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Pentagon Runs Out of Purple Hearts

Man Cut In Half Lives To Walk Again

Uncle Kracker In Jail On Sex Charges

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Enormous Cost of War

Fred Thompson Will work To overturn Roe v. Wade If Elected President

Ford Recalling Millions Of Vehicles Because Of Faulty Switches

Iowa Settles Stuttering Study lawsuit

Seagal Blames FBI For Floundering Career

Company Selling Cell Phone Numbers

Fark Founder Accuses Fox Newsman Of Hacking

NASA corrected temperature -- Revisited.

Rather Says Bloomberg Ruled Out White House Bid

Police: Man who couldn't pay for medical care threw wife from balcony

GOP Making Early Room for New Faces in Congress

U.S.: No strings attached to new defense package for Israel

Scores trapped in China coal mine (172)

Infected Job Search Sites lead To Info Theft For 46,000

Terrorist Osvaldo Mitat released in Miami (Santiago Alverez' cooperative)

Russia Sends Long Bombers Back on Patrol

Error in Ark. law allows toddlers to wed

Co-defendant Links Vick to Killing of at Least 8 Dogs

Defendant in Cunningham bribery case seeks dismissal of charges

White House to Offer Gradual Cuts as Iraq Plan

US 'interference' condemned (Pakistan)

Sachsen falls victim to credit crisis

Commerce, Treasury funds helped boost GOP campaigns

CBS Poll: Edwards Trailing Clinton, Obama

(John) Edwards Calls Coulter 'She-Devil'

John Lennon vs.

OMG. EWTN Host Raymond Arroyo is interviewing

Is the Federation enlightened enough to have a special living area for Creationists/ID/Fundy idiots?

What lounger has been at the sticky board?

Jesus H. Christ I am so BORED!!!

Flash! Ohhh-noooo!

I really DID "lol" at this one...

Instant tea: Useful convenience drink or Unnatural Abomination?

Dog biscuits are done, and they're a recipe from the book

So after almost 7 years

Well, I'm out of here again (not that I've been here that much lately anyway)...

Two photos of the smoke here in bakersfield from the Santa Barbara fires

Wow. Dialup SUCKS. Well, it's better than nothing.

I miss my fellow Loungers!

Time to Play WHO AM I?

Wow. It took me four tries to figure out that candy heart stickie.

Time to Play HOW WAS I?

Friday Night Awesome - Frank Black "I Burn Today"

Man Cut In Half Lives To Walk Again

How about you tell me an activity, and I post a smiley for you?!

When I am too tired to talk...

Doggy door advice? Should I install one? Any advice welcome.

Online ADSL CD - Funny Image

Iz in yer end zone, holdin up yer game!

The sticky of the blond kid smoking a cigar and holding a brewski..

John Lennon vs Lemmy!!!

Worst "Best Actress" winner at the Oscars.

Does bloody mary mix in a glass bottle go bad?

I can save $654/year by switching to Progressive

I just almost had a cardiac arrest. The Freepers like something we do!

Official 'High School Musical 2' thread

Jenna Bush is Marrying Sammy Hagar???

Jenna's wedding reception photos leaked

You may not know it..But I collect Nudes..If you would like yourself collected pm a picture

Who in their right minds let matcom post in GD?

My homage to Khephra just hit the stickies...

Happy cat

If you want proof that meth really fucks you up...

these lyrics run deep...

I've grounded Me... the Lounge is the only place I am allowed to post while drunk...

MMA Fans--Wandy is heading to UFC

I got to meet John Waite this evening

Prove that you love me and buy the next round.

Imodium... WOW

phone's tapped anyway.

Sunset and Twilight pics from the Sears Tower Skydeck (dial-up warning)


in yer petting zoo...

Why do I wake up at midnight every night...

Will you be ready when the time is finally right?

The most beautiful and lyrical classical music is playing...

Why do I wake up at noon every day...

What do you think of these gloves as goth clubwear?

Anyone here brew their own sake?

Disney sucks.

Greetings from Shanghai


So I figured I was experiencing a stroke.

Ok, time for true confessions...

It's official

if the ants won't eat it, is it really food?

Worst Robbery Ever.

So how are you pevs doing?

I don't know if I can post these risque pics of me, so hurry in case the mods delete them.

tell them a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

Is there a girl from Eastern Europe...

Favorite Rolling Stones Song

Flavor Flav Comedy Central Roast....... WOW

LOOK! KITTENS! - Funny Image

Great Bumper stickers I saw today...

80's music youtube appreciation thread

What are you doing this instant?

Need good vibes again for my mom. She's back in the hospital.

its real simple

There's a Kitten in my Birdbath!

can y'all see this LION VIDEO? (was it posted here already?)

Top Five 'American' Novels?

