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Archives: June 5, 2007

Bush democracy speech in Czech Republic may irk Moscow

With an Empire to Build, Who Needs an Iraqi Parliament? (In These Times)

What Polls About US Muslims Don't Tell You

This Is Not A Story About Cindy Sheehan

Carter and Bush not so different after all

Before War, CIA Warned of Negative Outcomes

BOB HERBERT: The Passion of Al Gore

E action: Apologize for Bush's Global Warming Failures

Britain to urge US to set climate goal

6 Solar technologies to power the world (

Energy bosses urge carbon markets - BBC

Global warming 'is three times faster than worst predictions'

House keeps pet projects from scrutiny

Ottawa asks both sides to spike demands in talks to end CP Rail strike

Everybody Talks About the Weather; All of a Sudden, It’s Controversial

Plane Crashes; UM Transplant Team On Board

Scientists find 24 New Species in Suriname

(General) Discharge Suggested for Anti-War Marine

Wyoming senator, 74, dies of leukemia - WASHINGTON - Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas,

US arrests 10 it says plotted to oust Laos' govt

Global warming 'is three times faster than worst predictions'

Clinton: Faith got me past marital woes

CIV2 geeks check in

Hormones! Get your red hot hormones here!

Creature Comforts was beyond funny.

Help me, please

Wish me luck: I'm applying to Baltars

Live Free or Die Hard

True story: My mom offered me some Eclipse chewing gum.

Neither am I, a father figure

"Bionic Woman" preview


damn, I got up this morning, made coffee, and then started some work...

What happens when someone reaches 33,333 posts?

There is a spider running around my lamp

So...I lost my last virginity today

6000 dates to 1 marriage...Help me get there!



Comcast made $180 worth of screw-ups on my bill this month.

O.K., I've Had Three Glasses Of Homemade Wine. Ask Me Sumthin':

Man shoots self while playing a prank on wife

Yay! A Paula Abdul reality show!

I think I've invented something.

Why do people assume I flirt?

That's it! I'm launching a NATIONAL GENERAL "WHITE STRIKE". Starting NOW!

I moved into my new apartment this weekend and got some high speed internets

3 Minute Management Course

Egads...what is this? Am I still feeling lack of respect...for Paris Hilton???

70 posts to 6000...Help me get there!

Doesn't this sound familiar?

No Hell's Kitchen thread? Then this is it!! (WARNING - POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Sugar free sour mix? A fun experiment in mixology.

My best friend is sitting 10 feet away from Al Franken right now...

So, I have therapy tomorrow

I met a very nice man today ....

magnet and steel

I went in for a normal root canal...

I am disappointed that this video was posted in GD first and not here

White Space Appreciation Thread

Hmmm, so, it's possible I've reached the end of the "whoring" phase

Before DU celebrates, go down with me

Since i am supossed to be up in 4 hours i should say good night

i did not know.

Vibe request -- Mr Gen will undergo spinal fusion Thursday

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (Episode 2)

Do you ever focus on the state of mind between consciousness and sleep?

Before DU goes down, celebrate with me

This is hugh! Thanks everyone


Man, I don't trust anyone.

Does anybody here know anything about post office exam results?

Words you don't hear used every day....

Words you hear every day

Blink 182: Another Girl, Another Planet cover

Who wants me to get them pregnant?

Battle of the bands: ZZ Top vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd

UFC 75 Unacceptable (parody)

Pundits Praise Joe Biden at New Hampshire Debate

The Flood

FauxNews "Mistakes" John Conyers for William Jefferson

I Need To Wake Up-Melissa Etheridge

"Bush Opens Europe Trip on Jarring Note" Putin threatens U.S.... Just peachy.

The FBI can blame themselves for the higher crime rate.

Vermont Secession Movement Gains Traction



Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich discussing faith

Ron Paul will be on The Daily Show tonight.

I guess everyone working for AAR is hording gold!

Yesterday, I saw a thread that ABC announced that Al Gore

Senator Durbin's S. 1274 Human and Pet Food Safety Act of 2007

Heartfelt words from Howard Zinn:

The United states of America -

New York Times: Commanders say Push in Baghdad Short of Goal

Cheney Lies To High Schoolers About Debunked Iraq/al Qaeda Connection

Charges dropped!?

