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Archives: June 28, 2007

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives

The Lobbyists Behind the Curtain

Even in Agreement, Scalia Puts Roberts to Lash

TIMOTHY EGAN: Red State Welfare

Blumenthal: The imperial vice presidency

Bashing Elizabeth Edwards

World crisis of confidence in Bush

EPA Gives Awards to Ethanol Plants

Hansen offers his climate solutions

Iran to launch first nuclear power plant in October, says energy minister

Gazans stranded at Rafah border, North Sinai towns

Thousands of Palestinians flee to Egypt

Supplies low as Gaza blockade takes toll

White House lowers expectations of Bush-Putin meeting in Maine

U.S. attorney injured in Pike Co. accident; condition uncertain

U.S. to increase focus on Al-Qaida in Iraq (meet Plan B, folks)

Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

House Votes to Accept $4,400 Pay Raise

U.S. to increase focus on Al-Qaida in Iraq

CORRECT: Former AIG chief says US regulations too strong

Even in Agreement, Scalia Puts Roberts to Lash

N.H. Governor Signs Law Banning Real ID

Coulter's Words Help Edwards Raise Cash

Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation

Wider Sale Seen for Toothpaste Tainted in China

Attention Ancient History Buffs!!

I'm going to start paying cash for gas

Seriously, is DU antipathic?

Stew on a Summer Night...

Raise a glass for my friends!

Seriously, is DU antiseptic?

Self delete - I don't need a personals ad, it was a joke. sheeshh

Caption this photo.

Anyone see Live Free or Die Hard?

has matcom shot his street wad. . .?

i rented 2 movies, "Little Children" and "The Descent" which one to watch first?

So you go dancing with your friends and they request

JESUS GOD is on my ignore list.

Best drink in the whole GOD DAMNED WORLD!

Holy DRUNK am I fuck

The funniest concert rider EVER. (Iggy Pop)

Was writer drunk? n/t

The "OWNED Compilation" at YouTube - - - A "MUST SEE"

Ugh. JackMN insisted on listening to S&G's "Cecelia" ALL freaking day.

I apologize to any Afghan Hounds in the audience

Love your LOLcats? Howzabout some LOLpresidents?

I'm not sure, but I think writer may be drunk. n/t

Some great pictures today at

T-minus 6 months and counting until I can have a kitty of my own.

JESUS: GOD, is my "Ignore" list getting long.

Incredible Origami

ok weird time

I am not interested in your webcam or barely legal pics, goddamnit.

How old is too old for bangs? Help?!!

Goed night lounge

Holy FUCK am I drunk.

This is great!!


Paris Hilton Pic...

G-Spot run, run G-Spot, run...


Boston, Denver, LA or Tennessee

Tomorrow morning I'm getting all of my teeth out except for my wisdom teeth.

The absolute worst Post on DU I've ever seen.

It's the blimp, Frank! It's the blimp!

Ok, my stupid question of the night...

Why is everyone getting wasted on a Wednesday night?

My dog is reverse sneezing while I am posting...

late supper

Should I awaken my husband?

i just watched "The Descent" i should have waited until daytime.

Just saw 'Transformers', uh, ask me anything?


Di your mom ever catch you helping your hamburger?

How young is too young for bongos? Help

Hump-day YouTube Sing-a-long

Scary People of the Internet, Part 4

I'm going to start paying cash for ass

What does this song mean to you?

9:00 watch Paul Simon on PBS

The Official 30Million Thread Post

Post your favorite CLASSIC Porno movie


Anyone watching David Letterman?

Tonight, I'm getting all of my wisdom out.

Lolcats- a rebuttal.

Introducing Maya (pics)

John Doe (of punk group X) "The Golden State", new vid on YouTube

JESUS GOD is my "Ignore" list getting long.

Report from the land under water....

Separated at Birth. Let's play!

Dixie Chicks


Did your Mom (or does your Mom) ever make Hamburger Helper?

How far can you get in this game?

Best overlooked 80s pop songs

Mayweather Jr, ready to fight "overrated" Hatton...

Kurt Angle turns down 7 figure MMA deal from Bodog

Gallo Vineyard workers vote to oust UFW, a move the union said it would challenge

Waiting for the Great Leap Forward (updated)

A Conversation with John Edwards

John Edwards responds to Ann Coulter's politics of hate


Stephanie Miller responds to right wing fool re: Coulter

Movie "No End in Sight" coming in July

I did these bumper stickers almost a year ago... damn it feels good :)

OK, 11:42 pm GMT was THE time. I think we can all agree on that.

So Who Here Is Planning To Go To The Live Earth Show At Giants Stadium? Anyone Got Info?

New Post-Katrina Investigations Reveal More Federal Waste And Incompetence

cheeseburger with fries!

You have an "Atomic Brain"

Whatever else you do tonight

We interrupt your normal television programming to bring you a message from BushCo....

Star Spangled Banner

Jokingly--is DU pro-Christian?

NY Times: "Young Americans Are Leaning Left."

Why is CNN giving credence to the false notion that homosexuality can be reversed?

Leahy demands DoJ investigation of (Judge) Kavanaugh.

Are You a Gun Owner

Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

(TOON) Steve Bell on the end of the Blair premiership

Viewing the threads just before and after the winner. It is easy to do.

Bringing sanity to Religious Discussions...

Today's Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on issued subpoenas!

OK, time for another contest: the date of the 40 millionth post

If they don't comply with the Subpoena.. take them to court, if they lose....

If, when all is said and done,

Rumsfeld Seeking 'Large Cash Advance' For Iraq Memoir

Can we discuss the equivalency given Elizabeth Edwards and Ann Coulter on the airwaves today?

Thousabnds of innocent people SLAUGHTERED in Iraq.

"Don't serve the time; let the time serve you"

Dick Cheney: No Fish Left Behind, Or Alive

Iraq is pumping about 1.5 million barrels a day of oil

missing florida woman

AP Radio News: on the Coulter comment "...Edwards is now begging for money as a result"

Experts: Divine Strake 'mushroom cloud' could have sickened many

4 days left and counting.

BushCo-Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plan-Never Implemented Due To Incompetence

Is the Justice Department Improperly Ruled by Religion?

Ex-Cicero cop guilty of beating man who videotaped him allegedly assaulting homeless woman

Michael Moore On Jon Stewart--Daily Show

Bill O'Reilly says Jessie Davis and Nancy Benoit had it coming!

Coulter on Glenn Beck

Paris Hilton Pic...

U.S. majority: Gays can't change

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Quinnipiac: Only one Democrat beats Guiliani in Ohio: Al Gore

Wrestler and Wife Argued Over Child Care (Son had Fragile X Syndrome)

Sgt. Trista L. Moretti, 27, of South Plainfield, N.J

Consumer Privacy Alert - Amazon "Wish Lists"

My perception of Coulter's problem -

Bush gets 45 to life for killing wife

More than a foot of rain floods Texas

Hugo hosts soccer Copa America and disses U.S. & all other unfriendlies

Keith Olbermann & Dan Patrick are on Letterman tonight. (nm)

Foil Hats! Getcher Foil Hats Here! Foil Hats ...... two fer a buck ....... Foil hats!