As my last two stickies scroll quickly to the right, I ask for lounge vibes for my daughter

Why!? Why on Earth would anyone wear this (warning, PG-13)

Movie Title Challenge: Turn a movie into a Harry Potter movie

John Sweeney: 'What's Wrong with America?'

The 100-Year Struggle for Mine Safety

U.K. National Day of Action for Starbucks Employees on Aug. 18

Olbermann: A Tale of Two Cheneys

Olbermann: Guiliani, Myth of Conception

New Warning: Diabetes Test Strips made in China Bogus(One Touch Ultra, and One Touch Basic)

Daily Show: Even Dick Don't Know Dick

Tony Snow Leaving White House, Possibly Next Month.

Jack Cafferty: Should US be worried about Russia-Chinese War games?

Mine Safety Chronies

KO dealing with Murray and his mines now n/t

The Evolution Of Dumb

Make No Mistake About It - The Fed Paniced Today

Where have all the Lionel haters gone?

NCLBA 2002 Section 2

a tinfoil moment

73-year-old SoCal woman accidentally left locked in bank

Questions Re :John Edwards' Hedge Fund

I never knew until a minute ago there are webcams at the North Pole.

Keith's about to skewer Melanie Morgan again

My imagination or Andrew Keen is a complete asshat?

Bill Moyers on Katrina, warnings and disasters

Cheney, Lieberman and Iran War Conspiracy

If Vick agrees to a plea deal the judge ought to reject year is not enough

Everything you want to know about FISA. Marty Lederman and Orin Kerr square off

Chicagoans: Bill Moyers' Journal is starting now. 9:41 PM

FDA cancels plan to close field laboratories

The Miner's Prayer

Sen. (Kerry) Doesn't Buy Small Biz Stats

local police departments to share an armored vehicle

I finally get the disconnect: Americans NEED to believe they are in control.

Heads up: The Siege is on Spike TV

I just want to thank all those sticky note posters!!!

Baird sees need for longer U.S. role in Iraq

Cold War Patrols, Censorship Of Western Media and... Cossacks

Bill Moyers had a biting closing commentary Re: Rove’s parting tonight that

Andre Rieu just played 'America the Beautiful' on PBS and it made me ...

Cuba doesn't cash checks for Guantanamo. Once one was taken to the 7-11 and cashed by mistake.

Immigration officials say they won't halt raids during 2010 census


Just got back from Simpsons movie...several stuble jabs at current president admin

Tony Snow wants Dems to “throw off election-season blinders"-and Finish the 'surge'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Mike's Back! + New

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin: Murders Are Sad But "Keep The New Orleans Brand Out There"

Don't Call It An Accident (Utah mine collapse)

CF: Rove I think he's leaving now so he has plenty of time to steal Christmas.

bu$h* Should Be Jailed For Stickler Recess Appointment

According to Arkansas law, you're never too young to wed

NY Times' Seelye falsely claimed Clinton favorable ratings "never climbed higher" than 50 percent

The Utah Mine Disaster: Don't Call It an Accident

I can't shelter you forever, so here is a guide to life

Mortgage Mess Creates Lending Drought

Vick Jerseys Being Used To Clean Kennels

This will make you think twice about throwing eggs...

Mods if this is the wrong place for this, please move it. Thought

A Texas mayor speaks his mind

If Limbaugh can call Obama "Barack McNabb," I can call Fred Thompson "Toad Frog"

Russia revives long-range bomber patrols capable of striking deep inside USA with nuclear weapons

Cheney Tries Unsuccessfully To Shrug Off 1994 Remarks About Iraq

Hurricane Dean becomes a Category 4 hurricane.

What if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

Iowa settles stuttering study lawsuit

Mistake In Arkansas Law Would Let Toddlers Wed If Parents Agree

Michael Moore is on Leno tonight. I don't know if it's a repeat, but heads up! (nm)

Ted Rall...Tell it like it is! China makes people ACCOUNTABLE!

Clergy to be the go between during any Martial Law declaration.

Shi@t! Grovelbot is everywhere! Part 2

Hatch-ing Evil

Where can I get real time barometric pressure readings - Gulf Coast?

Oh my name it is nothin' My age it means less

Talk about a stupid post...

Sticky contribution: notsamj. Stickies of Andy, Scott and Jeff are up.

Secret White House manual: How to stop anti-Bush T-shirts?

Name the top ten entire industries that cannot be trusted.

DO YOU BELIEVE any human being INTENTIONALLY brings hardship unto his/her life?

Edwards' Hedge Funds: Consider the Source

I just received a PM castigating me for not posting "good news"

Recruiting For Iraq War Undercut in Puerto Rico

Edwards was supposedly at Fortress learning about Hedge Funds so unless he's stupid

Ok, did you all give to DU yet ???