Who Will They Blame For Katrina 2?

Tweety's going from despicable to Satanic....

Scarborough Trying to Emulate KO

Al Gore is a freakin' genius.

McClatchy: Justice Department actions expected to draw congressional scrutiny

Countdown: The Nexus of Politics and Terror

The PFAW/Holt Bill Hoax: What Congress Member is Against Illegal, Invisible Electronic Ballots?

INTERVIEW: Prendergast, Gosling Speak Out On Iraq, O’Reilly, Violence In Africa

Putin's bellicose rhetoric casts a shadow over start of G8 summit

Paula Zahn to Bill Richardson: Do you still pray every day?

Gitmo Ruling Cheers Family of Detainee

Musharraf tightens controls on media

So is the US safer now than it was in 2001?

If it isn't a part of a larger terrorist organization, is it a terrorist "cell"?


RNC hires voodoo witch doctor to try and reanimate corpse of Ronald Reagan

I know Its a Joke skit but if this was a DEM the media will be going nuts

Christian Newswire: CNN Presidential Forum on Faith, Values and Poverty 'A Sham'

RESEARCH HELP! "Fair Tax" flaws.

Wishful Thinking, Fox News?

Raise your hands

I Used To Be Able To Click On Links On DU To Live Broadcasts Of.....

Please please please read the article by David Swanson

Can someone tell me why our candidates started doing stupid crap like the Dr. Phil show?

Larry Flint is on the Daily Show Now..on the million dollar ad


(I submit: ) Hugo's "bellicose rhetoric casts a shadow"

What kind of a dumbfuck candidate accepts 15 free minutes of national airtime?

Iran Vows Large-Scale Retaliation if U.S. Attacks

'Like a drunk blowing his paycheck on booze, will Bush blow his $100B on Iran?'

Tomorrow Scooter Libby gets credit for time served by Judith Miller

Sen. Craig Thomas dies.

Bill O'Reilly going off the deep end, claims TB guy was acting on "secular, progressive" values....

What an odd story: Preacher arrested for selling prescription drugs

"Scooter" Libby Faces The Music - CBS

Hot Damn! Is Lieberman irrelevant now? Please, please, please...

Jenna's upcoming book

I can't wait to see the field day Rove and cable news have with Jefferson tomorrow

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Here I go again: Hillary still running a FLAWED campaign...

Feeling a little sick? A little under the weather? You probably have “Ooga Booga Fever”

Adam Kohesh Verdict

Cheney jokes about telling Leahy to ‘f*ck yourself.’

Will Gore make a deal with Obama and Edwards if he gets in?

Wyoming Sen. Thomas Dead at 74

Somewhere out there, there's an old hair loss treatment ad with Glenn Beck

Do you think Obama spoke with Charisma and Confidence yesterday?

Help PDA Change the Face of Congress

Black folks all look alike to Fox News....

Poppy and Jeb in Greece for cruise holiday

Video of Olbermann's Nexus of Politics & Terror is up on C&L

Let's put it this way

Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot (AFP)

Olbermann's latest "Nexus of Politics and Terror"

What do you guys think of "white strikes"?

Let's play a game!

Google is doing some covering for Fred Thompson

My heroes rock.

Is it just me, or are all the dem presidential candidates getting annoying?

USA Today: Violent crime up again, more murders, robberies

New USA Today/Gallup Poll: Hillary 30%, Obama 29%

UNRETOUCHED PHOTO: Fred Thompson's wedding

Cheney SECRETLY Schemes To Start Iran War By Himself

Dennis Prager is a moron and i just sent him this Email to tell him so...

KO destroying the terror plot

"Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard, is now a cure for obesity.

Jack Kevorkian coming up on Larry King

If after the Democratic National Convention next year

GOP Pollster: Clinton did not win the debate; Edwards came 'out on top'--LINK

New Daily Show on Now!

Are historic 'barriers' to minorities and women winning enough votes to become president irrelevant

Glenn Beck speculated that Kucinich's wife must be under influence of "date rape drug"

They pass "Love Crime" legislation against Gays and Lesbians but not "Hate Crimes" against them.

Emily's List called me asking for money tonight. What's a Progressive to do?

