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Archives: June 7, 2007

There’s No Winning Strategy for a Lost War

Rights Groups Call for End to Secret Detentions

Letter to the Editor: Representative Tim Holden (D - PA) backs workers

SEESHOLTZ: Litigating Shadenfreude for the Christianist Right

The Problem with Global Warming Skeptics (Joshua Frank,

When Presidential Pardons Turn Political

Wall between political operatives, agencies crumbling

Blumenthal: The Libby lobby's pardon campaign

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Repression by China, and by Us

U.S. adopts limits on clean water law enforcement

If Cutting Carbon Isn't Enough, Can Climate Intervention Turn Down the Heat?

Putin donates month's salary to Jewish museum

Lieberman: Gaza must be cut off

Fatah man killed by Hamas militants

Letters Cast Light on Cheney's Inner Circle

Union Ad Boosts Mahoney (D-Fl)

Giuliani, McCain to skip early 2008 test

Researchers make stem cells from skin

House approves bill limiting Afghan aid

Ex-Girlfriend: I Have Nothing on (New Jersey Gov. Jon) Corzine

Coeur d'Alene parents look to restrict access to certain books

Removal men arrive at Downing St {i.e. moving vans arrive}

Lakeland Electric Workers Vote to Unionize

Costa Rica breaks relations with Taiwan

Pentagon's acquisition chief resigns

Venezuela to Widen Energy, Military Ties to Russia, Chavez Says

Report: Three Million New Yorkers Struggle To Put Food On The Table

Lawyer Links Rove to Ala. Investigation

Cheney blocked official's promotion

BREAKING: DoJ Appeals MO Voter Roll Case, 'DoJ-Throat' Provides New Details on Schlozman Testimony

NASA head regrets global warming remarks

Let's do the fork in the garbage dispossal!

My friends and parents seem to be consistent in saying I shouldn't father a child.

For those who are playing at home

Lame copycat (lame copycat)

Ask a street-walking cheatah a question

I am...I said...

Be Careful With Knives Kids!

My younger daughter is a malcontent

How DARE I get weak knees?

Break On Through To State Universities!

I am hungry and don't want to cook - what takeout should I get?

New episode of "Ghost Hunters" is on SciFi in about an hour.

I don't know how many other people here play guitar, but...

I feel like raising some hell tonight....

University of Arizona Wildcats - National Champs again!

They're getting ready to raise The Cup in Anaheim

I thirst for Lysol!

Babylon 5 - season 3: Rent this season set NOW!

should i hire this architect?

Mother's house of drowned Patriots player robbed during her son's funeral.

End of the world is here!

Fans of "Top Chef" episode on tonight (10:00 Eastern, 9:00 Central)!

New comic strip.

Sometimes it snows in April

I Have The Sopranos on the Brain

I talked to Oeditpus Rex on the phone!

God, why am I watching this?

Vote Here If You Think Rev Acts Should Take Me Back

Anyone else creeped out by large spiders?

Twistin'! Come Play With Me! ;) EVOO Too! :evilgrin:

I could almost swear Bob Barker was on TV 50 years now

Should I go to the local catholic church's Texas hold'em tournament Friday?

Bad news.

Life with my writing partner: A poll.

"Say no to..."

I overdid it today

Well, well for once I will have to applaud Microsoft

Nominate A DUer For Impeachment:

1683 Guitarists play Smoke on the water at once.

Man tries to jump into Pimpmobile, but wait there's more!

Places where you would never ever die?

Yay... projectile cat-yak

Biology Question: How can a 16-oz kitten...

Booted from 2-desk corner office to "cube" today.

Has someone you used to know ever made one last random appearance?

Is it possible to get a restraining order on someone sexually harassing a minor?

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Note to the cats:

I thirst for Fresca!

My teenage son is obsessed with Criss Angel's show "Mind Freak"

I Went To Olive Garden, Walked My Pit Bull, And Smoked In A Public Area


GO DUCKS !!!!!!!

now this is a kick in the head

Man tries to jump into Popeilmobile, but wait there's more!

Iraqi Unionists in Washington, D.C., to Protest U.S. Oil Drain from Iraq

2,000 Rutgers Staff Join AFT

Letter Carriers Food Drive Collects More than 70 Million Pounds

Bullitt bus drivers vote 57-54 to join Teamsters

Profile: Billionaire Ron Burkle Is Close to Unions, Despite His Wealth

WP: Union Ranks Funds by Executive-Pay Votes

American Samoa cannery confirms moves to sack 200 employees blames min wage hike

CNN reports on the Comedy Central debut of Lil Bush

Global Current (# 4) 'One Cold War is Enough'...

Global Current (# 5) Afghanistan: Rebirth of the Taliban...

Obama Speaks At Hampton University


Tropical Cyclone Gonu

House Rejects Bill to Ban Human Cloning

Are the Polls WRONG...and do Most Americans Love the Chimp but the RW MSM has Faked the Polls?

From Senator Leahy on restoring Habeas Corpus:

All this time - it feels really weird to hit the log out button

Keith on Countdown: About the pardon of Scooter libby

War profiteering's long reach

Just got an anti-Hillary email from the lone conservative in my family

Novak: Rove-Protege Tim Griffin Joins Thompson Campaign

The PMA Council mentioned in the new doc dump is...

Soldier's Suggestion: Fire One General for Every Troop Death

Pentagon's acquisition chief resigns

What my local pet Wingnut said about the rumor of Rudy's new infidelity

Be suspicious, be VERY suspicious....

Gonu news. (cyclone in Arabian gulf)

Dodd's Talk Clock for the GOP Debate

A Joint Statement by the AFL-CIO and the TUC

Expert: India will need 500,000 IT professionals in 5 yrs

,...will the American MEDIA obsess over the latest neocon abuse of power,...

A Truce Between U.S. Enemies in Iraq

Turkish Officials Say Troops Enter Iraq

PA democrat - I alway thought of myself that way.

Two things That Piss me Off

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Was the Federalist Society in on attorney firings?

Whoever sent MSRPC Malicious LSASS DS Request BO (1)

No one has brought this up thus far, but (re: the Libby Letters)

Hillary on target to raise more money in second quarter than first quarter

L.A. residents told to cut showers as drought deepens: Driest year since rainfall records began

Comparisons between Saddam Husein and Bush on Iraq

I tried my best to get the little bastards that caused me grief -

How many of you are up for a little fun?

