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Archives: August 17, 2007

WP:FBI Director's Notes Contradict Gonzales's Version Of Ashcroft Visit

Guardian UK: US housebuilding at 10-year low

Dell Accountants Spank Themselves

Americans May Need Passports To Board Domestic Flights Or To Picnic In A National Park

Summer meltdown: stock market suffers biggest fall in four years (Independent UK)

Dean Warns Democrats Against Overconfidence in 2008 by Helen Thomas

Guardian UK: The old Iran-Contra death squad gang is desperate to discredit Chavez

PAUL KRUGMAN: Workouts, Not Bailouts

Iraqi leaders forge new political pact

Iraqi Embassy protest over union busting

Hurricane Dean poses major Caribbean storm threat

Judge Won't Block Whole Foods Merger

Obama defends foreign policy views

Ambulances, Med Chopper Seen Racing To Coal Mine

Union charges (Fourth Amendment) rights violated in ID raids on plants

Asian stock markets sharply lower again this morning (Friday Aug 17).

As last Iraqi POW released, Noriega only US POW

Breaking News from ABCNEWS Another mine colapse

Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

US envoy says Iraq report will sound warning on Iran (Crocker: "major Iranian advance")

NASA decides against shuttle repair in orbit

Democratic Advisers Take Posts in Group Opposing Wal-Mart

9 rescuers hurt after seismic 'bump' at Utah mine where collapse trapped miners

OMG, my Brother ROCKS!!

Breaking: Grovelbot wins Iowa straw poll

Which Would You Rather Have 1Million $$ Or To Die Tomorrow

In the movie of your life,who would you have liked to play you?

He's back

He took my precious little Prozacimon!!

Strange appliance combinations

I just noticed all our avatars are Grovelbot.

IMO, one of the funniest episodes of 'My Name Is Earl' is on right now!

All Your Avatars Are Belong To Grovelbot

"Out the Blue" by John Lennon is as good as any Beatles song

Woot! I just figured out how to play the intro to "Let it Be" on the piano

Grablebot sez

TQM KJ, Indeed....

Let's have a frank discussion about Uranus

Holy Crap!!! I had my very first thread go poof today.

Biz Markee Performing "Bennie and the Jets"

What's your high score in 3D Pinball?

Call me a sap, but I am so in love with Moon River

Dogs are fun.

Stick(ies) and Stones

Ok guys here is some advice!!

Post 'em if you've got them: Jenna Bush jokes.

I'm becoming addicted to Pinks, All Out

Medical helicopters enroute to Utah mine after report of new collapse

Coming back to DU is like

So, I've posted almost 90 times today.

I HATE When a Thread Gets Locked Just When I've Got the BEST REPLY EVER!

Chicken soup and electricity

Trader Joe's Anniversary Ale is damn fine shit, maynard!

"Outside Providence"

"We have clearance, Clarence" ..."Roger, Roger"...What's the vector, Victor?"

Did Anybody Else See Alpha Dog?

My father is a wonderful man.

How about this for a movie idea?

Five Minutes to Show Time

You know what this Lounge needs? More cowbell, of course

Kirstie Alley & Val Bertinelli On "People"

For some reason I have the peanut butter jelly time banana song

Dinner tonight: Cajun Stir Fry

Dinner tonight: Cajun Stir Fry

Here's someone who REALLY needs a hug... but who would?

Since we're stirrin' up shit about anniversary deaths

Woman Has Rare Identical Quadruplets

DU'ers from Canada, do you get a lot of American retirees coming up?

Ah, the stupidity of freepers....


Has anyone seen Inland Empire yet?

Does anyone here use Microsoft Picture It?

"Titanic" Appreciation Thread.

Should I go to this wedding?

It's one of those "I have PMS so I'm eating weird crap for dinner" kind of nights.

Hear it iz. Teh sad truth about Grovlbot.

favorite Elvis song- Clean up your own back yard

Fifty one-liners

How does Vista's "compatability mode" work with XP games?

I hope all the Houston area Lounge folks are are OK after today's rain.

Online communities -- how much is too much?

The Elvis Sticky Is Way Cool

Some folks from work were fired today

I gave back the ring...

xpost to Wisconsin forum

have you ever heard the expression ---

My 'tweener daughter is counting the minutes til High School Musical 2 !

Favorite Beach Boys Song

Is the following bumpersticker sexist?

You just won the lotto... What's your first move?

Jenna Preggers?

What were your thoughts on the movie "Spanking the Monkey?"

It's ALWAYS somethin'. If it ain't one thing, it's another...

Further proof that I am a loser.

Inland Empire or The Salton Sea

Today, I turned 38...

Do a DUer a solid and post what you think when you see the word 'Claddagh'

Ok Lounge, help me scheme...

Bike For Sale - Funny Ad

Who wants to get high with me tonight?

Anyone here a librarian or archivist?

Best Elton John Song Evah!

What's your favorite kind of cake?

Lounge Talent

Elvis vs. John Lennon

It's not easy to type with a 12 pound Dachshund on your torso....(Post a pic of your pet!)

Change one word in movie title to CHICKENS!

Union members rally against labor relations official

Resurrection Settles Unfair Labor Practice Charge, 14th in 4 years!

Southwest Airlines Union protest goes video

Democratic Candidates Slam China, Support Working Families at Iowa AFL-CIO Forum

American Revolution...


Interview with 27-Year CIA Veteran Ray McGovern

Secrets of the CIA, part 1

Secrets of the CIA part 2

Secrets of the CIA part 3

Secrets of the CIA part 4

Secrets of the CIA part 5

Secrets of the CIA part 6

Bush's Motorcade Protection?

Bill Moyers on Rove's legacy

Michelle Obama's powerful speech: BE NOT AFRAID

IMO, one of the funniest episodes of 'My Name Is Earl' is on right now!

"I, for one, am willing to forgo certain freedoms to win this war"

An embarrassed Fox News hits Wikipedia

Greetings From Idiot America.

Wow KOs going for Stickler re the Utah mines

"Clergy Response Team" to Help With Martial Law

So, what did I say that was "racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted" ?

Fox News' Angle, Wash. Post editorial misrepresented upcoming Iraq report as "Petraeus' report"

KO: 101 suicides accomplished, and over 900 attempts that failed???

Here's a link to the video of Jon Stewart's interview of Hayes:

Keith just called the WH, "sleazy"

From UK's Independent: 'Shares to fall further, banks will go bust'

"I, for one, am willing to forgo certain freedoms to win this war"

Don't miss the 8:00 episode of the Daily Show

Majority of Americans Expect Petraeus to Spin

Hearts_and_Minds Essential viewing if you want to escape history.

