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Archives: June 8, 2007

Open Letter to the President of the American Psychological Association, RE: TORTURE

Words of wisdom from the second team

Major parties choking democracy, grass-roots efforts

In Guantanamo, Men Shadow-Box For Their Lives.

Bush mantra: Be afraid, be very afraid

US awards $10 million to Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines

For ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Split on Party Lines

The Nation: The Great Pretender (Bush at the G-8)

Guardian: (UK) Attorney-general knew of BAE and the £1bn. Then concealed it

Religious Arrogance the Greatest Blindness

Deadly Spider’s Venom May Yield Super Virility

Even Peggy Noonan Has Abandoned Bush

PAUL KRUGMAN: Lies, Sighs and Politics

Who Will Be the Last Bush Loyalist?

Fish out of water in China river clean-up bid

On spy hill, old enemies could be looking at a new peace

Court upholds ban on Gaza residents studying in Israel

Who wants peace in the Middle East?

Israel will propose to the United States an end-of-year deadline for Iran to show it is backing down

Jordan Valley open only to non-resident Palestinians on foot

Experts Say Iranian Missile Program Poses Little Threat to US and Europe

U.S. hopes Pakistan will not move to emergency rule

Galloway charity criticised over oil-for-food funds

Immigration bill fails crucial test vote

Putin Suggests Azerbaijan for Shield

Iran expels 100,000 Afghan migrants

Bruning (R-Ne) jumps into 2008 race for Senate (Hagel's seat)

'War czar' nominee hints at major policy shift

2 GOP senators back troop reduction in Iraq

Pakistan's Musharraf Suspends Media Crackdown

Marine says he erased photos of Haditha victims

Chiquita named in Colombian murder suit

Navy Assigns Openly Gay Sailor to Reserves

I think Bi_Baby and sniffa should rename Practice Baby BadCat.

Parasite ordered to appear in court!

I order a napalm strike on the Lounge!

Foster Brooks roasts Don Rickles. ROFLMAO!

Warning! Levitra may cause an unexpected drop in blood pressure?!

ROBO Cockroach....An Experiment of Insect over "Track Ball." ewwwwww

I'm in Hollywood. Which drunken celebrity is going to run over me first?

History of dirty words(possibly offensive)

What band did you love but now hate. And hate but now love?

Sopranos Sunday Gravy Recipe

Have you ever been given the finger?

elgoogG fo egami rorrom A

I am sooooo lame! (How lame is he!!) I am so lame,

"Environment is a 3 syllable word"

So what time's my surprise birthday party start?

Day one of no cigarettes

Recommend this thread or the Terrorist win!!!!..You don't want them to win ?

I am not a poo loo.

Have you ever been finger painted?

Mix your own...

My new hare!

Have you ever been finger painted?

What I did on my DU vacation....

I am feeling just a little down tonight...

post the last youtube video you watched

A Patti Smith Poem for our Dear Friend Monkeyman

This doesn't look right

Paris Hilton Ordered Back To Court - AP

Free Rootbeer Floats at Sonic tonight for the next few hours till midnight

Sad News. Monkeyman has passed away.

"I am the Mighty Stephen Hawking.. I am dope like LSD..."


Great Elton song--"Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

Oh, I just hope this doesn't get screwed up like "I, Robot"

My Ex Came Over For A Visit

Finally! I Got My New Digi Camera

i am not a boo boo

Have you bought computers from

I am not a Yogi

God GD is a stupid place sometimes.

PSA don't hotlink images.

I have sunflowers too! I'm just sayin'.

I open my email, and what do I find?

Replace a word in a Rolling Stones song title with an appliance

Naughty Girls...

Does God take sides in basketball?

How many articles of clothing are you wearing presently?

Joey Buttafuoco to Replace Fidel Castro as Leader of Cuba

ahhh, memories

WATCH THIS! This is what happens...

SPURS take game 1

Law firms to aid veterans on benefits

Ten Hut RIP my dear Monkeyman

Heavy Metal Baghdad - Part 2 of 5

Kucinich Wows Hew Hampshire Democratic Convention

John Edwards press conference on terrorism (excerpts)

Taps... for you, my dear Monkeyman

Matt Bai interviews Howard Dean June 2006 Sunday with the New York Times

KO, a KO set of topics.

Jet returns to Milwaukee, airplane parts reported falling in the area

War Czar.. Adding a chair on the titanic... great line.

Conservatives Refuse To Ban Human Cloning

Turley on Keith O. talking of the Restoration of Habeas corpus

Does anybody have a list of Bush cronies who have found themselves in the clink?

Prison Condoms, Bakcground check for buying ammo bills up for vote

Sit-ins, stand-offs lead to fly-ins (G8)

Judge Overrules Jury In Animal Abuse Case (drops up to 10yr sentence to 1 month)

Parents play large role in teen sex ed

Now MNS has ALL the reasons gas prices are so high

An amazing look at

Sunset for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force ...

Are you in touch with your inner Monkey?

Introducing Sen. Lynne Cheney

Hey Rice. How about years not months? Stupid

I am SO sick of all the fundy RW mfers thinking we all want everyone to get abortions...

Looks like the boats are returning from Irans coast

I Like To kick Back with a Good Book....

Immigration Amendment Would Prevent Companies From Laying Off U.S. Workers

World leaders strike 'huge' deal on climate = "substantial" reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

If the GOP really feels that progress is being made in Iraq, why not hold a debate there?

Sen. Stevens Hires Lawyers in probe

Healthy Pets Act Passes Assembly - mandate spaying and neutering for pets

Turkey Rattles Its Sabers at Militant Kurds in Iraq

Does anyone have knowledge or experience of a company called Southwestern, that recruits college

Just One More Crime To Add To The List

Dick Cheney Throws Out the First Ball

'Bring Them On,' Bush Says of Iraq Attacks - July 2, 2003

Fineman: "that seemed to be the role THEY DELEGATED to the President"

Test your political acumen:Guess which one is the GOPer? (abstain if you know them)

OMG! The Daily Show is on FIRE tonight! (Covering the fun at the G8 Summit)

One thing today showed me is the internet has made our world much closer, connected community

are you hungry? Got a Sonic near by? Free RB Floats until 12 am SONIC IS BLUE

Sigh....Jordan Zevon on Letterman. must be you know who's son.

Are you a Racist? Take the on-line Harvard Test

Creation Museum's 'Adam' shared sexual exploits online

Video: How Much Do Americans Know About 9/11?

Honestly... a jail sentence was too good for Paris Hilton.

BREAKING:Scooter Libby's atty to file motion - prison will be too stressful -seeks house arrest

Scooter the Patsy

Paris Hilton Ordered to Return to Court

ROTFLMAO! Timing is everything...

