your teenager earns your trust

we all know that people are the same wherever you go

$130 million sailboat

Do you know people who expound on things they know nothing about?

Some thoughts about attention seekers...

Sicko the movie. Who has seen it???

What's your favorite Bill HIcks routine

HELP! Rabbit!

mr. natural

Do you keep a journal?

For my 1000th post....

I'll have spam, spam, spam, eggs, bacon, and spam

do you have a 'special' coffee cup?

My Official 'Why Dumbledore Isn't Really Good' Theory (SPOILERS, obviously)

Somebody PLEASE tell my dog Vicki that we DON'T have to get up at 6 AM on the weekends...

LOST is in a mood tonight!! Ask me anything!!!!!

philboy! yeah I am calling him out!!!! lol

Show your garden

I wonder how the "flaming nostrils of justice" will take the finding of the body

Are you a Warthog person or a Weasel person?

Former All-Star (Rod) Beck dead at 38

Nowadays everybody wants to be a tough guy

A pair of Mocking Birds are using guerrilla warfare to occupy my front and

15 things 2007 freshman don't remember.

Any Ladies Walking Shoes Made In USA?

Just a few more pics....

How often do you find money?

the first person to correctly identify this guy gets a wreath of laurel

It's the general acceptance penis song - everyone sing along!

Can Kohls dept store charge a 5% 'return tax' on items returned past 30 days?

I volunteered at Arlington West this morning

have you seen these equations before?

Cutting the umbilical cord..Is it mutilation?

Dog Advice ..

Hey DU! Can you help me with something?

Amazing Rare Earth Rock Video

Have you ever seen this equation before?

my name was #6 the year I was born. What's your rank?

pads|sox rubber match - - peavy (9-1 | 1.96) v. beckett (10-1 | 3.14)

Gad, what a tough defeat for journeyman golfer at Hartford

Gold Cup Final...US/Mexico

Relief pitcher Rod Beck dead at 38

Colombia is most dangerous place for labor unions

California Grocery workers to vote on strike today, Hybrid contract is also on ballot

Unions move toward health-care reform deal

Minn U staff fight for salary increases (more than 3,500 technical, clerical and health-care workers

Starbucks Defending Charges of Labor Law Violations

UPS vs. Teamsters

Sunday's working family funny on health care

Troubles of the World-Poverty, homelessness, starvation, natural & manmade disasters, animal cruelty

Jackie Kennedy in India - 1962

Bush Press Conference On 9/11 Surrounded By The Kids He Didn't Want To Frighten

JFK Inauguration Newsreel


Paul Wellstone's last commercial: I don't represent big oil, pharma, Enron....

Eve of Destruction

Senator Durbin Re: Cheney Exempting Himself From Executive Branch

Republican Immigration Problem

Bush Says 9/11 Was An Interesting Day--Bush/Cheney Commentary Over Classroom Scene

The Lowest of Contempt

Jim Talent & George Bush--Happy Together

SiCKO - June 20th Lobbyist Screening in DC

"The Logical Song" Supertramp Lyrics for WillyT-cuz now its stuck in my head :)

Bolt Out Of The Blue: Lightning Kills Man Beneath Cloudless Sky

If a circumcised man walks down the streeet wearing nothing but sunglasses

Question for Computer Tech Savvy people: HELP!

CSPAN2: Water Wars ... "Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water"

How-not-to-hire-Americans: The Empire Strikes Back!

Now this is interesting......

Wolcott On A Major Problem With The Press And Also Certain Online Forums....

Your child has been arrested

Thank you, Michael..

Positive Thread

Negative Thread

What if WE the people declared ourselves above the law?

Recruiting Trench Liberals and Leftnecks

Tinfoil hat question: Re: Pentagon and their hacked e-mails.

C-SPAN is covering the Post expose on Cheney on Wash Journal (7 AM ET)

How Dick Cheney reinvented the vice presidency

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again. It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Darkest Before the Dawn

Nate Clay warning about dollar store knockoff OTC drugs -- live stream

And While We're at It, Let's Take Away Their Security Clearance

A brief history of Cheney - there is a traitorous criminal STILL COMMITTING CRIMES - CALL 911!!!

WaPo: 'A Different Understanding With the President' (Dick's role)

Has anyone found a job by applying online?

one of our local policemen just wrecked his car out in front of our place just now

Many in U.S. Don't Have Bank Accounts

"Treated as Secret/SCI"

Investigation Uncovers Lead In Children's Trinkets

US Commander in Iraq Says al Qaeda Was Warned Ahead of Raids

"Almost No One" Had Seen Draft OF MCA-Cheney-Insured No Objections Would Reach Bush-

FoB (friend of Bill's) Liz SMITH never misses Keith (or O'LOOFAH)

Mother claims her son, a US citizen, was deported

Can anyone confirm/deny this bit of sillyness for me please?