Mountains O' Things / Glamorous

Bruce Fein : Impeach Cheney

Does anyone know if Cheney et al have formally received the subpoenas yet ?

Did someone over at the DCCC screw up? I just got an email from Vice President

Gonzo Runs and Hides from Boise Protesters

I had an amazing vision that John Kerry was Attorney General in the next admin.

Regarding Elizabeth Edwards, John Edwards, and Ann Coulter

I Think It Was Said Best Back In The 70's... "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me " - Doobie Bros

Jesus. Benoit's son was retarded

Gore Environmental Movie Given To Ontario Schools

Noise (Just a poem I thought I'd share here.)

Ann Coulter's books don't sell that well (really). Neither do O'Reilly's, Savage's, etc.

Is anyone else still undecided on a candidate? I had a much easier time deciding last time.

Family of slain soldier blames exhaustion

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

The unbeatable ticket would be

Maybe Elizabeth Edwards shouldn't have confronted Coulter...

Would you switch support from your current Dem of choice to Al Gore if he runs for President?

LEAHY Demands DOJ Investigation Of Judge Who Lied To Congress Re: Detainee Policy

The House needs to censure the president it is that simple.

And the winner of the 30 millionth post contest is...

Bush’s domestic surveillance targets remain unknown.

Banks 'set to call in a swathe of loans'

Bob Fertik:Bruce Fein's DEVASTATING Indictment of Dick Cheney

Help - brown out due to partial power outage -

Not only am I a Commie, I'm stupid as well

Speaking of Presidents and Subpoenas... (A Bit of a History Lesson)

Is DU anti-Bong Hits 4 Jesus?

IMPEACH CHENEY-The VP Has Run Utterly Amuck & Must Be Stopped (Slate Magazine)

Special Ops ready for missions on american soil?

Shouldn't we be suspicious of folks working to convince us Democratic efforts won't succeed

6yrs later, likely someone in the WH has been secreting evidence for use at a time like this....

TURLEY: WH Stonwalling May Force Congress To Charge BUSH WITH IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES

MORE SUBPOENAS: Feds Talk to Ex-Doolittle Aides, documents given to prosecutors

Please critique my letter to my Congressman regarding impeachment:

Rep. Pelosi reminds the left that she’s on its side

2008 Dems head to Iowa for July 4th

House Hearing on Katrina Shows Massive Wage Abuse by No-Bid Contractors

Plutocracy run amok - America for sale

Fred Thompson's Christian Nationalist Pander

Edwards Statement On Senate Failure To Pass The Employee Free Choice Act (pro-union/pro-worker bill)

Obama has cracked...His entire campaign is going down in flames..

Republican featured in Obama ad under fire, defends himself by arguing ad helps Illinois repukes

New Security Center Has Lots of Clinton Ties.

Can we do something formal on DU to thank Dennis Kucinich for introducing articles of impeachment

Warren Likes Us, Too!

How come it is that every democratic candidate slip is broadcast

Tonight's guest on The Daily Show is Micheal Moore! (on Now!)

My Health Care LTOE was printed in the local paper today!

Tony Blair will mostly be remembered as .............

Elizabeth Edwards liveblogging

Your ideal cabinet

Edwards Expresses Concern About Radical Shift Of Supreme Court

Can I get a K +R for the thread below? Elizabeth Edwrds is a DUer for gosh sakes!

Nader's Ego Enters 2008 Race

My email to the Stephanie Miller Show

Obama has 10, 532 donations since Monday!!!

Is there any way we can BLOCK Hillary Clinton's nomination?

Were US Attorneys Fired for Recommending Against the Death Penalty?

Can we do something formal on DU to thank Elizabeth Edwards for standing up to Coulter?

Should Richardson now be considered a first-tier candidate?

Romney strapped family Irish Setter to car roof for twelve hour drive from Boston to Ontario.

Who's afraid of habeas corpus?


Democracy at Gunpoint

The Pot, the Kettle, and the Heritage Foundation

Overvaluing American Values (American Prospect)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The View From On High

Rolling on the River

Cheney and the Constitution

An honorable response (by F Castro to the European Council on Foreign Relations)

Life after Bush: Ten things that could save the world

Red State Welfare

Watch SiCKO and Call Your Congressman in the Morning (by Marie Cocco)

How to Destroy an African-American City in Thirty Three Steps – Lessons from Katrina

Moore’s movie ‘Sicko’ spotlights Olympia man

Nothing funny about ‘Sicko’ state of health care


Theodore C. Sorensen: A New Vision: The Speech I Want the Democratic Nominee To Give

Globalization's Stir-Fry By Harold Meyerson / WaPo

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Power of the Dark Side (The Nation)

The Way-Paver Makes Waves (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Cheney and Cheneyism By James Brett

The Unknown Soldier; Brain injuries and unresolved grief (UTNE)

Integration by Income - Richard D. Kahlenberg, American School Board Journal, 4/1/2006

Dowd: The New Senator from Indiana"

David Sirota: SECRET TRADE DEAL - DAY 49: As Fast Track Expires, K Street Gets Frantic

We're (Still) #1! America's Gulag Just Keeps Growing

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Acting Locally (The Nation)

Contempt of Congress (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Health Care's War Against Sicko

Putin is trying to Annex the North Pole

The Supreme Court Kowtows to The Dictator

Al Gore: The Support Is Real (by James Boyce at HuffPost)

What The Hell Was Cicero Thinking?

Mcmansions, SUVs, Mega-Churches and the Baghdad Embassy: Life Among Dim and Brutal Giants

Springfield, Massachusetts area fuel dealer offers biodiesel

(Cape) Wind farm productive on hottest days, firm says - Boston Globe

GAO Report Finds Federal Environmental Authorities Let Asbestos Monitoring Dip

Pacific Gas & Electric Adds Utility-Scale Solar Projects to Its Power Mix

POET Produces Cellulosic Ethanol from Corn Cobs

Great....just great.

Ontario Invests $650 M in Renewable Energy Jobs

Southern Co., GA Tech find offshore wind potentially favorable

Hill's Energy Battle Has Barely Begun (USN&WR)

Coal's Many Friends (Forbes)

House passes bill affirming global warming exists

Brazil: Energy council recommends nuclear plant be finished

Here's how those alleged "tough environmental laws" don't work

NE China, Nation's Breadbasket, Facing Protracted Drought - Reuters

From The Just-In-Time File: China Moves To Ban CFCs - Reuters

Heatwave Cooking Sicily's Lemons On The Tree - Greece Hottest In 110 Years @ 114.8F - Reuters

MMS Report On Gulf Of Mexico Long-Term Production Devastating Contrast To Jack 2 Euphoria

21 Dead, 250,000 Homeless In Wake Of Pakistan Cyclone - AFP

Beavers too eager for them. Many in suburbs fretting as beavers build wildly

3rd Red Tide Outbreak In 3 Years Shuts Down NE Shellfishing From NH To Gloucester - Boston Globe

Galapagos put on UN danger list (BBC)

UN issues desertification warning (BBC)

Oil Futures Rise Above $70 a Barrel on Supply Concerns

'Ghost fishing' killing seabirds (BBC) {on Scottish islands}

Tracking plan for rare India croc (BBC) {gharials}

As PRC Talks Improved Weather Forecasts, Beijing's Foul Air Forces Daytime Headlight Use - ESPN