Dean is a BIG problem

Good judgement or experience?

Cheney's opinion about invading Iraq... in 1994

Pentagon paid $998,798 to ship two 19-cent washers.

So, why did my avatar change to a little red eyed robot?

The floodgates open: another GOP Rep. retires

Breaking on CNN--ambulances at the Utah mine--could be injured rescue workers-or not.

well I hope Guiliani doesnt get his head whomped while I watch the Daily Show

The best piece of investment advice I ever received

I wonder if Bush will hail his "Home Ownership Society" now?

Murray's mine cited for over 176 safety violations... SINCE 2005

What Do They Know?

new collapse at Utah mine rescue site

The Untold Story of the Cheney Quagmire Video

Congress Has Got To Cut The Funding

U.S. Funding Armed Groups to Overthrow Iranian Government:

McCain on Jon Stewart, TDS, tonight? nt

Pelosi: September Report on Iraq Must Provide Candid Assessment

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

Why are we in the middle east?

Bob Allen's Latest Remarks Now Offend Cuban-Americans, Who's Next??? Who's Left???

Texas Couple gets $80,000 in arrest for anti-Bush t-shirts

Okay AL....Where do we start?

My b-i-l moved freight for 24+ years. Here's another job that has gone away.

LMAO @ America gets cornholed sticky nt

Drug Related Deaths Per Year

Today Rachel Maddow suggested that the Patreus Report

Military to raise Iraq troop levels to record highs to feather September report

Hideous RW Rag "Human Events" Asking For Handouts....

Ready for another round of Asian Stocks?

In 'liberal' California, it's 'Play for our god or don't play' — and a judge agrees

This post is contumelious...I think...

Tom Friedman on Charlie Rose now, PBS, 11:32 pm CT, nt

Mayor Joe Piccolo of Price Utah, is he smoking coal?

I think I'll end this now, as it turns out that the ad in question was made by amateurs and...

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

Tom Friedman and his unit, he's an asshole. Big time.. Don't let him

Earthquakes strike world locations

What is the deal with the torture policy?

U.S. Judge Says Nigerians Can Sue Chevron For Attacks On Protestors

The Republican youth is invading YouTube

Guilty plea in attempted murder (who cares, you ask?)

Is this comment a Death Threat from Rove about Hilary? Rove slams 'fatally flawed' Clinton

Russia, China and Asian states in military exercise

Images From The I-35w Bridge Collapse

Guardian UK: 'Shares to fall further, banks will go bust'

Second rescue miner dead in Utah mine bump today. ***(UPDATE - 3rd dead)***

Retreat Mining: What to do with a played out mine. Pure profit for the owner.

On the economy and the future

I'm watching the Asia markets in real time lose 1 to 4 points every 30 seconds.

When The Levees Broke - Spike Lee film on HBO - any links to the full movie?

Dell (computers) Federal said it won a $248 million contract from the Veterans Affairs Department

ALL CHENEY-NO BUSH, When Gonzo Said "At Behest Of President" - He Meant Dick

Bob Murray mine owner-may you never know another moment of peace.

So what rescued the stock market today?

Paulson sees more bad news ahead but economy strong enough to withstand volatility

Oh, brother! Just what we need! Healthcare vouchers to solve the healthcare crisis

Jon Elliott just reported that one of the rescue workers searching for the miners has died....

DU Viet Nam vets, families, lovers, war-protestors, etc.: Answer this ..

The world's worst interviewee

I bet I licked little lead toys in 1956-?

U.S. government to pay $80,000 settlement to pair arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts

"Seismic bump," eh? More Murray-speak, it appears.

X-post VIDEO: Michael Parenti on "Lies, War, and Empire" May 17, 2007

More arms for Saudi Arabia and $30B for Israel?!?!?

Worth a mention. JoeforClark? was worried about the Kurds,

Mine owner bob murray or whale shit - which is lower?

Fun poll, I scored a 7!

What Songs Would You Like To Hear Performed At The 2008 Democratic Presidential Inaugural Ball?

DU, we need to keep the suicide story alive. We owe it to our soldiers

Female suicides 200 percent in War zone

Doesn't it feel like we're being goaded like cattle to boycott

Sometimes... A Great Point Is Made !!!

Bulletproof Backpack For US Schools

In Re: KKKarl Rove, the Rover...or what happens when you

Jenna Bush's Wag-the-Dog Wedding

Kucinich and the Democratic primaries

Are we seeing the start of a new movement? Al Gore hinted at something bigger than the Presidency

Al Gore Calls For Civil Disobedience

There Will Come A Point: They will Start Exterminating Poor People

If 7 mil people lose their homes, It will drag down the fair market value of every home in the US...

"War Made Easy" looks at media and the war effort

"Is it the truth that you hate, Bill, or is it the math?"

Nose rings v. Starbucks discrimination case in Canada now enters fourth year

The Obama's at the Iowa State Fair

All polls so far to date. If any missing please feel free to add.

Biden's son off to Iraq. Romney's kids?

Edwards criticizes Bush's threat to veto insurance bill

Conquering the Drawbacks of Democracy

Senator John McCain returns TONIGHT to The Daily Show for another beating!

I want a giant, regulated Nanny government that looks out for ME - There! I said it!

Hillary and Electablility: Rove was wrong...again!

US envoy says Iraq report will sound warning on Iran

Isn't there enough empirical data in to prove that health care coverage is an illusion?

Diebold gives up trying to sell its voting machine business

WTF- The Daily Show- Selling Frightwing books all week

Jenna's "Engagement"

Who Wants To Be America's Next Top Republican Dumbass?

CNN that liberal biased channel says a Democrat worked at a Brothel

Repost My DU Valentine The DU Rollercoaster!

I Hear That Bush Has Described The Recent Goings On In The Stock Market As A .........

Received an email from Fact Check today regarding Obama Foreign Policy with Pakistan

Obama pledges to clean up Washington

Obama hits back on charge of inexperience

Photos: Barack Obama and his family having fun today at the Iowa State Fair

Why I Friggin Love Living in New Hampster

In nine months and two days Cheney went from 1-A to 3-A

She's my Girl and I'm back on DU

Is anyone surprised that the White House is going to brief the Iraq report

Hillary Clinton: The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie of the Democratic Candidates

The People I Talk to Are Warming Up To Hillary

Russians Offered Day Off, Prizes To Procreate

Venezuela Head Outlines Changes

Skype Outage Hits 220 Million Users

Is Justice Possible After Torture?