Go Ahead. Drown It. See What We Get?

What's In Your 401k?

Combat Is No Place For Women -

So that we never forget the sad case of Jose Padilla - ANY MICK'LL DO

Book TV Schedule: August 18th -20th

Neighbors not happy with bar patrons going outdoors to smoke

Will Some Officially Muslim Nations Soon Legalize Same Sex Marriage?

Are We Failing Our Geniuses?

Unmentionable Things in U.S. Politics

Bill Nye booed in Texas for saying the Moon reflects the Sun light

PC Mag chief editor tires of Windows Vista

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (8-17-07)

John Sweeney: 'What's Wrong with America?'

Market Advice--Any money you have in the market

Romney, Ghouliani Escalate Their Immigration Fight

Republicans bailing on 2008? Here's a suggestive list

Rudy flip-flopped on immigration

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe will endorse New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Michelle Obama: "If you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the White House,"

Robert L. Borosage: The Utah Mine Disaster: Don't Call It an Accident

Richardson pledges to balance national budget

"American politics could shift leftward in a way that we haven't seen for a very long time."

The Hottest Tickets in Town. Obama comes to Brooklyn

High Schooler, Barack Obama, playing Basketball

**snicker, snicker** **grin, grin**

Magic Johnson donated $2,300.00 to Obama's campaign

Starbucks: A Baristas Union? (Starbucks is accused by the NLRB of violating labor law 32 times)


Why Iowa, NH and So. Carolina really matter

Dems' chances to boost House majority surge

in yr skoolz

Why Republicans want's his stature...his physical stature...

Edwards Calls Coulter 'She-Devil'

A Slew Of People Who Say "I Will Never Vote For X"

Texans to Bush: Get Off Our Lawn! | Hands Across El Rio: first-ever binational protest

Kucinich posts the single biggest gain...Forbes '08 tracker


The End of 'Easy Oil'

That's the good part of the story. Almost everything else about it is an embarra

Liberalism's Long Goodbye

Bush starts to run out the clock on FISA six month sunset provision

How good lawyers sprout whiskers and top hats after drinking too much national-security punch

Reassessing Sexual Politics

The End of the Beginning

War Profiteering Corruption from Lexington County to the White House

Time Magazine: Real Estate's Fault Line (subprime crisis)


Where's the transparency in the 'Security' and 'Prosperity' Partnership? Globe & Mail

Government Busts Identity Theft Ring That Targeted Forbes 400 Richest

The Old Iran-Contra Death Squad Gang Is Desperate to Discredit Chavez By John Pilger

The Dodo Never Had a Chance

The Waiting Game

More church-state violations: DHS to use "Clergy Response Teams" to help "government" if martial law

Murdoch’s Attack Team Sets Sights on Edwards

John Nichols: The Worst House Speaker in American History

Parry-Rumsfield resignation opposite of what you thought...

Greed and Folly on Wall Street -- Here Come the Corporate Bailouts

Neoliberalism: Context For A New Workers Struggle

APEC soft on emissions (to back "aspirational" targets) - SMH

The Nation: Exxon vs. Reason

Lessons from Katrina: The Gulf Braces for Hurricane Dean

CAT 4 Hurricane Dean (150 mph sustained, min. cent. press. 929 mbar)

Movie Recommendation: "What a Way to Go: life at the end of empire"

9/17 AMSR Arctic Ice Imaging - Small Areas Of 50% Coverage Within 200 Miles Of North Pole

Egyptian villages fight water war

Fujitsu unveils king-size fuel cell

Mortgage Mess Creates Lending Drought

U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,705

Handling of mine disaster questioned

China's new middle class in love with cars - big cars

Passengers flee from hijack plane

Short of Purple Hearts, Navy tells vet to buy own

Illegal immigrants welcomed by Indian tribes

Ammunition shortage squeezes police nationwide

Taliban say Korean hostage talks fail

Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

Alaskan politicians investigated for 'taking favours from oil companies'

Judge: Feds must answer ACLU demands

Sweden confirms Darfur force

Hurricane Dean on track to reach Category 5

U.S. military practices genetic discrimination in denying benefits

AP Interview: Thompson Defends Lobbying

Suicide raid on U.S. security firm kills 15 Afghans

Obama Says Energy Policy a Moral Issue

Jamaica under hurricane warning

Need tuition? Don't count on home equity loans

Passenger jet hijacked in Turkey

Abu Ghraib interrogation chief faces court-martial

Iraqi Sunni pledges prison improvements

Bush: Iraqi government not met political goals

Obama to turn down additional fall debates

Thompson: Roe 'bad law and bad medicine'

Amnesty backs right to abortion despite church

Scores trapped in China coal mine

Bush renews anti-drug flights in Colombia

Mortgage lender lays off nearly 6,000

Iran's Revolutionary guard threatens to "Punch U.S."