Nova Scotia Adopts California Standards For CAFE, Vehicle Pollution

Chevron Delays $3.5 Billion Tahiti Project In GOM - Faulty Shackles - Startup Date Now Unknown

Bald eagle soars off endangered list (CNN)

Israeli Troops Battle Fatah Militants

They're here, they're queer - be proud of Israel

Hamas, Clan Rivalries, and Alan Johnston's Dangerous Predicament

Hamas-run Gaza gets first shipments through Karni crossing

EU monitors to stay away from Rafah

Anger and lack of confidence prevails in the Palestinian Street

Israeli president to avoid rape charges, jail time, reports say

Bush gets 45 to life for killing wife

Bomb kills 3 British soldiers in Iraq

Suicide Bomber Hits NATO Convoy in Kabul (2 killed)

Lebanese troops kill six Islamist gunmen

Israeli president to avoid rape charges, jail time, reports say

Venezuela/President Hugo Chávez Steps Up Rating

Car bomb kills 22, wounds 40 in Baghdad

US Congressmen demand access to Qadeer Khan (nuke program reportedly still alive)

Govt scraps plans to privatize ISA, Isagen - Colombia

State Senate Won't Allow Governor to Make Them Stay

Iraqis deploying more lobbyists

Army Awards Three $5 Billion Contracts (KBR)

Iraq: Bomb kills 1 US soldier in eastern Baghdad

Four journalists killed in Iraq

Sen. Nelson's son found guilty of battery

Military stifles Web-based health records system

Mexico, US and Canada to protect threatened butterflies and porpoises

U.S. commander: Taliban forces growing near Kabul

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 28

DoJ: Mellon Bank To Pay $16.5M For Destroying (2001 Income) Tax Docs

Italian suspect arrested in Portugese kidnapping of 4 YO Madeleine McCann

Government said to have lost control of Basra

GDP growth revised to 0.7%

Costs Skyrocket As DHS Runs Up No-Bid Contracts

Fed Keeps Rate at 5.25%, Retains Focus on Inflation Risk

U.S. Shields an Accused Iraqi Killer

Florida man shot in head, complains of headache

U.S. To Stop Some Chinese Seafood Imports

Unguarded Iraqi pipelines easy targets for thieves, insurgents

Egyptian 'spy for Israel' found dead outside London flat

Florida budget may be a billion short

Senate immigration bill suffers crushing defeat

Iraq strategy geared to U.S. pullout

Scooter Libby, Inmate No. 28301-016

Little Effort Made to Find Deserters

Sept report on Iraq will tell it straight: Petraeus

Bald eagle removed from imperiled list

Embattled Bush pleads for patience on Iraq strategy

20 Beheaded Bodies Found in Iraq

High court blocks Texas killer's execution

North Korea allows IAEA team to visit nuclear plant

Springs closes its last two SC textile plants, cutting 750 jobs

Gore Calls For 90% CO2 Reduction

DA refuses to prosecute ‘Catch a Predator’ cases

Wall Street Journal Reporters Stage "Walk-Out"

(U.S. Supreme) Court limits use of race in school admissions

Chevron is keeping the door open:U.S. oil company to work with Venezuela after its peers Exxon Mobil

House Leaders Act To Reduce Iran's Gasoline Imports

Told you so, U.N. Iraq arms inspectors' report says

Scientists take step to making synthetic life

Nifong a No-Show at Removal Hearing

Bush won't supply subpoenaed documents

Bush Holds Israel Up As Model for Iraq

Family of slain soldier blames exhaustion

U.S. companies tied to Colombia labor activist murders at House hearing

Egypt outlaws all female circumcision

Rep. Pelosi reminds the left that she’s on its side

US: Chinese Seafood Detained for Safety

MPs Press Ahmadinejad to End Petrol Rationing

(Supreme) Court Abandons Ban on Minimum Pricing

Obama says he doesn't favor impeachment of Bush, Cheney

Report: FARC says 11 hostages killed

Bush urges people to exercise

Town mourns 5 cheerleaders killed in fiery crash

House gives itself a raise

Immigration Bill is Dead

Britain's Brown unveils new government

Today is a special day on Wikipedia

wow...we just had one hell of a storm over here!


Trust this...

Oops! BAD newsperson! BAD!

Anyone here?

My newest term of endearment fellow loungers...

It's not just us Loungers who are drunk tonight:

What do horses eat at the gay rodeo?

Goodnight friends.

Most mismatched song you've found a jukebox

Does anyone knows what happened to

Movie Quotes Part II - Name that Movie!

Three words: Tastes like chicken

Ironic Bumper sticker seen in casino parking lot

I've been off DU for 48 hours... what did I miss?

why did the chicken cross the road?

I went to get a haircut yesterday

Good god, another panic attack

So, it turns out that "Bong hits for Jesus" isn't just a Dada-inspired nonsense-phrase...

do you want to know the REAL reason why modern popular music sucks?

Anyone recommend an internet fax service?

I've been up since 1:30 this morning. I have these weird purplish welts around

Larry King calls Ringo "George".

In memory of Liz Claiborne I'm wearing all her stuff today

The end of needing a man???

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

i'm a little slow on the uptake

can you come up with an alternate version of "everybody's gonna dance tonight?"

Man Wakes Up With Headache, Goes To Emergency Room, Discovers He's Been Shot In Head - Wife Arrested

Calling Out DS1! I wish to use your Photoshop skills.

anybody got a rolling paper?

In honor of Anna Nicole Smith, I'm wearing all her stuff today

I have a strange mole in an "intimate" area. Should I be concered with this? (graphic pic)

How to be a Beach Dork

what the hell is wrong with me?

Wow anyone watchin the Today Show? Sharon Gless is on talking

Spice Girls announce reunion tour.

Okay DUers, I need some of those famous lounge vibes . . .

I was just dive bombed by a little bird!!

Parents Leave Child Alone In Stroller For 45 Minutes While They Go On Disney Ride - Arrested

How many centimeters dilated does my wife have to be ...

Man Tries To Give CPR To Bale Of Pine Straw Thinking It Was Dead Woman (He might have been drinking)


I have an odd obsession with Marilyn Manson...

Have you ever been caught

What's with all those free olives at the grocery store?

In honor of the medical profession, I'm wearing scrubs today.

Man charged with stripping in suggestive hair salon

Cambodian Men Warned Not To Inject Hair Tonic Into Their Penises

Mr. Gray had me check his hair whirl because he's left handed and has interior decorating skills.

In memory of Kurt Vonnegut I'm wearing all his stuff today

Worst Star Wars Movie

Bush urges people to exercise?

In honor of LynneSin, I'm wearing only Q-Tips today.

Post your sockpuppet here.

Who got the 30,000,00th post?

I'm not sure if I should post

Where can fearful adults get swimming lessons?

Most Provocative Subject Line Contest!!!: "I'll ignore your need for a public spanking, but . . ."

these chicks love pitt bulls

I was working so hard today I forgot it was time to go home.

Woman Almost Dies Standing Over Grave Of Sister Who Died Learning Father Died

Rockit and I are going to Red Lobster on Saturday with her parents!!!

