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Archives: August 23, 2007

Spy chief reveals classified details

National Geographic: Struggle for the soul of Pakistan

Robert Fisk: The Iraqis don't deserve us. So we betray them...

The vanishing coalition

Howard Kurtz is frustrated with the Iraqi government

Nanoparticles Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

Citizenre Announces Finance Team

Japan Nuclear Plant Not Safe to Restart After Quake, Group Says

New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears

Convergys Perks Up Starbucks HR Outsourcing

U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy

Montana commissioner says he's concerned by allegations of EUB spying

Boeing To Lay Off 149 Senior IT Staff

Obama on Daily Show

ITC Rules For U.S. Tiremakers, Dumping (China) Probe Continues

Russia and China teaming up to counter the US

Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War’s Faces

Miami police chief faces no-confidence vote

Lead causes more U.S. recalls of China-made toys

Army major, relatives indicted in bribery case

California Democrats push popular vote measure

Militias Seizing Control of Grid, Starving Baghdad of Electricity

Army gets new 'enhanced blast' weapon to fight Taliban

Bush Supporters Launch Iraq Ad Campaign

Tillman's Wife: Real Leaders Needed

Senator and filmmaker take on Fox News

Virginia Tech probe finds no fault in massacre response

Bolton: I 'Absolutely' Hope The U.S. Will Attack Iran In The Next 'Six Months'

NAACP official: Vick shouldn't be banned from NFL

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, Police at Odds Over Computers

This thread is available for hijacking n/t

Vote for best sticky (has this been posted in lounge yet?)

Look closely. What's he trying to do to her?

"13 of the worst fake accents in film"

One score and four and a half today. Happy half birthday to me!

Ricky Gervais and creationism.

So, we don't get to take an actual vacation this year...

Do you have a key to the house?

Wow, The Texas Rangers Ate Their Wheaties This Morning

Since Parche can't post polls. Here it is -- Morticia vs that Munster person

Oh my.

Oh $hit - I can't find my marriage license and I MUST HAVE IT

I think I know why GD gets the lion's share of the DUzies

So any one in love????

imminent fight!

Precious and cute alert!!!!


I've got good news

My Paxil finally arrived today

salt of the earth

I have a new candidate for asshole radio ad of the year

Anyone Here Have A Project Management Cert from PMI?

graphic warning - rape

Prophet, darkstar, and other dead fans...

Lohan's cocaine charges may be dropped

HELP! I need a headline! HELP!

well damn, I let the Daily Show sneak up on me.

This is my 9905 post. Will someone please remind me when...

The enigmatic Blank Post Of the Day (08/22/07)

I need prayers and good vibes for Buzzy.

Dog's Purpose, from a 4-year-old

What does this look like to you?

Someone left a pack of Camel Lights here - should I smoke them?

so, I'm not a total lounger.... what is DU porn?

Spoiler alert!

Cocteau Twins....Treasure....

How do you feel about polls?

good night, all

Tonight's Top Chef Winners and Losers... *Spoilers*

You know, I think I have finally lost my mind

HELP! I need head! HELP!

Weird food allergies

"cheesiest" music (song/album/artist) that's gotten you through tough times

Picture of a typical lounge outing

"Have a Jesus filled day"

I'm sorta glad that Terry Fator won Americas Got Talent.

any jazz fans in the house?

And... why did I just take that Zyrtec?

Do you know this woman?

Man accused of shooting dog after it ate off his plate

Why did the Grinch (who lived just North of Who-ville) hate the whole Christmas season?

Here are some recent pictures of yours truly, in Spain and Gibraltar.

India Pale Ale - this stuff is pure manna from heaven

I think I'm going to take off on a short road trip

Porn poll in GD

Which state capitals have you been to?

My girlfriend's lung cancer is back. It's terminal.

Old rock song (70s) I want to identify. Can you help me?

the thread in which we praise the allman brothers --

Think seals are cute? Think again...Leopard seals...

In a very short time

As summer's end approaches, what haven't you done yet?

Warning!! Pevs Only!!!!

Is there a Statue of Limitations on being Angry and Bitter?

Year-end MRAP delivery to be 1,500, not 3,900

Janitors Plan to Rally in Downtown Providence

California Nurses Win Historic Organizing Pact, Ratify Contract

The Quiet American - Original Featurette...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Vid

Senator Kennedy: 'Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam'

Olbermann: Top Secret Manual on Dealing w/ Protesters

Olbermann: Bush Compares Iraq To Vietnam

Faye Liebermann, CWA, on the Kentucky Governors Race

Ari Fleischer Tries To Defend New Pro-War Ad

(CNN) God's Warriors - Episode 1 of 3: God’s Jewish Warriors (parts 1-10)

Bush's Remarkable Account of Vietnam History

Does the word "chick" offend you?

From the Front Page of Drudge Report: “Gore wins Democratic straw poll in Arizona…”

The $10 Million Giveaway?

Mayor Jim Naugle - D or R?

Commentary: We the people should rage

Wow, CBS evening news actually contained news tonight because Katie Couric is on vacation.

I Am NOT Going To Watch murray Run His Spin On Abrams Tonight!!

allison stewart is on countdown now

He got the biscuit; we got the jam

At some point we have to start trying and imprisoning terrorists. Let's start with Ari Fleischer.

The Surge Is Working ... On You

So We Should of Stayed in Vietnam?

3722 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Spy chief reveals classified surveillance details

OMG That mine owner in Utah wants to open up other mines in that same mountain?

Bob Murray is going to be on with Dan Abrams tonight

FISA Secrets Revealed, ATT and Others Guilty

tweety pic on huffpo

Murray the Mine Guy on Abrams show. What a turd.

Mortgage Job Losses Surpass 40,000

Bush's (Doctored) Outtakes

Do the M$M EVER talk about republic' presidential candidates' views on Iraq?

John Nichols: Bush Versus I.F. Stone... and Eisenhower

More about Ari Fliescher's "Freedom's Watch" ads:

Pigeon dung examined in bridge collapse

White House Web Page Confirms Martial Law "Clergy Response Team" Program

The vanishing coalition: President Bush invokes Vietnam as splits emerge with Iraq allies

Coalition outpost in Baghdad attacked, 11 U.S. troops wounded, 4 Iraqi soldiers killed

Beating Louder on Iran Bush's War Drums

Are any of you watching "God's Warriors" on CNN Part 2?

Modernization the death of us all..At least for us ,peasants..

Coffee with the Troops

BUSH Blames His Own Country For The Cambodian Genocide.

Less People Should Be making DU Porn Threads

LBJ's 1965 Vietnam Speech Echoed By Bush Today

Conyers:Hospital Bed Incident

RX for Disaster Sleepless in Iraq By MARC LEVY

DNI Michael McConnell tells Texas Newspaper that because of FISA Debate,"PEOPLE WILL DIE!"

