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Campaign Reporters: Take The Pledge

Venuzuela's Co-op Boom (Employment)

Bad Bush Nominees, Consumer Debt, Working Too Hard and More

AllianceBernstein, Barclays, AIM Faulted for Enabling Excessive Executive Pay

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment on a Roll


Support the Troops; Ignore the War

BOB HERBERT: School to Prison Pipeline

Actual Story of Interest Develops from Paris Hilton Reincarceration

How Do You Live With It When Your Country Becomes the Fourth Reich!?

Bush and Cheney Not Invited to Republican National Convention

crosspost: Al Gore on Coal to Liquid Technology

Will there be a war?

Tortured by the Palestinian police

Targeted killing won't bring peace

Paris is going back to jail

CIA rejects secret jails report

For One Visit, Bush Will Feel Pro-U.S. Glow

GM, Ford, Chrysler Discuss Joint Health-Care Fund, People Say

As Senate Deal Sinks, So Does Bush’s Power

Progressive LA Talk Radio Host To Buy Cindy Sheehan Property In Crawford, Texas

What would happen if Rodney Dangerfield married Roseanne Barr?

My niece is working in Mumbai for the summer at a tv station.

Hilarious video Paris Hilton case

Happy Friday, DU Lounge!! Whatcha drinkin' tonight?

Send a pm to a duer you haven't talked to in a while.

Nighty Night everyone..

Good Lord, I'm a Boner. Someone talk to me! impressions on Raleigh Durham

Once upon a time in the West.

Vegetable Garden

Once Upon a Time in the West final showdown

"Tales of the City" Fans......Good News

If youre bored with ebay

Has Anyone Ever Seen This Comic Series.. "Tales Of Mere Existence."

How about some Hip for a Friday night?

our miss brooks, he ain't

"Isn't that the way they say it goes??...."

Air guitarists of the world unite!

We live in beautiful world,yeah we do.

Thank you, kagehime

Words you should not google image search in non-filtered mode

Anyone watching VH1 Classic?

Just checking in before going to bed early, have to get up at 5 am to work early voting.


THE answer to THE question regarding evolution.

Sing, sing, sing Can you sit still through this Youtube? {2:11}

I'm in the mood for waffles. Should I make some even though it's late?

Any other homestarrunner fans?

My daughter had her high school grad tonight

My eldest daughter is getting married next week. Ask me anything...

Who here has done a "Sweat lodge"

Why don't we do it in the road?

The plans I make every god damn night never happen.

My take on Paris Hilton, Scooter Libby and the advocating of pardons


Sex and Candy

I'm watching "Jesus Camp" and it's alternately making me physically ill

I am trying to broker a peace deal of immense magnitude

People who seriously outstay their welcome - did I do the right thing?

It's my fucking birthday today.

My daughter is in labor. Ask me anything.

Vista voice recognition is ready for prime-time

Unfortunate teacher names you remember

I'm cutting the cord. I'm running for my life. I'm leaving and going to bed, dudes.

Tom Petty appreciation thread for this Friday night...

This is my post #39,957....Omigod!

have you seen mr brooks?

What's your impossible dream?

So, personality is more important than package size?

This kitten has totally changed how I view the world

He ain't heavy,he's my brother.

Do you like interleague play?

‘No Colombia Trade Deal Without an End to Violence Against Trade Unionists’

14,000 executive branch Kansas State Employees Now Have New Union Clout

Hillary vs. Labor, Round II

Iraq Veterans Speak Out 3/17/2007 #1

Iraq Veterans Speak Out 3/17/2007 #2

Iraq Veterans Speak Out 3/17/2007 #3

Alabama Senator Charles Bishop Punches Senator Lowell Barron

Al Gore on Coal to Liquid Technology

Anti-globalists keep tensions high ahead of G8 summit...


Keith just called Billo a "Chucklehead!"

Small Indonesian islands vanishing

GOP hypocritet of the week!

as the nation has a mutual orgasm over Paris,27 troops have been killed.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I almost got a pamphlet for the national gaurd yesterday.

Need a Lift? I Have a Dream, and a Plan... by Brent Budowsky

Irony alert!

A visit from the "CEO".

Shhh... Don't Read This... It Will Hurt Your Head...

