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White House Revises Post-Disaster Protocol

Firm to be sued over 'torture flights'

PAUL KRUGMAN: Obama in Second Place

The Tortured Lives of Interrogators

Dick Cheney Rules / WaPoEditorial

Gorbachev criticises US 'empire' (BBC)

Commanders Say Push in Baghdad Is Short of Goal

Apple iPhone Coming June 29th

All They Have Is Each Other...

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 293

Lula rejects Bush move on climate change talks (Guardian UK)

The Green House exhibit at the National Building Museum

My search for the West Bank's 'invisible' town

After 40 Years Under Israel, Jerusalem Rifts Deepen

Amnesty: Watchdog needed for Israel

New report condemns Israel's 'blatant violation of International Law' in West Bank

The Specter of 'Hamastan'

Iran president sees "countdown" to Israel's end

Khadr to appear for arraignment hearing in Cuba

Wal-Mart faces another class action lawsuit

Democrats Clash on War on Terror, Iraq

Two Guantanamo captives face tribunals for second time

Alamo ordered to pay Muslim woman more than $280,000 for discrimination

Baird echoes U.S. on climate deal

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Catholic priest shot dead in Iraq

A A A A A A A R R R R R R G G G G G H H H H H H H H !!!!!!!

Lot of pirate stuff on the telly lately

I got myself a digital camera!!!!

I could be a movie star!

MTV Movie awards

"Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic" on TLC channel .....

Anyone here a fan of Twelve Girls Band?

Tony Blair and cabinet explain how they screwed it all up

The Tudors - Showtime's answer to HBO's Rome?

Coming out to my parents was one of the best things that I did.

I just dropped a Python bomb on LBN

Hilarious out-take from one of the "X-Men" movies...

Did Larry the cable guy change or did I change? I cannot abide

i am such a fraidy cat!

Well, the last beer in the fridge has been opened. The aptly named Steel Reserve 211!

Ive been waiting for something to happen

What Would Jesus Drive? A musical meditation

University of Arizona Softball - Bear Down

Which Wizard of Oz Character are you?

Informative study of psychedelic drugs on spiders

Why do the rates for the same rental car differ so much between agencies?

99 F / 37 C

Disgusting and Shameful!!! Evangelical Freeper School has Plantation Graduation party (PICS)


Say hello to the newest addition to our family! (Kitty pics!)

and they say teenage girls are bad! sheesh!

Do you use coupons?

Is being a dick an addiction?

"Spamalot" on You Tube!

Ok who watched The Sopranos tonight?****possible spoiler alert****

I found a BLOOPER in a movie BY MYSELF - in "Zorba"

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Flesh-free diet.

Post Something You Remember About Your Early Days On DU

GE unions seek improvements as company seeks to cut


Wal-Mart admits increasing unpopularity as unions organise huge protests outside glitz-fest


Death by burbs

understanding the frustration with the two party system


The Questions From The Audience Are 100x Better Than Wolf's

Anderson Cooper has a British accent.


OMG! Edward's hair looks fantastic!


In order for Good to prevail, must there be an equal distribution of pain?

Bill Schneider: Obama is a great communicator

Show of hands: if someone kidnapped your parents and gave you the choice

Clinton couldn't be Truman

Impressions, impressions from the debates

Need Opinions Please!!

Big winners: Clinton and Obama! Edwards did OK.

Biden for Secy of State and Chair of the JCS, concurrent appointments.

Hillary Parrots Bush Fearmongering at Tonight's Debate!

What the hell? Hannity is giving the story of Juanita Broderick???

Who ever wins will bring the rest along for positions of power in the next Admin....

Who else besides Biden supported public financing at the debate?

BBC readers respond to tonites debate

Kervorkian: "It's A Tyrannical Country"

Best line from the "debate"?

Group Behavior 101

After Sanctions, Doctors Get Drug Company Pay

Dems rule!

Obama and Clinton fans, please stop! We are getting dizzy

38% of Repubs like their Pres Candidate Choices. What % Dems like their Candidate Choices?

Dumb article blaming sexism for Couric's destrcution of CBS Nightly News...

Why is the choice always presented as: kill bin Ladin or wimp out?

stop corporate crap: "the Time-Warner Democratic debate"

My Take on "Acceptable Losses"

I know this sounds shallow but the production values of tonight's debate

LimboSEVIC & FAUX are doing their "comedy"

5 More To Go to 3,500.

Obama won debate, according to online poll...

During the break in the debate--How can Wolf Blitzer be used if CNN fires him?

What's this, "they were there for you, now you be there for them," shit.

Vote on CNN's "scorecard"

Excellent site regarding the U.S. economy

(US) Officials discuss ‘detailed’ plans for permanent bases (in Iraq)

Fascinating video of Orcas using waves to get at a seal on an ice floe -not graphic or bloody.

Debate was great, CNN needs help

Bloggers react to debate on CNN, next!

McClatchy: American among those killed by U.S. attack in Somalia

NYT: With Korea as Model, Bush Team Ponders Long Support Role in Iraq

In Los Angeles, You Say, 'Hola!' I Say, 'Ahn-nyung'

On Comedy Central, I'm watching Larry The Cable Guy doin' stand up and

58 U.S. troops have been killed since May 24

Tim Russert marries Fred Tompson in a private ceremony.

Interesting graphic from Desert Rat in another thread. Guess who got most air time?

Columnist/Author released after being arrested at debate

Poll: Why Would Hillary Clinton Be Our Best Choice for Dem Nominee?

Am I the only one who thought Obama failed the debate?

GOP chief: New strategy key

Clinton, Edwards, and Obama @ a Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty - June 4 on CNN

Is "Amnesty" a bad word around here?

Edwards winning AOL debate poll

A very disturbing issue--China harvesting organs

Elizabeth Edwards, facing cancer, writing letter to her children

A Debate I would like to see...

Canuck MP questions whether SPP negotiations are foot in the door for deep integration,

The Next Front On The Great War On Terror! Da Caribbean mon!

Some Highlights from tonight’s presidential debate


Candidate by candidate brief rundown, (dissatisfied, NEED HELP)

MSNBC: Gravel, Kucinich Hurting The Democrats?

Eric Alterman Released After Arrest in Debate Spin Room

Can you say Republican vultures??? I can.....

CSPAN is taking callers

Please for the love of Christ stop playing God

bbuutt...I thought Global warming was a "hippie liberal thang" on

Lets see if we can top Brit Hume's hypothetical disaster questions from the last GOP debate

What's the problem with "no -knock" searches? They kill innocent people.

