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Archives: August 24, 2007

Kornblut: "Republican crowds are a little different. They still want to be supporting the troops"

Angels in Norway and Demons in America

'Managing Consent': The Art of War, Democracy, and Public Relations

OUZIEL: Iraq, the Unavoidable Global Trauma

WP op-ed, Bush's Vietnam Blunder: Damaging Iraq/Vietnam comparison rivals Nixon's "I am not a crook"

VIGUERIE: Rove's Resignation Good News for Conservatives

PAUL KRUGMAN: Seeking Willie Horton

Scottish inquiry into 'rendition' flights by CIA (Guardian)

British troops on verge of long-awaited pullout from Basra

Nightmares of American Medical Care

NYT editorial: The Problem Isn't Maliki: Blaming Maliki rather than Bush is cynical politics

Did He Really Just Say That?

NYT op-ed: Don’t Get Rid of Earmarks, by Rahm Emanuel

Stricter U.S. refinery emission rules not needed: EPA - Reuters

Extent Of Weekend Flooding In S. Minnesota Second-Largest On Record - Star Tribune

Nile Delta, Home To More Than 1/3 Of Egyptians, Faces Threat Of Rising Seas - AP

UK Will Miss Renewable Energy Targets, GHG Cut Goals For 2010 - Reuters

World Oil Forecasts Including Saudi Arabia - Update Aug 2007

Lawsuit: Nobody puts studio in a corner

Iraq Report May Bolster Surge Policy

Teamsters’ Hoffa backing Iran divestment

U.S. OK'd Troop Terror Hunts in Pakistan (in 2004)

Fearing the Nazis again

Help is on the way for Youssif waited 5 days to disclose data theft

Civil Rights Division Head Resigning at Justice Dept.

As Iran Develops 2000-Pound Smart Bomb, Israel Faces Missile Gap

Pace likely to advise for troop cuts in Iraq

U.S. soldier charged with taking bribe in Iraq

Government apologizes to Iraqi refugee for wrongful detention

Jindal supports continue to attack controversial ads (Gov - LA)

Martian soil may contain life: study

Gaping hole found in universe

U.S. School Stops Hebrew Classes For Promoting Judaism

If A Freepers Life Could Be Turned Into A Book What Would It Be Called?

The Addams' - John Aston/Carolyn Jones ~ Raul Julia/Angelica Huston...


The manager from hell has left the building

I am in the market for a ice cream maker, anybody have one.

What the hell is that thing called that is about 4 inches from your....

Listen to the new Britney Spears "comeback" single...OH, DEAR GOD, the HUMANITY...

Nicole Richie: Drive on wrong side of freeway? Spend 1hr and 20min in jail.

We've got too much rain here...

Tell me, when does someday get here?

yeah sure

Pete Yorn tomorrow!

Bush Administration Plans To Re-Hang Saddam Hussein

I just came back from the Vietnamese restaurant, Mm-hmm!

crim son's bf is standing at my door with a bottle of

How does one know the difference between exhaustion and depression?

Do you like to dance? Post your favorite dance music here

YAY! Part 2

Remember Melanie?

Marianne Faithfull--Working Class Hero

New Lyrics For "Colonel Bogey March"

Woot! I am so happy, I saw my crush.........

What's the happiest cat you ever drowned?

Is it really possible to have a whole hole?

Am I gay? testing

Michael Vick's jury has been chosen...

Ok, I waited and not one of you came here :(

Cleaning a pizza stone

Anyone else here married but don't wear a wedding ring?

Seriously, is anyone here going to watch "Kid Nation?"

Lets play

You know what movie I hate that other people seem to love?

An evening with Peter Fonda

Have things changed?

The Dalai Lama says: "The address of True Happiness is Right Here, Right Now." HypnoToad says

Have you ever been tired?

good night, all

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (08/23/07)

What's your favorite Night Cream?

What's the creepiest car your boss ever owned?

So I got a job and start next week

"Time to say goodbye" - Sarah BRIGHTMAN.

Do you ever sit in front of the computer and think "I need to go to bed"

Broke back mountain song playing in back of Vladamir Putin pics.

"Flying" - a poem written by my father.

I think maybe GD needs a meta-thread right about now.

interviewing for a 6 month temp position tomorrow

Here's the number one reason not to change your name upon marriage

Has anyone watched the ATHF movie?

It seems that I can be part of a flamefest here without me even posting or knowing about the thread

I'm watching "Al Franken: God Spoke"

Have you ever been fired?

If you are a fan of Margaret Maron, she's got a new book out

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/23/07

Do you ever sit in front of the bed and consider you should go to computer?

"The melting birds backed up traffic for about six miles"

I have just been informed of my father's passing

Tell me, when does doomsday get here?

enigmatic Lounge vibes needed

Proposed DU group: Sex-positive feminist forum

"Bewitched" just wasn't the same after Dick York left

Do Lizards ever change?

Any DISK GOLFERS in the Lounge?

What books have you been reading this summer?

Once again, I've made a 7-hour trip in 11 hours,

What's on your soundtrack for the 20th Century?

What's the un-crappiest (best) car you ever owned?

So now pot AND porn are bad?

Just got my first tattoo! Ask me anything! Now with image goodness!

Here's me singin one of my tunes

Garden Pictures!

Let's play what did you have on your one night stand.

Please set the safety to your flamethrower to "on"; then read this and respond

I need suggestions for a really good escapist novel

when was the last time you drove down a dirt road?

Movies you watch every damned time you find 'em on cable

Describe the crappiest boss you ever had?

For women: What is your view of people that play Dungeons & Dragons

The worst Egyptian joke you will ever read

OSHA cites Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers in Carrollton as a result of fatal accident in February

Slot technicians at Caesars approve union representation

NLRB faults Real Foods - fired IWW union members vindicated four years late

News-Press is currently on trial for about 20 separate counts of breaking federal labor laws

Pataskala (Ohio) workers vote to unionize

Joe Wilson (an ad for Darcy Burner's online Town Hall)

Dennis Kucinich talks about Labor

Earth - A Case Of The Humans

Al Franken Thanks Blue Majority

Why wait on General Petraeus' report? We can write it now.

USA TODAY: Do professors lean left? Follow the money for a clue (and my response)

How to help ban cockfighting in Puerto Rico (US Territory), by Katzenkavalier.

X the Addict Pot Smoker

Are you a victim of MORTGAGE FRAUD? call 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357)

Countdown MSNBC tonight: Why does Paul F. Tompkins have Wolverine hair ?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

USA TODAY: Do professors lean left? Follow the money for a clue (and my response)

Colbert's pilot garb looked like something from Bush's double secret costume closet

Former Bush communications adviser on terrorism Rand Beers speaking on CSPAN 1

The Wise Men's Meeting of November 1 and Planning To Stay the Course, November-December

My dad's posting on Helium about impeachment!