Shia Parties Battle for Control of Oil-Rich Basra Region

Ingmar Bergman buried today

Shiite militia expands grip in Baghdad

German woman abducted in Afghan capital

China Begins Building $6.5B Nuke Plant

N.C. waitress applauds minimum wage hike (Dem Radio address)

Home Depot Settles Waste Dumping Suit

Iraq to Export 100,000 bpd of Basra Crude to Iran

Reagan adviser Michael Deaver dies

Hurricane Dean nears category 5 intensity

Medicare Won't Pay for Hospital Mistakes

(Lilly) Allen forced to postpone US tour (US revokes Visa)

good night, all

A good example of "Minnesota Nice"...

Guess the band!

OMG! Is that Jimmy Carter on that stickey?

Leonard Cohen v. Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) v. John Cage...

Food fight in GDP!

What the origin of your gene pool...


Failed Grovelbot Concepts

Bush's daughter, Jenna, engaged to a...

Laugh-In appreciation thread!

MySpace question.....

Lamest broadcast network?

Man turns over angry pet spider to SPCA

ahhh...the college kids are back

Watched "Shooter" last night. Interesting movie. It blasted blackwater types.

Classic Wheel of Fortune today on GSN!

Hastert career comes full circle

Kathy GRIFFIN's new geek boyfriend is WAY geeky

What is an appropriate inside temperature?

shameless self promoting stickies - so juvenile

Fave Spy

Things that I will eat only if I make them myself:

So who are you pevs doing?

A quiet saturday morning in the lounge

Met a repuke acquaintance while I was out last night.

Use "SUPERBAD" in a sentence!

It's no good, I can't clean the bathroom

Johnny was bad even as a child everybody could tell

If You Like Rap Perhaps You Missed The Great Stuff

Post your video proof that BUSH IS AN IDIOT!

Ever call your partner by the name of someone else?

"If you had a million years to do it, you couldn't rub out even HALF the 'Fuck you' signs


Wish me luck! I go online at 10AM for tickets...

Toothbrush: Wet or dry?

Uncut edition of Kerouac's 'On The Road' issued 50 years later

"One For My Baby"- Iggy Pop

YUCK! I grab my lunch and sit down to read DU and what do I see?

Damn, I'm bored....yawn.

The eleventh hour

Name your favorite novel where a person gets killed by the author

Request for Lounge vibes for kagehime and myself.

Top Five 'Unamerican' Navels? (lame copycat)

Serious question for those in Eastern Canada and North-eastern US

Make a sentence by combining thread headings.

Back to school memories

Just read 'Chew on This'

What a dreary day.

I need a enemy. (lame copycat)

Can anybody suggest a decent but reasonably priced hotel in NYC?

I need a date. (lamer copycat)

HELP!!! I have no fashion sense.

Its even more simple

Its even more simple than that

"Clams in Black Bean Sauce"...Hmmmm

i've conducted a poll, and the consensus is


I got my nose picked last night!

Top five "American" Models?

any other straight male fans of 'Janes' World'?

I watched "GrovelBot Does Dallas" last night...

Does anyone know the name of the Pixar clip before Ratatouille?

Is that Johnny Cash on a sticky?

Man, sometimes there's just too many heartbreaks.

So, this girl asked me for my number last night...

So, this number asked me for my girl last night...

Lulu is chirpy and trippy!!

Grovelbot gave me multiples

Finally saw Borad

I need a friend.

Big Brother 8 Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Cheney/Santorum 2008

I Pierced Grovelbot's Nose Last Night...

What are you listening to this weekend?

My friend is at GITMO!

Just when I thought I hated my job with a passion...

Whoo weeee! There's all kindsa people trying to give me money!

Baby I love you....

Holy Cow! There's a sticky on the banner now that's a DUzy!

GROVELBOT is my "babydaddy".

I'm about falling asleep at the keyboard. I should go to bde.


I got my nose pierced last night!

Top Five 'Unamerican' Novels?

so how do you think the meeting of Kagehime and Elrond Hubbard went?

Don't you just LOVE those hot, August days?

Finally saw Borat

I'm Back!!!

The difference between Vietnam and Iraq. ..

I slept with Grovelbot last night!

Just got Photoshop CS3 for my MAC; anyone else have CS3?

Wizards of the Coast announce 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons

Ok this is some scary

Is it couth or uncouth?

I'm thinking of responding to this LTTE:

Time Again to Play WHO AM I?

i've conducted a poll, and the consensus is

Good Evening. Back from a wedding and a little buzzed.

What's all this talk about "Hurricane Dean"?

GOP stands for (fill in blank)?

I would like to take this opportunity to tattle on GOPisEvil.

Damn, I love gearhead talk

So do you think that Jenna is getting married because she's pregnant?