Right-wing publishers worry about future

Biggest bummer of the Bush administration?

What the hell is on CNN right now?

Did it surprise anyone when Hillary took the lead tonight?

So it's okay to kill innocent civilians?

which candidate has the experience and knowledge needed to be President ?

Still A Passionate Advocate For Assisted Suicide (Kervorkian)

Post-Debate Poll:

Barnes & Noble and Al Gore's 'Assault on Reason'

Did You Watch The Debate Tonight?

the big LOSER was Wolf

WTF: Eric Alterman arrested in spin room

Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' so people appreciate Bush

Post debate preference poll

John Edwards: "Strong Performer"; "Smart" and "Bold"

I liked Richardson's proposal for a 'Heroes Card' soldiers could use at any hospital or any doctor

CNN has a debate scorcard. The final tally has some surprises.

DOD forms task force to study Iraq fraud

Hello, India


Re: the debate... at the risk of sounding like a party cheerleader... you go, Dems!

Who impressed you the most at the "debate?"

"BULLY OF THE BEACH" Starring George Bush & Harry Reid - This Modern World

I'm turning this crap off.

NYT: First assessment in - Surge is NOT working...

"We Need More Attacks On American Soil-So People Can Appreciate BUSH"-Says: Ark. GOP Head

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

I saw "V for Vendetta" tonight..for the first time. WOW!!

Immigration law anyone?? I've got questions.

Name better potential moderators than Wolf Blitzer

YouTube video-It will make you cry

LTTE from a soldier in Iraq

Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich all irrelevant, step out and reduce dilution

Hillary: ''I believe we are safer than we were.''

Army Vet STOPS a $475 million Iraq Contract !!!

Can a Canadian put in her two cents worth on the debate?

President Gore is still my choice!! There i said it!!

Fighting Corporate Personhood: An introduction and resource guide

Al Gore's Promise to Us When Democracy Was Usurped in the Bloodless Coup of 2000.

Gore/Kerry for 2008??? What do

How about an Anthropology group?

Watch the Debate live on

U.S. charges four in plot to blow up JFK Airport..............Okay, nothing more to see here........

On Darfur: Richardson just lost points with me. Biden scores.

"Hero's Health Care Card"

Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system

Anyone reading Assault On Reason, by Al Gore

On one side, Democrats talking about the issues

Biden and the V-bottom Humvees

Did anyone catch Kucinich.... RE: the funding bill...

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Edwards after watching the debate

Edwards wins DailyKOS poll on debate!

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Clinton after watching the debate?

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Obama after watching the debate?

Will the debate be replayed...anyone know?

Bumper sticker of the day: "Support Terrorism. Vote Democrat!"

Clinton/Lieberman 2008.....

I just can't get excited

What did you think of the format of the debate?

Richardson wins my special-interest pander award

It was the Hillary. Obama, Edwards show...check it out for yourself

IMO: round one - #1 Obama, #2 Clinton. Round 2 - Clinton #1, Obama #2

The losers are the Republicans

Clinton by far.. the most knowledgeable

Al Franken: If You Ever Wonder Whether We Really Need Public Financing of Elections in this Country

I Find It Disturbing Nobody Ever Asks About Russia In These Debates

Biden just replaced Richardson

Should Bill Richardson drop out now?

Anyone see Drudges poll on who won the debate: SHOCKING numbers so far

What an incredible field we have this time

Andrew Sullivan on the Dem. Debate

Pretend Hillary didn't say "we are safer"

CNN's camera behind the candidates at debate showed Clinton, Kucinich standing on platforms

Health Care: Time for Universal Coverage?

Edwards revealing leadership and distinction on issues

This Is How I'd Rank The Candidates Performances Tonight....

Only one candidate (Edwards) mentioned poverty tonight...

Best line of the whole debate:

CNN Debate Scorecard Up! Surprise! Carville favors Clinton! Go Vote!

Biden won the debate. Hands down.

The Nation's Eric Alterman arrested at debate spin room

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Hillary, Biden, Obama gained most tonight. Edwards biggest loser. ... says focus group.

Hillary Parrots Bush Fearmongering at Tonight's Debate!

Molly Ivins on the Democratic Debate

Even under rosy scenario, 15 million Americans would not have health insurance under Obama's plan

nytimes BestSeller has Al Gore Assult on Reason # 1 YEAH

Deciphering Obama

Debate Winner - OBAMA!!

To me, Edwards , Dodd and Kucinich kept it real

Why the Media Hates John Edwards

The Lady and the Veep

A Showdown In Ankara

Cheney's Mystery Visitors

The Tortured Lives of Interrogators

NYT: Surge is not working

Sentencing for Dummies: The Fate of I. Lewis Libby (by Elizabeth de la Vega)

Funding Cut for Data on Economic Well-Being / WaPo


Editorial NYTimes: Immigration Sabotage

Attacks Kill 17 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Bush's "Magic" Economic Formula: The Rich get Richer; Regular People Lose Ground

All They Have Is Each Other...

'Entire U.S. Political Class' Now Tarred With Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dems Debate --While Bush Widens "War on Terror" (The Nation)

Political Roadkill On The Path To The Presidency (by Kathleen Reardon at HuffPost)

So Why the High Price? (Green Card) Fees increase by 66% / WaPo Editorial

Our Loss

Supreme Court Ruling Brings Split in Antiabortion Movement / WaPo

Shining a Spotlight on Hillary's Time in the Senate

IRAQ: Curfew leaves Bagdhad suburb residents in trouble

The Recipe for Debate Du Jour

An Illusion Of Justice (

Skimming The Student Loan Cream (

US companies seen warming to idea of health reform

In Hollywood, Creative Women Are Still at the Back of the Bus; Way Back



Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sex and Reality (The Nation)

Boston Globe Writes Editorial I Thought No Corporate Newspaper Ever Would

Bush On AIDS: Smoke and Mirrors, and Broken Promises (by Matthew Kavanagh at HuffPost)

The Little Revolution that Couldn’t

Al Franken| If You Ever Wonder Whether We Really Need Public Financing of Elections in this Country

Iraq’s Mercenaries - With A Licence To Kill

The 12 main failures of the Bush-Cheney administration: A terrible legacy

Guest commentary: Don't solve health care on back's of workers (State of Wisconsin's health plan)