Blame it on the Iraqi Govt.

How You See HR 811 Depends on How Broken You Think Elections Are…

Warner treading the line...

Is Drug Policy reform even an issue in 2008?

"Because Fanaticism And Ignorance Is Forever Busy... And Needs Feeding !!!"

Rep. Bob Allen Is Scared Of Stocky Black Men & Lightning. The Wuss.

The mother of one of the trapped miners is breaking my heart

Warner: Bush Should Bring Troops Home

War analogy strikes nerve in Vietnam

Woman sells chewed-up Vick cards in eBay auction

"I might be stupid but I'm not crazy"

Petition to request that Rachel Madow fill in for Keith Olbermann

Draft Report Logs Bleak Outlook for Iran

Ari Fleischer's misleading message

The difference between Dem foreign policy and Repug foreign policy:

The bullshit from bush's visit to KC is just neverending

US detains nearly 800 children and teenagers on a Baghdad base

The Daily Show's Rob Riggle reports FROM Iraq (part 4) On Now!

HBO repeats: When the Levees Broke Must see

Sorry to come late to the party, but I must have missed something. Why is porn such a hot topic...

Troops argue Iraq is 'unwinnable'

Just saw "Friends of God," Alexandra Pelosi's HBO Documentary

Why the Dick(head) changed his mind - in two words: Peak Oil

We must stay in Iraq to prevent Al-Qaeda from using it as a safe haven...

Best Band lead by Dems of the New Millenium!

Please Raise Your Kick, If You See What's Goin On Here !!!

Want to clean up corruption in Washington? Lobby for this.

More Iraqis Said to Flee Since Troop Rise

Rahm Emanuel to Israel: Keep Darfur Refugees

Army Secretary Wants Deployments Limited

Mother Teresa's diary reveals her crisis of faith (questioned the existence of God)

Has anyone else heard this?

Porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn....

Proposed DU Group: Everyone Who Doesn't Agree with My Patriarchal Worldview Hates Sex and is Uncool

Taliban, U.S. in talks to halt Afghanistan war

Director of DOJ's Civil Rights Division has resigned.

So keen are America's leaders to hear dissent they're videotaping the dissenters........

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

The Christian Response to god's Warriors...

You can't find a majority of Democratic legislators who actually reflect the worst criticisms

Harper's: The Next War Draws Nearer

Porn, candidate bashing, and religion...OH MY! (a GD intermission thread)

NYTimes Editorial: The Problem Isn’t Mr. Maliki

so, did anyone watch "God's Warriors" on CNN tonight?

Colbert will auction his cast off on Ebay. Bidding starts tonight

Warner has borrowed a page from Clark on troop withdrawl numbers...literally.

Why is acceptable for someone to

Steve Earle on Letterman tonite, 11:30 pm EST

Russia Unveils Pilotless ‘Stealth’ Bomber

Leaders Afraid to Lead: Empty Rhetoric in Congress

Is it wrong to ask if the soldier in Ari's "don't stop the war" ad is a real soldier?

If only we had shown some of Bush's determination so many years ago . . .

Live too far away from the new Honda plant? Don't bother applying for a job

There is but one word tono describe Colbert tonight: Wow. n/t


Joseph, Jesus, and Mary - help my friend George Bailey

The drug war is working

After looking at the thread about the agents provocateurs ..

Peace Protester Spreads Message at VFW Convention

God's Warriors - Christiane Amanpour

I am a single-issue voter this election cycle.

Apparently... There's Something Wrong With Me...

Three dead in home of GOP strategist

Youth suspended over sketch of gun

Porn and Fucking the Constitution.

Nicole Richie Quickly Sprung From Jail

Shall We Dance? (Digby on the Iraq narrative to buy more time)

"Surge" success? Number of internally-displaced Iraqis has DOUBLED to a million since Surge began.

Are we straddling our candidates with state issues because we lack an understanding of government

Here is why Bush must attack Iran....

The immigration issue is racist

Don't put a toddler in the dryer for punishment

Canadian agents provocateurs: Catch 22

Anyone Watching "God's Warriors" on CNN? overthrow the U.S. government and establish a "racially pure" homeland in the West...

Former FEMA chief Brown (Brownie) still consulting on disasters

Disappointing tax notices has homeowners asking, 'Where's the drop?'

"Nobody owes anyone anything"

"Let the revolution begin!" TeenMania and ''...scary teen ministry

Girls Gone Mild: "The False Modesty Movement"

Proposed DU group: Sex-positive feminist forum

Got me a new sig to help ya'll fight the global warming deniers

"I just wanted to shake your hand. Thank you."

For those who read the post re: Fenton Glass Closing

And the Winners of the Stickies Contest Are....

Here in Hampton Roads Virginia, they are putting barriers up on the freeways.

It's not a "threat" to say that a Hillary nom means people will leave the Party

Crooked cops’ reign of terror

Apologies, but "porn" is not the problem: REPRESSION IS!

The Urban Legend: These Are The Places * Was Re-Elected , Do You Live There? Can You Explain?

Is it a coincidence that the following have occurred in recent weeks?

New Statesman : Bush: is the president imploding? = DUers Post your comment

So, did anybody post about Obama's appearance on the Daily Show?

How important is a candidate's race to you.

Edwards Statement on Culinary Tentative Agreement with MGM Mirage

Can I just take a step back and ask, what was the STATED purpose of the surge?

Bush flip-flopped on Iraq-Vietnam comparison

Ann Coultergist responce to the she devil comment of Edwards....

Orlando Sentinal: Reach out to Cuba

Hillary's High Negatives

BBC news says new (NIE) Iraq report 'damning', 'paints bleak picture'

Acedemia Has 08 Clout. Gives more than oil or pharma to candidates

Anybody on DU know who "David Ray Griffin is"? So what am I missing...

2008 Presidential Election Performance Index

Greendeavor: 2008 Race -- Who's Best for the Environment?

If the Obama and Edwards folks got together behind one candidate Hillary would be easily defeated.

Edwards Hits Clinton "Nostalgia"

Wait! You Can't Print That!

So why did John Edwards snub the VFW convention?

another pickup for the Dems in the Senate

2,000 in Conway, SC to see Obama!!

Republicans Furious Attack on Obama fast and loose

Obama tours rural school in S.C., calls for more spending

Obama on Daily Show: Judgement is Everything

Speaking of 'unity'...

Did anyone see Conan's desk getting towed?