WP editorial: Padilla's Due Process: 5-year path to verdict is an indictment of the administration


The Untold Story of the Cheney 'Quagmire' Video

FBI director notes prove Bush officials tried 'to goad a sick, medicated Ashcroft' to approve warran

NYT editorial: The Padilla Conviction

The Ascent of a Common Man

Interview with Garry Kasparov: 'Putin's System works like the Stalin regime'

"No help in the first, a liability in the second. Rove picked a good time to leave"

Neo-Cons: Make Bush Dictator Of The World

Bill Moyers: The Rove Legacy

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

Britain: Unemployment Rate Is Six Times Higher Than Official Figures

Amy Goodman: How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla

Run On Banks In LA Amid Crisis

Padilla case seen as a tainted victory for Bush (Reuters)

Florida's "Shoot First" Law Reflects Crazy Ideology of Preemption

Ticket to fly?

Entering the Tough Oil Era

Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

The Padilla Verdict (Glen Greenwald)

Are We Failing Our Geniuses?

How I Got Arrested For Holding an IMPEACH Sign

Forest Service Proposes New Forest Rules - AP

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - Next Month, Arctic Ice Will Hit Lows Not Expected Until 2050

Florida Power & Light Company to expand nuclear capacity

Sugar Growers May Share Ethanol Action - AP

Headline Of The Year! "Bush An Honest Climate Change Broker" -

National Snow & Ice Data Center - Arctic Sea Ice Already At All-Time Record Low

EU biofuel policy is a 'mistake' - BBC

Hidden damage may affect Japan plant operation-IAEA (Reuters)

8/17 13:45 AST Dean Hits Cat 3 175 W Martinique Max Sust 125 961 Mb

Federal and State agents may be shooting wolves from aircraft in WY and Idaho soon

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Record Low

"States Petitioned on Ocean Acidification"

Peak Phosphorous

In Gansu Province, China Sounds Retreat Against March Of Encroaching Deserts - CSM

Major hurricane Dean

As Drought Continues And As Florida Faces Groundwater Crisis, Xeriscaping Still Unpopular - CSM

Do trees produce methane?

TVA reactor shut down; cooling water from river too hot

Right-Wing Hysteria Regarding 0.02C NASA Data Error, Roaring Silence On Greenland Meltdown

What's better for the environment, electric hand dryers or paper towels?

Blair hires Clinton lawyer to seek multimillion memoir deal

Bomb Kills Afghan District Chief, 3 Kids

European markets open higher

Biden's Son Headed to Iraq in 2008

US Troops Fight Militants in Iraq Mosque

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (3 incidents, 3 dead)

Senator coming home Aug. 28 (S. Dakota Senator Tim Johnson)

Apartheid murder plotters guilty

Brothel ties forces out Richardson aide

L.A. OKs plan for LAX's super-size era

US soldier killed in shooting from Iraqi mosque: military

Cave-in kills three Utah mine rescue workers

Iraq's Kirkuk running out of time for poll: U.S.

August consumer sentiment declines sharply

US orders Nazi officer back to Lithuania

Mass. man to be deported for wartime past

Blood pressure cases 'to top 1bn'

F.B.I. Studies Senator’s (Ted Stevens of Alaska ) Role in Contract

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

Stocks up but Fed-led rally loses steam

Yazidis fear annihilation after Iraq bombings

Bureaucratic red tape giving Anne Frank's tree a new lease of life

2 passenger jets close to collision at Los Angeles airport

Arctic summer sea ice hits record low

Michigan primary moved to Janary 15

White House press secretary Tony Snow will step down from his position as early as next month, numer

Secret spy court orders Bush to respond to request for information on secret ruling

White House: Petraeus will testify

Edwards To Divest Funds Linked To NOLA Foreclosures

Obama: Americans can rise above petty politics

Bogus Diabetes Test Strips Traced to Chinese Distributor

At labor lovefest, (Sen) Webb (D-Va.) thanks rank-and-file for support

Tony Snow is gone

Wal-Mart Removes Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips After Dog Death

No. 1 Home Lender Taps $11.5 Billion Line of Credit

Fed Cuts Discount Rate to 5.75% to Ease Credit Crunch

County: Impeach Bush, Cheney (Madison WI)

Hurricane Dean blows into Caribbean "on a path toward the oil and gas rigs"

OSHA Proposes $2.78 Million Fine for Employee Death (42 willful, instance-by-instance citations)

Interpol issues arrest warrant against Saddam's daughter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 17

Typhoon reaches Taiwan after swiping Philippines (Category 5 storm hits Taiwan)

Reuters In $1 Billion Outsourcing Deal With Fujitsu

NSA Judge: 'I feel like I'm in Alice and Wonderland'

Australia PM defends nuclear sale

Army Reports Brass, Not Bloggers, Breach Security

Chinese, Russian, Central Asian leaders show off military might

Castro: Cuba not cashing US Guantanamo rent checks

China toy group says many workers losing jobs

Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts

Edwards Blasts Obama Lobbyist Plan as 'Fantasy'

Russia Orders Long-Range Bomber Patrols

Racist US diplomat quits State department

Virginia to pursue Vick charges

Snow to leave White House before Bush

Russia Delivers Air Defence Units To Syria: Report

Where is Redstone? I know I haven't been around as much as I once was

Bono-Unchained Melody



Random Goin to sleep checking in YouTube post

Favorite Paul McCartney Song

Nooooo! Don't kill Grovelbot, please!

If dogs and cats are truly closer to the mind of God...

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (08/17/07)

Test your eyesight, FREE! (pic)

'We will sew what we reep'

Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. Synchronized Crawling Bug Team

Alan Partridge sticky! A-ha!

Help me out here - I want at least 34 replies to this thread!

Wow. My fiance just re-read the entire HP series in under 5 days

If you could only see

The Cars

Should we vote on the best stickie?

For your enjoyment (dial-uppers warning)

SpongeBob SquarePants found after 3 years in captivity!

Anyone play Dungeons & Dragons - Stormreach online?

Under blue moon I saw you

Last day of work!

Any Santa Fe DUers?


How much more will you all love me when I win tonight's $146m MegaMillions?

"All that I ask for is one little corner,

Was Elvis the son of God?

Words that go together (per The Richmond Times-Dispatch)

I'm really starting to get a Big Brother vibe from the "golden sticky' teasers

Who has never been called an asshole?

My Depression Era Mother is freaking out over the markets and the housing stuff

Denton DUers

Love my way.