Newspaper industry in crisis? Big-bucks takeovers suggest otherwise

Sicko? The Truth About the US Healthcare System

The Losers? Innocent Victims

Occupying Iraq: America's 100 Year War

The United States Has Permanent Plans in Iraq

Judge's ruling may halt all Guantanamo trials

Maybe It's Not A Lack Of Courage

Why the Media Hates John Edwards By Larry Sakin

Show Us the Money By SUSAN E. REED Op-Ed Contributor NYTimes

Dennis Byrne (wingnut pundit) assaults fictional Gore presidency

Story from the Christian Broadcasting Network - The Bush Implosion

Nora Ephron| How to Foil a Terrorist Plot in Seven Simple Steps

"The More They Gain, Execs Lose Public Trust" (by a rich guy who gets it)

Iraqis come to US to protest oil theft law

China releases strategy to fight global warming - AFP

Indonesia world's No.3 greenhouse gas emitter: report - Reuters

China says US should work with UN on climate change - AFP

Louisiana aims to unleash Mississippi River - AFP

Eastern Australia Experiences Hottest May Ever Recorded - AFP

After Dry Winter, Quebec Forest Fires 5X 5-Year Average, Ontario 2X 10-Year Average - Reuters

John Howard Trots Out Emission Trading Scheme - No Caps, No Targets, No Penalties - For 2012 - AFP

China - Climate Plans Must Yield To Economic Growth - Refuses "Any Quantified Targets" - Reuters

Marshall & Gilbert Islands - Tides Higher Than Ever, Trees Dying, Beaches Shrinking As Oceans Rise

Kunstler - The Democratic Debate & The Magic Moment We've So Far Avoided Confronting

From Wyoming to Idaho, the states' per capita carbon dioxide emissions

Canada dilutes climate change tone, backs Merkel - Reuters

China says EU 2 degree warming goal lacks basis - Reuters

Is a new, $2500 car a good idea

Multinational Study - Global CO2 Output Rising 3% Annually - 300% Faster Than Expected - Telegraph

Rising sea levels could swallow California's delta islands

Rare Category 4 Hurricane In Arabian Sea, Heading For Oman

Our oceans are turning into plastic -- Are we?

Germany's Jews warn PM not to promote immigration to Israel

Iran and Egypt to hold talks on restoring full diplomatic ties

Egyptian police seize 1.5 tonnes of explosives in central Sinai

MI officer: Hezbollah is rebuilding south of Litani

Afghan army chief seeks independent army

Larry Flynt offers $1m for US political sex scandal

Still A Passionate Advocate For Assisted Suicide (Kervorkian)

Before Bush’s visit, Czechs torn over U.S. missile defense plans

Somalia’s Prime Minister Survives Suicide Attack; 7 Others Die

Serbian mass grave "holds up to 500" Kosovo victims

Reach out to Iran, opposition figure urges U.S.

Commanders Say Push in Baghdad Is Short of Goal

Web site to show video of missing troops

Chinese gangs 'behind fake drugs'

Commanders Say Push in Baghdad Is Short of Goal

OAS opens summit with warning against 'silencing' opponents

Liberia's Charles Taylor goes on trial

Funding Cut for Data on Economic Well-Being

Biggest polluters don't bear brunt of new clean-air laws

ABC/WaPost Poll: Bush Base Erodes On Immigration Debate

Smokers told to quit or surgery will be refused

U.S. military plays down report of faltering American troop drive in Baghdad neighborhoods

FBI close to constructing criminal case against Bruno (NYS top Repub)

Sources: Rep. Jefferson to be indicted by federal grand jury

Rising sea levels could swallow California's delta islands

Gunmen kidnap Iraqi senior official in Baghdad

Al-Qaida group says 3 abducted GIs were slain

Curfew leaves Bagdhad suburb residents in trouble

'Piggybacking' roils credit industry

Indictment Brought Against Rep. Jefferson

7 Turkish troops killed in rebel attack

Bush discusses Lebanon with Hariri (Bomb explodes east of Beirut)

Court Backs Firms on Credit Reporting

Poll: Bush Base Erodes on Immigration Debate (45%)

Security Workers Join AC Union Push

Army rules on blogs, e-mail not being enforced

Court backs Mo. death penalty procedure

U.S. general says only one-fourth of Baghdad is in 'controlled state'

Democratic congressman indicted in bribery probe

Turkey 'suicide raid kills three'

Appeals Court Rejects Mich. Abortion Law

Justice official is said to have favored GOP loyalists

Web site to show video of missing troops


Gingrich Rips 'Dysfunctional' Administration

First 2 sputum tests for TB man prove negative

Europe, US cannot be divided:

I'm the world's only true democrat, says Putin

GSA chief disputes report on Hatch Act violations

Guantanamo Charges Dropped Against bin Laden's Ex-Driver

Oil at $70 as cyclone nears Mideast Gulf

Appeals Court upholds decision blocking Michigan's ban on 'partial birth' abortions

Afghanistan's Karzai Downplays Iranian-Taliban Link

Hagel (R-Ne) calls on president to send special envoy to Middle East

Bus bearing anti-war slogans parked outside Marine’s hearing

Wal-Mart 'Just Not American Anymore,' Group's Ad Charges

Gas prices are budget busters for many

US cuts back climate checks from space

Did Colorado Secretary of State Coffman Lie About Haditha Massacre?

Judge dismisses charges against Canadian Guantanamo detainee

U.S., Venezuela trade barbs over media freedom, rights

Wyoming senator (Thomas) in serious condition

England Bans Palace Protests

Bush Opens Europe Trip on Jarring Note

Treasury aide says U.S. might hit debt limit in '07

Tiananmen Square survivors mark anniversary of massacre, seek reform

Justice official is said to have favored GOP loyalists

Gates says no evidence Iran moving weapons to Taliban

US military officials downplay report troops control only third of Baghdad

Supreme Court reinstates death sentence for man convicted in carjacking, rape, murder

Jury indicts Jefferson in bribery probe (edited)

Holocaust diary of young girl emerges after 60 yrs

Vt. Secession Movement Gains Traction

I feel uneasy tonight...

Anybody have a link to Mr Benchley's swan song?

Serious weather headed this way

What time is sunset in your area?

how 'bout a goin to sleep youtube thread?

Small realization:

Wicked insomnia tonight

Counting Bayhs or Liebermans will help you insomniacs go to sleep......

This is a sad story, yes, but also about as uplifting as anything I've read.

say hello to my little friend

Ow! I love my big kitty...

Has anyone listened to Sam since his move to Sundays

Post your favorite monkey picture...

Dutch Researchers Trying To Grow Meat In Laboratory

Upscale Hotel Offers Group Showers, Fireman's Poles

College Student Eats 59 1/2 Hot Dogs In 12 Minutes

Pic from the MTV movie awards >> yikes!

I bought a home theater system on Sunday!!

