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"Demoncratic" Hillary thanks God.

Operation Deja Vu

Michael Winship: Poor Little Rich Boys (and Girl)

Democratic Congressman William Jefferson Is Looking At International Graft Charges

Dupe, please delete.

Life After Capitalism

G8: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

Arab, Jewish Communities Share Peace Goals

Iraq: Yes, Rambo, you get to win this time

An Iran Puzzle--

Dowd -- Friedman OP-ED'S ....

Dr. J.'s Commentary: What do the Democrats do Now?

Severe Indictment Of U.S. Foreign Policy

Economic Report: More Older Workers Keep Working, 25 Percent of Boomers Plan Never To Retire

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Lou Dobbs and Leprosy (The Nation)

Brain tumour link to pesticides (BBC)

Fishing 'destabilises Black Sea' (BBC)

US 'major illegal ivory importer' (BBC)

Pelosi backs state auto pollution rules - AP

EPA makes it harder to protect wetlands - AP

Met Office - Global Temperatures 0.5C Above Average Jan - April 2007 - AFP

UNH Study - Snowfall Averages Across New England Down By Up To 30" Since 1976

Suddenly, Harper Sees Climate Breakdown As "Perhaps Biggest Threat" Facing Humanity

7% Of Canadian Teenagers Believe Their Govt. Tries To Make A Difference - Environment Chief Concern

Anopheles Gambiae Discovered In Kenya's Central Highlands For First Time

NASA Head Regrets "That I Caused This Amount Of Controversy Over Something Like This" - NYT

10% Of Small Australian Mining Town Already Dead From Asbestos - At Least Another 10% Will Die

Africa's Two Largest Penguin Colonies See Populations Plunge 60% Since 2001 - NYT

AARP Magazine Asks: What Kind Of Planet Are We Leaving Our Children?

Dingell's New CAFE Proposal - 14 Years For Cars To Meet New Standards, 17 Years For Trucks

China Rejects Emission Caps As "Unfair", But Promises More Studies, Tree Planting - WP

Nature - At Least Half Of All Terrestrial Bird Species Face Extinction Threat In Study's Worst-Case

IDF probes soldiers' use of Palestinian human shields

1967: Israel cannot make peace alone/Our rights have to be recognised

House of Representatives: Move US embassy to Jerusalem

Israel's army forgets 1967 lessons

25% of illegal building in W. Bank on Arab land

Machinists Union returning to work following brief strike

NYT: A Top Clinton Aide Draws Criticism From Unions

Car bomb near Iraq's Falluja kills 19: police

Bush cites Russia's 'derailed' democratic reforms

Serbia investigates 'mass grave'

Bush meets China's exiled Uighur leader

Senator charges improper political interference in Justice Department

Former Ambassador Wilson says Rove also deserves justice

House Approves Speedy Jefferson Probe

US soldier killed in southern Baghdad

Steven Gilliard Jr., 42, Dies; Founder of Liberal Political Blog

4.2 million Iraqis are now displaced

Flight 93 Memorial Land in Dispute

The Deep South revisited at KKK trial

Obama Warns of 'Quiet Riot' Among Blacks

Texas lab finds pain medicine in pet food

I have a 100 calorie bag of kettle corn popcorn

Don't Bother Answering To This Post

Anyone recall Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies? (calling Joe Fields)

What I learned on my summer vacation

I have an urge...

Whats the 'latest' file sharing program?

How skeptical are you?

For the WEEKEND: In honor of Cindy Sheehan..."The Burmese Harp" / Netflix Rental !

All this pregnancy talk made my fetus pregnant!

So this made me laugh today

You know something else I like about the lungs?

I did my annual free credit report at

Yay, I'm pregnant! Now I can breastfeed!*

Yay, I'm not pregnant! Now I don't have to breastfeed!

The hide funyuns is my friend tonight n/t

Some Tuesday Night Questions From Dinger:

I'm getting married in Vermont on Saturday....give me some advice........

If you vote online for the All-Star team

I was pregnant....

Great! The film: 'Road House' is 'worst' movie ever

CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK - Season 3 debuts tonight on A&E

The hide function is my friend tonight. n/t

Southpawkicker dumped me.

Anyone up for a little Hot Tuna lounge sandwich?

Evening blossoms - in your face dial up warning

Gah! Frankie needs his nails clipped...

Update on my sister and Lady's Great Northern March

ACK!!!! I did something horrible!!!

Southpawkicker thumped me.

Best all-time matcom moment?

I'd like to apologize for the dearth of innane polls and other postings lately

I'm pregnant! Who wants to make me?

HypnoQuestion of the day: "What's a virgin?" HypnoAnswer:

Email from my realtor. He wants to schedule A THIRD SHOWING!

Tiger Woods in my former town for U.S. Open

It took me two hours to assemble Avril Lavigne's cheap girlfriend

I did something yesterday I have never done before...

It took me two hours to inoculate Avril Lavigne with hantavirus!

It took me two hours to make pregnant Avril Lavigne eat my Lincoln Log sandwich!

My mom's period is 325 months late!

Off on a tangent

It has FINALLY happened!

A preg ant.

To hell with periods -

Man sues over long-lasting erection

And baby you can drive while I sleep

I've seen this one twice in Berkeley - and it makes me laugh uproariously.....

Help me out with my posting skills

Help me out with my scratching skills

One crazy dog, free to good home.

what do you call it?

It took me two hours to assemble my cheap charcoal grill!

Best. Locking post. EVER.

the idea of conversion is said to be the union of the believer and the divine

its real simple

I will never be pregnant....

I'm too lazy to google - what in the heck is a ....

Why do single men never think I'm flirting with them?

A question of life, the universe, and everything, if the answer really isn't 42.

All this pregnancy talk made me pregnant!

Every feel completely overwhelmed by someone's personality?

More vacation pics....dial-up warning!

The snide function is my friend tonight n/t

If you're downright disgusted and life ain't worth a dime...

Pregnancy threads ain't funny if you wanna do it and can't manage it

I can't explain this. I really can't. You have to see it for yourselves.

My period is a week overdue....

Hola, mis amigos

Nominate a DUer for Canadian Prime Minister

My 6000th post...

"No One Goes Down Like the DU Lounge!"

Anybody hear the new Paul McCartney album at Starbucks today?

Without cussing, name a dirty word that starts with "S".

What was the last place outside the U.S. you went to?

Nominate A DUer For President:

Recommend a CD to any DUer and/or request a recommendation here

Let's Have a Picture Thread!

"pitchfork spherule counterproposal" - Let's collect insane titles of spam emails.

TRUMAD: How you feeling about the Trent Green trade?

Shuttle workers vote to strike & video

Labor Comes out in Support of House Bill 676 (Conyers' Single Payer Health Care Bill)

Day Of Action Supporting UAW Conn-Selmer Strike Set For June 17th


Workers' Voices - Migdalia Felicie Valdes & Smithfield Packing

Keith Olbermann, "Countdown," "The Nexus of Politics and Terror," Part I

The Hope of America

John Edwards - Georgia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (complete)

Keith Olbermann, "Countdown," "The Nexus of Politics and Terror," Part II


Debaters all have Reagan "Monkey Pox" (avoid Bush) - Flash animation here

KO:Some of what we're working on for tonight...Joe Wilson

House Democrats Expand Abramoff Probe

"Sen. McCain and Sen. Brownback Never Read Iraqi Report." Well duh!