Ed-dy! Ed-dy! Ed-dy!

I'm making a trip to Wawa - what can I get you

Spam Curds!

Distance and longing, my thoughts do provide

Me and my brother are going on a long drive.

What were your thoughts on the hobby "Spanking the Monkey"?


And the news just keep getting

Swedish Christians attack Gay Jesus exhibition

Where did the summer go? Law school starts again Monday!

I punched out Rudy!!

Have you been watching any of that Elvis movie marathon on TCM?

Friday humor

Further proof that I am NOT a loser.

Kathy Griffin Dating Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak

Best film to win Best Picture at the Oscars?

Rate This Song

Elvis odds and ends

My sis just played a round of mini-golf w/ Rick Wakeman

Is that Ayn Rand on a sticky?

Does An Event From Your Future Ever Come Back To Haunt You

Reading these articles about college admission, all I can say is, "thank God that's over"

$62.50 for a Used 300 pg. paperback textbook....Grrrr....

SPEARHEAD: Most important artist since Bob Marley.....

Elvis sucks.

Please read my anger and bile-fueled post in GD...

Should I Be Really Evil to a Very Nice Man?

The wit and wisdom of Dorothy Parker

Tonight's concert: The Allman Brothers with Ratdog

What's better for the environment, electric hand dryers or paper towels?

I say, fuck it all and let's all go take a nap

Sticky looks like Al Franken whacking Shrill O'Reilly with a book.

Yay!! Cardinals find themselves IN THE HUNT


Do those noise canceling headphones actually work?

I haz a stickie.

random inflammatory thread calling you out.

*AT LEAST* 6 straight hours of lightning last night

ATTN BLUE STICKY POSTER: This is only a nightmare.

I got my GA assignment today

Who's up for some Mate de Coca?

In the proud tradition of Ed Wood...

ok, about all this Elvis bashing...

What is the latest sticky?

"Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you'd want to know."

So, did anyone else realize that The Eagles are back?

Next week if the hurricane hits the Texas Gulf coast and inland will be flooded.

puppy question(s)

Any math people out there?

'Duct Tape Bandit' charge in robbery (and yes -- WITH PICTURE!!!)

Q: Why would someone steal oven doors?

Homemade baked beans tonight

Bobo & the Dog (RIP Bobo)

Washington Winners vs Dallas Dummies

Greatest Male singer/actor?

Who here watches Rugby?

I discovered the rottenest kitten in the known universe yesterday

It's Friday, ya bastids! But since Randi isn't here today, I give you this:

Help with DU sticky (image)

Good morning all....


Question about the movie Hog Wild

if you're gonna leave --

Elvis is terrible.

Photo of my oldest friend

Who wants to get hugh!1! with me tonight?

Reply All Wars - I think some of the people I work with are imbeciles

The 'boy toy' is missin' again tonight. I'm going out to supper alone.

I don't want to go to book club tonight

What's worse?

I've just spent most of the day doing back-to-school clothes shopping

So there I was... TRYING to punch Ghouliani in the face...

Knowing many, loving none/Bearing sorrow, havin' fun/But back home he'll always run.....

Further proof that you are NOT a loser.

bOURNE sUPREMACY LINK??? Anybody have one. I have a link to various movies, and it has it listed,

Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye Ale

A fly is open

I just wanted to say hello

Best dog story. Ever.

Is apathy really worse than evil?

If people don't start responding to my threads,

Best Johnny Cash Song

I'm off to book club

A bar is open

A bear is open

A bier is open.

A beer is open

Lounge, my dear. Your mother and I have something important to tell you...

Here is Bush posing nekkid!! Rare!!

Do hurricanes ALWAYS 'churn'?

Ever have a thread get more copycats than replies?

If someone says, for example, just an example,

A tear is open

Today's fun music fact: Allan Holdsworth was, for a time, a member of Level 42.

Call out to Denton TX DUers

Ok...Whose adorable doggies are those?

You never even called me by my name!

Mayonnaise Fanatics in Japan!!

If you're building a porch...

Michael J. Fox has NO Elvis in him.

DUDE! IT'S 420!

Are you eagerly awaiting the season premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

The Yardbirds on ON TOUR!!!!

So, will Jenna give birth before the wedding?

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey! (YouTube Music Thread)

So has anyone ever actually TRIED Red Bull?

The Bar Is Open.................But

The List of the 166 songs that Clear Channel says hated America after 9-11

I GOT IT!!! I got the job!!!

A New LOW! GD is attacking my stair-climbing smiley!

Uncle Kracker In Jail On Sex Charges

How does one kill an office mate without getting in trouble?

Who else has seen the movie "Perfume"? (Or read the book?)

When seeing a homeless person, do you avert your eyes?

Tell me about futon covers and dogs and cats:

I have a question for all you Randi Rhodes fans.

Dumb question: If everyone knows what "420" means, then why bother using it as a euphemism?

I have the perfect actor to play Xenophilius Lovegood...

Stephen King

Post an unprofessional YouTube vid

Note to DU: I am not Karl Rove.

Friday Picture thread. Post a crazy pic and a normal pic

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/17/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/17/07 Bonus

If the Earth

Finnfan got a teaching job!

Does an event from your past ever come back to haunt you?

I can't believe I'm posting about deviled eggs again

Pictures, Part 3: Brugge, Belgium

I start moving in 28 days - any advice is greatly appreciated!!

The Vibe Tribe (my band) - Atlantic City, NJ - Hilton Beach Bar - Saturday, Aug. 17 - 7 PM

That's an interesting muumuu Jenna is wearing...

Greatest Contemporary Male Actor

What little things bring you great joy?

*Big Brother 8* -SPOILER-

What Words Or Phrases Annoy You

A food service pet peeve

What is your favorite item at the Costco food court?

Beatles Versus Rolling Stones

Would this be bad?

dept. of knocked up loaded: How Pregnant Is Jenna Bush?

What's the origin of your surname?

Let's Barbecue...

So, I got this threatening phone call last night

Post a picture of something Jenna should wear to her wedding.

Future world: cheap food and expensive clothing?

Need help! Movies that were better than the books

I'm Leaving Work Early To See "Superbad"

Whoever posted the "girls gone wild" sticky with Hillary is an asshole.

Youtube for Koolzip.