Tillman's Wife: Real Leaders Needed

McClatchy: $216 million pledged for national parks -- if Congress matches funds

Floods in Upper Midwest and West...Drought & Searing Heat in Southeast...and Media? Bush Spin....

Anyone watching Aguayo on CSpan 1

Product Recalls: Dog Food, Kids Jewelry

Screw up the country, get a big pay raise

I don't care if you watch it, I want to know if it's the crazy fucked up extreme kind

NYT: Bid to Reopen Mine Divides Grieving Utah Town

What would you say to the president?

De-Icing System Examined In Bridge Collapse

...And... At The 3\4 Mile Post... The Rove\Gannon Threads Have Dropped To The Back...

Do you watch porn?

Attn SF bayarea KQKE listeners -- somethings up

How to challenge Iran's militancy without using arms

I got my labels to send back the tainted toys to Mattel today

E&P: In Wake of Bush Speech: Who Was Last U.S. Soldier to Die in Vietnam? Hint: is wasn't *

Marcy Wheeler Parses McConnell: Reasons For Distrust On Spying/Data Mining

I think they should post the "Tribute to a Dog" in Michael Vick's jail cell

Has anyone thought about all the p-o-r-n threads and Google?

So the Mayor is Pissed at my Wife and Me...

CNN Nails Mine Owner Murray... With a Big Wet Kiss

Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (Ret.) on w/ Tavis - "Dems need to unify"

Sen. Clinton urges Iraqi PM Maliki be replaced

Bush warns Iraq could become new Vietnam

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The GD porn war of '07

Albuquerque Tribune: "We The People Should Rage" ('Where Is Your Outrage?')


US intelligence eavesdrops on thousands of foreign calls: chief

East St. Louis Levees Fail Test

Tweety on Leno making sense.

Admins: Would it be possible to expand our number of personal forums?

Kerensky And Sun Yat Sen

Modern-day slavery on the Gulf Coast (Facing South)

For all who are incensed by Michael Vick.

CNN's "God's (Muslim) Warriors" propaganda by omission

Whoa, just me or did DU go a bit wonkey just now?

Photos of bare-chested Putin create stir

Down and Dirty "Will You Support WHOEVER is Dem Candidate?"

Tell me about "the surge" - is it working or not?

Do we have any post office men or women in the house?

Digby...Frustrated with Dems Statements on Iraq Makes Prediction

The zero-sum game of life in America.....

Novak: Hastert To Retire Before End Of Term

Putin's bare chest photos send Russia abuzz

The chests of heads of state

HEADS UP: Barak Obama on The Daily Show 2nite!

NYT: Behind 9/11 Demolition Work, Obscure Name and Slim Record

Centrist Congressman not "unalterably" opposed to impeachment

Shrub was IN Vietnam??!1 The Guardian sez, "(Shrub) IN Vietnam..."

Report: Hastert to resign, not retire

Cocaine shipment to U.S via submarine

DU appreciation thread

Just when I thought I couldn't hate George W. Bush any more...

I think Katie Couric does a great job on the CBS evening news

Seventeen anti Hillary threads currently on this forum

We think the Pathetic Boosh made a big grave error today

Is this funny , or just sad?

" embarrassing...when President Bush travels 8,000 miles only to wind up avoiding reality..."

Matt Continetti on Hardball

A WSJ piece set up Bush's speech, but Sen. Kerry debunked it in a letter to the editor

I thought Obama was brilliant on the Daily Show tonite

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... Jack Cafferty !!!

Protest at Bush fundraiser for MN's Sen Coleman

Suppose we weren't talking about Porn

Putin's bare-chested photos set Russia abuzz

Branson/Colbert Interview Coming Up

Michael Vick, "pets", and horse racing

Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War’s Faces

Religious right big shots heading for Tampa in their hate agenda.

Notice How Even The Discussion Of Porn, Gets More Responses Than Say...

You, Too, Can and Should Be an "Intelligence Analyst"

For all of the Vick bashers out there!

Harry Potter and the Presidential Candidate

So what is the corrupt administration in Iraq that we're supporting, as if this wasn't like Vietnam

Dems Push Their Own Popular Vote Ballot Initiative To Counter GOP

Democracy Arsenal: Edwards has most comprehensive program against Bush Doctrine

Do you think Hillary ever chats with Wes about foreign policy?


Sen. Dick Durbin: Obama is on his way to the presidency.

Time off for Cancer? Not for This Bad Boss Winner

Michael Eric Dyson on Hillary and Obama

Clinton Took the Bait.

Heads up-Obama on The Daily Show tonight

Love Hillary or hate her, we can all agree

Obama is up on Stewart TDS now nt

David Ignatius: Obama is outflanking rivals on the left and right

Hey all you Agnostic and Atheist Taliban folks....

War of words over Iraq between Edwards and Clinton intensifies

Iraq? It's Vietnamalicious!

Straw Poll: Choose your well-known candidate for the next president here

Obama on Daily Show -- Now!!

Anyone But Clinton (in the primary)

Ned Lamont on Why He Supports Chris Dodd

They said Truman was unelectable...

In Brooklyn, Cheers for Obama

Waxman Casts Wide Net in Probe of White House Political Operations

HEADS UP: Obama coming up on Daily Show tonight!

Obama: Presidential Bid at Times Insane

My GDP friends, come and check out my recent pictures here

Al Gore is surprise choice of Scottsdale Dems

Some initial thoughts on Hillary's demand that Maliki resign.

what can one say about this picture???

Edwards goes after Clinton, Obama

I Did The Unthinkable Tonight - Started Looking At Jobs In Canada

I'm A Votin' Democrat

Obama Steps on Hillary;'s Turf

I'd vote for ANY Democrat before I'd vote for a Repuke!

Obama is shaping the Democrats' foreign policy debate, and getting the best of the arguments

Chris Mathews on "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" ...

Do centrists really exist?

Just to be clear, how much do the "Anybody but Clintonites" make per year?

If Vietnam was so great, why did Bush avoid fighting in it?

Watching OBAMA on TDS, I'm thinking, "No." n/t

Things COULD Be Worse ...

Why Hillary will not win the nomination

Biden on Labor and the Unions !

Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War’s Faces

The C.I.A. Report

Iraq War Resisters to Get Boost from Veterans Group

The Promise of Low Power FM

Hillary Sandbags the Anti-war Movement / Senator Mike Gravel

The real enemies of reason

Marie Cocco: Only Little People Pay Taxes

Bush to CIA: Leave no marks - Nat Hentoff - V V

A Dickens of a President

The Nanny State

Surprise: The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get More Numerous


Juan Cole: Pitching the Imperial Republic: Bonaparte and Bush on Deck

Arianna Huffington: The deeper danger of Crandall Canyon

Youth Suspended Over Sketch Of Gun

Robert Fisk: The Iraqis Don’t Deserve Us. So We Betray Them…

Tax-Financed Health Care: More Bang for the Buck

Self-immolation: the dark secret of Iraqi Kurdish women

Katrina: "Golden opportunity"

Robert Parry: If Democrats Want to Lose...

Juan Cole: Military Coup Planned for Baghdad?

Vietnam By Dummies (Prof. G.W. Bush Lecturing)

A history lesson for the President: Was George Bush right about Vietnam?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Fox Attacks: Iran

Noam Chomskey: US-Iran Policy Dynamics

The Nation: An Inconvenient Truth (US/Saddam/Halabja chemical attack)

What is with the NAACP wanting everyone to be kind to Mr. Vick?

"Dick Is Dead!" (great satire with pics)

It Did Happen Here: American Citizen Tortured, Convicted of Thought Crime

(Joe Conason) Reality: America Isn’t Conservative

Why Chinese steel in US chemical and power plants scares me more than Chinese toys or dogfood

The World's Sole Superpower in Fast Decline

NSIDC 8/21 Arctic Basin Ice Extent Vs. Historic Median Ice Edge Graphic

"Utah Woman, 70, Charged for Brown Lawn"

"Manzullo votes against renewable energy bills"

Over the lifespan of TS Dean...

Energy and population

In Iran, living in the moment (gas rations)

Oman offers gas in exchange for coal

US rule would extend controversial practice of mountaintop mining

Making Gasoline from Bacteria

BAS Head - Antarctic Melt, Sea-Level Rise Moving Much Faster Than IPCC Study Anticipated - Reuters

Tim Flannery Demands John Howard Give Carbon Plan Specifics Before Election

WHO - Infectious Diseases "Spreading Geographically Faster Than At Any Time In History" - Reuters

Interesting guest on kpfa - "Tidwell predicted in vivid detail the Katrina hurricane disaster in his

Congressman Jay Inslee with an Environmental Victory

Climate To Strain Chinese Food Supply By 2030 - Reuters

using renewable fuels for energy for the ethanol manufacturing process: energy effic ratio = 10:1

Where Have All The Dolphins Gone This Summer?

Flexible gears bolster wind-turbine reliability

Are Kangaroo's tasty?

Shutting off vs. Standby mode

An eye-opening lecture by an ocean biologist

Even farm animals go extinct

Another Trip Down Memory Lane To August 22nds Past At The North Pole - U Of Illinois

Two Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Brazil court considers graft case

Photos of bare-chested Putin create stir

Bush ties Iraq to Vietnam, South Korea, Japan

Guatemala candidate's teen daughter killed in pre-election violence

Noise of modern life blamed for thousands of heart deaths

Bangladesh remains shut down

Pentagon cuts armored vehicles due in Iraq in 2007

Texas carries out 400th execution

U.S. Army major indicted on Iraq bribery charges

U.S. to screen aid groups for terror links

Army secretary: Limit deployment time

U of Illinois Severs Blackwater Deal

More bucks going Democrats' way

BA in US court over price-fixing

Intel report questions Iraq's progress

No more olé? Spain removes bullfights from TV

U.S. court grants rehearing for suspected enemy combatant

Austria says U.S. missile shield a 'provocation'

Tillman's Wife: U.S. Needs "Authentic Leadership"

NJ changes policy on illegal immigrants

Report Will Shed More Doubt Over Iraq's Maliki

Fla. Democrats threaten voting rights probe

Bush hit over jobs for illegal workers

Terrorism appeals court opens

US soldiers arrest Iraqi policemen after bomb attack

Fights erupt in Bolivian Congress

Self-immolation: the dark secret of Iraqi Kurdish women

Iraqi soldiers threaten to kill Sunni leader-party

DARPA looking to kickstart raygun tech

Senator Warner -- Suggests Bush Time Table for Leaving Iraq

Pakistan court rules former PM can return from exile

UM researchers to review files of 11 million Humana patients for drug problems

California firm launches baby carrot recall

(Canada) Government will fall if Afghan mission doesn't end in 2009, Bloc warns

Democrats target electoral-vote plan that could tilt 2008 race

Several bystanders witness St. Paul apartment hallway rape

The real 'Saving Private Ryan': US soldier heads home after both brothers are killed in Iraq

Iraq report [NIE} may bolster surge policy

Charity wants seized documents back

Renzi (AZ-1) Says He Will Not Seek Re-Election

(National) NAACP Head Says Vick Must Be Held Responsible

Spy Chief Shares Surveillance Secrets

Warner: Bush should bring troops home (by Christmas)

Thieves target users

Airlines To Pay $300 Million Each For Price Fixing

US breaking WTO rules: China

Panda gives surprise birth in Austria

Sunni village attacked, leader killed

Ex-demolition boss: I warned of safety lapses (Deutsche Bank)

Countrywide’s CEO sees housing-led recession

Venezuela Reforms Benefit Women

Rule to Expand Mountaintop Coal Mining

Armored Vehicles Slow to Reach US Troops

US fears audacious offensive in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 23

Drill Instructor Arraigned For Abusing Recruits

Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello protest

Fmr Bush Iraq Envoy Helping Undermine Maliki

Home Where 3 Died Owned By GOP Strategist

Contaminated baby carrots are recalled

US suffers 34 casualities in Iraq in one day

Reid: NIE Highlights Need For Urgent Change In Iraq Policy

Elizabeth A. Callan, 57; 'NewsHour' Producer ( Horrid death dealt to Contra covering PBS producer)

Bush's visit leaves some residents angry, but not over politics (KC)

Senate Plans Hearing on Mine Collapse

Britain bans Gaza football team

Heavily criticized plane is defunded

Bush accused of twisting Asia history to defend terror war

Anger at Malaysia 'Jesus cartoon'

George Wallace's shooter to be released

Porn pole in GD.

The Land

Nevermind... meant to post in the Photography Group n/t

Bill Murray Arrested For Drunk Driving a Golf Cart

I have an itch and I cant get to it

Dammit, "Desperado" is on TBS

Lions -1, crazy zebra-boys-0 (funny..not scary)

Reginald Vel Johnson's character was surprising well-scripted in Die Hard

so I met this chick today while I was feeding kittens to my pit bulls....

Corn Hole in GD

Zombies, a question

My Bacon number is three!

Fan-FUGU-tastic...Puffer fish sold as salmon kills 15, sickens 115

To Prisoner number 6. Will the doctors consider freezing the tumors?

550,000 dollar LOTTO SCAM!