Sorry to bug...but HOW do you do a screen shot for the 52nd time

I just informed my roommate about macaca and George Allen

When I need people in my life...

Gotta love cell phone technology especially at a concert!! (pics from Roger Waters)

Post here if you have me on Ignore

33 years ago - 10 cent beer night - Cleveland Indians fans got tanked

i noticed a strange thing

We've pretty much googled Stoney Brook People to death....

Wisconsin Woman Charged With DUI After Crashing Into Beer Truck

Has anyone read "The Assault On Reason" yet?

Awww...Battlestar Galactica's ending!

avenging disco godfather

Ellen Barkin-wow!

Glitch fixed

HAHAHA - You thought our GD/GDP forums were bad - check out the one at Rapture Ready

I always feel strange inside.

Okay how did the weekend go?

*Another* Pic from the MTV movie awards

Vehicle size and male anatomy

Have you ever ordered meals from Canada?

A "Case of the Mondays" photo if you have ever seen one

The Green House exhibit at the National Building Museum

Need help with a remix of love me do by the Beatles?

Help me understand animosity

Elizabeth Edwards' shocker on NPR this weekend: "John uses no hair products at all."

White Mike Johnny Glove Funky Broadway

Man Gets DUI While Riding His Lawnmower - Gets Additional Ticket For Not Mowing Lawn

Should a 50-something year old still be trying to figure people out? nt

Does the USA need an Operation Mayhem?

"So you can actually do an account from start to finish?"

I just got something very cool in the mail.

**WARNING** Men! Don't let this happen to you this summer! Am Series!

Rate Your Cat's Attitude

james brown teaches us the funky chicken, the boogaloo, and the james brown

This little guy brightened our lives 2 years ago today

HIV rape orgies in the Netherlands

Women Getting Collagen Injections - In Their G-Spots

Should a 22 month old be able to count to 10?

Animal trivia of the day...

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (pic heavy)

I just met Scott Ritter in an elevator. What a nice guy.

World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday

Woman Reports Child Kidnapping. No Kidnapping, Just A Dwarf Mechanic In The Trunk Of A Car

I'm watching "Death of a President"

"Female Horse stuffed with Wax?" Alternative uses for Coke

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Monday, 6/4/07)

Are there people who think something snarky they posted or typed in an email

the only problem with cars

Your all-star dream band...

The only turn off with a car, in my humble opinion

Powerpoint Experts. How do I insert a song into a presentation?

Naked Drunk Woman Breaks Into Home, Assaults Couple - Tasered

To Monkeys, Kittys, and dogs!

Grandma Killed By Mr. Softee Truck While Walking To Church

we are all music

Do you like Kipling?

Oh man, our local PBS is prostituting themselves again

Is using your manly or womanly 'wiles' OK to go get the 'WIN'??

Clip of Parasite Hilton getting OWNED at the MTV awards

Canadians really DO talk like that eh!

If underpant's kid is so smart perhaps she can provide hurricane warnings

My life is now complete

Uh Oh. I just ate 1/2 the sticker

OMG I can't believe my girlfriend has a disgruntled genitourinary system!

I just can't get enough of the male genitourinary system!

What do I need to open a rar file?

My boyfriend had never seen "To Kill a Mockingbird"....

Monday Earworm

I am not sure how to post this but WTF

My girlfriends an Anarcho-Syndicalist. . .I'm not ready to be an incendiary

I've been told I'm "anti-social."

what do you do when life gives you lemons?

yay! 3 day weekend!!

My favorite drinking glasses EVER

what do you do when life gives you melons?

My girlfriends pregnant...I'm not ready to be a father

Strange cat question (in case there are any cat people in the lounge :-) )

This is the Lounge. Two threads by me

Why do they call events held at the Meadowlands "New York" events

Some things never change

Sturgeon's Law is the foundation of my personal value system

All I am Saying is: ROCKIT had better NOT get me PREGNANT!

I made this recipe for dinner the other night... (It's not vegan warning)

Marry, Date or Bury (#2)

I got the blues today, it must have something to do with penis size

I'm not ready to be either pregnant or a piece of produce

whatever happened to adrian zmed?

I believe the ESPN game of the night is the Twins at Angels tonight

Is it possible for a picky eater to be a vegetarian?

I'm pregnant and I'm not sure I love the father

I'm pregnant with a Brazilian baby

If I exist, please respond to this thread...

Marry, Date or Bury (#4)

I used to go out to parties

Marry, Date or Bury (#1)

my birth father looked cool in 1969

Time for New State Mottos

Your favorite Marx brother

Should I do a "Marry, Date or Bury" on myself?

What do you do when life gives you a cucumber?

Marry, Date or Bury (#3)

And for you fashionable cat lovers....

Women. Do you think guys in little cars are sexy?

Who will live at end of Sopranos, Tony or Phil?

I'm not ready to be a father

Woman Forced At Gunpoint To Pump Gas Into Man's Vehicle

I'm not ready to be

fold, mutilate, or spindle 1

What do you do when life attacks you with fresh fruit?

Ok, this made me laugh so I'll share it with you all...

Are there any US home improvement stores with locations in Europe?

My power went out right during the middle of Charm School!!!!

I'm opening up a store. It will be called Punks 'R' Us.

Does Anybody understand this Headline ?? >>>

Delta Airlines Offers New Gay Focused Web Site

NOW she tells me a side effect of this drug is weight gain!

A movie that will really help you understand the mechanics of the Iraq war

Oh Man - Nataliee Holloway's Mom is dating JonBenet Ramsey's Dad

make up a product name

Wish me luck: I'm applying to Starbucks

A few photos from the ocean at Bandon, Oregon, 06/03/2007

Why would a married woman start acting flirty with me?

This post is All About Me: I've got major bragging rights after doing this:

Someone please! If you see me on DU in the next hour....

Breathe in Union.....

For mycritters and RevCheesehead - let's write sermon titles that won't quite work!

OMG I can't believe they killed Tony Soprano before the series finale

Is Tony Soprano a sociopath?

Have you ever ordered meds from Canada?

LOL!. Only in Fenway...

DESPERATELY need good vibes

I was wrong. I don't have the flu. I HAD the flu. Now I HAVE pneumonia

I don't think i want to be a father either

Anyone watching Doctor Who Season 3 on the BBC?

Do you ever look at DU and go 'whoah, I can't believe how well I know this website'?

Marry bury or date 3.5

I got matcom pregnant

Crap, the next few weeks are going to be CRAZY

What shift do you prefer to work?

I will be gathering names for the 'Paris Hilton' vigil commencing this week.