In memory of Rabrrrrrr, I'm wearing all his stuff today.

Hello. I'd just like to let everyone know that I'm NOT DEAD.

We are at level 2 ...

Danny Boy (YouTube)

Downtime/server issues today (Thursday june 28th)

24 hour sports radio celebrates 20th anniversary...

In honor of the oldest profession, I'm wearing high heels, hot pants, and a tube top.

Funny face photos! Post em

I need interesting bm's

Well well well. Turns out that Lucy Van Pelt was right all along

for the chimpmunk lovers (pictures..dial up warning)

Well, it's forty below and I don't give a fuck....

What Was Your Favorite Outer Limits Episode

Part Of Salt Lake City Locked Down Thanks To Suspicious Strumpet

Why are we on defcon 3?

Why do we have reduced features? Are the Freepers storming the barricades over the subpoenas?

Man Tries To Sell Stolen Car Back To It's Owner - On Purpose!


Quotation Thread!

You can't even post innocous comments in GD anymore

CONGRATULATIONS no name no slogan!

What should I do?

Stay Home If You See This Storm Coming

The ATM turns 40 this week

I have compiled a three-question survey for people in the DU Lounge.

Part Of Salt Lake City Locked Down Thanks To Auspicious Strumpet

What Do You Want On Your P*NISES When You Get Banned From DU

Fuck, Georgie-Boy's ALREADY clogging my air, and I'm 1/2 hr north of the fucktard.

Whilst in Nevada, I discharged my firearm upon a gentleman,

Woman Suing Starburst Candy - No Warning Lable That They Are Chewy

Which circle of hell does the DMB reside in?

Lots Of P*NISES Singing At Live Earth 7July

I need interesting bm's

Woo-freakin-hoo! My high-speed internet service is BACK!!!!!

Any Rescue Me fans?

I need interesting pm's

Has anybody purchased furniture from Costco?

Which circle of hell do matcom's BM's reside in?

Who plans on seeing "Transformers"?

I Need Interesting P*NISES

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles


Wow, I Knew There Was Something I Forgot

Truth or Dare: Lets play!

"Oh my gosh! My lips look like rose petals."

Which TV channels have the most ads?

This is soooooo not a sex thread...

Who does NOT like to go for a ride?

Why is Rush not doing Live Earth

Maybe alligators do better in backyards......

Hey, be gentle.

Hey Rabrrrrrr - can you do a proper DMV rant for me?

We are on Level 2. And that means the ignore feature...

I can't get into this season of Rescue Me

Happy Birthday Mel Brooks! 81 years young today!

I recieved an email - bad news (not)

SIGH... 2 Months to go til football season.

Why Do All The Shows About Investing on CNBC Have People Who...

NE blue staters: I'm coming to visit!

Crap. The AC died in the server room.

I feel blah

CONFESS!!! So tell me what you want, what you really really want!

72 year old teaches pickpocket a lesson

I really appreciate you guys making a big deal about my 3,000th post yesterday

crap avalanches

Hi. I'm Ann Coulter. Ask me ANYTHING!

JESUS GOD is on my "Ignore" list .

What's going on that's causing additional DU traffic?

South - Eastern Mass DUers - WATCH OUT!

Nicknames of kids you knew growing up?

New kitten pics!

Which circle of hell does the DMV reside in?

Kittens! My first kitten picture post!

whatcha got on ---

--UPDATE: DU server hard drive failure


ha ha

Who is the coolest cock-puncher on this site?

I Think Arianna Huffington is GORGEOUS!

From the depths of R'lyeh, I awaken.....

And the name of the villain in the new Pixar movie (Ratatouille): SKINNER!

Darkstar's summer reading

Who Is The Foolest DU'r On This Site?(lame copycat)

My house got struck by lightning twice last night.

Ear ache, my eye!

reminder: the mouse can do harm.

Question for bird folk:

Radio Lady: I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm terrified of heart disease...

Another celebrity chain game: Into the Past

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/28/2007)

Who Is The Coolest DU'r On This Site?

What Is An Ignore List, And How Do You Get On One?

Photoshop experts: can you please remove my facial hair from this picture?

I'm switching antivirus programs...Do I uninstall the old before dowloading the new?

Is anybody planning to watch the Democratic Debate on PBS tonight?

What's my problem? Why can't I figure out how to posts pics?

Woman will have an abortion unless 50k is raised.

Check out my new Catar It even came with a case.

Q-tipaholics check-in

California Peach is a Peggy!

I'm in trouble.....Look what I found today

I don't know about anyone else

Attention: it is quite hot, and I will shortly put ice in my red wine.

5:00 MST. Shutting down. One more business day till the weekend.

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone When You Die?

Skinner, I checked out the DU swag

Uh Oh: Von Südenfed

This is soooooo not an ex thread...


What can I bring you from the British Isles?

Who want some Fantasy Football?

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone When You get banned from DU?

alhedges will be cock-punched if 50K is raised

Who's Going to go see Live Free Die Hard????

Should I

Watched eight White Stripes videos last night. Nope. Still don't get it.

a dog grows old

I just got the most WONDERFUL CD...

New Student Orientation--It's All Official Now, Baby

Get it on. Bang a Gong. Do it RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Seriously - who are the Sammy Johns, Five Man Electrical Band, Leo Sayers, Eric Carmens of today?

Philly, New Jersey: The Ocean Drive, Sea Isle City, this Friday night (6/29). BE THERE.

It is official! The iPhone sucks because it won't work without an AT&T plan!!!!

Alligators don't do too well on Interstates

Micah Edelstein on "Top Chef" was a fake!

"...Like that '70s show. The one about the '60s..."

The word for today is "penises". Modify a thread to include "penises" or a variation thereof.

Count Basie fans, check in here!

I'm 17 posts from 15,000, and captioning sum DUers kittehs! (dialup warning-pics)

And now, Deep Thoughts, by DU

One man's message to left-lane slow pokes-Wish I had the guts to get one

Best of neil young posted here

my fellow american DUers, what do you think of canada?

Famous names game

Muffins vs. bagels

My Wife Has Invasive Ductal Cancer And May Need A Mastectomy. Anyone Have Info Or Experience?

Part Of Salt Lake City Locked Down Thanks To Suspicious Trumpet

Wow, yesterday was insane.

I'm not Ann Coulter, ask me something

TV/Movie Cliché Drop Box

Wisconsin Man Could Be Jailed For 4 Years For Stomping Boy's Pet Fish To Death

I've Got to Know

Uncle Fran's MUUUSICAL forest

is anyone a life coach or know where i can get info to start a business?

Have you seen "Legally Blonde: The Musical"?

Do you generally prefer popping and locking (with a soul stroll inflection) or the robot dance?

interactive poetry!

1977 Pink Floyd Concert in Wolfgang's Vault

Music for your morning meditation

Ahhhhh, the smell of religion in GD in the morning.

Just some thoughts

Montana Has The Deadliest Roads In Country - The Safest? MASSACHUWHAT?