Weekly Current 2008 Primary Outlook

Officials Investigate Violent Attack At Mink Farm (story & video) 443 mink and two dogs were killed

On Countdown. Dana Milbanks tells Keith that Paris' lawyers are going to file a writ of habeus

Romney with double digit lead in New Hampshire

Is it safe to turn on the TV yet?

US to Press Ahead With Anti-Missile Plan

Bush needs a new brain.

When the fuck did news reporters become paparazzi types?

Creation Museum actor's pornographic past is revealed

Glenn Beck is so Rock and Roll

The only thing worse for these GOP candidates than another terror attack is a gay hero stopping it.

Keith showed Chimpy drinking beer

Matt Bai: "Edwards Surprisingly Joyless About All that Poverty in America"

Dallas Women's Guide to Gold-Digging With Pride

Paris goes to jail; Pace resigns; Bush gets a stomach bug

What happened to Bill Maher's show on HBO?

All the Paris Hilton hype is a shame.


Creation museum Actor's Porno past revealed.

Can't a man have one tinsy winsy drink with his chums?

Wife and Son of Police Chief Are Among 50 Killed in Iraq

Was Pace shoved out the door to clear the path to Iran?

CIA rejects secret jails report (quietly?)

LA Mayor Villaraigosa and wife to separate

You're a modern television news journalist - which story do you cover?

Would Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt spend ONE night in jail?

Who here has done a "Sweat lodge"

Time’s up for Gonzales, again (plus letter from Leahy)

He ain't heavy,he's my brother.

An email to CNN

My thoughts..

Top 5 ISPs To Start Charging For Email. Evil bastards.

I forgot there was a 9/11.

Life's simple pleasures......

Some people can't bear to be alone. Is that a big part of Paris'

And the beat goes on in Iraq~

New Show Link TV---Global Pulse

We were so close,there was no room.......

Who is this Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona and why is he so

Ah, here is the reason why Pace was jettisoned:

What other liberal blog / news site, do you most visit?

Glenn Beck is being interviewed on his own show

KO: 'Quaint and obsolete' vs 'semantics'. This is the crux of the

Mark Benjamin/Salon: The CIA's favorite form of torture

The underreported back story: LA County Jail

From Senator Patrick Leahy, RE: Habeas Corpus

So they're growing pork in a petri dish now. A question...

On Monday, Senate to have No Confidence Vote on Gonzales

Start drafting Repubican kids,watch the war frenzy disappear.

Another retired Gen. breaks silence to criticize Bush on Iraq War...

We love seeing famous people "taken down" or "put in their place" so what famous person do you want

Those with booze to imbibe please join me in a toast to our dear departed

caption this...bush and blair at G* Summit photo

Onward Christian Soldiers?

Oh, Vampires! Oh, Oh, Oh!

What would this country have been like if Bush, Rove and Cheney were Founding Fathers?

So do you vote on a candidate's record, rhetoric (futurity), personality (futurity), positions,

The draft would end this war quicker than anything else.

Draft Al Gore? Draft Al Gore!

I don't feel a thing. I don't care if Paris deserves it or is a victim. Am I alone?

Paris Hilton is a monster

Ms. Hilton's sentence compared to Winona Ryder's

I wish Paris Hilton no harm. But she needs to go to jail.

Paris goes to jail - the music video

SPEND A month IN MY SHOES. Should be a new reality show for EVERy congress man and woman

If this is the price we must pay to win, I'm not sure its worth it.

replace yellow ribbon with blue "bring our troops home" ribbon

Brief history of cock fighting in Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory)

Blackwater sues Families of Deceased Employees.

PICTURE: Look into Bushy-Bush's eyes

Rice: History Will Rate Bush Well

Michael Moore Helps Founder of anti-Michael Moore Web Site

Some shuttle launch screen caps, for those who are interested...

Need employment advice - Please?

Happy now? Nothing like destroying people to make the heart grow fonder

Just a reminder... Leonard Peltier is STILL in jail.

no wonder the brits consider us uncouth savages

2 photographs taken 35 years apart to the day by the same photographer

I need a lawyer. If subpoenas are continually stonewalled, what can be

If you like the London Olympics logo, you'll love the Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies logo.