Highest Army Suicide Rate in 26 Years

Today in labor history August 17

Montreal cemetery workers will study new management offer

Teamsters, UPS making progress on Central States withdrawal plan

Dresser-Rand ships first compressor since strike

Retired local communication workers have been notified that EMBARQ will not honor Sprint's promise

Labor union gives Wal-Mart failing grades, protest

Republic Engineered, 2000 workers reach deal

Will mine owner Murray face manslaughter charges in the deaths of

Moraine Delphi plant to close; 315 to lose jobs

There is nothing here but war, where the murderin' cannons roar

Lewis Black explains how the right wing steals from the left.


Ernie Fletcher - Too Criminal for Kentucky

The truth about the coal miner situation in Utah-pt2

The truth about the coal miner situation in Utah-pt1

Michael Franti - Bomb the World

Street Theater Demo at Bechtel/DOE

Seems Like A Dream

Heck of a Job on Mine Oversight There Bushy! (Olbermann)

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: Barack Obama

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: Mike Gravel

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: Hillary Clinton

Jim Dean speaks at fundraiser to reelect Saratoga Springs Mayor Valerie Keehn.

Should Dhonig do something about Bill O'Reilly?

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: John Edwards

Speechless--Clinton Internet Version (ad running in Iowa asking for support of single-payer )

Olbermann: Who's Hacking Wikipedia?

Joni Mitchell

Edwards Bus tour Day Four Video #3

Clergy Used In US Martial Law

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: Dennis Kucinich

Clergy to help quell dissent during Martial Law

The Jena six

Greenland Ice Cap melt would inundate world\'s coast

Send your congressman, your senator or the chimp a real message to get out of Iraq now.

When is it going to count when +900 kids try to off themselves"?

Vatican 'edited Adams web page'(Wickapedia edits)

Horrible decision to be made. RE Utah miners


Houston Chronicle: He's The Last Cowboy At Camp Casey

European markets are mostly on the green

David Letterman, Oprah, We need you now, more than

Eugene Robinson: In Iraq, Shattering Villages And Illusions

One good thing...BushCo didn't succeed in "investing" Social Security!

Are there any court reporters here?? Can you mess with a transcipt??

Dear Governor, Senator, Congressperson, President

whoever posted that annoying flashing "Sabotage" sticky....

a few more donations and we'll have Punchin' Rudy... :)

Army Guard says may lay off as many as 800 recruiters, $2 Billion shortfall

We can just skip reading Gen. Betrayus's over hyped report.

How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed The Mind Of Jose Padilla (TRANSCRIPT of Democracy Now Interview)

When The Earth Gets Restless, Miners Die

I hate that RW horses--t that guys like Reagan

New DC Madam info...anyone know any of the names?

Man Apparently Left In Wheelchair Outside Orlando Airport For 3 Days

Giuliani's time at Ground Zero probed

What the hell? Has JoeforClark been glassed?

Iraq news that speaks for itself

Call it what you will.. recession, depression, stagflation, inflation

After we attack Iran, what will the NEXT president do?

A rush to pull out cash - Worried about the stability of mortgage giant Countrywide Financial,

Poisoned mattresses from China intercepted in Rotterdam port.

Shipping India's Stray Dogs to Korea for Consumption??

Hurricane Dean update

ACLU: Settlement in anti-Bush T-shirt case

Has WJour (cspan1) done the segment on the 1994 Cheney vidio yet? I

In Alaska, scandal flows like crude

I'm sick about our Healthcare system: MSNBC's ways to save money!

Democrats slam Bush Administration's plan to spin September report on "surge"

Creative Destruction-Welcome to George W. Bush's moral gutter

My LTE to the Washington Post - Re: Terrorism

Kucinich: Bush Big Brother Spy Policy Is Un-American

WTF: Hurricane Dean projected to be Cat 4 and Cat 5

ACLU Targeting Pelosi/Reid

Iran guards reject US terror list

Isn't it about time that Will Pitt comes back?

Kucinich: "... an attempt to deceive Americans into yet another war"

Congresspeople under investigation

Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes

How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla

Joe Conason: Giuliani's Dangerous Bluster

Impeachment is NOT an option...

Fed discount rate cut sends stock market index futures soaring

US steps closer to war with Iran

Bush's vindictive recess appointment for Mine Safety and Health is a big SCREW YOU to Americans.

If you like science, this is your cup-a-tea

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Maybe they're just getting married.

US Labor Against War Demonstrates at Iraqi Embassy in DC over Labor Rights in Iraq

I heard on KTVK (?) Channel 5 this a.m. that McDrain & Bile were slipping in the polls

Health services in Iraq a "catastrophic situation"- as many as half of doctors have left Iraq

Tinfoil: Does rove aide Hager gain any immunity advantage by marring Jenna or vice versa?

Imagine if the Bush Administration did this with guns...

"YouTube Seeks to Depose Jon Stewart"

Jose Padilla's Attorney Calls Guilty Verdict "Huge Tragedy", Vows Appeal

I'm worried about poor ole Bob Murray. What has

Come on AT&T, get naked

This is worse than genital herpes...

Presidential Polls By State -- Great link!

The Boom is back on ... whooopiee

When two stupid pieces of legislation collide, you have to ask hmmm...

Curious- No end in sight

The 'magical thinking' is not gone

Question about the recess appointment of Stickler, the head of MSHA, on the Utah mine disaster

LOL! LTTE in Minneapolis StarTribune "Soliciting Republicans"

Re: Padilla OK. Let Me Get This Straight

FACTBOX-Who are the Yazidis?

If Stu Bykofsky can say stupid shit, why not me? We need another Republican Great Depression...

Dow is up over 200 points in opening minutes

Mind Control

On C-Span now; more about Cheney's 94' statements.

How to embolden the enemy

Dow is up 139 points at 11:00 AM

CNBC: Investors are comforted by Big Brother providing a safety net

Beliefs don't matter. They don't determine the value of a person.

I'll post it before someone who seriously believes it posts it. Regarding Hurricane Dean

He was a goofy little kid,

One part of the solution. We need to repeal the bankruptcy legislation.

The 'Civility' campaign ... did I miss a memo?

UTAH MINE cave-in, BUSH, and OSHA. For workers, the sky is falling.

Death toll from Iraq bombings likely to be worst of war

Construction Woes Plague U.S. Embassies

Cheney, Lieberman and Iran War Conspiracy

Cheney, Lieberman and Iran War Conspiracy

oil spill in ohio river?

Choctaws CEO and Pickering. Two quitters in two days. Abramoff?

Only One Person Can Confirm Comey's Version Of The Hospital Visit

Militery Interrogators Pose As "Lawyers" In Gitmo

Most nauseating discussion on MSNBC RE: Jenna

Members of Congress Head to Israel for Summer Sun and Summitry

Pentagon paid nearly $1 million to ship two 19-cent washers

Where Are the 2008 GOP Senate Candidates? WHAT Candidates?

