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The Cheney-Perino trifecta

Ronald Reagan: The Original Cutter & Runner


Will the Progressive Majority Emerge?

Ground Zero victims: 'A little too late'

BOB HERBERT: Doubting the Police

Editorial: Cheney's secrecy fits long pattern (Star-Tribune)

Sally Quinn: A GOP Plan To Oust Cheney

Water to fuel?

Cheap. Green, Food Friendly Biofuel Produced In India

Nigerian President pledges end to reliance on fuel imports

Enticing/supporting the birds and bees etc. in your neighborhood. Some simple options.

After Gaza

Israel braces for July war with up to five enemies

Eric Margolis: "The Coup Against Hamas"

Trove of F.B.I. Files on Lawyers Guild Shows Scope of Secret Surveillance

Iraq War Divides U.S. Mayors

Former officer sentenced for kickbacks (rigged Iraq reconstruction bids)

White House backs Cheney in latest document dispute

New Scrutiny as Immigrants Die in Custody

Terminally Ill Man on Verge of Execution

Gay adoption: A new take on the American family

GOP senator says Iraq plan not working (Richard Lugar)

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report (UK tabloid The Sun)

Looking at Thompson's lobbying past

Iowa radio ads encourage Gore to run for president

Oil firms reject Venezuela deal

Wrestler Benoit, Wife and Son Found Dead

Angelina Jolie on Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo, starting now!

Speaking of toilets - how do you handle the "Your're a peein'" toilets?

K so i am circumcised and I like Oasis also I like to breast feed at the Olive Garden

Rising Phoenix "stole" my tatoo idea

Utah's Public Enemy #1 captured

I am getting strong whiffs of Honeysuckle

If You're Going to Wear A Belly Shirt, Please Clean Your Navel

Play cut up dolls

Dammit. I can't find my crank puller.

Make a difference....

I hate war


chris benoit found dead

I can't remember what I was talking about.


I have to take a moody piss

Do You Trust Your Mechanic?


"Oh, fuck me senseless..." Chef Gordon Ramsay, HELL'S KITCHEN

I'm in such a missy, dude.

I'm in such a prissy mood.

i'm watching Charlie Chan: In The Secret Service, what are you watching if anything...

English Only


Now this is self portrait photography I can identify with

Wow... I just miscalculated my age and scared the shit outta myself

I've been PISSED OFF lately, so I went out and found a new obsession.

I guess the universe decided two weeks without a job was enough

I'm in such a sissy mood.


Has anyone heard from Shine?

How about serving up some of that DU mojo for Blue-Jay?

Just got this in my email....

So what do you think? Moonlight Path, Warm Vanilla Sugar, or Juniper Breeze?

How do you say "Long Live Socialized Medicine" in French?

I have a hypothetical question..

Man, BigAgribusiness™ isn't even PRETENDING to be human anymore...

OK, fun time is over

Home improvement rant.

Good News: I'm naked

John and Elizabeth Edwards on the Tonight Show

Ginostra....worst movie ever.

Exactly how much is a shit load?

I have had a stressful day - tell me something good.

Tell me something interesting

Here's a pic of a pair of Great Tits

Tell me something hopeful .... something to look forward to ....


Chris Benoit from MSNBC... Very sad & disturbing

Awright, which one o' youse mugs told me about L'oreal tan-in-a-tube?


My New Favorite Thing

Heeehee... watching "To Catch a Predator"

Just had this like mutual break up with my girlfriend. BEST BREAK UP EVER!

Paris Hilton is getting out?!?!?!?!?!?!

"Prom Night Dumpster Baby"

Answer for obnoxious neighbor

More Pretty Bugs (dialup warning)

Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It! On Bravo right now! ROFLMAO!

THE ultimate weight loss plan!

This is WORSE than mockingbirds - it's a CAT - a white CAT teasing my dogs!!1

Glaceau Vitamin Water, Power-C Dragonfruit

Frogs could easily be domesticated.

Post here if you don't 'get' the lolcats thing.

I just met John Edwards!!!

Viewed an awesome HBO movie last evening......

The calories burned readout on treadmills, stair climbers and elliptical machines, are they accurate

What the hell is it with white supremacists that they're not just trash

Post a pic of an animal most people haven't heard of

Dumped today for being too insecure. Oh lord, that's a new and

Chinese sedan crumples like paper during crash test

Authorities believe wrestler Benoit killed wife, son then himself

I am well on my way to reading fifty books this year....

RIP Chris Benoit and family

I just got a call from my sister, my Father is in the hospital with a blood clot in his leg.

Please, some Lounge vibes....not for me...For my husband...

Tell me something interesting about MonkeyFunk.

The 2nd headline is funnier, but... "Coach, 40, Weds 16-Year-Old Student"

I'm in such a pissy mood.

A champion mouser

Gay former Marine in Showtime documentary

Iraqi Oil Law Challenged

WaPo's Bart Gellman of 'Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency' on MSNBC

Thoroughly Confused - Dana Perino...

100% Certified GOREGANIC

**Breaking** "Giant penguin roamed what is now Peru"

bu$h* Supreme Court : Business Prevails in Environmental Case

Convicted killer executed, but was he guilty?

How exactly would/did the Fairness Doctrine work?

Castro Says Bush 'Authorized' His Death

Zyklon B on the U.S.-Mexican border WHERE DO YOU THINK HITLER GOT THE IDEA?

Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Schools call roll at a border crossing

You know -

NOW Can We Impeach Cheney???

Out-of-Afghanistan rumblings on the Hill

U.S. troops fighting and dying for a "piece of political quicksand."

Racism as a cause of sickness

ABC's Tapper, Stephanopoulos call Bloomberg a "liberal Democrat," despite Bush endorsement in 2000

The Cheese Stands Alone

Is it just ME???

Ha Ha, We win.

Maybe there is one more thing -

Marines To Train At New Israeli Combat Center

Second in NYT Murdoch series: Murdoch’s Dealings in China: It’s Business, and It’s Personal

R.N.s to Host Sicko Screening 6/29

Michael Yon??

Cheney is really an evil bastard .... My List.

Since Dick Cheney has declared he is no longer the VP for the executive branch,

Cheney Inserted Himself In Jefferson FBI File Seizure Probe

Republican Rep. Doolittle’s Former Top Aide Working with Feds

Here is a chilling vision of what the Republicans have in store for us. [VIDEO]

Cheney and his documents/shredding

I have just finished the last assignment for my POST GRAD degree

PBS taps Frank Luntz to conduct poll after their Democratic debate.....!!!!!

I used allusions sometimes when I said things -

WP,pg1: Iraqi Youth Face Lasting Scars of War: Psychological Impact on Children Is Immense

B-52 Saboteurs, Freed by U.K. Jury, Highlight Anger at Iraq War

Want to hear about a protest riff?