Sen. Craig Thomas passes away

Sam Waterston eyeing "Law & Order" promotion to NYC District Attorney, replacing Fred Thompson

Peak Oil: Real or not??

How do you define working class?

Where is everyone going tomorrow for news?

Great Reporting: US Attorneys - Scholzman!!! Kansas City Star!! Thank you! (Shortie;) Scoop/Collins

Goodbye... for now.

Carlyle Group Feeding Us Our Own Waste

Kucinich to Receive Statement By Oil Workers Union on U.S. Govt's Role in Privatizing Iraqi Oil

Marines move to discharge protesting Iraq vet

Unofficial "Criticize Fred Thompson for something besides his choice of companionship" thread.

Obama? Yikes

Should adults be required by law to wear helmets when riding bicycles?

Fred Thompson and Reagan: Different Types of Mediocre Actors

Not gay, but believe that now isn't the right time for their rights? Read on!

William Jefferson Must Be Expelled

Gas prices causing poor to make hard choices

Bernstein: Gore Wants In

OMG! Freepers are calling themselves Frednecks!

"I think the Lord's Prayer is a powerful prayer."

"Iraqi Oil Pipeline Workers on Strike" Monday June 4th

Testing the DU waters: Would you support a Gore-Obama ticket?

My hubby's coworker got a ticket today for riding his bicycle without

End the Occupation!!!! ... of Vermont ...

4 Different polling results On Last Night's Debate: Who won??

Television Ads: Working to Change Washington, 9 Democrat ads on you tube

Is this for real??


Schumer comes to hillary's Defense Against Obama

Ginblossom George is a little punk

Of the three who have a chance, who do you think gained the most from last nights "debate?"

Do you believe we should take all the troops out or keep a "residual" or "limited" force in Iraq?

NYT: Edwards, Clinton and Obama Describe Journeys of Faith

Let's hand up one of our own

Clinton at CNN Forum: Faith helped her through marriage infidelity

Senator Craig Thomas has died.

Question about Wyoming Senate seat.

Former U.S. Commander In Iraq: War Is Lost

Any chance the Republicans will talk about something other than 9/11 on Tuesday?

The best chance for Iraq is to bring American troops home by Barack Obama

Clinton question...

Note, tense, strained, worried smile on Hillary's face...

Edwards' record of support for LGBT rights

Obama Leads in SC polling

I'm watching Olbermann and my head is exploding!

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was just on The Colbert Report!

I just saw last nights debate and I am Offended by the seating!

Obama had me sitting up with "HOPE" during his Faith Base panel talk!

Edwards- Gays shouldn't have the right to marry

It is June the 5th. Let's take a moment to remember a great progressive who was shot on this day

The "inevitability" factor that permeates our party this year may not be a good thing.

If Obama is not the candidate, he should not aim at a VP post

New USA Today Poll: Clinton 30%, Obama 29%!!!! Without Gore, Hillary 37%, Obama 36%

Rep Jerry Lewis Retirement Report Off Base, Say Aides to Top House GOP Appropriator

Eugene Robinson: Fed-up Democrats won't let front-runners coast on Iraq

Congressional earmarks funded Cornerstone

Onward Christian Soldiers ( Blackwater)

Justice Department actions expected to draw congressional scrutiny

Analysis: Why Iraq Isn't Korea

For Italy, Iran's nuclear hopes carry high price


Hillary's Political Horror Story (the Iraq vote and what she could have known)

New law every 3 hours from Blair (

Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot

NYT Editorial: An Unacceptable Nominee Leslie Southwick

Why Cuba Is Exporting Health Care to the U.S. (YES! magazine, via AlterNet)

Opposing Occupation (The Nation)

Amy Goodman: A Hypocritical Oath: Psychologists and Torture (Truthdig)

Are the Dems Losing Their Way? (by EJ Dionne for Truthdig)

The Madness Of Our King George Has Even Texas Friends Worried

Refugees Personify Iraq War

Poverty Should Be At The Top of Our National Agenda

. . . And Antiwar Voices By Eugene Robinson /WaPo

“It’s the Iraq war, stupid”

The Current Intersection (Reform, Or Kill, the Country)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Pot Calling the Kettle Black (The Nation)

Bailing on Bush By Howard Kurtz /WaPo

Financing the Imperial Armed Forces- A Trillion Dollars and Nowhere to Go but Up

Not a Joke (by Jane Smiley at HuffPost)

Larry C. Johnson: Rightwing Nuts Stay Delusional on Plame

Children yg as 4 w/be given 'happiness tests' at school (UK)

Robert Parry: The New Assault on Al Gore

Impeachment For The Hell Of It

A Failed Experiment

How Does George Bush Sleep at Night?