Man kissed ailing wife, threw her off balcony, prosecutors say

Watch a sneak preview of The War On Democracy: A Film By John Pilger

Bush Admin does a 180, Petraeus and Crocker will have to testify in public.

Anger at customs agency in LAX snafu

Positive Vibrations: 2008

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - Next Month, Arctic Ice Will Hit Lows Not Expected Until 2050

Just watched "Death of a President" last night

The Next Bad Decision They're Bound To Make

Three Rescue Workers Killed at Utah Mine

"He grew up as a Republican" .... wtf?????

Serious question - do people still sing the *entire* national anthem chorus?

No way I chase after someone stealing my car, just call the insurance company

BUSHCO Can Grab Anyone They Want-Turn Them Into A Vegetable & Thats Suppose To Make Us Feel Safer?

If a US citizen is charged with and convicted of planning a foiled terrorist attack in the US ...

The Unicorn Museum...Prepare to Believe

Matthew Rothschild: “Impeach Bush” Defendant Tells His Story

American Soldier In Baghdad Feels Safe Because: The Enemy "Live, Work & Sleep In Bldg Next Door"

Does Padilla even understand the charges against him?

What Do You Suppose Bush Has Been Doing All Week on His Fake Ranch? ---->>>

Call me when Jenna Jameson gets married.

Kathy Griffin Dating Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak

Very Disturbing Story -- People who kill farm animals for fun

WIRED: FBI Office Under Investigation Involved in Secret Spying Controversy

Heat Wave Kills 37 in South, Midwest

To all you DU Cyclists out there:

Nutty Fox plant who asked Gore about Clinton rape is now dogging Giuliani

LIAR! Ghouliani spent only 29 Hours at Ground Zero from Sept 17- Dec 16, 2001

Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Emanuel on Iraq & September

Miners' rescue effort suspended indefinitely, MSHA's Stickler announces

We're not supposed to say shit about politcal kids? Okay, don't TELL us shit about political kids

Jenna Bush Is Pregnant and Engaged To Henry Hager

Afraid Of Hurricanes, Girl, 8, Heads To Ohio On Bicycle

Whoops! Janet Folger quotes Neo-Nazi 'doctor' as an attack against gay

Why Latinos, Like Everyone Else, Want to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Bulletproof backpacks for U.S. schoolchildren.

== Thank God You Are Not Karl Rove = By Mark Morford

Should george bush's future son in law join the Army Now?


There is something seriously wrong with how our society deals with mental illness

The Ongoing Deep Concern Here About Venezuela

If It’s Sunday, It’s Karl Rove

Despite denials, Bush Administration Pushed For Private Briefings For Petraeus, Dems Confirm

Friedman: ‘I Don’t Apologize’ For Believing Iraqi Democracy Could Come From U.S. Occupation

Pelosi, Reid Call on Bush to Provide Requested Information on Surveillance Activities

Athletic Hastert to "hang up his spikes"; Democrats set sights on his vacant seat

Money man bet wrong -- and lost $1.6 B !!

I saw the Magna Carta this summer (comments on the Padilla case)

frogcycle dons tinfoil hat...

Mueller (The New John Dean?) Outs Cheney as Warrantless Wiretapping Wizard

The Padilla crime

Short of Purple Hearts, Navy tells vet to buy own

Reporters demanding to know whereabouts of Bob Murray

Condom That Makes Your Willy Bigger Set To Be Huge

Anyone have a subscription to the UK Jane's Information Group?

Army’s High Suicide Rate Suggests Administration Is Understating Cases Of PTSD

Cheney in '94: "Well, you know I'm a policy kinda guy."

A "Free Speech Zone"

Since you're all in a giving mood...

So Rush is calling Obama "Barack McNabb" now...

Here's a site to get passwords for subscription news articles

The Feds Who Edit Wikipedia

Lindsay Beyerstein: Jose Padilla's "menticide"

In 1966 Ronald Reagan proposed the "creative society": replacing civil servants was businessmen. ...

Action alert from FAIR: USA Today's Iraq Progress-Military claims appear without scrutiny

Does anyone have that Ayn Rand Spoof a DU'er posted recently?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 8/17... ride isn't over with

Turning U.S. Spy Satellites on ... U.S. citizen

US debt jolts world markets

National Snow & Ice Data Center - Arctic Sea Ice Already At All-Time Record Low

Cenk Uygur: The Media's Accountability Moment

UN chief vows staff safety in Iraq is top concern

General: Quick Strikes Planned in Iraq

Wars leads to ammunition shortages at police departments nationwide

Countrywide Financial -- CEO dumps stock, LATimes Reports Run on Bank

Hurricane Dean could potentially affect New Orleans

WHOA! CNBC Guest tells the truth... Economy is a ticking time bomb...recession ahead

Hey Mr. Bush, what did these people do to you? (Warning!)

Spotting the potential terrorist in the crowd

rethugs want a statue of Reagan in the U.S. Capitol...

HuffingtonPost: It Shouldn't Have Taken the Deaths of Three Miners to Get the Media to Focus on Mine

Civil Rights Groups Sue Government Over Warrentless Tapping

So Jenna's intended interned for KKKarl

Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie: Gonzales' Top Six Fibs

If I Were A Mountain Climber Or A Heli Skiier I Would Be Wearing A Device That......

Dane County (WI) Board of Supervisors votes to Impeach Bush & Cheney

Co-defendant claims Vick participated in execution of dogs..

Is a Stillbirth an Act of Murder? Maryland Law Says So

Why isn't LIMBOsevic's "magic Negro" & "Breck Girl" crap outrageous to us?!1

Iran labels Blackwater terrorist arm of the U S.

Military file charges AGAINST rape victim

Ruffling feathers - will Turkey invade northern Iraq?

Did Another "Brownie" KILL Three Utah Mine Rescue Workers?

38 Years ago today

Dean rapidly intensifying...approaching Category 4 strength.

Michael Medved's brillaint proof Bush didn't lie about WMD

2004: Mexican Mine Workers Protest In Utah

David Iglesias to write book about attorney scandal

UnOfficial Will Pitt watch thread! (Day 5 and counting)

Hey Bill- O what about What Freepers did to Andy Stephenson?