Psyche people, help me with a phrase - how do you define "Motivated Social Cognition"?

replace anything with the word "fuck"

Here's an incredible story regarding aging and exercise:

Monday Morning Questions

I hope my husband isn't going to have a disgruntled student situation

If DU happens to be down, for 16 hours tomorrow...

Poll: Pancakes or Waffles?

Who wants to get me pregnant?

My wife got a new job!

Whats for Monday supper?

So my HS senior son is getting pressured into doing drugs

I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Pic Thread Time!!!

The DYLAN MOVIE: I'm Not There

Against all odds, this compound is working?

Fading away

Female celebrities who take FAMOUS spouse's name, but not Joe Blow's

Better title for tonight's endlessly ballyhooed 'Saddam's Tribe' on Discovery Times Channel

Replace a word in a Led Zeppelin title with an ELEMENT of breakfast

My birth father abandoned me

Family Guy: 'Star Wars' (Season 6 Premiere) Preview

3 Kids + Harp + Mandolin + Bass = Awesome

The real story of the "monster pig"

Why do single men always think I'm flirting with them?

Bjork fans-What do you think of her new album?

Business owners who think their kids are so cute they put them in their ads

Congratulations seemslikeadream!! 20,000 posts

I just found out I missed the last scene of Pirates of the Caribbean

Replace a word with "Breakfast" in a movie title

Thoughts about London:


Egads...what is this? Am I actually feeling some respect...for Paris Hilton???

Dettori breaks Epsom Derby hoodoo with Authorized

Boxing (June 3 through 9)

I have posted this before,, Somebody please help me to find

Episode 18 USW POWERcast! (the growing problem of unregulated private equity)

Teamsters picket over lockout (story and video)

Voices of Iraqi Workers Solidarity Tour June 4-29, 2007

Nation’s First Iraq-Afghanistan War Memorial Built with Volunteer Union Labor

Hillary on Hypothetical Questions

14 points of Fascism

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) on GMA

Hillary in the Democratic Debate (Cheney coment)

Justice Revival: Pentecost 2007

Foolproof Response To Anything Any Member of Bush Admin or Right-Wing Pundit Ever Says or Said

IVAW Press Conference

Democratic debate: CNN coverage of Kucinich about the fact he was standing on a box

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Ain't gonna study war no more)

Edwards Vs. Obama Vs. Hillary On Iraq War (clip from debate)

Bill O'Reilly- No Spin Zone

Smooth Criminal

Rep. Jim McGovern..."I'm with Senator Clinton"

Democrats' Innocent Bystander Fable

Elizabeth Edwards Responds to Bob Shrum's Allegations

No More Blood for Oil

Wal-Mart and China

Got any messages for NH Democrats??? Speak up now!


I Just Turned On Faux To See What They'd Say About The Dem Debate

I smack Cheney here a bit--is it too harsh?

Airline ticket: $10; pillow: $15

Informant Plays Key Role in JFK Plot

According to USA Today, the winner of the Dem debate is

3,495 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Bush is not charming

Please Help... I'm Left Speechless... Don Nickles (OK) On Libby Pardon\Impeachment

Mercenaries do intel work for corporations & others--does our government watch watchers?

I'm already there (video I made, repost)

Michael Moore will be on Oprah on Tuesday, June 5.

Was evolution talked about in tonight's dem debate, or was...

M-16s replace AK-47s for some Iraqi troops

News hidden by the JFK plot/Dem Debate: Putin threatens to target Europe with missiles

White House Prepares for Possible Vacancy as Court Nears Summer Break?!

"Cost of gas hobbling area's poor" Central Ohio

Frank Gaffney was on Q&A on CSPAN this morning.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Petri Dish Pork, The Other White Meat

Mr. Fish: Condoleeza Rice's Nose Bleed (Yuck - Is Right!)

Need help debunking the "Dems took money from Abrahamhoff too"

Taylor boycotts war crimes trial

Don’t Stop Believin’ --- C'mon Now!

Shadow medical update:The long slow road to the long slow road to recovery

MSM Majorly Pushing the "Guyana Connection" Terror Story

It's official: Plame was a covert agent. Will Toensig apologize now?

First internal assessment of escalation negative.

YICH!!! Tucker again on MSNBC....

YO: Link to live blog reports from the Gitmo trial today

Iraq Escalation Faltering

Edwards was ignored on the Q of troops getting medical care on return from Iraq even though...

Conservatives Who Called For Gonzales’ Resignation Silent On No-Confidence Vote

Based on the response to last night's debate.....

Part of what's wrong with America (and the rest of the "evolved" world)

Democrats to apply pressure on rethugs this summer to abandon WH

Notice the framing of immigration regarding the jobs "they" take.

Iraq with-drawl propaganda is revving up...

Paris Hilton vs. Tucker Carlson

Why does Matt Laur get to visit Cuba but I can't?

Debate repeat on CSpan1 n/t

Help, need to do a screes shot stat!!!

Were they or weren't they?

"Bush is responsible for capture of your soldiers."

Cheney: The war on terror won't end for a long time

Walter Pincus: CIA Warned of Negative Outcomes-anarchy in Iraq, global US antipathy

Dem. Now!: An Innocent Man on Death Row in Georgia?


As a child, John Kay escaped from behind the Iron Curtain with his parents..

CDC issues Important info about TB exposure, explains tests here

Oversight Committee to limit RNC e-mail request

Is "Accountability" a Democratic Word?

Boy, the media really pushing Hillary hard, aren't they?

March of the People

Repubs In Such A Hurry To Indict Before Election -That They Got Name On Indictment Wrong

New Video Shows Missing U.S. Soldiers' ID Cards

What's The Chances Of A Split-Off 3rd Party With The Republican's Being The Ones Split?

BabaWawa: "...plotting to blow up fuel storage tanks INSIDE the terminals at JFK."

Michael Moore on Oprah Tuesday

Officer Ehren Watada. One Year Ago, He Refused to Go.

US Military Pondered Love Not War

U.S. cutting back efforts to monitor global warming from space

What do you say to a republican that says this about Clinton's impeachment:

LOL - opinion piece "Are We To Believe the Latest Global Warming Report" - screen cap

In the time it took this bus to get from DC to KC,

and on Washington Journal today??? drum roll... BOB SHRUM

What is Larry Flynt up to?

Calling Himself ‘The Whitest Man In America,’ Fox’s Gibson Defends ‘Ooga Booga Fever’

Commanders Say Push in Baghdad Is Short of Goal

How do RW'ers rationalize the "liberal media" when they have let Bush slip by time and time again?