*****official GOP debate thread 4*******

I'll Give Sam Brownback Credit...

Pardon Libby?

On KO, Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC analyst just ripped into

Curious. Just saw Ditech with a commercial on MSNBC saying

Idiots McCain and Brownback didn't read Iraq NIE

Tancred says he would not ask Bush to do anything after he leaves office

Pentagon management ignores Marine requests for tech weapons

CHENEY On LIBBY-I Hope System Will Return Final Result Consistent With What We Know Of This Fine Man

Schlozman’s Inadvertent Confession: Any Group That Works With Minorities Is ‘Liberal’

Candy Crowley:

Well, the politics of fear remains alive and well in the Republican Party.

If you want to see a Cinderella story

Dave Barry : Shooting carps in Wisconsin

G8+5: FEEL THE HEAT, ACT NOW! Sign petition to be delivered to G8 summit negotiators!!

Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot

Tommy Thompson: I would send Bush out on a lecture circuit for American youths...

Over at the Chronicle, bitter republicans are lecturing us Democrats on corruption (Rep. Jefferson)

(TOON) Steve Bell: Shrub and the Freem Agenda

Category 5 Cyclone (hurricane) Hitting Middle East Oil Producing Countries

*****official GOP debate thread 5*******

Mitt Romney on CNN: Running for president is "a real thrill"...

First your dogs and cats, now your fish--recall news from Itchmo

More Americans finding debates are must-see TV

BUSH 43 - Pig Flies At Butcher Shop

Rove-protege Tim Griffin can’t find a job

Are the Republican debates always going to FOLLOW the Democrats?

CSPAN2: GOP Callers all going for Ron Paul

Does bu$h think that if he re-ignites the "COLD" war with Russia that it will stop global "WARMING?"

Wow! Almost all Repub Candidates would use Tactical Nukes

Bill Schneider Sucks up to McCain

Ex-Republican Mayor, Giordana, Pleads No Contest to more child sex

Tom "xenophobe" Tancredo

Ohmigod--I just realized something!

Kokesh and Peter Pace both engaged in political behavior. Only one's getting in trouble.

There's nothing like immigration to bring out the nativism and racism in Freeperland....

Mitt Popeil: No evidence Gonzalez involved in wrongdoing.

Just found an old VCR tape I made in 2003. Colin Powell saying 20 billiion bucks

A Top Clinton Aide Draws Criticism From Unions

oh mi god! On CNN - "I don't think that Guliani will get the nom and may be a third party"

FRONTLINE: News Wars (Part 1) (Repeat) on Tonight! Must See if you missed it the first time!

Help...looking for the funny bush does america sex parody video

Bu$hies Behaving Badly: Illustrated Guide to GOP Scandals

Ron Paul impresses the most, then Tancredo

Did anybody here vote for Congressman Jefferson in the 06' Election?

suppose Edwards is the only "top tier" candidate talking about poverty,

Great! The film: 'Road House' is 'worst' movie ever

Not all the letters regarding the Libby sentencing

Thousands flee as powerful cyclone bears down on Persian Gulf, unnerves oil markets

Another Mom And Pop Store Bites The Dust, Dim-Son Style

"If asked, I would be very willing to do whatever he requested of me...

New fish species found in Suriname (soon to be extinct from gold mining waste)

Republican debate recap in 2 words.

I'm watching a Kelsey Smith surveillance tape being shown during a ...

About this new cartoon coming out on Comedy Central... l'il bush

GOP Debate Summed Up In Three Words: Terror, Fear, God

Okies... If the hurricane hits the oil fields and whatnot tomarrow...

Of All The Things In The Debate Tonight, One Still Glares Out At Me More Than Anything Else:

Scooter Libby Love Letters

Hillary Looked Horrible Last Night....

H The GOP says they will give a $15,000 tax credit for insurance

Homeless People Count

Trolling Anti-Evolutionists: Read this...

Right Wing Trolls posing as Students on DU

Bush-bashing dominates Republican debate

bye from a true blue

Letter from Howard Dean:

Check out this CNN headline (re: the debate and evolution)...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OH MY GOD! TDS Stewart said....


Why don't the Repug candidates just prop Reagan's body up and put him on stage?

Putin should slap Bush's anti-democratic criicism of Russia down with Karl Rove Manifesto excerpts!

Thank you, donkey toilet paper people

Can you explain why an obstruction charge does not carry the sentence of the crime obstructed?

On Libby: Fitz is a fanatic, the juries are all idiots, and the judge is a hanging judge

BWAHAHA - Yesterday I smacked down a RW'er

Experts doubt credibility of JFK terror plot

Stars & Stripes letter on terror plots against the US

"Now we know what it takes for the Fed. Government to pay attention to a black guy from New Orleans"

On C-Span, Ted Poe, R-Texas, spouting off that all foreigners are invading

Hilarious Video: Lightning strikes while Giuliani talks about abortion in debate

Did anyone watch Fred Thompson after the Rep debate?

###### C-SPAN NOW Starting = Judiciary Leahy Hearing V ##########

Dream Theater's "Prophets of War" Lyrics..

We interrupt this war torn world for a brief message - 2 kids and some kool aid

Bill O'Really will give money to the Vermont people who want to secede from the US

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) found in dog food

About now back in 1944 my father and my S.O.s father were about to change their lives forever

Critique on the Debate

Earthquake in New Hampshire??

Message to Myth Romney: You could raise 250,000,000,000

Shirley Phelps-Roper arrested for allowing son to step on flag

To Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush: We're not fooled by your "War on Terror"...

KO's Sweet 16: All the "Nexus of Politics and Terror" Incidents, Finally, In One Place

Computer Virus computer is badly infected hubby says it is from

Houston talkshow host calls New Orleans evacuees "Katrina Debris"

For Gore fans on DU - The Hope of America (video)

Down memory lane with Al Gore

Texas School Officials Charged With Corruption

Another Reason Why New Yorkers Think Bloomberg Is SO Much Better Than Rudy!

Perfect defining moment of CNN Repuke debate. Rudy/Abortion/Lightning Superstition.

Texas Lab Finds Pain medicine in Pet Food

Those dirty, filthy HIPPIES!

A War Worth Killing For. A Dream Worth Others Dying For.

About Jesus and gay marriage :)

Scarborough suggests Fred Thompson's wife is a pole dancer

Why do you expect gay people to wait?

Lowest approval numbers ever, highest disapproval for W ever

Anyone here know how you win an election?

Who, Me? - William Kristol (American Pimp), Right After The Libby Sentencing

George W. Bush's Legacy - simply told in 3 pictures...

An open letter to the Democratic leadership

Well, there you go, 'Bush and his administration are acting like Democrats'

Dem Prez Candidates Have SUPER First Spouses

Screenshot I took at the Republican debate

Breaking News: Iraqi Lawmakers Pass BINDING RESOLUTION That May Force End of Occupation This Year

If we elect John Edwards for President of the USA...

watch this. it. trust me.