Here's the email Karen Thurman, Florida chair, just sent to bombard the DNC

What Ari Fleischer OMITS: Germany declared war on US Dec. 11, 1941, then ATTACKED with U-boats:

"Bush's analogies are so historically wrong...It does make him a very dangerous man for all of us"

Clinton the original "new kind of politics" president?

Schwarzenegger gives chilly reception to GOP scheme to deprive Dems of California electoral votes

Giuliani hires controversial GOP ad firm that created racially-charged "Harold, Call Me" '06 ad

Obama on Daily Show: some of the Republican Candidates "are decent people." Which ones, Obama?

Request: don't vote in the primary if you don't commit to supporting the nominee

Why do we hurl around "Corporate" like an insult?

"This is Just GREAT, Man! GAME OVER!!!"

Why I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich

Hey Barack, Get Off This "Unity" Shit

Obama's Green Screen: BO's poor environmental record, 191k from nuke company questioned

Gareth Porter: Bush's "Killing Fields" and the Real Lesson of Vietnam

The internet comes of age

Chris Floyd: Trashing the Troops: The Bush-Cheney Way of War

The Nation: The Dog Days of War

We Hang in Between

Our freedom from China (Columbus Day)

Notes on The Big Dumb

Media Watch: Amanpour on "God's Warriors"

We can't afford to not have national health care

Outsourcers feel subprime heat

Boy, did Bush ever step in it!

What 2 crooks told me over lunch

Put Up or Shut Up

Thinking of blowing the whistle on corruption in Iraq?

Ever hear of the State Department's "Office of Iranian Affairs"??

Market Efficiency Hokum - by Stephen Lendman

The Fix Is In, and Jesus Saves

US 'poised to strike Iran'

American Citizens Hopelessly Ignorant About Our Continent …

Third Major Heat Wave Of Summer Hits Athens & Southern Greece - New Record - Ekathimerini

Hill & Knowlton's 50 Year Fudge

"De Boer Speaks on Climate Change Treaty"

The Fight to Green the Eco-Unfriendly Skies - UR

Trying to catch the wind

Energy Grades and Historic Economic Growth

Record-Breaking Rain & Gloom In Northern France, Meanwhile, Med. Dry As Toast - AFP

Hazardous Smog Alerts In 28 Japanese Prefectures This Year - But The Smog's From China - ENN

Surf's Up! Northern Ireland's Beaches Fouled With Sewage Sludge - BBC

Forest fires kill 15 as Greece asks EU for help - Reuters

The Sole Superpower In Decline & The Rise Of A Multipolar World - Dilip Hiro

13-Year-Old Finn Spots Footage From "Titanic" In Russian Flag-Planting Video

Strike Price For Saudi Fuel Oil Hits Highest Differential Ever Seen On Singapore Market

Preparing Australian Farmers For Permanent High Costs, Water Insecurity

Population and energy, yet again.

Jeff Masters on the Arctic ice loss

Weeks Into Record Heatwave, Louisville Utility Calls For Customers To Turn Up Thermostats

Iceland stops whale-hunting quotas after low demand - Reuters

National Ice Center Updates 8/24 - Chukchi Sea Wiped Clean . . .

Sony announces bio-batteries

Six Western states and parts of Canada join to cut greenhouse gases

New UNL Drought Monitor Up - Looking Deep-Fried To A Crackly Crunch!

GM tests engine that could raise fuel economy

"Young Antelope Found Playing With a Dog"

Wasp Spider, Native To Mediterrenean Region, Making Way Northward In England

Lukoil Reportedly Cuts Oil Supplies To Germany By 1/3 - Marketwatch

Hezbollah exhibits 'victory' over Israel

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 dead, 4 wounded)

Ten killed in Baghdad clash

GOP senator calls for troop withdrawals

Venezuelan communities take centre stage

Sudan accused of arms violations

Court clears way for US food deal

Eta blamed for Spanish car bomb

No checks for bombs in certified air cargo

Pakistan: 310 Killed in Militant Fight

Saddam's party 'ready to help US withdrawal'

Remains of tsar's heir may have been found

Baghdad embassy-fortress nearly built

More Iraqis Said to Flee Since Troop Rise

U.S. Falters In Bid to Boost Iraqi Business

Costa Ricans to Undergo Eye Surgery in Venezuela

Allawi's Bloc Withdraws From Government

Powerhouse GOP firm working to undermine Iraqi PM

U.S. bomb kills British troops

Iraqi VP delivers Sunni ultimatum

Colombia offers to extradite paramilitary boss for breaking peace pledge (to U.S.)

Guard aide suspended for Web posts; Airman discusses 'slaughter,' denigrates minorities on site

Allawi's bloc quits Maliki government

Rice thanks French counterpart for Iraq visit

British troops on verge of long-awaited pullout from Basra

Congress: For Plane That Won't Fly, $63 Mil Is Enough

'Friendly fire' kills UK soldiers

Newspaper suspended over Jesus picture

Noriega Fails to Stop Extradition

Report: No sex charges for disgraced lawmaker (Mark Foley)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 24

Warner's call for troop withdrawals roils White House, senator says he stands by remarks

Fieger indicted on campaign finance charges

U.S. general: Pulling troops 'giant step backward'

NFL suspends 'reprehensible' Vick indefinitely

Yahoo, MSN sign blogging 'self-discipline' pact in China

Reputed Klansman Set to Be Sentenced

Italy asks Britain not to deport Iranian lesbian

Home sales rise, factory orders up

NJ Teen Unlocks IPhone From AT&T Network

Michigan congressman (Hoekstra) says Iraq goal no longer should be democracy

ACLU sues DEA on behalf of trucker whose money was seized

Alleged Klansman jailed in 1964 killing of black teens

General's aide suspended over Web site

Vick admits dog killing, conspiracy

Clinton vows boost to US health care

U.S. Lawmakers Return From Israel Pledging Tougher Iran Law

White House defends US terror tribunals

Republican consultant among 3 dead in home

Clinton: Terror Attack Will Help GOP

Fed bends rules to help two big banks

Florida Child Murderer of Jessica Lunsford Sentenced to Death

2 fathers speak out in Cuban child custody case (Miami, of course)

Woman sets fire to husbands ex penis.

Here's the number one reason not to change your marriage upon name.

Well that was a bad idea....

New Madonna.

Wow, it's slow here tonight.

Take one leftover baked potato..

Image: Wrong Camera Angle

Image: I'm With Stupid

So, I'm 2200 miles from everyone I know.

Just took a Xanax 1.0

Fresh out of the gym and for breakfast I'm craving... something sticky sweet

Powerball Pension Plan

'I'm not oppressin' you, Stan; you 'aven't got a *womb!*

How To Be A Good Wife.....