Joakim Noah Is Against the Iraq War

US-Argentina (Copa America)

Messier, Francis, MacInnis, Stevens earn spots in Hockey Hall of Fame

Conservative Senate obstructionism

The CIA's Extraordinary Rendition Trial in Italy, Part One

Countdown w/ KO: Giuliani Blames Clinton For 9/11

Ransacking Liberty

Torture Chic, the CIA's Extraordinarily Decadent Rendition Program

Labor Beat: Iraq Oil Workers Leader:

Jeremy Corbyn at UFPJ Assembly 6/23/07 -- Pt. 1

Jeremy Corbyn at UFPJ Assembly 6/23/07 -- Pt. 2

Merle Haggard - America First

Countdown w/ KO: Subpoenas for White House (Jonathan Turley - 'clearly criminal act')

Bill Clinton's debate moment

Bush For President '08

General, real and armchair, disagree on Iraq

What about the Zombie issue?

Campaign America (John Edwards)

Ann Coulter is Losing It (Calls Elizabeth Edwards A "Harridan")

Mika Brzezinski of MNSBC rips Paris report

Road Warrior Animal gives great interview on Scarborough Country on Benoit tragedy

Pat Paulson for President. Ah, the memories.

Seriously--is DU anti-Christian?

Ombudsman says Scott County jail violated state law friggin ROCKS!

Guess which controversial figure is the most important thing on CNN right now?

European heatwave wilts wide population

San Francisco area DUers — Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose NOW

It's time to CENSURE.

World millionaires' club numbers 9.5 million: research

Anyone reading the CIA's "Family Jewels"? Here's the perfect music to accompany it.

Larisa Alexandrona: $5 Billion? For Katrina Victims? Nope... New Halliburton Contract

Bipartisan Congressional report blasts progress of Iraq forces

I figured out why the media keeps giving Ann Coulter air time...

Do you think Medicare would foot bill for...

Uneasy Bipartisan Alliance Protects Pay Raise

Venezuela/President Hugo Chávez Steps Up Rating

Fired Prosecutor Says Gonzales Pushed Death Penalty

Stars and Stripes: General: 15-month tours won’t be extended

Uh Oh:One more Iraq Fugg up!

In Vietnam, reporting corruption now a mouse-click away

Global poll shows wide distrust of United States

Soldier's kin blame fatigue

Will all CNN anchors be wearing blond wigs today in honor of Hilton's release from jail?

US Army plan would cut soldiers in Europe by half

BostonGlobe takes a swing at Mitt the Shit: Why Guantanamo is unjust

My objection to this Edwards-Coulter stuff is that

Tony Blair's final words on Iraq: no timetable for troop withdrawal

STEVE CLEMONS: "Cheney Plays Julius Caesar and Like Then Must be Stopped (Legally)"

BuzzFlash Interview Of Mike Malloy !!!

local residents found 20 headless bodies Thursday on the banks of the Tigris River

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New Study Shows Federal Government Moving Rapidly Toward Non-Competitive Contracts

Iraq strategy geared to U.S. pullout

House members seek pay raise of $4,400

Q:What's the quickest way to rocket to the top of DU's Greatest page?

LOL! You GOTTA see this Fiore flashtoon on "Evil Lord Cheney"!

Sticky Rice for President (Lost in Tranlastion)

Think about it for a moment.....Gonzales = Godzilla

Court refuses to reinstate DeLay's conspiracy charge

Al Gore's $100 Million Makeover

Ann is having a hissy fit.

I sure wish George W. bUsh was a Democrat.

Poop On a A Plane

Nearly 250,000 Open Wallets for Obama

I might get intevewed on Ring of Fire Radio.

Murdoch: "Do We Put On Things That Favor The Right? - I Don't Think We Do."

For Progressives, Gore's the One in 2008

A little Ron Paul humor

20 decapitated bodies found near Baghdad, we're turnin' the corner.

Romney and Mormon missionaries got VN draft deferrals

Sen. Sessions: Immigration calls crashed Capitol phone system

So now that the WH* has basically given the US the Big FU by not responding to the subpoenas.[poll]

Top Dem: Prez race is about values

White House, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserts executive privilege

Hole In The Whole Impeachment Issue

What did the Dems think they'd gain by letting John Roberts to the SCOTUS?

Parker County, TX Barazos river evacuations ordered

Steroids found at Benoit's home

Ex-Ex-Gays Apologizes For Harm

Looking at the immigration debate

sheesh - there's a lot of Hillary hating in the gd:politics forum today.

Little league meltdown.

What really struck me about Ann Coulter...


Michael Moore on Larry King Live Friday. He got bumped last night for Paris Hilton.

DU this poll

A heads up. Elizabeth Edwards is going to be interviewed on The Today Show. nt

I said it before....and I will say it again. You will understand.

Search edges closer to finding fallen combat photographer (Iwo Jima)

Independence (from Bush/Cheney) Day

WP TV critic Tom Shales: "Next to Coulter, Paris Hilton is pure refreshment."

Senate Republicans: The "Grand Obstructionist Party"

Is Byrd leaving Senate?


Get out your tinfoil hats, will Bush roll on Cheney first, or vice versa?

Are the radio station links posted somewhere else now?

Will the GOP put Impeachment 'on the table' now for dick'n' dubya?

Who calls shots in Iraq, U.S. or insurgents? - Gen Batiste vs. Neocon Kagan

Scientists: Stem cells created from eggs

Did anyone besides me see Pelosi on Charlie Rose last night?

‘Shadow Goverment’ Of Private Contractors Explodes Under Bush

John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) Statement in Response to the President's Assertion of

Most Provocative Subject Line Contest!!!: "I'll ignore your need for a public spanking, but . . ."

Flashback: 3 Years Ago Today, Bush 'Awards' Iraqis Their Sovereignty - "Let Freedom Reign"

Outgoing Bush Counselor Bartlett: "If There Was Ever A Do-Over, [Mission Accomplished] Would Be It"

Byrd talking now for 20 minutes on the Senate floor

Summer Moon Illusion Saturday evening

The things they said...

Fired Prosecutor Says Gonzales Pushed Death Penalty


This SCOTUS Term Has Produced More 5-4 Decisions Than Any Term In Last Decade

House members seek $4,400 pay raise

"20 Beheaded Bodies Found in Iraq"

White House won't turn over subpoenaed papers

Suggestions for "Scooter" Libby's new prison nickname

Senior Woman Protesting War Faces Jail Time

Folks, I think it's time we faced an "inconvenient truth" about a Gore candidacy

Above The Law...

Robo-Tasers for "Pipeline" Defense (Updated)

‘Modest increase in call volume’ crashes Senate phones

Priest facing sex charges

Yet another raving nut LTTE

neo cons already bldg. jails in other countries to replace Gitmo

UPDATE: Cheney's Constitutional Crisis (Sen. Kennedy)

Former Judge still listed as critical after beating

Victim Testifies in Pastor Trial

Arianna: MSM has ADD, Bloggers Have OCD

WH ignores subpoenas -- what's Congress's next move?

Candidates' names are tough in Chinese

Rahm Emanuel on C-Span now talking about removing funding from VP's office!

Church attendance and agreement with Bush: Is there a correlation?

Anybody hear about the fire in Maui closes down Highway 30

Can the White House stop a FORMER aide from testifying?