On The Daily Show NOW! Coverage of the Republican "debate" #2

Goodling In Private Email: ‘Send Directly Up To Me, Outside The System’

Faux's John Gibson should appear only with a KKK hood

Good Bye "Scooter" ---pix--->>>

Cheney blocked Justice official’s promotion.

The Colbert Report covering the Republican "debate" #2 Now!

Send a Brick to Build a Wall

Pictures of damage in Oman from cyclone Gonu

War Refugees Live in Baghdad Trash Dump

GLBT outrage at Edwards misplaced...

Original Anchor Bernard Shaw Laments CNN's Mimicking Of Fox News

New think tank for LGBT issues

FAUX's Roger Ailes: Candidates who can't face FOX, can't face Al Qaeda.

Rev. Fred Phelps daughter is a real moran (photo)

GOP congressional candidate denounces Iraq invasion (brother of pilot from 9/11)

I don't understand. With everyone bitching about the price of gas...

Bono Looks Mortified Having to Appear with Bush ---pix--->>>

Paul Craig Roberts: If You Think Bush Is Evil Now, Wait Until He Nukes Iran

Coeur d'Alene parents look to restrict access to certain books

Media Matters: Whitewater "mistakes"

Rep. Kucinich convinces CNN to include all candidates during

Depleated uranium

In remembrance of Robert F. Kennedy

UN High Commissioner For Refugees Says 4.2 Million People Have Been Displaced By Iraq War

Tourists around the World CHEER and CLAP as Glaciers Collapse

Thunder? It's the sound of Greenland melting

Creepiest Bush Photo EVER ---pix--->>>

An Unacceptable Nominee

I am leaning toward Edwards mostly because I think he has the best shot at getting elected

Help !!! - Is There An Official Court Transcript Of The Libby Sentencing ???

Is a lobotomy painful?

People who want to believe they are "descendants of a primate," that's fine.

On Hardball: Donny Deutsch gives best reasons Gore WILL be next president!


More HATCH ACT Violations Noted. The mis-directed e-mails contain evidence.

Larry Flynt says he's already been deluged by more than 200 leads (80% of them on Republicans)

How about a stink the fuck out DU?

Bush's buddy Bandar in some hot water?

GEORGE W. bUSH; the MFer who has DESTROYED our military.

At best 7% of Americans consider immigration the most important problem facing this country today

"Iraq's government is teetering on the edge. "

What HRC has to fear from the two new books: a perception of incompetence (Newsweek)

Health Care: The Republicans’ Plans

CQ Politics: GOP Faces Tough Odds for 2008 Senate Comeback

KO: Clip on Guliani whether Libby should be pardoned

Nice flame war going on at ABC News .com regarding Iranian weapons

Jim Dean speaks out against the Iraq funding vote, and praises Cindy Sheehan.

Corzine's ex known as tough union chief

Well, well for once I will have to applaud Microsoft

Edwards supporters and friends, have some pie :)

Health Care: The Republicans' Plans

How would one dissuade a Dem Candidate from fundraising at restaurant w/ horrible worker rights rec

What should William Jefferson do?

Is President Bush to blame for the meltdown in Iraq? cast your vote

Wells argued... punishment enough;Libby has "been overwhelming negative press coverage"

Thirty nine people said to have 'disappeared' in US custody

Condoleezza Rice made it easier for Iran to crackdown on potential spies

Obama To Beat Clinton In Second Quarter Fundraising

Does anyone have a list of when all of the Debates are?

Our soldiers in Iraq will find MySpace, YouTube and eleven other websites blocked

Will John Gibson retract his lie about progressive website?

GLBT outrage at Edwards misplaced...

Why the US was After Sadam Before Bush Jr.

Hillary to raise more money in second quarter than first quarter

Edwards Outlines Plan to Revitalize Rural Communities in South Carolina

Lets applaud those who attended the Iraq debate

Would you avoid voting for a candidate based on how a supporter acts on DU?

I'm beginning to think the Republicans have no shot electorally

heads Up Edwards Fans, Incoming

Barack Obama: EPA Endorses Obama Proposal to Eliminate Lead From Schools, Child Care Facilities

Official: Cheney Urged Wiretaps

Pennsylvania Republican, Convicted in ’80s Bribery, Backs Giuliani

When Presidential Pardons Turn Political

When you want to drain the swamp, you've got to pry Karl Rove out of the drain.

Last Plamegate Worry for Bush-Cheney

Think Progress: Was the Federalist Society in on attorney firings?

Analysis: Libby Case a Twist on Justice

Think Progress: Goodling In Private Email: ‘Send Directly Up To Me, Outside The System’

Suicide Was the Only Way Out of Iraq for Col. Westhusing

Nick Anderson: Bush's 'puppy'

John Nichols: GOP to Bush: Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?


Enthusiastically Luke Warm

W R Marshall; The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming

The Nation: The Somalia Strike

Ex-CIA spy denies blame for Congo's troubled past


The Strange Case Of Coconut Road; AK Congressman Young Gets $10 mil "Earmark" For Rd In Balmy FL

Government: Criticism vs. Insult

Hadley A National Security Adviser, Just Not on the Wars

Merchants of Death, The Politics of Perpetual Fear

More g.o.p. corruption! Coconut Road - NY Times

Juan Cole: The Eighth Front

Time to Play, Hey That Makes Sense

Gangs, Terrorists, and Trade

Paul Reickhoff: As The Turkish Army Storms Into Iraq, CNN Is Stupider Than Usual

California: Iraq War Referendum Advances (The Nation)

Hail to the Stupid

Frustrated With Bush and the Democrats (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Restoring Habeas by mcjoan Daily Kos

Is It Anti-Americanism or Just Anti-Bushism?

On Petraeus and Westhusing

Soviet-Style ‘Torture’ Becomes ‘Interrogation’ (NY Times)

Republican Sen. Stevens Told to Keep Records for Graft Probe

Good News! Jobs Continue to Migrate

Love Me, I'm A Liberal?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bush's Missile Fantasy (The Nation)

Facelift For The Fear Frame (by Jeffrey Feldman at HuffPost)

Draft Al Gore? Draft Al Gore! (by Benjamin R. Barber at HuffPost)

David Sirota: Are We Really Back to Debating What the Meaning of "Is" Is?

Female War Reporters Hide Sexual Abuse To Continue Getting Assignments

Neoconned Again (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Realists on Iraq

Chomsky As the Rest of the World Knows Him (Uprising Radio, via AlterNet)

A misled generation graduates to a future behind the counter (Where Are the Jobs?)