EDITOR Begs For Pro-Bush Letters: "A Badly Written Letter In Favor Of Bush-More Likely To Get In"

MEXICO: Uprising Rekindled in Oaxaca?

EU Experts Clash on Approving Latest GMO Maize Type

I just watched the Coulter GMA interview, from this morning, at Media Matters.

Tom Hayden ('Ending The War in Iraq') on with Colbert tonight

Mandatory Monday Truthseeker Check-in!!!!

Axis of Evil Comedy - Maz Jobrani on Leno Tonight/Michael Moore Tuesday

Greenland Ice May Melt Much Faster - UN Scientist

Frogs could easily be domesticated.

Paris Hilton is getting out?!?!?!?!?!?!

Edwards on Leno

A person such as this guy has serious problems....

I think Troy dies in August - I think so - I sense it.

Street corner preachers

Washington Post Expose - The Cheney Vice Presidency, Part 3: "A Strong Push From Back Stage"

Man, I Wish cheney Would Crawl So Far Up his Own Ass That he Disappeared!

Report: Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border

New Daily Show! Trying to sort out the Dick Cheney not part of the Executive Branch thing!

Will the Iraqis and the world forgive us if we throw the War Pigs out of office next election?

Chileans protest US torture centers in Guantanamo

3562 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Meet Ms Managed Care (This is who CNN had on to spin Sicko)

High School Seniors Hand Bush Letter Urging Him To Ban The Use Of torture

I have been blocked from making comments on this video...

'Taco Bell High' or 'Wal-mart Public School' Coming To Canada?

Thank you - you guys were a vent to me.

Obama wins straw poll of Take Back America attendees. Edwards takes 2nd spot.

Arizona schools struggling to meet new law (mandatory US flags in classrooms)

The OTHER missing Ohio woman.

Lots of people here like Marc Maron, right?

LOL... Dan Abrams got a really bad dye-job

Doolittle Ex-Aide Talking to Feds

Rising sea levels could break Earth's largest ice sheet

Top 10 Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney. (win a prize!)

Lugar: U.S. Must Reduce Military Presence In Iraq

WaPo: Cheney & SCOTUS Nominees - VP "Steered The Selection Committee"

Video...Rahm Emmanuel says he's Going after Cheney this week,cutting Executive Funds!

Cheney Part 3 is up

British Prime Minister Tony Blair holds long talks with Pope

bwhahahahaha local church begging for donations for legal bills They are being investigated by IRS

And so it begins: Bobby Cutts is our new OJ Simpson

British Judge Lets Off Rapist Of A 10-Year Old Girl, Because "She Didn't Look 10"

WaPo part 3 on DicKtator Cheney

Dodd tells crowd in Rochester impeaching Cheney won't help

The Kids pass a note to the President

Listener owned radio stations – a NovaM Radio idea

Heatwave Causes Deaths in Greece, Romania

Icebergs are 'ecological hotspot

Our government tortures people. How does that make you feel?

Coulter to appear on June 26 Hardball - first time since "brilliant brain" called Gore a "total fag"

This Marine has figured it out

"All the memories are gone" . . .Lake Tahoe fires burn on

3498 American soldiers have died since Bush taunted the Iraqis with "Bring them on."

Wash Post: "Guiding Decisions form Backstage" -- Cheney as Rasputin

Conyers Hosts Forum to Discuss "The State of American Freedoms"

Armies Must Ready for Global Warming Role - Britain

Which do you like better, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report?

Who else knows their BFEE here?

The Bush/Cheney Regime's War Against al Jazeera

Interview With the First Two iPhone Campers In NY

Remember when Katherine Harris said "God is the one who chooses our rulers"?

As John, Clarence, Nino, Sammy and Tony assault free speech, consider Congress' power

***June Photo Contest: Final Poll***

Sen. Dole escapes challenge from Rep. Miller

Definition of Progressive/Liberal/Moderate

Student in Edwards' College for Everyone program speaks about his experience (CMSM won't print this)

Obama and Clinton Seek Chicago Money on Same Day

GOP senator (Lugar) says Iraq plan not working - AP

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton 37% Obama 25% Edwards 13%

Isn't it important for the 08 nominee to have party support?

Oliver Willis calls out Politico's Mike Allen for dissing DNC research.

How is Cheney paid by Congress?

GWB Progress Report...... If it ain`t ruined, he ain`t finished.

Senator Gravel: Why Hillary Scares Me

Cheney has declared himself to be an... exotic, extraconstitutional beast who answers to no one

Trade secrets ruled over voting transparency

Coulter on commenting on JE: "I'll just wish he has been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

Would someone PLEASE (politely) explain to me just WHEN the Articles of Impeachment

Musharraf Loses Ability to Maneuver After Pakistani Protests (Bloomberg)

I called Di Fi's office today around noon to ask her to Impeach

Rasmussen: Edwards STILL only candidate to beat all Repubs

Clarence Thomas said freedom of speech does not apply to public schools

The Legacy

By all means, let's just not vote -

In 2004, were you pro-Kerry or just anti-Bush?

Caucasian, Please! America's Cultural Double Standard For Misogyny & Racism

The phrase that will always be associated with VPresident Dick Cheney is "undisclosed location"

The Empire of Clowns Continues on Its Murderous, Genocidal Path

Cheney's moves on secrecy stir storm over office's dual role

Cheney the Survivor (by Eugene Robinson for Truthdig)


IRAQ: Attacks on bridges affecting aid deliveries (IRIN News)

Civics Quiz: Is Cheney Part of the Executive Branch?

Bled White

Fortune: Who(m) business is betting on

No Checks, No Balances -- No Supervision? By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

NYT, pg1: New Scrutiny as Immigrants Die in Immigration Detention Custody

How the GOP Could Win (Presidency) By Richard Cohen / WaPo

The Making of an American Soldier: Why Young People Join the Military


Just the Facts Ma’am

Paul Hawken: How to Stop Our Political and Economic Systems From Stealing Our Future

'Angler' For Power: "It will take years to uncover and undo all the damage he has wrought."

Informed Witness Vs. Ignoramus

Harpers: Justice in Alabama (Rove/Justicegate Whistleblower's house burns down)

Free and Fair Elections Amendment to US Constitution By Anthony Signorelli

The 60-12 solution By Robert Chapman

Robert Parry: The Iraq-gate Cover-up Continues

The fictional Judge Scalia By Ed Martin

Overseeing the executive branch

Thompson's Spies & Smokers (The Nation)

CIA tried to get mafia to kill Castro

Magic moment for health care? (PHL Daily News)

Civics Quiz: Is Cheney Part of the Executive Branch?