Wall Street Journal reporters don't show up for work today

Top Judge says Europe at high risk of terrorism

And so the Xenophobic experiment ends... for now

FBI Issues Scuba Industry Alert Over Requests For Specialized Training, 'Nefarious Activity'

Make the court ruling WORK for us

A question about incoming junk emails

Anyone Else Find DU Down For Awhile?

Gonzales ‘overzealous’ about death penalty

Can you pledge to see Sicko this weekend?

Archdiocese of Miami settled a lawsuit accusing a priest of drugging and raping a boy

U.S. Prison Numbers Highest In Six Years

Is Bill Maher just a left wing Ann Coulter?

Coulter: ''things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan''

Rawstory: Legal expert: WH stonewalling may force Congress to charge president w/criminal offenses


Immigration bill goes down in flames--'A tremendous blow to bush'

Republicans and the Constitution -- what is it?

Obama says he doesn't favor impeachment of Bush, Cheney

"House Members Seek $4,400 Pay Raise" with a 14% approval rating in polls they give themselves a

Yes, the Supremes rule that Texas man can't be executed because he's mentally incompetent!!!!

Great tool: Interactive map of upcoming political events

Way to go Howard Stern - blasting that filthy animal Ann Coulter

LaRouchepac gathering Impeach Cheney signatures

"SiCKO" Offers Activists a Cure

US General: " plan in Baghdad has seen dazzling success that citizens have not noticed.."

Scalpels at dawn for 'Grey's Anatomy'.. ( Isaiah Washington's firing)

"LET FREEDOM REIGN!" --Three years ago today

Edwards Reaches Out To Gay Vote In Los Angeles

Anyone Else Having Problems Posting?

Ann Coulter Loses It, Calls Elizabeth Edwards A "Harridan"

Reliving Carson, Seinfeld on YouTube

Tavis Smiley to Moderate First Presidential Debate Tonight Made Up Entirely of Journalists of Color

Dems: Investigate Cheney for role in salmon die-off

"(sic)": Honest, or editor-speak for "moron"?

F.D.A. Issues Alert on Chinese Seafood


Inmate No. 28301-016

Caption the Teary-Eyed Deciderer!

And now they have claimed "executive privilege".

Bush Sabotaged the Immigration Bill.

The Idiot Talk-Jock Neal Boortz, And His Friends The Saudi's.

SCOTUS ok's price fixing. (Repeal of sections of Sherman anti-trust act)

my favorite coulter "deer in headlights" moment:

Rupert Murdoch Says Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Represent His Views

why don't we have a Constitutional Forum?

The ultimate Constitutional power of the people


One solution to guest worker issue could be to grant more small business loans

So who won the three-millionth-post contest?

Rahm's Amendment Gets Voted Down

GAME ON!! (Conyers Ready To BRING IT?!?)

Snow Makes False Claim Responding to Wiretap Subpoenas

Have you seen the wake up walmart commercial?

Transcript: Former Vice President Gore's Speech on Constitutional Issues

Self Delete.

Dems Mantra Should Be "What are they hiding?"

Bush on Surge Today: "Americans HAVE GOT to Understand It Takes Time To Move Troops From US To Iraq"

The speech I want the Democratic nominee to give 2008-JFK's speechwriter

Is anyone else having trouble with DU?

$14.96 (cost of pre-ordering AnnThrax's new book) To EDWARDS!

Make the court ruling work FOR us

Hey Skinner! elad! Your core router might be messing up.

bush/cheney: They wouldn't blackmail or threaten to kill anyone would they?

Imagine cheney replaced by fred thompson...

If Edwards came out in favor of impeachment

Putin's Arctic invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole - and all its gas, oil, and diamonds

Bush holds Israel up as model for Iraq

Does Cheney make $$$ from Haliburton?

PHOTOS: Temper, temper, Chimpolini

I guess maybe I'm wrong about this Coulter-Elizabeth Edwards

The Emotions of Dick Cheney (Apparently he does have them)

Right Wing Watch - The Immigration Bill and the next Revolution

Downtime/server issues today (Thursday june 28th)

so judicial activism is OKAY when it serves the cause of regression?

Hersh: ‘Bush And Cheney’s Wet Dream Is Hitting Iran’

Who do you hate more - Conservative Politicians or Conservative Pundits

A non-issue for years, vetoes now on congressional radar

John Edwards: If you won't vote for someone because they are a woman or black, don't vote for me.

The Carlson boy and Marcus Mabry team up to tell us that Gore is the favorite of the crazy left.

Putin vs Bush as "world leader". 30% of Americans favor Putin

John Edwards comments on Coulter's attacks against Senators Clinton & Obama (Hardball)

I think there is something wierd about the way the WH is fixated on the death penalty.

DoD: More Concerned with Appropriations than Appropriate Medical Care for Soldiers

Is it time to DRAFT AL GORE for President?

Petraeus Tours Western Baghdad

Little effort made to find deserters (spread the word)

Venezuelan V. Iraqi Oil Policies - A Study in Contrasts

Bush: "Remember, when I mention al Qaeda, they're the ones who attacked the United States"

Dennis Miller calls for death to Ahmadinejad

5-count indictment for boy-band mogul - Lou Pearlman (w/ newsmeat link)

Is Randi on Sirius?

Lieberman: the "surge" has the enemy “on the run.”

What a ridiculous nation we've become.

Any chance Roberts or Alito could flip later?

Coulter whining in her column about Tweety letting Elizabeth ambush her

Hi. I'm Ann Coulter. Ask me ANYTHING!

Where to find 'SiCKO' tomorrow....and how to avoid waiting in line.....

Hersh: ‘Bush And Cheney’s Wet Dream Is Hitting Iran’

Fox Poll: More Americans Trust Dems to Handle World War III Against Islamofascists!




Justice Breyer: "This is a decision that the court and the nation will come to regret."

Impeach the bastidges!

3571 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

so was the legal precedent massacre by SCOTUS prelude to a big fuck you to congress?

My EMAIL from PBS: Concerning Frank Luntz the Putz Presidential Forum Analysis

SCOTUS: Screwin' consumers today too!

Coulter melting down?

Sicko Distributor, The Weinstein Company, saz tickets being scalped for $40.

Is anybody else planning to watch the Democratic Debate tonight on PBS?

Breaking: Hardball - Hitchens has sweat out a fifth of scotch - and counting.

What time is tonight's debate?

computer help

"’s not that hard to take remote control of a wireless phone."

Prisoner 345 It's a number, just a number

Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush's Court

Articles of Impeachment Against President George W. Bush

"Tucker got the DU meme" :)

The Dubya Diaries: I Went to War College

Have they voted to cut off funding of little richard cheneys office yet???

Nothing funny about ‘Sicko’ state of health care by Arthur Caplan, Ph.D.

Two-tiered net could be coming (BBC)

Someone You Should Know

Here's something to help get to Canada....great resource...


Waxman, White House Strike Deal on Security Officers' Testimony

So, what imaginary "democracy" do you live in? Be specific.

Skinner, I checked out the DU swag

NYSE Says No Moore to 'Sicko' Director

World crisis of confidence in Bush (and Americans)

Naomi Klein / How War was turned into a Brand

PIC: Nosferatu Giuliani for president '08

Any Canadians know about a buy out company called 'Onex"

How much can I buy some free speech for? A letter to the politicians seeking big campaign checks.