Immigration bill stalls in Senate

Greenpeace Boat Rammed by police

From A Possible Future President...

Yah!! Under Bush the United States now Tortures Children

Let us not forget John "Torture" Yoo's response to a question about GITMO/other detainee's children.

Trandahl breaks silence on Foley scandal

Kolbe Did No Wrong on Camping Trip - UK Guardian Unlimited

MYSTERY: Wyoming USA resigns effective midnight !! = "Hatch Act offers a possible explanation"

BILL FAILS IN SENATE: Immigration bill fails key cloture vote


I have had it. Six year old kids are being tortured and impeachment is still off the table.

WATCH THIS! This is what happens...

I really wish we could deport Sean Hannity to Juarez, Mexico

Willing Dupes

Post your weather radar links here PLEASE...HUBBY and DAUGHTER are in Wyndotte OKLA and tornados

I have a real problem with Paris Hilton being let out of jail

City Attorney Blasts Paris' 'Reassignment' - cannot tolerate a two-tiered jail system

The only explanation for Shrub that makes sense....

I'll go out on a limb on the revolutionary iPhone....


The Worst Ever

Is the war on terror real, or not?

There is an ad on Air America about "don't almost help"

Lifelong Republican Attorney's SWORN Affidavit That ROVE IN CHARGE Of DOJ Firing

Skinner, we need a memorial wall. Just a spot on the forum

Fred Thompson's web page

What makes you think your love is more worthy than mine?

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Let's assemble a DU Roster of Honor

Has anyone read "EMPIRE" by Orson Scott Card?

I love Countdown w/Keith, but can we please get rid of Michael Musto

Tonight I shake my fist at the Gods

Roll Call: Kucinich Supporters

Cops in Katrina shooting win legal round (AP)

Ten Hut RIP my dear Monkeyman

Joey Buttafuoco to Replace Fidel Castro as Leader of Cuba

This is great!

Guardian report confirms Raw Story piece on secret CIA prisons

"Obama wins" - The first to criticize Chimpy's anti-gay Surgeon General nominee

ECU student part of national efforts for Barack Obama

Will Bush pardon Libby on his way out?

Making Romney a lightning rod on Iraq

Has A Presidential Candidate Ever Appeared In Your Dreams?

Edwards forced to comment on Paris Hilton

Watched Bobby tonight - 40 years later and not much has changed

Flynt Says He Has Dirt On Congress -- 80% on Republicans

Here in New Orleans...

Robert Kennedy's legacy - A Commentary

‘Plan B,’ ‘Plan B-H’; no one seems more confused about the plan than Bush himself

Rep. Nadler Says Bush a Criminal

The "Imbecility" Of It All

Does anyone else get emotionally attached to Presidential candidates?

Neocons for Hillary? National Review's Rich Lowry: HRC is the "adult supervision" among Democrats

(aside) Feinstein making some great comments on Immigration bill wrap up. (C-SPAN2)

Edwards Outlines Plan to Fight Terrorism

Caption Bush's official portrait:

Pelosi says while Democrats have failed to force Bush to a timetable he's backed into a corner

Using immigration to divide the country.....a prediction from 2005.

Conyers to Cheney: Butt out

NYT Editorial: It’s Subpoena Time

Gitmo and the Bogus 'Enemy Combatants' Trials Should Be Ceased Immediately (AlterNet)

Imperial Scribes: Bush Says We’ll Be in Iraq for 50 Years, But Reporters Don't Bother to Ask Iraqis

The Great American Disconnect-Iraq Has Always Been "South Korea" for the Bush Administration


Dupe. Pls. delete. nt

The British Army Rebels Against Propaganda

There Is Nothing I Dislike More…

The Torture Doctors-These physicians have a strange way of preserving the American way of life

Obliviousness is not a belief system / p m carpenter

Libby goes to prison, but Cheney is guilty

Paris or Baghdad?

Putin ready to share radar ("Qabala") with U.S. (Reuters)

Bork Tries to Fire Another Prosecutor by emptywheel / Next Hurrah


John Conyers and the Bush Dictatorship

Robert Parry: GOP/Media Rewrite Iraq War History

Piety on Parade

BERKOWITZ -- Bush's faith-based initiative listing but not sunk

Restoring America's Standing in the World and Security Begins with Restoring Constitution, Habeas Co

NYT Mag Edwards feature: The Poverty Platform

In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Resigns While the U.S. is Fighting Three Wars; CNN Covers Paris Hilton

Did you know the Repugs tried to force a child to have a Passport to get Medicaid... GRRRRRR

Condi coins a new phrase: American Realisim

We Must Stand Against This "New World Order"; The Threat is Real

The Gore Door / Regressive Antidote / David Michael Green

Curser in Chief

Is US Eyeing UN as Dumping Ground for Iraq?

What France's Sarkozy Learned About Politics from the US ( and a good lesson for us too)

Blackwater Heavies Sue Families of Slain Employees in Brutal Attempt to Suppress Their Story

Global warming threatens to wipe out Caribbean coral: report - AFP

Major developing nations lukewarm on G8 climate goals - AFP

Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Class, Politics and the Battle for Our Energy Future

Europe's seas face 'bleak future'

Scientists urge North Sea cod ban

China may revive trade in rare tiger parts - Reuters

WEC Survey: Energy Execs See Oil in $60-80 Range for 5 Years

NASA, NOAA Recommend Full Funding, But White House Wants Cuts In Climate Satellite Programs - ENN

Winter In Hong Kong May Be Gone In 50 Years Thanks To Warming, Heat Island Effect - Reuters

Most Andean Glaciers Gone By 2035 - Bolivia's Chacaltaya Glacier Gone By 2008 - Reuters

Howard Fishing For Votes, Calls For APEC Replacement For Kyoto - Reuters

China Upgrades Weather Satellites - Whole-Country Imaging Every 15 Minutes - AFP

Look! It's Another Climate Meeting! A "High-Level" Meeting In September!

CEOs At Energy Summit Want Guidance From Washington On Carbon

World Climate Policy Reduced To Waiting For Bush To Leave Office

Drought Affecting 1/3 Of United States - Some Wondering If This Is The New Normal

Striking Iraqi Pipeline Workers Surrounded By Troops - Al Maliki Threatens "Iron Fist" Response

Sharks defeated at U.N. wildlife trade talks - Reuters

Acciona Connects 64 MW Solar Thermal Plant to Nevada Grid

Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation Fixing California Solar Initiative "Flaw"

Wind Riding Favorable Policy Breeze Toward Record Year (US)

1.2 MW Commercial Tidal Energy System to Demo in August (UK)

Oregon Gov. Signed Green-Energy Bill (25 x 25) Wednesday

Macy's California going green (PV systems for 11 stores)

Chinese city (Shanghai) driving to be (hydrogen) fuel-cell pioneer

Old Town (Maine) pulp mill running, more jobs promised (wood pellets & biorefinery)

Rendell's ambitious energy effort (PA)

Wind mills on Lanai could help power Oahu

Shale oil's time may have arrived (Houston Chronicle - ugh)

S. Carolina's Drought May Impact Electricity Supply Along With Crops

Transition Period for New Jersey Solar Program

FPL pitches (Florida) wind project (and Glades coal plant nixed!)