Once and for all

Vacation Countdown!!!

True headlines and misprints

Top Chef - WTF!!!!????!!!! **SPOILERS**

Wow....Amy Winehouse needs some *serious* help...

So I got my loooooong reading list for school this year yesterday - want to see?

Enough with the fucking rain already.

Anyone suffer from sheep apnea?

Pink Floyd

Anybody going to BURNINGMAN?

Lounge Lizards on the go - something just for you and your good times!

Career advice needed (Military folks please read too)

Myth Busters Wiki

Possibly the most depressing animated movie I have ever seen.

If the Democrats nominate Franklin Pierce, I won't support him...

Return to Me

Anyone here?

China Cat: Thanks for your eggplant recipe!

Bite me.

I'm not one for remakes of songs, especially when it's one of my favorites but...

Thinking of golfing?

For your amusement...

Direct Deposit woes

Why are there shorter versions of names that don't seem to make sense?

Differences taking a photo without and with flash ...

Cute Motorcycle Woman today.

"Ahhh c'mon baby just ROCK ROCK ROCK....woohoo woohoo!!"


Designing Women!

So, what do YOU call him?

New Kate Rusby

Despite Accepting Jesus as My New Personal Savior: I still have bad cramps

HMO Express

You can not buy a dildo in Texas unless it is for educational purposes

Woman sets fire to ex-husbands penis (Reuters)

This is an interesting R&B song from the mid-'90s....

Bullshit at work.

Cross your fingers...

Anybody remember MTV's "Liquid Television"?

funny vacation pics

Holy Moly!

How did I not know that Army of Darkness is a sequel?!!

When Hall Monitors Grow Up and Learn About the Internet

What is the key to success in the DU Lounge?

Whatever happened to dmsRoar?

How To Perform A Fast 180-Degree Turn With Your Car

it's pi time!

YEAH!!! I get to see Crowded House tomorrow night in Santa Barbara

Who are you missing right now?

I Am Thirsty When Is The Bar Opening

zit tip

What do you want Jesus to do for you?

Old non sequiturs

(Video) There is NO way this girl really suffers from Tourette's, right?

You Lounge people have dirty minds!!!!

Man Bites Girlfriend's Snake, Court Told

I'm going to see Rush tonight!

Wow. I just read everything Wikipedia had to say on Peoples Temple and the Jonestown Massacre.

Today is my birthday who wants to spank me ?

What the hell is up with having telephone phobia?

Dildoes and cucumbers. Anyone else think it's weird these two threads are next to each other?

When Are We Getting That *** Positive Feminist Forum

Wonder Woman Kicked Nicotine's ass

Anyone going to BIRMINGHAM?

Anyone have the link to the original Oscar thread handy?

Major case of the "blahs"...

Are you voting in this poll right now?

This Doonesbury made me laugh out loud

Dr. Brian May - Queen's legendary guitarist and Ph.D in Astrophysics

Whens The last time you got down and dirty on a road

how do you feel about teh pr0n?

weird. ever have your DU stuff mysteriousLy change?

Does anyone here know how to paint?

I Came Here To Escape The Porn In General Discussion

So what could it be? Oil change... no... serpentine belt... no... fuel injection service... no, not

I LOVE Peter Gabriel

Hell explained by a chemistry student

Gawd I'm Tired

The Official DU NROP Thread

For all you pet owners

I'm so wasteed

ladies, would you be offended?

Its Friday!!! Wheres The BOUNCE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM thread???

There is a god! New 'comedy' "Anchorwoman' pulled after one airing

new paintings

Well Kiss My....

The BAR Is Now Open But.............

DUzy awards for the past 2 weeks are up in GD

Fantasy Football League needs 3 more good players

PowerBall Over $300 Million

Did anyone ever ask if Oscar likes to eat

Scrabble online!

dinner thread

what on earth is this?

Woohooo! my new phone is here

Which hobby is lamer, and why?

How do you set up a website with a forum(s) on it?

Please help me figure out this math problem

How many seasons of HBO's Rome are there in total?

Let's talk Cheese, DU....

My cat Abbott is 50% Gay (or is that 50% straight) - take the test

Take care to stay away from those that carry round a ________________

Legalize polyandry!

Mac people.. is it a better deal to get a mac in a store such as bestbuy or online from apple?

What attracts us to apocalyptic fiction?

Redundancy - does this bother anyone besides me?

Male Anti-Masturbation Device

My first gig in 10 years got cancelled. DAMN.

Amazing video: Feeding frenzy of 130 cats!!!

On the occasion of my 8000th post...


Burn Notice

"I'll take overwrought guitar solos of the 80s for $1000, Alex"

woo hoo! going to see Raul Malo perform at The Ark tonight!

I've heard about it for years now but I finally have it: Spaten Ocktoberfest!

Having some cake in honor of birthday of she who nothing shocks anymore

What Is The Cheesiest Song On Your iPod?

Post in this thread if you have me on ignore!

Who Has Been In The Military

My dog killed another squirrel yesterday! Why oh why must he do this?

How would you deal with a couch surfer who doesn't pay rent?

Which Dick?

What can I do with cucumbers????

Here's some pics of me and kagehime in New York City and back home in Pine Plains...

Female Anti-Masturbation Device

In honor of Alex Arredondo... (xpost from GD)

Today in labor history August 24

Labor cartoon for the week of August 20

Feds raid Smithfield plant; 28 detained

Steven Colbert

Iraq War Song - with Country Joe and the Fish

Where are they now-a Jeff Gannon video interview (3:14)

Egypt's clean water crisis

Barack Obama, "The Daily Show," 8/22/07

Republican Congressman David Reichert (WA-8) is an Idiot

Bush guilty of war crimes...X Regan official

Finally, a movie worth seeing... (watch the whole thing, trust me!)

Bill Maher Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly

Dave Coles exposes provocateur cops on CBC.

Rush Damns Darfur

Ted Nugent "Obama suck on one of these"

Sibel Edmonds - still waiting for justice.

Snack cake tries to take the Farm Bill (2:48)

I Support The Troops

Cool Picture Challenge: Who are these two very famous people w/Radio host Stephanie Miller?

DU Chicagoans...what areas of Chicago were directly hit by that storm?

The Magnificent Seven-Soldiers pen a jaw-dropping NYT op-ed about the war in Iraq

The surge is like someone in the last stages of lung cancer who decides to quit smoking

U.S. Falters In Bid to Boost Iraqi Business

Canadian Members of Parliament call for SPP inquiry

clearly deregulating has never failed yet?

New Madonna.

Had a crappy headline... so I changed it!

Does anyone else find this arrogant and/or offensive?