Lynne Cheney, Susan Thomas floated as possible replacements

How Christian conservative activists spread a vicious lie about a hate crimes bill

Richardson Adept As Recreational Hunter (NRA supported)

G8 will not agree numerical emissions target-Blair (Reuters)

Europe diary: MEPs and motors (BBC) {We want big engines! Waah! Waah!}

Hot fuel for you and cold cash for big oil When gasoline gets hot

Bald eagle soaring 'success,' but at what cost? (CNN)

May 2007 Warmest May Ever Recorded In New Zealand

As Howard Pimps Climate Credentials, New NSW Coal Mine Approved - 10.9 Million Tons/Year

Red Tide Off Shenzhen Largest In City's History - 19 Square Miles In Extent - Reuters

Gas prices drive workers - and bosses - to telecommute

Turning "Takings" On Their Ear - Exxon Must Pay For Lost Recreation Opportunities Caused By Toxins


The G8 Speaks On Climate: Members Will "Seriously Consider" Plan To Cut Emissions By 2050 - AFP

Ukraine Bans Grain Exports - Romanian Projected Wheat Harvest Off 46% YOY, Barley 30% - FT

The time in between...

Quebec Cabinet Passes Carbon Tax - Projected Revenue Of $200 Million - Bloomberg

20 Killed By Cyclone Gonu In Oman - Most Were Victims Of Flooding - AFP

Automakers Could Escape Higher Efficiency Standards By Demonstrating They'd Be Too Costly - NYT

Toyota Global Hybrid Sales Pass 1,000,000 Mark - AP

NY Times: Environmentalists Object to Turkey Waste Biomass Plant in MN.

Terra Preta: The Benefits of the Incorporation of Charcoal into Soil

Solana: Int'l peacekeeping force in Gaza is a possibility

Dovish Jewish Groups Mull Mega-Merger In Bid To Build Peace Powerhouse

No Pyrrhic Victory

OPT: Gaza fishermen’s livelihoods in jeopardy

In the shadow of occupation

Australia cleared in U.S. death in Iraq

GOP Environmentalist Linked to Abramoff to Plead Guilty

Retired anchor (Bernard) Shaw laments effects of Fox on his beloved CNN

Pentagon moves another East African detainee to Guantanamo

Saudi prince 'received arms cash' (Bandar)

Press watchdog slams Somalia media shutdown

Norton aide cops a plea

Groups list 39 "disappeared" in U.S. war on terror

Navy, GSA Say Contract Led to Waste, Maybe Fraud

UK envoy in Iraq says ready to listen to kidnappers

North Korea fires missiles off west coast: report

British soldier killed, three wounded in Iraq

E-mail questions if conservative group was party to plan to fire U.S. attorneys(Federalist Society)

Goodling’s ‘uncomfortable’ conversation piques senators’ interest

Past as lobbyist may play into future as candidate (Fred Thompson)

U.S. Gives $10M Reward to Informants (Phillipines)

Paris Hilton Had A Full Cavity Search

Paris Hilton -- Free Woman

Paris Hilton out of jail,

Suspect Arrested for Kidnapping and Murdering Kansas Teen Kelsey Smith

US considering Guantanamo ruling options - lawyer

Cuban dissident visits Miami family

G8 leaders 'agree climate deal'

Bipartisan Coalition Of Senators And Representatives Asks President To ‘Unlock’ Hometown Heroes Bene

Disgraced (Dept. of Interior) official was paid work bonus

ExxonMobil to buy US Military for $100 Million-trillion

More violent assaults on Iraqi Christians

Senate committee delays Southwick vote

Protester arrested at funeral of soldier

Tsunami siren stirs anger in Aceh

Senator Stevens Told to Keep Records for Graft Probe

Groups list 39 "disappeared" in U.S. war on terror

MND-B patrol struck by roadside bomb

BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince

Colorado Secretary of state defends story of Iraq town meeting

(Senate Judiciary) Panel clears bill giving detainees court access

Campaign Funds for Alaskan; Road Aid to Florida

Sen. Stevens Told to Keep Records for Graft Probe

Bush nominee: Pushing Iraq may not work

Complaints abound over enforcement of voter registration law(Hans von Spakovsky)

State School Standards Vary Widely in Study

Suicide bomber hits police HQ in Iraq town, 9 killed

Paris Hilton Released From LA Jail Early

Colombia's top prosecutor grinds on

House Dems push for big shift in Colombia aid


Libby asks judge to delay sentence

US lawmakers urge Colombia trade vote delay

U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Tops 3,500

Never too late, Arab pop stars raise funds for Darfur

Pelosi sees ‘drastic’ troop cuts by mid-2008

Climate experts slam G8 deal on emissions

U.S. VP Cheney to have routine heart checkup

Dade schools defend banning of book on Cuba

Original Lincoln Document Found

Trial Opens Involving CIA Rendition

AP Poll: Bush approval hits low point

Kurds rule out U.S. support in case of Turkish incursion into Kurdistan

U.S. commander in Iraq to CNN: 'Breathtaking' improvements seen in some areas

Putin suggests new missile shield site (Azerbaijan)

Same-sex benefits changing (Michigan)

Turkey declares 'security zones'

Phil Donahue Making Anti-War Feature

Exile militants arrange arms surrender

Human Rights First: Hate crimes, anti-Semitism on rise in Europe

Immigration bill fails crucial U.S. Senate vote

Immigration bill in doubt after vote

Chile prosecutor to say Fujimori should be sent to Peru

Secret CIA prisons confirmed by Polish and Romanian officials

Punch flies on (Alabama State) Senate floor (Repub hits Dem)

Blair says Saudi arms probe would have "wrecked" ties

Document: Iran Caught Red-Handed Shipping Arms to Taliban

Lynne Cheney, Susan Thomas floated as possible replacements for late Sen. Craig Thomas

Iran: Search for Missing FBI Agent Has Yielded No Results

LA residents told to cut showers as drought deepens (driest in 130 yrs)

Venezuela Calls for Leftist Defense Bloc

U.S. Investigates Firm Building Embassy in Iraq

U.S. Embassy builder investigated

Senators: Companies with "mass layoffs" shouldn't hire more foreign workers

Feds May Suspend Border Passport Rule

Post something about being part of the vast left wing conspiracy

Paul Mc Cartney..."Dance Tonight" the video.

I overdrove it today

now this is a kick in the thread!


Last night I had a dream where a dog died.

ACK!! That damned Bacardi Mohito commercial just came on again.

Hollywood Liberals?

Does the army take 17-year-olds??

The Lounge Word of the Day is...