First Danish Hydrogen Energy Plant Is Operational

Bush On Climate "Plan": "What You Won't Get - And There Was Never A Question Of This - Is The 50%"

Wind to make 20 percent of (US) power by 2030: advocates

Chernobyl area becomes wildlife haven - AP

An Israeli defeat in Sderot

Why Israel does not engage with the Saudi initiative

Thousands march for Gay Pride in Tel Aviv

40 years ago today: USS Liberty attacked, 34 killed

Why did Israel attack USS Liberty?

40 years ago June 8 Israel brutally attacked the USS Liberty.

Israel tells Syria willing to return Golan: paper

Legendary Israel PM's grandson is barrier protester

Memos show Liberty attack was an error

(Wyoming) U.S. attorney talks about resignation (possible Sen. Thomas replacement)

Attack kills 14 at Iraqi Chief's house

Nominee to Coordinate War Offers Grim Forecast on Iraq

German police deflate Greenpeace air balloon stunt

G8 leaders pledge $60bn aid to Africa

Illness sidelines Bush at G8 Summit

Democrats May Subpoena N.S.A. Documents

Judge prods feds in flood insurance case (DOJ needs to get involved or explain itself)

Azerbaijan: Let's talk on missile system

Ala. lawmaker punches Senate collegue (a democrat)

Senator Johnson expected to return in September

Democrats Seek Formula To Blunt AMT

Maliki: Anti-Iraq conspiracies aim to stop democratic process

Feds to Suspend Border Passport Rule (North America travel)

199 killed in June, Iraq says

Paramilitary fugitive proving hard to find

Man who claimed war crimes in Iraq admits falsifying record

Pentagon appeals against Guantanamo ruling

Thugs attack, beat Afghan attorney-general - aide

Keeping the Faith

Fundraiser pleads guilty in lobby probe (Federici)

Car bombs kill 15 in southern Iraq town

Bush and Singh committed to see a nuke agreement through

US calls on Iran to release detained Americans

Former VP Gore lobbies Douglas

(POLAND) Stolen keys delay start of military mission

First CIA rendition trial begins


White House Beefs Up Legal Team, Adds 5 To Counsel's Office

Legislation targets kindergarten dropouts (Illinois)

Bush scraps Rome neighborhood visit citing safety

G8 Africa pledge is a smokescreen, says Bono

Commerce Inspector General Quits

Russia's Softening On Missile Defense Will Not Alter US Plans: Rice

Bolivian President meets with Castro

Complaints Heard About NASA Inspector General

Stem cell bill passes, faces new veto

Putin suggests Iraq for missile shield (or Turkey)

New Hampshire to Repeal Parental Notification Law

Iraqi Kurds report Turkish, Iranian shelling in northern Iraq

(Sandy) Berger Is Disbarred After Archives Case

Bush taken ill with stomach bug at G8 summit

GOP eyes 'shutdown' of Senate over judges (Southwick postponed)

Marine Corps Settles Rape Lawsuit

EU official says CIA renditions were 'disaster' for anti-terror war

Doan Hatch-Act Report Delivered to Bush

Dems want Cheney to recuse himself from Libby pardon talks

NBC: Defense Secretary Gates to replace Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Pace

Law professors question prosecutor's authority in prison sentence for Cheney's ex-top aide

Creation Museum Actor Owns Porn Site

Bush arrives in Poland for talks focused on missile shield(and probably CIA renditions)

UN condemns Ahmadinejad comments

Mexico murder shows grim face of illegal logging

Gonzales to face ‘no confidence’ vote Monday

Gingrich Warns of GOP Losses in 2008

US VP Cheney to have heart defibrillator replaced

Vitamin D in spotlight

(Conservative) Parents upset over 'censored' message in yearbook

Tenn. wife sentenced in preacher's death

A Bid to Ease Chávez's Power Grip

Fierce fighting rocks Palestinian camp in Lebanon


Good Night Loungers! Good Night Loungers! Good Night Loungers!

One down, Three more to go

I want a new whip...

I want a new hip

I want a tulip

Something I came across while cleaning out my computer....


This is my last night on nights!


who thats on late like this likes to play with cameras?

who thats on late like this likes to play with Camaros?

Just got back from being knocked up.

A philosophy of mine:

Classic Shows from the 70's

I got flashed by a hot young Canadian chick tonight. I almost took her home with me!

100 words you should know.

Pay It Forward

The Moran family owns a cheap motel

Anyone watch "Studio 60" tonight?

Those with auto sprinkler systems

Which lead actor stinks up science fiction films the most?

Need some sympathy in the DUniverse... i f*cked up my back!

the continent of atlantis was an island

Officials Hand Out Condoms At Porn Theaters

Go Go Go Atlantis!!!!GO

what bothers me most about the paris hilton ordeal

Dognapping Investigated As Terrorist Act

BBBOOOO to yyooouuuu

Hehe, Kitten had his first ear treatment a few minutes ago...

friday morning holy rollers!

Police Say Men Were Trafficking Counterfeit Cocaine

Wisconsin Man Drops Cell Phone Into Sewar - Drowns In A Foot Of Water Trying To Get It Back

come on, turn on your heartlight

Breaking! I don't give a flying fuck about Paris Hilton!

Creationism Museum Pulls "Adam" Film - Actor Leads 'Risque' Lifestyle

New bumperstickers today! Yay!

Random Oktoberain Fact #1: Bright light makes me sneeze.

i found a vintage hammond b3 organ at goodwill for 250 bux

current weather conditions

what's the proper angle to take a digital photo of yourself to best hide superfluous chinnage?

Man Who Invented Cheez Whiz & McDonald's French Fries Is Dead At 91

Would you be caught dead with a Necrophiliac?

Friday morning questions from a conference I'm at

Rob Lowe's Golf Ball Hits Flying Bird

Have you ever been finger painted?

If your ex sent this to your 18 y.o. how would you interpret?

I saw the promo for that "Transformers" movie this summer.

This is a pretty funny you tube clip.

I don't care what you say -- I love my "Butt Master 9000"

Eww! cooties

Officials Ban Private Ownership Of Gambian Pouch Rats In Florida

Come visit us..

do you think we value pathologizing ourselves as a cultural trait?