Has anyone else seen the movie American Pop...

Class of 1961, Check in here!

NEW Bruce Springsteen & E St. Band album Due OCT 2!

A video of Tool's "Forty six and two" and the explanaton of the lyrics

I do think the 70's was a great decade for films.

Cool nature video: giant hornet cooked by honeybees

Class of 1976

Cramps are *such* a joy...

Post a song that somewhat reflects your mood at this moment.

I'm nervous as hell... tell me to calm down

What would be the worst sticky to post on the Big Board?

You awaken to find yourself the member of a citizenry that is it self seated within a cave…

Help me choose a thread subject

A trip through Joshua Tree National Park, Ca. (dialup warning)

Ice Cube Or Ice T

If You Don't Like Rap Perhaps You Missed The Great Stuff

I guess I can file this under...

My brother just left for college

Do you like to read Janet Evanovich novels?

Just learned my FICO score

First names

were you a fuck up as a kid?

When did Anne Rice become batshit insane?

Name one book that changed your life.

Movies That Were Worse Than The Book

Class of 1956

My painless weight loss tips. This is not something you do if you

What's for Dinner DU?

Muscle car fans from the 60's and early 70's: Did the Judge really rule? (1969 Pontiac GTO Judge)

Why do so many American marriages fail?

Why? Why on earth would anyone wear this?

The obscure town challenge!

Labor quote - Democratic Party; National Platform, 1884

Texas Teachers Union Leader Arrested—for Talking to Teachers

I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the state

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on Pearl Jam Censorship

"Dad's Gonna Kill Me" (Richard Thompson)

Road to Change: Obama at Iowa AFL-CIO Convention

New Documents Show Gonzales Lied Under Oath (Michael Isikoff on Hardball)

Tom Morello - 'Alone Without You' (Inspired by 'SiCKO')

CNN YouTube Republican Debate Question

The Great LA Health Care Rally--Kucinich2008

What's Going On

Karl Rove's New Job - a guess

dept. of knocked up loaded: How Pregnant Is Jenna Bush?

Utah mine disaster brought to you by * via recess appt of

Scores trapped in China coal mine

Larisa Alexandrovna: Another Bush Ground Zero... (Bush Slaughters More Americans/Stickler Info)

Guilty as charged!

Toys 'R' Us pulls vinyl bibs over lead problems

I want to KNOW.

Handling of mine disaster questioned

Still MORE Chinese product problems: Phony Diabetic Testing Strips and

Navy running out of Purple Hearts, tells vet to buy his own.

Breaking: Turkish passenger plane hijacked

Principal Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

Have Jehovas Mass Produced?

Domestic Abuse, Grand Theft, Perjury & Sexual Impropriety - Just Another Day In The GOP

Cheney, Lieberman and the Iran War Conspiracy

The End Of "Easy Oil" ('...likely to be a bumpy ride toward cliff's edge')

You mr bush are the real threat.

Dick Cheney's 'Prize'

White House wants more time on Senate subpoenas

Judge: Feds must answer ACLU demands

Joe Galloway: "Good Riddance, Karl: We Knew Thee Too Well"

Iowa settles stuttering study lawsuit of experiment on orphans

Remember, Remember the 11th Of September...

Learn more about atheism on Sunday Morning at 9 a.m. ET.

White House to Offer Iraq Plan of Gradual Cuts, Falling Far Short Of What Congress Wants

Wash J guest is talking of IraN as a GRAVE threat

Deleted by Poster, Dupe. eom.

Just found graphic of Giuliani's time at Ground Zero after 1st week

Bush administration takes side of defendants in key Supreme Court case linked to Enron

I Earned My Purple Heart This Week -by Soldier Boy

Post a picture of something Jenna should wear to her wedding.

Did you know Rummy suggested a de-escalation of this occupation?

Daily routine of a typical Duer

cspan open mike

U.S. paid $1 million to ship two 19-cent washers

Media Critic Solomon Pushes Limits of Fair-Use in New Documentary (War Made Easy)

'What's Wrong with America?' (by John Sweeney for HuffPost)

john "Life isn't fair" mc cain.

A CBS Reality Show Draws a Claim of Possible Child Abuse

U.S. actions against Iran raise war risk, many fear

Here is how the government steps in for the money people.

A study on integration gives progressives a chance to offer a better vision for racial harmony.

Question About The Mattel Toy Recall...........

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 8/18.... the wedding....

In honor of coal miners, a classic song with great visuals added

Wired: FBI Office May Link to NSA Surveillance

Travis T Hipp busted on guns, drugs charges (sheesh)

I Hope Every Democratic Congress Person Reads This Story

Jose Padilla, nee Winston Smith, Found Guilty

Muslim discord has foreign roots

CNBC's Erin Burnett on defense after comments about China's lead-based toys, poisonous food

Collateral Damage: Bethena

U.S. military practices genetic discrimination in denying benefits

Florida sisters found guilty of using private religious school to steal from voucher system.