World Can't Wait Now Has "Impeach!" Magnetic Car Ribbons Available!

A few people were asking for an Al Franken avatar, so here one is

Criss Crossing the Country with channels?

Powerhouse GOP firm working to undermine Iraqi PM

The New Deal.

Bush: "Gosh this prezidentin' stuff is HARD WORK!" -- CAPTION

Seattle PI Opinion: GONAZLES is the skunk at the picnic

School uniforms track kids

Ted Haggard is now moving his family into a "halfway house"...and needs your donations!

Former Baptist preacher, North Carolina lawmaker & morality activist pleads guilty on sex charge

Venezuelan communities take centre stage

Army secretary rejects longer Iraq tours

Good Lord-My Congressman,Joe Barton

Secularists pull ministers out of Iraq government (formally this time) - Reuters

Recommendation: Drop Marine murder case

Oregon & Washinton...Keep an eye open out there...

Top general to urge Iraq troop cut (Peter Pace)

The Hollow Men

Since Warner has switched to withdrawal, it is

High Crimes and Misdemeanors on the Republican Campaign Trail

Can y'all please quit with the insightful, riveting analysis? I really need to get to sleep!

Time magazine online: "There will be an attack on Iran"

Health Care Investor Bought 33.4% of Lions Gate Shares 1 Week before Release of M. Moore's SicKO

Vietnam By Dummies (Prof. G.W. Bush Lecturing)

You See, The War's Failure Is Nuri al-Maliki's Fault, Not George Bush's

LOL! . . They just trotted William the Bloody out on NBC

O Solo Mio

No more figures as in the TV News: names and faces of the British soldiers fallen in Afghanistan

China: Another Mine Flood, 8 Missing

Gate 4-A Naomi Shihab Nye

The Nanny State: Rev up that nasal sing-song

Rate this up: Trickle down doesn't work

Bill Clinton at the Truman Library 7/5/07

Bush suffers from foot-in-Crocs disease

Rove, Snow, Rummy - Too Wobbly For Cheney & The Neo-Cons (Ray McGovern)


Take Your Damn Ball And Go Home-And bring Dick with you

Court will reconsider its ruling on detainee

Krugman-Seeking Willie Horton-The GOP Agenda Is All About The Color Of Your Skin

UK: U.S. Bomb Kills 3 British Soldiers

In honor of Alex Arredondo...

Iraqi translators struggle for safety and a visa

New Rule....(Bill Maher, where are you?)

The Chicken Hawks will be in Kennebunkport Saturday.

Any Other Old Rainbow Family Hippies from the '70's - '80's around Here?

"Lust in Space" Lisa Nowak, Astronaut, in court to lose ankle bracelet- LIVE on cnn?

I'm watching "Bowling For Columbine" on Bravo right now...

I'm meeting with a member of the oversite committee today.

Lust and Disgust: Kipnis on Dworkin, Girls Gone Mild, Unhooked

Gen. Batiste’s Op-Ed That The WSJ And The Washington Times Didn’t Want You To See

Padilla Sues US Officials For Abusive & Unconstitutional Tactics

LETTER SAYS IT ALL-"It Is Time For A SURGE Of Dems To Come Forward"

who is this douche-bag on CNN?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Gen Pace To Bush: "CUT US TROOPS IN HALF" Bush To Pace: Get Lost!

Sherrod Brown visits Ohio Flood Victims

This Grinning Idiot (Mychal Massie) On Washinton Journal Makes Me Sick

Fourth Circuit to Reconsider Case : Why the Administration is So Scared

Have you ever had an angioplasty?

Tracy Pierce ("SiCKO") Memorial Candelight Vigil - Sept. 28 in Washington DC

Fourth Circuit to Reconsider Case of "Enemy Combatant" al-Marri: Why the Administration is So Scared

Spy chief's disclosures stun Congress

"GOP consultant, 2 men found dead in FL" - hmm

I need some help from the DUers.

Woman sets fire to ex-husbands penis (Reuters)

Astronomers Find a Hole in the Universe

"Woman, 71, Arrested for 'Special' Plant"

"No Graphic Photos Found in Foley E-Mails"

Why didn't Bush quote this supposed lesson unlearned from Vietnam?

The Nation: "Big Brother" Democracy

Iraq Kurds accuse Iran of cross-border shelling

Warner's timing--Since when are Repukes not on the same page.

Chimpolini ---pix--->>>

Someone please explain to me why being anti-outsourcing is anti-liberal????

Children Found Dead in Cars in Ohio, Mo.

Washington Times does some Muslim bashing, says Congress is terrified of Keith Ellison

Scientists simulate out-of-body experiences

How To Be A Good Wife.....

Yikes, the Freedom Watch Ads

Is the level of Paranoia on DU distressing to you?

Alterman: What the news business doesn't get: Public doesn't want tabloid, or right-wing


Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA): White House Will ‘Tweak’ The ‘Petraeus Report’

3 British soldiers killed by U.S. bomb


The Rude Pundit: The Family Research Council's Back To School Kit (No, Really)

Allawi met with Senators Levin and Warner the day Levin called for al-Maliki's ouster

Friday TOONS: Part 1, Bush and Vietnam

Back-to-school *SPECIAL* Bulletproof Backpacks

The unravelling has begun.

Shrub revealed for the space alien spawn he is (pic)!!1

The hell with crop circles, check out what this guy mowed in his lawn

FWIW, Debra Jeane Palfrey on

Anyone know anything about Facebook?

Sen. Stevens is pushing to change rules to help former staffer get Pentagon position

C-Span Hit A New Low With This Morning's "Washington Journal"

Odd happenings at Talon News (Gannon and Rove?)

Chertoff: You Will Submit to the Control Grid

Amanpour's special on God's Warriors and Christianity...

How do you answer somebody who thinks Iraq was responsible for 9/11?

Vick deeply into dogfighting, father says

Newspaper under fire for refusing to assist FBI terror alert

Separated At Birth?

PLEASE sign this NARAL petition?! Kroger and their refusal to fill Plan B Prescriptions.

c-span at noon edt - catapulting the propaganda

When it Comes to Protecting Pervs, Congress is More Powerful Than God

Ousted US Attorney Iglesias to Write Justice Department Expose

USS Grunion Found Off Alaska

Costa Ricans to Undergo Eye Surgery in Venezuela

Guess Which Gov Agency Edits the Most Wiki Pages

Do evil people live longer than the general

"Oh my god,we're gonna re-invade Vietnam!"

How can we have liberal radio with none lib commecials ?

National Breast Cancer Coalition Sends Message to Presidential Candidates

Storms play havoc with travel in Midwest, Southeast

Another reason to continue the war

Historian calls B*sh's use of his quote: "Perverse"!