Scientists invent wireless device that beams electricity through your home

OK, most of us have been finger printed...what about lie detector tests?

is there anyway to tell the difference between an extreme position and a parody of an extreme

How long has it been since you were last arrested?

I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina

Faux News and MSNBC really deserve a call from Captain Janks right now

***WARNING*** This thread contains pictures of breastfeeding

Washington out of `Grey's Anatomy'

Anyone do job placement for people with medical issues?

Anyone here ever have a Tholian treadmill test?

What is your favorite Shakespeare tragedy?

Polygamy Meets World in HBO Campaign

GOP Clone Research

What You Know About Math?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/8/2007)

Bob Barker's Last Price Is Right

I have something very important to say:

I was so wasted last night

Its Friday And The Bar Is Open Already

I just spilled a full bottle canola oil

BDSM leather-- any advice on keeping supple and.......

Need good weather vibes for SE Michigan today

I have one question:

I don't care what you say -- I love "Pirate Master"


Is there a song you just cant get out of your head lately??

MSNBC anchor bimbo peeing all over herself

My online horoscope says "Uranus is positioned for summer surprises."


I can't believe they are doing live TV coverage of Paris Hilton's house.

Just out of curiousity, if I want to be a Bush supporter must I first get into the Porn industry

I feel I am missing the most newsworthy event of the century.

Too Cute for Words

Car leather-- any advice on keeping supple and.......

Breaking CNN: Paris Hilton sentenced to Lethal Injection

The twits on MSNBC are a waste of money

That's it! I'm starting a "free Paris Hilton" fund! Who's with me?

Why is Paris dressed like Chairman Mao?

The Landlord

Got an interesting offer a few minutes ago. Advice appreciated.

BREAKING-photo of the Paris Hilton!!! NOW!!

This is why you don't home school your spawn

Saw "Ocean's 13" last night - GREAT!!!'s Africa hot outside.

The Paris-free zone==>>>>

A Perl program to hide DU threads

Where were you when Paris was sent back to jail?

Comedy Central reran the Paris Hilton South Park episode last night

Paris Crying

I have a Star Trek question.

The Paris-Full Thread: Post Pics of the City of Lights

Do you think you'll still be posting at DU in 10 years?

Humanoid Toddler Reacts to Touch, Sound

Is it that slow of a news day in the world - isn't there a war going on or something

Is this the ultimate Craigslist ad?

Voodoo Child, Hey Joe, Sunshine of Your Love

Do you ever wish we could put a thread on ignore by keyword?

My parents are drunk on a beach somewhere in Mexico and decide to call me at work...

A Night In Paris

Don't ask me no questions

Hey Dr. who is on scifi right now

Do you like asparagus?

If you use mouse traps...

Swear Jar - 25 cents

no moar taxes. four moar cheezburgers!

A GD thread that should interest the lounge...

Martha Stewart didn't cry

weird...there's liquid falling from the sky.

NASA ready to launch shuttle Atlantis tonight!

Seriously big storm coming here

I open my email and what don't i find (lame copycat)

I had a dream that Aerosmith ate a capon outside a convenient store

Remember that preacher's wife who shot her husband while he was sleeping?

Good Lord, I'm bored. Someone make out to me!

Good Lord, I'm a Boar!! Someone talk to me!

Good Lord, I'm a boor! Someone talk to me!

Do the Paris Hilton Dance!!

I just woke up and....

X-post: Knitters! What are you doing Saturday, June 9th???

WTF is WRONG with people...Marquise Hill's Mom Robbed the Day of His Funeral...

Help Harris make Bison Steaks! n/t


Post an orignal complaint about Hilton


Good Lord, I'm bored. Someone talk to me!

Question: What does a compass show in the Southern Hemisphere?

If that's not a beer that Bush is holding then I'm from fucking never neverland

Judge orders Paris Hilton back to jail, Weeping heiress screams ‘It’s not right!’

Picture Thread Scavenger Hunt for the Weekend (pics)

Cheney's pacemaker needs fresh battery

Holey Crap. I have a $25 discount for a flight to Boston!

Calling DUers who are fluent in Spanish enough to communicate to the media concerning missing 13 yo.

"School's out, school's out! " Hooray!

It's karaoke night!!! What are you singing?

This might be a bad time for this video, but it was just sent to me and I wanted to share

BREAKING. Paris Hilton COULD return to jail today

Announcement: Paris Hilton and I are moving in together!

Pot chemical may curb inflammation

My paycheck was accompanied by a brochure for the new Employee Assistance Program

Naw No No No Noooooooo.....SHUT UP!

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

How valuable is the 'My Posts' feature?

How valuable is the "Hide Thread" feature?

Tomorrow is my last day of work in purgatory.

I came over here from GD to get away from Paris.

Jon Stewart on the Paris Hilton story

I stayed in a Hilton once.

Free Song - With a picture of rasputin and a beard down to his knee

"Now you keep it down back there lady, or I'm gonna have to, you know, shoot you."

Damn, Paris is a big crybaby....

Ethel Mertz

We'll always have Paris (post something about Paris not Hilton)

Paris Polled

Happy birthday madinmaryland!!

It's a very very....mad world...

Listen to one of my older shows


Wish a Happy Birthday to Shilpa Shetty

Dang it DU, stop going down!

Paris Hilton's "Medical Condition" may be Claustrophobia

Good Lord, I'm a Boer! Someone talk to me!

Cops Break Into Wrong Home - Kick Husband In The Groin

My friend Jessica's promo video for a cooking show.

Peggy Noonan on Tony Soprano

All I have left to say about City Hotel:

DUers, please tell us ONE bizarre fact you never knew of until today. I'll start:

OMG!!!! On-line bill pay ROCKS!!!!

All right DAMMIT just give me the DAMN job

I know why she's crying!!!

Friday Afternoon Questions

Your feelings about Chiropracty?

1st annual Seafood Fest at the Old Mint in New Orleans this weekend - WOW

Hey RKM. Paris sent back to jail.

How valuable is the 'Cup Holder' feature?

seriously, where do some of you get off?

Dashiell Hammett or Mickey Spillane?

I was going to have a garage sale. I've decided against it.

6 years home with the kids--3 hot job leads in a week!

Paris is back in jail. Was taken from court screaming.

Paris is going back to jail

I got hit on by a hot young stud tonight. I almost took him home with me!

Picture time - show yourself

On the word "MILF"...

I can't stand being directly told what to do, or what I should do, or what I should think

I had a dream that Aerosmith sang a capella outside a convenient store

***Summertime Public Service Announcement***

Looking for non-medicinal ideas to help my teenager sleep.