Bingo! Stop-war precedent found: US Senate 6/24/1970.

Romney candidacy has resurrected last days prophecy of Mormon saving the Constitution

If DU is down for 'fixing'? I'm cool and I'll be here.....

Guantanamo judge drops charges against Khadr

Americans are becoming less worried about gays, abortions, and embryonic stem cell research.

I loved Hillary's clothes, hair, and make-up tonight

"We have not been attacked since 2001". When will liberal pundits (besides Bill Maher) STOP THIS?

Novak: White House is sacrificing Doan in order to concentrate on Gonzales

Here's your bushitler economy.

Military Interrogator: "I Tortured People"-Blames Bush-"Total Crap-That Its Different Kind Of War"

Breaking News on MSNBC: Paris in Jail:Day 1

Clarence Thomas speaks 1.3 words per hour in court; last asked question in Feb 2006

We've screwed ourselves: Just taking a look at the War Powers Resolution....

Rove hires new deputy.

Pres. Forum on Faith, Values & Poverty tonight at 7PM on CNN.

State Department issues traveling warning -- Venezuela

Trinidad and Tobago slowly sinking (or not so slowly)

A Stars & Stripes letter from Camp "Liberty" (Carter speaks the truth)

Faith - Action - Change: People of Faith for Barack Obama

Lawrence Wilkerson: Neocons tried to push Taiwan to declare 'Independence'

Ex-interrogator tortured by role in Iraq


Most creative news typo of the week. (And it's only Monday.)

FT (From Friday 6/01): Europe furious at US climate call

Democrats have a chance to Rove GOP on illegal immigration (use their strength against them)

Military Industrial Complex, Global Warming and everything...

Tight Wingnut Turned Loose: Rachel Marsden Booted From Fox News' ''Red Eye''

Breaking News: Federal Officials seek Corruption Charges Against Congressmen William Jefferson

Re: "Myths" and other posts containing quotes....

Protesters in Germany Getting Ready for the G8 Summit

How did the Dem Candidates Answer "Are The Oil Companies Price Gouging?"....

Anti-abortion movement member calls USSC Carhart decision "more wicked than Roe"

Time hires Dick Armey as new blogger.

"No clear winner of the debate"... So..if someone WINS, do we get to cancel the election

Judge Throws Out Charges in Guantanamo Prisoner Case

Clinton Beats Blitzer in CNN Debate

Sirotablog: Dems Promote the Innocent Bystander Fable At CNN Debate


New American Research Group early caucus/primary polling (for what little it's worth)

(x-post) Al Gore vs. Fred Thompson Poll

Health Care Industry "Girding for Battle" with Michael Moore

It is very difficult to start again from the bottom .

Scarborough has an Imus moment:

CNN quick vote being fr*eped

Stunning Court Ruling May End Bush's War Crime Trials @ Gitmo & Mil Com Act

LOL! Bush Administration can't bail out all the cronies!

The silver lining of a perforated uterus

Calling Al Gore

Former U.S. Commander In Iraq (Sanchez): War Is Lost

Caption Rudy

Sweet JEEzus! When does the Terror! Terror! 24/7 Stop!?!!?

My six year old son. Future liberal

The wonderfulness of Ray Bradbury

so we're fighting them over there so we don't have to here....

Rate Wolf Blitzer's job moderating the debate

"The Real Stephen Colbert" Backstage Live & Uncut with John Kerry.....

Will poverty make political comeback?

Cheney: "I'm a great believer in the all-volunteer force."

JUDGES Ruling Could Spell END Of Military Commissions Act!

Fact-Checking the Candidates: · Health Care · Iraq War

Judge Won't Drop Bush Threat Charge Against Purdue University Student

Mary Matalin signs on as an "unpaid adviser" to Fred Thompson

Question: how does Congress ‘discontinue funding for the war’?

I still am not a believer;

Guantanamo Judge Dismisses Terror Case

Valerie Plame Greeted By Standing Ovation At BookExpo

Sexiest GOP candidate for prez?

Jefferson today vs Scooter tomorrow...

After watching the debate last night, and being a good democrat:

McCain Declares Americans Will Support U.S. Troops In Iraq For 50 Years

Have you all pictured your candidate...

In response to some of the misinformation on the "Myths" posting

If you were Gores Friend, would you want him to run?

Clarence Thomas: Goes entire term without uttering a SINGLE word

Half Million Acres of Public Land May Be Put Off-Limits

Is it just me or is DU hanging up Explorer?

Take the (poll) plunge! Guess Chimp's avg. job approval for June...

Who here does not plan to vote in the primaries and why?

I know he's from Louisiana and has been indicted by Gonzo's justice department

About abortion, Dobson, conservatism & all that...

Ex-National Guard officer, 8 others held in plot against Laos

Can someone do a Civil Suit against CNN's Blizter for Spreading Fear and Ramping Terror?

Army Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks: Only 1/4 of Baghdad is currently under control...

OMG!! new terra front in the carribean?

Appeals Court Declares Michigan's Abortion Law Unconstitutional

The Winner of the General Election Will Rekindle Optimism in The American People....

65 Years Ago Today 4June 1942 Battle Of Midway

Impeachment Is For Wimps

Clinton steps up feud with Colbert.


caption *

DUers remember those Kerik trips to

Sympathy for The Devil

Do the thrown out charges at Gitmo mean the others charged can't be tried in these courts either?

US Attorney resigns following Conyers’ request for BBC documents

NYT: F.C.C. Rebuffed by Court on Indecency Fines

Cheney jokes about telling Leahy to ‘f*ck yourself.’

Apparently there were only 5 at the debate last night? According to the NYT

House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution Proposed: BUSH, CHENEY, ET. AL.

DU down tomorrow got you down?

B.U.S. H.

Caption this pic

Post WWII England and us...

Look who's censoring now: NY man faces 5 yrs in prison for offering satellite tv channel!

Question about something Randi

Editorial BLASTS Blitzer performance ('Maybe Dems should rethink decision not to debate on FOX')

***** VOTE OUT POVERTY *****

Our weekend with Adam Kokesh part 1

OH great fuckstik is gonna screw up wichita next week...PROTEST anyone???

"Our Goal Is Political Extinction For War Supporters"

Why do you support the candidate you do (NO BASHING)?

Did you catch this? Edwards' 'College For Everyone' is being tested in NC right now....

Why do Republicans say Celebrities aren't qualified to talk about politics

"Faith Politics" on CNN now... Edwards, Obama, Clinton

did i just hear john edwards say that

American Chemical Society Reinstates 36 Iranian Members

Biden in sense shock

The DCCC just doesn't learn, does it?