I Paid $180 To Have My Pussy Shaved

I just found out the Stanley Cup was played last night

meditation on the show "cops"

It is Thursday, it is a holiday in Germany

Watching All in the Family: Edith goes through menopause

Cubs call up baby-face.

Wheelchair user gets wild ride on front of truck

This is for Gray! Gray Warrior! Where are you?

I confess ...I ate lunch at the Olive Garden yesterday

Woman Won't Go To Jail For Staring At Police Dog (Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped)

Tomorrow Night is the "Senior Crawl"

Congratulations uppity person!! 25,000 posts

Oh noes! Kitten has to go to the Doctor today!

He has orange skin and he gropes models, but...

A thread to say good morning and happy day to you all!

A Question for music fans, piano and keyboard players...

Man Pinned Under Fallen Tree Amputates His Own Leg With Pocket Knife

Our Paris Hilton vigil worked! Glad to report that she has been released after 3 days.

"More people died last year from eating spinach than smoking pot.''

Hey you, come here!

What does your dog steal?

A query about e-lists

Rob Lowe's Golf Ball Hits, Kills Iowa's State Bird During Charity Golf Event

Anyone else see this... WARNING Tissues needed

Just Say No to Amnesty (Flash fun)

Sorry to sound like a Sad Sack right now, but I'm feeling very lonely,

Semi Truck Takes Man In Wheelchair On Ride Down Highway After His Wheelchair Gets Stuck

Can anyone identify this (bizarre) photo?

Has anyone ever sold something through Paypal for a large amount of money?

Paris Hilton grounded!

Congratulations wakeme2008!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations smokey nj!! 10,000 posts

Husband's surgery update

Dian, Janice, or Holly?

The coolest thing I have ever done (aka steppin' up)

Lifetime Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness

My new man called this morning to tell me he misses me.

Can anyone in law enforcement help answer a traffic question

"To enter life by way of the vagina is as good a way as any."

Man Arrested After Burglarizing His Own Home

Back Aids for Driving -- need help finding.

Charges dismissed against N.H. woman who made faces at police dog

Paris out of jail!

I had a full cavity search...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/7/2007)

I haven't done anything today

And in the "You won't believe this one" department

Paris Hilton Freed -- (after serving 3 days in jail. . . . .

Whoisalhedges wants to know your favourite cure for a genital rash

Paris Hilton Had A Full Cavity Search

Poll question: Dolo wants to know your favourite cure for Whoisalhedges

How can Pepsi have "more cola taste" than Coca Cola?

Could This Week Get Any Worse?

Okay... I've been holding back, but I'm now going to say it. I feel AWFUL.

Does anyone else love Shonen Knife?!

Congratulations seemslikeadream!! 20,000 posts

I had considered announcing my campaign for President tonight, but

So, did they actually find a full cavity on Paris Hilton?

Man drowns trying to retrieve cell phone

Does Leonard Peltier know Hilton is free yet?

Post your favorite "garage band " psychedelia ...

Congratulations bryant69!! 10,000 posts

Man Loses Computer Thumb-Drive Filled With Child Porn, Goes To Police To Claim It - Arrested

Hey... HEY.... HEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!11

Where's my hassenffer? Roast bunnies yum

New Rule: Cities with palm trees can not have NHL teams.

The perezhilton appreciation thread

caption this :)

Replicants not Republicans!

Woman arrested for making faces at dog

Should I post a picture for Writer, on all fours, surrounded by books?

Something I've noticed about the Harry Potter books (and like)

Is anyone else posting via a proxy server?

Check out this comedian...

A story of our cat and the bird feeder.

Paris says has learned a great deal from this experience and hopes

We did it!!! Our tireless efforts have freed Paris Hilton!

critique of a graffito in the bathroom of the ghetto fabu chinese buffet

Ameican Spoon cherry blueberry spoon fruit is the BEST

now I know why they give you little plastic gloves with ink cartridge refill kits

Can't afford a Segway? Get your sloth on with Suburban Dog Scooter!

You guys will love this. ROFL.

is tupelo actually famous for its honey?

Should I post a picture for Retrolounge, on all fours, surrounded by books?

Congressional liberals Raptured, leaving conservatives behind.

Amending a "right to represent" document?

"REBUKE your cough!" ...a message from the local Born Again Fringers.

My motherboard fried the other day.

Have you ever been finger painted?

Woman stabbed in face, violence is suspected....

The printable version...

"Full Cavity Search" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "full cavity search".

I was laid-off yesterday

Check this thread out in GD

I bought "down and out in beverly hills" yesterday - it sucks

Gents - is the the three day beard look sexy?

What is the generation called that was between the "greatest" and the "boomer"?

baby baby don't get hooked on me

Not Only Do I Love Tori Amos's "American Doll Posse"

Where's Lioness?

Salt and sweet, as in peanuts and any kind of chocolate

she's having my baby!

Ever seen this site "Hot chicks with douchebags"

No wonder you don't have a fucking job part two.

Missing Girl's mom in GD, please send her a kind word

Great way to deal with telemarketers...

I am not Yo-Yo Ma

I am not Yo Mama

Does anyone else think LaraMN and Judy Miller from the sitcom Still Standing

Looky what I did! (pic)

self delete.

Would you eat at this restaurant?

I shouldn't have to pay taxes or pay for anything in life,

I'm getting a yo-yo

"It Seems I'm Some Kind Of A Galactic Yo-Yo"

Why can't I have super-human length?

Will Smith in movie "I Am Legend"

YouTube viddy goodness

Never had an Omelet. Never made one.

Cial1s, V1agra, Lev!tra, di$count dru@gs guaranteed!

Ted Allen is a now permanent judge on "Top Chef"

The Paris Hilton Appreciation Thread. Post Your best Wishes For Paris Here.

What's the difference between "whine" and "whinge"?

I am never taking this medicine again

Neighbor Stalked By Man Dressed In Lingerie, Wig Urinating On Her Porch

steak marinading

When was the last "love you" thread? (lame copycat)

Have you ever been facepainted?

every man wants to be a macho man

Happy 10th Birthday Kiko!!!

If the Lounge had a baby, what would he/she look like?

Tipping--and I don't mean cows

Unpopular Olympic Logo May Cause Seizures

Wife cuts off man's own hoohaa after he pins her

I got the best candles at Yankee Candle

man cuts off own leg after tree pins him

Isn't she lovely? (dial-up

I had a great time in Northampton, Ma

More summer stuff: Beware of "FAN DEATH!!!!!"