Matcom news follow-up: Sexuality and good health

U has a smell

I get sucked into a freaking vortex on my day off

Okay, I promised yard photos, so here they are.

heard a cut from McCartneys new album today, boy, it sucked so bad it was

If you went to college, where did you go? Who was your school's biggest rival?

Just got back from seeing "Knocked Up".

Do you like traditional Southern food?

Op Ed: The Penis Rules "Sex Or He Is Your Ex"

Completely unrealistic extreme statement

Mini-rant about employers requiring a doctor's note

It is hotter than the hinges of hell outside today!

John Lennon & Mick Jagger, 1968

Marquise Hill's mom robbed day of funeral....

Sometimes, fate plays funny tricks. Today, I was stopped to let a military funeral go by...

Tribute to Monkeyman

Gov. Bill Richardson Walks in the Shoes of Las Vegas Family Services Worker Mark Fitzgerald


Che Guevara T-Shirt Wearer

Bagdad Heavy Metal Refugees - Part 3

Bush's Realtime Reaction to Stephen Colbert's Speech at The White House Correspondence Dinner

Domestic Surveillance Hearing: Conyers' Questioning

NYC Ferret Guy Trashes Giuliani's Leadership

Domestic Surveillance Hearing: Nadler's Questioning

Did Laura Bush tell Stephen Colbert to 'Get Fucked?'

Iraqis in DC to fight Bush oil theft law

Michigan Dem chair Mark Brewer discusses state's Presidential caucus

A tribute to DU'er Monkeyman (RIP) - Sgt McKenzie

Meet James Holsinger... Your next Surgeon General!

"Stealing Iraq's oil is a war crime!" says Kucinich

Jonathan Turley on Olbermann - Habeas Corpus 'Republic designed to be multiple-idiot proof'

Walk a day in my shoes: Bill Richardson/Mark Fitzgerald

Stars & Stripes letter: America: empire or republic?


Viet Nam war protest - what we need to do now

"Your time is coming up pretty soon,"

What is the difference between someone holding a sign

What's with the nitheads protesting against the Blue angels

Larry Flynt's 'Asshole of the Month'.....

'Problem break-ups' of online couples

Five Major Papers Say, Don't Pardon Libby (LAT: "A pardon would insult to the nation.")

U.S. Planning to Ease Rules on Passports, Official Says --NYT

Another Vichy Democrat for Libby: Susan Estrich

DU mods....Inside

3,504 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Blood for Oil

Reps Woolsey and Lee sign onto Kucinich bill

Who thinks the failure of the immigration bill is exactly what the pols

GAO executives got bonuses as others were denied raises

Bush's government, Bush's people, Bush's war, but taxpayers' debts

Rough night for decked-out Dems

Police adding more Tasers to arsenal despite alleged links to deaths

That's the good stuff - tribute to my mom

Vietnam Vets Call for Fort Benning Soldiers to Oppose the War in Iraq

Investigator: CIA ran prisons in Europe

Terror rendition prisons 'did exist'

Congraulations Roseanne Barr - asking for removal from occupied

Pipeline Strike Reaching Crisis Point

Secret CIA jails hosted by Poland and Romania

Poll shows belief in evolution, creationism

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I think Scarborough's either drunk or manic...

Go "Cheney" yourself.

Cash box stirs anger at 9/11 site

U.S. commander points to progress in parts of Iraq - Yea, all is calm in the desert

Panel is pressed to go easy on lending industry

Krugman: I don’t know if this country can survive another four years of Bush-quality leadership.

Does ANYONE Believe Gore Would Have Spent August 01 On Vacation If Had Recieved Same Intel As Bush?

Nominate Your Favorite Blogger - BlogJam: Blogs Review Openly left MyDD

Carlson, Limbaugh baselessly accused Obama of justifying and inciting riots

Do you think the Iraqis will ever "Get over" what America did to them at Abu Ghraib prison?

NYT Editorial-It's Subpoena Time - It's Time To Deliver Subpoena To Rove-Make Him Testify Under Oath

tony blair closes an investigation into 2 billion pound payments to the Saudi Royal family for 20 yr

the bad media habits that helped install the worst president ever in the White House haven’t changed

We shouldn't be so sentimental about torture & genocide.

"Save them a place" Maj. Michale Davis O'Donnell: for the Monkeyman.

Come visit us!


US border passport regs may be suspended

Americans Have Lost Their Country

"We're back to 1971: CRAZIES are running the country." (DALLEK)

Gas Prices Gnaw at Consumer Confidence

It’s Raining Subpoenas

Troops' lives 'wasted' in Iraq

Bush to Italy as Americans go on trial

GOP congressional candidate denounces Iraq invasion

Today’s irony: track and field association says legless runner may have unfair advantage

Lionel is being really funny right now--bashing *


T.S. Elliot was right.

Law Clerk vs. Lawyer

LaLaRaRa's breaking story in March in MSM: Investigator: CIA ran secret prisons

News I'd Like to * -- now on MSNBC

Washington Post Radio considers hiring Glenn Beck - Figures

I hope some of the most ignorant, ridiculous gay people

Newsweek: WH official claims Bush has no intention of going back to Baker-Hamilton recommendations

Newsweek: Some news accounts and commentary are trying to connect JFK airport plot to Iran

ONLY 4% thought we should go to war in Iraq-TIME Mag Poll-Sept 13, 2001

US temporarily relaxes new passport requirments

Don't you want to be *COOL* like everyone else and CAPTION?

Alaska Rep.: $81 Million For Florida "Old News"

How much does the mass media influence our beliefs?

Retired CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw "Pained" By CNN Copycatting Fox News

‘Massive and systemic violations’ of human rights

Alabama Republican State Senator attacks Democrat

NASA Inspector General "Moose" abused staff, socialized with NASA execs he was charged to oversee

The problem with Iraq is that people are getting tired of it but

How much is your privacy worth?

Friday TOONS: Paris is out of Jail! edition

David Letterman: Top Ten President Bush Global Warming Solutions:

Cops Use Flash Grenades, Kicks Man In Groin, Handcuffs Wife - Oops, Wrong Apt.

Picture of Sarkozy impressing his thoughts on Bush

Cardin revisits 06 GOP dirty trick in hearing on bill to make campaign tricksters federal criminals

Lionel:"Typical chick, getting upset over God knows what"

TOON: Bush's Peace Legacy ---->

"Non-alcoholic" beer is what the President had in this photo:

In Gag We Trust? An Interview with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

So, there's a fire truck in front of my house...

Time for truth!

California AG, Jerry Brown, is now testifying in the EPA hearing on C-SPAN 2 and is NOT very happy

Kerry: Democrats Were - NOT - Elected To Be Like Republicans

You might be Jack Thompson if...