Bush Scandals: It's the Politics, Stupid

Beyond Bush-What the world needs is an open, confident America

Wind to make 20 percent of power by 2030: advocates - Reuters

G8 must forge concrete climate change plan: Annan - Reuters

China closes down all polluting factories on Taihu lake - AFP

Mt. Everest Climate Crisis

Cape Wind Book Review

Is Big Business Buying Out the Environmental Movement?

Ethiopia welcomes the new millenium by planting trees (BBC)

Rural Communities Exploited by Nestlé for Your Bottled Water

Hundreds of millions to suffer from melting ice, UN warns - AFP

Hamas, Fatah fighters clash near key Gaza crossing

What If Israel Had Turned Back? Tom Segev

Justice minister to push through 'Intifada Law'

3 brothers go AWOL in Minnesota

Wyoming Sen. Thomas Dead at 74

Guantanamo war crimes trials screech to halt

Colombia frees rebel leader for peace effort

Pakistan Police Arrest 2 in Pearl Murder

Baghdad security plan hindered by unreliable Iraqi forces: US

GOP hopefuls get feisty on eve of debate


Burkle to Help WSJ Union Explore Options

Airpower bombing in Iraq twice as much in 2006

WP: Union Leader Says FEMA Is Trying to Oust Him

Mass Holocaust grave found in Ukraine

Indecency rule tossed by court; FCC curbs on broadcasts 'arbitrary and capricious'

Nassau Rejects Poet Nominee Over Words About War in Iraq

Indicted congressman steps down from House panel (Jefferson with link to indictment PDF)

Tornado watch/warning for: Spruce Grove Morinville Mayerthorpe Evansburg (Alberta Canada)

Court advisers lean to leniency in Libby's sentencing

Bush to Putin: 'The Cold War is Over'

China Warns U.S. May Set Off Arms Race

Slain soldier had become disillusioned

GOP: Bush Should Adopt Bipartisan Plan

U.S. needs Kyrgyz base to fight Taliban: Gates

House Democrats expand Abramoff probe

Ex-mayor of Waterbury, Conn., pleads no contest to more child sex; already serving 37 years

White House disagrees with Guantanamo trial ruling

Libby sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison

Oman on alert as cyclone Gonu approaches (Cat 2/winds 102 mph now)

CONYERS STATEMENT: He's 'Personally Offended' by 'Lackluster Apology' by Fox 'News'

Giuliani: Campaign sent article tying Mitt to a Mormon legend

Plot to destroy airport 'fantasy'

Female bomber stopped in suicide blast

Where Were the CDC Planes? (there may be more to this than TB guy

Massacres and paramilitary land seizures behind the biofuel revolution

al-Qaida: Captured U.S. Troops Killed

Kabul to trade Taliban commander's body for hostages

EBay Bans Cross-Border Ivory Sales

Yep, too many years posting in GD can really affect one's attitude.

Who wants me to get pregnant?

Who's pregnant and wants you to get me?

Hey, gang — li'l help

"The Durex Handicap"- Derek And Clive (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore)

Good Night....See all of you on the flip side.......

Let's write a story, line by line

Man Makes Woman Fill His SUV With Gas during Robbery

Replace "heart" with "fart" in a song title

It's BACK!!!

I accidentally heard a Justin Timberwhatever song today....

I am now the Official Television Addicted Historian


Update on our server maintenance

anybody remember this guy?

Bookmark this thread for the next time DU is down

so who among you sat there pressing f5 over and over for a few hours today?

It was forty years ago today ...

Top 10 Bush bumper stickers. All 13 of them.

Johnny Cash: "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Flash-free diet.

Having a construction area right behind your work window

The InsecuriTee™

Coolest youtube clip ever-harry belafonte sings with the muppets

Surprise! Disposable diaper in the washing machine!