I figured out how to deal with bullies... act INSANE.... serious

Weatherbug:"This is a particularly dangerous situation". Yikes!

Fuck those "Fuck You" threads. This is a FUCK YOU thread.

Thursday Afternoon Questions

I really, really feel like having a pity party right now.

I Survived the Olive Garden....

Know any good Jokes?

Plastic nail tips for kitties--they actually work!

1957 Plymouth to Emerge from Tulsa Time Capsule

Have you ever been fingered?

From the WTF files.

Curt Schilling Pitching No-Hitter for Sox

Vintage concert poster artwork...

(short) Garden Rant

None Shall Pass.

Does it damage your credit rating to cancel a credit card?

A new Washington Mutual Bank is opening in my town and

Happy birthday Prisoner_Number_Six!!

Paris Hilton -- Free Woman

Why all the hate for Paris Hilton?

Computer question - something I have been wondering about

Okay, it's summer, so ... Air Conditioning, Love it or Hate it?

Per request by SouthpawKicker, here is today's "fuck you" thread.

I am not a yo yo!

My dear friend's son was buried today...

Things you just don't want to see anymore.

Evolution of my garden (pics)

Dinner? What's for?

When was the last "fuck you" thread?

Yor doin it wrong.

Ladies - is the the three day beard look sexy?

Finished 1st week on Weight Watchers. Lost 5 pounds!


Since hurricane season is upon us-What should I put in the kit?

06/07/07 Interesting Delaware Trivia: One of the DU admins is from Delaware

my new hair!

Never read Hamlet. Never seen it.

Anyone here ever had a Thallium treadmill test?

Ladies! speak to me of electic razors, good? bad? ok?

Seattle School District Cuts 35 Teaching Positions - Buys $15,000 Espresso Machine

Post a song about a place where you lived

Our poor little Bonnie is in awful pain

Regional question: Is your late meal called dinner or supper?

Christmas Carols on an Ice Cream Truck

Some architects and builders should not be allowed to build homes

Our kitten had his first checkup today! (With Pics!)

Paris Hilton Released From LA Jail Early

Banks are a bunch of crooks

Tony Soprano...about to get what he deserves or......?

I'm getting close to 1000 posts

Pic thread!

To stop those monsters, one, two, three...

"Eddie Haskell" is 64 years old today

Things you just don't see anymore

Beer poll

Life is sucking big-time right now, especially financially.

Have you ever been finger printed?

Why can't I have super-human strength?

The Charlotte Coliseum is going to get blowed up real good this weekend.

Schilling goes 9 2/3 without giving up a hit

The Mystics are a joke

Spurs vs Cavs

Van Gundy to Magic -- and Heat will be compensated

Senators Eye Pension Relief Provision

Walt Disney World's biggest union group gets three-year contract

Heavy Metal Baghdad - Part 1 of 5


George W. Bush Intelligent President

Randi Rhodes calls into the Stephanie Miller Show

Oil on Ice 01...

extra3-Durchschnittsfamilie: Familienausflug zum G8 Gipfel...


Who Loves Scooter More?

The Petro Dollar, Iraq, Oil and Bush

Iraq war veteran loses protest appeal (AP)

Public Ridicule Proves Louder Than The Relatives Of Gradautes Denied Diplomas


Dutch Students Invent Powered Alcohol

I'd like to ask for an investigative thread on DU about DEPLETED URANIUM.

McClatchy: Human rights groups say there are over 39 'ghost detainees' - 2 children, ages 7 and 9!!

So hows the trip working out?

I can't be nice any more - I turn this off before the venom comes

You know - I shouldn't have paid attention to the posts or

Alex Jones is on Coast to Coast with Goerge Norry right now about arrested reporters.

Retired anchor (Bernard) Shaw laments effects of Fox on his beloved CNN

Steve Bell: Yo Blair 2 (Tony the Attack Poodle)

I Had a Dream -- We're Married to Iraq (just like we're married to South Korea)...

Buzzflash interview with Stephanie Miller~

Please help to protest internet censorship and keep the net free.

The Tortured Lives of Interrogators

I am so not proud to be (mis)represented by this man

Piss on it

A Recommendation - Studs Terkel's The Good War

SAUDI PRINCE BRIBED? - Of Course Cheney Was Involved (BBC)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Whiny-assed Joe just on CNN...

Do we really need another terror attack to kick off the Iran war?

Did I just hear Paris

"War on Poverty" or massacre of the impoverished as part of a grand plan?

"HOWL QAEDA" Comic. Hehe.

Another rethug bailing? (LaHood R-IL)

Book crowd begs Gore to enter presidential fray

Confirmation of war czar c-span3

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) starts his hearings on the Constitution in Crisis today:

3,503 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Caption this picture

DU Word of the day: totalitarianism

Another hate-crime death. R.I.P. Sean

Should we move to a "For-Profit" model in Police and Firefighting Services?

HEADS UP! The Embryonic Stem Cell bill is now being debated in the House! C-SPAN 1...

i just don't understand the hoopla around a mostly meaningless immigration bill

Monument to Iraq/Afghan Veterans

Mother says daughter diagnosed with tuberculosis

Paris Hilton Press Conference: The Spokesperson - Steve Whitmore Sounds Like.....

Hell has gotten a little more crowded hopefully..

Anyone have a good list or link to list of Repuke Sex Offenders?

How's Bush Doin The G-8 Summit This Year ???

War Czar Gen. Lute: No Purely "Military" or "American" Solutions

More Bushlimbo....HOW LOW CAN HE GO?????

Subpoenas Issued To Sen. Ted Stevens/Corruption In Politics?

Wikipedia has a new rival, Conservapedia. The George Bush of search engines!

LOL- Roger Ailes (correctly) equates FUX network with al Qaeda!!!

Why is it every time Congress is about to vote on EMBRYONIC Stem Cell Research, a MIRACULOUS new

Admin tries to defend the indefensible:

Need some info on US plays for Iraqi oil revenues for LTTE

Lawyer Question: How Do Committee Hearings Turn Into Indictments?

Several GOP Senators urge their Chimp to adopt ISG recommendations

Washington Post Radio Considers Hiring Glenn Beck

DOJ launches online database of lobby firms representing foreign countries and organizations

California closing road due to road rage incidents

Why is the TB wife wearing a mask?

I’m looking for a particular website that lists missing persons in the US.

War Czar Nomination Hearings on CSPAN 3

Why would a House Rep from Alaska want a $10M earmark for Florida?

Constitutional Lawyer and MD State Representative, Jamie Raskin, Debunks "We Can't Impeach!"