Bush cabinet secretary seeks meeting with dead Senator

Does DU now crash your Internet Explorer?

Sen. Whitehouse: Petraeus Has ‘Conflicting Loyalty,’ Independent Iraq Report Needed

Bring Back "The Duel."

I love my nanny state! I turned my problem with my cell phone contract

Goodbye Baghdad

These Things Scare Me

Who's this valdamur?

Pull my finger!!

"Ala. Lawmaker Punches Senate Colleague"

photo of Obama and Hillary

I hope w's ailment doesn't make him vomit on a world leader, like his DAD did. video

Blair defends decision to call off fraud probe as discontent grows

Say a little prayer for a really sweet and wonderful guy, wouldja?

Gonu news: recovery, flooding, strandings, 30= deaths reported so far

I wish I lived in Maine in July~

The NASA station is showing the creepy crawler tractor pushing the shuttle

Iraq civil resistance responds to Cindy Sheehan

A Grim Milestone: 1,500 Days - And Counting

any one else having trouble with

What is Brian ROSS doing moonlighting with O'LOOFAH off of ABC News?

For those who have followed this. Paris Hilton doesn't happen to have a white Ford Bronco does she?

You Know Who Knows? Tipper Knows

Peter Pace is GONE: THey just switched back to Paris

So much for moral values. Iraqi Refugees forced into prostitution (Thanks a lot Bush, you moron).

Cheney Needs a New Heart

I've just about had it and it's breaking my heart

Peter Pace replaced at Joint Chiefs of Staff and now back to Paris?

40 years ago today: USS Liberty attacked, 34 killed

New Intel Report: Iraq Escalation Will Not Affect Sectarian Violence Nor Defeat Al Qaeda

Op/Ed: Why did Bush tick off Putin with sudden threat of European Missile Shield?

We must resolve the "Paris" situation quickly.

New Poll: Yep, The 2008 Election Will Be All About Iraq War

Hello, my name is America and I'm a moron

Atlanta Council Wants Free Speech Zones to RESTRICT Public Protests

Conspiracy theory: Gates called the Pace press conference to distract us from Paris

Hearing on the Constitutional Limitations on Domestic Surveillance June 7, 2007

Order has been restored....for now....and now its pandimonium again.

This guy is evil "Police: Man Drowned Child for Insurance" and hurt many more for same reason

Peter Pace To Be Replaced

Howard Dean on with Ed Schultz

40 years ago June 8 Israel brutally attacked the USS Liberty.

Jefferson Pleads Not Guilty to Bribery

Rep. Jefferson's lawyer makes big flub, says client plead guilty!

Citing "divisive Senate confirmation," Gates moves to replace Pace as chairman of Joint Chiefs

Bob Fertik: It's Time For Environmentalists To Join The Impeachment Movement

Sec-of-Def Gates Press Briefing regarding Pace

Shrub cabinet member wanted meeting with Senator Thomas on Thursday (he died Monday)

Tamper-proof ID cards

Finally something that unites the left and right: Fox's Gibson: Sharpton right about Paris Hilton.

Breaking: Joint Chiefs Chairman Pace replaced.

Mullen, huh? You **know** they really wanted Boykin

BREAKING-photo of the Paris Hilton!!! NOW!!

Council of Europe: Secret Prisons a Source of Blackmail?

Pace is getting the axe because of homosexuals. According to the freepers.

Now that the republicons are calling for troop reductions...

NYT: Democrats May Subpoena N.S.A. Documents

William Pitt gnashes his literary teeth in poetic angst...

Some call it the "Iraq War," what do you figure the Iraqis call it (or will once it's over)???

All my feelings of the Paris Hilton story has changed...again: Media is having a Seizure

Gates Forced Pace To Resign To Avoid Congressional Oversight Of Iraq War

"Tort reform" zealot Robert Bork sues for $1,000,000 after slipping and falling

Bush "Under the Weather" ------>>>

Why did Israel attack USS Liberty?

Paris Hilton: According to TMZ or whatever the source is...

Yes, we do love our soldiers and their sacrificing families

Interesting Article about Dogfighting and Amazon

Bing Cherries $1.99 a pound at the Piggly Wiggly--Today Only

Paris Crying

Unbelievable: 40% of Americans believe U.S. is winning war on terror

New submission for stupidest bumper sticker:

Senate to Consider Gonzales "No Confidence" Motion on Monday

The abduction and murder of Kelsey Smith has made a lot of people nervous,

From Vietnam to Paris Hilton

15% in Gallop Poll said they'd be MORE LIKELY to vote for candidates who DIDN'T believe in evolution

Has anyone here seen this "scathing report"?

Shrub has a tummy ache

Most. Biased. Headline. Ever.: "D.C. shows it can't govern"

Letter to MSNBC/Jumping the shark

why did the USS liberty anniversary get pulled? legit story. n/t

What's wrong with the Internet news sites and

DU this poll. Gore vs Thompson

Just put her in with the other inmates tell them the guards are taking a 30 minute break and be done

MSNBC/Contessa Brewer

Randi Said Bill Clinton Said He Was Proud Of Her

The jug-eared little prick makes an official state visit without a tie.

AP/IPSOS Poll indicates total of 41% identified themselves as Independent(25%) & None of these(16%)

In California, if you're rich, you can pay $100 dollars a day for a NICE jail cell.

Does anyone have a source to Ken Starr's report where it says that

Pace goes to jail, Paris retires!

Just Curious - Has Mothers Against Drunk Driving Weighed In On.....

Paris Hilton back to jail video from Youtube

Vice-Chairman of Joint Chiefs also to be replaced (Cartwright replaces Giambastiani)

What An Absolute Jerk

Immigration and Bush’s legacy

Paris Hilton - ANOTHER Fluff Piece

NYT, WP, USA Today Ignore Surgeon General Gay Prejudice Story

CSPAN: Gates presser announcing Pace is stepping down

The People vs. Mr. Big

Could the U.S. repel a cyberattack?

Whoa - Drudge is reporting that the FAA computers are down

Why does our media prey on pretty blonde women?

“It is Cruel for the President’s Theology to Influence Medical Research”

Cruisers #305 and #865... should be put in a museum or sumptin'

"This isn't right! Moooooooooooooooom!"

I'm torn...

Take note Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, thelistisendless.....

Kucinich on CNBC just now: Hearings on Big Oil ripping off Consumers for Gas (Thermal Expansion!)

Oh the suffering....

Blackwater Sues Slain Employees' Families to Silence Them

I'm going to tonight's NJ Governor's Gala

Here we go with another thunderstorm watch.