Book TV Schedule: June 8th - 10th

The Atheists are coming! Bill O'Reilly is very afraid

Had enough of Glen Beck's hate-disguised-as-commentary? TAKE ACTION!

Paris is back in jail. Was taken from court screaming.

Incredibly, Amazon Defends Animal Fighting!

Why Leadership Keeps Failing

Yeah...the Unions "hate" Hillary...just look at this smackdown...

Public-employees union comes to Walz's (Dem-Mn) defense

That Paris pic will terrify Rove and warm up the private jets of the uber class.

Rejected on Social Security, Bush Stealthily Tries to Privatize Medicare

Sweet blog scoop: Obama funder moved after unions complain.

Democrats' budget to increase funding for abstinence only programs.

Dems urge tougher stance on Columbia as Clinton appears with Columbian president.

Hillary Clinton - Pro Labor or Anti Native American

Political columnist Roger Simons shows admiration for Mitt Romney's body

Governor Dean to Give Weekly Radio Address

Christian blog warns about RevMoon's hold over conservative leaders and

Gingrich Warns of GOP Losses in 2008

Michael Savage posts picture of severed US Soldier's head in his website

We need to advocate more for our democratic presidential hopefuls!

NYT Magazine: John Edwards' Poverty Platform

Clinton aims to get labor in her corner

Ben Affleck supports Obama on Hardball

In Kansas, Democrats Turn To the Right to Keep Seat

"Hillary Clinton enjoys renewed Hollywood clout"

George Bush is not the worst President ever.

Pace gone because confirmation process would have shone the spotlight on the prosecution of the war

Does anyone know what Monkeyman died of? he seemed so healthy and full of zip!

Political "heroes" anyone?

I just had another email read on CNN by Cafferty...

Dean Smith: I support John Edwards

Hillary Fever Skips a Generation - "block party" effort to reach young voters flops (VIDEO)

Gore: Repairs Near Done on 'Green' Home

Less Dem bashing and more Repug bashing needed on DU.

Edwards has 'never heard of PETA'

Edwards says Southern victory possible if he is nominee

Is our best choice for nominee one of the announced candidates?

Opponents Buy More Time to Fight Southwick Nomination

A Baker's Dozen (Federici pleads guilty and another Jared Carpenter expected to plead guilty as well

Hearing on FEC Pick Could Add Fuel to Debate Over Justice Dept.(Von Spakovsky)

U.S. Attorneys Scandal—Birmingham and Montgomery

Law and Orders-How should the president's lawyers advise a reluctant White House?

Salon: The CIA's favorite form of torture

Help Me End the Money Chase By Dick Durbin (D-ILL)


The Three Star War Czar

Larry Summers Evolution (former Treasury Secretary)|NYTimes Magazine

TPMuckracker: Dead People Voting, The Real Problem


As Senate Deal Sinks, So Does Bush’s Power by Jim Rutenberg at the NYTimes

Ruling Likely to Spur Convictions in Capital Cases

Impeachment on a Roll

Tiny worms spend 28 generations in space - The Globe & Mail

The five myths of the transition towards biofuels

Elizabeth Drew, WAPO: "Nostalgia for Nixon?"

Lieberman bill backs H-1B import of slave labor

Was General Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran

School to Prison Pipeline

Cities Take Lead On Environment As Debate Drags At Federal Level

Violin bows get a reprieve

In a discussion with an oil company advocate who is defending

We have been lied to: Montana intends to slaughter buffalo today!

Beam electricity from solar panels above the clouds?

No bright spots in latest (Newfoundland) cod status report

Analysis: Nation ripe for a federal RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)

Southern wind farm fires up (NZ)

Eye on Mali: Jatropha Oil Lights Up Villages

Airline carbon plan gets EU nod - BBC

Gore's Tennessee home on track to meet tough green standards

Nuclear greenwashing

Solar power to juice the motor bike? Panel up

The Checkpoint Women of Israel

Bonded in Resistance to the Barrier

Four Decades of Heroes in Palestine (James Zogby)

Lebanese Army advances on Fatah al-Islam positions, killing 16

Sailing to Gaza (by Silvia Cattori)

TA: Thousands protest 'corrupting occupation'

Menachem Klein - Perspectives on the 40th Anniversary of the Six Day War

Palestinian militants breach Gaza fence in attack near Kissufim

Sweet blog scoop: Obama funder moved after unions complain.