War College Study: Stop Fighting Insurgents

Caption * and Blair - pic

I don't understand the polls

neo con R. Sen. Mel Martinez is a LIAR

Was a U.S. Attorney Fired for Helping Cancer Victims? - Murray Waas

excuse me? bush out of the country.... repubs bash bush?

Cindy Sheehan's and Crooks and Liars' very strong criticism of DU

Is this Immigration Bill saga a Bushco ploy to divert Congress from Iraq?

Israel's airport halts takeoffs because of pirate radio interference

Senate committee passes habeas bill.

Bush Admin's tactics to eerily similar to those of Nixon's Admin

omg my mom joined facebook! NY Times

Desmond Tutu @ Huff Post: 3 Billion Reasons For Bush To Take Action On Climate Change At G8

Iraq Occupation Coming to a Head Over Oil

DeLay tried firing House official because he was gay.

Terra Preta: The Benefits of the Incorporation of Charcoal into Soil

Be Among the First to See 'SiCKO' at the Very Special U.S. Premiere in Antrim County, Michigan

Does Blair look at peace with himself or what?

Sign the petition and donate in---Don't Invest in Genocide:

They Hate Us for Our Freedom: Wingnut blogger wishes disaster on three American cities

Bear robot {someday in future} rescues wounded troops (BBC)

Al Gore flunked out of Yale according to Weldon (R) on Washington Journal

Chimpy's going down: Pew- 29%, Gallup 32% job approval

Old news, but I finally came up with a thought about Jerry Falwell I'd post here...

Bill Richardson Says Congress Shouldn't Wait Until Sept.-Oct. to End the Occupation

Tucker thinks the Plame controversy is “bullsh*t.”

caption Bandar Bush

a really good Fiore today:

Protesting students in Venezuela were given a podium in the National Assembly today

Ron Paul is the Ross Perot of 2008

I just saw a hydrogen fuel-cell BUS in downtown Hartford

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

"Eddie Haskell" is 64 years old today

And, for my 1000th post...

A little eye candy for the day - Photosynth demo + preview of BMW Hydrogen 7 sedan...

"some cities are almost exclusively supported by their prisons."

War Czar Lute: War Debate Does Not Undercut Troop Morale

E-mail questions if conservative group was party to plan to fire U.S. attorneys (Lam)

Semi takes wheelchair-bound man on 50 MPH ride

Mexico's La Jornada Editorial: 'Entire U.S. Political Class' Now Tarred With Iraq

Does Omar Khadr know Paris Hilton is free?

Caption this pic

Beef Recall Expanded Amid E.coli Fears

Here's the climate deal agreed to by G8: Bush will "seriously consider" the proposal

I'm tired of War.

Another sign of Repub collapse - Huckabee asks Conservative Christians to remain involved in politic

"Lawmakers Oppose House Emissions Plan"

Sister Of Slain Soldier: Candidates Didn’t Answer Me About When U.S. Will ‘Get Out’ Of Iraq

Sister of Slain Soldier: Candidates Didn't Answer Me About When U.S. Will 'Get Out' Of Iraq

Another hurricane season is upon us, and New Orleans Katrina victims still suffering

Interfaith Gathering to Focus on Hunger | The Gathering | LOBBY DAY | Take Action

1957 Plymouth to Emerge from Tulsa Time Capsule

Bush’s Lectures on Democracy Fall on Deaf Ears

NBC-Silverman will do anything to get Rosie back on air

LOL - Mike Huckabee eviscerated at Happy Jihad\'s House of Pancakes.

Paris says has learned a great deal from this experience and hopes

Is anyone else posting via a proxy server?

Putin proposes basing missiles in Azerbaijan rather than the Czech Republic and Poland.

"Congress Passes Stem Cell Research Bill"

What question SHOULD be asked re: gay marriage?

"2007 Holt Bill and its revised version is NOT a compromise bill, although it HAS been COMPROMISED"

A Russian "antimissile defense system" in Cuba (what if)

ACLU Applauds Senate Judiciary Committee Action Restoring Habeas Corpus Due Process Rights

ExxonMobil to buy US Military for $100 Million-trillion

Okay, it's summer, so ... Air Conditioning, Love it or Hate it?

Hillary Clinton has impressed me

Will Fiendish Giuliani Be Bush III?

Christofascists push "Final Solution" to #1 on Amazon!

Obama First Candidate To Criticize Bush's Surgeon General Choice ("Office No Place For Bigotry...")

Soldiers honor 6 fallen comrades

We Should Have A Poll Here On DU - When Will Paris Hilton Break The......

Landmarks threatened by warming, report says

JebCo and BushCo philosophies still rule Florida. Social services in jeopardy.

Targeted U.S. Attorney Resigns

Caption *...

Lieberman ‘Really Upset’ At Troops Who Didn’t ‘Speak To Me From Their Heart’

I just found this quote;

Dems Vote To Restore Habeas Corpus

House Republicans push for Iraq diplomacy

Edwards Outlines Plan To Fight Terrorism

Anybody trying to stream the House Judiciary hearing on Constitutional

OMG! The Freepers are turning! Towards THE CONSTITUTION!!!11!!

TORNADO WARNING Chippewa Falls WI, duck and cover!

Study: Liver Cancer Breakthrough

Marine protester denied rehearing

Question for every Dem & GOP candidate: what percent of oil wealth should Iraqis get to keep?

Stop Congress From Overriding Local Food Safety Laws ***ACTION ITEM***

Climate of fear, hate makes immigrants villains

Pat Buchanan said that the republicons...

Ron Paul - the new Nader

James Fallows: If toppling Saddam was essential to "war on terror," why wasn't toppling bin Laden?

Why not sue the admin. using the Civil Rights Act of 1871?

Christian Newswire fumes: "Sex ed fundraiser to feature STRIPPER!"

The recipe Paris won't need

Document: Iran Caught Red-Handed Shipping Arms to Taliban

20+ deaths from Gonu so far, Floods along path, including Iran, shipping oil info, etc

I was in local bookstore last week in my red town

Bin Laden Listed at FOX Headquarters- Man wants the $25m reward

Who is Randi talking to? n/t

Old News but WHOA; "Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats"

George W. Bush: America's Greatest President

Mitt Romney changes positions on immigration, abortion, gays in the military and gun control


They Won't Leave Bush Alone With Putin, Will They? ---pix--->>>

"Concerned Women" against hate crimes laws: classifies sex w/ animals & corpses as "orientation"

Bush Pick for War Adviser Says Consider Withdrawal

How many other kids are missing? How many others murdered?