3,497 of our troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Juan Cole: Libby essentially functioning as an agent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

So, howcome Jefferson didn't make it out of the country with his cash?

Lionel on Air America this morning. WTF?

Rosanne on replacing Rosie on "The View"

Iraqis protest the Oil Law

Great responses!

You may have to help rescue Georgie!

If somebody doesn't step up, the Democrats will have squandered everything.

Indulge a proud father for a moment if you will. - Dialup warning

would a war on poverty (named differently) be bad for the party?


ACLU: Sign the Petition to Restore Our Rights

Radio Ownership Glass Ceiling Is Blocking Diverse On-Air Voices

Barack Obama Addressed the Hampton University Annual Ministers' Conference

IMHO, Nobody is going to pardon Libby

And the Democratic symbol is a jackass? Please caption

Barack Obama Warns of a Quiet Riot

Has anyone in the media mentioned the Libby/PNAC connection?

I can persuade George Bush on climate change - Blair

The War Over "War on Terror" and HRC (The Nation)

What would a President Obama's foreign policy look like?

The corps have done it again..don't you wonder what you don't know

Did Rudy say what I thought he said?

Ron Paul winning post-debate CNN poll, Giuliani the biggest dissapointment

The Rude Pundit - The Courts to the Bush Administration: "Could You Guys Stop Being Such Dicks?"

Bill Kristol's Double Standards (Booman Tribune)

I guess to FOX, all black Congressmen look alike - how pathetic!

Kucinich to Receive Statement on Prvatizing Iraqi Oil By Oil Workers Union

Principle poll--based on votes, not rhetoric,

Is gonzogate History?

Are these the final days? *Mike Huckabee* slammed Bush** on Katrina!

So, will the pro-lifers call Guiliani a baby killer?

Has Anyone Ever Asked Hillary If She Smoked Pot?

Even if you are not a Hillary supporter

E.J. Dionne gives Biden the respect he deserves

Hillary Surges in NH Post-Debate Poll

Carville attacks Dean, but defends Libby

Elizabeth Edwards likens John to Jesse Helms

RFK-Wes Clark Parallels

UK and US must quit Iraq quickly, says former ambassador (Guardian)

Bush relaunches campaign for democracy but US policy provokes backlash across the world

Exclusive: Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End to Occupation (AlterNet)

Iraq Is the New Korea (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

House Democrats Expand Abramoff Probe Into Contacts With White House

Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?

Slick Connections: U.S. Influence on Iraqi Oil

Think Progress: Conservative Candidates All Support Banning Gays From The Military

Mopping Up (in Iraq) - Village Voice

Mike Gravel: Don't Ask Hillary: She Still Doesn't Get It


Severe Indictment Of U.S. Foreign Policy

Is the Future of the Mammogram in Jeopardy? (Billings Gazette, via AlterNet)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: The evils of lesser evil voting

End the Violence in Iraq? End Our Occupation

The New Doctor Death

Could al Qaeda Attack Trigger War With Iran?

The letters written on behalf of "Scooter" Libby offer an unappealing look inside our system

Financing the Imperial Armed Forces (TomDispatch, via

When Prosecutors Get Political (The Nation)


Why We Need Fringe Candidates (The Nation)

Mitt Steps in Sh*t; Media Says it Smells Like Roses (by Paul Begala at HuffPost)

Surgeon General nom. supports ex-gay conversion therapy; indulges in lurid, graphic gay fantasies!

Left Turn: The Political Pendulum Swings Back

Fineman: Bush Fatigue in the GOP

obama flunks econ 101 -- disgusting hit piece

"Survey Offers Stark Perspectives on Muslim-American Identity, Loyalty"

Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system (Independent, via

Why Being “Worst President Ever” Is Not Enough

Is U.S. Safer Since 9/11? Clinton and Rivals Spar / NYTimes

In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil

Miami foes of Chávez, Castro unite

Letters Cast Light on Cheney's Inner Circle

Author makes case for impeaching Bush (Charleston Gazette)

Christopher Hitchens: Religion Poisons Everything (a Truthdig interview)

Courts: Buchanan will take counsel to interview on Justice firings

Community Jobs in the Green Economy (Apollo Alliance)

Lax CO2 targets a boon for Canada oil patch: study - Reuters

Airlines seek to escape climate-change dog house (Reuters)

British Antarctic Survey - Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers' Flow Rate Up 12% From 1993 - 2003 - BBC

Over 12% Of Vietnam's Land Area Vulnerable To Sea-Level Rise - Includes Best Agricultural Land

Horn trade pressures some rhinos (BBC)

US Torpedoes German Hopes For G8 Climate Deal - Bush Claims "Strong Desire" To Work On Issue - AFP

Hong Kong Swamped By Enormous Red Tide - Authorities Close Beaches - Australian

China Claims That Amounts Of Pollutants Will Fall Starting This Year - AFP

Witness List for Kucinich Domestic Policy Subcommittee Hearing

Pelosi Punches Boucher Proposal To Eliminate State GHG Laws - Will NOT Come To House Floor

GM Announces Four New Hybrid Models - A Yukon, A Tahoe & Two Sedans

Thunder? It's the sound of Greenland melting (BBC)

Elephant meat: popular, and a threat - AP

Global Warming Is Shrinking The Great Lakes

EU to ban traditional barometers (BBC)

Japanese whale request rejected (BBC)

Lawmaker Backs off Rules for Wind Energy - AP

Making Water From Thin Air

Grain, Potato Production Already Declining In Bangladesh - "Will Deplete Steadily" As Climate Warms

Can Michael Griffin from NASA be recalled?

What're your opinions of the Saturn Vue Green Line?

UK Met Office Scientists Forced To Alter Temperature Benchmarks In Face Of Rapid Change

Greenland Ice Cap Now Losing Mass Equal To All Alps' Glaciers Annually - Winter Temps Up 5C, Fall 3C

4 Million Short Of Drinking Water In SW China - No Rain For 40 Days, Planting Delayed - AFP

Israel-Palestinian summit postponed amid discord

Israel to US: Limit Saudi missile deal

Israelis and Palestinans play ball for peace

Israeli Losing Patience for Iran Talks

Knesset okays law banning pride parade

4th Suspect Surrenders in Airport Plot

Second female Afghan journalist killed

2 NATO troops killed in Afghan fighting

GOP debaters keep distance from Bush

Credibility of JFK terror case questioned

Ex-Prosecutor Says He Didn't Think Charges Would Affect Election

Buyout of Wild Oats hits a snag

Lobbyists United In Dismay Over Disclosure Rules; Professional Persuaders Vow to Fight

(Todd Graves-MO) Ex-prosecutor says firing cleared way for another

Bush Says Russia won't attack Europe

Colombia reopens homicide investigations against U.S.-backed security forces

Prospects receding of G8 climate change deal

US rejects German G8 climate goal

Avé Bush

NSA surveillance program may have skirted 1991 law on congressional notification, say Democrats

Libby's Lawyers Hope To Put Prison On Hold

Peru natives plead for Amazon protections

Iraqi parliament wants say in extension of US-led forces

Bush aide admits hiring boasts (Schlozman)

Priest, five Christians kidnapped in Iraq: report

Aide to Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sistani killed

Gunmen kidnap senior official in Baghdad

US Realtors Trade Group Predicts Lower Housing Prices, Falling Sales Of New And Existing Homes

Iraqi PM warns against foreign 'conspiracies'

"Unique" Canada to tell G8: leaving Kyoto can work

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 6

Officials Absolve Kolbe in Page Probe

Iraqi parliament votes on US troops

Weeks before last Baghdad brigade ready: U.S. general

U.S. opposes fixing greenhouse gas cuts at G8

Oil rises on report of Turkish troops in Iraq

Censorship 'changes face of net'

Poor municipal services worsen Iraqi living conditions

Congress Wants Army Body Armor Retested

I can persuade George Bush on climate change - Blair

Reports: Body Found in Missouri Search

Deal Set to End CP Rail Track Workers Strike

Man tries to jump into popemobile

Judge To Rule Monday on Teen Oral Sex Case

Baldacci (ME Governor) expected to sign bill to block Real ID

Face of segregationist law in South, Sheriff Jim Clark dies at 84

45-minute operation to restore sight to millions (AMD by stem cells)

Venezuela keeps regional rights seat in blow to U.S.