Clinton aims to get labor in her corner

Rice interview: No Iran hostage crisis

U.S.-Libya chemical arms-related deal in doubt

Iraq War veteran to challenge Reynolds (R-NY)

Clinton, Schumer say DOE ignoring power line foes (eminent domain fight)

Iraq protests Turkish bombardment of Kurdish north

Niles GE workers strike over grievance

U.S. Official: Tighter Visa Rules for EU

Anti-Bush Protesters Converge on Rome

Labor board reverses ruling in whistle-blower case (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

Six killed in attack on U.S. prison in Iraq

Polk Schools To Scan ID Cards

Woman Gets $25, 000 for Killer's Capture (Why isn't this killer on Death row

(65,000) Grocery workers seek offer by June 21

President Calls On Senate To Resume Immigration Talks

Bush reaches out to critics of immigration proposal (weekly radio address)

Car bomb hits police in Baghdad

Officer in Haditha Case to Speak

Bono, Geldof slam Canada as a 'laggard' on African aid.

Biden courts Culinary Union in Las Vegas

Report: CIA used NATO nations as prison sites

Dean: Democratic president would end war

With pope, Bush in listening mode

Russia Wants Freeze on U.S. Missile Plan

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan battle

Colombia ordered to pay US$7.8 million in massacre of 12 judicial workers by paramilitaries

Opposition protests at Putin during investor forum

Bush says U.N. must act now on Kosovo

Bush Plagued By A String Of Mishaps On Europe Tour

Ethics cloud over California Republicans

Protesters clash with police at Romania gay parade

Supreme Court reverses itself in landmark ruling hailed as `victory for workers' (Canada)

Legalizing Net gambling? There's a chance

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked

Rice: History will rate Bush well

Schlozman may alter testimony

Britain did not allow CIA 'torture' planes to use its airports: police

Wartime treatment of Germans questioned

U.S. may soon free 5 Iranians

Turmoil at Toyota

Clinton says U.S. must boost manufacturing, broaden health care

Paris is so Beautiful!

aw yeah. mini-chicken burritos in the oven right now. Mmm.

I got another DUzy!

I punked my daughter (she's 23)

Good Morning Lungers!


Good morning Loungers!

Out with the truckers and the kickers and the cowboy angels

Hey, all y'all You've got a friend {dial-up killer}

Speaking of Brazilians....

Did You Know....

Next Friday I get to travel back in time...for the weekend, at least.

Paris Hilton!

When is talking about realism too much realism?

The Luckiest Guy in NJ

Dudley Moore vs. Foster Brooks

"Office Space" is on E! right now

More good vibes needed for Mr. Bullwinkle925

Happy birthday VashtheStampede!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/8/2007)

Any Be Bop Deluxe fans here?

Baby/Kid Pictures!

wildhorses said I should take some pictures -

Your best way to turn down money offered for doing a favor

..... .{{{{{KAPLOOIEE!}}}}}. .......

Movie day again this weekend

Just because I need to rant (get opinions) somewhere...

Who here has mixed feelings about Father's Day?

I'm off until next Thursday.


Say something positive about Fats Domino

How Many Threads Have You Hidden In The Last Two Days?

I have a turtle in my yard...a BIG turtle.

Justine Henin I stop for food on the way home early this morning

I support and love Paris!

Lexapro - your thoughts?

Paris Hilton ordered back to jail

Go CP West!!!!! (Belmont Stakes)

I'm going into GD. Pray for me...

Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Was Arrested For Making Faces At Police Dog

It's an all too rare Saturday night without kids (or having to work). What should we do?

I just finished refurbishing patio furniture: ask me anything...

I believe that the most romantic characters in a movie from the

A Ball Thrown Back 100 km/h From A Truck Moving 100 km/h

This pic still makes me laugh

'They're perfectly safe — when the front doesn't fall off'

My son's college graduation

And The #1 Reason You Missed The Job Interview With The Police Dept: "I Was In Jail"

MySpace anyone?

I graduate from college in 21 hours, ask me anything


Pics from today

Idol Haters and Lovers - check this out...

What do capons put in? (was 'What do you put capons in?')