15,000 Turks in 'limited operation'; Will not occupy N. Iraq - Kurds are screwed

4 more US troops killed in Iraq but you won't hear about it because your busboy may be illegal

Former Justice Official Suspects Foul Play In Election-Timed Indictments

I know someone who was supposed to fly back from Poland

"Wake up," republican Warner told Bush's nominee for 'war czar'

US senators dubious about Bush's new war czar post

A video from ....

"We" Arundhati Roy's speech as a documentary. Must see!

Reps. Conyers and Nadler to Cheney: Don't Even Think About A Libby Pardon

Fox News: We're sorry, again

I have a problem with Christian conservatives who INSIST that we continue to reproduce...

"Panel OKs Bill Restoring Detainee Rights" 10 Committee Dems and Specter approve Habeas Corpus bill

TPM Muckraker: Stevens earmark (yes, again w/the earmarks) benefits his son

"TB Guy Tops Bush in New Poll" (ANDY BOROWITZ)

Kennedy, Enzi want answers on TB case

Bush cronies are cashing in on terror. And so can you!

Voter Supression?

Well well well: Hillary's mudslingin' push-pollin'!

U.S. death toll in Iraq surpasses 3,500

Official: Cheney Urged Wiretaps

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

Piss off the Pentagon's pets - prepare for an endless series of silly investigations

Thursday TOONS: Scooter Edition!

List of recent contaminated products from China?

Scooter's Platoon

got a "grassroots survey" in the mail today

The Prison is the War Crime

Blackwater CEO: after Katrina hit, Blackwater had 145 security operators in the city within 36 hours


Please stop calling Bush incompetent, he is

A New War in Iraq?

G8 Summit waht a waste of time (carbon emmisions)


Edwards Assails Clinton's Terror Remarks

Why crimes that white people commit don't matter:

Overhaul of VA system for Evaluating and Rating Veterans' Disabilities Needed...

3504 reasons I hate the treasonous bastards in the WH

Senate Begins Real Push on Habeas Corpus

Screen cap: I didn't know that Putin brought his court jester to the G8 Summit.

Barbara W Bush

Found: Rove's Playbook for Attorney Scandal

Bwahahahaha - I just googled "Alan Keyes" images

Will DEMS CALL OUT "PRO-LIFE" GOP PREZ Candidates who have NO Problem with 650,000 DEAD Iraqis?

DU locking up when going to next "general discussion" page

Do you think Chris Dodd would be a good running mate for someone like Edwards?

Clear Channel station's ratings plummet after dropping Air America

More BCCI crimes are happening NOW. Dems must demand accountability.

"I Have Only God to Help My Daughter"

Introducing Sen. Lynne Cheney (?)

Gore's book beats Bonzo's diary for second week in sales

Graham Hyperventilates On Senae Floor, Attacks Obama For 'Giving In To Heresy'

In a Perfect World...COMPETENCE far them GOPers have proven anything but

How a Real Environmental Candidate Would Talk

BRAD BLOG: Where Were All the Republicans During Tuesday's Senate Judiciary Hearing?

Simple poll: If America were occupied

“Imagine the Iowa hog farmer cracking open Assault on Reason, and meeting Abraham Lincoln,

'Environmentalist' connected to Jack Abramoff pleads guilty (Italia Federici)

Fox News anchor covers her ears and sings on air to block out report.

Tweety just called Ghouliani's use of 9-11 rhetoric "creepy"

I know there are Lou Dobbs fans here...and I understand why...but don't you think he Trashes Dems

The Iraq situation may well be hopeless.

Re: Paris Hilton story..Oh Martha Stewart... where are you when we need you?

Families of mercenaries solicit cash to push lawsuit against Blackwater

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007

Paris Hilton is FREE! In other news, N Korea test fires missile.

(Video and audio) Kucinich, Gravel and Biden speak on Iraq

I propose the immigration bill that most Americans want.

Gary Kamiya at Salon: "Are We Rome?"

Check Out This Crackpot Email Chain Letter I Got

Ala. Lawmaker (R) Punches Senate Colleague (D)

NYC Hopes to Make Too Expensive to Drive

Slave passage found at Washington house

Open Letter To Anyone Who Says "If We Knew Then What We Know Now"

Breaking: Levin and Reed Call for Hadley Firing

Whales Win, Japan Loses at CITES

OCA's Campaign Success: Organic Certification Yanked from "Organic" Dairy Factory Farm

Who Needs This Shit?

The latest from my looney-toons rightwing co-worker

Republican State Party Chairman Wishes More Terrorist Attacks on U.S. to Prove George W. Bush "Right


In case you've forgotten why The New Republic is useless, they posted a reminder today

"Woman Arrested for Making Faces at Dog" G-D help us all.

BUSH's - Dept Of Justice Helped To - STEAL 2004 ELECTION - By Illegally Refusing To Enforce The Law

In the next 5 years, things in America will get: 1: Better. 2: Worse.

Greenpeace delivers message to G8 on global warming, police ride on top of inflatable

Institute Seeks Patents on the World's First-Ever Human-Made Life Form

Anyone notice that the DOW was down dam near 200 points today

Found: Rove's Playbook for Attorney Scandal

Watching Ben Affleck on Hardball

Journalist arrested after asking some hard questions about Rudy Giuliani's knowledge of 9/11

Toensing: Libby is victim of over-zealous prosecutor; he should be freed

Bumped over 3500 yesterday

Do One Nice Thing: One Thousand Blankets Delivered to 4.2 Million Iraqi Refugees

Top Ten Reasons letting Paris out of jail early is a Good Thing

Gas shutoff to shelter for homeless vets with unpaid bill

Well lookie here. "Mediocre" Bush failed to get into his in state law school after Yale

Lieberman regurgitates GOP talking points and channels Petraeus

Sheboygan man drowns after getting stuck in storm sewer

Justice Lawyer Refuses to Give Congress Legal Opinions on NSA Surveillance Program

Should The Kansas Girl Murder Suspect Get The Death Penalty

are the birds trying to tell us something? . . .

Republican Punches Democrat on Floor of Alabama Senate

Paris needs to be back in jail...

So, we're torturing kids as young as 7 now.

Priests Face Prison for Exposing Torture in Arizona


LOL Presidents - share your favorites HERE!

Nice Picture Of Fred Thompson And His Daughter

Question - how to find out what company boards a person is on?