LOLcat Thread!

A stadium rock mystery...

What's For Dinner Tonight?

this is what my parents did to me as a child:

How wild is your secret life?

DAMMIT! Don't EVER do that to me again!!

letter N

Damn.... my old roommate had a quadruple bypass

There's something I'm reluctant to tell DU

Woohooo! I don't need to go in tomorrow!

Is downloading a file from youtube possible?

really wrong place--delete

Looter Skibby

This may have been written about Nixon but it applies

Insert the phrase "all y'all go fuck yo'selves" in a song title

Okay, so I finally listened to/watched NIN's original version of "Hurt"

Well, DU is back, just in time for me

I got pulled over after standing in a red light district today

Who wants you to get me pregnant?

Supporters are describing Libby with words like "noble" and "integrity."

Congratulations TheMagistrate!! 45,000 posts

Hey everybody, DU's goin' down.....

Firefighters beaten by angry teens for holding up traffic

Honda is killing the Accord Hybrid

Holy GAWD - Just noticed the Neighbor's back yard. She was SUNBATHING today!

There's something I've been dying to sell DU

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/5/2007)

I got pulled over for running a red light today

I cannot get Pregnant Either

So this is what it looks like when talented comics and actors work together

Am I a copycat with my cat banner?

REO Speedwagon

You know something else I like about the lounge?

Does anyone have a deer chaser fountain?

Trader Joe's simple, so satisfying

Have you seen any of these lately?

I can't get anybody pregnant.

So, as mentioned in the Canada forum - meetup in Vancouver June 15th

BLANK do it with BLANK



I'm adopting a new kitty tonight! I get to pick her up at 7.

Insert the phrase "Answer the goddamn telephone!" into any movie title

So what did we all do while DU was down?

Answer me this: Why is it that at my first game ever in Yankee Stadium, I got to sit in front of

If my husband thinks he's taking a nap when he gets home, he is SO wrong!

Replace "love" with "drugs" in a song title

what type of ecosystem do you live in?

I cannot get pregnant

There's something I've been dying to tell DU

Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"... I LOVE this song...

Replace any word in a movie title with the word "contortionist"!

Best all time sitcom moment?

In Tennessee, Goats Eat the ‘Vine That Ate the South’ (a Kudzu Story)

words or phrases you'd like to hear more often

Hawk attacking my cat... what should I do?

Loungers, are you ready to nuke iran if necessary?

Does anyone have the new Tori Amos Album?

Guy passenger in a delivery truck at 35th and 10th in NYC last Thursday: "Hey lady, how you doing?"

Help us stay organic, please.

Good vibes needed for Mr. Bullwinkle925

Rags To Riches to enter Belmont


Take Part in Call-In Week for Employee Free Choice Act

Machinists Union returning to work following brief strike

George w Bush master vote democrat in 2008...

(Humor) MISHEARD LYRICS - Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (Refers to Various Dems)

Save The Internet!

Letterman: Scooter visits the Graybar Hotel

Larry King: "Anderson Gets More Time With His Panel? And If So, Why?"

Whom is getting the Libby and wife threesome?

THE PALMETTO SCOOP: Scarborough's Imus moment ("Does Thompson’s Wife “Work the Pole”?)

Chuck Rocha, USW, AFL-CIO, on the Employee Free Choice Act


The CFR controls American media

Scooter Libby Meets His Cell Mate

The Second Debates (Gravel)

Operation First Casualty - Santa Monica, CA

Senate Judiciary Commitee: Tuesday, June 5 -- US Attorney Testimony (Schlozman and Graves)

al-Qaida: Captured U.S. Troops Killed (and they blame Bush for their deaths)

The ultimate question of divided loyalties: if it was Dean v. Gore for the nomination in '08

Why Scooter Libby should not spend one day in jail.

Bernie Ward praising John Edwards -- streaming -- and taking callers

For Duers who have read the various threads re Chavez & RCTV

What is this?

Connecticut Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill, Goes To Govenor For Signature

I've had some NEW weird "bugs" today, that weren't reported. I think we to make need a list.