Oddball newspaper article capsule of the week: Today's entry: 29 June 1989

I loathe Phil Collins, but I love early Genesis...

a stranded italian gynecologist played by dom deluise

I got some good news today...

So, TIME Magazine just sent me a bill for $119.28

Anita Bryant gets a pie in the face

whoa! after riding my moutain bike almost 2 hours, got a flat 5 miles from home

datasuspect has a yucky tummy

Saw Oceans Thirteen

Games People Play--literally

Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler?

What do you put capers in?

I am going to hop in the tub

The Silver Surfer

I saw Oceans 13 last night. Ask me anything!

Any DUers headed for Bonnaroo?

A truly awe inspiring website!

Kitten baby has a yucky tummy...

How in the name of jumpin' jesus did I end up with this guy as a friend?

Most outrageous thing that was shown in old cartoons?

Hey, why do mosquito bites itch?

You know about the MILF. Now I bring you... the CILF!

Worst protest song that can ever be made

why is Darth_Kitten going to vacation in dreary London, instead of wonderful sunny St Pete FL?

Your dog died. When did you get another one?

I need a book recommendation

I am going to dance in the tub

Prayer of St. Francis

A rags to riches story........a filly won the Belmont Stakes horse race!!!

what does the word "professional" mean to you?

The Brazilian Institute For Oriental Studies......Excellent Logo

Approximately how many ARTISTS do you have in your music collection?

How do I (or, DO I?) tell my boss that it's a drug that I take makes me ditzy?

I'm in Labor! Ask me anything

UPDATE! Re: Evangelical California Church and use of Slaves HAS MADE THE NEWS!

Greatest Movie Ending?

The Democratic Underground Facebook Group

Breaking news: Paris Hilton discovered to be kingpin of Hollywood cockfighting circuit

%@#!&#!!!1 Damn Picture-In-Picture - I have NEVER been able to get it to work!

Yet another Paris-related thread: Try the 'Prison Bitch Name Generator!'

Beavers vs. woodchucks (i.e. 'groundhogs'): The better animal

Which is sexiest?

What Kind Of Car Do You Drive

Boomer DUer' you remember the Alfred Hitchcock 3 investigator book series


More thoughts on London

Girl Power! Rags to Riches wins the Belmont!

Radio Lady invites you to view Paris, France... (PHOTOS)

Things that irk and perturb you...

This post makes...15,000!

What is the scariest book you have ever read?

Wow this game between Oak and SF tonight is amazing

AP: Lehigh Valley garment workers end strike

Iraqi Labor Leader Speaks to Cong. Dennis Kucinich About the Oil Law -

'Union avoidance is an industry in the United States'

Arrest Warrants Still in Force on Iraqi Union Leaders - Strike Planned for Monday

UFCW Local 1445 Picks Up Three Organizing Victories

Workers confront the war flyer (pdf)

More Jobs At Whirlpool Sucked Down The Drain To Mexico

Democratic congresswoman blasts Iraqi threats to its striking oil workers as undemocratic

Niles GE workers strike over grievance

Labor board reverses ruling in whistle-blower case (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

(65,000) Grocery workers seek offer by June 21

Partial Victory Declared by Cal Student Workers but Struggle Continues

USW to Demonstrate over Compensation, Medical Care for Sick Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Worker

Union singer excites crowd at Clinton’s AFL-CIO town hall

US firms, union file anti-dumping petition against imported China steel pipes

Strike reflects divide in labor movement

Demonstrators seek Lincoln's (D-Ark) support for bill to aid establishment of unions

1950's propaganda: the Reds hate our freedoms

Pathological Liars, for God?

Voter Intimidation Hearing

Homeless In America

14 Points of Fascism

The Psychic Dish Episode 5 The hardest 5 years of my life (about anti gay bullying)

Fred Thompson to Hire "Vote Cager"

THE answer to THE question regarding evolution.

The ONE thing that sticks out in my mind about training an Iraqi army

Which Paris Hilton thread is this?

WTF??? Just saw this ad on TV: "KBR Kids Day!" (video)

Sorry to be a cynic!

Breaking; Washington break 200 plus year silence to speak against war

Georgie's Excellent Adventure - the G8 Summit photos

Best outhouse Ever!

I just wanted to Welcome Cocomom to DU

Condi Rice and Colin Powell, used and abused by W.