Sicko and the 2008 Election

Canada's top court upholds federal rules on tobacco ads

Liberal women are sexy

Little Effort Made to Find Deserters

I Just Had The Most Frightening Thought About George Bush

Pickles Is Out of Town and George Looks Like Hell ---pix--->>>

New appeal recommended to Lockerbie bomber

Bush Cites Israel As Model for Iraq

US military now says only the ‘enemy’ had been killed dropping earlier reference to Al Qaeda

Glenn Greenwald Interview With Helen Thomas

Fox Poll: More Americans Trust Dems to Handle World War III Against Islamofascists

ARG New Hampshire poll: Bush job approval 14%

I assume the question of Executive Privilege will go the the Supreme Court.

Help Finding Immigration Bill Voting Record by Ammendment????

Trying To Find Executive Order From Bush To Cheney On 9/11

I. Scooter Libby inmate number 28301-016.

isn't the SCOTUS decision the punchline to NCLB?

treat the dems like a contractor they don't get paid until the work is done

the sons of Erin

Cheney resigns!!!

Our excellent exercising piece of shit....(Froomkin)

CBS eve. news: "Bush not just a lame duck, he's a dead duck"

Democrats Looking To Make It A Long, Hot Summer For Bush And The GOP

"Our destiny is predetermined by the corporate overlords

I wonder if Cheney thinks he's running out of time.

When I saw the Supreme Court ruling, I seriously thought it was a joke.

PBS: The Covenant with Black America - Democratic Debate - Tonight

Does anyone have that pic of Barbara and Poppy B*sh at the ball game?

Back to our regularly scheduled (massive, warning) TOON updates...

OK, DUers: How good or bad is the outlook for the mid-term future of our nation and species?

Rahm Emmanuel's DeFund Cheney Vote only missed by 6 VOTES!

A true revolution of values

Did Tweety just "joke" that Sharpton is "an unusual defender of decency?"

Come on, now, folks.

We have a rogue administration at the helm of this country.

There is only one Movie Star who could ever play Madd Ann...

Are not children who are born in this country automatically US citizens?

So ... Democratic putter-downers ... how's that new Supreme Court workin' for ya?

Voinovich Lashes Out At Hannity: ‘You’re Not Going To Intimidate Me,’ Then Hangs Up

GORE leads latest New Hampshire poll

Al Sharpton v. Chris Hitchens = Bong Hits 4 Jesus

TOON: A grip like a vice (president)

Republicans are making death threats against their senators who support the immigration bill!!

Did the Right Bloc of SCOTUS just overturn school integration?

Nancy Benoits death reported on Wikipeida 13 hours before discoverry

CHENEY Loses Wyoming (Editorial) Wyoming's Favorite Son Has Taken A Wrong Turn

Trying to defend the indefensible ... the Hardright attempts to do such.

Everyone's favorite Xenophobe is 'walking in sunshine' today on teevee

Clinton/Edwards/Obama supporters: Would you switch you preference to Gore if he got in? MORE VOTES!

China: Live pigs are force-fed wastewater to boost their weight before slaughter

Senate vote on immigration in 10 minutes...Are you watching?

O.K. the immigration bill is dead. Dead as our chances for a HUMANE option

The ground swell to remove Dick Cheney from out under the GOP is now in motion

Banner Unfurled in Senate Office Building in April - PHOTO Bears Revisiting


Super Creep

Man, it doesn't pay to take a break...

Thank You, Ann Coulter!

Just get my fucking plane up and down in one piece. OK?

Cheney's Last Stand (satire)

What did the Dems think they'd gain by letting John Roberts to the SCOTUS?

Hmm... Do the crooks in health insurance see the writing on the wall? I won my appeal!!!!

Putin Claims North Pole - and all gas, oil & diamonds

Is there a difference between a bus and a slave ship?

I Believe IMPEACHMENT Is Now Inevitable

I want to thank all those Democratic Senators who

Oh, joy...another downpour. It has rained -every day this month- except 3.

'Operation Phantom Thunder' renamed 'Operation Last Chance'.

My ideal prez candidate? The one who doesn't want to be re-elected.


LOL- Chimp Prez Library hires "interpretive planner" (exhibit designer) & keeps identity secret!

Our neighbors are moving tomorrow

How have Faith Hill and Tim McGraw managed to retain their fans despite criticizing Bush

Words Mean Things...

Egypt outlaws all female circumcision

Larisa Alexandrovna: I'm Confused... Or Am I?

Obama says he doesn't favor impeachment of Bush, Cheney

Kissinger: "If people think they will be indicted 10 years later for what they do."

19 Democrats voted for cloture on the vote for Judge Alito. Did they know or just not care...


Diabetic Man Kicked Off Train, Now Missing

--UPDATE: DU server hard drive failure

Well, well, well! Cheney is, once again, a member of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH!

A Parable of Belief

How to Destroy an African American City in 33 Steps

I remember Watergate....

Amtrak Kicks a Man with Insulin Shock off the Train in a National Forest . The Man is Now Missing.

Code Pink member collapses in Lieberman’s office

John Dean: The Misunderestimated Mr. Cheney: VP's Record Of WILLFULLY VIOLATING THE LAW

If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, how will DUers vote in the general election?

MSNBC Host Slams Bill O'Reilly For Blaming Dead Mothers

Sad day for America and humanity

TAKE THE POWER BACK! Impeach 8/18! We need more help to spread the word!

Rummy lies! So says Dan Bartlett:

Bush Anticipates Death of Ailing Castro / Bush wishes Cuba's Castro would disappear

Dateline NBC in Murphy, Texas - Online predator commits suicide when police showed up to arrest him

China Continuing to Poison US?

Pelosi: ‘Hate Radio’ Hijacked Political Discourse With ‘Xenophobic, Anti-Immigrant’ Rhetoric

We Can Kiss Abortion Rights Goodbye....

Buffett paid 17% ? Shouldn't we all pay 10% ?

Legal Memo Confirms White House Led Effort To Target And Remove U.S. Attorneys

This Saturday is the end of the presidential fundraising period. If you plan to donate, read this.

What is going to be the next foiled idiotic non-terror plot to distract us from the debate.

Obama Needs To Know That He's Now "Off The Table"...

"Shame on the court, Justice Thomas included."

My partner just got off the phone with the DCC

"CNN is pretty consistently on the left" Rupert Murdoch says

Why I Can Not Commit Suicide

Why I hope Al Gore Does not run.


SCOTUS ok's price fixing. (Repeal of sections of Sherman anti-trust act)

VIDEO: Congress Can Overcome Executive Privilege if Investigating Potential Crimes

Vote to defund Cheney this morning.

Bush called out for his earmarks

Hey Senator Kennedy, thanks for nothin'

Jeux sans frontieres

FORTUNE Magazine: Business LOVES Hillary - A Surprising Look at who Corporate America Bets On

I used the internet provided in the waiting room of a doctor's office..."

Big Pharma Readies Effort To Counter Moore's 'Sicko'

Health care.