Buchanan to testify before House committee Thursday

Bush war adviser was skeptical on Iraq

Turkey says troops crossing into Iraq

U.S. says troop buildup nearly complete

U.S. starts wrapping up war games off Iran's coast

Rice Bashed Over Staff Gaps, Low Morale

Assassination of an Aid to Grand Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq

Colombia tries to enlist Clinton

Winnie Mandela barred from Canada

Girl missing a year found hidden under staircase

GOP Lawmakers Demand Probe of ABC News Story

Funeral Protester Arrested for Allowing Son to Step on Flag

4 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq combat

New Charges Filed in Abramof Probe (Federici guilty plea expected)

Thomas death sets up big '08

Five acquitted over Calvi death

G-8 Protesters Block Roads to Summit

CAFTA Referendum in Costa Rica Postponed

Teacher’s porn conviction overturned

Top Diabetes Doc Says Glaxo Threatened Him

Water cannon used on G8 protesters

Reports: Police find body where teen went missing (Kansas)

JFK airport plot 'a US setup'

Battling on 2 fronts, mother charged as AWOL

BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince

Commander reports a Baghdad success

I just found out I missed the last scene of Pilates of the Caribbean

There is no doubt about it

Sometimes in life.....

3 Days + Harp + Whiskey + Bass = County Jail

whatever happened to suzi quatro?

I need help with my master-bai...

One more "self-indulgent and self-pitying" thread

There is a chair...

Help me out with my flame-baiting skills


whats the best song you have heard today?

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June

Ever feel completely underwhelmed by someone's personality?

First Grade Teacher Accused Of Viewing Online Porn - During Class


Too much Deadliest Catch?

Oh, FEH on RL's butt!

The Lounge Word of the Day is...

I Just Ordered DU Merchandise!

Woohoo! New Strong Bad Email DVD is out! (Volume 5)

Riding with Private Malone

i float in liquid gardens

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

New IRC Server, Website and Forum for Anarchists and Libertarian-Leftists

Looking for more sites like MIT Open Courseware


3 Men Involved In Medieval Fight (Used Battle-Axe, Sword & Crossbow)

Loungers, are you ready to convert to 220V if necessary?

A little Python to start your day

Loungers, are you ready to convert to metric if necessary?

Mrs. Venation is such a good woman. I am so lucky that she is mine.

what's the current status?

Passive Aggressive Notes

How can you tell if a Republican is well hung?

An uncle to my stepchildren just advises that that his sister died on May 4th.

I won't get pregnant.

"I feel like there are pterodactyls inside me"

What do you call them?

Cat haters of the world unite.

Top Chef Fans! Season 1 vs Season 2 Tonight!

WOW just got completely busted talking to myself

Well my litle girl is working on holding her liquor!!!!!

Boys find Mammoth tooth in McMinnville, OR

Best all time Matcom moment? (copycat)

Whoops! I hit "post" instead of "search". I didn't mean to start a thread.

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

The "Hampton Hostage Hoax" at McD's-very interesting

New Ian Hunter - Best release in a while

One of the stork eggs has hatched

Well my litle girl is working on holding her bottle!!!!!

Delaware appreciation thread

Pridefest is this weekend in Milwaukee

Go on hike in the cool, unharried, cheap comfort of your home!

Water Buffalo attacked by lions, fight with crocodile, buffalo herd returns-CALF SAVED!

Paris Hilton update!

Man Sues - He Has Had Permanent Erection For 2 Years

I love the state of my ass and if you have a problem you can kiss my Delaware!!!

I'm downright disgusted and I wish my life wasn't worth a dime (because it's worth negative dimes)

Post a funny image.

I called Midlo an asshole and made her cry - will she ever forgive me

Just so we're all on the same page: Guitar Hero is the most fun you can have with or without pants

Oh, DEAR GOD. The post counts are gone!!!!

I'm finally reading "The Kite Runner"

Life is fair and a lovefest

Owie! Owie! I fell off the refrigerator.

has anyone else been shutting their office door?

Car question - how much would a Mercedes SL260 cost?


Post your savage advice here...

I know something you don't know.

The phrase of the day is "Permanent Erection". Modify a thread to include "permanent erection".

Can anybody find an audio clip of *'s "Is our children learning" quote?

I am the coolest thing since ice cube trays. -- Compliment Yourself Here!

I think I laughed myself to sleep...

Perfect for our post-9/11 world: Explosives Camp 2007!!

Happy Birthday, Sandra Bernhard!

While the servers were down yesterday....


cry all you want, no one ever said life was fair or a lovefest

i don't give a fuck what you say, primate1 is a real cool cat

Today's DU lullaby

bad news

Check out this SWEET new product from Apple. Better than the iPhone!!!!

An Email from my former Marine Dad

Euchre SUCKS - Pinocle rules!!

My sister is so strange. She just called me for help in an "emergency"

My slash is a week overdue...

Don't you miss the days when these graphics were considered top notch for PCs?

Cat attacking my hawk....what should I do?

My colon is a week overdue....

I need a good excuse to murder a panda...which should I use?

Great Sex Pistols' 30th anniversary article on Rolling Stone Web site

Call me Lobster Girl...because I am sooooooo sun burnt, owwwww!

I love my state Delaware and if you have a problem you can kiss my ass!!!

London 2012 logo footage withdrawn amid epilepsy fears


Sex, death, and Eggo waffles:

I love my state of inebriation.

My semi-colon is a week overdue ...

Manure Movers of America! I've got your logo right here

So, I met my Farsi tutor yesterday and start lessons tomorrow....

Is There A Full Moon Today

So, what is the over/under on the Hawk vs. Kitty bout?

Scientists Create Synthetic Sperm Cells

How much (if any) recess do the schools in your area give the students?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/6/2007)

Do you know who Jack Schitt is?

Why would someone take six personal calls while training for a new job?

"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

I'm groovin' to Utah Saints

People in stone houses should not throw glass

The DU Lounge has POWER it will never comprehend!

I need to PLAY! (A pitiful cry for mercy)

List of threads with Troll Roads- who has the most?

Wait is over. Charlotte Lucia arrived late last night.