WaPo doing a 4 part piece on Cheney starting today - today's: Working in the Background

cspan - the morans are out in farce

Nothing to fear but fear mongers

If you know any Republicans in bankruptcy, or with massive debt they can't pay, sit them in front

General's Iraq Progress Report Has Competition

2 Boys Attack Dog story and windows media video

How to make America both fat AND stupid!

Coming up on CNN

You might want to fill up on Monday

If you saw "SiCKO" yesterday, then you'll probably agree it's time to get to work.....

Amazing: US will run out of troops to maintain Iraq effort come April?

Iraq: We won war but lost the Occupation.

The I Word in the Boston Globe, and why Democrats in Washington don't even want to talk about it.

sunday talk shows - any talk of cheney?

Come September, what will Democrats do?

Iraq parliament agrees to cut summer holiday in half

Looking for a link

Two Tax Rates: One for Bigwig Investors, Another for the Rest of Us

Christian Newswire: OBAMA has "crassly politicized religion"; 'Jesus came with a sword, not peace'

US May Move Detainees To Afghan Prison: White House Pursues Quickest Path To Closing Gitmo...

Why didn't Bush plan out Executive Order 13233?

Edwards defends nonprofit center during Nevada campaign stop

Could a non-millionaire run for president entirely on the internet?

B.S. Gesture: "House Dems to DOJ Whistleblowers: Send Us Your Tips"

Is it time to give Cheney & Bush the language to assuage their madness?

Can an electrical engineer ever get elected President?

Two Top Papers: New U.S. Offensives in Iraq Faltering

'The General's Report' by Seymour M. Hersh (Abu Ghraib scandal)

Shocking Memo Reveals RIGHT WING Talking Points Used To Cover-Up Haditha Atrocities

Ok DUers, where are YOU going to do your July 4th readings this year

Beer, pizza, food prices rising -- a whole lot. ... WHAT DO YOU SAY?

Bush could declare any of us "illegal" with one of his signing statements

Scars From Iraq

Relaxing the Law (Lower standards for Law Enforcement)

Anyone on here ever been diagnosed schizophrenic?

EVER THE ENABLER OF CRIMINALS-Gonzales Helped VP In Claim He Is Above The Law (Newsweek)

Stephanie Salter: 'We appear to be a people paralyzed'

The Tao of Non Compliance with ISOO

Again! coming up on Cnn Late Edition

"Moral Kombat"

Earlier this year, the Department of Defense changed how it tallies war-related injuries and illness

Military Sees Drop in Black Recruits

Slain soldier lived American dream

A very cool site to check out what you eat and what exercise you'd need to get rid of it

AnoSexia fundamentosa

PJ O'Rourke once said, (and I know he's an asshole)...

Who died & made dick cheney the fucking king?

Veterans as refuse-Why do they make up a quarter of the nation's homeless?

The Sunday morning talk shows were great this week, no Dem bashing.

Revisiting the "Attention Whore" comment.

Cheney Stance on Information Challenged(Wyden, Feinstein)

UK soldier died on 24th birthday

Demonized but Determined

Hilarious! CreationWiki site--Encyclopedia of Creation Science ROFLMAO

HEMP: Farmers Against the DEA

"Side by side wing chairs"

For Cheney, office's relocation out of executive is nothing new

what is it about power that some people will do anything for it

How To Clean Your Toilet - The Fun Way

Waldheim, Schwarzenegger pal, diplomat with Nazi past, dies

White House field crowded with New Yorkers

Call The Bastards To The Hill To.....

Abu Ghraib: The Rest of The Story-by Joseph L. Galloway

Along The Watch Tower - Iraq

Freeper Thread Full Of Conspiracy Hallucinations That Hillary Killed JFK JR

So, if Cheney is not, as he claims, an "entity of the executive branch"

SICKO tickets sold out, scalped for 40 bucks.

NYT's Responds To Criticism Of Piece Slamming Edwards

3559 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Kristol Defends Cheney, Williams Says He’s Creating A ‘Secured Undisclosed Bunker Of His Mind’

Gonzales apparently NOT probing Cheney exemption

‘Everyone we now fight in Iraq is al Qaida.’

Would I be safe in making the assertion that the big dick is the most dangerous

Screenshot from 2004 - Bush: I wannabe a peace president

Should we just call him DiCKO?

Memo Reveals Military's View of Reporter Probing (Haditha) Atrocity

And When I Am Proved Wrong In My Predictions ...

Cheney In Charge (Washington Post)

when these repukes claim to be christians. you KNOW they are lying

Same old story back like clockwork: Forces to be cut next spring

I HATE your candidate!

Saw a television interview with Senator Tim Johnson this morning...