Faux 'Anchorwoman' pulled after one episode

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican or Joe LIEberman

Nevada DU'ers --- please check in regarding "tax and regulate"

Bush's Vietnam Blunder (Josh Marshall: "his legacy is pretty clearly an irrecoverable shambles")

Right Wingers would scream if we tried to bring 'balance' to the Institutions they controlled

US apologizes to wrongly arrested Iraq refugee

Onion: Democratic Mob Censures Bush In Effigy

GM tests engine that could raise fuel economy

California voters souring on Democratic Congress, Field Poll finds (Pelosi tumbles to 39%)

Thinker, Faker, Spinner, Spy/The Fake Parade

Nicole Richie Serves 82 Minutes in Jail

Rich people are leeching of our economy.

CNN = Court News Network

Bipartisan Paradise: Liberals, Bush Unite in Ethnic Cleansing of Iraq

"Elaborate Dirty Trick" to Steal White House

Cheney and the new importance/power of being VP . . . .

Are you being Blackmailed is the question I am asking my representative Dan Boren D.

Number of Iraqis Held by U.S. Is Swelling - 24,500 inmates!!!!

Stop Ballot Initiative for June '08 California (ELECTORAL COLLEGE + rOVE'S DIRTY TRICKS)

Katrina: How George Bush(es) destroyed FEMA

PARABLE: The rich man with many sheep who stole Iraq's one

Caption this

CIA said to step up operations in Iran as hawks seek to tie Iraq bombs toTehran

Question about those right-wing anti-union types:

'This Is Mike's Thing' -- Michael Vick's father

On GOP Immigration debate: "Seeking Willie Horton!"

They're crumbling.

Nugent threatens Obama & Hillary with a gun

The surge is only as effective as its ability to give hope to the sheeple

it's decided

Prelude to an Attack on Iran (Time Article)

Can We Help Burned Iraqi Boy?

McClatchy: But, Warner will not support Dem attempts to impose withdrawal timetable.

Rush Limbaugh: Less Fat, Still an Idiot (And a Disgusting Racist to Boot)

Statistics Show Downside Of Surge (2006/2007 Violence: "Up, Up..." Infrastructure: "Down, Down...")

Tammy Lynn Michaels on Bush: idiotic, parasitical, country-raping piece of s**t

White House spokeswoman: "I would expect that there would be some brush cutting to do."

What's the skinny on "Vets for Freedom" organization?

White House: Wealth Inequality "Is Not A Very Interesting Story"

For the first time ever, I had to turn off the teevee

Fuck the Admin Department, we don't need em

Murder-Suicided Republicans. One was the son of immigrants, another was an anti-immigration activist

Why do we call them conservatives when what they really are

FYI - John Couey sentenced to death for murder of Jessica Lunsford...

White House Moving The Goal Posts On Escalation, Drops Demands For Iraqi Political Reconciliation

Arnie expected to cut $55 million for services to homeless adults with serious mental illnesses

Limbaugh smears Democrats for opposing Apartheid regime

Apparently Gordon Johndroe is the likely Snowe replacement.

A Hegemonic Hubris More War on the Horizon By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Maybe Romney should watch "Sicko"

Whistling Past Dixie: should or could Democrats try to win White House without South?

Spare me the talk of “hearings,” “investigations,” “growing scandals”

OK, what is Rupert Murdoch up to?

The Sagging Pants Debate

Source: Vick will not admit to killing dogs or gambling on dog fights

Well it's a bone-chilling 89° here in N Texas and

It will be interesting to compare the reactions to the Couey sentencing with those of Vick...

Just so you know why we don't have public executions...

John Dean: "Evidence So Far Suggests Rove Was Abusing Power In Bush White House"

From my local cartoonist this morning.

Richardson Blogs: The Surge Has Failed; No Residual Troops

The Lieberman Party

A great reason to vote for Democrats

Ang Lee's New Film, "Lust, Caution" Gets an NC-17 for Sexual Content

Teacher Gets 10 Years For Classroom Sex

OOPS-- dupe, please delete, thanx mods.

Very angry wingnut email I received LOL. My boycott action scares him.

Why no protests?

Is Michael Vick really the Eichmann of the kennels?

Shell Shock Over Skyrocketing Ammunition Prices (one billion bullets a year in Iraq/Afghanistan)

Osama (Agrees With Bush) Wanted To Fight Us Over There - So He Wouldn't Have To Fight Us Here

Everyone, please remember and never forget...

another Castro is dead rumor

Who would benefit more from a terrorist attack prior to the election?

Embedded Journalism and the Disinformation Campaign for War on Iran

Financially-strapped Forest Service battles growing trash problem

"It depends on what the meaning of "is" is"

Dennis Watch 8/24

You need a bath!

Mortgage owned by whom?

I'm really quite disappointed at the moment.

== America, The Sexy Fascist State = By Mark Morford

Historical question: Should Democratic party be proud of William Jennings Bryan

California family loses second son in Iraq

What's with Baird's change of heart ?

I want to dispell a myth circulating in this forum

Malaki and the Next Big Thing in Friedman Units

Rep. Brian Baird (D): Our troops have earned more time

NBC video of the California electoral vote split bull-shit

Castro dead?

Respectful discussion with others about concepts we disagree about

Are there Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan?

U.S. Military Allowed Cross Border Pursuits into Pakistan > 3 years W/O PAK APPROVAL....

Clinton Channels Rudy

Want to Change America? - Become an Evangelist

Wikipedia summary worth reading for the history, The Business Plot To Overthrow FDR

NYT Smears Peace Movement, Again (FAIR Action Alert)

Who has gotten the Bush vs. Gore house comparison e-mail?

If you wondered why we need a new workable FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Brian Baird: Our troops have earned more time (to die in Iraq's civil war)

17 lbs of radioactive uranium has gone missing in China

State Deptartment: "you can buy an ice cream cone" on the street of Ramadi,Iraq

How can Foley get off, but other sexual predators can't-- Excuse the clumsy pun.

I cannot believe the jump in prices at the market in just the last month...

IraqSlogger Blog obtains contract between Allawi and GOP lobby firm

If you were to rate these three presidents: bad, badder, baddest

They won't have to fake a terrorist strike.

New boss implements sexxay dress code - baristas all quit.

Inherent contempt? Absolutely!!

Congressman - CIA Faked 2002 Iraq Drone Photos

Is Friday ya Bastads!!!

Ari Fleischer is a traitorous piece of shit

Read this if you're considering moving out of the country...

The shifty business of Business bailouts

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 8/24 camel to water

The Iraq Vietnam comparison that is correct.