Bank of Intn'l. Settlements warns of Great Depression danger

Cheney’s ‘Tortured Logic’ and America’s Apathy

Organic Consumers - USDA will allow 38 new non-organic...

Cheney and the Constitution

Nancy & Harry: Comedic Duo Bring Down the House (and Senate) By Dave Lindorff

Uninsured U.S. adults up 2 million, report says (AP)

Latest Filibuster Blocks Free Choice To Unionize (by Bill Scher at

'Old-line' citizens disconnecting to own democratic institutions

Bill Scher: Conservative Activism Grips Our Supreme Court

A Calamitous View of Iraq's Future-from Basra

For God's Sake, Tell Me Where To Begin?

NEWSWEEK: What You Need to Know Now

Blair set to clinch job as Intern'l. envoy in Middle East

The rickety financial skyscaper known as the subprime mortgage business is ready to tumble.....

NYT OpEd: Three Bad Rulings (SCOTUS Monday Hat Trick)


The Post-CheneyBush "Restoration"

U.S. Mayors Pass Resolution Calling for Support of Municipal Water, Study of Bottled Water Impact

Work to resume on Brazil reactor - BBC

Too much tourism: Galapagos islands go on UNESCO's danger list

The Next Generation of Biofuels

Report: New England Energy Use Could Drop 18%

Rich nations accused of 'green imperialism'

Warm-Water Fish, Ceteceans Appearing Off Scottish Coast - The Australian

Live Earth global warming gig ditched in Istanbul - Reuters

Switzerland Warming By .57C Per Decade, Twice Northern Hemisphere Rate - AFP

Phocine Distemper Outbreak Kills 41 Seal Pups On Danish Island - Reuters

New greenhouse may grow again (Maine)

Australian Economy Will Take Hit From Drought, Climate Change, Says Government Report - Australian

At Least 44 Dead In Balkan Heatwave - 113F In Bucharest, 107F In Bulgaria (New Record) - AFP

Elephant In The Room - Cheney, Blair Bush - All Briefed On, Know About Peak Oil - Guardian

ADB eyeing to boost clean energy program: Kuroda - AFP

As Cantarell Collapse Continues, Calderon Mulls Big Changes In Tax, Oil Laws - Bloomberg

Russia eyes vast Arctic territory (BBC)

Canada's oil sands going nuclear - AFP

Avast! Thar She Blows - Australia's White Humpback Whale - SMH

Climate Changes Are Making Poison Ivy More Potent

James Hansen/Goddard Paper - Earth On Edge Of Shift Into Runaway Warming - Daily Telegraph

US Energy chief worried over Venezuela oil imports - Reuters

Sunflower: High-Concentration PV for rooftop nearing release

19 June Drought Monitor & Drought Report - UNL

The Solar Explosion.

BBC journalist captors in chilling death threat

Big Brother meets the Middle East

Settlers return olive trees stolen from Palestinian-owned grove

'Palestinian attack on Gaza passage won't halt aid'

Convent damage unsettles Gaza Christians

WFP condemns attack on food warehouse in the West Bank

Oxfam condemns the caging of Gaza

Who Killed Palestine?

Griles Faces Sentencing in Abramoff Case

U.S. justice dept launches corruption probe of BAE

Tories take five point lead

U.S. justice dept launches corruption probe of BAE

Fatah al-Islam snipers claim two Lebanese soldiers as fighting rages on

Lavrov warns NATO against compromising Russia's security

Paris is out of jail

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report

Bush makes 11th hour plea for Senate passage of immigration bill

Arrest warrant issued for Sunni minister

Baghdad hotel blast investigated

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq in Mehdi Army clash

US Energy chief worried over Venezuela oil imports

Attacks on bridges affecting aid deliveries (Baghdad)

US Dismisses Reports on Afghan Deaths

Village disputes story of deadly attack

Audit of KBR Iraq Contract Faults Records For Fuel, Food

Giuliani’s South Carolina adviser has controversial history with NAACP

White House Pleads for More Time on Iraq

White House to nominate L.A. prosecutor

Democrats to Target Funding for Cheney


Immigration bill advances in Senate

'Bong hits' student loses

Bush Calls Immigration Bill "Amnesty"

Republican Voinovich joins call for U.S. troops to start coming home

Bin Laden looms over Padilla terrorism trial

Immigration bill clears Senate test vote

New-Home Sales, Prices Decrease: Consumer Confidence Declines

Marx loses currency in new China

GOP support for Iraq war slips

US armed forces used torture 'systematically' (ACLU)


Murderer to dish up gallows humour before execution

Pentagon: Gays encouraged to continue to serve nation after discharge

Importer Told to Recall Chinese Tires

Poll: Support for Iraq war reaches new low

Former Official Sentenced in Lobby Probe

Conditions in Iraq ‘terrifying’, says U.N. envoy

From No 10 to the Middle East: Blair gets a new job

Bush's offices reportedly refused probe

Secrecy may cost Cheney, Dems warn

NHS rationing is 'necessary evil', say doctors

4th Sextuplet in Minn. Dies in Hospital

Riders of 'Tower of Power' say they feared something was wrong

Durbin Takes on Judge Over Combatants

The CIA's Family Jewels

U.S. military admits mistakenly killing Pakistani civilians in cross-border firefight

Climate Changes Are Making Poison Ivy More Potent

CIA tried to get Mafia to kill Castro: documents

Another GOP Senator Urges Pullout. Republican Voinovich Joins Lugar ...

Senate Republicans block union bill

Uruguay to join Bank of the South

Aspartame linked to cancer: study

A car that can hold his balls! That is the only criteria a friend of mine has whilst car shopping.

Most boring state

Why do they sell Grand Theft Auto and other M17 games at Toys R Us?


Prince. George Michael. Kelly Clarkson

I hate sleep.

TOTALLY Trivial Post Alert: Paris Now Free. A New Woman?

so is everyone ready for MRSA?

One piece or a two piece for a swim suit???

The first-a rule of Italian driving:

my son is a thoughtless, selfish SOB

i'm gonna start a "life skills transition" program

Knuckledragger next door has house up for sale!!!!

Germany imposes ban on Tom Cruise

Last talk with lawyer today, last court date tomorrow

Caption this picture!

Raining again this morning in Dallas.

Was you first love your first lover?

Cats with hot (scratchie) spots - anyone else have one?

Thanks, dear Loungers, for your support last night.

Anyone taking summer classes?

Potato Queen Stripped Of Her Crown

Beans for Breakfast (mornin music)

Apparently, Rosie O'Donnell isn't going to be the host of "The Price is Right"

Was it selfish to eat your favorite?