May 18, 07 ABC broke hidden story about horrors in Uganda & then censored & deleted reader comments

The story so far...

Did anybody else here download and watch Sicko for free?

Online source for women's clothing made in U.S. - organic, union shop...?

"Mr. Cheney needs to be held accountable"

On C-Span 2: A re-run of freeptard Brigitte Gabriel, author of "Because They Hate: A

Illegal voters are about as common as honest Bush appointees in the Justice Department

Gonzo's Gettin Sued - Suit Shines Spotlight On Immigration Judgeships - ElPasoTimes

Rudy keeps wife Judi hidden

Why Bloomberg makes me feel better about Obama

Quick question about the social health programs detailed in Sicko

MONITOR Radio: Economic Hit Man JOHN PERKINS; Military Correspondent JOE GALLOWAY

so what do you think goes on in cheney's underground bunker?

just got a new Zogby online poll invite

Rude Pundit on other things Dick Cheney can do

NYT Edit: CHENEY Places Himself Not Just Above Congress-But Above BUSH Himself

In April, Marine began fight of life

Dunce-Cap Nation......Newsweek Poll ....

Woman registers dog to vote

Cheney not mentioned on any of the Sunday morning network "news" shows.

"No End in Sight" movie coming in July - Iraq War.

Digby talks about WaPO Exposure of Cheney's Lies and Manipulation of Idiot Chimp!

"SiCKO" rocks Gotham.....


So What Will The Dems Get Done This Week

OMG fox is blaming jesse Davis

FBI: Couple duped NY family by claiming ties to Dick Cheney

LinkTV tonight: Spotlight: Torture - We Have Ways of Making You Talk. 7:59pm CT

CBC rebroadcasting The Lies That Led To War (also viewable online)

Do you love the mountains? If so, then look what GREED is doing to them.

I hope that everyone hasn't forgotten ...

It is really time to take to the streets. Voter/citizen apathy is really

Many in U.S. don't have bank accounts

Critics of 'The Secret' bemoan claims

Federal Employees Salary Database

In case some of you don't visit the political video thread....

Just Watched An Old Documentary And My Heart Really Really HURTS!!

"Darby" soldier who broke Abu-Garib story on 60mins NOW-

Not a fan of DiFi (Diane Feinstein) and know about Hubby Defense Contracts BUT!!!!!!

Doesn't the Constitution supersede

How to stop the illegal wire tapping. Create a gun-phone! Then they can't touch you.

In Watergate, the Senate didn't begin public hearings until months AFTER the burglars were CONVICTED

they printed my 87th ltte-'The invisible scars of battle"

The number of people who believe in a Saddam-9/11 link is going up!

Dunce-Cap Nation

CHENEY Is President-Bush Is His Puppet

hey Cheney, "Klatu Baratas Nikto." "Klatu Baratas Nikto!"

Army will order thousands in IRR to muster

Oh God... Projectile Vomit Alert !!!

Is Cheney Being Tossed Under The Bus?

Letter from a U.S. Soldier Serving in Iraq

i have a granddaughter

... And then my other dog...

Caution, Graphic Description of War: Carrying friend in body bag haunts soldier (CNN)

GM ressurects the electric car

Here's something to ponder

Gordon Brown coronation thread

Brasscheck TV

New Arrest in Ohio Pregnant-Woman Case

Are you AFRAID of dick cheney?

The U.S. generals in Iraq sound a lot less cocky about their escalation today

Winner of Tulsa's buried 1957 Belvedere is announced . . . also buried.

We Must Go Beyond Politics To Morality

Senator Joseph McCarthy denounced the Democrats as the "party of communism, betrayal and treason."

I'm beginning to think that both Congress and the media are scared shitless . . .

Once impeachment was 'off the table' cheney rolled up his sleeves.

The quickest way I know of to shut down this administration

Is There Courage In This Generation?

Shit, here we go again...

A Marine Tutorial on Media Spin ("killings" is a misnomer)

Just heard on NPR: Jimmy Carter invented micro-brew beer industry

Frank Rich is right,, 9/11/2007 will be used to extend the "surge"

I wonder how things worked out for these folks?

Cheney Spies On White House Staffers - Think Progress

Nixon now looks like an alter boy in church compared to this miscarrage of administration

Kirk Cameron is a Raving Christian Looney

Congress Under Fire

Now that America has 4 branches of government - What should we call Cheney's branch?

'Most severely wounded' soldier endures: blind, quadriplegic, struggling to breathe

Why isn't the VA covering ALL the costs of this man's treatment???!!!

U-Haul trailer: Accident waiting to happen (LA Times)

Sicko will be projected on HMO, Insurance Companies and Hospital buildings!!!

Murder: The Leading Cause of Death for Pregnant Women

Have these people never read the Constitution? Article 2 clearly states

The reason to take impeachment off the table is no longer valid.