Military Interrogators Pose as "Lawyers" in Gitmo to Gather Information

Fred Thompson, flip flopper

Superpower Gone Bad

Olbermann: Another dangerous Bush crony at Utah mine rescue

anybody have a good list of American-made toys/products?

Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie: Gonzales' Top Six Fibs

Breast cancer vaccine looks safe, study shows

Woman pleads guilty to $20.5 million fraud

Puerto Rico won't let Pentagon have High School students info

Hatch Act Violations

Hayley Barbour never looked lovelier

I would suggest filling up your gas tanks and fuel oil tanks just in case

2 Toons ... Rove, Draft/Iran

If Dean hits the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley, don't expect the feds to do jack-squat to help

under Martial Law the neo con "Clergy Response Teams" will help us

Is $4/Gal gas just around the corner?

New Model Of Justice: Conviction Without Proof Of 'Concrete Conduct' By Suspect

Inside Heathrow's protest camp: A battle to save the world

Subtle Songs of Protest Hit a High Note

Dutch Company Recalls Chinese Mattresses

So do you think that Jenna is getting married because she's pregnant?

I see by your outfit that you ain't a cowboy

Medical crisis in Iraq as doctors and nurses flee

Cute Obama pic

I would like any news outlet to report financial news without blatant bias

A little something for quick trips to the 7/11 (graphic!)

Richard Dawkins/BBC "Enemies of Reason, Pt 1" Now At YouTube

AOL Headline: White House Press Secretary to Leave for More Money

When the U.S. ended nuclear inspections in Iraq, they claimed it was because Iraq had nukes

Rapture ready board asks: "What will happen to our military after the rapture?"

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: We the People Won't Back Down

Dean to become category 5 hurricane. Jamica, Dominican Republic and

If you were on the jury...

If everyone is so against pollution because it

Steven Greenhut: Even in war, some acts are indefensible

Texas Trader Admits Guilt in Iraq Oil-for-Food Fraud

John Mark Karr engaged to 23 year old!

I've spent extremely little time thinking at all about Jenna Bush

Men Accused of Murder-By-Snake Plot

Bush wants his Iraqi puppets to hang Saddam's daughter now

Kucinich to Operate a Shadow Financial Government

Calling researchers to use the Wikipedia Scanner

I'm getting the feeling those in power just don't care,

Why don't Progressive men beat the crap out of Republican men?

CSPAN2 @ 2:45pm - American Furies: Crime, Punishment, and Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment

Canada/USA military?? Pat Tillman Coverage Wins Top Military Reporters Prize

Get'cha Bush sticker here! Step right up and get'cha Bush sticker here!!! While they last!

Puerto Rican Anti-War Activists Target Military Recruiting

CSPAN2 @ 4:45pm - Kristin Gore - "Sammy's House"

Dean category 6

I just had a "WTF?" moment. (WingNutDaily article)

March 2007: MSHA Moves Too Slowly on Mine Safety, Another Sago Possible

Many returning soldiers become uncounted casualties of war

Could the GOP be imploding AGAIN? in 2008?

If given the Choice.........

Edwards Calls Coulter 'She-Devil'

New Spy Law Allows For Physical Searches & Collection Of Busines Records Of American Citizens

What would be the worst sticky to post on the Big Board?

Giuliani is dumber than he looks. Supports SS privatization.

A 'MUST SEE' BBC documentary about the rise of the neocons

One step away from thought crime

Disgraced Ronald Reagan adviser Michael "it was the Booze" Deaver dies

Muslim Clerics Offer Bounty For Feminist Writer's Death.

Migrant Cash Is World Economic Giant (True cost of Hosting Illegals?)

White House Wants More Time on Subpoenas

Fenton Art Glass Co. Closing After 102 years - Ohio losing more jobs

AP - Teachers say yes to pay tied to scores

The Cost Of (Covering) The War

I watched the trailer for Rendition last night---- WOW!

Have you guys ever heard of Susan Werner? I have been listening to her newest CD.

When did the shuttle start landing in Houston?

"It's now so hot that some things are spontaneously combusting."

Iraq's Cell Phone Industry Thrives Despite War.Fierce Bidding for Iraq's Cell Phone

Congress Calls For Hearings Into Administration’s Disastrous Recovery At Crandall Canyon Mine

Eugene Robinson: In Iraq, Shattering Villages and Illusions

Holy Crap. MIchigan set to move move primary to Jan 15th

Hey tony snow, if $168,000 ain't enough to be w's spokesman, why'd you take the job?

Words that ring as loudly and clearly as they did 71 years ago: FDR's nomination/acceptance speech.