Can I just swing by the DNC to pick up a couple bumper stickers?

Let's tell Fandango to add "Sicko" to their drop-down list

Happy Birthday OKTOBERAIN!!!

Ok, I'm never ever ever buying a house ever ever again

More penis enlargement spam in my email box...

Vibe request has been sent. PLEASE mark your alarms for 1:00pm EST

My Grandmother Sold My Apartment In India

Understaffed Job Titles...

Best/Greatest/Kick-assest racetrack in the world?

Our home appraisal came back much higher than we anticipated.

What do you need

Is it nap time yet?

What is it with short men?

Haruka's cheating on me

Gnome's cheating on me.

Man shot while interceding in pit bull attack

The human genome cheated me!

Maybe I should get some work done around here or something

Almost had my superego confiscated

I almost got my ID confiscated

Question for Blade Runner fans: Is there a multi-disc DVD set that includes both versions?

Hey, come on--that was funny!

Gnome's eating on me.

Wanna feel someone old?

When an idiot like me notices this, something REALLY is wrong...



TV Commercial Contest

Say Happy Birthday to the RetroBoy!

C-130 rolling down the strip

OMG...jail was not kind to Paris.

i pulled my trapezius muscle and it hurts all the way down to my hand

Paris is out of jail

To combat the R&B I put the Moody Blues on the paging system!

Post pics of hot mortgage bankers here

I just figured out one good reason that Republicans hate Harry Potter

Alligator Nearly Loses Ball While Retrieving Golfer

Sign I saw on door of peep show on 8th Ave. in NYC.

The "DU needs you" sticky is gone.

Golfer Nearly Loses Arm While Getting Lap Dance

Golfer's Arm Recovered From Lap Dancer

My new Pet's Pee

Nancy Grace secretly marries and is expecting twins

A tivo question! Probably a dumb one.

Drunk & Stoned Teens Jump Up And Down On Oil Tank - Boom

Wanna feel old?

youtube just keeps pulling videos...

Never sit with workmen at lunch while discussing ladder problems.

Has anyone ever been banned for excess Good Vibe threads?

Look out - manic phase!

Are restaurants that serve a lot of alcohol less of a threat than regular bars

Look out - manicure phase!

secret guilty pleasure

What do you think of PETA?

Mrs. V. - outpatient surgery today.

What do you think of pita?

I just did surgery on my lap!

I had a daydream that all of the people in my house ignored me

Why do men do this to themselves?

Worst pedestrians?

Seen "Modern Drunkard" online mag?

Cats with colds

Does anybody have a "blank" version of the "Morans" guy picture?

Anyone here going to Live Earth on July 7th?

arrggg!!! GD!!!!!

How long until this guy is killed?

Munsters or Adams Family???

I hacked in to DU and got some pictures of the new Modertaters

Where would a high school sophomore w/ these grades be heading?

PETA, pita, or PITA?

PETA Blast Michael Moore

How would you describe your DU persona

Cat versus Dramatic Prairie Dog

I just did surgery on my laptop!

Funny cockatoo story.

Why do women do this to themselves?

What we read

Company Looking For The Best IT Person Near Boston Area

Never sit with women at lunch while discussing bladder problems.

Look what I got for Faddah's Day:

Please post your stupid/funny pet stories here - WITH PICTURES!

The most useless cat ever (dial up warning for pics)

Democratic Underground has new calculators!

Your favorite arrangement of Barber's Adagio for Strings

Quote Of The Day

did you know that I love MOVIE QUOTE THREADS!!?

How does one correctly say: Opechanough?

My first post a picture of something different thread!!!!

Is Sicko stll on web?

Is EVERY 'news' outlet referring to Tiger Wood's new baby as "Tiger's Cub"?

Golfer Nearly Loses Arm To Alligator While Retrieving Ball

A Series of Tubes!!! (Tate gallery London) I wanna GO!!

How To Kiss Someone Passionately!!!

Elements of no style?

REVEALED: Laura Bush's meat pie!


Quack, Quack

Handbags made from recycled books. Now THAT's my kinda stuff.

Oh, I survived the big fat Catholic wedding.

I almost got my IED confiscated!

Ok, what the heck is a "rising junior"?

I almost got my IUD confiscated ...

My neighbors are scapegoating.

My new pet peeve

Why are naughty threads more popular than threads about refinancing?

Stephen Colbert Busted on To Catch a Predator

Old folks - Larry King should be good tonight

I have a rabbit on my patio eating the peanuts I put out there. Very cute!

Golf Tournament Featured 'Lap Dance Stations' Throughout The Course

Posting in the lounge for a few months, and then...

"Meat pie" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "meat pie".

Searing doesn't 'seal in' the juices.

So I was just informed that my girlfriend and I have an anniversary coming up..

Nightly News - STEROIDS Found In Benoit's Home

Why do women do this to themselves?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/26/2007)

Lookie! I Can Maeks A Taco!

What celebrities would you like to send to jail?

So we're moving to Jersey City

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

Man Dies On Stand While Testifying About Killing His Girlfriend In Self-Defense

My happy funtime whoop-de-doo mammogram experience...

Stand back! It's Yepes with a monster guitar, Yipes!

What is your favorite shellfish to eat?

Women suffer during childbirth because EVE

I had an Epiphany tonight while looking for something.....

Wanna see somethin' cool where I live?

How many members of the * Administration

Democratic Underground has new Elevators!

Math/Engineer people: help with a problem.

PETA poll!

Okay - I've gone 3 maybe 4 weeks now without animal flesh .....

Carl Sagan demystifies astrology (from COSMOS).

I'm watching the naked news

AP Reports causes of death in Benoit murder-suicide

What's your favorite caribbean island?

Be honest with me. Gentle, but honest. Okay?

First meeting with Divorce Attorney in 30 minutes

Why would Fundies have children if the Rapture is right around the corner?

Man Sues For Custody Of Children Because Wife Has Them On Strict Vegan Diet

Name a song that would make an excellant movie

Too Funny! I'm at the library and these young kids just came in

What's your favorite meat pie or turnover?

My neighbours are landscaping.

Why would Gottis do this to themselves???

So Thierry Henry has joined Barcelona.

My old dog just chowed down on a plum tomato

Earliest childhood memory...think way back.

My lady friend broke up with me.

How would you describe my DU persona?

Better than LOLcats! It's The LoveCats!

Secret Guilty Pleasure Food

All you jackasses with Commie-chic stuff...learn from Cameron Diaz

Name a book that would make an excellent film.

Going to Tennessee for a few days

Milwaukee DU Meetup Reminder!!!

Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith question for SW geeks (spoiler warning!!)