THIS is what happens when I put Jack in his room for a nap:

List of states with Toll roads - who has the most (from Wiki)

You Know What Really Depresses Me About TB Guy?

Real Estate Facilitator

11 Year Old Boy Arrested For Playing With Rubber-Band Gun (Facing Felony Charges)

Celebratory alcohol!

Post your hot chicks pics here.

Seriously, why is it a Shame About Ray?

Pinned under a tree, 66-year-old man amputates own leg

PM your hot chicks pics here.(lame copycat)

Can we make a deal?

What's your current earworm? Mine's inside, but don't probably don't know it.

Ask a pillpopping boozehound a question...

Don't it make you want to rock and roll all night long?

how can we keep animaLs afraid of vacuum cLeaners?


OMG!!!! *happy screams, jumps around, giggles, twirls*

What temperature is your cooling system set at in the summer?

Anyone here seen "Memoirs of a Geisha"?

Local gun nut appreciates my bumperstickers.

Uh oh.....guess where I'm supposed to have a lunch meeting tomorrow???

Want to hear me doing a voiceover?

Stephen Colbert: Singin' in Korean

Loungers, are you ready to convert to Islam if necessary?

What was the last place outside the Earth you went to?

Uecker SUCKS - Pinochet rules!!

Happy birthday MrsG!!!1

what explanation should i use to cover four years of unemployment?

At least she's not at the Olive Garden (nsfw? Maggie Gyllenhall)

Need help with cat politics

Paris Hilton "Crying" Behind Bars

Delaware appreciation thread

Whom do you have to kill to get a job these days?

I can't believe none of you lounge idiots have never driven thru New Jersey!!

Post your sage advice here...

Post a pic and explain why it could provoke a flame war

Call Me Wesley leaves me the sweetest notes.

I wish I was pregnant

The most memorable villain from a video game is...

I'm in ur office

D-Day Soldier's Dog Tag Found in Sand

CONFESS!!! last days of school - did your school have any traditions?

The Battle of Kruger (graphic violence warning)

Anyone else excited about Sopranos final show?

Ask MrScorpio

Places where you would never ever live?

Help Paris make license plates!

Labor Should Fight for Single-Payer Retirement, Health Care

Lightening Strikes Rudy...

Crazy Anti War Fringe

John Edwards - Mom's Pecan Pie (How NOT to make a pie! LOL)

Senator Fred Thompson's veiled threat to put Michael Moore in a mental institution...

Valerie Plame's Husband Joe Wilson on Libby Sentence

IA Dem Hall of Fame Dinner

Leahy Gets Very Angry (at Bradley Schlozman, enemy of the voters)

SiCKO Movie -- Michael Moore Wants to Hear From You

Hollywood Activists Larry And Laurie David Split

Democrats seize on judges' ruling to expand Gitmo rights; Leahy: "White House not interested."

MILITARY TIMES: Army Desertions Have Risen 35% In Past Two Years

Found Another name of a Senator who Read the NIE

An excellent rant about right wing racist nutism about Steve Gilliard's death.

I caught Frank Luntz on Hannity today. His dial polling put Edwards as the clear winner last night

The GOP debate discussed a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran

I'm reading Al Gore's latest book

Check out my blog.....

This is how one of our German news websites looks at the moment

I'd like to place a bet with any of you. Will Libby have to go to jail

Do Republicans have a front-runner?

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Bush faces dilemma in case of ex-Cheney staffer Libby

U.S. doubles air attacks in Iraq

Something up with Youtube ?

God created the world & Jesus is my savior & we must bomb Iran. repub debate

Wingnuts in a "pardon" frenzy.

GOP hopefuls become Bush bashers in debate

GOP candidates shy away from Bush

Okay, which of you DUers DU'ed the New Hampshire Repub debate poll on MSNBC?

Wingnut Lookalikes...very funny stuff from Sadly, No.

Conyers blasts Fox

== I Can See Your Thong From Here = By Mark Morford

Man tries to jump into popemobile (AP)

Everybody has to have their 10,000 post post

Rate jitters could hit stocks again

Jon Stewart on Libby Suporters

A candidate who wants to win, would endorse & promise to fight for

Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End of Occupation This Year

Auto execs go to Hill to discuss mileage

"Tommy" Thompson on Bush: No other President has had so much thrown at him

We have officially entered the Twilight Zone - Bush says Russia will not attack Europe

FCC Chief Fucks Up

US rejects German G8 climate goal

How Will Thomas' Senate Seat Be Filled? We Explain Wyoming Election Law

Is it me or is the does the History Channel sometimes seem full o' hooey?

'Frustrated' Republicans looking for a way to make it look like Bush's occupation is ending

Rumsfeld on Libby: "patriot,dedicated public servant...honorable, selfless..."

Ontario city passes on transit security funds (just say NO to fear)

Douglas Feith's letter in favor of Scooter Libby's honesty and integrity

I will give Tancredo props for a nice smackdown on Bush..

Senator charges improper political interference in Justice Department

Experts doubt credibility of JFK terror plot

Scooters neighbor wrote a letter to judge saying how wonderful

Fox News with another "Accidental" Mix-Up covering Democrats...

Bipartisan Senate Group Embraces Iraq Study Group's Findings


Did any of you notice...

Think Progress: Rove-protege Tim Griffin can’t find a job

House oversight committee is expanding its investigation “into ties between jailed Abramoff & WH

Kristol turns on Bush

And then there were 5 - Five Congress Members for Impeachment of Cheney

House Directs Ethics Committee to Act on All Criminal Charges

guliani: 'if you're not for the rule of law, you're not an American'

Live Earth switch-off is vetoed (Al Gore's plan)

U.S. to oppose greenhouse gas cuts at G8: official

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

Staffing crisis at U.S. foreign service

Was She Covert? By Robert D. Novak - Washington Post

Daily Kos: The Young Chickenhawks; Republicans hate being called that word, especially since it's tr

One of the Architects behind the Escalation in Iraq was asked to become the "War Czar"

Bloomberg On JFK Plot: 'Stop Worrying, Get A Life'

Device warns you if you're boring or irritating - New Scientist Magazine

Democrats Hope to Expand Rights at Guantánamo

NYT Front Page: Libby Given 30 Months for LYING in CIA Leak Case

What exactly does it mean when you say a Covert CIA Agent is "fair game"?

Love Is In The Air ---pix--->>>

Captions? ---pix--->>>

US rejects German G8 climate goal

Rest in Peace - Robert Francis Kennedy - 6/6/68

Colbert takes ThinkProgress’s word

Must Read: Rigging The Marketplace Of Ideas

Another Free Lunch We Will Never Get To Eat - Electric Vehicles

He's fighting carbon emissions over in China and India so he doesn't have to fight them at home.

LOL! "You knew Libby was in trouble when his lawyer read a character reference -- from Wolfowitz."

Bush scales back on satellites used to measure global warming

Search Number 10

US Republicans hammer Democrats on Iraq...avoided major gaffes

Republicans berate Bush, but sound a lot like him

John Stewart last night regarding the indictment of William Jefferson(D)

Number of Iraqi displaced tops 4.2 million; shanty towns mushroom

Stupid MSNBC anchor

So, we're waiting till September for a WarMonger to tell us the surge is just beginning to work.