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine: Sub Full O' Coke Seized

Study: 26 percent of people 75-85 sexually active

Are All These Porn Threads Just A Clever Way To Get Around The Sex Thread Ban?

Joke Of The Day

States you've been to

"Sexually active" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sexually active".

Loungers! Pancake Snape needs your help!

Ohiosmith is not a bad person

Clop clop clop clop clop... clop... BANG.... clop clop clop clop clop

I have this yogurt parfait in the fridge...advice needed

Official Redqueen Needs A Date Thread

Want to be on a reality show? Check this out. Dirtiest sex wins.

Halb halb halb halb halb

TV shows on the Internet...

Stephen Colbert and Richard Branson engage in a little watersport

My Dad's been dead for 10 years, now

is there any free software that can do a performance check on a pc and identify problems?

Bob Loblaw no hable expan~ol

Is there a Statue of Limitations on being ohiosmith ? [View All]

Post something that completely offends you

Rescue help Needed!.. (Funny)

Post stuff sure to get responses

Post stuff sure to get no responses

Russians still gaga over bare-chested Putin

You know, the Lounge has become my sanctuary (Rant coming, but an important one to me)

Crowds panic as flooding threatens Ireland

Post Something About Your Favorite DU'r.......

Aren't the locked threads suppose to

Does anybody have any ideas...

So, I'm spending my whole day here at work....

The UK version of Weakest Link is hard...

My cat, Barney, is so weird...

i prefer the whore that is your sister

Post something that doesn't offend you.

Atlanta to ban baggy pants

No Felony charges for Lohan plea bargain as early as today

Hleb Hleb Hleb Hleb Hleb...

Radio Lady Recommends: "The Bothersome Man" (Opens 8/24/07 in New York City)

No Delivery until 4pm? Screw you Pizza Hut!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin West Philadelphia

I have a public holiday on monday

I have a pubic holiday on Monday

Hey, can we post about chicken now?

man. building a virtual mortgaging system from scratch is a pain in the nads


My best friend doesn't understand this joke... (Do you?)


Just saw where all of Vick's 50+ dogs will probably be put down.

Oh dear. I work with's the word?

Does The Word "Chiclet' Offend You?

Zero-point energy


I am going to be an AUNT!!!

Blah blah blah blah blah

So I'm gathering up the model railroad collection left me by my father...

¿High-speed-internet through old AM waves?

San Franciscans! Lend Me Your Ears.

Major awwwwwwww factor, Casper the otter

Pictures, Part 4: Brussels, BE

Italics question

Post replies to stuff that was never posted...

What Talking Heads song best describes Bush era?

Does The Word "Chicken" Offend You?

I need some heart healthy type quick meals I can cook for my Father.

Who Else Is Sh*t Boardless?

PSA: Don't put a bottle of hydrogen peroxide next to the bottle of beer you're drinking

Anybody have any good eggplant recipes to share?

Attention Sodomites

How Gaye

Got a bad flat tire today.

So I am seeing my accountant about doing my 2006 taxes tonite!

Lohan to jail for a day. 10 days CS and 36 months probation.

Does the word "Chickenhawk" offend you?

I'm still sick

Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Michael Vick walk into a bar...

Lindsey Lohan Appreciation Thread


The most sporting or sporty idiot

Very funny banned Master Card commercial

I think "Helluva Job Brownie" could run my office. A rant.

Former state employee wins $150,000 in reverse discrimination case

My kids are flying alone on an airplane this morning for the very first time

Funny Test

Fox cancels 'Anchorwoman' after only one airing (1.0 rating / 3 share)

Which Actor That Is With Us Do You Wish No Longer Was?

Barleywine taste test

I've joined the Flat Screen Society!

If you can spare them

County jails you've been to

'The Latest Swimsuits AD On The Bottom Is That LaraMN?'

I am feeling jealous....

Maude Or Edith Bunker

SimCity is the best game ever

Wanna bid on some Pokeman cards?

Damnit...sometimes I get so sick of this shit.

My job is so boring right now

DUers with geographic locations in their names should never be allowed to move

Let's Play- What do you have on your one night stand!

McLovin? Sounds like a sexy hamburger!

I went to the book discussion at the library last evening

Stupid Adobe Reader question

Attention Sonheimites

I've joined the Flat Earth Society! (copycat)

Post pics you've taken during bike rides

CHICKEN needs help on Which Came First? poll C'mon DU!

My first videogame that I owned was "Pong" back in 1978.

Joni Mitchell in Canada 1965 (youtube)

It's been too long

DU Fantasy Football = REMINDER

Any single-malt Scotch fans here? I've found a bargain!

It is hard to a parent to your parents, there is a fine line to walk.

The most STUNNING martial arts maneuver I've ever seen

Post Your Celebrity Look-Alike!

So many tomatoes! So after making sauce, I made slow roasted tomatoes.

Ten years ago today...

no puppy pick-up this weekend -- send good vibes...

It's weeks like this in GD when I just don't even bother posting that I'm a stripper.

Lohan is getting away with it!

Could we have a list of gender-specific designators that *aren't* offensive to anybody?

Do you know about "the Plume"?

Dante's Inferno Test

Any DISC GOLFERS in the Lounge?

Let's Play- What do you have on your nightstand!

Have you ever known anyone named Evangeline?

It's Soooo Hot Here Right Now That.....

The most STUNNING vocal performance I have ever heard

I finally defeated that boss character. I'm going to bed.

Philly, New Jersey, don't forget: The Vibe Tribe in Sea Isle City this Saturday (Aug. 25) night!

Anyone else feeling teh ennui?

Why is belly fat so stubborn?

So the kids and I are having a "Fun With Plagues of the Bible Day"

Let's play "Emergency Rooms I've Been To"

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?

Paul Revere and the Raiders

I am handicapped...

What's the crappiest car you ever owned?

We've just created a DU fantasy premier league!

ROCK - N - ROLL!!!!!!

Are You Gay Test?

Legal question - Who's responsible for tree branches overhanging a lot line?

Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War’s Faces

Ruptured eardrum may signal brain injury

Family Loses 2nd Son In Iraq

Tillman's Wife: Real Leaders Needed

Concerning Re-Enlistment

President Bush to Our Veterans: Iraq is Like Vietnam

Today in labor history August 23

Union activist shot dead in Panama - call for urgent action

Labor Shortages: Myth and Reality - BusinessWeek

Union to fight FDA plan to put jobs up for competition

Longshoremen Grant Retroactive Pension Benefits to Surviving Domestic Partner

Federal agencies are among the largest employers of people with "non-work" Social Security numbers

Land Of Confusion - Genesis


Freedom's Watch - Veteran

Homeless in America...

Americans United for Change - Freedom

We The People Won't Back Down

Ann Coulter - American Idiot!