"White House hails Padilla verdict"-Isn't it unseemly for the executive branch to 'approve' verdicts

Caption this photo

Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year

Dick Armey Launches Petition Attack On Crist's Climate Change Initiative

some more on the hot water nuke plant closing

The Daily Show will be reporting from Iraq next week

The Myth of US Fish and Wildife "Caring" for Animals

MSNBC just reported a possible Tony Snow resignation

Another slow-news day question. Are Log Cabin Republicans insane?

Gonzo under more fire

ARGH! Has Jerry Foulball riz from da dead? Just surfed to CNN and they're

Brent Budowsky: Poor Go Homeless, Wealthy Get Bailouts

Nobel Prizes To Be Announced October 8-15

U.S. general: Iraq 'surge' likely to end in spring

Question: What is the name of the book written by Al Gore's daughter?

As long as it's a slow news day, let's examine the joys of cutting brush.

Ashcroft ordered security detail not to let Gonzales or Card in hospital room again


Billions In U.S. Aid Wasted In Afghanistan

The Magical Vanishing Cheney Quote

Tweety's not done ripping Gonzo

Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts

When Hell Freezes Over, maybe there is hope!

Alleged Nazi guard ordered deported

Naimi Wolf is destroying Melanie Morgan

even more kudos to shrub-boy: Russia restarts Cold War patrols

Dave Lindorff: More on the Padilla Legal Atrocity

Edwards Attacks 'Robber Barons' to Win Votes in Iowa (Update1)

Getting Inside DNC?

Fridat TOONS: Bush and China on our minds..

Is there a good (progressive) company to give my cell phone business to?

So what’s Henry Hager like?


Hasn't been mentioned here much yet, but Hurricane Dean may be worth really worrying about.

SCHUSTER is filling in for TUCKER!! This ought to be good.

3706 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

There has apparently been a murder next door

FL Dept. of Law Enforcement: "Let's Cut The DARE Program, It Doesn't Work Anyway"

Crandall Canyon Mine victims need "Justice"...Call Lawyer, Jerry Spence

BRAKING GNUS! Romney wins Illinois straws

O'Reilly: I think everybody's got to relax on all this gay stuff

Sports Fan's Responses To Athelete Domestic Abuse vs Athelete Dog Abuse

Judge Hints He Won't Allow Suit Against Corps for negligence during Katrina

I finally figured out how I feel about flag burning

I am going to say it - fuck, fuck, fuck - how DARE YOU? Impeach the bastard now.

My letter to Mr. Bykofsky

Bush crony in charge of rebuilding Minneapolis bridge was fired for botching Boston's Big Dig

New term:

Satan, bush, and hitler were in a bar together

Paul Krugman: Workouts, Not Bailouts

Telling - remains at the bridge site, deaths at the mine, Dean coming,

Meet Jenna Bush's Future Father-in- Law

"There's a solution no one has thought of here." (re: Gonzales' lies)

Naomi Wolf - If you are reading this....

Davis Shuster is discussing Murray and the mine

Pab In The Hopsital, update 1

Official A Bush Crony Who Will Oversee work on bridge in Minn was let go in Boston

Fred Thompson wore Gucci loafers at an Iowa event

What other ways can things go wrong besides "Something was about to go terribly wrong...?"


FISA Court to Gov't: Why Shouldn't We Disclose Surveillance Rulings?

An email sig for the ages...

Question: "Rescue workers" or fellow miners?

Deputy's wife charged in prostitution operation

Why would anyone care about Jenna Bush ?

Any Iowa DU'ers on here? Who are you leaning towards...

The Daily Show goes to Iraq. NO, REALLY!

If Gore doesn't delight us all

FISA is great.

Banking Chairman Dodd: Where's the president?

Blanco declares state of emergency in Louisiana (re: Dean)

Is this "Employ an Asshole" week?

Suppose a pop star said they wanted Jesus Christ to be the next President?

Maryland Man Tries to Cause Girlfriend's Abortion by Spiking Her Drink with cattle hormone

Wanted to share this with the day crowd:

America the Jaded: Healthcare, Short Men, Emigration, and Like That!

Next up for Bush in Iraq: "quick-strike" attacks

Pick Your Candidate

Melanie Morgan insulted Chris Matthews and her video feed went down

Times gone but not forgotten

I'm taking bets.. When will CNN implode?

The luckiest man alive

RE Hurricane Dean ... does it get any plainer than this?

Kudlow gets called out for being a love monkey for corporate welfare.

unabashed independent voters check in

Ashcroft ordered security detail not to let Gonzales or Card in hospital room again

Latest Fed Action May Not Have Any Appreciable Effect, Contrary to TV Financial Pundits View...

Russia Resumes Patrols by Nuclear Bombers

I pulled the covers up over you tonight, and you will never know it

Can 2009 come fast enough?

Bye-Bye Baghdad

Hannity calls Bill Moyers "The worst of the worst" and "a partisan hack"

Update From Reuters: 3 Rescuers Killed At Utah Mine

What if Colon Powell entered the race?

I despise Welfare Queens and the Cadillacs they rode in on.

satellite imagery of hurricane Dean

Sibel Edmonds, NSA Spying, State Secrets and Kafka

Why Jenna Bush's Supposed Pregnancy Matters In Terms Of Policy

Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change red alert film "The 11th Hour" - release dates:

Is this real?

Coal Mines Managed By Stickler Had DOUBLE National Average Injuries

Mine Deaths Increased By 210 Percent In 2006 Because Of Bush & Republicans

So Is Anything From China Safe to Buy? I'm beginning to wonder.

Al Gore Awarded Gothenburg Prize

"The only good Arab is a dead Arab"

Domenici and Rove-Getting Nervous About WH Cover-Up Of Iglesias Firing

Honestly, will that sadistic bastard Bush EVER be satisfied?

All this talk about Tricia Nixon Cox reminds me of a story:

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign = Plus KO VIDEO

Barney has resigned

Why do the majority of Democrats polled around the nation support Hillary Clinton for president?

(Petty? Ya want petty??) Fashion article peeves Bush.

When did God tell the republicons...

Taking the cure.. Crimean style.. 2 wine 3 times a day

Ammunition shortage squeezes police nationwide

"Three Amigos," Summit. - “NAFTA on steroids” - Meeting in Montebello, Quebec, Aug. 20-21

"How I Got Arrested for Holding an IMPEACH Sign" (Asheville, NC)

Persecution of annoying advertisers

Illegal immigrants welcomed by Indian tribes

My 10,000th Post..i have one thing to say...

After 3½ years in a solitary cell I could make you admit anything* and love me too.