U.S. Cuts Back Climate Checks From Space

Please, I am asking -

New-13 Page Doc-To House Judiciary Sheds New Light On How/Why DOJ Aggressively Targeted Carol Lam

McClatchy: Lawmakers seek increased mental health funding for veterans

Get well soon Sen. Craig Thomas

Headed Southwick? The case against Bush's latest controversial judicial nominee

There is some weird alchemy going on

NYT editorial, "Cheney Rules": Cheney "has privatized the job of vice president of the U.S."

The religious left lifts its voice in campaign 2008 | Liberal Evangelicals Host Presidential Forum

Speaker Pelosi on Jefferson’s indictments:

State chair wants moderator change for next debate

Raging Caging

The United States - we really are the best last hope of the western

FBI data open to 'insider attacks'

Jefferson making Dems look bad

Brace yourselves for more pain at the pump

(TOON) Steve Bell on the missile shield row

Was just listening to BBC report about warring African militias and their atrocities.

Cocktail Hour of the Doomed Occupation of Iraq

Has anyone ever seen any of these Iraqi insurgent websites that we keep hearing about?

39 years ago tomorrow we lost a great man. RFK

There is no fucking "global war on terrorism"

Wedding photo of Kucinich & Bride

Condi to Chavez: Disagreeing with government is not unpatriotic.

What time will the Libby decision come down?

Just who are the terrorists??? See this picture and tell me??? Graphic Warning...

Arianna Huffington: Why Hillary Clinton Was the Winner of the Democratic Debate

LOL! "The Mental Welfare State" -Slowpoke TOON

Only a strong "virtual" candidate will win a super primary. It is obvious

Genetically modified foods--- what can we eat?

A PSA from your friendly neighborhood loudmouth on the value of "rejecting the premise."

Federal chemical testing program inadequate, scientists say

Joe Scarborough's Imus Moment? ....says: "Thompson's wife works the pole?"

GOP chief: We need more terror attacks on US soil 'to appreciate' President Bush

OMG...I just saw a "debate" on CNN w/ Edwards, Obama and Clinton

The Fight against IEDs-Buried IEDs Take Heavy Toll on US, Iraqi Forces as "Surge" Intensifies

If you think Wolf Blitzer is incompetent raise your hand....

Employers Oppose Hiring Provisions in Immigration Bill

Boehner will try to force Jefferson expulsion.

"Rep. Jefferson of New Orleans indicted in fraud case" DAMN.

Thom Hartmann Wins Silver for "Screwed"

Forum on 'Faith in Politics' limited to candidates with 'realistic chance of winning'

So what else does Victoria Toensing decide?

Charges against child soldier held at Gitmo dropped


Food fight leads to felony charge (14,15-yr-olds charged, too)

"Dodd attacks Blitzer on time" (The corporate news network tilts the playing field)

CNN is running a headline that says "Democrats Clash On Iraq."

US Food Costs Increase At Twice The Rate Of Gas Prices

Sen. Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.) in ‘Serious Condition,’ Struggling With Infection

Scooter Libby Sentencing - How much time will he get, if any?

Wilson: CHENEY "THE SOB Is Behind Efforts To Block Valerie From Discussing Her Work For The CIA"

Sex, Spouses, Covivants and Politics

Bringing cultural populism to the Left

Dreams of college destroyed in Iraq..."We've lost over 200 professors, being killed."

OMG! This it too Funny! -- Media Landscape Redefined By 24-Second News Cycle (The Onion)

Price of photo-op with Bush keeps dropping.

Price of photo-op with Bush keeps dropping

Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' so people appreciate Bush

Have a Gorgasm. You know you want one.

House keeps pet projects from scrutiny

Preserving the ‘white, Christian, male power structure.’

PAUL KRUGMAN: Obama in Second Place

Watch for a possible spike in oil prices.


ZOGBY POLL: majority of Americans progressive on poverty, say it should be top priority

William Jefferson Indicted On Corruption Charges

The REASON More troops are dying is because they were NOT trained, a Bush Legacy

(4) Northeastern Indiana deaths caused by brain disease?

Another Contrived "Terror Plot": Central Figure in JFK Airport Case was a Drifter

Griffin Altered NASA Mission Statement To Remove Global Warming Reference

My Close Encounter with John Edwards


Last night's debate didn't get to any of the issues

Three reasons why the GOP's coalition is burning right to the ground.

I need some 'puter advice. I've been using Mozilla Firefox and Firefox did an update

A question on the Tucson, AZ area

FoxNoise on Dem debate: An evening of finger pointing

How many weeks of paid vacation do you get?

Don't think you can take on Limbaugh? Well, THINK AGAIN. Here's the PROOF - We did it.

UAE's Dubai leader asks Bush to help dismiss (child) slavery lawsuit

Important Phil Inquirer and Common Dreams article: What if Our Mercernaries...

This Is A Fascinating Map (war dead by region of the country)

Splash, Splash, You're Dead: The Military's Next-Gen Water Gun

An Inconvenient Truth: Mr. Gore You HAVE to run in 2008


A thunderclap of an Iraq article you should share with anyone still supporting this mess

My name is

Dying for copper, a war "dividend"?

Microsoft Surface.

The government is powered by "the people". Corporations are powered by "the rich people".

Incredible photo from G8 protest

How many believe a deal was cut with Bush over impeachment?

DU CAN'T be down tomorrow! Scooter gets SENTENCED tomorrow!

Everybody Talks About the Weather; All of a Sudden, It’s Controversial

Here I Go Again: Hillary Still Is Running a Flawless Campaign.

If Gore ran, would 2008 be any different from 2000 in terms of support from the Base

Two Comments Overheard This Afternoon

Super Cyclonic Storm Gonu Heads For Oman, Persian Gulf - Cat 5 Now, Cat 4 At Landfall - Reuters

Moral Leadership

Court Tells FCC IF Bush/Cheney Can Use Vulgar Language-Then Gov CANNOT Punish Others

Tomorrow - 30 years ago- The first the first personal computer went on sale

Wedding photo of Fred Thompson & Bride

Polish girl's Holocaust diary unveiled

Can someone explain why Hugo Chavez threads blow up like kegs of old dynamite?

Excuse me, but is this faith-based panderfest necessary?

Is This Yurp? ---pix--->>>

Have you ever met an illegal immigrant ?

You don't know me - but I am telling you this fight is going north.

Lake Okeechobee at record low from drought; billions of gallons of water drained after hurricanes.