Are Nouri al-Maliki's days as Iraqi PM seriously numbered?

never mind

Could Air Travel Inconvenience Drive Passengers Back To The Rails?

The CIA has it all wrong. You don't need torture to loosen the enemy's tongue.

Roaches, They Never Really Go Away: Ted Haggard's Cash-For-Heaven Offer

Strike Back Against Mainstream Media B.S. - Support The Real News

Peter Pace to Asshat: Reduce forces by 1/2

If you were an honest, well-intentioned President, wouldn't

Pit bulls, guns seized in raid of DMX’s home

Military families will protest at Kennebunkport tomorrow--East Coast DUers, take a drive!

What's so great about "unity," anyway?

Malaysia paper apologizes over Jesus photo

Eurasianet: Bridge Connecting Tajikistan and Afghanistan Set to Open

Whacky LTTE from today's Seattle Times:

I have an important pornography question

Would look at another attack in the US with suspicion?

Limbaugh claims Dems' interest in Darfur is securing black "voting bloc"

Congressman Mark Foley is unlikely to face criminal charges

Boy.. The Bushies don't want Noriega free, do they?

Teee heeee! Teenager in NJ cracks I phone. Take that you

'We've Already had one 911, We Don't Need Another' Ari Fleischer Ad

Can't we all just get along?

“Gingers [red heads] extinct in 100 years, say scientists”

Wolfie just said NFL has suspended Vick "indefinitely"

WaPo : Bush's Vietnam Blunder

So .... my broker called today ........

Gergen on Bush: "By invoking Vietnam, he raised the automatic question,

Friday TOONS: Part 2, Iraq, Vick and everything else

D.I.A. outsourcing spying

Bet you never knew Katie Couric's a liberal.

Seed Corn shall NOT be ground.

Homeland Security to broaden sharing of visitor data

I Found this Hillary Doll On-line

Two years after Katrina, Bush to visit New Orleans - pics

How many of you have officially done your final will?

World's First Automated Restaurant Opens In Germany

Former Klansman sentenced for 1964 racist murders

Harry Reid

Oh, good grief--Domino's Pizza Catholic utopia

Peace is not a dirty word.

Bush is a punk.

Okay, I just gotta ask...

Throwing Congressional Tantrums Won't Keep Bush Admin for Domestic Spying for Political Purposes

Suspended National Guardsman: "I was JOKING about woman-bashing, Hitler & racism!"

John Dean: Will A Dark Cloud Follow Karl Rove Back To Texas?

Rumors circulating over Castro's death

Pot, porn, and pants that hang low--what causes the busybody reaction to these phenomena?

Progressive Talk Radio may leave San Diego...HELP!!!

Sorry about trampling on your rights but I am happy to hear about this

Another Tweety Man Crush

Just to be clear: How many of you will actually vote GOP if you don't like our nominee

Naomi Klein: Democracy's new dawn is on CCTV: the security state as infotainment

Pro football, anyone ?

Why has nobody of FBI and CIA ever been held accountable for the WTC bombing 1993?

Post Your Favorite All-Time Lies Told by the Bush Family Here.

Greenwald: Maliki finally in trouble because Zelikow is a hired hand of Allawi's?

BREAKING: Iraqi Consulting firm with close ties to al-Maliki

Some sexual repression is good! Please view video and sign petition to stop attack on Iran.

3 Found Dead in Home of Tom Feeney Campaign Consultant, Friend

For one who is outside of America - Boy, are you guys in trouble.

We've lost Grace Paley

Two reasons why I believe the death penalty is appropriate in

I was sitting in a BAPTIST church in the SOUTH

Krugman blasts racist GOP as party to make America safe for the wealthy

"GOP Consultant, 2 Men Found Dead in Fla."

FBI divulges secrets in Sibel Edmonds case.

This family doesn't do hurricanes. (Pix heavy)

They're Already Spinning The Surge, And The Media Is Buying It

Post athletes who made a positive contribution to society

Religious Pluralism, My Sick Dog and the Muslim Cabdriver

This is a pretty simple thing. Why don't they just have Castro walk onto the balcony?

The U.S. Is 1 of 8 Nations in the World Not to Sign International Treaty for Rights of Women

Texas DUers with kids. What do you think of the mandated starting date for school

Do I want Couey to die? Yes. Should he be sentenced to death? No.

Fort Worth Public Clinics Commission Flawed Study to Justify Denying Health Care to Immigrants

Why all the hate for the South?

Baghdad embassy-fortress nearly built

The Big Secret Revealed

If you visit Las Vegas, please DO NOT stay at the Venetian....

Robbing Us Blind from FEMA to Iraq

War--So easy a caveman could do it.

Since the Bush years can anyone...

Wingnut Righties dissed the United Nations

Save Air America in the 6th largest US city!

I'm getting so tired of the dumb attacks on Hilary Clinton

Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant

Yes, Another - Impeach Them Now - Post & It Won't Be My Last

New Mom laments the loss of her progressive community

Foley likely to face no charges.

Gonzalez To Depart & Be Replaced By Chertoff? (US News & World Report)

Some hurricane Dean pix


***DUzy Awards for weeks ending August 17 & 24, 2007.***

Hey, Nancy...Can We Talk?

"Bobby Kennedy died believing his brother's killers had not been found"

stephen colbert's cast auction

Mystery Poster "Deep Modem" (DM) = What is DM telling us? FORGET the MYSTERY part.

Results From yesterday's NH Primary....Funny Take on the Me First scramble

Let me get this straight: The GOP will hold hands with us for progressive change after we "unite"?

Over 3,400 expected for Obama at Florida A & M

Obama is Silicon Valley fav in this article: In Primary, Tech's Home

Younger Crowd Losing Appetite for Edwards

Foreign Policy Hubbub Doesn't Ding Obama

Among Democrats, Obama best positioned on Campaign Finance Reform

Hillary Locks Up The Backing Of The DC Democratic Establishment

Bush hails freedom, but can he handle a lousy T-shirt?

I have been inspired by a politician!

Speech "spotlighted once again his own decision to sit out the Vietnam conflict,"

What's the opposite of prophetic?

FReepers truly in

Obama's Grand Strand, South Carolina Rally - Draws Record Crowds For Area. (Local TV News Coverage)

Stop Calling It the Petreaus Report

Early "most likely Democrat to be nominated" ranking shows no change

Renzi Will Not Run Again in AZ-1 (Another One Bites the Dust, yeah, yeah...)

AlterNet: High Crimes and Misdemeanors on the Republican Campaign Trail

Pew Poll: Intensity Differs for Clinton, Giuliani

WP editorial, "Primary Scrum": Should Congress step in to insure a saner primary process in 2012?