So why isn't cheney running for president? Many VP's do.

The Corporate President? McCain says he would fill his Cabinet with CEO's

Do you Despise the Democratic Party as currently constituted?

Jeff Toobin @ CNN "Scooter Libby has small children"

So now that Bush is losing his "backwash", what will his approval rating be in coming polls?

Turkish troops chase Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq

Instead of talking about Edwards' housesx, old and new, why don't we

Larry David and wife Laurie (producer of "An Inconvenient Truth") Split Up


CNN - Turkish troops enter Northern Iraq.

Amusing FR Fight: BushBots v. Tancredo Critters!

Why are the cons so infatuated with Fredtruck Thompson?

The Young Chickenhawks

TPM Muckraker: So Much For "Benchmarks" (Not Worth The Paper They're Printed On)

Bush’s Botched Gitmo Trials: What Comes Next

Bush’s Botched Gitmo Trials-Military Commisions Have NO Jurisdiction Of Anyone At Gitmo-Whats Next?



Fred Thompson: "our enemies have another 100-year plan"

Schlozman Admits To ‘Boasting’ About The Number Of Republicans He Hired

Caption Merkel

Is there a comprehensive list of anti-Republican jokes anywhere?

Isn't it nice to be cussed out first thing in the morning?

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

Al-Qaeda spark for an Iran-US fire

DKos: Univision To Sponsor Debates En Espanol

I watched this last night: N E W S W A R (Frontline)

Turkish Troops enter Iraq

Monsanto moves to tighten its control over Latin America

Oil prices rise near $66 as cyclone approaches Iran

Just think, if bush had been a Democrat, he'd have been imprisoned by now.

Morgan Spurlock Hopes to Finish Bin Laden Doc In Time for Toronto Fest

Bill Kristol: "Many of us used to respect President Bush. Can one respect him still?"

Do something about global warming today. Here.

Reuters: Aide to Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sistani killed

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Frances Jailed to avoid Fla Arrest on Child Sex Charges!

Paris Hilton "Crying" Behind Bars

Cowgirl's totally frivolous Republican debate roundup.

Drudge hits new low (if that's possible)

Under cover of night, Baghdad wall is built

How could I support Gore, who does NOT agree with calls for IMPEACHMENT?

Juan Cole on "Hubert Humphrey republicans"

Avé Bush

MSNBC: Vote on the New Hampshire Republican debate

Now Here's A Poll That's Hard To Get Wrong

D-Day 6June 1944 Omaha Beach

Sources: Thousands of Turkish troops enter Iraq

...Do Unto Others (Bullied girl update)

Anybody listening to Andrew Speaker (TB Guy) on MSNBC?

Words, and the people who say them.

Want to hear me doing a voiceover?

Funny little moment in the GOP debate last night.

Turkey official: "This cannot be called a cross-border operation, it is a limited operation"

On Ron Paul and America's repudiation of neo-colonialist policy

Kucinich, Gravel, Biden to Debate Iraq Policy Tonight

GSA Chief Points Finger at Rove and Company

What do you say to repubs who twice voted for w who now hate him?

food prices going up faster, higher then gasoline

4 years into the occupation of Iraq and civilian deaths are rising from 'stepped-up' U.S. airstrikes

It HAS to be asked: What the fuck is wrong with Bernstein???

A ceasefire in Iraq between "U.S. enemies" (Sunni insurgency now the "enemy")

Clearly, HITCHENS should be the sole moderator of the next round of debates

I didn't catch the GOP debate - is there video of it anywhere? n/t

Keyes may jump in to to GOP race

What is wrong with these jackasses that think Libby deserves to be pardoned?

Another Democratic failure is unfolding

A tale of a triceratops with a saddle...

To go along with Leonore's thread . . .

Iraqi unions fight to keep oil out of corporate hands

Oh no everyone is a troll! I'm surrounded by low post counts!

U.S. troops killed in Iraq: 3503

Once they were lovers.... (pic- heavy)

Fox News CEO Ailes: ‘The Candidates Who Can’t Face Fox, Can’t Face Al Qaeda’

Anyone else having problems again?

All y'all angry @ the Missing White Woman Syndrome...Ask your self this one question

Senate Rejects Immigration Stricture (Cornyn amendment)

Fun! Ask the White House: Discuss Freedom Agenda (June 7, submit questions to them now)

Anyone get the impression that Hillary will let by-gones be by-gones...

Pesticides Block Crops' Natural Nitrogen Production


Anyone know of a left-leaning Gun Rights group?

Cheney Could be Forced to Testify "In The Future" In Plame Case (Murray Waas)

Republican Presidential Candidates Support Dismissal of Lesbian & Gay Military Personnel

Picutes of the G8 protesters....

Five US Reps Support Cheney Impeachment

With all the candidates there are -

Body of missing Kansas teen found...

UK and US must quit Iraq quickly, says former UK ambassador to DC

Remains of militia/terrorist whacko Jason McVean found after 9 years.

The two murderers from the Jonesboro, AR massacre are walking free now


Iraq parliament to determine fate of foreign troops, demands compensation

Four must-read paragraphs on the greening of the automobile.

Scandal-Plagued Doolittle Quietly Votes To Protect Ethically-Challenged House Members

Clinton lied under oath, Libby lied under oath. Rule of conservative law,

US Failing To Support Our Soldiers

Jesus takes front row seat at graduation

I really think the WH is in in Free fall.

Roger Ailes says Fox News is same as Al Qaida...

Oprah wants to hear about your experiences with your health insurance company

Gore Awarded Prize for International Cooperation

Is a person required to let the CDC know if you have a horrible contagious disease?

Kokesh attorney seeks new hearing

So did Putin just prove this week that Ronald Reagan failed to end the Cold War?

Sign the G8 Climate Change Petition!

Let's review the W crime fighting record (to date)

'Another number': 3500 dead in Iraqi Occupation

Massacres and paramilitary land seizures behind the biofuel revolution

Should Letters of Support, like those appearing in the Libby Case, be allowed?

New Beating Allegations Against LAPD Under Investigation

Can we have a "I hate the Democratic Party group or forum"?

Is it acceptable in Europe to leave very young children home alone?

Tiananmen Sq forgotten by young Chinese students.

This Shouldn't be Happening: From my Hometown

Would Bill CLinton ever have been elected President if not for questions about his personal life?

Brzezinski warns Bush might use an al-Qaeda attack as a justification in attacking Iran

Common Themes (talking points) of the pro-Libby Letters

Contact the FCC to save Net Neutrality!

For an interesting look at Conservative groups using McCarthyism....

"Freak Show"

Rudy dress up doll (have fun!)

"If it were not for 911..." Another Pro-Libby Letter - blaming it on "911"

Should either some solar or wind power be required for most new homes?

caption this * and condi pic...

RePUKES don't really believe abortion is babykilling (laughter at "lightning strike")

Hell has frozen over

Endangered Species Act: politics endangers science

KRG Rep: No Turkish Troops in Kurdistan "As of Today"

Apocalypse ... always

Teachers and parents: is this for real? Scores Up Since 'No Child' Was Signed (WP, pg1)

John Kerry @ National Press Club C-SPAN 3 at 1 PM EST He will


Cyclone Hammers Oman; Veers Toward Iran

Should Bush be allowed to choose which laws he has to obey?