I bought diapers at walmart. (pampers) they smell like plastic.

Oh! How did I miss this Pundit (Rude) gem on Ghouliani?

Tribute to a great teacher

Re:Economy - I was told my Classic Car would sell for $10K MORE in Japan! Inflation Here or There?

Fred (Bags) Thompson looks like shit--- I'm thinking his musk smells like Ben-Gay.

The Deustche Bank Building ---pix--->>>

Dem. Debate with George Stephanopoulos' "This Week" Sunday morning....

Rove: My ‘Worst’ Mistake Was ‘Saying Something Unkind’ To A Colleague

I just got an email from Texas Nurses

Propaganda organ FARCE... er, FOX News now using shiny boobies to hold attention of horndog viewers

This poor guy is a Dem, if anyone wants to help him.

Bush administration refuses to collect penalties for mine safety violations

Questions about the DU stickies

Peace Camp Stresses Unity in Diversity

WTF! - CHENEY Has To Lie -Because Otherwise We Are All Going To "Look Super In A Burka"

Video of Hurricane Dean from the space station...Category 4+

Michael Ledeen's Dangerous Iran Obsession

Can you trust your computer?

Informal Survey of Retirement Expectations

"We Will Not Forget and Neither Will Iraq."

I'm So Screwed

Stephanie Miller fans

You awaken to find yourself the member of a citizenry that is it self seated within a cave…

'Daily Show' to Air Reports From Iraq

Suppose another country invaded and occupied the USA

Chinese made products in massive recalls-why didn't anyone listen?

Scary stuff....websites for "modest christian clothing"

The Untold Story Of The Cheney 'Quagmire' Video

Department of Homeland Security found editing Wikipedia. Have edited several more times than the CIA

Oh Man.. Jamaica's gonna get creamed

Why is the scrutiny for hypocrisy so particular with Edwards?

Guns For Hire: Secrecy, Torture, Religious Zeal Distinguish Mercenaries

Should the shuttle crew stay up there and start the first space colony?

NYT: Concern Over Wider Spying Under New Law

please check out this website Made in USA

How are we ever going to fix this entire mess ?

BRADBLOG: Diebold stock plummets, company CHANGES NAME of election div after no buyer

Would having Hillary Clinton as president help the status of women in America?

Wolfowitz: Je Ne Regrette Rien

ADL fires New England Director for acknowledging Armenian genocide

The difference between the Gestapo & Home Land Security?

Jena 6

Wouldn't it be nice to actually see CHILDREN in the Whitehouse again?

‘You’re going to look super in a burka’

Wow... I Had No Idea... Rest In Peace Jim Russell (Kent State Survivor)

Super Typhoon Sepat...will it affect us directly?

A grassroots email about the reasons to go to Kennebunkport next week

Prominent Californians Come Together To Reject Republican Effort to Unfairly Rig Electoral College

Handling of mine disaster questioned

Three-way debate wanted: (equal time) to set some progressive benchmarks - Gore / Kucinich / Clinton

The Democratic Party Has A Choice To Make...

Lawmaker Apologizes for Muslim Remarks

Facts & Figures - The Poor and the Credit Crash

Who among the repub candidates is the craziest?

FBI'S Most Wanted List does NOT name Bin Laden for Crimes committed on 9/11

Smoke Over Lower Manhattan: Fire At Toxin-Filled Deutsche Bank Building

Is 168 G's a yr. a fair enough wage to be the White House spokesperson?

Preacher calls for 'death prayers' for critics of his huckabee endorsement.

Sesktak Warns Iraqi Oil Law Contains ‘Undue Ability Of U.S. Oil Companies To Control Iraqi Profits’

BAW: Is Michael Vick being singled out ?

The system is rigged .... My D'oh moment

Have they ever had a hurricane "Jesus".. ?

Chinese distributor of BOGUS diabetes test strips sold wide variety of medical testing supplies

Here's a laugh for you - the Creation Museum!

(RahRahRah) Bush out front of Hurricane Dean

NYT--How Missed Signs Contributed to a Mortgage Meltdown

Carolyn Goodman, mother of one of three civil rights workers killed in the Mississippi Burning case

More good stuff regarding Ted Stevens and his boy Ben

In a frenetic scramble, Congress may have given the Bush administration more surveillance powers

Does anyone here have any direct experience with the Amish?

I recommend to you Rosa Brooks' op-ed on the fascist use of "hero" language

"The old Iran-Contra death squad gang is desperate to discredit Chavez"

I'm having DUzy withdrawals!! Help!

Volunteers needed for help in setting up Progressive Democrats of America in Second Life

President Gore, You Have a Date With Destiny

Hurricane Dean is the first hurricane in my

Images show pleading Iraq prisoners

These smoking laws and bans .