I had a nightmare that all the people I had on ignore moved into my house

I am at my WIT'S END about Simba

Support the troops, indeed

"Run Al Run" Commercial to go national in July.

Henry Rollins - Drawing Conclusions (On Saddam and the death penalty)

John Dean with Keith Olbermann on "Countdown": "The Cheney Presidency"

A Question For The Democratic Presidential Candidates

Countdown: The World of Dick Cheney

MSNBC "Tucker" guesthost David Shuster's smackdown of GOP's Ron Christie re. Cheney

Everyone is Al Qaeda

Ann Coulter talks about John Edwards (On GMA wishing he was "killed in a terrorist plot")


John Edwards - Two Americas at Reno town hall

John Edwards - Strength of America (first NH ad)

Obama and Rezko

American Pravda

Yale Anthropology Professor and Anarchist, David Graeber on Charlie Rose

Elizabeth Edwards asks Ann Coulter to stop attacking live on MSNBC

Olbermann Calls Young Scholars Heroes (Torture Letter to Bush) MUST-SEE

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich: "We Must Save Our Constitution!"

Cutts was the father of her fetus or her baby???

Bernie Ward's story of the day: WaPo's 4 part series on DICK Cheney

Women Arrested, Accused Of Bathroom Sex In Front Of Children

Calling all French speakers: How do you say "Long Live Socialized Medicine"

Oh, Geez. MSNBC is broadcasting Paris Hilton's release live...

It has occurred to me that Bush and Cheney will both be shunned

TOTALLY Trivial Post Alert: Paris Now Free. A New Woman?

It's off to the polls. Special Election day.

Darfur conflict caused by climate change

Here's my latest story about the shitty health care in this country.

Actor sentenced to 16 months in state prison

Summer of Love +40

Election 2004: The Urban Legend - Digg it & Kick This Thread

Cheney and executive priviledge....

Is there an echo?

Officer spots suspected thieves in his own driveway

NYT: Three Bad Rulings

The pResident on Iran...

Frank Rich says Bush will use 9-11 anniversary to extend "surge"

Wear a pink shirt and die?

Norwalk, CT anti-gay Calvin Reformed Chuch grapples w/pastor's arrest on 2nd degree assault charges

Lying to Congress has consequences for this administration

. . . leaving Bush's sinking ship

What are the chances of a Dem hawk running against a GOP dove?

Is it global warning yet?

Two very different pictures of Paris---as presented by Trumad.

Man Dies On Stand While Testifying About Killing His Girlfriend In Self-Defense

Is it Concerned Women for America or is it Hypocritical Women against America?

Briam Lamb is on 169 the power on XM radio right now.....7:12 CST

I was going to try and be witty

Iran Launches English Satellite Channel - AP

NYT: For G.I.’s in Iraq, a Harrowing Day Facing a Trap

LOL Funny Religious Freep-Fighting (RE: Mormons, Romney)

Horror as farmer, 70, kills grandson, says ‘He is a witch’

Ron Suskind offers the reason why Bush sat motionless during WTC attacks

Middle Tennessee sees rise in human trafficking

Utah's most wanted criminal is captured

Never Forget Chickenman

Ex-priest and president of the Jamesburg Historical Society to be arraigned today

Minister of Religion charged with carnal abuse granted bail in St. Catherine, Jamaica

Fitchburg, Mass. Grave digger 'used bones for an ashtray'

NY seeks Wal-Mart records on alleged surveillance (Reuters)

Thomas Bonner Sr. found guilty of lesser charge

Rev. Raymond Clayton could face more charges

By majority fiat, impeach Bush

Spread the word - Fred Thompson is a Washington Insider

Former Jacksonville Baptist pastor gets 48 months in prison for child porn

Did Cheney insert himself into other high-profile investigations besides this one?

Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington , VT accused of intimidation effort in 1978 sex abuse case

Secrecy may cost Cheney, Dems warn (Emanuel, Durbin, Schumer, Feinstein?)

Germans put the smackdown on Cruise

July 4: Honk to Impeach

Michael Moore on Leno tonight, Stewart tomorrow, CNN Friday:

Dodd, you are out of touch with the will of the people.

Shrub is on cspan. he looks tired, not happy,

Mayors to Bush: "begin planning immediately for the swift and prudent redeployment" of U.S. troops

Catholic Priest Crashes Vehicle Into Restaurant, Charged With DWI

Grassroots supporters begin ads to draft Gore in Iowa

Bullshit Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Graham immigration/cheap labor exploitation bill on Senate floor today

Sigh. Pls. delete. nt

Another victim of Bush's War Of Terror; how are the ROADS in your area?

What is the reason for the disturbing lack of compassion at DU?

Alito: Big business’s ‘No. 1 ally

Ex-Aides Break With Bush on 'No Child Left Behind': Conservatives Giving Vent to Doubts

Having Read The First 3 Parts Of The 4-Part Washington Post Cheney Article

Has anyone read Scorpion's Gate? Richard Clarke's "fiction" book?

What Model Should Iraq Follow after U.S. Forces Withdraw?

Audit faults KBR costs in Iraq...details problems with fuel, food and lodging expenses

Glen Beck to host in Paula Zahn's spot? Rewarding low ratings?

Google, PG&E test plug ins that sell power back to grid- V2G concept

New Movie: Evangelical's infiltrate military

Poll: Have You Read The Washington Post 4-Part Article On Cheney?

Juan Cole's analysis of Ahmadinejad genocide resolution in House

Who is more responsible for the 3,600 dead G.I.'s, bush/cheney or Osama?

Flying with the first lady: Smiles, but not much news

E-MAIL from = JULY 4: Honk to Impeach PLUS Cheney is a War Criminal

On Cheney Impeachment- Lincoln said it best:

RWers must be worried about Al Gore - 3 letters slamming him in my weekly

Why I still have hope for America.

The dangerous duo: "cynicism and apathy"

War's Toll on Iraq’s Children

Where EXACTLY is this Tahoe fire?

With 5-4 decisions, anything this conservative Supreme Court does, can be undone.

Dem. Now! has NYers on to talk about 9/11 cover-up of toxic air:

Poliitco is upfont about their lousy pedigree

Thompson to replace Cheney as VP?? That is the rumor. A Liz Cheney V. Presidency>>>

Lax and Lazy At Los Alamos-more breaches to explain

The MSM is trashing & will continue to trash "Sicko" because....

We've Lost. Here's How To Handle It.

My "ponderings" on the drive in to work today - what do you think?

Jeebus! Even the Flag patches on US Soldiers' Uniforms aren't made in the USA!

Bush's offices reportedly refused probe

Oklahoma Becomes 15th Democratic State Party to Pass Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution at State Con

Michelle Malkin Tries To Foment War With Iran

Is there something with the Bush's and the number 43???