The daily GOOD NEWS newsletter. An antidote to burn-out.

3503 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

We used to have what was called the interurban rail

Military and Gold Star Families Mourn 3,500th Troop Death In Iraq

Bodies of tens of thousands of Iraqi women and children missing.

Home Grown Occupation...

Tom Rush - memories... pretty funny

Help! - anyone know how you post a diary at DKos??

Random vehicle searches -- legal and OK or illegal and creepy?

Naming the 3500. How Many This Time Next Year?

Anyone else excited about Sopranos final show?

U.S. Iraq Ambassador Ryan Crocker: ‘I Don’t See An End Game In Sight’

NYT: Forgetting May Be Part of the Process of Remembering

Missing White Girl Alert.

Missing Biracial Baby Boy Alert!! Age 1 - Missing: May 1, 2007

OP-ED: If we impeach, we get President Pelosi = DU this with comments.

The ultimate Al Gore slap by Busch

Mike Gravel on Hillary and Don't Ask Don't Tell

Ray Bradbury chooses Faux news...

Why is Tom Delay on Tweety? I thought he was in jail?

Must See Teevee: G. Gordon Liddy showing himself as the shifty eyed felon he is

Just a fun one: Let's put together our 2009 Fantasy Cabinet.

"Dr. Alveda King Says Sen. Obama's 'Quiet Riot' Comment Misses the Point"

Another House Rep. Signs On As Co-Sponsor Of Impeachment

Ready for the perfect storm for a fundamentalist theocrat upset in the Iowa Repub caucus?

Poor-Washing, the Gates Foundation & the "Green Revolution" in Africa


A great letter to the judge in the Scooter Libby case, asking for maximum possible sentence.

WP: Bush Is Unexpected Loser in Tuesday's Debate

Dealing with Terrorism, New York Style

Everyone's laughing at Conservapedia ("Kangaroos from Noah's ark floated to Australia on rafts")

Florida DUers you'll soon wish

Buzzflash Wings of Justice Award: Cindy Sheehan

Fox CEO Roger Ailes Or "Plan 9 From Outer Space" Star Tor Johnson?

Gay groups decry surgeon general nominee

icasualties now reporting suicides.How sad

Newspaper calls for Libby pardon...

I am oddly indifferent to a LIbby Pardon . How about you

Some clown tried to break up the G8 Meetings in Germany

Oh oh. Labor costs exceed forecasts stocks drop. time for a pay cut

AP: War Czar "skeptical of Iraq troop plan"

U.S. Says Troop Buildup Nearly Complete

Oh, those wacky wingnuts!! When will they learn? Drudge screws them AGAIN!!

Fox News apologizes again for tape goof

Goodling’s ‘uncomfortable’ conversation piques senators’ interest

Bush: "I strongly believe that we are in a war with a group of ideologues"

Will the American people SWEEP all Republican political corruption under the rug like they have,...

## GO KPETE! She Has a Great Line-Up in Election Reform. Check It! ##

Bloodshed Is Spreading Across Afghanistan, Warn Aid Workers

Nyah! Nyah! I get to meet Al Gore today

Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky have off-year state elections this year.

I apologize for anything I said yesterday that was over the top.

Afghan President Embraces Iran

Check in If you have family or a friend who voted for Bush but now does not support him...

Here's an e-mail sent by my freeper brother to my sister...

Crazy Xmas card sent out by Citizens for the Right to Bear Arms.

Shirley Phelps-Roper from "Godhatesfags" church busted

Smackdown in a Free Society

OK all you LA soon to be dirty birds listen up and you too Merika!

Last post for me.

The Libby Letters of Support (Part 1)


Actor-turned-golfer Rob Lowe 'kills Iowa state bird'

Students meet with school officials who refuse to hand over diplomas

Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary

Green Cars: Forget Biodiesel, Batteries, even Hydrogen, it's...The Air Car?

Why Some Missing Persons Cases Get More Coverage?

SHOCKING NEWS from Los Angeles! Report: Complaints Up Against LAPD

Who Killed The Electric Car. They Save Energy But Detroit Makes Sure They Don't Get Made

Monica Goodling kneecaps a truth-telling FBI agent-Agent Dzwilewski's Exit Interview

WP Reliable Source: Rumsfeld and Feith seen walking together down L Street

NYT editorial, "A National Disgrace": Gitmo created on myth, built on lie, organized around fiction

JonBenet's Dad, Natalee Holloway's Mom Dating

Former Norton aide to plead guilty in Abramoff case

I'd like to see Bill Moyers be the moderator for the next debates.

Countdown to War on Iran US Foments Unrest and Spurns Overtures

I loathe Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas with an absolute, all consuming, passion.

Caption this pic

BARRY SCHOLZMAN....AS FuManchu! See Him Live...!

Salt Water as FUEL? Is this for real??

U.S. warship attacks pirates off Somalia

Matthews asking G. Liddy if Libby should be pardoned? A really

IRAN here we come...anybody else watch world news on ABC just now

I just passed Harold Ford crossing Lexington Avenue.

In the next Republican debate I would like to see them asked about the Jefferson Bible

Anyone heard about this "Bush Humiliation" incident?

A New Poll Suggests That Play-It-Safe 'Centrists' Are Weakening the Democratic Party

Breaking: Thousands of Turkish troops enter Iraq

Lawmakers Want Army Body Armor Retested

Lynne Cheney, Susan Thomas Floated As Possible Replacements For Late Sen. Craig Thomas

Presidential candidate Edwards not hypocrite

* and Bono - pics

The Liberal Democratic Party USA endorses passing the paycheck fairness act.

John Edwards: Champion of the Working Class

Battling on 2 fronts, mother charged as AWOL

Time: Rove Named in Alabama Controversy

Does the timing of the Jefferson thing look a bit suspicious?

My 83rd LTTE-war profiteering

Congress cuts off funding to Karen Hughes' "Al Hurrah" television network

N.H. Debate: GOP Candidates Support of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Puts National Security at Risk

Thanks for overexposing the overexposure, AOL.

Dems Send out "Weak Tea" when they should be FIGHTING! What Is THIS on the Cables?

Judge Walton "not inclined to let Libby remain free pending appeals"; Bush pardon decision soon?

Exactly how much does BushCo suck?

D'ya suppose * and the robber oil barons are trying to break this nation

Impeach Bush: A-Z

Waxman to Probe Abramoff's Illegal Foreign Payoffs to Bush and GOP?

Would Hillary sweep Plamegate under the rug, the way her husband did with Iran-Contra, if elected?

How many is 3503?

GOP RON PAUL...He speaks,,,People Listen..But..Trapped,,in a party of deciet.Truth is not trusted

Iraqi Government Orders Arrest of Oil Workers' Leaders

Credibility of JFK terror case questioned

Bush's Surgeon General nominee wrote paper called "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality"

Democrats and Faith - Toeing the Fine Line

A Profile MADE for a Presidential Coin

Wagoner: GM turnaround plan working; batteries are the future

Defense Secretary Gates' revealing response on "possibility of a Turkish invasion in northern Iraq"

FITZ PIX-MAS!! (pics)

Which Cover Do You Like For Wes Clark's Upcoming Book?