Conyers has to sue Fox News IMHO

JFK "terror plotters" used Google Earth - (Look for calls to curtail the internets)

Petraeus: ‘You have not even seen the start of real operations.’

vote caging story inching it's way into the MSM?

LIbby's sentence shouldnot be seen as a proxy for Bushco.

Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on President to Make Climate Change a Priority

MSNBC has achieved its NADIR

yahoo I needed a fix

I think a member of the Moran family works at Faux news

"Former US leader George Bush Has Arrived in Greece; Will Again Visit All-Male Monastery"


Leahy & Feinstein Question/Tussle With Schlozman On VOTER FRAUD

Joe Wilson: "As Americans, both Valerie and I are grateful that justice has been served"

Mr. Gore takes a blowtorch to the Bush administration in his book. (Bob Herbert)

Court decision may end Bush's special courts system (stupidly planned)

What if Iraq is NOT the greatest mistake Bush has made? (Boston Globe Editorial)

Michael Moore and Sicko is on Oprah now...

U.S. doubles air attacks in Iraq

Leahy reacts to Guantanamo dismissals

Military "Pussed Out," Says Anti-War Vet Kokesh

so Iran is years away from Nukes, NK can barely get a missle to go 100 miles

Gov. Howard Dean: "Americans Oppose A 50-Year War"

Cheney Lies To High School Kids

Suggestion for next DU upgrade, Mods take notice . . .

Remember, all politics are local

Timing and the Jefferson Indictment

Spike Lee to film follow up to Katrina doc: Director says ‘The story is not over.’

Cheney comments on Libby sentencing

Is it Wyoming state law that the dem gov has to choose a Republican?

"I call him Vladimir!"

Alaska Lawmakers: Khoring, Get Out (RESIGN!)

OFFICIAL Judiciary Hearing Thread #1

Joseph Wilson/Valerie Plame Statement On Scooter Libby Verdict: "Justice Has Been Served"

How Brooks County Texas "handles" illegal immigrant passage:

so, your denialist friend says, "No computer model can predict climate"

Indicted Jefferson To Drop His Only Committee Seat

Wolfowitz petitions judge on behalf of Libby, describes incident where he protected covert CIA agent

Fox Shows video of John Conyers behind story on Wiliam Jefferson

Has anyone isolated Scoots' 'throw him to the wolves' letters yet?

Caption the Gaping Maw.

Caption * and Pootie-Poot

OFFICIAL Judiciary Hearing #2

scooter will not serve a day

Libby to serve sentence in Gitmo!

U.S. embassy in Baghdad already being expanded

Better Living Thru Chemistry

Leahy To Schlozman: ‘You’re Trying To Break Gonzales’ Record’ Of Saying ‘I Don’t Recall’

Poll: For First Time, More Than Twice As Many Disapprove Of Bush

Libby's "tough" judge

DHS overflowing with political appointees

news of the weird: Jon Benet Ramsey's dad and natalee holloway's mother

House Hearing: Improving Credit Card Consumer Protection

Single-Payer Healthcare argument

Wilsons' Statement on Libby Sentencing:Joe on with Keith tonight

Fox Apologizes for Conyers/Jefferson Flub

Poll: Will Bush's Poll Number Ever Exceed 40% Again?

Happy Birthday, Bill Moyers!

Senator's death sees both parties eye Wyoming

OOPS, Self Delete/DUPE

flag day is june 14th

The Iraq war was 6-94 (Only 6 Senators bothered to read NIE briefing)

Why detainee trials got snagged over a word

First EVER Typhoon with hurricane-force winds to hit Oman (Jeff Masters)....

FYI; Michael Moore is on Oprah today, plugging 'Sicko':

Bush having a very, very bad time at G-8, pisses off Russia AND China

"SiCKO" ..... June 29 everywhere!

Want to tell a newspaper what Bush's prioritys should be?

At U.S. military hospitals, 'everybody is overworked'

Todd Graves Tells His Story

When did Obama become a Muslim?

James Carville wrote the Judge in support of Libby

The fools and liars that gush over Petraeus the "Savior"

30 months, 250K fine, 2 years probation.


We need a new forum for job seekers

Dems drafting bill that could derail CA's global warming law?!?