Senator Russ Feingold presents "My President..."

Bolton Wants To Bomb Iran

Stewart/Colbert - The Smartest Men in America...

The Daily Show - America To The Rescue

John Edwards: Time to End the Game

Al Franken vs. Ann Coulter

New Ad: Instilling Fear in Kentuckians

Conservative group tries to confuse 9/11 with Iraq

Lohan's cocaine charges may be dropped

Chris Floyd: Trashing the Troops: The Bush-Cheney Way of War

Here are some recent pictures of yours truly, in Spain and Gibraltar.

Statement of Senator Clinton on Bush Administration Support for Modernizing the Federal Housing Admi

TDS is rocking tonight...

"But the administration is complying with the law, Scuderi said."----they never

How long will al Maliki survive?

Why let * have all the fun: DIY laser long-distance listening device

Hey, I need a hearing aid. Any advice on where I should buy it?

Former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division Calls for Independent Review of WTC Investigation

White House Declares Office Off-Limits

Who has been to Phuket, or Thailand? Who has been to Viet Nam?

(Chinese) "Miners' families angry at disaster"

No signs of audacity on Cuba: Obama offers up less than you think

A little note to Mainstream Media: It is NO LONGER "Patraeus' Report"!

george looks tired but excited after his big day of lying about Vietnam & Iraq.

More republican nut callers on "WJ"

Jon Stewart's nostalgic look at 'Karl Rove's Greatest Hits'

New DU Group: EBay, Collectors, Flea market, & Antiques Group

PSYCHOLOGISTS: Withhold your APA dues...

For Baghdad couples, love often lost amid sectarian struggle

I'm getting a guided tour today

God’s Harvard: The New Grooming Ground of the Evangelical Movement

A Preview of the September Lies

Kucinich Campaign Still Waiting For ABC News To Explain Their Actions Against Him Fr Debate


Maliki to US: We can find other friends

When the "policy" (AUMF) doesn't fit the "target" (Iran), move the target to fit the policy

"The Real News" Junkies Get a Fix

Audio Voicemail of Asshole Republican's Call To Spitzer's Father

Question About Asking A Historical Question on DU

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

My two puke senators went to Iraq....Guess what!

California ammendment could be very bad for us!

New Diagnosis-BUSHCO Finds Way To Absolve Itself From Responsibility Of Soldiers Returning With PTSD

Wade Davis: Cultures at the far edge of the world

Mark Kleiman: Neocon dreams: Bush as President for Life

Vietnam. Watergate. What's Next -- Disco?

To Get My Vote A Candidate Must ....

Soon, rather than lame speeches, w will simply tap dance at the podium.

“No Tolerance” Policy Means a “No Brain” Policy

If NPR is so right wing, instead of just turning them off,

There's an interesting poll & discussion over at HuffPo.

Why Cheney Really Is That Bad by Scott Ritter

WH Claims INFO Office Is NOW Exempt From Releasing INFO-Scrubs "Handbook" From Site

Judge orders Bush to release Global Warming reports

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Did magazine hide Sarkozy's ‘love handles?’

Crack, Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, & Marijuana?

Democratic candidate supporters and well people who just don't like the vile...might I suggest

More on Olbermann and NBC: Look for a "Worst Person in the NFL"

A Must See Video - GuardianFilms - Apache Company in Iraq

International spread of disease threatens public health security

"No Prescription? No Problem Online"

Is Obama trying to be Edwards lite?

Anyone see the ad this morning supporting the Iraq War that said, "They attacked us first"

LOL! Ted Rall TOON "Bushes must never be allowed to breed again!"

Ignore the Porn subject posts and they will eventually disappear

A string of attacks hit across northern Iraq.

Please stop already with the Frosty ads!

Has Anyone Here ACTUALLY Taken Delivery of a Tesla Roadster Yet?

Support Keith Olbermann

"Dubai buys big into US casino firm"

Lyin' Hole.... Lyin' Hole,Lyin' Hole..Lyin' Hole.. Lyin' Hole, Lyin' Hole LIES!.

CNBC has bush countdown in crawler

Type "batshit crazy" into, and here is what you get:

Danger in the Iraq as Vietnam analogy that the WH is trying to set-up...

Report Cites Grave Concerns on Iraq’s Government- - but junior says he's a good guy & supports him!

Tomgram: Juan Cole, The Republic Militant at War, Then and Now

In Baghdad, a 'Historic Change' in French Policy

UK Has 5,000 Child Prostitutes

Maliki told B*sh to get stuffed. . .

If you're not doing anything special, come up to Kennebunkport this Saturday. (xpost from MA)

ROTFLMAO!!! defines "George W. Bush"

Bill Scher: McConnell Swings and Misses

"They attacked us first" "Valerie Plame was not covert" and other lies...

Bush Managed to Really Piss Off Kansas City

The war on terror --- is just as important as ever, and victory is possible.

So Bush now praises Vietnam? Where was he in 1973?

The misleading Vietnam analogy

Robert Fisk: The Iraqis Don't Deserve Us-Because They Are NOT Doing What We Want Them To Do

Belching moose add to global warming

NO Pollitical Progress.....but the surge is working...NIE me shocked

Military Coup Planned for Iraq?

Bush Invokes Vietnam to Argue Against U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

New Iraq National Intelligence Estimate to be released today

UK: 'Thought police' to target drinkers

Bush accused of twisting history over Iraq, Asia war links

General Petraeus's first appearance before Congress will be on...Sept 11

Militias Seizing Control of Electricity Grid ... LINK

Arnold, Tell the Truth About California's Water!

On Impeachment: The War Won't End While Bush Is President

U.S. report sees precarious Iraqi government

Humiliation at Abu Ghraib, and Then at the Prosecution Table

"The final phase of this war is in sight-soon your sons shall be brought back home to you"

kiss life on earth goodby - millionth Chery car built, many more to follow

"Mind Fuck of the Dirty Hippies"........

Libby jurors found Ari Fleischer "not believable"

JULY 4, 1776: "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, ..."

Dubai makes big bet on the Las Vegas strip

Doonesbury - "If we cut and ran"

WorldNetDaily lives up (down) to it's usual standards...

Jeb Bush joins board at Lehman

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Dumping al-Maliki Could Stay Bush’s Course

Dubai World Investments Makes Move in Las Vegas.....MGM Mirage...