Anybody using solar power at home?

Robert Parry: Last Plamegate Worry for Bush-Cheney

Break out that old Tin Foil Hat!!!

Mass Grave Found of Jews Killed by Nazis

Al Gore Wins Spain's Prince of Asturius Prize

Edwards Outlines Plan To Revitalize Rural Communities In South Carolina

John Edwards will be a GREAT president!

Tompkins County, NY First U.S. County To Pass Impeachment Resolution

If you were to design an antimonument to the Bush administration, what would it be or look like?

Corporations must, by law, put the profits of stockholders above all else.

Democrats Defeat Harmful Voter ID Amendment: Repubs Continue to Play Politics With Right to Vote


Interrogation Abuse: Psychologists in on it at Gitmo!!! - "Scoop"

What is the status of Mental Health Services in your community?

How long could you survive if private gas sales ceased?

Pictures of Adam Kokesh and his supporters in KC

A great idea to help others support themselves throughout the world

18 years ago today, a man stepped onto the street.........

Kucinich, Gravel, Biden to Debate Iraq Policy Tonight

Democratic Congress Increasing Funding for Abstinence-Only?

Giuliani Campaign Has Freelancers Hauled Away by Police for Asking Tough Questions

125 miles per gallon!!!

*** I am a Democrat that likes Reid and Pelosi ***

Gore is managing his non-campaign for President *brilliantly*

Missing Hispanic Girl Alert!!! 13 Yrs Old - Missing Date: May 11, 2007

NPR Covers ACVR's White House/Rove-led 'Voter Fraud' Scam (BRAD BLOG Quoted in Report)

Ron Paul believes there is a war on Christmas, denies there is a seperation of church and state

*Alert* Man Sues Over Long-Lasting Erection From Boost Plus

Ford beats Toyota in quality rankings

Lou Dobbs - "Top 5 Dumbest Things in the Immigration Bill"

Juicy, juicy! Nat'l Enq: Rudy Giuliani's (new) Secret Mistress?

NYT Book Review: "A Woman in Charge," by Carl Bernstein; Kakutani: "little new in this volume"

Foreign Policy, in a Word (comparison of Obama, Edwards, McCain, and Romney on foreign policy)

Booman's Take on the Carvelle letter

Vice President Cheney vs. The New York Times

the day after the big Repug debate, the nytimes runs big story on Dem. debate

GOP to Bush: Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Petraeus: ‘We Haven’t Started The Surge Yet’

Ravalli County (MT) special election results - Republicans lose across the board

Did anyone see Rudy's G. outburst last night related to Libby sentency?--

NYT Book Review blasts "uniformly negative" Clinton bio "Her Way" by NYT reporters

White House counselor Dan Bartlett, Key Aide To Bush Will Resign Next Month

TV Newser: Democrats' NH Debate Gets Highest Demo Delivery "In Cable News History"

McCain: "Look" and "My Friend(s)" His repeated use of these in side the beltway-isms drove me nearly

The Party VS the Country - the gop in the 21st century

Most Repulsive Republican Contest ...

US Attorney Scandal - This Time It's Iowa

Anybody who watched the GOP debate last night should be very aware,

Tancredo to bush - "don't darken the door"

I'm glad I chose not to watch the Republican 'debate' last night

"I certainly would not send him to the United Nations."

"Members of Congress should avoid even the APPEARANCE of impropriety"

We all know hate monger Scarboro supports Libby's lies but ...

Assassination of an Aid to Grand Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq

GOP Debate: White Guys in Black Suits

Presidential candidate Ron Paul

AP: Officials: Turkish troops enter Iraq. Reuters: Iraqi Kurds deny incursion by Turkish troops


Reid Says He Will Seek to End Debate on Immigration Bill (NYT)

Is U.S. Safer Since 9/11? Clinton and Rivals Spar

Barring another stolen election...a Democrat will be President in 2008

Remembering RFK today.


A behind-the-scenes look at preparation for Obama's magic moment

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse endorses Hillary

Hey lets go to war with Russia

"Poor Scooter"???? Fuck that.

The Scooter Libby in our family

sean hannity - another of those wacky conservative comedians

Greg Palast to blog at DFA tomorrow night...Thursday June 7

TB Guy Tops Bush in New Polls (Andy Borowitz via HuffPo)

Fox News & Kristol & GOP debate crowd all turn on Bush


Which Republican candidate's politics are the closest to *'s?

Fearmongering Rudy gets it very wrong on Saddam Hussein and Iraq

in light of recent loyalty threads, a good link on the DLC

Partisan rant?

Why the FU@K are we watching debates this early for??!!

House boosts clean energy, veteran funds (AP)

GOP is Doing to Peace Now What They Did to Health Care in the 90s: All to Attack the Dems

U.S. House considers shipping contraceptives abroad (Reuters)

Democrats Defeat Harmful Voter ID Amendment

Bruning (R-Ne) to hold press conference Thursday on his political future (Hagel's seat)

I know some DUers are watching Tucker Carlson. It's GOTTA STOP!

How do you get a Senator's attention?

Dear Right Wing Talking Pointers (or a smart liberal) .......

Gore Vidal still firing at 81, the Globe & Mail

House Approves Bill Limiting Afghan Aid (AP)

Domestic Partner Tax Reform Introduced In Senate

Ret. Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War (Onion --LOL!)

On CNN now - Iranian weapons shipped into Afghanistan. Seen as

Per TPM, looks like there's been another document dump:

Edwards, in SC with Danny Glover, reaches out to rural voters

"I don't know what rich is"

Thank you Bernie Sanders

As much as I want Gore to run, I can't bear the media assholes trashing him again

Edwards Campaign Statement in Response to the Republican Presidential Debate

The Liberal Democratic Party USA endorses passing the paycheck fairness act.

How Mike Huckabee helped free a rapist who then killed at least one woman (Murray S. Waas)

Why the speculation on a Libby pardon? Of COURSE it will happen...

"KKK - wrapped so much in christianity"

"Guliani: Worse than Bush" - Rolling Stone

Biggest surprise within the last half-hour --Libby moves to delay prison term (AP)

porn queen Savanna Samson is "hot for Rudy."

Latest Intelligence Report Yet Another Smoking Gun On Bush

Hey Scooter supporters, imagine if Libby had blow up all our U-2s

A New Poll Suggests That Play-It-Safe 'Centrists' Are Weakening the Democratic Party

Biden gets key endorsement in NH

Embarrassed Democrats

Iraq Idea: Better Than Calling Congress

Tucker to Ron Paul: Democrats are Neocons too

Map of Democratic Primary Polling by State

raise your hand if you're a registered Democrat

Other crimes evidenced in the mis-directed e-mails?? = HATCH ACT violations

HRC shakes up Iowa campaign; Giuliani to skip Ames straw poll

as I waited in line to get into the republican debate......

A while ago, we had a thread that asked: "What's your (Democratic) 'nightmare' ticket?"

Gore hits Chicago to chants of 'Run, Al, Run'

If W. Pardon's Scooter Today, Congress Will Subponea Him Tomorrow To Testify Against Cheney

Would someone please explain to me how people can believe

radical changes are coming and the candidates can't or won't tell you