Things are a changin'

(Michael) Moore's Cuba crew fires back: feds 'sicko'

For Cheney, Office's Relocation Out Of Executive Is Nothing New - RAWSTORY

Ever taken the political compass test?

CHENEY Has Been & Still Is Systematically Destroying Evidence That Document His Impeachable Offenses

FDA Moves to Secure Safety of Supplements

I want to share this story of greed, ambition, retribution and karma

So if DU is for and about Dems -

I would like to request links, verbiage etc . regarding good Democratic talking points

Its gonna' be fun to watch when the big dick and w tells us all

"Chemical Ali" sentenced to Death by Hanging ....

Rev. Jesse Jackson Arrested During Anti-Gun Protest

We saw "SiCKO" in Seattle last night

My Mom's Boss is Paying Employees to see SICKO!!!

I say skip impeachment & start arresting neo cons for TREASON.

Ex-SoCal councilwoman could be deported

Fortune Magazine---Hillary

Domestic Violence

Buzzflash: Top 10 Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney. Share Yours.

"Semper Fi" A Marine's Journey, tomorrow night on Showtime

Genital Injuries, Prosthetic Devices and the War on Terror appears "Scooter" is leaking some Big Stuff on Darth Vader..

Anbar Salvation Council head skips town? with 75 $$Million given by US:

Urge Your Representative to Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Now!

"The Life and Career of Dick Cheney" - video slideshow at WaPo

Ethiopia is looking to trademark coffees in the EU to benefit its poor farmers

Please Take Action Now!

Judicial Nominations and Habeas Corpus Update (Alliance for Justice)

AP: Democrats court labor unions for their money, organization and endorsements

Though timely, blunderous bio sets out to hammer Hillary the leader of the free world.

Video of Howard Dean's great interview in studio with Tavis Smiley.

Aussie hired by state GOP embroiled in immigration lawsuit

Winning Hearts and Minds: Why Rational Appeals are Irrational

Graph showing the new American Government

Would an electrical engineer with an MBA be electable in 08? n/t

Richardson lets Iowans meet man behind ads

Capturing the Rural Vote

Hillary Opens Huge Leads in Florida, Nevada

Truth and Reconciliation?

any reports from Elizabeth Edward's breakfast appearance?

What's the matter NBC, can't find a cyclops of the KKK for your shows

Eric Massa NY29 "Demanding Honest Government"


Obama Breaks Bread With $25 Bronx Donor and Community Activist

Just had a chat with my Republican step mom

Cspan's Road to the WhiteHouse this week: Edwards and Obama

A visibility idea...can you help?

No veep is an island

Clark on closing Guantanamo (transcript& video) from Scarborough appearance

Generals campaign against war

How many know we still have local draft board and are there any DU members who

Warrior for Peace: the lessons of JFK

No More Encores for Iran

Now Bush claims he's exempt from security oversight..

Obama wants Gitmo closed; habeas corpus restored

I saw "Sicko" tonight

Gonzales on Habeas Corpus -

Joe Trippi: Obscene money game or policies that matter? (letter from the Edwards campaign)

Remember: Freedom is NEVER Free!

The Third Way announces expansion of its work with the House Democrats.

Obama campaign song? Ben Harper's "Better Way"

has hell frozen over?

'50,000 Iraqi refugees' forced into prostitution ....Thanks President Bush!

What, Not Who, Are You Looking For In A Presidential Candidate?

If George didn't watch all of the Saddam hanging video....

Edwards fares best against Republican field, only Dem to beat Ghouliani

My worst fear is that Cheney will run again as VP again. I can see

41% STILL believe in Saddam-9/11 link

John Edwards To Be In Tampa, FL Friday June 29... Only $15.00 Per Ticket.

Obama table in Madison: June 23 Edition

People going hungry because of growing corn for ethanol

Senator Kennedy: "Who will inspire those not only in our party but also in other parties?"

Thompson, Clinton lead Nevada voters, poll shows

Former campaign director for Robert Kennedy praises Biden in Op-ed

Fred Thompson is 'a Soft, Safe Place to Be' (heh)

Edwards: "They'd rather kill the messenger. They're not going to kill this voice."

OK I have had ENOUGH!! Time to NATIONALIZE some Industries!!

Edwards defends nonprofit center during Nevada campaign stop

ATL: US Social Justice Forum June 27-July 1

This should end Romney's campaign, at least it would if he were a Democrat

Obama Goes Where Other Democrats Won't

Mormon church obtained Vietnam draft deferrals for Romney.

Which of the candidates not in the "3 top tier" could turn out a dark horse?

President George W. Cheney **dialup warning**

Kucinich supporter does about-face: Anti-war activist will run for his seat