We're going to have to put up with Paris Hilton stories in the news for the next 50-60 years

NYC "Intelligence" Makin' Stuff Up Before RNC Protests?

What waits for bush* on his return to DC

General who called gay sex ‘immoral’ to retire

Remember when John Fund claimed that passports proved that privatising government services

Paris Hilton threads on DU??????

On the verge of dishonor

Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton Doesn't Take Your Eye off the Ball

The Pentagon v The Military Court

What Regent did for the DOJ, this school will do for the DOD - This is scary.

PBS' Frontline Offers OnLine Viewing of Cheney in "The Dark Side"

Albania + * 4ever!!

Used to be the one main job of the Vice-President was to attend funerals

Fame and Fortune

looking for info on gas gouging

CEO prediction: Maybe only 2 TV providers, 5 years from now.

Sen. Whitehouse: Petraeus Has ‘Conflicting Loyalty,’ Independent Iraq Report Needed

Paris Hilton Gives H#$d to America

Caption please (Bush and pontiff giving the fist).....

We are SO SCREWED: Defense Secretary replaces Joint Chiefs Chairman Pace

the first amendment did NOT erect a wall of separation between reason and state

What's going with the US and the world right now is right out of Propaganda Due

Chimpy in holy gaffe

for the love of guns - 500+ children shot in Chicago this yr. so far

Super Fun Pak Comix!

Does anyone know the daily cost of "the war"?

* Begging for a caption

Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Oh poor Paris

new Joint chief: war will go on for a long time - gave it a name

I didn't buy a raffle ticket for the free burial plot

Civil Rights Leader Charged With Incest

Media coverage is just giving people what they want anyway.

Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Was Arrested For Making Faces At Police Dog

Ann Coulter on Fox's 'Bulls and Bears'; And Murdoch wants the WSJ,

Iraq War strategy to keep terrorists in Iraq has failed miserably - Terrorists spreading all over

What is a typical penalty for someone...

is there just ONE picture where chuckle nuts looks NORMAL???

Here We Go: Pope tells Bush he's concerned about the fate of Christians in Iraq...

..... .{{{{{KAPLOOIEE!}}}}}. .......

Two good old boys manipulating a phallic symbol...


Election Fraud-New Mexico- Gore vs Bush -The Onion 11-15-2000

Edwards: Sounds Like Karl Rove Is Writing Rudy Giuliani's Script These Days

I'm walkin' the walk.


Woman Gets $25, 000 for Killer's Capture (Why isn't this killer on Death row

A criticism of the World Bank document on Biotechnology and Biodiversity

On Paris, our media, our society and the rule of

I want R. Rev. Mike Huckabee for pres., check out his son Davey!

Blackwater being brutal to its dead employee's families to keep them quiet

Bush visits friendly countries in Europe (Guess how many are still friendly and which ones)

I support and love Paris!

Paris Hilton ordered back to jail

Bush was asked at a press conference about his meeting with Pope Benedikt

Oh, Monkeyman...

Any OP with "Paris" in the title will automatically be hidden fro

In Iraq, U.S. spotlights al-Qaida

Proposed US HOUSE: Outside groups will be allowed to file ethics complaints

Father Forgive Me ---pix--->>>

World Leaders React to Bush and Blair at G-8 Summit!

The Cruelty of America's Prison System (Paris Hilton Edition)

The embarrassment never ends

Interesting photo essay on Cindy Sheehan, changes in 3 yrs

Ann Coulter finally found a "victim" she can relate to:

NYT: As Senate Deal Sinks, So Does Bush’s Power

Sex offenders younger, more violent

Where does this idiotic notion on the left that hate is a bad thing come from?

Washington "Mad as Hell" Over 'Grey's Anatomy' Firing

Amigos de Obama -Sweet

LTTEs-Stars and Stripes

New war analogy

"I guess we should just let China have Iraq, right?"

Ten questions every presidential candidate needs to answer: (global warming)

Tyson recalls ground beef sold at Texas Wal-Marts

Even GOP seeing red over Bush policies

Helen Thomas on Russert's CNBC show -- for the full hour

Undercover Policeman Shot When He Pulls Gun On Man In Road Rage Incident

School defends serving 6th-graders gin

Tim Russert's show (1/2 hour left)-Helen Thomas on. CNBC, 6:30pm CT. nt

Does anyone have solar polar for their house or business?