Cutts indicted for murder - No cause of death found

Army secretary: Limit deployment time

Bill Maher: "What I did on My Summer Vacation"

Where are the "What do we tell the children??" stories on the MSM about

Dumping al-Maliki Could Stay Bush’s Course

Preacher Husband attacks evangelist Bynum in parking lot

the most important presidential quality

Subpoena This -- GREAT Editorial Cartoon by Steve Bradenton

Mark Foley, House hindering investigation into lurid communication with teenage boys

Atlanta Considers Banning Baggy Pants"epidemic" that is becoming a "major concern" around the USA

5 Month Old Infant Allegedly Duct-Taped, Drugged By Parent (It was just a joke?)

Spurned by Candidate, Obama Girl Seduced by Clinton

Clovis, CA Second Son Dies in Iraq

Arrested Woman, 70, Still Faces Charges Over Brown Lawn Despite Apology

Be Patriotic! Work from Home.

Updated NIE released today: Violence To ‘Remain High’ In Iraq Over Next ‘Six To Twelve Months’

Padilla sues US officials over confinement

"Democracy is the Enemy-Bush Must Overcome Not Just The Situation In Iraq But Democratic Government"

Wierdest blooper ever?

U.S. to leave Cheyenne MOUNTAIN, Colo. even as Russia flexes muscle

Edwards petition against Washington lobbyists

Excerpts from intel report on Iraq

Richardson Says President is "Spinning History" in Comparing a Withdrawal from Iraq To Vietnam

Do you have friends who like Bush?

"China: blog providers sign "self-discipline" act "

wow - what the hell is THIS so-called news outlet?

On CNN, FDA sunscreen labeling from the FDA. What exactly is the government's interest in the

Don't waste your vote!! Vote for the Best Sticky Now!!

TIME: Bush's Risky Vietnam Gambit

Sen Warner discussing trip to Iraq on CSpan 1

Exactly what makes a candidate "electable?"

Atlanta considers banning baggy pants

Why all the Federal Reserve activity ?

I just tried to go to

Bush's Bright, shining lies: Perlstein

US Ambassador Crocker: "The fall of the Maliki government, when it happens, might be a good thing"

How Hillary performs against Rudy, Mittens, Grandpa in IA, MN, OH, VA, KY, MO...

Anyone watching John Warner on CSPan 1

Dahr Jamail coming up on The Guy James Show at 4:05 Eastern

Egypt having a rough time with climate change

Student suspended for sketching gun

Evidence in New NIE Indicates: The Surge is Dead

I can't believe the can of whup ass the MSM has opened up on Chimpy

Cleveland schools trying new ideas to trim dropout rate

NBA Star Defends Vick

Last stand for Bush's 'stay the course' crowd?

Seller on e-Bay is offering dog-chew Michael Vick cards.

General Strike, 9/11/07. No work. No school. No shopping. HIT THE STREETS. Who's in?

OK-how many of you posted on re:*'s Viet Nam analogy?

According to CNN the US runs the Iraqi Govt.

Majority Leader Hoyer on Iraq NIE

Gallup Proves Rove Wrong On Hillary's Unfavorables

Heads up. Bill Maher on HBO this Friday at 11 PM EST

Top GOP senator calls on Bush to start bringing home troops before Christmas

Utah mine owner "hurt by criticism"; says the mountain is "EVIL" & he's out of there.

Man fails suicide, becomes disabled, sues CHOMP(Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula)

The difference between Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians. "we" or don't "we" support Maliki?

HOLY SHIT! Josh Marshall says the "F-WORD!" Bushworld = FASCISM!

Escalation Architect Blames UK For Iraq Violence, Calls For A British Surge

NYTimes Book Review Sr Editor Cries About Finding that Libs Read More than Wingers

Ed Sanders: A Possible Path to force the Military Industrial Surrealist-Complex to Bring the Troops

Why would Emmanuel expect to find Wobblies in the war?

El Cerrito man, married 50 years, integrated Red Sox (thought we could all use a sweet post)

Wolfie is about to discuss Murray's safety record

Pro-war group launches $15 million ad blitz

After Bush's Iraq speech, area veterans dispute Vietnam analogy

Another Vietnam comparison?! Bushists warn of Iraqi "Tet Offensive"

"Not so fast, Christian soldiers": Pentagon's disturbing relationship with private evangelicals

Two Events Remain A Mystery To Me....

I hear the Oakland Bay Bridge will be closed Labor Day weekend

Iraq And Afghanistan Wars

When bush starts some more wars...

U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy

"I would go back to Iraq if I could."

Heads up: Distributor Recalls Bagged, Baby Carrots


Bush climate meeting must stay within UN fold: official

Media is REALLY pushing the blame onto Iraq lately

Home where 3 died owned by GOP Strategist

That damned evil mountain, it's all its fault...

I couldn't sleep last night and started watching that degenerate

Let's get ready to bombard NBC with praise for Olbermann

Grad student detained in Russia for buying $30 in coins from street vendor

whats happened to kondi, whats she up to, where's she at, who's keeping her company today

NY Times: "Intelligence Chief Reveals Details on Surveillance"

Does anybody here really think Iran is nutty enough to attack Israel?

Get your filthy DU minds out of the gutter and use your literary talent to descibe this man:

Weird rumor I just encountered about HRC

Kerry Says FDA Must Act Quickly to Finalize Sunscreen Regulations

Statement of Senator Feinstein on CIA Report Detailing pre-911 Errors

"Laura "Crazy Eyes" Bush Imports Compliant Tennessee Child for Austin, Texas Library Opening"

Well, now I guess we know where the Dems stand take a look...

Did I just hear Tucker Carlson right? Bush's "experience in Vietnam"?!?

Executive Branch Officials 'Routinely' Accepting Gifts From Firms With Conflicting Interests

Senator and Filmmaker Take On Fox News

No Human Rights In "Kid Nation"

McClatchy Commentary: Bush's rationale for Iraq war keeps changing

George Wallace's Shooter to Be Released

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 8/23 IMPORTance of spit takes

Wow.. what an amazing archive I just found..

Obama Statement on BP Decision to Meet Lower Lake Michigan Waste Limits

Look at this pic of fleischer

Was just pondering today when our main stream media officially died....

Distributor Recalls Bagged, Baby Carrots

Antibiotic Resistance Tracked From Hog Farms to Groundwater

Michael Dukakis: GOP Will Blow Up Building 3 Weeks Before Election

Hey, our comments are up on youtube!

Pawning your car

guess Joe Lieberman will have to wack Warner now as I jush heard him say

Most US adults in the dark about world politics--poll. Would a topic forum "Foreign" help?

"Iraq Does Not Exist Anymore": Journalist Nir Rosen on How the U.S. Invasion of Iraq Has Led to Ethn

What did I miss? I came home to hear the words "our sacred

So B*sh wants to talk about Vietnam?

Pelosi Statement on New National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq

The foul digestive by-product is approaching

D.C. Sept. 15: Update On Poster Fines & Lawsuit

Remember President Diem

What is the derivation/origination of "thumb up my ass?"