The reason so many of fear religion and politics mixing and so many don't

Rudy continuing Bush's fear play

Conyers Warns Bush To Expect A NEW Set Of Investigations If He Doesnt Act Against "Vultures" At G8

The perfect response to "Barack HUSSEIN Obama"

Could someone PLEASE help me! PLEASE! :( :( :(

Yet another raving nutter heard from

Corporate Aviation Clogging Up The Air Traffic Control System

*****official GOP debate thread?*******

God damn, these people are frustrating.

So, How Come The GOP Audience Gets To Applaud, But The Dem Audience Didn't?

Bush Getting Bored with Middle East; Trying to Restart Cold War with Russia

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Tucker Carlson and some lady feel so sorry for Scooter Libby

Anyone watching the GOP debate?

Live-blogging the Republican debate

If the United States doesn't want Iran to have nuclear weapons....

Damn! I forgot Michael Moore was on Oprah today...

Dean and Clark confirm they will be at YearlyKos

McCain and Brownback admit they never read the NIE

What questions will Wolfie ask the repugs to "raise their hands" for?

2 Republicans say never read NIE report

No thread about William Jefferson this morning?

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent - Blair and Bush: The Final Reckoning

If we watch Fred thompson on Law and Order instead of the Republican

*****official GOP debate thread 2*******

Scooter's thoughts post-sentencing .....(fill in the blank)

Is this the best Lloyd Grove, bottom-feeder, can do?


Univision (Spanish Network) invites Republics and Dems to debates

*****official GOP debate thread 3*******

How to identify an illegal alien:

Traveling Rutgers University Students Share their Views on Developments in Venezuela

Any other "Official Stephanie Miller Show " "Titled" People Here?

Andrea Mitchell - "The Cuban-Americans in Miami........"

Message of Repuke debate: Nuke em all and let God sort em out

I found out the other day that my department has been outsourcing

LOL.. that was a pretty funny debate moment

Rudy claims Ike and Nixon responsible for Man on the Moon

Kirkuk Status May Hold Up Oil Law

Wilsons' Statement on Libby Sentencing-"Justice Has Been Served" - Now Hold Them All Accountable

Guys, I got a job.!

The Hill’s got eyes: Medical marvel or makeup, new look turning heads

Update on our server maintenance

"Dr. Rice in the House", a "searing look at Condoleezza Rice" to be released

Global Warming Alert: Powerful Tropical Cyclone will hit Oman and UAE

Gonzales Contradicts His Sworn Testimony About Bush’s Warrantless Spying Program

How electable will Hillary be in the general?

And we're back.

JFK "Mastermind" "captured" in a Brooklyn diner. BWAAAAA

Y'know, there's a germ of a movement in foreigncorrespondent's thread

After all these years, which is it: Ear-rack, Eye-rack; Ear-rock, Eye-rock?


Bush to extend call for global democracy

Ted Kennedy, Joe Pitts, the Federal Family Education Loan Program, and another wacko LTTE!

Obama warns of 'quiet riot' among blacks

The Unitary King George - Homeland Security Presidential Directive: an Unconstitutional Bombshell...

Bush to Scooter

Mitt Romney just blamed other countries for taking profits in their own oil

I tell off Dick Armey on health care.

Judge blocks Texas town's immigrant law

About black-water

Pew Research: 83% Of Americans Approve Of Interracial Dating

Caption this * pic

Tuesday TOON updates: Telling the Truth edition

3 brothers go AWOL in Minnesota

Bush In Prague - Seriously Creepy ---pix--->>>

What bugs you more, a Liberal or a Republican using faulty or lazy logic?

Does anyone remember the old Star Trek episode in which Kirk and Spock

Tucker just showed a poll of lower income class non-white vs white women....

McClatchy: NO Lawsuits Have Targeted States Whose Elections Were Managed Soley By Republicans

Democrats Fear a Wider Black Caucus-Pelosi Rift

Testy McCain: "May I remind you that the Democrats are in the majority in both houses?"

BBC On This Day: Robert Kennedy injured in shooting

Great new Pew Research Center polling on the issues covered by the Democratic candidates debate:

More proof that the Democrat's decision to cave was a wise political move.

Wanna read what James Carville and Mary Matalin wrote in support of Scooter?

BUSH Derails Attempts To End Illegal Wiretapping By NOT Providing Docs

So, how long before the next terror alert?