What if Bush’s mercenaries turn on us? Is BLACKWATER his Praetorian Guard? MUST READ

Iraqi Oil Workers On Strike

Ron Paul 1992: "If you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably

Larisa Alexandrovna: CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria and Lebanon...

Chávez is no enemy of free speech

Terror Plot Suspect WORKED For The CIA's Airline - That Was Used For "Extraordinary Renditions"

Impeachophobia: False Memes

Al Franken on public financing of elections

Where did each of your candidates slip up?

This Modern World: Are you going to let the bully of the beach kick sand in your face again?

CNN Online POLL: Who won the debate? (Obama 34%, Hillary 31%, Edwards 14%)

JFK plot had little chance of success

Biden on funding troops

Sample "tough" questions from Wolfie for the Republican debate..

Ritter's Repudiation Ritual

Real time respones from last nights debate (New Hampshire respondents)

Cspan Is showing the debate from last night right now

Pastor Manning on Obama: "Obama got a white mamma, this is not racist or. . .

(Sen. Ted) Stevens' Contractor Hires a Lawyer, Opts To Keep Quiet

Dem debate talk clock. who got how much talking time last night

Fascinating Gallup Poll on the morality of 16 social issues

Professional Pundits are so Out of Touch and Clueless

Fred ("Swamp Thing") Thompson and the 'Laziness' Issue

Jack Spillane: 8 Dems debate, but Hillary was the target (good read)

The Rude Pundit: When Dick Cheney Visited the Boys at Boys State

Just curious: how is the order of the lecterns determined?

Al Qaeda Released Video Claiming They Killed the 3 Troops

Torrance executive says he sees too many children's books with liberal views.

Kucinich, the only man against killing civilians

Feds seeking charges against Jefferson (D-LA) ($90K in freezer)

RNC fires all 65 phone solicitors

BTW- it was *supposed to be* George Allen

Reply to friend's Support the Troops email - any other suggestions?

POLLS: Edwards up in Iowa (31%), Obama up in South Carolina (34%).

A little deaf-related political humor (TOON)

Dumbest statement of the night?

will the debate be re aired anytime tonight? this week?

I did not watch the debates tonight.

Will a republican presidential candidate pick reagan as a running mate?

Okay, let's assume Jefferson gets indicted. What can/should the Dem leadership do?

Last time it was "Show of hands if you don't believe in evolution." What will it be Tuesday?

What would Fred Thompson do as President? "Lots of things."

"Setting the Record Straight" on Shrum's lies

If Al Runs He's Got My Vote..If Not I'll Back

Caption * photo:

Clinton Beats Blitzer in CNN Debate


Has the Democratic Party finally heard the anti-war message?

Rice Assails Chavez Over TV Station (AP)

New Iowa & South Carolina Polls (from Chris Bower at

Please click on this to rate it up on YouTube. It is the video about

Fred Thompson's Trophy Wife

Bill Clinton can not be Hillary's running mate because

Rudy #(%)&%&^$ sucks

Terror plot suspect worked for the CIA's airline


DLC vs Progressives

Cowgirl's totally frivolous debate roundup.

New WaPo/ABC News Poll on Democrats in 2008

Ron Paul Republicans, spamming online polls to boost headlines

TIME's debate "Report Card": "...niggling, hoary questions that bordered on the absurd."

Kucinich and Gravel don't have the same netroots support on the Left as Ron Paul has on the Right

If the CORPORATE MEDIA HATES EDWARDS, seems weird how much POSITIVE COVERAGE he's getting!

Craig Crawford: "...until someone finds a way to change things, Clinton owns this nomination race."

Analysis: the 2008 Authenticity Race

CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria and Lebanon, officials say

Ed Schulz: No question for 45min. !! for Senator Dodd

Union Blog Safe—For Now

If they are smart, Clinton, Edwards and Obama

Associated Press: Clinton "projected an air of confidence and a mastery of the subject matter."

" People Like Clinton" -Atrios

Romney’s ‘Business Experience’: Firing Workers, Hiring Them Back at Lower Wages

Biden scolds Dems for bowing out of Fox debate

Senator Craig Thomas (R-WY) is in serious condition

Pics of the four missing soldiers

Bush flip-flops on unpatriot act

Who Won Last Night's Debate: FINAL CALL!!!

anyone watching the Sojourners forum?

The current field includes the first woman and the first black candidate who are front runners,

Tweety and the Beer Test...


Al Franken: If You Ever Wonder Whether We Really Need Public Financing of Elections

House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution Proposed: BUSH, CHENEY, ET. AL.

NASCAR trumps Cong Dollar Bill Jefferson on Fox in New Orleans

Why couldn't Hillary tab Bill Clinton as her running mate?

Who else is looking forward to the Republican debate?

U.S. News & World Report: John Kerry, the New Comeback Kid

Amazing! The other Dem candidates will be on CNN with Paula Zahn.

Dueling quotes... (cue up "dueling banjos" for about 5 seconds...)

did it seem to anyone else Edwards got the most controversial questions?

Anybody knows why Hillary voted against

CNN Has a Live Interview with Edwards Obama Clinton Now

Rasmussen Pre-Debate Poll: Hillary 34%, Obama 26%, Edwards 15%

Just saw a Mitt Romney commercial in Iowa.

NOW the religious left decides they will be heard. NOW some media is probing

I'm less anti-Hillary after Sunday's debate

Do you think we'll be in Iraq for decades?

Pundits And Voters Agree: Edwards Impressive, Has Top Answers

My pleasure to bring up bush's DISHONORABLE MILITARY SERVICE again

HELP: Does anyone have the roll call vote on the House rule that enabled the war funding vote?

Hillary: We gave the Iraqis an opportunity and they have failed

Noncandidate Clark is now polling ahead of Gravel (plus Gilmore, Paul, and Hunter)

A few polling numbers

John Edwards: Still Winning The Issues Debate

Where I Am So Far Re. the Dem Presidential Candidates

Will Bill Clinton be the next Senator from NY?

State Dems Cheer Kucinich Impeachment Call

Barney Frank working with European Socialists on hedge funds

Edwards wins debate according to AOL poll!

Review: "Shrum's Book Explains Much-But Not the Kerry Loss" (NY Observer)

The results are in : Biden HUGE winner last nite

CNN: Biden's Performance Strongest

Do you think Al Franken is going to win?

Why I can't get behind Hillary.

Gore vs. F. Thompson poll

If the immigration deal goes through, do you think we could win in 08 with a bag of frozen peas?

Bernstein Cites Unnamed Sources in Craven, Nasty Hillary Bio