The Conspiracy to Violate FISA (Harpers) "Sources Within Admin Reveal Reason For Hospital Visit"

GOPer Rick Renzi To Retire-Rejoice, Arizona!

White House Declares Office Off-Limits From FOIA

ACLU...Renews Call for Release of Secret Court Orders

Vietnamese Vet responds to Bush: "nobody regrets that the Vietnam war wasn't prolonged except Bush"

Help the home team impeach

Come join!


Mr. Mozilo's CNBC's stage set. Too bad someone screwed up his makeup.

My congresswoman writes back to me: "Look with me towards a vastly different future for our nation"

Please stop talking about porn/aspects of porn/analysis of porn on DU

Tim Johnson to return to Senate duties in September

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Recall of Notebooks

Tucker and 2 smiling Jack Asses just did a "hit piece" on Edwards

Meanwhile over at Rimjob's Freerepublic, home of the 26 percenters, they weigh in on Warner.

DSCC needs (better minds than theirs to come up with) a new bumper sticker slogan

Allawi hires Republican lobbyist powerhouse----WTF??? Seriously

Juan Cole has heard a rumor about a pending Iraqi coup.

Tell me I'm wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Wow: AP: U.S. OK'd Troop Terror Hunts in Pakistan 3 years ago

Jon Soltz: What if 1,000 Armored Vehicles Didn't Get to Troops and No One Cared

Anybody know if the anchor hosts will finally be back from vacation

U.S. Military Gave Troops OK to Enter Pakistan (w/o Consent) in '04, and They May Still Have It

Flynt Watch: what's the latest?

Edwards moves into attack mode.

ABC is doing a story on Kid Nation.

bush's democracy- Iraqi style

For Die-Hard "Gore For Prez" Supporters....

Something smells fishy: Al-Maliki, Bush and HRClinton...

Help is on the way for Youssif

Willie Geist just pointed out a fly on Sen. Dodd's head, saying flies are attracted to...

Lieberman Attacks Democrats For Criticizing Maliki -- On Same Day NIE Criticized Maliki

Absolutely GREATEST protest sign EVER!! Im SERIES!!!

Senate to hold hearings on Utah mine collapse.

A few pictures from yesterday in KC

Did somebody pop Rivkin in the mouth?

What is going on in north east Iraq???

Homeland Security has some real problems, folks.

Re: California's electoral votes

Hillary Clinton appeared at the "Largest Homosexual Nightclub in the USA"!!

The last straw: Creationists want to deny that the Earth revolves around the sun

Troops deploying to Washington DC

So I come home to this. Warner, the Republic, sez "get the troops out" and

Marbury on Vick's side, calls dogfighting `sport'

"Perverted Justice" and NBC's "Dateline"

Spanish Zapatero promises universal child care for children under 3

How quickly will Nancy and Harry cave in to the White House on Iraq?

Bush's disappearing alliance: A slideshow on

Impeachment should be as easy in U.S. as it is in Alabama.

Schwarzenegger, Pete Wilson, and Gray Davis unite on redistricting idea

Help I am on phone w/bank account scammer-what should I ask??

Will Al Gore jump in the race for President?

Congress frustrates Foley scandal investigation

CSPAN: Israeli's US ambassador is war-mongering live

"If you can't say something positive about your own candidate, don't tear down mine..."

via Pandagon -- Benny Hinn lets the bodies hit the floor

Bush Reponse to Utah Mine Disaster: Increase STRIP MINING (not increase mine safety)

New borehole shows near-complete collapse in Utah mine; lying mine-owner changed plan to riskier one

Is Condi Rice Still Living?

Will Gore Be Drafted Onto the California Ballot?

Obscure Company-John Galt Corp.- Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work

Charlie Rangel & the myth of white supremacy

Breaking: the Quebec provincial police admit using agents provocateurs

Two Years After Katrina, Billions in Relief Funds Are Missing

My wife's aunt Patty is coming from Venezuela to stay for 6 weeks.

"a newer world"

08/24-on PBS-NOW:AWOL

Enough of this. Florida Democrats now threaten Dean and the DNC with a "voting rights probe".

I just got a really creepy robocall from Hillary Clinton

George Bush Meets Graham Greene

Robert Murray, 2000: "Gore is not a balanced person." Inserted pro-Bush letters in paychecks

Organic almond supporters roast pasteurization plan

Ariz. school suspends boy for sketching gun

I'm sick and tired of the whole mess...outrage fatigue.

On CNN: Southwestern Baptist College offering college degree in homemaking.

Joe Trippi: Rove is attacking Clinton, because he is scared of Edwards

Police Dog's Attack On Postman Baffles Department

If you haven't downloaded Google Sky....

BREAKING: CNN now reporting "bombshell" Iraq defection by Senator John Warner (link)

Ann Wright: FBI Provides Arrest Records of Peace Activists to Immigration... - for Detention

Anyone else feel like burning their bra?

Right-Wing Operatives Plot To Overthrow Maliki-Replace Him With Compliant "Saddam Lite"

If you know anyone facing foreclosure, here is an excellent link:

Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

Any discussion of SCHIP?

Bush is still listening to the words of bin-Laden

"Bush's 'parting gift to the coal industry'" and Sen. Kerry's statement

Time: "After Maliki, Few Good Alternatives" and Juan Cole: "Hillary develops Foot in Mouth Disease"

Are Americans too lazy?

Abso-fucking-lutely great billboard of *!

What is a conservative

Should DU have a policy that PAID employees of a campaign must acknowledge so?

Switchgrass for producing biofuel

"Dems want illegal immigrants to vote"

Obama, under pressure, drains 15-foot hoop shot on CNN

Misogyny bares its teeth on the internet

“Mister, that's an awfully boring tattoo on your arm."

Vick isn't first in NFL to be convicted of dog-fighting

If Democrats Want to Lose... By Robert Parry

Let's get this thing about Hillary and the "surge" straight.

What the hell is wrong with some of you people who

We are flooding here in the Midwest! The National Guard

Mother Theresa's secret pain

Why go to college? Why not become an electrician, plumber, welder, etc.?

Fearing the Nazis again

Students to be fined for using cell phone outside of class

Remember Nurse Nayirah? Was anybody ever held accountable for lying the US into First Gulf War??

Can anyone explain why we don't have real 'college style' debates?

Breakdown of ABC News Debate "That is a travesty to the Democratic process"

Several bystanders witness St. Paul apartment hallway rape

Ben Retired From USMC TODAY! He Is In A Bar In Palm Springs Right Now!

Need help, my niece is missing.

Another good reason to go vegetarian: global warming

Why isn't Obama held responsible for funding the war...