Paris poll

Garrison Keillor coming up at 6:00 EDT

Chimpy responds, "Beg your pardon. My English isn't very good"

So I got my Bono issue of Vanity Fair today and wouldn't you know.....

I think I stumbled on the best alcohol deterrent technique for kids

Bush hasn't grown since 1949. He's the same child. (photo)

LOL!!! - PRESIDENT BUSH: "Beg your pardon. My English isn't very good." ( For Real!!!)

Damn... We've Got Some Serious Pro-Paris Hilton DUers... Who'd A Thunk THAT ???

China Destroys U.S. Imported Food On Safety Grounds (This Is Not A Misprint)

Filly (Rags-to-Riches) wins Belmont for the first time in a century!

Cocaine: Hidden in Plain Sight

From NYCLU: How Giulaini established fascist police control over NYC Public Schools

My mother would have been 69 today June 9th. I know we have lost some DUers and others

Scientists light bulb with "wireless electricity"


A good time was had by all? (G8 pcis)

"Oh, and just one more thing"

REPUBLICAN sheriff accepts bribe from Hilton family to release their worthless daughter!

Attention all DUers re Patrick Fitzgerald

Gastonia NC Church performs a skit in black face to honor blacks

Rebirth of New Orleans

Bush, pope discuss treatment of Christians in Iraq - No mention of the current Crusade there

Was Bush too hung over to work at G8 Summit

To those who have been there- What to expect if and when I register my son

Sure looks like a man running for office...

Bush's Gift to the Military Industry: A New Cold War Arms Race with Russia

Amid all the buzz about Wm Jefferson: Whatever happened to MARK FOLEY?

US Attorney Hit List in 2005? Emails tell story. "Scoop"/Collins

Poll: Will George Bush become the most hated man in American history?

SCOOP Michael Collins: US Attorney Carol Lam Hit List As Early As 2005? -- PLUS Bilking Billions $$$

My wife just had a Freeper write on our car while she was in it.

Nice little Democratic Site

'Every veteran is my brother' (bet you didn't know this about Monkeyman)

Superb analysis: "Time to Ignore the Middle East?" A must-read!

The housing market has a hole in it.

Caption this photo...

crazy story student told me about Iraq confirmed in Jeremy Scahill's BLACKWATER

The camp in Iraq where my nephew is stationed was attacked last night

The Pathocracy...VERY interesting read...

Ground Beef Recalled upped to 5M pounds

Bob Herbert: "School To Prison Pipeline."

Religious Institute releases Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Sexual and Gender Diversity.

State Legal Advisor John Bellinger at the Hague: We Don't Violate International Law

Exclusive: Lab Reports Melamine In Unrecalled Dry Pet Food Exported From US

If Paris Hilton spits on a guard she'll get to wear this mask!

Anybody listening to the "Ring of Fire"? They are saying that the torture

Libby Survey

Gov Dean - Agrees With MANY Of Us - The Dems Have Thus Far Failed The Voters

Why do people really start a church? Why do they have missions in other countries?

Great photo essay by Time. "What People Eat"

Remember the TX school board member who got rude over the bible class?

USDA may relax standards for organic foods

Sen. Whitehouse: ‘You Can Safely Bet - The List Of Fired Attorneys Came From The White House"

Is Martial Law Around the Corner?

Information warfare-ammo dump, for those of US that are awake.

DoJ Legal Counsel Contradicts Gonzales, Suggests Other Spying Programs Exist

“Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic.”

Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'

Biden's Iraq-Only Debate Falls Largely on Deaf Ears

Was it the beginning (or end of a political revolution)KMPX the firsrt 'undergound' FM free station

Soldiers in Baghdad give police powers, guns to former insurgents

Turkey declares 'security zones' in areas near border with Iraq

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Geez...Shrub is meeting with the Pope

If Gore chose Jeanne Shaheen (Gov-NH) for his VP in 2000, would he have won?

Al Gore Plays Hard to Get

AFL-CIO Calls on Iraq to Stop Threatening Workers in Oil Fields

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Okay, I downloaded Firefox thinking my being dropped was my

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