Dear God, the London 2012 logo is bad

Iraq War Memorial Sparks Fight Over Property Values

Rep. NADLER: President & Attorney General Are Engaged In A Criminal Conspiracy-WORSE THAN WATERGATE

2 cancer expert Drs. have to have personal bodyguards

How would you feel about changing NORTH to down and SOUTH to up?

Debate topic re: Giuliani (and the 'Ferret Tape')

Tom Hanks TV series to debunk Kennedy conspiracy theories

if you drink cola, you support genocide-

The Longer It Goes On The Worse Its Going To Get - Impeach Now!

Why Is Cindy Sheehan So Upset With Move-On?

How to lose weight, stay in shape and save on home energy bills.

Calling ALL WOOD WORKERS who use the common 10 INCH Table saw, aka THE FINGER EATER

Ten clueless white "Christian" guys.

Congressman Nadler to Josh Marshall: "This is Worse than Watergate!

(NCLB) States get creative in minimizing law's impact

Before you eat any "Chilean Sea bass," I'd strongly urge you to

Religious Conservatives courageously gunning down female journalists

A New Waco Is Possibly Happening Right Now.

If you had an electric car, could you use wind power on the car to charge the battery?

Post-Dispatch: ACVR's Thor Hearn Blames The BRAD BLOG for His Demise

Caption * cold drink

KARL ROVE at work? Uncovering the Arkansas AND Missouri USA Firings?

All that poor girl did was go to the store...

CSX told they can start building railroad center before any planning reviews are done.

The coming civil war (No not alarmist, but an observation)

When life "begins" and how.

AND one, single name can be directly linked to the Third Reich, the US military industrial complex

BREAKING! Andrea Mitchell EXPOSES Bandar Bush Connection to BAE and Saudi Contracts

My niece's 5th-grade graduation

London (Ontario) getting "Sicko" debut

Subject: Racketeering Suit Against The Bush Administration

I will not pretend otherwise - This is Our America

Army soldier hanged, mom says

Ex-POW tells Glamour she still gets hate mail (Jessica Lynch)

The wisdom of Ron Paul

Anyone here planning to vote for Ron Paul? Contribute money to his campaign? Volunteer for him?

New folk hero Ron Paul: "If you've been robbed by a know how fleet-footed they can be!"

"Missing Girl" post draws Mom to DU, please check this.

Democrats Push Veto Fight on Stem Cells (AP)

A Look Inside the Push - Pull of Polling

Fred Thompson will fall flat on the Iraq War

The Bush Family today:

Cindy Sheehan and Crooks and Liars

Casandra's Predictions: No Pardon for Scooter

Uh-oh ... flag desecration!

The whole damn system is broken!

AP Poll: Bush approval hits low point (32% approval; 28% on Iraq)

This is for any of you conservatives trolling this board:

I think this may be an outlier but Rasmussen has Obama losing to Rudy by double digits

Voters trust Democrats over Republicans on 10 important issues

Lynn Chenney name on list of considerations to Replace Sen. form WY

The return of the Repbulican Congress

Media Ignoring Iraqi Parliament Vote For us to Leave

Patraeus: What is happening in Anbar province is "breathtaking".

Six Congress Members for Impeachment

Wasserman Schultz and Hastings named national co-chairs for Hillary Clinton

Neocons selling the long war in Iraq using the fear of defeat

Plurality in poll agrees with HRC that the US is safer now than on 9/10

Anyone else aware of the site

Icy relations between Bush, Putin

The Rude Pundit: Why Bill O'Reilly Ought To Be Sodomized With a Stripper Pole, Part 2

The McClatchy Group: I like their work.

Media Out to Get Edwards

Why is JUNE always the month for ATTACK IRAN stories? Does current news point to JUNE 2007?

Giuliani only 5 points out of 6th place in Iowa (Multiple Choice Mitt leads)

Another Step in the Hillary Health Care Program

North Carolina Poll: Tight three way race, Edwards 30, Hillary 26, Obama 22...

Help me with my LTTE re: Libby pardon

Dodd on Restoring the Constitution

Immigration bill supporters beat back key change (LAT)

Where Were All the Republicans During Tuesday's Senate Judiciary Hearing?

Obama and Graham Trade Barbs on the Senate Floor Tonight

"Undocumented Americans".

Democrats Score 40% More Viewers than Republicans

Rift Over Curbing Unintended Pregnancies (AP)

Edwards takes lion's share of heat, but what of Dem party's BIGGEST VOICE

"why does the Bush administration allow its Kurdistan allies to harbor PKK terrorists?"

Clinton Message Poll may Reveal Details about Campaign Strategy

Despite their praise and adulation of Reagan

"Lexus Lanes" will not cure traffic congestion

Rudy Giuliani boasts 20 lobbyists bundlers, but Hillary's 6 lobbyist bundlers have raised more dough

Obama pushes back on expectations

I predict that * will pardon Libby and Cheney will resign shortly

CBC digs in for Jefferson

21 things we used to hate about us

Obama targets voter intimidation

Obama does not OPPOSE the GUEST WORKER program in the Immigration Bill? What the h*ll?

State Polls: Hillary leading confortably in PA and FL...

Ben Affleck:Obams is the STRONGEST!! on the democrat side

Breaking: Senate Judiciary Committee Votes To Restore Habeas Corpus Rights

John Edwards - "two unequivocal truths ...there are more terrorists and we have fewer allies."

Talked With A Former * Supporter Yesterday..........

For those who oppose the guest worker program

Edwards Urges Senate To Reject Bush Judicial Nominee Leslie Southwick

Bill Richardson: Soft on Wolves? A blog entry YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE!

Why I support Clinton over Obama

Why haven't we fixed the pardon system - after the Nixion scam

Edwards Assails Clinton's Terror Remarks

Republicans Losing Support from Sportsmen (conservation cited as chief reason)

Silencing FBI Agent Dzwilewski

Parry: Gore attacks media complicity. Media proves him right - again.

Opinion Dynamics/Fox Poll: Hillary up by 13, Edwards 4th, Bush approval 34%

Michael Moore hits Clinton in 'Sicko'

Just when I thought I might actually vote for HRC if necessary...

SECOND Georgia Democrat declares to take on Chambliss

It's the employers who cause illegal immigration!

mcCain Advisor says he will quit if Obama wins democratic nomination

I am moving more to Kucinich every day

Is Ron Paul a Lesser Evil?

FReeper letter to Kay Baily Hutchison....Not happy campers over there..

Edwards Outlines Plan To Revitalize Rural Communities

Wes Clark, "A Time to Lead" (publication date: 9/4/07)