It has started & picking up steam... ISPs are charging for business email delivery...LINK

My internets were down for two hours and I was forced to watch afternoon

Hello, folks, I have a forum question

Anyone know if their is any reference to Andy Stephenson's story in "Sicko"?

Ol'Roy Complete Nutrition Dog Food has Salmonella

Lessons from Apple.

Come - Let us feel sorry for a being that truly deserves our pity

The Wall Street Journal Post-Murdoch?

Did anyone else just hear Blitzer?

LMAO. John Edwards weighed in on the Paris Hilton fiasco

NOLA Pumping Bombshell - The News Is Horrible!

MSNBC: Libby prosecutor's authority questioned

As VA Chief Medical Officer, Holsinger Oversaw ‘Substandard Care’ At Veterans Facilities

Why is Paris the main event on news today

War without cause is murder, not war

Bysg vs jesus - campaign ad photo

Updates on New Joint Chiefs Nominee Navy ADM Mike Mullen (from Reid, Dodd):

I need to say this now, and I mean it...

What hath Bushism wrought? Not much but miserable failure.

Go Dennis!!! n/t

Growth in organic dairies tests supply of feed - Farmers' challenge: Feeding these cows organically

A simple step Congress can take to save more lives

Nancy Pelosi coming up on Hardball, 4:20 pm CT.

Leahy readies subpoenas on warrantless wiretapping

What other celeb. are they going to wheel out when 'Gonzales no confidence vote' comes up Monday

Lionel to Bash 9 year old girl - Bindi Irwin - in a moment

Can we have a "Sensational News Forum"? Here's another Blonde story >

Time to turn off Air American via my computer.....

Pickles Pic: not presenting her best side.

Bedroom Acrobat!

Cute, funny joke I just HAD to steal

how hard is it to call and get on the Randi Rhodes show?

Maybe Jeebus is/was Donald Stephens;

Notice how this Peter Pace firing happened just in time to distract us from Paris Hilton?

UN Official Calls for No More G8 Summits

Anchors Aweigh! Behind the Supremacy of the Navy

Worsening Morale at State Department Blamed on Rice

New Joint Chiefs Nominee: ‘This War Is Going To Go On For A Long Time. It’s A Generational War’

Bush Loads Up On Lawyers As Scandals Consume White House

Calories and sugar content in beverages.

ROFL- What the WSJ would look like if owned by Murdoch

Tonight on Cspan 3; Robert Kennedy

Larry Johnson:Bye Bye, Perfect Peter

I have a huge problem with criticism of Hilton that's focused on her 'spoiled'-ness or her money

If the media wanted to distract you with Paris, it's working

While the media adores Paris, 40,000 children will die today

What is nuts is how many time lines are based on 50 years

BUSH Ill? Check out the photo The Telegraph (UK) chose to run with this story!

Like a good neighbor...

Crooksandliars: Paul Weyrich in the 80's "The less people vote, the more we win"

Union of Concerned Scientists - FEED Newsletter

I am going to a Hilton hotel, then not paying the bill, and see if they press charges

Hungover? Moi? ---pix--->>>

Prober: CIA Ran Secret Jails in Europe

U.S. to temporarily relax new passport rules.....!!

On a day like this, an apropos commentary on the US media

A Chain Email About Immigration


Why are we asking why Paris Hilton is not in jail when we should be asking why Bush is not in jail?

Let's play "what if"....

Since you guys didn't like the FIRST question I asked...

Look! They've "Clarified" the Caption of Bush with a Cool Drink ---pix--->>>

Watch the shuttle launch online.

Giuliani Cashing in BIG on Privatized Texas Highway

Paris Hilton ordered back to jail; Bush still free

Breaking: VP Cheney to get a heart!!

Is Yahoo hinting about *'s drinking? Screen Capture >>

They got him!

Think Progress has Scoop on Gen. Pace's Replacement (It's NOT GOOD)

Re: Paris Hilton & Rich People Going To Jail (you're probably not going to agree with this)

== iPhone Will Broker World Peace = By Mark Morford

New White House plan: Keep US troops in Iraq permanently.

UPDATE...hubby and daughter are fine. They had their tent flooded

Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies

Just under 2 hours to Main Engine Start (STS 117) Atlantis launches at 7:38 PM ET tonight.

MSNBC anchor/newsreader/airhead has orgasm on live teevee

McClatchy: Old problems plague new security plan for Iraq

Pelosi on Hardball

I don't think private psychiatrists are allowed to visit their clients except

Space Shuttle Launch Live on C-Span 4 Minutes to go (7:33 PM Eastern)

Poll: Same Number Know About Edwards' $400 Haircut That Know Saddam Didn't Have WMDs

If we judged presidents in this country... (and Paris Hilton)

Who else expects the "where's the fence?" lady to say "look, there's non-Anglos!"


Over 40,000 pounds of beef recalled for E. coli - Tyson’s ground meat was sent to Wal-Mart stores...

Wrong Mormon

300,000,000 million Americans, and these are the dumbasses we wind up with?

ACLU Come to Washington for our June 26th Day of Action in Washington, D.C.

Ford adopts 'focus time'

GM, Ford Get More Aggressive

so what's going on with Tom DeLay's indictments?

Got the "Atheist Holidays" e-mail from a friend....

Awright beer experts, what brand is Bush swiggin'

Paris in the Spring and No Statute of Limitations on Murder

American History question: Did we actually "Win" the American Revolutionary War, or...

Council of Europe: Secret CIA Prisons Confirmed

Gay Marriage Poll: (longwinded explanation of why i posted this)

"It's not right! MOOOOMMMM!!"

Is anyone watching the hearing on cspan1 re: the IG at NASA?

Let's have Paris Hilton replace Peter Pace, and then maybe we can get that story on the M$M

Earth's climate close to tipping point

Why I hope Al Gore will run for President

Marine Says He Was Ordered To Destroy Photos From Haditha

Godspeed Atlantis!

LA County Sheriff about Paris Hilton

I am leaving for Chicago today, to post a flag at Monkeymans

Bawhahaha... BREAKING - Paris Hilton Taken From Court Screaming

Paris won't come out of the house..

Governor Patrick - MA to March in Boston Gay Pride Parade

And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is....

Judge in rich girl case is pissed off

Gore may run as Independent? Unity 08'.

So now LA county is screwed

So, who is Peter Pace and why was he fired? Bio Box + more

If America was invaded and occupied would our fighters be called the civil defense or insurgents?

Paris Hilton...A tipping point for the rich?

Kucinich Presidential Campaign Unveils First TV Spot

The British Army Rebels Against The Propaganda - 80% of the attacks in Iraq are against our soldiers

I just threw up into my soul.

*** A few TOONs ***

Mitt Romney's big lie. From Krugman is featuring my Gore video on their website

More dog food being recalled along with aspirin

First CNN, then the WASHINGTON POST hiring GLENN BECK?