So, is Gonzogate over? Is that part of the Dem cave-in?

Carville Wrote A Letter On Libby's Behalf To Judge Walton

DU this poll

What Are You Doing To Help Solve The Climate Crisis?

Without Running, Gore is in THIRD!!!!

Rare cat 4 cyclone in Persian gulf

why is it in the msm, that democrats "attack" each other, but repugs "scramble for recognition"

Two Years After Col. Westhusing's Controversial Suicide in Iraq -- Documents Emerge

New video from SF Impeach on the Beach, fyi

Conyers blasts Fox News for ‘apology.’

I quit! I want to be a Republican!

We met Al Gore tonight in Seattle

"Rudy Giuliani was a C-plus Mayor who has become an A-plus myth"

What I did at Church on Sunday.....

Petraeus: ‘We Haven’t Started The Surge Yet’

Dems Crafting Bill That Could "WIPE OUT" California's Landmark Global Warming law? wtf?

John Edwards' Childhood Home - "Middle Class"


Lessons from a Candidate Who Sought to End Poverty

Another Long Summer

The Last Days of the American Republic

Libby' sentencing .....

RFK. We lost so much on 6/6/68

Caption Bob Shrum.

Czechs Wary of U.S. Missile System (AP)

Document former San Diego US attorney Carol Lam has given to the House Judiciary committee:

Edwards shines in debate/unveils new strategy

Obama/Romney '08

Bush declares cold war over (AP)

MSNBC Has Dennis Kucinich On Now And Kind Of Dissed Him With Their Promo......

Discontent over Iraq increasing, poll finds (WP)

NH Poll: Clinton increases lead post-debate; 45% say she won debate

Planes Circling

Crashcart Cheney or his "wife" for Senate in Wyoming?

undemocratic laws re: Senate vacancies and replacements

I'm really feeling shitty about Scooter getting 30 months .......

c'mon people, reccommend this other important thread, link for libby letters

rasmussen "strongly approve" down to 13%

Apologies, source is Drudge: NYT book review will trash hit-job Hillary bio by their own reporters

Putzman...a sanctimonious blowhard

Edwards aide: Edwards misspoke on reading the NIE report before voting on IWR

John Perkins, Economic Hitman, on DemocracyNow today

Libby's love letters (sent to the court -- one signed by James Carville)

Pay Taxes? Chances Are, You Subsidize Wal-Mart

Online campaigns work: Chiquita backs down!!!!

It's The Perfect Compromise Re: Scooter........

Odd ... this "campaign" sign doesn't have any obvious party affiliation ...

Was Craig Thomas the most invisible senator?

Senator Thomas is proof: we need to change the method of replacing Senators

Larry Flynt Busting Hypocrites

The New Credentials for Office - Blind Faith and Obedience

Does anyone else think Hillary and Obama look good together?

Carlson & Geist are the Hilton & Richie of the chattering class.

"His name is Vladimir ........

Can the religious left sway the '08 race?

Link: Letters from the Libby Sentencing ~~ both Pro and Con ~~ organized alphabetically

GOP Debate - war was good! Saddam's fault! Anyone watching?

Draft House bill would ax California's new emissions laws

Somebody needs to ask Hillary where she stands on Scooter Libby

Someone needs to tell Wolf that Saddam did not deny inspectors or refuse to disclose sites

What would a President Edwards foreign policy look like?

"President Bush won't be issuing any pardon for former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby..."

How long before Scooter is Pardoned....?

Obama not afraid to 'shake the tree', speaks of 'Quiet Riot' Among Blacks

Hillary Surges in New Hampshire following debate

Hillary Vs. Labor (The Nation)

Dean and Clark keynote YearlyKos Netroots Convention

Kucinich blames NAFTA for illegal immigration

Has anyone brought up Hillary's Makaka moment? If they haven't,.... they will.

Who is getting the most money from insurance companies, drug companies, and doctors?

The Carville Matalins show respect for Libby, but highly disrespect Democrats.

Libby Letters...In one of the stranger letters, Mary Matalin and James Carville wrote...

Georgia Democrats have their first announced candidate for Chambliss' Senate Seat

My Letter to US Senator Patty Murray (On Iraq Occupation)