AARP Poll: Iowans Say Hillary Best Addressing Health Care

Democratic debate draws more viewers to ABC than GOP debate

Openleft's Chris Bowers: Two General Election Maps

How do you defend a failing state? FP

WTF!?!?!?!?!?! Military recommends dropping charges in Haditha massacre

Big fucking surprise........NOT......Rove and the politicalization "Teams"

Democrats Set to Impose Penalties Against Florida For January Primary Date

Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated Nov 2. 1963 by the CIA,, Now Comes

so what's the reaL reason you hate hiLLary

Stephen Colbert’s Cast: The Ebay Bidding war is on!

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder on Hillary Clinton: A Nod in Karl Rove's Direction

What is going on with al-Maliki?

E. J. Dionne: For Now, the Maliki Primary

Another murder covered up by our military (please sign the petition)

ActBlue question: What is DU's actblue refcode?

The right-wing sheeples are going ape shit today!!!

Texas Evades EU Call to Conscience (Tx. Gov. opens mouth)

10 of 14 senators Obama's PAC supported were DLC members (half of the DLC in the senate)?

POLL: Hillary leads Obama by 13 points (38% - 25%), Edwards in single digits (8%)

John Edwards: To Build One America, End the Game

Clinton Maintains Expanded Lead, Rove’s Theory is Flawed

Read this:

A Bob Kerrey political comeback? He edges closer to Senate bid...

John Nichols: Sunshine Primary's Likely, As Is Sped Up Nominating Fight

If Joe Lieberman said the same thing Hillary did about the surge...

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama within eleven points of Hillary (38%-27%), closest in over a month

Wha? Hillary says surge not working? Start bringing troops home now?

was this Reagan quote posted already?

Photos: Barack Obama in Tallahassee, FL, today speaking at Florida A&M University. Go Rattlers!

Sen. Collins BIG Conflict of Interest and the Bangor Daily News Editor

Ari Fleischer moves on in mysterious ways

Anyone Have Tom Davis (R) Virginia As A Rep.? What Do You Think Of Him?

Name ID: Clinton 94%, Edwards 85%, Obama 84%; Ghoul 91%, McCain 87%, Romney 64%, Thompson 56%

A Must See Movie..No End in Sight....Iraq/Bush

'Restless' actress to visit Aiken in support of Clinton campaign

Obama-Brownback-Paul '08!

Obama on Clinton's DLC Third Way/triangulation/"new kind of politics" 90's style

DID You See THIS? Republican consultant among 3 dead in home

Hillary plays the 'terror' card, like the GOP

TOON: Vietniraq

Taking it to the next level...How do we BRING THESE BASTARDS DOWN NOW?

Rep. Sandlin: Edwards is the candidate of rural America...will stand up and fight for rural America

Barack Obama's Republican Edge (Salon)

Greg Palast: Hurricane George: How the White House Drowned New Orleans

What red states does Obama flip?

Bill Nelson reiterates his threat to take Howard Dean and the DNC to court.

stop with all the moronic polls already

Rasmussen: Obama Holds On to Slim Leads over Rudy & Thompson

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (8-24-07)

Save Air America in the 6th largest U.S. city!

Bill O'Reilly vs Jeremy Glick, Feb. 4, 2003 RE: Brzezinski

coup coup kachoo ...

So, who among us will run for Congress?

Brad blog: 3 Found Dead in Home of Tom Feeney Campaign Consultant, Friend

Clinton: Success over idealism

I think Bush & Cheney deserve life in prison

Do you like or agree with Barack Obama's message?

Christ-elyzing the Troops aka Operation Eternal MindF*ck

It is the Democratic Party Primary

Heal this! It's not unity that's lacking, it's common sense in D.C. Enough triangulation.

Obama Campaign to Launch Generation Obama

Edwards denies slam on 'insiders' is directed at Clinton

Fred Thompson Versus the Fox News Channel (They prefer Rudy)

Implantable Biochip Could Relay Vital Health Information If Soldier Is Wounded In Battle

Tucker Carlson: The NAACP needs to be shut down

They Must Think We're Idiots

Bush got one thing right: untreated U.S. soldiers after Vietnam; same now with Iraq veterans

Longtime Doolittle (R) ally pulls support-suck it rw nuts.

The more we move ahead, the more decidedly undecided I become

Do you think Barack Obama is ready to be president in Jan. 09?

Powerhouse GOP lobbyists with close ties to White House working against Bush's puppet al-Maliki

OBAMA'S GOING DOWN! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obamites and Clintonites should be friends, not enemies

What Karl Rove isn't saying about Hillary's unfavorable poll numbers

Hillary's "What if? What if?" gaffe called "tasteless" by Dodd

(Jerry) Brown says door is 'open' to make another run for governor

Other Dems Pile on Hillary's Comment

Did you see Ted Nugents sorry ass threaten Barack and Hillary with machine guns?

I guess I'll vote straight party republican or not vote at all

AARP Poll: Iowans ays Hillary Best Addressing Health Care

Brzezinski Endorses Obama, says, "Being a former first lady doesn't prepare you to be president."

Woman Needs Way To Get 80,000 Cans Of Silly String To Iraq

Democrats 2008: Hillary 42%, Obama 21% (Gallup, Aug 13-16, Gore included)

Where can I get polls on how Al Franken is doing in MN?

Yoohoo, Michael Moore! Hillary doesn't support single-payer government healthcare

Brzezinski Endorses Obama

Iraq: The News You Haven't Read; most devastating appraisal of Iraq unnoticed by U.S. press

Obama rated one of the greenest candidates by League of Conservation Voters

but James, the Democrats just keep funding him

Edwards Statement on Romney Health Care Plan

More on the Brzezinski endorsement of Obama from Steve Clemons writing for TPMCafe

Kucinich rated one of the greenest candidates by League of Conservation Voters

'Unity', Senator Obama? With the repubs?

Barack, if you want progressive support, stop acting like WE'RE as much to blame as the Right is.

Congratulations to DUer DURHAM D! Her DU post made it to!

Do you know ANYTHING about John Edwards career as a lawyer???

Nelson: "I will lead the delegates to Denver whether or not the DNC plans to let them in."

Sunday, August 26th, is the 87th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in the United States...

Rasmussen: Hillary remains down 5 points, Obama up 4 since Iowa debate, Edwards up 2

The Obama haters ignore the speech that propelled him onto the national stage. . .

I Will Not Tolerate a Strike Against Iran!!

Other Democratic Candidates on Hillary's terrorism comment

Send Bush a Message; Send Burner Money

Hillary's Huge Gaffe

Right wing loon ted Nugent threatens Obama and Hillary while armed!