ACLU Declares Today A Day of Action To Restore Law & Justice (Petition and Phone Number)


I would bet if Americans were asked, just as many would say Cheney

Kissinger Prodded Turkey Invasion, Sources Tell Larisa Alexandrovna

Are the crippled G.I.'s being hidden or are we too sensitive to look at them?

Employee Free Choice Act Cloture Vote starting...

Do you agree with John Edwards that Hugo Chavez's policies are "increasingly authoritarian?"

'It’s a little surreal’

Republican Thompson endorsed by ex-girlfriends

WP, Froomkin: No Checks, No Balances: "Bush's role is to sign whatever Cheney puts in front of him."

Did you know there are plans to replace the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal?

If MIHOP was true wouldn't bush have acted differently on 9/11?

video:Students explain why they handed Bush letter

Chekcout Arnold's Belt Buckle On Time Magazine Cover

This is the opening speech I gave in my public square last july 4th

Is America being held hostage by the likes of bushco* and their henchmen

Cost Of Cheney’s Executive Office: $4.75 Million

Senator wants to bar forced use of ID IMPLANTS

What are bush & cheney's top 5 secrets?

C-SPAN 2 NOW: Senate ROLL CALL on cloture for Immigration Bill

Internet Radio Day Of Silence

Just rented and watched "Blood Diamond" tonight

WaPo: Iraqi Youth Face Lasting Scars of War-Psychological Impact on Children Is Immense

Is AirAmerica down?

I Hope Bush (&/or Dick) is Impeached and AQUITTED.

WH: Cheney performs his role "precisely as the president would like him to."

Watching the Senate? did they just defeat the bill on Unions...etc.?

TPM Does Independent Investigation Supporting Palast's Accusations Of Voter Caging By Rove's Protege

Jeesh! Newsweek Poll has Bush at 26% Down from 28%

Ann Coulter wants terrorists to kill John Edwards .... video

WAXMAN-I Have Received Information That WH Is LYING About Handling Of Classified Information

Dupe, dupe, dupe... pls. remove and thank you. nt

Why Americans get mush: Politico sponsors Take Back America and hosts Tom Delay

Editor has to beg for pro-Bush letters to the editor

Will everyone e-mail Nancy Pelosi and let her know that

Employee Free Choice Act question: Why can't we have it both ways?

If voter fraud is so important to this DOJ, why isn't Ann Coulter in prison?

Ex-Democratic Governor fighting 30-year sentence says he was target of Rove plot

General question about news magazines

Crocodiles Scare Tiger Poachers in India

Nancy Grace secretly marries and is expecting twins

Be ready for guerrilla war against the US, Chávez tells army

Reid: Republicans Much Match Words With Action To Change Course In Iraq

Rape, murder and unrest are still part of daily life in eastern Congo.

A wingnut person I used to work with sent me this.

Michael Moore is on a Diet

Helen Thomas To Perino: "We should get someone out here who can answer our questions"

Students Explain Why They Handed Bush Letter Urging Torture Ban

$3,000 reward in burned kitten incident (not for the faint at heart)

O'Hare security breach--3,807 missing employee security badges

WaPo doyenne-courtesan Sally Quinn way behind the times on GOP hate for Cheney

Senate voted to move Immigration bill forward by 64-35. Now in recess until 2:15PM.

WOW...Somebody Please Explain This Article Re: US Aids Taliban in 2001 in Drug War >>

Sicko: Not in my area

Highly respected wealthy man murders his family.

Baptist Pastor from Cleveland Hts. admits kidnapping and molesting two girls

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, on "Morning Joe," refuses to do Paris Hilton story, tears up script


okay I'm an idiot ...I want to see sicko

Some of what I believe strongly in

'Dogfight': Brian Williams Losing More Viewers Than Katie Couric

Oh God I am going to throw up...Fred Thompson a man all ladies want???

Polar Bears Starving

Waxman Reveals Numerous New Security Violations, Threatens Subpoenas

True or False: cheney IS the president.

For the Kucinich Fans...What if Gore enters the 2008 race?

What is it with short men?

Twenty-Two Democratic Senators Support Restoring Habeas Corpus -- Where's the Rest?

Ten predictions made by climate scientists that have come true on climate change


More diversity, less trust

Conyers, very concerned and looking into VP: A Law Unto Himself


Cartoonist, Columnist Dropped for Making (Dem) Political Donations; SPJ Responds


Sen. Lugar, GOP Veteran, Goes Where Editorials Fear to Tread: Calls for Start of Iraq Pullout

I hope this immigration bill PASSES JUST to piss off the GOP I could care less

Caging’ investigation suggests minority vote suppresion.

Voinovich, another GOP senator, urges Iraq pullout

Known Republican Dissenters on Iraq in the US Senate.

Did Medal of Freedom Buy Tenet's Silence?

In reality, isn't this imigration bill push all about cheap labor for Bushco and potential

IRAQ: Audit of KBR Iraq Contract Faults Records For Fuel, Food

A28 - July 4: Honk To Impeach!

U.S. military commanders fear Iraqi forces cannot hold areas seized with American blood

Today's Habeas Rally in DC Live WebCast @ 10:30am EST

A Day of Silence, or....

Health Officials Avoid "C" Word as CJD Cluster Fears Grow in Indiana

Remember this statement"bring em on" 4 years later

Strange Culture (Eerie but True Tales of Genetic Engineering)

A GOP Plan To Oust Cheney

McClatchy: U.S. offers to host future meetings of Iraqis opposed to al Qaida (in Green Zone)

Number of US prisoners hits all-time high (again)

Scientists Reverse Mental Retardation In Mice-hope for autism also

GOP Senators back Lugar’s Iraq shift

MoveOn calls Dingell a dinosaur

There was a thread a few days ago regarding troops wanting to go on foot

John Edwards on the Employee Free Choice Act and the Supreme Court:

FLASHBACK: Cheney Argued Energy Task Force Probe ‘Interfered With Executive Branch’

More Reasons For A Far Away (TED) Stevens (R) Investigation

Tony Snow: " Here is -- like -- it is a complex situation of war. Duh."

The problem isn't that Tweety has Coulter on......

House Panel Approves New Iran Sanctions

US soldier: We are not making progress

Many Americans would be amazed at the sacrifices WE HAVE MADE,...

Iraq War Debate Falls Off Media's Radar

White House opposes move to declassify report on Iraq's WMDs



What's the big deal? Cheap talk from Luger...

I saw a great credit card ad this morning in a DC subway station.