My Comments After Reading Al Gore's The Assault On Reason

help, can someone photo-shop this picture of me with a picture of some famous progressives?

Bush in Italy. Here's his agenda (now excuse me I have to put on my best jacket)

Lax immigration laws harm US citizens

* drinking beer pics and comments

Breaking >> Seven US Reps Now Support Cheney Impeachment

Paris Hilton - shows what a truly demented society that we've become

When Republicans Attack

Matthews: "You can get 218 Votes that the money is used only to redeploy"

I promise not to post, read or watch another thing pertaining to PH

Leahy and Conyers are not serving us well.

Paris Hilton does not belong in jail!

Paris Hilton is being treated like a goddamn pingpong ball

Efficacy of incarceration in general. . .???

That screaming you heard on MSNBC during the segment with Lt. Colnel Fracona

My daughter was arrested

Bush's handlers are dumber than we thought

Two girls cry for their mothers...

PHOTOS: The Leader of the Free World

Gonzales to face ‘no confidence’ vote Monday

CNN's Caferty Hypocricy! He asks: "Why aren't People in the Streets against This Administration?"

Must Watch Video Up Now! NBC's Andrea Mitchell Exposing Bandar Bush and BAE Connection!

This isn't a big issue, but how do we get LA sheriff arrested for Paris Hilton scam?

So, why is the space shuttle such news today. Behind Paris

Appalling WSJ article: Libby is a "fallen soldier" in war, plead with Bush to not leave him behind

Who writes the news crawls??? Did you know that...

Who appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to be Special Prosecutor?

Oh, Lordy! Tommy Chong is telling MSNBC that the Paris frenzy is a media diversion scheme!

Paris crying

In This Truly Dark Hour For America-The Door To Choose Is: "THE GORE DOOR" (David Michael Green)

Another Abramoff Republican Pleads Guilty-Says She Will Provide Info That Could Lead To Bush Admin

Council Of Europe Confirms Larisa Alexandrovna's Report ID'ing Secret CIA Black Site In Poland

GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY. Is Everyone in the WHITE HOUSE Going to the "OUT" House?


Charge: US disappeared a 7-year-old and 9-year-old into its top secret WOT gulag

Did anyone catch what William Jefferson said about the money in his freezer??? at his press

All of this "sympathy for Paris" shit makes me want to puke


Are George W. Bush and Paris Hilton out of the same mold?

I love Ward Churchill

Judge Walton delivers a smack down to Libby defenders

My Taxi Driver's Conspiracy Theory.........

What Bill Clinton Told Me About Al Gore (Very Interesting)

Tribute to Monkeyman

I was in the LA County Jail system for four and a half months. It's not that bad! supports animal fighting!

Lobby Day for Israeli/Palestinian Peace and End to Occupation

She drove drunk--- lost her license, and then drove with a suspended license.

Kucinich considers suing Glenn Beck

Let's avoid sexism in general, if we can

Wife Faces Prison For Killing Preacher.

They didn't learn from the Andy Stephenson episode

you'll never win the lottery

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 8, 2007***

School's prom/graduation ceremony had a slavery theme

Are you having problems with your web browser periodically crashing?

Roland S. Martin: Obama's "quiet riots" are for real

"Without principle" by George Monbiot from the Guardian. Good stuff

Actor's Risque Past Halts 'Adam' Film (Creation Museum...oops)

Dick Cheney's choice to head the World Bank

CNBC Reporting Bush Sick staying in Room so he doesn't Repeat Father's Mistake

Who is telling the truth?

lol..sorry guys..I gotto go

Pushing The Political Debate Back To The Left ...

Rep. Jefferson pleads not guilty (AP)

Protesters thrown overboard after police ram Greenpeace vessels

Are you..

Conservative group denounces Scarborough for asking whether Fred Thompson's wife "works the pole"

Seven Congress Members for Impeachment

POLL: Candidates' Positions on Iraq Very Important to '08 Vote

Report:US ran secret prisons in Europe, suspects could be interrogated free of US legal restraints

Krugman: Romney completely misrepresented how we ended up in Iraq. Media fails to report this gaffe.

The Rude Pundit - Thomas Sowell: Just Another Backwards-Ass Cracker

Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Assessing the New Cold War

Conyers and Nadler Call for Cheney Recusal from Libby Pardon Discussions

The Healtcare Plan That Dare Not Speak It's Name: Hillary Was Right

Back to The Future .. Part 14

Hillary Clinton - Pro Labor or Anti American Indian

Booman: The People vs. the Neo-Cons

Edwards Campaign: "Karl Rove Is Writing Rudy's Script These Days"

Dear DU

Anyone watching CSpan? Senate Investigation of NASA Inspector General

Gingrich warns of GOP losses in 2008 (AP)

Senate Democrats and Iraq Vets Agree On Habeas Corpus

Gonzales No-Confidence Vote Set for Monday via TPM's Josh Marshall

Obama and Dodd ask for tougher stance toward Colombia

Kelly O'Donnell may hold the record for single dumbest remark

Am I Being Too Suspicious? - Did * And Putin Set Us Up........

Save The Internets! Tell The FCC Your Story

New Hampshire Grassroots Activist endorses Hillary

Where do Edwards, Clinton, and Obama stand on health care?

Former UN official convicted of bribery - Sanjaya Bahel

a Sadie Arabia Deal-secret deals . developing. Has ties to WH cnn


What would happen if Bush were incapacitated and Cheney became president?

Delete...NBC took down the Report about Bandar/Bush...from it's site...

Well...I've been a loyal Dem for so long ..Carter, Clinton and JFK Assassination.

Who will Paris Hilton endorse for President?

Hillary's repeated assertion worked


Bush off the Wagon?

Edwards takes on Giuliani in NY (not enough to talk tough on terrorism without addressing causes)

CNN about to show the "punch" (right after commercial)

COLOMBIA-ECUADOR: 'There Are No Plants or Animals Left'

Evangelicans Admit That God Is An Evildoer

I've been shut down 4 times on this site this morning. What gives???

Gore Book Signing Turns Into Crowd Begging Him To Run

Clinton wins endorsement of Rep. Meek (FL)

The debate on Iraq that Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Richardson had nothing to say

How Many Of You Have Made A Decision As To Who You'll Back In '08 For Prez?

Condi says history will remember Bush's foreign policy favorably. World more dangerous before Bush.

"Bob the Prophet"...a tribute to Bob Graham from Ybor City Stogie.

The term "Illegal" (as a noun) is racist, and stupid, so let's not use it.

NH POLL: Hillary up by only five over Obama (26% - 21%), Edwards at 18%