Organization that helped Florida scrub voters in 2000 caught editing Wikipedia

Too much political correctness on DU?

Gouliani- Papa McCain is this the ticket on the other side

Fred Thompson and More Republican "Bait & Switch"

Why are DU members allowed to post pure fiction...

CA: Assemblymembers Charles Calderon & Jose Solorio Endorse Hillary Clinton

Public Visit by South Dakota Sen. Johnson Could Play Into ’08 Plans

My DNC Survey Response. Must See!

As time passes, something I thought ridiculous now seems possible...

Rep. Young, R-AK rewrites bill after passing both houses:

Poll: Majority mistrustful of upcoming Iraq report

Governor Bill Richardson & GLBT rights

HEADS UP: Democrats meet in first Iowa debate tomorrow morning on ABC with Steph

Bloomberg Categorically Rules Out Presidential Bid

"Three leaders of the Gabriela Network, a ... women’s solidarity organization,

Radio Free Bush, 8/18/07: "The terrorists remain dangerous and brutal, as we saw this week"

Alaskan politicians investigated for 'taking favours from oil companies'

Karen Hughes targets Muslim youths (ages 8 to 14) with pro-U.S. "summer camps & enrichment programs"

A 'MUST SEE' BBC documentary about the rise of the neocons

Bush's Iraq Surge of Death to Keep On Killing People Into Next Year

Say it isn't so! Tony Snow leaving...

Grassroots Reports Expose Wrongheaded Conservative Ideas


Obama Family Values.

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week in 'Toons

The Suicidal Army : Bush's Disturbing Legacy to our Troops

Concern Over Wider Spying Under New Law - New York Times

If Edwards was an ambulance chaser, what was Thompson?

An Email From Cindy Sheehan...........

ACLU Lawyer: Patriot Act Gag Order is Unconstitutional

Life in Venezuela: Liberation Through Music

Meatpacking Remakes Rural U.S. Towns (little Mexico)

Some good stories on Dennis

Paul Newman donates $2300 to Richardson!!!!

Barack Obama would post all non-emergency bills online for 5 days

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Jefferson Smurfit, Sequoia and Palm Beach: In Cartoon But NOT Funny!

John Edwards Football Player Picture! Lookee here!

Bush OKs pre-landfall hurricane emergency for Texas (Reuters)

Link to free candidate bumper stickers..

Jasmine Guy campaigns for Obama

Commerce, Treasury funds helped boost GOP campaigns SO just called and told me he was listening to the radio and a

Hurricane Dean. You do realize what this means, politically, don't you?

Compromise is not a dirty word.

What's it going to take to impeach these criminals?

I think anyone citing HRC's 'high negatives' as a reason not to support her needs to be very careful

"An Extra Stop"

DLC Edits Own Wikipedia Entry

Clinton, Obama camps worked together on debates, sometimes included Edwards

John Edwards Speaks Out

Edwards Touts Alternative Energy Plan

More on Kucinich challenger Rosemary Palmer...and statement of Paul Hackett supporting her...

Rosemary Palmer on the Environment...

Kucinich draws cheers from Veterans for Peace

Kucinich speaks from experience on homelessness

Maybe the anit-Chavez propaganda in MSM is so intense right now because

Hillary is the candidate who can be beaten,40% of the electorate say they would vote against her.

Memo from Obama HQ-will start to limit debate appearances

Hillary Clinton Is Immune to "Swiftboating"

Barack Obama is sick of the debates. Will he be accused of trying to limit TV time for others

WTF? CNN poll, would you fight for your religion?

Was Raygun "Unbeatable" in '84?

Democratic Self-Appreciation Thread #5: President Hillary Clinton will be remembered for...

Ashcroft ordered security detail not to let Gonzales or Card in hospital room again

obsessive bashing posts

A proposal to radically alter the primary process

Why I am supporting John Edwards

I haven't chosen a candidate; tell me why I should work for John Edwards

The real reason Obama will skip some debates/forums

Alaskan Volcano to Erupt Soon - Air Travel Advised of Danger

Jon Stewart: Time to End the "Traitor" Talk

"Kucinich Might Just Lose His Day Job, Too"

Ghouliani thinks Edwards is the most left-wing on health care among the "big 3" candidates

"Holding my nose" to vote - stupidest phrase EVER

The hypocrisy of DLC Democrats on Chavez and term limits. Colombia did the same thing!

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Why Hillary Clinton Trumps Barack Obama -- and Will Continue to Trump Him

Candidate grid - see where your candidate is - I totally agree with this one

The battle is not for the middle

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY: SIngle-Payer is NOT Socialized Medicine!!!

Obama Says Energy Policy a Moral Issue

Clinton's Hawkish Stance Unwelcome

Rudy in the Rubble