My response to Carl Levin fundraising letter: Do more than just harm me less than GOP

‘Bush’s Pollyana’

Mike Gravel coming up on the Randi Rhodes show - ON NOW

caption the "angler"

Now Voinovich has joined Lugar in saying bring the troops home

Addington answers Sen. Kerry: VP is not an 'agency'

Don't Forget To MISS Hardball Today

WH Calls Lugar In For A Meeting After His Iraq Remarks

What 'liberal' means to the other guys

Does it appear the media has slacked off a bit on calling all the Iraqi people Al Qaeda members?

Good news for burn victims: Artificial skin graft is first to integrate with human skin

Senator Biden coming up on Wolfies show, CNN 3:12 p.m. Central

Summer Flying Turns Ugly

Is fellatio the ONLY thing that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors?

When are Meyer's and Taylor due to testify before a Congressional Committee?

It is really pitiful that this country has to wait for one republicon...

Oldies but goodies - Ann Coulter gets slammed


Chocolate Fake -- The advent of Winston Smith's favorite confectionary?

Newsweek Poll: "right answer" says we are winning the fight against al-Qaeda

Why Not Impeach Bush? Answer President Dick Cheney. By: Eugene Robinson

Another shitty day in *'s Christian paradise

A GOP Plan To Oust Cheney

Poisoning 9/11 first-responders

"Can Ann Coulter stand the heat, going head to head with Chris Matthews?"

MSNBC: 201-583-5000; Can we get this repulsive human being Coulter off the air?

BREAKING: Ex-Official Sentenced in Abramoff Probe-Griles gets 10 months

Democrats need to refer to Republicans as 'The Party of Coulter/Malkin' every chance we get...

Is this America's future, on Tweety now? "Marry me, Ann Coulter?" Who raises such idiots?

What Can an Online community do when one of our Members needs Help but Won't Seek It?

3566 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Warning! Telling your kids about the tooth fairy may lead them to the DEATH PENALTY!!!1111

OK Now I want John Edwards President 2008 Just To Piss Off Ann Coulter

Maybe we should draft Martin Sheen to run for President

Ann Coulter compared with a KKK member or Neo-Nazi -- is there a difference?

Most Ironic Teevee Show Title: Hardball

If 67 was the 'Summer of Love', what is 2007 the Summer of?

DU is a "G" rated blog....

Latest: Slow Death of Man in Guantanamo

stick figured witch woman

Fourth Branch: "If I Told You, I'd Have To Kill You"

Tweety with "Scarecrow Annie".....75 Freepers but no Porta-Potty Sighting ....yet...

Cheney’s office dismisses Dems’ outrage on documents

Since the vote on the Iraq war funding without timetables, repugs are coming out

Brian Williams promo: Lugar's "Speech heard 'round the nation."

Sometimes I wistfully wish.....

Kerry: Bush Prefers 'Paying Off Cronies' to Selecting Good Ambassadors

Cultural past of the digital age (BBC)

Support for war reaches new low.

T-shirt maker resists efforts that target his free speech

Protestors block Gonzales press conference-Some Chanted "Coward, Coward"

Hedging Disaster

Kerry: Opponents of Workers' Rights Shortchange America's Workers

Monsanto Announces Two Partnerships

Elizabeth Edwards confronting Coulter now in the Video Forum

ARGH! Giuliani To Regent University: ‘The Amount Of Influence You Have Is Really, Really Terrific’

bwaaaahahahaha, Ann Coulter on Hardball surrounded by DEMS with signs!

TOON: The 4th Branch of Government

Lugar speaks - heroic, gutsy, turning point, historic - bring out Gergen. A Dem says it -

xpost: NOVA: "The Great Inca Rebellion" will premiere Tuesday, June 26

The G(e)nomes of Zurich: Civil Society Calls for Urgent Controls on Synthetic Life*

I just discovered a new (to me) progressive media. Try it. You might like it.

Analysis: Russia's aggressive energy policy is bad news for Israel

Inside Lugar's epiphany.

How would you draft an immigration bill?

Where's Rahm? Congressman's Cheney Offensive A No-Show In NYT, LAT, WSJ

*****ACTION ALERT****** Save Internet Radio!!*** ACT NOW! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!

I am so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton. She is nothing news worthy

It is an utter disgrace that Coulter has the opportunity

So, when I was slaving over a steaming pile of rogs the last 2 days,

Hey, you! Senator Lugar. Yeah, you....

Pentagon to LGBT Community: We'll take advantage of what you have to offer, but not in uniform

Ugh... a day elapsed between the Benoit murders...


Cheney's Constitutional Crisis: Kennedy Says It All - Except Impeachment

Think the worst thoughts of which you're capable. How Bad Will the Roberts Court Be?

I come to DU and post....

9 Year Old Boy shot & killed in Ark by Man for Throwing Rocks at House


Jewish holiday request denied

Report: Gore to attend Live Earth in NJ

Three Bad Rulings (NYT)


Supervisor seeks to ban Blue Angels from San Francisco

Nude Merkel Montage Raises Eyebrows.

More GOP 'Family Values' - Rising star in House to get divorce (Rogers, R-MI)

Bush Requests $4.75 Million To Fund Cheney's Executive Office

Cocaine and Corn do not mix.

Dodd tells crowd in Rochester impeaching Cheney won't help

My Punishment for Free Speech

The best thing we could do with Ann Coulter is ignore her...

MSNBC has a poll on Edwards v. Coulter

Ghouliani: CLINTON to blame for not dealing with bin Laden

“D.C. doesn’t stand for Dick Cheney” an open letter to the vice president…

TX Baptists adopt policy to help BOTH legal and illegal immigrants

Link for "SiCKO" theater locations and advance ticket purchases:

Need some help defending a soldier against Freep Attack.

Chris Matthews is afraid of GOPedophile, Ann Coulter.

ADDINGTON REBUKES KERRY On VP's Secrecy Oversight!!!

(Five) Nobel Peace Laureates Oppose Iraqi Oil Law Imposition

Chinese Tires Are Ordered Recalled

It's Time To Take Your Republican Friends For A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Elizabeth Edwards just made Ann Coulter look like the biggest piece of shit in the world.

If you were appointed head of a major news network:

Ford to World: " Global Warming, Melting Glaciers and Stranded Polar Bears"

"Kindness is a virtue, compassion is an art."

Do you go to church to pray or to look at boobs?

looking for a good article on the fairness doctrine

Christian Newswire: WELCOME BACK HOME, WAL-MART!

CIA Family Jewels report released...

Letting the repugs lead the ouster effort of Cheney and/or Bush is going to

FOX and CBS Say Yes to Sex, No to Condoms

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I think there is seething hostility here rooteed in Bushco and their perceived enablers

UPDATED: Ann Coulter Wishes John Edwards Assasinated

We can still have bong hits for Jesus right?