Kerry on Supreme Court Ruling on School Diversity

From Al Gore: Please Sign The Live Earth Pledge

Poll Question for Hillary Supporters and their views on Iraq War

Democrats to debate at forum aimed at minorities (tonight/PBS)

Peruvian president Alan Garcia's approval rating down to 42%

Apology from former ex-gay leaders

New Hampshire Dem leader is . . . Al Gore

Legislator faded away, lived alone, died alone. Anti-welfare Repuke gets hand-outs 2pay for funeral

Cheney Admits He's Part of the Executive Branch

For Progressives, Gore's the One in 2008 (AlterNet)

The American Media Has Gone Crazy

Obama has 250,000 donors already, hoping for 350,000.

David Gregory Goes Medieval on Elizabeth Edwards on the "Today" Show!

What is a "Lunch Pail" Democrat?

NH Poll: Clinton, Romney gain; Edwards, McCain drop

Meet the Press to have CBN blogger/"news correspondent" at roundtable

Republicans Should Be Scared To Death By WH Actions

Countdown to Senate cloture vote on immigration at 10:50. Obama presiding with Graham now speaking.

Cheney is allowed to investigate anyone!

The Rude Pundit: The Obvious Irrelevancy of George W. Bush

Can't resist...a window sticker from Tampa.....

Hispanics are returning to Democrats for 2008

Al Gore beats Clinton in NH poll (see links)

Hillary getting support of 59% of Hispanic Democratic voters...

Whitman (EPA) says she quit after Cheney rewrote coal power plant rules

Who would possibly threaten Senators with bodily harm over the immigration bill?

The GOP: Grand Obstruction Party

Senator Jim Webb and the Populist Pitch

John McCone, CIA Director in the early1960s, bugged his own offices and home study!

The enemy of our enemy is not always our friend. Check this right-wing anti-Romney blog

Presidential Candidate WON'T be chosen until the Convention

Sept report on Iraq will tell it straight: Petraeus (Reuters)

Stevens and Young Could Face Serious Challenges

ARG Poll NH Senate: Shaheen 57%, Sununu 29%...

New Hapshire Poll: Clinton 37%, Obama 19%, Edwards 9%, More Clinton "Message Testing"

SC treasurer in 30-day rehab program - AP

Norm Coleman: vote for me because "these conservative kids don't fuck or get high like we do"

A constituent thinks Kucinich does not represent Cleveland.

Question about Harriet Myers and Sarah Taylor

Something in which to believe

Barack Obama Inc.: The birth of a Washington machine

Junior looks a bit defeated...

Rhode Island prepares for Bush visit, 1st of his presidency (sic)

Thanks for Dick Cheney

Is DU having server problems today? eom ww

Hillary Condemns SCOTUS Decision On Racial Diversity In Schools


Would Edwards' health insurance plan eventually lead to a single payer system?

Hillary on the School Desegregation Case

Coulter's remarks aid Edwards' fundraising

Is Obama trouncing a distant third place Edwards? Is this now a two-way race between HRC and Obama?

Come on Hillary and Edwards!

Time for the every 6 months rant...

Coburn on Exec. Privilege: Dems Repeating GOP Mistakes

Bush wishes Cuba's Castro would disappear - Reuters

"Liberal Media" my ass -- "Edwards cashes in on Coulter remarks"

Context: How They Set Expectations Last Quarter

Strategic Visions Georgia poll: Hillary 29%, Obama 26%, Edwards 18%, Richardson 7%

Edwards Fundraising Lags Behind Clinton, Obama in Second Quarter

Ronnie Earle Response to Court of Criminal Appeals - Press Release

W. Learns From Students

Somebody get me a bucket!

Former Mayor Dinkins Endorses Hillary Clinton

Rhode Island Secretary of State Mollis Endorses Clinton

NH Sen. Molly Kelly Becomes 50th to Endorse Hillary plus 5 new Reps.

Matthews and Coulter: No Shame, a Blog by Robert Borosage

Why did Elizabeth Edwards lower herself to calling in to talk to Coulter?

DCCC Ads To Blitz House GOPers During July 4 Break

Barack Obama has had over 5,000 people donate to his campaign since 7:30AM--less than 10 hours!

Mark Ambinder: dissecting Hillary 2nd quarter email

It's time to think about impeaching Roberts and Alito, and it can be done. (dial-up warning)

The road to the whitehouse...

Norm Coleman in his Pot Smokin Days...hilarious

Hey draft_mario_cuomo!!! Why do you dislike Obama so much?

So what do we do about immigration now

Democrat' Stop Bush's Anti-Gay Surgeon General Nominee

Rudy's White Powder/White Power Problem (The Nation)

"Who Do You Think You're Looking At?".......

WaPo: Tavist Smiley promises balanced debate tonight on PBS on Black Issues

I've gotta hand it to Kucinich for this.

Can we move on now?

How 'some people' become 'NYT Bestseller' authors ........

"A Strong Second Quarter" - From the Hillary Campaign

Rezko back in the news: Son of Nation of Islam founder says Rezko embezzled him

Romney, Torture, and Teens

Require all executives of companies doing business in the US to pay a minimum tax

Obama :The endorsement that matters

Giuliani and Thompson gain ground on Edwards (Rasmussen)

Charter Schools ^ wealth and class lines showing^

How to take back the Supreme Court

So, who do you want as the next President,

Nearly 250,000 Open Wallets for Obama

If Bush were impeached, would he still be entitled to lifetime secret service protection?

Must Read from Helen Thomas: Will the Real Hillary Clinton Stand Up?

After months of thought, I don't think the Democrats should run anybody for President in '08!

Why did Hillary Clinton lie about how she was given her first name?

Edwards wins Daily Kos straw poll with 40%. Obama a solid second at 22%.

What Women See When They See Hillary (or Hillary's "feminist problem"), from The Nation

Obama opposes impeachment of Bush*, Cheney. Favors it for "grave" breaches

Edwards' Crumbling Campaign is Bad News for Clinton

"For Progressives, Gore's the One in 2008" Article from Alternet

"Edwards has consistently outperformed all other Democrats in general election match-ups."

Don't vote for Obama -- he doesn't want Bush impeached!!!!

My fellow Democrats ...

We need a Constitutional Convention, to figure out how to enforce it.

I paid my pledge of $250 through Du for Edwards from last weekend act blue got the tip

Proof of Clinton Campaign connection to!?

Ding Dong the Bill is Dead!!!!

I am so sick of hearing this nonsense about filibustering Supreme Court nominees

Obama aide wants Libby pardoned

For those who missed Elizabeth Edwards' Livebloggin' on Dkos last night

Does anyone avoid GD politics because of the endless Clinton supporters/Obama supporters bickering?

Our dysfunctional two-party Congress is pathetic.

Edwards Denounces Supreme Court Decision On School Diversity Cases

Senators- Are you happy now that you didn't force "the Nuclear Option" on Roberts and Alito noms?

To the Fair & Balanced Media

Clinton and Edwards don't favor impeachment for Bush/Cheney

Is Hillary Electable? Memo indicates they are concerned. Polls indicate they should be.

Time to "start thinking about how to deal with the new era of wingnut judicial activism"

Britain's Brown unveils new government (Reuters)