Hurricane George-How the White House Drowned New Orleans-by Greg Palast

Bush's "Killing Fields" and the Real Lesson of Vietnam

SW Baptist Theological Seminary - Get A B.A. In Homemaking - Women ONLY!!!!

No More Excuses. No More Politics. First Order of Congress Next Month: END THIS GOD DAMNED WAR!


St. Petersburg Times: Fresh Thinking on Cuba Overdue

MySpace, MTV to offer candidate chats

Election Sneaking Up on GOP?

What makes Trippi such an inept campaign manager?

VIDEO: Fox News reports Thompson bumbles VFW speech -- and Obama gets more applause!

Fifteen Million Dollar Ad Campaign Launched--Supporting Surge

Obama with Jon Stewart: Insanity in Presidential run

Your morning funny-the Va. Republican party

Angus Reid/ Aug.23 - Hillary 42%, Obama 21%, Edwards 11%, Richardson 1%

Video: The Daily Show - America To The Rescue

Online "friends" could be pivotal in 2008 U.S. race

Former NBA coach Dick Versace considers run for LaHood's seat as a Democrat

Allen says he sought security of KSC guard post

WaPo's David Ignatius: Obama is Shaping the Debate on Foreign Policy

The REAL REASON Rove attacked Clinton

Kentucky gov. bashes Aurora (Illinois) in anti-casino ad

Is Rove shrewdly attacking Hillary in an attempt to weaken John Edwards?

Historians Question Bush’s Reading of Lessons of Vietnam War for Iraq

"Death Grip" --Political Psychology & Bush's Ghastly Success


what smirk said

Franklin official charged in assault

Mashup, Edwards in NH

Photos: Barack Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, August 22, 2007

Gallup Poll - Are Clinton and Giuliani Coasting on High Name ID?

Rasmussen: Hillary down 5 points, both Obama and Edwards up 3 since Iowa Sunday debate

"Sen. Macawitz" takes to morning talk radio to restart political career

Exclusive! Pic from rehearsal of General Petraeus's 9/11/07 presentation

1 in 6,371: The Young Earmark Caper

Democrats' Purity Primary (Obama takes lead on campaign finance reform )

Clinton, Obama Fail to Disagree on Iraq, Taxes in Iowa Fight

Can the troops now desert from Iraq without fear of punishment?

Obama girl "may actually be voting for Hillary Clinton", newspaper says without providing evidence

White House: There Will Be An Attack On Iran

Ari Fleischer can't name vet used in (his own) campaign ad

Stho it isth so very clear to a genius sthuch asth Rove ....

"There is nothing more useless and pathetic than a democrat who won't fight for working people"

IA POLL: Dead heat (Edwards at 23, Obama at 22, Hillary at 21)

Delivering the stories from the SICKO Health petition...DFA. Easy to do.

So Maliki thinks that he heads a soverign nation? Hahaha...

No End To Warmongering?

was tillman murdered by religious zealots?

GOP Using ‘Rightroots’ to Compete With Dems’ Online Fundraising Prowess

Clinton Up Among Pennsylvania Dems As Obama Fades, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Columnist who started the Michelle Obama/Hillary controversy tries to explain herself

Cause for optimism...

When secrets are secret

CNN's Don Lemon is traveling with Obama today. First up, Dillon, SC, at the J. V.Martin Jr. High

Just a general observation that if we weren't fooling around with the . . .

Hillary has the backing of the Washington DC establishment

A question for those of you waiting for Gore: were you waiting for him

What is strange? Obama is part of Washington yet is running

FOX ATTACKS IRAN .........Video & Petition

Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests in the Lincoln Bedroom

Strategic Vision Iowa Poll: Edwards 23%, Obama 22%, Hillary 21%

Video: Obama Drains a three-pointer in South Carolina

Obama is the recipient of most donations from Professors and academia.

Obama says Hillary's record as First Lady Counts As Experience

Florida Dems Threaten Lawsuit Against DNC

Is "corporate Democrat" a clever but subjective term used to tarnish. . .

Pentagon To Shut Anti-Terror Database (now info will be sent to FBI database called Guardian)

Lieberman Attacks Democrats For Criticizing Maliki

"Wake up America. The White House is not for sale; the Lincoln bedroom is not for sale.''

What is the best plan for Iraq

Waiting for Gor'ot

St. Pete Times Politifact on Obama: If it quacks like a lobbyist, it's a lobbyist

Democrats target electoral-vote plan that could tilt 2008 race

Head of Charles County Democrats' Central Committee to Work for Clinton

37 million reasons to vote for John Edwards

Dems: Weak Line-Up?!

CNN breaking - Sen. Warner says troops home by Christmas

Who is this "Democratic" strategist Peter Fenn on *ucker?

Polling data shows Hillary Clinton is most Democrat's 1st choice & many like her as their 2nd choice

Two General Election Maps

email from Dick Durbin re Iraq

Which candidate, if any, has been hurt the most by the media?

quote from 1886-regarding iWaq

Who would be toughest to beat in the general election?

The American people deserve to know their presidency is not for sale" John Edwards!

Kucinich and Edwards...

Edwards's Lincoln bedroom comment

Why do (mostly Republican) corporate CEO's prefer Obama over DLCer Hillary Clinton?

Have any of our presidential candidates spoken out against Vicks? I have heard nothing.

The Clinton Campaign's Full-Time Blogging Staff --->>>

I'm SO glad I'm not a Republican

Anyone else for a Franken avatar?

No signs of audacity on Cuba: Obama's proposal less than it seems?

Clinton tops poll in Iowa for first time

Top 10 reasons to Support Hillary for President.

This entire administration has been based on pretending

Carville is looking for a slogan for 2008.

Great quote from Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason" regarding candidates

Dennis Kucinich, Cleveland Public Power, The Illuminating Company, Cleveland Trust

The "appropriate legal official" to "investigate" Dean and the

PEW: Potential Problems for Dems, Hillary has lowest overall favorable ratings of leading candidates

Edwards to jab rivals again, calling them "corporate Democrats"

How many here are scared to death that no matter who we run,

Is anyone else sick of the "war" being the ONLY issue some base their support of candidates on?

Will Gannon 'Kiss and Tell'?

"Hey Democrats ! Throw the Bums Out !"

Prez on the Rez forum today, only Richardson, Kucinich, and Gravel attend.

Hillary Clinton's superb health care plan!

John Edwards: We cannot replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats

Obama Gets Direct: Why Vote for Me?

It's time to ignore the bashers!

It's on! Edwards assails "Corporate Democrats!"

So why don't you like Hillary?

How exactly do you achieve "unity" without triangulation?

Do Edwards' issue positions show he's not a "corporate Democrat"?

Another straw poll-what Democratic candidate will you vote for?

CEOs prefer Barack Obama and Mitt Romney; McCain and Hillary worst for business