What is there not to love about Paul Newman?

One Of DU's More Wonderful Folks Is Thinking Of Leaving. Help Me Convince Him/Her To Stay!

Scooter's Latest Desperate Attempt To Stay Out Of Jail

A guy I know is proud to be an "alpha"

Laura Bush has HER OWN PLANE? Called "BRIGHT STAR?" Give me as Taxpayer a Break!

oops... someone made a big mistake

"SICKO" a big hit in Las Vegas

"Wait Time" Myth about universal health care, debunked.

Cheney: Engineering stalemates where he could not win;

Local guy arrested for trying to rescue his cats from part of burning building.

Al Gore's $100 Million Makeover

I think someone is using my old EBay account and maybe my old AOL e-mail account too! Need advice!

What Does It Take To Get Rid Of Cheney?

You're on a desert island. Your family will be killed unless you sleep with a Republican candidate.

Why I Place My Hope In Live Earth

KERRY Responds To Addington Regarding His Bullshit Explanation Of Imperial President & VP

Ted Kennedy: "Vice President is breaking the law" (Copy of Constitution for Cheney)

Isn't it past time for professional wrestling to be regulated?

Words to describe Ann Coulter

Globe Magazine at Grocery Store "Laura nails cheating Bush"

ROVIAN JUSTICE: "After Her Intention To Speak Became Known-Her House Was Burned To The Ground"

Elizabeth Edwards Just took on Ann Coulter

Miami Girl Gets Lexus for Sweet 16, Has a Tantrum at Mother.

Boston, MA: 8 year old boy accidentally killed by his 7 year old cousin

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

PETA to Michael Moore: "There's An Elephant In The Room, And It's You"...

Four stores asked for my phone number today...

Was Siegelman (D) targeted by Rove? Sentencing Hearing Begins Today

Election Reform News needs YOUR Help!

Due to family circumstances I've been out of the loop ......

Maybe I'm crazy. But if I am... They made me that way.

Cheney role as power broker in spotlight again - Reuters

Griles Faces Sentencing in Abramoff Case (AP)

SEC to Be Asked About Its Leanings (AP)

GOP Sure They Can Block Unions' Bill - AP

What are the odds that Cheney's "fall" is orchestrated?

Former SC governor Richard Riley to endorse Hillary Clinton

Amy Poehler's portrayal of Dennis Kucinich


Wash Post's Cohen thinks repugs have a shot. I'll have what he's smokin'...

The My Pet Goat Baby Club

Get ready for a new DC sport ...... Showvoting

Der Rudyfuhrer Giuliani continues to employ priest indicted for molestation


The Gilded Capital: Power/money connect: "Self-enrichment is everyday part of Washington life."

Cheney has offices in the Executive Office Building.

You get what you pay for.

GOP Sure They Can Block Unions' Aims

executive privilege !?!

Cheney: VP should be the President's chief of staff...everything should run through his office.

We really should not be surprised that Cheney has been the de facto

Frank Luntz to analyze on PBS Democratic forum: Call PBS

The Rude Pundit: The Motherfuckering of America, Part 2

Court Takes Sharp Right Turn in Monday Decisions

Okay, I see three options for Cheney. Be the next VP so he can

Are you listening tp Hartmann?

Ex-governor says he was target of Republican plot

Craig Crawford goes to bat for Joe Biden

Another wake up call - Political Prisoners in the USA?

Senate Energy Bill - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Iran sanctions bill passes first Congress test - Reuters

Does the far right know that it is far to the right?

Here's the front page story from my local paper today:

Congratulations trumad, on your #1 Google hit! FUCK NADER!

Bye, Bye, Miss American Empire or

Democrats target Cheney's office funds (AP)

The Vices of Cheney: Where Impeachment Must Begin

Clinton 32%, Obama 22%, Edwards 11%.

Non-profits used as political committees

Iraq war squeezing the domestic agenda in U.S. cities

Edwards' first ads hit NH airwaves

GMA/ABC News 6/26/2007 Ann Coulter wishes John Edwards were killed in terrorist attack!

George Will says "Dialectic of censorship is all too predictable"

Florida Appeals Court Upholds Protecting Trade Secrets Over Election Transparency

It's time to sing along to "Ballad of Ann Coulter"...

Attacker Kills 4 Sunni Sheiks Who Aided U.S.

With friends like these...

Stop Presses: Wingnuts say censorship is OK as long as it's "liberal"

Is Coulter on Cheney's staff? Same attitude, same smirk,

2008 Electoral college: Cheney will open the envelopes and count the votes!

Ugh! Jonah Goldberg just said he wants "to have a beer with Cheney."

Deepak Chopra on Obama memo: "I thought that was ridiculous. We are American citizens, right?"

Rockefeller Works To Limit TV Violence (AP)

From Ted Kennedy

MyDD: Candidate Tracking (Jerome Armstrong)

Do the Debates need to be changed?

Wes Clark talks about Iran on Stephanie Miller Show

Omaha mayor (Senate candidate 08?) backs group calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Eventually Dick Chaney will sprout cloven feet, a clubed tail and horns.....

Hillary is Canada's Choice for US President

So What Did the Democatic Congress Do Today about Cheney

WaPo's Sally Quinn's bright idea: Replace Dick Cheney with Fred Thompson. "Everybody loves Fred."

DON"T watch Hardball tonight!

Obama Smeared As Terrorist Again On Faux News

Hillary and Obama like peas and carrots.

Edwards wins straw poll at gathering of North Georgia Democrats:

Wow... Elizabeth Edwards phones in to Ann Coulter on Hardball

The TRUTH that ONLY Edwards can beat the GOP is ALIVE AND WELL

Edwards Maintains Lead in Iowa, HRC closes in on Obama for second.

Democratic Underground has new moderators!

The myth that "Only Edwards can beat the GOP" is dead.

Nancy & Harry: Bringing Down the House (and Senate)

Should a liberal Supreme Court justice resign next year?

Twenty-Two Democratic Senators Support Restoring Habeas Corpus -- Where's the Rest?

Is the Iraq war and occupation an important issue here?

TPMCafe: Hillary's pollster Mark Penn's Firm Tests Negative Messages on Obama and Edwards

Stick Mosquito Challenges Chinese Ballots

"Under Absolutely No Circumstances Can the U.S. Allow Iran to Acquire Nuclear Weapons"

Conservative Activism Grips Our Supreme Court, or What "Lesser of Two Evils" Voting Has Gotten Us...

WTF is going on today??? (Immigration)

Calling all Plame outing experts. Please review this video

Michael Moore's Sicko So Meano To Hillary

What Sen. Lugar Misunderstands (in calling for Bush to change course in Iraq)