McClatchy: Commerce, Treasury funds helped boost GOP campaigns

It's official. We now live in 1984

Mine rescue effort in Utah halted indefinitely

Need tuition? Don't count on home equity loans

Edwards is f*cked

Neocon maniac : "Empty Iraq of Arabs"

Arrested: Asheville NC Citizen with "Impeach Bush, Cheney" Sign, Cited With Blocking Sidewalk

White House Worried Over Release Of Documentary - ''No End In Sight''

You've been putting it off all week... Please take a moment to donate to Democratic Underground.

"Baptists for Brownback" have "homo day" on their site, warn against 3 websites!

Friday Straw Poll: Who's your candidate?

'Law & Order' star: I'll ban abortion

Developing Story on CNN - Michael Vick participated in executing dogs

"There is no flag large enough....."

Who would you impeach first?

Neo-conservative think tank editor: Bush should become "President-For-Life" (no joke)

CBS is denying they censored our signs!!


OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE-Investigations Unnecessary-We NOW Have The Answers

A long sad List.

Vets for Peace Convention - strange happening


Short of Purple Hearts, Navy tells vet to buy own

White House Staffers Editing Wikipedia Entries?

Anyone else catch the little overemphasis on "Dick" on Tweety's show tonight?

Send your congressman, your senator or the chimp a real message to get out of Iraq now.

Spy Program Pushed on 'Feeble' Ashcroft........

Hillary -- "Champion of federal funding of faith-based social services"?

Mitchell Schwartz, Mastermind Who Engineered Bill Clinton's 92' Win in NH Joins Obama's Team

Republicans 4 Hillary!?! GOP launches risky venture in effort to energize party activists

Mark Morford: Thank God You Are Not Karl Rove

"bumpersticker primary" @ Irregular Times: obama 26%, kucinich 22%

Ranking Senate races: "dearth of top-tier GOP candidates in potentially competitive races"

Obama Takes Sharper Tone to the Trail

When you hear the US has to stay in Iraq to protect the citizens just say "Yazidis"

NYT: Ghouliani Spent 29 Hours At Ground Zero In Three Months, contradicting his earlier lies

Need clarification re:credit crunch from the DU economists

Jon Stewart to William Kristol: Why Should We Trust You?

Hastert Doesn't Rule Out Leaving Office Early

Rasmussen Arkansas: Hillary way out in front of Repubs...

Rasmussen Michigan: Hillary leads Repubs by 9 to 13 points

The Rude Pundit: Just Askin': How Long Was Rudy Mayor After 9/11?

So, will Jenna give birth before the wedding?

Gore's unique opportunity/PRIORITIES

Field Poll: Hillary leads California by 30...both she and Obama lead Repubs, Edwards struggles...

California poll-January 2007: Clinton 36%, Obama 33%, Edwards 6%

More Republicans defect to the Dems! Westchester County (NY)

The Bush Legacy

Nevada: Clinton 33% (+1), Obama 19% (-1), Edwards 15% (+4), Richardson 11% (+9)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Edwards Attacks 'Robber Barons'

'NYT' Counts Rudy's Time at Ground Zero: Not So Much

CNN just did a hit piece on Obama - said Hillary had upper hand in 'meet w/dictators' spat

"You excite the hell out of me, and I haven’t been hopeful for a long time!”

Retirement ‘Wave’ Building Among House Republicans?

Fred Thompson's Presidential Priorities

Huckabee's populist message

Taylor Marsh says John Edwards is leading the way on Foreign Policy

Isn't it awfully early in Bushco's 2nd term for so many prominent Admin officlas to jump ship?

Would a Clinton presidency end the 50 state strategy?

Politico: Dems chances to grow House majority surge

Was equal time given to the candidates at the KOS debate?

How Bush Gained the Power to Spy on You without Security Justifications

Hillary leading in new NV poll

Rasmussen: Clinton Continues To Dominate Florida Primaries

Democrats Seek Staying Power in Republican Turf

Democratic Self-Appreciation Excercise #4: What do you admire the most about Dennis Kucinich?

Edwards to Pull Out of Fund for Lenders(Katrina victims)

So, Whose Base Would Hillary Rally More?

Clinton Enjoys Big Lead in Arkansas

Run on banks in LA amid crisis; Wal-Mart CEO says customers are 'running out of money'

Looks Like * Had To Send Out Orrin Hatch To Shield Him From Criticism....

Our Tax Dollars helped boost GOP campaigns

The self fulfilling prophecy

Melanie on Tweety right now...

I see the Edwards's bashers are out in force today! Why does no one even question some of the other

I just had another (20th) email read on CNN...

Breaking: Rudy Spent 29 Hours At Ground Zero In Three Months

Barack Obama gets name-dropped in hip-hop

Why exactly is Thompson such a threat to us again?

Romney wins Illinois GOP Straw Poll, State Troopers called in to calm Ron Paul supporters!

Edwards goes after Obama and Hillary in lead up to IA debate

In Unprecedented Order, FISA Court Requires Bush Administration to Respond to ACLU's Request That ..

Cuellar, TX Dem, thumbs his nose at the left wing, says conservative Dems get a pass by leadership.

Stop the GOP Electoral College Power Grab in California - Sen Boxer

Obama Praises Israel Aid Hike

DailyKOS: Hillary’s Record – A Champion for Children

David Brooks -- Edwards has not swung left; he's "a culturally conservative anti-Washington liberal"

Clinton leaving Obama in the dust in latest California state poll: 49% to 19%

Recess appointment of Richard Stickler .. Bush is so FUCKED !!!!

Mike Huckabee: "While the Clintons 'kept their marriage together,' some GOP critics didn't"

California poll-October 2003: Clark 17%, Dean 14%, Lieberman 14%

I hate to say this but Rudy has a point on the experience factor with the top three democrats

Democrats Should Emphasize Constitutional Patriotism

TPM Cafe: Hillary's Secret Weapon - She Makes Republicans Lose It!

I no longer fear the Kucinich Revolution: Part 2

Obama yesterday in Iowa,"After all, the war in Iraq wasn't cooked up by folks in Council Bluffs..."

Wow Fred Thompson is really ugly

Michigan moving primary to January 15th?

Anyone But Clinton?

As of today, I am in full support of John Edwards...

Which candidates are most likely to invade/destabilize venezuela?

The One Democrat That All of the GOP Candidates Secretly Fear to Debate Is:

Do We NOT Agree?

Would you celebrate an American President for Life? No? Then why do we cheer this guy?????

Edwards to End Investments With Lenders - "I will find a way to help (people being foreclosed on)"

Fourth Face-Off May Tip A Red State Toward Purple (Indiana)